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"discharge" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, countable] the action of releasing a substance such as a liquid or gas; a substance that comes out from inside somewhere
  2. [uncountable, countable] the release of electricity from a charged object; a flow of electricity through air or other gas
  3. [uncountable, countable] discharge (from something) the act of officially allowing somebody, or of telling somebody, to leave the police or the army
  4. [uncountable, countable] discharge from something the act of allowing somebody to leave hospital because they are well enough to leave
  5. [countable] the act of allowing somebody to leave prison or court
  6. [uncountable] the act of performing a task or a duty or of paying money that is owed
  7. [countable, uncountable] discharge (from something) the action of firing a gun, etc.

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"discharge" Synonyms
release free liberate acquit clear pardon absolve emancipate exonerate manumit deliver exculpate exempt reprieve spare spring unbind uncage unchain unfetter remove dismiss cashier fire sack eject expel oust axe(UK) ax(US) bounce can discard retire terminate excuse supplant bump bust shoot blast detonate loose activate trigger let off set off squeeze off let loose loose off shoot off launch hurl throw fling project propel cast emit dispense leak ooze void excrete exude gush issue disembogue empty pour emanate evolve exhale expire disburden unburden unload unlade disencumber offload relieve unpack lighten unship unstow off-load take off put off take away carry away remove cargo dump perform accomplish do execute fulfil(UK) achieve conduct effect implement observe complete dispatch fulfill(US) realise(UK) realize(US) effectuate carry out bring about bring off carry through meet pay settle liquidate honour(UK) satisfy balance foot honor(US) quit recompense square stand defray pay up pay off pony up ante up annul cancel abrogate dissolve quash render void rescind repeal revoke nullify invalidate negate retract withdraw countermand recall disannul abolish flow surge spurt spill seep trickle jet spew spout dribble ripple cascade well keep obey respect uphold consummate enforce action accommodate administer give provide distribute apportion allocate allot deal disburse proffer supply assign bestow confer divvy furnish portion finish conclude close end stop cease finalise(UK) finalize(US) halt culminate pass lapse elapse wrap explode erupt blow combust fulminate ignite bang boom kablooey mushroom touch off fire off go bang blow up go boom go off go up save avoid deflect deter prevent divert avert forestall obviate preclude block circumvent defecate evacuate egest poo eliminate poop drite discharge faeces void excrement excrete faeces pass faeces have a bowel movement empty the bowels take a dump do number two drop a bomb drop a deuce prosecute continue direct pursue manage persist practise(UK) wage carry on engage in fight persevere work at continue with practice(US) proceed with follow up go ahead with keep on with divest resign rid disembarrass pull yank disqualify drop exclude reject waive disregard omit ignore rule out cross out leave out set aside throw out cut out shut the door on ostracize(US) fester maturate apostemate rankle suppurate run ulcerate weep become septic secrete pus form pus be purulent come to a head become infected become inflamed gather putresce matter putrefy spatter splash bespatter splatter spray sprinkle daub dirty soil speckle shower speck cover dash mark mottle spritz blotch fleck plash lose expend squander waste burn deplete drain exhaust outlay spend burn up consume dispense with dissipate go through lay out run through shell out splurge cash change encash exchange take draw redeem cash out convert into cash convert into money turn into cash turn into money accept cash for convert cash in sell off sell up liberation acquittal clearance emancipation exoneration absolution amnesty clearing delivery quietus quittance exculpation manumission remittance disimprisonment parole probation dismissal removal ejection expulsion notice axing boot cashiering demobilisation(UK) demobilization(US) firing furlough layoff ousting redundancy bullet shot discharging fusillade salvo shooting volley barrage blasting crack pop burst gunfire report bombardment cannonade shelling explosion detonation combustion blowout blowup eruption fulmination blowing-up blowing up blow-up outburst bursting flash upsurge flare outbreak disburdening unburdening unloading emptying offloading relieving removing unlading delivering deposit execution fulfilment(UK) performance accomplishment fulfillment(US) implementation prosecution achievement commission effectuation enactment observance performing perpetration pursuance completion doing carrying out application exercise employment utilisation(UK) utilization(US) practice administration use appliance exertion operation applying play payment settlement honoring(US) honouring(UK) paying repayment settling defraying disbursement liquidation meeting redemption squaring paying off satisfaction settling up making good secretion emission excretion seepage effusion exuding leaking oozing disemboguing exudation voidance voiding elimination suppuration exudate pus purulence purulency pustule sanies maturation sinus infection ulceration emanation outflow outpouring leakage radiation efflux exhalation effluence diffusion drainage escape issuance welling deliverance freedom freeing liberty enfranchisement independence unfettering unshackling unchaining liberating untying releasing disenthralment unbridling uncaging stream flood rush torrent fountain squirt crash smash whump clash whack slam thump thwack clang thud thunderclap whomp thunder peal snap exemption immunity dispensation exception relief impunity privilege exclusion indemnity derogation favoritism(US) favouritism(UK) let-off free pass special treatment get out of jail free card excrement defecation dung feces(US) ordure stool faeces(UK) manure scat deuce excreta turd dropping droppings distribution allotment apportionment dispensing giving issuing providing provision apportioning bestowal appointment disbursing endowment supplying conferment processing blastoff launching liftoff takeoff lift-off projection propelling sendoff flight take-off blast-off ascension rise rising climb ascending lift soar annulment abolition abrogation invalidation negation nullification rescindment cancellation(UK) countermanding rescission reversal revocation quashing abatement abolishment avoidance cancelation(US) estuary firth inlet creek fjord mouth arm bay bight cove debouchure delta embayment embouchure fiord gulf loch debouchment disemboguement inver riddance disposal discarding scrapping dumping jettison junking disposition throwing away jettisoning ditching chucking purging tossing dispatching adherence conformity abidance obeying conformance heed keeping regard following heeding obedience observation compliance period menstruation menorrhea monthlies menses bleeding catamenia curse menorrhoea courses flowers menarche monthly show time menstrual cycle menstrual flow time of the month being on the rag round cartridge shell charge load ball projectile pellet slug shells ammo buckshot missile ammunition rocket cannonball casing lead catarrh mucus phlegm sputum rheum mucous secretion saliva spittle spit invective denunciation obloquy condemnation diatribe complaint objection philippic protest rant tirade attack broadside censure criticism decrying disparagement railing vituperation refund rebate reimbursement compensation reparation restitution indemnification return acquittance allowance consolation discount give-back give-up kickback remuneration receipt stub counterfoil voucher invoice slip acknowledgement(UK) acknowledgment(US) docket sales slip certificate chit declaration letter note transmittal transfer transfer of funds sending transmission mailing consignment posting forwarding shipping conveyance transport transporting carriage shipment issues emissions ejections emanations outflowings outflows streams torrents cascades deluges disgorgements drainages drains escapes excretions expressions exudings outpourings rushes secretions More
"discharge" Antonyms
