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"unusual" Definitions
  1. different from what is usual or normal synonym uncommon
  2. different from other similar things and therefore interesting and attractive
"unusual" Synonyms
odd strange curious rare surprising uncommon unexpected abnormal different queer weird extraordinary peculiar uncustomary unfamiliar atypical bizarre novel offbeat singular exceptional unique notable remarkable phenomenal amazing marked outstanding particular special astonishing awesome distinctive eminent extraordinaire noteworthy significant striking unparalleled stunning astounding incredible staggering memorable arresting startling signal dramatic brilliant imaginative creative inventive innovative original ingenious innovational innovatory inspired visionary artistic clever unconventional originative unorthodox resourceful fanciful fantastic fertile enterprising disruptive new fresh modern unprecedented advanced groundbreaking trailblazing pioneering experimental early premature precocious unseasonable untimely inopportune sudden unannounced unforeseen unplanned unheralded unanticipated abrupt unpredicted before time bumper massive abundant bountiful huge immense whopping colossal enormous giant gigantic goodly grand healthy heavy jumbo mammoth mega rich big extreme radical excessive dire drastic desperate harsh severe stern strict unbending uncompromising far-reaching forceful inordinate momentous serious tough consequential exaggerated talismanic enchanted magical mystic mysterious wizardly bewitched enchanting occult entranced spellbound thaumaturgic uncanny sorcerous spiritualistic ghostly mythical otherworldly spectral fancy elaborate intricate decorative decorated embellished ornamental ornamented ornate ostentatious showy adorned baroque gaudy rococo busy classy deluxe flamboyant fussy laughable funny humorous hilarious amusing comical droll comic farcical diverting uproarious entertaining killing antic chucklesome comedic humoristic hysteric hysterical jocose morbid unhealthy gruesome sick ghastly grisly ghoulish macabre unwholesome ailing deadly diseased dreadful grotesque hideous infected death-obsessed horrible horrid malignant swift quick rapid hasty hurried immediate instant instantaneous sharp impetuous impulsive lightning precipitate precipitous rash colorful(US) colourful(UK) graphic interesting lively stimulating vivid picturesque animated fascinating scintillating characterful detailed evocative highly coloured choice prime select prize superior best excellent fine first-class exclusive first-rate quality elect hand-picked top bad exquisite high copious great large ample considerable disproportionate exorbitant profuse substantial voluminous extravagant sizable More
"unusual" Antonyms
common usual everyday ordinary regular standard commonplace daily prevalent familiar recurring prevailing routine typical wonted constant frequent persistent rampant universal normal average basic conventional general standardised(UK) standardized(US) stock archetypal classic regulation traditional archetypical inconspicuous unremarkable unemphatic unflamboyant unnoticeable unobtrusive unshowy dull indifferent undistinguished unexceptional unextraordinary unimpressive uninteresting vanilla bad boring homely unfrightening late belated delayed slow latish tardy deferred last-minute behind schedule behind time eleventh-hour not on time multiple many numerous several countless innumerable immeasurable innumerous multitudinous a number of a quantity of a slew of bantam bitty diminutive infinitesimal Lilliputian micro microminiature microscopic microscopical midget miniature minuscule minute pocket pygmy teensy teensy-weensy teeny teeny-weeny tiny accountable explicable explainable comprehensible understandable intelligible responsible mild moderate insignificant middling modest lenient minimal minor temperate trifling trivial faint nominal slight superficial token feeble meager(US) meagre(UK) known notable noted obvious acknowledged identified recognised(UK) recognized(US) avowed established proven native certified notorious publicised(UK) publicized(US) declared revealed controllable governable manageable tractable appropriate expected timely acceptable auspicious fortunate lucky pleasant relevant congruent congruous consistent related salient compatible conforming connected correlated corresponding pertinent suitable coinciding complementary consonant linked suited correspondent seasonable

975 Sentences With "unusual"

How to use unusual in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "unusual" and check conjugation/comparative form for "unusual". Mastering all the usages of "unusual" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's an unusual ad that's part of an unusual strategy, but that's to be expected in an unusual campaign.
You're an unusual director, and this is an unusual project.
In a sense, our election is extremely unusual, totally unusual.
So Cutler's method is a bit unusual — but not that unusual.
And although the betting patterns were unusual, they weren't that unusual.
It is an unusual little book, written by an unusual man.
Go deeper: The unusual new leaders of our unusual new world
Ophelia isn't just unusual for this year, it's unusual for this century.
Years seems really unusual to me, but months is certainly not unusual.
"These are unusual times and they call for unusual decision," Gantz said.
"I'd say that's unusual, but don't ask me how unusual," Grassley said.
The unusual problems of the internet of things call for unusual solutions.
Not so unusual that we're panicking, but unusual enough to raise some eyebrows.
Donald Trump is an unusual candidate who does a lot of unusual things.
Unusual observations: Unusual points do not fit the general trend of the scatterplot.
Unusual observations: Unusual points do not fit the general pattern in the scatterplot.
The American Electoral College is an unusual system, and Trump is an unusual candidate.
It's unusual in the tech world, and it's unusual in the Google world, too.
It's an unusual thing to see, and humans love staring at new or unusual things.
The unusual route to going public is fitting for a company with an unusual backstory.
Finding something unusual or surprising after it has already occurred is neither unusual nor surprising.
GIULIANI: It is not unusual and it is not unusual to try and appease him.
What is most unusual is not citizens rising up, but the unusual chorus of voices.
But pragmatism of that kind is a very unusual trait, and especially unusual in politicians.
It was an unusual career route at the time, but she was an unusual person.
The biggest reason for this unusual election year is an equally unusual candidate—Donald Trump.
That has now been rectified by an examination of two creatures which, though only distantly related, share an unusual feeding habit, an unusual anatomical feature and an unusual name: panda.
Packing into an airplane and eating unusual food at unusual times probably doesn't help much, either.
This is unusual for the 'honeymoon' period but not unusual for recent presidents during their terms.
It's unusual in my experience to have this, but we are dealing with an unusual president.
It would be an unusual argument, but the unusual has become routine in the Trump era.
Working from home is unusual for most people, so it calls for unusual circumstances and backups.
"It is unusual behavior in historical terms, (by) geological scales it is not unusual," he said.
Books of The Times Most so-called unusual novels are unusual in a few usual ways.
This is a bit unusual, but a lot about being married to a former president is unusual.
In my early 20s, the purchase was unusual for my age, but my circumstances were unusual, too.
Unusual observations: Unusual points that do not fit the general pattern in the scatterplot are called outliers.
For adults, dying from the Zika virus is unusual For adults, dying from the Zika virus is unusual.
Apple's success in the enterprise is unusual Apple's fresh success in the enterprise is unusual for the company.
Dipping below 10 is relatively unusual for the VIX and represents an unusual lack of fear, Cramer noted.
The whole situation is highly unusual — just like a lot of things are unusual about Trump's political career.
This is highly unusual that you would have such a briefing in the middle of an investigation, highly unusual.
The play — about the unusual back story to the 1993 Oslo peace accords — has an unusual back story itself.
Bicycles are another of the unusual items lifted with unusual parts of the body during the four-day event.
It will be hard to re-engineer an unusual structure and replace an unusual boss while keeping the hustle going.
Nothing unusual about this the thing that was unusual is the size of the fees that ate them alive, basically.
"These are unusual times and they call for unusual decisions," Mr. Gantz said in a speech to Parliament on Thursday.
The recent runoff election in France made front page news in America which is unusual, but we live in unusual times.
"That's really unusual — it would even be unusual even when we're in fundraising mode!" said Chuck Holmes, the station's general manager.
It is also unusual for an attack of this scale inside Iran, and unusual that so many soldiers should be killed.
Track the storm Unusual weather Historically, it's unusual for the US Southwest to get pummeled by a hurricane or tropical storm.
To remark that the Dow is an unusual index is akin to observing that Bob Dylan has an unusual performance style.
Unexpected news arrives when Venus meets your other planetary ruler, Uranus, on June 21—expect to hear unusual things from unusual people!
Finding an unusual pattern in Big Data is no more convincing (or useful) than finding an unusual license plate outside Feynman's classroom.
