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"group" Definitions
  1. a number of people or things that are together in the same place or that are connected in some way
  2. a number of people who work or do something together or share particular beliefs
  3. (business) a number of companies that are owned by the same person or organization
  4. (rather old-fashioned) a number of musicians who perform together, especially to play pop music
"group" Synonyms
batch bunch bundle clump cluster collection grouping lot pool set unit pile stack suite load mass array assemblage assortment combination congregation crowd assembly band gathering body company convocation crew gang mob pack party throng conclave conference convergence category class classification kind type variety brand grade sort style breed family genus line lineage designation division extraction grading level association circle clique club coterie society combine community organisation(UK) organization(US) fellowship team consociation group of people guild outfit union alliance amalgamation consortium federation coalition confederacy conglomerate league partnership syndicate cartel chain collective commission committee confederation cooperative faction bloc cabal camp cell section splinter group corps ring sect wing caucus fringe movement minority group schism squad task force battalion interest group ensemble octet orchestra musical group philharmonic symphony troupe combo duo quartet quintet septet sextet trio symphony orchestra sinfonietta conjunto cast board panel council executives managers bosses directorate directors delegation management administrators trustees ministry brass cabinet execs personnel workforce staff manpower employees workers help force labour(UK) labourers(UK) workmen people liveware labor(US) pressure group lobby interest PAC lobbyist movement special interest lobby group ginger group campaign group action group single-issue group label name corporation enterprise firm institution business establishment logo marque trademark hallmark make whole piece package system outcome product result being unity fullness complex walk of life status rank caste folk station pedigree background social order social division social class social status social group societal group degree place citizens race nation nationality citizenry populace population inhabitants civilisation(UK) civilization(US) colony commune electors residents taxpayers village voters medley miscellany range selection mix mixture line-up multiplicity diversity motley series hash hodgepodge hotchpotch litter lump chunk hunk block wedge dab bump gob gobbet knob nugget wad blob dollop mound slab menage ancestors ancestry birth blood brood children clan descendants descent dynasty forebears genealogy generations genre house household encounter group forum self-help group support group therapy group human relations training group sensitivity-training group T-group training group AA Weight Watchers morale boosters therapy support system safety net friends 12-step group Alcoholics Anonymous helpers network support contacts caravan cavalcade train fleet column convoy procession armada motorcade troop campers expedition parade safari camel train pack train subdivision tract development subclass subsidiary lower group minor group housing development everyone humankind public humanity mankind species denizens folks humans persons individuals mortals souls authority administration officials government bureaucracy officialdom agency police suits people in charge the Establishment the state the system Big Brother government department island isle islet atoll cay ait eyot holm key archipelago inch landmass skerry reef bar enclave haven oasis peninsula nexus web aggregate compilation composite fusion structure synthesis aggregation coalescence tissue agglomeration amalgam categorise(UK) categorize(US) arrange organise(UK) organize(US) classify file catalogue(UK) order assemble assign catalog(US) index separate coordinate lay out line up gather convene congregate converge meet consort corral huddle teem associate band together form merge ally collaborate affiliate collude connect conspire cooperate fraternise(UK) fraternize(US) team up act as a team be in cahoots cofunction come together do business with get together interface join join forces compile collect systematise(UK) systematize(US) systemize list marshall(US) marshal(UK) amass accumulate concentrate compose collate unite identify correlate equate bracket compare correspond liken link lump together parallel relate tie together couple relate mutually draw a parallel draw a parallel with mention in the same breath as split up end things split break off break up come apart detach disband divide divorce go separate ways part part company rope off seclude sever stand between undo popular general communal social societal collaborative civil civic democratic representative common shared community-based overall comprehensive blanket combined concerted consolidated unified cumulative joint mutual synergetic allied cohesive collated sectional divided exclusive factional local partial regional individual personal private special national provincial racial sectarian selfish separatist tribal ethnic ethnical familial ancestral cultural ethnological race-related genetic genealogical traditional native lifestyle More
"group" Antonyms
