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"should" Definitions
  1. used to show what is right, appropriate, etc., especially when criticizing somebody’s actions
  2. used for giving or asking for advice
  3. used to say that you expect something is true or will happen
  4. used to say that something that was expected has not happened
  5. used as the past form of shall when reporting what somebody has said
  6. (British English) used after that when something is suggested or arranged
  7. used with I and we to give opinions that you are not certain about
  8. used for expressing strong agreement
  9. why, how, who, what should somebody/something do used to refuse something or to show that you are annoyed at a request; used to express surprise about an event or a situation
  10. used to tell somebody that something would surprise them or make them laugh if they saw or experienced it
  11. used after that after many adjectives that describe feelings
  12. (British English, formal) used with I and we in polite requests
  13. (British English, formal) used after I or we instead of would for describing what you would do if something else happened first
  14. (formal) used to refer to a possible event or situation

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944 Sentences With "should"

How to use should in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "should" and check conjugation/comparative form for "should". Mastering all the usages of "should" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Because there is so much in this country that we should, that should hurt us, should be anguishing, should be painful, should break our hearts.
He's said Saudi Arabia should get them, Japan should get them, Korea should get them, Korea should get them.
Should I stay in the relationship that is easy and comfortable or should I should I should I should've.
You should do it, you should do it, you should do it!
What should we do, what should we do, what should we do?
As in, 'Whoever gets this job, he should—they should—she should . . .
Art should be easy; art should be real; art should be human.
And for millennials, that domestic work is now supposed to check a never-ending number of aspirational boxes: Outings should be "experiences," food should be healthy and homemade and fun, bodies should be sculpted, wrinkles should be minimized, clothes should be cute and fashionable, sleep should be regulated, relationships should be healthy, the news should be read and processed, kids should be given personal attention and thriving.
The government should not tell the individual what they should smoke, what they should eat, who they should love, who they can marry.
You should remember it, you should honor it, but you should also move forward.
They are right, they should be heard, we should listen, and we should act.
The report should be made public and the Senate should resolve that it should be.
Arguments have broken out over who should be honored, who should create the statues, what they should look like and where they should be located.
They&aposre contributing to our country and the DACA thing should -- it should not be -- they should -- it should not be part of a negotiation.
Do they think that there should -- they should have guns, that there should be armed guards?
He said Saudi Arabia should get them, Japan should get them, and Korea should get them.
So the way we should regard him, the way we should write about him, should change.
"People should start bands, and people should play music, and people should make menus," says Gretchen.
Should this be something they should focus on, or any company should focus on, or not?
Going forward, the report says, sentences should be individualized, policy should emphasize public safety, data should guide policies, and the costs should be more carefully considered.
What should the seminars be about, what should the workshops be about, how should we organize the conference, and also what should be our common focus.
The problems of what we should remember and what we should forget, who we should be and how we should love seem to confuse Mr. Levenson, too.
The poems should be no more than 150 words; should be original and unpublished; should pertain to life in New York; and should be somewhat family-friendly.
Women should continue to speak out, but men should speak as well, it should be a dialogue.
Voting should be easier, it should be accessible and it should be something that everybody can do.
And, by the way, it should be dark, it should be serialized, it should have an antihero.
Racist teachers should be fired, racist administrators should be fired, people who protect racists should be fired.
That should be a goal everyone should support if you believe Indian families should continue to exist.
We should not do this, we should not do this, this we should change or communicate differently.
" WILL WIN: "The Humans" SHOULD WIN: "The Humans" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: "Familiar"* WILL WIN: "The Color Purple" SHOULD WIN: "The Color Purple" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: None WILL WIN: "Long Day's Journey Into Night" SHOULD WIN: "The Crucible" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: "The Gin Game" WILL WIN: Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Hamilton" SHOULD WIN: Danny Burstein, "Fiddler on the Roof" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Benjamin Walker, "American Psycho" WILL WIN: Cynthia Erivo, "The Color Purple" SHOULD WIN: Cynthia Erivo SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Ana Villafañe, "On Your Feet!
"She says corporations should have less Washington influence, children should be protected from gun violence, child care should be affordable, immigrants deserve compassion, mass incarceration should end and the wealthy should pay more in taxes," the editorial stated.
SHEFFIELD, England — Come January, everyone's an expert on what you should, and should not, be eating, and in what quantities you should, and should not, be eating it.
Apps should launch faster, the keyboard should appear more quickly, the camera should be more reactive and more.
Everything should be embraced, everything should be loved, and that's something that should be celebrated and not destroyed.
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Those theories should be big and bold, but they should also contain some simple truths that were once self-evident: Every voice should be heard, every person should be represented, and every citizen should get an unencumbered chance to vote.
What you should be putting aside, what you should be thinking about, how much you should be spending, etc.
They should be released pending their hearings and they should have a hearing and the law should be followed.
Women should have a choice, men should have a choice, all people should have a choice in this world.
There should be a challenge, the theme should be tight, you should walk away from it having learned something.
"You should talk to your pediatrician, you should talk to a dietitian, you should make sure it's safe for you and your family and then you should try it," Baldoni says.
"The aid should be provided wherever the suffering is found, should not be tied to political aims, should be based on need only, and actors should be given independence to operate."
What about the way you should express your feelings, the things you should be good at, the activities you should participate in, or the career and life goals you should pursue?
" He declared, "The end result of this case should be she should go to jail, the lawyers should be disbarred, and everybody should understand that I am completely and totally innocent.
"There are three points of fitness that everybody should have: They should have strength, they should have flexibility and they should be working their heart, cardio and lungs," Sarrapochiello-Castillo says.
Specifically, the notions that women should be less than, that they should be demure, and that they should be quiet.
You need to be fair, honest, trustworthy, you should not lie, and you should not cheat, and should not steal.
"There should be a purpose to the break, and there should be things both partners should work on," she says.
Johan Cruyff always talked about where people should run and where they should stand, and when they should not move.
But there should be a few, and they should be like Gabriel, and the state should follow through with it.
This should keep leaders awake at night; these productive workers should be valued and organizations should want to keep them.
Maybe I should be afraid, maybe I should scream for help, or maybe keeping calm is what I should do.
I thought to myself: You should write about Denver, you should live in Denver, you should be where you're from.
It takes wisdom to determine what you should learn, why you should learn it, and when you should learn it.
We should be talking about the economy, we should be talking about Syria, we should talk about the drug crisis.
He should be happy -- CLAPPER: Well, he should be.
It never should have -- it never should have started.
" WILL WIN: Reed Birney, "The Humans" SHOULD WIN: Reed Birney SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Jason Butler Harner, "The Crucible" WILL WIN: Jayne Houdyshell, "The Humans" SHOULD WIN: Jayne Houdyshell SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Saoirse Ronan, "The Crucible" WILL WIN: Thomas Kail, "Hamilton" SHOULD WIN: Thomas Kail SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Jerry Mitchell, "On Your Feet!
GINGRICH: I think that they should -- the only limitation should be active threats to people who are helping the United States and that should be -- and that should have to be proven.
" WILL WIN: Lin-Manuel Miranda, "Hamilton" SHOULD WIN: Lin-Manuel Miranda SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Duncan Sheik, "American Psycho" WILL WIN: "Hamilton" SHOULD WIN: "Hamilton" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: "On Your Feet!
That was really helpful to figure what the flames should look like, what color they should be, what the dead dragon should look like, what the different interactive effects should be like.
It should be cute; it should be properly accessorized; it should not affect any part of the body besides the iconic swollen belly; it should be feminine and glowing and emotionally meaningful.
Foreign capital should be kept out; the government should manage finance directly and small businesses should be prioritised over big ones.
What should or should not go on the article for Donald Trump should be discussed on Talk:Donald Trump and not here.
Instead of thinking, in the federal budget, what we should cut, we should ask the opposite question, what should we keep?
Those who are advising the President should be political savants; they should know what they're doing, and they should have experience.
The tires should be full, the brakes should slow you down, and the bell should make a little "ding ding!" sound.
An ideal payment mechanism should do 2 things: It should take place in real time, and it should clear at par.
We should hear the arguments, we should ask our questions, and then we should vote on whether we need additional evidence.
You were told you should never miss breakfast, you should drink more water and you should use natural sweeteners like honey.
Consider things such as where Forever 21 should sell its clothes, where and how it should advertise, how it should manufacture its items, how it should distribute them, the ethics and values it should communicate to its customers, and anything else you think is important.
My proposal would be, I think the US should lead on this, so we should have a US ... the US should lead on regulating ads, we should have a US federal privacy law.
We should never forget them we should never stop looking at the movies, we should thank Will Smith for making his movie, we should all be thrilled it, was a thing of beauty.
Then you worry a little bit less about the day-to-day, in terms of how I should direct people or should I do lists, should I do emails, should I do meetings?
This should be a norm and this should be regular.
