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"early" Definitions
  1. near the beginning of a period of time, an event etc.
  2. arriving, or done before the usual, expected or planned time
  3. belonging to the beginning of a period of history or a cultural movement
"early" Synonyms
primitive ancient primaeval(UK) primeval(US) primordial antediluvian earliest first prehistoric primal pristine anterior preceding antecedent former original prior proleptical earlier previous foundational initial inaugural maiden preliminary embryonic foundation prefatory raw pilot prelusive opening precursory undeveloped initiatory advance advanced forward base starting beforehand basic introductory ahead in advance ahead of time foregoing premature precocious unseasonable untimely abnormal inopportune sudden unannounced unexpected unforeseen unplanned unheralded unanticipated unusual abrupt staggering unpredicted uncommon before time hasty immediate prompt quick expeditious fast hurried brisk rapid swift direct instantaneous snappy prevenient anticipatory timely rathe ready nimble instant aged hoary ageless classical immemorial old past ancestral enduring historic traditional anachronistic established lasting creaky dated mossy late erstwhile sometime one-time recent other quondam whilom ex- long-ago older once tender young youthful immature fledgling adolescent blooming junior juvenile younger blossoming budding developing formative growing little pubescent teen vernal punctual seasonable speedy exact precise strict accurate careful conscientious constant cyclic dependable fussy heedful meticulous painstaking medieval(US) Dark-Age Gothic Middle Age of the Dark Ages of the Middle Ages 11th to 14th century 6th to 14th century prematurely betimes soon hastily inopportunely precipitately precipitously precociously unseasonably preterm too early too soon ahead of schedule before one's time in good time on short notice shortly anon momentarily briefly quickly erelong expeditiously sharpish any minute any time before long ere long in time on time pretty soon quite soon very soon any day now promptly immediately instantly rapidly straightaway apace hurriedly instantaneously punctually seasonably snappily swiftly forthwith pronto unhesitatingly at dawn in the morning in the early morning early in the day at daybreak at cockcrow with the lark at stupid o'clock More
"early" Antonyms
future late later upcoming coming downstream eventual forthcoming imminent ensuing impending latter coming up down the line down the road to come down the pike yet to come to be arrived recent contemporary current latest modern new newest neoteric fresh brand new newly released just released latter-day present-day immediate up to date up-to-date belated delayed overdue delinquent dilatory postponed tardy unpunctual deferred behindhand slow slowed behind not punctual long delayed hindered behind schedule held up pushed back latish last-minute behind time eleventh-hour not on time outstanding owed due unfulfilled unresolved unsettled unpaid long-overdue in arrears adult full-blown full-fledged mature ripe ripened developed grown advanced progressive final concluding additional definitive extra secondary intricate complex highly-developed higher compound involved hard abstruse difficult derivative complicated nonessential last terminal end ending ultimate closing finishing terminating conclusive following culminating winding up expected seasonable timely appropriate good suitable on time opportune convenient well-timed welcome favourable(UK) auspicious favorable(US) fortunate OK ephemeral brief fleeting fugacious momentary temporary unenduring cursory deciduous evanescent flitting impermanent passing short transient transitory short-lived short-term backward careful cautious prepared resulting consequent consequential succeeding resultant subsequent postliminary subsequential after next off experienced matured old seasoned veteran elderly older senior gray(US) grey(UK) olden sophisticated worldly grown-up worldly-wise nonagenarian senile hot mod modernist modernistic newfangled new-fashioned red-hot space-age state-of-the-art ultramodern new age innovatory altricious dense immature serotinous stupid underdeveloped unintelligent unresponsive detailed complete comprehensive exhaustive full thorough elaborate extensive finished overall accurate absolute meticulous completed expansive broad inclusive particularised(UK) particularized(US) belatedly delinquently dilatorily tardily unpunctually overtime afterwards afterward next soon subsequently eventually thereafter then after a bit after that after this in time later on following that following this in a while in due course in the future slowly after hours after office hours at the last minute at the tail end past the usual closing time past the usual finishing time past the usual stopping time at your leisure in the night late at night

753 Sentences With "early"

How to use early in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "early" and check conjugation/comparative form for "early". Mastering all the usages of "early" from sentence examples published by news publications.

You have to show up early, invest early, and organize early.
There it's early to wake up, early breakfast, early to work.
The measures are intended "to promote the early detection, early isolation, early reporting, and early treatment of fever patients," the statement said.
Timing is everything in venture capital and the story of venture capital is too early, too early, too early, too early, too late.
I'm with you, I was offered jobs at early Amazon, early Google, very early.
It turns out only rich kids apply early action, early decision, and the odds are much better of getting in early action or early decision.
LeBron came out early, Ky wanted to come out early, Kevin wanted to come out early.
Here are the 10 highest-paying college majors right now: Early career salary: $5003,600Mid-career salary: $119,100 Early career salary: $54,000Mid-career salary: $121,900 Early career salary: $54,100Mid-career salary: $1753,200 Early career salary: $60,000Mid-career salary: $2131,2700 Early career salary: $294,2600Mid-career salary: $2175,2500 Early career salary: $0003,2000Mid-career salary: $215,210 Early career salary: $69,000Mid-career salary: $127,500 Early career salary: $61,200Mid-career salary: $153,800 Early career salary: $56,400Mid-career salary: $131,700 Early career salary: $94,600Mid-career salary: $175,500 Petroleum engineering majors reported the highest mid-career salaries through their careers.
It put up posters early, it posted images early, and finally it even put up some PR early.
It put up posters early, it posted images early and finally it even put up some PR early.
" Put simply, early voters are decided voters, Gronke said, "individuals who cast an early ballot make up their minds early.
The early voteBy the time early voting ended this weekend, slightly more Democrats had cast their ballots early than Republicans.
Her career in activism began early – elementary school early.
Then, early — too early — the Argentines scored. 1-0.
Getting in early was crucial, and the best results were achieved by intervening several times from early childhood to early adulthood.
Mikhaleva addressed his death early Monday morning, writing "So early…so early" on her Instagram Story with crying and heart emojis.
How early is too early to start dreaming about fall?
"They sold too early or shorted too early," he said.
There are early adopters, and then there are early adopters.
Leaks of early versions and information are just that, early.
Shares had early fallen near 2 percent in early trade.
There was a lot of early, early versions of this.
If I have an early, early call, like 5 a.m.
Dubinsky: I think 210 years ago, so — So, early-early.
Here are some toys, mostly synthesizers, early '33s, early '80s.
Now, I go early to the market early on Saturdays.
We're still at the stage where you'd be considered an early adopter for investing in 5G, but how early is too early?
Mike Schroepfer: I think this is an early, early market and an early product, and so we're pushing the market forward here.
Some states have weeks of early voting and many early voting locations, while others have limited opportunities to cast a ballot early.
Embedding infant and early childhood mental health clinicians in primary care and early childhood settings will facilitate early identification through screening protocols.
They will be finalized shortly, but Beirut is on track for early October, São Paulo for early November and Lagos in early December.
Just one question: How early is too early for tighty-whiteys?
I go to bed early, but I'm just an early bird.
And an early nod to the early days of online video.
Early to bed, early to rise, take care of herself, etc.
LawBreakers' early disappointing sales prompted Boss Key to pivot away early.
It's not early-early days because I was there in 1999.
Really, the great George GIF game started early on – way early.
The flight is early because I need to be there early.
He was an early Facebook executive and an early bitcoin adopter.
It was the early 20th century, not the early 19th century.
It was the early 21th century, not the early 2800th century.
Early voting in some counties started as early as March 2.
It's early in the season still, and early in the week.
It's way too early on the general election, way too early….
"I got to the lead early — maybe too early," Leparoux said.
It's early days we've really early announcements just like everybody else.
Right, right, right and that was early, that was early days.
Being early is not a mistake, it's just — you were early.
Waive early withdrawal feesIf you have to withdraw early from a CD or pay a loan off early, most banks charge a penalty fee.
"It's about getting in early and having an early perspective," Schmidt said.
They're at a greater risk for early sexual activity and early pregnancy.
Courtesy of NewtonX Early revenues has allowed the company to expand early.
He-- he's here early, so we may put him on set early.
The early signs The association also notes the importance of early recognition.
This song is giving me life; mad early '90s, early 2000s vibes.
I'm going into work early this week so I can leave early.
Warren got on the ground early in Iowa and other early states.
You just have to get up early every morning — like, real early.
Men in their early 20s, their late 20s, and their early 30s.
I was a super early adopter of those ridiculous early MP3 players.
I started covering it '92, early AOL and early stuff like that.
Republicans had an early test of their 2018 messaging in early March.
Of course, there's a major caveat to these early polls: They're early.
They date to the early 19th century, not the early 20th century.
"But the situation could change as early as early May," Ii said.
Now, it is true that polling this early is just that: early.
Ultimately, it's about "seeing the trends early and acting early," Erdem said.
Who wrote an article in the Atlantic, early supporter, early investor, mentor.
During the most productive time of their financial lives, they are literally impoverished by diseases of early aging — early heart disease, advanced osteoarthritis, early cancer.