lump accumulation agglomeration entity mass whole block collection heap unit clump hunk one pile individual person division separation human part singleton singular soloist artist artiste musician singer star virtuoso vocalist disunion seclusion opposition antagonism disassociation aloneness isolation rivalry solitude some dispersal scattering harmony method tidiness organisation(UK) arrangement calm system organization(US) quiet orderliness order disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) keeping retention disorder entertainment fun disarrangement base connection depression headquarters lessening shrinkage subtraction trickle pariah outcast outsider castaway combination compassion interest kindness linkage merger sympathy ace bit dab dram driblet glimmer handful hint lick little mite mouthful nip ounce peanuts pinch pittance scruple shade shadow agreement conformity entirety peace total unity dissolution termination disbandment discontinuation break-up cessation disbanding disestablishment dismissal split-up evaporation generic brand private brand store brand own brand private label private label brand component constituent element fragment piece portion fraction ingredient segment factor member building block component part section partition cluster player participant competitor contestant partaker participator contender teammate candidate agnosticism disbelief foreigners outlanders strangers outsiders disarrange disorganize mix up jumble mess up ruffle shuffle unsettle confuse misclassify missort scramble scatter disperse derange dissipate dispel disarray separate spread diverge divide bifurcate disband disconnect sever split split up branch off branch out break away break free break up disunify disunite go different ways detach disaffiliate leave part ways ditch part company quit server ties become independent break off break with end things gain autonomy collect combine declassify disallow disintegrate estimate exclude gather guess hold join keep maintain unite decategorize decompartmentalize blend integrate amalgamate merge fuse mix incorporate meld commix mingle intermingle intermix commingle put together bind couple conjugate contrast disassociate dissociate unlink undo divorce break decouple uncouple distance disentangle unassociate dismiss disregard discount repudiate undemocratic nondemocratic independent solo autonomous lone personal sole solitary isolated lonesome private single unilateral dedicated especial exclusive select unique alone

283 Sentences With "group"

How to use group in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "group" and check conjugation/comparative form for "group". Mastering all the usages of "group" from sentence examples published by news publications.

To delete a Facebook group, the group owner has to remove every member of a group and then leave the group.
The group of shopping, the group of food production, the group of fuel.
Notable specialists include publicly traded companies: Universal Insurance Group, Heritage Insurance Group, Federated National Insurance Company, United Insurance Holdings Group, and HCI Group.
The agencies Snap talked to include WPP, Omnicom Group, Publicis Group and Interpublic Group.
They run in a group, march in a group, do everything as a group.
"We don't want one group to feel that they're the cool group and that the other group is the left-out group," he said.
In group chats, copy-and-pasted texts about active shooters jumped from group to group.
Federal Hill Group, Franklin Square Group and The Doerrer Group also advocate on Uber's behalf.
The companies in question include Anbang Insurance Group, HNA Group, Fosun International and Wanda Group.
Among them: HCI Group, Universal Insurance Holdings, Heritage Insurance, XL Group, and Everest Re Group.
Note that teams emerging out of the same group will not be paired up; the winners of Group A will play the second place team from Group B, Group C or Group D. The match-ups will be randomized after the group stage is finished.
While many factory owners have been unenthusiastic, five companies — Ananta group, Sanman group, Pou Chen group, Mohammadi group and Knit Concern — have joined the initiative.
GAC Group, Yuexiu Group and The Evergrande Group are named as associate partners to the event.
Including the National Development bank, CRRC group, Tsingshan Holding Group, Jinchuan Group, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc.
He will oversee the Commodities Group, Credit Investments Group, Securitized Products Fund and Private Funds Group.
The consortium includes Peel Group, Saudi Arabia's Olayan Group and Canadian property investor Brookfield Property Group.
And you&aposre seeing it a lot of times where one group accuses another group of cultural appropriation, and another group accused that group of something else.
The four independent refiners are Shandong Shenchi Group, Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical Group, Shandong Qingyuan Group and Hebei Xinhai Group, the Ministry of Commerce said on its website.
Medtronic is a diversified global medical-technology company that operates through four segments: Cardiac and Vascular Group, Minimally Invasive Technologies Group, Restorative Therapies Group, and Diabetes Group.
"It is the group … the group that is the danger, the group that is criminal," she said.
Those names included Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Mizuho Financial Group, Standard Chartered and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.
Negative scores indicated whites prefer the minority group over their racial group, zero indicated indifference, and positive scores indicated whites prefer their racial group over the minority group.
How to save a group on Skype To save a group on a PC, simply click the Group icon in the upper-right corner of your group window.
Cooper and Dinerman divided a group of high school students into a control group and an experimental group.
These include Group analytics, membership request filtering, removed member clean-up, scheduled posts and group-to-group linking.
Discussion posts within a group are up to the group owners and group moderators to review and resolve.
