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"another" Definitions
  1. one more; an extra thing or person
  2. different; a different person or thing
  3. a person or thing of a very similar type

979 Sentences With "another"

How to use another in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "another" and check conjugation/comparative form for "another". Mastering all the usages of "another" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We cannot wait another century, another decade, another year, or another month.
I'm fairly notorious for wanting another take and another take and another take and another take — and another take.
He's like one thing, he's like another, or another, or another, or yet another.
Another day, another fight, another scandal, another pile of documents that only he had.
I think you can fatigue people by having another E3, another Gamescom, another E3, another Gamescom.
Give me another example of another ... Here's another example.
There's going to be another team that wins another championship, another player that wins another MVP award.
Another executive order, another visa ban, another rude phone call.
I'm from another galaxy in another time in another movie!
Another celeb and another perfect picture of another perfect meal.
Another match, another final, another trophy won because of Bale.
Another state, another air mattress, another night on the road.
Another bit of travel, another shepherd, another gift of watermelon.
Another day, another magazine cover, another heavily photoshopped black woman.
Then it inevitably takes another step, and another, and another.
It also performed well enough to allow him to make another album—then another, and another, and another.
You'd see one group of Nazis, then another group of Nazis, and then another and another, and another.
It's one scandal after another, one embarrassing news story after another, one potential crime after another, one courtroom appearance after another, and one lie after another.
Miguel comes up, first base hit, another time, another base hit, another time with runners on, another base hit.
Another set of new friends, another new environment, another clean slate.
Just another (and another, and another) day in Taylor Swift fandom.
There will be another one and another one and another one.
Every hour, there's another closure or another infection or another death.
There's always another race, another wave, another mate to cheer on.
Another shooting, another family torn apart, another sexual assaulter in power.
"It's just one after another after another, after another," says Camargo.
You can't have the Justice Department doing one thing, the Pentagon another, the Treasury another, the trade negotiators another, the State Department another and the president tweeting another.
Sometimes, this means booking another appointment on another day because the kid is so upset and nothing will calm him/her down, and another appointment on another day means another day off school, another day off work.
There will another case and another phone and another law enforcement request.
Every day brings another story, another development, another reason to freak out.
She booked another cab, then another, then another, she told BuzzFeed News.
Another week, another zillion streams and another chart No. 1 for Drake.
Every few days there's another revelation and another revelation and another revelation.
It's one prediction after another; one talking head after another after another.
It will then go through another series ever tests, another flight into space, another series of tests, another flight into space.
There was a recession in 1945, then another one in 1949, another in 1953, another in 1957, and another in 1960.
Planetarium takes place in another city on another continent, and essentially, another world.
Would you do another huge crawl in another city, or maybe another country?
He seems to be looking towards another world, another galaxy, another plane entirely.
Another week, another record high for stocks and another record low for volatility.
Many more will now have to await another day, another president, another Congress.
Another destination wedding (this was #5), another reception, another bus back to town.
I didn't have to save anything for another day, another race, another time.
One scandal after another, one mistake after another, one train wreck after another.
When she saw that the test was positive, she was so shocked that she took another, and another, and another, and another.
Overnight, while I was sleeping, another video, of another police killing, of another black man, in another American town, had gone viral.
You wait for another Yao Ming, another Jeremy Lin, and another, and another, until maybe the names begin to lose their meaning.
Another day, another feud, another weigh-in on the drama from Kim Kardashian West.
Tomorrow morning we will all belong to another class, another job or another city.
Always, Jenova offers Sephiroth the promise of rebirth, another life, another body, another world.
There will always be another health threat on the horizon, and another, and another.
Another Native woman killed, another name, another headline, and so on goes the cycle.
Another team worked on Chromecast, another on Google Wi-Fi, another on the Daydream View.
After a third drink, another will seem like a good idea—and another, and another.
But another pep talk followed by a another request for yet another statement seemed pointless.
"I just don't think I could take another day asking another donor for another dollar."
"We need another Malcom, another Martin, another Fred Hampton, more judges, more lawyers," he says.
Another ceiling medallion, another Tiffany lamp, another marble fireplace (this one curiously "marbleized" with paint).
Clean up one mess, and you've got another to deal with, and another, and another.
It is the endorphins of springing into action for another election, another meeting, another protest.
INGRAHAM: And then once one study is published or one poll, it just gets repeated, paraphrased in another website and another and another and another.
After that, you make another cut, then another, and then another until you've reached your goal.
Another day, another fast-fashion retailer has been accused of ripping off yet another indie designer.
"In Minnesota we accept one another, we support one another, we respect one another," he said.
Then, it's time to come up with another idea, another drive and to enjoy another journey.
Is there a wormhole to another space and time, another universe, another big bang, other dimensions?
"You are just coming up with one lie after another, after another, after another," Grayson said.
I started with one shop, and then I added another little part and another and another.
It came with a plan to be greedy and win one game, another, another and another.
"It has just been one thing after another, after another, after another," Ms. Moore, 57, said.
He'll owe another mil next month, another mil in May, and still another mil in August.
Then, in 2005, another spacecraft passing by another moon around another planet made a startling observation.
Scarcely a month goes by without another grant, another ribbon-cutting, another broadside against complacent CEOs.
Another one, another one another one of my kids going down, I can't take much more.
Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one's gone and another one's gone Another one bites the dust Hey, gonna get you too Another one bites the dust How many cronies did it take to conceal The porn stars, plots and tax?
A hell in which they were forced to overcome one hurdle after another, one let down after another, one disappointment after another, or one rejection after another.
It's another challenge, another way to learn and another way to get better, so I enjoyed it.
So you have another bite, which makes you feel even worse, and then another, and then another.
But it's also another screen, another thing to connect to the internet, and another thing to charge.
True tax reform will likely have to wait for another day with another Congress and another president.
For hours each day, students sat next to one another, learned with one another, influenced one another.
I could breathe a little easier and every moment felt free of that anxious anticipation, waiting for another scandal, another embarrassment, another attack, another bewildering denial of facts.
Today, he experiences this period as if it were a distant dream; another place, another time, another person.
How do we see another side, another person, or another experience as clearly as we see our own?
He has waited 10 years for another playoff berth, 26 for another Cup and 28 for another Gretzky.
As he continued excavating, he found another crater with a tektite at the bottom, and another, and another.
Is Brian just another in a long list of manipulators and deceivers — another crazy mother, another abandoning father?
There's going to be another team that wins an NBA Championship, another player that wins another MVP award.
Another day, another story of yet another major company that didn't recognize the needs of pregnant and nursing workers.
History repeats itself—another maddening interview with the BBC, another sex scandal, another leadership bid—now with clownish exaggeration.
It's just another half-measure by another platform with another set of Terms of Service that they won't enforce.
It's just another start, I was just trying to get another win, trying to put up another quality start.
The Americans is ultimately about attempting to understand something else, something foreign: another country, another person, or another lifestyle.
Like so many institutions of the upper class, my camp was just another handshake, another network, another vetting process.
Instead of producing another story about "meh" masculinity — another Hangover, another Drinking Buddies, another psuedo-Apatow dramedy — Hollywood should make movies about people other than the guys we're avoiding on Tinder.
"I don't think I can spend another day in another call room making another call begging for money," he said.
It will roll through one competitor, then another, then another, then another, with little respect for the passage of time.
Yes, FromSoft could have shipped another game that more cleanly fits one of their successful molds, another Souls, another Bloodborne.
She became this other woman with another mind and another history and another voice and she even had different eyes.
You know, when one awesome brand leads you to another with a similar aesthetic, and then another, and then another?
If a piece doesn't work out, it goes not to a landfill but to another user, and another, and another.
It was another story, about another woman and another label, that prompted Paula Broadwell to email me a year ago.
There has to be another deal down the line that deepens commitments to cutting emissions, then another, and then another.
It was about another Thanksgiving without John, and another birthday without him, and another Christmas, and then New Year's Eve.
"A typical computer will try one path and get blocked and then try another and another and another," he said.
In rooms from Iowa to Nevada, one person would raise their hand to speak, then another, and another, and another.
" He heard gunshots, "just one after another after another.
Another day, and another departure at Snapchat's parent, Snap .
ROME — Another European election, another scene of political carnage.
It needed its fans to turn the visit of Napoli into another of those nights that burnishes this place's legend: another St.-Étienne, another Borussia Dortmund and, most of all, another Olympiakos.
