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"remains" Definitions
  1. remains (of something) the parts of something that are left after the other parts have been used, eaten, removed, etc.
  2. the parts of ancient objects and buildings that have survived and are discovered in the present day
  3. (formal) the body of a dead person or animal
"remains" Synonyms
remnants remainder leftovers residue scraps debris detritus balance pieces remnant traces crumbs fragments vestiges ashes dregs flotsam leavings oddments residuum antiquities relics reliquiae heritage inheritance corpse carcass cadaver body stiff skeleton corse bones corpus dead body body parts deceased carrion relic shell dead animal goner trash rubbish refuse waste litter junk garbage scrap dross dreck chaff effluvium deadwood effluvia truck riffraff offal stub end oddment fragment leftover butt bit stump offcut vestige bits fossil deposit impression cast mold(US) mould(UK) petrifaction specimen trace eolith neolith paleolith petrified remains fossilized remains petrified impression surplus excess surfeit superfluity superabundance overabundance oversupply plethora overflow redundancy plus overkill overplus bellyful fat glut overmuch surplusage overage profusion antiquity artifact(US) antique curio archaism artefact(UK) bygone treasure ruin museum piece period piece historical object archaeological find old object ancient object heel crust ender healie knobbler knobby knocker nobbly noggie noggin norbert nub nut end outsider is stays abides endures lingers lives resides rests waits bides dwells hangs hovers inhabits lies lodges persists prevails continues holds exists as bodies acts as lives as functions as performs the function of turns out to be serves as typifies ees iz 's lasts stands perdures survives carries on continues to exist holds on keeps up lives on goes on holds out keeps continues to be carries on being goes on being persists in being has not yet passed has not yet expired More

750 Sentences With "remains"

How to use remains in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "remains" and check conjugation/comparative form for "remains". Mastering all the usages of "remains" from sentence examples published by news publications.

But it's also the scar the murder leaves behind, the remains of the remains of the remains.
Mitko's word for the narrator remains unchanged, the question remains of
Our lawsuit remains active and investigation remains ongoing at this time.
While production remains under pressure, demand for Fonterra's goods remains strong.
The legal action remains ongoing, and Vandermeyden remains a Tesla employee.
As the border with Macedonia remains closed, Idomeni's future remains uncertain.
Remains cremated Noel-Schure announced Saturday that his remains had been cremated.
But whether she remains an ally or not remains to be revealed.
Wimbledon remains his favorite tournament, and grass probably remains his best canvas.
The driver's identity remains unknown and the cause of the attack remains unclear.
Security remains high across France, where a state of emergency remains in effect.
But Brexit, the shape of which remains unclear, remains the main driver of sterling.
Whether or not the theater remains within the Talbot family remains to be seen.
The remains were "co-mingled" with the remains of the cow, the affidavit states.
One of those cases remains active, and yet somehow he remains in the classroom.
"In our world, if that's human remains, you cannot sell human remains," Kraus said.
It remains ongoing today, and the humanitarian situation for Aleppo's trapped civilians remains dire.
The Kospi trend remains astounding, and despite the pullback, the trend strength remains intact.
Yet America's convoluted and uncompetitive tax code remains and productivity growth, unsurprisingly, remains low.
But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.
Whether any senior official in this White House remains able to do that remains unclear.
" BOC'S POLOZ: UNCERTAINTY AROUND U.S. TRADE POLICY REMAINS "That (trade policy) uncertainty I think remains.
Both chambers only contain H. naledi remains (although some animal remains were found inside Lesedi).
Franco's remains: The Spanish government on Thursday exhumed the remains of the former dictator Gen.
Night mode remains the same and remains a separate mode you need to switch into.
Taylor is charged with disturbing human remains, conspiring to disturb human remains and hindering prosecution.
At this time, Elyse's cause of death remains unknown and the incident remains under investigation.
Wade remains the law of the land and abortion remains legal in all 50 states.
The economy remains generally in "a good place," he said, and consumer spending remains robust.
But Michele Bogart remains determined to salvage what remains of the Barthé frieze in Brooklyn.
However, poverty remains the biggest obstacle to future growth as insurance penetration remains stubbornly low.
"This guidance remains unchanged and Capitec's fundamental business remains strong," it said in a statement.
The hardware, for example, remains hard to source and the software stack remains in flux.
But mummies aren't merely Egyptian antiquities; they're human remains — and not just any human remains.
They want the remains of their sons back and remains of their fathers and mothers.
And as long as the question remains open, the question of "absence" remains, at best, theoretical.
According to O'Brien, Malinowski, 33, still remains in the hospital's care and her condition remains unchanged.
On that assumption, risk appetite remains under pressure and the dollar remains on a firm footing.
It remains the dividing line for Lupe's career, but it also remains his best album cover.
As long as the border crossing remains closed, commerce into and through Al-Qaim remains scant.
"As inflation remains low, there remains room for more accommodative monetary policy," the governor told reporters.
Recent data has shown the U.S. labor market remains strong but wage growth remains a concern.
It remains to be decided whether the role remains a cabinet level post or is downgraded.
Meanwhile, the fact remains that the path to passing any sort of meaningful change remains hard.
They have said the agents handed the remains to a local accomplice whose identity remains undisclosed.
Brown's attorneys have not said whether Alayah's remains were among those found Friday, where her remains are currently, or how Brown learned that the remains didn't go to Wayne State for research.
Twenty years later, the hip hop legend's murder remains unsolved but his music remains just as relevant.
Whether or not that's enough to catch NASA's eye remains to be seen, but Collins remains hopeful.
Bogota's willingness to support the entity remains unchanged as long as the bank remains Corficolombiana's main shareholder.
An exact death toll remains to be confirmed as coroners work to identify the remains of victims.
Apple's iPad remains the market leader, but e-commerce rival Amazon's own tablet remains a popular alternative.
Oil prices will remain depressed as long as production remains high and growth in demand remains muted.
Even with $44 million in total damages, Raimondo remains dean of students, and the college remains unapologetic.
Her life in the US remains challenging, as she works entry-level jobs and remains in poverty.
Let's assume for a second that the substitution project remains in draft and that cobalt remains indispensable.
Between the lines: Graham remains a key political supporter of Trump, and his stance against impeachment remains.
Even still, Todd Jones's screaming remains guttural and cathartic as ever, a reassuring rage that remains undimmed.
This administration is trying to work against immigrants so I'm trying to make sure our legal system remains fair, remains balanced, and remains what we all think a legal justice system should be.
But nuclear transfer remains difficult and the creation of cloned embryos for research or therapy remains ethically fraught.
Taylor was also charged with three counts: disturbing human remains, conspiring to disturb human remains and hindering prosecution.
It remains unclear how much fuel remains; NASA continues to monitor the health and performance of the spacecraft.Incredible.
Venezuela remains a mess; the Central American humanitarian crisis driving asylum seekers to the Texas border remains acute.
Whether or not that remains the case over the next few days and weeks remains to be seen.
Most miscarriage cases begin with fetal remains, and those remains have an immediate genetic connection to the mother.
Sure, there are technically human remains in there, but it's not like they are recognizable as human remains.
But whether she remains an ally or not remains to be revealed, but she sure wields some firepower.
Taylor was also charged with three charges: disturbing human remains, conspiring to disturb human remains and hindering prosecution.
External demand remains weak and the situation for foreign trade remains "severe and complicated" in 2016, it added.
Unique travel opportunity While the country remains largely closed off from visitors, there remains a small tourism industry.
Since Trump remains overwhelmingly popular among rank-and-file Republicans, McConnell remains his ally against Democratic impeachment attempts.
Debt funding remains cheap and investor appetite for floating-rate assets remains strong in a rising rate environment.
He was quick to note, however, that Bavaria remains staunchly conservative and that populism remains a powerful force.
It remains unclear exactly when Durham, who remains the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut, received his new assignment.
Turkey remains uninvited Compounding this problem, Turkey remains an uninvited -- and unwanted -- guest on Iraqi territory with armored units.
While water remains a basic human need, the ability to create a nimbostratus cloud in a lab remains elusive.
She remains in custody after being arrested Tuesday on a single count of alleged unlawful disposal of human remains.
However, a motive in the triple homicide remains unclear, as does why Matthew's remains went unrecovered for so long.
The government remains in the hands of elected civilians, who have promised new elections, and Mr. Morales remains free.
This isolated mountaintop location is host to the corroding remains of large communications dishes, the remains of nuclear deterrence.
Yet here, too, growth remains slow, inflation remains weak and millions of middle-age people are no longer working.
The official added that the remains of other nationalities killed during the war could be included in returned remains.