Its major shareholders include Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines Ltd, HNA Group, Nanshan Group and Richard Branson's Virgin Group.
They are more attuned to in-group/out-group distinctions and to the purity of the in-group.
ATP Cup Group A - Serbia, France, Africa (Brisbane) Group B - Spain, Japan, Georgia (Perth) Group C – Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain (Sydney) Group D - Russia, Italy, United States (Perth) Group E - Austria, Croatia, Argentina (Sydney) Group F - Germany, Greece, Canada, Australia (Brisbane) Reporting by Ian Ransom in Melbourne; Editing by Darren Schuettler
In June, Beijing ordered a group of lenders to assess exposure to some of China's more aggressive dealmakers, including Fosun, HNA Group, Dalian Wanda Group and Anbang Insurance Group.
The commission identified 40 Chinese steel makers and distribution subsidiaries as respondents, including Baosteel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co Ltd, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group and Jiangsu Shagang Group.
WhatsApp's new Group descriptions WhatsApp's new Group descriptions WhatsApp Group participant search WhatsApp Group participant search Group improvements will help WhatsApp better compete with Telegram, which has recently emerged as an insanely popular platform for chat groups, especially around cryptocurrency.
The commission identified 40 Chinese steel makers and distribution subsidiaries as respondents, including Baosteel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co Ltd , Maanshan Iron and Steel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group and Jiangsu Shagang Group.
Liberals believe you&aposre in a group, you have to stay in your group, don&apost leave your group.
CIT Group — CIT Group sold its aircraft leading business to a unit of China's HNA Group for $10 billion.
Among those are utilities group Pennon, gambling company GVC Holdings, asset manager Intermediate Capital Group and mining group Fresnillo.
The consumer group was merged with the gaming and leisure group, while the healthcare services information technology group was absorbed by the technology, media and telecommunications group, the people said.
Group A France, Hungary, Russia Group B Australia, Belgium, Belarus Group C United States, Slovakia, Spain Group D Czech Rep, Germany, Switzerland Reporting by Martyn Herman; Editing by Toby Davis
This put the brakes on some of China's most acquisitive conglomerates, including Anbang Insurance Group, Dalian Wanda Group, Fosun Group and HNA Group, which faced lengthy approvals for their outbound deals.
Tai's statement that "There's a big group and a smaller group within the big group" is the fundamental endgame challenge.
To use the video group chat feature, enter an existing group chat you already have, or start a new group.
Inter-group bias is when we view people in our group differently from how see we someone in another group.
It said its One Jeanswear Group, the Jewelry Group, Kasper Group and Anne Klein businesses are doing well so far.
One group who should feel worse than anyone because this group is the most important group in the world. America.
Three members of Group B will advance to the top nine to compete alongside Group A and Group C finalists.
Other days, there's a group for Tibetans, a group for those fleeing homophobia, and a culturally diverse English-speaking group.
Fifth group (Group D): JetBlue doesn't specify exactly which passengers are assigned to this group Sixth group (Group E): JetBlue doesn't specify exactly which passengers are assigned to this group Pre-boarding: Customers who have a specific seating need to accommodate their disability or need assistance in boarding the aircraft or stowing an assistive device.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group gained 1.4 percent, Mizuho Financial Group rose 2910 percent and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group added 2190 percent.
The American Group Psychotherapy Association has affiliate societies in 31 states which offer group therapy sessions hosted by Certified Group Psychotherapists.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group rose 13 percent, Mizuho Financial Group advanced 1.5 percent and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group added 2.4 percent.
Eventually the latter group will fade away, and the former group will turn into the latter group, and the cycle continues.
Lee talked to a group of fifth graders, a group of sixth graders, and a group of seventh and eighth graders.
Four of the investments were liquidated without a turnaround effort, including holdings in Scapa Group, Cutera , 4imprint Group and 3i Group.
All Group admins will now get more clarity into actions Facebook takes against their Group, with a feature called Group Quality.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group ended 1.6 percent firmer, while Mizuho Financial Group closed 1.3 percent higher.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group lost 2.5 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group fell 1.8 percent and Mizuho Financial Group shed 133 percent.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group dived 353 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group tumbled 4.0 percent and Mizuho Financial Group fell 5.4 percent.
In addition to its in-house team, Uber has Federal Hill Group, Franklin Square Group and The Doerrer Group on retainer.