imprison confine detain hold incarcerate bind gaol(UK) jail(US) enchain fetter keep maintain restrain cage commit constrain hold captive hold prisoner immure intern employ hire contract indenture recruit secure appoint engage enlist enroll(US) enrol(UK) sign commission retain assign take on sign on sign up freeze withhold contain control check curb tame bridle inhibit regulate cork up hold back pull in rein in shut in repudiate absorb drain receive sponge take consume imbibe swallow digest drink ingest suck blot ingurgitate blot up draw in load pack stuff cram lade stack containerize jam pile arrange ballast choke stock surfeit fill pack up charge top brim heap shift shirk abandon neglect avoid dodge desert disregard ignore pretermit reject skip transfer bypass contemn dismiss eschew overlook procrastinate renounce decline refuse dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) forsake reverse disavow default disacknowledge discard disinherit disown forswear owe pass allow permit sanction enable empower entitle let approve okay authorise(UK) authorize(US) licence(US) license(UK) qualify grant green-light accede to agree to approve of assent to be contained be sealed up be stopped up dribble drip drop trickle be quiet conceal gather collect hide withdraw subside take in dull clean up pour entangle fasten embroil abolish end abort annul stop abrogate cancel conclude discontinue invalidate nullify overturn revoke terminate eliminate eradicate halt negate nix quash convict criminate incriminate blame condemn sentence accuse censure denounce doom limit punish find guilty upbraid excoriate build construct create fail invest remain stay upset breach break contravene infringe violate flout disobey transgress offend defy infract go against transgress against fail to comply with fly in the face of invite welcome ask assemble entertain admit bid embrace request summon bid welcome offer hospitality to receive with open arms show in crown enthrone throne coronate instal(UK) install(US) king put in power bear begin commence deny introduce leave mismanage miss prevent start sheath sheathe holster reholster put away burden encumber saddle internalise(UK) internalize(US) enclose restrict trap hold in keep back keep in check keep within the limits of not allow to go beyond damage destroy forfeit hurt lose imprisonment incarceration confinement captivity detention conviction custody internment immurement durance detainment immuration jaildom penal servitude remand restraint thraldom thralldom enslavement recruitment assignment employment hiring appointment onboarding retention appointing enlisting enrollment(US) enrolment(UK) recruiting commissioning enlistment enrolling staffing apprenticing conscription delegation holding withholding suspension ceasing cessation discontinuance discontinuation halting stopping arrest termination cease interruption surcease disarming disabling deactivation incapacitation disablement impairment loading lading packing encumbering cramming nonfulfilment nonfulfillment dereliction nonperformance negligence shirking failure misprision neglectfulness nonfeasance noncompliance remissness culpa irresponsibility nonconformity omission pretermission noncommitment slackness misapplication misuse misemployment misusage mishandling misutilization abuse exploitation misconduct mismanagement desecration corruption perversion repudiation rejection denial disavowal refusal dismissal refutation cancellation(UK) cancelation(US) disapproval disconfirmation denegation containment inhibition retaining preservation beginning commencement construction maintainance welcoming completion conclusion consequence effect goal outcome outgrowth result taking withdrawal abandoning defeat forgetting ignorance leaving failing underperformance underachievement ineffectualness nonsuccess naught nought disappointment dissatisfaction frustration unfulfillment nonexecution non-fulfilment continuity peace loss quiet silence tap whimper influx inflow inrush instreaming inpouring incursion ingress flux accretion eating receiving absorption concealment refrain repression suppression liability accountability answerability obligation responsibility admission admittance import impulsion inclusion implosion slump deflagration nonpayment storage keeping retainment conservation conserving preserving punishment penalty retribution condemnation denunciation

598 Sentences With "discharge"

How to use discharge in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "discharge" and check conjugation/comparative form for "discharge". Mastering all the usages of "discharge" from sentence examples published by news publications.

We're going to restore your discharge, upgrading it to honorable discharge if you received an other-than-honorable discharge or dishonorable discharge because of just who you are," Moulton, a veteran who served in Iraq, said on CNN's "New Day.
Receiving a dishonorable discharge is not the same as receiving a bad conduct discharge.
During appeals, it's up to the veteran to prove to military discharge appeals boards that their discharge was improper and that their superiors got the initial discharge wrong.
He received a bad-conduct discharge — one notch above a dishonorable discharge — and was demoted to private.
"So, I squeezed my nipple and sure enough, a little discharge came out, bloody discharge," he said.
The symptoms of canine distemper in dogs include fever, nasal discharge, crusty eye discharge, lethargy, coughing, vomiting and diarrhea.
Though no one ever explicitly told me that my discharge was related to my orientation, the discharge paperwork did.
In the meantime, Carter made it more difficult to discharge transgender troops by requiring high-level approval for the discharge.
Furthermore, the review boards have not enthusiastically embraced Hagel's guidance, and they persistently deny many applicants a full upgrade to an honorable discharge and refuse to remove highly prejudicial narrative reasons for discharge from a veteran's discharge certificate.
Jeff Denham, a leader on the discharge petition, said if there is not an agreement, the discharge will get 218 signatures.
Smith said Manning could appeal her discharge determination, noting a failed appeal would ultimately result in dishonorable discharge from the Army.
Post-discharge phone calls, nurse-led discharge planning, visiting nurses, and dedicated "transition coaches" have all been shown to lower readmission rates.
"We'll try discharge petitions and even if they don't succeed we'll highlight those who declined to sign the discharge petition," the lawmaker said.
"If you have enough signatures on the discharge petition tonight, it still does not mean the discharge petition is going forward," McCarthy told reporters.
The ombudspersons called on DeVos and Saul to automatically discharge student loans for eligible borrowers under the Total and Permanent Disability loan discharge program.
Shulkin said there is a distinction between those who have received an other than honorable discharge and those who have received a dishonorable discharge.
Conservative hard-liners, who vehemently oppose the discharge petition, are pressing Ryan to allow a stand-alone vote on one of the conservative immigration measures included in the discharge petition — a move they say would effectively derail the entire discharge petition for procedural reasons.
A woman may have a vaginal discharge, though, whereas men don't experience penile discharge with yeast infections (this can make male infections harder to detect).
"Not all discharge is bad, and not all discharge is an infection," says Mark Yudin, gynecologist and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Toronto.
If the patient committed to detox only or discharge to another facility outside of our system, then AIR will set up discharge plans with the client and coordinate transport.
More importantly, a dishonorable discharge would have triggered an automatic notification to the FBI that this person is banned from buying firearms, where a "bad conduct" discharge does not.
WHAT HAPPENS IF DISCHARGE PETITION SECURES 218 SIGNATURES  A discharge petition is a rarely successful gambit to force consideration of a bill that requires the signatures of 218 members.
Lessard is a New York attorney who has handled discharge upgrade applications pro bono and a founder of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) Veterans Discharge Upgrade Program.
They measured an 860-volt discharge from E. voltai; previously the highest known discharge was 650 volts, more than five times the voltage of a standard American wall socket.
It would be impossible to stop the discharge with caps or plugs, and there would be little hope of completing dozens of relief wells to stop discharge from damaged wells.
East said the Army has recommended a general discharge, a step down from honorable discharge caused by conduct not in line with military standards, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
People who do experience them might notice burning during urination, increased vaginal discharge, white, yellow, or green discharge from the penis, or spotting between periods, or swollen or painful testicles.
Discharge petition supporters face a deadline of June 11 to collect the necessary signatures, as the House can only consider discharge petitions on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.
It wasn't your typical discharge — it was profoundly gross.
Republican supporters of the discharge petition — led by Reps.