If one vulnerable minority group is targeted today, and society remains silent, tomorrow it will be another, then another, and another.
It's just another lie, another half-truth, another mystery to add to the pile that's built up since she killed Joe.
So I left his hotel, and was driven to another hotel, and another, and another, and we stayed out until daylight.
Then I might try to tell him that I never wanted to see another, drink another, eat another cherry blossom again.
An opportunity to step away from the world for a period of time and inhabit another being, another mindset, another reality.
It's about stoking consumption, about convincing us that we need another gadget, another toy, another device that will make us happy.
"I turned the page to another history, another chance, another day," Tejada, dressed head to toe in Cardinals red, said Friday.
And another and another and another, until there were a dozen, assuming an offensive pattern, above the center of the vessel.
It was another impossibly narrow one-run victory, another comeback, another nail-biter—right down to the final strike Knebel threw.
Another video, shot outside another hospital in Brooklyn, showed bodies lined up on gurneys to be put into another refrigerated truck.
Sixteen years later, another president has withdrawn from another climate change pact only to endure another chorus of catcalls from overseas.
If another vote then is positive with cross-community support, the system is extended by another eight years until another vote.
There was a station for grain-free dehydrated dog food, another for pumpkins, another for green beans and another for chicken.
But in the last three years Hugo Boss left to another team, Tag Heuer to another team, ExxonMobil to another team.
Another ale on offer was aptly named Nige Ale, another from Nigels Are Best, and another which was simply named Nigel.
It was another Trump campaign event at another Trump property.
Another day, another batch of bad apps in Google Play.
Another day, another rap star with their own sneaker line.
Another finale performance, another pair of tights (this time, fishnets!).
WATTERS: Another day, another show of hatred against Trump supporters.
Another iOS release, another slew of devices experiencing temporary death.
On Sunday night, in another state, he hit another one.
Another day, another fast food meal at the White House.
"It was just another supposition, just another possibility," he said.
Another week, another set of scandals at Facebook and Google.
Osemele, to his credit, sought another opinion, and then another.
We have another opportunity to make another album, why not?
I don't want to lose another Frenchman or another Englishman.
No. 6 Southern Methodist Another small conference team, another snub.
Another U.K. grocery store, another heartwarming display of family affection.
Another day, another disturbing allegation against film mogul Harvey Weinstein.
Another school shooting, another callous display of hypocrisy by politicians.
I think, well, we have another tradition and another culture.
Another vast collection of items cost £6.99, and another, £12.99.
Said another way, Samsung announced an announcement at another announcement.
Another external shock could prompt another bout of capital flight.
Another person's lamp loss is another person's financial gain.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Another Throwback Thursday, another amazing Instagram post from Princess Eugenie!
Another Game of Thrones episode, another case of creepy Bran.
Another day, another glorious parenting story courtesy of Kristen Bell.
Another day, another call on the closely watched chip stocks.
Another song made famous by another famous Louis: Louis Armstrong.
Another day, another completely crazy rant from Meghan Markle's dad.
After another year and another 10% gain, it's worth $121.
Briana, you need another child like Matt needs another girlfriend.
Another year, another immensely creepy horror movie coming from A24.
Another day, another (extremely) candid revelation courtesy of Khloé Kardashian.
And now, after another loss, there's another drug test failure.
Another week, another Westworld episode title in need of translation.
Another day, another deepfake: but this time they can sing.
Another week, another six celebs who are totally crushing it.
Another week, another avalanche of things bombarding the collective psyche.
Intelligence chief resigns  Another day, another administration official stepping down.
Another day, another database left online for no apparent reason.
They exist to transport to another world and another headspace.
Another day, another member of Generation Z taking center stage.
Another day, another video reminding us to just stay indoors.
Another 19 people, including another foreigner, were injured, he said.
And because it's another week, why not another emergency episode?
Music definitely is another character, another layer to a movie.
Another year, another chance to improve lives around the world.
Another week, another seven days owned by Kanye West. Seriously.
Another folder appears to reference Data Trust, another contracted firm.
Another day, another way to craft a cat-eye — amirite?
Another day, another social media update to keep up with.
Another historic moment, another empty table where you should be.
Another year, another controversy around the John Lewis Christmas ad.
Another week, another appearance by Jeremy Irons in the notes.
Another Filipino will find a way to import another batch.
" Another day, another road sign: "Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Inmates.
Will they really risk another loss by banning another reporter?
Another night in South London, another beloved family pet butchered.
Another day, another possible way to catch the Zika virus.
Another day, another political grilling for social media platform giants.
GCP [Google Cloud Platform], it's another play -- another infrastructure play.
We embrace one another and take care of one another.
Another outburst, and another brick on the wall was laid.
Another Saturday Night Dear Diary: It was another Saturday night.
She moved him to another seat, switching with another passenger.
Another week, another David McVicar production in the Italian repertoire.
It was just another show, another act in the carnival.
Another New England Patriots star ... dating ANOTHER smokin' hot supermodel.
On another level, the book is one shock after another.
He delivered his next pitch, then another, and another again.
He took the next day off, then another, then another.
Another day, another oil giant pledging to fight climate change.
One was acquitted and another was transferred to another court.
After another year and another 4013% gain, it's worth $121.
That's another story for another day, but stay with me.
Veterans Affairs Another week, another shuffle at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Meanwhile, another day, another deposition transcript released by House Democrats.
Trending down: Another year, another global decline in internet freedom.
Another pathogen will emerge soon enough, and another after that.
Then Mr. Davis approached another man, asking for another lick.
Here is yet another oddity, another upending of traditional expectations.
But Seiffert had another global stage in mind, another century.
"Another bingo," I called out before scooping up another handful.
Another day, another Bachelor Nation member who went to Stagecoach.
There's a cheer somewhere, as another team meets another milestone.
"Another president, another regime — it's all the same," he said.
Another day, another instance of something creepy happening on Facebook.
Another week, another court case over an Elon Musk tweet.
That was another route, and it was another great route.
RM: Well, first, there's always another election and another primary.
Then another guy had another tragic thing happen to him.
But those are wrestlers from another era and another promotion.
Another weekend, another twelve hours of fight film to study.
Another day, another Zayn track: The former One Direction member has released another track from his upcoming solo album, Mind of Mine.
When you factor in another person, and another one, and another one, you have no idea what you will be dealing with.
There's a satisfaction in completing my space chores and keeping Slab around for another day, another blue giant, another cool alien encounter.
Another year goes by, another restaurant opens, another Food Network show launches—but every new venture is nearly identical to the last.
Another giant occupied the White House and another, Howard Baker, ran the Senate, followed soon after by another shrinking violet, Bob Dole.
Just over a century later, in November 2017, another Leonardo da Vinci sold to another royal family for another epoch-defining price.
Another scheme, another fall guy, another way for top dogs like Chuck, Bobby and Taylor to manipulate frenemies into doing their bidding.
"The Congress, somebody needs to do something fast before another victim, another family, another kid [is left] without a dad," she added.
So it had another, and another, and another, stringing itself out for eight seasons of implausible dilemmas until its final mercy-killing.
And I hear that another wave of rain is on the way, and another, and another for the next couple of days.
She grabbed another, and another, and another, hurling them across the bar as, through tears, she watched them explode against the wall.
Now it's another period of time and we have another idiot and another reason for idiocy upon the part of the electorate.
But we need Washington to set ambitious goals and we need to plan for it, before another drought occurs, another city reports contaminated water, another mad cow disease erupts, or another oil rig spills.
Solving the first puzzle leads to another puzzle, which leads to another, which may lead you to another room and another set of puzzles, and so on and so forth until you solve them all.
This was a family who loved one another, laughed with one another, made fun of one another and always supported one another, even while living through one of the most turbulent times in American history.
He has opened yet another door of possibility, erased yet another myth of inadequacy, expanded yet another plane on which children can dream.
And you know, the problem with the left is, another tax, another regulation, another mandate makes it harder for them to rise up.
Every time we were announcing something internally, we were saying 'we're also going to do another thing, and another one, and another one.
The hubris of convincing yourself that another culture, another time, another reality is just the place for you to build your summer home!
I didn't want to wait another six months or another year.
Another weekend, another Netflix original romcom to fall in love with.
The best planners all know one another, they help one another.
And then every couple years there's another one and another one.
Another day, another sweet date for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.
I am still a teacher, in another school, in another grade.
Another year, another batch of wacky new Lay's potato chip flavors.