Both the Islamist militant group Ansar Dine and a group representing the Fulani ethnic group have claimed responsibility for the attack.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group shed 1.8 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group fell 1.4 percent and Mizuho Financial Group declined 1.2 percent.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group gained 2.5 percent, Mizuho Financial Group added 1.7 percent and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group rose 123 percent.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group rose 1.1 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group gained 0.9 percent and Mizuho Financial Group added 1.1 percent.
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group dropped 1.8 percent, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group fell 1.3 percent and Mizuho Financial Group shed 0.7 percent.
Annual general meetings: BIOERA (1230 GMT), CALEIDO GROUP (0800 GMT), IMVEST (0900 GMT), KI GROUP (0800 GMT), ZUCCHI GROUP (1230 GMT).
ATP Cup Group A - Serbia, France, South Africa, Chile (Brisbane) Group B - Spain, Japan, Georgia, Uruguay (Perth) Group C – Belgium, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Moldova (Sydney) Group D - Russia, Italy, United States, Norway (Perth) Group E - Austria, Croatia, Argentina, Poland (Sydney) Group F - Germany, Greece, Canada, Australia (Brisbane) Reporting by Ian Ransom; Editing by Paul Tait/Peter Rutherford
First group: Passengers with and "A" group boarding pass and customers on "business select" fares Second group: Passengers traveling with a child 6 or younger Third group: Active military Fourth group: Those with a "B" group boarding pass Fifth group: Passengers with a "C" group boarding pass Pre-boarding: Unaccompanied minors; passengers needing extra time to board First group: Passengers in the "Big Front Seat" section Second group: Holders of the Spirit MasterCard; passengers who buy "Shortcut Boarding" for a fee or who have paid for a carry-on bag Third group: Passengers sitting in rows at the rear of the plane Fourth group: Everyone else Pre-boarding: Unaccompanied minors; customers with disabilities; uniformed members of the U.S. military; families traveling with children age 2 and younger; United Global Services members First group: Premier 1K; Premier Platinum; Premium cabins (United Polaris first class, United Polaris business class, United First and United Business) Second group: Premier Gold; Star Alliance Gold; Premier Silver; Star Alliance Silver; customers who have purchased Premier Access; United MileagePlus Explorer, Club, Presidential PlusSM and Awards cardmembers Third group: Economy plus Fourth group: Economy Fifth group: Basic Economy
Media Contact:Zeno Group on behalf of K2M Group Holdings, Inc.
This group of guys is a championship group of guys.
He will be a group management member in Byggmax Group.
" Avis Budget Group: "No, this group has gotten competitive again.
Genoa topped the North group; Lazio won the Central group.
The Lima Group statement said the group respected Peru's decision.
It has been leading a group alongside Dragoneer Investment Group.
LONDON (Reuters) - European travel and tourism group TUI Group (TUIT.
The terms, rates, and offerings differ from group to group.
But it's not just that group, it's the other group.
Your group will never pulverize and eliminate your opposing group.
They are mainly ChinaMin metals, HNA Group and Evergrande Group.
Property companies Mirvac Group fell 4.3% and Goodman Group 2.9%.
The umbrella group averaged 0.75, and the sunscreen group 0.05.
LONDON (Reuters) - British consumer goods group Reckitt Benckiser Group (RB.
HK), the parent of computer group Lenovo Group Ltd (0992.
One group is saying one thing, another group the other.
In December, ICBC signed debt-for-equity swaps with Taiyuan Iron & Steel (Group), Datong Coal Mine Group and Yangquan Coal Industry (Group).
The gym-only group and the encouragement group visited the gym 51% and 29% more often than the gift certificate group, respectively.
French communications group Havas acquires a 100 percent stake in Target Media and Communications Group (Target MCG) - UK's leading entertainment media group.
The country's banking sector is dominated by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc and Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
They have a group of really cool folks that they call the "story group," kind of a creative development group of folks.
Neither group got complete protection from burning — there were 142 sunburn incidents in the umbrella group and 17 in the sunscreen group.
She rekindled dusty relationships and joined at least a dozen groups, including a family group, a group for work colleagues, a group for school friends, a group for organic farmers, and another for environmentalists.
The Big Five, namely, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group), Dongfeng Motor Corporation, FAW Group Corporation, China Chang'an Automobile Group Corporation and Beijing Automotive Group Co Ltd (BAIC Group, A-/Stable), derive the vast majority of their vehicle sales and net profits from JVs with global auto-manufacturers.
