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"local" Definitions
  1. belonging to or connected with the particular place or area that you are talking about or with the place where you live
  2. affecting only one part of the body
"local" Synonyms
domestic district community provincial regional parochial neighborhood(US) neighbourhood(UK) town city home internal municipal village civic parish area bounded divisional geographical nearby near neighboring(US) neighbouring(UK) accessible close convenient handy vernacular at hand close by in the area proximate adjacent nigh adjoining imminent native aboriginal indigenous homegrown mother national resident home-grown home-made autochthonous endemic autochthonic born original first primitive ancient limited confined localised(UK) localized(US) restricted contained circumscribed delimited narrow particular specific constrained insular sectional topical small-town colloquial informal conversational everyday idiomatic nonliterary unbookish dialectal vulgar popular common natural nonformal unliterary ordinary folk domesticated illiberal sectarian prejudiced intolerant bigoted conventional conservative small biased myopic picayune blinkered hidebound Lilliputian divided exclusive factional partial separate group individual personal private special class party racial selfish separatist close at hand around within spitting distance just a stone's throw away on hand round the corner immediate next-door close-up beside rural rustic country pastoral backwoods upcountry backwater outlying freshwater homespun hick suburban non-metropolitan non-urban one-horse bucolic countrified small-time bush-league inconsequential insignificant minor minor-league no-account penny-ante petty piddling small-scale two-bit unimportant dinky inconsiderable low secondary second-string reachable attainable obtainable possible within reach to hand easy to get to achievable realizable(US) feasible acquirable practicable viable workable peculiar distinct characteristic distinguishing unique distinctive idiosyncratic individualistic different especial individualised(UK) individualized(US) singular typical inhabitant citizen denizen localite burgher parishioner townie towny countryman local person local yokel year-rounder dweller occupant subject townsman urbanite bar inn pub tavern boozer hostelry saloon canteen lounge drinker taproom counter public house beer parlour beverage room watering hole wine bar alehouse taphouse howff branch cell chapter affiliate council offshoot department bureau agency subsidiary lodge satellite office service desk outlet outpost area office local office section hang-out haunt den resort dive domain joint nest nook purlieu refuge retreat territory favourite spot hideout hidey-hole hole honky-tonk aborigine autochthon indigene indigen bushman original inhabitant labor union(US) trade union craft union industrial union organized labor trades union union guild workers' association syndicate staff association alliance association confederation league confederacy sorority congress consortium organisation(UK) anaesthetic(UK) anodyne analgesic narcotic opiate painkiller general sedative stupefacient stupefactive tranquilizer(US) tranquillizer(UK) drug palliative soporific anesthetic(US) hypnotic dope sleeping pill tranquilliser(UK) More

519 Sentences With "local"

How to use local in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "local" and check conjugation/comparative form for "local". Mastering all the usages of "local" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A local newspaper has local politics, local restaurants, and then local sports.
"It has to be local, local, local," said Mr. Beychok.
That new local restaurant that buys local food and employs local workers and pays rent to a local landlord?
"We're very focused on creating local businesses, with local factories, with local jobs, with local blue collar," he said.
"We're very focused on creating local businesses, with local factories, with local jobs, with local blue collar," he told CNBC.
Local officials simply don't want to limit local growth or inconvenience local residents.
It is now my hope that LGBT journalism becomes more local, local, local….
"Local, local, local," she said when asked about the focus of the races.
Real, meanwhile, is offering local news, discounts for local stores, and local store hours.
And it was all supported by the local community—local chefs, local food distributors.
"Any local community needs strong local journalism, and I think local ownership is helpful," he said.
Apollo views local TV as a distinct business from local radio and, certainly, from local newspapers.
Cleveland, in other words, was trying to ensure that local projects created local jobs, alleviating local poverty.
Still, necessarily, what is local to one place — local practice, local perspective — is foreign to all others.
Many stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants, and buy local products such as sea urchins and seaweed.
"We always hire local people, provide support in local language and integrate with local accounting software or other integrations".
New owners of local news franchises are lest invested in local news: Industry economics have prioritized national news over local.
These are local and state issues that can be dealt with by local law enforcement and local and state laws.
Today we take localized approaches, including local moderators, local content and moderation policies, local refinement of global policies, and more.
Today we take localised approaches, including local moderators, local content and moderation policies, local refinement of global policies, and more.
"Local control and local accountability are necessary for effective local policing," Sessions wrote in a memo about the reviews Monday.
"They've all been local issues around a local data centre, which has been managed and fixed by local resources," he said.
I get bananas, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, paper towels, vanilla extract, cheddar cheese, local organic butter, local flour, and local sliced bread.
To make a local impact, reach out to local homeless shelters to donate period products to women in your local community.
Deductibility of state and local tax cuts has long been an argument for higher local taxes and against local tax cuts.
"In this process, the main purpose was to understand the local tradition, the local knowledge, the local craftsmanship," Mr. Huang said.
For more information, contact your state and local health departments, your local emergency management agency or your local Red Cross chapter.
Maryland: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Massachusetts: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Michigan: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Minnesota: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Mississippi: Polls open 303 am to 7 pm (local time) Missouri: Polls open 6 am to 7 pm (local time) Montana: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time).
Local businessmen bribe these local bosses to their own advantage.
"Local brands, local products automatically have a headstart," he added.
This means real results for local economies and local communities.
It serves everyone to have local businesses employing local staff.
The goal - using local resources, to power the local community.
Because we could create local demand, and local supply. Right.
"It was for local consumption, for local people," Holst said.
Local politicians seek local solutions by appealing to national policies.
Local channelsIf you're attached to your local channels, Blue is also the clear choice, as Orange doesn't offer local channels at all.
And I think there's the whole group of people who are thinking about things like local communications, local connectivity local wireless networks.
Whether you agree with them or not, New Dealers believed that, to fix the ailing economy, Congress needed broad and sweeping powers over local economies, including local agriculture, local wages, and even local prices.
Go deeper: A partisan divide over the future of local news Local newspaper giants face cold winter Local media falls victim to partisan politics Local news deserts are getting some relief Cities are turning into news deserts Big Tech throws money at the local news problem
Local newspaper, local TV stations, to get their help and to verify their local news if something was to happen in their location.
