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"albeit" Definitions
  1. although

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How to use albeit in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "albeit" and check conjugation/comparative form for "albeit". Mastering all the usages of "albeit" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Still, there are those trying to help -- albeit, discretely.
Now, that voice may quiet — albeit just a little.
A counterprotest also emerged — albeit a much smaller one.
The result: A comment -- albeit brief -- on Stormy Daniels.
And that change of heart changed everything -- albeit temporarily.
Some are cutting back on expenses, albeit just a little.
And it is already happening, albeit in a crude way.
It's a way of recycling, albeit a somewhat distasteful one.
But it does make for good — albeit slightly cruel — television.
Isn't that the same thing, albeit on a smaller scale?
Building a smart home is a fun, albeit complicated undertaking.
Albeit, again, 5G hasn't been deployed at any scale yet.
Perry was mentioned in the initial whistleblower complaint, albeit briefly.
There's romance too — albeit awkward teenage romance — and heartwarming friendship.
The game's problems, albeit improved, persisted long into the night.
Miller could then report, albeit begrudgingly, and play the season.
We were instantly drawn to her glamorous, albeit unrelatable, life.
And because the Nevada economy is recovering, albeit slowly, Mrs.
No concessions were made, and Erzberger signed, albeit under protest.
There are also men who do Jazzercise, albeit not many.
President Trump's regulatory rollback wears on, albeit unevenly and slowly.
Ultimately, Dobbs does get elected, albeit through a computer error.
It has so slept, albeit fitfully, for almost 100 years.
It's actually pretty straightforward, albeit with some very important caveats.
Yet Fiji mermaids existed before Barnum, albeit by other names.
The Black Eyed Peas are back, albeit a little smaller.
Similar steps are being seen elsewhere -- albeit with mixed results.
"We believe our targets are achievable, albeit challenging," he said.
Increasingly, this is being recognized, albeit with plenty of trepidation.
By the convention's recent standards this is progress, albeit insufficient.
Response to the news on Twitter was hilarious, albeit brutal.
GPS monitoring is also an option, albeit a controversial one.
Albeit that service hit the deadpool after just three months.
Laughton was a Briton, though, albeit one hired from Hollywood.
But Greek debt is set to creep down, albeit slowly.
It was the beginning of a beautiful (albeit unlikely) friendship.
Pluto is one such chunk, albeit considerably bigger than average.
Katie Couric is returning to your morning routine – albeit briefly.
The FANGs do face common challenges, albeit to varying degrees.
The duo also have regular sleepovers, albeit in different positions.
Both banks have returned to profitability, albeit at modest levels.
Sense this week might actually make me healthier, albeit poorer.
Woods has shown some improving — albeit inconsistent — form this summer.
Where they're at: Back in a playoff spot, albeit barely.
The Italian painter Caravaggio lived a short, albeit dramatic, life.
Some seek out alternative, albeit riskier methods to alleviate symptoms.
Bernie Sanders had settled into second -- albeit with Massachusetts Sen.
Ronald Reagan lost -- albeit barely -- to Gerald Ford in 1976.
Person to person transmission is also possible, albeit less common.
Smartphone penetration continues to grow, albeit at a lower rate.
Fortunately, some participants have started to, albeit in small steps.
Collision avoidance is also a concern — albeit a small one.
It's an attempt, albeit a misguided one, to target trafficking.
Albeit that vision is not through sight, but by heart.
Software manipulation, albeit intentional, was also behind Volkswagen's emissions scandal.
They also had a strong — albeit ridiculous — warning for Minaj.
We're already in a bull market, albeit a slow one.
Justin Bieber just made a pretty dazzling, albeit unconventional, purchase.
Since then, stability (albeit tarnished by grand corruption), has prevailed.
The mood is changing in Asia too, albeit more slowly.
The ratings also reflect Van Lanschot's moderate, albeit improving, profitability.
IT STARTED with a fanfare, albeit with a bemused tone.
Paystack has followed a similar template, albeit much more localised.
It's an apprenticeship at best, albeit one with an ambiguous
Consumer sentiment has improved, albeit to less of a degree.
Albeit, it costs $700 more than the camera body does.
"She's a clothed, albeit still seductive, Modigliani," Ms. Paulson said.
Even the White House has, albeit begrudgingly, acknowledged this fact.
And it exists on both sides, albeit in different forms.
The outcry finally prompted the government to act, albeit haltingly.
Nell had photographed peacock feathers before, albeit at lower magnification.
Economic reports continue to point to steady, albeit sluggish, growth.
KFC offered a more flavorful, albeit artificial, cup of mac.
Obama made a similar, albeit less threatening, appeal to Congress.
Even regulators have voiced concerns, albeit in more cautious terms.
He says that people get better his way, albeit slowly.
Gus agrees, albeit reluctantly, and the whole uncomfortable shebang begins.
Those effects continue, albeit to a lesser degree, he said.
Wages and inflation are also seen ticking higher, albeit gradually.
Modern biology lifted the veil from this mystery, albeit slowly.
Civilization is at last turning green, albeit only pale green.
He was clever, and fashionable, albeit, noticeably always rolling solo.
Acquisitions could also be on the cards, albeit not immediately.
He looks a bit discombobulated ... albeit safely aboard and secure.
Albeit, it offers no actual usage metrics for Alexa Shopping.
It's a mesmerizing, albeit overwhelming, concentration of stalls and options.
I was young, hopeful, and romantic, albeit a little damaged.
And Abe has this weird, albeit mild, forgiveness from Doggett.
Each contributes meaningfully to business competitiveness, albeit in different ways.
Your movies are about wealthy people, albeit vastly different ones.
At its ends, the plastic handle was transparent, albeit yellowed.
It's dangerous right now, albeit in generally more primitive terms.
I did it years ago, albeit on a cruise ship.
Plenty of Atlanta chefs and diners would disagree, albeit politely.
It is also a revenue model, albeit a modest one.
Miraculously, though, everyone survived, albeit with varying degrees of burns.
But he sees it as a temporary — albeit severe —setback.
Biden leads virtually every poll, albeit by wildly divergent margins.
The three strands appear to interconnect, albeit in mysterious ways.
School kids fika, albeit with milk, and business people fika.
And even Ukraine's farmers have reaped some rewards, albeit indirectly.
Rey, Belle, and Diana, albeit kickass, are just the beginning. 
There's a relationship here, albeit a perverse and destructive one.
Already I had interacted with two cameras, albeit my own.
The warnings, albeit ominous, may prove timely for some investors.
And it has funny moments, albeit of the inadvertent kind.
Or is it in jest, albeit in very poor taste?
The symphony was nearly unanimously praised, albeit in gendered terms.
The drone-filled future is flying toward us, albeit slowly.  
It could have triggered social repercussions, albeit probably subtle ones.
The other is the automotive industry, albeit for different reasons.
Menne said people were still travelling, albeit booking tickets later.
This plan remains broadly sound, albeit in need of updating.
There are precedents, albeit inexact ones, for such a scenario.
Radios (albeit older ones) and iPads appear throughout the Vatican.
Russia remains a poor country, albeit one with geopolitical ambitions.
Just another, albeit unexpected, plot twist on fake wedding night.
The other apps are the same, albeit ranked slightly differently.
Climate change and pollution are also factors, albeit smaller ones.
The duck curve is a problem, albeit a solvable problem.
Fe looks fairly Ori, aesthetically, albeit 3D, at first impression.
It's designed to be entertainment, albeit extremely dark, always uncomfortable entertainment.
The men who killed Kumra seemed somewhat forensically aware, albeit clumsily.
And then, the Fed raised the rate (albeit only 0.25 percent).
Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez said the situation is improving, albeit slowly.
That scrap surge is still in effect, albeit with fading momentum.
In both cases, Trump ended up following Yates' guidance, albeit belatedly.
Dodd-Frank finally (albeit too late) put OTC regulation in place.
Here too, though, appearances may be deceptive, albeit for different reasons.
Eastern Europe, albeit also with an eye on the policy context.
Both bands are still at it, albeit with significant lineup changes.
Women also produce testosterone, albeit at a lower level than men.
The country is overwhelmingly Catholic, albeit with varying levels of piety.
Albeit, the UK government did not leap into the recommended actions.
Three signs are displayed here, their site-specific power albeit dimmed.
Watchmaking is an art albeit one that is no longer cherished.
Wade's reversal, Souter voted to save it, albeit in diminished form.