If that bill, the subject of the discharge petition, was defeated as expected, the separate discharge process would in effect be scuttled, even if the special rule is subsequently discharged and adopted.
In a statement, the Marine Corps said that Mr. Weaver's depression did not qualify for a medical discharge and that an other-than-honorable discharge is proper when troops refuse to train.
When he was caught in 2010, he said, he was told that a medical discharge would take years, and that he would be better off voluntarily taking an other-than-honorable discharge.
Rates of patient readmission within 30 days of discharge declined by 0.1 percentage points and rates of death within 30 days of discharge dropped by 0.03 percentage points at the acquired hospitals.
The common STI-related causes of abnormal discharge include a parasitic infection called trichomoniasis—which is known for watery or frothy foul-smelling yellow-grey discharge, burning urine, and pain with sex.
If the discharge petition does get 218 votes — per House rules, a discharge needs a majority of total membership regardless of vacancies — seven legislative days would have to pass before a floor vote.
One wonders if they cared his SEAL service was cut short – only nine years  — and that he was eventually issued a "general discharge," lower than an "honorable discharge," by the Department of Defense.
Still, he said the discharge petition would be kept alive, for now, saying it was "vital our colleagues remain committed to the discharge petition" until the final details were inked on the compromise.
After discharge, civilians, with their (often unintentionally) ignorant approach to veterans issues, intrusive questions, and mind boggling tendency to focus on shallow matters, may become pervasive, constant triggers to veterans following military discharge.
Most often, the discharge comes from one nipple, not both.
It came back negative; however, the discharge and pain continued.
The next crack at a discharge petition comes July 23.
They agreed, and the discharge petition failed by two signatures.
We can't even imagine the discharge forms in those scenarios.
Hunter left the Army in 2004 with an honorable discharge.
"Maybe there's a little discharge, a little itch," Handsfield said.
There could also be a watery discharge from the site.
After her discharge, she began distancing herself from her mother.
Normally a discharge petition is launched by the opposition party.
Meanwhile, Laurel (Karla Souza) is spiraling on "Discharge Day" (ew).
He was given an honorable discharge on August 2, 1919.
Bidegain: NOFX, Rancid, Midnight, Discharge… a lot of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
All of those behaviors lead to a dishonorable discharge, potentially.
Despite the complications, Curbelo said a discharge petition was necessary.
The vote effectively killed a discharge petition — introduced by Rep.
Volcanic vents Openings in the Earth's surface that discharge magma.
Two buses pulled into an intersection to discharge frightened passengers.
I spent five years trying to get Carri's discharge changed.
Service members receive a discharge when they leave active service.
Jenny A. Colegate, recommending a general discharge for medical reasons.
Bergdahl's attorneys asked for a punishment of a dishonorable discharge.
The March ban would not discharge currently serving transgender people.
Denham introduced the special discharge rule in March and Rep.
Bergdahl's attorneys asked Nance for a punishment of dishonorable discharge.
He will be processed for administrative separation, or discharge, Maj.
Source: Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, Better Cotton Initiative, UNEP
Also prohibits restrictions on the lawful discharge of a firearm.
An initial decision to forcibly discharge Sergeant Martland by Nov.
I completed the discharge summary, and the patient went home.
Symptoms include severe itchiness, painful sex and abnormal vaginal discharge.
Women may see increased discharge overall or bleeding between periods.
The discharge proceedings were dropped, and her career was saved.
For the first time since their discharge, life felt okay.
But few discharge petitions can get the 218 signatures needed.
Why are Republican politicians unwilling to discharge their constitutional responsibilities?
My grandpa saved his discharge papers in the original envelope.
Mr. Goldsmith has spent the last decade appealing his discharge.
Whether the discharge petition will change that calculus is unclear.
But Coffman's discharge petition is unlikely to go anywhere regardless.
"This limits the risk of uncontrolled discharge," a spokesman said.
Upon discharge, Mr. Vorspan finished college at New York University.
While there is no record of how long the conditional discharge sentence lasted, a lack of further court records in the case indicates that he did not violate the discharge, the clerk told CNN.
Data through December 2016 showed the cost of caring for participants fell 46 percent per member per month to $5,721 for the six months after discharge compared with the six months prior to discharge.
Secretary Mabus also said that those who previously left the service under similar circumstances may petition to have their discharge reviewed, either through the Navy Discharge Review Board or Board for Correction of Naval Records.
If every Republican and roughly 20 Democrats agree to sign on, the GND will be placed on the House Calendar of Motions to Discharge Committees, where, after seven days, any signer can motion for discharge.
"Discharge by itself might not be an issue, but if you have discharge plus other symptoms, it's more likely to be something that may need to be treated or could potentially be treatable," Yudin says.
Some also believed that the gunfire had been an accidental discharge.
Thermal infrared image of groundwater discharge revealing differences in water temperatures.
The discharge petition was just two names short of being activated.
Underwater volcanoes and hydrothermal vents discharge mineral salts into sea water.
For the disorderly conduct, the judge gave Tekashi a conditional discharge.
He applied for an honorable discharge in 2014 but was denied.
Third, Bergdahl's attorneys asked Nance to give Bergdahl a dishonorable discharge.
He ultimately received a bad conduct discharge and reduction in rank.
She doesn't mention bankruptcy as a way to discharge student debt.
If you transfer your credits, you're not eligible for a discharge.
She was booked on suspicion of negligent discharge of a gun.
You might notice discharge or fluid leaking out of your ear.
The discharge standards will now go into effect on March 21.
Any firearms discharge is a momentous event that triggers robust scrutiny.
Eligibility depends on minimum service requirements, disability ratings, and discharge status.
The agent's weapon didn't initially discharge when it hit the dancefloor.
Mr. Mayes was dismissed from the Army with a dishonorable discharge.
The move, called a discharge petition, now has 20 Republican supporters.
That question could open the door to a wrongful discharge claim.
The Air Force did not provide a date of the discharge.
In 2016, Carter said we will no longer discharge transgender soldiers.
He later told reporters he wasn't considering signing the discharge petition.
You can view the discharge summary for that hospital stay here.
Bob Goodlatte about the discharge petition, as well as with leadership.
But here's where it gets tricky for this particular discharge petition.
Many also rely on telephone surveys to reach patients after discharge.
If no agreement emerges, more Republicans may sign the discharge petition.
Miles will ultimately get his discharge and a fresh financial start.
Following an "uncharacterized" discharge from the Navy, Ross began her transition.
"When the discharge happens, it can be quite hectic," she added.
Under Navy rules, a positive drug test typically triggers a discharge.
The Army declined to comment on the reason for his discharge.
He said the president could still take steps to discharge them.
But just two days after her discharge, Maldonado had the answer.
"Discharge" in this case is clear — ESPN did not fire Hill.
Such firms usually report when they discharge certain levels of pollutants.
After discharge, Medicare won't cover skilled nursing care for these patients.
Of the six types of discharge, dishonorable is the most punishing.
Regardless of discharge type, they served their nation out of patriotism.
Not just discharge it also you include concluded in your products.
Statutorily, there are certain responsibilities only a Cabinet secretary can discharge.
Well, the life of a battery is measured in discharge cycles.
Bowe Bergdahl's guilty plea for desertion resulted in a dishonorable discharge.
Then they followed them using hospital discharge data over the years.