Another 2017 permit followed, followed by another appeal from the opposition.
It's another subscription to sell, another notch in Apple's financial belt.
Another snap showed Rodriguez's sister and girlfriend with another blonde woman.
Another year, another tequila-fuelled Oscars red carpet session with Guillermo.
Another day, another scorching tweet from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.
Another apartment in the complex is registered to another family member.
Plus, they've got yet another lead on yet another potential child.
And then the next day another store called, and then another.
Another year, another decline in union membership in the United States.
Another invitation to dinner with a watchmaker led to another purchase.
Another day, another anklet, and behold a set of shaved legs.
That's another topic for another day, but it's not just Uber.
Another day, another test of the limits of Twitter's harassment rules.
"The $200,000 is for another project in another country," Giuliani said.
Our change shouldn't be defined by another change in another place.
Welp, another high Philadelphia 76ers draft pick, another busted up foot.
Source: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat Another day, another Kylie Jenner engagement rumor!
It's another week, so of course there's another surprise Netflix trailer.
Another day, another fun date for Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent.
Another week, another WikiLeak revealing the contents of Hillary Clinton emails.
Another day, another epic Tonight Show monologue courtesy of Jay Leno.
But that one is soon followed by another, and then another.
That's the foundation of another program run by another Michigan native.
Another year, another slew of astrological events to keep track of.
Inside was another box, then another and so it went on.
Another day, another update on the Kardashian-Jenner clan's favorite nibbles.
Another great test flight, another step closer to being #NMReady pic.twitter.
Not just another person putting out another music video, you know?
Another day, another actress opening up about the struggles of Hollywood.
Another week, another new load of Zara arrivals to lust after.
Another week, another feature gets added to the Facebook mobile app.
Update: another day, another unbelievably dry forecast for the West Coast.
Take another sip, and wonder why you are taking another sip.
LONDON (Reuters) - Another day, another landmark low for the nickel price.
And first, another day, another scandalous, oh, the sky is falling.
Another week, another racist rant from a Trump supporter going viral.
Another Empire episode, another celebrity guest star in a major role.
Another incident describes another of the defendants allegedly kicking a student.
Another trip to the Berkshires, another "blackout" breakdown by Bethenny Frankel.
Another fan tried to bring up another loathed ump, C.B. Bucknor.
Another week, another U.S. politician caught out by Sacha Baron Cohen.
Another day, another chance to pass the Republican health care plan.
Another person was selling drugs, and another person was getting high.
Washington (CNN)Another day, another excruciating setback for the Republican Party.
Two years later, another network gave him another show to run.
Another day, another non-reason for the internet to be outraged.
Another day, another factory farm with disgusting conditions and inhumane treatment.
Another 14,000 pigs at another farm were culled earlier this month.
Another month, another bundle of awesome games thanks to Humble Bundle.
Another participant, Jeffrey Downs, left after being attacked by another inmate.
Write another banger, then another, and don't really think about it.
We're there to support one another but also lift one another.
Another showed him killing another person with a rocket-propelled grenade.
Another episode of The Bachelorette, another production secret to be unlocked.
Kershaw walked another batter April 9 and another on April 21.
Another week, another round of primaries — but we're awfully close, folks.
They perch one way or another at some time or another.
Nothing does that as well as entering another country, another culture.
Another month, another failed Republican attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Another week of WeWork dramaAnother week, another deluge of WeWork news.
Another "Star Wars" movie means Lego is releasing another Millennium Falcon.
Another 2900 percent favor another candidate, and 220006 percent are undecided.
"Well he certainly has another issue and another problem," Brennan said.
There's always another door to open, and another page to turn.
Another way of saying this: you were the other, not another.
Editorial Another day, another investigation into Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration.
Another year, another trip to the NBA Media Day for Guillermo.
Kavanaugh is not another Roberts; he's another Scalia, Alito, or Gorsuch.
That's why we launched this new format: Another Day, Another Hack.
Another night, another big fight in the march towards UFC 200.
Another year went by, and another office Christmas party rolled around.
Then another, and another, crammed almost entirely with women and children.
Immigration Another day, another facet of the ongoing immigration crisis revealed.
Another 18 percent lived in a household with another working adult.
Another day, another Daily Show monologue straight from Trevor Noah's couch.
Another candidate, in another year, may well have conceded by now.
But that was another century, another world and many divorces ago.
Then they recorded another take of the video, and then another.
It's just another device, another platform that they have to control.
"Today, she got another call from another NFL team," Galanis said.
I didn't want to be another number or another teen mom.
Another day, another parade of domestic violence allegations against professional athletes.
So here it is: another week, another lesson for Woke Dad.
That's why we're launching this new format: Another Day, Another Hack.
Seven in one hospital, three in another, three in yet another.
Team Canada—Oh gee, another international tournament, another gold for Canada.
Another afternoon, another round of funding for a mobile banking app.
There is always another game, another batch of decisions and variables.
Another Lockett celebration and another recreation of a famous sports moment.
Hong Kong protests Another weekend, another massive protest in Hong Kong.
As Fiver says: Well, there's another place — another country, isn't there?
Another day, another bracing warning from health officials about the coronavirus.
Another day, another adorable throwback of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos!
Another unexploded bomb was found at another FedEx facility near Austin.
On the Runway Another week, another round of designer musical chairs.
Then another, then another, for a total of thirty Democrat senators.
Weekly News Quiz Another busy news week, another jam-packed quiz.
TRUMP: There's another -- there's another Perry Mason type I think, right?
"It was just another distraction, it was another distortion," said Rep.
Another day, another round of layoffs at a tech start-up.
Another day, another new rumor about the long-awaited AirPods update.
Another person, another team, would have made a completely different film.
Sister Christina kept expanding it, another building here, another building there.
Setsu's perspective renders him yet another man in yet another context.
"We're not another vape device or another e-cigarette," says Israel.
Another season, another NCAA Tournament bracket-buster for the Blue Raiders.
LEDE: Another day, another delay for the Senate's email privacy bill.
You can't even voice chat against another player on another platform.
That is another counterintuitive economic truth, to discuss on another day.
This was another loss and another night that ended in dejection.
Another year, another messy, delayed appropriations process that threatens public health.
Another day, another video of Lisa Rinna dancing in her underwear!
Another fall means another set of new emojis arriving on iPhones.
This is just another stop, and there will be another stop.
Another player, another one off the production line, giving something back.
A few weeks ago, there was another hospitalization, and another amputation.
He finished off one deck and started on another, then another.
It might not happen for another month—or another year, frankly.
Perhaps she had moved to another city, or found another doctor.
I think there is another downturn and another VIX spike coming.
Now he's turned his attention to another country and another era.
Another big TV network is making another big bet on digital.
Right, and would you start a company, another company, another magazine?
Another woman came forward Friday with another assault allegation against Fairfax.
Another day, another showdown over the direction of the Democratic Party.
"Every problem Hillary Clinton sees — if you go to her website, she comes up with another government solution, another mandate, another regulation, " he said.
Depp has already paid $200,000 and owes $1 million next week, another million next month, another million in May, and another million in August.
However, he warned that other forms of the disease may not have the same response since "that involves another gene, another protein, another location."
Another year means another Easter ... and another reason for celebs to throw on their bunny ears and take some epic shots for the holiday.
One of the blog's more than 100 entries spotlighted The Wire; another spotlighted microbreweries; another spotlighted Wrigley Field; another spotlighted having two last names.
"I had so many 'almosts,' and another camera test, and it was almost mine, and another one and another one," she says to Fallon.
In my time with Prakash, she always had time for another conversation, another photo, another interview, and never showed any signs of flagging energy.
Another questionable call on Boyle for interference gave Detroit another power play with 5:57 left and yet another with 2:25 to play.
Another sandwich, another water, another halfhearted fruit, and she sat with the whole accumulation between her legs and no one tried to take it.
We worked out for 20 minutes and when I got out of the ring, went to another ring and another ring and another ring.
"I just thought this was another day, another opportunity, another match, but this was so much more," she said in a postmatch TV interview.
"You would find one image, and you go and look at their catalog on Alibaba, and there's another and another and another," he said.
Five kinds of time when one love wakes up and wonders where we are, and one wonder wakes up another, and another, and another.
Another week, another group of lives lived on hardwood, in front of spectators and cameras, and another round of highlights compiled from those lives.
I was dating a girl who had another friend at another school.