But inside was a normal, albeit nearly empty, fully functioning restaurant.
Which, unfortunately, is a form of lying, albeit a justifiable one.
It is a vast expanse of mud, albeit littered with nodules.
She also backs a higher minimum wage, albeit smaller than Labour's.
It is however growing very quickly, albeit off a low base.
We designed a novel method that was reproducible, albeit non-scalable.
Harris also appears to show up in the clip, albeit briefly.
Still, he is sure that things will get better, albeit slowly.
Albeit 'break up Google' clearly makes for a punchier political soundbite.
Meanwhile the president is already cutting the federal workforce, albeit unintentionally.
Not all were entirely negative about the transaction, however, albeit guardedly.
At the time, it seemed like a natural, albeit scary, step.
Needless to say the end result is simple, albeit pretty cool.
And shareholders are, obviously, people — albeit not the majority of them.
This is a test that the women all passed, albeit begrudgingly.
These new numbers show that Apple is making progress, albeit slowly.
Add some — albeit unexpected — queries about baseball tickets to the list.
But it's saying it processed it anyway — albeit, it claims accidentally.
A couple ARGs are still running, albeit with far fewer releases.
It had finally pulled into the station, albeit 25 minutes late.
Even Full House got the reboot treatment, albeit to mixed reviews.
A controversial, albeit profound criticism of the current state American values.
Example B: They're visionaries, albeit with pretty cruel and unusual visions.
Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski's arrival, albeit unconventional, got the fans pumped up.
Otherwise, it appears to offer diversification, albeit of a specious kind.
" He added that the monument is "part of history, albeit 'unpleasant'.
The game was played without interruption, albeit through a steady mist.
However, there are speedier ways of doing this, albeit more extreme.
The result in both cases: high-quality, albeit more expensive, decaf.
Again, nothing to brag about, albeit this piece is somewhat subjective.
Obama has also offered criticism of his successor, albeit more tacitly.
The Darpa grand challenge was a failure, albeit a funny one.
Its nuclear arsenal is improving (albeit slowly) as time goes on.
But the Muji set is better, albeit a tad more expensive.
Albeit, five decades after the original movie came out in 1964.
He did wind up diving into that scrum, though, albeit late.
So we're still maintaining our momentum, albeit at a different price.
They are also appreciated, albeit more discreetly, by the designer labels.
Affected videos will still remain on YouTube — albeit behind an interstitial.
It was enough to turn around Vazquez's life -- albeit in prison.
From all the weirdness came two net-positive, albeit strange, encounters.
Only two of them spoke Thai, albeit with thick Chinese accents.
Diplomatic contacts will continue, visas will be processed -- albeit more slowly.
My silk slip collection grew, albeit slowly (those things weren't cheap).
THE people have spoken, albeit in a muted and contrived fashion.
Albeit a far more dominant Internet company than it is ISP.
Commodity exports have continued to grow (albeit modestly and less profitably).
Now, it's all about making a statement — albeit a minimal one.
But only a minority, albeit a well organised one, are entryists.
Khexxi is one of those amateurs, albeit a very talented one.
Albeit, time will tell how well the iPhone SE will sell.
Now, however, it's getting a second — albeit brief — chance at life.
Only Tunisia has made a democratic transition, albeit a shaky one.
The satellites generated much the same picture, albeit at lower resolution.
Venezuela and PDVSA bonds continue to be serviced, albeit with delays.
The president reportedly agreed to keep U.S. troops there, albeit reluctantly.
It was all remarkably easy, albeit brief (more on that later).
Mills contends it can't hurt investors, albeit for the time being.
"The club continues, albeit owned by a new company," he said.
Both these plays qualify as farces, albeit of a literate ilk.
A concert entitled "Dies Irae" was more convincing, albeit mildly terrifying.
I always thought it was practical enough, albeit kind of funny.
"Albeit delayed, the countdown for jackfruit development in India has begun."
Eventually, Trump settled the lawsuit, albeit without an admission of guilt.
Albeit, none of those riders are considered employees by the company.
For true Halloween fans, it's a treat, albeit a plodding one.
They're personal, and they feel immediate, albeit through the astrologers' pens.
Two investors told Reuters they had finally received payment, albeit delayed.
She's the company's first female CEO, albeit on a temporary basis.
But houses were always in the plan — albeit around the perimeter.
And they will again — albeit in a representational work of art.
As a "selfie app," Shots had a differentiating albeit limiting quality.
Pancrase 153 was a good, solid fight card, albeit rather innocuous.
London remains open to Russian investment, albeit with a political chill.
Will you be a bigger fish, albeit in a smaller pond?
The night couldn't finish without a birthday cake ... albeit stripper-themed.
Albeit with another awful cover version of a song you know.
Nooki will cook you things that are surprisingly wonderful, albeit rough.
That would have made for a spectacular intro, albeit a spoiler.
All but one were recently ordained (albeit temporarily) as Buddhist monks.
Wall Street, for one, is still at work, albeit from home.
Is he a budding Magic Johnson — albeit with more athletic ability?
It's a Wikipedia of the dead, albeit with far fewer rules.
Trump lost the state -- albeit narrowly -- in 2016 to Hillary Clinton.
The economy is expanding, albeit slowly, following a decade of crisis.
The party decided, albeit in a late and fairly odd way.
First Baptist is a little church, albeit a tech-savvy one.
Albeit one that gets no more physical than a desperate cuddle.
Advice is a gift, albeit one bundled with inherent power dynamics.
And some local coffee shops offer similar albeit more expensive options.
And the picture in China appeared to be improving, albeit gradually.
Barack Obama had carried the working class-county twice, albeit narrowly.
They were in awe, albeit tempered by a distrust of Arafat.
It's a real-deal collector's item, albeit a very expensive one.
Google does exactly the same, albeit on a somewhat larger scale.
The Democratic Party shares in Gillespie's suffering, albeit for different reasons.
She agreed to be quoted for this article, albeit with reservations.
It was, Finau said, a sprained ankle, albeit a bad one.
"Fail" and "failure" imply that there was an effort, albeit unsuccessful.
This can also unravel the market, albeit from the opposite end.
It's a similar, albeit more risque, version of this '20s dress.
Two Kardashian sisters -- Kim and Kourtney -- also showed up, albeit briefly.
Republican Congress issued a remarkable statement, albeit one couched in a
We have those choices on international flights, albeit from major cities.
And they are, indeed, just digital avatars, albeit impressively realistic ones.
They met on this very land, albeit half a mile away.
And the much larger service sector is still expanding, albeit slowly.
Government programmes try to take this inadequacy into account, albeit inconsistently.
You're using your Quest — albeit tethered — and getting a PC experience.
Picasso, Gauguin, and the Mexican muralists) and Trotsky (albeit only briefly).
Musgraves said as much, albeit using much more, ahem, colorful language.
These characters are underdogs, albeit oppressed by their own dumb decisions.
At first glance, it looked like a nondescript, albeit upscale store.
Discord provides a similar albeit free and more open messaging service.
October's Q4 retail sales figures indicated solid, albeit slightly cautious, consumers.
Her engineering work took priority, albeit with accessibility advocacy remaining important.
To some extent, Amazon may already have support, albeit with reservations.
But he was a remarkable artist, too, albeit a very odd one.
Importantly, this is conjecture, albeit conjecture informed by statistics and computer models.
Sire quickly, albeit belatedly, surmised that Sebadoh wasn't their next big hitmaker.
Now, scientists are recreating these waves—albeit in miniature—in the lab.
It is, in short, a piece of jewelry, albeit imbued with smarts.
" Haq sees it as a payday loan, albeit a "more ethical one.
Albeit no longer new, the velvet trend remains tricky to pull-off.
Canada's energy regulator approved the project in April, albeit with 89 conditions.
Otherwise, this study is simply conjecture—albeit conjecture informed by genetics. [PNAS]
The Hadids opted for a lot of sparkle, albeit from different designers.
The legacy automakers are coming for you, Google, albeit a bit slowly.
Albeit seemingly not an expensive one, this deal marks Ola's seventh investment.
A new "most-subscribed" channel was finally crowned on YouTube, albeit briefly.
Now it has a name (albeit a seemingly temporary one): Project xCloud.
Albeit, lost in a fun place that you want to be at.
These are merely tools — albeit exciting tools — which will hopefully help patients.
Well, that's certainly one vision for the future, albeit a gimmicky one.
They look and feel like cardboard, albeit a waxy kind of cardboard.
