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986 Sentences With "not much"

How to use not much in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "not much" and check conjugation/comparative form for "not much". Mastering all the usages of "not much" from sentence examples published by news publications.

He spoke to me, but not much; kissed me, but not much; caressed me, but not much.
Ones that I know of... not much, not much, darling.
"I'm not much of a gear person, not much of a production person," she said.
" 'Not much will remain Ryszard really not much / of the poetry of this insane century,' " Sacks said, reciting it from memory.
I don't see frugal travel as a race to the bottom — that's not much fun, and it's also not much of a challenge.
Just one year has passed since the Democrats took control of the House, so not much time has passed, and not much work has been done.
And they're a little expensive, but not much compared to the rest of the market, and not much compared to their history," he told CNBC's "Squawk Box.
What that means for you is maybe not much, or not much more than the cost of a single, monthly trip to the coffee shop for a latte.
By and large, people do their best, and no, everything was not much more orderly and children were not much better behaved 20 years ago, or 50 years ago.
To be honest, not much — besides the Met Gala.
That's real privilege — but not much of a play.
There's not much mention of Peary, Nansen, or the other early explorers in the book's second half, and not much of an attempt to bind the two unwieldy halves of the book together.
"Sometimes, these stadiums and facilities are built and not much happens around them; stuff takes place on the inside but not much on the outside," said Blank, a co-founder of Home Depot.
The site is a bit more helpful (but not much).
Saban's first year was not much to get excited about.
At least he has some company — some, but not much.
It's probably not much more dangerous that a rubber bullet.
Maybe there's a mild rally in bonds, but not much.
The early state polling is not much kinder to Sanders.
It's not much you can do other than keep thriving.
There's not much that needs improving for the Apple Watch.
As crowdfunding projects go, there's probably not much risk here.
It's bigger than that, but it's not much more complicated.
Not much can be done to prevent ovarian torsion, either.
But Sessions's nomination is also not much of a surprise.
For a critic like me, there's not much to criticize!
The French critics, they did not much care for this.
The problem is there's not much that's working for GameStop.
Some just gave anesthesiologists the information and not much changed.
And at Choate, I'm told, Ivanka was not much different.
I'm not much of a doer when I'm on vacation.
"Yeah, so I guess not much has changed!" she smiles.
What all of this adds up to is… not much.
More importantly, there is not much comedy in Shaffir's video.
Not much that is encouraging -- and plenty that is worrying.
For now, though, there's not much to do but wait.
KS: You know, I'm not much of a musical fan.
It may be a few dozen but not much more.
There is not much outsiders can do to fix this.
Fine, in other words, but not much more than that.
On the big questions of war and peace, not much.
His ideas for reducing corruption are not much more elaborated.
She is not much more forthcoming about her own life.
Unfortunately, not much else is known currently about the device.
Income did not much affect when or where people died.
Hillary Clinton's answer was, in political terms, not much better.
If not, well, there's not much we can do. USA!
"So there is not much time for importers," he said.
The options to date are not much to speak of.
That is all anyone knows, and it is not much.
There's not much space to go in the other direction.
Not much different than what the Rolling Stones were doing.
Really, there's not much in the way of revelations here.
The cyclical component of inflation, meanwhile, has not much changed.
Fast forward over 150 years later — not much has changed.
Not much is known about Crown Prince Mohammed's early life.
There's not much widespread evidence really showing that it works.
Unfortunately, not much else is known about the Royal Matchmaker.
This year will be a little better, but not much.
And not much information was online in the first place.
There's really not much else to be said for him.
Apart from various demonstration flights, however, not much then happened.
"Not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin," Obama explained.
Responses like "not much" are, according to Amazon managers, discouraged.
For The Economist, this is not much of a conundrum.
Not much, unless you've got plans for Fido's reproductive future.
Yet there is not much of that to hedge against.
Again, there is not much evidence to support these propositions.
As an Android phone, there's not much to see here.
In fact, it's not much of an adventure at all.
Not much can be done about it but that's changing.
While it's not much, the money really does add up.
Mr Xi, however, delivered the authority, but not much else.
Biden's strong polling indicates that so far, not much has.
It's not much, but it's better than fully open designs.
Not much has happened, but I will keep you posted.
If you look at Space Jam, there's not much there.
Not much I can really do about those home runs.
If I'm being honest there's not much to review here.
Overall, it's not much of a confidence booster for me.
I won't tell you what he said, but not much.
It will cost you nothing and take not much time.
But I'm not much of a jewelry kind of gal.
It's a tough assignment: I'm not much of a runner.
There's not much to say because it's a controversial situation.
There's not much to stop them, that I can see.
And that there's not much they can do about it.
Of course, one point is not much of a universe.
Not much more than a week later, it appears again!
As it is, it's not much of anything at all.
There's not much research about marijuana's impact on brain injuries.
In the world of expensive kitchen gadgets, that's not much.
But, just as in India, not much came of this.
There was not much of a sensor on the boy.
That is not much less than a pint of beer.
But again there's not much of substance in its response.
It does the job, but it's not much for specificity.
There's not much to say because it's a controversial situation.
"There's not much difference with the wall," he tells me.
There's not much he can't do on the basketball court.
And there's not much advocates can do to stop him.
"There is not much else he can take," she said.
Which means there's not much reason to keep them around.
Right now it's mostly retail investors, not much institutional investors.
"I spilled a little, but not much," said Amanda Horwitz.
In reality, it's not much different from the first scenario.
The island is not much larger than Manhattan's Central Park.
That makes it a business decision, and not much more.
"Bitcoin, the outlaw's friend" is not much of a slogan.
It seems clear that many did not much care which.
"Remember, he is not much older than you," she added.
There was not much left for him to work with.
Have I mentioned that I'm not much of a hiker?
As it turns out, there's not much difference at all.
They're overtly sexual, lecherous, cunning, frivolous and not much else.
"There's not much that stands out right now," he says.
Unless there's not much traffic and I can make it.
There's not much yet known about Google's latest Android offering.
There's not much information about the Al Said's different amenities.
Weeks went by, and unfortunately, there was not much improvement.
At the time, enrollment numbered not much more than 6,000.
Still, Mr. Sheets's output has not much interested art historians.
There's not much mystery about what that agenda would be.
I mean there's not much writing in those 11 letters.
In the end, though, this was not much about Mrs.
There's not much you can do about it right now.
Trump, perhaps tellingly, is not much for hearing voters' stories.