Another game for the Lions would have been another $27,000 for Slay.
And we have another chance on Tuesday, another great team against us.
Rather, history unfolded one way in one place, and another in another.
Another day, another pair of expensive shoes heterosexual men likely won't understand.
Another reportedly wrote "malwareberg" on one sign, with "Uninstall Zuckerberg" on another.
Another day, another protest against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.
She's like one person one day and another person in another moment.
Another day, another egregious misstep in the world of remakes and reboots.
Shot another person, and then another person who was right behind me.
Another day, another opportunity for the internet to troll the Trump family.
Another day, another absolutely dismal poll for Donald Trump's general election chances.
Another year, another menagerie of devices that inexplicably connect to the internet.
After that, another set of customers will test it for another year.
Another accepted Ross' offer, then went to another startup that promised more.
Another day closer to summer, another new frozen caffeinated beverage from Starbucks.
Another day, another major ad campaign for supermodel-in-training Kaia Gerber.
We go to another restaurant by the theater to get another drink.
The real rich are in another terminal or in another airport altogether.
Another day, another political and economic drama in Europe, it would seem.
"Never again will we put another child in another cage," he said.
Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse is seeking another title with another team.
Colleagues can pass one another daily, not knowing one another by name.
Another day, another embarrassing Donald Trump moment that the internet's buzzing about.
Another day, another rumor that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged.
To show another point of view; or another way of doing things.
Fast forward to 2014, another police shooting, in another part of town.
They become just another instrument, another layer of a multi-faceted song.
Another Stark dies, but because of his sacrifice, another Stark lives on.
One will be focused on immunity, another on sleep, another on energy.
And yet, here we are again, with another phone in another case.
Another day, another glowing opportunity for me to do some science again.
Another week, another incredibly powerful man outed as a serial sexual predator.
Could another employee have done that and resealed it with another sticker?
Another day, another revelation of an ethically questionable business practice by Uber .
Another year, another sexy man to fall even more in love with.
Another hour, another high-profile touching tribute to new mama Kylie Jenner.
Another is Lazada, another Singapore-based e-commerce firm, owned by Alibaba.
Another week, another story about a promising independent self-driving vehicle company.
Another red carpet, another naked dress – but this one's got us talking.
And here's another one, and there's one here and another one here.
Another day, another celebrity defending themselves from the malicious Hollywood rumor mill.
Another Facebook video shows her playing with another young rhino named Neni.
Another day, another Kardashian-curated outfit to add to your summer wardrobe.
Humans need to support one another instead of tear one another down.
"It was another good run for us, another top-20173," Larson said.
If this was another country, I think we'd be demanding another election.
He became a writer and lived another 46 years — almost another lifetime.
Then I did another film of a snake eating another snake alive.
Another solid regular season, and another tough path out of the Central.
"another day another episode of me minding my own business," wrote Jenner.
Another day, another Internet troll that Kate Beckinsale has hilariously shut down.
Mind-bendingly, before Chris Evans was another Chris he was another Freddie.
SINGAPORE — Another day, another player in the iPhone clip-on lens game.
Within a day, he linked up with another group and another smuggler.
Another day on the internet, another guide to being a better person!!!
Another day, another baffling interview with the leader of the free world.
Another day, another chapter in Facebook's love/hate relationship with the media.
Ah, another day, another stealth mobile gaming startup getting funded by Shakira.
North Korea Another week, another round of discomfiting quotes from North Korea.
The belt had another moment and another outfit later in the day.
We cannot wake up every morning to another crisis, to another scandal.
Instead of negotiating another roaming deal, Fi just added another network: Three.
Now, we have another episode and another iconic performance to gender swap.
She thinks we should get another jacket, another black one, but cheaper.
This could create another split in bitcoin, and potentially create another cryptocurrency.
Another 1513% plan to vote for another candidate while 2151% are undecided.
ROME — Another day, another Italian landmark restored by an Italian luxury brand.
Another time, another place, but the same toxins coursing through similar veins.
Another girl said that politics had turned her friends against one another.
Another Filipino will find a way to import another batch. Boohoohoo. pic.twitter.
In another incident, in 2015, another student said she had been raped.
""Labour members are not going to tolerate another fudge for another year.
TUESDAY • Another Tuesday, another batch of primaries tees up the November midterms.
Another season of Outlander — another leap into relocation to new political upheaval.
As one Star Wars saga ends, another begins… Or maybe another two?
She flashes to another moment in another car and sees a dreamcatcher.
They signed another joint declaration in 2000, and yet another in 2007.
Here's another angle: Taking another look at it doesn't get any easier.
Another punt, and another stop later, and finally Carr's mojo overcame everything.
Another week, another inbox filled with really great feedback from Motherboard readers.
It raised another $20 million in another note after the Greycroft round.
Another year, another slow march towards a dangerous showdown over federal funding.
His hook snagged a piece of clothing, and then another, and another.
A woman crosses her arms, twice; another smokes, twice; another smiles, twice.
You then have to wait another 24 hours to unlock another Zyl.
Another 2104 were still dangling by ropes and attached to one another.
I wasn't happy with my score, so I took another … and another.
I was inspired to persevere and try another puzzle, and then another.
As visiting hours began, a car pulled up, then another and another.
Bowl Six: Minca, Sunday, Dec 7, 4 PM Another afternoon, another line.
They took out another loan to cover the first, and usually another.
"Words in proximity to one another take on another meaning," he said.
On another steamy day, another top woman was eliminated from the tournament.
They can make one person anxious, another serene or spiritual, another creative.
"There's another anniversary for another writer you should know," Immanuel told me.
On another wall in another room, a different photograph catches the eye.
Another week, another new episode of TechCrunch's venture capital-focused podcast, Equity.
Being taken out of myself to another place, another point of view.
Don't be fooled, though — his absence is just another persona, another contradiction.
Calling out another is one thing; calling out yourself is quite another.
Another beloved newspaper slashes its staff; another longtime radio program goes silent.
Another day, another case of "fans" going too far on the internet.
And with every turn, Mendes and Gestifute earn another fee, another commission.
Justin Trudeau Another day, another apology from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
They look like continents on a map from another time, another world.
I also think it's a platformer but that's another that's another discussion.
Another country, another president for Kim Kardashian West to spend time with.
Another fall means another season of drama in the town with pep.
Another round of 43 primaries brought another strong showing for women candidates.
"In another time, in another place / You would be mine," he sings.
This is another ideology that is becoming very popular, it's another fad.
In May 2017 on another United Airlines flight, another scorpion was spotted.
ANOTHER WEEK, and another Latin American country is out on the street.
We can only protect one another and try to understand one another.
He becomes another game to play, his patience another button to push.
Another night at the Metropolitan Opera, another unexpected confrontation with current events.
But each welcomed another morning, the start of another year to come.
Another day, another example of California's continued fight with the Trump administration.
Another time, when another neighbor needed a ride, he gave her one.
Another day, another chapter in the price war between Walmart and Amazon.
Another contains details on a flight test for another American military aircraft.
That meant texting with one another while also staring at one another.
To me, science fiction means something we are not that aware of, like maybe people living in another planet in another galaxy with another atmosphere.
One character might be afraid of heights where another will happily climb, and another might know useful information about vacuum tubes where another is clueless.
"We have got to see one another, hear one another, help one another and I want to be a president who inspires that," Clinton said.
Of course, if the Browns again manage to record another winless season, these fridges could be just another painful reminder of another year of failure.
It cannot think outside its own box of solutions, and it will have to find another place, and another place, and another place to exploit.
Tsonga came up with another crucial hold at 6-6 with a forehand winner and another serve that Djokovic could not handle, forcing another tiebreak.
Every retweet and every like is another moment of identity confirmation, another high five to our friends, another reminder that we're right and they're wrong.
Jerry Lee Lewis's shuffling rendition of Mr. Chesnut's "Another Place, Another Time," another Top 10 country hit from 1968, was nominated for a Grammy Award.
You'll start to note how one piece seems to 'fit with' another, and how peering properly at yet another provides a window onto another yet.
A longtime rival of the man's family, now operating under the Taliban banner, had killed one of his uncles, then another, then another, then another.
After the Commodores pinned the Volunteers deep with another punt, Gray dashed through another hole up the middle, going 94 yards untouched for another score.
"It puts us at greater risk that there will be another taxpayer bailout, that there will be another crash and another taxpayer bailout," Warren said.