Should I tell some jokes, should I tell some stories?
Should we spoil it, or should we leave it open?
They should be — they should really suffer the ultimate price.
Therefore, she should be let go, she should be fired.
Chris, should Pam Bondi, should she have filed criminal charges?
It should never be good and it should never happen.
You should watch this high, you should watch this sober.
Nobody should testify, and nobody should give documents to Congress.
Should we pull our son, should we not pull him?
Tesla should … well … should basically be less of a mess.
LONDON — Should we stay in or should we pull out?
I was scared – should I curtsy, should I say Ma'am.
Should I do it here, should I do it there?
GIULIANI: I should -- I should emphasize, I paid for it.
And we should, and we should try to avoid it.
Irregularities in Warsaw should be corrected, property should be returned.
Should a controller be held, or should it be worn?
You should be ashamed, as should the adults around you.
Fiscal policy should help avert it, as should monetary policy.
Who should pay whom or who should apologize to whom?
If our God says we should die, we should die.
If anyone should understand that, it should be the president.
So what should women know and when should we worry?
"It should be fair; it should be flexible," he wrote.
The Afghanistan war should be over; our troops should leave.
Should - should courts defer to that as - as the law?
Should a downturn occur, Trump should logically shoulder the blame.
Colombians should be proud, and we should be applauding them.
The two camps — should we stay or should we go?
You should not avoid the clichés, you should use them.
Mills: Should I bring this — should I bring this too?
Human beings should be smarter, human beings should be wiser.
It should change in 2018, and it should change thereafter.
Cannabis should be legal, just as alcohol should be legal.
So what decides who should stay or who should go?
Should it be Facebook, or should it be someone else?
Ralph Northam should not resign while 42% say he should.
What I should – I should focus on policy that matters.
And you should call Dan and you should call Gina.
Should you move to another place, or should you stay?
We should be unsettled, and we should ask ourselves why.
They should be heard and they should be dealt with.
Should we eat this or should we not eat that?
So drones for medical transport should be regulated: pilots should have licenses, and specific drone routes should be designated to prevent crashes.
Collaborations like these should happen more often; artists should take risks like this; Dev Hynes should release a new album now, please.
I try and pivot from the characterization of what women should be, what black people should be, what black women should be.
We disagree about which benefits should be covered, how generous the financial protection should be, and how we should pay for it.
"I think that everyone who has ever been abused should come forward, should be listened to and should be heard," she said.
It offers advice about when you should expose yourself to bright lights, when you should avoid caffeine, and when you should nap.
But the Captain should have the "where to go", "how to go", should be consulted, and should be decided by the parent.
He should be criticized, he should be able to take that criticism, and he should be able to be productive about it.
"It shouldn't be what else should happen - he should come here, he should give the speech and Speaker Pelosi should act like a speaker and have the president and keep her word," he said.
"It shouldn't be what else should happen - he should come here, he should give the speech and Speaker Pelosi should act like a Speaker and have the president and keep her word," he said.
If it were given what we should do, what we should say, and whom we should love — in short: if it were given what we should do with our time — we would not be free.
People should take bets on folks, people should trust folks if they're well-intentioned, people should try to learn from their past mistakes.
I should eat regularly and nutritiously, I should exercise everyday, I should get enough sleep, I shouldn't burn the candle at both ends.
Twitter Should Have Groups and Here Is How They Should Work Rex Sorgatz has some strong ideas about how Twitter groups should work.
Not only about who should play a role, but who should tell the story behind the camera, and whose story should be told.
He also goes deep on when designers should or should not go to college, and what they should actually study if they do.
It should not require a prescription, it should be covered by all insurance plans, and first responders should carry it everywhere they go.
Do you think this should be required in all states, or should individual states decide what if any minimum coverage should be provided?
The punishment should be delivered hand to hand, there should not be any delays and the cases should not go on for years.
Though President Obama should not apologize for the bombing, he should say that both the U.S. and Japan should focus on the future.
It should have been on MSNBC, it should have been on CNN, it should have been on Fox, not just on CSPAN 85033.
Many of the disputes within rich families start over business — who should run it, how it should be run, and who should benefit.
"Families should be notified, they should be able to access topical medication and they should be able to re-enter the next day."
"A patient should ask their surgeon what they should expect and how much nutritional reserve they should have before their surgery," he said.
It should be allowed and it should be free and easy.
They should be golden brown and they should smell like heaven.
And Republicans should be supporting that as much as Democrats should.
BARTIROMO: So do you think the special council should -- should finish?
GUTFELD: Should people - should conservatives try to take the high road?
Should I stand here, or should I stand here, or here?
There should be a gambling, there should be an AI version.
That should be an everyday thing, that should be a norm.
If ethics dictate that they should not, why should others profit?
Brussels, Belgium (CNN)Should the UK stay, or should it go?
Sport should be clean, and athletes' health should be firmly protected.
Society tells us how we should look, what we should eat.
Note: Elves should not be hot, but they should be approachable.
Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail.
Because there should be, and it should be the peach. 5.
There should be more community support; we should have more influence.
This should be made very clear: it should be that way.
People should have known, and he should not have been employed.
It's true: if Al Franken should resign, so should Donald Trump.
You should buy a fridge, and you should buy a tablet.
Should we alter the parameters, or should we let it ride?
I should feel proud, and I should love what I do.
So what should they, finishing up, what should they think about?
People are like 'Chris, you should boycott, Chris you should quit.
And so, where these tariff issues should help should be there.
Both have outlined their positions: Assad should go; Assad should stay.
It should go up, but states should call the shots here.
And people should have values, so by extension, a company should.
"We should be hopeful, and we should be ready to work."
If anyone should know, it feels like it should be him.
But the question is, should she stay or should she go?
Not only should we be peaceful, but now we should unite??
What traditions should I keep and which should we start anew?
Regulators should make sensible exceptions for community banks, as should Congress.
How much should drug companies charge, who should decide and how?
They should be upheld, and this report should be roundly rejected.
That should be a distinction he should not relish or welcome.
This case should be reopened and justice should finally be served.
Again, the whole "should we stay or should we move" conundrum!
It should change its visitors, and it should always be changing.
That money should go to employees, as should his $700 million.
The new administration should delay and Congress should repeal the rule.
"Information should be socialized, everything should be shared," Ms. Ibarra said.
They should not only entertain, but they should also be educational.
Yeah, maybe I should not be there, maybe I should listen.
If anyone should know how to execute this idea, he should.
We should publish those results and people should hold us accountable.
But it should be the other way; values should come first.
Everything every person should know and should have as a foundation.
It should run its course, and we should see the results.
Too much, not enough, should stay up, should be taken down?
Rabin should stand trial and that Mr. Rabin should be fined.
It was one of those "should we, should we not" things.
How big should I dream or how realistic should I be?
Should I keep her on or should I let her go?
It's a promise he should keep, and every Republican should accept.
The kids should stop using it immediately, and so should we.
They should be ashamed, and Americans should be very, very alarmed.
It's what people should consider changing, not what they should change.
We think that we should, everyone should, be treated equally here.
Men should punch back when provoked; women should be physically attractive.
Should we give people money, should we give them job training?
I don't know which one you should buy, but you should.
We should choose based on what direction the country should go.
These may refer to who should be the first to initiate contact, how you should behave on a date, or what you should wear.
HAHN: And that he doesn&apost believe that we should be - we should have a border and that we should be tough on immigration.
If you believe that trade should be predictable, should be rules-based, should be well sorted out, participate in the process and support it.
SANDERS: We should — we should learn — we should learn from King Abdullah of Jordan, one of the few heroes in a very unheroic place.
Personal data should be minimized, says Cook, it should be secure, and individuals should be able to access and delete it whenever they like.
Every user should be free to make an informed decision about whether they should use a particular tool and how they should use it.
On our central scenario, there should be no further deterioration in China, the dollar should weaken modestly and the TIPS yield should stay flat.
Still, they must decide whether algorithms should err on the side of taking down posts that should stay, or keeping posts that should go.
Number one: we should build safe zones over in Syria, that's what we should have, and we should have the Gulf states fund them.
Breakfast should begin slowly and quietly around noon, all sandwiches should be lobster rolls and every day should include some kind of beach excursion.
I should get your input on how I'm going to vote, I should get your feedback, I should hear all sides of an issue.
"They all should be doing better and we as advertisers should all be doing our part and our agencies should be doing their part."
Open Book There are books that list records you should listen to, movies you should watch and books you should read before you die.
Everyone, it seems, should work much harder — law students should fill in the gaps in their undergraduate education via MOOCs; judges should take continuing education classes at law schools; academics should learn how to conduct empirical research.
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"We should be debating how many sanctions we should place on Russia or whether we should blow up the KGB..." Hmmm... uhh... so here's Paul Begala, top Clinton ally, saying Trump should consider bombing Russia. https://t.