"The fact that Chipotle has an outbreak is not in and of itself unusual, but there are some unusual features," Schaffner said.
Donald Trump is a very unusual president, but not everything he does is unusual, and it's good to keep that in perspective.
Ojai has an unusual model: its artistic director works with a different music director each year to create its often-unusual programs.
It's Thursday, so that wouldn't be unusual, but we just had one last Thursday, and two in a row would be unusual.
And here's the thing: What just happened on climate isn't an unusual case — and Trump isn't especially unusual for a modern Republican.
And in an unusual twist, the end result is a bounty of an unusual delicacy: roe sold around the country as caviar.
But Bread and Butter, I should note that unlike previous witnesses, you and I have actually met, it's very unusual, very unusual.
Unusual events In December 2018, Fletcher co-authored a study that identified a regular pattern of unusual meteorological events at Jupiter's equator.
And by developed country standards, Americans work an unusual number of hours per year and an unusual number of years per lifetime.
This pattern was followed in Newtown, and it elicited another of the town's unusual responses: Llodra eventually ordered the removal of the folk memorials (which is not unusual) and had them ground into a fine powder (which is quite unusual).
It's unusual to see Microsoft telling IT admins not to patch server systems, but the Meltdown and Spectre issues are a very unusual occurrence.
"It's unusual to have these events, but it's also unusual to have two major deals pending," said David Toung, an analyst at Argus Research.
"It's not totally unusual to have police involved," in a pen test, but it is unusual for security professionals to get arrested, McAndrew said.
But she said unrestricted giving is unusual and makes up less than 10 percent of gifts, and one of that size is very unusual.
Elizabeth Sullivan, the Menlo Park gallery's director, said it's an unusual structure for an unusual situation, in which there are no artworks for sale.
We begin at some place like Starbucks, which is itself an unusual name, derived from a character in "Moby Dick," itself an unusual name.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, Vanity Fair profiled the filmmaker in a sprawling feature that frames his unusual body of work against an unusual life.
And while people on gaming forums being upset isn't unusual—and Redshell itself seems to be mostly harmless—developers are dumping Redshell with unusual speed.
The incident is unusual because female shooters are unusual -- only nine of 250 recorded incidents between 4003 and 2017 involved female shooters, the FBI found.
As they digested the day, lawmakers and observers agreed that it was a most unusual inauguration that followed a most unusual election and presidential transition.
"As such, we start seeing these conflicts among the justices play out in unusual places and in unusual ways," said Fordham law professor Deborah Denno.
" To Bowman, that conclusion is clear: "This is a pattern of unusual things that are no longer unusual, they're consistent with a theory called climate change.
"When a neighbor's camera captures an unusual car or an unusual person going by, the camera becomes the smoking gun to solving a crime," he explained.
Having unusual eye movements, problems with the retinas, unusual blink rates, and other visual aberrations makes it more likely for a person to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Over the weekend, post-tropical cyclone Ophelia hit an unusual place, Ireland — so unusual that a graphic depicting the storm's high-speed winds was abruptly cut off.
Automatically downloading PACER wasn't illegal, as far as Swartz and Malamud believed, but it was certainly unusual, and federal agencies tended to be suspicious of unusual things.
Editorial One of the unusual features of this very unusual election year is that both candidates have made major trade agreements an important issue in their campaigns.
The idea of such a swift and massive uprising of young people may seem unusual from our vantage point, but it was not unusual for the era.
The brand laid off 15 percent of its staff last week — an unusual move for a retailer heading into the holiday season, but these are unusual times.
It is not unusual for the IRS to have acting commissioners for stretches of time, nor is it unusual for the confirmation process to take several months.
It's not unusual for a nonprofit to be primarily financed by donors rather than by the founder, but that's a very unusual situation for a family foundation.
Unusual criticism The unusual criticism of a top US partner in the region raised concern, including within Moon's government, which requested a formal explanation from the White House.
Unlike gasoline stocks, which have shown an unusual counter-seasonal build up over the first part of the summer, distillate stocks have exhibited an unusual counter-seasonal drawdown.
"They are two peas in a pod who see the need for unusual action in unusual times," said David B. Roberts, a Gulf expert at King's College London.
They also ruled that "dangerous and unusual" means that the banned weapons must be both unusual and dangerous, and that assault rifles (which probably make up between 1 and 2 percent of all guns owned in America, although the percentage may be higher) are common enough not to qualify as unusual.
It's not unusual for Iowans to support a religious-right tribune in the caucuses (Santorum, Huckabee)—and it's also not unusual for the winner to ultimately lose the nomination.
California is unusual for its refusal to enforce noncompete laws, and as I wrote earlier this month, this quirk of California law may explain Silicon Valley's unusual entrepreneurial culture.
The rare Friday session was marked by unusual occurrences including casually dressed senators and Democrats presiding over part of the Senate, an unusual move for the GOP-controlled chamber.
While this kind of reaching across the aisle may have already been unusual in the country's polarized political climate even 10 years ago, it was not unusual for Pickens.
Trump is an unusual candidate, and he's organizing an unusual convention — one featuring fewer politicians and more C-list celebrities than America is used to out of these events.
And while it's not unusual for a president to give money to the arts, as Farenthold's extensive reporting has revealed, it's somewhat unusual for Trump to have given at all.
When you do comedy, you're essentially just pointing out strange or unusual things — things we all, on some level, universally recognize as strange and unusual — and commenting on those things.
Haroon Moghul: Ojeda represented something unusual I wanted Richard Ojeda to win, not just because he is a Democrat, but because he represented something as important as it is unusual.
There's a race of Ursula-style octopus mermaids who deal in dark magic, and Rodents of Unusual Size that probably can't be called Rodents of Unusual Size for copyright reasons.
"To be able to acquire 400 acres right off the parkway with ease of accessibility both north and south, it's really an unusual project in an unusual location," he said.
This is why it's vital for men, both gay and straight, to look for unusual growths, lumps, or lesions and to check with a doctor if they find something unusual.
Mr. Valois now finds himself in the unusual position — unusual, at least, for a masseur who long since gave up the screen — of having an agent fielding calls and offers.
"Yes, it is a little unusual," Mr. Romney said in an interview, referring to the trial — specifically, to something "unusual" that had happened at the trial just before a break.
It's unusual for a relatively straightforward single charge like Flynn's to hang in the court system this long -- but Flynn's case has been unusual for the political attention it's drawn.
To have a sitting president so actively engaged in a general election campaign is historically unusual, in part because the confluence of circumstances that make it possible is itself unusual.
As a product of her unusual "hobby," there are two beneficiaries: those who practice forensic science, and the public that can enjoy the unusual art born of one woman's obsession.
What was unusual — highly unusual — was that in this case, the act had a third-party witness: Kendall's friend Summer, who opened the door and saw Swafford pressing himself against her.
While forging an agreement between automakers and regulatory agencies without being bogged down by a formal process is unusual, it's not unusual at all to require new safety technology in vehicles.
What is important is that the tumult caused by his unusual candidacy and his unusual approach to governing created an environment in which an intellectual refounding of Republican politics became possible.
Still, an unusual presentation of a common disease was much more likely than even a classic presentation of an unusual disease, and Crohn's was a whole lot more common than EGE.
"This is a clearly a very unusual event and the satellite imagery and eyewitness videos are showing a number of unusual characteristics that will take months to work out," said Switzer.
Drownings, while sad, are easy — this is extremely unusual.
This category is incredibly weak this year — rather unusual.
" Jackson responded: "That's what makes it significant and unusual.
" The industry's obstacles: "We're in an unusual regulatory environment.
LONDON — 2016 saw some pretty unusual men's grooming trends.
Nothing unusual about that, of course — technology moves on.
He actually killed himself -- in a very unusual way.
What was the moment you decided — because it's unusual.
Wordplay MONDAY PUZZLE — Did you notice today's unusual grid?
SHANGHAI — The shutdown was unusual, and came without warning.
" He also said: "You have been unusual among Democrats.
In response, he turned to an unusual strategy — storytelling.
MAMARONECK, N.Y. — Robin Nesdale's story is not that unusual.
