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"purpose" Definitions
  1. [countable] the intention, aim or function of something; the thing that something is supposed to achieve
  2. purposes [plural] what is needed in a particular situation
  3. [countable, uncountable] meaning that is important and valuable to you
  4. [uncountable] the ability to plan something and work successfully to achieve it synonym determination
"purpose" Synonyms
goal aim objective idea intent intention function object plan point basis cause direction grounds impetus justification mission motivation motive occasion commitment resolve purposefulness resolution determination persistence dedication devotion drive perseverance tenacity backbone confidence conviction enterprise enthusiasm initiative mettle push resoluteness reason advantage benefit good role outcome result raison d'être utility avail behoof business capacity duty effect job method procedure deal strategy suggestion proposal disposition proposition action angle approach course expedient formula maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) vocation calling profession trade employment career occupation work line pursuit game position craft niche lay métier future destiny fate fortune doom prospects expectations chances design kismet lot in life prospect likely advancement likely improvement likely success lot call circumstance dignity morality sense value virtue class excellence ideal merit prerogative probity quality rectitude right righteousness uprightness worth perversity doggedness obduracy stubbornness pertinacity obstinacy mulishness willfulness intransigence bullheadedness pertinaciousness pigheadedness hardheadedness obstinateness perverseness contrariness tenaciousness wilfulness pertinence applicability bearing relevance appositeness relevancy aptness connection materiality appropriateness suitability germaneness importance relatedness congruity consistency significance application applicableness functionality performance process service use component tenor drift meaning theme purport substance tendency burden gist import thread trend way essence volition choice election option discretion preference selection alternative druthers liberty pick choosing will free will conation decision desire venture operation undertaking activity endeavour(UK) project deed exercise move task act affair campaign exploit measure effort exertion endeavor(US) trouble energy force labour(UK) stress strain sweat toil striving struggle graft labor(US) muscle pains utilisation(UK) utilization(US) implementation usage adoption onboarding appliance exercising exploitation usance using agency deliberation consideration thought reflection cogitation debate meditation study discussion pondering thinking account advisement brooding calculation cerebration consultation contemplation musing rumination intend mean commit expect want aspire consider contemplate decide determine look meditate propose have a mind have in mind have plans devise contrive tailor fashion make fitting adjust adapt conceive construct fit prepare shape gear equip destine ordain appoint devote predetermine preordain reserve assign decree earmark allot consecrate foredoom foreordain predestine choose opt conclude elect establish figure reach rule agree cinch guess name select strive drudge slave slog moil hustle travail plough(UK) plow(US) plod grind create form develop formulate invent originate brainstorm coin conceit dream frame ideate produce cogitate evolve hatch pursue seek court try for aim at aim for attempt push towards quest after search for strive for aspire to be intent on work towards work for work toward go out for have as an objective have a go at have as a goal More
"purpose" Antonyms
pointlessness irrelevance aimlessness futility inanity meaninglessness needlessness purposelessness uselessness worthlessness impertinence inapplicability inappositeness inconsequence insignificance irrelevancy triviality unimportance senselessness stupidity indifference uncertainty doubt apathy unenthusiasm disinterestedness dispassion insouciance lethargy listlessness nonchalance torpor uninterest boredom disinterest dispiritedness halfheartedness instability lassitude laziness inadequacy frivolity incompetence hopelessness ineptness ineffectiveness ineffectuality ineffectualness inefficacy failing failure hesitation indecision indecisiveness irresoluteness irresolution vacillation cowardice flexibility idleness indolence question spinelessness weakness hesitancy wavering tentativeness hesitance reluctance compulsion impulse whim extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) impulsion vagary whimsy spontaneity impulsiveness improvisation ad-libbing subject confusion disorder chaos confoundment disorientation disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) disorderliness mayhem disarray messiness mess lack of focus chance fortune accidentalness incidentalness unintentionality accidentality fortuity inadvertence happenstance fortuitousness deterrent disincentive determent discouragement hindrance impediment limitation restraint shackle counterincentive block inhibition dissuasion obstacle obstruction result consequence outcome effect ramification aftereffect aftermath corollary product resultant by-product repercussion side effect side reaction result from fallout fate fruit upshot sequel avoidance dislike hate hatred neglect thoughtlessness cowardliness cravenness dastardliness poltroonery timidity fearfulness pusillanimity gutlessness spiritlessness sissiness timorousness softness wimpiness wimpishness cowardness cowardship faintheartedness mousiness detriment misfortune illfare disadvantage disbenefit disservice beginning commencement origin start amusement avocation entertainment fun hobby pastime recreation surrender unemployment task retreat obsession enthusiasm interest whole relaxation hobbyhorse leisure activity leisure pursuit side interest past history early stages infancy youth earlier life early life early years formative years younger days younger years adolescence tender age vulnerability sensitivity vulnerableness liability helplessness susceptibility defenselessness inaptitude incapability incapableness incapacity defensiveness hypersensitivity oversensitivity susceptibleness touchiness inactivity otiosity shiftlessness slothfulness torpidity joblessness loafing loitering inaction lazing truancy mismanagement misuse badness baseness corruption cruelty dishonesty immorality imperfection meanness unfairness wrong evil sin wickedness unwillingness disinclination nolition aversion averseness demurral indisposedness objection opposition refusal resistance antipathy qualms misgivings revulsion displeasure indisposition distaste loathing abhorrence disgust repugnance choice decision volition preference selection pick will choosing defeatism despair despondency fatalism negativity pessimism resignation cynicism dejection dubiousness nihilism disbelief depression negativeness nonsense foolishness irrationality absurdity illogicality unreasonableness illogicalness preposterousness impracticality craziness ludicrousness insanity ridiculousness unreason unsoundness lack of judgment checkpoint stop off waypoint stop subgoal bass blockage exterior exteriority outside being reality abstention fact certainty passiveness safety surety passivity directionlessness ambitionlessness lack of ambition lack of direction lack of purpose dereliction shirking misconduct desertion negligence laxity abandonment forsaking neglectfulness nonperformance compliance meekness cooperativeness docility submissiveness tractability feebleness frailty debility enervation infirmity languor debilitation enfeeblement frailness flimsiness infirmness languidness effeteness lowness sickliness pull ignore disregard dismiss reject forget disbelieve use waste refuse keep hesitate decline repulse condemn deny oppose rebuff abandon abort cancel discard discontinue withdraw ditch drop dump forsake pull out come about come to pass hap transpire befall come off stumble tumble disarrange disorganize unfit dither fluctuate swither vacillate seesaw waver be indecisive be unable to decide conceal hide idle laze overlook pass procrastinate rest withhold put off

914 Sentences With "purpose"

How to use purpose in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "purpose" and check conjugation/comparative form for "purpose". Mastering all the usages of "purpose" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I encourage others to live your life on purpose … with a purpose … for a purpose.
Is the purpose to punish, is the purpose to warehouse, or is the purpose to rehabilitate?
That "why" is your purpose, and work with purpose is passion.
"The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all," Cage wrote.
That's not our purpose — our purpose is to help you manage a crisis.
Hate crimes serve a purpose, but that purpose is not efficiency or deterrence.
Maybe we need some special purpose languages, but not another general purpose one.
If the money was given out for a purpose, what was that purpose?
" Mark Zuckerberg: 'Finding Your Purpose Isn't Enough' "Today I want to talk about purpose.
"My whole life had meaning and purpose and I lost my purpose," Judd says.
They're using one valuation for one purpose and they're changing it for another purpose.
It still serves the same purpose — reading — but is now even more purpose-built.
"The N.E.C. served its purpose," Mr. Hooks said, "and is still serving its purpose."
The purpose, Swinney said, was to instill a greater sense of pride and purpose.
That's the purpose of Purpose—to inspire people who believe in those kind of ideals and to find your purpose, carry on no matter what your struggle is.
"The purpose here—it's a great purpose, it's a noble purpose," Jadwiga Ziolkowski, the fourth Ziolkowski child, now sixty-seven and one of the memorial's C.E.O.s, told me.
You'll get a better clean for less money with a paper towel and all-purpose cleaner like Puracy Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Wirecutter's pick for best all-purpose cleaner.
He believed that his purpose, like everyone's purpose, was a gift from a higher power.
Walls have served a purpose in the past and continue to serve a purpose today.
Obviously, businesses should have a purpose, to be profitable you need to have a purpose.
What's the purpose of your team, the purpose of the work you guys are doing?
Maybe that's the purpose—if there is a purpose, and I don't know that there is.