Politics has always been about groups: us versus them, what group gets what, whether you trust people from another group, which group will govern, and whether you will support a candidate who demonizes another group.
Last month, China's banking regulator ordered a group of lenders to assess their exposure to offshore acquisitions by HNA Group, Dalian Wanda Group Co, Anbang Insurance Group, and Fosun, Reuters reported, without naming the banks.
Ibibo Group, which claims to be India's largest online travel group, has raised $250 million in new funding from majority stakeholder Naspers Group.
In-Group chats can be viewed by all members of the group, and anyone already in the group can join or be invited.
" Vector Group: "I've liked Vector Group, it's got a little disparate group of assets, but it yields north of 6 almost 7 percent.
And you say well, we've got this group, this group and this group, and so we have the coalition we need to win.
The buyer is AWH Investment Group Pty Ltd, the statement said, an associate of China-backed Australian property and investment group Yuhu Group.
The EU import duties, ranging from 17.2 percent to 28.5 percent, will affect Hesteel Group, Shougang Group, Shagang Group and several other companies.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group rose 7.3 percent, Mizuho Financial Group rose 5.9 percent and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group was up by 7.1 percent.
The Huntsmen, the Group A champions of the group stage, opened Sunday by facing Paris, the Group B runner-up, in the semifinals.
The group is a very small group, maybe, five, maybe seven.
ISIS is not just a jihadist group, they're an apocalyptic group.
She was the swing vote between Tony's group and Tasha's group.
He wasn't racing in circles from group to group like Aubry.
IKEA Group is a franchisee to brand owner Inter IKEA Group.
One group undervalues real knowledge; the other group overvalues fake knowledge.
Extraordinary shareholders' meeting: CALEIDO GROUP (0800 GMT), KI GROUP (0900 GMT).
Group after group has been crushed for almost two years now.
Global miner BHP Group and Fortescue Metals Group traded marginally lower.
The Green Investment Group is part of the Macquarie group MOG.
The merged group will operate under the name Ahold Delhaize Group.
It is the Universal Music Group, not the Universal Media Group.
Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group had previously signed up.
DITCH THE GROUP TOURS Group trips aren't ideal for cultural immersion.
A shouting match ensues about one group leaving another group behind.
The four: Anbang Insurance, HNA Group, Oceanwide Holdings and Wanda Group.
Group A will compete Sunday before Group B resumes action Monday.
Would the active-implant group do better than the control group?
Another group, the control group, was not asked any hypothetical questions.
Woolworths Group and Coles Group Ltd slipped 2.5% and 3.6%, respectively.
Out-group threat often triggers in-group solidarity — that's human nature.
It is the McLaren Technology Group, not the McLaren Technical Group.
My home group is an LGBT+ group held on Saturday evenings.
Credit Suisse Group AG advised Alibaba and Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
They are Personnel Staffing Group, the Segerdahl Group, Mercury Plastics Inc.
" He continued: "We have a youth group and an experienced group.
Approximately 25% of the total infections occurred among people within the 14 to 18 age group, 22% in the 10 to 13 age group, 14% in the 5 to 883 age group, 5% in the 19 to 24 age group and 3% in the infant to 4 age group.
We looked at a number of factors that previous research suggested might have predicted how effective a group would be, such as how satisfied the group members were with their group, how motivated they were to help the group perform well, and how comfortable they felt in the group.
Generating a single report required a group of people to draft it, a group to type copies, a group to distribute the copies, and a group of people to file them in the appropriate filing cabinets.
It was the first group that people were usually given to do and it was meant to be a beginning group, but it wasn't like a beginning group at all; it was a real difficult group.
Major domestic lenders were ordered to monitor their exposures to large acquisitive conglomerates, such as Wanda, Anbang Insurance Group, Fosun Group and HNA Group.
Babcock International Group Plc gained 4.6% after the engineering services group confirmed it had rejected a buyout offer from rival Serco Group in January.
By the tenth day, none of the warm group remained, one of the room-temperature group remained, and all of the cool group remained.
Limited Impact from Group Restructuring: The Lotte Group is moving towards a holding company structure to resolve its complex circular shareholdings within the group.
Afterward, one group was allowed to practice, another group tried to incubate lucid dreams about the coin toss, and a control group did nothing.
The company was taken private in 2006 by a group of firms including Carlyle Group and Blackstone Group and went public again in 2011.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc slipped 1.5 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc lost 1.6 percent and Mizuho Financial Group Inc dipped 1 percent.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc fell 3.8 percent, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc lost 2.6 percent and Mizuho Financial Group Inc dropped 1.8 percent.