Other articles and interviews have spotlighted her body too, albeit more briefly.
Albeit, there's plenty of other tech giants vying for the same trophy.
NSF ultimately continued to fund the telescope, albeit at much lower levels.
And so far their findings, albeit small, have been encouraging, he says.
There will be a gesture, albeit half-hearted, towards a gender balance.
Kim Kardashian is rooting for Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian, albeit reluctantly.
And it reflects an ongoing, albeit somewhat subtle, split among contemporary Democrats.
This user acquisition channel albeit, very effective, slows down their servers significantly.
They even tried their hand at playing themselves — albeit, not on skates!
In the face of this violence, Europe continued to improve, albeit fitfully.
And I hope our human connection continues, albeit over a different line.
Both target merchants are focused on making them sell online, albeit differently.
Most of Italy's other main airports were open, albeit with flight delays.
Albeit, I guess you can say wearables are useful for something then.
Mr Schwarzman wins only one of the five tests (albeit hands down).
You'd rarely come across a letter as stern, albeit eloquent as this.
BrightRoll was allowed to continue, albeit with some new Yahoo branding.46.
Things were bad then, and they're bad now, albeit in different ways.
Boeing continues to build the 737 Max, albeit at a reduced pace.
Georgia is following a well-trodden path, albeit at an accelerated pace.
Stephen Townsend, pushed back on the assessment, albeit without mentioning Trump directly.
City-dwellers are mostly hostile towards him, albeit less so of late.
Alinma Alinma's VR reflects the bank's small, albeit growing, Islamic banking franchise.
Voila, instant binary code—albeit one driven by liquids instead of electronics.
But, beauty editors live a different life, albeit a cosmetically privileged one.
They are also both under their parents' thumbs, albeit in different ways.
Each took a monthly survey and Facebook tracked their usage, albeit anonymously.
This emotional new letter seems to offer some genuine, albeit belated, contrition.
The tradition persists 2,000 years later, albeit with a distinctively Yankee flavour.
Perhaps "wife" is just a cute (albeit confusing?) nickname Bieber gave Baldwin.
GDP growth resumed last year, albeit at the modest rate of 2.3%.
Albeit it hasn't — thus far — stopped the company tracking Internet users' habits.
Its foreign relations are still handled by diplomats in Delhi, albeit unofficially.
Another is that the economy is growing, albeit more slowly than forecast.
But that hasn't stopped the cigarette ban from being upheld, albeit begrudgingly.
Needless to say, this has been an extraordinarily busy, albeit beautiful, time.
Sanders would be the first agnostic president, albeit of Jewish descent. Sanders
Equity underwriting has surged, albeit off of a very low comparable base.
Trump has already made visits to several countries, albeit accompanying her husband.
Some of these controversial bills have become law, albeit in revised form.
But Agent Cooper's return is just as creepy, albeit not as bloody.
The next delivery also yielded six runs albeit in an extraordinary manner.
Merkel's Social Democrat coalition partners also came in for criticism, albeit milder.
You become a family; albeit a screwed up one, but a family.
It makes us feel better about ourselves, albeit in a contrived way.
"Classic" point and click, then, albeit mercifully with no actual red herrings.
Meanwhile, interest rates are rising, albeit slowly, making car loans more expensive.
FRANCE made an audacious land-grab in 2015, albeit under the sea.
Groups independent of party control—albeit small and scattered—sprang up everywhere.
The design is fairly similar to the last Dot, albeit slightly stunted.
Interestingly, both will be targeted at pro users, albeit from different angles.
It is likewise a mostly unresponsive state, albeit one in perpetual motion.
Stateside, equities closed higher, albeit off the highs recorded in the session.
It's imperfect, but it works, albeit better with some games than others.
His government relaunched the program, albeit in limited capacity, again last year.
It felt very future-y, albeit still years away from mass adoption.
Albeit, it's still not the full structural separation some have called for.
The band sounded energized, albeit with a possible external locus of control.
Also, manufacturing payrolls rose 13,000 in January, albeit a five-month low.
The quest to define the future is here, albeit a bit uncertain. 
Iraq had an army, albeit one that needed a lot of support.
It's a role he played in 2016, albeit a somewhat unlikely one.
On the podium, Seaman twice gave the Nazi salute, albeit rather weakly.
Its problems, though, are still American problems, albeit sharper and more extreme.
Similar plans have worked in other places, albeit on a smaller scale.
Trump's trade war with China has been allowed to progress, albeit slowly.
Great whites have been known to attack surfers, albeit a rare occurrence.
The US economy is still creating jobs, albeit at a slower pace.
US land bases are also protected by similar, albeit shorter-range, systems.
But her new ZIP code, albeit glamorous, delivered nary a romantic spark.
In contrast, performance within the prime sector remains stable, albeit slightly weaker.
Mr. Weaver maintained good humor — albeit gallows humor — and made phone calls.
They were generous, and the doughnut was firm, albeit a little dry.
The growth is likely to continue, albeit at a more moderate pace.
The heat appears to be coming off home prices, albeit very slightly.
"This builds in a level of, albeit very specious, deniability," he added.
It looks like it could make a great, albeit expensive, bedside alarm.
A similar, albeit more muted, pattern can be seen around the Feb.
Such legislation provides dying patients with more treatment options, albeit risky ones.
He was suggesting, albeit coyly, that a sitting president is a traitor.
So far that's largely what's happening, albeit at a slow, uncertain pace.
Not to mention, the products on the shelves are improving, albeit slowly.
Albeit at a loitering pace, diversity in the modeling industry is happening.
Some of this may sound understandable, albeit a little over the top.
POT'S QUANTIFIED FUTURE Thankfully, the times are a changin'—albeit incredibly slowly.
Think of it like a quote retweet, albeit one that's permanently attached.
Like Richman, von Spakovsky seemed nervous on the stand, albeit not combative.
I am one of few outsiders to see the flecheiros, albeit fleetingly.
Now just 15 of those employees are still working, albeit part time.
But since then, he had undergone a metamorphosis, albeit a convenient one.
We retired and have remained friends, albeit with less get-together time.
Now, it's just married sex, albeit more rippling and racy than most.
It gives one a sense of control, albeit tenuous, over the situation.
But migrants continue to arrive by sea, albeit in much smaller numbers.
The SmartBroom, Hamilton said, is a "side hustle," albeit a useful one.
Against the Pelicans, the Warriors won again, albeit it with some drama.
Mr. Trump's aides have adopted his approach, albeit with less apparent enthusiasm.
We observe the Sabbath, albeit not with all its particulars and rules.
Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio made the same claim, albeit more bluntly.
Both Texas and Georgia are steadily moving in that direction, albeit slowly.
If anything, Bayer is carrying on the family tradition, albeit with hemp.
Selling cigarettes is still an incredibly profitable business — albeit a shrinking one.
And Iranians have heard them - albeit more civilized ones - for 40 yrs.
It is common, albeit controversial, practice at times of great market distress.
He then tried using even more magnets to remove them, albeit unsuccessfully.
Albeit one where you can more easily choose who you share with.
And sometimes they want to make money — albeit in a different way.
Some other states had even bleaker news, albeit in more anecdotal form.
"It had a familiar feeling, albeit from a different perspective," he said.
Clearly, this is the infraction to which the woman objected, albeit rudely.
The Trump administration has also said, albeit grudgingly, that Iran is complying.
New business also remained strong, albeit a little weaker than in June.
But some negotiations seem to be taking place, albeit on new terrain.
Two weeks later, she reached out to him, albeit cautiously, via email.
Clinton still would have lost both Florida and Pennsylvania — albeit very narrowly.
Our efforts to fight discrimination and sexism are succeeding, albeit too slowly.
It was more of the same on Tuesday, albeit from newer faces.
The crowd's hostility is just a part of the job, albeit unpleasant.
Right now he is still feeding and walking around ... albeit very little.
The tar kept the bones well preserved, albeit stained a dark color.
It's a question that's been considered before, albeit in very different ways.
The Assistant covers some similar ground, albeit in a very different way.
Trump has continued to speak to the press, albeit under favorable circumstances.
Pardoning Marcus Garvey, albeit tardily, is a small step toward reaffirming this.
The crisis has also triggered another threat to Turkey's economy, albeit indirectly.
Some landmarks persist, albeit in graffiti-splattered disrepair, like the Grande Hotel.
Quarterback Eli Manning fumbled twice, albeit under pressure, and threw an interception.