A boon to local suppliers, local content rules dictate what percent of a project's workers and inputs have to be local in origin.
It's one big reason there's tension between local and federal governments about when local police should turn over unauthorized immigrants in local jails.
Voters recognize that innovation in the energy sector is sparking local investment, creating local jobs, and growing the tax base of local economies.
"They've all been local issues around a local data center, which has been managed and fixed by local resources," he told Sky News.
One major rule he's looking to change prohibits local consolidation of multiple media platforms, like a local newspaper buying a local television station.
At the local level, it has fended off accusations of predatory competition by saying it can actually connect local buyers with local suppliers.
Tune into local radio, NOAA radio, or local TV stations Always.
"Another tour?" a local smirked as we pass a local diner.
Power needs to be transferred to local mayors and local communities.
"We are creating new local events with local content," he said.
LOCAL KNOW-HOW Other companies have played up their local knowledge.
They were local news stories, but not local to this area.
Most local school districts are funded largely through local property taxes.
The annual event raises money for local charities and local journalism.
Local drivers, and local- Right, that's what I said too. Prices.
It is Local Initiatives Support Corporation, not Local Initiative Support Corporation.
But local tycoons realized that Beijing had underestimated the local opposition.
Local media will not serve its own local community in 2016.
When local elections are not held on the first Tuesday of November with other statewide and national contests, local voters need to learn the date of their local election, find their local election polling place and make a specific trip to the polls just to vote on local contests.
This will include local news, local and regional sports, entertainment and city-focused lifestyle programming from the local Sinclair TV station in that city.
A foreign graduate from a local university is likely to be well-qualified, fluent in the local lingo and at ease with local customs.
To run the household with no money required a lot of serious lying to the local garage man, the local butcher, the local everybody.
Complementary currencies usually operate on a local or hyper-local scale, and can keep money in one particular area and support local economic growth.
It is essentially seen as a local story about a local politician.
The local market is dominated by local players BGI and Berry Genomics.
First, local and foreign entrepreneurs replicate successful models focused on local markets.
For the most part, your local grocery is not selling local produce.
For local activities at each port, Fathom is partnering with local entrepreneurs.
"Preemptible local SSDs" refers to local SSDs attached to Google's preemptible VMs.
These local extinctions can have big consequences for the local food chain.
"There is widespread inaction from local elites and local governments," he said.
The items were produced by local manufacturers from wood from local forests.
All politics is local, and especially so, all climate politics are local.
Instead, local leaders should set the stage to improve their local workforces.
They determine which local infrastructure projects are approved and control local security.
I want to see daily life, drink local wine, eat local produce.
Research suggests reading local news is directly correlated with local civic engagement.
Local officials said 219.8 people were injured and taken to local hospitals.
Some cities also have a local tax set by the local government.
The company's local operations had around 400 workers, according to local media.
But more and more people fear that, because of this international influence, we will lose our local values, our local art, and our local customs.
Along with three other local workers, they are transforming the medical services available to the local population and making serious strides in building local capacity.
To appease local legislators, Airbnb hosts, using tools supplied by the company, have started collecting local hotel taxes, which the company remits to local governments.
"Our industry is so focused on local, local, local," White said recently from the taproom of Zed's Beer, the business she co-founded in 2015.
Local 21625 and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Locals 2900 and 220006 in Michigan, UFCW Local 2202 in Mississippi, UFCW Locals 2628, 28500, and 6900 in Missouri, UFCW Local 2628 in Florida and UFCW Local 28503 in Illinois.
Donnelly pointed out that all the April attention "helps local businesses and local organizations," as seen with the many local connections jumping on the April train.
I remember in the early years of Warped Tour, the argument was that it was taking away from local scenes and local bands or local venues.
The private-equity giant has already quietly accumulated a very large position in local TV and local radio; local newspapers could fill out the portfolio nicely.
In the small province of Khost, four local television channels and eight of the 2500 local radio channels broadcast games live, sometimes even local provincial games.
With fewer opportunities in local journalism and less job security at the local level, finding talent to fill local newsrooms has become a center of focus.
"It's kinda funny," local resident Mark Christensen told the local ABC 7 affiliate.
Local companies understand the local electricity grid, regulations and incentive structures, he explained.
They also need to follow local laws and regulations and pay local taxes.
LONDON — The local news in Britain doesn't get much more local than this.
They make sure to promote how they leverage local processing and local storage.
Real conservatives, who champion local fixes for local problems, ought to cheer that.
Local governments must also redraw their local lines, such as for city council.
Local broadcaster RTHK and other local media reported police also fired rubber bullets.
Tourism has boosted local travel in the eastern African country, local media reported.
Unfortunately, all this legislation does is undermine local water professionals and local control.
Local techies also coordinated a local and global response to the internet blackout.
I go to the local coffee shop, I shop at the local stores.
When you think of a local problem, you assume it's a local problem.
"I would love to see more local chefs cooking local food," he says.
Local message boards are filled with photos of Smith and smiling local fans.
And everywhere I've traveled, I've devoured the local culture, and the local food.
In addition, some local publications also organize their content based on local interests.
Local communities must thriveSince 2013, Kayakku has been promoting "Kamakons" in local communities.
At first, it was a small, local foundation funding mostly small, local things.
"Local citrus, local dates," said Ms. Kramer, 31, a native of New York.
How does one have local food if one does not allow local production?
Another local newspaper described him playing ball with local children across the street.
But he had few local ties and an undeveloped ear for local politics.
It starves local stations of the funds they need to pursue local stories.
Eating at local hole-in-the-wall restaurants, shopping at local markets, taking local transportation, and staying with local families at a homestay will not only save you tons of money, but you'll also get a much more authentic experience.
"Local smaller banks have too much interference from the local government, which has led to credit lines (to local companies) being issued under pressure," the executive said.
"They don't come with all the negative anti-tax reaction of local residents who otherwise might not want local sales taxes or their local property taxes increased."
Rise of niche, local sites: Wills says there are also a lot of local websites creating hyper-local news around certain interest areas, like sports and entertainment.