Others with accounts include the boutique firm Fritts Group, DS2 Group, Hance Scarborough, Susan Nelson of Navigators Global and Williams Group founder Michael Williams.
Rival groups Interpublic Group of Cos, Omnicom Group and Publicis Group SA had already announced that they were subpoenaed as part of the investigation.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc ended up 1.133%, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc rose 3.14%, and shares in Mizuho Financial Group Inc climbed 1.95%.
The Phase 2 draw began with Cloud9 placed in Group A, MAD Lions in Group B and MIBR in Group C. According to HLTV.
The organization also has a puppet group that presents theatrical performances, a bluegrass group, a ukulele group and a Lake Writers group that holds monthly round-table meetings and presents evenings of stories, poems and memoir excerpts.
However, there is an exception: If your group is used in a Smart Group, you would have to first go in and edit or delete the Smart Group before you would be able to delete the group.
In the Facebook group, she's found a group of like-minded people.
Several belonged to a "faith-sharing group," formerly a Bible study group.
Berlusconi's family holding group Fininvest controls Italy's largest commercial broadcaster group Mediaset.
The club reportedly includes The Blackstone Group, The Carlyle Group, Onex Corp.
Berry Global Group is considering making a rival offer for RPC Group.
The whole group, Paula Jones, Lewinsky, it's just a really unattractive group.
" She didn't intend to start a performance group; just a "study group.
Another group didn't get any questions, because they were the control group.
Neither Blackstone Group nor Carlyle Group could be reached immediately for comments.
S.-Jordanian monitoring group in Amman and a similar group in Lebanon.
Grocers Coles Group Ltd and Woolworths Group Ltd have also reported slowdowns.
A group of London breakdancers pose for a group portrait in 1983.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Mizuho Financial Group shed 1.7 percent each.
CAIR is a U.S. front group for the jihad terror group Hamas.
The group identifies as both a workers union and an activist group.
" Sarah's first actual therapy group at the ashram was a "Tao Group.
Are the Taliban an international terrorist group or an Afghan insurgent group?
Because group to group, it can sometimes feel like two different firms.
They formed a group called the International Advisory Group of Experts (GAIPE).
I was in group E, the last group to board the plane.
He is also a member of UBS Group AG's Group Executive Board.
Anyone who questions the group is bad, and the group is good.
I don't want to energize the group, and I disavow the group.
Other lens makers, Carl Zeiss Group and HOYA Group, are considerably smaller.
A small group of artists from protest group BP or not BP?
Enjoy it as a group experience and you're part of this group.
They'll compare this group with a control group to monitor the effects.
Well, the name of her group is, Canan's group, is conformable decoders.
So they're motivated by in-group preference, not by out-group hostility.
The European Research Group (ERG) is a group of Euroskeptic British lawmakers.
We had a one-man sponsorship group, a one-man TV group.
Facebook group owners can delete a group by first removing all members.
And this group, the good thing that this group is staying together.
Another group of named defendants -- DAI Global, the Louis Berger Group Inc.
Mizuho Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group both rose 0.2 percent.
We had three groups—a placebo group, where the child received a nonmedicated syrup; a low-dose Tylenol group; and a high-dose Tylenol group.
A group of apes is called a shrewdness; a group of ferrets is called a business; a group of small satellites is called a constellation.
Those who quit are group human resources chief N.S. Rajan; group business development and public affairs head Madhu Kannan; and group strategy executive Nirmalya Kumar.
Banks were lower, with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group falling 1.9 percent, Mizuho Financial Group dropping 1.1 percent and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group shedding 1.4 percent.
Three major lobbying firms in Washington — Glover Park Group, the Harber Group and BGR Group — have also cut ties to Saudi Arabia amid Khashoggi's disappearance.
It begins when members of a social group perceive a threat to themselves because of their membership in that group, or to the group itself.
As an analyst of group behavior, she knew that group size was a marker of dominance and that a group getting smaller could feel threatened.
Blackstone Group Inc has agreed to buy British student housing group IQ Student Accommodation from Goldman Sachs Group Inc for 4.7 bln pounds ($6.11 bln).
Insurance Australia Group, insurer Suncorp Group and QBE Insurance Group also posted robust gains, despite flagging a surge in bushfire-related claims in recent weeks.