Jean quickly catches feelings for the kindhearted, albeit naïve, Rose (Betty White).
Republicans now appear to be taking a similar — albeit more ambitious — tack.
Student debt continues to grow, albeit more slowly than in previous years.
But for now, it's the start of a genuine, albeit complicated friendship.
Tom, too, is drawn into the house, albeit in a different way.
The trend accelerated after the 2016 election, albeit with the sides reversed.
The country has a pluralistic political system and competitive, albeit flawed, elections.
As such, these models have real, albeit indirect, effects on our lives.
It has a game in hand, albeit against league leader Real Madrid.
But in the ring she was a dynamo, albeit a small one.
It was a welcome, albeit terrifying, development for those who loved her.
The same is true in China, albeit in a different political system.
Alcohol, another (albeit legal) drug, is linked to 88,000 deaths each year.
The zoo proved more of a challenge, albeit just a psychological one.
It isn't punting on DACA; it's preparing to end it, albeit gradually.
Completing the same documents and questions repeatedly, albeit maybe each slightly differentiated.
Albeit much smaller than China, India lacks China's fierce homegrown tech competitors.
Reached this week, other Democratic operatives voiced a similar view, albeit more carefully.
Even a speculative deal represents a step forward, albeit a somewhat symbolic one.
This week&aposs attack, if anything, is just a fresh, albeit horrifying, confirmation.
I used to think of painting as very performative, albeit a private performance.
It's a mind-expanding musical playground that's a pretty fun, albeit nonsensical, ride.
A major player in northern Syria, albeit with no good options to escalate.
And that's the sort of scale Augmedix hopes to achieve, albeit not immediately.
Women's rights, the Taliban agreed, would be protected, albeit within an "Islamic framework".
If I want to share a candid albeit mundane moment, I've got Snapchat.
Well, Kanye released the album—albeit in an incomplete form—two months ago.
But what we do see is sentimental, albeit in the most visceral way.
The ratings also reflect EFGIntl's modest risk appetite, albeit slightly higher than peers.
Little Joe started out as a fanzine, really, albeit one with academic articles!
It has come up with a new—albeit unproven—concept for dismantling traffic.
Meanwhile, Europe suffered one mass shooting this week, albeit an especially bloody one.
The Polk Command Bar starts off as an unwieldy, albeit cleverly designed, package.
It's a commendable response, albeit of the brute-force, ex post facto variety.
The device was on-hand at CES, albeit in an not final form.
It's expected to be the debut, albeit brief, of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.
But Yifanlu doesn't shy away from what he's helped to create, albeit inadvertently.
Their women's hockey teams literally merged, competing as one (albeit to little success).
But mainly, the effective, albeit bizarre, service is for some top-notch meditation.
Coffee is a free, albeit time-consuming, item you can bring into palaces.
Climate change is an emergency, too, albeit one that's felt rather more collectively.
Since then, Yahoo has advanced more than 5 percent, albeit in choppy trade.
Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer is technically in charge of Brazil -- albeit temporarily.
In fact, its first attempts at standing up went extremely — albeit adorably — awry.
Their address in public space makes people vulnerable, albeit unevenly and unequally so.
The robots are supposed to be able to do random, albeit challenging, tasks.
We've seen Force users travel in time before, albeit not on the screen.
She also found a small family, albeit dysfunctional at times, in her colleagues.
Albeit poorer, Russia remains a petro state, so there are pockets of plenty.
It's a neat trick, albeit one that's by no means unique to Firefox.
This technology actually already exists, albeit in a somewhat primitive form, he said.
Another impressive mover, albeit more of a tortoise than a hare, is Portugal.
A weaker currency is also spurring growth, albeit gradual, in trade and tourism.
Most Filipinos are enthusiastic, albeit nervous for their safety; many foreigners are appalled.
By official reckoning, tourist arrivals in Xinjiang have also risen fast, albeit unevenly.
Earnings have constituted something of a surprise as well, albeit a tentative one.
Now I was getting my own hand-tapped leg tattoo, albeit considerably smaller.
Luckily, it seems like more designers are catching up to McCartney, albeit slowly.
Amazon is also offering AOC's monitor at a discount, albeit for $10 more.
Instead, they offered empathy and release – albeit in the most aggressive manner possible.
His answer was a categorical no, albeit one with a deeply ironic twist.
Notably, Dragon still finished respectably, albeit last, with 9 percent of the votes.
Perhaps desire does look all the same, albeit through a lily-white lens.
Instead, like Moonves, he was pushed out, albeit in frustratingly slow-moving fashion.
It's still a vegetable-based product as opposed to real, albeit cultured, meat.
Finally, you still stand to lose money — albeit on paper — if rates rise.
The Conservatives had a strong tartan streak, albeit usually of the landowning variety.
The net effect is to reduce congestion, albeit at great inconvenience to many.
Until now, the independence movement has been impeccably non-violent, albeit constantly provocative.
One possible reason: the massive, albeit largely anecdotal, increase in rider discount offers.
Asian markets had fallen earlier on the Chinese data, albeit in thin trading.
This followed strong sales of traditional guaranteed products, albeit with 0% minimum guarantees.
Other federal agencies also had issues with Twitter today, albeit slightly less technical.
It has also seemingly pursued an aggressive, albeit shadowy, response in the region.
Investors are still pouring millions into scooter startups, albeit sometimes at flat valuations.
Russian PMIs continued to show manufacturing activity contracting, albeit at a slower pace.
Tuesday's midterm elections signaled a significant, albeit not sweeping, change across the country.
But the good news is that you can go back again, albeit briefly.
Cleveland tacked on two more runs in the frame, albeit in unconventional manners.
Kudos to them for showing us the results (albeit edited to their liking).
Google wants to help solve that problem, albeit in a highly limited fashion.
It's a legitimate point, albeit phrased in a particularly inartful and awkward fashion.
The European Central Bank is cutting back on its bond buying, albeit gently.
Gold, platinum, and copper followed similar trends, albeit with slightly less varied responses.
Mirai was a relatively rudimentary, albeit powerful botnet that relied on default passwords.
This is big-city living, albeit with a definite Southern flair and grace.
" It also cited the brewer's "material weakness in financial reporting ... albeit seemingly contained.
The ruling was a victory for abortion rights advocates, albeit a temporary one.
Sell the vision to each new set of investors (albeit not the numbers!).
I knew my new routine, albeit expensive, made a difference in my skin.
Others see demand growing into the 2040s albeit at a much reduced pace.
Each polling station's result was then announced in a tally centre, albeit slowly.
Obama said he expected the law to survive, albeit in a modified form.
It looks like a pretty standard quadcopter, albeit with an underslung spherical camera.
Analysts say the growth should continue this year, albeit at a slower pace.
He also grouses, albeit inaudibly, over reports he's raking in $1 mil/month.
He's just another student in their class—albeit, a 60-year-old one.
Taylor Swift just gave her fans the biggest gift – albeit with suspect timing.
But a little later, at a shorter albeit similarly intensive retreat, something snapped.
It gave me the sense of stability I needed (albeit a false one!).
Globalization of existing payment infrastructure will continue at a slow, albeit consistent, pace.
They did so again in 2016, albeit by smaller margins than for Obama.
It's a bona fide military asset, albeit one that's still in testing phase.
I've worked on projects that did the same, albeit always with informed consent.
Vietnam's cost advantage is based on cheap labor, albeit coupled with low productivity.
Self-governance is already taking place in limited areas, albeit with imperfect success.
The hybrid device looks like a watch — albeit not a very expensive one.
The ivory is used mainly to make trinkets, albeit of very high value.
But with hindsight the crowd had made a good, albeit collectively chaotic, call.
Musk chairs the company's board and is its largest stockholder, albeit a minority.
Most Tory MPs and voters would swing, albeit reluctantly, behind the prime minister.
It's been suggested a few times in recent years, albeit with different mechanisms.
Though Apple offering free keyboard repairs (also, albeit, tardily) contradicts that conspiracy theory.
Vladimir Putin has imposed order on Russia, albeit at a horribly high cost.
The decision to make the film devoid of narration was deliberate, albeit challenging.
We have some first-hand photos of the device, albeit from behind glass.
Startups focused on logistics offer a smoother experience, albeit one with slimmer margins.
If there's a lesson there, it's one that is being learned — albeit slowly.
The EU already has such a customs union with Turkey, albeit excluding agriculture.
Albeit, it can at least console itself it's monetizing its own ethics bypass.
