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998 Sentences With "what's more"

How to use what's more in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "what's more" and check conjugation/comparative form for "what's more". Mastering all the usages of "what's more" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In the coffee lounge, they were comparing notes about what's more effective and what's more potent.
At the risk of being corny — what's more human?
What's more, they're all women — and for legitimate reasons.
" What's more, he added: "This is better than Vietnam.
What's more, they've done it with virtually no official pushback.
What's more important is what are these people influential about.
What's more, con artists are experts at reading their victims.
What's more, the Tesla buyer and Nordstrom shopper are likeminded.
What's more, blockchains are going to revolutionize financial services transactions.
What's more, the chances of a complete recovery are unlikely.
What's more satisfying than being able to 3D print stuff?
What's more, the volcanic winter may not have even happened.
What's more, these bins are not routinely (if ever) disinfected.
So, let's have a raise of hands – what's more hateful?
What's more, this bundle deal comes with a protective cover.
What's more, Justice League is being distributed by Warner Bros.
What's more, Volvo Cars is owned by Chinese carmaker Geely.
What's more infuriating than Hillary Clinton wearing a $12,000 jacket?
What's more — taxpayers are footing the bill in travel costs.
What's more, JetSmarter had little control over the plane's itinerary.
What's more, there's no indication Tesla can't pull it off.
What's more, American foreign policy has gone off the rails.
What's more, I would be a character in the story.
What's more, a loaded revolver was found on his body.
And really, what's more fun than chewing on a straw?
What's more, their chance of success didn't decrease with age.
What's more, they can also operate as remote power plants.
What's more interesting is Alexa's move outside of the home.
What's more, the scandal wasn't detrimental to only Jackson's career.
What's more, they didn't just concentrate on the technical underpinnings.
So I ask: What's more influential in the long term?
What's more ... He can't even get photos of the service.
What's more, the study strongly hints at similar processes elsewhere.
What's more, there will be 400,000 open positions by 2020.
What's more, the umbrella term travel insurance covers much more.
What's more, "Single Ladies" was created by and for women.
What's more amazing than a cat doing a trust fall?
What's more, the 2005 experiment was, in a word, limited.
What's more, the Rockettes don't even want to be there!
What's more, since the 2870s, coups have become increasingly infrequent.
What's more — the library has made them available to download.
What's more, they genuinely appear to enjoy each other's company.
What's more, even competitive districts are producing pretty polarized legislators.
What's more, these people hadn't suffered under Obama; they'd thrived.
What's more, these cuts will put drinking water at risk.
What's more, Heitkamp has had a tumultuous relationship with Trump.
What's more, Stormi just had her first birthday last Friday.
What's more, they will most likely dissolve into legal disputes.
What's more ... we're told Kelly and Michael don't get along.
What's more, they could use voice commands to conduct searches.
What's more, the designers are getting better at their jobs.
What's more, this generation gets tripped up by financial jargon.
What's more, it's happened at other dealers throughout the state.
"What's more valuable to me than this?" he chokes out.
What's more, they're not products of NJPW's famous wrestling dojo.
What's more certain is that Memebox is one to watch.
And what's more, it's about 10 times bigger than Earth.
What's more important is the totality of the nutrition lifestyle.
What's more, several other such films are in Hollywood's pipeline.
What's more, penalties under the new California law are small.
What's more, it would protect the court's status with voters.
What's more, Beyond Meat already faces significant and growing competition.
What's more, he and the president share a favorite quote.
What's more, like any other skill, it can be developed.
What's more, Amazon is considering turf once claimed by Walmart.
What's more, there's an appetite for nonproprietary products, Garg said.
What's more, they face challenges that, say, wage earners don't.
What's more, she maintained a positive attitude, throughout the trial.
What's more, it's all about learning what works for you.
What's more, he's not sure of the path to success.
And what's more, the food's pretty good, considering the deal.
What's more, treatments can be costly or even worsen symptoms.
What's more, I am not convinced that it was Gen.
What's more comforting and hearty than a baked corn pudding?
What's more, how can you stand your ground with grace?
What's more, each app gets a distinct random email address.
What's more, the club saw Johnson primarily as a fullback.
What's more, 47% of those considered overweight were healthy, too.
What's more, the Simpsons are unrelentingly horny for each other.
What's more, Xiaomi is embracing the industry's worst governance practices.
What's more, the Ironborn must stop all raids on Westeros.
What's more, the fur seals experienced almost no R.E.M. sleep.
What's more, his firm did not charge me legal fees.
What's more, he actually criticized the "All Lives Matter" chant.
And what's more, I'm not a pioneer of electronic music!
What's more, there was often an economic and racial divide.
What's more ... doctors performed an angiogram and it was normal.
What's more, she lost a brother at an early age.
What's more challenging these days, the music or writing business?
What's more, the young Boston Ballet dancers connect to it.
What's more, it's not even clear what the policy is.
What's more, "Kiksuya" displays most of Westworld's other tendencies throughout.
What's more, the influence doesn't only run in one direction.
What's more, Mike is secretly writing a book about Milly.
What's more, oral health is closely tied to general wellness.
What's more, deinstitutionalization is not associated with gun violence either.
What's more charming than a European town square in summer?
What's more, almost all of us are guilty of them.
And, what's more, it's her name on the front door.
What's more, all efforts to take down Sanders are counterproductive.
What's more, muni investors are largely following a conservative strategy.
What's more, sanctions relief could hurt some U.S. economic interests.
What's more, this ongoing regulatory uncertainty is costing American jobs.
What's more, the clock could be ticking on voters' attention.
What's more, he and his wife had started a family.
What's more, Camilleri is an expert at companies in transition.
What's more, they knew Tony was there at the time.
What's more, this is a tale told by … a tree.
What's more, it seemed to come with its own gravity.
And what's more punk rock than getting paid to eat?
What's more, he was claiming high ground for Facebook's values.
And what's more American than our attachment to our phones?
What's more, the use of force is not inherently counterproductive.
What's more, Trump's unpopularity has only grown since taking office.
What's more, Tyree did not score in the second half.
What's more, Zeidenberg said, Mueller's silence can help the investigation.
Double your fun What's more improbable than winning the lottery?
What's more, they can be refilled time and time again.
What's more, they actively shield immigration violators from federal authorities.
What's more, its Canadian stores were built with recycled materials.
What's more, Brexit divides Labour along class and geographical lines.
What's more, the unspent funds roll over year to year.
A trip down memory lane What's more dreaded than moving?
What's more, she's the one who suffers for speaking up.
What's more, unlike traditional bricks, Plastiqubes don't use any mortar.
What's more, trade protection's economic consequences are harder to measure.
What's more: the authors were working with an attenuated dataset.
What's more, we and our organizations typically survived that interlude.
What's more, they had no particular communicative or expressive quality.
What's more, "She Said" doesn't try to offer big lessons.
What's more up for argument is the "why" behind it.
What's more, Netanyahu is currently battling indictment on corruption charges.
It may sound straightforward — what's more American than shopping around?
What's more, Biden and Bernie's coalitions are seeming increasingly impregnable.
What's more, almost all the country's electricity comes from hydropower.
What's more, Mr. Hersey wanted to avoid the 1 train.
The sheer offensiveness of the action is what's more important.
What's more, riots can lead to serious attention and change.
What's more fun to drive, a panhead or a shovelhead?
See what's more on this chart that Quincy has here.
What's more, pollen is becoming more potent for allergic people.
What's more, it wasn't just US cities protesting on Saturday.
And what's more emotional and fraught than frigging online dating?