Officials: Remains 'consistent' with missing Americans Pentagon holds press briefing on return of presumed American remains from North Korea.
The Saudi war in Yemen remains a humanitarian catastrophe and our relationship with the House of Saud remains corrupt.
Growth, while steady, remains weak by historical standards, and although unemployment is quite low, wage growth remains sluggish, too.
And similarly, Falstaff remains Falstaff and Henry VIII remains Henry VIII in almost all the reputable editions of Shakespeare.
Batman remains one of the most consistently popular superheroes at the box office, and Joker remains his chief nemesis.
Growth, while steady, remains weak by historical standards, and while unemployment is quite low, wage growth remains sluggish, too.
But it remains a rare occurrence, and as a result Broadway remains unrepresentative of the full range of humanity.
Taxation in the United States remains progressive because the federal income tax remains the largest source of government revenue.
Taxation in the United States remains progressive because the federal income tax remains the largest source of government revenue.
Identifying the remains The Wayne County Medical Examiner is working to identify the remains and notify any families, but the state of the remains, some of which are in "mummified conditions," is making the process difficult.
That agency had only discovered relatively recently that the remains might be someone else; in fact the case remains open.
"The market remains very competitive and the impact of the devaluation of sterling remains uncertain," said Chief Executive Mike Coupe.
As Kanye West remains under heavy medical supervision, his wife Kim Kardashian West remains a constant presence by his bedside.
"While every hour it remains less likely we'll find anyone alive, there remains hope," he said at a news conference.
It remains unclear whether Duterte will follow through on his threats, and so his ultimate foreign policy agenda remains unclear.
The extent of the damage to the the resort remains unclear as communication and access to the island remains difficult.
An archaeologist was present in case any human remains were disturbed -- though in the end, no new remains were found.
One thing remains very clear, though—Golovkin remains one of the most devastating punchers the middleweight division has ever seen.
And how successful he did that remains to be seen, but there remains tonight I think a lot of confusion.
Its central leadership remains committed to attacking the West; its regional branches are active; and Mr Zawahiri remains at large.
Gray could not confirm the number of remains found or if those remains were that of one person or more.
This remains a fairly prolonged setback and the S&P 500 remains more than 5 percent from its January peak.
Home ownership remains a dream for most Americans, but actually purchasing a home in the United States remains incredibly challenging.
As long as the current system remains in place, and partisan volatility remains high, these showdowns are likely to recur.
Trust in the police remains low, the homicide rate remains high, and new police shootings continue to bring tense protests.
In addition, 47 remains have been tentatively identified through circumstantial evidence such as the address where the remains were found.
The underlying FISA application for Page remains classified and it remains unknown to what extent it relied on Steele's reports.
Job growth remains strong, but recent reports on cautious consumer spending and business investment suggest that overall growth remains tepid.
But the situation remains volatile and the likelihood of possible strikes on tankers or oil facilities in the region remains.
Who was behind the video remains unclear but the episode touched off concerns about widespread corruption and remains politically toxic.
The index, which was previously reported at 134.1 in May, still remains at lofty levels, suggesting consumer spending remains supported.
As long as demand remains strong, inflation remains low, and the population grows, economic growth generally continues and employment rises.
The Venezuelan military remains loyal The question hanging over Guaido's aid plan remains: How to move anything across the Venezuelan border?
"This would make sure the UK remains competitive, while sending a powerful message to skilled jobseekers — Britain remains open for business."
The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro Watson calls The Remains of the Day one of her favorite books. 7.
When the remains were found, neither Michael nor his brother Steven would speculate about how the remains could have been buried.
Unemployment remains high for certain demographics and the number of people working in part-time jobs not by choice remains high.
ISIS remains close by But for now the terror group's proximity remains clear in most government-held parts of the city.
Thune concluded: "While the [Senate Commerce] committee remains open to new information on this matter, transparency – not regulation – remains the goal."
Twenty-seven years later, Clarence Thomas remains on the court and the Republican side of the Judiciary Committee remains all male.
With them are four dogs adept at sniffing out human remains — even decades-old remains that may be several feet underground.
They are also studying the Neanderthal remains to determine the individual's diet, health and potential genetic relationship to the other remains.
There are currently over 700 unidentified human remains in its national database of missing persons and unidentified remains, the RCMP estimates.
The price of the iPhone SE 16GB remains unchanged India remains one of the most expensive places to purchase an iPhone.
He also made the present-tense claim in a May 27 press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ("We, as you know, are getting the remains -- continuing to get the remains"), a June 11 exchange with reporters ("The remains keep coming back"), and a June 12 press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda ("We're getting the remains back").
Output grows at the trend pace of 2 percent, but the unemployment rate remains quite low, and inflation remains at 2 percent.
Jamil Nazarali remains head of execution services and Paul Hamill remains global head of fixed income, currencies and commodities at Citadel Securities.
While UpGuard's report remains offline, the company has not formally retracted its researchers' findings, and the status of the report remains unclear.
"While the supply-demand equilibrium remains fragile ... Brent remains in good short-term supply despite growing uncertainty about supply disruptions," he said.
The risk remains that the issue endures and impacts economic activity for portions of the remainder of 2020 and therefore volatility remains.
" IDEXX Laboratories: "The humanization of pets remains one of the great stories of all time, and IDEXX remains the best of it.
It remains unclear at this point whether the valuation of the company remains the $30 billion speculated alongside the $850 million round.
Because H-2A is a federal system and marijuana remains illegal under federal law, foreign labor remains off-limits for weed growers.
Threat remains with Kony free, groups say Outside groups, however, have warned that with Kony free, the risk to the region remains.
A year after MPP, while our unimaginable disregard for the plight of asylum seekers remains in Mexico, the solution remains within us.
An advantage of BEAM is that it remains compact during transit Another advantage of BEAM is that it remains compact during transit.
" Moore added: "The right remains too passive and the left remains too political when it comes to ethnic divisions in this country.
Whether the relationship remains in traditional diplomatic and security channels or is elevated into Mr. Trump's realm of personal diplomacy remains unclear.
On Tennis Rafael Nadal not only remains No. 1, still hungry for more at 32, he also remains a classic-match magnet.
She remains unable to articulate a compelling larger vision; he remains unable to explain how he would overcome the obvious political obstacles.
"The outlook remains positive both for submarine cables and for the telecom business, where optical cable demand remains high," the company said.
Diaz-Canel remains head of state and Raul Castro remains the first secretary of the Communist Party, where the real power lies.
Despite the tighter standards the director business remains robust and the island remains the preferred jurisdiction and domicile for U.S hedge funds.
Investigators search landfill for Berreth's remains As the murder case moves through the court system, investigators are still looking for Berreth's remains.
" Dr. John Byrd, the agency's laboratory director, said Tuesday at a news conference that in a quick forensic review, the remains in the 55 latest coffins appeared to be consistent with Korean War remains, and "are likely to be American remains.
While Keown&aposs remains are interred at Arlington, the wreckage of his aircraft remains on a mountainside where it was found, said Taylan.
McAtasney faces six charges: first-degree murder, felony murder, robbery, disturbing human remains, conspiring with another to disturb human remains and hindering prosecution.
The remains were not incinerated, said Sult, who declined to otherwise describe the remains' condition or say how they arrived at the plant.
"The demand outlook remains less compelling for platinum due to its exposure to diesel technology, which remains under scrutiny from the emissions scandal."
"The remains are consistent with remains that we have recovered in North Korea through our own recovery efforts in the past," Byrd said.
As for the China and Asia, Cook remains optimistic about the growth in China and remains excited about the booming middle class there.
Our sources say Singleton absolutely remains in a coma -- albeit a medically induced one -- but everyone in the family remains hopeful he'll recover.
On Korean War remains: The Trump-Kim statement also committed to recovering the remains of U.S. service members killed in the Korean War.
Mr. Heinrich led the authorities to Jacob's buried remains in a central Minnesota field last week, and the remains were identified on Saturday.
Still, the topic remains divisive — and the question of whether either side can win over a higher share of the American citizenry remains.
For now, however, the problem remains relatively localized: About two-thirds of the world refugee situation remains focused in five countries, Edwards said.
Facebook remains one of the most valuable public companies in the U.S. And Zuckerberg remains one of the richest people in the world.
But the results on Tuesday suggest that Mr. Trump remains in a strong position, at least as long as the field remains divided.
The fact remains that Bryant was once party to a rape investigation that, irrespective of outcome, remains too significant to ever blot out.
"The remains are consistent with remains that we have recovered in North Korea through our own recovery efforts in the past," said Byrd.