Users are lectured that they should have chosen long, unique passwords and that they should have subscribed to a password manager; that they should have set up two-factor authentication; that they should never use public wifi.
You should taste more of the grains, it should be more complex.
Infrastructure spending should help the company, and their balance sheet should strengthen.
Motherboard: A.I. should be "transparent," and people should understand how A.I works.
Freelancers should always have a plan B, should their work dry up.
The Pope should not have resigned—he should have lived it out.
GUTFELD: But I should also add coffee should only be taken black.
Still, apps should launch faster and photos should be easier to find.
It should be managed the way all cloud data should be managed.
Data should be openly shared and there should be oversight, it added.
WARREN BUFFETT: It should just -- it should at least match the record.
"It should be more effective; it should be more agile," he said.
So Oracle should be different than Google, should be different than Microsoft.
Ms Park should resign straight away, and fresh elections should be held.
I should note that this is not advice that you should follow.
Your business should always be yours, and you should handle it properly.
But it should be possible, and it should command widespread bipartisan support.
You should never have been confirmed and at best should be recused.
You don't think you should walk in and they should know you?
Should I buy an Android phone or should I buy an iPhone?
The Mnangagwa faction says Mugabe should retire and Mnangagwa should succeed him.
I know what I should do, but why should I do it?
As you should look at Guston, so you should look at him.
We should have played that -- we should have bought into that more.
I don't think this should be something that we should disagree about.
We should have been -- we should have acted swiftly at that time.
Wilson suggested that heads should mean arrest and tails should mean release.
Should it only consider posts in English, or should it also use
Snakes should not be picked up for selfies, neither should endangered animals.
Everyone should know better — but our elected officials should definitely know better.
JARRETT: She should be and should have been a long time ago.
Fiscal policy should be counter-cyclical, fiscal policy should be growth friendly.
I would say you should go see it, you should stream it.
Retailers should not sell these products and consumers should not eat them.
But they should be deciding which ones should go to the CEO.
How should it be used—and, more recently, should it even exist?
Challenges should diminish, he added, and operational improvements should yield financial results.
The situation should be closely watched, the right decisions should be taken.
You should have it at lunch, you should have it at dinner.
Young children should read, then they should write, write and read again.
Maybe he thinks most people should be humble, and others should not.
For the most part, existing laws should protect people, as should courts.
Should she stay in her flood-damaged home or should she go?
I should write to her, because she should see it, I think.
Or, maybe we should ask: What impact should we let it have?
That experience should illustrate that commercially prepared candied apples should be avoided.
""Everybody should have that right and you should not be denied that.
That's the type of stuff you should; that should never got lost.
A penalty should mean something, and it should get the recidivists' attention.
You should—you should have always spoken up, always—but we didn't.
CNN should seriously consider what role Acosta should play on the channel.
The choice for honorable Republicans — should I stay or should I go?
This should not be a party thing; this should be common sense.
How aggressive should AI drivers be versus how skillful should they be?
Forget about thinking I should hide it—no, I should say this.
Governments should not fear people power, they should be harnessing its potential.
Should I consider buying, and if so, what price should I pay?
In the end, technology should serve us — we should not serve it.
Theoretically, you should be reading a website whose ads should interest you.
As the Bible says, 'Age should speak; advanced years should teach wisdom.
"It should not feel like you should sell the news," he said.
Students should limit sharing food, and cafeteria workers should practice strict hygiene.
And if a jukebox musical should be anything, it should be that.
"You should be sorry, and you should be scared," the officer says.
"Maybe we should adjust faster, maybe we should adjust slower," she said.
It addressed how owners should handle dogs, not how neighbors should behave.
I am wondering what I should buy and what I should eat.
We should know that access to health care should be a right.
"They should be heard, and they should be dealt with," she said.
The artist should always be paid; the company should always be paying.
There should be more for this and there should be some accountability.
That's where the focus should be and it should be laser-focused.
The priorities should be reversed: Building housing should be the primary goal.
"Regulation should never limit creativity; it should only inspire it," Merwin said.
He should not get a hearing, and he should not be confirmed.
The celebrity should be my art, the celebrity should be my innovation.
A reminder of when we should speak, and when we should stop.
"Never say 'you should' or 'your company should,'" says the interview coach.
Or should I also be asking: How should we kill our killers?
Tell us why they should, or should not be, in this competition.
We should make nine-minute videos, no we should make shorter videos.
We should not tolerate reverse discrimination anymore than we should tolerate racism.
"It should be bipartisan, non-partisan, it should be America's legislation," Rep.
It should go without saying that none of it should have happened.
The egg whites should be set and the yolks should be runny.
The question they should be asking is: How should I serve humanity?
Also, polling places should fly flags on election days, schools should fly them when class is in session and public institutions should fly them daily.
"I'm considering whether we should scrap it, whether we should proceed with it or whether we should significantly modify it," Bernhardt said during the hearing.
Classical instruments have a long history when it comes to how they should be made, how they should sound, and how they should be played.
He did believe that there should never be a ceiling on how far people should go, but there should be a floor to help people.
"They should all be heard, and they should all be heard in courts of law and depositions, they should be heard in proceedings," Conway said.
In the long run, these systems should "increase efficiency [and] that should increase productivity, so that should be good for the world economy," he said.
The pervasive attitude was that startups should be "lean," they should establish "product-market fit," they should iterate and test and worry about branding later.
I think the investigation should not be limited—certainly should include—should not be limited to just the murder of Ms. Heyer with that car.
Dealing with Russia should not be about dealing in niceties—it should be about the business of the relationship—something our president should understand clearly.
Survivors should be telling their stories, legislators should be listening, and the public should be watching, in every city and state chamber in this country.
"A bump stock -- it should be banned, it should be disallowed, it should be wiped off the face of the earth," Wolfson said last week.
I think that people who buy guns should know how to shoot them, should know how to clean them, should know how to secure them.
He's clear about his beliefs that health care should be guaranteed, marijuana should be legal, Trump should be impeached and the border wall is ridiculous.
Arthur: She should do that and then she should reach out for real to Republicans with policies they should in theory be able to tolerate.
The provisions had stipulated how often a blowout preventer should be tested, how long each test should last, and the parts that should be inspected.
For example, images should be described with alt text; videos should be captioned; links and forms should be labeled; users should be able to increase or decrease the text size with an on-site tool or browser setting.
" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: John Doyle, "Carmen Jones"* BEST BOOK OF A MUSICAL WILL WIN: Robert Horn, "Tootsie" SHOULD WIN: Dominique Morisseau, "Ain't Too Proud" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Rick Elice, "The Cher Show" BEST SCORE OF A MUSICAL WILL WIN: David Yazbek, "Tootsie" SHOULD WIN: Matthew Sklar and Chad Beguelin, "The Prom" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Alex Bechtel, "The Appointment"* BEST PLAY WILL WIN: "The Ferryman" SHOULD WIN: "What the Constitution Means to Me" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: "Fairview,"* "Slave Play"* BEST MUSICAL WILL WIN: "Hadestown" SHOULD WIN: "The Prom" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: "Girl From the North Country"* BEST PLAY REVIVAL WILL WIN: "The Waverly Gallery" SHOULD WIN: "The Boys in the Band" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: "Uncle Vanya,"* "Boesman and Lena"* BEST MUSICAL REVIVAL WILL WIN: "Oklahoma!
If we keep tearing that down, piece by piece because you think the [Confederate] statue should stay up, I think it should come down, you think you should kneel, I think you should stand up and support the flag.
And so what should happen after a tax reform is investment should jump up and then it should grow back at trend from that higher level.
I believe that every human person should have a chance, should not be a victim of violence, should not have their lives taken from them prematurely.
It should be triggered by the central bank, it should protect democratic control over fiscal policy and it should be limited to the zero lower bound.
Exploits should be disclosed by government agencies, systems should be patched in a timely manner, and nobody should be running an old supported version of Windows.
" Raskin noted that impeachment should be the "end of a process," noting "impeachment should not be a fetish with us, nor should it be a taboo.
Scientists and bioethicists should agree on rules on what should and should not be done, and then make sure that editors of scientific journals enforce them.
I was looking to see what type of marijuana I should recommend—should my patients inhale it, ingest it, or should I recommend a specific type?
Khanna said that cutting power should not have to be the solution, stressing the company should have been and should still be updating its electrical systems.
"None of this should be interpreted that Heffter or psilocybin researchers believe that people should -- or should not -- be criminalized for possessing psilocybin mushrooms," he said.
Letter As the Democrats look to the midterm elections, what strategies should they pursue, what issues should they focus on and what pitfalls should they avoid?
They should not be expected or asked to resolve internal issues, nor should they try to displace domestic individuals, who should take and retain the lead.
For the candidates, thematically, a starting point should be that wealth should not determine a person's fate in court, and profit should not drive the system.