Key players in Britain's highly competitive insurance sector include Admiral, RSA Insurance Group Plc, Direct Line Insurance Group Plc, esure and Hastings Group Holdings Plc.
This adaptability can take the form of group name changes, content visibility, and reincarnation, in which a group disappears and then reappears as a new group, albeit one with most of the same members as the old group.
How to make a group chat on a Galaxy S10 by saving a group in the Contacts appIf you plan to text the same group of people frequently, you might want to save them as a group.1.
If you get pulled into a group against your wishes, open the thread, tap the menu button (top right), then choose Group info and Exit group.
The company previously raised $156 million, and previous investors include A-Grade Investments, Foundry Group, Madrona Venture Group, Menlo Ventures, OMERS Ventures, Petco, and StepStone Group.
On Tuesday, Pandora announced licensing deals with Sony Music Group and Universal Music Group, leaving Warner Music Group as the last holdout among the major labels.
Tencent Holdings, SoftBank Korea, TAL Education Group, MindWorks Ventures, Madrona Venture Group and VTRON Group participated in the round, alongside some of the startup's previous investors.
The primary reason for including a placebo control group in clinical trials is to determine if the treated group improves significantly more than the placebo group.
A Sussex spaniel named "Bean" won the sporting group, a boxer called "Wilma" clinched the working group and a wire named "King" won the terrier group.
David Richardson, currently group deputy chief executive officer and interim group chief financial officer, will assume the role of interim group chief executive officer, it added.
SIA Group is part of Marathon Pharma group, a subsidiary of Marathon Group, which last month bought an 11.82 percent stake in Magnit from VTB (VTBR.MM).
When her insurgency class was assigned a group project to analyze an insurgency movement, she lobbied her group to focus on the international hacking group Anonymous.
The top group, with the teams in first through fifth place, a middle group of teams 212-25, and a bottom group of teams 11-14.
The Azure group is part of the Cloud & AI group – also created during the reorganization – and Zander reports to Scott Guthrie, the head of that group.
After one week, those in the chronotherapy group improved significantly more than the group receiving standard treatment, although in subsequent weeks the control group caught up.
A second group, Dynamical Biomarkers Group, won the $1 million second-place prize.
Schwartz said his group of friends use Slack as their personal group chat.
Dr. Turchi gave the group a name: MERG, the Microcephaly Epidemic Research Group.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group fell 1.3% and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group dropped 1%.
Zhejiang Petrochemical is controlled by private Chinese chemical group Zhejiang Rongsheng Holding Group.
The energy group climbed 252 percent while the financials group gained 0.5 percent.
A group of pushy investors have joined forces to create a lobbying group.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A group of investors led by SoftBank Group Corp (9984.
The first group is a Filipino rap group from Toronto with traditional instruments.
All politics is group politics, because we are all by nature group animals.
That group includes JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)N>, Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.
"They are quite a small group but a significant group," says de Guitaut.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group jumped 4.6 percent, Mizuho Financial Group soared 3.0 percent.
The third group (the control group) drank either only beer or only wine.
With Group descriptions, admins can explain the purpose and rules of a group.
The group included the advocacy group Public Knowledge and Sports Fans Coalition Inc.
The Giffords Group is a gun reform group created by former Democratic Rep.
The control group had six unexpected deaths, while the trial group had zero.
It's that one group is men, and the other group is mostly women.
One group gets a treatment or intervention; a control group gets a placebo.
Your group, or at least the men in your group, certainly seemed comfortable.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group each slumped 1.4 percent.
A board reshuffle at online delivery group Ocado Group was welcomed by investors.
He served as group head of MUFG's global business group until this month.
IKEA Group is a franchisee to Inter IKEA Group which owns the brand.
Among those that have done so include UBS Group and DBS Group Holdings.
TAP shareholders include Azerbaijan energy group Socar, BP and Italian gas group Snam.
A third group, the control group, did not have anyone supporting the policy.
The group recently morphed from an academic research group into an official nonprofit.
His group sold OneWest to CIT Group Inc last year for $3.4 billion.
You know, it was a group and another group was going the opposite.
Both Podesta Group and Glover Park Group have in-house public relations components.
The two U.S. firms are: CIT Group Inc and Citizens Financial Group Inc.
Property firms Porto Group and Amer Group were the most heavily traded stocks.
The group also lost "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance" to Twenty One Pilots.
It's a group of women that acts as an unofficial group of advisors.
As discussed earlier, when one muscle group contracts, its opposing muscle group relaxes.