You're put in this position with a purpose, a purpose to learn and grow and evolve.
It's a device seeking a purpose, while the Courier was a purpose embodied in a device.
The game's purpose is to help her find her purpose, her place in this dying town.
" Then she added, "My purpose in life is to find a purpose, if that makes any sense.
The phone is general purpose, the PC is general purpose, the tablet to a large extent is.
Other SpaceX investors have stakes in the company through the special purpose funds, or special purpose vehicles.
"I look at the legitimate purpose and the legal purpose and I don't see it," said LaHood.
Then the Facebook CEO launched into the meat of his talk about the idea of purpose — not just finding purpose for one's self, but giving others the chance to have a true purpose.
It's just the most fully realized, it has the most singular purpose, it makes its purpose the plainest.
Atlantic's "Second Purpose" The Atlantic's second purpose—ordinally, but not as to significance—developed as a quieter matter.
The machines in Automata are constantly talking about purpose, and how a lack of purpose drives them insane.
However, the Logos would say that art serves a purpose, a critical purpose in the grand scheme of things.
Like every other evolved ecosystem on the planet, it served a purpose, and that purpose was not Olympic golf.
Because after repeatedly using something for a certain purpose, our brains begin to associate an object with a purpose.
He wants to fulfill his purpose as a spork, but now has a new toy purpose thrust upon him.
"The purpose of treatment is not more treatment, the purpose of treatment is to have women thrive," said Shyken.
But many of those who thought Pachulia injured Leonard on purpose were really convinced that Pachulia injured Leonard on purpose.
"All the pain I felt from the day I was born had purpose, and I'm living that purpose," she said.
For him, as for Surrealists like André Breton, it is an action whose express purpose is to have no purpose.
You get in there because you have a purpose in life and you want to follow through on that purpose.
I think funeral directors would say that the primary purpose of embalming is restoration, and the secondary purpose is preservation.
He believed in using things for a purpose, and if they served no purpose, he banished them from his life.
So cut out six emails a week that serve no purpose and replace them with these six purpose-filled ones.
"Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn," she sings, a possible reference to his 2015 album Purpose.
"After repeatedly using something for a certain purpose, our brains begin to associate an object with a purpose," she says.
These were photographs that were made for a purpose, and often that purpose saved lives and made life better for people.
Instead of allowing it to be a general purpose computer, we focused on one purpose, making the best possible writing experience.
When companies want to use individuals' data for a new purpose, they must explain that new purpose and obtain users' permission.
"Time and again our V.I.P. collectors come in on cruises with one purpose and one purpose only," Steven told the group.
A black slurry of pickled pigs' feet and eggs can't serve its purpose if that purpose and its origins aren't known.
Find your purpose Finding a sense of purpose contributes greatly to well-being and a longer, happier life, experts tell CNN.
"What was clear is that there is purpose behind what he does, because there is purpose behind his brand," he said.
I stopped wanting my eating disorder when it started distracting me from my purpose, and I cope by honoring that purpose.
Frankly, it encourages the mission of journalism, when you're under attack with purpose, because the fake news attacks are with purpose.
And then you took this formal tool that you developed for this one purpose and then pushed it to this other purpose.
"Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn," she sings on the emotional song, possibly referencing his 2015 album Purpose.
It is an ephemeral purpose, a stupid purpose, as the perfect fucking shower caddy isn't going to make me a whole person.
This is the sort of advantage a company can gain when it shifts to purpose-specific hardware rather than general-purpose processing.
ENIAC was the first "programmable, general purpose, electronic digital computer," and is widely regarded as the first modern general-purpose computing device.
For Mr Scully, the purpose of art is a timeless, Zen-like quest to discover our place and purpose in the universe.
You're given purpose, so there's always an interior monologue, but now you have something that bounces off you—the purpose of life.
Its purpose seems clear from start to finish, a stark contrast to Knives and Skin's obfuscation of its own intent and purpose.
Certainly the entire purpose of the advancements in the technological field are for the purpose of pursing greater human freedom from labor.
I contend that business must have a purpose beyond profits, and that such purpose can, over time, benefit both stockholders and stakeholders.
Unjustified tax loopholes whose sole purpose is tax avoidance are sharply distinguishable from tax credits and deductions that have an economic purpose.
Purpose-built race cars that call on every modern tool of engineering and design have historically been produced for one purpose: winning.
"COVID-19 gives us a higher purpose much like being in space does because we are saving lives by quarantining so it is important to understand that bigger purpose and embrace that purpose," Whitson told "CBS This Morning" on Monday.
"If the purpose of the firing was to obstruct an ongoing investigation, if that was the purpose in mind, that's unlawful," Huq notes.
That is, developers could publish extensions in the store that clearly stated their purpose and that had no other purpose than to mine.
Short for Special Purpose Acquisition Company, they are blank-check companies that are formed for the purpose of merging or acquiring other companies.
And all of a sudden you've got these machines doing these comparatively special-purpose tasks, but very different than traditional, general-purpose computers.
Following your purpose I was deeply enlightened when I learned this fact: When you become bigger than your purpose, you can't do anything.
We need the right incentives to guide its development with a sense of purpose, and that purpose needs to be the public good.
With this change, VTech has demonstrated they are not suitable for purpose - for ANY purpose - and should not be considered a viable option.
And I try to adapt to that because it's a distraction from what the invoked purpose, the proper purpose, of that exchange is.
According to the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage's statement of purpose, the colors were chosen deliberately: purple for "loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause," gold for "the color of light and life and "the torch that guides our purpose.
Under existing law, once the FDA approves stem cell–derived gametes for that purpose, doctors could use it for any purpose, including Easy PGD.
Of those, I prefer profit-from-purpose, as it makes clear there is a higher purpose to the company, but profit always comes first.
Pleasure is enjoying life in the moment while purpose is about living out your values and passions while serving a greater purpose, he explains.
"Recognizing that the team purpose is the most important [thing], COVID-19 gives us a very higher purpose, much like space does," she said.
This is why business leaders who are serious about a broader corporate purpose need to create a level playing field for purpose-driven businesses.
"The difference between eminent domain for public purpose — as Donald said, roads and infrastructure, pipelines, and all that — that's for public purpose," Bush said.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads From time to time, debates emerge on the purpose of films, and the purpose of art as an extension.
BUSH: The difference — the difference between eminent domain for public purpose — as Donald said, roads and infrastructure, pipelines and all that — that's for public purpose.
"When you have some AI capability and it's trained for one purpose but used for another purpose, that's an unethical use of it," he said.
The debate on the rule served Democrats' purpose of highlighting a badly broken process and served Republicans' purpose of showing they could govern, albeit belatedly.
That theory, however, assumes that the purpose of social media is to get famous, or that there is a purpose of social media at all.
So add another item to our listicle: Myth number four: If evolution has a purpose, the purpose must have been imbued by an intelligent being.
" The group's purpose is summed up in its basic statement of purpose: "Visit the sick, relieve the distressed, bury the dead and educate the orphan.
While it is not unusual for a company to be founded with a higher purpose, that purpose is difficult to sustain as the company grows.
"There's no greater feeling than me feeling like I'm existing for a purpose, and this is what gives my life purpose right now," he says.
Both owners are facing charges of possession for the purpose (of trafficking), marijuana; possession for the purpose, cannabis resin; and possession of proceeds of crime.
By acting with alacrity and purpose, the Taliban clearly wanted to convey a sense of unity and purpose that has long been lacking within the organization.
What drives people is a purpose, and they created that purpose, first of all, of "we want to leave..." At that time, it was called "leave".
I wanted to feel like everything had a purpose, and that whatever I brought through my front door in the future would also have a purpose.
"  "In this highly unique case," he wrote, "the record provides strong indications that the national security purpose is not the primary purpose for the travel ban.
We do not know what ultimate purpose the cube serves, but must a father know the purpose of his cube so soon after the cube's birth?
It doesn't have any real strategic purpose, outside of alerting your squadmates you're ready to move or a psychological tactic, but these trolls found another purpose.
The main purpose of Pruitt's trip was to tout American liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, a purpose that Democrats say is not within the EPA's mission.
And one place where we've thought we could really fulfill an important business purpose, but also an important social purpose, is non-recourse lending to consumers.
Whatever your job, you can connect what you are doing to a larger purpose, and that purpose can help you learn to love what you do.
"I probably had a purpose and I had probably blown it, but maybe I could find another purpose and make something of my life," said Casey.
"While their message and purpose is not a welcomed message or purpose, their presence is welcomed," said Tamarkus Cook, senior pastor of Saint Smyrna Baptist Church.
