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"result" Definitions
  1. [countable] a thing that is caused or produced because of something else
  2. [countable] the final score or the name of the winner in a sports event, competition, election, etc.
  3. [countable, usually singular] (British English, informal) a victory or a success
  4. [countable, usually plural] (British English) the mark or grade you get in an exam or in a number of exams
  5. [countable, usually plural] the information that you get from a scientific test or piece of research
  6. [countable, usually plural] the information that you get from a computer search
  7. results [plural] things that are achieved successfully
  8. [countable, usually plural] the amount of profit or loss made by a business over a particular period of time

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"result" Synonyms
consequence outcome effect conclusion termination corollary end reaction by-product product produce sequel issue concomitant footprint aftereffect development end product end result fate upshot culmination payoff pay-off fulfilment(UK) fulfillment(US) pinnacle fruit fruits climax consummation crowning glory grand finale settlement finale judgement(UK) payout repercussion ramification aftermath fallout impact implication side effect aftereffects after-effects aftershock backwash reverberation score mark grade grading points rating percentage record assessment appraisal tally evaluation final result classification class ranking placing position rank standing verdict decision opinion determination judgment(US) adjudication arbitration findings ruling pronouncement decree finding order arbitrament sentence resolution achievement accomplishment triumph success victory win attainment feat masterstroke realisation(UK) realization(US) performance enterprise work coup undertaking exploit job production answer solution calculation sum total aggregate quotient solvent resultant key remedy way out root measurement explanation cure antidote whole unit combination ensemble piece collection package system body combo being unity fullness set assembly complex group amalgamation output yield return harvest profit gain productivity crop take outturn volume turnout amount amount produced out-turn quantity produced gross domestic product purpose reason function advantage benefit goal good object objective role raison d'être utility avail behoof business capacity duty count reckoning summation census tab tale running total sum total grand total number gross totality analysis estimation interpretation reasoning outline report summary inference assumption supposition presumption close ending finish denouement finis capper closing completion endgame epilogue(UK) homestretch mop-up proceeds earnings income revenue takings profits returns gains receipts gate reward net incomings interest price cost penalty sacrifice toll forfeit forfeiture disbenefit punishment undesirable consequence detriment harm disadvantage expense damage drawback downside consequences injury significance import importance value core matter sense substance full effect full value whole effect discovery blessing boon godsend asset bonanza treasure windfall variant variation alternative form modification adaptation revision permutation transfiguration aberration alteration metamorphosis mutant transformation version alternative form deviant different form other form follow ensue develop arise evolve emerge emanate flow occur take place come about proceed derive happen manifest materialise(UK) materialize(US) rise stem end in culminate in involve lead to prompt elicit precipitate trigger spark off provoke cause bring about occasion bring to pass contribute to give rise to create amount to begin start transpire appear commence eventuate originate actualize dawn surface erupt prove demonstrate show substantiate determine establish verify attest confirm evince validate authenticate corroborate document evidence ascertain certify check find More
"result" Antonyms
cause origin source basis causation beginning foundation root antecedent commencement initiation introduction start stimulus base reason germ occasion opening loss unfulfillment letdown disappointment anticlimax comedown deflation ineffective conclusion damp squib failure defeat flop downfall bust catastrophe disaster failing botch bungle debacle dud false step faux pas fiasco implosion problem puzzle challenge puzzler question query riddle stumper twister brainteaser quiz brain-teaser bit component constituent element fragment part piece division portion fraction ingredient segment unit factor member building block component part uselessness inadequacy futility frivolity incompetence hopelessness ineptness pointlessness ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficacy incapability impotence inability incapacity powerlessness inaptitude explanation argument consideration ground groundwork impetus incentive inspiration mother proof spring inconsequentiality irrelevance unimportance impertinence inapplicability inappositeness inappropriateness incongruity inconsequence inconsistency insignificance irrelevancy remoteness triviality unrelatedness trivialness pettiness paltriness frivolousness trifle elimination exclusion neglecting rejection removal standstill inaction stagnation cessation impasse pause delay stoppage halt dead end lack of progress impunity freedom latitude carte blanche exemption immunity liberty exoneration licence license privilege amnesty exception nonliability non-liability pardon exemption from punishment freedom from punishment baseline dawn nascence nascency exordium foreword intro lead-in overture preamble preface preliminaries prelude proem prolegomenon prolog(US) indecision indecisiveness irresoluteness irresolution hesitation hesitance hesitancy incertitude cunctation uncertainty unsureness swithering fence-sitting ambivalence lack of resolution misjudgement misjudgment dithering launch establishment inception outset genesis rise unfolding birth conception beginnings incipiency infancy development incipience dilemma conundrum predicament plight quandary confusion difficulty mire pickle quagmire crisis conflict perplexity difficult choice difficult situation avocation destruction entertainment fun hobby pastime ruin subtotal individual one individual amount create generate induce instigate beget bring about bring on catalyse(UK) catalyze(US) drive effect effectuate elicit engender establish foster give rise to incite initiate start with begin with commence with be initiated by be introduced by precede with precede antecede introduce lead usher cease disregard forerun neglect repress stop go before come first pave the way go ahead of begin commence antedate predate retreat run away abort end terminate abolish cancel desist discontinue surcease suspend abate complete dissolve finish annul break close quit hide fall through fail come to nothing fail to happen come to naught bomb collapse flunk fold founder miss strike out wash out not happen return get back go back go home diminish subside lessen wane decrease drop remit attenuate decline dwindle ease ebb extenuate recede relent slacken taper fade fall be confined be contained be restricted be bottled up be held back be stifled agree concur disgorge discharge eject expel produce spawn spew yield erupt kindle make bear breed bring forth bring into being

805 Sentences With "result"

How to use result in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "result" and check conjugation/comparative form for "result". Mastering all the usages of "result" from sentence examples published by news publications.

As a result, the end result will just be another Band-Aid.
The more scientists achieve the same result, the more robust that result is.
As a result, meals can get rushed and result in poor quality food.
"This is a ... barrier to care that could result in a devastating result."
As a result, the pact's net result on jobs could be a wash.
This isn't a result of lazy developers, it's a result of bad incentives.
Personal attacks will result in a warning, which will then result in a ban.
The result was a package of reforms that had an immediate and positive result.
But if the result is tantalisingly close to a positive result then perhaps the researchers will fiddle a bit with their method...and celebrate their nice publisher-friendly result.
However, one result is more likely to result in an uptick in the company's stock.
It can result in PTSD; it can result in lifelong issues with intimacy and trust.
As a result, even when the FTC does act the end result is often lacking.
And the result is the same result as a dozen times before — they stop pushing.
A query for "peanut butter" using Amazon's Alexa platform, for example, could result in your Echo device reading off — search result by search result — all the brands available on Amazon.
That result you got there was probably the result of what we call a framing effect.
From there you can see more info on the result or things related to the result.
If you're not telling people the result within minutes, you're not really relevant to that result.
It wasn't the result I personally foresaw, but I was really glad that was the result.
After the result Mr Ho described the result as having turned "heaven and earth upside down".
To get the final patient result, one had to multiply the diluted result by the same factor the blood had been diluted by, not knowing whether the diluted result was even reliable.
As a result, Facebook is facing a much tougher legal fight with a much less predictable result.
The fourth quarter result pushed the company's full-year 2015 result to a 34.8 billion-real loss.
"Whatever the (investigation) result, people feel they might have confidence it's an accurate, unbiased result," she said.
As a result, the final result will not be known until the losing side is mathematically eliminated.
The fourth quarter result pushed the company's full-year 2015 result to a 13 billion-real loss.
The result could be a bifurcated midterm result that simultaneously repudiates Trump while providing him some reaffirmation.
"We look at the end result, and the end result was reuniting that dog and that kid."
Instead of challenging the result, he was left to try to argue for parole despite the result.
As a result, these kinds of trivial arguments will more frequently result in serious injuries or deaths.
Despite this short-term pain, chances are the referendum result would still result in a vote to leave.
As a result, the negotiations achieved only a narrow result: limiting Iran's ability to produce a nuclear weapon.
I personally liked the result in 1992, but I would hate a comparable result favoring Trump in 2020.
As a result, Kaeser said there was bound to be redundancies as a result of the companies merging.
This Friday's result is unlikely to result in the same landslide—but I'm still hopeful for a majority.