Shares, which had already slid 8 percent since early October, dropped another 6.3 percent to 32.55 euros in early trade, hitting their lowest since early April.
EARLY VOTE BOON: The Hill's Harper Neidig reports: On the whole, early vote numbers have already surpassed the total early votes cast for the 2012 election.
The biggest change in early voting in Florida since 2012 isn't the growth of Latino early voting: It's the growth of early voting among unaffiliated voters.
Is it too early to be excited — or too early to think about?
Early filers: More people than ever are filing their taxes early this year.
Monday: Stocks plunged early Stocks plunged early Monday in response to Trump's comments.
The Moon enters Aries early this evening, so call it an early night.
It's early in this experiment yet, and probably too early for redemption talk.
Christmas came early for one Georgia couple — 11 weeks early to be exact.
He's an early investor in Facebook and an early adviser to Mark Zuckerberg.
Personality traits form at an early age and are fixed by early adulthood.
By the early 2200s, however, many of the early SETI programs had ended.
He is trying to get all the assists early, get everybody involved early.
Their music combines early training in classical music with early exposure to technology.
"I'm going to say 'Riverdale' teens to early 40s, early 50s," she says.
ZOOEY'S CHOICE Dinner happens early, because Zooey goes to bed early, like 9.
Shares in Usiminas reversed early gains and fell in early Friday afternoon trading.
In addition, I've always wanted to pay off my house early — real early.
"Individuals who cast an early ballot make up their minds early," he said.
They flooded, not just filled, the early void, and prevailed in early skirmishes.
New York City is a really early city, but Coach starts particularly early.
Early-stage company, early investors in XM Satellite, a company called Varsity Books.
Sure, Google bought another studio, but early interviews suggested work is extremely early.
" UK ECONOMIC DATA: EARLY DAYS "To be clear, these are still early days.
Young Mariss was introduced to the Riga Opera House early — perhaps too early.
Have you heard of early-decision and early-action programs for college applicants?
Yes, I know it's early, but my current client works really early hours.
And WWE consumers are early adapters of technology and we learned early on.
"Individuals who cast an early ballot make up their minds early," he says.
So you really were an early techie, that was a very early time.
Still, when you put early fundraising and early New Hampshire polling into a statistical regression of all the candidates (not just nominees), early fundraising historically hasn't on average given us any additional predictive ability compared to the early New Hampshire polling.
Here are the 10 colleges where graduates earn the most, according to PayScale: Early career salary: $73,300 Mid-career salary: $140,100 State: New York Early career salary: $4003,700 Mid-career salary: $141,300 State: New Jersey Early career salary: $79,300 Mid-career salary: $141,900 State: New York Early career salary: $80,200 Mid-career salary: $103,600 State: New York Early career salary: $72,600 Mid-career salary: $2157,2400 State: Massachusetts Early career salary: $285,2600 Mid-career salary: $2157,2400 State: California Early career salary: $19553,21955 Mid-career salary: $210,210 State: California Early career salary: $78,600 Mid-career salary: $149,800 State: Maryland Early career salary: $83,600 Mid-career salary: $103,400 State: Massachusetts Early career salary: $85,600 Mid-career salary: $157,400 State: California Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California topped PayScale's list.
Share Buybacks Credit Negative: CAR announced a share buyback plan in early June, and has already spent more than HKD20153m between early June and early July 2016.
At the early stage, Grail, a developer of diagnostics for early cancer detection, closed a $1.2 billion Series B round, the largest early-stage deal for Q4.
Ahead of early voting, we set up an "early voting tracker" that was designed to adjust our estimated composition of the electorate as early voting went on.
It's obviously too early to call Ragnarok a success at this admittedly early stage.
But the same could have been said in early 22008, early 22008 and 22009.
I like early bedtimes and early mornings, and the "fuck it" attitude has disappeared.
Is 2017 too early to be nostalgic for the early days of smartphone games?
When I say early, I'm talking pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook, old-timey blogosphere early.
Pottery from the Early Islamic period is notorious for being misdated, usually too early.
The race remained too early to call early Thursday with 97% of precincts reporting.
It also received the "Early Leaders" superlative, given its responsible antibiotic use early on.
"He was planned early because his little sister was born early," Leslie tells PEOPLE.
PathFounders commences early afternoon on 12 June and ends early afternoon on 14 June.
Yes — I wake up early and easily, and then go to sleep relatively early.
"We're in our early, early days here in Asia," Sarandos told CNBC's Akiko Fujita.
How do the early days of VR compare to the early days of mobile?
An incalculable early retirement number means that early retirement is not an achievable goal.
Until his early release, he had been scheduled to be freed in early June.
Early critics could not forgive his brief work early in his career with Sen.
This includes change in early learning curriculum requirements and in early childhood teacher training.
Applying early action or early decision each have their benefits, but they're very different.
If you want to retire early, you're going to have to start saving early.
The surge in early voting this year reflects the growth of early voting nationwide.
Jazmine was killed early Sunday near a Walmart outside of Houston early Sunday morning.
Kansas Early voting varies by county but may begin as early as October 17.
"My grandma went through early menopause, my mom went through early menopause," she said.
You were wondering how early is too early to go for Peanut M&Ms.
Sunday's early games kicked off and the systems weathered an early Aaron Rodgers touchdown.
Critically that means early diagnosis, early isolation, safe burials and understanding the social context.
Early Tesla cars and early SpaceX rockets came out years later than originally forecast.
In early trading, European equities plunged:Britain's FTSE 100 was down 5.8% in early trading.
The assimilation policy started in the early 1900s and lasted into the early '70s.
Vegas continued its pressure early in the third, forcing Washington into two early penalties.
"I go to bed early, I get up early," Bezos said at the event.
It's hard to know whether being early is being too early, or being smart?
And the early returns -- emphasis on the word "early" -- have to make Democrats worried.
In early June, lawmakers voted to lift Ethiopia's state of emergency two months early.
Many of his early prints from the early '90s are larger and in color.
The early SNAP payment did, in fact, set off a flood of early spending.
The four dead ranged in age from their early 30s to their early 40s.
Early voting numbers are rolling in, and campaigns are claiming their early voting victories.
Things will flow easily early on, but some tension will arrive early this evening.
For the lowest price, The Flight Deal recommends booking your flight from late August through early September, November through early December, or January 2018 through early February 2018.
The biggest difference between early action and early decision is that early decision applications are binding, which means if a student is admitted, they are obligated to attend.
Early in 2014, I launched Future\Perfect Ventures, an early-stage venture fund, to invest in the infrastructure and early use cases around blockchain and other decentralized technology.
We're the four ... And everyone was dipping in, and it still was super early because Netscape had just gone public in '94, the early internet was very early.
Why early retirement was important to my parentsA lot of people my age (20s and early 30s) can&apost envision retiring at all, let alone early, so it surprised me that my Dad had been planning early retirement since he was my age.
By the Wednesday before the election, more Latinos had voted early (in person or by mail) in Florida than voted early by either method through the entire early voting period in 2012 — with several (typically high-turnout) days of early voting left.
"I remember in early-on relationships — when I was in my early, early 20s — I felt more sexually advanced than some of the people I was with," he said.
Most of the deals are either for flights from now until early May, from September until early December, or from January to February of 2018 for you early planners.
Patrick did one better and recruited some volunteers from his high school, who had a sleepover at his house and woke up early -- as in, EARLY early, to shovel.
I was shocked early on, because early on the whole Trump spectacle bored me, frankly.
That will commence early afternoon on June 13th and end early afternoon on June 15th.
They began rejecting the show as it rejected its early tone, and its early promise.
Ten years ago, her mother was diagnosed, in her early 23s, with early-onset Alzheimer's.
In early trade, it hit as high as 4.13,362.92, the highest level since early December.
X-Zell – Early cancer detection Early detection of cancer could save a lot of lives.
It rose 28.5% in the early 1990s recession and 70.1% in the early 2000s recession.
There are two types of early voters, what I call situational and behavioral early voters.
Behavioral early voters are those who decide to vote early, if their state allows it.
The early vote is crucial in Nevada: Almost 70% of votes came early in 2012.
I want to try to get in early tomorrow to make up for leaving early.
The Fed stopped raising rates in early February, and started cutting rates in early July.
My boss usually leaves early on Wednesdays so I sneak out a little early too.
Alphabet's GV early investment fund was an early Uber backer, which makes this more interesting.
She met Mr. Harrison, an artist whose early focus was sculpture, in the early 1950s.
Despite JT's early voting woes, early voting kind of looks like a lot of fun.
"I tried to get ahead early in the count and they swung early," Iwakuma said.
In early February, Trump promised a "phenomenal" tax plan by early March that never appeared.
Here are eight things early retirees, and soon-to-be early retirees, have given up.
Then, I promptly crashed out super early, thanks to an early wakeup call yesterday morning.
The early announcements also give them an early advantage with tapping individual donors for money.
Early vote numbers have soared past 2014, with more than 20 million votes cast early.
Early polls show Sanders near the top of potential Democratic contenders in early primary states.