Is Congress's purpose to implement the agenda of the majority party most effectively, or is its purpose to compel and enable accommodations in a divided country?
It is important to understand that bigger purpose and to embrace that purpose to give you reason and rationale for continuing putting up with the situation.
But the purpose may be for a medium-term goal, providing you with capital for a future purpose, without needing to liquidate your retirement savings early.
Arrival is based on a famous Ted Chiang short story (called "Story of Your Life") that artfully juxtaposes the search for extraterrestrials' purpose on Earth with the search all of us undergo for our own purpose, even when such a purpose seems opaque and hard to understand.
"Litigation has potential to serve more than one purpose: compensating victims but also a potential to serve a more societal purpose, a public health purpose to get information out and provide manufacturers with an incentive to either design or market their products more safely," he said.
The road to purpose goes like this: > First, you have an interest > > Then you partake in a lot of activity > > > After that, you *might* have a purpose.
In fact, a doctor can prescribe buprenorphine without a special waiver if the purpose is to treat pain, but not if the purpose is to treat addiction.
Pro: Sense of purpose Some factors that can stem from retirement, or ceasing to work, are a sense of "rolelessness" or a lack of purpose, Pillemer said.
" My favorite answer, though, is the Zen-like circular reasoning attributed to writer Robert Byrne, who put it, "The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
OXO Good Grips All Purpose Scrub Brush, $6.95, available at AmazonThis all-purpose brush is so highly rated because it's scratch-resistant, versatile, and just plain effective.
"We are all here for a purpose, and the chicken is here for a purpose," said Yossi Cohn, 32, grandson of the founders of the poultry store.
"If you are able to find a way to express purpose, to make a change, there will be so much purpose in your life," Aaron Steed said.
Having purpose is not a fixed trait, but rather a modifiable state: Purpose can be honed through strategies that help us engage in meaningful activities and behaviors.
For if conducing scientific experiments was about finding purpose in life, why should we continue doing them when we know they don't have a purpose at all?
We need a purpose in our life, and if you can find genuine purpose without holding down a full-time job, then you're very much like me.
"I didn't have a purpose, like I didn't feel like I had a purpose for being a musician or anything," she told "CBS This Morning" on Monday.
But the fact is that I learned that the way you deal with it -- is you deal with it by finding purpose, purpose in what you do.
If achieving a "balance of claims" is the core purpose of copyright, the extension of copyright protection to works generated by AI can be measured against that purpose.
"Even if Ways and Means had a legitimate committee purpose for requesting the President's tax returns and information, that purpose is not driving Chairman Neal's request," Consovoy wrote.
It is a single-purpose tool, but that purpose is powerful, and explains the enduring appeal of the Kindle in a world that has largely passed it by.
So why wouldn't you want to extend the same mentality down to your fingertips with nail art that serves one purpose and one purpose only: pure, unadulterated fun.
A Dog's Purpose – $22017 million  Despite the ballyhoo, industry forecasts still peg A Dog's Purpose to attract a decent number of families to each of its 22,2166 theaters.
But Congress authorized access "for the purpose of patrolling the border to prevent the illegal entry of aliens" — not for the purpose of preparing to build a wall.
I know the purpose of the players' protest is not as sexy as our President whipping up conflict, but the purpose of the players' protest saved Johnson's life.
So if biological evolution is a product of cosmological natural selection, it has a purpose in a defensible sense of that term—and we're part of that purpose.
The 2016 Workforce Purpose Index found that employees with a sense of purpose outperform others, are more productive and are more inclined to stay late at the office.
These new instances, which are meant for general-purpose workloads, offer a significant cost benefit, with saving of around 31% compared to the current N1 general-purpose instances.
So obviously when I talked about purpose last year, I talked about having purpose to your clients, to your employees, to other stakeholders, but I said communities and countries.
In relation to existing users, such sharing would involve the processing of personal data for a purpose that is incompatible with the purpose for which such data was obtained;
To do this, plain, human language (or visual references) that clearly states the exact purpose through which the data will be used to fulfill the business purpose is critical.
Similar to the way Dadaists of the early 21th century sought to make art that questioned the purpose of art, AngrymanFuckin created tweets that questioned the purpose of tweeting.
Despite the judge in the San Bernardino case granting the writ, the judiciary is not universally comfortable with use of a general purpose law for such a specific purpose.
The singer was in the middle of one of his heartfelt speeches to the audience about what the meaning of the Purpose Tour really is — something about having purpose?
BASIC stands for "Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code," and is a family of general purpose programming languages that's designed to make operating computers a more user-friendly experience.
"If shaming is for the purpose of sanctioning, for the purpose of annihilating a person, then I see it as a lynching per se, a virtual lynching," Epstein said.
This little joystick has one purpose and one purpose only — to help you select specific autofocus points quickly and accurately, which has sometimes been awkward on previous Fujifilm cameras.
While I can say that the Sony has achieved its purpose, that purpose is intentionally limited and as such makes it attractive to a rather narrow slice of people.
" - Alex, 26 "Car alarms serve no practical purpose.
After a soaring intro, the beat drops, and Lizzo's real purpose comes out: "I'm in love with myself," she sings, grinding the melody into a banger with attitude and purpose.
"To the contrary, the text, purpose, structure, and history of the statute all disclose the congressional purpose to offer defendants full and final security after three years," the opinion said.
The important part is that the people are not owning it for the purpose of making a profit, but for the purpose of satisfying a need or addressing a problem.
Advanced Multi-Purpose Round The M1A2 SEP v4 will carry Advanced Multi-Purpose 120 mm ammunition round able to combine a variety of different rounds into a single tank round.
Here are the best countertop cleaners you can buy:Best countertop cleaner overall: Clorox Scentiva Multi-Purpose SprayBest budget countertop cleaner: Pine-Sol All Purpose CleanerBest disinfecting wipes for countertops: Clorox Ultra Clean Disinfecting WipesBest cleaner for stone countertops: StoneTech Daily CleanerBest environmentally-friendly countertop cleaner: Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Purpose Cleaner
"The primary purpose of sexual union is the procreation of children; that's what it's for; and that's why contraception is wrong — because it frustrates the purpose of sexual union," Morlino said.
These brands are anchored in purpose; have a meaningful impact on people's lives; are built through strong emotional connections; behave with integrity and are constantly reinventing themselves to deliver their purpose.
One solution is to make electronic circuits more 'flexible' so that they can exist at one moment for one purpose, but can be completely reconfigured the next moment for another purpose.
The purpose of the Trump administration's lies is not necessarily to deceive, but to separate the believers from the disbelievers—for the purpose of rewarding the former and punishing the latter.
There is something charming, and even inspiring, in the paradoxical efficiency of this machine that does nothing, that fulfills its entire purpose by bluntly refusing to fulfill any purpose at all.
Gene editing for the purpose of preventing disease is cool, but not for the purpose of creating enhanced humans, according to a new, groundbreaking report from the National Academies released Tuesday.
Of course, to suggest that evolution involves the unfolding of some purpose is to suggest that evolution has in some sense been heading somewhere — namely, toward the realization of its purpose.
"Set fire to my purpose and I let it burn / You got off in the hurtin' when I wasn't yours," she sings on one verse, seemingly referencing his 223 album Purpose.
Ordinarily we are able to work by consensus and the hall would be used for a purpose, such as an address or another purpose by agreement of the three key holders.
That's something that people are going to have to grapple with if they read this book: Artists do things on purpose and accidentally—and, sometimes, they do things accidentally on purpose.
Or the idea that purpose – you know, profit leads.
Task & Purpose obtained an advanced copy of the book.
Here's to a lifetime of friendship, purpose & unconditional love.
But previous efforts have stalled, according to Task & Purpose.
" McWhorter doesn't think Ossoff was "doing it on purpose.
" "That's when I finally found my purpose in life.
Your life's work is done for a bigger purpose ….
Carl Forsling is a senior columnist for Task & Purpose.
Roger Hollenbeck said to Task & Purpose at the time.
The current automation is based on 'general purpose' technologies . . .
Task & Purpose: What were some of those stupid mistakes?
Sometimes, NASA blows up rockets on purpose — for science!
But life insurance serves another purpose  —  peace of mind.
" His purpose was to "attack, kill and cause explosions.
Mostly, "A Dog's Purpose" practically barks out its overly calculated purpose, which is to collar pet lovers and the family-friendly audience, catering to the latter with its somewhat confusing religious overtones.
Conquest was never her purpose, there is a Young dragon out there in grave danger, he must live, and only she can save him, her true purpose has been this all along.