The result: The gene test you had a few years ago might yield a startlingly different result now.
The result is that wide-angle night shots must be held very steady or soft images will result.
Fortunately, few of these fender benders result in injuries, but they often result in shockingly high repair bills.
Image credit: R. Dias and I.F. SilveraThe more scientists achieve the same result, the more robust that result is.
Sure, I want that result—for me, it means no vasectomy—but honestly, I don't really want that result.
Lower valuations will result in less capital being raised, which will result in lower growth and still-lower valuations.
Because, in the final result, it's hard to guess what might be the theoretical result of an undetermined event.
The surgery lasted about 20 minutes, but the result... the result would have been worth two hours of work.
This conclusion is certainly not the result of a single study: It's the result of thousands of good studies.
After all, the show is supposed to result in a marriage, and marriages, in some cases, result in babies.
"The biggest result will be the break up of March 14 as a result of this landscape," he said.
It's unclear at this time if the issue will result in a GDPR violation and fine as a result.
"The result was not unexpected, and even though polls are often wrong, the result was not unexpected," Conway said.
As more children flood the system as a result of the administration's family separations, Young fears what could result.
At least for me, this end result—and this isn't the end result—this large swelling never felt inevitable.
Or that both shows are about fatherless families: Evan's the result of divorce; Simon's the result of an accident.
"As a result, the lifting and tightening effect of the facial tissues yields a noticeable result," said Dr. White.
If your science gives you a result that you don't like, pass a law saying the result is illegal.
"An Audi one-two — our best over result — and a home win for me, a super result," Abt said.
As a result, the teams he pulls together may be not as effective or cohesive as a result, some say.
Lavishing the Army with money might result in a bigger Army, but it won't necessarily result in a better Army.
If CORVIDS cannot come up with a valid set of data for a result, that result is self-evidently fishy.
Textio's platform knows what someone wrote and what happened as a result and whether the writing created the desired result.
Failure to pay doesn't result in jail time, but does result in the federal tax refunds of offenders being reduced.
"While this is the result that I am compelled to find, it is not necessarily the right result," Hillman wrote.
A reporter reminded Cormier that, if the result of the test result stands, Jones could be suspended for two years.
As a result, JPMorgan's all-industry composite PMI index actually dipped 0.3 points last month to 33 as a result.
The election result is nullified Odinga urged his base to show restraint and issued a legal challenge to the result.
I though we could possibly lose some seats but I didn't expect this sort of dramatic result, this calamitous result.
A breakdown can be the result of a single bad step, but it's most often a result of cumulative stress.
Common causes of false resultsA false-negative result occurs when the test result is negative but you are indeed pregnant.
Of these, 14 are believed to be the result of sexual transmission and one was the result of laboratory exposure.
Juno's pregnancy was a result of sex with her best friend, while mine was a result of a sexual assault.
"If you get the right collaborative relationships up and running with physician groups and hospital groups like we have in Missouri, you can generate a better result, not a stellar result, but a better result," he said.
The short end of the yield curve is spiking as a result and the yield curve is flattening as a result.
Davey's own blindness as a result of multiple sclerosis is connected to Jarman's blindness as a result of AIDS-related complications.
" He added that keeping families in detention for the duration of their immigration proceedings will result in an "expeditious immigration result.
As a result, in a typical cycle Democrats would add 50 electoral-college votes—enough to reverse the result in 2016.
British stocks, which had fallen sharply after the referendum result on Friday morning, closed above their pre-result levels on Wednesday.
When a public information vacuum is created, the result is misinformation, disinformation or no information, and the result is always negative.
But the result is greater diversity in the local search market, as a direct result of implementing a choice screen mechanism.
Extreme cases of bipolar disorder that result in suicide are most often a result of misdiagnosis, not failed treatment, Cairns said.
"While this is the result that I am compelled to find, it is not necessarily the right result," Judge Hillman wrote.
That means a "no" vote from Romney will result in a 7-7 tie, which would result in the subpoena failing.
The result: Americans drive much more than their European peers, and are more likely to die in crashes as a result.
The promoters didn't agree with the result and most of the fighters who were there also think the result was strange.
Before I leave, Veronica also explains that having several treatments is likely to result in a more pronounced and long-lasting result.
The results in New Hampshire were the best possible result for Donald Trump and the worst possible result for his Republican critics.
The success of American higher education is not just a result of money (though that helps); it is the result of organisation.
The hysteria over the Iowa result is simpler: The politically engaged, from campaigns to journalists to assorted Twitterati, wanted an immediate result.
Failure to do so may result in heightened liquidity risk as debt maturities approach, and may result in a negative rating action.
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen posted a full year financial result of 48 million and expects a moderately higher after tax result in 2018/85.03.
Is this the inevitable result of a lull in productivity growth, a result of bad policy or bad luck, or some mix?
The surprise result of the UK's snap election also caused the pound to drop on June 9, the day of the result.
PGD won't necessarily result in China mass-engineering super-citizens, but it will easily be misinterpreted by and desensitize result-driven consumers.
As a result, Ukraine's coal stocks are running critically low, which may result in rolling blackouts that will seriously hurt the economy.
The result is a gender-balanced corpus that is based on a different world than ours, but produces a remarkably fair result.
"This is a good result and a great risk-adjusted result given the low risk nature of pair trades," Gundlach told Reuters.
It can result in a reduction in sex hormones, decreased libido, and decreased vigor and energy as a result of decreased testosterone.
Aurubis also said it expected the current economic environment to strain the third-quarter 2018/19 result and the full-year result.
"The recent setback in the talks might be a result of tactics, but would not impact their ultimate direction and result," he said.
As a result, Wi-Fi networks have become increasingly congested, especially in urban areas, and speeds and performance have suffered as a result.
Further, significant risk management or operational failures that result in material losses to the firm could also result in a negative rating action.
The only times he was clearly tased "result in Mr. Trammell screaming in pain, but did not result in compliance," the report said.
Feng told Reuters he believes he was released as a result of pressure from the international community as a result of media coverage.
That power is more a result of espionage and outright intellectual property theft than the result of true innovation, but China doesn't care.
" He added: "Our very weakness — as a result of Brexit, as a result of fraying trans-Atlantic ties — was an attraction for Russia.
There are also asymmetries in the way we think about harms that result from our actions and harms that result from our inactions.
Finally, huge cohort studies using many participants are likely to find a statistically significant result even if that result is not clinically significant.
"As a result the 2016 Group's estimated net financial result is expected to record a loss of approximately 11.8 billion euros," it said.
It is still, in my view, the wrong result, but I fear the consequences of "stealing" the result away from 17 million people.
But for the extreme poor, Mr. Desmond argues, bad decisions are a result of poverty, more than poverty is a result of bad decisions.
Under the law, use could still result in a fine, but will not be considered a criminal offense that could result in prison time.
In turn, a downgrade could result from further asset quality deterioration or liquidity stress that result in a considerable compression of its capital base.
"I could not expect a result like this, and no one could," Halla-aho told supporters on Sunday, referring to the party's overall result.
"If your science gives you a result you don't like, pass a law saying the result is illegal," Stephen Colbert quipped at the time.
"The sprawl is the result of the oil boom but the result of the sprawl is actually social isolation," said curator Sumayah Al-Solaiman.
The child died as a result of the parents not seeking medical treatment for their sick infant, as a result of their religious beliefs.
The current thinking is that a "status quo" result — Clinton win, House stays Republican — will result in a modest 3 percent or so rally.
The researchers found that random attrition does not boost a false positive result, but in some cases it can support a false negative result.
"It appears the result was positively impacted by better availability, lower costs and importantly a better trading result," RBC analysts said in a note.
A ratings downgrade could result if EBITDA is sustained below $21000 billion which would result in leverage of low 2110x, assuming flat debt levels.
As a result, RiverRock's Arbelaez believes the lack of out-of-state investors and expertise will result in "a slower development curve" for Alaska.
If the initial result only showed up because of manipulation, then the chances of the same result in the second sample are relatively low.
Older women are more often injured as a result of falls, but men are more likely to die as the result of a fall.
Cofinimmo reported on Thursday end-September property result rising to 2300 million euros and net result from core activities up at 2225 million euros.
Part of the House result is explained by Trump's overall unpopularity, and a lot of the Senate result reflects an unfavorable map for Democrats.