Instead he advocated "radical eclecticism" — he believed architecture should reflect the environment, should embrace symbolism and metaphor, and should celebrate distinct styles and merge different influences.
Your 401(k) plans should be monitored frequently — accounts need re-balancing, your progress and performance should be tracked, and you should stay abreast of fees.
A tremendous blot, because a thing like that should have never been written, it should never have been had and it should certainly never been released.
Among Republicans, 27% say the President should fire Rosenstein, 0093% that he should not, with another 34% saying they're not sure what the President should do.
Your calendar should be able to show your friends' birthdays, your maps should show where your friends live, and your address book should show their pictures.
I never told Dean how he should feel or who he should choose.
Here's how you should grow this team, or you should fire that person.
We should be, again, within the appropriate context, we should be the enforcers.
Should we jointly advance regional cooperation or should we go our separate ways?
Feet should be hip-width apart, and elbows should be shoulder-width apart.
" Brennan replied Trump should stop blaming others and should "Look in the mirror.
I probably should not be ski racing if that should be the case.
I think as women, we should stick together, we should encourage, each other.
I think it should be, I think it should be frankly more interesting.
Congress should not raise the debt limit this summer; it should eliminate it.
I think all these people should ... we should all be doing our jobs.
Some 2503% said lawmakers should dismantle it, while 27% say it should not.
The laws of the economy suggest markets should react and prices should rise.
It doesn't define you what you should do or how you should behave.
It's about women and girls: what they should do, how they should behave.
If people should have values, then by extension a company should have values.
No, I think we should have, I think we should have an independent.
" He also said that teachers who are armed should "should get yearly bonus.
The onus should not be on them, it should be on the sites.
Should you upgrade now, and what should you do before pulling the trigger?
If Trump should win, his dealings with Britain should be fascinating to watch.
It should be based on merit, and it should be based on success.
Numbers in hand, the tours should act and we should all move on.
Consideration should be given to an age after which swaddling should be discouraged.
We should expect better from these companies, and Apple should address these claims.
They should withdraw, and if they don't, the Senate should not confirm them.
Very simplistically, the whole family should shop and the whole family should search!
MACCALLUM: You say that Mueller should resign or he should be fired, why?
The whey should be clear and the curd should be slice-able. 4.
In successful projects, demand for tokens should rise and early investors should profit.
The initial tax should be low, but it should be set to escalate.
I'm in no position to say what should and should not be [banned].
This should only take a few minutes and should be free of charge.
I'm not saying this is what you should do — what anyone should do.
This should not be the life that any child should have to live.
All presidents should help people, but not all helpful people should be president.
" And again: "Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail.
And if anyone should be put on modified assignment, it should be him.
If anyone should get the property back, they said, it should be them.
But in a way, I should -- we all should hold each other accountable.
Yet many jobs in both industries should be comparable, as should pay scales.
Is it something we should be embracing, something we should be concerned about?
The cake should be starting to soufflé and should be light in color.
We should publish to them and we should be held accountable to them.
He should not be allowed on TV and the FCC should fine him!
So we should have a say, we should have a right to it.
Dershowitz is here to tell us what should and should not be included.
Knees should be bent and your right arm should be behind your back.
He should be cooperative and Congress should be cooperative of the executive branch.
He should be cooperative and Congress should be cooperative with the executive branch.
His case should be a rallying cry, and his release should be celebrated.
But at the very least, what should happen is the teacher should apologize.
The votes should be recounted, and the results should not simply be annulled.
It's not just Democrats who should support Foster; Republicans and independents should, too.
It should be funny at times and the speaker should share personal stories.
What land should be set aside, what should be exploited, and how much?
Content should never try to manipulate employees but should be honest and transparent.
Bannon should be fired because white nationalists should not be running the government.
We don't know what should have happened, or who should have guarded who.
Should students have to pay for school lunch or should it be free?
It should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it.
Border security should be a "no brainer" and should enjoy wide bipartisan support.
The vaginal opening should hug two fingers, and it should be much higher.
That's not the way you should lose a child, or someone should die.
Congress should establish an independent commission and a special prosecutor should be appointed.
Above all, it should take more risks; it should say yes more often.
Should I give him a second chance, or should I have no mercy?
Should members have concerns with the law, they should seek to amend it.
"We should act together, and we should do it sooner rather than later."
"This should have never happened and should not happen again," Chaffetz told CNN.
I felt I should just admit this, I should own up to it.
The reporter should routinely offer this information, or the story editor should ask.
But yeah, FSociety should go to HEFAT training, as should FSociety members' therapists.
The Mets should not have been surprised — and the Cubs should be terrified.
" Erso must decide: "Should he keep on going, should he stop right now?
Our discussion should not be about whether they should be regulated, but how.
Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately.
"They should be using maps, and they should know the route," he said.
For anyone who thinks you should let this slide, you should fight back.
LCCZ: He should turn down—he should say talk to me another time.
Even browsing files should be faster, and remote connections should start more quickly.
It should be visceral, a player should feel like a Hall of Famer.
Everyone should be respected by the law, and everyone should respect the law.
Should women like me be blacked out, should women like me just disappear?
So that's all sort of what should have happened or should be happening.
Democrats should be equally convinced, and should confront her, fiercely, on those grounds.
Kelton: Who should pick the number, and how should they decide on it?
No guy should ever wear cargo shorts — here's what you should own instead
And so, we should be careful about that, or you guys should then.
KS: Should everyone have a Switch or should everyone have a separate Switch?
Everyone should be respected by the law and everyone should respect the law.
Further, they wrote, Congress should decide what should be redacted in the report.
"You should not only pick your nose, you should eat it," she said.
It should have happened after Columbine, it should have happened after Sandy Hook.
And should either team make the Finals unbeaten, the streak should end there.
Politicians should not dictate what kind of investigations prosecutors should open or close.
"This should be a red flag that the authorities should pursue," he said.
Finally, new testimonial hearings should be held, and uncalled witnesses should be subpoenaed.
It's either, 'Yeah, we should move on' or 'Eh, we should go again.
The committee and the broader Senate should pass it, as should the House.
It should never have happened, and we should have never went through it.
You should activate that impulse, and you should still be trying new things.
Bad drivers should receive bad ratings, and good drivers should receive good ratings.
You should take down these four, and you should take down the others.
Your house should work as advertised — faulty appliances should be repaired or replaced.
We should blame the Karens, but maybe we should blame the doors too?
"You should have the risk and you should enjoy the reward," he said.
I would not dictate who should be prosecuted or who should be exonerated.
What should our worker insurance programs should look like for the 21st century?
I should have understood that then, and I never should have done it.
Nor should they go without health insurance that they want and should have.
I would not dictate who should be prosecuted or who should be exonerated.
Politicians should not dictate what treatments are available to veterans, the evidence should.
Trump should do what he should have done his first day in office.
Mr. Christie should veto the bill, and other states should abandon their efforts.
The City Council should reject this proposal and other cities should take note.
If anything should terrify us about the Trump presidency, it should be that.
These should be an hour and a half, they should be two hours.
Keefe says researchers should proceed, but should do so with caution and thoughtfulness.
The museum should be for everybody and should reflect the diversity of Baltimore.
It states that any collection of posthumous health data should be used for the common good and should not be exploited commercially, that research done with the data should be shared with the public, and that it should be carefully stored.
Most pupils will be unaware that parents, teachers, policymakers, researchers and critics have been wrangling over what kind of grammar should be taught; when it should be taught; how students should be graded and, in particular, how they should be tested.
Yet this should be considered again by those in Congress; while the right to free speech should be protected, it should not carelessly put the public at risk — therefore, necessary parameters should be put in place when these ads are run.
Public health professionals will also need to work with political leaders to make hard decisions on if or when large events should be canceled, workers should be told to telecommute, schools should change the way they operate or schools should close.
"; Audra McDonald, "Shuffle Along" WILL WIN: Frank Langella, "The Father" SHOULD WIN: Gabriel Byrne, "Long Day's Journey Into Night" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Ben Whishaw, "The Crucible" WILL WIN: Jessica Lange, "Long Day's Journey Into Night" SHOULD WIN: Jessica Lange SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Cicely Tyson, "The Gin Game" WILL WIN: Daveed Diggs, "Hamilton" SHOULD WIN: Brandon Victor Dixon, "Shuffle Along" SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Billy Porter, "Shuffle Along" WILL WIN: Renée Elise Goldsberry, "Hamilton" SHOULD WIN: Jennifer Simard, "Disaster!
They should air the legislation, longer we should have hearings, we should develop a fact based body of knowledge to understand exactly how it's going to work.
But I would say more clients than ever before are asking questions, what should they be doing, where should they allocate money, how should they be positioned.
"Those responsible for the murder of 202 people, including 88 Australians, should be prosecuted, should receive the severest of punishment and should never be freed," she said.