But not much intimidates the prodigious British composer Thomas Adès.
Not much has happened since the last deba ... what's that?
There's not much else to say; it works as expected.
Not much remains of his life in New Hampshire, either.
His approval ratings are not much higher than Ms. Rousseff's.
There's not much further for him to take his vendetta.
"David's back, and not much has changed," the tweet said.
The satellite itself is not much bigger than a refrigerator.
"Not much of a surprise," one of my friends laughed.
LG's apparently not much for surprises at this year's CES.
This is fiction, but the reality is not much different.
In the U.K. it's a little easier but not much.
Not much is known about Williams's personal relationship with drugs.
Or texture, really, since there's not much flavour going on.
The details: There's not much evidence those disparities are genetic.
In the other … well, not much of anything will matter.
It's only been three games but not much has changed.
As for the draft, there's not much hope there, either.
There's not much more topical than cyber security right now.
There's just not much they can do to stop it.
Five hundred days into the chaotic Trump presidency, not much.
The fourth and final boulder problem was not much better.
There's really not much to critique about the Galaxy S20.
"There was not much I was good at," he said.
Because scenically it's very static; there's not much to do.
They could see three people inside but not much else.
Not much and certainly nothing new after this brief encounter.
They are not much interested in changing taxation or welfare.
In all likelihood, not much, our senior economics correspondent suggests.
Not much is known about the Bovdas, including their relationship.
"There's not much truth to that at all," said Winkler.
There was not much out there for the general population.
In fact, this affiliation is not much of a secret.
As a Rise school, not much will change at first.
Not much of that criticism is being heard right now.
There's not much about tupelo that Mr. Lanier doesn't know.
Company employees told us there's not much they can do.
It's not much, but it's enough to get excited about.
He's got a big mouth but not much behind it.
There's not much background to it; I've always liked turtles.
Not much, to the frustration of some American business executives.
But not much of what you have wrote is true.
There's just not much left for those factors to influence.
Not much happens, but it's the calm before the storm.
To be blunt, she's not much of a vision person.
Employees maintain that, despite McDonald's assurances, not much has changed.
There is not much left to remind anyone of 1928.
Not much of a tragedy in a wealthof sad news.
There's not much we can do, but we can learn.
Little food, not much water: a new normal in Venezuela?
By the end of the novel, not much has happened.
More often than notmuch more often — he was right.
Things are not much better in Nairobi's central business district.
Because like many of you, I'm not much for losing.
Not much new is coming in at the moment, either.
"Not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin," Obama said.
"There is not much difference between the processes," she said.
"There is not much health awareness out here," he said.
Some scientists say there's not much data to back this.
There were a few cooking pots, but not much else.
Here's one thing that is not much talked about: counterterrorism.
Not much has changed inside Staubitz Market in 100 years.
These could have more staying power, but not much more.
An update released this year found improvement but not much.
Things were not much better at rivals Ford and Chrysler.
There is not much evidence, however, to back this up.
Anthony, however, was not much of a factor against Boston.
Ultimately, there's not much that's odd about the results. Mrs.
Physically, he's a wreck, and mentally he's not much better.
All of which strikes me as carrying not much import.
We do not much need colleges or their libraries anymore.
There's not much time to focus on Angel Grove High.
UBS' new plan is not much about cutting costs, though.
But not much went right for Seton Hall after that.
"There's really not much of the Cerrado left," he added.
But overall, he said, not much further harm was reported.
But overall, he said, not much further harm was reported.
Not much more than I would have already guessed — i.e.
It's not much of a price cut, but it's something!
Not much of Ms. Kennedy's life qualified as natural, though.
It'll put food on the table, but not much else.
They could win this year, but maybe not much longer.
There is not much more any of them can do.
According to the EPA's own analysis, not much — if any.
As for Italy, it's really not much better than Turkey.
In other cases, there's not much budget airlines can do.
Domestic, primarily domestic, a little bit of international, not much.
Thicc, but not much more than your average battery case.
Right now, though, there is not much consent going on.
There's not much that Alexa can't do, to be honest.
Not much has changed about the look of the M200.
There's not much else we can tell you right now.
There are no vendors and not much of an infrastructure.
It comprised her grades and extracurriculars, but not much else.
"Without the tax cut, there's not much upside," Bianco said.
There is not much to show yet, beyond some renderings.
The rate at the Luxe Manor was not much more.
And to read such an epic is not much better.
In this exhibition of not much, design can be intoxicating.
"For the politicians, there's not much to say," he began.
That's not much of a surprise to Laura Kesnig, 21.
Well, not much yet, because nothing substantive has actually happened.
Not much progress occurred during what was a tense weekend.
Not much, to the deep frustration of Justice Clarence Thomas.
There's humanity in her, as ever, but not much liveliness.
There's not much good behavior in this suspenseful drama series.
But it isn't working, and there's not much to say.
There's not much data on seesaw marriages yet, Coontz said.
When it comes to markets, my conclusion is, not much.
Not much, we probably have sex around once a week.
Not much different from the chest pounding by Trump today.
"Not much is being spoken about its benefits," says Versace.
But, you know, not much I can do about that.
Not much appetite to even admit there was a problem.
But not much in a time that was very difficult.
It's not much of a prep I need to do.
In the end, I suppose there's not much to discuss.
No, there is not much flavor and not enough malt.
"There's not much athletically different between the two," Hanlen said.
Not much progress was made at the meeting, according to McConnell.
But there's just not much evidence this technology can do that.
"Not much else to do but wait and hope," Nelson tweeted.
In the Wikipedia primary, it is not much of a contest.
Some days you go to work and not much exciting happens.
Though not much is known about the sequel's plot, Warner Bros.
My go-to is loose, with not much done to it.
That's a little better than the first scenario, but not much.
Needless to say, he is not much liked on the left.
Not much of substance seems to be happening at Foggy Bottom.
"I guess there's not much I'm afraid of anymore," she says.
There is no cure for ALS and often not much hope.
Right now, we're just about preventing catastrophe, but not much more.
Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, is not much loved in the West.
Enhanced disclosure made switching a bit more common, but not much.
Not much has changed for the cast since last season's finale.
The news provoked an immediate reaction, not much of it good.
Well, not much going on this week in security, was there?
It provides a decent improvement to your speakers, but not much.
But in reality, not much is known about Godejohn's loved ones.
But there's not much Congress can do after that except wait.
So you don't really ... There's not much going on on there.