Some of this decline is a result of shifting staff to district offices; some of it is a result of flat or declining budgets.
The very first result I mentioned — that people are more likely to click on the first Google result than the second — is absolutely true.
But just because the result is unintentional doesn't mean it is fantasy: Newsrooms have been decimated, with basic accountability reporting slashed as a result.
As a result, entrepreneurs must be able to demonstrate explainability to show how the model arrived at the result (for example, a credit score).
Powered scooter accidents were nearly three times more likely to result in concussions than e-bike injuries, and more likely to result in fractures.
And this is the population, which is not the result of any contemporaneous policies but instead largely the result of fertility decisions decades ago.
Carsten Brzeski, chief economist of Germany and Austria at ING Research, said Monday that the result was a "bittersweet victory" for Merkel and could be "the worst result for the CDU since 1949" and "the worst result since World War II" for the SPD.
We believe the intrusion did not result in unauthorized access to personally identifiable information, jeopardize the operations of the Commission, or result in systemic risk.
As a result, we are bumping our test frequency (and related revenue) assumptions for 2020-2023 and raising our PT to $115 as a result.
The lesson: Lying to your parents can easily result in further lies that build into a mountain of lies that, of course, result in grounding.
Of those cases, 15 are believed to be the result of sexual transmission, and one was the result of a laboratory exposure, the CDC said.
That said, the fact that opinion polls are fairly sure of the result this time suggests that volatility on the election result should be limited.
Failing at photography is the natural result of pushing against the current limits of your compositional understanding... It's also the result of not being mindful.
Entire rooms are still in shockingly great shape — partially the result of careful restoration, partially the result of being completely isolated in an arid climate.
It decried what might result from privileging security over freedom and, correctly, predicted a result: virulent nationalism ready and willing to otherize and brutalize immigrants.
You're driven by the result, and it's up to you to organize your work in the most effective way to come up with a result.
The situation is the result in part of tight budgets that result in fewer personnel, aging airplanes, and less money to finance training flights. Rep.
As a result, "the industry is entering a period of reduced investments … this could result in a lack of supply in five years," he said.
"People are not getting paid enough, that is not the result of some mysterious cosmic force that is the result of bad policy," Buttigieg said.
As a result, Texans are about to see a significant increase in campaign activity, and their political knowledge and participation will benefit as a result.
The end result then, was a pretty clear-cut two rounds to one for Campos, who was awarded a unanimous decision win as a result.
One necessary result of these trade-offs is that we see plenty of movement of federal judges within the judiciary as a result of promotions.
"The removal of RT from the program… result of some of the drop in viewership not as the result of any action otherwise," he said.
A 'Yes' vote will result in a conscience vote in Australian federal parliament, while a 'No' result will see no government vote at all take place.
The net result has been a rocky year for the company, which saw one of its biggest jumps happening as a result of potential acquisition talks.
As a result, investors considering building new generation would have to factor in a risk premium that would result in higher prices or would deter investments.
"This is not only the most desirable result but is the only result if we want to avoid more suffering and a chaotic process," Mogherini said.
The result was such a surprise that even those who voted to leave the 28-country economic and political bloc expressed their shock at the result.
But our teams delivered a tremendous result, they've worked really hard to deliver that result, so it's very pleasing that we're able to showcase that project.
Yet even this component could be strengthened: once the FDA learns of a result, it's impossible to ensure that result won't factor into an agency decision.
Zuckerberg acknowledged that the slowed growth was in part the result of losing 1 million European users as a result of new privacy rules enacted there.
Sometimes it is the result of a lack of sufficient resources, and sometimes it can even be as a result of a lack of sufficient will.
The only way to challenge the national referendum result is by judicial review, which must be requested within six weeks of the certification of the result.
Whether or not Reagan envisioned or intended a Soviet collapse, that was the result — and that result was achieved by imposing unbearable cost on our adversary.
Nor has the government barred travel to other nations where failing to follow the rules may result in a result similar to that in North Korea.
B12 deficiency may also result in a form of anemia called megaloblastic anemia, which can also result from a deficiency of folic acid, another B vitamin.
It is believed the intrusion did not result in unauthorized access to personally identifiable information, jeopardize the operations of the commission, or result in systemic risk.
Researchers can run a whole array of tests and only report the result that, by chance, yielded a significant result (this is sometimes called p-hacking).
As a result, he fails to see that his article is more about the eternal consequences of war that result when someone witnesses death and destruction.
As a result, do not expect meaningful clues to the final result until we learn the votes of people who went to the polls on Tuesday.
"We are in the middle of a catastrophe that is not the result of a hurricane, that is not the result of a tsunami," Guaido said.
Elbit already scooped up the night vision business of Harris Corp as a result of divestments ordered as a result of its merger with L3 Technologies.
The result is an administration that's been much more conventionally conservative in its policymaking than one might have expected — and much less popular as a result.
The result has been billed as a "Portillo moment," a reference to the dramatic result in Enfield Southgate in 1997dramatic declaration of the result for the Enfield Southgate constituency in the 1997 UK general election, which saw Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo lose his seat to Labour.
"Increased demand for bottled water and ice creams as a result of temperature increase can result in additional sales of CHF 100 million per year," says Nestlé.
As a result, trying to stream, say, a 1040p video from a non-participating site could result in choppy video performance if you have Binge On activated.
Elliott says the bruises she showed to police were the result of a bar fight she was involved in -- and were not the result of domestic violence.
The final result was delayed as officials reviewed video footage amid concerns that Italy's Dominick Windisch had acted illegally during the sprint finish, but the result stood.
The immediate result of the Fourth Circuit's decision is basically the same as the result of the Second Circuit's earlier decision: The state laws stay the same.
As a result of his nine-day prison sentence, McCartney had to cancel 11 Wings concerts and pay 1 million British pounds in compensation as a result.
"The result... is that it will take longer ... to produce the results that we want," he said, arguing that this would only result in further ECB action.
The researchers inferred that the object must be the result of two smaller galaxies merging, experiencing a starburst—a quick period of star formation—as a result.
The antineutrino result matched up with LSND very well, but the neutrino result, which is the one we produced first, is the one that doesn't match up.
As a result, an expert panel declared late last year that gene-editing tools shouldn't be used to alter human embryos that might result in a person.
The result is that Aero now has a very jumbled and confusing assortment and no real distinct point of view and has lost customers as a result.
"We have gotten to a result which is the right result in this case, and we are happy with that," Holmes said during a news conference Tuesday.
I welcome this future smaller government as a result of evolving technology, and I hope that Americans will pay less in taxes as a result of it.
While they ultimately placed second, they ended up setting the record for the best result for a British boat and best result for an all-female crew.
This is surely not the result contemplated by those who drafted and ratified the Fifth Amendment, and surely not the result dictated by precepts of constitutional democracy.
The result is proof that #MeToo has left an indelible mark on our criminal justice system and will result in more prosecutions and convictions for sexual violence.
But was that the result of the Reagan tax cuts, or was it, as most economists think, the result of interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve?
Accidents that result in loss of a limb, loss of use of body parts, blindness, hearing loss, and other covered situations could also result in a payout.
This may result in less revenue for sites and services direct to children, but it should also theoretically result in better protected kids, and that's not nothing.
Failing to provide the information could also result in Coinbase being found in contempt of court, which can result in substantial fines until it chooses to comply.
"We are in the middle of a catastrophe that is not the result of a hurricane, that is not the result of a tsunami," he told CNN.
The ACA did not result in lower premiums but in the opposite; it did not result in more competitive insurance markets but in the opposite; it did not result in superior health-insurance plans but, at least in many cases, the opposite; it has not resulted in universal coverage.
It only means that those procedures are performed unsafely, and the result is that more women will suffer and more women will die as a result of this.
Britain as an unwilling partner is just as devastating as Britain leaving, so a stay result has a similar impact on the dollar index to an exit result.
As noted, the researchers say spitting behavior emerged among an offshoot of cobras as a result of the venom's toxicity, and as a result of the hooding behavior.
Anything new that is built must not be the result of paybacks in a system of pork-barrel politics but the result of a rigorous, independent financial analysis.
Love missed the 2015 NBA Finals, the result of a shoulder injury suffered as a result of a rather controversial foul committed by the Boston Celtics' Kelly Olynyk.