With every hour, we hear another fraught eye-witness account, learn of another father or mother in despair, another child still to be accounted for.
The past seven days have brought another Democrat looking to be president, another Trump associate being called to testify before Congress, another potential escalation—and then de-escalation—in the tension between India and Pakistan, another sign that California is struggling more than many states with climate change, and another album from Solange.
In another time, or another place, or if I were another person, I would stand behind her, graze the back of her neck with my lips.
Had Brian sent one of his "Hey, this isn't okay" texts, there's a chance that another friend would have agreed and then another, and then another.
She would remain out of work for another month until she landed another gig, where another coworker pressured her into trying meth for the first time.
Every time money moves—from one entity's account to another, from one bank to another, from one country to another—it helps hide the original source.
Another day, another level in our simulated reality challenged, and another opportunity for Elon Musk to get on his bizarre soap box to ruin everyone's fun.
"I was five years into my career before I worked with another woman, and another five years before I worked with another one," Chipps, 27, said.
As agencies shuffle work around during RIFs, they often decide to transfer a function to another division, possibly in another state, or even to another agency.
A man in a ratty trench coat and a bowler hat slowly extracts a smooth pebble from his mouth, and then another and another and another.
"You just do these loops: You do a project, you have success, you get feedback, you do another one, another one and another one," he says.
So Maier was out in his backyard, wearing a baseball glove again, when his phone started buzzing — one text message, then another and another and another.
Every championship means another year in the Champions League, another multimillion-dollar payday from UEFA, another set of signings its supposed rivals cannot hope to match.
For me, it's important to do this for another person, for another woman of color, another Jamaican to see that our people exist on the page.
"Every few days, there's another revelation and another revelation and another revelation, and the case gets stronger and stronger," he said yesterday afternoon during a break.
Wanted to find another forest, another village, another once upon a time, where they'd be safe from potions, and spells, and anything else. Dragons. Werewolves. Curses.
Another week, another tech event: on Wednesday, Google had its fall hardware event.
Another day, another car ride for Brooklyn Beckham with one of his parents.
Another week, another revelation of a massive breach with potentially far-reaching consequences.
AD: Well VR is just another screen, another way to consume the content.
Capital One hacked, over 100 million customers affected Another day, another data breach.
I make another cup of coffee and settle in for yet another episode.
Another red carpet, another opportunity for Zendaya to prove she's a fashion goddess.
Another prohibits hunting, trapping and killing bobcats, and another protects horses from slaughter.
Right when I thought there wouldn't be another, there now won't be another.
NASA had already built another almost identical lander for another mission, Surveyor 23.
And Business Insider found another unit inside Managed by Q, another listed property.
Another day, another independent artist calling out fast fashion for ripping off work.
He signed another wall-free spending bill in late September—yet another capitulation.
Another day, another tangible impact of the government shutdown on the American people.
"TikTok is not normal, it's not 'Oh another Instagram, another Vine,'" he said.
Another day, another fun internet thing that uses neural networks for facial manipulation.
A second referendum might produce another close result or another victory for Leave.
She doesn't think she wants another child for another seven to 10 years.
Another week, another big tech deal that shut out Wall Street's top banks.
You opened an issue and you were transported to another country, another world.
Another day, another VR headset that you will never be able to buy.
Discogs inflation is another topic for another debt-ridden hack to explain, however.
Through his creation, the viewer briefly inhabits another experience, another world and culture.
He and another bystander apprehended the man while another person called the cops.
There must be another technology, another sensor [besides lidar], to close that gap.
Coke Zero Sugar, got to start there, another quarter, another double-digit growth.
"One way or another, everything in prison is about money," another inmate said.
Another year, another bucket list trip checked off by your favorite jetsetting celebs.
Another day, another lust-worthy fall launch to add to our shopping list.
Yet it's still another layer of complexity and another app to deal with.
Another big deal, and another payday most of Wall Street's biggest banks missed.
It could be another chance to show the world another side of me.
Another day, another article on how the Kardashians are taking over the world.
Instead, he was going to wait another month before giving it another go.
Another week, another massive new corporate security breach that exposes your personal data.
"Not interested in seeing another SJW [Social Justice Warrior] propaganda film," claimed another.
His friends will never hear another joke or see another smile from him.
Another week, another chance to snag our favorite robot vacuum for $200 off.
Another day, another chance to set a new low in your life, Wease.
Another day, another alleged predator exposed in Hollywood's ever-widening sexual abuse crisis.
Another day, another fiery Trump burn from the King of horror's Twitter feed.
" In another, they vow to "make another Holocaust, show up with a Molotov.
Another day, another matching swimsuit for Coco Austin and her daughter Chanel Nicole.
Because we don't just need another president, another face of the European Commission.
Another season of House of Cards, another potential gaming addiction for Frank Underwood.
It is hard to build provider networks in another state, from another state.
We are currently getting ready to get onto another flight with another airline.
Another night, another showing for St-Pierre in all of his frustrating perfection.
But it's another half hour or so before I find another humanoid being.
Maybe they will find their way into another song or in another time.
Another year, another slew of weird but lowkey kind of fun internet challenges.
If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another.
I need you here!' and then another would pull me to another patient.
They fired another shot several minutes later and heard another cry, police said.
Everyone is looking out for one another; everyone is learning from one another.
But like I said, I've been dealing with another situation, another email situation.
If you don't go to another seat, I'll put you to another seat!
It kept surprising us that it kept taking another step and another step.
"I watched a customer throw a dip at another checkout girl," said another.
It made us love one another, and it made us hate one another.
Another still another point, it described them as "training centers" for local development.
It's another way of interacting, another channel where brands can interact with us.
So you say, 'Why don't we wait another three weeks, another four weeks?
Then, Arizona got another goal only 35 seconds later following another Washington giveaway.
"Cuba won't change if another administration comes, if another president comes," he said.
Another day, another gross story of misogyny and sexism coming out of Hollywood.
Another day, another several hundred thousand women decide they'll never vote for Trump.
Another week, another group of families experiencing the grief associated with gun violence.
Another, about the founding of the nation, another showing portraits of the people.
That will be a case for another day and another fight over 2016.
Another was five times over the limit, and yet another six times over.
One is a song cycle, another is dance-based and another involves puppetry.
Another, the Detroit Tigers, has won one A.L. Championship Series and lost another.
So in 2017, Democrats turned to a new message, then another and another.
Another day, another impeachment testimony to add to the mounting piles of evidence.
Charlie Rose Another day, another round of sexual allegations against powerful, famous men.
Trump Tower Moscow project Another day, another explanation from Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
Another fork occurred in October, spawning yet another digital asset called bitcoin gold.
One soldier shouted for him to stop, another to sit, another to come.
"It creates another meaning, another layer of feelings you can't predict," he says.
Another winner by another Brazilian substitute, this time the tall and slender Talisca.
And while they may snap at one another, they don't behead one another.
Once upon (another) time, there was another mercurial forward who played for Liverpool.
"Another month, another chalk line on the wall," one of the canaries read.
Another year, another K. This year, 8K will very much be the thing.
Another day, another Kardashian pregnancy -- but this time it's Khloe ... TMZ has learned.
Another two years of treatment, another two miscarriages — one with a donor egg!
This post originally appeared on VICE UK Another weekend, another set of protests.
Another day, another "WTF are you playing at, Miley Cyrus?" post on Instagram.
Another year, another version of the operating system upon which Apple Watch runs.
Taking the bite out of the non-malware threat Another day, another breach.
On the home front, one chateau soon led to another, and then another.
He should never have another opportunity to pose a threat to another child.
"Oh, wait, I want one, too," another woman said, and another after her.
Another 2202 percent of respondents like another candidate, and 2628 percent are undecided.
I had my first migraine when I was 12 — then another, then another.
Thus they mean one thing to one person, another thing to another person.
There will always be another caravan, another group of marginalized or suffering people.
Soon enough he tapped another barrel, and there was another chance to learn.
I would like to have another stab at it one way or another.
But this is another season, and UConn is two victories from another title.
Another week, another flood of teams failing to respond appropriately to the allegations.
One person's camp is another person's kitsch is another person's tongue in chic.
When he got another haircut a few weeks later, he posted another picture.
I did another one and another one, because of the feeling I got.
Another day, another awkwardly tone-deaf comment from a Hollywood celebrity about race.
We are currently getting ready to get onto another flight with another Airline.