Indeed, all politics is local, but your "local" may look particularly different from a voter's "local" in Kentucky, rural Virginia, or my hometown of Denmark, South Carolina.
Its local culture has Italian elements and the local language is similar to Italian.
Why not work toward a "local writing" movement akin to the local foods one?
Raids also traumatized immigrant communities — decreasing trust in local police, local government, schools, etc.
A local EMS department can provide information about state and local protocols and requirements.
Hoodline's local API will serve up these stories ready made to local news organizations.
Donors at the local level have been supporting individual local outlets, like The Gothamist.
"We do not trust local prosecutors to investigate local police," a family spokesperson said.
Several local artists drew portraits and murals of the local musician throughout the park.
In other words, we need to build local, and we need to hire local.
Y'all will always be local because you only talk about local H Town shit.
The second is that local collectors favour local artists, and these are often undervalued.
Staff members will host events to engage with local communities and cover local issues.
Local premieres will mirror the experience with red carpets, photo ops with local celebrities.
Taxes collected through the two percent local option would go to the local municipality.
Lukama and local activists say they are backed by local military and political officials.
"You have to know local tastes and the local environment really well," he said.
Haiyou is now majority owned by the local government, according to local government documents.
"Local support and local volunteers are always a huge resource for us," Phelps said.
This allows them to access local, national and syndicated programming, including their local news.
That total does not include local hospitals or local health care labs, he said.
We'd go to the local press and then find the stories in local newspapers.
While their children attend local schools, Gurkhas are not allowed to marry local women.
Local officials were also prodded for tips on local education programs and tax incentives.
There, a different local, Local 6, went on strike for 44 days in 2011.
The orders can be enforced by the local health departments and local law enforcement.
The local governorate had planned to work alongside local officials to ensure its survival.
" He even noted that "reading local news is directly correlated with local civic engagement.
Republicans say they believe in local control, but preventing local wage increases contradicts that.
This falls in line with the conservative ideal of local control over local problems.
Under such conditions, it is no wonder that "local control" may become local tyranny.
Amazon launched Destinations, Local, Wallet and Local Register products to little acclaim, for instance.
Combined state and local sales tax: 6.97State sales tax rate:Average local sales tax rate:
Combined state and local sales tax:State sales tax rate: 6Average local sales tax rate:
We focus on local ingredients as much as possible, working with local hop farms and malting companies along with providing our spent grain to local farms for feed.
We've announced that we're gonna be supporting local news; we are gonna make sure that people see local news, and hopefully accurate local news, in their News Feed.
Check out local Airbnb ExperiencesCheck out local GrouponsBook an experience like a pasta-making class, brewery tour, or local tour that the two of you can enjoy together.
The stylish hotel embraces local purveyors by dressing its staff in uniforms by Frank and Oak and using 1703 percent, all natural local bath products and local artwork.
"We have local oak growing in Prince Edward County, and Pete has been able to harvest local oak trees and make barrels out of local wood," Webb says.
"Americans deserve a meaningful choice in their local news, and our Local and Independent Television Protection Act would ensure that every American has access to a variety of local news sources that report on the local—and national—issues they care most about."
"By creating local entities we allow ourselves to take local management, give them local equity, incentivize them locally, operate the company under local law, respecting all the different cultures and the different rules that exist," Neumann told Reuters in an interview on Thursday.
" Spotify expects to continue to expand geographically: "Before launching in a new market, we typically optimize the local Spotify experience for local music preferences... We seek to obtain the rights to popular local content and have local curators where it makes sense.
Undermining trust in local police If the local police are acting as immigration agents to enforce federal law, Latino communities will come to fear rather than trust local police.
"Many local breweries are using local flavours and local ingredients that create ... Hong Kong craft beer as an identity rather than imitating the American, the British style," Cooper said.
Think of a meal kit service that sources fresh fruits and vegetables from your local CSA, preserves and other goods made by local businesses, meat from a local butcher.
Saturday local time, with the second phase starting as soon as Sunday morning local time.
There are tons of local pubs, so cozy you'll want to feel like a local.
Protecting the local people protects the local forest — and in turn, protects the entire planet.
Because community solar is local, it creates local investment and jobs while strengthening community resilience.
Up until now it has relied exclusively on local Saudi banks and local sukuk issuances.
For the local art scene, Beta-Local is a connecting hub and a support system.
Identifying viral tweets as local tweets might just be the best part about local Twitter.
Bringing back local industry to cities helps build strong local economies and strengthens our workforce.
He makes weekly visits to a local mosque, to which local journalists are invited along.
Content from local stations, local news and sports will not be available for offline viewing.
Despite sourcing poultry from local producers, KFC has yet to find a local potato supplier.
Someone from the local newspaper attends, a local choir sings, and then everyone goes home.
" ICE said that "local enforcement and removal officers received no such call from local lawmakers.
Local officials, residents and economists warn that a tax could reverberate across the local economy.
We talk a lot about "local," but "local" means farmers and products and so on.
The Daily Meal has described the establishment as a "local landmark" and a "local legend."
It's like, here are local communities, here are local ... Dan Frommer: It's Instagram stories, right?
Sinolink will "will provide local access, capital and a lot of local knowledge", he added.
"This area became like a Wild West," one local agent told the local news site.
"I think supporting your local pizza is like supporting your local sports team," says Pandel.
But local mayors and local politicians can act now, and so that's what we're doing.
At their shows, Socially Inept taps local comedic talent to roast willing local tech workers.
According to one local official, several women were also allegedly stealing from a local pharmacy.
Radar allows local reporters to file news reports for the price of a local text.
Local authorities in some towns said they lack the funds to train local solar technicians.
There is a powerful attraction to the idea of local power that creates local jobs.
"Kids can best experience local culture by going where local kids go," Ms. O'Connell said.
Check your local, state or county health department website to learn more about local conditions.
Buy your food from local suppliers, use your local shop, or grow your own vegetables.
We are also more likely to garner the cooperation of local stakeholders, including local governments.
The 85033 participants include local law enforcement officials, school board members and local government leaders.
Local sources make up 22019 percent of funding, including 36.4 percent from local property taxes.