"The decision against Nawaz Sharif should be dismissed and he should be released immediately," party spokeswoman Marriyum Aurangzeb said, adding that Sharif's conviction should be considered "void".
A larger percentage of the polled Democrats think Franken should stay, with 2628 percent saying he should remain in office and 28503 percent saying he should resign.
Ro Khanna told CNBC that cutting power should not have to be the solution, stressing utilities should have been and should still be updating their electrical systems.
And schoolbooks detail how boys should cut their hair, how girls should cover their bodies and how often a person should trim his or her pubic hair.
"Prudent monetary policy should be kept neutral, the floodgates of monetary supply should be controlled, and credit and social financing should see reasonable growth," the statement said.
Individual investigation should be part of the FBI, cyber war capabilities should be within US Cyber Command, and critical infrastructure defense should be part of DHS's mission.
It boils down to this: How should the rivers be controlled, who should make those decisions and how much protection should be given to those most vulnerable?
Here's what fiscal policy should do: it should support demand when the economy is weak, and it should pull that support back when the economy is strong.
Instead, trading terminals should be installed onshore, transactions should be transparent and easy to trace, while trading data should be comprehensive and accessible, according to the rules.
Which federal agency should be the agency that should ... Should there ... Because I think Nancy Pelosi was talking about an agency of AI, really, to monitor data.
" SHOULD WIN: Ali Stroker SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Bonnie Milligan, "Head Over Heels" BEST DIRECTOR OF A PLAY WILL WIN: Sam Mendes, "The Ferryman" SHOULD WIN: Sam Mendes SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Joe Mantello, "Hillary and Clinton"; Sarah Benson, "Fairview"* BEST DIRECTOR OF A MUSICAL WILL WIN: Rachel Chavkin, "Hadestown" SHOULD WIN: Daniel Fish, "Oklahoma!
He should make us laugh, but more than that, he should make us think.
If you don't think this show should be created, who should be held responsible?
These serious charges should be proved and they should not be bandied about lightly.
Both made clear what rules their staff should and, more importantly, should not enforce.
Listen, we should — whoever wins this nomination should win it on their own merits.
He should get there the old fashioned way, and he should get those votes.
Information warfare tactics should not compete with more traditional ones -- they should complement them.
Should I or should I not add a cup of water, season, and adjust?
"Presidential candidates should be speaking up, people around this country should be speaking up." 
We should celebrate them, and we should support a public archive that celebrates them.
She should be the one to tell us, but how long should we wait?
"The press in Kashmir should have more access should have more rights," Shah said.
Our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us.
But he said firefighters should catch a break Tuesday, when winds should die down.
KS: I think cars should not start if you're doing that, the car should.
"These deaths should not be going up, they should be going down," Ward said.
What's your argument that the V.A. should still exist and should not be privatized?
Officers can watch their colleagues and learn what they should—or should not—do.
Twitter Should Kill the Retweet Taylor Lorenz says Twitter should get rid of retweets.
He felt that black women should be celebrated and black beauty should be celebrated.
When should you worry, and when should you dismiss it as a harmless trend?
For me it was like, 'Should my hair be curly, should it be straight?
Why should other nations — like Canada — why should other nations pay less than us?
That's not what a wedding should be; Every detail should be meaningful and thoughtful.
The full report should be released and Robert Mueller should testify to its findings.
Inheritance tax should be gotten rid of, expensing of capital purchases should be done.
I should have tried harder, should have explained to her what I was doing.
Of course, none of this gets at how Democrats should or should not change.
While I believe Mueller should remain, the two Clinton-donating investigators should be excluded.
The assumption going forward should be that any untested device should be considered vulnerable.
Boxing; barbarically dangerous though it is, should not be banned, nor should other sports.
You should give them credit for how they played, and we should be better.
Because in my mind, that's what you should do, you should put family first.
"Water should be a source of collaboration and should bring people together," he said.
The BPM should should be a little faster than where you started out at.
It should be unconditional, it should be fully trusting, where they feel the safest.
" Lea says Broner's language should be considered "hate speech and should be a crime.
Some thought the registry should be mandatory and others thought it should be voluntary.
It should come as no surprise to him, but he should answer it directly.
"We should go for waterboarding and we should go tougher than waterboarding," he said.
That should be their mission, and they should let the public know about that.
But Apple should give up, they should get the security or find other people.
It should teach us all something about how we should look at health care.
There should be one religion and everyone should worship the one and only God.
Samsung says the Galaxy Buds should cost $129.99, and should ship starting March 8th.
So how should the centre-left should go about rebuilding relations with these people?
"This should never have happened and it should not happen again," she told CNN.
They should be embarrassed over it, and the people should be but they're not.
Sure the purists can say journalism should be above that, and maybe it should.
The project should have been envisioned sooner, and the process should have been fairer.
"Tanks should be powerful, they should be a thing you're afraid of," he says.
"Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail," Trump tweeted Saturday.
That should make it safer to eat — it should kill the majority of concerns.
These examples should be heartening, but they should not turn drive members into complacency.
"The person who said that should apologize and should apologize publicly," he told reporters.
We should be appalled by all of this, but we should not be surprised.
This should stand us in reasonably good (if imperfect) stead, should a crisis arise.
Congress, the groups said, should reject the former, and negotiators should fix the latter.
Justice should be blind and should have no [consideration] with respect to political party.
Yes, they should get on e-mail, so yes they should get on social.
The most important goals you should have should be experiential learning and personal transformation.
The all-knowing, all-seeing bond market should discount that, and yields should fall.
The question facing both places: Should they be rescued, or should residents be relocated?
Should I mirror the rhythm of her hips, Or should I take the lead?
We should expose these people for what they are - there should be total transparency!
Recruits should be formally screened — as should all of us, starting at school age.
However, the document does discuss how employees should react should someone file a complaint.
Does this mean that Trump should attack Mueller, or that Mueller should be fired?
People should know what's in the textbook; above all, they should buy my book!
The president's influence should not be underestimated but it should also not be overstated.
"So the question is, should we keep silent or should we continue?" he wrote.
What is the prescriptions of what the companies should do, what people should do?
The people who hurt us should feel ashamed; we should be proud we survived.
We should take heart and we should take pride in that and defend it.
Two overwhelmingly white states should not go first, and more major metropolitan areas should.
We should have it with the public; we should have it with each other.
The movie's reality should be questioned; the anxious pounding of your heart should not.
He said older people should stay home, as should those with preexisting medical conditions.
" We need to decide when we should and should not use the term "addiction.
And, no, I don't think that one should should wipe free your whole microbiome.
But he said he should not be misunderstood: Objects should be returned where possible.
Should the government tear down 24 Sussex and start over, or should it renovate?
Should I plant all vegetables, or should I leave room for some tasty herbs?
"The state should help, but the state should not press" the courts, he said.
Your feet should be hip-width apart; your elbows should be shoulder-width apart.
So I don't know whether I should be happy or should I be sad.
You should cut costs and you should have somebody else look at your expenses.
Should elections be canceled or postponed, or should states make health and safety adjustments?
Washington should help much more than it does, but so should other wealthy nations.
A photo should be posted, and they should call 911 if the person appears.
The discipline clerk should have known better how children should be disciplined, he said.
Then he said schools and bars should close and restaurants should offer only takeout.
Are there some sports that should be coed and others that should not be?
Investors should be asking instead whether an asset class is performing as it should.
At least one of them should die and I think it should be Elizabeth.
Parents should check their children, and adults should have someone else check their backs.
Yes, the women should be paid more, as should the male inmate crew members.
This information should be made public and patients should have easy access to it.
History should be better contextualized on campus, and we should eschew any hagiographic imagery.
Whenever we have a vote, we should vote yes and we should vote no.
Should I mirror the rhythm of her hips,Or should I take the lead?
For example, should we go to the moon or should we go to Mars?
We should just leave, we should figure out how to live off the grid.
Should Democrats win that trifecta, they should expand and yes, pack, the Supreme Court.
Security updates should only update security, and everything else should be optional and unbundled.
Should I contact them, or should I respect the parents' refusal from decades ago?
"She should not just be dismissed — she can and should be prosecuted," he added.
"This woman should not be insulted and she should not be ignored," Conway said.
These determined how much alimony payments should be and when such payments should end.
That's no way to judge where taxpayer dollars should and should not be invested.
We should be discussing how journalists should treat such information when they encounter it.
Russia and America should be great allies, and that's the way it should be.
He said rates should rise but that "I don't know when" that should happen.
All sides should cease fire simultaneously and the government should release prisoners, it added.
But responsibility should accompany authority, and there should be accountability for mistakes and misjudgments.
The FBI should conduct a background investigation, and the registration process should take months.
I think Japan's yield curve should steepen further ... Super-long yields should be higher.
But doctors should prescribe carefully, and parents should never keep leftovers in the house.