Messonnier reiterates that accelerated diagnosis capacity remains the best way to fight COVID-19 and that immediate risk in the U.S. remains low.
Steve Schwarzman remains CEO of Blackstone, Henry Kravis and George Roberts remain co-CEOs of KKR and Leon Black remains CEO of Apollo.
Doha remains hospitable to Islamist exiles, and Al Jazeera's coverage remains sharply critical of Saudi and Emirati clients in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere.
Remains of some victims will arrive soon, Trudeau says So far, no remains of Canadian victims have been returned to Canada, Trudeau said.
John Kasich remains in the race with no possible way to achieve the nomination but for a contested convention, he remains a spoiler.
Manson remains and possessions There are actually two cases to be decided -- one focused on Manson's remains and the other about Manson's estate.
That said, despite this policy action, the current level of interest rates remains low and, in Federal Reserve parlance, monetary policy remains accommodative.
"The underlying demand environment remains healthy which will drive unit revenue, but MAX grounding remains a cost headwind," Cowen analyst Helane Becker said.
But the fact remains that, even if individual races are not going Mercedes' way, the title battle remains as one-sided as ever.
Scientists said on Wednesday they genetically analyzed plaque from 48,000-year-old Neanderthal remains from Spain and 433,000-year-old remains from Belgium.
That remains to be seen -- and that's a big "remains to be seen," given that no one actually votes for almost another year.
Beyond stagnant wages, economic growth remains below the coveted 28503-percent target set by the Trump administration, and income inequality remains a problem.
The official announcement that the remains program has been frozen has not stopped Trump from wrongly claiming that the remains continue to be returned.
The family "never found closure," Laster says, as Shannan's official cause of death remains undetermined and the Long Island serial killer remains at large.
The divers also collected what appear to be human remains, and those remains are now being analyzed, city officials said at the news conference.
As such our long-term thesis remains unchanged – our target price remains at $28 and we maintain our Neutral rating based primarily on valuation.
What remains Pence's competitive advantage is his long-standing connections with the broader conservative movement, which remains an integral part of the Republican coalition.
While it's proving to be a hit with airlines, whether or not the CSeries program remains a success for Bombardier remains to be seen.
The company remains the most valuable on the planet, and the iPhone remains one of the most lucrative products in the entire technology industry.
What remains is an important artifact of New Queer Cinema, one that not only made history but remains relevant after more than two decades.
Although it remains a business icon in Japan, worth $15.2bn, it has been losing its dominance in e-commerce, which remains its core business.
There is 25% chance Musk remains Tesla CEO, analyst from the Wall Street told CNBC, so Musk remains as CEO is a missing-expectation.
And it's of course worth nothing that Trump's disapproval rating from Gallup remains at 50%, meaning his net approval remains underwater by 4 points.
"We believe the discussion remains fluid but the risk of extending (trade talks)remains," said Christopher Wong, a senior foreign exchange strategist at Maybank.
Among the remains were 21 adults -- eight females, eight males and five whose sex couldn't be determined -- and the partial remains of six children.
It remains to be seen how much of a business for them remains, as AWS's data pipelines and other ingestion services continue to improve.
However, it remains unclear how the families will be reunited, and the "zero tolerance" policy of prosecuting everyone who crosses the border illegally remains.
Meanwhile, the six-month downtrend remains intact until a close above $11,300, and the near-term downtrend remains intact until a close above $8,500.
"Perry Funeral Home received these remains from local hospitals who had indicated to Perry that the remains were 'unclaimed' by the parents," it said.
When remains are identified and turned over to surviving family members, are all of the skeletal remains for that person included in the transfer?
Unemployment remains low, inflation remains around the 2 percent pace the Fed regards as optimal, and the pace of investment has increased, it said.
"We have identified a couple of the remains, the families for the remains, coming out of Korea," Mattis told reporters Tuesday at the Pentagon.
No new human remains have been found since last week, Honea said, but the search for remains is expected to continue Tuesday, he said.
What remains are the old myths, now as ever held up by those in power because it remains expedient for them to do so.
They discovered a set of fossil remains, about 315,000 years old, that belonged to Homo sapiens — the oldest remains of our species yet found.
But the war in Darfur is not over: Humanitarian access remains limited at best in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, and accountability remains elusive.
But it remains unclear what, if anything, will actually happen, given that industry remains powerful and many congressional Republicans remain opposed to much action.
Those recession fears have ebbed recently, though, as consumer and business sentiment remains high, spending remains resilient and the stock market scales new highs.
Sterling remains the market's release valve for Brexit uncertainty and today's rally remains within the tight range created by the two binary secession outcomes.
Health care in the United States remains the most expensive in the world, and coverage remains out of the financial reach of many Americans.
"The situation remains pretty tense but there are incentives from both sides to reach a compromise...that's why the market remains hopeful," added Sim.
But they played down its relevance as underlying inflation remains anemic, wage growth is muted and the slack in the labor market remains sizable.
Debt remains high, at around 84 percent of gross domestic product compared with around 34 percent in 2001, and productivity growth remains stubbornly low.
There are certainly more healthy programs now for donating remains to science and medicine, yet a discomfort with the use of this flesh remains.
It remains all too clear that after more than century of US rule, Puerto Rico remains, in the American public imagination, a foreign land.
Since then, nearly 1,900 U.S. troops have been killed in the war, even as corruption remains endemic in the country and security remains precarious.
At least one of the attackers, Salah Abdeslam, remains at large, having eluded Belgian authorities after re-entering the country, which remains on high alert.
"Bottom line, the story remains the same in that the pace of firing's remains modest," said Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group.
IPG remains platform-agnostic and the company remains focused on growing and strengthening its digital capabilities across their agency portfolio in line with market trends.
How much of this is the effect of grief, and how much a portrait of the lady herself, remains unclear and easy characterisation remains elusive.
He "led police to remains that were located by the JSO Dive Team and we believe the remains to be Savannah Gold," the statement continued.
But the fact remains that while the cushioned installations merit only a glance, Howey's stark idea, as a series of paintings, remains worth looking at.
Faced with unidentified remains, Bowen took an unusual step, sending the remains to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for a full autopsy and DNA testing.
Except for one, single problem: The fact remains that in 2016, cable remains a far better, more stable experience than any streaming service out there.
Trump could accurately tout the return of remains in the past tense: North Korea returned 24 cases of possible remains in the summer of 222.
Trump could accurately tout the return of remains in the past tense: North Korea returned 503 cases of possible remains in the summer of 2018.
Polio remains a global threat because as long as a single child remains infected, the virus can spread into polio-free countries and unimmunized populations.
In March 2011, two months after police identified the first set of four remains, the remains of six more bodies were unearthed along the beach.
IPG remains platform agnostic and the company remains focused on growing and strengthening its digital capabilities across their agency portfolio in line with market trends.
While the very top of the market remains soft — especially for cars priced over $5 million — the market for luxury cars under $250,000 remains strong.
The Apple Watch Series 4 remains the remains the best smartwatch you can get, but with the Galaxy Watch Active 2, Samsung's narrowing the gap.
India remains the world's fastest growing major economy and is reasonably well insulated from global shocks, but its domestic financial system remains a weak link.
There's a reason Birchbox remains synonymous with the phrase "beauty subscription box" — it was one of the first and remains the best of the best.
Also, the Trump administration remains unwilling to hold direct talks with the Taliban, which remains one of Taliban's top demands for negotiating a political settlement.
Trump could accurately tout the return of remains in the past tense: North Korea returned 21000 cases of possible remains in the summer of 216.
"Our take away from this is that the trend for employers remains stable, and it remains low," said Tracy Watts, a senior partner at Mercer.
As of now, though, the company remains a top-level Platinum sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation and Suse's Alan Clark remains on the Foundation's board.
Trump remains underwater with voters in Colorado, and Gardner's task of uniting rural Trump voters and suburbanites remains perhaps the toughest of any GOP incumbent.
Despite the setbacks, Pritchard remains passionate about being a paramedic, and about personal training, and remains firm in her belief that she can do both.
D-Wave remains the only major player that's betting on annealing, but the company's CEO Vern Brownell remains optimistic that this is the right approach.
Investigators found the remains of three victims in potted plants last week, and police said they had found at least three more remains on Friday.
Nothing much remains; treasures have broken; all is in flux, like the heaving, disappearing icebergs she has left behind, with their fragile cargo of human remains.
Job growth remains strong, despite anecdotal evidence of worker shortages in the transportation, manufacturing and construction industries, suggesting some slack still remains in the labour market.
Job growth remains strong, despite anecdotal evidence of worker shortages in the transportation, manufacturing and construction industries, suggesting some slack still remains in the labor market.