What's more, in poor countries, those deaths are happening earlier.
"What's more the car has become more technologically advanced," he said.
What's more, he is by all accounts a very good judge.
What's more, it took Musk six days to provide this rationale.
What's more, radar scans show the ship in its undisturbed condition.
What's more, it should spur increased archaeological interest in northern Africa.
Comfortable undies Speaking of cotton, what's more romantic than comfortable underwear?
What's more, addressing violent crime was the intent of mass incarceration.
What's more, we're learning some unsettling new details about his experiment.
What's more, he has no bank account and no credit cards.
What's more, not all of Breaking Bad was lit like this!
What's more unnerving is how the ESRB arrived at this conclusion.
What's more, they shouldn't have to flag those posts as political.
What's more, poor flight performance was tied to younger fledging ages.
What's more disturbing is why Arkansas is in such a rush.
And what's more free and unapologetic than throwing away your razor?
What's more, Romney actively pursued, and got, Trump's endorsement in 2012.
What's more, it's enabled by default once you've installed the update.
What's more, most Americans don't attend selective schools like Johns Hopkins.
What's more, you can watch it all go down on video.
What's more, Abercrombie is now trying to attract an older customer.
What's more surprising than a certain Stark killing the Night King?
What's more, the team only has data from a single year.
"Different physicists have different opinions on what's more compelling," he said.
What's more recent, and expected to grow, are fully remote companies.
What's more, the non-financial benefits of the deal are substantial.
What's more, there's no way in hell Wallis will be invited.
What's more, the joint agreement mentions denuclearization in the third point.
What's more difficult is imagining the path between here and there.
What's more, these audiences are limited almost entirely to North America.
What's more, appointing a special representative, the thinking goes, normalizes negotiations.
What's more, you -- yes, you -- can help name the new moons.
What's more: The predator tax is not limited to high-achievers.
Matching undies Speaking of cotton, what's more romantic than matching underwear?
What's more, the company's bookings have scaled along with the valuation.
What's more important is what he needs -- what we all need.
What's more surprising is that you'll also perform about 46% better.
What's more, advisor survey respondents feel their situation is getting worse.
What's more, some major Russian firms were hit in the attack.
What's more, many government agencies require complaints to be filed online.
What's more likely is that Microsoft is simply playing for time.
What's more, willingness to vote varies a lot by socioeconomic status.
What's more, the Taliban are bothered by the symbolism of sanctions.
What's more, the Bears will take on the Raiders in London.
What's more, getting that energy revolution wouldn't require a political revolution.
What's more, USCIS said Ostadhassan's lawful non-immigrant status had expired.
What's more, his populism might go a bit far for Clinton.
What's more, NhRP is already looking outside of the Empire State.
What's more, military budgets in Europe are also beginning to swell.
What's more, racism and xenophobia appeared to predict support for Trump.
What's more, the pipeline of new offerings is starting to dwindle.
What's more, its limb bones appear weak and poorly ossified, i.e.
" What's more, she adds, "It certainly couldn't hurt and tastes delicious.
What's more, remember assumption #2, about human urine being bumblebee yellow?
What's more, Elliott's looks are almost as iconic as her music.
What's more, Glassdoor's job listing page shows more than 0003,000 openings.
And what's more, Julian understands how an everyday bodily function works.
What's more, Chuu has over 200 costumes that she cycles through.
What's more, this island is also rich in coffee and nickel.
What's more, Ropeo lets users pay for their wares with cash.
What's more, the communist country's small-time capitalists are willing partners.
What's more, Congressional Republicans say released detainees will return to terror.
What's more, it's going to impact lower-income Americans the most.
What's more, the Cincinnati Zoo already has a poor track record.
And what's more practical than eliminating the need for a purse?
What's more modern than a sitcom that also makes you cry?
What's more, the environmental footprint of livestock production is growing fast.
What's more, the polar region is dominated by strong atmospheric waves.
What's more: the band formed all the way back in 33.
What's more, it's tiny, doesn't require assembly, and is easily disposable.
What's more, CJNG has the capability to build its own guns.
What's more, Booker is also by most accounts an effective senator.
What's more, the "intensive mothering" or "helicopter parenting" approach can backfire.
" What's more, "it is 20 minutes from the people who matter.
What's more, there is evidence those teams do a better job.
What's more, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is onboard.
What's more, it contracts in a way that's quite liquid-like.
What's more, the rate of deep ocean warming is fast accelerating.
And what's more fun than playing around with bright, sparkly makeup?
And what's more potentially erratic than a swarm of flying robots?
What's more, you'll pitch your creations to the world's top investors.
What's more, it would speak the same language as the LHC.
What's more, their longer lives are also free of major diseases.
What's more, these trolleys only provided a limited amount of food.
What's more, Milchuck's #14lbbaby definitely didn't perfectly mimic his wife's experience.
What's more badass than creating a film about the Cambodian genocide?
What's more, Republicans lost two current House Armed Services Committee members.
And what's more, we use such theories in our everyday lives.
What's more, Gordon sees strong technicals for individual stocks in IYM.
What's more, they enjoy a 237-193 majority in the House.
And what's more festive than a massive, communal bowl of booze?
What's more, it did much to popularize the "mockumentary" film genre.
What's more, they've also encouraged chemically resistant super-bacteria to breed.
What's more, Franken was in a way a victim of circumstances.
What's more, there's no evidence that the structure ever underwent repairs.
What's more important than any of this, the fame, the accolades?
What's more, Portland officials even proved that their plan might work.
What's more, the federal government has been trending in that direction.
What's more, new laws virtually always require regulations to implement them.
What's more is that the songs don't just speak to parents.
What's more, none of these tariffs are actually going to happen.
What's more, as Republicans would say, the year is still young.
What's more important is what powder you use for what area.
What's more important is the content, standard, and safety of product.
What's more, the videos appear to be effective at radicalizing people.
What's more, the bot is a pretty primitive way of interacting.
What's more cringe-inducing, however, is that the watch is ugly.
What's more, it tickles every one of a driving enthusiast's senses.
What's more, the differences between urban and rural communities are stark.
What's more, you also have the ability to manually save anywhere.
What's more, the people can fire the president, by denying reelection.
What's more infuriating is CTA's defense of its all-male lineup.
What's more, Canada is considered the birthplace of modern ice hockey.
What's more, they don't call them estimates for nothing (remember Iraq?).
What's more, rationing foreign currency creates the wrong type of competition.
What's more, if anyone was muddying the waters, it was me.
What's more, the button aspect of each dial is too sensitive.
What's more, faster economic growth will generate much higher tax revenues.
What's more, an HSA can be a powerful retirement-savings tool.
What's more, the pace of job gains appears to be accelerating.
What's more, the initial proceedings alone can drag out for months.
What's more, the impact of this brief intervention may be lifelong.
What's more, most companies go through rough patches and pull through.
What's more, the threatened apocalypse of cancelled subscriptions had not materialized.
And what's more, it's grown into a political force in America.
What's more, these kids don't even understand what they are consuming.
What's more, even the fruity flavors may be back on shelves.
What's more, Pfizer did not reduce the price of any prescriptions.
What's more, the AK party could even lose its parliamentary majority.
What's more interesting ... No. It's not clear they got parental consent.
What's more, he did it all while still in high school.
What's more: She tried to head it off at the pass.
What's more, his reputation took a hammering, certainly as a sportsman.
What's more, these forces clearly have pull in the Trump administration.
Although, really, what's more important than giving yourself a little lovin'?
What's more, these Arizona Republicans don't speak for the party overall.