" Barno called the Fourth of July plans "very unusual.
As the Journal notes, it is not unusual for weather apps to ask users for their location information, but it is unusual for an app to ask for information like IMEI numbers.
UNUSUAL INTERVENTION The unusual public intervention by two leading regulators came as a probe into the final minutes of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 113 turned toward secrets hidden in the cockpit voice recorder.
So it was unusual when he signed with MCA, a major label, and even more unusual when he decided one of his albums would be of him rapping over other people's beats.
Two news outlets — WSOC and Popular Information — reported independently on Monday that an unusual number of submitted ballot envelopes in Bladen County were signed by the same witnesses, which is very unusual.
That last question might sound unusual, but this new child care center in Huntington, West Virginia, is unusual: It serves only babies and toddlers who were exposed to drugs in the womb.
So while it's not unusual for CVS to have already completed its acquisition of Aetna, it is unusual for a judge to consider keeping the companies from integrating while he completes his review.
And while it's not unusual for a highflier to lose 50% of its value over the course of a year, it's very unusual for an index to do so, even during a recession.
The unusual extensions for an unusual problem meant the second date (January 9th) was what the industry was working towards, and would have landed squarely in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show.
"While in China, if you experience any unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena accompanied by unusual sounds or piercing noises, do not attempt to locate their source," the notice from the consulate said.
While it's not unusual for the president and Congress to not get along these days, it is unusual for the president to not get along with the legislative members of his own party.
Such is the unusual world of Mr. Trump's political finances.
HaxDogma points out some very unusual solar patterns on Westworld.
The attention and hype around this year's convention is unusual.
The system also uses audio to "listen" for anything unusual.
Keep an eye on your firewall logs for unusual activity.
It wasn't unusual to wait two weeks for a reply.
For one, she was raised in a highly unusual manner.
"This is an unusual commander in chief," said Lujan Grisham.
This is unusual, as it's usually me that gets sick.
Yeah, that is an unusual thing happening on these campuses.
Nier: Automata was always going to be an unusual game.
Clinton's performances were unusual in that they transformed the race.
It's not unusual for kids to be fussy about food.
These requirements mirror some unusual aspects of the couple's sentencing.
The heat wave was also unusual because of its timing.
Future historians may regard that epoch of reverence as unusual.
The Titan is one of Scotland's most unusual engineering feats.
Nothing seemed unusual to me or out of the ordinary.
And you may wonder how this unusual collaboration came about.
Senators convened at the unusual, early hour -- 6:30 a.m.
Scottish Fold Price: $800 – $1,13 Another pair of unusual ears!
At the back of the compound, Spleeters notices something unusual.
Just how unusual is our current era in American politics?
Pretty unusual event when a winter snowfall brings the thunder.
"This is an extremely unusual set of circumstances," he added.
China is one of the more unusual buyers in there.
"It honestly didn't seem unusual to me," Bates told CNN.
Despite its unusual exterior, the home is surprisingly conventional inside.
In a somewhat unusual post Tuesday on publishing platform Medium.
Colas said that was an unusual spike in miles driven.
You have triggered a totally unusual behaviour in my dog.
The Knuckles controllers are unusual by current VR controller standards.
The FDA has an unusual plan to change that calculus.
The impetus was an unusual law in the Prairie State.
Yet lethal injection is only becoming more cruel and unusual.
These storms are unusual because they normally happen in winter.
A few of the allies in this battle were unusual.
It certainly earned Singapore a unusual public reprimand from China.
GILLIAN TURNER, FOX NEWS: I would call it highly unusual.
But what's most unusual about the questions is their recipient.
Sometimes the Trump effect is being manifested in unusual ways.
But their angst these days is unusual in its intensity.
That experience could serve him well for this unusual choice.
That creates an unusual alignment of interests among the 27.
This makes the manufacturer's outsized reaction all the more unusual.
Legal experts described the Justice Department's move as highly unusual.
But it's unusual because it directly contradicts the disruption narrative.
The HPV vaccine is 100 percent, but that's pretty unusual.
Such a bunching of silent sessions is actually quite unusual.
The Dhammakaya Temple is unusual in defying the military government.
But Berganza began to make some unusual comments to Bernard.
Or it could be that this cycle is particularly unusual.
It's unusual to have so many women leading a comedy.
Indeed, Indonesia has an unusual group that proves the rule.
There's something very unusual about Frank Ocean's "Provider" lyric video.
MOTORCADES are not an unusual feature of African political life.
Leveling up in Final Fantasy XV is an unusual process.
Nor is it unusual for firms to exercise the option.
Then there are the more unusual recommendations in Brady's book.
There are others out there with the unusual name. Names.
In November, Ohioans rejected a very unusual marijuana legalization proposal.
Now, Meiri is doing something unusual: Giving the money back.
Despite its somewhat unusual name, Mingo could be going places.
"It's unusual for me to not know that," Urban explained.
Take yourself someplace unusual this evening and learn something new.
In his speed and daring, he was unusual among climbers.
What was unusual was the government's response to these abuses.
The Tennant case put Taft in a highly unusual position.
But it has now hit a serious, and unusual, obstacle.
We had to shovel inside the building, which is unusual.
You have triggered a totally unusual behavior in my dog.
Alaska, meanwhile, experienced a warmer New Year's Day than unusual.
That's unusual in tech, as hardware prices tend to fall.
In between posing for photos, the groom noticed something unusual.
Even in parliament unusual alliances are forming across sectarian lines.
HE IS the most unusual member of the liberal pantheon.
Costumes mix traditional shapes and unusual materials to striking effect.
"We wanted to do something that was silly and unusual."
But it has one unusual resource: an automatic weather station.
The story by Sanneh I quoted above was not unusual.
But the decision has put Republicans in an unusual spot.
It was unusual for Zoe Hastings not to show up.
Dropping a socket isn't that unusual, but what followed was.
Both programs are ensemble dramas about people in unusual circumstances.
Experts on corporate boards have described this as highly unusual.
Recall that the Eighth Amendment prohibits "cruel and unusual" punishments.
But even by FIDE standards, the current machinations are unusual.
This is not unusual among publications of any political stripe.
And this was not an unusual position at this time.
What's especially unusual, in Cindi's case, was her family's response.
And where did she come up with the unusual name?
Multiple cancellations will almost certainly flag you for unusual activity.
That type of lawsuit is not unusual in presidential elections.
Which is unusual, by the way, just so you know.
Of the 258 burgers sampled, four had some unusual ingredients.
Some analysts found the Thursday surge in the Aussie unusual.
It is unusual to find in prominent people like them.
It's unusual, there aren't a lot of people doing this.
The conditions in which these samples were found were unusual.
While the quick turnover isn't unprecedented, it is fairly unusual.
Three unusual features account for some of the region's problems.
It's not unusual to find Uber drivers with day jobs.
In my Southern home state, getting married young isn't unusual.
Previous Peronist regimes have borrowed and splurged with unusual recklessness.
The rally is highly unusual for a German political party.
A taste of the more unusual places she fills, below.
In one way Rivigo's approach is unusual for a startup.
The stock gained more than 9 percent on unusual volume.
By modern British standards this pace of turnover is unusual.
Here's a look at some of the most unusual ones.
Well, you know the part that's unusual about that chart?
In an unusual alliance, Trump is siding with Texas Sen.
"This is an unusual, unique situation," the disqualification brief said.
"We've done something a little unusual with Echo," Bezos said.
The two separate indictments against Manafort are seen as unusual.
There is also some unusual metallic percussion layered with this.
The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are deeply unusual devices.
This is an unusual political cycle, it's been so negative.
Because of fragile demand elsewhere, its comeback carries unusual weight.
It would be very unusual for a child to testify.
Was there anything special or unusual about the wedding date?
Further amendments are possible, but are unusual at this stage.
The use of shell companies in deals is not unusual.
Lorelai and Rory are known for their unusual relationship dynamic.
"He has severe depression and unusual behavior," Mr. Melhem said.
Singapore's size, moreover, allows for an unusual degree of centralisation.
That, his lawyers argue, amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.
That's unusual in October because the water is typically cooler.
The unusual scenes elicited a strong reaction on social media.