In late September and early October, that may be Iowa, where early voting begins Sept.
Perrotta retired early from the EPA in early May, citing media pressure on his family.
Look at Sequoia's early investment in Dropbox, for example, or Lightspeed's early check to Snapchat.
Perrotta retired early from the EPA in early May, citing media pressure on his family.
Handel stormed ahead to an early lead as the Fulton County early votes were counted.
Her campaign recently launched "Arizona Votes Early," a statewide organizing effort to boost early voting.
I first used Shadow during the early days of the service back in early 0003.
He was early with the travel restrictions, and he was early with the task force.
Winter collections get discounted in early January while summer collections get reduced in early July.
Sports Authority filed for bankruptcy in early 2016, bringing that contract to an early end.
I think that the early polling, they should not be distracted by the early polling.
It remains in its early stages — its very early stages, before any debates have begun.
In half of those, early voting totals have already topped the early totals from 2014.
"My mom goes to sleep really early and she wakes up really early," she said.
It was the late 2800th century and early 8003th century, not the early 2800th century.
So, early on, Pete captured a moment with a CNN town hall in early march.
"He's making key saves, especially early in the year and early in games," Grabner said.
TechCrunch Early Stage is a new event series for 2020 focused on early-stage founders.
Early man may have thrown the spears, but early woman made the pictures telling how.
The latter is an early electronic instrument originally developed in the early 20th century Berlin.
Based on the report, here are the top five best Master's degree majors to choose if you want a high-paying job: Early-career median pay: $143,000Mid-career median pay: $165,000 Early-career median pay: $76,200Mid-career median pay: $413,000 Early-career median pay: $68,000Mid-career median pay: $251,2200 Early-career median pay: $240,2900Mid-career median pay: $251,2700 Early-career median pay: $0003,2000Mid-career median pay: $252,2700 And here are their top five worst master's degree majors to choose if you want a high-paying job: Early-career median pay: $39,500Mid-career median pay: $46,600 Early-career median pay: $40,600Mid-career median pay: $523,200 Early-career median pay: $40,400Mid-career median pay: $51,200 Early-career median pay: $40,900Mid-career median pay: $51,700 Early-career median pay: $41,000Mid-career median pay: $52,700
After listening to early retirement podcasts, he was skeptical that retiring early was as great as early retirees made it out to be, the 27-year-old told Business Insider.
When Hield heated up early, scoring 13 of his early points in a stretch of a little more than three minutes early as Oklahoma started by jumping ahead 973-3.
I'm tired from my late night and early morning, so we all go to bed early.
They'll produce a preliminary report early December 2018, with a final report due early June 2019.
Drivers can avoid standstill traffic by leaving early Thanksgiving morning and driving home early Sunday morning.
The early start time does mean an early finish time, which is a perk, says Mendoza.
When it comes to early-stage technology companies, their challenges and early development are drastically different.
All were in their early to mid-2000s, except one, who was in his early 23s.
Early influence came from German performer Klaus Nomi, active in the late '70s and early '80s.
More Democrats voted early this year than voted early in the presidential election year of 2016.
Then we get to these early internet services like CompuServe and Prodigy in the early '2230s.
Early on it was possible to introduce novelties, such as "Angry Birds", an early runaway hit.
BP shares rose more than 3.3 percent in early trade, hitting their highest since early December.
He left in early 13, but not before helping to sand down the early rough edges.
We've seen merges at this early point in the game before, but it seemed really early.
"It's still early but we plan on having new music as early as 2019," Whibley reveals.
I purposely woke up extra early to get to work early but obviously that didn't happen.
The shoppers: millennials, generally defined as people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s.
The body of Berreni, who was in his early 20s, was not identified until early 2014.
The device is expected to launch in early Q2 2018—so late March or early April.
One way to address that issue is reaching students early, in high school and early college.
Yet early warning never translated into early action, leading to the death of over 250,000 people.
Snapchat grew quickly from its early days, hitting its stride in late 282 and early 21.
Though Inquisition had been active as early 1992, the band's early material was messy and unfocused.
Right now, the company is 12 people, and in "early, early" beta, as Costolo puts it.
Marvel moved the sequel back to an early May opening following the original's early August success.
The following are areas where early-stage startups need to spend money in the early days.
After Von Cramm's early release in early 1939, he was ostracised by the All England Club.
Murthy stressed the importance of intervening early through school programs to discourage early access to alcohol.
Again, I want to see our early investors do well; they backed us early, after all.
Eight early retirees told Business Insider their money habits changed for the better after retiring early.
I can't remember it in its early days, because in its early days it wasn't memorable.
It's understandable that people are comparing this year's early vote with the early vote from 2012.
To do that, we embrace the early – we wake up early, and we're better for it.
In a six-start stretch from early June to early July, Matz threw just 20 sliders.
Early action and early decision are two popular routes for applying to a college or university.
An early step in the right direction McKee also cautioned that this is still early research.
Ties between the two countries resemble the dangerous days of the early 1960s and early 1980s.
Georgia At this point in 275, 22012,443 Latinos, or 244% of early voters, cast early ballots.
For early voters 30-39 years old, first-timers make up 17% of the early voters.
As the article correctly noted, it was in the early 1900s, not the early 19th century.
That feature launched in early last year then rolled out worldwide this summer through early fall.
In addition, biosimilars could challenge Remicade in the U.S. as early as late-2016/early-2017.
Still, when kids develop early, they quite likely came from a long line of early bloomers.
This week I champion: shopping early; cooking in the afternoon; an early dinner; "Barry" on HBO.
In early November and from January through early March, however, they drop by around 20 percent.
It's still early days for Cyral, with 15 employees and a handful of early access customers.
I finished school early and made sure I got everything done early, and I drove down.
They wanted to sew up the nomination early — but not as early as may well occur.
An early rapport The bond was forged early on, sources close to the two men said.
Given her early troubles raising money from outside investors, Ms. Lake worked toward becoming profitable early.
"Invest early and invest as early as you can and put away whatever you can afford."
In early Asian trading, the Nikkei was down more than 2 percent percent in early trading.
Who is a laggard, who is an early adopter, who is early mainstream, is an innovator?
It's too early to say that he passed it, but the early reviews have been positive.
But it's really too early at this point to speculate on how early that could land.
Finally, "early to bed, early to rise" may not be up to the individual, however wise.
"So early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and organize," he said in one.
Put simply: Early voters are decided voters, Gronke told me when early voting started in September.
In his telling, by maximizing their retirement investments early on, their dollar cost averaging into the market early on, and a downturn early in their career, could mean bigger returns later.
In "The Plague of 'Early Decision'," Frank Bruni writes: Early decision and early action, which are offered by some 450 colleges, are a special and especially disturbing part of the frenzy.
Here are their top five best master's degree majors to choose if you want a high-paying job: Early-career median pay: $143,000Mid-career median pay: $165,000 Early-career median pay: $76,200Mid-career median pay: $413,000 Early-career median pay: $68,000Mid-career median pay: $251,2200 Early-career median pay: $240,2900Mid-career median pay: $251,2700 Early-career median pay: $0003,2000Mid-career median pay: $252,2700 And here are their top five worst master's degree majors to choose if you want a high-paying job: Early-career median pay: $39,500Mid-career median pay: $46,600 Early-career median pay: $40,600Mid-career median pay: $523,200 Early-career median pay: $40,400Mid-career median pay: $51,200 Early-career median pay: $40,900Mid-career median pay: $51,700 Early-career median pay: $41,000Mid-career median pay: $52,700 Of course, these numbers don't mean you shouldn't pursue your dream major or dream job.
But by his early 20s, he was giving a bit of side-eye to early SETI scientists.
It's very early, Mr. Woolsey, with great respect, it's very early to make this a political matter.
Zero is something that even confounded early human civilizations, with some early numbering systems lacking the concept.
However, early into the ceremony, Clinton became overheated during the ceremony and was forced to leave early.
In the early 2000s, key employees helped to exposed a wave accounting scandals of the early 2000s.
Students, so far, have been the early adopters, open to risk for the chance of being early.
Immigration was as politically potent in the early 203th century as it is in the early 21st.
The instability persisted into early 2016 with the introduction of circuit breakers that triggered early market closures.
First, mainlanders are enthusiastic early adopters of whizzy technologies, even if the early versions are somewhat imperfect.
But Mitt Romney led early in 2012 and Clinton led early in 2016, and they both won.
The TSA advises arriving two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flights.
Arrive early The easiest thing you can do to alleviate stress is get to the airport early.
Early chapters address conception and pregnancy, and then the book journeys through infancy, early childhood, and adolescence.
Still, due to early confusion, a misguided early narrative declaring an attack to be ransomware often prevails.
It's an early start—4:30 AM—and an early finish—2 PM—and that suits me.
A study published in 2012 also suggests early summer and early winter are prime times for sex.
As a result, at the early stage, it is crucial to be investing early at low valuations.
It was early, very early, still dark, because my mother's coughing had woken us in the night.
Boomers were getting married early, buying homes early, and, for the most part, making pretty comfortable salaries.