Many of the caskets transferred in the past contained "comingled" remains, according to the DPAA, meaning that they also contained remains of persons of other nationalities.
For scientists to salvage to genetic information from remains tens of thousands of years later, the remains have to be protected from heat, moisture, and contamination.
While WhatsApp remains the most popular app in countries like Germany and Britain, Facebook Messenger remains the most popular in countries like the US and Australia.
The two other women were identified through dental records: Heidi Fye, whose remains were found in 1984, and Laura Miller, whose remains were found in 1986.
That said, the attractiveness of the UK remains higher than other European countries, and on a par with the US, even while the US remains ahead.
The experts said the discipline imposed by IS remains intact and IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi "remains in authority" despite reports that he was injured.
North Korea and US remains A program to recover the remains of US soldiers who died in North Korea during the Korean War has been suspended.
North Korea handed over the remains of what U.S. officials said are believed to be the remains of U.S servicemen who fought during the Korean War.
The Outlook on the Long-Term IDR on Fukoku Life remains at Stable as the rating of 'A-' remains under Japan's Long-Term Local-Currency IDR.
The big question remains whether a possible Cruz victory in Iowa next month will deflate Trump in other states where his lead in polls remains significant.
Growth also remains stuck at 2 percent, and it remains unlikely that the economic proposals of the Trump administration will raise that anytime soon, said Bullard.
Fifty-five boxes of remains arrived in Hawaii this week, and the Department of Defense said the remains were "consistent" with Americans killed in the war.
About 38 percent of the state remains in conditions that the center's scientists view as abnormally dry, and 16.87 percent remains in a state of drought.
Shareholder returns that exceed FCF generation are incorporated into current ratings to the extent that leverage remains below Fitch's 3.5x total leverage threshold, which remains unchanged.
"Our investigation shows that the United States indisputably remains the sole superpower, and the gap between it and the other powers ... remains very large," they write.
It isn't perfect — wage growth remains unexceptional despite its growth spurt in May, and the ratio of prime-age adults working remains below its historical levels.
MOSCOW, March 17 (Reuters) - Russia's foreign exchange market remains balanced for now and the rouble remains resilient, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov said on Tuesday.
A hall that held the 12,000-year-old skeletal remains of a woman known as Luzia, the oldest human remains found in the Americas, is gone.
Alex insisted that traffic is up 60 percent from this point last year, but even if that's true and the readership remains loyal, another problem remains.
Investigators have discovered six sets of human remains buried in planters on different properties connected to McArthur; one set of remains has been identified as Kinsman's.
If archaeologists find evidence of human remains during the excavation, they will then need to figure out if the remains belong to victims of the massacre.
Only one dog tag was provided with the remains, but officials stressed that it doesn't mean the person's remains were also included in the returned boxes.
"Trump remains defiant saying 'it's time to take a stand on China' and his threat to increase tariffs on all imports from China remains," Oliver added.
While there's no question Seoul remains a major target and could be decimated in a war with North Korea, the city's location remains a sticky reality.
Getting a bill signed into law by Mr. Trump remains a top priority of Republican lawmakers, and momentum to get something to his desk quickly remains.
When he's being threatened with Azkaban, he remains calms; when he's face-to-face with the world's most powerful dark wizard, he remains calm; even when he's told he only has a year to live and nothing can be done to save him, he remains calm.
Iowa town remains flooded A week after the swollen Mississippi River broke through a temporary barrier and flushed water through downtown Davenport, the Iowa city remains flooded.
Unrefrigerated boxes containing about 36 sets of remains were recovered from the Perry Funeral Home along with another 27 sets of remains in a freezer, police said.
Faviola Benitez Calderon, 28, had been missing for nearly two weeks when a search and recovery human remains detection dog team found her remains at 10 a.m.
The Clean Air Act remains on the books, and the Supreme Court decision ruling that the EPA is obligated to regulate greenhouse gas emissions remains the law.
But the reality remains that the most likely result of the current anti-Maduro push is that he remains the country's leader, albeit a badly bruised one.
There was some progress on the first two areas, but money remains a major sticking point, along with how far Britain remains subject to EU judicial oversight.
RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS UNEARTH REMAINS OF SECRET NAZI ARCTIC BASE After Bellantoni and Strausbaugh released their findings, however, the Russian government insisted that the remains were Hitler&aposs.
Families hope for closure with return of Korean War remains North Korea returning 55 sets of U.S. remains from the Korean War; David Logan, whose father Maj.
The targa name started in 1966 with the Porsche 911 Targa, and the 911 remains the world's most famous targa — and the word remains a Porsche trademark.
She remains one of the most high-profile Democrats in the state and remains popular in Story County, which is home to Ames and Iowa State University.
The economists expect activity picked up in October after weakness due to Hurricane Irma, but the overall trend remains slower and growth remains depressed year over year.
He said making customers pay even small amounts remains difficult in many countries where access to credit cards and bank accounts for making online payments remains complicated.
Fitch's assumption regarding BUT's EV/EBITDA multiple remains unchanged at 4.5x and reflects the group's lack of diversification, which remains a key constraint to its business profile.
Inflation has crept up but remains below the Fed's 2 percent target, and wage growth remains anemic — even the surprising figure for January was later revised down.
"The risk of contracting the coronavirus to the American public remains low and the risk of serious disease also remains low," the vice president said yet again.
Some had to wait months for the cremated remains of their loved ones to be identified and then to wait for all identifiable remains to be gathered.
"Positioning in sterling remains very short and that could discourage further aggressive selling especially if UK data remains fairly resilient," Credit Agricole analysts said in a note.
Human remains found in family's car The charred remains of two people were found inside the family's rental car Monday evening, but their identities remain a mystery.
"The Company remains optimistic as we approach the year-end, with aluminium consumption growing at a very healthy pace while supply remains tight," it said in a statement.
However, ASML remains insulated as an estimated three-quarters of its memory sales comes from a different type of memory - so-called DRAM - that remains in hot demand.
But it remains too early to determine from examining the remains whether or not there was an explosion on the flight, an official at the morgue told CNN.
"A key reason pumpkin remains popular year over year, is the fact that it remains a truly seasonal ingredient," Diana Kelter, a foodservice analyst at Mintel, told CNBC.
US remains from North Korea Trump continued to claim that the US is receiving the remains of soldiers who died in North Korean territory during the Korean War.
Unipol's ratings could be upgraded if Italy is upgraded, provided that its Prism FBM score remains 'Strong' and return on equity remains above 6% for a sustained period.
But even with these kinds of returns, the fact remains, a speculative asset like bitcoin remains prone to seismic price moves in a very short space of time.
Her remains were found in April, in a rock quarry about nine miles from the school, about 20 to 30 yards away from where Runions' remains were discovered.
"If we analyze those remains we are more likely to pick up DNA from the curators or archaeologists rather than the remains of the ancient individual," he said.
Researchers analyzed remains found on the island of Luzon, concluding in research published Wednesday in the journal Nature that the remains represent a new species related to humans.
Today, just as the ocean left an inland shore, the land is marked by the remains of human industry — remains that carry myths and legends of the past.
" However, the Journal also warns, "The death rate remains swollen by powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl, and… the rise of methamphetamines and related deaths remains a worrisome trend.
Janedis remains cautious though, as Netflix remains caught in the midst of growing competition for subscribers as Hulu and Amazon continue to invest in their own entertainment platforms.
"What we're looking at here is potentially remains, or cremains -- it's kind of a cremated remains state," said Brian Ferreira, rescue squad officer for California Task Force 4.
The official noted that the return is not certain until the U.S. plane set to retrieve the remains departs from the northeastern city of Wonsan with the remains.
" The State Department already has a travel warning in place for Afghanistan that says the country remains "extremely unstable" and that the threat to U.S. citizens "remains critical.
Dating sites of ancient human occupation can be controversial because often they rely only on measurements of sediments where human remains were found and not the remains themselves.
Flu season remains near its peak through February, and the flu remains a risk well after that, as Aaron Carroll, an Indiana University medical professor, told me yesterday.
Either the border remains open, as majorities in both Irelands want, which would mean that Northern Ireland remains in the European Union as the rest of Britain secedes.
"The Australian Government remains prepared to offer further support as required and our [Australian Defence Force] remains at short notice readiness to support any further requests," Payne said.
In some instances, a team searching a landfill for remains can narrow the search area based on where the remains are believed to have come from, he said.
Whether that influence remains once he is out of office — and whether the party reverts to its former shape or adopts a new one — remains an open question.
He specified that the Beni Ebola Treatment Center remains open to patients, vaccinations continue and free health care remains available at approved centers, including to victims of violence.