Musically, there's not much new about a lot of these rappers.
We get up pretty quickly, not much time for snuggling today.
There's not much guitar and, you guessed it, no rapping whatsoever.
Caryn Pfeifer admits she is not much of a public speaker.
In and of itself, this is not much of an insight.
When we're on tour there's not much time for hanging out.
Probably not much to see but dust and dehydrated cake square.
They're the group that has not much to look forward to.
To be honest, there's not much the Keurig Café can't do.
"Episode Gladiolus" is short, repetitive, and not much fun to play.
We had a couple of opportunities against Cueto, but not much.
Biomedical equivalents of arXiv exist, but they are not much used.
Not much is known about the official phones presidents are given.
"The ideological benefits are not much more conclusive, unfortunately," adds Kennedy.
Converted to the dollar it's not much, but it's the principle!
Fast forward to my early 20s, and not much had changed.
He, she, hers, his, male, female — there's not much in between.
Here, there is not much of an argument to do anything.
That said, I'm not much of an Amazon Prime music user.
"Married life is so normal and fun and not much different."
Yet not much of that stems from unwinding Obama-era protections.
When it comes to mobile speed rankings, not much has changed.
There's not much to it at the end of the day.
He had better; there is not much sign of them yet.
Not much is known about the album Invasion of Privacy, ironically.
Not much, as far as we know now, ever got done.
Now, I'm not much of a rapper, but here it goes.
Sure, the kids saved Pop's Diner, but not much else happened.
There is not much canonical knowledge about the African wizarding community.
Not much seems to be changing in terms of these dynamics.
Not much is known about what causes conjoined twinning in cetaceans.
However, not much scientific research has been dedicated to these birds.
There's not much left to do but watch the rocket fly.
Others will have to wait a bit long — but not much.
Not much choreography goes into kissing IRL, it's fair to say.
The Republican nominee did not much care for the reporter's inquiry.
On the surface, not much has changed since I was 218.
Apart from YouTube sizzle reels, there's really not much to stream.
After all, there's not much past remaining to go back to.
There's not much anyone in the US can do about it.
NOT MUCH happens in Gadheim, a Bavarian hamlet of 89 souls.
Not much of the film takes place where it's supposed to.
Not much unites such economies beyond a history of bad management.
For those left in limbo, there is not much to do.
Or it could end up costing Medicaid not much at all.
This means it's not much different if you make $75,000 vs.
Not much was said, it was just a lot of crying.
There's probably not much the federal government could usefully do here.
If so, there's not much they could do about it now.
There may be a little surge in them, but not much.
There was not much time to decide what should be done.
There's not much literature on how humans process behinds, they note.
Not much grows naturally besides resilient trees of piñon and juniper.
Ironically, when everybody is naked, there's not much sexual tension left.
There's not much to say really, other than: Men are trash.
And there's not much we can reasonably do about it, either.
Not much has changed since last year in terms of design.
Not a good look: Turns out, the answer is not much.
That's a problem when there's not much to look forward to.
ET Sunday, but that's not much comfort to folks in Massachusetts.
Now, not much of the cross-border deal euphoria is left.
"You're dead so there's not much you can do," Rothberg said.
And there's really not much else that you go there for.
The game is beatable in an hour, or not much more.
There's not much hype ahead of Apple's anticipated product event Monday.
The state of those who have pensions are not much better.
In these gloomy times, not much makes sense in our country.
Not much, granted, but in today's NHL, every little bit helps.
But this won't last: there's just not much left to buy.
Your guide tells you it's not much longer to the top.
There was not much progress a year into his toilet training.
It looks like not much has changed with this new scandal.
If you do want treatment in Dundee, there's not much choice.
It's not much more than a plastic bottle of supermarket vodka.
So there was not much you could squeeze out of it.
There's really not much more we can say about this one.
That is not much comfort to the city's long-suffering inhabitants.
Not much is known about this eventual sequel, but Warner Bros.
Over in the UK, music industry inequality is not much better.
Indigo Ranch's owner, Richard Kaplan, was not much of metal fan.
It was much talked about; it was not much acted on.
During the proceedings, not much was said directly about Thomas Kolman.
We will see you tomorrow, but hopefully not much longer. pic.twitter.
There was a lot of land, but not much on it!
I hear there's not much happening the night of April 27.
Additionally, there's not much time to stabilize the markets for 2018.
So there's not much yield that comes out of the lobster.
That's not much for a market that continues to power forward.
Not much into his side projects, such as Tin Machine, either.
He began this outing as if there were not much difference.
Powell may be slightly more hawkish than Yellen, but not much.
Sesame was for cold Chinese noodles, bagels and not much else.
Today, Pissarro's images are not much different from the living landscape.
It has showy costumes and set pieces, but not much underneath.
Their graduation rate bumped along at not much above 50 percent.
And then, at least by Davis' standards, not much of anything.
The kitchen is stacked with dirty dishes, and not much else.
The problem: They are stressful and not much fun without her.
The situation is better at other agencies, but not much better.
The apartment has a sink, a closet, and not much else.
Inherently, there's not much to it, and that's what I like.
But there's not much that's debatable either, and that's what matters.
He knows -- and relies on -- his experience, and not much else.
That&aposs not much smaller than the population of Sedona, Arizona.
There&aposs not much to suggest this is fluky from Doncic.
That's not much more time than many Europeans spend in cars.
There's not much doubt that his nominee is all but confirmed.
Yet Americans like the shiny copper (though not much copper) coins.
Not much is really known about the family office's investment activities.
It's not necessarily a criticism to note that not much materializes.
But there's not much about it that seems very, well, Palm.
Our Game (1995) has some Soviet flashback material, but not much.
There's not much FEMA can do with this information right now.
Let's hear from Mr. Piscop: Not much to say here, really.
Beyond kindness, there's not much you can bring to that party.
There is, as yet, not much evidence to support this argument.
We all get along very well, but there's not much privacy.
The outlook for the rest of 2017 is not much brighter.
When I first applied it to my forearm, not much happened.
There's not much that hasn't changed about Miley Cyrus since 2008.
After that, I find there's not much more you can do.
That's not much different from the allure of the rap game.
Granted, there's really not much to see in this new teaser.
Another thing is, not much about the current administration is funny.
It's just that not much has changed here, and that's boring.
We would do a lot of listening and not much recording.
I was not much older when Katrina hit, I told her.
His relationship with his mother was different, but not much better.