" Barr: "The very prosecutorial function and all our powers as prosecutors, including the power to convene grand juries and compulsory process that's involved there, is for one purpose and one purpose only.
Unlike Google's Allo, which has struggled to find a purpose in the crowded text-based messaging marketplace, Duo's video-focused purpose has helped it find an audience on both iOS and Android.
The purpose of asset forfeiture: The original purpose of asset forfeiture is to prevent a criminal from keeping "the proceeds of their crime," as Sessions explained, and to prevent further criminal activity.
Contrary to erroneous reports, Kaspersky Lab technologies are designed and used for the sole purpose of detecting all kinds of threats, including nation-state sponsored malware, regardless of the origin or purpose.
"That weapon was designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible on the battlefield," O'Rourke said of AR-28503s in the interview.
DOD's efforts to reduce fossil fuel dependence will have the side effect of reducing some carbon emissions, but that is not their primary purpose; their primary purpose is to enhance warfighting capability.
They claim that the Constitution prohibits the president from pardoning for the purpose of self-protection, for the same reason it forbids using the pardon power for the purpose of financial gain.
That was a principle that served its purpose when it was first laid down but now serves another purpose entirely — directly linking every Senate election in the land to the presidential race.
However, since the 1950s, the courts have allowed takings if they serve a "public purpose" — and they have given local governments a lot of discretion to decide what constitutes a public purpose.
They might serve the purpose of challenging liberal thinking, but they do not serve the purpose of exposing NYT readers to the people and the movement from which they are allegedly alienated.
These are abstract concepts, but putting on real, purpose-built workout clothes and going to a real, purpose-built location have tangible benefits that sweating to a fitness influencer's YouTube video may not.
" Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient told Refinery29, "The perception is when you have female-led companies, they're more purpose driven; and purpose driven companies leads to higher retention of the workforce.
" Earlier in his speech, Zuckerberg told the rain-soaked crowd that "finding your purpose isn't enough....The challenge for us is to create a world where everyone has their own sense of purpose.
And it also speaks to how much we have lost touch with the purpose of the judiciary under our Constitution and how best to ensure the court can achieve that purpose going forward.
Uniquely in the social sciences and humanities, macroeconomics was developed with a specific, real-world purpose, and a negative purpose to boot: to stop anything like the Great Depression from ever happening again.
To the average Facebook user (and certainly myself), a group that's sole purpose is to sell you things might seem like spam, not to mention counterintuitive to Facebook's purpose as a social network.
Our second truth is that we need to have purpose.
Sometimes I simmer a few thighs for the same purpose.
Having work makes you feel like you have a purpose.
This is my purpose: to make records and play shows.
But when one becomes one of many, it has purpose.
The purpose of nukes is that they are never used.
More recently, the vessel has struggled to find a purpose.
We learn to write with purpose by writing academic arguments.
But what's the purpose of saying that in your statement?
"The forms were not usable for this purpose," he said.
Grindelwald is surrounded with flunkies with no personality or purpose.
In that sense, its whole purpose is to reduce risk.
That is in part because of the uterus's biological purpose.
Can you unplug them or do they serve a purpose?
She said her son didn't damage the sculpture on purpose.
That's the whole point, and the purpose of the game.
Use time with purpose Lastly, be purposeful with your time.
Have you ever fucked with a potato salad on purpose?
Phil listens to Behemoth as much as he does 'Purpose.
So you get this weird dynamic where profit follows purpose.
The vessel is a dual purpose oil or chemicals tanker.
"That wasn't the purpose of the meeting," the source said.
Maeve has a purpose now: Getting out of the park.
"This team, they came out with a purpose," Casey said.
To be fair, Muschietti has clearly done this on purpose.
Do you feel like you have a different purpose now?
"I feel like I have a deeper purpose," Berry says.
The trick, in short, has stopped serving its political purpose.
We need to prioritize purpose over politics to win again.
The name Bachoff Academy has to be on purpose, right?
What was my greater purpose?" she told "The Brave Ones.
"A Dog's Purpose" opens in the U.S. on January 27.
"I feel that somebody did this on purpose," Weaver explained.
Now is a great time to reconnect with your purpose.
You have to create a sense of purpose for others.
They did that on purpose and that was low rent.
As actors, they share a common purpose: to elect candidates.
There are even foldable shoes meant for this very purpose.
Pay close attention, because Kavanaugh has made his purpose clear.
It doesn't give me rest, but it gives me purpose.
Its purpose was to rally younger voters around intergenerational inequality.
Turning from purpose, we focused our attention on potential structure.
Helping her avoid the guards' ire gave Hadley some purpose.
Alexa: Thomas, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.
Taylor Swift once put Sharpie on her eyelids, on purpose.
My purpose was to show UK's terrorismlaw violates press freedoms.
In fact, maybe "Netflix and Chill" serves a double purpose.
I mean, they may have happened, but not on purpose.
It feels like it's taking you somewhere with a purpose.
There also isn't an option to mute people — on purpose.
There is even controversy about the purpose of sex education.
Some may never have been intended for their stated purpose.
Can someone explain to me the purpose of The View?
The fund's purpose was to pay off IGB Eletronica's liabilities.
" Philp put it more succinctly: "The whole purpose is monetization.
That's what we like to call beauty with a purpose.
He doesn't have a grandstanding purpose; it's actually the opposite.
Not technical mastery, but ruthlessness, courage, and singularity of purpose.
The debate goes to the very purpose of the GCF.
It served no gameplay purpose, but it made me happy.
An action taken for no valid purpose is itself invalid.
Another new feature, "out of office", serves a similar purpose.
Using offices for this purpose was a pretty brilliant idea.
Their purpose in the lives of teenagers is simply shifting.
But for now, the new button's purpose is a mystery.
Thousands of local groups have formed for the same purpose.
For the administration, the gag rule's primary purpose appears clear.
For DiaryOfAFitMommyOfficial, however, celebrity Instagrams have an entirely different purpose.
For the record, we created this shirt with a purpose.
What is the purpose of all the shaking you're doing?
"It wasn't on purpose," she says, and yet it happened.
"It seemed to give purpose to my writing," Crow reveals.
When you come to LinkedIn, you're coming with a purpose.
Um, it's called A New Earth: Awakening Your Life's Purpose.
But even more important was some sense of narrative purpose.
When dogs remind humans of our their purpose in life.
But that wasn't done on purpose or anything like that.
Still, the impression of novelty may serve a useful purpose.
Will originalism, having served its purpose, now leave the stage?
But some information that seeps out serves a wider purpose.
Is it located adjacent to Walmart for exactly this purpose?
It might become something more evocative of the device's purpose.
That is not public purpose, that is down right wrong.
But I believe the actual purpose looks well beyond that.
It's certainly possible that these tests serve a military purpose.
Its purpose is to protect the monarchy from defamatory statements.
We want the unity of hope, affection, and high purpose.
And we seem to forget the purpose of immigration historically.
The purpose of immigration is to improve the United States.
But that's the purpose of taboo, it shocks your system.
A party with a purpose is always reason to celebrate.
The purpose of the mission, codenamed Zuma, is essentially unknown.
Swan asked Gaetz what the purpose of the tweet was.
Without any purpose, their banter is just kind of ... there.
It reported spending $25.8 million for that purpose in July.
"Web scrapers" and other solutions are not fit for purpose.
Like I sort of serve that purpose on my own?
At that point, it would disband, having served its purpose.
Samsung did not elaborate on the purpose of its filing.
Purchasing assets is widely not understood for its intended purpose.
Yet the park might have served a rather different purpose.
And is there a chance this all happened on purpose?
Instead, its investigations must serve some kind of legislative purpose.
Its purpose was to outlaw aggressive war and territorial conquest.
Is there a repository of songs exclusively for this purpose?
The purpose: to put capital behind people writing trading algorithms.
"I really enjoy actually writing for a purpose," he says.
What is your purpose of going to these border regions?
I wonder was it set up that way on purpose.
That we need to live with strength, purpose and confidence.
Increased agricultural purchases serve more than one purpose for Trump.
It's just that they serve a particular kind of purpose.
We should use the best term for the best purpose.
Sometimes it's necessary and it has a purpose to serve.
LTD from Hyundai Dream Together 4th Special Purpose Acquisition Co,.
I was so alive with my purpose and my femininity.
Think of it as an Airbnb with a noble purpose.
"We used to catch snakes on purpose," Mokwa told WFLA.
Trump's candidacy seemed to give him a sense of purpose.
Some question the validity, appeal, and purpose of these bots.