The development of the app has an unusual back story.
I also know that my situation is fairly unusual, though.
A long bond in Canada's green bond market is unusual.
Theories for how the trees got their unusual shape vary.
Some animal lovers are saying "No!" for an unusual reason.
An unusual, but favorite piece of music of the Armstrongs.
The scope and brazenness of his lies are genuinely unusual.
The unusual twist of events was first spotted by Quartz.
These two PR moves are unusual for a tech company.
An unusual gallery installation in Manhattan raises questions about belonging.
Maybe according to one projection, I have an unusual past.
It's just unusual for someone to call attention that fact.
The only thing unusual is how much attention they're getting.
Justice Democrats' unusual approach lets anyone nominate potential candidates online.
Streaming providers have ways to keep tabs on unusual activity.
And as Wolfson had said, it imparted an unusual serenity.
Don't be thrown by unusual interview questions like this one.
You'll be connecting with eccentric, unusual, and totally brilliant people.
These deaths are noteworthy because of how unusual they are.
EV West acquires batteries for its cars in unusual way.
It wouldn't be unusual for our team to be there.
He had unusual dexterity for a young man his size.
You see charts every now and again, but it's unusual.
On Friday Jon Najarian spotted unusual activity in the XLE.
The finding is unusual, as palaeontologists typically unearth headless sauropods.
"Castle hid his work in unusual spaces," Ms. Crist said.
"You're stripping the world 'unusual' of all meaning," she says.
It's not unusual to have never seen your dad cry.
So you begin to see some unusual things turn up.
The "N" earphones grasp the ear in an unusual way.
And so I think it has created this unusual situation.
The massacre was so unusual it made the local news.
Many are experiencing unusual phenomenon in their fields, she noted.
But the tech has some unusual odds stacked against it.
It was the article's unusual format that got Maurin thinking.
People looked at him and thought that boy is unusual.
New details demonstrate the unusual way Monsanto introduced its product.
This is not unusual for a new social media company.
Thomas's unusual silence has become a curiosity over the years.
Explain that, and then we'll talk about the unusual IPO.
BOB DUDLEY: Well, it's a really unusual, big oil field.
The breakup wasn't anything unusual, Cornell told CNN in 2012.
My fella likes to hear the truth, which is unusual.
Pete Najarian spotted unusual trading activity in Bed Bath & Beyond.
That's an unusual combination of roles, and that's by design.
"Even though it looks natural, it's unusual," said van Ommen.
Unusual ideas and unexpected meetings will take place today, Gemini.
It was an unusual start for a modern central banker.
"An Unusual Appearance at the Big Clock," New York Times.
"It was a very unusual role," McGinn tells The Verge.
Sometimes small groups can have unusual results just through chance.
Unusual level of chyron shade on Fox this morning pic.twitter.
What consumers found unusual, factories and other businesses may not.
It's an unusual subject for a president to boast about.
She is perhaps unusual, but not alone, in her bravery.
But it's unusual when the tech workers themselves protest tech.
Second, it's salacious, unusual, and sexual (and, to many, funny).
Mr. Lemonis took an unusual path to the R.V. industry.
What makes Jaber so unusual is his indifference to terrorists.
The stereo speakers are good, but the positioning is unusual.
Mr. Norman has a knack for turning up unusual details.
The case's disturbing origins didn't hint at its unusual outcome.
Mike Schmidt was known for having an unusual batting stance.
Admittedly this was an unusual case with extraordinary public interest.
You're just speaking to the speaker, which is very unusual.
But none of this is unusual or grounds for divorce.
The iPhone 7 and 113 Plus are deeply unusual devices.
Which is unusual for a Google or a Facebook, right?
A number of issues exacerbate this unusual coincidence of interests.
Katy Perry certainly has an unusual strategy for ending feuds.
The more unusual perks involve Canary's assistance after a theft.
Yet motorists have displayed unusual calm while waiting in queues.
What's so unusual about any of that, you might ask.
"It is unusual but it has happened before," Seeley added.
It's a really unusual job in a lot of ways.
He was curious about the girl with the unusual name.
It's not unusual to see companies partnering on various projects.
Not everyone was that excited about the unusual topping though.
In today's world, it's activity that is unusual, not inactivity.
"That is highly unusual and highly undesirable," Cameron told CNN.
He had anticipated an unusual tenor to the evening's festivities.
Three completed passes in a row was an unusual sight.
Instead, this unusual incident prompted understandable — but unfounded — security concerns.
And-- KELLY EVANS: This is highly unusual, by the way.
Then Mr. Cruz did something unusual: He crossed the street.
Alicia was an unusual network TV protagonist: enigmatic, shrewd, controlled.
It's not an unusual thing for the president to do.
Other films went beyond unusual premises to tinker with genre.
Goddess Lilith: There are, indeed, very unusual fetishes out there.
Labrador, an Idaho Republican, cuts an unusual profile in Washington.
As a scholar, I've learned that this dynamic isn't unusual.
The unusual cargo was found by customs officials on Sept.
That's an unfortunate — although not unusual — byproduct of economic development.
It's not unusual for Republicans to promise to cut regulations.
It's not unusual for President Donald Trump to spread falsehoods.
American politics has reached a cruel and unusual political state.
"This is unusual," said Collins, who has been treating Oak.
But gunman Stephen Paddock, 64, was an unusual mass killer.
"Unfortunately, it's not something unusual where we're from," Abdelkader said.
It was unusual to have to do that at 50.
This time, though, it was an unusual amount of gunfire.
That unusual strategy is backfiring now that markets are crumbling.
From a pocket, he produced a length of unusual wire.
CUNY's Comparative Politics journal suggested a particularly unusual area to
It's not unusual for national politicians to address church meetings.
Viridi sounds weird, and in truth it is very unusual.
Still, it's not unusual for companies to seek multiple suppliers.
At this point in the solving week, that's not unusual.
Government watchdogs and ethics experts say the outreach is unusual.
Pick your paymentEarnest offers unusual payment flexibility to its borrowers.
Things are so unusual now and the extremes are everywhere.
These judicial demands for more information are not particularly unusual.
You're part of a very unusual threesome in this movie.
Perhaps his most unusual proposal pertains to the Electoral College.
The police union said that rate is not very unusual.
Afterward, Tebow admitted it was an unusual environment for him.
The restaurant starts getting a lot of unusual phone calls.
His unusual condition has spawned coveted sightings and viral videos.
Control: OK, we have an unusual procedure for you here.
Amen said illnesses like his can lead to unusual behavior.
So unusual things did happen, sometimes bordering on the disturbing.
It is clear, however, that mine was an unusual case.
It's cute, it's unusual, it's got that Crocodile Dundee vibe.
Even by the researchers' own measure, it's an unusual study.
Not because it runs on hydrogen, though that's unusual enough.
It's not unusual to be distressed; it's not a weakness.
These rarities instead turned into an unusual, robust, portlike wine.
Trans Mountain stirred an unusual public fight between neighboring provinces.
"Contrary to popular belief, it's quite unusual," she tells Broadly.
That's not at all unusual for a public school district.
Michael German: So there are some aspects that aren't unusual.
It was shocking because I'd never thought it was unusual.
You'll meet plenty of unusual and exciting people this evening!
Watch out for the unusual people you may meet today.
Certainly, firing an FBI director is a very unusual step.
High staff turnover at the White House isn't necessarily unusual.
"This is, to say the least, highly unusual," Feld observed.
It is unusual for shareholders to vote against executive compensation.
The fact that I speak Italian seems to them unusual.
Now, my dad happens to be a demographically unusual person.
But forgetting nonessential details is not unusual for trauma survivors.
He must have thought it was a little bit unusual.
Some companies did decide to walk away, an unusual move.
But partnerships of this intensity are unusual in software development.
That unusual step, months after Mr. Comey had cleared Mrs.
Asserting presidential privilege in such a suit is highly unusual.
The next edition, in 2018, will be even more unusual.
The lack of people undecided on Trump is truly unusual.
And that means lots of unusual, really poor, rare words.
" Litman added that the White House response was "incredibly unusual.
The word she used, Kavtaradze explained, was an unusual choice.