Not much is known about the 12 individuals and four alternates.
The numbers further down the pecking order are not much better.
Airports in Xiamen, Guangzhou, Kunming and Beijing were not much better.
Not much gets between Jenna Wortham and a new Beyoncé release.
The roads, especially in Manhattan, are in not much better shape.
I'm not much of a baker, but I joined in, too.
"If you're not paying for it, not much," Ms. Pollak said.
But there is not much the government can do about this.
At this point, I'm not much drawn to mirrors or nakedness.
There's not much evidence, however, that it can treat neurodegenerative diseases.
Her performance is impressively feral, but not much more than that.
Mr. Trump was not much more specific in his own remarks.
And until they do, there's not much extra cash to splash.
But there's not much point in speculating either way, I suspect.
There is not much pretense that the court will be impartial.
But three current employees told Business Insider not much has changed.
It's like 'The Ultimate Fighter,' 'The Contender,' there's not much difference.
Not much local color there, but travelers themselves often fascinated me.
Otherwise, Wallace said not much has changed at her treatment facility.
My catching skills are not much better than my basketball skills.
Unfortunately, all these parts add up to not much at all.
Doing that is not much better than pollsters not releasing outliers.
For a core-blasting indoor workout, not much beats hula hooping.
In other words, there is not much you have to do.
Gail: Well, O.K. Not much I can add on that end.
At least at first, not much changes in any material sense.
The weekend was stuffed with news, not much of it good.
Not much has changed since that night in Lac-Mégantic, either.
There is simply not much more they can do, analysts say.
The record is not much better at other top institutional investors.
He does not smoke and is not much of a drinker.
Not much has changed internally about the device, which is fine.
Yup. He had bought himself some patience, if not much else.
At 33, Mr. Lamb is not much older than Mr. O'Connor.
In that sense at least, he says, not much has changed.
I'm not much of a gambler myself, despite the Asian-ness.
In "Ozark," a lot happens, but not much is going on.
Not much is known about Ms. Han's life in either Korea.
But that's still spending $400 for not much reason at all.
I'm not much for cocktail culture with its inventiveness and whimsy.
But we're into now so it's not much of an excuse.
But for many, $210,696 is not much to live on yearly.
It's powerful rhetoric, but fortunately it's not much more than that.
" On relations with the press: "I'm not much for the press.
That's not much compared to what it could bring in, however.
There's not much to say about Castro that hasn't been said.
There were not much of remittances due to Hajj festival holidays.
"There is not much she can say," he told the newspaper.
I do, too, and there's not much more to say, unfortunately.
There's not much to eat and no green plants growing either.
As for the non-American statistics, they are not much better.
There's not much you can do when the film gets released.
Not much happened in court ... the next hearing is scheduled February.
However, the new espresso option was released to not much fanfare.
"There's not much customers around," the teacher from Jersey City said.
My attention goes in a lot of places, so not much.
There's not much you can do about that except regret it.
Our skillsets are so clearly defined so there's not much friction.
Everyone loves a good snuggle, but there's not much challenge there.
Not much was built that the Bauhaus could call its own.
But Mr. Tin was not much interested in the American style.
And there's not much hope for that to change anytime soon.
And considering the depth of cat love, that is not much.
But compared to what Trump's accused of, it was not much.
Not much, but in this ongoing soap opera, you never know.
But so far, there's not much sign of this actually happening.
And, according to Castillo, not much has changed from the film.
However he uses his money, not much is spent on himself.
My story is really not much different from millions of other Americans.
Not much, suggests an analysis by economists at Dartmouth and Stanford Universities.
Because there's not much tension anymore, the twiddling is all very funny.
There's not much to say about their plan except that it works.
In the world of venture-funded companies, not much surprises industry observers.
It's a funny gimmick, raunchily executed, but not much more than that.
The prototype can manage fuzzy images of barcodes, but not much else.
Unfortunately, a situation like this, there&aposs not much you can do.
Not much use besides video calling, though AR effects are quite fun.
Winnie's engagement in August 1922, not much happens during this period; they
That's how I feel about American Dream, too, and not much more.
There's not much information about them — but there's a lot of interest.
I left the feature on and not much changed, in the beginning.
What he's doing this week requires a pen and not much more.
There&aposs not much to criticize them in terms of flawed reasoning.
"Kylie and Jordyn have communicated, but not much," source told Entertainment Tonight.
There is not much of a moral victory to be had there.
"It's not much, but maybe we can make a difference," he says.
I could get my overnight bag in there, but not much else.
Unfortunately there's still not much hard data beyond what's in the report.
With little representation in government, there is not much hope of progress.
Not much has come out about Earnest's personal life or history yet.
If past is prologue, the answer to that question is: not much.
Again, not much has changed since the last earnings report in October.
Based on looks alone, it might appear that not much has changed.
He kept a few books, keepsakes his yearbooks but not much else.
Not much in the way of gameplay footage, or anything else, really.
There's not much more to the reference than that at this point.
The budget does not much alter the state of the public finances.
There's no shame in the basics, but there's not much ambition either.
When Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died in July, there was not much notice.
Still, not much is known about exactly what the premise will entail.
No economic liberal, Mr Corbyn does not much value personal freedom either.
In a case where there's not much certainty, that is for sure.
Once you're in the app there's not much else you can do.
Not bad for a computer that's not much bigger than a wallet.
The latest "nano" flats are not much bigger than a large car.
There is not much public information about the details of the allegations.
First, most policymakers are convinced that not much needs to be done.
There's not much that takes us away from her, even on tour.
Public records indicate that not much has been done with the space.
That is not much money for a 65-year old nearing retirement.
There's not much else that really melds with the mobile mechanic… yet.
"Taxiing...(not much of a view from the seats)," the post reads.
And it turns out, they're not much different than the external ones.
The show is complex, but it's also notmuch like adolescence itself.
Currently not much is known as to how this happened or why.
Generally, the hits don't land because there's not much weight behind them.
A higher uranium price is not much of a worry for customers.
In fact, not much more than 100 rupees a person is available.
The experience of the subprime crisis apparently left them not much wiser.
For their lasting legacy, though, there's not much to show for it.
The situation is not much better in other states in the Balkans.
Voters not excited about Clinton or Trump Not much of a choice.
It's a powerful combination, but there's not much flesh on the bones.
And there is not much the Fed alone can do about that.
The thing about spaghetti, though, is not much of it will stick.
It turns out the problem in basic research is not much better.