What's more, the league granted Pakhtakor a three-year relegation exemption.
What's more, the impact of urban freeways is not evenly distributed.
What's more, it can take months for these bills to surface.
What's more clear for you than it was five years ago?
What's more, the conversation finally flowed after that one chugged cocktail.
What's more, the outdated regulations don't even mention automatic break deductions.
And what's more, the man has a name: James Alex Fields.
What's more, the memos themselves have still not been released publicly.
What's more, Yacine says sales have doubled between 2015 and 2018.
What's more, Trillian had refused McKinsey's requests to divulge its ownership.
Because honestly, what's more impressive than a whole fried fish, anyway?
She has parenting philosophies, and, what's more, she acts on them.
What's more, D&G's initial boycott commentary doesn't seem entirely unhinged.
What's more, increasing severity also spoke to public interest in retribution.
What's more, the flood maps have long been considered highly inaccurate.
And when people ask him what's more important: technique or story?
What's more, "there's a sense of community here," Ms. Masara said.
What's more, in land you should think of as your own?
What's more, gossip may be inevitable whether you go or don't.
What's more, mainstream consumers seem to recognize its value and convenience.
And, what's more, with a novel comes an expenditure of effort.
What's more, markets are for now highly functional and relatively resilient.
What's more important are tracing social contacts and hand-washing behavior.
What's more, home-birth settings are still susceptible to the coronavirus.
What's more, he said, frigid cabin temperatures adversely affect passenger health.
What's more, platforms can block and censor content however they choose.
What's more important is making sure you strike the right tone.
What's more, Gordon says Disney's technicals look "vulnerable" as of late.
On a more human level, what's more valuable than our time?
What's more, you can meet customers wherever they happen to be.
What's more, genuine Banksy paintings come on the market very rarely.
What's more relaxing than a warm bath after a tough day?
But what's more troubling in this episode involves the other characters.
What's more important is that Galentine's Day is also coming up.
What's more challenging is how to invest thoughtfully across the sector.
After all, what's more restful than a fabulously satisfying pampering session?
What's more, the app uses smartphone sensors to detect significant earthquakes.
" What's more, he said, Ackerman was "advising me to do it.
What's more, Simons' contract appears not to have an expiration date.
What's more, this sentiment is felt by both political parties evenly.
"What's more important, the search or the response?" one person said.
What's more, they would never commit to doing a world cruise.
What's more, they note, they have overwhelming evidence to prove it.
What's more, Forbes estimates his net worth at around $690 million.
What's more, big bets on hot stocks are generating enormous gains.
What's more, America enjoys many advantages in robotics that China lacks.
What's more, staff shortages are a real challenge for the NHS.
What's more, today approximately 80% of our advisers are on teams.
What's more, are we ready to give up on mass transit?
What's more, it would tie the hands of the Trump administration.
American sports, the great uniter What's more unifying than the arts?
What's more, she wants congressional staffers to start receiving competitive salaries.
What's more, sending too many emails can be counterproductive, they added.
What's more, there were some safety risks noticed during these studies.
What's more, he had reminded me of my responsibility to write.
What's more, we expect OPEC to gradually increase output next year.
" What's more, University of Tennessee said it was turning his "U.
What's more, she's won a number of prizes for her solution.
What's more, BlackRock itself ranks well on E.S.G. criteria, he said.
What's more, economists thought, more productive workers would have higher incomes.
What's more, there might not be limitations on the burial process.
What's more, the law's so-called safeguards give me scant comfort.
I left college because you have to choose what's more important.
What's more, the first pandemic inspired a wave of apocalyptic fervor.
What's more, you could permanently damage your relationship with the borrower.
What's more, this isn't an issue of 'catching hackers red-handed.
What's more, the size of the program is a security liability.
What's more, a Russian bank — VTB Bank — would fund the project.
What's more, Xi has promoted greater integration among Chinese military services.
What's more, Trump and his team didn't need to predict it.
What's more, those asteroid bits are denser than typical meteor kindling.
What's more, the kind of farcical screwball comedy that makes Mrs.
What's more, he has already beaten lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos.
What's more, Trump was clearly flexible when it came to policy.
What's more, even young people who do drink aren't binge-drinking.
What's more, the study only looked at a subset of cases.
What's more, sovereignty could help Puerto Rico in a number of ways.
What's more, a December survey from the Government Business Council and GovExec.
What's more, the Soviet Union had been cooking the books for decades.
What's more, it's not like Lauren is exactly a rock-solid ally.
What's more, the song sounds like it could be about Stefani herself.
What's more, the NSO Group claims it only does business with governments.
What's more, the research indicates these two issues are very much related.
What's more impressive than enticing a Shark to invest in your company?
What's more: Rebecca (Mandy Moore) ends up with Jack's best friend Miguel.
What's more, Cohen's story about the case implicates him in legal misconduct.
What's more, she didn't mention any symptoms during her pre-operative assessment.
What's more, Rushing alleges that Disney failed to obtain "verifiable" parental consent.
What's more, we learned that humans had sex with them on occasion.
What's more, dental analysis shows he tied it on with his teeth.
What's more, Hirvonen and Tuominen's discovery didn't stop at the hotel's doors.
What's more, 61 percent of Republicans believe the FBI is framing Trump.
What's more, there is not a single Academy Award among these titles.
What's more, ICE operations are generally kept secret to maximize their effectiveness.
What's more, a Russian bank called VTB Bank would fund the project.
What's more, the creation of a new service branch needs Congressional approval.
But what's more interesting to consumers is that Koio's strategy includes collaborations.
What's more is it's also breaking below support from December of 2016.
What's more, two employee uniforms were tacked to the wall with knives.
What's more, it offered some degree of uplift, since lives were saved.
What's more, Spotify will add songs to these playlists with intelligent recommendations.
What's more, the show feels as if it's abruptly pulling its punches.
What's more, Amazon already has a major data center in Northern Virginia.
What's more, both road-legal and track-only versions will be built.
What's more, Presidential Policy Directive-41 was never brought up, they said.
What's more, it yanks the joy of motherhood right out of you.
What's more inexplicable is the way the public reacted to the tape.
What's more, the bill doesn't punish copyright trolls who abuse the system.
What's more, all participants join the ranks of the Startup Battlefield elite.
And honestly, what's more grown-up than wearing fancy PJs to work?
And what's more, she knows where it is and what it is.
What's more, those three websites are known for their trans-critical views.
What's more, she believed, the questionnaires were not well-designed or rigorous.
What's more, direct-to-consumer lab testing is generally prohibited in Maryland.
What's more, there's a buffer of 100 photos when shooting in RAW.
What's more, the FSB didn't use Gruzdev anymore after the Kohver operation.
What's more, most are resolved a few beats after they happen. Oh!
What's more, you're doing it in a world that is fundamentally scary.
What's more: After the killing, the victim's husband even slept with Lazarus.
What's more, his coalition peeled off votes in the ruling party's strongholds.
What's more, Biden and Warren's answers seemed to approach the question differently.
What's more, it also stiffens up both the suspension and the steering.
" Apple "because what's more American than a first-generation child of immigrants?
What's more, many companies face rising taxes despite pledges of tax cuts.
But what's more exciting is the supposed next evolution of this keyboard.
What's more romantic than remembering your top sexual hits as a couple?
What's more, every generation eventually gets its own spin on the series.
What's more, the Justice Department had a duty to make that argument.
What's more, the states' argument is weak to the point of frivolousness.
What's more, the Clintons lowered their tax liability by giving to charity.
What's more likely is that Facebook saw the writing on the wall.