Like Facebook, some early flops will turn into powerhouses, while other early success stories will fall apart.
McNamee was an early Facebook investor and an early advisor to co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
Its early backers include original Snap investor Lightspeed, IDG Capital and an (undisclosed) early investor in
The announcement was made early Friday afternoon New York time, or very early Saturday morning Beijing time.
Similar to early action, early decision applicants apply in November and can be accepted, denied or deferred.
Unlike other early risers, however, Adams does not go to sleep particularly early, usually around 11 p.m.
The early signs were not encouraging for Democrats in early voting; election night should answer that question.
Instead, Ole Miss fell behind early in this one and couldn't dig out of its early hole.
That means millions of us woke up early one morning — some Americans as early as 5 a.m.
Wisconsin is not until early April; Pennsylvania is in late April, and Indiana is in early May.
Idaho Early voting varies by county, but counties that conduct early voting must begin by October 22.
Stopping school at an early age leaves them vulnerable to early marriage, violence, and forced sexual relations.
"He could handwrite very early; read books very early—before he was three," Hayley says of Curtis.
One way to widen the cyber talent pipeline is to start education early, very early in fact.
They could show up late or leave early, or punch in extra early or leave extra late.
While it is still too early to pronounce victory or defeat, the early results are not encouraging.
Early breast development in girls, however, didn't appear to be tied to early puberty in their fathers.
Mr. Tillerson may have gotten an early warning; he wrapped up his trip to Africa early, above.
As of early Wednesday, the race in California remained too early to call, according to NBC News.
Other early investors like Tiger Global and Accel will also be well rewarded for their early support.
"We were super early with 4K, we were super early with Dolby Atmos and HDR," says Hindhaugh.
C. has class early tomorrow and I need to work on my ads, so we leave early.
This is for the most part an early-stage program, and early in the program at that.
Early polling, both nationally and in some key early states, indicates that many black voters remain unmoved.
For example, in the early 1990s, Combs says he was fired from an early job in music.
I mean students (and their parents) awaiting actual colleges' verdicts on early-decision and early-action applications.
"I thought we were a little bit tight early and then they were good early," Krzyzewski said.
"It will probably be early morning," Daines said, suggesting he wouldn't get back until sometime early Sunday.
So it's not the case that playing football early will necessarily lead to impairments in early adulthood.
It's too early to tell so some smallish early selling to reduce risk would be my assessment.
Mr. Qenaat said five judges from Paktia Province had been killed between early September and early November.
Sometimes even when a candidate doesn't lead in early fundraising their early fundraising prowess foretells future success.
From December to early February it fell to around $6,600 then rebounded to $11,500 in early March.
Many people clamored to vote early, fearful that possible disruptions would lead to voting centers closing early.
Early rumors have suggested that Apple is working on a foldable for release as early as 2020.
So people who were early, early entrepreneurs — and then in the second wave helped build an ecosystem.
An early rally had pushed Brent above $50 per barrel for the first time since early June.
Tech IPOs can turn early employees into millionaires, as Google's early cooks, custodians and others can attest.
Ji also was hot early, and two birdies early on the back nine gave her a 66.
Early hype by retailers, along with rumors about the source of the whiskey, also built early interest.
So 90s, early 2000s, early internet if you had a brand people recognized, they would trust you.
Winnicott says it's terrible for a child to accommodate to reality too early; isn't it too early?
In early August, Democrats' early double-digit lead in the generic ballot shrunk to only 4 points.
So, you either go in early, early in the morning when the ground's frozen, or late at night.
In Detroit, drivers should aim to be on the road early Thanksgiving morning and return early Sunday morning.
I was three weeks early, so beyond the shock of having my baby early, I was logistically unprepared.
An early proponent of feminism, Wilson has been exploring female identity in patriarchal society since the early 266s.
Early results released in May 2011 resulted in the recommendation that all HIV-positive patients receive early ART.
There comes a time when a new technology must cross the chasm from early adopters to early majority.
The Pacers got an early lift from reserves Jordan Hill and Miles, who each had nine points early.
They were the early early adopters, the proto-techies who had to have the best of the best.
It seems there is always interest in early photography, especially early photographs of historic sites around the Mediterranean.
Jeff Sessions, an early supporter of the businessman, and was seconded by fellow early supporters New York Rep.
An early morning disturbance UCLA student Sarah Muhr got up early on the morning of September 26, 218.
We came and really emulated Elmore James and early Delta Blues stuff that reflected in those early recordings.
"As soon as I could, in my early-early days, I started my own publishing company," added Parton.
How early is too early to break out the pumpkin spice Oreos and drink a pumpkin spice latte?
Any early momentum in the early contests Mr. Devine said in an interview, would trigger even more donations.
Its idea being that early discovery can lead to early intervention and the prevention of serious optical damage.
It aims to provide early notification of attacks, continuing education and early access to the latest security tools.
From 260-213, however, the early adopters shot threes 823 percent more accurately than the non-early adopters.
In Ohio, lawmakers cut one week of early voting, keeping about four weeks of early voting in place.
If I used it continuously, starting early in the morning, it would need a charge by early afternoon.
Mitsubishi Motors' shares plunged as much as 16 percent to a life-time low early in early trade.
Early symptoms: There's a greater chance of having severe early symptoms of pregnancy when you're carrying multiple pregnancies.
"Early indicators I think are quite positive, but it's early and you never know for sure," he said.
Talks between the United States and China, begun in early December, are rapidly approaching their early-March deadline.
McGarry recently finished high school a year early after taking a state exam that allows for early graduation.
The super flasher begins to experience hot flashes relatively early in life, similar to the early onset group.
Perhaps this intelligence is what inspired early humans to breed with Neanderthals and Denisovans, another early hominin species.
As early as 1957, early development began on a new, small caliber, high-velocity round and rifle platform.
In the early years of the league, Logan fined Arena early and often, hiding his respect and friendship.
Define early retirementRetiring early doesn't have to mean never earning a paycheck again — unless you want it to.
So far, nearly 600 of our respondents have voted early — basically a full poll's worth of early voters.
Meerkat’s early focus on community (and that early community was incredibly unique!) was their special sauce.
Early voting among Hispanics has increased 75% so far from 2012, according to early voting data from Thursday.
"Nancy was fascinated with anthropology from an early age, as early as elementary school," he said by email.
PDT, but officials released a draft early to the media and a television station released the information early.
Early voting is usually a good measure of enthusiasm; lots of early voters means lots of decided voters.
Universal's early VOD releases, arriving as early as Friday, will likely cost $19.99 for a 48-hour rental.
Because of my early to bed, early to rise lifestyle, I have become a person who loves matinees.
Bloomberg reports that the administration could announce the levies by early December, to take effect by early February.
I left early, because I wanted to get up early to go to the gym the next morning.
Early in the year, Russian-led separatists initiated the largest series of cease-fire violations since early 22016.
This month, thousands of high school students will submit their early action and early-decision applications to colleges.
Early educator professional development results in higher-quality programs that support early learning and school readiness for children.
I've been into the round early, built a significant amount of positive shots and gone under par early.
But I'm still convinced that those early sessions of the "Alphabet Song" made my kids into early readers.
The average truck driver is in the early 50s; 10 years ago, they were in their early 40s.
NEW YORK — Christmas has arrived early for Wall Street in the early days of the Donald Trump era.
"Invest early and invest as early as you can and put away whatever you can afford," he said. 
Colonel Thomas said it was too early to tell if the early-morning raid on Tuesday was successful.
Returning to 16 seeds would improve the early-round matchups and, just as important, the early-round anticipation.
Early fundraising, though, usually isn't some magic bullet for telling us something more than the early polls do.
He is a son of Sheila A. Early of West Chester, Ohio, and the late William J. Early.
Kimberly Manns is the managing director of Early Matters Dallas, a coalition of over 150 early childhood advocates.
While the lack of early wins is bad, early losses, such as the healthcare debacle, can be catastrophic.
As the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement has grown, Business Insider has spoken with many early retirees.
He resisted early release to avoid demoralizing his fellow prisoners, the New York Times wrote early this week.
The early March deadline for concluding talks has been extended to at least early April, officials have said.
It was early in April 2009 and early in the Pentagon's resumption in earnest of the Afghan war.
Go Early and Keep the Season in Mind Many farmers' markets open early in the day and close by early afternoon, with the highest quality produce and dairy often selling out by late morning.
To accommodate the tournament's early start, the Big Ten played a compressed regular-season schedule, with several conference games taking place in early December and the bulk of the schedule starting in early January.
From the day I officially resigned, I've learned a thing or two about exactly what it takes to retire early, and not just early, but super early, while others are still just getting started.
But other than the week -- early in a week, you said if the summit matters decided, you could sit down in early July and may be part of Mueller&aposs report comes out early September.
Overall, 767,000 Nevadans have voted early -- more than half the state's active registered voters, and ahead of 2012's figure of 705,000 early votes -- when about 7 in 10 Nevada voters cast their ballots early.
If you have a high school senior, and your child has decided to apply somewhere early decision (or early action or early something or other), the application is most likely in and done by now.