Ho described the outcome on Facebook as "an unusual result".
But as a resumé for a president, it's very unusual.
There is an unusual aspect to the state's election process.
What is unusual is learning details about an ongoing deliberation.
Of course, what makes this museum unusual is its venue.
Trump is not an unusual American president with contrarian ideas.
He never thought what he did was notable or unusual.
No one else seemed to think anything unusual had occurred.
His pattern of unusual behavior may be his company's undoing.
But a careful observer will notice a few unusual details.
Ms. Zanuck takes an unusual approach to the music documentary.
As a result, some parts of China experience unusual lighting.
His unusual case offers a peek into a growing industry.
Drug use on the job is not unusual, Walter reports.
The jumps don't have to be unusual to be moving.
But iPhone sales have taken an unusual turn lower everywhere.
It's really in no way a deviant or unusual behavior.
It's one of the most unusual devices I've ever encountered.
Unusual Angel died in the same race as Tank Team.
This, I thought, is going to be an unusual journey.
Do you have an unusual cleaning method that involves food?
"Aladdin JR." had an unusual path to its debut here.
There's nothing necessarily unusual about the American plane flying dark.
The confusion over the parrot fever pathogen was not unusual.
Barkley's name, while unusual, she said, has a certain clarity.
"The presence of fire itself is not unusual," he said.
That's an unusual level of disconnect between constituents and lawmakers.
I mean it's unusual but maybe that's what you need.
It's unusual for one to be this long and pointed.
It's hard to overstate how unusual Mr. Delaney's timeline is.
But in the late 19th century, it was somewhat unusual.
What are some of the more unusual requests you've received?
My mother was 45, which was quite unusual in 1951.
As for Brooks's mind, it is filled with unusual ingredients.
" Mr. Barenboim said that Mr. Schager "has many unusual qualities.
The section may strike some readers as unusual and disorienting.
What is unusual about who is being hospitalized this year?
This was unusual: The federal government typically defends federal law.
The sales put the taxi commission in an unusual position.
On Friday, in an unusual move, Mr. Malamud's group, Public.Resource.
The response to the attacks was swift — and somewhat unusual.
Beaber had seen a few cases of this unusual disorder.
We are attempting to start every season with something unusual.
The case against Mr. Weinstein, while unusual, was not implausible.
But the Bronx site is unusual in its own way.
Such failure isn't unusual in the world of gene editing.
So much of soccer now is movement; stillness is unusual.
It's not unusual for countries to balk at external criticism.
The World Cup is an unusual event for corporate sponsors.
And the unusual happenstance played out with suddenly high stakes.
It is not unusual to lead a divided professional life.
I was given the job of constructing this unusual puzzle.
It's unusual for me to be surprised in these interviews.
This unusual London prison camp went through three distinct phases.
Q. What's behind the unusual term in your company's name?
Instead, they rely on these fish's unusual audible mating calls.
State Senator John Brooks, a Democrat, is an unusual politician.
Mr. Lang has experience with nontraditional compositions and unusual instruments.
It's unusual to see a government agency be that innovative.
And that is part of what makes this moment unusual.
A. Unusual behavior from hardware and software can provide clues.
To be fair, my job history was a tad unusual.
It's fitting, somehow, to find Roosevelt in this unusual position.
Again, drug shortages are not unusual in the United States.
HC: This election was so unusual, it's hard to compare.
An attack on an Afghan cricket match is highly unusual.
For startups, employee turnover and slicing headcount is not unusual.
Here are five unusual tax breaks that filers have claimed.
In the rock star cosmos, John occupies an unusual place.
But the practice is not unusual among California's public universities.
Mr. Trudeau's campaign planes have attracted unusual attention this election.
President Trump has his own unusual approach to granting clemency.
At the scene, the indictment said, officers found something unusual.
There is nothing inappropriate or unusual about schools' using it.
He gained a reputation for unusual skill at managing up.
The movement was unusual, hypnotic, a kind of witchy glide.
But then again, Bezos has had an unusual few weeks. 
That made us wonder: Which other presidents held unusual titles?
It's not only women who request unusual or flamboyant hats.
Yusaku Maezawa is looking for love in some unusual places.
It's because of its unusual layout with no driver seat.
Disputes between intelligence agencies and oversight committees are not unusual.
The unusual moves follow five years of negative interest rates.
In South Korea, Holland's decision to come out is unusual.
Federer, beloved, finds himself in the unusual role of underdog.
What's unusual is for the attorney general to be involved.
Although something so large and strange would be most unusual.
The unusual strategy took shape over the previous few months.
In different ways, these stories highlight England's unusual spiritual order.
On Wednesday, he'll likely be doing so under unusual pressure.
Asking outsiders to contribute to corporate reviews is not unusual.
Even more unusual was the charge, misdemeanor liberties with children.
Anyone who flunks that task will suffer an unusual penalty.
This is unfortunate, but not unusual in bargains between adversaries.
Once ensconced, we find him as unusual as we expected.
It can't be emphasized enough how unusual this strategy is.
We just gave the bureau comments, which is not unusual.
Comedy Mr. Regan occupies an unusual niche in modern comedy.
Even a slightly unusual scene can cause it to fail.
It would be unusual if he sided with the defense.
The unusual remixes can attract a lot of attention, too.
When I've tried them, I've found them delicious and unusual.
It's unusual when compared to other known galaxies in size.
I know that White House interns often face unusual challenges.
My family's story of frequent military moves is not unusual.
In a sign of how unusual the night was, Sen.
Our memories and our bodies are tasked in unusual ways.
In an unusual move, Columbia accepted it as his dissertation.
However forced delistings for geopolitical reasons would be very unusual.
The threats came at an unusual turn in Kepel's career.
"I don't see an unusual level of leaks," he said.
In August, something unusual began to happen on Chinese TikTok.
I also recognize that she's up against an unusual opponent.
McGrath is adopting an unusual campaign strategy for a Democrat.
A Mississippi prison crisis has an unusual linchpin: smuggled phones.
Unusual amounts of skin are exposed, in unusually direct ways.
The Andersons instilled their company with an unusual business ethic.
Apple's tiptoeing around the Chinese government isn't unusual in Hollywood.
Though Mr. Salcedo's lifestyle is unusual, it is not unique.
The third pillar of Musk's argument is the most unusual.
Zeltiq may be a safer bet, despite its unusual beginning.
Thirty years ago my experience was neither unusual nor uncommon.
Unusual in Washington today, the current legislation enjoys bipartisan support.
The designer Kenneth Nicholson had an unusual path to fashion.
Tales of immigrant woe are not unusual in Silicon Valley.
This week's game does have some unusual circumstances surrounding it.
Republicans now have an unusual opportunity to achieve their goals.
Certainly, it is unusual for Basquiat in almost every respect.
Nor was it unusual to wait for her green light.
Janet Yellen's description of inflation changed from idiosyncratic to unusual.
But to significantly assault large numbers of people, that's unusual.
Cryptocurrency technology also has inspired many unusual attempts at diversification.
Yet "Here for Life" takes an unusual approach to storytelling.
So each January we compile a list of unusual holidays.
Ok, so the choice of pet itself isn't exactly unusual.
It's not unusual for proxy battles to get so intense.
Such incidents are "destabilizing" but "not particularly unusual," he added.
Plus New York's unusual infrastructure has its own tech needs.
Martin's story as a gay foster parent is not unusual.
Excluding unusual items, leverage remains in line with historical levels.
Then, however, a credibility gap was considered unusual and bad.
That submission was not referenced in the unusual nighttime orders.
Musk's share purchase is unusual -- for CEOs, not for him.
This wasn't unusual, but it gave me an odd feeling.
Bharara's family history is unusual for someone in his position.
Public deviation from the president by the military is unusual.
"This is not unusual for a static test," he said.
Profoundly, the unusual subject projects a personal and philosophical identification.
The Wednesday filings included some unusual details from other candidates.
Moreover, he said, the unusual art might upset older residents.
That campaign cycle had an unusual focus on foreign policy.
Rakell responded 47 seconds later by scoring in unusual fashion.
I wish I didn't, but this guy was very unusual.