Nigel Farage, UKIP leader changed his mind on the EU (albeit briefly) pic.twitter.
They kept grinding away, albeit with a ball and chain on both ankles.
Ms. Monáe found the story a thrilling revelation, albeit a slightly troubling one.
That is the point I was making, albeit didn't come across that way.
They're following in baby boomers' footsteps, albeit belatedly — and on their own terms.
Avenfield House is a stately place, albeit a bit less so in recent
Batman is Batman: Pissed off and given to extreme (albeit rarely lethal) violence.
Amazon had a good show, too, albeit with a decidedly more subdued presence.
But Yokado has shown improvement, albeit gradual, since the start of the year.
M.H.: He also broke his maiden last month, albeit over the Belmont track.
The lands are identical in architecture (albeit inverted on the north-south axis).
The stock market is a reflection of the economy, albeit an imperfect one.
Albeit mercifully without the awful puns of previous games, for the most part.
Sales of electric and hybrid cars are growing, albeit from a low base.
Unfortunately, this is pretty rare coming from an LP, albeit a former one.
Ferries are a small, albeit important, part of the L train shutdown plan.
In reality, Kim's arsenal remains as potent as ever -- albeit far less public.
For the moment, at least, Jerusalem is leaning toward the latter — albeit cautiously.
She's since added some cooked foods to her menu, albeit no animal products.
It is both predictable and legal, albeit unprecedented in the past quarter-century.
All this has played out more or less as scientists warned, albeit faster.
In short, I was living a version of his life, albeit in reverse.
They try, albeit unconsciously, to do all they can to push us away.
By 1925, Acme was letting him take photographs, albeit uncredited, of his own.
Clinton apologized, albeit indirectly, for using the term "superpredator" a quarter-century ago.
That's been the key criteria for most presidents, albeit at the gubernatorial level.
He is the power elite, albeit an ostentatiously gold-tufted version of it.
Its reserves have shrunk more in early 2016, albeit at a slower pace.
And the company is also making moves, albeit quietly, in the pharmaceuticals industry.
Dumplings Legend did respond to the controversy, albeit in a very diplomatic way.
Both sides say they feel deeply wronged and disenfranchised, albeit in different ways.
Mr. Trump's opponents have also been increasingly bold in confronting him, albeit belatedly.
And he failed, albeit narrowly, to crack 2023 percent of all votes cast.
Albeit, to be clear, Facebook is not accepting legal liability for scam ads.
Similar problems exist, albeit at smaller scale, in nearly every U.S. shale play.
But the trolley problem captures one small albeit important piece of the puzzle.
But despite that disheartening (albeit minor) drop, we're doing pretty well in general.
Absent Gage, aspects of LifeLog might have survived, albeit under a different name.
Hey, it's certainly an innovative (albeit private) way to express your political leanings.
The brand's competitors are in expansion mode, too — albeit in very different ways.
Finally, there's the fact that it's a taboo (albeit a totally sexist one).
Adjusted EBITDA was also just down, by 0.3 percent, albeit beating market expectations.
Nevertheless, recent issues reflected healthy demand even for unrated, albeit small-sized, bonds.
It's clever, albeit in a pretty stupid way, but it's also obviously wrong.
Men get it too, albeit some years later in life than most women.
Versions in other languages, however, have largely remained accessible, albeit with occasional interruptions.
And the movie of "Carmen Jones" does have some glamour, albeit lurid glamour.
But he made some of the same points as Musburger, albeit more mildly.
Ross has the same dream, albeit in a car rather than a bus.
What if the piglet is actually displaying aggression, albeit to a catchy beat?
Since then, we've had a government shutdown over immigration, albeit a brief one.
Houston played a role — albeit a small, scenic one — in one of Mrs.
Even Simpson himself is now in jail, albeit for a completely different crime.
Hours after the news broke, Schneiderman resigned — albeit with a $64,000 annual pension.
The effect is unnerving, albeit probably not in the way the show intended.
Casino gambling features a similar, albeit less directly deadly, addiction-based business model.
Another American official said some had already done so, albeit in small numbers.
Gift-giving to physicians is a relatively common practice, albeit a controversial one.
Downstairs, there's a larger dining room, albeit equally stark in lighting and mood.
ASCETICISM AS A WORD also arose in ancient Greece, albeit in different form.
Ultimately, France remains a mid-sized power, albeit one with a nuclear deterrent.
Johnson and the pro-Brexit leaders play the same game, albeit more deftly.
An episode displays as a live-action video, albeit one that immerses you.
Buybacks, another sign of confidence, have also slowed, albeit from extremely elevated levels.
You know very well, of course, that popes have abdicated, albeit very rarely.
So expect much existing business with the Saudis to continue — albeit more quietly.
But the event still generates plenty of sales, albeit at a slower pace.
Welcome back to another jam-packed — albeit grim — week of The Drive-Thru.
Mr. Putin is clearly pleased to hear his own speech, albeit in English.
It's not the first time that has happened, albeit without the same drama.
They'll provide nearly instant, albeit pricey, beverage options in case you need caffeine.
But here's a hot take: These dates, albeit "unsuccessful," have their merit, too.
He was also generous with reporters, albeit on a narrower range of questions.
That is what Sanders and Trump both promise, albeit with diametrically opposed intentions.
The Bread Bar feels loyal to the past, albeit with colorful, current cocktails.
As for Catalan nationalism, it is divided and losing steam, albeit very slowly.
And it would produce a huge tax cut, albeit mostly for wealthier Americans.
On Wednesday, Johnson was still beating the conspiracy drum -- albeit slightly more softly.
"Here's a pic (albeit dark and blurry) if you need more," she wrote.
It is a nation of immigrants, albeit immigrants returning to their ancestral homeland.
Home prices continue to surge, albeit at a slower pace than last year.
Tillerson also left the administration abruptly, albeit after more public disputes with Trump.
Before you know it, she's broken up with him, albeit not in anger.
Also like "End," it centers on an alliance, albeit a less felonious one.
"Payback" is one possible name for such a course, albeit an optimistic one.
He pointed out several — albeit minor — discrepancies in their accounts of the attacks.
The females have the same risky tonsure, albeit in a deeper violet hue.
It's black people also signaling, albeit in a different way, that they're down.
It's the same recipe he's using in 2020, albeit on a supersized scale.
Liberals call for granting entry to a select few, albeit under strict guidelines.
To me, "ay" is a Spanish word, albeit one without a direct translation.
We all are, albeit most of us not in such cartoonishly binary form.
Pelosi eventually agreed to self-impose term limits, albeit with an escape clause.
Women, specifically, believed that Halloween posed a huge (albeit rather superstitious) matchmaking opportunity.
She's also made appearances on sister Bella's Instagram, albeit only in throwback photos.
A similar, albeit more modest parade, was held at Russia's base in Syria.
Inside, she's still a child, albeit one who has been too carefully taught.
Trump did begin the day on an optimistic note -- albeit a guarded one.
For Ferrari it will offer evidence that their resurgence, albeit late, is real.
It's completely our responsibility as humans, albeit not all to the same degree.
Chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, Ian Shepherdson, agreed, albeit in more scathing tones.
This is the first time Thunberg has met Attenborough in person, albeit digitally.
As important tools in government policymaking, economic models affect our lives, albeit indirectly.
The number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies has grown (albeit slowly).
Markets are rising; growth continues, albeit more slowly; and more jobs are materializing.
Most importantly, she's the cheeky (albeit fictional) mascot of new imprint Who's Susan.
A single event, albeit a very bad one, led to a dramatic spike.
The deb parties continued in Grosse Pointe, albeit in a scaled-back fashion.
Apparently, I couldn't separate Hillary reality from Hillary fiction (albeit historical Hillary fiction).
As Einstein says, reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
All were mostly white, male, and protestant, albeit from across different economic classes.
Meanwhile, a special counsel is already investigating Trump's team, albeit on different grounds.
Morningstar said it was resuming coverage of H20.8805O, albeit with a "neutral" rating.
And SyrianAir is once again shopping for new planes—albeit, this time, in Moscow.
It now controls barely half the country's territory, albeit two-thirds of its people.
Pairing AirPods to your desktop has been doable as well, albeit markedly less convenient.
Not only did the pack survive, but they're thriving, albeit all in different places.
It would give other federal workers restrictions — albeit less severe — on entering lobbying firms.
In the invitation to this "private, informal session," she'd referenced his background, albeit briefly.