While this process should recognize their feelings, it should also be beneficial to you.
We should not "protect" such communities regardless of cost, but we should nurture them.
What should really happen is there should be a national privacy bill, for one.
You should protect those rights, and when you don't you should be held accountable.
He should be grateful to those who stood up to him & so should we.
And then I asked who should be fired for this, who should be fired?
You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine.
Again, to a degree of certitude that should be sufficient, they should be suppressed.
It should go without saying that Osborn should not have done what he did.
That's why you should focus on continuous improvement but plan to have continual meetings with your accountant: The former should never, ever stop, and the other (mercifully) should.
Leave me alone, by the way, because you should know me, you should read my mind, you should know I'm just working, getting my groceries and going home.
But, he knows when the first violin should be playing, and he knows when the trumpets should be loud or soft, and when the drummer should be drumming.
Carson also said that every candidate should release their tax returns, saying, "I think we should all do that" when asked if Trump should release his tax returns.
Callimachi: For everything from how you should buy your plane ticket, to which safe house you should go to, to which smuggler you should get in touch with.
People should not buy or eat romaine lettuce; restaurants should stop serving it; anyone who has it on hand should throw it out and clean the refrigerator immediately.
But he knows when the first violin should be playing, and he knows when the trumpets should be loud or soft, and when the drummer should be drumming.
The planning document says that the EPA should not fund scientific research, should make all science used for regulatory decisions public and should overhaul its scientific advisory board.
"They should go through the process, they should be transparent about it, they should seek whatever input they need, and then they can change the policy," she said.
The heading of your letter should correlate with your resume, the font should be the same and the paper (if you're printing it) should also be the same.
When people have a smartphone in their hand, they feel that they should have a voice, that they should be broadcasting, that they should have agency and dignity.
Should we think of them as editors or should we think of search engines as more like shopping malls or should we think of them as something else?
You should use a password manager, you should use a unique password for every site, you should change any affected passwords the moment you hear about a breach, and you should turn on two-factor authentication for all sites that support it.
Biden's plan draws clear lines on how that money should be used: Teachers should get a raise, 3- and 4-year-olds should get access to pre-K, and rigorous coursework (such as Advanced Placement classes) should be available at all schools.
Should May be unable to agree a deal by March 29, 36 percent said Britain should leave without a deal, 35 percent said it should stay in the EU and 19 percent said departure should be delayed until an agreement is reached.
I should figure out why no one wants to be around me, I should go to the same bar every night, become a regular, I should volunteer again, I should get a cat or a plant or some nice lotion or some Whitestrips.
LR: No, it should be-, it should be, you know, solved in solidarity among the European countries, and that's why I have been advocating, from the very first beginning, that we should protect our external borders, and then we should fight root causes.
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" SHOULD WIN: Ali Stroker SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Mare Winningham, "Girl From the North Country"* BEST DIRECTOR OF A PLAY WILL WIN: Sam Mendes, "The Ferryman" SHOULD WIN: Sam Mendes SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOMINATED: Joe Mantello, "Hillary and Clinton"; Richard Nelson, "Uncle Vanya"* BEST DIRECTOR OF A MUSICAL WILL WIN: Rachel Chavkin, "Hadestown" SHOULD WIN: Daniel Fish, "Oklahoma!
We were really struck by how there's an enormous amount written about how an individual engineer should do something, and best practices, and the languages you should use, and the technologies, and all the rest; there's surprisingly little written about how groups of people should build software together and the practices they should adopt and how they should do things like testing, how they should do things like deployment, how they should do things like handle pagers and the inevitable incidents that arise and things like that.
The N.F.L. should stop endorsing youth football; the N.C.A.A., the Power Five football conferences, ESPN and Sports Authority should stop supporting it; state legislatures and Congress should ban it.
The WHO panel's statement said any human gene editing work should be done for research only, should not be done in human clinical trials, and should be conducted transparently.
It should go without saying that your jokes should not be about your weird stances on which emotions different genders should or shouldn't express, or about Hillary Clinton... dying?
Many of the hardest policy debates triggered by religion concern children: what they should be taught, what clothing and diet they should adopt, how their bodies should be treated.
The industry group's recommendations go into minute detail on matters including how storage facility data should be collected, how staff should be trained and how emergencies should be handled.
When adults think, "Should I attempt a new career, should I attempt this, should I try that?" they have these kinds of thoughts, and talk themselves out of things.
For that reason, the administration should reverse its policy on nuclear waivers; the waiver pertaining to Fordow should be fully revoked and those related to Arak should be suspended.
The suspension should have covered the off-season, and the Padres should have been forced to surrender draft picks, should have been restricted in the international market, or both.
"Your elbows should be in line with your shoulders, your arms should be bent, and your hands should be in front of your face around eye level," Baron explained.
Lawmakers also can't agree on what type of information a federal law should protect, what type of incident should trigger a notification and whether certain industries should get exemptions.
I believe women can and should be EVERYTHING just like male lead characters should be.
Fashion should not be black or white, the world should not be black or white.
The $5 plan should be the focus, and the $10 plan should be the bonus.
McGovern, Democrats should reconsider McGovern himself: He should have become the party's Barry Goldwater. Lyndon
The state should be ashamed of themselves and the court should be ashamed of themselves.
"  WATCH WHY ILLEGALS SHOULD SUPPORT TRUMP&aposS BORDER WALL:  "They should be championing a wall.
HAHN: Judge, of course, we should... PIRRO: So, you agree we should build a wall?
STIREWALT: Maybe we should go out -- maybe we should do the show outside sometime, Dana.
"Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately," Thune tweeted.
No one should feel this much pain; no one should go through this much suffering.
I think you should not make an effort about that, you should just be yourself.
The loyal generals should not only reach agreement, but should agree upon a reasonable plan.
Is there anything that normal people should should do or two people stop eating oysters?
"I think more people should do it and should speak publicly about it," Tilson said.
No one likes to be told who should run and who they should vote for.
I should be in the system and my face should get me into the building.
So we should be talking about race and ethnicity; we should be talking about gender.
"They should announce their own 20 points immediately … they should have been ready," he said.
Forty-eight percent said he should be re-elected; 44 percent said he should not.
The global community should start discussing which genetic diseases should be addressed by gene editing.
Coal-fired power plants should be shut down, and no new ones should be approved.
Also, there are bullies who decide who should be welcomed and who should be ostracized.
Your age should not determine whether or not you should squirt shampoo in your eye.
They should be on DoorDash, and they should have their own channels, and many do.
Investing in Zika preparedness and prevention should begin now and funding should be a priority.
We should have a zero tolerance towards this kind of behavior, and he should resign.
They should have a war room set up, this should be all hands on deck.
I think that should apply to conservatives, I think it should also apply to liberals.
The NFIP should start to charge market premiums and developing countries should sell catastrophe bonds.
"There should be matrixes through which many of these systems should be judged," said Puri.
That's not something I should feel ashamed of, [that's] something I should feel empowered by!
But they should not affect your nerves; they should not make you sick or ... stressed.
It should be hard to build a business, it should be hard to raise money.
Policies that allow women to thrive should not be novelties, they should be the norm.
Why should women bear the entire responsibility of promoting what should be a basic right?
Sexual harassment and misconduct should not be allowed by anyone and should not occur anywhere.
The leader of NASA should not be bipartisan; the leader of NASA should be nonpartisan.
He didn't say that Ivanka should come forward or that people should listen to her.
It should not predetermine whether they should have a job or be given job opportunities.
The Fed should save some ammunition should external shocks demand a substantial and immediate reaction.
Warren blasts $WFC CEO: "You should resign...and you should be criminally investigated..."
Well, some of it should come from taxes, but the government should pay for it.
Disclosures should have been used, and those who donated to Clinton should have been excluded.
"With Gottlieb, conflicts of interest should be of concern and should be addressed," she said.
What should the company allow to remain on the platform, and what should it ban?
He still said in the interview that billionaires should exist, which they absolutely should not.
I think everyone should get high, and I think that Vladimir Putin should drop acid.
This investigation should happen, but under our Constitution, it should be conducted by Congress. pic.twitter.
CHAFFETZ: She should have been charged -- she should have been charged a long time ago.
And so yes, they should do better by employees; they should be increasing the pay.
For that reason, we should all wear purple, and every day should be Prince Day.
So, what you actually should be doing as CEO, what you should be focusing on.
You won't want to miss these panels: • Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?
It should still be completely aware, and it should continue to look out for you.
All sides should cease fire simultaneously and the Syrian government should release prisoners, it added.
It said the Treasury should undertake a review of how the transition should be funded.
America First should not mean shunning these alliances; it should require their support and development.
No bit of you should be stinging, and every inch of you should feel smooth.
That volatility should continue to rise this year, analysts said, which should impact overall volume.
I know everyone says, 'Well, you should win this game, you should win that game.