The school resource officer did not discharge a firearm, police said.
How can they know when to charge and when to discharge?
The most common symptom types were pain, abnormal functioning and discharge.
"Delta-X will still capture high and low discharge," he said.
Mark Amodei (R-NV), who has signed the discharge petition, said.
We also squeeze the head of the penis to investigate discharge.
Discharge comes from glands nested in your vaginal walls and cervix.
Eight days after his discharge, Matthew killed himself with homemade explosives.
The critical changes concerned empowering members to discharge bills from committees.
INGRAHAM: So, in this discharge petition madness -- people hear this like their eyes are glazing over I&aposm sure, but it&aposs really important because weird stuff can happen with a discharge petition, as you know.
RELATED: Who has signed the DACA discharge petition As of the Thursday, the discharge petition has 213 signatures of the 218 it needed to automatically trigger a vote next month on a series of immigration bills.
The proposal would also ensure that the review boards work with veterans with newly upgraded discharge status to help them understand their benefits and update the records of deceased service members to reflect the honorable discharge.
" It pointed out that "although patients might have accepted the discharge plan at the time of discharge, they have the right to change their minds and/or make their own decisions once they leave the hospital.
Where a typical lithium-ion battery could give you only 1,000 to 2,000 discharge cycles, tests showed the million-mile battery had 95% of its life left after 1,000 discharge cycles and about 90% after 4,000.
"Our members — those who have signed [the discharge petition] and those who will — are fully prepared to confront and defeat any underhanded tactics to disrupt our efforts," Curbelo, one of the discharge petition leaders, told The Hill.
In 2010, she received an "other than honorable discharge" from the Navy.
A lucky few have so little vaginal discharge, it's not even noticeable.
But for the rest of us, discharge is an (almost) daily occurrence.
At some threshold they respond with an electric discharge of their own.
No discharge petition may come up that late in a Congressional session.
Which was why the social worker was calling to arrange his discharge.
Leadership is hoping to avoid the embarrassment of a discharge petition succeeding.
Half the episodes of self-harm occurred within 42 days of discharge.
Anal symptoms include discharge, anal itching, soreness, bleeding, or painful bowel movements.
That compelled Poseidon to redesign the plant's seawater intake and discharge technologies.
After his discharge from the military, Banks moved to the Minneapolis-St.
They recommended a prison sentence of 14 years and a punitive discharge.
The wand comes with four, rounded glass attachments that discharge static electricity.
It's normal to have some vaginal discharge in your underwear every day.
Look for asymmetry, redness, dimpling, discharge or any other suspicious visual clues.
The offer -- plead guilty to a misdemeanor, and get a conditional discharge.
Kelley served at Holloman in New Mexico from 2010 until his discharge.
The database merges information from hospital discharge records with birth certificate data.
After his discharge from the Marines in 1991, Urdiales moved to Illinois.
But punk bands like The Exploited, Discharge, GBH, attracted me a lot.
With this immigration discharge petition, solutions-oriented members put everyone on notice.
He also stressed that they aren't backing down on their discharge petition.
It's understandable why some Republican House members are pushing this discharge petition.
To be sure, this does not discharge ex-offenders from moral responsibility.
But the discharge route will only get tougher in the weeks ahead.
" A senior Democratic aide described the discharge resolution as "a last resort.
Upon discharge, some of them were given a limited prescription for opioids.
Ryan's comments are unlikely to dissuade the centrists pushing the discharge petition.
He was released after nine months after being granted a conditional discharge.
The discharge amount may grow, officials said, as more analysis is done.
Students can find the discharge form online or contact their loan servicer.
But Kelley did not receive a dishonorable discharge for his assault convictions.
Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) filed a discharge petition on it May 28500.
One factor is the process we use to admit versus discharge patients.
Norman received a conditional discharge in Poole Magistrates' Court earlier this week.
The doctor issued a psychiatric discharge that removed Pearson from high school.
Navy records show that Hunter's discharge took effect on February 18, 2014.
If her appeal is denied, she risks dishonorable discharge from the military.
The story of his discharge also seemed to change with each telling.
"We have no faith in your ability to discharge your duties," Rep.
A checklist of specific complications could be given each patient at discharge.
So, it makes it very difficult for them to discharge their debts.
The Clean Water Act now regulates pollutant discharge into bodies of water.
They got to process his discharge paperwork the day he checks in.
You're going to have heavy discharge called lochia for weeks after birth.
This loan discharge program, first adopted in 85033, has worked fairly well.
I will wait until she feels better, then discharge her, too. More.
At his sentencing, he receives a dishonorable discharge from the US Army.
Discharge petitions rarely succeed because of how high threshold is to clear.
He received a bad conduct discharge in 2023 after serving his sentence.
His court-martial resulted in a dishonorable discharge and reduction in rank.
Attribute it to Providence or a misfire, but the round didn't discharge.
Upon discharge in 20163, he said the police came to see him.
I told her my symptoms and added that I was experiencing discharge.
Seizures, or fits, occur after an unanticipated electrical discharge in the brain.
But according to federal law employers cannot "discharge, constructively discharge, suspend, lock out, lay off, fail to recall from layoff" or otherwise take adverse action against employees because they support a union or take part in union activities.
"Sometimes delays in discharge are due to an ongoing criminal or child-welfare matter in the home, and we must await the resolution of such matter before discharge is considered safe and appropriate," Mr. Crompton said in the statement.
These charge and discharge when ions move from one electrode to the other.
" Finally, he dreamed of getting his discharge papers, which he described as "comforting.
House leaders rarely lose control of the floor via a discharge petition campaign.
Lochia is the medical term for the bloody vaginal discharge after giving birth.
Successful treatment, which included skin grafts, led to his discharge from the hospital.
Mike Doyle, who introduced the discharge petition, has received money from the NCTA.
Others simply claimed they had discharge and odor, but couldn't figure out why.
Well, yes, to your point, we believe there is a constructive discharge here.
" Asked if he regrets not signing the discharge petition, Ross said "Not yet.
If talks fall through, moderates say they will activate their discharge petition Tuesday.
He credits the threat of the discharge petition for getting a deal done.
One day in October 2014, I noticed a really slight, faint pink discharge.
Nevertheless, Ngo sent me a copy of his discharge paperwork from the hospital.
They asked for a dishonorable discharge but no confinement as Bergdahl&aposs sentence.
The cats start sneezing and have nasal discharge but usually do not cough.
He received a general discharge from the Alaska Army National Guard in Aug.
This condition can lead to discharge from the penis and pain when urinating.
He&aposs also charged with reckless discharge of a firearm and aggravated assault.
It&aposs also possible the discharge of huge volumes of lava could resume.
Now a discharge petition is a fairly obscure, a relatively rare legislative maneuver.
Any attempt to discharge transgender soldiers would also raise serious equal protection concerns.
So far, Jones is the only Republican to sign onto the discharge petition.
Of the soldiers subject to that law, 2,933 were given an honorable discharge.
The lawsuit alleges wrongful discharge and violation of a Michigan whistleblower protection law.
My honorable discharge from investment banking was to go to Stanford Business School.
Vaginal discharge is completely healthy and normal, as Gunter said in the video.
Hoyer on Tuesday said the Democrats would get behind a second discharge petition.
But in 1956, he was dismissed from the service with a dishonorable discharge.