It's so weak that it's not much of a state at all.
But it is telling that not much of that paper was required.
There is not much evidence that apocalyptic scenarios have frightened the public.
There is a lake, a church, two bars and not much else.
Hero Lab is great for managing character sheets, but not much else.
Not much so far; it represents about only 1% of American employment.
There's competition in the lawn care space, but not much, he said.
What's weird is that, after all these years, not much has changed.
Despite what this sounds like, I'm actually not much of a cook.
Looking back at previous 50 Shades soundtracks, there's not much precedence here.
Not much else was said about the meaning behind her recent tattoo.
Although it has promised lots of new infrastructure, not much has materialised.
"Not much as changed yet for the Marijuana Policy Project," Tvert said.
ECONOMISTS do not much like their discipline being dubbed the dismal science.
Other than a few images, not much is known about the product.
Such piecemeal intervention, however, may please constituencies but not much improve matters.
Since then, not much additional information about the bomb has become available.
But not much is known about the volcano from a scientific perspective.
Bay asked what he could share, and Iger said, basically, not much.
"There is not much competition there," he told me in an interview.
Not much, according to a study using hedge fund analytics tool Kensho.
"Once your foot is swollen, there's not much that can be done."
When you look at it from today's view, not much has changed.
Unfortunately, there's not much you can do to avoid ectopic pregnancies either.
After that, there's not much in the record to recommend keeping him.
As we'e learned over the years he's not much interested in transparency.
There's not much confidence the economy will grow in a healthy way.
Honestly, there's not much difference between this and "thanks" with a comma.
"Think of it as electronic mail!" was not much of a clarifier.
"Beached" is silken and edgeless, not much more than a cloudy piano.
For most consumers there's just not much accessibility in creating VR moments.
Nevertheless, both countries still have mutual interests, if not much mutual affection.
There's not much of a walk-through to give for Vine Camera.
From the Raptors' side, there's not much to be done about that.
But that's actually pretty controversial -- and not much science backs that up.
Most people don't murder other people; that's not much of a standard.
Not much happens, but there are some wolves so that's pretty cool.
"Not much better," she writes over the photo, adding a laughing emoji.
Basically, you're why and there's not much you can do about it.
First off, it's tiny—not much bigger than a standard, manual toothbrush.
There's not much left of Richard Hand, who lived into his 80s.
But since that book was announced in 2012, not much has happened.
The truth is, apart from lobster, there's not much to catch here.
They're just underemployed people not much better off than you and me.
"Yup, not much has changed from the Big Brother house," Crispen admits.
Sadly, not much time was spent on this substance at Tuesday's hearing.
There's not much disagreement over what to do about the program itself.
There's not much more to say about the console game at present.
"This White House is not much different from the campaign," said Rubio.
Now, there's not much left to the town (see the video above).
Yet until recently the sun has shone upon the not much new.
In terms of actual enforcement actions, not much can be done there.
"There's not much to do in Dandong, just some history," he said.
"To be honest, not much (is going through my mind)," she said.
Small successes had been notched up here and there; not much more.
So, there's not much mystery about the main character of this documentary.
Not much about the Double had to change for this new application.
"Well, if I had to run it down, not much," says Hill.
There's not much left of the church, sans the sign out front.
So in the end, it's not much of an option at all.
The town's main drag is not much longer than a football field.
It is not much more than what it sounds like: a vibrator.
Using new benchmarks for new contracts is not much of a problem.
Answering with "oh, not much" was, as the kids say, social suicide.
"There is not much appetite for further political integration," Mr. Corsetti said.
Not much later, Bernie Gunther is across the border in West Germany.
If people are policy, there's not much to hang your hat on.
Now, I could have done a little better above, but not much.
Windy weather, but not much accumulated snow, is predicted for Cape Cod.
It was not much of a surprise when the President endorsed him.
Yet, according to the community, not much has changed on the ground.
Aden says not much has changed since she left 13 years ago.
Otherwise, there's not much to these things, which is precisely the idea.
Unlike Mr. Anderson, Mr. Woodhouse is not much drawn to gender fluidity.
Shocking responses, and statistically not much different from those in previous generations.
But scratch the surface, and you'll usually find there's not much there.
Not much has changed in offices and at retail stores since then.
This recap should take not much more than four minutes to read.
There was not much of conversions may be due to the holidays.
And there is not much he can do about it, analysts say.
And the Kim Family, rich in street smarts but not much else.
You see people eating boiled corn, or soup, but not much else.
Signings have made "the squad bigger, but not much better," Barker said.
I'd taken some things—my keys, some cash, but not much else.
There's not much info on Beckham's role in the film just yet.
At this time, not much is known about the second victim's state.
There's not much you can do, I had no time to react.
Between that and basketball, there is not much else to worry about.
According to Mr Lewis, there was not much competition six months ago.
For now, however, not much more than the presidential letterhead is changing.
Below Master and Maggio capture onlookers, paparazzi, protesters, and not much more.
There's not much we can all agree on right now besides this.
That's not much different than where he was at a year ago.
Not much had been heard about Stations since its January 2018 debut.
She's certainly creative, I will give her that, but not much more.
When someone plays lights out, there's really not much you can do.
There is not much of a script for such a mass migration.
There's really not much more to be said about this new feature.
Today I'm dressed pretty boyish and not much happens on the street.
If it's a game you've already played, there's not much for you.
There's not much difference between the United States and India about that.
But not much else is like it was in the early 21978s.
The world is not much wiser about Guan Jun's identity, for one.
That's not much within the context of the world's growing data hoard.
And not much can be done to force savers to spend more.
In our polarized political climate, there's not much everyone can agree on.
Still, not much happened to dramatically reshape the state of the race.
"There's not much reasoning that can take place with babies," he says.
A similar operation was attempted in 1942, again to not much effect.
"There's not much give in any wall," Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner said.
There's not much to look at when a string quartet is playing.
His mother was half-Indonesian, a fact he does not much discuss.
There was not much privacy, as we shared a very compact space.
"Last year, there was not much tension in the league," Spycher said.
Communication planet Mercury opposes sleepy Neptune, and not much is making sense.
Video calling apps need access, for example, but not much else does.
Pakistan's military quickly put out pictures from Balakot showing not much damage.
Horan is not much for keeping her cards close to her chest.
There's not much in the news that's going to change your life.
The right dislikes leftists — but there is not much left to dislike.