What's more, the betel nut beauties have been subject to clothing restrictions.
What's more, he may add, sunlight is after all the best disinfectant.
What's more, their bodies were well suited for survival in cold climates.
What's more, Carling was a brand that football fans could empathise with.
What's more, they're often located in places where water is already scarce.
What's more, heavily injured ants will actively sabotage efforts to rescue them.
What's more, there is evidence that teachers are biased by pupils' ethnicity.
What's more, the price points deliver designer footwear at streetwear dollar signs.
What's more, she knows her Conservative Party is in for a drubbing.
What's more, it was a great complement to last year's MuleSoft acquisition.
What's more, it appears to float in the center of the vehicle.
What's more, the paintings, for me, didn't hold up to sustained looking.
What's more of a time-suck than spending all day writing email?
What's more, it grabbed this deal at the expense of its rivals.
What's more, it created three important and different leading roles for women.
What's more, L3 is eventually abandoned by the character she loved best.
What's more, Razzano says it's his go-to for blemish-prone skin.
What's more, the number of children fleeing alone is on the rise.
Or I dunno what's more appropriate — maybe a tunnel digger-shaped suppository?
What's more, beaming sunlight is just begging to pick up on shine.
What's more, the severity of pain Americans report is increasing each year.
What's more, brain tumor headaches are often associated with nausea and vomiting.
What's more, it's become an excuse for terrible and sometimes dangerous behavior.
What's more, the franchise has been almost perfectly cultivated by its studio.
What's more, both fragments were badly warped and misshapen, making analysis difficult.
What's more American than reinventing something from Europe and adding more fat?
What's more important is we want that growth to come from volume.
What's more, authorities used a highly intrusive tactic that's also extremely unusual.
What's more, in the 1920s, a woman had no right to sexual
What's more, hundreds of women have been inspired to run for office.
What's more, when we receive those things, we become more self-compassionate.
What's more, some deals let device makers override a user's privacy setting.
What's more, the training program they used wasn't anything complicated or fancy.
What's more, authorities believe there may be other victims, according to
What's more, leaving Hawaii is not a decision that people take lightly.
What's more, GSP's challenger turned out to be much more than advertised.
What's more ... we're told there is surveillance video, but it's super grainy.
What's more ... the girls just started school where they've made countless friends.
What's more ... Clinton tried to justify the manner in which he apologized.
What's more, it's genuinely not clear that these programs work at all.
What's more, the measurements actually do affect where investors put their money.
What's more, Apple Pay only supports the iPhone 6 or newer models.
What's more, hunting is arguably no longer the biggest threat facing whales.
What's more, they tend to keep their accounts scrupulously up to date.
What's more, archaeologists think there could be more fossils in the area.
After all, what's more private than a VR display around your head?
What's more, Chevy included something called low-energy Bluetooth in the Bolt.
What's more, they seem threatened by the concept of achieving personal progress.
What's more likely: that robots will take our lives or our jobs?
What's more, wildfire burns are a special case of a special case.
What's more, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a personal relationship in Washington.
What's more, it was trying something with basically unlimited potential to grow.
After all, what's more certain in life than mistakes and misbehaving cats?
What's more, investors have seen this kind of bear market rally before.
What's more "Uncarrier" than giving customers a piece of their mobile network?
What's more likely to change your perspective and make you question yourself?
What's more, the old pricing will remain in effect until Mar. 1.
And what's more, not even the pneumonia has slowed her down much.
What's more, tequila comes in free for all World Trade Organization members.
What's more, the number of blocks that can be created is limited.
What's more, it rewrites the history of the band's most tumultuous period.
What's more, the only thing the driver notices is the impressive maneuverability.
What's more, a large percentage of those are taking steps to prepare.
What's more, there's a good chance lawmakers can agree on these measures.
What's more, it almost certainly will apply to more than six countries.
What's more, studies have found that wireless is a powerful jobs multiplier.
Not what answers your question, but what's more stuff that you like?
What's more, the valuation spreads he's seeing across markets confirms his suspicion.
What's more, "it's certainly none of your business," she wrote in Refinery29.
What's more, the basic political premise of the protest no longer exists.
What's more, I ended up taking about a month off from work.
What's more, supporters note that many Republicans already favor extending the program.
What's more, media don't always correctly identify the deceased as Native American.
What's more clear is that it likely won't change the final outcome.
What's more, executives, including on the financial department, are coming and going.
What's more, his nomination wouldn't do much to restore President Trump's credibility.
What's more, by 2080, the group says wild coffee could become extinct.
What's more, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.
What's more, his hostile rhetoric and enforcement is making workplaces less safe.
What's more, the black paint would do nothing to cover radio waves.
What's more, this aids their own bottom line—while greatly helping employees.
What's more, insects also carry little worms, called nematodes, in their stomachs.
What's more, other potential contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, including Sen.
What's more, Bishop said managing the funds in house makes rebalancing easier.
What's more, Wenger's reign is drawing to a close at this point.
What's more interesting is who makes up the middle of the pack.
What's more, it served as a sort of container for her emotions.
Ultimately, what's more interesting to me is the direction the company's going.
What's more, Seibel told me Fathom's contract with Entrena ends in November.
What's more shocking is how much she makes off the ABC drama.
What's more, as travel has gotten easier, more people are doing it.
What's more, students are increasingly responsible for the cost of their educations.
What's more, it demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of American values and capitalism.
What's more, the idea of a takeover by the numbers is troublesome.
What's more, he says, Americans will buy more than one news subscription.
What's more complex and unresolved is the relationship with the First Nations.
What's more, the alleged victim is not required to undergo cross-examination.
What's more, the open workplace means that others may also have noticed.
What's more, some of C.K.'s masturbation bits take a disturbing turn.
I build buildings that are — can I tell you what's more complicated?
What's more complicated is building a building that's 95 stories tall. O.K.?
What's more electrifying than a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals?
What's more, Graham's animosity toward Cruz is well-known and well-documented.
What's more, the number of suppliers has decreased through consolidation, she said.
What's more, the number of suppliers has decreased through consolidation, she said.
What's more, it would be completely free to restart its nuclear program.
What's more, voters seem to associate these policy priorities with gender discrimination.
What's more, the discussions have taken place almost entirely behind closed doors.
What's more, there's nothing wrong with performing self-improvement out of spite.
What's more, in September, Manager Dave Martinez had a cardiac catheterization procedure.
What's more, construction was halted due to multiple violations of work permits.
What's more, the premium nonstick coating makes removing and cleanup a breeze.
So I guess we're going to find out what's more potent now.
What's more, voter ID laws have a disproportionately negative effect on women.
What's more, those conversations have already yielded election victories for working people.
What's more, the Dems' advantage in the 2018 election is shrinking. 103.
What's more, first jobs are seen as key in developing these skills.
What's more, motivations for the ultimate outcome of an affair can differ.
What's more, it'll keep you connected with smart notifications from compatible devices.
What's more, Trump's defenders say, his upfront negotiating style has its advantages.
What's more, the three sanctioned Turkish ministers have no known American assets.
What's more, restaurant wine lists are proportionate to their aims and intentions.
What's more, this orbital configuration would not appear again for 175 years.
What's more, it's one that seems especially unnecessary given what comes next.
What's more, it would be cheaper than running it on fossil fuels.
What's more, the screen turned back on when the camera detected motion.
What's more, Mossavar-Rahmani said market performance preceding recessions was overwhelmingly positive.
What's more, Federal Trade Commission is looking into e-cigarette marketing practices.