The herding group was broken off from the working dog group in 1983.
After group stays, hosts can write reviews that apply to the whole group.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group fell 2% and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group dropped 1.3%.
Group meetings – Let's be selective about which group meetings occur during this period.
Yantai LNG Group is majority owned by Poly-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Ltd.
The group to blame is the group that caused the root of it.
Barclays Africa Group was created by combining Absa Group and Barclays' African operations.
She said avoid bouncing from group to group made up of different people.
Averages rose by 319 steps for the American Heart Association website-prompt group, 267 steps for the hourly standing group, 254 steps for the personalized e-coaching group and 226 steps for the 10,000 daily step-prompt group, researchers found.
Disclosures: Neither I nor members of my family own shares of Pandora, XO Group, IAC, Match Group, Shutterfly, and HSN and Axiom Capital Management does not have an investment banking relationship with Pandora, XO Group, IAC, Match Group, Shutterfly, and HSN.
I check Facebook in the same way that I used to check message boards: For example, I've joined a group about my neighborhood, a group about electronics repair, a group about drones, several meme groups, and a group for finding apartments.
However only a group admin has the power to blanket 'delete everywhere' messages in a group chat; non-admin members of a group chat can only delete messages from their own inboxes so only an admin can purge group chat history.
Group A, final: Group B, pre-third games: US's placement at the top of the group gives them an advantage against Group B (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Haiti), as they take on their second place team in Seattle on Thursday.
The ITC identified 40 Chinese steelmakers and distribution subsidiaries as respondents in its probe, including Baosteel Group, Hebei Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Co Ltd, Maanshan Iron and Steel Group, Anshan Iron and Steel Group and Jiangsu Shagang Group.
The department said it had blacklisted Belgian energy services conglomerate Global Trading Group; Gambia-based petroleum company Euro African Group; and Lebanon-based Africa Middle East Investment Holding, Premier Investment Group SAL Offshore and import-export group Car Escort Services.
Across all groups, patients' pain scores fell over the two hours: by 4.3 in the ibuprofen and acetaminophen group, 4.4 in the oxycodone and acetaminophen group, 3.5 in the hydrocodone and acetaminophen group, and 3.9 in the codeine and acetaminophen group.
Construction of the project will be led primarily by Wood Group, McDermott & Turner Industries Group, Chiyoda & Kiewit, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Zachry Group, according to the statement.
The participants were split into three groups: one group exercised immediately after learning, one group exercised four hours later and one group did not exercise at all.
Relatedly, politicians can defend policies favoring an unpopular group by systematically replacing reference to that group with reference to a related group that enjoys a positive stereotype.
Companies such as Admiral Group Plc, RSA Insurance Group Plc, Direct Line, esure and Hastings Group Holdings Plc provide motor insurance for Britain's highly competitive insurance sector.
It has also pushed to expand its presence internationally, announcing multiplatform deals with the Times of India Group and the Moby Group, a Middle Eastern media group.
Second, there are nonetheless enforcers within the group who build their personal power and reputation by policing the group and condemning those who break the group code.
The firms are Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, Jiangsu Fantai Mining Development (Group) Co Ltd, Xuzhou Jianghe Wood Co, Jiangsu Jinzi Environmental Technology Co and Guangzheng Group.
Even before the latest Saudi admission, other firms including U.S. lobbyists Glover Park Group, BGR Group and the Harbour Group had severed business ties with the kingdom.
New features include real-time metrics about group growth, engagement, and membership request filtering, tools to help remove "bad actors," scheduled posting, and group-to-group linking.
If you&aposve created a Facebook group, or another person has made you an administrator of their group, you are able to change that group&aposs name.
He said the group is a death cult, rather than a legitimate religious group.
The men were split into three groups: a placebo group, a group given a .
This was similar for both the placebo group and the diet and exercise group.
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group dropped 2.8 percent and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group 2.1 percent.
The "Orange" group will take the stage Wednesday; the "Purple" Group the following night.
Because when one group of people is harassed the next group may be yours.
Tap the menu icon within a group chat and then tap "Add to Group".
The results showed no difference between the Phiten necklace group and the clothesline group.
I was writing about the group and my experiences of being in the group.
Giancarlo previously served as executive vice president of financial services group GFI Group Inc.
Salvagno indicated the July Systems group will become incorporated into Cisco's enterprise networking group.
As the size of an ethnic group increases, in-group contact and interaction increases.

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