And yes, this means he pooped his pants on purpose.
But raids are an extremely blunt instrument for this purpose.
Did Pachulia move under Leonard on purpose or by accident?
"People burn out for one reason: Because they're off purpose."
People think I do it on purpose, but I don't.
The Amp shares the same primary purpose as its predecessor.
It's me, but magnified for the purpose of being exciting.
The EU have said any extension would need a purpose.
Yes, drones may one day zip around airports on purpose.
If you do something, do it with passion and purpose.
But Finn and Rose's mission also serves a thematic purpose.
Are drug dealers doing it — on accident or on purpose?
Those annual checks still seem to serve a purpose, though.
I do that on purpose to imply weight and strength.
"Give your child's fight with cancer a purpose," he wrote.
The purpose of the crime was to hurt Hillary Clinton.
It serves the purpose, but you're really a marketing company.
This time, deliberation and voting would not answer the purpose.
He never did an interview unless there was a purpose.
One of them is a satellite with no real purpose.
And Bieber's Purpose was liked but not loved by critics.
To achieve his purpose, Erdogan is running campaigns outside Turkey.
The burkini ban, in particular, contradicts the garment's intended purpose.
I mean what was the purpose of anything that happened?
The armor also needed to appear it served a purpose.
Don't be an elitist about progressivism, that defeats the purpose!
Creepy AF." - Michelle, 32 "People singing along incorrectly, on purpose.
Its entire purpose is to disapprove of that specific rule.
And would Facebook, either accidentally or on purpose, kill it?
You have given him a greater purpose, a greater focus.
There will be no "sweeping" in the purpose of misuse.
Her prose soars with a clarity of vision and purpose.
Panay told Mashable that those stores serve an important purpose.
It was on purpose, because they come back to Massachusetts.
The film is equal parts serious and comedic, on purpose.
I wonder, was it set up that way on purpose?
Voiding contracts or worse serves no moral or pragmatic purpose.
CLAYTON: Uh, yeah it was, I did that on purpose.
Without enough animals, meaning and purpose is all fucked up.
Her Purpose " and "Stratechic: Life & Career Winning Strategies for Women.
These monumental efforts give entire communities a sense of purpose.
The music on Lemonade was created with a different purpose.
" "Real strength, strength of purpose, comes from integrity and character.
When combined, the generic moments are given purpose and context.
I don't know what the Lord's purpose is for me.
Unfortunately not, but I don't sell it for that purpose.
That would severely undermine the fundamental purpose of the FOIA.
"I'm glad that I walked into my purpose," Rolle said.
He had a purpose until the end of his life.
We desperately need to channel that sense of purpose now.
What was the purpose of your inclusion of that material?
That is, until the release of his 2015 album, Purpose.
That is the purpose of the Government I am leading.
I was taught to have a bigger purpose in life.
I don't think the dish was invented for that purpose.
I rap off beat and I did that on purpose.
Real strength, strength of purpose, comes from integrity and character.
At the very least, the chin appears to have purpose.
I almost feel like I had no purpose before this.
To the FSOC this completely misunderstands the purpose of designation.
What purpose can another interview with Paul McCartney serve anymore?
In other words, they're humping with a purpose these days.
It doesn't serve any purpose other than to spin around.
Everything the company does is built around speed and purpose.
You lose direction in life, you lose purpose in life.
Singing Valentines serve a dual purpose as fundraisers and outreach.
Congress cannot compel disclosure of information for that purpose, however.
But for true "Beliebers," he has, apparently, found new "purpose."
When they aren't given a purpose, they find one elsewhere.
There's a purpose for me and him coming back here.
VICE: So first and foremost: what was the challenge's purpose?
While discussions serve a purpose, actions speak louder than words.
The exploitation of trust, in this case, undercuts that purpose.
" According to Hatch's office, the humor was on purpose. "Sen.
Their purpose is to be no one's sons and daughters.
But there's also practical purpose to the secrecy, Williams says.
Then Zuckerberg got into the focus of his speech: Purpose.
And this fear can defeat the purpose of prostate play.
Do I love these trailers despite their ultimate capitalistic purpose?
Our work has purpose and engineering is a meaningful career.
Do you think these photos hold a purpose besides documentation?
KW: I was wondering if you did that on purpose.
Avoidance, on the other hand, could have a strategic purpose.
And what is the purpose of the length of wire?
In the governor's telling, conservatism must have a moral purpose.
" Putin maintains the $11 billion pipeline's purpose is "exclusively economic.
Task & Purpose reports the four-star generals are longtime friends.
For him, New York is home, and nourishment, and purpose.
The work gave her the purpose she was looking for.
It served its purpose and must disappear from the scene.
In other words, fixing the institution requires undermining its purpose.
" Their actions were "inconsistent with any legitimate law enforcement purpose.
I thought a lot about my legacy and purpose afterwards.
If so, this group grieving may serve a greater purpose.
I asked what he felt the purpose of RoboMasters was.
They've crafted this low mood with a purpose in mind.
The country feels more divided than unified around common purpose.
"It (rate cap) doesn't serve a purpose today," he said.
The mayor's plan likely complies with the "public purpose" requirement.
The question is to what degree and for what purpose.
" It specifically banned "surgeries for the purpose of sex reassignment.
TB: So, here's where technology obviously has a beneficial purpose.
Find a purpose that makes the daily grind worth it.
This isn't to say office environments don't serve a purpose.
"I believe there is a purpose for me," Ojeda said.
Sex had one purpose: procreation, the joyless act of breeding.
Looks like Kylie's pointed silence served more than one purpose.
It's amazing how powerful that feeling of purpose can be.
Contrary to popular belief, they serve no salutary economic purpose.
The purpose of the June 22 Madrid Police Department video?
To give herself purpose, Ms. Brindle said, she began woodcarving.
It focuses you on your purpose and goals in life.
Is your health helping or harming your purpose in life?
And, it's been shown to work well for this purpose.
People lambaste "playing politics," but "playing politics" serves a purpose.
Adults work harder when they have a higher purpose, too.
Its purpose, and what may lie inside, is still unclear.
But the fourth smokestack served no purpose, other than aesthetics.
There is a lot written about how millennials want purpose.
Nonetheless the hormone continued to be prescribed for that purpose.
This can only serve the purpose of the Islamic State.
Writing fills her with a sense of joy and purpose.
Those red blazers, our Sunday formal attire, had one purpose.
"I have a real sense of purpose now," she said.
"I feel that somebody did this on purpose," she said.
But neither of these activities serve the main purpose here.
Working and living with a sense of purpose and meaning.
A turbocharger would serve no purpose in an electric vehicle.
The purpose of the trip was accomplished within thirty seconds.
The work needs to be connected to a higher purpose.
It needs to find a definition and purpose beyond Trump.
So that they could have a mission and a purpose.
When asked what the purpose of the evaluation was, Cpl.
The Chinese are still using them for their original purpose.
All walled cities, including the Vatican, had a similar purpose.
To be sure, purpose has always been important to employees.
Because that sense of purpose will have to remain constant.
You may fall into popular disfavor, defeating your whole purpose.
In 0003 Justin Bieber was on his iconic "Purpose" tour.
For Christian, there's no greater purpose than sharing his talent.
" Ultimately, he says he "did it for a greater purpose.
"The purpose of a company is to ship," he says.
Does your new career plan fit into your life's purpose?
Ms. Vaissié said the Russian effort had a double purpose.
But financial stocks have a more practical purpose for Berkshire.
That is the purpose and nature of miracles… Frauds deceive.
A purpose would be getting a nail into a wall.
People will leave the summit with a sense of purpose.
But every frailty, we know, serves some larger adaptive purpose.
For both of us, the prenup had served its purpose.
Black Caucus Institute, a "social purpose" organization engaged in voter
The concert also served another purpose -- to collect voter information.
This begs the question, what is the report's true purpose?
BTW ... assault rifles have a singular purpose ... to kill people.
A debate audience's only real purpose is as a prop.
How do the dollars get collected, and for what purpose?
We have not sold the share except for that purpose.
What is daylight saving time and what is its purpose?
But the Willy Bot likely served another purpose as well.
Every single thing I create has to have a purpose.
Where are you finding community and purpose outside of religion?
WikiFeet, "the collaborative celebrity feet website," has a simple purpose.
During this time, you'll reconnect with your sense of purpose.
What is even the POSSIBLE purpose of the diamond emoji?
Our purpose was to point to the commonalities and linkages.
Walmart shopping list), a checklist for a specific purpose (e.g.