I wasn't terribly surprised that I got a bad result for attention and for anxiety, and I was quite relieved that I got a good result for creativity.
Additionally, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may result from involvement in shooting incidents as a direct result of investigation and social media coverage for both officer and family.
They failed to accept the result of the British referendum on EU membership and as a result distanced themselves from their delegation, which eventually saw the whip suspended.
"We have not made any changes to our real estate requirements in Frankfurt as a result of the referendum result," Goldman said in a statement issued on Wednesday.
As a result of this reorganization, subject to closing conditions, we will consolidate Koubei, which would result in a material one-off revaluation gain when the transaction closes.
The result is that it gradually being overtaken in deliveries by Airbus, its European rival, and could lose its title as the world's largest planemaker as a result.
"A twisted ankle that might result in a sprain in an adult, could result in a more serious growth plate fracture in a young athlete," the organization emphasized.
Immediately after the result, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared the result in Scotland a "mandate" for her government to push ahead with a second Scottish independence referendum.
The current broken process ultimately will result in fewer of America's forty million smokers from taking advantage of choices and technologies that may result in better health outcomes.
Sometimes it's the result of a simple failure to apologize on Japan's part; other times, it's a result of differing perceptions of the same historical site or event.
The surprising results came after the NDP's disastrous result last October, turning a five-point lead into a humiliating third-place result — shedding 51 seats in the House of Commons, and dropping 10 percent in the popular vote over its previous election result, which had been the party's best-ever showing.
Opposition leader Raila Odinga disputed the result and took his case to the Supreme Court, which on Friday scrapped the result and ordered a new poll within 60 days.
"It is believed the intrusion did not result in unauthorized access to personally identifiable information, jeopardize the operations of the Commission, or result in systemic risk," the SEC said.
Yet the result of the board investigation into Moonves is likely to result in CBS keeping — for itself — the $120 million it would otherwise have had to pay him.
The location component comes first, and then strangers who meet serendipitously in person as a result of playing the game are connecting on social media afterwards as a result.
CNN also reported that the incident was a result of an unfortunate Google search mistake, and a member of the organization's AV team has been fired as a result.
Such injuries, the authors wrote, are often the result of violent encounters between males and sometimes females, and they frequently result in the death of one of the participants.
Demand should increase as a result of the Bus hopper, the Night tube, the Elizabeth line and commercial revenues should improve as a result of a new advertising contract.
Using this framework, we can understand that our perception of "black" is result of total colour absorption and our perception of "white" is the result of total colour reflection.
Although many arrests don't result in conviction — some are dismissed and some result in pleas to a lesser offense — any drug conviction can harm employment, housing and educational prospects.
"This is a solid 4Q result for APLNG however the trajectory of energy markets sales may be of some concern," RBC analysts said in a note after the result.
The military result of this bludgeoning is a more confident Syrian government and one whose gains as a result of the assaults may give them little reason to yield.
At a rally earlier this month, the GOP nominee declared he would accept the result of the election if he wins, adding later he'd accept a "clear" election result.
The result was to be officially announced Thursday morning but the result was clear because the assembly approves all executive branch proposals by margins of 95 percent or higher.
Some national liberal pundits are still chalking up this special election result as a "moral victory" because it was such a close result in a traditionally Republican stronghold district.
For people for whom the Brexit result is a shock, time will indeed have to pass in order to digest the result and reflect, before art can be made.
HSBC sees the chances of a hard Brexit receding after Britain's shock election result, which could result in fewer jobs moving out of London, its investment bank chief said.
Leaders have to choose whether to accept a result that does not demonstrably reflect popular will, or reject the result and risk a political backlash or a constitutional crisis.
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the result of the House legislation's restructuring of SNAP would result in a more than $85033 billion reduction to food assistance benefits.
Either way, the result of the election is unlikely to result in France leaving the European Union, Mizuho Bank Senior Economist Vishnu Varathan said in a Friday morning note.
This could result in the door detaching from the vehicle, the automaker said, adding that one user had sustained a light hand injury as a result of the defect.
Most businesses did implement some changes to their business processes as a result of their new training, but studies typically didn't detect a gain in income as a result.
That would result in a lengthy process that could result in Apple's being fined as much as 10 percent of its global turnover, or forced to change its behavior.
The Sydney-based bank said in a statement it "currently expects the 1H20 result to be up approximately 10% on the 1H19 result but down on a strong 2H19".
I'm not a UX/UI scholar, but I imagine a user pushing a button expecting a clear result and not getting that result is some cardinal sin of design.
Nseers did not result in a single known conviction on terrorism charges, but it did result in deportation proceedings for nearly 21114,21000 Muslim men, many for minor immigration violations.
Another question for those that get a positive result: What will be the next step for a user who gets an abnormal result, but doesn't have a doctor nearby?
It's because it will also result in a new refugee crisis in Europe and bordering states, already over-extended as a result of nearly eight years of Syrian diaspora.
The result of such a huge disparity between treatment of PREPA and other creditors is likely to result in more limited credit access for the Commonwealth in the future.
The end result is the meal, just like the end result of Amazon is the book or pair of slippers or soup ladle that just arrived on your doorstep.
And that result — from Civiqs — isn't an outlier.
The result: The Rise & Energize Coconut & Coffee Scrub.
When they do not — or cannot — problems result.
The cause — and result — is hardly a mystery.
The result is often high — and unpredictable — bills.
Another lab — ideally — tries to replicate that result.
That's not to mention the fact that most overdoses now result from a drug supply that is basically poisoned by fentanyl and its derivatives, another result of the black market.
Tornos said it failed to reach break-even point and overall is expecting a negative operating result (EBIT) and a negative net result, both in the low single-digit millions.
That could be the result of a single, large employer dominating a town, but it could also result from "no-poach contracts", which several fast-food chains used until recently.
In this interpretation, Sanders's success is not principally the result of winning the Democrats' left flank; it's the result of a populist rebellion that drew the masses to his cause.
The move, which will result in the removal of all videos promoting Nazism and other discriminatory ideologies, is expected to result in the removal of thousands of channels across YouTube.
The slightly quirky, fragmented version is a result of information being absorbed by the moon's shadows or lost in its craters—and is all the more haunting as a result.
"The decision was taken following an increase in redemption requests as a result of uncertainty for the U.K. commercial real estate market following the EU referendum result," Standard Life said.
LDC announced on Wednesday its H1 results, displaying an increase in its revenue, its operating result as well as in its net result group share compared to year ago figures.
"Across other job search platforms, 2% of all job applications in the U.S. result in an interview, but on WayUp, 23% of job applications result in an interview," says Wessel.
An average of seven YouGov polls conducted before the 2015 general election put the Conservatives 3.1-percent below their actual result, and 2.4-percent below their actual result in 2010.
"Infringement of a patented cupholder design could result in an award of the total profit on a car," argued Samsung in its brief, which would obviously be an absurd result.
By definition, this would result in a "capital surplus" and therefore an increase in foreign investment in the U.S. This is a necessary result of trade deficits, again by definition.
As a result of Xi and Wang's crackdown, conspicuous spending and flaunting of wealth by officials has shrunk dramatically and as a result, Wang's political capital has continued to rise.
But it wasn't the result of negligence — in fact everything was irritatingly fussy — and it wasn't the result of a tight budget, for the production values were actually quite high.
Story missions and side missions often result in sizable fiscal rewards for Arthur, although some story missions do require upfront investments and sometimes result in a bounty on Arthur's head.
The environmental health, waste, and pollution crises are not simply a result of the storm — instead they're a direct result of the island's long-running energy crisis and financial crisis.
That's partly a result of their believing that the Earth is flat, and partly a result of them being steadfastly opposed to decades of hard evidence telling us it's round.
As a result, more children will languish in immigration custody because their relatives in the United States will fear that stepping forward to help will result in their own deportation.
"I wish the result had gone the other way — I campaigned passionately for that — but as democrats, we in the Labour Party have to accept the result," Mr. Starmer said.
"As a result of this reorganization, subject to closing conditions, we will consolidate Koubei, which would result in a material one-off revaluation gain when the transaction closes," Alibaba said.
Though it was the result of a policy implemented last year by Sessions, Nielsen was often cast as the face of family separations, and endured withering criticism as a result.
Duncan's attorneys are relying on a 2014 study that could suggest Kody's injuries were the result of a metabolic bone disease like rickets, and not the result of child abuse.