His bed remains unmade, and his suitcase -- containing his hair brush, clothes, a can of Magic Shave and a copy of his book, "Strength to Love" -- remains unpacked.
It's unclear how long the remains were kept inside the building, but at least one of the remains was marked with a date of October 2017, Craig said.
"In the case of unclaimed remains, a funeral home cannot bury remains without proper authorization, and the law in Michigan sets forth a hierarchy for authority," Arnkoff said.
"We are currently working a scene in Hood County where human remains are being recovered and may be the remains of Jennifer Pautenis," reads a statement from police.
"It remains an opening in grand style; for anyone who works at La Scala it remains the key date, it is untouchable," said Ms. Cavallin, the stage designer.
The organization has had a hand in recovering hundreds of sets of remains from both the European and Pacific theaters of World War II. After finding service member remains, History Flight works with the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, the federal agency tasked with recovering the remains of missing US personnel.
Its most popular services, which place remains into payloads on third-party commercial rockets, are Earth Rise, where cremated remains are transported suborbitally for a cost of $93,295 and returned to Earth; and Earth Orbit, where remains travel around the Earth and then released into space for a fee of $4,995.
Unemployment remains high, consumer spending has not picked up and investor confidence remains on hold, pending approval of a fiscally vital overhaul of Brazil's pension system, CNI's Fonseca said.
Trader Steve Grasso remains skeptical of Tesla Motors, after the company missed its delivery target for the second consecutive quarter and remains on track to miss its annual target.
The investigation remains open while authorities await autopsy results on the remains, which authorities believe are those of the boy, Lucas Hernandez, Bennett said at a Wednesday press conference.
We expect the bank's capitalisation to remain under pressure as long as the stock of impaired loans remains high and internal capital generation remains at its current low levels.
The remains were held at the Australian National University until 2015, until a decision was made to return them, along with the remains of about 100 other Aboriginal people.
Detectives for the Seattle Police Department tell PEOPLE that "suspected human remains" have been found in the neighborhood where murdered mom Ingrid Lyne's dismembered remains were found last weekend.
It remains common to see characters like Shinji, Rei, and Asuka appear in advertisements or pachinko parlors throughout Japan, and the series' iconography remains widely recognizable in the country.
He added that while a slowdown overseas remains a concern, the U.S. economy has proven resilient and could even overheat if Fed policy remains unchanged for too much longer.
A boy's remains were found at the compound on Monday, police said, although it is not yet clear whether the remains are those of 4-year-old Abdul-Ghani.
But perhaps the most encouraging sign for him is that individual candidates' fundraising on the Democratic side remains comparatively tepid, and that the field as a whole remains divided.
Shareholder returns that exceed free cash flow (FCF) generation are incorporated into current ratings to the extent that leverage remains below Fitch's 3.5x total leverage threshold, which remains unchanged.
The CEO of market data company IHS Markit says his business remains committed to the UK despite Brexit, and he believes the country remains a good location for startups.
Back in 1989, on my first trip to North Korea, officials there made similar pledges about returning remains, and indeed North Korea has returned some remains over the years.
How much of the spending by Chinese groups remains with Chinese companies remains unclear, but suspicions run deep in Taiwan that local businesses may not be the main beneficiaries.
So while their immigration status remains in limbo, Maria Isabel and Karla have decided to draw attention to patients whose residency status remains under threat by the Trump administration.
The conservative base remains committed to Trump, politicians remain scared to cross the base, and US politics remains stuck in partisan paralysis, unable to act on what Mueller discovers.
"Live Uncertainty" remains mostly — thankfully — in the pavilion.
Mr. Paraiso was — and remains — the festival's curator.
Kraft — whose case remains ongoing — pleaded not guilty.
It was — and remains — a specialty grocery store.
"(An) individual who left the bag of remains on the snack stand door was located and directed law enforcement officers to the location where the remains were found," Musella said.
It remains unclear how Odom died, but authorities told the station and other local media that they believe her remains were cut up and dispersed after she was killed elsewhere.
The remains: Bones of a mastodon (a relative of elephants) had spiral fractures, indicating they were broken by the hammerstones and anvils surrounding the remains, indicating humans killed the mastodon.
That does deter a lot of foreign investors," Qiu said, noting that "if the global environment remains benign and the currency depreciation remains gradual, they could actually consider relaxing it.
An Egyptian-contracted search vessel carrying the recovered remains is headed to the Egyptian port of Alexandria to hand over the remains to investigation officials and prosecutors, the committee said.
PEOPLE has confirmed that McAtasney has been charged with six charges: first-degree murder, felony murder, robbery, disturbing human remains, conspiring with another to disturb human remains and hindering prosecution.
For example, "space burials," touted by one company, require cremation first, and a Georgia-based company that creates an artificial reef out of your remains also relies on cremated remains.
Meanwhile, an initial flurry of new policy actions has slowed to a crawl, his major immigration order remains blocked in the courts, and a significant legislative achievement remains far away.
So long as the field remains divided, Donald Trump's path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for Republicans, for conservatives and for the nation.
But the promised wave of bricks-and-mortar investment has been slow to come and the economy remains sluggish, weighed down by inflation that, while slowing, remains above 20 percent.
"We continue to believe Adobe remains one of the best positioned growth stories in software and the risk/reward remains attractive at current levels," said Evercore ISI analyst Kirk Materne.
The rise in euro zone bond yields with maturities out to 10 years was relatively limited, highlighting that pessimism remains entrenched and the demand for holding fixed income remains strong.
But in reality the deal remains stuck, as long as it remains unclear whether Westinghouse (or any other supplier) would have to accept liability in case of a nuclear accident.
Identifying remains Also cut off from the outside world, left behind inside an increasingly isolated North Korea, were the remains of thousands of US troops never recovered from the battlefield.
But analysts cautioned Taiwan's economy remains highly reliant on external demand, and it remains to be seen whether the benefits of the export boom will trickle through to domestic consumption.
"Ultimately, the broader theme remains in play, and that is volatility remains really low," said Sue Trinh, head of Asia FX strategy at Royal Bank of Canada in Hong Kong.
Singapore remains a market that Go-Jek would like to enter — it has held partnership talks with taxi operator ComfortDelGro — but it remains unclear whether, and when, that might happen.
Such doubt will linger, he explained, until remains are found that reveal what the rest of the body of Oculudentavis looked like — and whether those remains bear any bird features.
The nation state remains the best model for human happiness and the American nation remains the greatest symbol of liberty, of freedom and justice on the face of god's earth.
Clinton say she remains "wistful" about the idea of a third presidential run, though she has not taken steps to actually mount a bid and remains unlikely to do so.
Reuniting the remains with the tribe The remains have been stored at the University of Tennessee since 1971, along with thousands of other Native American objects, according to the university.
"From a client standpoint, and we proactively explained this to them, the structure remains unchanged, the team servicing them for the past three to four months remains unchanged," he said.
BYRD: Well, when we look at the remains themselves, we, as anthropologists, and we have four forensic anthropologists, going to Wonsan to receive the remains from the North Koreans, and then we had additional forensic anthropologists from South Korea join us at Osan afterwards to do a forensic review of the remains.
SoundCloudImage: ScreenshotThe future of SoundCloud remains uncertain, but while it's here, it remains one of the best places to get free tunes, especially from rising or unsigned artists looking for exposure.
At year-end, the U.S.-China trade dispute remains unresolved, and the market remains concerned that a full-blown trade war between the world's two biggest economies will dent fuel demand.
Authorities have said her remains were found Thursday on the property of an oil company where Chris worked while the likely remains of their daughters were found nearby later that day.
Whereas the literal linking of photographic remains and actual remains risks being obvious and trite, Radtke avoids this nostalgic notion of the photograph by contrasting it with a more modern one.
"The situation remains uncertain in the Belize area in Cabinda, and remains very tense because of fighting with heavy weapons that took place from July 25-28," an FLEC statement said.
Police have not yet been able to identify the remains from the house that exploded, Trapero said Sunday, which has complicated authorities' ability to identify the driver, who remains at large.
The central bank is trying to stimulate growth in the 19-country euro zone but the region remains stuck in deflation territory and unemployment remains a mixed picture in the region.
After his arrest on Tuesday, authorities allegedly discovered the remains of two women on the property, and Grate allegedly led them to the remains of a third woman on another property.
Like the original, the Power Of Three remains, many of the same witchy powers remain; even OG Charmed's habit of having all of its sisters sport the same first initial remains.
Five days on from what some hoped would be a decisive moment in Venezuela's power struggle, Nicolás Maduro remains in power and National Assembly President Juan Guaidó remains outside Venezuela's borders.