Trilobites Solenodons are highly unusual, and very difficult to study.
Do you want a biker style or something more unusual?
Here, theory and practice frequently come together with unusual clarity.
Cliff Hagen has mastered an unusual language: He speaks owl.
"It's very unusual to have such severe reactions," she said.
But the frequency with which they're not is highly unusual.
That's not unusual; business efforts often overshadow an entrepreneur's studies.
That's not unusual; business efforts often overshadow an entrepreneur's studies.
I often find my most interesting stories in unusual places.
It's really unusual for women working together to have this.
Is there a new or unusual dress term you're seeing?
Valhalla also has older residences, some with unusual back stories.
But it is unusual for Iran to accuse Pakistani citizens.
" I asked him if he thought this was unusual. "Yes.
Now traders say Canadian soybeans and peas face unusual obstacles.
The decision is an unusual one for a Republican administration.
It's not unusual to have a witness in a trial.
And shareholder suits are not unusual for all major companies.
And not an unusual one, as big tech rollouts go.
In "Kitchen," the unusual and usual literally furnish the room.
It's not surprising, and it's not unusual among American cities.
He called back a few hours later, which was unusual.
Researchers say this unusual event was due to climate change.
It's not as unusual as it may sound, experts say.
Options include popular cocktails as well as some unusual concoctions.
Mandatory disenfranchisement is unusual, and permanent disenfranchisement is even rarer.
LOS ANGELES — An unusual labor fight is shaking up Hollywood.
I found it unusual that some never happened before 1960.
We Were Eight Years in Power is an unusual book.
Experts in government affairs said Mr. Behnam's initiative was unusual.
The South Korean government's public acknowledgement of defections is unusual.
But his findings are outliers based on an unusual methodology.
It's pretty unusual for so many to say so publicly.
There is much that makes Peterson's thinking interesting and unusual.
"He was drinking something unusual last time, actually," remembers Tayub.
But I could tell the hum of excitement was unusual.
That's not unusual, since camera crews need to rehearse too.
CL: I mean, to some extent, we are very unusual.
We are in a good position, but an unusual one.
Waypoint has covered megagames before, but this one is unusual.
However, the union isn't quite as unusual as it appears.
In and of themselves, these are not wildly unusual arguments.
And as odd as that sounds, it's not entirely unusual.
This level of involvement between partner and startup is unusual.
My coffee shop is not unusual in selling CBD products.
This is an unusual point of focus for a foundation.
Unusual criticism It is highly unusual for a President to publicly criticize a federal judge, but during the campaign, Trump memorably railed against Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who was overseeing a lawsuit against Trump University.
Those feel more spread out and less focused in a way The print-only aspect of this is very unusual, for a big media brand to produce anything that is print-only is unusual.
Warren read the Eighth Amendment as a restriction on punishments that are "unusual" at the time when they are imposed, but Gorsuch reads the amendment to only ban punishments that were "unusual" in 1791.
Gapen said it's not unusual for presidents to advocate a certain policy, but what is unusual is for potential nominees to voice policy views in line with the White House ahead of their appointments.
It doesn't do this lightly, such as if the system detects one or two unusual things, but if the machine starts behaving in an overall unusual way, there's a good chance it's been compromised.
The reimbursement was processed using unusual accounting practices, a nonexistent retainer agreement, and equally unusual tax decisions, helped along the way by Trump Organization executives who, it seemed, at best, looked the other way.
It's somewhat unusual for the company to invite reporters in — I've visited headquarters around three times a year for the past five years or so — but it's not unusual for Twitter to provide updates.
It's an unusual thing to think about: an impeachment proceeding, including a Senate trial, that may not produce "news," at least not in the broad definition of news as something unexpected, unusual or unplanned.
It is unusual for a stock show to present art today but it isn't unusual for fine art to play an important role in trade fairs of the past, such as the World's Fair.
The original Switch is a remarkable and unusual piece of hardware unlike anything before it, and the Zelda game that launched alongside it, Breath of the Wild, is a remarkable and unusual as well.
Go for the unusual If what you choose to put at the center of your table is unusual, chances are it will be a great icebreaker, especially for guests who don't know one another.
But Mueller added another unusual unusual charge: lying to the DOJ about his work in Ukraine five separate times, each of which carries a sentence of up to five years in prison if he's convicted.
"While it is not unusual to see corporations running up debt during a boom like this, it is unusual to see the government follow suit," said Ruchir Sharma, Morgan Stanley Investment Management's chief global strategist.
I'm not trying to follow any kind of trend, I just thought this was an unusual opportunity and an unusual platform, and something in my life right now that is a perfect match for me.
So she branched out from jacks, planting unusual varieties, and convincing her biggest retail partners that they should sell the unusual-looking mix of pumpkins to aspirational shoppers looking to change up their fall decorating.
But the participation of CMT (Country Music Television) is more unusual.
"I think you should know that this isn't unusual," Amal said.
It is hard to overstate how unusual — even unique — this is.
Mr Obama has several unusual strengths in addition to his celebrity.
This type of Instagram activity isn't unusual for Grande and Davidson.
It's a really supportive environment that is quite unusual in tech.
Cramer acknowledged that the market has an unusual backdrop right now.
Window-bay columns project from the building at seemingly unusual angles.
That's unusual; that's not, typically, how the market would have reacted.
I found myself thinking of Blake's unusual relationship to his mortality.
The choices she makes are so unusual, and she elevates everything.
There were other unusual features and charges associated with the loan.
It's an unusual story, but Robinson keeps it lively and compelling.
Trump No one is more unusual at the moment than Trump.
The Spy Kids star announced their unusual baby name in August.
This dissonance between critical feedback and awards show love is unusual.
The decision by French and British investigators to cooperate is unusual.
Again, I know you don't think that's unusual, but it is.
After all, tapeworm infection is very unusual in the United States.
Panama's rather unusual, but so was Katz Orange when it opened.
But what cultural conservatism begets is the marginalization of the unusual.
An unusual sight, tripods and lights were splayed on the block.
This is one of the most unusual things I've ever seen.
He took an unusual path to be the chief of police.
Dramatic differences between breeds within a species is unusual for mammals.
So, there&aposs frankly nothing unusual or illegal about this meeting.
But to have a cluster like that is a bit unusual.
"Most unusual job of the night," said North Yorkshire police officers.
It wasn't unusual for Ogle to get calls at 4 a.m.
It's definitely one of the most unusual organisms on the planet.
Gleason's case might seem extreme, but it is far from unusual.
Given the diversity of Islamist extremists, Masood doesn't look too unusual.
Already, unusual things are happening, with a lot more to come.
First, keep in mind that asking someone out isn't that unusual.
Seven tracks is quite an unusual number of songs to release.
But is it really unusual given how new this feature is?
There are a few cases of unusual influenza infections, as well.
"The Hanging," the most unusual picture here, is far from erotic.
In a very unusual move, WikiLeaks has been subpoenaed via Twitter.
Did Flynn have a role in or encourage that unusual decision?
Parts of Africa were among the regions suffering from unusual heat.
The panel's recommendations are far from unusual among the medical profession.
On the foot, the Nike Free 5.0 feels unusual, but comfortable.
It's not unusual for lawmakers to draft legislation behind the scenes.
A food vendor sold an unusual product in Vancouver British Columbia.
He said it's unusual for billionaires to be willing to serve.
Trump took the unusual step — for him— of delivering prepared remarks.
Ron Gagliardo just might have the most unusual job at Amazon.
But they had an unusual request, Boniello, 23, wrote on Twitter.
If not, they have to face these unusual circumstances head-on.
But you'll notice something unusual about it: They all look white.
Photo: Susan Walsh (AP)The Post Office is an unusual agency.
So, yes, a bunch of unusual contingencies came together in 2016.
Reininger might seem an unusual guy to be running a railroad.
The solution lies in the president's unusual relationship with his supporters.
It's not unusual for game publishers to support VR these days.
It is not unusual for public servants to receive death threats.
It was kind of unusual to be in, in San Francisco.
It is taken for granted that he is an unusual candidate.
"It's not unusual for them to travel that distance," he said.
South Sudan is not unusual in having a man-made famine.