"A stronger GDP result would likely come as some relief to the RBNZ and result in the RBNZ's OCR risk assessment becoming more balanced," he added, in a research note.
If this commitment does not result in debt reductions which bring its FFO-adjusted net leverage below 4.5x (FY16:5.5x) on a sustained basis, then negative rating action may result.
That slowdown was partly the result of an extra week in the fourth quarter of 2017 and partly the result of marketing efforts such as introductory discounts for online access.
The five prosecutors often treat crimes differently, so the same offense that might result in a ticket and small fine in the Bronx could result in a jail sentence in Manhattan.
As a result, "we anticipate higher gold production to result in increased earnings and cash flow in the second half of the year," Chief Executive Sean Boyd said in the statement.
In the case of Pinterest, it's probably less a result of newly public Lyft's poor performance on the stock market and more a result of its own reputation for slow growth.
The woman wasn't one of Rasmussen's victims — the timeline doesn't match with his movements, but it was the result of a tip that came in as a result of the investigation.
Despite the fact that O.J. will later be exonerated as a result of the argument that the police planted evidence, they operated with extreme deference as a result of his celebrity.
The FTSE 100 initially fell around 6 percent after the referendum result on June 24 showed Britain had voted to quit the EU, a result which pummelled sterling on currency markets.
"It is believed the intrusion did not result in unauthorized access to personally identifiable information, jeopardize the operations of the Commission, or result in systemic risk," it said in a statement.
You've said that you thought the administration tax reform plan would result in a $230 trillion boost to revenue as a result of economic growth, the dynamism of the tax cut.
Cameron, who had expressed regret and sadness at last week's referendum result over dinner with his EU peers on Tuesday, told parliament the British economy faced hard times as a result.
The discovery confirms that gamma-ray bursts can result from the collision of neutron stars, as well as that heavy elements are created as a result of violent collisions between stars.
The FTSE 100 initially fell around 6 percent after the result on June 24 showed that Britain had voted to quit the EU, a result which pummelled sterling on currency markets.
The technology allows pilots to "see" in radar, but sometimes those pings result in false tracks that don't belong to any object and are simply the result of a system glitch.
Maybe this is the result of multiple court decisions that have essentially confirmed ObamaCare, or perhaps there is fear that taking away coverage from people would result in a significant backlash.
The developing 225-mile Miami LOOP could result in up to $1.8 billion in estimated user spending and, as a result, $125 million in state sales-tax revenues over 20 years.
This was evident before the result of the 2016 election, and as a result we tried something new: a jitter, where the needle quivered to reflect the uncertainty around the forecast.
The result is a process that strongly resembles developing analog photographs, where it is always a surprise to see the result, or even alchemy, but that in fact is entirely digital.
"As a result, the demand for metals has declined temporarily," Jia was quoted as saying in a newspaper run by the CNIA, adding that smelter inventories have risen as a result.
He's done so in lockstep with Trump at every turn, illustrating that the result of America's actions in the world are as much a result of his doing as the president's.
This is partly the result of Democratic policy and electoral failures — the 2016 election was a body blow to standard-issue Democratic liberalism — but also a result of its ideological success.
As a result, the moment — the opportunity — quickly passed.
Violating one can result in fines — or even lawsuits.
The result is fairly tepid — or just awkward — television.
As a result, Thorne avoided learning how to drive .
Pratt & Whitney's lead is the result of a gamble.
As a result, we get ... well, what we get.
" He expected their responses to be "irrational, the result
Death is the action — the end result, of course.
Maggie Hassan (D) — an awful result for an incumbent.
As a result the MSCI International Europe growth Index .
Apparently, they do — they result in a deeper divide.
" The result, Williams said, is that "they are constantly
" He may consider reaching the semifinals "a beautiful result.
As a result, we get … well, what we get.
" The result, wrote his wife, was "a shocking offer.
The result: A comment -- albeit brief -- on Stormy Daniels.
" = BARR FIGHT 153A: "Result of comedian Eric's untied shoelaces?
The result was something altogether familiar — yet decidedly jarring.
Fitch evaluated the sensitivity of the 2013-1 and 2016-1 class A ratings and a 6% additional decline in Fitch NCF would result in a one-category downgrade to 'BBBsf', while a 16% decline would result in a downgrade to below investment-grade and a 37% decline would result in a downgrade below 'CCCsf'.
Even if a discharged gun didn't result in someone being shot, a bullet through a window would result in rapid depressurization, and a bullet in a fuel tank could mean an explosion.
Thankfully, there have been no fatalities as a result of the current Kilauea eruption , although experts note that, on a global basis, lives are regularly lost as a result of volcanic activity.
He says inflation is the result of speculative price-gouging by unscrupulous capitalists, and insists workers are better off as a result of minimum wage increases in 2016 that totaled 454 percent.
As a result, even small increases in the amount of demand in the economy will result in enough extra competition for scarce resources to push price inflation above the bank's 2% target.
But for candidates and journalists, both of whom build narratives that rely on the outcome of the first caucus of the primary season, there is no result worse than a delayed result.
"Now that may sound like a terrible result for hedge funds, but it's not a terrible result for the hedge fund managers," Buffett said to laughter at the event held in Omaha.
"The Duchess and I had a chat about the recent referendum result — she watched with interest and was pleased to see the result," the first tweet read, according to The Irish Times.
You may be able to get the result that you wanted by driving hard toward that goal, but you're never going to recognize the better, potentially more rewarding result you didn't expect.
"Of course, I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result," he said.
"What is important for us is the final result, that the result is a viable entity and that you do not disturb competition," EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager told a news conference.
Young people tend not to register risk for future health consequences, whether the risk is lung cancer as a result of smoking or osteoporosis as a result of eating gluten, she said.
The net result of a strategy of managed competition would entail limitations as a consequence of strategic and important equitable market competition considerations, but would not result in wholesale decoupling of markets.
"One traditional defense of American-style labor market arrangements is that though they may result in more inequality, the labor market will function better as a result," the White House economists write.
As a result, severely abused women often flee to the US as a last resort, in an effort to find shelter in a nearby country from violence that may result in death.
Using their mobile phone camera, patients take a picture of a dipstick result against the background of the card, the app analyses the result and if necessary alerts caregivers to take action.
Weekly News Quiz The long, unusual and often ugly presidential race is over, and the result was a shocking upset of the result that many, including The New York Times, had predicted.
It's easy to frame the issue as the result of the bad behavior of a few men rather than the result of a culture that fails to truly treat women as equals.
Losing some of the zaniest, most energetic scenes that helped zip the first two seasons along is strongly felt as a result; the tone deviates from GLOW's trademark fun as a result.
But it was not enough to persuade an electorate who have grown disenchanted with Erdogan as a result of rising inflation and unemployment as a result of the economy dipping into recession.
A significant number of lawmakers who campaigned for a No vote have already indicated they are willing to now support the legislation as a result of the overwhelming nature of the result.
The result has been a rise in the average cost of some Apple products sold on Amazon, which is a potential price-fixing violation that could result in antitrust action, experts say.
"I would accept a clear election result but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result," Trump told his crowd.
As a result, people are…Read more ReadDoctors initially suspected his symptoms were the result of a respiratory infection, possibly mixed with the after-effects of having been intubated during the surgery.
SHB An illustration of an ability to raise core capital, possibly as a result of increased clarity around the bank's 40% shareholder, may result in an upgrade of SHB's VR. The VR could be downgraded as a result of high loan growth having a negative impact on asset quality, causing an erosion of already limited capital buffers.
If autonomous trucking becomes a reality in the next decade, that might result in lower freight fees, which might result in increased demand for freight services, which might result in increased demand for dock workers or truck loaders; however, those skills are widely available and now there are a pool of unemployed truck drivers to fill those spots.
Just 8% of small business owners say they will be forced to lay off workers as a result of the higher minimum wage, while 633% say they will be forced to cut worker hours, 14% say the higher minimum wage will result in less revenue for their business and 22% say it will result in less profit for them.
Even though a yes result would be highly unlikely to result in a new name for Taiwan's team, supporters of the campaign want to use the issue to make a point to China.
Each was the result of glazing techniques using metal oxides, a traditional method that produces exceptional colours, but which has now largely been abandoned because of the difficulty of guaranteeing a uniform result.