What's more, it also uses 90% less energy compared to traditional bulbs.
" What's more, he thought the literature that Bridge occasionally published was "shit.
What's more, his seeming success with Nevada Hispanics crumbles on closer inspection.
What's more, they reduce status barriers, promote trust and train employees extensively.
And what's more important is making sure we have a competitive field.
What's more, theater has different requirements than film, and brings fresh opportunities.
What's more, entertainment companies have learned the key to producing successful idols.
What's more important is the people who see him negatively, he added.
What's more remarkable, for now at least, is how we got here.
What's more, the dangerous work they do doesn't always offer significant compensation.
What's more, they had to keep them confidential and pursue them alone.
What's more, eating the "right" kinds of carbs can keep us healthier.
What's more, Facebook and Instagram won't be directly going after these posts.
What's more, he placed a climate change denier in charge of NASA.
What's more, Trump's White House has seen a steady stream of leaks.
And what's more important is making sure we have a competitive system.
What's more, the company pledged the data centers would be environmentally friendly.
What's more, even under difficult budgetary conditions, America has done it before.
What's more important is placing more pressure on Maduro to dislodge him.
What's more, unlike most GOP politicians, Trump was personally comfortable with Giuliani.
What's more, he decided he wanted a party, much like Mr. Gray's.
What's more, totem poles are intended to be left to decay naturally.
What's more, sporting events can drive out local consumers for the weekend.
What's more, given the personal conflicts between President Donald Trump and Sens.
What's more, liberal intellectuals have entered into a kind of defensive crouch.
What's more, this simple extrapolation for silicon panels could be overly optimistic.
What's more, the economic impact of the U.S. aerospace industry is astounding.
What's more, it's still unclear whether the T. rex ever really roared.
And what's more, it appears to have yielded real and valuable information.
What's more, each year dates fall on different days of the week.
What's more, the abuse wasn't coming from an isolated group of trolls.
What's more, swing voters — unlike centrist political elites — are not temperamental moderates.
What's more, natural gas would have been cheaper when CPP compliance began.
And what's more thrilling than trying to muscle your way into the conversation?
What's more, it supports multiple machine learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, Caffe2 and ONNX.
What's more, the United States has spent billions of dollars to prevent terrorism.
What's more, a section of the receptor folded over, sealing the drug inside.
What's more, tablets don't take up too much space in your backpack — i.e.
What's more, Aden is using her platform to raise awareness in the process.
What's more, you'll receive updates on how your input has made an impact.
What's more, this analysis doesn't quite suit the sensibility of these recent shows.
What's more important for dating apps – utility to to the user or profits?
What's more, there's now an option for full-screen split view in Mail.
What's more, the mother occasionally propped the newborn on her back for support.
What's more surprising, though, is the breadth of its appeal within the genre.
TRANSCRIPT CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: You know what's more awesome than Fridays?
What's more, members of both parties defend subsidy programs that aid their states.
And what's more, we're offering a $10,000 prize to the top hack team.
What's more, two Sears executives departed the chain a week before its report.
She wants to know: What's more nerve-wracking, football or being the Bachelor?
What's more, Jupiter's moon Io erupts fairly frequently, ejecting tons of material, i.e.
Swimline giant inflatable peacock — $26 See Details What's more magical than a unicorn?
What's more, these skills have to be executed with care and often simultaneously.
What's more, operating within a city's limited geographic area reduces the technological challenges.
What's more, the water is thick with mud and visibility is practically nil.
What's more important is how the creation of these suits has changed humanity.
What's more, they have a game in hand on the faltering Sky Blues.
What's more, we'll allow you to split these bills evenly between all tenants.
What's more, it was obvious why the company had postponed the lunar mission.
Carrying a heavy bottle is annoying, sure, but you know what's more annoying?
That's incredible by itself, but what's more unreal is that she's not alone.
What's more certain is that the deal will immediately bolster Kik's tech team.
What's more, they also found bits of ancient DNA linked to T. cacao.
What's more, Apple's Series 3 watch with GPS + Cellular is also $80 off.
What's more, it's based on a — wait for it — $2 trillion math error!
What's more, the moon that Drs Teachey and Kipping propose is strikingly strange.
What's more, the implications of this weakness extend far beyond the social sciences.
What's more, says Friederich, is that bamboo is a resource that's truly sustainable.
What's more, it's not just about his contract but sponsorships and his reputation.
What's more, not every Audi engineer passes the rigorous test — it's that difficult.
What's more, people are searching for freckles on Pinterest now more than ever.
What's more, there's evidence that messiness may be a sign of creative brilliance.
What's more, there were 30 syphilis-related stillbirths, the highest number since 20163.
What's more, humans have been deeply enamored with characters and storytelling for millennia.
What's more, Wong found, YouTube's recommendation algorithm helped lead people to those lies.
What's more, it's not clear that the AHCA can actually move through reconciliation.
What's more, the glistening, ombré jar is almost too cute to stow away.
What's more, the weak currency is a boon for the export-driven economy.
What's more, Daniel began walking in their current version just 8 weeks ago.
What's more, all the competitors receive an abundance of investor and media interest.
What's more, the study offers an alternative to letting babies cry it out.
What's more, certain hallmarks of the ITG look have begun to feel cliche.
What's more, Burck and Kavanaugh were once colleagues in the Bush White House.
What's more, the notion of superintelligence without humanlike limitations may be a myth.
What's more, its surrounding bezel is machined from a single piece of aluminum.
What's more, it shows no sign of coming to an end anytime soon.
What's more, female white-collar workers could not earn enough to support themselves.
What's more, they'd probably watch other people play D&D on the internet.
What's more, President Donald Trump knew all about it and even ordered it.
What's more, senators who oppose the measure can't delay a vote by filibustering.
What's more likely is that she's trying a temporary tat on for size.
What's more, in November, these black bears take around 50 respirations a minute.
What's more, 57% of women respondents said they approved of his job performance.
What's more, Jenny Beaven's costumes are indescribably beautiful, each outfit outshining the next.
What's more, it's actually Venus—and not Jupiter—that's causing Halley's chaotic orbit.
What's more, the growing buffet of ethics proposals may cause problems, Webb argues.
What's more, it looks good in any design and on any nail shape.
What's more, we shouldn't understate the significance of Facebook's proposed stricter developer guidelines.
What's more, the ages of the paintings matched those of the different species.
What's more, I decided on one of the most daring shades around: pink!
What's more, despite the mythmaking around Murray, nobody has silenced or stymied him.
What's more, a hard Brexit would have a massive impact on government revenue.
What's more, the league has long had a media presence in the country.
We don't know what's more intimidating, the head tilt or the raised eyebrow.
What's more, Kim may not even need to figure it out in advance.
What's more, this dual domestication happened on opposite sides of the Eurasian continent.
What's more, there's the potential for follow-ups if this series is successful.
What's more, she reported that her hair post-curl felt nourished and soft.
And what's more exciting is that they've figured out how to use it.
What's more, neither the CDC nor any national organization has kept vaccination records.
What's more, American voters naturally care more about domestic issues than foreign ones.
What's more, many users tend to imagine online "walls" that aren't really there.
What's more, 3D printing would also drastically reduce the amount of wasted materials.
What's more, as the country grows wealthier, disasters are going become even costlier.
What's more, the anti-rejection treatments appeared to have triggered two different cancers.
What's more important is what the Galaxy brand typically signifies for Samsung: Android.
And what's more — the shape of the fossil looked more human than Neanderthal.
What's more, Acampora sees even the market's struggling sectors rising to the challenge.