After Barack Obama's campaign gained a commanding lead in early voting in 2008, though, some Republican-dominated state legislatures limited early voting for 2012; efforts to limit early voting are still underway in North Carolina.
Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said the early defensive stand followed by the quick score set the tone early.
Some Soylent enthusiasts have ordered the new drink early via an early posting on Amazon a few weeks ago.
I want to start volunteering early so I can leave early to greet my next dog guest drop off.
But early data and anecdotal evidence suggest that's not how early holiday sales are playing out at national chains.
It's just one of those things you hate, like hangovers or early mornings or early mornings when you're hungover.
The company ignored the transition to mobile early on, allowing ARM-based processors to take an early, decisive lead.
Harden was electric early and, working in coordination with Capela, pushed the Rockets to an early double-digit advantage.
Early in the episode, Pilot Pete sported aviators, the ombre kind that Gisele Bundchen rocked in the early 2000s.
In it, Farrow interviewed women who alleged that Moonves harassed them in the early '80s until the early '00s.
His mother retired as an early childhood educator at Glencoe Park District, an early childhood center in Glencoe, Ill.
As an early Christmas present to Scrooges everywhere, the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules in early December.
In the same poll, Clinton led by 5 points in early September and by 8 points in early August.
NASA was an early partner for Microsoft on HoloLens, and previously tested early prototypes of the augmented reality headset.
Nevada Democrats continue to lead early voting in Nevada about a week after in-person early voting kicked off.
I was an early user of AOL, so early I didn't even have a number after my user name.
Users can opt-in here for early access and businesses can turn on early access in their admin panel.
Miniature pigs are able to breed very early — 8 weeks for males, as early as 12 weeks for females.
Now science has some good news for the early risers: Apparently the early bird really does get the worm.
From the early 1800s to early 1900s, he says, there was a "low-intensity fire" about every seven years.
It'll start shipping to the US in early March, while the Z models will begin shipping in early February.
What parents can do Reading with children from infancy promotes early language development, which in turn promotes early literacy.
In the late 1003s and early 1950s, Bader worked on bubbles in some early ice cores drilled in Alaska.
"It's the early stages of the meat of early enterprise and public sector adoption in the U.S.," Jassy said.
After falling behind 14-0 early, Texas rallied to take a 19-16 lead early in the second quarter.
"The coalition remains inherently unstable and early elections remain likely, though probably not before early 2020," they told clients.
The state has a "permanent" early voting list of people who have signed up to always receive early ballots.
Tacklers flew in early, and there was little early flow from either team as constant fouls bogged down play.
It's unclear whether Buttigieg's early popularity in Hollywood is sustainable for a campaign that's still in its early stages.
If you start saving early, you can even reach seven figures by age 21 and consider settling down early.
I paint twice a day, early in the morning and early evening, so I get two different lighting situations.
This month, thousands of high school students will submit early action (EA) and early decision (ED) applications to colleges.
Oil recovered from early losses and in early European trade on Wednesday Brent was up 2.8 percent at $33.05.
The Aker strike would involve about 200 workers and would likely take place between early August and early October.
And black voters' share of early voters has declined in Florida since 2012, despite an increased early voting period.
Every partner meeting on Monday, we typically have companies present, and because we invest early ... You see early trends.
Google is offering early access to testers willing to try the service during this early preview, and provide feedback.
Ellison was an early supporter of Sanders, who returned the favor with an early endorsement of Ellison for chair.
It seems we're early, but we don't know how early or how big the wave of future cases is.
Public opinion polls have him as an early favorite, with nearly every measure of early support showing him leading.
"Drugs to hit amyloid early on, drugs to hit tangles early on, drugs to hit inflammation," Dr. Tanzi said.
Barbara wakes me up early every day, but for some reason, she never bothers me early on a Sunday.
J&J's Stoffels said the drugmaking giant plans to have early safety data on a vaccine in early 2021.
The early activity underscores how Republicans, even at this early juncture, are starting to think about life after Trump.
"Folks pivoted early to executive action and gave up on Congress, frankly, early," she said of grass-roots advocates.
GM's venture team had been tracking Cruise since early 2014, according to sources familiar with the company's early history.
For this reason, early mortality rates estimated from only those early patients who require medical care will be high.
But they stressed the importance of quarantining patients as early as possible, given the early signs of asymptomatic transmission.
Deaths from sepsis in 2017 peaked in early childhood, declined in early adulthood and rose again among the elderly.
About 9 percent of the participants were early to bed, early-to-rise types with a "morningness" circadian rhythm.
After trailing by 23 early in the third quarter, the Grizzlies got within 237-236 early in the fourth.
The Global Early Adolescent Study analyzed how gender is learned, enforced and reinforced among early adolescents in 15 countries.
Early voters in Montana didn't have the same luxury — the state doesn't allow early voters to change their minds.
Now, a word of caution: Early polls are early polls and who knows who might enter the presidential race.
The early March deadline for wrapping up the talks has been extended to at least early April, officials said.
By early I mean ten or eleven months early, while many of the super discounted fares are still available.
He paid a total of more than $727,000 to four employees, all men, from early September to early January.
The DNC on Thursday announced a slew of extra debates early next year, in the four early voting states.
Cramer was an early endorser of Trump's, so his consideration fits with Trump's pattern of rewarding his early allies.
"They were better than us early on, they were more competitive than us early," Hurricanes coach Bill Peters said.
But the crushing early blow of Souza's early goal in Tuesday's game left Ange Postecoglou's side rattled and they were only spared further punishment in the first half by Brazil's failure to convert several early chances.
Early funding of ARPANET, an early computer network, by the Department of Defense in the early 1960s, and NSFNET by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the 1980s produced the Internet, which has revolutionized the world.
"At an early age, with his engineer's mind, he discovered all the early Atari [and] Commodore sounds with their 8-bit music," Jarre explains, referencing the proto-glitch soundscapes of the synthesizers associated with early computing.
Election night discrepancies All counties are required to report their early (that's in-person early) vote by 7:30 p.m.
Many are still early, too early to have proven themselves, but the excitement among those in the know is palpable.
In its early days in the late '80s and early 90s, the cars had names like the Integra and Legend.
E Ink's displays go into production early this year and QuirkLogic is currently accepting applications for its early adopter program.
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (PFE) is offering early retirement to U.S. workers ahead of layoffs early next year, CNBC has learned.
Checks come with workspace and teams of early employees that can help early stage hardware companies get off the ground.
"When I talk about curing cancer, the cure comes from early detection followed by early prevention and treatment," he says.
" White House: 'very early stages' Spicer told reporters Monday, "We're at the very early stages of that decision-making process.
Save early and often One of the biggest benefits of saving early and regularly is the power of compound interest.
Valid dates for the Rome flights are from late November through early December, and from January through early May 2018.
In fact, many of the shortcomings of the early AlphaStar AIs were reminiscent of the early matches by DeepMind's AlphaGo.
The variety is evident when comparing "Early" to "Tamarack Creek" (2018–19), which is as structured as "Early" is nebulous.
Companies like Microsoft, ODG, Meta and Vuzix are seeing early enterprise traction, although the enterprise smartglasses market remains early-stage.
Early Monday, Perry confirmed that her new album is indeed titled Witness and also revealed tour dates through early 2018.
His wife, Jana Messerschmidt, was an early employee at Twitter, and now heads an early-stage venture fund called #Angels.
Gold extended gains after the early afternoon settle to briefly top $1,300 an ounce, hitting its highest since early May.
The first yalis were built in the early 18th century, the later ones in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Oklahoma City trailed by as much as 17 early in the second quarter and 10 early in the second half.
I ended up finishing a year early which helped save them money as well, and got my career started early.
Early today, President Trump&aposs critics were having a field day, suggesting maybe he celebrated a possible summit too early.
Truex and Hamlin recovered from their early scrapes but Jones, who wrecked early in the first stage, could not continue.
A lot of the early adopters of things like smart speakers are also early adopters of things like smart home.
Supporting adaptation to build resilience; activating early warning systems and early action; building on innovative approaches like forecast-based financing.
Your ruling planet, Jupiter, moved into your sign in early November 2018 and will stay there until early December 2019.
The Vermont senator began receiving Secret Service protection in early February during the early part of the presidential primary season.
Our sensible routines prepare us for success: plan your day, wash your face, early to bed, early to rise, etc.
About 1,500 staff have taken early retirement and another 2,20153 are eligible for retirement and early retirement, the company said.
From early marriage to early pregnancy to a real lack of opportunities, life for girls is dangerous and incredibly difficult.
This meant any early vote would have to be held by early October, or else pushed back to next year.
The was fetching as much as $1.0849 early Monday, with the common currency marking its highest levels since early December.
The fund is trying to negotiate early payment of management fees in return for the early termination, the source said.
About 1,500 staff have taken early retirement and another 2,500 are eligible for retirement and early retirement, the company said.
In the early late 22s, early 22 FBI was still using paper folders stamps and different systems for tracking cases.
She returned home briefly in early August before traveling to Arizona for a work trip that ended early on Aug.