"What we are now getting are some of those who were always absolutely opposed to the result of the referendum trying to hijack Brexit and in effect steal the result from the people."
Even EPA administrator Scott Pruitt admitted last year that dwindling coal mines "this didn't happen as a result of the heavy hand of the EPA," but rather as a result of market forces.
"We know from historical experience with so-called 'cancer clusters' that in many cases the clustering is either the result of confirmation bias, or is simply the result of random chance," he said.
Microsoft told users that it didn't know what data was viewed by the hackers or why, but cautioned that users might as a result see more phishing or spam emails as a result.
Noone wrote about the conversation in since-deleted tweets: "The Duchess & I had a chat about the recent referendum result — she watched with interest & was pleased to see the result," read the tweet.
The report is the result of documents obtained via subpoenas sent to the Trump administration for information related to the systemic separation of immigrant families as a result of the zero tolerance policy.
As a result, about 230 percent of people with diverticulosis will develop diverticulitis, an inflammation and infection that if not adequately treated can result in dangerous abscesses, perforation of the colon and peritonitis.
A moderate enhancement could result in a very Einsteinian-like personality, but boosting a person's brain thousands or millions of times will assuredly result in something bearing no semblance to a human being.
Recommendations on everything from Google to Netflix to Amazon are increasingly likely to result in increased customer purchases as a result of leveraging machine learning to scan a broader array of profile information.
If some research produces a result that the researcher would like to claim as meaningful, that result should be able to be reproduced by another researcher given the same or very similar conditions.
Trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win, with 493 electoral votes, and the recount would have to flip the result to Clinton in all three states to change the overall result.
But both speeches also had the result of normalizing an election result of which there is nothing normal: The political system that they advocated for failed, and millions will suffer for its failure.
As a researcher of educational equity, I know how much our nation's achievement gaps are a direct result of the underlying opportunity gaps that result from the inequities in our stratified educational system.
A downgrade could also result from a weaker fiscal performance or increased indebtedness of the municipality, leading to deterioration in the sponsor's internally assessed creditworthiness and, as a result, of Jiangsu NHL's ratings.
As a result, the U.S. government is a significant contributor to climate change, with 85033 percent or more of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions the result of energy produced on publicly owned lands.
She received notice for past-due payments "due to incorrect handling of credits as a result of her withdrawals," and as a result, her transfer to a new school was put on hold.
But at least the show has framed Morgan's acceptance of violence as the result of the grief he's never shaken, rather than the result of the death of a character we barely knew.
The inquiry is the result of new powers given to the Irish data regulator as a result of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European regulation that came into effect in May.
That happened with this story, which was the result of reporting over months with dozens of interviews and not the result of a "leak" — which rarely happens despite how movies often depict reporting.
This mechanism would allow the machines to adapt to new situations quickly, but it could also result in the entrenchment of certain thought patterns and result in depression in the machines as well.
"It was a mix of happiness and pride at the result for the Arab community, and disappointment at the national result," Mr. Jabareen said in an interview in his hometown, Umm al-Fahm.
Women face greater risk of HIV infection not only through the incidence of sexual assault, but also as a result of the life-long trauma and symptoms that can result from sexual assault.
DUBAI, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said on Thursday that the result of any U.S. or Saudi military strike against his country would result in an "all out war".
That means the percentage of swipes that result in a date is going to be way lower, and the percentage of swipes that actually result in a relationship is likely to be miniscule.
As a result of the broken primary process, in which a few people in a few states determined who the leading candidates were, party leadership had little to do with the final result.
As a result, while the mass protests have died down for now, many believe the outbreak will only result in a renewed push for greater autonomy from China once the epidemic is over.
President Trump's inconsistency and bellicosity will not result in a denuclearized North Korea, but the fear of a US attack in both North and South may result in a de-escalation of tensions.
This can lead to false negatives — like the result that lottery winnings don't make people happy — and false positives, when the small sample size produces noise that is interpreted as a positive result.
"This is actually a small upward revision ... What we've said was that we would get a better result than in 2016 and when we reclassify the result last year was actually negative," Stausholm.
If banning these clauses cannot demonstrably result in better treatment for consumers, we should not implement a rule that will likely result in substantially higher costs to consumers and harm to community banks.
The most vivid argument of the pro-choice side is the back-alley and other dangerous abortions that result when you make the procedure illegal and the women who die as a result.
The result of Lizzie's actions is that I am alone.
The result is a compelling, if at times, complicated read.
Moldova's government finances look a little shakier as a result.
The result is a much speedier Windows Hello login process.
As a result, they have lost their hunger for reform.
Her death is a result of societal violence against women.
Opponents argue that other shareholders lose out as a result.
As a result, the fund has few protections for investors.
As a result, it only sent back a partial report.
The result was that the debate was often simply unintelligible.
The result shows that Netflix was right to do so.
This is probably a result of the forum selection clauses.
Let's cut out the middleman and make this result automatic.
As a result, Mr Durant seems impervious to defensive pressure.
We haven't recovered anything from the device as a result.
No, most rape is not the result of a misunderstanding.
While she said she was "thrilled" with the result, Mrs.
It was fascinating that you got the result you got.
The result is one of funniest Rio interviews so far.
The result was a meticulous manicure with serious staying power.
The final, nationwide result will be announced tomorrow morning. 3.
The result left the usual mixture of disappointment and relief.
IT WAS a result that almost nobody wanted or expected.
It is literally customizing the algorithms for each search result.
Analysts say, however, that the result is hard to predict.
This week's sentence modification was the result of another appeal.
The result puts the president's party, La République en Marche!
As a result, Hipchat never broke out of its niche.
The result was "Black Iris," his piece for Ms. Boodoo.
The result is a country in an even deeper mess.
It's all a result of the brothers' highly collaborative process.
Leaving with no deal, however, could result in a wreck.
As a result, the analyst recommends stocks in those subsectors.
You do not get points for verifying someone else's result.
As a result, payroll taxes were deducted from their paychecks.
The result is the most mesmerizing ceiling I've ever seen.
As a result, she knew something about the animal's behavior.
The result came more than a week after Election Day.
The bank aims to announce the result in early May.
Here, the game does not result in bitterness and beatings.
The result of the Slack integration is a Slack bot.
The result is a thing of beauty, as evidenced below.
And in fact, this did result in some selection effects.
There will be much speculation about what will result subsequently.
As a result, it is more efficient in performing tasks.
Eleven people were hospitalized as a result of the attack.
Precious metals like gold were in demand as a result.
But the result, for the families, is a holding pattern.
As a result, she felt less joy after her successes.
As a result, the VR viewer needs some additional gear.
Unfertilized eggs with one set of chromosomes result in males.
But some achieve this result so much better than others.
Autodesk's Elbo Chair is the result of an uncommon partnership.
Basically these numbers are the result of two different components.
At 28,500 frames per second, the result is pretty mesmerizing.
" Apparently, as a result, "Friends and clergy didn't believe me.
The result was very positive, so I did it again.
Neither want to use their last name as a result.
This absence could result in lasting cognitive and physical impairment.
Central bank was yet to announce result of the auction.
Her clearly menacing construction is the result of forced labor.
As a result, when I can't sleep I sometimes scare
It will result in jobs that pay $65,000 a year.
The indictment comes as the result of an FBI inquiry.
The new genetic evidence shows what happened as a result.
Though unfortunate, the result of this weekend's tournament wasn't unexpected.
As a result, PC gaming can seem inaccessible to newcomers.
The bunkering business in Fujairah has suffered as a result.
The final result may not be known for some time.
The result will be translucent and utterly glorious Potstickers Royale.
As a result, she sponsored legislation to reduce gun trafficking.
As a result, Morelan's university issued a no contact order.
As a result, some public parties and events were cancelled.
As a result, they have still not formally ended hostilities.
Authorities closed the freeway as a result of the crash.
All our research and the close result strongly suggests no.
GUILFOYLE: So this is actually coming to a favorable result.
Still, the end result is fresh, new, and undeniably Jauregui.
Once you are used to it, the result is amazing!
The meeting is not expected to result in a breakthrough.
The depressed responses were not simply a result of unemployment.
That's not to say everyone is thrilled by the result.
The result is a random but controlled choreography of birds.
Another sterling slide would probably result in a new high.