The Dow even eked out a gain, albeit just barely, closing up 2 points.
Now the rest of us can enjoy their experiences, albeit fictionalized versions of them.
To placate Moscow, Kazakhstan also joined Russia's Eurasian Union, albeit a slimmed down version.
This advice, albeit incomplete, obviously came from someone trying to do the right thing.
This is probably the most disturbing, albeit still successful, proposal video I've ever seen.
These wetlands are active — albeit slow-moving — waterways with native animal and plant life.
The index shrank for the fourth time in five months in December, albeit marginally.
It had been growing — albeit at a slower pace — for more than a year.
Calling became cheaper, texting free and data unlimited, albeit capped at slow 2G speeds.
It was only in 1967 that it was rediscovered, albeit in much smaller numbers.
GDP growth will then pick up further, albeit only slightly, in 2018, to 2.8%.
Not surprisingly, this cheese was unpasteurized, making it a potentially dangerous, albeit tasty, food.
To be clear, Jayapal sees this as a starting point, albeit a significant one.
On the right, populism is dominating as well, albeit in a more fractured way.
Put the music in there, albeit an Indian kind, and see the magic unfold.
The mid-70s records are also quite perverse, albeit in a more erratic way.
These typically younger musicians pay respects to their forebears, albeit semi-ionically at times.
Their friend and fellow storm chaser, Jason Cooley, captured the heartwarming (albeit, scary!) moment.
Indeed, this study is dependent on a single—albeit really good—sample of DNA.
This acts as an engagement ring of sorts, albeit filtered through the fantasy setting.
Now Stephan and Balazs cook it up tax-free, albeit for private consumption only.
OK, Alex, I'm pleased to be sitting with you, albeit at 12:103 a.m.
The idea of a "pure" Carnatic music is a myth—albeit a seductive one.
He has come to try once more to save lives, albeit through another method.
He has also appointed Saudi Arabia's first Shia cabinet minister (albeit without a portfolio).
Since late December, teens have made eating Tide Pods a delightful, albeit dangerous, meme.
But some banks will face extra demands, albeit with a long period of adjustment.
Therefore, albeit reluctantly, I will vote to acquit William Jefferson Clinton on both counts.
Sales at the chain continued to drop, albeit by less, in the fourth quarter.
It competes, albeit from a fairly weak position, with China for Asia-Pacific customers.
The lightweight version is finally ready to launch, albeit with a slightly altered name.
In the premiere episode, she tried to kill an innocent little boy, albeit indirectly.
Devotion to freedom and fleshliness live on, albeit under this new and unanticipated shadow.
The Senate did reject his nomination, albeit over ethical concerns rather than ideological ones.
Now, Besamé is pulling inspiration from yet another iconic — albeit fictional — woman in history.
He has also spoken out defiantly against Cuba, albeit mostly in 140-character bites.
The consensus now seems to be that the Taubman gamble was unfortunate, albeit unavoidable.
Back then, most of the party's leadership was in favour of Remaining, albeit reluctantly.
Other councils around the country are implementing similar policies, albeit with rather less gusto.
He drew on court cases to analyse homosexuality and bisexuality (albeit often in Latin).
They're so far unnamed but they resemble an existing Pokémon, Ponyta, albeit more colorful.
Homosexuality itself was regarded as a crime there, albeit one that was rarely prosecuted.
I played Skyrim back when it was first released in 2011, albeit very briefly.
But the remainder, albeit a comparatively small sliver of the pie, shouldn't be overlooked.
Both teams turned in dominant defensive efforts in Week 1, albeit against weak offenses.
But SoftBank has already distanced itself — albeit slightly — from Saudi Arabia after Khashoggi's murder.
And she sees her city evolving in the wake of the attack, albeit slowly.
J. J. Fad and Kool Moe Dee attended the awards, albeit with differing agendas.
Albeit, it does reinforce their decision to zero in on government and corporate licensing.
You could apply my father's sage, albeit corny parental advice to beauty trends, too.
Mr Duterte himself appeared, albeit briefly, at a ground-breaking ceremony on January 30th.
After months of talk, HTC's blockchain phone is finally arriving — albeit in limited quantities.
Cutting and growing your hair is a never-ending task — albeit a fun one.
The pair are even forecast to have failed, albeit marginally, according to media reports.
Mr Smith is also right about the decline in living standards, albeit only recently.
It's a great movie—albeit not perfect—so just consider it money well spent.
Now Labrie is back out on bail, albeit this time with an ankle bracelet.
Despite this, the sector is set to manage positive albeit slowing growth this year.
The party had a successful time, albeit mainly in one part of the country.
Albeit this was only for not being there to give an address in person.
Bank-capital levels are being bolstered (albeit with money borrowed from the banks themselves).
If it works, Libra could be a money-spinner for Facebook, albeit not directly.
It appears to have ended up most greatly enriching Trump's associates, albeit perhaps unintentionally.
India is thought to be open to letting the firm in, albeit with limitations.
Unlike some former Soviet states it is a democracy, albeit a deeply flawed one.
An atom bomb similarly creates an expanding plasma, albeit on a far grander scale.
Labour productivity is racing ahead at 7% a year, albeit from a low base.
Cameron took his party back into government -- albeit a coalition -- in his first attempt.
That would have made a great, albeit somewhat unbelievable, story if it ended there.
Now, it is definite that the show will return, albeit for only 8 episodes.
Kelly Woodford also gave a client Unicorn Frappuccino hair, albeit more subtle and subdued.
Hell, I'm a brand, albeit a very small one and in a limited domain.
Futures markets are now tilting towards the Fed moving again by December, albeit tentatively.
Albeit, a later-than-expected launch is hardly an unusual story for a startup.
Kasich and Cruz also walked back their loyalty pledges, albeit less enthusiastically than Trump.
Before long, I was also having blissful (albeit odd) sex prior to falling asleep.
Xiaomi started selling this camera (albeit without Wyze's additions) as "Xiaofang" earlier this year.
Sending them off with a solid automobile is a terrific — albeit extravagant — graduation gift.
There is now a flourishing, albeit lightly regulated, market for these kind of products.
That's a loss for American workers, albeit a gain for local levels of pollution.
The move aligned Ryan with Trump's campaign, albeit without mentioning the nominee by name.
So something new, albeit something we experience every single year, helps reignite our creativity.
Gorgeous, albeit skewed, depictions of "other" cultures meant to justify colonialism with their backwardness.
Rodriguez is still looking to buy in the area, albeit with a different approach.
Trump eventually made it to the Arkansas campaign event, albeit nearly two hours late.
There is nothing cuter than a baby elephant with really pure, albeit misguided, intentions.
Growth has since recovered, albeit slowly, helped by a recovery in agriculture and manufacturing.
Two of its members took the board to task at the meeting, albeit politely.
It is an interesting-looking accessory to add to your wardrobe, albeit very effective.
It got very close to being made with a studio, albeit a small studio.
The advertisements do depict femininity, albeit not in the context of high-performance running.
But the IPCC report also contains hopeful news, albeit in dense and technical language.
Needless to say, he's a bit of a sex symbol, albeit a basic one.
Called the Union and Upton shoes, they made for a snug, albeit stylish, footwear.
Two more private equity-owned, albeit much smaller, companies priced their IPOs on Wednesday.
That's when an ordinary traffic stop turned into a high speed, albeit brief pursuit.
And caffeine has a similar clamping down effect on arteries, albeit a lot smaller.
The results are turbulent, albeit colorful trails of gas and dust around the two.
Like Pompeii, the settlement captures a moment in time—albeit a moment of tragedy.
That training, albeit cut short, took place Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec in September.
The result is a trove of photographs, albeit one that is scattered around Sweden.
Michigan's and Detroit's financial troubles made an appearance in the debate, albeit in passing.
I've already mentioned the reverse wireless charging, which is a nice, albeit minor, feature.
The man with the impressive, albeit plastic lightsaber is Bao Miao, the venue's owner.
Mr. Pandolfi and Ms. Phelan use exercise to aid them, albeit in different ways.
Growing pains are a common, albeit unwelcome, occurrence as youngsters and even organizations mature.
But each spring the bear emerges no worse for wear, albeit a little groggy.
Flanagan: Sure, alligators can be vicious, technically they're apex predators, albeit very patient ones.
The same is true of the Brexit vote, albeit over a shorter time period.
T-HR3 offers a similar set of features, albeit in a very different design.
When Apple had similar, albeit much smaller, hardware issues, it swiftly shut them down.