The bill is favored by House conservatives who oppose the discharge petition effort.
Eighteen House Republicans recently signed on to a discharge petition — introduced by Rep.
Effective discharge petitions have been rare in House history, though not unheard of.
Emergency medical situations will arise again and again when officers discharge their guns.
The other alternative would be for students to apply for a loan discharge.
Fort Bragg, North Carolina (CNN)Fourteen years in prison, or a dishonorable discharge.
In other words, Iran has promised not to discharge its cargo to Syria.
Nance opted for no prison time and a dishonorable discharge for Bergdahl. Why?
Only three lawmakers have signed on to Coffman's discharge petition so far: Reps.
Hice can file a discharge petition on his resolution and begin collecting signatures.
With their backs against the wall because of the discharge petition, they engaged.
As it is, the discharge petition fell a few votes short, although Rep.
For men, these symptoms include watery discharge from the penis and painful urination.
An FBI spokeswoman said received a less-than-honorable discharge from the Army.
Let's say backers of the discharge petition marshal the necessary signatures this week.
The doctors first brought up the subject a week before our son's discharge.
In a 48-50 vote, senators failed to discharge the measure from committee.
In a 48-21625 vote, senators failed to discharge the measure from committee.
Know that discharge from the hospital is just one step along the way.
Trichomoniasis discharge can be white, yellow, or green and carry a "fishy" smell.
Kelley was sentenced to 12 months confinement and given a bad conduct discharge.
So there was no legal mechanism for Puerto Rico to discharge its debts.
She and her mother discovered the details by going over his discharge papers.
My discharge came four years before Ellen DeGeneres came out on national television.
Mr. Bradford received a general discharge from the United States Army in August.
She received an honorable discharge from the military shortly after the psychiatrist's appointment.
Van Gogh, however, returned to the hospital just three months after his discharge.
We also focus on nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) low self-discharge (LSD) batteries.
Pros: low self-discharge, one-year warrantyCons: May not fit all battery compartments
Admitting one patient now almost inevitably means finding a way to discharge another.
For the discharge petition to succeed, it needs the signatures of 218 members.
But in that time, they can discharge more energy than 500 million suns.
If we all discharge our duties, rights will not be far to seek.
After her discharge, she was treated by both a psychologist and a psychiatrist.
Its debut episode involves a discharge, a cute goat and a clandestine hookup.
Many of the poison pill riders help farmers discharge pollution from animal waste.
He was sentenced to a year in confinement and a bad conduct discharge.
This mower includes three-in-one mulching, side discharge, and rear bag functions.
She actually finished the book while in rehab the second time, awaiting discharge.
She helped eliminate the discharge of phosphates and other pollutants into Lake Michigan.
Bloomberg says he will make it easier to discharge student debt in bankruptcy.
This group was surveyed three months after discharge, and again six months later.
He was sentenced to a conditional discharge and served no time in jail.
The suspect was forced out of the military after a bad conduct discharge.
Some pays for the medication discharge counseling Gallagher and other Parkview patients get.
The discharge turned a pond green and flowed onto a nearby organic farm.
This included an order that each tannery install sensors to measure its discharge.
"Obviously, we do not agree with discharge petitions," Ryan told reporters this week.
Mark Kozelek, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, and all the members of Discharge.
This goes much further than setting up discharge protocols for opioid overdose patients.
There were all these unanswered questions: On what basis would you discharge someone?
"How can you be sure it's not vaginal discharge?" she asked, pressing further.
But it can cause painful or bloody urination as well as genital discharge.
Integration with Meditech enables discharge notifications to be sent automatically to the right care team members via their smartphone or hands-free Vocera Badge as soon as the physician's orders are entered into the EHR, accelerating the entire patient discharge process.
Lawmakers huddle over discharge petition (The Hill)... > Reuters: To try to fend off a discharge petition to move immigration changes to the floor, Ryan is telling his conference that he's working on a piece of immigration legislation with the president.
He added, though, that not all information had been included in the recommendation for a discharge that went for final approval, and that it was likely that if it had been included, Mr. Weaver would not have received the administrative discharge.
"The elections office in Palm Beach County demonstrated on a national stage that they simply could not comply with the laws of the state and that Supervisor Bucher could not discharge the duties that she was supposed to discharge," DeSantis said.
Coffman acknowledged in an interview with The Hill that he would need to rely on Democrats to succeed with his discharge petition, but it's unclear whether Democrats would sign Coffman's discharge petition given that most support a more permanent legislative solution.
I'm glad to see that they have given him an 'other-than-honorable' discharge.
Within three days of discharge, the mothers were surveyed about their baby's sleep environment.
White or clear discharge — lymph fluid — is totally normal during a piercing's healing process.
Another three tankers carrying around 100,000 tonnes of diesel are currently waiting to discharge.
He was too cold, that newborn discharge summary said, and hadn't been eating enough.
"A Friday discharge might be a little bit optimistic," Dr. Clint Doerr told reporters.
This enforced immobility could increase the risk of falls after discharge, the researchers noted.
If they stumble on the immigration bills next week, the discharge petition remains alive.
As it stands, only 180 (overwhelmingly Democratic) lawmakers have signed the House discharge petition.
The bottom line is that vaginal odor, much like vaginal discharge, is totally normal.
Because of his discharge he lost his benefits and has never seen a specialist.
For a provisional discharge, the court must determine Pavelich no longer poses a threat.
So it's in a hospital's financial interest to encourage doctors to discharge patients sooner.
Mr. Gupta applied last year to corrections officers for an early discharge from Devens.
He served in the US Air Force from 2010 until his discharge in 2014.
Mills that have not obtained licenses to discharge pollutants will have to halt production.
Imagine this poor, adorable squid having to discharge his body's waste on his face!
Vann served in the Marines before receiving an "other than honorable" discharge in 1993.
He was given a general discharge from the U.S. Army on July 24, 1975.
Cells lining the epididymis constantly discharge small, fluid-filled, membrane-bound bubbles called vesicles.
On Thursday, Speaker Ryan reacted to this discharge petition uprising during a press conference.
Black has been charged with discharge of a firearm and recklessly endangering another person.
In addition, about 290,000, or 13 percent, resulted in a discharge against medical advice.
There was no immediate confirmation of the discharge from Pele's press office in Brazil.
"Faced with a deadly situation, troopers were forced to discharge their weapons," he said.
The Clean Water Act requires companies to publish routine discharge monitoring reports with regulators.
Discharge petitions must get 218 signatures to trigger a vote on the House floor.
If successful, the discharge petition would force a vote on a proposal by Rep.
Still, moderates who support the discharge petition are hopeful the issue will be resolved.
Democrats backed those Republicans pushing the discharge petition to raise pressure on GOP leaders.
We stay at the hospital for a while longer for observation and discharge instructions.
Members of the House majority hardly ever endorse discharge petitions, much less launch them.
The Berlin police also confirmed the decision to discharge the three units on Twitter.
In fact, there is an administrative process for veterans to upgrade their discharge characterizations.
Discharge petitions, which are rarely successful, require at least 218 signatures to move forward.
" He then added "votes were pledged in order to turn off the discharge petition.
The conservatives oppose the discharge petition and are seeking procedural ways to sink it.
After his discharge, Mr. Johnson began studying black history in depth, his father said.