"Massive result," Cahill tweeted with a bunch of applause emoticons.
The result was a new theory known as general relativity.
The end result is I really don't date much anymore.
That too, he said was a result of tax reform.
The result is the most combinatory device Microsoft's made yet.
As a result, many of them have been left unplugged.
As a result, investors are avoiding anything that feels risky.
And that will result in at least 10,000 American jobs.
The performance, if not the result, was similar against England.
As a result, enrollment for dependency programs dropped 60 percent.
As a result, I will not be attending the Inauguration.
But the soreness isn't a direct result of that damage.
No incidents were a result of product malfunction or design.
Chipotle's sales have plummeted as a result of the outbreaks.
As a result, government investment made no contribution to growth.
The team of personal lawyers was happy with the result.
If it does, the result could be fines or worse.
This change can often result in a bumpy financial performance.
But hey — at least the end result was worth it.
Advice animals, or variants thereof, will result in a ban.
It makes you focus very quickly on the end result.
As a result, Sulaiman was convicted of spreading fake news.
The result is eye candy of the most entertaining kind.
As a result, they had to flee -- and remain divided.
European stocks were choppy on Friday following the election result.
The result of the vote is expected to be close.
The commission confirmed the original result around midnight on Sunday.
The net result would be less regulation on smaller banks.
Maybe that impulse is a result of his coaching days.
As a result, shares in Apple suppliers were under pressure.
She died as a result of bleeding to her brain.
The result: accelerated development times, higher ROI, and greater flexibility.
It was the result of a deal struck between Sen.
He believes cities will be organized differently as a result.
Ticket prices would need to be higher as a result.
Result: readers get a lot more death much more often.
The tremors were the result of an underground nuclear explosion.
As a result, Chan recommends a period of no contact.
The result is a total trip down the uncanny valley.
The camera's form is a direct result of its function.
Watergate became a subject of national conversation as a result.
It was the result of a compromise negotiated between Sen.
Children believes that scarcity will result in chaos barely contained.
He (Martin) looked at me and said, 'what's the result?
No. That wouldn't give such a distinct and clear result.
This could result in an unsafe situation with a robot.
The result, increasingly, is a White House filled with sycophants.
Sadly, all that trickery doesn't actually result in better photos.
Huth was excited about the result for some existential reasons.
The result is about 20 new prisoners joining every week.
It would be a brave pundit who predicted the result.
As a result, numerous studios have since pulled their shows.
The result: extreme inflation, making imports of basic goods unaffordable.
As a result the refiners decreased direct purchases from PDVSA.
Tax compliance is increasing as a result, she told CNBC.
She accidentally gets kicked in the face as a result.
Such a move could likely result in substantial cost savings.
As a result, flights around the Orlando area suffered disruption.
This could result in joint ventures or acquisitions, he added.
The result is that women remain seriously underrepresented in industry.
As a result, Europe aged ahead of the United States.
Repair bills have doubled as a result, according to AAA.
Yes, cracked screens are often the result of human error.
The result is fewer startups being funded by more capital.
People have very different experiences with it as a result.
"It was the best result of my career," said Berna.
As a result, they often end up isolated and depressed.
The result for Wikipedia editors is a major skills gap.
Of course, any individual survey can yield an anomalous result.
As a result, Deborah asks Ron to bond with him.
Other cities are rising in relative importance as a result.
The result, however, was a day largely devoid of conflict.
Some of the newly formed groups died as a result.
Using official whistleblower channels, however, can result in disastrous consequences.
The result is a performance that is layered and stunning.
The result is a patchwork of rules around the country.
And that's exactly the result we don't want to see.
Not every exposé is going to result in a victory.
It is true that neither side wants such a result.
Investment in the advanced fuel sector slowed as a result.
Curious to see the result of Shayla and Maybelline's collaboration?
The result: Fine Gael has sagged badly in the polls.
Including starch is one insurance policy against that sad result.
Search and reading messages is also faster, as a result.
The Brexit referendum result was similarly driven by older voters.
As a result, he argued, the charges should be dismissed.
These conflicting feelings somehow hold together and result in empathy.
What does it mean to only provide a single result?
The entire result was literally the product of a typo.
My interest came as a result of heavy internet usage.
The result has been a gold rush around kid's videos.
Many tanneries, as a result, have run out of leather.
You retake the quiz to get the result you want.
It's going to be the first public result for Cimabue.
Economic forecasting is, as a result, as good as guesswork.
The result: Markets "stopped in their tracks," Deutsche Bank observed.
The result has been an unprecedented level of political involvement.
They alleged that their careers suffered repercussions as a result.
These bots are a result of several rounds of iteration.
The man later died as a result of his injuries.
The result is smoother motion, but with some noticable smudginess.
Ignoring the condition can result in coma, and eventually death.
The result, made public on Tuesday, was an astounding reversal.
The result, made public on Tuesday, was an astounding reversal.
As a result, transport is the biggest source of pollution.
"I am the result of your mistakes," Zelensky told Poroshenko.
The result could be a meltdown of the bitcoin network.
The result was something of an Alice In Wonderland experience.
Yet make no mistake: the result is a monumental embarrassment.
Conrad said his city is less safe as a result.
As a result, fewer taxpayers are expected to itemize deductions.
The result was the Ball's truly unique portfolio of caps.
As a result, nearby towns like Brentwood became immigrant enclaves.
So what do we have as a result of that?
The result has been dueling talking points about historical precedents.
As a result, Poison Ivy kills him and his partner.
A Brexit could result in another independence referendum in Scotland.
So, we're getting loyalty and customer stickiness as a result.
But the result was the usual one for the Spurs.
This might result in the emergence of female superhero movies.
The approvals will result in significant savings for the automaker.
As a result, they were extremely popular among Black audiences.
But the right result next week could point the way.
The result is that the industry seems bound to consolidate.
Clicking on individual Pokémon seen in "Sightings" yields no result.
To have that [search result] in your face is inexcusable.
Each entry form submitted will result in one (23) entry.
The new result "is some vast computational extension," he said.
They could also just be the result of random chance.
African urbanisation is mostly a result of natural population growth.
The result, alas, is pretty clever, but not terribly funny.
Few Western airlines have ordered the aircraft as a result.
The result was unexpected and provoked global financial market tumult.
However, the end result was that people began sharing less.
As a result, the brain starts developing outside the skull.
It's the result of a bad baseline — and unreasonable expectations.
As a result, the whole endeavor feels unfinished and unresolved.
The atmosphere ends up [being] pretty relaxed as a result.
As a result, if you're logged into Twitter via Twitter.
So I hope our movies can achieve a similar result.
"A quotient is the result of division," begins one stanza.
The result is a world that's futuristic, but completely recognizable.
The result is a slew of irreverent clapbacks from Twitter.
Cops and protesters have flooded the streets as a result.
As a result, he has lowered his exposure to Europe.
The referendum's expected result was not predicted by most analysts.
The result is an opaque market where investors lose out.
Justice, they added, died as a result of the collapse.
The referendum result just gives the prime minister a mandate.
AF: This is the result of their zero tolerance policy.
The result: two runs, driven in by Bregman and Gurriel.
The surge is a result of a combination of factors.
As a result, they count far more incidents each year.
As a result, it feels a lot nicer to hold.
It's just that the final, deeply compromised result is bad.
The company would also be more levered as a result.
It was a rotten result for America and the world.
As a result, West called for boycott of the brand.
As a result, posting about him never became a problem.
The result is Jumbo, which is now available on iOS.
The result was a slight twist on her early theme.
The latter is unlikely considering the result of the vote.
The collaboration was expected to result in developing artist collaborations.
No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.
As a result, she said she plans to leave Spelman.
India eventually banned that program in 2016, as a result.
The result is a complicated story about family and relationships.
And the end result is a visual and tactile triumph.
At least 36 people died as a result of Michael.
The accusations may even result in criminal charges for Spacey.
As a result, our ecosystem has fallen behind a bit.
I think the result will be very clear for us.
Mixed messages combine here to result in a psychosexual jackpot.
Her result, however, is not quite what might be expected.
So as a result, I'm probably a little too frugal.
The result, however, is that public debts are soaring again.
In Star Trek, we're seeing the end result of that.
The judge reached the right result based on the law.
As a result, incomes generally are higher across the board.
The result of this is a more natural sounding voice.
As a result, some readers will find his history selective.