"We thought, 'oh, should we have a march, should we have a gathering'," Michalchyshyn recalled.
The real question is when we should raise rates, what pace we should raise rates.
There should be more, and they should be accompanied by those from people of color.
Companies should also consider — in advance — what their policy should be for notifying law enforcement.
Post-election audits should conform to the highest statistical standards, and should be mandatory. 3.
For example, what type of microphones should be used, and where should they be placed?
Corbett says there should be one item that you should prioritize when fleeing: your key.
And should I want to time my celebration to the minute, what should I do?
It should be intuitive to use and update, and should be fast, stable and scalable.
The debate should exist around what policies governments should impose to address the associated risks.
You should be saying there's no spectrum left — you should be running up the prices!
Their telephone and internet should be cut and they should be imprisoned in their house.
The food should be interesting and delicious but it should also be fun to watch.
If we fail, the blame should fall all on me; that's how management should work.
The meeting...should have been in the diary and my staff should have been informed.
We should be asking ourselves: how does money work today and how should it work?
"There should be nothing you should be ashamed of" in using social media, he said.
We should expand NATO's role, not contract it, and we should talk tough with Russia.
"  "Parties should not manipulate political debates, they should refrain from social bots and fake news.
The White House should also be involved in this process and should push for it.
Every move should be scrutinized, and every attempt to harm the environment should be hamstrung.
That should always be a top priority, and nothing should be allowed to weaken it.
But they should know, because we said they should not send any further 'nuclear provocations.
Political reality doesn't devalue Mueller's work; it should only change how we should process it.
But [Ford] should come forward, she should have her say, she will be respectfully treated.
We should avoid any candidate who thinks that government should be run like a business.
"Our Parliament should be a representative place; it should look and feel like New Zealand."
Sony should want her to do her best and they should giver her that option.
Britain should pull out of the deal, and other countries should learn from its misadventure.
Congress should not only reject these cuts — it should support increased funding for affordable housing.
America's travel deficit steals the experiences we should have and the memories we should make.
"Efficiency should be a target, and Pakistan should ensure more crop per drop," he said.
Should new dips in luminosity be detected, astronomers should be able to pick out patterns.
So, when should you trust a venture capitalist, and when should you prepare for battle?
Suicide should never be taken lightly — those who need help should seek it right away.
"People always ask if they should use charcoal or should they use gas," he says.
"We don't think [women] should be punished as Donald Trump said they should," Kaine said.
At face value, it should be a film that you should be able to access.
But that diversity should not be what divides us, it should be what unites us.
Like Trump, they should all talk the same: They should all talk like he talked.
" 'I think I should direct it, and you should be in it,' " Mendes recalled saying.
Here's what you should buy and what you should skip there, according to shopping experts.
But you should use the following points to figure out which pair you should buy.
Finally, while a U.S. privacy law should be distinctly American, it should work with GDPR.
It should sprawl, and it should nudge us further than we'd maybe prefer to go.
John Conyers should step down amid sexual harassment allegations "...I would think he should" pic.twitter.
What she's really suggesting is that I should check—that the checker should be me.
It should taste fresh and flavorful, and there should be balance between batter and chicken.
"This is an area where Congress should act, we should have common ground," said Sen.
He should have been here with the family ... He should have been there with us.
The only assignment that should be given should be something like be an illustrated diary.
Forty-five percent said he should be while 40 percent said he should not be.
Like history and literature, public schools should teach religion -- but they should not teach faith.
It's a move that corporate titans should cheer -- and the rest of us should fear.
We're doing very well and someone should tell us why we should stop doing it.
No crisis need ensue should Clinton be impeached or should serious impeachment rumblings ever occur.
It should be settled law that taxpayers should not be forced to fund an abortion.
" Now he was speaking of "collective values for what should and should not be allowed.
Susan Collins: Israel should allow Omar, Tlaib to visit MORE should be given more scrutiny.
Schumer argued that Kavanaugh's "credibility" should be key to deciding if he should be confirmed.
It should not just be about avoiding disease, it should be about getting proper care.
We should scrutinize their ideas and their plans and question whether they should represent us.
We should be being the adults, we should be thinking of how to soothe them.
This isn't to say he should become self-righteous but should perhaps show some tact.
Maybe I should be afraid of this or maybe I should be afraid of that.
"Your heart rate should rise quite high and you should be breathing rapidly," Skye notes.
The contracts should be signed beginning of next year and that should help with valuation.
But he should get there the old fashioned way and he should get those votes.
Emergency planners should plan for a backup system to activate should a main system fail.
I think we should have hearings and we should have a debate on the floor.
"Everybody knows what a National Theater should be, what the repertoire should be," he said.
Your morning routine should suit your needs, but there are some habits everyone should try.
Sarafina Alamurda disagrees, and thinks teachers should teach: Teachers should not be armed with guns.
If so, who should be responsible for combating these bots and what should they do?
Still, it should have never happened, because Gilmore Girls should have ended much sooner. When?
You should not drive drunk, and only one person should ride on a single scooter.
Your spouse should know that you need alone time and should give it to you.
And he should determine to do, to quote his old toast, what an American should.
Nor would I tell any woman whether she should or should not terminate a pregnancy.
"But we should not say, 'Because we don't want Paul Chan, maybe Carrie should stay.'"
Should we treat the ongoing heart attack, or should we focus on his latest problem?
They play fast, open, free, unencumbered—that's how basketball should be, how life should be.
Should the stress begin to affect your ability to function, you should seek professional help.
Twitter should not just embrace such reputational guidelines, it should make them transparent and meaningful.
And I think they should drop rates, and they should get rid of quantitative tightening.
Moise should not have done that, and the Curva should not have reacted that way.
The question is how long the delay should be and what conditions should be attached.
"Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail," he tweeted on Saturday.
SHORTZ: Fill-in-the-blank clues should be used sparingly, and they should be interesting.
"Everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous!" she said.
"  "Look, my opposition isn't to the principle that there should be — you should have Medicare.
I don't think we should abolish them, but they should definitely be monitored more closely.
Why do you think these topics should or should not be included in science curriculum?
It's an opportunity to rethink how we should and should not cover politics and power.
The absolute minimum value you should place on that is $5, which you should tip.
KK: Men should be worried about it, and they should be taking responsibility for it.
Sen. Warren blasts $WFC CEO: "You should resign...and you should be criminally investigated..." pic.twitter.
Which should be followed by medical doctors, and which should be supported by government assistance?
Policy should be 'generally pro-trade' but that country should avoid doing something 'really stupid'
"There should be multiple verifications all along that should have avoided that," the person said.
"We should be scared we should be panicked, because this is really serious," Fonda said.
He should do that now, and Judge Garland should take his place on the court.
Those who think churches should never talk about politics should support changing it as well.
The festival itself should be alive and should react to the parts of its body.
"So it wasn't about — you should have less and we should have more," she added.
But he should take a further step; he should demand to be called to testify.
Forty-eight percent say Trump should not be removed, while 22020 percent say he should.
First, the main significant operation that should be envisioned should be a humanitarian relief mission.
Pompeo should recognize that if Putin cares so much about Ukraine, America certainly should too.
Every parent should watch this, and so should their kids (if of an appropriate age).
It should list an email address and below that in parenthesis it should say "default."
The sacrifice of our brave men and women should be respected and should be honored.
Wanting a better understanding should never be frowned upon, and inquisitiveness should always be rewarded.
He suggested the U.S. should instead should take in more immigrants from countries like Norway.
Employment should rebound next month, and the economy should remain on its modest growth path.
Forty-eight percent said they should be and 28503 percent said they should remain private.
Consumers should discontinue use of the medication, Pfizer said, and retailers should not sell it.
"He doesn't believe anyone should try and dictate who that nominate should be," Axelrod said.
Should it be easier to remove the president or should the bar be even higher.
That should not mean the President should pass on their false claim to the country.
Everyone should have a 3-D mammogram, and it should be compared with previous mammograms.
That's because Trump believes big guys should take everything and little guys should take nothing.
Yes, but not because we should heed such advice, but because we should reject it.
Either both instances should be administrative matters or both should receive raids on their attorneys.
She asked if the bank should be "downsized" and said regulators should consider replacing him.
Emergency planners should plan for a backup system to activate should a main system fail.
I don't think we should have a loyalty test, but there should be loyalty assumptions.
"It's a call Comcast should make ... and Verizon should take," wrote Bazinet in the note.
This measure should go nowhere, and Senate appropriators should kill it once and for all.
We should be providing security and should be putting our diplomatic resources behind the elections.
"The Hispanics should work harder at assimilation," he said, and their kids should speak English.
Reputable professionals should provide ample follow-up instructions, which should be carefully read and followed.
Forty-nine percent said he should stay put, 43 percent that he should suspend himself.
Students should be able to afford them, and borrowers should not be crushed by debts.
I think the backmatter should be for community building, and it should be for questions.