Combined state and local sales tax: State sales tax rate: Average local sales tax rate:
Combined state and local sales tax: State sales tax rate: Average local sales tax rate:
Local public television stations serve as the "C-SPAN" of state governments, host thousands of candidate debates in every election cycle at every level of the ballot, and produce thousands of hours of programming devoted to local public affairs, local history and local culture.
While about 83 percent of districts coordinated with local emergency medical service providers, just 41 percent collaborated with a local hospital and 66 percent partnered with the local health department.
"The more we have this campaign driven by local issues and local people and give local volunteers ownership of the campaign, we think we're gonna do much better,‎" Shipley said.
In support of his premise, Mr. Husock suggests national and local programming should depend on private funds, and local stations should keep the money they raise to support local journalism.
The university has promised to increase its use of local and minority-owned construction businesses, to favour hiring local residents, especially those from distressed communities, and to use local vendors.
The GII measures innovation quality as: 1) quality of local universities, 2) internationalization of local inventions (patents filed), and 3) the number of citations that local research documents receive abroad.
"I started in Queens so it's local, local, local," said Ms. Schneps-Yunis, who publishes editions of The Courier devoted to individual ZIP codes and geared to individual apartment complexes.
"We thought the most important thing in celebrating our players was getting local recognition and developing that local bond fans have with their teams in their local markets," Kotick said.
To address the problem, the candidate "believes we should create local maternal mortality review committees, comprised of local health experts to evaluate local issues around maternal health," the spokesperson added.
As the local news website Berkeleyside has repeatedly pointed out, the local elementary schools were different.
The local government even declared a state of emergency over the Sargassum situation, local media reported.
But if local business, if local governments are hostile to business, it's not going to happen.
That has forced up local prices and made supplies at local outlets scarce in recent weeks.
She said she would strike "local sanctuaries" from the air and aid local forces fighting ISIS.
Talk about a small town hook-up perk — once you're a local, you're always a local.
These ecosystems start with local ingredients: talent, history, heritage, and custom, as well as local institutions.
"The Swiss local representative is in contact with the local authorities," it said in an email.
The company's SWIM EDX product combines both local data processing and analytics with local machine learning.
Increasing state and local preparedness resources State and local preparedness dollars have decreased dramatically since 2003.
Local favorite Darren Clarke is due to hit the first tee shot at 0635 local time.
Local Control: This bill would also return oversight and planning control to local and state officials.
However local officials said the center remained under severe threat and the local governor had fled.
" Bruce Danielson, a local resident heavily involved in local politics, said Erickson's "whole life is connections.
People elect everything from their local council people to a local fire chief on these systems.
Training and retraining programs work better when run by local officials, local nonprofits and junior colleges.
A number of local officials are unhappy with his plans to cut subsidies to local authorities.
The operational focus is on building a local team and becoming profitable in each local market.
Looking to pitch your startup to the TechCrunch team, local VCs and the local tech community?
Leaders from UFA Local 28503 and Local 22020 FDNY also thanked the company for the donation.
It should include your health care provider, local public health department, local hospital and ambulance service.
Local mayor Jean-Louis Maret has officially recognized the schooling of the sheep, local reports say.
Local officials have sought to justify this by saying the refugees are destroying the local environment.
Multiple local publications reported that the victims were the student's parents, although local police wouldn't confirm.
It was the only local newspaper that captured the voices and frustrations of local African-Americans.
The rallies themselves dominate the local news beforehand and are featured in local TV ads afterward.
She is involved in local efforts to protect affordable housing, and with the local radio station.
That total does not include local hospitals or local health care labs, the vice president said.
I started when I was 14 at a local high school, or no, local newspaper. Yes.
I think if someone cares about their local businesses, they should shop at their local businesses.
The Kurdish-led local authorities had proposed setting up a local tribunal in March last year.
Local officials don't seem to have local people at the top of their list of priorities.
The Kurdish-led local authorities had proposed setting up a local tribunal in March last year.
Unlike school boards, however, local journalists, along with local news outlets, are becoming an endangered species.
It has 150 local offices and six regional ones, staffed by officials with local political connections.
Are we creating communities that protect natural systems, honor the local heritage, and promote local economies?
Proving local credentials by local market activity is critical to winning mandates from the National Treasury.
The "local control" movement, on the other hand, benefits not local communities but moneyed special interests.
Training will take place on a local level and will be determined by local school officials.
If you're truly looking for a "local" experience, why not let an actual local guide you?
Additionally, ALJF has proven access to the local capital market, via the issuance of local bonds.
We sold almost three billion barrel of oil equivalent in the local market at local prices.
That suggests a lack of moderators with local language skills who might better understand local contexts.
DEDUCTING STATE AND LOCAL TAXES: The Senate bill repeals the state and local tax deduction entirely.
Just to be absolutely clear: The loss of jobs in local areas and local industries matters.
We're talking about Sinclair, which is allowing you to consolidate local TV stations and local newspapers.
Partnering with local news has been a major focus for Facebook, including last year's sit-down between the social media company and some of the top stake-holders in local media in the U.S. The roundtable for local news included partnership groups like the Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium, as well as media companies like Gannett, TEGNA, and McClatchy.
Most of the traditional barriers founders face will be eradicated as most tech solutions will be detached of local infrastructure and local non-market environments  —  think of local currencies, for example.
These two new blueprints allow smaller publishers or local news, local weather providers or local sports groups to reach Alexa users, but they may represent a new challenge for Amazon, too.
"We established the U.S. office with the mandates to explore the opportunities and…establish close relationships with local partners, with the local government agencies and the local regulatory agencies," she added.
Lai estimated the market share of local AMCs will increase to as much as 20 percent in the future, largely due to their close ties with local governments and local enterprises.
"It is likely going to be local... The local market can take all of that because we have not tapped the local markets that much the past few years," he said.
China is also considering creating Chinese Depositary Receipts to mobilize local dollars and "buy back" local tech behemoths like Alibaba and Tencent, potentially creating a new trillion-dollar local asset market.
People can get also engaged with their local communities, and get involved in local bird counts or frog counts or fish counts and monitoring what's happening with local lakes and rivers.