Carli, who remains close with Britney, says that regardless of the trials she's faced in her life and career, she remains unchanged—the same sweet Southern girl she met on set.
Garcia Lorca's fate remains a mystery after the site near the Spanish city of Granada where he was believed to have been buried was excavated in 2009 without finding human remains.
Despite the killing admissions and rising body count, Duterte remains extremely popular in the Philippines, with polls showing a high percentage of the country remains supportive and trusting of the President.
The remains are in a flag-draped transfer case, as the military calls it, which is like a casket but not called such as the remains are often not properly identified.
"Ethiopia remains a difficult place in which to do business, with inadequate infrastructure and opaque regulatory requirements, while the government remains deeply involved in most facets of the economy," Nel said.
"Even with this proposed delisting, the service remains committed to the conservation of the Yellowstone grizzly bear, and will stay engaged to ensure that this incredible species remains recovered," Ashe said.
Investigators have so far matched the remains of one person, Andrew Kinsman, 49, Toronto Police Detective-Sergeant Hank Idsinga told a news conference outside the home where the remains were found.
The adjustment comes as the yuan remains under depreciation pressure as Beijing remains in a monetary easing stance while the U.S. Fed contemplates raising rates, which would further support the dollar.
Despite this apparent relaxing of restrictions, Huawei still remains on the US trade blacklist, a sign that the US remains cautious as it moves to improve its trade relations with China.
The partial remains of six children—all under the age of six, except for one young teenager—were found close to the bodies of four adult women and some partial remains.
In the middle of all this, as ever, is Ms. Merkel, whose political peril in Germany remains hard to judge — especially, her supporters emphasize, while the country's economy remains relatively strong.
Still, PhRMA remains a powerful force and it remains to be seen whether any significant anti-industry policies will actually make it into law, despite all the talk about lowering prices.
North Koreans continued to collect remains on their own, but were asked to stop because the US considered their methods of collection, which included the co-mingling of remains, as unscientific.
And while Medtronic has remediated some of the issues the researchers discovered, Rios and Butts say that too much remains unresolved, and that the risk remains very real for pacemaker patients.
Jordan's debt remains unsustainably high at 95 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) while growth remains anemic below 3 percent and unemployment is around 15 percent, 40 percent for the youth.
Whether the damage remains limited to markets or spills over into the general economy remains to be seen, but we could well be on the verge of another global financial crisis.
The state law also imposed limits on the disposal of fetal remains, though it allowed mass cremations and did not impose any restrictions on women who disposed of the remains themselves.
More than a dozen large, multistory great houses speckle Chaco Canyon, and it remains unclear how far influence extended for those buried in Pueblo Bonito without examining the remains within each.
What remains to be done is for Republicans to prevent what many of them privately know is quite likely for their party if Mr. Trump remains their leader: a crash landing.
Stainless steel remains the current driver of nickel usage and China remains the key driver of stainless production with output in the rest of the world largely flat-lining this year.
Pricing Moves On Full Display & Remains Key Positive Driver.
He remains the president of the American Values Network. ●
Today TSS remains a serious — but very rare — occurrence.
RHP Jeanmar Gomez remains the Phillies' closer — sort of.
But the debate remains contentious — especially after each tragedy.
" She remains the showrunner of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal.
" But the bigger of the two gaps remains "unfilled.
" Still, Lipsch said GE remains a "formidable industrial enterprise.
"Remains of the Forest," J Henry Fair — Niederzier, Germany
" So according to Feige, the multiverse remains a "thing.
Why it matters: The epidemic remains lethal — and profitable.
" But Phillips remains wary of the term "tanning addiction.
Liza Minnelli was — and remains — a true-blue bestie.
Still, China remains crucial — as a supplier and customer.
" He added, "We think the situation remains incredibly fluid.
The language — the literary language, anyway — remains very stable.
What exactly was said — or, perhaps, promised — remains unknown.
It remains ... Hugely, it's our No. 1 show. Yeah.
" The lovelorn housekeeper in "The Remains of the Day.
" However, he said "the momentum for dialogue remains unshaken.
This legacy pool has been — and remains — overwhelmingly white.
Wells remains undecided -- like many voters here in Iowa.
It was — and remains — the nation's first first responder.
Still, investing in WeWork remains an act of faith. ■
This remains the ultimate Uber / Lyft driver command center.
Kelly has been marginalized -- but remains on the job.
Among which the M3 — for now — remains a standout.
The repatriated remains mark the first tangible results to come from June's historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. On the ground to verify the transition of the remains was Dr. John Byrd who heads the analysis effort for the DPAA, the Pentagon unit tasked with identifying the remains.
"We have long wondered how an industry marked by such volatility and lack of discipline could morph to a highly disciplined industry where production remains constrained and pricing remains high," Ramey added.
"What I would like people to know about this study is that it does not confirm the remains are hers—and that in fact there are no remains anymore," she told Gizmodo.
Bones from one young teenager were found at the site, and remains of adults and children under 6, but no remains of older children, who might have been taken by the attackers.
In particular, knife marks in cannibalized remains tend to cluster around major muscle attachments or leg joints, but in these remains, the knife marks were located around the head and neck area.
Though weak inflation remains an "awkward" aspect of the Fed's policy puzzle, he said he remains confident that will rise over time because of still-strong consumer spending and continued job growth.
There remains a sense among aides that Priebus cannot find any way to please his boss, who remains deeply frustrated at the pitfalls his administration has encountered since taking office. Shake-up?
His controversial White House tenure remains a challenge, but the 13rd president remains popular in South Carolina, a state that helped to revive his own campaign in the 2000 GOP primary campaign.
"So long as the field remains divided, Donald Trump's path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for Republicans, for conservatives and for the nation," he said.
While Low has denied any wrongdoing, according to a Reuters report, he remains a central figure in the alleged theft of around $4.5 billion from 1Malaysia Development Berhad, and remains a fugitive.
Israel has in the past carried out swaps of prisoners and of militants' remains with Hamas and with the Iranian-backed Lebanese group Hezbollah in exchange for Israeli soldiers and their remains.
Still, it remains unclear how issues like immigration will impact Democratic House members running for re-election next year in districts where, for now, it remains a powerful talking point, he said.
There remains a way to go, not least in agreeing on how to ensure that the border between Northern Ireland, part of the UK, and EU member Ireland remains open after Brexit.
"So long as the field remains divided, Donald Trump's path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for Republicans, for conservatives and for the nation," Cruz said.
And yet such bigotry remains pervasive and systemic; the opponents of women's rights often pay lip service to equality, but American culture remains deeply hostile to the idea that women are autonomous.
"The size of Nigeria's foreign exchange reserves remains robust and comfortable," it said, adding that the bank "remains able and willing to meet all genuine demand for foreign exchange for legitimate transactions".
Much is unchanged: Beatrice Jona Affron remains music director and conductor; Matthew Neenan remains resident choreographer; and the company gives most of its performances in the gloriously beautiful Academy of Music here.
"We note that full-year profit guidance remains unchanged... although this remains on the whims of French air traffic controllers, its own staff talks, Brexit and close-in Q2 fares," he added.
Trump remains something of an enigma to most Americans, there is at least some evidence that the public has warmed to the wife of a president whose popularity remains at historic lows.
It remains devoted to exploring the deepest and darkest fears of teenage girls, to making them concrete and terrifying — and, ultimately, it remains devoted to destroying them in a single cathartic act.
Enfantin thought it "poetic" to reuse the remains of the past in a greater and more useful way — "the most beautiful transformation" of remains that the centuries could not destroy but humanity could.
The whereabouts of Khashoggi's remains are still unknown, but a Turkish television channel on Monday showed men carrying suitcases purportedly containing the remains into the residence of the Saudi consul general in Istanbul.
In 2015, the Pentagon exhumed their remains in hopes of identifying 80 percent of them, the outlet said, adding that some of the remains, especially those burned to ash, will never be identified.
As long as Moto remains compliant with the lock-up tests and maintenance covenants, and organic cash generation remains sound, the negative free cash-flow profile will not put pressure on the rating.
"That contingent that remains, the military infrastructure that remains, at the Hmeimim and Tartus military bases, they are completely capable of fighting these occasional terrorist acts," spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call.
It is worth noting, too, that while the bank remains under attack by hedge funds, it continues to provide a sales and trading function that remains popular with this very type of investor.
Trump faces a Sunday deadline to tell Congress whether Iran remains in compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and whether the agreement remains in the national interest of the United States.
In an illustration of how long it can take to identify Korean War remains, McKeague&aposs agency announced Thursday that the remains of a soldier found more than a decade ago, Army Sgt.