What's more, it's only spent 153% of the time since 1985 below $1.20.
What's more, the blueprints for this kind of destruction are being made available.
What's more, the 2006 Stardust mission managed to return comet samples to Earth.
What's more interesting is how the Polar Ignite will display data to users.
What's more, she and Konecki both sported bands on their left ring fingers.
What's more, they all listed the same company, Frases & Versos, as their employer.
What's more, fears that poor people will waste the money have proved misguided.
What's more, research that has looked at resveratrol in humans isn't that promising.
What's more, for every engaged worker, there are two who hate their job.
What's more astounding is May's claim that the country was "uniting" around Brexit.
What's more, you don't have to spend a fortune to reap those benefits.
What's more, the White House no longer monopolizes the best Supreme Court advocates.
What's more, the landscraper is the opposite of what we need right now.
What's more, some countries that don't have unrestricted jus soli come pretty close.
What's more is that we never forget that there are real people involved.
For many, what's more exciting is the headset's bizarrely wide field-of-view.
And what's more romantic than writing his and her names in the sand?
What's more, you make that decision not in the heat of the moment.
What's more, ancient farmers found ways to grow barley under new, unfavorable conditions.
What's more, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action.
What's more, the prospect of cooling domestic demand points to further weakness ahead.
What's more, Luckin is built on delivery and takeaway, and thus smaller shops.
What's more, Ryan was almost certainly right to be leery of opportunity zones.
But what's more important is that KD gives them a fail-safe plan.
What's more, I'm not a big fan of treating my friends like doctors.
What's more, the Turnbull ouster didn't make a huge amount of political sense.
What's more, Kobach asked states to supply the information through an online portal.
What's more, shipping and other incremental costs are a "real headwind" to profitability.
What's more, admins can access reports to track certificate creation on the system.
What's more, many of these jobs pay well, with salaries upwards of $60,000.
Perhaps what's more confusing though is the release has arrived without any information.
What's more, the diversity of the men vying for her favor is promising.
What's more, scammers have developed elaborate strategies to capitalize on the shopping frenzy.
What's more, it's not even the only big deal adaption of the novel.
What's more, the fiber can be tuned to register different intensities of forces.
What's more, line rental and Sky Talk are also included in this deal.
"So what's more red?" he asked in the caption of the cheeky selfie.
And what's more enticing to young people and parents than a free app?
What's more, Speakers of the House are rarely voted out by their constituents.
What's more, other countries are already aping these techniques in their own struggles.
A big drop What's more terrifying than dropping 20,000 feet in a plane?
What's more, the artist and Aziza didn't just settle for one basic boob.
What's more, the Title II Net Neutrality rules have been upheld in court.
What's more disconcerting than watching MIT's dog-like Mini Cheetah robot cavort around?
What's more, these companies are growing increasingly negligent when it comes to privacy.
And, what's more, some percentage of them will be significantly more screwed up.
What's more, he whispered to Sara, there was something different about her face.
What's more, consumers got better mobile-phone services at a more affordable price.
What's more, it gets even stronger if you add strikeouts into the mix.
What's more, the change in policy sends a message to Iran as well.
What's more, the smog-filled air can cause skin rashes, nausea, and headaches.
What's more mall-era than punctuating a shopping trip with a smoothie intermission?
What's more, a nearly unanimous 98% of black women backed Jones over Moore.
What's more, the Canada Post employee didn't only have a taste for tomatoes.
What's more, Gusto is constantly facing change, from tax laws to customer priorities.
What's more, the much ballyhooed gains for manufacturing are likely to be small.
What's more, new banking technologies provide greater benefits to institutions with operational scale.
What's more, in this section labeled "men's," we found only women's bathing suits.
What's more, many of these partners are really good ones, offering exceptional value.
What's more, this investment surge is being bankrolled by an expanding credit binge.
What's more, AOL and Yahoo already generate about $7 billion in revenue annually.
What's more, some of the best stories aren't long narratives or multipart series.
What's more, every state's score shifted toward greater permissiveness from 1998 to 2014.
What's more, genetics and hormones can affect how often you go number two.
What's more, there's no evidence that the ocean's oxygen loss will taper off.
What's more, the fish are vital to the West Coast's ecosystems and economy.
What's more, it was overshadowed by the highly touted 2009 and 2010 vintages.
What's more, there is a well-established link between obesity and economic inequality.
What's more, they don't have batteries that run out during a shopping trip.
What's more, Thomas believes the Alabama law is too concerned with being legal.
What's more surprising still is that there's actually a market for this stuff.
What's more, she adds, such measures "would serve to escalate tensions" with China.
What's more, every new litter increases the risk of a rodent-borne disease.
What's more, the state has gone blue in every presidential election since 1988.
What's more, he claimed they delivered that at a tenth of the price.
What's more complicated is building a building that's ninety-five stories tall, OK?
What's more, TechCrunch does not charge any fees or take any equity. 4.
What's more exciting is the potential for onstage tributes to the posthumous inductees.
What's more, different people respond in different ways to the same training program.
What's more, Bangladesh has repeatedly expressed that it will not accept their return.
What's more, the entries contain links as well as screen shots and videos.
What's more, insiders say Amazon has a reputation for speaking in coded language.
What's more, tubing is why Vang Vieng emerged on the international tourist map.
A Tesla Model S P100D begs the question: What's more Ludicrous than Ludicrous?
What's more, expanding Medicare would likely pay for itself in the long run.
What's more, Alfa has bolted up a tablet in front of the passenger.
What's more, the majority of Republicans in the area also support cannabis legalization.
What's more, he and Mr. Stone have bitterly fallen out over the issue.
What's more, the brand says the buildable formula is water- and clump-proof.
What's more, the crisis is straining the resources in place to help survivors.
What's more, all our dogs had lived with our American "smells" for years.
What's more, no jobs emerged to support the workers displaced by Chinese competition.
What's more, the show she was on actively celebrated her for her actions.
What's more, as Rosalía has become more established, her arsenal continues to expand.
What's more, this combination could have a long-term impact on your brain.
What's more, hunting is deeply rooted in the traditions of many rural cultures.
What's more, not all of these multiple-employer plans will use auto-enrollment.
What's more, it would enable the United States to help friends in need.
What's more striking is how imperiled existing, fully paid-off coal plants are.
What's more, paying for child care is almost impossible for millions of Americans.
What's more, neglecting our social relationships is actually shockingly dangerous to our health.
What's more alarming than that is that's 416 pounds of waste each year.
What's more, the average person hangs onto a phone for only two years.
What's more, the game even manages to call into question its own scaffolding.
What's more, "many" of the users created profiles using an official government email.
What's more, holistic coaching and parenting models can combat physical and mental burnout.
What's more, the electoral landscape is tilted against them for reasons besides gerrymandering.
What's more relaxing than a place to sit just inches off the floor?
What's more, Staples has very little debt, just about $1 billion in total.
What's more, the barrage of criticism suggests that Warren has steadily supplanted Sen.
What's more, he added, many of these firms are still swimming in debt.
What's more, there isn't a new generation of coal plants on the horizon.
What's more, they think it's there because they believe wholeheartedly it should be.
What's more, VCs who have passed on us before started tracking our progress.
"That's what's more likely — that the financialization will drive more consolidation," he said.
What's more, plastic straws have almost nothing to do with the climate crisis.
What's more, helping people save used to be an issue with bipartisan support.
What's more, Nordvig also believes the "dollar retracement" this year might still continue.
What's more, instead of ensuring the country's unity, the postwar settlement generated conflict.
What's more, I recognized all these things from last year at this time.