The company founders took an unusual route to starting their company.
Atkinson disputed the term "prejudice," but acknowledged the situation was unusual.
Maybe we can start with you explaining Mercer's unusual political morality.
Dijsselbloem also commented yesterday that such contingency measures were not unusual.
"[T]hat's why this case strikes me as unusual," he said.
And experts blame the state's unusual tax system for the problem.
PICTURE PROMPTS Have you ever created an unusual food or snack?
In addition, there were no unusual absences from school at Karnes.
What is unusual is how the team got there this season.
The unusual policy is the result of historically low interest rates.
Instead, he said, it seems to have been an unusual accident.
Presumably that means asking if they heard anything unusual that day.
So it is not unusual to people in Malawi at all.
It would be unusual if none went to the winning list.
It's not unusual to get two or three feet of snow.
It is funny, and it is uncomfortable, and it is unusual.
But most unusual of all was the size of these recruits.
CNN's Mallika Kapur in Mumbai said that's not unusual in India.
Family members said the unusual arrangement worked for all those involved.
A patchy knowledge of those events is nothing unusual in Russia.
That's unusual, considering it's supposed to launch in under a month.
His reluctance to move into a retirement community was not unusual.
Such transitions from politics to cable news are far from unusual.
It would have been unusual to do so at age 19.
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has spotted some unusual activities and halted withdrawals.
Hickey sees it contributing to an unusual divergence in the market.
But the scale of his recent shake-up has been unusual.
And she has staked out some unusual territory in coffee drinks.
One of its more unusual employee benefits is genetic cancer screening.
Mr Middelhoff's stellar rise was unusual in staid Teutonic business culture.
To me, it's very unusual that people don't operate that way.
An unusual customer on one of our #SouthCoastLine trains this evening!
To the unknown eye, the content didn't seem at all unusual.
It's a highly unusual split among competitive races in each chamber.
Luna's school year had already gotten off to an unusual start.
But at its heart, "Bad Reputation" is an unusual love story.
Everyone's demanding you're attention, and they're doing it in unusual ways.
Something unusual has been going on in Ohio's 22017st Congressional District.
The scale of Volkswagen's crisis makes it a particularly unusual case.
What was unusual is that 20163 was also a census year.
LONDON (Reuters) - It was an unconventional venue for an unusual encounter.
Donald Trump has an unusual kind of power: He reveals weakness.
The move was characterized as unusual for such a large project.
"COCKROACHESQUE" is an unusual compliment, unless you are a Liberal Democrat.
The startup takes a bit of an unusual approach to search.
The ruling in South Dakota v Wayfairfeatured an unusual line-up.
"I think it's a highly unusual kind of study," he says.
It sounds unusual on face value, but it wasn't for Prince.
"This is highly unusual," said John Janedis, an analyst with Jefferies.
"Something very unusual has happened," says Carlos Malamud, an Argentine historian.
Spider silk can even be tweaked to have unusual thermal properties.
I love those faces that look unusual, with or without makeup.
Greene decided to take an unusual approach to establishing a connection.
Russia's doping is unusual only in its scale and institutional nature.
So far the unusual arrangement seems to working out pretty well.
The Sinaloa cartel is unusual in that it's much less centralized.
One thing you'll notice right away is the phone's unusual dimensions.
Would pristine digital signals make it harder to find unusual stations?
This is an unusual thing to get together like this [laughter].
It's not unusual to see bitcoin lead other digital tokens lower.
The certainty of daily rain, though, marks Mawsynram out as unusual.
Of course, the cheetah isn't the only animal with unusual ears.
What makes Mr Vincent's story unusual is that he was caught.
The keyboard has a stylish — but unusual — set of circular keycaps.
I have a bit of an unusual relationship with my ex.
The degree of his commitment to the cause is more unusual.
Several patients reported feelings of spirituality, unusual peacefulness, and increased altruism.
POTENTIAL FOR COURT CHALLENGE Canada's approach to drug pricing is unusual.
It's constantly running in the background looking out for anything unusual.
Patterns of scratches on stones used by Neanderthals are not unusual.
He was unusual, too, in counting many women among his collaborators.
But royals have problems, too, even if they are unusual ones.
Instead, candidates are assessed throughout their courses—again unusual in Africa.
A chimera would be a much more unusual and unlikely event.
America is unusual in also offering this option to large firms.
Eating out two times in a week is unusual for me.
Example B: They're visionaries, albeit with pretty cruel and unusual visions.
It's an unusual situation that NASA has never quite faced before.
She also favors some unusual home accessories: ashtrays and cigarette boxes.
We have something unusual, which is a direct fire-responder stair.
It's not unusual for counselors to be recovering drug users themselves.
In China, these photo shoots are a tradition; it's nothing unusual.
The circumstances of his departure were, if not spectacular, then unusual.
"Halftime Report" trader Jon Najarian spots unusual activity in JetBlue calls.
It was unusual because everybody in Hollywood knew he was adopted.
"This proposal is unusual and unprecedented among the states," Walczak said.
It deserves dynamic, electric, and frankly, unusual coverage on election night.
Still, volatile trading is not unusual the day after an election.
"The location we shot at was phenomenal and unusual," Lincoln said.
Attacks on security forces and military bases are unusual in Punjab.
But for coaches and executives, success in multiple sports is unusual.
Even in a normal political system, that is problematic and unusual.
That puts the dream of face-spotting in an unusual place.
The sound of gunshots in this complex are unusual, he said.
MCLENNAN County in Texas witnessed two unusual events on August 21st.
One is that triple-digit temperatures are unusual across the continent.
He had an unusual combination of worldliness and small-town humility.
AN UNUSUAL object arrived off the coast of Norway last September.
The current field is unusual, though, and might defy this pattern.
It's unusual for a VP hopeful to attend a presidential debate.
One of the more unusual signs is a change in libido.
But you know what's really unusual and has us crying today?
Williamson says he didn't like his unusual name as a child.
You may find yourself aligning with some very unusual people today.
We should not have to give unusual tax and royalties incentives.
How do you approach the parents in such an unusual situation?
But the #NeverTrump movement opens the possibility of unusual voter targets.
Payne dismissed the notion that Brown saw unusual levels of violence.
The group then put the unusual cargo into a maroon truck.
The word "nice" has an unusual history in the English language.
With unusual alacrity, three teams raced to do the modified experiment.
She was taking online courses, so that wouldn&apost be unusual.
The idea of handing a gun to a monkey was unusual.
This is hardly unusual in the wake of China's porn crackdown.
Ekaterinburg Arena in Yekaterinburg, Russia, is famous for its unusual design.
The deformed carp is the latest unusual fish to generate buzz.
It's what we have in common — beginning with our unusual names.
That kind of longevity, until recently, has been unusual in tennis.
Delays of in the new Commission taking office are not unusual.
I did mention, it's a women-led firm, which is unusual.
It's not unusual for online ads to appear in unexpected places.
The swarm the other day was an unusual, very late swarm.
Despite this, she's maintained a good attitude about the unusual mishap.
This fast turnover is highly unusual: it tells us many things.
Its failure to provide [a reason] is highly unusual and disturbing.
The driver, to his credit, handled the unusual welcome very well.
You're thinking about all kinds of dangerous, unusual, and complicated things.
That said, Mysterio is an unusual figure in Spider-Man lore.
What made the protests this year so ripe for unusual conflict?
Negative rates in the U.S. would be a highly unusual move.
I could tell you that it has an unusual prismatic design.
Existing investors Big Labs, Menlo Ventures and Unusual Ventures also participated.
Midlothian, Virginia (CNN)It was an unusual scene for a church.
The unusual Pacific Ocean conditions feeding this monster are still strong.
What he did next is, unfortunately, not unusual in the industry.
That was not unusual to do -- but this one certainly was.
S. systems, it is unusual for it to publicize the development.
CLEVELAND — Presidential nominating conventions put political scientists in an unusual position.
Something unusual on the ice happens every 40 games or so.
It's not unusual for debates to go up against sporting events.
No, I just told her that's a very unusual young man.
Clinton has been largely absent through this flurry of unusual statements.
But what do users actually gain from that unusual aspect ratio?