" Since the app has become popular globally, the spokesperson said TikTok has switched to "localized approaches, including local moderators, local content and moderation policies, local refinement of global policies, and more.
When communities lose local news they lose access to critical local information, they lose a watchdog that holds local leaders accountable, and they lose a forum for civil debate and discussion.
"By purchasing local solar power to meet some of our local electricity needs, we're not only meeting our goals but also supporting the growth of local clean energy industries," Bernard said.
I wrote a big post about this once, but to make a long story short: Mitigation has local costs and egalitarian global benefits; adaptation has local costs and inequitable local benefits.
But Uber's regulatory playbook typically involves the company entering into local markets, fighting local authorities, then taking the fight to state authorities and policymakers if it doesn't win the local battle.
Ending that deduction, the local leaders say, could make their taxpayers, especially in high-tax communities, less likely to support future local tax increases or even tolerate local taxes at present levels.
Whereas Uber tends to invoice from abroad and thus avoid paying most local taxes, Cabify prefers to setup local entities and thus subject itself to local tax and regulatory regimes where possible.
"It's an encouraging sign for local competitors that they can, in fact, compete and that local strategies are required for local markets," said Dane Anderson, a vice president at research firm Forrester.
The researchers and the implementing organization, Innovations for Poverty Action, hired local screenwriters to script three vignettes, which were filmed with local actors in Luganda, the dominant local language in central Uganda.
Hotel Mumbai's local distributor, Icon Film Distribution, announced the move in a statement to local outlet NewsHub.
But more importantly, without local journalistic watch dogs, local governments could fall into decrepit states of corruption.
"Local industries need to take off in order to manufacture local substitutes instead of imports," he said.
For comparison, local TV dollars have nearly eclipsed local TV dollars spent in 2016's presidential cycle.
And local PBS and NPR affiliates in rural areas are occasionally among the only local stations left.
The policies limit local law enforcement's cooperation with ICE agents and restrict ICE's access to local resources.
Local channelsOne of the major weak spots for most online TV services is access to local channels.
Some are strictly local, having taken up arms to fight over farmland or against corrupt local government.
The judges included local member of parliament, the head of the local school and a cucumber farmer.
Zhang: Well, we strongly believe that the consumption is very relevant to local culture and local lifestyle.
The survey contacted 1,024 local residents, aged 18 or above, who speak Cantonese — the predominant local language.
Their experiences also show that higher local minimum wages boost spending and business activity in local economies.
To get the honor, local homes and businesses had to abide by local ordinances limiting light pollution.
There's usually at least one local chef in most cities who's figured out a non-local cuisine.
That type of internal migration stresses local communities, threatens food security and creates pressures on local government.
And local governments, which control local building and energy codes, aren't clued in and don't support electrification.
The local safety officials also raised concerns about ensuring better communication between federal, state and local authorities.
He claims elsewhere that large-scale solutions inevitably ignore the particularities of local cultures and local ecosystems.
Individual attorneys general are tailoring local responses to emphasize the local aspects of the nationwide opioid crisis.
Local jihadists with largely local grievances will remain on Syrian soil for a long time to come.
Sinclair is the country's largest holder of local television stations (among its assets are local NBC affiliates).
However, respondents say local Hungarians are generally unfriendly and that it's hard to learn the local language.
With this animation I encourage you all to shop at your local market & support your local farms!
WARREN TOWNSHIP "Everything Warren," watercolor paintings by Carolann Garafola, a local resident, featuring local scenes and landmarks.
The voluntary guardian program needs the agreement of both the local school district and local sheriff's department.
I am happy to go in developing countries and support local football and engage with local community.
The local carp, previously local fishermen's best seller, hasn't been seen in the waters here all year.
Many local outlets have folded entirely or are seriously cutting back coverage on these small, local issues.
Their cozy ties to local governments also add pressure for them to support opaque local financing entities.
Google introduced a local news source tag in May that algorithmically favors local sources in users' feeds.
"She got over 150 local signatures from students in our local schools and neighborhoods," he told me.
Adaptation projects generate local benefits and hence local interests can be expected to jockey for these projects.
Perhaps the message today is that some local banks are too important to local communities to close.
The rest of the contributions to NoTax4Tracks came from wealthy local donors, including a local auto dealer.
Washington, DC, currently has a sitting local government, composed of a council, mayor, and other local agencies.
"It showed at the very local level, change is possible," said Goran Jankovic, 32, a local architect.
They're a big part of the local culture and offer tasty and inexpensive meals, including local favorites.
They created the Local Producer Loan program that provides millions of dollars in loans to local producers.
But the nearby Lorimer J train stop is local, and the J train doesn't always run local.
" But local officials have characterized it as a long-planned local infrastructure project that "isn't Trump's wall.
The water is sent to local distribution centers, and then delivered door to door by local governments.
He noted that those numbers do not include local hospitals or local labs that have conducted tests.
In the past week, McCaul met with local chamber of commerce officials, AARP constituents and local journalists.
"My approach is to make it a local paper, but not too micro-local," Mr. Pozarycki said.
Ultimately, Afghanistan has to have more local elections, which will also result in more local government accountability.
The family had infiltrated local politics and public administration, as well as the local economy, he said.
This local engagement comes when state and local entities have made significant financial commitments to the project.
Johnson said the group wanted to strengthen local and state activism and education and develop local leadership.
The smallest business owners, like shop owners, local contractors and local professionals, would have been left out.
Internet booking platforms meet local expertise in the entrepreneurial boom of touring companies led by local residents.
A local fisherman, Robi Alam, said the BGB had given local people money to destroy the boats.
The local government ended up orchestrating a takeover of Qixing by its local rival, the Xiwang Group.
The possibility of local organizing based on local information—that's very different than what we have now.
And they're helping to bridge between the local diverse community and the local tech community as well.
"We use local produce such as local Coachella Valley grapefruit juice in the El Ray," Benitez said.
WeWork's argument is, essentially, that what's good for a local startup is good for the local economy.