What's more exciting is how we aren't waiting for it to be changed.
What's more, options prices on several individual stocks have cheapened as a result.
What's more, the Corbyn project is driven by two men rather than one.
What's more, the higher levels of mercury from increased seafood consumption appeared irrelevant.
What's more, the python could sustain that level of metabolism for several days.
What's more, labs can be replaced almost instantly, Afghans on the ground reported.
What's more, this debris field is poised to grow significantly in coming years.
What's more, many business are emphasizing big data and analytics more and more.
What's more, heating food in a microwave often takes just a few minutes.
What's more, this is a story that is getting only moderate news coverage.
What's more, damaging enemy Titans fills up your own Titan charge meter rapidly.
What's more, he's also been incorrectly listed as dead by his alma mater.
What's more, productivity gains in the U.S. have been in a prolonged slowdown.
What's more, the line between personal and professional engagement is, at best, blurred.
What's more, is that none of this is at the expense of style.
What's more, it currently takes months to reload once we shoot an interceptor.
What's more, Sommermeyer notes that not every nation has accepted Iceland's 2002 reservation.
What's more, respondents made it clear that clean energy is a motivating issue.
But what's more authentic than the desire to make your life seem wonderful?
What's more, putting drug users in jail will only worsen the overdose crisis.
What's more, brands have an impact on culture and social norms through advertising.
Wordplay WEDNESDAY PUZZLE — What's more cathartic than a nice, healthy string of expletives?
What's more, Clifford found out that she was off the roster through Facebook.
What's more, corporations can deduct local and state taxes, which individual filers can't.
What's more, single-payer is not the only way to achieve universal coverage.
What's more, the tactile responsiveness when I push a key is so satisfying.
What's more, his focus on American history usually starts from the ground up.
What's more the meta studies themselves can be dense and difficult to parse.
What's more, my parents may be too old to find decent jobs there.
What's more, Flynn is someone whom Mueller would almost certainly love to flip.
What's more, similar clusters of microcephaly have been found in other Zika outbreaks.
What's more, it can shift pay-per-view buys, no world title necessary.
What's more, progesterone, while usually safe, can have cardiovascular and neurological side effects.
What's more ... his name appears to be marked on another piece of equipment.
That's not much fun, and what's more, it's a doomed, rear-guard fight.
What's more summer than heading to the beach on a hot, sunny day?
What's more, as outlined in the "evidence" entry above, Whole Woman's Health v.
What's more, the cheapest homes, made of mud or thatch, rarely have chimneys.
What's more, Facebook's assortment of apps are among the most popular on Apple's devices.
But what's more striking is just how much has shifted politically since Salem's visit.
You know what's more like Moon, just thinking it through, is Cooking with Bill.
What's more, they find that the effects grow with the importance of the office.
What's more, Apple said it would have to create new software to do this.
Critic's Notebook What's more pop than playing for one of the world's biggest audiences?
What's more, it signals an evolution for the glitter and color-crazed among us.
"I don't expect any gifts from fate, and what's more not from the state."
What's more, I was able to roll into my next meeting completely fresh-faced.
What's more, that Hush was vulnerable, open to hacking by anyone who knew how.
What's more American than trying to go to college and trying to find yourself?
What's more, added Kennedy, some clients don't have the energy for making a move.
What's more, they didn't actually directly study or observe any of the children involved.
What's more convenient for you, the sender, is more time consuming for the recipient.
What's more, the practice offers some insights into the spiritual beliefs of these people.
What's more, Alphabet shares are actually down nearly 4% over the past 12 months.
What's more, the Payre 336 Neanderthal child did not exhibit the same barium spikes.
What's more, in-person enrollments are only one part of the navigator program's mission.
What's more, Embiid had a seriously steep learning curve once he started playing basketball.
What's more, the tech giant also supposedly attended a carmaker conference late last year.
What's more, it affirms that migrations into Eurasia were more expansive than previously thought.
What's more true is that, rather like Hollywood, venture capital is a relationship business.
What's more, nitrogen-15 also increased in bones from wild animals like red deer.
What's more, a prosthetic limb that can feel its surroundings adds to its utility.
What's more, he has not even been the CEO of a publicly held corporation.
What's more, he has winning engrained in him from three seasons at Real Madrid.
What's more ... they fear his juvenile behavior -- partying and clubbing -- isn't for Pam anymore.
What's more, all this online speech is no longer public in any traditional sense.
What's more, this part of France is known to be rich in mineral deposits.
What's more, Mars is known to have experienced catastrophic floods in its ancient past.
What's more, we don't know how an advanced civ would move a Dyson sphere.
What's more, as an immigrant rights activist, she encouraged others to do it too.
What's more, plastic leaches harmful chemicals that can be toxic to many marine organisms.
What's more, rank-and-file Republicans appear to share Trump's skeptical view of trade.
What's more, the way Catholics responded to that question depended highly on their politics.
What's more, when she saw her former DataCamp colleagues at conferences, it was uncomfortable.
What's more, President Trump's inaugural address didn't include a single mention of health, either.
What's more, health care stocks may not catch on as a defensive play, either.
What's more, 83st-century wildfires have the added benefit of a relentlessly warming climate.
What's more, risk tolerance is something people tend to overestimate when markets are booming.
What's more telling to me is that viewers have this all pretty figured out.
What's more, she didn't do enough hours of community service in the last week.
What's more, on a personal level, news consumption really isn't good for most people.
What's more, the concerns about Chao and ethical impropriety isn't limited to these grants.
What's more, some shops will even reward you with free products for your efforts.
What's more, it even comes with a cute makeup kit to keep everything organized.
What's more: Even Swift conceded that Kanye referencing her in the song was complimentary.
What's more, 70% of such exposures occurred in children younger than six years old.
What's more, the parchment offers clues as to its purpose as a teaching tool.
What's more certain, though, is humanity is speeding along on the tipping point interstate.
When you coach and teach your team defense, what's more important, technique or attitude?
What's more, the airplane experienced a very rapid descent in a very short time.
What's more, this is the only all-over face product I've ever successfully used.
What's more, healthy animals may be given antibiotics to prevent them from getting sick.
What's more, they may not be alone if a court battle comes to pass.
What's more, they view these hyper-realistic fake plants as something of a metaphor.
What's more ... cops ran the plates and discovered the tags expired 6 months ago.
But what's more interesting is figuring out what Neanderthal genes didn't get passed on.
What's more interesting is that Quit Genius is prepared to take on other categories.
What's more, the Bernie camp has a candidate they'd obviously prefer to Gabbard: Bernie.
What's more, Congress hasn't approved the plan, which bothers the experts I spoke to.
What's more is that she doesn't throw shade on women who do wear makeup.
" What's more, they wrote, "Attendance alongside President Bush will create an extremely awkward situation.
What's more, Fairchild encourages owners to add plenty of coastal touches to their decor.
But what's more interesting is what, if anything, this means for OnePlus' next phones.
What's more, Glassdoor's job listing page shows more than 9,000 openings for this job.
What's more, giraffes catch these brief moments of slumber in crazy pretzel-like positions.
What's more, the U.S. is currently unable to defend against this breed of threat.
" What's more, Manaker added, "men don't want to talk about apples and their sperm.
What's more important for journalists is to be fair and balanced in their reporting.
What's more, a president's actions set a standard for other actors in the government.
What's more, it doesn't come close to topping optimistic projected viewership of 244 million.
What's more, legislators would have to feel some urgency to move on the issue.
What's more, for people with hypertension, measuring blood pressure in itself can be stressful.