All federal student loans are forgiven at death by Total Death and Disability Discharge.
Symptoms of pink eye include redness, watery discharge and, in extreme cases, irreversible blindness.
Last but certainly not least in the unmentionable category: an increase in vaginal discharge.
"You are correct in that discharge at these levels is not allowed," she wrote.
But there are a few options that discharge opponents are pressing them to use.
Ensuring high-risk patients see doctors within a week of discharge can prevent readmissions.
"I don't believe discharge petitions are the way to legislate," McCarthy told The Hill.
Pacific Textiles said there had been only one discharge of waste water, on Dec.
In this play, filled with metaphor and symbolism, a sort of electrical discharge blazes.
Women with advanced cervical cancer may have abnormal bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge or pain.
These bodies should also begin investigating the arbitrary and capricious discharge of noncitizen recruits.
Officer Van Dyke, who is white, was the only one to discharge his weapon.
The discharge nurse comes in not even wearing a mask and I go home.
In his spare time he studied military regulations, hoping to get his discharge upgraded.
Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of a firearm in the national park, she said.
An earlier version of this article misstated the location of an accidental weapons discharge.
A general discharge as compared to an honorable one seems somehow impure to people.
I found out that he couldn't get one because he had a dishonorable discharge.
Under the Closed School Discharge program, students were supposed to have their debts forgiven.
Neil joined him there as a clerk after his discharge from the Air Force.
Guns can fall out of holsters, be taken from the classroom or accidentally discharge.
If the infection progresses without treatment, you may notice more green or brown discharge.
The Administration for Children's Services also gave him a discharge grant of roughly $500.
L.N.G. vessels would tie up alongside and discharge their frigid cargo through flexible hoses.
Then in December, a sudden discharge from the Xayaburi drowned his lettuces, he said.
Hydrostor says its system can discharge energy for up to more than 12 hours.
The president's silver bullet against recruitment—rapid economic growth—is proving tricky to discharge.
He was given a Chapter 11 discharge — a failure to adapt to the military.
Overall, 18 percent had at least one repeat hospitalization within 30 days of discharge.
It is critical that lawmakers discharge their duty and get that job done quickly.
The Army is sending him home from Iraq with an honorable discharge, but Pvt.
Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) is now the only Democrat not supporting the discharge petition.
He received an "other than honorable" discharge in May 2014, a Naval spokesman said.
The next day, he pleaded guilty to harassment and was given a conditional discharge.
He was swiftly court-martialed and expelled from the Army with a dishonorable discharge.
Internal systems allow the pilots to discharge fire retardant material directly into the engine.
The department has approved nearly 48,000 applications for a borrower defense discharge since 2016.
Discharge petitions can force full House votes on bills without them passing through committee.
Four children are "proceeding towards reunification or other appropriate discharge," according to the filing.
Defense lawyers asked that the soldier receive a dishonorable discharge but be spared confinement.
Liberals wanted to force McConnell to try to discharge Pompeo's nomination from the committee.
Coffman filed a discharge petition this month to force a vote on the legislation.
Border Patrol says it shares appropriate discharge and care information when detainees are transferred.
Hice said on Wednesday that he will file the discharge petition sometime after Easter.
In 2008, he canvassed in Alaska for a failed ballot initiative on mine discharge.
"An officer was forced to discharge his firearm, striking the suspect," the chief said.
Could Congress pass a law that defines more carefully what "unable to discharge" means?
Conviction of sexual assault in the military now requires automatic processing for dishonorable discharge.
Working on OTH discharge concerns is one way to get many veterans on board.
"There's nothing in the discharge papers telling me what to do," Ms. Sacra says.
It's a three-in-one that has mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging capabilities.
But those who seek to transition or serve openly after that happens risk discharge.
A court eventually denied their discharge, meaning they couldn't get rid of their debt.
Special rules around student loans, like forbidding most borrowers to discharge debt in bankruptcy.
But Ryan has made it very clear he's not happy with this discharge petition.
Long, who had lived in British Columbia from 2005 to 2008, was sentenced to 15 months in prison and a dishonorable discharge after he was deported, while Burmeister received a sentence of nine months in military prison and a bad-conduct discharge.
Benjamin Spencer, a reserve officer in the Judge Advocate General's Corps of the U.S. Army, told CBS that a bad conduct discharge is for something at the misdemeanor level, while dishonorable discharge is for a crime at the level of a felony.
"Because these patients often cannot communicate the full details of their hospital stay or discharge plans, care providers in the nursing homes rely on discharge paperwork and instructions from the hospital staff, which may be of variable quality," Goldstein said by email.
Denham said Wednesday that "when you can show the overwhelming majority of the House that is supportive of this, you shouldn't need a discharge petition" — which is a little puzzling because those are the only times a discharge petition can actually be used.
Customers could also discharge the power in their batteries back to the grid, she says.
A lieutenant relieved him of his gun, as is police protocol following a weapons discharge.
Is this how Sessions would discharge his duties as attorney general for the United States?
Lowlife, Discharge (no, not the UK band), and The Psychiatrists, and maybe a few others.
So from the standpoint of our legal position, we believe we have an illegal discharge.
"They need to pay in order for us to be able to discharge," Scott said.
Mary Gay Scanlon reversed course and has now decided to sign the House discharge petition.
Entergy has been seeking the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System from the NYDEC ever since.
He pleaded guilty to illegal discharge of a firearm and served two years in jail.
Servin was criminally charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless discharge of a firearm and reckless conduct.
If the discharge petition succeeds, it would force votes on four DACA bills June 25.
The discharge will not take effect until an appellate court affirms Bergdahl's conviction and sentence.
After a four-year enlistment, he received an honorable discharge and went back to Houston.
"It forestalls the discharge petition and lets them maintain the appearance of control," he said.
BuzzFeed News obtained a copy of Morales's discharge records from Sharp Chula Vista dated Jan.
That allows emergency rooms to discharge patients after an overdose without screening them for depression.
This story has been updated to reflect that the prosecution asked for a dishonorable discharge.
And one way to discharge that debt is by being in this kind of experiment.
In a psychiatric hospital, getting out is known as "discharge," which is a sacred word.
He pleaded guilty to harassment and was given a conditional discharge, according to court records.
Interestingly, the fatally shot Wilson brother didn't actually discharge his weapon, seemingly dying on purpose.
The punitive discharge means the case will automatically be appealed to a higher military court.
My mom and aunt arrive just in time for the resident to approve my discharge.
Kangaroo care also includes exclusive breastfeeding, early discharge, and close follow-up care at home.
They asked the judge to give their client a dishonorable discharge and no prison time.
The rice is being purchased at $442 a tonne, including shipping, insurance and discharge costs.
Along with itching, trich symptoms include a yellow-green discharge, a foul odor, and irritation.
Despite other reports, it's not the same as lightning, which is a spark or discharge.
The current study includes only injuries from traditional firearms that use gunpowder to discharge bullets.
House members try to force immigration debate:  What happens if discharge petition secures 218 signatures .
There was no discharge into the sea as a result of the incident, it added.
He served 20163 months' confinement and received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force.
In such cases, the service member will be referred for evaluation for a medical discharge.
He also was acquitted of two counts of intentional discharge of firearm that endangers safety.
In response, Democrats launched a procedure known as a discharge petition last month on Rep.