Pennsylvania: Polls open 27 am to 230 pm (local time) Rhode Island: Polls open 83 am to 28 pm (local time) South Carolina: Polls open 27 am to 27 pm (local time) South Dakota: Polls open 7 am to 7 pm (local time) Tennessee: Poll times vary by municipality.
"When you look at it closely, these local elections present a clear and informative choice: the competence of a strong Conservative council, focused on the priorities of local people, keeping local taxes down and delivering high quality local services," she told supporters in the central city of Nottingham.
"Many leading beer players in Southeast Asia are local players with strong local knowledge and distribution networks, so acquisitions of local beer companies is possible if AB InBev wishes to increase its market share in the region and tap on the expertise from established local players," Neubronner said.
The founder and editor of a local newspaper, Beketov was among the first to raise the alarm about the destruction of the local forest and suspicions local officials were profiting from the project.
Peter Rawlinson (Lucid Motors) and Jay Rogers (Local Motors) at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017 Peter Rawlinson (Lucid Motors) and Jay Rogers (Local Motors) at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2017 Lucid Motors and Local Motors.
West Virginia: Polls open 6:30 am to 7:30 pm (local time) Wisconsin: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Wyoming: Polls open 7 am to 7 pm (local time)
Within Local 1999 of the United Steelworkers union, which includes workers at Carrier and other local industrial employers, members typically start at $17 an hour, according to Chuck Jones, Local 1999's president.
Activities include visiting a local school and helping students learn English, visiting a chocolate factory owned and run by 30 local women and visiting a typical local home on the countryside among others.
"It is a local dicision [sic] from the football clubs with local authorities which instruments work out best according to local circumstances," said the Ministry of Security and Justice in an email statement.
By leveraging existing Weather Channel infrastructure and using cost-efficient technology, Local Now can offer local news coverage to distributors at a "fraction of the cost" charged by local news stations, Shull said.
JOE KERNEN: I mean, b-- between the agencies and the-- and— BECKY QUICK: State and local taxes, the state and local taxes goin' up— JOE KERNEN: --and the state and local taxes. Right.
Local Media Association (LMA) & Local Media Consortium (LMC): $1 million across the two organizations to bolster branded partnerships.
Pew found that network, cable and local TV ad revenue has increased, although local viewership is in decline.
However, the bank maintains liquidity buffers well above the local requirements in both local currency and U.S. dollars.
What's more, local TV stations are hyping the hurricane to drum up bottled-water sales for local businesses.
With a few exceptions, it's against federal regulations for your local television station to buy your local newspaper.
CBSN Local is essentially a way to bring local news from CBS stations to the streaming TV audience.
But that was local custom—at least until 1941, when local sheriffs were replaced by black-hooded executioners.
Several years ago, Dunlap served on a local committee tasked with dealing with the local population of deer.
This is because local action to clean it up and recycle it can lead to immediate local effects.
But who knows, sometimes local politics and local community can bypass the polarization that has eaten everything else.
Earlier this month Barga held a sagra: an event at which local people cook local delicacies for visitors.
Local newspapers help protect American democracy by giving people the information they need to hold local government accountable.
The map was created by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a nonprofit that advocates for local economies.
The company primarily works with local lenders and has strong convictions about the value proposition of local loans.
And then you have very local issues, like housing and what are we doing for our local community.
It airs on local radio but its online reach is limited compared with other local, Russian-language channels.
We also host groups of underserved and underrepresented students from local schools, sourced via local groups and representatives.
According to local residents however, there has been very little interaction between the mining companies and local communities.
Each of those convention-goers books local hotel rooms, eats at restaurants, and spends money at local stores.
"We are asking you to agree with American doctrine that local laws are for local residents," Norton said.
That was the message from nine local real estate agents and three local buyers interviewed for this article.
A local court backed the government's stance but ruled local authorities must provide drinking water, toilets and showers.
Triple, the Stockholm-headquartered marketplace for local travel experiences, has acquired competitor Local Guddy for an undisclosed sum.
Local app Travly allows rickshaw booking requests through the Android app, its website or through a local hotline.
Local reporting of local issues is great, and often puts blood in the water to draw national outlets.
And while various local European p2p players exist, like France's Cookies, they remain just that for now: local.
In the past, this meant turning to the local paper or TV station to reflect your local experiences.
Its local groups have come to dominate many local Labour branches and chivvy MPs to support Mr Corbyn.
Requests for local recounts can be made at the local level, to be decided by the counting officer.
It's up to municipal leaders to make sure that local decisions continue to be made by local experts.
Murkowski's action also subverts the democratic process, which gave the local community voice in decisions about local resources.
And, hey, maybe subscribe to your local newspaper rather than rely on the local broadcast—or do both. 
If so, during summer vacation post your pics, visit a local museum or donate to your local nonprofit.
The tangible results are lost wages, lost jobs, lost local tax revenue and lost investment in local communities.
Many of the Latin American businesses have achieved steady growth, employ local people and buy from local suppliers.
The local government invited Teodor I. Currentzis, a Russian conductor of Greek origin, to lead the local opera.
Local retail in the U.S. is a massive market, and "shop local" is a slogan not going away.
The local nightly news is also fun; leafing through the local paper at breakfast each morning is relaxing.
"We're just waiting for local authority approval to sell the fish to local customers as well," explains Hofman.
Local search and social Google and Facebook are the main online sources of traffic for many local publications.
The unions are demanding local contracts under local law rather than the Irish contracts, which Ryanair uses widely.
Slower economic activity led to weak state and local budgets; state and local governments in turn cut spending.
In place of a primary, under the circumstances, the local party nominated Denver Riggleman, a local distillery owner.
Research your local school district budget, using public records or local media, such as newspapers or television reporting.
To help children relate to concepts, activities incorporate local dialects, folklore and natural materials from the local environment.
Google didn't used to have advertising products for your local florist, who was advertising in the local paper.
The McAllen area is heavily Democratic and the local congressman opposes the wall, as do many local officials.
These committees represent the Democratic Party at the local level, selecting local judicial candidates and special election nominees.
"Each place has its own local brand, and these local brands are now the leaders," Mr. Guo said.
Local civic leaders lacked vision and local citizens often lacked resources to pay for and support medical services.