"That hasn't happened yet, but not much has happened," Mr. Bush said.
There's not much left for the listener to interpret in the book.
It's not much of a choice, which is of course the joke.
I noted that not much seems to have changed since his Oscar.
On paper, there is not much daylight between his and Keirstead's platforms.
"Looks bad, but not much will change," he told me last week.
That said, he really did a good job at saying not much.
Not much more than that, though; there's not a skyscraper in sight.
There's not much that is new here, but it's clear and straightforward.
There's caution tape around most things and there's not much to do.
Not much sculpture captures time and turns it into a physical thing.
But for Metro-North employees, it is not much cause for celebration.
Solstad dismisses that emotion as a "remnant of puberty," not much more.
The colored, pierced shells themselves are probably not much older than that.
There's not much that follows that has the impact of that circle.
André has no friends his own age, and not much to do.
There's still not much love in Albany for Mayor Bill de Blasio.
At its simplest, it tastes of good butter and not much else.
She's not much of a talker, and we've ironically bonded over that.
Romeo, bespectacled, potbellied, and bone-weary, is not much of a Romeo.
We think you should know: There's not much around within walking distance.
People who thought 'Hey, there's not much that's going to go wrong.
Regarding post-work, not much was done to the original presented logo.
But there's really not much that can be done at this point.
Until we know more about where the show is headed, not much.
The club's poor play, for now, has not much dampened its support.
And even showing not much of a difference is saying something else.
But there's not much else to woo about in this painful mishmash.
Because living in Gaza is not much better than living in hell.
This is pure Wes Anderson, and there's not much more to say.
Not much suspense here either, but lots of comfortable detail about food.
This one is, at moments, exhilarating — but not much else. PG-13.
There's not much to cheer about, and the news is relentlessly upsetting.
We're left with individuals with not much experience or credentials on this.
The Times reported that not much else is known about the whistleblower.
Bearded, with wary eyes, he was usually not much of a talker.
"There's not much support for gambling research in the U.S.," she said.
Interestingly, given the similarity of their approaches, there is not much overlap.
It was truly a marriage of political gain and not much else.
Not much has changed since Abel, Ashley and Audrey attended school there.
There is not much incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop new treatments.
As for avoiding a genre, I'm not much on self-help books.
And greenhouse emissions are down, but not much on account of biofuels.
This is not much, but it compares favourably with Mr Kabila's record.
He sat there stoically, not much of an expression on his face.
As a building, Joe Louis Arena is not much to brag about.
LARRY KUDLOW: No, I -- JIM CRAMER: I mean, there's not much left.
The superdelegate change really is not much of a change at all.
And, since I'm not much of a cook, I needed some guidance.
Meanwhile, not much has changed for women who work at the chain.
There's not much mystery to Widowmaker's role in Overwatch: she's a sniper.
She had young children, not much income and was sick with cancer.
There's commotion aplenty, noise galore and not much evidence of adult supervision.
For some, the 225 submission cap is not much of an issue.
That's not much preparedness for a nation of over 2628 million people.
There is not much you can do but hope for the monsoons.
Until now, the Congressional Review Act was not much of a weapon.
It&aposs not much, but I&aposm seeing it as a start.
It is not much or a risk factor for long-term results.
If those are the options, there's not much room for a middle.
"Sometimes they coincide — there's not much you can do about it," Rep.
Other than the IPO market there's not much euphoria in the market.
There is not much Mr. Bolton can do to temper his boss.
An act of Congress could expedite that process, but not much else.
It sounds like not much was happening, but a lot was happening.
So there's not much incentive for the union to get involved now.
The glib, flashy and self-indulgent musical results were not much fun.
Not much else to do, and bowling always got a little competitive.
"It's not much of a savings in terms of effort," Smith said.
The speed limit lasted four months, and Mr. Lauritzen not much longer.
Not much longer, though — our order took about five to seven minutes.
I don't know, there's not much else I can do about it.
There's not much direct flattery of the ancien régime in the show.
I felt a twinge of regret, but not much more than that.
Baby Danielle probably would've enjoyed the sound effects and not much else.
Not much has slowed Trump, let alone stopped him, in the primaries.
Although not much of it is on the screen, but it's felt.
Not much, at least as far as their Instagram account is concerned.
Not much is known about the friend, Jack Hock, who helped Israel.
But short of that, there's not much one can really do here.
They use them for hunting and self-defense and not much more.
The other issues around San Francisco are that, there's not much space.
I'm not much of a ball player—I'm a benchwarmer, in fact.
We have a lot of successful people that came from not much.
He's not much of a talker, but I got him to open up.
This unit is compact—not much larger than a computer mouse—and silent!
Privately, aides said there was likely not much Kelly could do about it.
And there's not much that independent players like Netflix can do about it.
With not much separating the different offerings, price has become the main differentiator.
The extremities don't have much muscle contraction, so there's not much heat produced.
"There is not much of a supply so far," said a credit trader.
We're talking about loads of jumbo lump crab meat and not much else.
Mostly because they're great, totally convenient, and there's not much to complain about.
Trump's state of emergency seems a bit, well, not much of an emergency.
"Sadly, I feel that not much has changed in 25 years," Levine said.
There was a hospital table, but not much else — not even a nurse.
There's not much customization or analysis beyond those two options within the feature.
There's not much on offer near his home in Earle, Arkansas, population 2,000.
And there's just not much trust between the parties on which to build.
And this time, it involves her nearly bare butt and not much else.
When it comes to pudding, there's usually not much to get excited about.
It's not much of a surprise that NBC wants "The Office" for itself.
Here's West Virginia: Not much of anything else, but a lot of coal!
All this suggests there's not much upside to the dollar's main competitors either.
There's not much doctors can do for people who aren't seriously ill, anyway.
There was really not much new in Trump's speech to Congress on immigration.
The problem is, with demand stagnant, there's not much need for new hardware.
"It's a friendly jungle, there's not much that will get you," she said.
"As you can see, there's not much urgency here," the NYPD official said.
Alas, there's not much she can do with one of King's weaker screenplays.
Was it just because there was not much else to do with it?
They watched boys not much older sell chewing gum and trinkets to visitors.
I had no one to call and not much money in my pockets.
Although, by itself, that is not much of an endorsement, we go further.
This is not much different from running a Kickstarter or selling any product.
In poor agricultural societies there is not much of it to begin with.
We hear a lot about the successes but not much about the failures.
Admittedly, there's not much about these that would earn a commendation from Greenpeace.