What's more, these customers were willing to pay a hefty price for that service.
What's more, the Air Force is still working to create Trump's proposed Space Force.
What's more exciting than hearing Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny made a movie together?
What's more, the restaurants that depend on them will not have it easy, either.
What's more, children of older mothers are subject to higher risks for genetic diseases.
What's more, spider silk is sticky (to catch unsuspecting prey), antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.
What's more, a buyout would help the workers who'd be affected by the dislocation.
What's more, acting in a film could get him kicked out of his community.
What's more, I think a lot of us are curious about our own deaths.
What's more, the replications that did work showed weaker effects than the original papers.
Well, soon you'll be able to, and what's more, it's electric and drives itself.
What's more, the formula is smooth and they are intensely pigmented at first swipe.
What's more, back in Montreal, he's finally starting to get the recognition he deserves.
What's more, the company has set aside $100 billion for stock buy-back purposes.
What's more, these replacement options are even more difficult to find on the web.
What's more, the Cardinals couldn't crack the code on Blake Snell for five innings.
What's more, these extra and enlarged fat cells produce abnormal amounts of different hormones.
What's more, Trump is also only promising to deal with the Trump Organization itself.
What's more, the announcement was made in a most unorthodox way: over social media.
What's more, Tesla has a consistent history of missing ship dates and estimated prices.
What's more, the dollar—which rivals gold as a haven—has also weakened recently.
What's more, the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case on this exact issue.
What's more, they also return an EPA-estimated 29 mpg highway fuel economy rating.
What's more interesting is how the second tier of candidates fares after last night.
What's more, my Civic Coupe press demonstrator also featured Honda's Lane Keep Assist (LKAS).
What's more, such a company can have undue knowledge and influence over consumers' lives.
What's more, there's every indication that he's set to become Smackdown Live's flagship star.
What's more, surveyors realized they'd be drilling through a substrate of soft, chalky limestone.
What's more, thousands of federal contractors are potentially affected by the shutdown as well.
What's more, drinking only when thirsty results in better performance than does chugging constantly.
What's more, Hong Kong is gearing up for one of its best IPO years.
What's more important when it comes to Hawtin's iconic history is obviously, his hair.
What's more, I'm in a six-month ambiguous other thing that has obsessed me.
What's more, beans offer many health benefits, which is not something traditionally considered cool.
What's more, Amazon's financials suffered last quarter mainly due to shipping and delivery costs.
What's more, employee engagement was 26% higher in organizations led by high-integrity CEOs.
Hot Clicks Giveaway What's more relaxing than lying on a float in the water?
What's more ... LAPD says its broadcasts can't be intercepted using a toy walkie-talkie.
What's more: it can refer to every single type of oral sex imaginable. Cool.
What's more therapeutic than drawing tears on Drake with a robin's egg blue Crayola?
What's more, Cubic recognizes that beyond 2023 people might be using new, unforeseen gadgets.
What's more entertaining: Watching Hamilton, or watching Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard watch Hamilton?
What's more, the authors showed that plants, from an evolutionary perspective, don't require consciousness.
What's more, she showed, many people who feigned ignorance were aware of the connection.
I suppose the question here is what's more mortifying: pit stains or armpit fans?
What's more, the opt-in regime created by the BROWSER Act isn't even necessary.
What's more, 58 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Republicans oppose such bans.
What's more, the current iteration of the sneaker can't be recycled one to one.
What's more surprising, perhaps, is the path he took to get to that point.
What's more, duplication of research can sometimes be healthy, encouraging competition and faster innovation.
What's more, Dubai seems eager to add a fourth "T" to the mix: technology.
What's more, all businesses in the state, regardless of size, will have to comply.
What's more important, traditionally, when it comes to the unemployment rate is the trendline.
What's more, he said, "the biggest measurable progress is when you start from zero.
What's more ... sources say the LAPD's Animal Cruelty Taskforce is aware of the incident.
What's more, we have a detailed view of how this particular sausage got made.
What's more, it's short on details — and whatever details there are seemingly change daily.
What's more, the growth of service industries has put a premium on self-presentation.
The sermon will likely work, and what's more, it's the right thing to do.
In the age of Google, what's more, there are lots of price databases online.
What's more, the cases require a level of proof Section 2628 challenges did not.
What's more, even when there is an inheritance, it's often dispersed among multiple heirs.
What's more, they're too big — velociraptors would have been the size of small turkeys.
What's more, being principled on Franken won't shame GOP members into changing their ways.
What's more, it assumes a collegiality among the justices that may not always exist.
What's more, climate change will probably change their power and seasonality in unforeseen ways.
What's more inconvenient is a limited one year warranty that doesn't cover the glass.
What's more, it was achieved with easy-to-acquire and relatively cheap military equipment.
What's more, the propensity of central banks to cut rates even further looks likely.
What's more, the trade agenda has produced real collateral damage in blue-collar America.
What's more, small businesses are a core customer for plans purchased through ACA marketplaces.
What's more, these large safety benefits come at a substantial savings to the taxpayer.
What's more, that nation is asked to pay for the privilege of being disrespected.
What's more, much of the Texas political establishment was behind Houston's bid, with Gov.
What's more, he didn't want to write about art; he wanted to produce it.
What's more ... Ron moved forward with the wedding despite Margo never signing the prenup.
What's more, we've already seen how states can work together to tackle climate change.
What's more is that the gender pay gap exists for workers across a lifetime.
What's more, solar power attracted $160.8 billion of investment, more than any other technology.
What's more, China's demand for U.S. bonds probably isn't as strong as it was.
What's more interesting is that the service now features a better integration with LinkedIn .
What's more, two-thirds of the organizations surveyed say they've been targeted by ransomware.
What's more, divorce is on the rise for Americans over the age of 50.
What's more, when Trump takes evasive steps he does so with immense institutional support.
What's more, wage insurance has bipartisan support, at least in its current limited form.
So what's more patriotic: Paying taxes or saving money in taxes and donating it?
And, what's more, my understanding of this fact translates seamlessly into my actual behavior.
What's more, different individuals' responses to a given amount of cannabis can vary wildly.
What's more, not much has changed for me since I've last written about it.
What's more, they cost a fraction of the price of their store-bought equivalents.
What's more, the store plans to roll out more of these programs this year.
What's more ... the buyer is saying Jerry intentionally misrepresented the authenticity of the whip.
What's more, riding a bus has a (perhaps undeserved) reputation as uncomfortable or dangerous.
What's more, there were crucial elements of their game that rubbed off on him.
What's more, the results have given researchers cause for optimism about the drug's efficacy.
But what's more interesting is how the non-gaming categories fared this past year.
What's more, November's elections show the American people want more health care, not less.
What's more, the country uses the US dollar and the tax burden is low.
What's more, a net worth upward of $100 million isn't necessarily proof of genius.
What's more, negativity is better directed at the party's policies than at its personnel.
What's more, many cities are constrained in how much food they can ultimately grow.
What's more, their subsidiary in Luxembourg had a staff wage bill of only $55,000.
What's more, UKIP's xenophobic rhetoric played a critical role in marshaling support for Brexit.
What's more, the individual mandate often polls as the most unpopular part of Obamacare.
What's more, the rest of the episode for these two characters wasn't much better.
What's more, her agents communicated less and less with her as time went on.
What's more ... prosecutors are now moving to have Bam's probation revoked following the arrest.
What's more, the collaboration is a subtle ode to the New York City bodega.
"We want to make a decision that prioritizes what's more important," the official said.
What's more, the coming retaliation from America's trade partners is more political than economic.

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