They're expecting local officials to log as much as $30,000 in overtime, the sheriff told the local paper.
So I might have went up there to see them, or to see some local bands, local guys.
In the past, local officials and local media would sometimes boast online of successfully implementing this camp system.
Local authorities said he legally entered the country and wouldn't face any repercussions, according to local media reports.
Many local leaders say the power of local newspapers was on display recently in Jesup, in southeastern Georgia.
But B.F.G., as it's known here, isn't the only local investment firm focusing on the local food scene.
Local cities and counties are joining forces with community groups to reach residents and tackle local health issues.
Local residents protest the plans to quarantine evacuees at a local hospital in the settlement of Novi Sanzhary.
In reality, local SIM cards are the way to go, giving you inexpensive local phone calls and data.
Local news outlets and CNN picked up the story, helping build Murrill&aposs reputation as a local celebrity.
Their staffs have been so dramatically reduced that there is little oversight of local government and local businesses.
Local regulations favor local companies, and Chinese models typically sell better than Tesla cars, according to his report.
The local Zheijang provincial newspaper Qianjiang Evening reported that a local college senior was also among the victims.
Work at the local matchbox factory has all but disappeared, and with it the once-vibrant local cafés.
Each show includes local musicians, a segment devoted to "downtown history," giveaways from local businesses and free beers.
Local residents and nonprofit organizations must be included in the process of identifying local problems and formulating responses.
Those with a sense of history understand that local developments in the Western Balkans are never really local.
The interior ministry, a local mayor and other local delegates confirmed 42 other deaths to Reuters across Haiti.
That opposition seemed to have been brought under control, local officials say, by a local community education campaign.
Combined state and local sales tax: 7.63%State sales tax rate: 2.90%Average local sales tax rate: 4.73%
In local communities today, people could start by shopping at a local grocery instead of a dollar store.
They are administered by local governments and most go to pay for schools, local roads, and other services.
Could unbundling local loops make local broadband markets more competitive and make net neutrality less of an issue?
They voiced support for two local ranchers who had been sentenced to prison for burning federal lands, and spoke of their belief that such lands should be returned to local ranchers and local governments.
Texas: Polls open 7 am to 7 pm (local time) Utah: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Vermont: Polls open between 73 and 10 am (local time), depending on the town.
By drawing on the NRC's experience training local technicians, using local builders and local renewable energy merchants, the Moving Energy Initiative is focusing on how such investments can be made sustainable and scaled up.
Tesla will also need to partner up with a local automaker to create a joint venture in the company, as other automakers entering local production from overseas have done, in keeping with local requirements.
Through strong partnerships, federal, state, and local governments create local gun crime reduction task forces and form coalitions with other local government agencies, social services, community groups, and citizens committed to reducing gun crime.
"For her, it was a balance, I knew, because she was the A.G. and had been a local district attorney prior, and local D.A.s think of this as infringing on local responsibilities," he said.
One of the world's largest private equity firms is moving in on the local media landscape, placing billion-dollar bets on some of the biggest local TV franchises in the U.S. Why it matters: Apollo Global Management's local media spree could one day give the firm significant local TV power.
These local idealists will be empowered to lead a new wave of innovation by leveraging their proximity to local problems, by accessing unique local data and by better understanding the humans they want to serve.
He says the situation stabilized after the party complained to the Ministry of Local Government and to the police, prompting the local government to take action, issuing a warning to district mayors and local authorities.
The big picture: Local newspapers peaked in 2005 but have since suffered from decline in readership and revenue, reports the Financial Times, which has left some local areas with heavy populations without local newspaper coverage.
An internal Kansai Electric investigation had found the then deputy mayor, Eiji Moriyama, exerted influence over local government officials and sought to influence them to support the local economy and use local businesses as suppliers.
Now that every news organization, no matter how local, has the potential for national and international reach, "you're losing a certain kind of local focus because it's not exclusively a local medium," Mr. Alter said.
The recipients of the investments include the Pulitzer Center, Report for America, Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund, the Local Media Association and Local Media Consortium, the American Journalism Project and the Community News Project.
But it's at least as much a matter of access, experience, knowledge of the local neighborhood and the local culture and the local languages that is critical in collecting the sources of information we need.
Local police, paid for by local airport revenue dollars, are the primary protection force at most any US airport.
Local newspapers are a shadow of their former selves; so are the news operations at many local television stations.
About 23 million Americans tune into the evening local news, and 12 million watch the early morning local news.
He and his parents also sold them at the local farmer's market and a local retailer, Jack's Surf Shop.
Also present were representatives from local firefighters unions, including Tom O'Connor, president of San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798.
Her family also told local media the teen had been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, her family told local media.
China requires all its companies working overseas to abide to local laws and contribute to local communities, it said.
Local media reported Smith was donating his fee for the advertisement to a local charity for men's mental health.
A local sheriff explained it this way: they came, claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers.
Non-Houston fellows will be provided local housing at PRH with up to $3,500 in local ground transportation support.
To have a local impact, research local women's health organizations doing work to serve homeless populations in your area.
That's what "Spotlight" illuminates — it was a local story, and local reporters were the right people to break it.
"I was meeting with the EPA and the local communities, educating local folks who are directly impacted," Jordan said.
The fund currently has 52.5 percent of its asset invested in local bonds and 18.1 percent in local equities.
In the last few days, Andrés' has team worked with local organization L.A. Kitchen feed local firefighters and evacuees.
Local cable and DSL internet service was down almost immediately, as local wire centers were housed in liquefaction zones.
Facebook and Google, both widely used in the country, do not have local offices or local data storage facilities.
The best way to deal with Manchester's problems is to tap local knowledge and design local solutions, he says.
The explosion occurred around 2130 local time (1930 GMT), local media reported citing citizens in the town of Brod.
Ensuring that projects deliver more local benefits — by hiring more local workers, for example — means hiring fewer Chinese workers.
China, historically lax on local monopolies, isn't likely to break up a local business winner over anti-trust concerns.
Pints & QuartsA local franchise with multiple locations (and a damn good burger, too), Pints & Quarts is a local must.
Another chunk transformed the local police, whose officers are now better educated, trained and paid, says a local official.