She circles a word and then another, then suddenly picks up another newspaper.
Rick could be another Clint Eastwood; Cliff should have been another Steve McQueen.
She brought the papers to a lawyer — and then another, and then another.
Another day, another scary-sounding supposed TikTok trend designed to terrify concerned parents.
We'd learn to listen to one another more and defame one another less.
Then, another day, they went back to the port for another morning arrest.
Another "Jurassic Park" sequel is in the works, and another "Indiana Jones," too.
Then there was another family quake, another test of his character and strength.
Felicity In another language, in another time, her name meant "happiness," I guess.
Another brother, Brian Garrigan, died in 2018, as did another stepdaughter, Amy Meselson.
There may not be an endgame, only another battle and another after that.
Three weeks later again, it will be another one, and then another one.
For another team, another city, it might have been a more festive occasion.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Another sleepless night in Brussels before another debt deal with Greece.
We've got another Obama—another city kid who's never been out in nature.
It's just another cool move, another cool exercise to add to your arsenal.
Another bridesmaid took my preferred style, so I have to find another one.
In another room, guarded by another agent, sits 57-year-old Timothy Pope.
Another year, another bunch of weird Halloween outfits — but none quite like this.
Another year, another mogul making a splash with a new privately owned museum.
The men load another victim into another van as Najem records the scene.
The last thing we need is another flubbed call, another Don Denkinger incident.
HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Another day, another credible Chinese economic indicator goes dark.
If that is of no avail, I will take another, and yet another.
New York (CNN Business)Another week, another box office record broken by Disney.
There's always another puzzle to solve tomorrow, another chance to conquer the grid.
JOE KERNEN: We had a rate cut yesterday, another one, another quarter point.
Maybe another seller buys the item and sends it to another prep center.
Alan Patrick (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC) Another weekend, another UFC show.
Another 22018 Democrats are Asian or of another heritage, according to USA Today.
Another 14 Democrats are Asian or of another heritage, according to USA Today.
Another day, another escalation in President Donald Trump's ongoing trade war with China.
TV Tropes' user-generated archives of examples of everything from categories like the Loveable Rogue to Color Coded Wizardry are so ridiculously maintained, you can't help but find yourself reading one, only to click on another, and another, another, and another.
" Still, Owens says, an arrest may prevent something like this happening to another family: "Maybe another mother or another father will be able to make it home.
Now, we don't exactly feel sorry for her and the fact that she just has to wear one dreamy designer dress after another, and another, and another.
" Aaron Rich wrote that every few weeks, "another conspiracy theory surfaces, another promise of credible information and another lack of evidence to support the crazy claims made.
Another night, another cooling-off period, another what-do-you-want greeting: Our server, when she finally noticed our table, stood next to it and said nothing.
It was another despicable act, another crime against humanity and another reason that decent people everywhere must unite to put an end to these crimes of carnage.
Half an hour after breakfast I'd take another 150, then another 20 in the afternoon, and in the evening when I went out another 30 or 40.
"It was really difficult for companies to adopt [the app] because you had to relegate to another mobile app, another password to remember, another process," Hoang said.
In some ways, the finale was a compendium of "Thrones" greatest hits: There was yet another regicide, yet another jailing of Tyrion, yet another scattering of Starks.
There were plans for another adventure to New York, another stop at Madison Square Garden for the Big East tournament, another opportunity for Trip to teach Blue.
And another year from now, I'll set another reminder to watch another Apple event, believing somewhere deep down that with one more upgrade, I might be perfected.
Another one of my people, another one of my kids … that was another year we could have kept them in there, we could have kept them safe.
Another person I saw was moving, so I went and another officer grabbed him.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Another day, another unnecessary, accidental damage of art.
Another election, another question-mark over Britain's pollsters, and soul-searching among the pollsters.
In another dish, beat eggs with another ½ cup parmesan, remaining parsley and 1 tsp.
Another year, another missed opportunity for Kanye West to release a surprise Christmas album.
Or, could this simply be another reactivated version of Dolores living within another simulation?
People bring up the romantic-comedy years as though I'm another person, another actor.
Then in the '90s they lost another case to Howlin' Wolf, another blues guy.
Built during the 1960s, Signal Towers is a relic of another military, another country.
Another week, another very pretty, electric Chinese-made vehicle to challenge Elon Musk's Tesla.
It could be another generation before another fossil like Nyanzapithecus alesi is discovered. [Nature]
Another week, another unsubstantiated rumor on The Bachelor that's threatening to destroy real relationships.
Yet it's also still another subscription to pay for, another garden to wall off.
It's another God of War game, yes, but not another God of War game.
But then the bandage gets ripped off whenever there's another hearing or another delay.
Then they want to feel that sensation again, so they buy another, and another.
Now, it's just another thing that happened, another thing to have an opinion about.
Courtesy Express Another day, another new gig for the epically busy model and entrepreneur!
Then it was the AC for another $500, then the dishwasher was another $900.
Yes, Didi is backing yet another Uber rival in another corner of the world.
Another Kanye West interview, another slew of comments that really haven't gone down well.
Another one on Morelia and Tabasco Streets, and another on Valladolid and Puebla Streets.
I didn't change from one day to another or even one week to another.
Adding to the gloom is another statistic (or another face to the same statistic).
I'm not afraid of mistakenly eating another pot brownie and flunking another drug test.
" Another pilot -- believed to be from another airline -- responded: "Perhaps CFIT should be arranged.
For others it was the unending booming reports - just one after another after another.
"I will move to another state at some point, or another country," Kourtney interjected.
Another question: When Indian consumers upgrade, will they choose the iPhone or another device?
Then something else happens, another shaky cellphone video, another blurry horror on our monitors.
Another October means it's time for another viewing of the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.
Another day, another round of heteronormative gossip surrounding Lorde and her friend Jack Antonoff.
I make another coffee and have another few María cookies to survive until 11.
"If another vacancy emerges, you'll see another very similar kind of prioritization," Leo said.
He was with another man, who turned out to be another of the attackers.
Francis is another two-time winner, having solved another tough case two years ago.
All our ancestors, unless we are American Indian, came from another country, another culture.
We have to have another girl so we have another girl in the house.
Another day, another fashion history lesson brought to you by way of a Kardashian.
Another woman who is promoted or celebrated or funded clears the way for another.
What she felt afterward—rejected yet another time, by yet another man—was regret.
Germany cannot pretend France is just another country, just another line on the spreadsheet.
Another day, another trip down the swirling spite-tornado that is Oracle v. Google.
"Are you a hotwife?" another DM from yet another stranger asked later that week.
Another day, another set of Lenovo smartphones make their way to the Indian market.
Maybe Trump will lose and we can deal with another dope, or another stiff.
" XPO Logistics: "XPO Logistics at another time in another place was the perfect stock.
One guise plays into another, and the extreme comments force it into another direction.
Another day, another addition to the epic cast that's assembling for Pitch Perfect 3.
Another week in Washington comes with another chaotic scramble to prevent a government shutdown.
AND FINALLY ... May the farce be with you Another day, another "Star Wars" video.
"Another clinch, another clinch and the referee wouldn't say anything," said the Briton bitterly.
Another day, another episode of Kids being funny or adults lying for Internet points.
Despite being set in another country, at another time, Cleo's world is our world.
Microsoft may be closing in on another massive deal for another popular productivity app.
So you can kind of see who's against one another or with one another.
"I will look for another site and make another video about it," he said.
To be continued ... ZIKA VIRUS Too close for comfort: Another day, another Zika headline.
As if we needed another reminder, Pyongyang fired off yet another missile just today.
As the saying goes: Another month, another disconcerting report from top U.S. climate agencies.
Another day, another postcard from the increasingly bizarre alternative universe that is Silicon Valley.
Every day there is lanfall of another hurricane, and another career get's ripped away!
Another week, another meeting with a world leader extolling the virtues of free trade.
And this was another dimension of going beyond, to another body in our universe.
Russia accused the West of interference and warned against another Macedonia become another Ukraine.
It creates a vortex that leads you into another reality, another moment in time.
All this was so long ago that it feels like another life, another world.
This was another few days in bed, followed by another week of lingering shittness.
Another dozen people in the area suffered injuries like broken bones, another official said.
Taylor H.: How long until Jeff Fisher gets another job and ruins another franchise?
"We were able to open up to one another on another level," she said.
Update 4, August 19th: Another day, another steady stream of updates from this mess.