With his plea, he could face up to life in prison and a dishonorable discharge.
She is hoping for a conditional discharge, but will find out her fate this month.
Our vaginas can leak up to four milliliters of discharge in a day, Gunter says.
"I've always believed discharge petitions are not a way to govern," McCarthy told The Hill.
In some cases, the military services discharge those who seek help, an even worse outcome.
The ruling on Mr. Dwork's discharge entitled him to veterans benefits, including a military burial.
The majority of Texas ports remained closed to large vessels, limiting discharge of imported crude.
They abruptly end the conversation, making preparations for Mr. Purdy's discharge, possibly the next day.
But the records do not include a clear list of prescriptions he received at discharge.
"I struggled with depression, alcohol abuse and the shame of my dishonorable discharge," he wrote.
He didn't speak of his discharge from the Army, not even to his three daughters.
Yet the discharge route would only get tougher in the weeks ahead, as former Rep.
An other-than-honorable discharge can also mean being denied burial in a military cemetery.
Republicans would currently need 22 more signatures on their discharge petition to force a vote.
Is there any recourse for ITT students who don't qualify for the "closed school" discharge?
Jason Crow, Coffman's Democratic challenger, seized on the decision to set aside the discharge petition.
However, water damage is more likely from firefighter hose streams than from automatic sprinkler discharge.
House Republicans will face an uphill battle in gaining Democratic support on the discharge petition.
Of those, only seven (2 percent) have been called up under the regular discharge process.
When the electric discharge touches down it spreads out in search of places to travel.
Borrowers can discharge a federal loan in case of a disability or death, Minsky said.
Discharge petitions are normally a tool used by the minority party — unsuccessfully, in most cases.
They previously risked discharge if they served openly or their gender identity was made public.
Trachoma is a blinding infection spread by contact with discharge from the nose or eye.
He pleaded guilty to illegal discharge of a firearm and served two years in prison.
That crime is punishable by up to seven years in military prison and dishonorable discharge.
The Marine Corps charged him with misconduct and gave him an other-than-honorable discharge.
However, doctors advised against the discharge, saying he should be grounded for a few days.
South Carolina, for example, does not permit this type of conditional discharge for violent crimes.
Why do you want to discharge all this very sophisticated equipment that we're born with?
You can read the discharge summary, with results from all the testing she had, here.
Readmissions for gastrointestinal bleeding and anemia, they found, peaked four to 10 days after discharge.
Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), one of the moderate sponsors of the discharge petition, said.
Soon after his discharge, he auditioned for William Steinberg, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's music director.
The military must also report anyone who receives a dishonorable discharge, which precludes gun ownership.
Nationwide, one in three released pretrial defendants fails to comply with the requirements of discharge.
If these electrodes come into contact, it can lead to a rapid discharge of energy.
Another penalty is assessed for deaths in the hospital or within 30 days of discharge.
Ryan Costello (R-PA), who had signed the discharge petition earlier this month, told Politico.
The streamer seemed to accidentally discharge the gun inside his house while making a joke.
Give him a dishonorable discharge, a million community service hours and let him go home.
She said that a dishonorable discharge was appropriate, but asked that he be spared prison.
Their batteries would store electricity when demand is low and discharge it during peak hours.
The sheriff said his deputy "confronted him with a firearm" but did not discharge it.
Mr. Lance is among nearly two dozen Republican lawmakers who have signed the discharge petition.
Discharge papers, as well as a photo of the relevant soldier in uniform, generally suffice.
The day Alyssa left Mayo, that doctor and a colleague had written a discharge note.
And rehab patients were also 2% less likely to die within one year of discharge.
It is time for Congress to discharge its Constitutional responsibilities to dispose of the territory.
Has emotional disorder so impaired the President that he is unable to discharge his duties?
The Army gave him an honorable discharge and his full pension of $28,000 a year.
Discharge petitions, which force a vote without the consent of leadership, are rarely successful, however.
He faced a forced discharge, while his vice commander was assigned to a different unit.
The Department represents the borrowers and makes all determinations over whether to discharge the loans.
It was the first time the House had voted on a discharge petition since 85033.
Barajas-Varela served in the Army for six years before his honorable discharge in 2001.
Motions to discharge are considered one of the more violent procedural measures available to members.
A payment agreement reached in recent days with BP has also allowed tankers to discharge.
TANAP's first section, ending at a Turkish discharge point in Eskisehir, was completed last year.
There is an automatic loan discharge for those whose schools closed while they were enrolled.
Second, they order a review of OTH discharge cases to see if mistakes were made.
He had been given a bad conduct discharge in 2008 related to a larceny case.
There is typically little communication between doctors and law enforcement to plan for their discharge.
He retrained as a surgical technician after a medical discharge from the military in 2008.
Yeast infections produce an odorless, thick, white, and chunky fluid—the infamous "cottage cheese" discharge.
Ramalar Munjal, 55, got a conditional discharge, was forced onto benefits, and here we are.
I took my discharge papers and just figured I'd just try to manage at home.
Two law professors said they expect Bergdahl will receive a dishonorable discharge at a minimum.
The provision in the Senate version would require discharge review boards to provide "liberal consideration" to the diagnosis of a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) or military sexual assault when considering whether to upgrade a less-than-honorable discharge.
He worked with Steve Lessard, a lawyer and president of the New York County Lawyers Association, which takes on discharge upgrade cases free of charge; and Rob Cuthbert, a former coordinator for the Veteran Advocacy Project's Discharge Upgrade Clinic at the Urban Justice Center.
And now that the legislation that the discharge petition was attached to -- a more conservative immigration bill that failed the House on Thursday -- is dead, a new discharge petition would have to be started and all the signatures would have to be gathered again.
Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) asking if the Texas gunman, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, should've received a "dishonorable discharge" from the military — the worst possible way to leave the armed forces — instead of a "bad conduct discharge" for assaulting his spouse and child.
The tanker took several days to complete discharge, Dalsvag said, and an internal PDVSA document seen by Reuters shows that the discharge was halted at one point due to a temporary lack of storage space for diluted crude oil, the type the Gerd Knutsen carried.
"Very few states, if any, would include the discharge of student loans in income," he said.
The lubrication your body produces when you're turned on is different from your everyday vaginal discharge.
The House may only consider discharge petitions on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.
He is charged with second-degree manslaughter, and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm.
Six tankers loaded with liquefied petroleum gas, used mostly for heating, are also waiting to discharge.
The bureau also said the layoffs and discharge rate was unchanged at 1.1 percent in November.
The shooter was discharged from the Army last year on a general discharge, the official says.
"The diagnosis in the discharge summary is the same -- 'toxic effects of unknown substances,'" Prokhorov said.
"I accept this responsibility and will discharge it to the best of my ability," he said.
According to Ashbury Park Press, "the alleged discharge of bodily waste" happened at 5:45 a.m.
Because discharge petitions overrule the speaker, technically Ryan would not have been breaking the Hastert Rule.
After breaking his clavicle in Iraq and receiving an honorable discharge, he returned home in 276.
"You can't discharge someone who's just had a serious infection to a football stadium," Waxman said.
But the record is clear: Financing matters, and it affects both hospital admission and discharge decisions.
"You will also have a discharge of fluid coming out of the ear," says Dr. Mukhija.