Signs that elections in Italy may come as early as September also added to the early pressure on the euro.
The game lacked punch early with each of the kickers making three field goals by early in the third quarter.
The research here is still in very early stages That said, the research here is still in very early stages.
I think a lot of it stems from my early, early work where I was referencing a lot of fashion.
Whalers pursued this population of whales beginning in the early 1800s, but the steepest decline came in the early 1.63s.
Although Gardiner specializes in early music, he has also explored nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century repertory, from Beethoven to Stravinsky.
Cyberwar: The Early Years Early cyber attacks typically involved hackers writing viruses for fun and for the challenge of it.
This includes, home visiting, Early Head Start, Head Start, universal full-day preschool, and expanded early intervention programs, for starters.
Get in early You can start taking advantage of Prime Day deals as early as July 10 at 9 p.m.
Costco shares hit a higher low in early June, roughly 2.6 percent above the previous low made in early May.
The Nikkei extended early gains and was up 3.4 percent to 17,626.51 points by early afternoon, the highest since Jan.
Sterling shook off early weakness to rise 2.7 percent against the dollar to $1.2904, its highest level since early October.
"Getting children involved with gardening at an early age is vital to influencing food choices early in life," she said.
"In animals, early pregnancy was associated with improved cognition while late pregnancy and early postpartum with impaired cognition," Kim said.
Trump is winning early returns among Republicans, with Kasich a close second, while Sanders opened an early lead over Clinton.
Kansas State raced out early, hitting eight straight field goals at one point, to grab a double-digit lead early.
Screenings and well-child visits identify potential issues early on, lowering the treatment cost because these issues are caught early.
While early action is not binding, early decision does require that a student attend the school if they are accepted.
It reportedly began terminating contracts as early as October, leading to 50,000 early layoffs over the past three months. Ouch.
Early years Born June 3, 1924 in Tamil Nadu's Tiruvarur district, Karunanidhi took to social activism during his early teens.
Some of the states where voters are enthusiastically casting ballots early recently changed their rules to make early voting easier.
In terms of raw numbers, Hispanic early turnout has increased 129% from 2008, according to early voting data from Thursday.
Oklahoma City trailed by as much as 214 early in the second quarter and 225 early in the second half.
Buffalo Wild Wings' director nomination window will likely run from early January to early February, based on last year's proxy.
And so I went on and off my medications, on and off, from my early 20s through my early 30s.
Well, we will probably have the first clues early: Florida gets called for Clinton and also Virginia gets called early.
In the first installment we defined "early-stage startup" and enumerated areas where early-stage startups need to spend money.
Rather than launching directly from a retailer, the company is going after early-early-adopters via a Kickstarter launch today.
Politico/Morning Consult conducted its early exit poll of 6,882 early and Election Day voters via online interviews from Oct.
About 13 in 10 in each state said they made up their minds before early voting began in early February.
But they proved resilient right from the start on Tuesday, handing Freeland an early lead by getting to Lester early.
"Mitigation requires action that may feel early to some, but must be undertaken early to be successful," Ms. Jayapal added.
He's the Northern European Santa Claus, but he's the early bird that shows up in early December instead of Christmas.
Smith is still in recruiting, but hasn't seen a talent pool match the confluence of early furrydom and early computing.
Mr. Kareus said that from the early 1970s to the early 22006s, most tourists to the islands were on cruises.
CHICAGO — Sixty-six people were shot in Chicago from early Friday evening to early Monday morning, 12 of them fatally.
Based on bond yields, the market has begun pricing in rate reductions as early as late 2019 and early 2020.
In the early 27s researchers proposed it as an adjunct to early protease inhibitor drugs to help treat HIV/AIDS.
But while one Frazier had to learn to live with early fame, the other had to handle an early fortune.
Fleury stopped Ovechkin on a two-on-one rush early, and the Capitals' superstar captain was at his best early.
That's why early workers' movements like Britain's Chartists in the early 19th century organized, first and foremost, for democratic rights.
Nevadans are notably familiar with early voting -- more than 56% of the state voted early in the 2016 general election.
House GOP leaders early Thursday morning decided to send lawmakers home a day early for the July 4 holiday recess.
"Two-fifteen is early enough that some people are still having their evening," she said on a (very) early morning.
Taiwan media will likely offer their predictions based on early vote counts on who has won in the early evening.
James has been all but invincible in the early rounds of the playoffs since the early years of his career.
It may still be very early, but there can be no dispute: Sony is dominating the early days of 2020.
"There was a lot of pressure early on to bring in some of the bigger names early," Mr. Warner said.
Police said early assessments have found nearly 200 homes have been destroyed, though they cautioned it was an early estimate.
Sophos shares jumped nearly 38% in early trade, touching 586.8 pence in early dealing before settling at around 583 pence.
The first was published early in the 2014-15 academic year, and the second early in the 483-16 year.
Many early retirees, on the other hand, have told Business Insider early retirement helped them cultivate and discover new passions.
Susan Kare's Chicago, a quintessential typeface for the Apple brand, is the system typeface for early Macs and early iPods.
He passed on a bid in early 2019 after making some early state visits and investments that intrigued Democratic voters.
"This is a play for people who want to be early, and it's still early," said MedMen CEO Adam Bierman.
An early spring means early thoughts of getting into shape — but this recent wet weather has left us feeling meh.
More than 180,000 people voted early statewide, which shattered the total from 2014, when roughly 123,000 early ballots were cast.
The listing was removed in early January before popping up again in early February, this time listed for $5.5 million.
Mr. Mekas's marriage to Hollis Melton in the early 1970s ended in divorce in the early 2000s, his son said.
Klay Thompson labored through an early-season shooting slump that he refused to acknowledge as an early-season shooting slump.
Two million people cast their ballots early in Georgia – more than double compared to 2014, when 945,507 people voted early.
For parents of transgender children, a complex question is emerging: How early is too early for medical transition to begin?
But it's true that recent early voting reports from Florida do indicate a decrease in black voter early voting turnout.
Proponents of early voting say it's just a bipartisan debate and that the arguments against early voting hold little water.
Early voting is usually a good measure of enthusiasm, Gronke notes; lots of early voters means lots of decided voters.
Noisey: You were a very successful pop star very early on when pop punk took off in the early 2000s.
The way to achieve that is to avoid early losses which is counterintuitive to traditional VC strategy which is to make bolder bets early on, in the off-chance of early home-runs, raise the next fund.
As I mentioned earlier, Sonos was early to this concept—not as early as, perhaps, The Clapper, but early enough that it might have been the first internet-connected smart device that most people might have encountered.
"Our campaign has organized to leverage the early-voting period to build a firewall in states with early voting to turn out supporters early and build up a lead that Donald Trump is incapable of overcoming," Mook said.
Latinos turned out in high numbers, and they turned out early, outpacing early voting numbers from 247 in essentially all key battleground states, including Florida — where they improved their early vote numbers from 20163 by nearly 22016 percent.
He told me that if I would do it early — He wanted me to announce and get going early so he could do the rally early on before a bunch of other people got into the race. O.K.?
Beekeepers Twelve years ago, Dale Gibson traded his early mornings as a stockbroker, for early mornings at his urban bee farm.
The company currently employs about 11,000 workers after shedding about 700 people early this year and about 800 early last year.
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is offering early retirement to U.S. workers ahead of layoffs early next year, it announced internally to employees.
Adi, the tinkerer, made all kinds of shoes early on, but his breakthrough came when he designed an early running spike.
As early as 1989, astronomers had an early concept of JWST as a "Next Generation Space Telescope," the successor to Hubble.
Significant volumes of housing loan renegotiations and early repayments last year boosted 13 revenues through early repayment penalties and renegotiation fees.
From Los Angeles and Seattle, the fare is valid from November through early December, and from January through early May 2018.
On Virgin America, the fare is valid for travel until early December, as well as from January to early March 2018.
He was then sued by his insurance company for ending the tour early, but the lawsuit was settled in early 2018.
It was the Knicks' first game since Cleanthony Early was shot in the right knee early Wednesday morning during a robbery.
It's too early to tell if this treatment will be effective and safe in humans, but these early results are encouraging.
Early marriage brings early fatherhood, and with it added pressure to provide for a family, cutting short education and job opportunities.
Founded in 943 by Gulshan Kumar, T-Series' early business model involved piracy — not too different from YouTube's own early days.
About 70 percent of Pima County voters now cast a ballot early, either by mail or at an early voting site.
For early birds early: the Red, White & Boom Half Marathon, Relay, and 5K races begin July 4 at 6:50 a.m.
Early to bed means early to rise, so I'm up a bit earlier than I normally would be on a weekend.
Olufunbi Falayi  is a partner at Passion Incubator, an early-stage technology incubator and accelerator that invests in early-stage startups.
"We've had quiet years when we had an early storm and we've had busy years with an early storm," he said.
The most striking thing about the early convention chaos on Monday afternoon and early evening is how genuinely unexpected it was.
It's too early to have an impact-- the government shutdown is too early to have an impact on the underlying business.