Choices should definitely be made by teachers, but there should be options for the kids.
How do you think tech should be involved and what should be the big issues?
"If they think they should [be surveilled], then I think they should too," she said.
It should be a puzzle for me, and it should be a puzzle for you.
They just should see that there's a price difference and they should take a decision.
The debate is now not whether it should rise but how high it should go.
I mean if there's any lesson they should learn, I think it should be overcorrect.
Then based on their answers — as well as the information on their Facebook Page — Facebook will create recommendations for the audience they should target, the budget they should set and even how the different versions of the ad should look and what they should say.
The overriding concerns about Ginsburg's comments reflect admirably cautious instincts: The judiciary should be above politics; justices should not be political operators; they should be people of guarded temperament, not crowd-pleasers; we should not welcome or be blasé about the slippage of governing norms.
And therefore, when players are unavailable, we should know that, if they're probably or likely, I don't have the model code, but I do think it's something that we should do and probably should have done it before, but certainly should do it now.
" When police are not educated about the effects of trauma, Campbell says, "they bring to the interaction a certain expectation that victims should behave a certain way," paraphrasing: "'If you're really traumatized, you should be crying, you should be upset, you should be demonstrative.
And it starts early: We're told from the time we can talk what slang we should use, what we should wear, how much money we should make and the type of home we should live in if we want to be considered winners in life.
The argument to me that you should hear what they're saying, that you should hear the voices because the media tends to make it more benign than it should be.
It happened a while ago on desktop PCs, for instance: it was eventually decided that keyboards should be QWERTY, interfaces should be graphical, and things should scroll up and down.
You'll have stores where you work, Walmart should have stores near where you work, they should have stores near where you live, they should have stores near where you play.
A lot of the book is addressed to government policy, talking about what our government should do, how our social norms should constrain behavior, how taxes should be collected, etc.
"The Senate should hold committee hearings; Senators should meet with him, we should debate his qualifications on the Senate floor and cast whatever vote we believe he deserves," Manchin said.
The country remains split on whether Republicans should continue to try to repeal Obamacare, with 38% of respondents saying they should and 39% saying Republicans should let the law stand.
Purchases of forensics software (already common in US police departments) should go through normal procurement processes, should have documentation (subject to public records laws), and should be subject to oversight.
The thermonuclear monarchy must end, the AUMF should be repealed, the drone program should only continue with congressional approval, and the NSA surveillance program should be tightly monitored by Congress.
Transgender troops Almost three-quarters of Americans say people who are transgender should be allowed to serve in the US military -- 73% say they should, 0013% that they should not.
If we're not making progress, well, then we should work harder or we should feel more urgency or we should look inside and figure out what we can do better.
"I find myself kind of sitting around the house thinking, 'There's something missing here — I should be working out, I should be running, I should be doing something,'" Halladay said.
Airlines should improve flight routes and airplane designs to cut emissions, banks should end funding fossil fuel projects, and the already subsidized fossil fuel industry should not get financial support.
That streak should hit seven against the lowly Bengals (231-23.5), and Oakland should win at home, but there should be some heavy skepticism about a double-digit point spread.
" Because of it, "people like me, who should care and should be motivated and should make big changes, find it almost impossible to make small sacrifices for profound future benefit.
Ray and I should have done a better job reading instructions, should have probably figured out the filament issue earlier — and certainly should have thought more about the size problem.
"ArtGo should now be renamed 'ArtGone,' while Virscend should be renamed 'Descend' and China First Capital should be renamed 'China Lost Capital,'" Mr. Webb said in an interview on Thursday.
Yes, they have one of those positions, as they damn well should and any company should.
Jeff Sessions should have seen it coming, and clearly, Donald Trump should have seen it coming.
I think it should stop, and mommas should just feed their child how they choose — period.
"Hillary Clinton, should she want to do that, should have some data in the near future."
"They should absolutely be legal, but I'm not sure they should be legal tomorrow," she said.
Not only should you try to avoid it, but when you hear it, you should
Fiscal policy, which should bring growth back to the country, should be bullish for the dollar.
"This number should only increase," he said, which should help reduce dependence on advertising for revenue.
Fogle argues the charges against him should be thrown out and he should be released immediately.
It's childish to think that there should be no challenges and that everything should be easy.
He said Americans should be confident the FBI worked the case as they should have. Really?
Puerto Rico should be very happy and the Dems should stop blocking much needed Disaster Relief!
The Army said the plan should be carefully restudied and alternative routes should be deeply considered.
He believes people should just be respectful and that vaping should not be outlawed in restaurants.
"The demand should set it, emphasis on 'should,'" said Jack Scoville, analyst with the Price Group.
It said FIFA should also be clear about possible sanctions should Iran not fall into line.
The question should no longer be about whether you can do something, but whether you should.
We should give them no quarter and we should treat them as the grubs they are.
Campling said user growth is slowing when it should be accelerating and that should concern investors.
Still pressing, Sam decides that he should be the father, and Becca should tell people that.
Peter Strzok should have been fired a long time ago, and others should have been fired.
HEAVY on the Mayonnaise...... Whoever thought Madonna should do this Aretha Franklin tribute should be fired.
It has nothing to do with outside commentary, whether we should or should not do that.
PERINO: In the minute or so that we have, should we -- should we have a throwdown?
Should you dress casual to play it cool, or should you dress up to the nines?
The committee said the Treasury should undertake a review of how the transition should be funded.
Forty percent said they thought Trump should be impeached, while 42 percent said he should not.
Verification should be simple: It should simply indicate that you are who you say you are.
Should you put more in your retirement fund or should you build up your emergency savings?
While people should be able to express themselves freely, the should do so calmly and respectfully.
The potential repeal of what should be a civic right should chill you to the bone.
"They should let Russia come back in, because we should have Russia at the negotiating table."
Property and land values should be taxed more, as should the income of urban high-earners.
It also set out how thick the stripes should be and how the sun should look.
"Whether you should purchase insurance is another conversation, but you at least should have a plan."
One thing I think that we should do is we should make teachers pay no tax.
There's a $40 optional carrying case — I think it should be included — that everyone should buy.
We should have addressed this earlier but did not prioritize the work as we should have.
Maybe cleaning the basement should be a double-achievement that should buy me a free day.
This should happen in the light of day and members should be able to have input.
And I see him -- oh, yeah, well, we should look -- we should start a separate investigation.
This is something that our customers should be very cognizant of and should take very seriously.
Should all go as planned, the dome should be secure and in place by November 29.
They should have the opportunity and people should take the opportunity to go in and audition.
Leaders, though, should be up for a fight if rivals challenge them; their investment should rise.
How should you be able to interact with them, and how should they respond to you?
The pilot should include a control group and should not include a trade-at rule. 6.
They were treated as possessions in Pakistan, beings who should not question and should not think.
To me, it's really ... it should be a business problem, that they should recognize that. Yeah.
"I don't want people saying what should or should not be on a pizza," says Brown.
App developers should be especially happy because Instant Apps should lead to a lot more downloads.
You should go to Overtime on Instagram, you should watch us on YouTube, we're Overtime everywhere.
The data itself should be treated like property and people should be fairly compensated for it.
They should not be penalized for doing good, they should not pay for providing environmental services.
And I think the markets should be happy about it, investors should be happy about it.
So how do you think we should talk about these groups, how should we engage them?
There should be four sincere apologies from the Olympians, and the charges should be conditionally dropped.
So what should those payment rates look like, and how large should the global budget be?
Should you don all your glad rags, or should you play it mega cool and casual.
Should we leave the media here to do the questions or should we tell the media?
The new labels should roll out by 2020 (although some should be coming out right away).
They could not agree on who should lead the talks or what their goal should be.
While this console should be cheaper, it should also come with a beefy 2TB hard drive.
You think, 'Should I be more strict or should I be more, I don't know, emotional?
We should stick to our targets and if there is fiscal space we should reduce taxes.
Should salespeople be up in your face or should they get completely out of the way?
They know how they think it should look, but can't connect to how it should feel.
As in, "I should have been there more" or "I should have said/done/been this"?
Certainly we should all consider how a legal concept like due process should play in here.
Not only should the IOC allow the Russians to compete—it should consider them a godsend.
Forty-six percent think the Mueller investigation should continue, while 36 percent think it should end.
You're free of Google deciding what emails you should read, and, conversely, what you should ignore.
She should have tracked down Lucas, but Hanna should also be a better friend to Mona.
We decided what was good and what was bad, who should win and who should lose.
So I don't agree with President Obama, I do agree something should be - should take place.
So that is wrong and it just should not have happened…I think he should apologize.
Joblessness should fall a bit further while the labor market should continue to tighten, he predicted.
The decision The decision for all of us was: Should I stay or should I go?
" When asked if Wasserman Schultz should resign, Weaver said, "She should consider what her options are.

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