The lawmakers clearly state this is not for that purpose.
It's 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose.
Evangelical institutions have given me gifts of learning and purpose.
You have to turn it up on purpose for money.
Finally, a useful purpose for all that heart rate data.
"Music serves a huge purpose," says Baaba Maal over email.
Not every property can lawfully be used for every purpose.
Should we replace the social security number for that purpose?
I don't believe that my mother did this on purpose.
Live gracefully, authentically and with conviction, respect, purpose and compassion.
It's served a purpose, but it can also be detrimental.
"In terms of evolution, this was on purpose," said Kraft.
Then saying I'm attacking it on purpose to weaken it.
It's worth pausing to as: What purpose do elections serve?
Everyone working there seems to be moving with pleasant purpose.
Or maybe Quinn killed Huskins, either on purpose or accidentally.
Would you say you've converted fans on the Purpose tour?
The boy frowns with serious purpose and swings wildly, missing.
He has said the request lacks a legitimate legislative purpose.
With the Democratic Party, we at least know its purpose.
The unspoken purpose of impeachment is not removal, but restoration.
It's about your purpose, which is far greater than you.
"There's a plan and a purpose for everything," Petty said.
Collusion was the original purpose of the special counsel investigation.
Nassar has admitted that his actions served no medical purpose.
"I'm a trial lawyer," Mukasey told Task & Purpose in May.
I want the sense of belonging and purpose and meaning.
His purpose is to spike the football in Trump's face.
Y'all wasted all of that food for what purpose, exactly?
The Lekebaby portable changing pad is perfect for this purpose.
Even Uncle Hugo's work as a genealogist has its purpose.
The layout of the blocks was designed for that purpose.
Recreating a civic tragedy requires a common sense of purpose.
We acquire resilience when we find purpose in our work.
You need to feel your life has meaning and purpose.
Take responsibility for mastering it, and find a cosmic purpose.
What do you think is the purpose of these interludes?
Fighting in Afghanistan, he thought, would give him a purpose.
The shirt did serve one good purpose ... blocking those rays.
Every weird key and object has a place and purpose.
"The business purpose of these payments is unclear," Avenatti said.
In his youth Mokhtar wandered the streets without clear purpose.
Without a plan, a purpose, or any possibilities remaining, Mrs.
"It's really using them for their intended purpose," he said.
The purpose of the aphorism is to bring unexpected perspective.
He came with the purpose of introducing himself to us.
That "good and noble purpose" is ostensibly one they share.
Some consumers love the variety — a milk for every purpose!
"Job titles are temporary, but purpose is eternal," Welteroth writes.
What purpose do you think it serves in your school?
So the question becomes, what purpose justifies preferring minority applicants?
It's sweet and succinct with nothing left in without purpose.
They become writers with a sense of confidence and purpose.
Various obstructions beset it, but the purpose was ultimately achieved.
Time spent in my own company for no purpose whatsoever.
But the communication persists, often with more purpose and urgency.
Moreover, it's questionable it even would serve its stated purpose .
"I do nothing with purpose," Mr. Kets de Vries said.
One big reason: federally, marijuana remains illegal for any purpose.
All of a sudden he lost his purpose in life.
Technology and public purpose is the issue of our time.
The alternate reality of Fox News serves exactly that purpose.
But it wasn't my purpose to put out more information.
We are asking them to waive for just one purpose.
Its purpose was to make a Supreme Court case disappear.
They have long since transcended their original meaning and purpose.
It was purchased for the sole purpose of heating plastics.
The handshake serves no practical purpose in the modern age!
What was the purpose of your May 12, 2017, tweet?
The purpose was to understand what the Russians were doing.
How do we find meaning and purpose in our lives?
"I truly missed not having purpose every day," he said.
These structures may have served some funerary or symbolic purpose.
That's part of the purpose of a piece like that.
Netizens injured themselves for stunts, by accident, and on purpose.
"Eventually, what will take you through is purpose," Biden said.
It lacks clarity of purpose, collaborative drive and strong leadership.
Congress should appropriate up to $75 billion for this purpose.
A national day of gratitude can serve a double purpose.
So forward, with purpose and something like love, he goes.
Now consider: What is the purpose of this Times article?
He had a player for every purpose on the bench.
Did he see the award's purpose as art or activism?
But getting rid of Lewandowski did serve one positive purpose.
No makeup, and they would like me ugly on purpose.
Clearly, the policy has already failed in the former purpose.
Allowing her to escape her record undermines the latter purpose.
The purpose of a political party is to acquire power.
"Every single house is different on purpose," said the Rev.
Earlier this postseason, he explained the purpose of the ritual.
But lately, a serious obstacle to its purpose has arisen.
And so I walked into Apolis with purpose, and hope.
I could turn it off, but that defeats the purpose.
In short, battlefield victories were intended to have political purpose.
What does that mean for the purpose of recording history?
And that would be the true purpose of subpoenaing Hunter.
The Washington Post first reported the purpose of the meeting.
Most recently, the government approved significant budgets for the purpose.
Mr. Kalin said he hadn't decided yet on its purpose.
To me, that's the ultimate purpose of saving and investing.
"No, our purpose is to support Donald Trump," Bannon said.
Does GE have a unifying purpose other than making money?
But at least the pain of childbirth has a purpose.
"I finally understand my purpose," he says in the trailer.
He moved deliberately and with purpose inside the Sweatbox ring.
What do you think should be the purpose of museums?
So it must be time to be creative on purpose.
By guarding against overcriminalization, these laws serve a useful purpose.
But however it started, the effect was escapism with purpose.
What was the purpose of this New York Times article?
So all this is being built de novo, purpose built.
Allow that amount and its purpose to register with you.
"The purpose of this store is discovery," Ms. Cast said.
A room at English Cool is appointed for the purpose.
And several even got chipped designs — yes, chipped on purpose.
I tried to encourage him to find a new purpose.
Seeing the tapestries in place, I finally understood their purpose.
The report says this may break GDPR's purpose limitation rules.
The purpose of today's spacewalk isn't all that remarkable, otherwise.
"A purpose," as long as it's implemented correctly, "can help."
But they have found voice and purpose since their tragedy.
No doubt she will outlive him, for that purpose, perhaps.
But eventually he returned to the project with renewed purpose.
Driven by a sense of purpose and making a difference.
We then analyzed potential differences by tax purpose and type.
The superstar's last album, "Purpose," was released in November 2015.
This remains the most visionary and worthy purpose put forth.
They gave me a purpose to push towards my success.
What about a group whose whole purpose is avoiding wars?
It was a manufactured crime for their malicious political purpose.
"You lose everything: the present, the future and any purpose."
"What is the purpose of barnacles?" people ask the Internet.
The purpose of the trip is unclear even to Didion.
Its purpose is to exist outside of our selfish motives.
Typically, your purpose is linked to a core emotional experience.
Pauses bring employees a renewed sense of purpose and alignment.
"Deadlifts and squats are excellent for this purpose," Espinosa said.
With your goal in mind, use your time with purpose.
Without such clarity of purpose, intelligence is an endless river.
In Australia, the National Dementia Network serves this purpose well.
So it's again it's not clear what the purpose is.
Mr. Manafort declined to explain the purpose of his loans.
Its levels don't offer any illusion of purpose or coherence.
I pray he governs inclusively, with humility and with purpose.
But to thrive NATO also needs a greater common purpose.
Every president starts out with a cause and a purpose.
You'll wind up bored and frustrated, without purpose and unfulfilled.
Trump's outrageous claims have a purpose: to destroy rational thought.
That might be bluster, but it serves a utilitarian purpose.
I don't think that, I think it's on purpose. Okay.
" In the video, Ojeda says: "There's a purpose for me.
Someone's going to enjoy them, and this has a purpose.
It takes minimal effort to outline his rally and purpose.
The prof finds a purpose; the show, not so much.
Do our dreams actually mean anything, or serve any purpose?
Package picked up by FedEx with a feeling of purpose.
The real purpose behind this haste appears to be political.
It primarily involves visible demonstrations of intensity, purpose, and authenticity.
But his trips did start taking on a different purpose.
For example, Congress might create an agency for the purpose.
Siatta's journal entry that day was unequivocal about the purpose.
Just 28 percent support a government shutdown for that purpose.
The NRA spends for a purpose, and it gets results.
Their purpose in approaching Mr. Sawyer was to taunt him.
Democrats believe the memo has one purpose: to undermine Mueller.
The dead skin has a purpose: It holds in moisture.
His fasting was believed to have served a higher purpose.
And so each camera angle has a really specific purpose.