Yeah, not much more encouraging than the shot taken with the Snap Touch.
Without the savory unfolding of their favorite love story, not much, I'm afraid.
And there's not much Congress or the courts can do about it immediately.
"Married life is so normal and fun and not much different," she adds.
I do have some broad advice, but not much of the specific kind.
Environmental effects are "important", but "there's not much we can do about them".
" He adds: "Killing your wife, obviously there's not much that's worse than that.
"There's not much room to handle a rise in food prices," said Boockvar.
Unlikely. There's not much to stop us from claiming certitude all the time.
"And I was like, 'Not much different than a guy,'" Mitchell told Maxim.
I'm not much for group sports, so I mostly cheered from the sidelines.
But as yet, not much has been seen in response to Brexit news.
Upon a 22th-anniversary rewatch, I think the answer might be: not much!
But for companies that make billions of dollars a year, it's not much.
But publicly at least, it's not much more fleshed out than the idea.
That's not much, but in some circumstances, it can make a crucial difference.
It's not much, but we do know that he grew up in Riverdale.
There's still not much effort to look into it as a medical condition.
Many people had to flee their homes with not much time to prepare.
Despite the supposed Soros connection, there's also not much mystery to the theory.
In past cycles, research advances in A.I. generated excitement but not much business.
There is hanging-on, but there is not much that could resemble advancement.
Aside from reselling food rations or charcoal for cooking, not much work exists.
There's really not much anyone can do once hurricanes like these spool up.
Since then not much extra has been devoted to research, training and infrastructure.
While it is still full of large, beautiful houses, not much has changed.
There's not much the states can do until the federal government takes notice.
Seen without the benefit of progenitive pride, though, SORT is not much cop.
This is honestly not much of a surprise, but it is profoundly unusual.
In fact, not much changed for me when I started the following fall.
When it comes to the seven stocks below, the answer is: Not much.
With no track titles and not much discernible rhythm, Selected Ambient Works Vol.
Scientifically, there is not much more than Fadiman's anecdotal evidence to go on.
Not much later, Mr. Burke was named his precinct's officer of the year.
There is not much risk of NazBols marching through the streets of Ghent.
Not much fuss is being made over the centenary in the city itself.
There's really not much more you can ask from a video call app.
Because as far as she and her fans are concerned, not much has.
The patch of tarmac at 105 Keefer is not much to look at.
It's not much currently, but it's already kind of getting to the end.
Jeb Bush is a low energy individual, but Hillary is not much better!
In our post-shame era, there's not much to do about such dereliction.
There's not much to indicate that a computer would fare much better.[Quartz]
Enough to check your email or go on Facebook, but not much else.
Moby-Dick showed every sign of being not much different from his first
But beyond these handful of improvements, there's not much else that's new here.
He spoke with a heavy Southern accent not much different from my own.
In response to being banned from the kid's ministry, I did… not much.
And not much of a crowd, though I'll get more into that later.
At this point, he said, there's not much conservationists can do, but watch.
It's not much of a savings, but a savings is still a savings.
There's not much this mini quadcopter can't do right out of the box.
They were mostly plastic, mostly white, not much larger than a key fob.
There's not much time left as companies will soon begin filing their rates.
Tung says there is not much to lose and only something to gain.
If a Category 5 is almost total devastation, there's not much beyond that.
As with most macroeconomic structural changes, there's not much for anyone to do.
At that point, there's not much I can do about it but laugh.
They even have an invisibility cloak, although it's not much to look at.
Although I think everybody's learning there's not much there because there's no collusion.
Conditions were not much better as workers made their way home within Mexico.
But there's not much of a political payoff back home for his boss.
For now, there is not much to do besides shout from the rooftops.
"There's not much advantage lower rates can bring right now," explained Barclays' Bajoria.
Not much else is out there about her role in the show. 17.
There's not much to observe, since the game is happening in their heads.
He also says his car was damaged ... again not much detail beyond that.
And these days, there's not much to fall back on if it does.
Not much if Snap's plans to reinvigorate its business can gain solid footing.
Not much has changed for me, except for that whole growing up thing.
"Not much you can say about Ben Gamel," Seattle manager Scott Servais said.
In other words, it's a simple directory at present, but not much more.
"It was not much space," he smiles, handing me a glass of water.
The sad reality is there's not much people can do about it now.
There's not much Chris Rock didn't touch on during his bold, brilliant monologue.
You'd think the adaptation would leverage the brand name, but not much else.
Those the size of a large insect are not much to worry about.
But the AHCA was not much of a factor in Georgia's special election.
The last couple of second-term presidents were not much use at all.
While not much has changed in New Hope, Herbst's life has changed immensely.
It's not much money, but it's more than I realized I was spending.
"There's not much we're not doing," Manager Terry Collins said of the streak.
For some athletes, there's not much to do other than accepting the situation.
Otherwise, there is not much passengers can do to end the longer waits.
It's called Google Home, and it is not much bigger than a grapefruit.
Volcanic gas and ashfall Conditions were not much better in neighboring Kau district.
I should note from the start that I'm not much of a smoker.
Indeed, he is not much of a lawyer at all, his critics say.
And there's not much evidence that party leaders have learned from their mistakes.
His payment for the font covered some office renovations, but not much else.
I mean, there's not much in there we can work with them on.
Other major automakers say rising commodity costs are not much of a problem.
"Basically, it's not much better than — in fact, I don't know," LePage added.
Subway Reads will last longer than a summer romance, but not much longer.
Though it's incredibly comfortable, versatile, and durable, it's not much to look at.
A lot of these people have 'proposals' but there's not much to them.
"Not much political support (to put it mildly)," Trump said in a tweet.
Not much is known about the technical details of this digital currency yet.
To most Americans, the Grey Cup is not much more than a curiosity.
There's not much of a story, but there are a lot of collectibles!
It was his day off but he was not much for days off.
But because it's not actually legislation yet, it's not much of a plan.
There's not much you can do against technology, except invest in your own.
Only there's not much wilderness left, not even in the Great Black Swamp.
"I guess it's nice, but it's not much of a milestone," said McDavid.
It's not much, but it's something—and that'll have to do for now.
That's not much better than its rate of intervention this time last year.
Yet when they revisited the topic five years later, not much had changed.
We assume the answers to the big questions are yes and not much.
She explains how she can meet for coffee but not much else socially.
Privately, aides said there was likely not much Kelly could do about it.