The BOJ remains confident it will achieve its target of 2 percent consumer inflation, including energy costs, by the fiscal year starting in April 2019, even as it remains well off the mark.
On Korean War remains: During the Fox interview, Trump also said North Korea has already started returning remains of American citizens killed in the Korean War in line with his and Kim's agreement.
But the national political climate remains hostile to effective climate action in the United States, as the Republican Party, remains in a position to block all legislative and administrative efforts to reduce emissions.
Whether they'll turn out as seamless experiences like Biohazard: The Real, or partial misfires like Halloween Ghost Hunt remains to be seen—but either way, Asia remains on the bleeding edge of Halloween.
American divers are scouring the flooded parts of the McCain where some of the remains have already been found, while other Navy vessels and aircraft are searching nearby waters for survivors or remains.
While the 55 boxes of remains brought back to the U.S. are "presumed to be American," it's possible they could include remains of soldiers from other nations who also fought in the war.
The remains were unclaimed by parents, the statement said, and the funeral home did not have the legal authority to conduct a final disposition — such as a burial or cremation — of those remains.
Other research has shown that icing, which remains the most popular way to treat overworked muscles, does not reduce inflammation in the tired tissues, although it remains a popular choice for many athletes.
"The leading indicator remains in negative territory, showing that the near-term outlook for our economy remains characterized by the prospect of persistent weakness in economic activity," ISTAT said in its monthly bulletin.
By Monday night, the authorities said that human remains recovered from the crash site had been placed in nine body bags, but it was unclear from how many victims the remains came from.
And the reason for the most egregious snubs and most baffling nominations remains the same as well: Even after a recent diversity push, the AMPAS voting body remains overwhelmingly white, male, and old.
Murder rates have fallen in all three countries but poverty remains as entrenched as ever — and it remains difficult to assess how effective the aid has been, particularly over such a short period.
Among them were a requirement that fetal remains from an abortion or miscarriage be buried or cremated (previously, fetal remains were typically disposed of as medical waste in Indiana, according to the Atlantic).
Yet it remains a bittersweet event – and probably always will.
What remains unclear, though, is the nature of this partnership.
The stockmarket remains rife with insider trading and price manipulation.
But there is one endorsement that remains elusive: Mr. Bush's.
The state stubbornly remains the most uninsured for health care.
Resettlement in the United States, however, remains a political challenge.
But exactly why the polls err often remains a mystery.
Her party remains the biggest one north of the border.
As for the original "Fearless Girl," her future remains uncertain.
Which faction will prevail in 2020 remains an open question.
John R. Kasich remains a pauper in the Republican campaign.
And all throughout, it remains a source of striking imagery.
But it remains a central theme in his opponent's campaign.
But its medical value right now remains limited and controversial.
How many police departments have adopted these protocols remains unknown.
He remains in custody on an unspecified amount of bail.
What remains to be seen is where they'll go next. 
The case of Ms. Clark remains raw, emotionally and politically.
The health care law remains in effect during the appeal.
Walmart, with about 15% of the grocery market, remains formidable.
The risk of escalation in the coming days remains high.
Despite years of progress, domestic violence remains a silent epidemic.
But demand for the fins, especially in Asia, remains high.
AO5003, meanwhile, remains an archive run by a nonprofit organization.
However the pattern remains a strong predictor of upside breakouts.
Ayman Nosyeh described the shock of seeing his cousin's remains.
Whether those responsibilities will be realized remains to be seen.
Despite the negative publicity, daughter Ivanka remains poised and conciliatory.
The truth — and what remains unknown — has unsettled them all.
Who gets acquired or goes public remains to be seen.
The teen remains at the Guilford County Juvenile Detention Center.
But one question remains: do Twinkies pair well with PBR?
It remains a new concept to many in the city.
The international situation remains turbulent and terrorism a daily threat.
Still, the Earl Gray Martini remains the bartender's magnum opus.
He remains in police custody, according to a department spokesman.
How, exactly, countries are supposed to do this remains uncertain.
"The stigma remains in a really big way," Morissette said.
But consumer spending remains supported by a strong labor market.
He pleaded not guilty and remains behind bars without bond.
Today, Emmy Noether remains relatively unknown outside of math circles.
Make sure the inheritance you're poised to bequeath remains intact.
BENNETT: Well, the message is, the truth remains the same.
Use of familiar matches via genetic testing websites remains controversial.
Genish remains a director, and his immediate future was unclear.
On the contrary, Italy remains an unquestionably loyal alliance member.
Bush's remains will next be transported to the U.S. Capitol.
She is undergoing further investigations and her condition remains stable.
The greatest mystery remains how the clock worked at night.
"Digg version 4" remains one of the internet's greatest blunders.
The document remains intact and there are no reported injuries.
He remains on track to clinch a fourth Olympic medal.
How well it will actually perform remains to be seen.
The impact of each of these factors remains unknown, however.
It's what sold the game, and remains the core strength.
This portal to the past remains open because of Esau.
She remains in critical condition, but was improving on Sunday.
Smoking remains the world's number one source of preventable death.
Whether Fixel follows a similar path remains to be seen.
The conversation remains "fluid" but one option on the table?
He remains under house arrest since he hasn't renounced violence.
Mystery remains to this day as to what it is.
"It's not OK to leave any (remains) behind," she said.
The main weakness of Vinyl, for me, remains the music.
"The stigma remains in a really big way," she says.
Begins remains the gold standard for origin films, both beautifully
Consumer inflation remains well below the BOJ's 2 percent goal.
The remains were identified on Tuesday afternoon using dental records.
But whether Hernandez's conviction remains voided is an open question.
Border Patrol agents found the child's remains the next day.
Coursey remains in the Upson County Jail, according to Kilgore.
But then nothing on the internet remains the same forever.
London, after all, remains a desirable and wealthy global city.
Read: Meet the Living People Who Collect Dead Human Remains
The pad remains damaged at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
It remains tricky for AI to consistently identify objectionable content.
But the ambition remains, focused clearly on Earth's nearest neighbour.
By the time the police are alerted, little evidence remains.
What remains unclear is how much they actually deter voting.
He remains in custody with a court date next month.
The PFR deal assumes that Solaris production remains in Poland.
Sometimes the offending account remains, other times it simply vanishes.
So the question of a particle's supermemory remains a mystery.
The purchasing power of rural Chinese consumers remains largely untapped.
He remains in custody of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office.
Now defining what this was still remains to be seen.
But the disease remains a problem for modern coal miners.
But it signaled that any interest rate rise remains distant.
Some of the oil remains trapped beneath the frozen creek.
For now, the sex selfie stick remains a niche product.
Mario bounces off the squished remains with a gentle hop.
Police are searching for the remains of more possible victims.
The crown remains the biggest wild card for the bank.
Whether this is positive or not remains to be seen.
"The growth has accelerated and remains very healthy," he said.
Analysts say financing airplanes to Iran remains risky business too.
The good ol' inbox remains a hugely popular communication tool.
What happened next that night remains unclear, even decades later.
McCauley was arrested Thursday night after Riley's remains were recovered.
And some say the bank remains something of an outsider.
But experts say the field in California remains wide open.
The Front Altair itself remains in the Gulf of Oman.
How such a policy would be implemented remains under discussion.
What remains for the rest are networks like Investigation Discovery.
Last April's record low of 0.05 percent remains in sight.
Mark Warner, the cybersecurity of bitcoin platforms remains a challenge.
The extent of the Krack fallout remains to be seen.
Kentucky remains at home on Wednesday to face North Dakota.
The economy remains Trump's bright spot, with 49% approving vs.
He remains at a hospital in Geneva for medical checks.
It remains unclear when and how the transfer would occur.
One area that remains strong, however, is the labor market.
Toxicology results are pending and the death remains under investigation.
However, some analysts say that core inflation remains too weak.
Naturally, the question remains: what really happened to Robbie Turner?
She remains jailed on a $200,000 bond, jail records show.
Assange remains holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.
The death remains under investigation and toxicology results are pending.
But the evolution of ENSO remains notoriously hard to predict.
Agents searched the area for hours and found Gurupreet's remains.
But how Apple will do so remains to be seen.
The name of the restaurant remains unclear at this time.
Khloé Kardashian remains undecided about her future with Tristan Thompson.
Chinese overseas investments beyond Hollywood and sports clubs remains strong.
The duck boat remains at the bottom of the lake.
Wade overturned, and public support for abortion rights remains high.
Paap said he remains confident Taiwan will come through, eventually.
That clearly remains a point of contention with North Korea.
Till then, Lee remains focused on keeping Sing Lun competitive.
No one was harmed in the incident that remains unsolved.