But this is not the purpose of President Trump's plan.
In the Western tradition, man has no purpose without God.
Adherence to these instructions fulfills the purpose of preventing viruses.
Why would he use these substances without knowing their purpose?
But a few, including Animal Político, were missing — on purpose.
"At the Y, Lola had a purpose," Ms. Smyth said.
"That would have served a purpose, for sure," he said.
My mother had given it to me for this purpose.
But the physiological purpose of a yawn remains a mystery.
In other words, learning should be linked to a purpose.
There was so much purpose behind the not touching, right?
I wonder if it used the word "hysteria" on purpose.
There is a purpose to all of the architectural features.
"Def Leppard" itself, though, is just moronic misspelling on purpose.
It's a useless satellite, serving no purpose beyond the aesthetic.
But even apologizing out of politeness can serve a purpose.
Progress and governing are the purpose of politics, not power.
The Sheriff's Office gave me life, purpose, and a responsibility.
"A video game serves a different purpose," Sapkowski tells me.
I felt like I didn't have a purpose in mind.
But the mechanical chimera actually serves a very concrete purpose.
But sometimes children serve a different purpose in our lifetimes.
There was nothing we did that was not on purpose.
I think in life you have to have a purpose.
What do you think the purpose of the podcast is?
There's a sense of purpose behind every song she picks.
We're going to adopt Luddite ideals on purpose, or whatever.
The alternate reality that Fox News serves exactly that purpose.
The purpose was supposed to be not punishment but prevention.
But its primary purpose seems to be studying the Tesseract.
"Well that's not my purpose right now... My purpose is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North Korea," the former Chicago Bulls forward told CNN.
Some of our favorites include a "Purpose Tour" muscle tee with a photo of The Biebs, a baseball tee that says "Sorry" across the back, and best of all, a black "Purpose Tour" bomber.
But Garber also said there was some merit to Trump's argument that the subpoena was brought for the improper purpose of unearthing politically damaging information about him, rather than for a legitimate legislative purpose.
"Violating the purpose of the experiment" is a strange formulation since the purpose of the experiment was to discover what we knew and didn't know about the design, engineering and functioning of mini-biospheres.
Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, $29 This all-purpose oil is 98.1% natural and filled with seven precious plant oils that work wonders on your body, face, and hair (and really anywhere).
Notably, they also emphasize the growing importance of establishing a strong corporate purpose and reflecting that purpose in their organizational values, culture, and behavior--recognizing that the definition of trust has changed—specifically, expanded.
Zuckerberg's speech also makes the case that finding your own purpose is not enough; that young ambitious people ought to strive to take on projects so large that they give other people purpose, too.
"SIPC protects cash that is deposited with a brokerage firm for one limited purpose ... the purpose of purchasing securities," said Stephen P. Harbeck, president and CEO of SIPC, in a statement to CNN Business.
We don't think about humans passing scents to one another, let alone rubbing their faces for that purpose, but a preliminary study suggests that face-touching may serve a social purpose for us, too.
The other part of this step is to have a sense of purpose that is bigger than yourself and take daily steps toward that purpose—most of them will be small but significant steps.
The purpose of the tales is to create entertaining human-interest narratives; the purpose of the science is to help the author pick out a replicable feature of those narratives for readers to emulate.
"Providers must certify that they will not use the NEAD or associated data for any purpose other than for the purpose of responding to 911 calls, except as required by law," the FCC said.
"If this photograph only serves as a purpose to make people think twice about this evil and put into perspective what it does to a child then it has achieved its purpose," her father wrote.
I primarily focus on these two things, because that's all I ever wanted when I was in your shoes: A clear sense of purpose and the opportunity to be successful in pursuit of that purpose.
I woke up, lifted my sleep-heavy lids, slid out from under my sheets, and sauntered into my kitchen with one purpose, and one purpose only: to scramble eggs and spread peanut butter on them.
The Department of Education is a lender, but it is not a bank; its purpose — and the purpose of the student loan program — is to further education and support students, not to turn a profit.
But I think the purpose of The Real is that we discuss the topics that are uncomfortable or the things that we don't necessarily want to talk about because... that's the purpose of the show.
Fink wrote to shareholders in January 2018: "Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose," and pushed the companies it invests in to be clear on their long-term purpose.
"That may be done for the illicit purpose, or the profit purpose, of diluting the materials, making it look nice and perhaps not having to use as much THC or other active ingredients," she said.
Leadership style: "Finding your purpose isn't enough, the challenge for our generation is to create a world where everyone has a sense of purpose," Zuckerberg said in his commencement address to Harvard's class of 2017.
Just before Bieber moves to sing his fourth single from fourth album Purpose at the Purpose World Tour, the second plaid shirt—the one around his waist—unravels, leaving him wearing just one plaid shirt.
Either for "the purpose of advertising to those individuals (via 'custom audiences') or for the purpose of analyzing their traits and characteristics in order to locate and target others like them (via 'lookalike audiences')". Oops.
But it's a known inaccuracy and it's done with a purpose.
But there is a higher purpose behind all of that fun.
Related Video: Being extraordinary is about living a life of purpose.
The lack of purpose was compounded by a crumbling party infrastructure.
It may have another purpose, though, as a real estate chit.
Mr Maduro says its purpose is to defeat the opposition's "fascism".
Or is their true purpose to crush any election-related protests?
But how does a filmmaker find the purpose in retelling it?
With her second pillow, Smith found purpose and something to nuzzle.
So far, the American women seem single-minded in their purpose.
It'd defeat the purpose of acquiring James in the first place.
Basically, it kind of defeats the purpose of a hoodie altogether.
This, she feels, takes away from the purpose of the show.
But after five years, VonChaz didn't feel like she had purpose.
But it also made me laugh, and not always on purpose.
"I want my life to have a purpose," Badger told WSJ.
Bugatti did not design the Veyron to serve any practical purpose.
Adversity isn't presented for the purpose of teaching by flawed example.
Our purpose as a company is to serve the public conversation.
This is Penelope's Rogue's Gallery, and their purpose in her plans.
Their purpose could not be clearer: Battered by her thumping in
SpaceX's thousands of internet satellites could have a second, secret purpose.
I was like, 'So, did you guys do that on purpose?
But I never really understood the whole letters and their purpose.
This is an issue anchored in purpose for all of us.
Vladimir Putin boasts that the liberal idea has "outlived its purpose".
Here's to a lifetime of friendship, purpose & unconditional love❤️ pic.twitter.
The INGKA foundation's purpose is to help INGKA grow in perpetuity.
I feel like I have a purpose here in life now.
How can we get it to work for its intended purpose?
A key issue for Harbeck was the purpose of these accounts.
There is no "legitimate legislative purpose" requirement in the law itself.
"Her purpose is so much deeper than the tasks she performs."
It has no practical application or pragmatic purpose of any kind.
I truly believe Chance's purpose in life is to give love.
That He loves you and has a purpose for your life.
It certainly is an unpleasant one, but it has its purpose.
In that sense, I think monetary policy has achieved its purpose.
Still, the episode could serve a useful purpose here and beyond.
They're obviously not the full-purpose quantum computers of the future.
The purpose of this piece is not to advocate for impeachment.
Instead, I'm here to tell you finding your purpose isn't enough.
And yes, giving everyone the freedom to pursue purpose isn't free.
In this context, drip means dressing with a sense of purpose.
The musician did not submit his work on purpose this year.
Pauley Perrette's Bacon & Blue Cheese Biscuits 3 cups all-purpose flour
But eyes are on the prize: a general purpose quantum computer.
But it couldn't be more different from the refugee program's purpose.
T'Challa lacks certainty and purpose, which Killmonger has by the boatload.
So photoreactivation, which depends on light, may serve no useful purpose.
A special-purpose vehicle is being formed to make the investment.
Clearly feeling her work, and purpose, was finally completed, she dies.
Computers and phones are general-purpose devices; multitasking is their essence.
Also, helping others imbues your own life with purpose, he says.
As for Justin Bieber: He's pretty confused and Purpose shows that.
It's my tool kit of dongles, each with a specific purpose.
It turns out the flyovers have a real military training purpose.
It seems a fairly straightforward system, but its purpose remains hazy.
Was it on purpose, as some kind of psychological domination game?
WASHINGTON — Three weeks ago, Matt Gaetz's purpose in Congress was clear.
A decade ago, the green movement lost sight of its purpose.
The Pfizer-made drug may soon be used for that purpose.
Talos joins their ranks as a villain with a meaningful purpose.