Halftime The sun rises on another day and another hat atop Jay Cutler's head.
Warm tears ran into the hair at my temple, one after another after another.
Another podcast, another example of Elon Musk opening his mouth and stepping in it.
One sample is plain, another sweet, another sweeter still, and the last one salted.
Another run for Congress, from another Illinois district, in 1970, also ended in defeat.
Another defeat for #Daesh, yet another triumph for democratic forces in northern #Syria. pic.twitter.
Immediately after his birth, doctors whisked him away to another hospital in another state.
Tishman Speyer, another big commercial landlord, last year launched Studio, yet another coworking concept.
Have this new connection lead you to another lead and another lead after that.
Another day, another Apple rumor, this time about the company's long-rumored AR headset.
Another longtime cast member on another popular CBS procedural has turned in his badge.
Another day, another massive attack carried out thanks to the Internet of (Hackable) Things.
Corrodead is another dead band, and another such entity that deserves your undivided attention.
Another hacker, who goes by Omnipotent, announced the hack in another forum called Raidforums.
Another day, another dollar — but this time, we're talking about a $13 billion+ industry.
"Predatory and inhumane" is another, but welcome to another day in mass incarcerated America.
One ECU might control the braking system, another the lights, yet another tire pressure.
"It was another story, another trip, inside of me," she says, with a smile.
When they sell an LED they don't sell another one for another 10 years.
One demonstrator was reportedly pepper sprayed by another protester while another person was punched.
Another one coming up in April, and there's another one coming up in May.
In another place, another time, it could have been the beginning of a revolution.
Across the road there was another green meadow behind another white fence, more trees.
But in fact, this is just another case of Jews talking past one another.
Listening to one another, as opposed to labeling one another, can restore civil debate.
Another 455 came from St. Clare's Hospital in Manhattan, another major AIDS treatment center.
Another day of social distancing, another glimpse of Stephen Colbert's (very lovely-looking) house.
But holding another election would be preferable to another "pointless" Brexit delay, he said.
"It's not about gun laws right now — that's another fight, another battle," he said.
Another scandal over shoddy drugs in China, another hit to the Communist Party's legitimacy.
I was 28, stuck in yet another manic episode in yet another psychiatric ward.
And another 2-20 people that just graduated, and another ex-staffer or 2.
"Another day, another Trump White House drama," says a female narrator in one ad.
Another morning, another newspaper filled with news of rage and hatred, violence and suffering.
ANOTHER MILESTONE ACHIEVED After a long struggle we are able to make another change.
On March 24, authorities reported another 5,249 new cases and another 743 new deaths.
"Another day, another tired and false attack from anti-Trump, liberal Democrats," she said.
Four years later, it was another English star, Wayne Rooney, and another broken foot.
Another ex-president, Jimmy Carter, visited in 2010 and returned with another jailed American.
In yet another visit to yet another lavish estate, Shiv can't stop sabotaging herself.
Another Horcrux, another almost forgettable line that Rowling sneaks in as an early clue.
Wishing you'd written another person's book is like wishing you had another person's soul.
Given the location in Brooklyn, there probably was, updating another sound from another decade.
Another day, another reason to celebrate strong, independent and smart girls around the world.
Then another and another, leading to the stars and galaxies of the familiar universe.
One person told another and another, and through word of mouth, it became popular.
J.P. Another season, another Tinashe song floated into the ether, looking for a home.
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Another Australian Grand Prix, another near-miss for home hero Daniel Ricciardo.
It was just another mission, just another fake family for television's hardest-working spies.
But alas, another day, another mind-numbingly idiotic bumbling act by the White House.
One I'm a party animal, another one I'm uptight, another I'm vain and narcissistic.
Under the first sketch was another and another, charting the evolution of the design.
The House had another MTR vote on Thursday before another background check-related bill.
" Added another: "Yet another example of a brand with no diversity around the table.
Later, Siatta was with another squad as it hurried across yet another dangerous area.
Whether his Angels give him another chance to continue his comeback is another discussion.
In fact, Trump likely felt a kinship with him — another man, another witch hunt.
State officials have also confirmed nerve damage firsthand in another panther and another bobcat.
State officials have also confirmed nerve damage firsthand in another panther and another bobcat.
One group of undocumented immigrants was packed into the trailer, then another and another.
SATURDAY PUZZLE — Another Saturday, another rummage through the miscellaneous drawer in a genius's brain.
He nods and asks to take in another game, and another one after that.
Perhaps that description is suitable for this particular gong; another 19 minutes, another crash.
Hillary loses to one of them, ties another, and beats another by 5 points.
But rather than becoming a permanent fixture on the celebrity circuit, the 38-year-old is now happy being "just another mum, another colleague or another co-worker".
"I don't think I can spend another day in another call room making another call begging for money," Mr. Israel said in an interview in his congressional office.
Instead, it dives right back into another Thanksgiving, and another, and another, in which Denise tries to make her family reconcile with the fact that she's a lesbian.
Every time that I'm away from my phone, I'm so afraid that when I log on there will be another hashtag, another victim, another officer who goes free.
I met one who is celibate and another who prayed for three wives and another who's romantically involved with his therapist and another who cures illness with bees.
Another lesson: Nominees must have enough of a paper trail to ensure they aren't another Souter, but not so much of a trail that they become another Bork.
"Another broken reindeer / Another candle / Another velvet ribbon" Alan Sparhawk mewled over a naked guitar on "Taking Down the Tree," the penultimate track on Low's 1999 EP, Christmas.
"I wanted to find the hidden pockets of reverence, reflection, silence; places Angelenos repair to in order to recharge their batteries so that they are ready to face another day, another traffic jam, another screaming child, another vindictive boss," Reif Larsen writes.
They have cast one another in their films, directed one another, written for one another, screened edits, helped produce and finance projects and generally supported one another in all their years in the film industry in both Australia and the United States.
You go to the site with one clip in mind and those damn thumbnails pique your interest enough to make you click on another video, and another, and another.
I wanted to find another position before leaving but things got so bad, I quit and was unemployed for another year and a half before I found another job.
Precedent is set in one case and then used in another case and another case and another; and precedent has been set, in some cases, to keep prejudice alive.
"For us, it's not just simply about getting another actor another job or a director another job — it's about how we are perceived by the general public," says Nogales.
In another chat, when I introduced myself as a reporter, another representative immediately said he had no "detailed information" about the hack, and told me to email another address.
It's the one your brain releases when you experience or anticipate pleasure or a reward, and it's likely what talked you into having another bite (and another, and another).
One character will turn out to be a huge Nazi, another will be Jewish, another will be conflicted but weak, another will be a good German, and so on.
" Trump didn't just call for people to respect one another, he said, but called for "Americans to love one another, for all of God's children to love one another.
But if that's true, what we need is another D-Day, not another Vietnam; not another limited war fought on the cheap and destined for stalemate and human tragedy.
"There's yet another record, and yet another record, and yet another record," said Pfister, referring to the increased frequency of record-breaking heat as average temperatures continue to climb.
We learn from one another, we support one another and different generations make connections with one another, all because we share a love of words and playing with them.
As rescuers swarmed around, another explosion struck at 2000:270, and another at 403:240.
They claim that having another C-section would hurt Chyna's chances of delivering another child.
Another day, another scary AF example of an Australian animal tackling prey bigger than itself.
That is, "one big gateway, then another smaller one in line, then another," he said.
So contract disputes develop, because one person thinks one thing, and another person thinks another.
" On Monday, another friend wrote in another post that Gorelova and Lilia were Arnaud's "world.
"It's always much better to talk to one another than about one another," she said.
Depending on how cynical you are, there's another another name for this phenomenon: plot armor.
Is there another question, so we can see if there's another ... Right there, behind you.
Another fun fact ... Paris and Gabe play in another musical group together called The Soundflowers.
Another day, another reminder that the only award-nominated film you've actually seen is Deadpool.
"To you listeners, it's another murder mystery, crime drama, another episode of CSI," he wrote.
Eating another sentient being is no different than eating another human being, in my mind.
Even when a door closes, another one does open because there's always another way out.
Now it looks like they are going back into either another room or another conference.
Another group led by the Serang Nature Conservation Agency managed to save another 13 turtles.
"To you listeners, its another murder mystery, crime drama, another episode of CSI," he wrote.
Another Valyrian family, the Velaryons, had already settled on another island in Blackwater Bay, Driftmark.