At this point, the source says, there is not much to talk about.
Cole's memo was rescinded in 2017, but in practice not much has changed.
However, there is not much detail on how to pay for the plan.
As such, I knew my way around post-structuralism but not much else.
I had a passion to pursue a creative industry, but not much support.
You'll get a nosebleed, a headache, and not much to show for it.
Not much in this one between the goal and the Bacca big chance.
If you listen to the demos, there's not much feeling to my vocals.
"Not much has been changed since the Trumps lived here," the listing reads.
So here we are, in article number two, and not much further on.
Once you're done, you've got a passable Bluetooth speaker and not much else.
There's not much to choose on price between the two services right now.
There is not much more to add to the lore of Cristiano Ronaldo.
The therapist at the student counseling center was not much older than Deyette.
It contains several fun sequences but not much in the way of story.
While the outcome is not much in doubt, two bigger-picture questions remain.
"Working with Dereck, there's not much time to do much else," Haye said.
And the same goes for Pierce's Thomas, who's dignified but not much else.
You may say that there is not much overlap between basketball and politics.
And it's not much different -- a 21-point gap -- for his entire presidency.
Not much about that story would have surprised John Law or Walter Bagehot.
Brands like Saab, Pontiac and Plymouth disappeared and not much took their places.
There's not much we can do about that, so we're making our peace.
It's not much of a platform for projecting leadership during the coronavirus crisis.
And there is not much the UN's International Narcotics Control Board can do.
It's not much different from our collective belief that the dollar has value.
I'm not much of a talker, I just go in there to fight.
They did not fear Brady because there was not much yet to fear.
There is not a lot of suspense, and not much psychological exploration, either.
But there's not much reason to expect enormous price increases for most goods.
There's not much time to reset your retirement planning before you stop working.
The current candidates' policies are not much different from those of past Democrats.
Still, there is not much San Diego can do to influence Qualcomm's future.
But not much different from regular TV, which isn't necessarily a great thing.
The science isn't clear, but there's not much evidence of a close link.
McKinley suggests keeping vital records and recent financial information and not much else.
And for Knicks and Nets fans, not much of it has been good.
In that way, they're not much different from more mainstream fasts and cleanses.
Inside the convention center the atmosphere, initially at least, was not much warmer.
They promise huge markdowns, but there is not much left to pick over.
Other than vague prophecies about the Tuatha de Danaan, however, not much happens.
US conservatives, to put it mildly, are not much help on climate policy.
The National Institutes of Health funds some gun-related research, but not much.
That's not much, but in an era of wage stagnation, it is something.
The bulls, some weighing close to a ton, were not much farther away.
The second-place finisher in Wisconsin was not much closer to Mr. Evers.
Compared with other musicals, not much dialogue remained after Bernstein and Sondheim's raid.
The annual fee is lower — way lowerThere's not much to argue about here.
In other words, it got me through a day, but not much further.
As for the new Kids website itself, there's not much new to report.
Not much has changed except Snapchat keeps updating and changing how it looks.
Turning to stocks that want to start trading, there's not much to report.
The bathroom was very small, with one sink and not much counter space.
But now the man was home, with highlight reels and not much else.
The government offered assurances that the public was safe but not much more.
Besides the ads you see and an increase in gambling lingo, not much.
There is not much in the way of restaurants or entertainment in Maramures.
"Not much has been changed since the Trumps lived here," the listing promises.
California Today Friday: A milestone, but not much closure for families of victims.
The term does not bother him, and in fairness, not much seems to.
There is not much time for him to take in the larger world.
There&aposs not much more you could want out of your everyday clothing.
I read other nonfiction works as well, and some fiction but not much.
Not much was left over for books or a fair wage for teachers.
Beyond Butler and Wade, there's not much in the way of sustainable talent.
There's not much money left in the public health emergency fund -- about $57,000.
But overall there really is not much to complain about with its sound.
"There is not much political support for it at the moment," he said.
In a nutshell, not much that will help them save more on taxes.
In the context of plastic, with bags there's not much left to recycle!
What to expect from the CBO score Not much, which clearly irked McCain.
Expect a few laughs but not much in the way of genuine excitement.
"From the hardware perspective, there's not much difference (from Western farms)," said Hong.
His right knee was not much better, having been operated on several times.
Sure, there is a little rumbling about the increased deficit, but not much.
I consumed these fantasies, mostly because there was not much else to eat.
There are a couple of quality stacks and not much dreck in sight.
Not much new can be thrown at Trump that will shake his support.
"I knew it was a train station" and not much more, he said.
For its first three months, Unit 104 was not much different from others.
The development was not much of a surprise to current or former employees.
There was no one there to greet them, and not much news coverage.
However, there's not much solace to be found in gross domestic product either.
There&aposs not much more you could ask for out of a polo.
That's not much to defend the currency with if it begins to weaken.
Market Pantry (Target)Score: 261 Lots of tomato here, but not much else.
Not much, probably, other than wondering how delicious the ice cream might taste.
When it comes to the big picture, not much is in our control.
In such sectors, there is just not much growth for companies to capture.
If that's the case, there's not much of anything to worry about here.
Not much, but every dollar counts when you are hired to manage wealth.
But it ultimately left you feeling that not much had changed at all.
There's not much to fault about the Note 29's 28-megapixel selfies.
And, unfortunately for him, there's just not much he can do about it.
The gouache works are small, not much larger than a standard letter size.
When Darboe was at the school five years later, not much had changed.
The early states are a bit more promising for Buttigieg, but not much.
Rates moved up 24.6 basis points over the weekend on not much news.
It's not much different from noticing Charmander on someone's shoulder on the subway.
There's not much consideration of region, demographics (aside from age) or net worth.
You may have choices to make, and not much time to make them.
There's still time to mobilize as only America can, but not much time.
If you didn't know about Hillary, then you're not much of a reporter.
"It just seems that there's not much more that can be done quietly."
Not much to say after, yeah, being, like, a millimeter away from winning.
Luckily, those are great looking, too, so it's not much of a sacrifice.
"There's not much you can count on in every town," Mr. Thornton said.
I went to an all-boys high school not much different from Skippy's.
The airport is not much more protected from Pontchartrain's storm surge than before.
A small pool of water shimmers and trickles, but not much else happens.
Apart from the Model 3's arrival, not much has changed since Q1.
But there's not much the police can do once you're in someone's car.
That means people often watch their home-town team and not much else.

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