That depends on what you think Melting Ice's purpose should be.
"Gossip can be gratuitous, without any purpose beyond entertainment," he acknowledged.
For some of the survivors, Heyman's village offered healing and purpose.
Or at least, this was NSFW's original purpose on the internet.
Others complain about reducing the purpose of school to passing exams.
I stopped denying who I was and what my purpose was.
But in general, he said, dismissal probation serves a valuable purpose.
Its purpose, however, continues to distinguish it from modern private banks.
The primary purpose of a pen is to write stuff down.
But Mark AR's whole purpose is imitating a public art form.
But Trump's grousing serves an important purpose in educating our democracy.
Or did it serve some compositional purpose he didn't know about?
The purpose and actions required are declared at the very top.
The craft's real purpose was to test descent and landing technologies.
The purpose of the film isn't to make people sad, however.
The purpose of the podcast was to set the record straight.
But the research being done here has recently found another purpose.
My purpose, along with my colleagues, has been very clearly articulated.
I would like lifting weights if it was for a purpose.
Instead, several presidents just let the court agreement serve that purpose.
Or they could reveal that the subject was evasive on purpose.
"The purpose of setting up the dates was obvious," Huang said.
The Purpose Tour has been a whimsical journey for Justin Bieber.
And I'm happy about using my knowledge for a good purpose.
Stehmann admits that it programmed the bike like this on purpose.
If tipping serves any purpose, it is to reward exceptional service.
They all have the same purpose to enable fair competition. Alright.
An entire academic field of political networks exists for this purpose.
The purpose of any science experiment is to test a hypothesis.
Because that's the thing with Tulpas: They don't have much purpose.
In short: Germany's armed forces are barely fit for purpose. Why?
The algorithm-gaming groups make no effort to disguise their purpose.
To all appearances, Marsters had made it this way on purpose.
Right, but you don't necessarily have to do that on purpose.
My purpose will be to get you back to a user.
Update: Gigi Hadid doesn't see the purpose in making people wait.
The Upside Down just exists, with no clear purpose or direction.
Rather than ending them, we can learn from their initial purpose.
Business must make a profit but should serve a purpose too.
Shailene Woodley is looking a little worse for wear — on purpose.
I do not see a purpose in addressing each preposterous lie.
And finally — bam — the truth about Homecoming's real purpose is revealed.
Gather your secret weapons — like all-purpose cleaners, gloves, sponges, etc.
James mainly chooses looks from Black designers — and that's on purpose.
DreamBox Learning's CEO Jessie Woolley-Wilson on startup strength through purpose
I love the idea of mobilization behind a common national purpose.
Our Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) functionality was disabled for demo purpose.
Came back so many times for the purpose of saving Arya.
Apart from its basic purpose, Orison batteries have some interesting gimmicks.
In November, she gushed about writing a book titled Definite Purpose.
That is the very purpose of Medicaid demonstration waivers, after all.
But my purpose here is not to delve into these objections.
But, it's also for effects, for cueing... it's very multi-purpose.
Yet these are also armed forces sure of their moral purpose.
"The biggest thing is giving a vet a purpose," Cloutier said.
Most companies go up in their debut and that's on purpose.
Facebook insists that monetization isn't the purpose of its accessibility initiatives.
"Cody and Frank played with a lot of purpose," Clifford said.
The purpose is to reduce review times and remove unnecessary roadblocks.
"I'm ultra-serious" that's a lame style to adopt on purpose.
Study their real life philosophies and find your greater purpose.  3.
But it turned out that even inoperative buttons serve a purpose.
He even built a special motorized curling apparatus for this purpose.
That was back when America had a clear purpose in space.
It is a limited-purpose, temporary assembly with no governmental authority.
Click here to view original GIFMy life now has a purpose.
But a notch should, at the very least, serve some purpose.
But sceptics fret that MBA courses distort the purpose of apprenticeships.
But it was Sachdeva's acceptance speech that drove the purpose home.
That's a problem if you want a general purpose wireless technology.
Not Twitter, but it's ... We just serve a very different purpose.
But Facebook's on a new mission to reclaim that original purpose.
Its sole purpose is to give the user a cold virus.
But it's certainly something that I challenge and resist on purpose.
I'm sure you can use that money for a better purpose.
It is eminently a children's machine, not an all-purpose laptop.
So you ask yourself, what was the purpose of this raid.
I think that clarity on that would only serve everybody's purpose.
Firmness of purpose, clarity and conviction - EU friends do not underestimate!
Yet the myth serves a useful purpose for the Communist Party.
But for black travellers, the advisory notice serves a different purpose.
You guys know they were my everything, my purpose to breathe.
Find something that you want to do that supports the purpose.
"That's the sole purpose of Unofficial: excessive drinking," Kaler tells PEOPLE.
That's when the Saviors found him and gave him a purpose.
The film's deadpan style serves this purpose, too, foregrounding its absurdity.
"You start to realize you have a different purpose," Bergen says.
Its purpose is to expand and improve drug treatment services nationwide.
With the Purpose tour's latest official collaborator, though, that's all changing.
The purpose behind Tencent's new gadget is implicit in its name.
A decade on, it is barely used for its intended purpose.
"Alfie's diagnosis has given me a new purpose," she told ABC.
This includes assessing what data is collected and for what purpose.
The purpose of taxes, then, is to keep inflation in check.
Also development of eco-technologies ceased to be an important purpose.
The billionaire was speaking on stage about "purpose" while doing business.
The purpose is to do a little DIY space station repair.
But liberalising air travel with Europe serves a higher purpose too.
The purpose of our life is to cooperate with God's plan.
It sets the direction and purpose for your mind-changing adventure.
These represent thinking about purpose, setting priorities and making good decisions.
This is, by its very definition, the purpose of market research.
We have the same kind of mission, same kind of purpose.
What you're really doing is exaggerating for the purpose of clarity.
"You Pablo have given me strength… purpose and resolve," he wrote.
Whether it was done on purpose or not doesn't matter anymore.
The purpose is to serve the people and serve the community.
Other sports have their own single-purpose streaming services as well.
" She added: "Maybe my purpose on this planet isn't to procreate.
If all this sounds complicated, it's because it is, on purpose.
We should maintain sanctions for the purpose of censure, not coercion.
But the purpose of these defenses isn't to demonstrate logical rigor.
It makes that strain its story, its purpose, its emotional spine.
I mean, I don't even read the books for that purpose.
Much discussion ensued about the purpose, role and relevance of OSI.
Now, all this doesn't mean compression tights don't serve a purpose.
Right, you took out entertainment for the purpose of this conversation.
The popular image of her was specifically created for that purpose.
Those who serve do so with great purpose, Kelly repeatedly said.
These meals serve a gameplay purpose, giving you temporary stat boosts.
But she accepted the invitation from the NFL with a purpose.
For Bird, the purpose of this monthly program is two-fold.
We will gather with a solemn sense of purpose and urgency.
It is the center of Republican market-oriented politics and purpose.
"His purpose was to attack, kill and cause explosions," Carroll said.
Deciding what multi-purpose kitchen device to get can be tricky.
They are spoiling the purpose for which the Games were revived.
Given its singular purpose, Vignette may not have a wide audience.
And it always has some kind of narrative purpose behind it.
I got into for a very discrete purpose, and it changed.
How would a special-purpose bank interface with the Federal Reserve?
Without sounding too cheesy or whatever, it honestly gives me purpose.
Specialised chips are also harder to program than general-purpose ones.
I like to think of these as parties with a purpose.
Chamberlain has kept the group's purpose clean, simple and limited: storytelling.
The only purpose of this segment is to save you money.
But profit cannot be the sole purpose of the business' existence.
There's a feeling of deadly purpose and absolutely bloodcurdling fucking efficiency.
But finding a sense of purpose is easier said than done.
We remain committed to the concept that assets serve a purpose.
Cops later determined Boucher did it on purpose and arrested him.
The banks hold their stake through a joint, special purpose vehicle.
Reflecting on my purpose, values, and priorities always brings me clarity.
Forget sugary beverage syrups – just stock up on multi-purpose extracts!
There are more ways to "have a purpose" than ever before.
Is James using this power for its only Goddess-Intended purpose?
It's literally a club for the sole purpose of eating lettuce.
It has merely refined and worked to perfect its single purpose.
The bottom line: The purpose of sex is to mix genes.
Second, we need a new national purpose, something big and bold.
So sorry Justin Bieber's canceling the rest of his Purpose Tour.
"Our purpose here today is to pray for them," she said.
Because the record itself serves a greater purpose than just archival.

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