Those countries have seen their GDPs swell at an unusual rate.
"We're in a very unusual, unprecedented situation in America," said Brown.
It's an unusual time to be a Republican looking for work.
While completely unrelated, the trials were unusual in their own way.
All the more unusual is the Hollywood attention Ossoff has attracted.
Many, including Clinton, have blamed Comey's unusual conduct for her defeat.
It's an unusual locale for one of the world's largest companies.
Not that this is unusual—this is how celebrity operates now.
But early-stage markets are unusual, particularly from Series B onwards.
Expect the unusual to pop up as your run your errands.
But the entrepreneur is no stranger to revamping unwanted, unusual properties.
Indeed, Sinovation takes an unusual route to develop technologies and startups.
His lawyer, J. Timothy DiPiero also thought the case was unusual.
But the markers in this unusual campaign were themselves quite unorthodox.
But Beckett is an unusual and extreme instance of poetic anxiety.
But in a first-floor apartment something very unusual is happening.
Ishioka's costumes are characterized by unusual geometric shapes and vibrant colors.
But that he was recognized at all was unusual, and deserved.
When scheduling meetings, avoid assuming that unusual times are fair game.
The study of law was unusual for women of my generation.
When I think of it like that, it is quite unusual.
I would like to tell you that this day was unusual.
These kinds of comments concern me, but they're also quite unusual.
First, is the latest revelation unusual for those under Mueller's scrutiny?
Also it was unusual that the control group had zero tumors.
That's not unusual for a dancer, but here it felt momentous.
When the case reached the Ninth Circuit, it did something unusual.
Thus is existential dread updated and digital animation given unusual gravity.
CNN: What are some of the most unusual donations you've had?
Chapot was also responsible for heirs of a highly unusual sort.
I had so many, so many funny unusual moments with him.
The White House denied the visit was in any way, unusual.
Once again, the genesis of the song felt unusual to McCartney.
It is unusual for such an attack to be made public.
The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights says this is not unusual.
While it's a bit unusual, a move like this isn't unprecedented.
The numbers speak to themselves, they can appreciate the unusual combination.
This so-called "recombination" of DNA in mitochondria is extremely unusual.
Tonight, we have an unusual showdown: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.
It's unusual for a defenseman to be such a scoring threat.
It's an unusual blend of cultures, of styles, of doing business.
This has occasionally resulted in an unusual and somewhat disorienting experience.
It's fun to look forward to doing something that is unusual.
The infiltration of wild turkeys into suburban neighborhoods is not unusual.
If you're from small-town Alabama, you know, that's not unusual.
Trump's comments praising Kim, however, were unusual for a U.S. president.
There's unusual imagery, in the form of Ms. Roberts's recycled wig.
The thing that was unusual was the size of the fees.
Shawn Arruti said high-profile or celebrity cases create unusual interest.
IT IS unusual to hear applause at a European Union summit.
That was what made the character so unusual, and so compelling.
This is not an unusual thing to happen on the internet.
That's unusual because yen weakness usually boosts the Nikkei average .N225.
He said that the problems in Clark County are not unusual.
It's very unusual to have a massive termination based on performance.
With unusual buildings, there's often someone who thinks its an eyesore.
Then, in the middle of 2014, something highly unusual took place.
Such transportation methods aren't unusual for handling something like crowd control.
India's Ministry of External Affairs described Verma's visit as "nothing unusual".
Furthest hurricane to travel east Hurricane Ophelia's path was very unusual.
"They're given an unusual amount of credibility," Hamilton says of entertainers.
ScienceTake River otters on the coast of Alaska lead unusual lives.
The document also lays out unusual agreements with Neumann's wife, Rebekah.
His capture was the result of an unusual international, multiagency operation.
But less than orthodox Christian theology has not been wholly unusual.
But also, it is the unusual predator who only preys once.
The marriage was unusual in that Phillips was deemed a commoner.
The eulogy was an unusual public act for a Hasidic woman.
Ahead of the report Najarian spotted unusual activity and bought calls.
Such a move is unusual for a company of Spotify's size.
When its plan didn't work, the company made an unusual decision.
Luis Miranda Jr., a political consultant, is the most unusual beneficiary.
There appear to be two payments involved in this unusual agreement.
The Hill: Pelosi sees defections from an unusual quarter - the left.
The tax is unusual in that it affects revenue, not profit.
But the unusual items had one big downfall: few repeat customers.
There are, of course, complicated contours to 2016's unusual politics.
Atlantic salmon and herring are part of this unusual, peripatetic fraternity.
"Almost right away, I saw it was unusual," he told me.
The small numbers and the fans' attitude create an unusual atmosphere.
"Looking out plane window, nothing seems unusual," he said on Twitter.
Also unusual: One of the other leading Democratic presidential contenders, Sen.
That Mr. Thielemans played jazz on the harmonica was unusual enough.
Do they have Eighth Amendment protections against "cruel and unusual punishment"?
In January 21944, Hilma af Klint was offered an unusual commission.
It would have been an unusual creature, based on its appearance.
Now, Psalm is an unusual name, and objectively hard to pronounce.
It's not unusual for P&G advertisements to address social issues.
Capcom confirmed this unusual approach in a surprise announcement on Monday.
Or: are unusual heat waves (like this one) becoming more intense?
Still, it's unusual for the Pentagon to have an interim leader.
Although he later recanted, his revelation still resonates with unusual clarity.
Not unusual mind you, but this new pose is something different.
Pick a few and give this unusual ice cream a try.
Anduril is unusual among today's startups for embracing the defense business.
Their unusual burial led to a lot of speculation, Collins says.
The LinkedIn posting is somewhat unusual for a possible presidential campaign.
The result is chocolate with unusual aromas — licorice, say, or tobacco.
Elation and confusion are an unusual combination for victorious sports fans.
We saw that the response to the game can be unusual.
Americans are in unusual agreement about a parent's right to parent.
Instead, we like the unusual, the unique, sometimes even the bizarre.
"This was an unusual and extremely private matter," Mr. Freeman said.
It is an unusual form, actually, and is difficult to characterize.
The unusual instrumentation allowed for some interesting (though sometimes jarring) coloring.
Here is where the Golden State Killer case becomes rather unusual.
It was unusual—a shock, really, since no one ever had
For Holzhauer, that strategy is an unusual one in Jeopardy history.
It was unusual, I was surprised he didn't get as far.
But there was also a more unusual element to living there.
My sense of humor is a little unusual, strange, and different.
In hindsight, I can see that Newgrounds served an unusual function.
Will Thiel's unusual brand of politics perplex or inspire the crowd?
Everyone there speaks Russian, which is unusual for Ukrainian government officials.
It's a vision of intimacy that is unusual for video games.
"Contrary to popular belief, it's quite unusual," she previously told Broadly.
But for Ishizaki, discussing food at 5 AM isn't that unusual.
I see it as a cool, unusual experience to have had.
It was unusual for it to take less than two hours.
But even those traits are not particularly unusual in today's world.
This anxiety may seem obsessive, but it's not at all unusual.
But if Sullivan's sense of history is wrong, it's not unusual.
And that's why congressional Republicans are resisting in an unusual way.
Like most Trump rallies, it was a disturbing and unusual spectacle.
Demidov, the Chief Examiner reported nothing unusual in his declassified report.
An unusual solution to an everyday problem will arrive this evening.
It's not unusual for artists to take a change of direction.
Unusual cuts of raw meat and fish also line the market.
He asserted that Trump is unusual in his use of lies.
Maybe one or more of my unusual fitness efforts paid off.
Security incidents are highly unusual in the tightly-policed Chinese capital.
It was the latest milestone in an unusual professional racing career.
The girls in the band carried themselves with an unusual confidence.
It is not unusual to question the credentials of cabinet nominees.
The addition of the Breitbart executive is the more unusual move.
An unusual and harmless — though off-putting to some — rookie mistake.
It's not unusual to see campaigns experience various ups and downs.
Building an innovation stack The challenge from Amazon was not unusual.
It was an unusual thing for a local pediatrician to do.
One unusual aspect of the trial raised questions for some experts.
The missing rallies are far from the only unusual political dynamic.

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