The action unfolds in the aftermath of Anna's discharge from what seems like a mental institution.
Any military member who actively participates, he said, is subject to investigation and potentially a discharge.
Kelley's court martial ultimately ended with him earning a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force.
Jeffery Nance didn&apost explain how he formulated his sentence that also included a dishonorable discharge.
Workers tried to discharge the water with pumps, but were unable to prevent the cave-in.
Instead, he received no prison time, a reduction in rank, a fine and a dishonorable discharge.
The law assesses penalties when too many patients return to a hospital too soon after discharge.
It sought to eliminate the discharge of toxic pollutants into "waters of the United States" (WOTUS).
The researchers worry about the threat that uncontrolled discharge of brine could cause to marine life.
Hospitals should be obliged to talk to social services when they discharge a patient, for example.
He was then sentenced to 12 months in custody before being given a bad conduct discharge.
" Mueller's statement: "I accept this responsibility and will discharge it to the best of my ability.
Supreme Court justices take an oath to "faithfully and impartially" discharge the duties of their office.
The forecast is based on nitrogen runoff and river discharge data from the U.S. Geological Survey.
The invasion of the toxic bloom is caused by discharge from the highly polluted Lake Okeechobee.
Morgan told Reuters that the exceedance the groups saw in the companies' discharge reports "shocked" him.
The documents must be issued by a bank and received before the parties agree to discharge.
The discharge papers reported my condition as a "threatened abortion": the medical term for a miscarriage.
Gonorrhea symptoms include a burning sensation when urinating and unusual discharge from the penis or vagina.
"Mr Rowley's discharge creates no risk to anyone in the community," he added in a statement.
The EPA estimates this could reduce discharge of more than 10,000 pounds of mercury each year.
Healthy discharge plans could include meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques, journaling, creative activities, and supportive group settings.
He was also acquitted of two counts of intentional discharge of a firearm that endangers safety.
As of Monday morning, 20 Republicans and 176 Democrats have signed the so-called discharge petition.
After some attention, he'll discharge his magazine, complete with a spray of milky white gun oil.
He ruled instead that Hernandez-Llach died from sudden cardiac arrest due to the Taser discharge.
A long struggle to remove the stigma of a questionable Army discharge comes to a close.
Sixty-three years after leaving the Army, Mr. Mayes's discharge was upgraded from dishonorable to honorable.
Other words seemed only to summon images related to the body, including chunks, discharge and plop.
Jeff Denham, a Republican from California who is one of the leaders of the discharge petition.
Johnson also believes it should be easier for people to discharge their student loans in bankruptcy.
What now: The vote Wednesday was to discharge the bill from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Kelley reportedly received a bad conduct discharge from the Air Force over allegations of domestic violence.
In order to force a House floor vote, discharge petitions must get at least 220006 signatures.
Family members would share towels; flies would be resting on children's faces as discharge flowed down.
After serving 235 months in a military prison, he received a bad conduct discharge in 245.
More than 300,85033 post-9/11 veterans have received bad discharge papers, according to Rowan's letter.
The questionnaire arrives in the mail a few days after a patient's discharge from the hospital.
The New Jersey program, for instance, doesn't discharge loans for co-signers if the borrower dies.
Indeed, Republicans pointed out that the first person to sign onto the discharge petition was Rep.
Clue lets you track seemingly limitless factors, from discharge, stool, to the condition of your hair.
Military members in jeopardy: Immigrant military members can obtain citizenship if they receive an honorable discharge.
Florida charges $102 for its license, and instructors must actually witness applicants safely discharge a gun.
Men with gonorrhea may see a white, yellow or green discharge unceremoniously dripping from their penises.
Chlamydia can cause discharge in men and women that ranges from cloudy to white to yellow.
For 79 children, their parents had been released and were "unavailable for discharge" at the time.
Norepinephrine discharge, leading to anxiety, increased heart rate, and increased respiration rate, can bring these on.
Most times, a negligent discharge means you accidentally fired one round from your rifle or pistol.
Under the current correction system, very few of these veterans will ever receive a discharge upgrade.
After his confinement, Mr. Kelley was forced out of the military with a bad conduct discharge.
He graduated from Antioch after his discharge and studied film at the University of Southern California.
But, after two years of delays, there came a sudden discharge that has left him reeling.
Mike Thompson (D-CA) has a filed a discharge petition for his bipartisan proposal with Rep.
Exercise less — when you exercise, you discharge more carbon dioxide; that's essentially a magnetizer for mosquitoes.
"Many patients were coming in and you are not able to discharge any patients," he said.
It also detailed how disputes about a president's ability to discharge official powers would be resolved.
Upon discharge, he enrolled in Bard College and graduated in 1948 with a degree in philosophy.
The VA only presumes veteran status for former service members with an Honorable or General discharge.
Declaration of force majeure could delay discharge of crude vessels, an Indian refining source told Reuters.
Attorneys for the plaintiffs condemned the court's action and said some current troops could face discharge.
Our veterans fought for their nation by risking their lives from basic combat training to discharge.
There is no limit to the number of factories allowed to discharge waste into a river.
So he writes, to discharge and express his feelings, to help him accept the bad conditions.
Patients would ask me to please not discharge them, but eventually we wouldn't have a choice.
It limited the discharge of pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides and industrial chemicals into those waters.
Bryant Neal Vinas was given a Chapter 11 discharge — a failure to adapt to the military.
A jury found Wilkerson guilty and sentenced him to a dishonorable discharge and a year's imprisonment.
Before his discharge last year, he worked as a combat engineer as a private first class.
What's needed, he argued, is passion: an emotional discharge in the service of a proactive agenda.
She was booked for felony negligent discharge of a firearm and was released on $35,000 bond.
The three-in-one function allows you to mulch, bag, or use the side-discharge chute.
During days four through 10, the discharge will be more watered down and pink or brown.
After it closed, thousands of Corinthian students asked the Department of Education to discharge their loans.
He pleaded guilty to a weapon-possession charge and received a conditional discharge with community service.
When Moore's gun fails to discharge, she thinks fast and throws the bullets at him instead.
The X-rays are normal and he is sober enough to walk: discharge home with girlfriend.
The punitive-discharge status bars most troops from veterans' health care, education funding and disability pensions.
After a month in office, Donald Trump has already proved himself unable to discharge his duties.
Closed-loop scrubbers, which store wash water for later discharge, are still accepted in most ports.
Further, class members are still free to pursue claims for injuries resulting from an unintended discharge.
" Online state records describe the offense as "threat to bomb" and "threaten to discharge destructive device.
Side effects include burning on the skin and in the eyes, and profuse discharge of mucus.
But even this evidence of widespread impropriety at ITT hasn't helped former students discharge their debts.
But if a deal remains elusive and the discharge petition succeeds, the Speaker's headaches could multiply.
His caregiver was overwhelmed, and my ability to discharge him home safely was brought into question.
"We expect the supervisors, regardless of their party affiliation, will discharge their constitutional duties," Elias said.
She tried to stick it out, but left the academy in 2004 with a medical discharge.
Nevaeh was brought home from the hospital five years to the day from Franklin's discharge date.
From the beginning, Ryan made it very clear he was not happy with this discharge petition.
If women don't get the treatment, then they will have a white discharge in their vaginas.

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