But they ended up occupying only a small, albeit memorable, portion of the debate.
It apparently has a plot, albeit an extremely flimsy one, so—wait a second.
Both the German and Greek governments disagree with the IMF, albeit for different reasons.
The situation in Beijing and Shanghai is similar, albeit less extreme, the company states.
"It seems that humans do sweat blood, albeit far less often literally than metaphorically."
I inherited my grandfather's wanderlust, albeit in a strain that's more Kerouac than Whitman.
GOP leadership expects the funding bill to pass the House later Thursday, albeit narrowly.
Ireland and Belgium have even sold 100-year bonds, albeit in relatively small sizes.
Beyond the city, rental cars are the most efficient way to go, albeit cautiously.
It will be the last of the night — albeit with a blowout party afterward.
In this case one already exists, albeit one that is costly for the consumer.
He predicted that Trump would probably sign the bill into law, albeit with reservations.
Both countries now see political and economic advantages from a closer, albeit pragmatic, relationship.
Yet, German rearmament already has started, sotto voce, albeit from a very low baseline.
The paradigm shift is already happening, albeit in ways that might not be obvious.
Mr. Browne is a skilled entertainer, albeit one occasionally in need of a dramaturge.
BMWs iDrive user interface is lurking about, albeit with a change of screen graphics.
Significantly, conceded that the appeal raises a serious, albeit novel, issue of public concern.
Thus far, America's previous strategy of (albeit limited) diplomacy has led to little progress.
Asset quality at large private banks also deteriorated, albeit from a relatively lower base.
Yet Trump's approval ratings have risen significantly in recent months — albeit from historic lows.
It allowed Google to do a similar thing, albeit in a more friendly way.
I think that there is a figure in the picture, albeit an invisible one.
In general, dollar volume follows the same pattern, albeit with a bit more variability.
And some electors did break with how their state voted, albeit in unexpected ways.
James Chamberlain sang the painter Cavaradossi with an ardent, albeit not always polished, tenor.
But it's worth noting that his approval ratings surged, albeit temporarily, after the incident.
So, the Senate is functioning today, albeit erratically; but it is far from broken.
Both scientific and anecdotal evidence suggest that alcohol can alleviate emotional pain—albeit temporarily.
There's a metaphor here, albeit one so explicit that it barely qualifies as such.
The issue also came up, albeit less frequently, at Trump campaign rallies in 2016.
Each time you move, you create gravitational waves, albeit ones too small to measure.
It appears nonsensical—a Trump staple—but it actually has a point, albeit wrong.
The stage eventually came into focus, albeit completely empty, devoid of any dancers whatsoever.
Except the Red Sox depth had also imploded, albeit in smaller minor league ballparks.
Some stores are still in their familiar locations, albeit with different layouts and signage.
I'm utterly convinced that the self is an illusion, albeit a very powerful one.
They got too much attention, too soon, so have retreated a bit, albeit temporarily.
Yet, the promise to end hostilities—albeit temporary—has led to some positive developments.
It was, simply, a business decision, albeit one with a hefty emotional price tag.
That is why Telecom Italia's stock rose this week after Cattaneo's exit, albeit modestly.
But Kalanick does own a 1999 BMW M3, albeit one with a broken alternator.
A couple of Republican House members even raised the possibility of impeachment, albeit obliquely.
Democrats watched the tightening numbers in Florida with some concern, albeit for different reasons.
And explosives have worked at least once, albeit not those dropped from the sky.
This entry cracks me up because both of my children use it, albeit ironically.
We would never burn out, we reassured one another (albeit tacitly) during those meetings.
Meanwhile the resulting paintings offer a clever, albeit funny, sophistication and mastery of technique.
Since the beginning of last year, Russia's economy has been growing again, albeit modestly.
His garden studio is a child's paradise, albeit with a warped sense of humor.
In turn, this has created a niche, albeit growing, corner of the cybersecurity industry.
Indeed, that progress is baked into the show's premise, albeit on an interpersonal level.
His had been, in every sense, a good life — albeit one touched by tragedy.
Meanwhile, Long Island City's inhabitants were waiting, albeit not patiently, to learn their fate.
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, were preaching revolutions, albeit revolutions of different sorts.
We can only speculate, albeit in an informed manner based on political science research.
People talked about politics, albeit under pseudonyms, on forums like Tianya and Xici Hutong.
Critics called it a hidden conflict of interest, albeit one that was not illegal.
Potential complications, albeit rare, include infection, inflammation, retinal detachment and double or shadow vision.
Hillary Clinton looks likely to win the popular vote, albeit by a slim margin.
The name became a global brand, albeit with some notable bumps along the way.
It's another tool, albeit a tool with the backing of a shrewd corporate sponsor.
Soon, it was able to throw, albeit far too low to make the hoop.
Dinosaurs now live on as birds, albeit birds without faces full of needle teeth.
And the mayor has turned in two well-received, albeit not breakout, debate performances.
It's funny the way Kafka is funny, albeit with more car chases and explosions.
But as a thinker, she's essentially a synthesizer — albeit a talented and confident one.
Biden himself arguably benefited from this way of thinking, albeit the other way around.
One month later, it's now back on the road, albeit in a limited fashion.
Mr. de Blasio backed Mr. Crowley for re-election, albeit mostly from the sidelines.
The city was a republic under elected office-holders, albeit with a limited franchise.
In my experience the legacy of that mentality persists, albeit to a lesser degree.
Albeit costly at $54, I&aposve personally found them to be worth the price.
Greta Thunberg rebuked Mr. Trump, albeit indirectly, in a speech that followed his yesterday.
That gave us an alternate version of the audio, albeit a less crisp one.
San Francisco (CNN Business)Cannabis continues to make history on Capitol Hill — albeit incrementally.
GOP leadership expects the funding bill to pass the House later Thursday, albeit narrowly.
The pair recently reunited to celebrate Hilton's 38th birthday -- albeit almost a month later.
But now developers are asking architects to bring them back, albeit in friendlier forms.
That's Deterrence 101 and the right message to send, albeit without the rhetorical excess.
YouTube has even supported AI research this way — albeit for much less starting purposes.
The data provided conclusive proof that lifestyle modifications, albeit intensive ones, can decrease plaque.
The student, uninjured, was able to return to class, albeit maybe a little embarrassed.
OK, Alex, I'm pleased to be sitting with you, albeit at 28:200 a.m.
Life went on, in other words — albeit in some bleak and greatly diminished capacity.
Haddish wore her now-famous Alexander McQueen dress -- albeit with a pair of UGGS.
That makes it unlikely, albeit possible, for lawmakers to reduce a federal worker's pay.
Perhaps the best, albeit imperfect, guide here is Zephyr Teachout's primary campaign in 2014.
It also had the most sugar (albeit from oats) and the most added ingredients.
At his core, Hugh Edmeades is a salesman, albeit a dynamic and entertaining one.
Labour promises a £10 minimum, albeit without much delay and for all over-18s.
Walmart alone is still four times its size in retail (albeit much smaller online).
The new petition regulations are an important, albeit small, step in the right direction.
Officer Movio, who stopped Mr. Amri, was also lauded, albeit with slightly less enthusiasm.
Evian will invest a "significant" albeit undisclosed sum of money to reach its goal.
When the decade began, Jobs was still in charge (albeit, in obviously failing health).
Crisis (the comic) was an equally audacious endeavor, albeit one with the opposite motive.
There are other arms races -- albeit on a smaller scale -- underway around the world.
This is an attractive worldview, albeit a bit out of step with our time.
MORE, albeit with significant variations, American foreign policy in Asia has been rather consistent.
Epstein was into science, albeit eugenics and weird theories of physics based on capitalism.
It was also an enterprise software company, albeit one with a consumer cult following.
Some analysts have predicted a victory for Berlusconi's coalition, albeit without an outright majority.
They are inclined to trust Trump to handle it, albeit not without some nervousness.
Trump emphasized that this would be a physical wall, albeit bolstered by technology. 2.
But it could be the de-escalation -- albeit a temporary one -- the country needs.
Goldman's trading business is a shadow of its former self, albeit still highly profitable.
Renewed optimism of a trade deal, albeit, an initial one, has buoyed global markets.
The Italian economist spoke of underlying inflation rising in the coming months, albeit gradually.
They have discovered that they were also affected, albeit on a far smaller scale.
Virginia's struggle involves individual behavior — albeit the behavior of three top elected officials. Gov.