Early cities early on are unprofitable, but we know that the model is sustainably profitable over a long period of time.
The provision that cut early voting hours has those officials concerned because they do not know how to schedule early voting.
It may still be early, but it's safe to say Taylor has an early lead on winning prom season this year.
These pretty much eliminated carrier early termination fees that customers would need to pay to end a two-year contract early.
He was a founder of PayPal — though the company was sold in the early 2000s — and an early investor in Facebook.
Early lyrics show that issues like criminal justice reform began to haunt the Democratic nominee early on and continued through 2016.
The shows start early and end early; he says the vibe is more "like an amusement park" than a pop concert.
As early risk aversion faded, MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan recouped early losses to rise 0.6 percent.
It could also share early sales figures for its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which opened for preorders in early January.
Rates of intimate partner violence have fallen steadily since the early 234s, a decline that has accelerated since the early 1990s.
I've volunteered to do Early Arrival with my camp—that's when you go early to build—and worried I've overcommitted myself.
It's not too early to save the date, and it's never too early to save $100 on the price of admission.
If driving, know that the roads are often closed early in the morning, so strike out very early in the a.m.
Nevada is entering its third cycle as one of four early nominating states, and Arizona and Colorado also plan early contests.
Consultants told him "we've got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us," he said.
The pattern — which sees a low, a lower low, and a higher low — stretched from early March through to early May.
Its two furthest-along cancer vaccine products are in relatively early on in development, or early and mid-stage trials, respectively.
She's in that position because she jumped into the congressional race early, cleared the field with early endorsements and strong fundraising.
Her early specialty was civil procedure, and she spent several months in Sweden in the early 20163s studying its legal procedures.
Former cheerleader Believed to be in her late 20s or early 30s, little is known about Ri's early life or family.
Minnesota and Wisconsin both made it easier to vote early and are reporting a drastic increase in early voting this year.
Early January saw some money return to equity markets but it is too early to say if that will be sustained.
Many elites left in the early 2000s, dismayed at political changes made during the early days of Hugo Chavez's socialist revolution.
It's also important to get those plans in place early, as employees likely want to begin securing their finances early on.
Will early-stage companies be able to raise capital for product development, product-market fit and pre- and early-revenue phases?
This would appear to indicate Trump was hands-on and directly involved very early — at least as early as late July.
It might be too early to start packing, but it definitely isn't too early to start thinking of good Instagram captions.
LaRose's office also announced that 73,522 early votes have already been cast, across all parties, during the initial early-voting period.
I'm an early riser by nature and usually find my creative inspiration in the early weekday mornings until about 2 pm.
For both men and women, their early 20s were half as influential in determining adult musical tastes as their early teens.
Until early May, US beef imports had been restricted in Japan, following a mad cow disease outbreak in the early 2000s.
How early those investments are made is potentially a better indicator of success: Early backers generally pay less and get more.
Baby Ro — named after Jackson's great-great grandfather — made an early entry into the world, she wasn't due until early April.
They learned to ride a bike really early, they learned to read early, because I wanted them to read street signs.
We recommend arriving early to this Village museum, especially on the rainy days (kids wake up early, but you know that).
Early on, in my late 20s and early 30s, I felt guilty working out during whatever was considered a business hour.
Changes included reducing the daily Sydney to Los Angeles flight to five times per week from early May to early June.
Jim Breyer, an early Facebook investor and partner at Accel Partners, likened the investment opportunity to China in the early 2000s.
Early voting began on Saturday, February 15, and Nevadans have four days -- until Tuesday, February 18 -- to cast an early ballot.
"There's often early hints that something's going awry when your child is different from other children early on," Dr. McGuinn said.
The $45 million early-stage venture capital fund Newark Venture Partners has also helped grow a number of early-stage startups.
For example in a typical partner-financed early discovery program, we'll take a project from concept to early pre-clinical stage.
And because of the fact that we went early, we went early, we could have had a lot more than that . . .
Surveys for the report from Morning Consult, which is based in Washington, D.C., were conducted between early October and early December.
The company's policies do have very stiff penalties on early redemption to discourage holders from turning them in early for cash.
Here's what to do: Make a sausage parm sandwich and get to bed early, then into work early tomorrow to prepare.
This might mean exercising early in the morning, or setting up your business meetings so they are as early as possible.
But the situation is different when you retire very early — too early even to get your first membership solicitation from AARP.
Bleacher Report has found some early success with the betting verticalBleacher Report has found some early success with its betting vertical.
The Knicks showed promise early, particularly behind Jennings and Rose, whose early shooting lifted New York to a 210-19933 lead.
And if there were early thoughts of an early retirement, Williams has changed her tune, much the way her father has.
The number of critical cases among healthcare workers in China also declined from early January to early February, the study found.
While you're waiting, check out these early Times photographs of snowstorms in New York in the late 233s and early 249s.
You may think it'll look good if you arrive early — but if you're excessively early, you could be hurting your chances.
She started the Precious Academy, an early education initiative where she provided early education, nurturing and supporting children and their families.
All the evidence now about how what happens in the early years before they get to school ... Early childhood experiences. Right.
With more and more people using early voting and liking it, rolling back early voting could do more harm to turnout.
Put simply, early voters are decided voters, Paul Gronke, an early voting expert and political scientist with Reed College, tells me.
It's important to remember — as a general scan of contradicting headlines on early voting from the New York Times to Fox News will show you — that it's still early to say definitively that these early voting numbers indicate final results: "It is quite difficult to discern what the election results will be from early voting numbers," Burden said.
It's important to remember — and a general scan of contradicting headlines on early voting from the New York Times to Fox News will show you — that it's still early to say definitively that these early voting numbers indicate final results: "It is quite difficult to discern what the election results will be from early voting numbers," Burden said.
Announcing TechCrunch Early Stage, a new event series all about founders Our TC Early Stage events will be smaller (and more affordable) than Disrupt, with a focus on giving early-stage founders the information they need to be successful.
Applicants, we fear, might be unduly influenced by Early Decision offers of "benefits," including, for example, first priority in housing, a personal parking space "just for you," an early move-in date, and early access to a success coach.
REBOUNDS CLEANTHONY EARLY, who was shot in the knee during a robbery early Wednesday, was released from the hospital, DEREK FISHER said.
Ms. Allen's other television credits include "Car 54, Where Are You?" in the early 1960s and "Law & Order" in the early 1990s.
The NBCSP aims to reduce deaths through early detection — up to 90 percent of bowel cancers be successfully treated if detected early.
I'm the opposite of an early riser, but have heard time and time again that waking up early leads to higher productivity.
The military has been involved in American space ventures since the early days of the space race, helping develop many early rockets.
Pelosi was one of the early members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was started in the early 1990s by then-Rep.
While Rapoport said some teams send their scouts home early, in the Raiders' case, the early dismissal is over concerns of trust.
The performance seemed in peril early on when, approaching an early crescendo, she stepped back and insisted that the band start again.
I was planning to leave early (because I got in so early), but I guess that plan just went out the window.
The Nikkei share average finished 23.4 percent lower at 223.6,0.43, after rising to 20.4,21 in early trade, the highest since early December.
I had a mentor, early, early on that said doing this work is learning how to keep your heart open in hell.
Developers who want to get an early peek at what this will look like can opt in to get early access here.
The state doesn't allow unrestricted early voting, but residents can still vote early by providing an excuse and receiving an absentee ballot.
Both are best known for their early work, and much of what came after was a skilled repackaging of those early successes.
The early movies, which appeared in the early aughts, were hopeful, Harry Potterish films — they were loosely allegorical and all somewhat uplifting.
The weary 49ers (11-8) were never in it, surrendering an early 13-0 run to the Jayhawks, who established early control.
For example, in the early days, Palantir, my former employer, would proactively offer employees the option to early-exercise their stock options.
Iowa Iowa, where 43% of the vote came early in 2012, continues to be Trump's strongest state in terms of early voting.
Brian Kemp in early May signed into law a so-called "heartbeat" bill, banning abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy.
The early votes compiled so far reflect either absentee ballots returned, in-person no excuse absentee voting or in-person early voting.
END OF 2016/EARLY 2017 - Final decisions from provincial and federal governments on whether to invest EARLY 2017- Construction expected to begin.
INGRAHAM: But real quick, they talked about not doing that early morning raid -- we&aposre almost out of time -- early morning raid.
The late 1980s brought Hot Topic, the early 19983s brought F.Y.E., which expanded throughout the early 2000s, then crumbled alongside physical media.
Justin Davidovicz kicked 26-yard field goal early in the first quarter and a 34-yarder early in the second for Rutgers.
First built in 1961, it could navigate around obstacles using cameras and an early version of artificial intelligence by the early 903s.
ZTE's new community effort will also let users sign up for early access to software updates, and potentially even early hardware. h2.
Chris Sacca, an early investor in Twitter, Uber and Instagram, also bet early on Clinton, contributing to her campaign in July 2006.
But early childhood skills are crucial to processing early elementary skills, and as a consequence, many aren't ready to consume teachers' curriculum.
Abuses were found as early as 2011, Stumpf said, but bank executives only realized the scale of the problem early last year.