This was the result of one of those Instagram vs.
The result is that few Native Americans trust law enforcement.
The result, says Mr Poli, is an increasingly rational market.
So the peso plummeted in the wake of the result.
But partly as a result, he is also an interventionist.
This induces labor, and can result in the embryo's expulsion.
The intelligence revolution is partly the result of new technology.
The fund excluded Drax from its investments as a result.
As a result, Snap lost $1.3 billion in market value.
As a result, those funds are now selling, Kelly said.
As a result, traders were worried about buying European debt.
As a result, I hadn't tested one in some years.
But mostly it is the result of two unwelcome trends.
As a result, he will spend 60 days in prison.
As a result, Alaska takes its earthquake preparation very seriously.
Lots of offenses besides cybercrimes can result in disproportionate sentences.
Was there any result after you said this to Zuckerberg?
As a result, demand for charters from parents is high.
The end result: prices not too high or too low.
The result is at once charmingly sincere and agreeably sly.
He was eventually released as a result of international pressure.
Our apologies for mixing causes to the same end result!
The result would be a sweeping transformation of American life.
The end result: ethereal beauty that's the definition of #goals.
The result for n = 3 is due to David Terr.
As a result, the audio is compressed to save space.
The result is a confusing constellation of thousands of companies.
The result has been consolidation at the forefront of chipmaking.
But this spend may not always have the desired result.
Copying errors result in defective spermatogonia, and subsequently defective sperm.
The end result is reminiscent of Screaming Cowboy, Canadian edition.
As a result, people are fleeing the island in droves.
The result is an incredible and shocking spectacle without precedent.
The result is what you could call a modular smartphone.
He did not expect it will result in lower prices.
At no point was the final result ever in question.
Digital sales typically result in higher average checks for restaurants.
As a result, they may be staying at home more.
A succession crisis is likely to be the eventual result.
The result is that the establishment parties were historically weak.
The result looks like a pennant hanging on a pole.
As a result, the firm is running out of money.
It is a good result for consistency in the market.
The company reduced its 2019 financial outlook as a result.
The result is some complex dance steps: Wednesday, Dec. 21?
As a result, she now competes in the S2 category.
Mavens believes in certain fundamentals that will result in success.
The result of these dynamics can often be absurd. Rep.
Doherty suggested that the election result itself might be controversial.
Being in violation of GDPR could result in steep fines.
Hesselbrock published his result in the journal Nature Geoscience today.
The result is as visually impressive as it is brawny.
So, what is the result of all of this corruption?
But this pushback is likely to produce the opposite result.
The result is a puzzle that matters a great deal.
The result was a tremendous healing moment for the party.
As a result, researchers are missing out on that data.
Bennett said that early voting tallies doubled as a result.
As a result, it's less crucial to their holiday results.
As a result, produced music has become compressed and louder.
As a result, she canceled a planned appearance Monday morning.
Was he suffering from the result of his father's death?
The result, inevitably perhaps, was the American war of independence.
As a result, the proposal would increase government borrowing substantially.
It makes sense that this could result in lower spending.
As a result Goldman's have risen by 35% since 2012.
And the result is not only beautiful, but empowering. AerieSWIM
The bill, the result of an agreement forged between Sen.
As a result, the PDVSA piggy bank is almost empty.
And the polls have recently been tightening as a result.
The end result is as revealing as it is hypnotic.
Performing the two tests together didn't result in fewer deaths.
The Jim Crow South is the direct result of slavery.
Tossing them aside would undermine the legitimacy of the result.
The result is almost hypnotic and, perhaps surprisingly, deeply moving.
Like, that could be a problematic result in many cases.
As a result, its entire collection was purchased after 1945.
They are not the result of living a bad life.
They are the result of bad luck, plain and simple.
All of this is promising, and the result is thrilling.
User experiences and pricing will benefit tremendously as a result.
As a result, she becomes the keeper of the curse.
Ads for those business appear above a user's search result.
The result is that both groups are drifting towards violence.
The election result, many insist, was not a "Malay tsunami".
This is seldom the result of religious or cultural prohibitions.
Partly as a result, voter turnout has typically been low.
Hansen claims he was fired in July as a result.
The user calls the lab, anonymously, for the test result.
But the result from Sicily had them on the defensive.
The result was particularly bad for the ruling Democratic Party.
The result sometimes bears only a passing resemblance to justice.
As a result, there will be no interruption in service!
As a result, expectations of an upcoming rate cut grew.
The result is due to be revealed around July 23.
The culture of the company changed dramatically as a result.
As a result, the construction industry often deliverers subpar products.
As a result, it still has major areas of inefficiency.
As a result, these views may also exist on Reddit.
The result of all this chaos is a debt crisis.
Jones died as a result of a severe heart attack.
A little precision could result in an especially spicy weekend.
Netanyahu's opponent Benny Gantz still had a very impressive result.
As a result, acrylamide is present in our brewed coffee….
As a result the EU froze aid to the country.
And the result of each needs to be actual profitability.
There, the result sometimes looks like patronage or even nepotism.
The result is an altogether modern look for fancy occasions.
Force that equilibrium wage up and rampant unemployment will result.
And, as a result, many shuttle astronauts decreased fluid intake.
Partly as a result, the use of exclusions declined sharply.
They were probably just the result of intercepted radio interference.
Here's what we think the end result would look like.
So you get a result that was accurate and believable.
Hopefully, this will result in some kind of official definition.
Based on the end result, it appears that's mission accomplished.
As a result, the winter was a revelation in reheating.
By one estimate, that will result in clearing 700,000 cases.
Given today's partisan environment, the result will be a mess.
The result was a clean sweep for the new arrangements.
They also provide that nebulous result of brightening the skin.
The result would be more protests and probably more violence.
And as a result -- PERINO: I can hear everything. OK?
The result: a fruit that grows more easily and often.
As a result, they develop an Epicurean tolerance to alcohol.
"This court acknowledges that this a harsh result," Pauley wrote.
That could result in a broader increase in imported inflation.
The result was a Reid victory of over 5 points.
As a result, some cooperatives' capital positions are likely weak.
Second, the FBI investigation could result in no new information.
This time, the test result is in the normal range.
No one was harmed as a result of the incident.
Mosqueda's appointment is partly the result of USC's #MeToo moment.
Shad Hassen, the auctioneer, calls the sale a "cracking result".
The result is bright raffia bags in chic, modern silhouettes.
As a result letting down your guard can be dangerous.
As a result, no two EPIC shows are the same.
The result was big news because of his nationality: Japanese.
The result: some of the most brilliant American art ever.
As a result, we woefully underestimate how connected we are.
The result of the postal ballot is due on Sunday.
Expect bigger and more involved live events as a result.
As a result, I'm less likely to support the legislation.
The result is one of the highlights of the movie.
The result was more golds than any country bar America.
This could result in heavy snows that may endanger climbers.
As a result, London's FTSE 100 lagged its European peers.
But consider whether the same result could beobtained after Brexit.
Flint's pain is a result of so many different failures.
As a result, foreign governments are wary of giving aid.
The result is that cocos are a specialised investment proposition.
Whatever work she sought the result was the same: rejection.
The result reflected the status quo and was hardly surprising.
The net result is the Cities and Memory sound map.
They are the result of social, economic and political decisions.
The result is a big problem for the national government.
As a result, the city's workforce has been hit hard.
Redistribution is seen through a racial lens as a result.
Too much information may result in people ignoring messages completely.
Parts can be standardised and costs cut as a result.
Most vibrio infections from oysters result in diarrhea and vomiting.
When coupled with love, it can result in extraordinary action.
"As a result I hardly talked to people," she says.
Instead of mass hysteria, however, the result is immensely precious.
The result was very little change to the inflation trajectory.
In Germany, both can result in a visit from police.
Hillary Clinton's high unfavorable numbers don't preclude a lopsided result.
Repeated warnings will result in Super Cruise being locked out.
Here's an interesting trading result not in the results below.
The insurance industry faces a few headaches as a result.
As a result, investors are rushing into safe haven assets.
The result was considered by men to be highly erotic.
The result could be a direct clash between NATO allies.
There's this bonding and closeness that comes as a result.
More device sales often result in higher revenue and profits.
As a result, Ericsson and Nokia now look much alike.
As a result, his administration is full of unknown entities.

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