Another presidential election, another massive data dump seemingly intended to sabotage a center-left candidate.
However, about an hour later, they got another notification that another walker had been assigned.
We have another FOMC meeting tomorrow and we're probably going to get another rate cut.
The Democrats need another seventy-something candidate as much as Donald Trump needs another scandal.
Another day, another American Horror Story: Cult promo featuring everyone's least favorite entertainers: demonic clowns.
And he's right: Americans can forgive one another, and see the good in one another.
Soto made another defensive gaffe in the third inning, when the Astros added another run.
Another week in Trumpmerica, another bout of nervously chuckling through Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.
Every launch since then, I've just kind of added another camera, and added another camera.
They have the ability to connect, to feel this closeness with another being, another species.
"Then, you probably get another ease late in the year for another 25 basis points."
With another Olympics comes another great season for the Games' most lamentably unrecognized sport – Tindering.
Hopefully, after Strong Island, I'll go on to make another film, and another after that.
And yet, it's more than just a case of another day, another headline-making proclamation.
From the utility's point of view, a microgrid is just another customer, just another meter.
Ms Cep's focus is on another crime, and another author's attempts to write about it.
They need me, I need them, much more than doing another tour or another show.
The Tamagotchi is just another red dot for me to clear off yet another screen.
Another week of Fantasy Football means another week of triumph, or in my case, heartbreak.
One had roughly 1,600 shares, another more than 353,500 and another had more than 6,000.
Let&aposs take a look at another, another piece of the book by James Clapper.
Another week, another one of Sephora's almost-too-good-to-be-true Weekly Wow sales.
For instance, you can ask it a question, then follow it with another and another.
I didn't want to announce just to have another miscarriage and suffer through another grief.
They are significantly warmer with one another, exchanging kisses and goofing off with one another.
Feeling defeated, I decide to head to TJ Maxx, another consignment store, and another Goodwill.
Whether it'll work is another another question—one that is much more difficult to answer.
On another front, expanding into remittance services could help another one of Rakuten's businesses, Viber.
Another electron can scoot over into the new opening and leave behind another new hole.
The global forces of capital demanded another game, and another game's worth of television revenues.
Another group with slightly more advanced digital capabilities make up another 30 percent of businesses.
Wade's offer provides another option, though, and — in this political climate — another option can't hurt.
And the Democratic Party would have had to have another convention and find another candidate.
Another present-centric holiday, another over-the-top gift guide courtesy of the KarJenner family.
Lesbos, Greece (CNN)Another day, another group of migrants lost in the Mediterranean Sea -- forever.
"This should be another tool families are looking at, " he said — and another negotiating point.
Another Monday, another set of Kardashian outfits to fawn over, to question, and to unpack.
Another Halloween, another deluge of celebrities flaunting their most terrifying costume efforts on social media.
"Another day, another fascinating development," Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.
It's another week, and another bevy of hits on Chinese tech by the U.S. government.
Another day, another announcement from Facebook that it has failed to protect your personal information.
"It's just another transition in another weird part of being together and not being together."
Another day, another delay for one of the most complicated space telescope projects ever undertaken.
"Another day, another bank, new allegations," investment bank KBW said in a note to clients.
For another, VPN apps make it extremely easy to switch from one location to another.
Another season of Grey's Anatomy has come and gone, and with it, another cast member.
The final day, there was another beating, another sexual assault, and a deadly drug overdose.
You're not throwing things away from one device to another or one experience to another.
We loved one another, we respected one another, but neither of us were completely happy.
For weeks Paula was passed from one doctor to another, from one hospital to another.
A new novel, " The Two Vanrevels ," is published—another historical romance and another best-seller.
Yet we see another attempt to launch yet another round of investigations into Planned Parenthood.
Eventually, she transferred to another program, one that opened doors to another fulfilling career path.
Every time Trump insults another person who works for him, he creates another potential leaker.
Every time there's a body down, there's going to be another one and another one.
If all goes well, another 10 could be purchased and retrofitted, then eventually another 20.
One person breaks it, then another, then another, until one day, it's broken for good.
But I felt another pull too, from another part of my medical training — palliative care.
"Something's wrong with her," wrote another anonymous student about another professor with the same name.
You go from one doctor's office to the next, to another machine to another machine.
Yet, we see another attempt to launch yet another round of investigations into Planned Parenthood.
"Today, she got another call from another NFL team," Galanis told Fox Sports on Monday.
Ho, hum, another day, another SpaceX rocket landing on a drone ship in the ocean.
"He's another guy who's taken our team to another level," Kings guard Darren Collison said.
In another time, with another President, the department would enjoy the benefit of the doubt.
Washington (CNN)Another federal campaign finance deadline, another bad headline for the Democratic National Committee.
Another 55 commit suicide, and another 151 are treated in emergency rooms for gunshot wounds.
The Janus decision is just another barrier and another attack on working men and women.
I just saw the headline, a court struck down another heartbeat bill for another state.
Another week, another Tesla crashing into a stationary vehicle that just came out of nowhere.
" Another condition is if a person causes the death of another person with "malice aforethought.
Another day, another angry sticker added to that headline-making, Trump-hating pick-up truck.
Another day, another awkward Donald Trump handshake, this time with the first lady of Poland.
Another academic year gone, another crop of graduates ready to take the world by storm.
This week, however, they become opponents, representing different nations, on another continent, in another climate.
On another night, with another referee, Suárez might have followed Torres up the tunnel early.
Worse, they may give the Mercedes team — or another top team — another chance to dominate.
The next morning, Bush strolled into yet another public school for yet another town hall.
Top with another cake layer and another cup of frosting, then the final cake layer.
Almost exactly a day later, another bar shooting in Evansville, Indiana, left another four wounded.
"Social justice" was another word for showing empathy, and my reporting another avenue of expression.
As savers, there's always another goal to reach, another dollar or two to stash away.
First they introduced one secret menu item, then another, and another one surfaced earlier Monday.
Staying within close physical proximity of one another is another way people show initial interest.
Another 12 percent of respondents say they liked another candidate, and 21625 percent are undecided.
Another day, another tweet from our President that sets off alarm bells around the country.
Mr. Trump is also suing another chef, José Andrés, who backed out of another restaurant.
"You can always build another steam engine," he said, "but you can't build another tiger."
We don't want to wait another 20-odd years to get into another major semifinal.
Another challenge: Hospital staff have been exposed tooAnd if that weren't enough, there's another problem.
Science was another facet for her religious convictions, and another facet, too, of her love.
In another important ruling, another three-judge panel of the same circuit court on Feb.
Kind of the culture here where we love one another and pull for one another.
Another important feature of natural ecosystems is that they are connected and influence one another.
It's just another example of assholes ruining another person's fun online for their own enjoyment.
Bundt cakes are nice — they invite returning for another sliver and perhaps another after that.
We then stop by another French restaurant for lunch where we have another beautiful lunch.
Another mazemen is topped with grilled rib-eye, and yet another includes dashi and clams.
" And Solange greets her "as one curious soul encountering another, one black woman meeting another.
Another sledge tipped and then another, and the swarms of wolves descended on the families.
Another day, another attempt by Amazon to make buying something as easy as humanly possible.
He was soon promoted to another store, and yet another man was made store manager.
It is another full decade until he is in another very good film (Black Mass).
" Another replied "they've been trying to get one for years," and yet another said "lucky!!!!
Here's another look at the dunk from another angle: Good lord, put it away, son.
Two days ago, another judge ruled against Mr. Trump's bid to quash another congressional subpoena.
It was Russell Simmons at one booth, Naomi Campbell at another, Ian Schrager at another.
Another rainbow wave in 2020 will only help America take another step toward full equality.
Then she took another motorbike and another bus before arriving, around dawn, at her destination.
Then she took another motorbike and another bus before arriving, around dawn, at her destination.
"You've got another election seven days later and another election 14 days later," he said.
"Today, she got another call from another NFL team," Galanis told FOX Sports on Monday.
I added another bottle and a half of wine and left it for another month.
Another day, another large chunk of time spent trying to understand Donald Trump's Twitter account.
It reached into the pile and started picking things up, one after another after another.
Yet it may take another fall from grace, in another election, before anybody pays attention.
Stacy Lewis, another past Women's British Open champion, was another shot back after a 65.
Whether it will last another thousand days or nearly another thousand beyond that remains unclear.
Then, contorting, he goes to another pocket and sets another phone facedown on his thigh.

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