The Orbital 2 is a Kickstarter success story set to start shipping early next year, with an early-bird price of ~$274.
More than 85033,000 people reportedly participated in early voting — that's twice the amount of people who voted early in the April primary.
The victims were young (early 20s for the men, early 30s for the women) and were working in farms and paddy fields.
My parents immigrated here [from India] in the early '80s, so my frame of reference for everything is late '80s, early '90s.
Now, the founder of Abstract Ventures, an early-stage venture investment firm, is looking to rethink how early stage deals are done.
Early voting numbers have surged nationwide, with totals already surpassing early voting for the 2014 midterm elections in at least 27 states.
The Rift's launch kicks off the early adopter phase and, as prices come down, the early/late majority buyers will step in.
The committee could vote on Kavanaugh's nomination as early as Friday, which would set up a full Senate vote early next week.
Typically, the rules governing early decision policies force a student to commit to submitting one early decision application to their top choice.
Washington said the family had gotten up early because her mother, who was visiting, usually wakes them up early to start breakfast.
The embattled president, after a confusing absence in the early hours of the coup, appeared to speak to the nation early Saturday.
Simply put, Democrats possessed more expansive unchecked state power from the early '28500s to the early '6900s than Republicans have since 2628.
In the case of Mr. Trump, the early skepticism was justified — given that early polls are generally not accurate in primary elections.
The first begins with Conner's early abstract paintings, whose colors darken and textures turn to heavy-duty collage as early as 1954.
"Early shoppers see sales like that as an example to get Black Friday prices early without most of the hassle," Dengler said.
A couple of mistakes early and in this ballpark, if you make mistakes early they are going to go a long way.
An 'early challenge' likely "I expect an early challenge," said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.
Especially early in the game I thought he used his curveball very effectively — got strikeouts with it, got early strikes with it.
There were few chances for either team early in the game before the Devils finally broke through early in the second period.
From the early 1950s to the early 1970s, the Central Intelligence Agency used psychoactive drugs and torture in attempt to control minds.
Florida Early voting must begin October 27 and run through November 3, and some counties can begin as early as October 213.
Besides Netflix, which you got right and early on the upside, what are you most proud of in terms of calling early?
Sam's Club Plus members, who also have the option of shopping early, now will also have access to early pickup hours, too.
It was also cool to see all the different people who would come into the store back in those early, early days.
The early doorbuster deals from such retailers as Best Buy, Kohl's and Target look to have captured shoppers' early dollars and attention.
Republicans in Wisconsin have vowed to cut early voting following high early-voting turnout in heavily Democratic cities like Madison and Milwaukee.
The early voting numbers are another indicator that Democratic voters are enthusiastic about turning out to cast ballots, at least this early.
Simply put, unlike Treasuries, which can't be paid off early by the government, mortgages can be paid off early, when borrowers refinance.
The vote early Tuesday morning was the second time in a week that lawmakers turned down Johnson's request for an early election.
England will want to lock things down early; early goals have been a key to every U.S. win in the World Cup.
Flossie, meanwhile, was hundreds of miles to the east early Friday, but could begin to impact Hawaii with rain early next week.
If you really can't keep yourself from working, it's never too early to start planning your jaunt to Miami in early December.
Early on, the epidemic was largely concentrated in gay men, who enrolled to gain access to new drugs as early as possible.
Nauru is one of the least prepared countries for detecting an outbreak early on, with an early detection category score of 4.4. 
The first SEAL teams were created in the early 1960s, and few were deployed in the early years of the Vietnam War.
The history of new markets in China also suggests there is a high chance for shareholder abuse in early the early days.
They quoted coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki as saying early on Monday that the committee would start working as early as Monday.
We went hands-on with an early build of Minecraft Earth right after it was announced — check out our early impressions here.
" Early in his career, Nauman claimed the influence of Ludwig Wittgenstein, the early 20th-century philosopher who probed the "limits of language.
Girls who drop out are vulnerable to early marriage and early motherhood and typically do not look for jobs, Ms. Montague said.
Importantly, a good deal of ranked-choice early voting has already happened — nearly 22015,290 caucus total early ballots cast as of Wednesday.
Whether it's nonbinding early action or early decision, which is binding, the deadlines for these types of applications are typically between Nov.
Early results indicate that nearly 55,000 people in the district turned out in the early voting period that ended on April 14.
The state lead the country in early voter turnout, with approximately 6.5 million Floridians casting early ballots, according to the Miami Herald.
Early decision and early action, which are offered by some 450 colleges, are a special and especially disturbing part of the frenzy.
My early take-away was that in the future, humans would all be clones that would die early from unanticipated, lethal mutations.
Social media started buzzing with the hashtag #SaveTwitter early on Thursday, with more than 100,000 tweets mentioning the hashtag by early afternoon.
I'm a 2000-year-old early retiree, and here's what I've learned about building a simple, but ridiculously effective, early retirement strategy.
Financial markets rallied in late 2016 and early this year on expectations that Trump would cut corporate taxes early in his presidency.
Tip #3: Leave town super early Although I left town days before Irma hit the Tampa Bay area, it wasn't early enough.
And sure enough, the Nevada Democratic Party has reported high early turnout (this was the first time Nevada has offered early voting).
Dr. Lipkin noted that because cases noted early in an epidemic are the most severe, early mortality estimates tend to be high.
And the early vote is also predominantly older in the seven states, although a higher percentage of early voters are often older.
The work is in the early stages and has yet to be integrated into any commercial systems, but early results look promising.
"What the early studies have shown is that there are early benefits in terms of weight loss and glucose control," Gardner said.
It's still too early to say that's a bad thing, but it's also too early to say it's not a bad thing.
The Turkish lira fell about 2 percent in early trade to 6.6900 per dollar in early Monday trade, down about 1 percent.
I have an early morning meeting to lead at work and then another lunch meeting but I plan to head out early.
Italy's 10-year bond yield rose more than 4 basis points in early trade to 2.26 percent, its highest since early October.
Early-state success is central to Warren's strategy — she just announced a $10 million TV ad buy in the four early states.
Early to bed and early to rise is a maxim that's easy to follow for some people, and devilishly hard for others.
The program of early works, for example, features pieces from the early 1960s: " Junction" (1961), "Tracer" (1962), "Fibers" (1961) and "Aureole" (1962).
An early investor in China's nascent stock market, in the early nineties, he has since diversified into construction, real estate, and pharmaceuticals.
Snap, which went public in early March, is nearing the end of its stock lock-up period for employees and early investors, which forbids those early shareholders from selling Snap stock for the company's first 220 days on the stock market.
But early voting numbers confirming early polling is a good sign — and while there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before drawing conclusions, the numbers are positive indications for Clinton, especially taking past early voting trends into consideration.
Olden days social media, early Facebook and early Twitter, they had advertising, sure — but they didn't have anything like today's perpetual motion engagement.
However, MSI says the GS75, PS63, and GE75 should all be available relatively soon, possibly as early as late winter or early spring.
The high-yield bonds are expected to launch between early August and early September, and will not be funded into an escrow account.
The deal is valid for travel between late October and early December of this year, and between January 2018 and early March 2018.
All that said, jumping out to a huge lead in early voting is pretty clearly better than falling way behind in early voting.
If she goes early, the fraying coalition could collapse, leaving Mr Merz scrambling to form a new government or holding an early election.
Players arriving two minutes early for a meeting were fined for being late because everyone had to be five minutes early for everything.
Between early August and early October, crude oil prices shot up by approximately $20 per barrel in anticipation of the Trump administration's Nov.
You thrived on architecting growth for early-stage high-growth companies, and you treated these early-stage companies you worked with like family.
Roth IRAs enable you to withdraw your contributions early, without being subject to either ordinary income tax or the 10% early withdrawal penalty.
Criterion Channel is expected to launch in early 2019, but early signups for "Charter Subscribers," which come with extra benefits, are available now.
Pre-order demand can spike early on as early adopters rush in once pre-sales open up to try to bag their purchase.
But if there's a surprise detectable surge for Clinton from the Sunshine State that becomes evident early, we'll have that coveted early indicator.
They sent her an early outline and then an early draft to give her kind of an idea of where Phasma's coming from.
He said a trial date will be picked in early May, and estimates it will be set for late May or early June.
I didn't know why he would be coming so early, I didn't know if he would be okay if he came this early.
The fund even says that it is willing to buy back some shares to partially cash out founders, early employees and early investors.
You go from an early-stage company where there's really honestly only three things you have to do as an early-stage company.
The industrial ramp-up will target five aircraft by early 2019 and six per month by early 2020, it added in a statement.
Starting in early April, the company began erecting 15 structures on Vanuatu's Tanna Island, which he hopes will be completed by early June.
Depending on the permitting schedule, construction could start as early as 2019, and the wind farm could start operating as early as 2022.
The final product is expected to roll out in March 2019, while super early bird orders would ship a month early in February.
This "early bird" system reportedly guided Facebook's decision to acquire messaging app WhatsApp in early 2014 as well as its live-video strategy.

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