He remains on paid leave with restricted access to Dartmouth.
None of them outshone the quill, and so it remains.
Wynn said he remains bullish on the Macau market's outlook.
It remains unclear who Ricketson is accused of spying for.
That bar was my true north, and remains so today.
His profile on the Cambridge Neuroscience page remains online, however.
Ghosn remains chairman and chief executive of Renault SA (RENA.PA).
He reportedly remains behind bars on one count of rape.
Meanwhile, Le Pen remains the leading candidate on 25 percent.
Exactly what happened to her that night remains a mystery.
There remains no single common identified source of the outbreak.
All this remains true even after Trump's leaked tape scandal.
Powdered baby formula, medicines, and cremated human remains are exempt.
J. P. Morgan believes Amazon's core retail business remains strong.
Completion of the deal remains subject to various regulatory approvals.
Yet he remains a threat to Cruz with his approach.
Two staffers have been released but a third remains imprisoned.
Some residents have returned but the security situation remains fractious.
Wayzata remains its majority owner, according to Monday's bankruptcy petition.
There remains no end in sight to the trade dispute.
The Yellow alert status remains, but that could change soon.
Banks appears in the premiere and remains an executive producer.
PEOPLE confirms that Williams remains in jail on no bond.
The page remains up and has aggregated over 1,000 reviews.
Many photographers do this, but Burtynsky, 61, remains an icon.
Hubbard remains in jail in lieu of a $197,000 bail.
Whether he'll come back to Twitter remains to be seen.
It remains unclear what can be heard in the audio.
The fate of the pigs remains unclear at this time.
The missing man's family remains focused on his personal security.
In terms of policy, major political reform remains extremely unlikely.
But you bow your head and honor his remains anyway.
This requirement to have coverage remains in effect, Pollitz said.
Gay activists say more remains to be done in Slovenia.
Instead, they must finance cremation or burial of the remains.
At this point in time, that remains to be seen.
Our commitment to NATO is unwavering and it remains so.
The Instant Pot remains a best seller of the sale.
In any case, this disconnect remains a mystery to me.
Karrat remains steadfast in his message of love and acceptance.
How Beatty got the wrong envelope remains to be seen.
Hope your holiday cheer remains larger than your tiny crowds.
It remains a shining argument for freedom of the press.
Regulatory uncertainty regarding oil prices remains for the banking sector.
Final Fantasy VIII remains the outlier of the Final Fantasies.
She remains in detention and cannot participate in the hearings.
""I think that the evidence either way remains very thin.
ICE confirmed that Hernandez remains in custody pending the hearing.
Pimco remains cautious on Italy and underweighted in Italian risk.
The source of the calls, which began Sunday, remains mysterious.
It's clear that Facebook's relationship with the press remains contentious.
The death remains under investigation, and toxicology results are pending.
But how successful that will be remains to be seen.
Abortion remains legal in all 50 states under Roe v.
" Jim Bob, 51, remains silent — except for a quiet "wow.
The manatee remains protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
Travel ban President Trump's travel ban remains blocked for now.
But so far the scope of breach remains a mystery.
However, movement on those issues remains up in the air.
Jibo the social robot feels emotion, but remains quite limited.
No remains of U.S. troops returned yet from North Korea.
He remains behind bars in lieu of $3.14 million bail.
But the case against the Daily Mail Online remains active.
The police presence increases as well, but everything remains calm.
Where the larger market goes, though, remains a tough question.
Heroin use, in particular, remains very low among surveyed students.
Collins remains held at the Escambia County jail without bond.
Before they can be identified, the remains must be recovered.
It remains unclear just how severe the IMF might be.
It remains unclear how many targets the mercenary group assassinated.
How successful this strategy was in fomenting division remains unclear.
Only Giudice remains in the cast for its eighth season.
But much of the deal remains up in the air.
Yet equality remains elusive, and it is constantly under threat.
Officials walk past the covered remains of a train Jan.
He remains on the panel, which scrutinises several other regulations.
The race in Georgia still remains too close to call.
Yet whether this will be enough remains to be seen.
Religion has always been, and remains to this day, consequential.
How Microsoft will address those challenges remains to be seen.
However, improvement in the underlying core inflation trend remains limited.
The royal family remains politically neutral and does not vote.
See the faint remains of 'BRONCOS' in the end zone?
But the question remains: Can #cookielife be engineered by brands?
In seven states, there remains only a single abortion provider.
Whether or not that's the case remains to be seen.
No evidence of the shoot now remains in the landscapes.
The banks have returned to profitability which, however, remains weak.
Even in light of those factors, Dwyer still remains positive.
Yet the secret to the shop's longevity remains the same.
Power remains unapologetic and, despite the complaints, he's not budging.
The state of play: Clearly, though, the problem remains significant.
Police have apprehended his brother Sadiqullah, who remains in custody.
Chanos said he remains short both Tesla Motors and SolarCity.
Mistry remains, however, a director on the board of TCS.
Months later, the government's official death count remains at 64.
He remains in custody in lieu of $5 million bond.
Officials on both sides are unsure whether that understanding remains.
And Mr Li, now in exile in America, remains active.
In fact, his remains hint at a life of struggles.
Whether the strategy will prove effective remains to be seen.
Princess Cruises said the quarantine end date remains at Feb.
He reportedly remains in critical condition at a local hospital.
As of now, the rate of resistance remains relatively low.
For the time being, he remains confined in the hospital.
The pregnant teen's remains were recovered from a restaurant dumpster.
Finn suffered a brain injury and remains in critical condition.
It remains to be seen if that goal is met.
But mainstream consumer interest in the technology remains largely unproven.
It remains below the ECB's near 2 percent inflation target.
Digging out the cause of this curious gap remains hazardous.
The act of lynching was, and remains, a horrific reality.
He remains a member of the company's board of directors. 
The President's lawful order remains critical to accomplishing that goal.
And even in the 21st century its dominance remains entrenched.
Mussolini remains in his grave and Hitler never had one.
However, where Strand is taking the group remains a mystery.
Gagnon remains in his same managerial role at Indian Point.
Despite the most recent bans, Jones' Facebook profile remains active.
It remains unclear whether, or how, they may be related.
Test results then confirmed the remains were his, Trump said.
The hotline remains in force, the senior administration official said.
It remains unclear how or when the shutdown will end.
Their remains were returned to the Bryant family last Tuesday.
We didn't have — as an example, bringing back the remains.
It remains too soon to speculate about next flight dates.
The US remains fully committed to facilitating a peace agreement.
Much of what has already been criticized remains the same.
One year on, the Tree of Life synagogue remains empty.
Whether that is a practical proposition remains to be seen.
Ultimately, it remains unclear how NASA will pull this off.
In letting people digest its stark imagery, Anthropocene remains accessible.
Practically none of the work Hurtado created in Mexico remains.
On the political side, the response remains far more uneven.
It's unclear who remains at the firm at this time.
Rudd's global outlook from his youth remains to this day.
The remains of fire damaged homes in Glen Ellen, California.
The only question that remains is, was the spaghetti cold?
Netanyahu remains caretaker premier until a new government is established.
Mustafa remains in custody and faces further interrogations, police said.
Wenninger remains employed by the LAPD, the department said Thursday.
But the lack of any deleted footage remains a surprise.
Everywhere there is improvement, but much hardship and injustice remains.
It remains unclear when the final tallies will be disclosed.
It means that Dirty Dancing remains singular in its portrayal.
But implementation of them remains slow and his government factious.
It remains unclear if he'll surrender the country's weapons arsenal.
Maria remains about 35 miles (55km) southeast of San Juan.
And it remains a hugely sensitive issue for both sides.
Trophy hunting remains a large industry on the African continent.
This endearing and funny read remains popular for a reason.
It remains a top supplier after the spinoff, sources said.
It remains one of the most intimidating strokes in tennis.
It remains to be seen if the audience will respond.
Indeed, Memphis remains a team without an obvious first option.
It remains the only U.S. rate hike since June 2006.
Finally, we reach the bottling factory, which remains under construction.
Tito Mboweni remains finance minister and David Mabuza deputy president.
Regardless, interest in who was responsible and why remains potent.
The man's motive for setting himself on fire remains unclear.
For now, analysts say demand for YouTube ads remains robust.
He has pleaded not guilty and remains in police custody.
Chief Hall said Friday that the shooting remains under investigation.
A company investigation into the breach, however, remains under way.
But Gethard remains shockingly lighthearted through most of Career Suicide.
The firm believes the company remains ripe for major changes.
The question remains open: was the Lord of Light real?
"Our long term view remains constructive and bullish," he said.

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