Alejandro Cosentino, CEO of Afluenta, insisted on first building local relationships in local markets — Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.
For boys, parents can check out the local camps run by the Boy Scouts by finding their local council.
But in 2015 a local appeals court ruled Schrems can file personal claims in his local court in Vienna.
From there, Hart made her way into education, teaching communications at the local community college and the local prison.
Local "boda boda" (motorbike taxi) drivers told CNN they had been ferrying people to their local stations for free.
Rise in local interest rates has been a concern and local stocks could come under further pressure, analysts said.
Such companies – known as local government financing vehicles - can be used to skirt restrictions on borrowing by local governments.
Like other candidates hoping to split the ticket, Rubio is using local connections and local issues to his advantage.
However, ABC's profitability remains sensitive to local competition, local currency's volatility and higher loan and financing impairment charges (LICs).
We can do that by supporting Puerto Rican recovery efforts that are grounded in local realities and local needs.
"We hope to quickly assimilate into the local market through in-depth cooperation with local Japanese companies," said Tan.
While contemplating that decision, I thought about my belief that local Radio should be reflective of the local community.
Virtual farmers markets selling mostly local produce grown by smaller-scale, local farms have popped up across the country.
It's a combination of army and local police but increasing the local police are taking the forefront in that.
It is regulated under the Local Government Act 2003 and the Local Government Finance Act for capital finance purposes.
Local news outlet Noticaribe has linked the shooting to a local organized crime group known as the Gulf Cartel.
"All of our old curriculum our videos were very heterosexual oriented," a local teacher told the local CBS affiliate.
The willingness of the local Muslim population to lend a hand is in stark contrast to local government officials.
According to Reuters, a local street vendor made the grisly discovery at Copacabana Beach and told a local newspaper.
Back in March, Facebook claimed there weren't enough local news stories to support its "Today In" local news section.
Another local firm, AMTD, laid off almost 100 employees in their wealth management division, according to local media reports.
Both Michigan counties originally declared a "local state of emergency" on Sunday, activating local emergency response and recovery plans.
They then released Dirk into a local waterway, putting the penguin at immense risk, before local authorities found him.
Although social media helps spread the word, Ms. Wilkinson's focus is on staying a local shop for local customers.
Local activists call them "DFLs" (down from Londons.) They are a key target group for the local Labour party.
Critics of local soda taxes have argued that they may disproportionately disadvantage local businesses, because shoppers can go elsewhere.
My Administration will work with local communities and local officials to make the reduction of crime a top priority.
Dress Like a Local Ms. Schragle said that women should stick to clothing similar to what local women wear.
We need to establish a living wage, and to remove barriers of discrimination in local education and local hiring.
As local newspapers continue to fall off the map, digital-first websites are cropping up to cover local communities.
In Trenton, N.J., local government is facing an acute fiscal challenge that is largely driven by the local economy.
They want to immerse themselves a lot more with the local culture and what's going on in local environments.
Often, the local hospital is not only an esteemed service provider, but also one of the largest local employers.
Arizona had the most local news, with just 13 percent of users living in areas without adequate local coverage.
Some measures include allowing majority foreign ownership of a local securities venture and increased foreign ownership of local stocks.
In Buffalo, local groups organized to keep the closure of a fossil fuel plant from harming the local economy.
One evening, it hosted the local precinct captain and a local power broker, who met in the back room.
We had a big national story, but every local market was given their local data so they could localize.
During the fighting, six soldiers and two local police officers were killed and two local police officers were wounded.
There used to be rules that the local broadcaster couldn't own the local newspaper, and I actually ... Doesn't matter.
Your Local Library (App) I cannot stress this enough — do not go to your local library right now. Don't.
Three local police officers were killed and five others were wounded, including a commander of the local police force.
Until last fall, the Federal Communications Commission maintained rules requiring licensed local broadcast stations to maintain local news studios.
VanEck Vectors J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond, on the other had, follows an index of local-currency bonds.
In many places Democrats had neglected local organizing, allowing the party to wither at the state and local level.
Other activities include creating clay sculptures modeled on the local wildlife, or making potpourri from local leaves and flowers.
For the local news initiative, Flipboard will also now recommend stories to local audiences, based on their IP address.
The others, in Moore and Cumberland counties, were filed by a local Republican politician and a local party official.
For YG, who is from Compton, it's the sound of his upbringing, thick with local hits and local quarrels.
Various segments of EM — starting with local currency exposures such as local bonds and stocks — are at the forefront.
In sum: 15 local and international public artists; 15 local public programmers; 15 public parks; 15 city council districts.
Contributions to such funds would provide a reduction in local property taxes through a local credit, Cuomo's office said.
If you don't incorporate local society, local people, employment, then I think you cannot speak of a sustainable situation.
In practice, most are ordered by local authorities, sometimes with just a few phone calls to local service providers.
But the federal government cannot support local and regional projects without deep involvement and accountability at the local level.
In fact, it was a local award in Dallas and the event was broadcast by a local CBS affiliate.
Local officials frown at "boomtown" or "ghost town" labels, saying there is more to the local economy than oil.
Counties support two-thirds of the nation's 2628,28500 local health departments and more than 6900 local behavioral health authorities.
Until now, state and local governments have been primarily responsible for imposing quarantines to protect local residents from diseases.
"This union exists to support our local unions and this strike is about our local union members," he said.
Just as significant as the Credit's reach is its structure that gives attention to local projects and local voices.
Unfortunately, many politicians in the halls of power have forgotten how to respect local communities, including local law enforcement.
"A lot of what we do in the city is fight for local liberty and local control," Adler said.
To find local volunteer opportunities with Meals on Wheels, visit here to find a program in your local area.
Before joining CNBC, Karen did a stint in local news, working at three local TV stations around the country.
Roughly half of all nonfederal education funding comes from local property taxes raised by over 13,000 local school districts.
Back then, I was the local secretary treasurer for my local union of the American Federation of Government Employees.
There were ads for local apartments, a local cleaners, a cafe in nearby Demopolis, and the Omaha Steaks company.
There have also been local media reports the group previously targeted local officials in California, Virginia and Washington state.

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