So he paints (albeit oddly) within the context of the history of history painting.
The unilateral model is the only model showing any success, albeit not nearly enough.
But it was good enough for me to get some work done — albeit slowly.
Trump emphasized that this would be a physical wall, albeit bolstered by technology. 2.
On Tuesday, he was told that the organ was safe, albeit covered in dust.
The Other Guys, meanwhile, actually tackles the financial crisis — albeit in incredibly oblique fashion.
But for a minute, that's exactly what Colbert did, albeit with a giant wink.
In typical Bowie fashion, he had reinvented the technique, albeit with a digital twist.
Wayne brings up the hurricane, too, albeit with less of a government-oriented edge.
Isn't he just doing what he loves, if albeit, probably wasting his studio's money?
The industrial design is essentially the same as the standard S3, albeit somewhat shrunk down.
This week was something a bit special for the team, albeit in a sad way.
HIV infection is easily avoided and also easily treated (albeit that the treatment is lifelong).
JACK BARSKY, FORMER KGB AGENT: I would think so, albeit most likely in an amateur.
Albeit most likely an amateur because I understand she communicated via Twitter and e-mails.
It's a company that sells computers and phones, albeit fewer and fewer of them lately.
Wet's debut full-length album, Don't You, does something similar, albeit on a smaller scale.
So yes, at $80 you can get a cheaper Echo Show, albeit with some compromise.
The physicists only proved one (albeit wacky) piece of quantum mechanics, not the whole theory.
It looks like a conventional supermarket, albeit with an unusually large selection of Maine lobsters.
Both Merlo and Pessina are adding health services to their stores — albeit through different strategies.
Instead, we're getting a portrait — albeit flawed — of a woman, disintegrating before our very eyes.
Many Democrats have concurred with Hyde, albeit reluctantly, if only to forestall more drastic restrictions.
We meet with the plastic surgeon next and she's oddly endearing, albeit clumsy and disorganized.
Parker is always her most authentic self, and we applaud the relatable — albeit, puzzling — post.
Inflation remains low, albeit above target, at 3.17% year over year (yoy) in August 0003.
These myths have been around forever, and they continue today, albeit in less mystical forms.
Albeit some of that was nostalgia, and the knowledge that Fisher's story sadly ends here.
Helena Bonham Carter revealed she too is guilty of stealing things from sets, albeit unintentionally.
Now, after serving half that, he's a free man, albeit with three years of probation.
According to polling, Clinton still enjoys a comfortable, albeit shrinking, lead in the Democratic primary.
But Palmer wasn't planning to just repeat, albeit on a larger scale, Aston's traditional formula.
Albeit the app has also raised eyebrows for allowing pornographic content to be passed around.
""The important thing is that she is a beloved daughter, albeit with significant intellectual disabilities.
It's seen nearly 37 percent of its 70-plus investments exit, albeit with mixed results.
" Comey added that he thinks its "possible" Russia has compromising material on Trump, albeit "unlikely.
The astrological significance of these ages is actually pretty similar, albeit in very different terms.
It is a view that is present in Parliament, too, albeit in a different form.
These days, Catholicism still surfaces in European debates, albeit not usually as a decisive factor.
The features are also pretty similar, albeit on a larger screen, with different camera angles.
Israel spends more time negotiating (albeit indirectly) with Hamas, which it considers a terrorist group.
"A tragedy occurred, albeit not at the hands of my client," Altgelt told BuzzFeed News.
The old one did — one hemisphere of it gave tons of apples, albeit tiny ones.
Importantly, these updates help spread the word about developers who offer great, albeit specialized, apps.
By contrast, Saudi Arabia's proven reserves (albeit unaudited by outsiders) are given as 268bn barrels.
It's a unique idea, for sure, albeit one that I can't imagine having wide appeal.
Nick: Father Gabriel has had an fascinating, albeit understated, arc over these past few seasons.
It helps that this base also features an excellent keyboard albeit a relatively small trackpad.
Uber isn't about "sharing" rides; it's about having access, albeit temporarily, to a private driver.
And so is Ms. Childs — albeit in an understated, Jil Sander-wearing kind of way.
Place a cold sliver directly on the area you've burned for immediate—albeit temporary—relief.
Gigi also wore a prep school-approved look, albeit with a slight model-esque edge.
The issue also came up, albeit less frequently, at Donald Trump campaign rallies in 2016.
The consequences of cheap, widespread fakery are likely to be profound, albeit slow to unfold.
"I began to see just how simple the problem was, albeit tough work," Boggan says.
So far Mozambique has said it will repay bondholders, albeit later than it first promised.
"Out of 11 state programs studied, nine raised employment and earnings, albeit modestly," DeParle recalls.
The future will likely bring more legislation like Russia's, albeit with varying degrees of severity.
It sounds like there will be more on Viber moving forward, albeit with some sensitivity.
Albeit it remains to be seen what developers will be encouraged to build for Telegram.
But about those squads — Cavallari still runs one, albeit now, most are on her payroll.
On a quarterly basis, both dollar and deal volume are up, albeit by varying degrees.
Rye whiskey's 33 percent growth outpaced both categories, albeit at a more modest $94 million.
Europe is right to be worried about refugees and jobs—albeit for the wrong reasons.
And it could show up in consumer products sooner albeit in a more limited capacity.
He possessed a consistent world view and a moral compass—albeit one that occasionally erred.
And now it's finally being sold to the public, albeit for a relatively steep sum.
Buzzfeed has created humorous posts around the topic (albeit to healthy criticism in the comments).
The low growth also coincided with another year of weak, albeit improving, new vehicle sales.
Albeit slightly cheesy, the Moov coach, with its timely verbal interventions, is designed to remember.
Last week that dream shifted slightly closer to reality, albeit only for well-heeled fans.
The lengthy report on the special counsel's findings was released, albeit with redactions, in April.
Pledging to deliver Brexit, albeit with softened edges, placates these voters, who mainly backed Leave.
And just last week, Revolut finally launched its fee-free stock trading feature, albeit tentatively.
Men can — and do — fake orgasms, albeit not in quite the same numbers as women.
It seemed appropriate to sit down for a drink with her — albeit a virtual one.
Public patriotic sentiment, albeit whipped up by official rhetoric, may also be an important factor.
The Immerge recorded volumetric video where viewers could move in 3D space, albeit only slightly.
The answer, they think, lies in a complex albeit somewhat intuitive combination of physical factors.
Albeit, there's no way to know whether or not everything it judged suspicious actually was.
That would at least make Mr Goldsmith's protest rather effective, albeit in a kamikaze way.
People have tried to describe horse's flavor; most claim it's like beef, albeit slightly sweeter.
Opera's bringing back its VPN (virtual private network) service, albeit in a slightly different format.
But it should eventually make its way to the MacBook Pro, albeit not before 2020.
They are still running, albeit a little more slowly in the past couple of months.
But his heritage lives with us—albeit on a robotic arm in a wind tunnel.
It succeeds as a government agency, albeit fictitious, because its psycho-social services actually work.
Their friendship is elevated to the status of romantic love, albeit in a funny way.
Two months later Mr Clifford was fired, albeit with a whopping severance package of $871,000.
Albeit it's not putting any specific timeframe on when vault contributions will be opened up.
But we have been here before, albeit with more than 97 days before the election.
These businesses are similar to existing banks and specialty finance companies, albeit with certain benefits.
That's exactly what she's doing with her latest project, albeit with a more humanitarian twist.
The U.S. is currently the only major economy that is still experiencing growth, albeit modest.
Essentially, the two are cousins, albeit that Line is very much the older family member.
There's real tenderness between Karl and Danny, albeit it's exclusively as their video game counterparts.
It's truly one of the best scenes in the film, albeit lacking in animal assistance.
The two previous rounds of votes have failed, albeit narrowly, to find such a majority.
The story has even made its way into the political mainstream, albeit through tricky ways.
But, up close, there's no denying: that's definitely a dick — albeit a glittery one.  Smart.
Once again, we are correcting their flawed judgment and priorities, albeit with a heavy hand.
Drug Sweat has been kicking around for a few years albeit brilliantly, might I add.
That is the point I was making, albeit didn’t come across that way.
So far this year, venture capital investment looks to be ticking up, albeit only slightly.
Nissan's Titan pickup is also competitor, albeit a weak one, to FCA's Ram pickup line.
Of course, most feminists—albeit with some notable exceptions—support Clinton in the presidential race.

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