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"help" Definitions
  1. used to call for help because you are in a dangerous situation
"help" Synonyms
aid assistance relief support comfort guidance kindness good deed goodness grace maintenance sustenance good turn hand helping hand lifeline nourishment shot in the arm use lift benefit guide accessory advantage asset facilitation resource utility boon crutch influence service abetment assist backup blessing counseling(US) therapy rehabilitation treatment psychoanalysis psychotherapy advice analysis counselling(UK) direction admonition counsel instruction recommendations tips pointers suggestions guidelines employee worker aide attendant laborer(US) labourer(UK) assistant helper workman abettor band colleague hired hand hireling labor(US) labour(UK) operator outfit party crew force gang labor force manpower personnel proletariat rank and file squad staff team workforce cavalry pool employees workers human resources labour force domestic cleaner housekeeper servant domestic help domestic servant domestic worker hired help housemaid maid cleaning lady cleaning woman daily abigail char charlady charwoman daily woman home help Mrs Mop benefaction investment sponsorship backing finance patronage advancement attendance charity donation head start leg up palliation promotion collaboration cooperation furtherance mentoring nurturance remedy balm cure salve corrective restorative medicine antidote curative therapeutic therapeutics method of healing healing healing treatment remedial treatment medication medicament documentation instructions information directions documents commands records usefulness value effectiveness practicality profit efficacy avail helpfulness convenience mileage worth productiveness serviceability advantageousness viability favor(US) benevolence courtesy favour(UK) indulgence mercy goodwill generosity altruism benediction turn godsend windfall good bonanza gain bonus felicity manna benison plus perk break gift contribution alms endowment offering largesse philanthropy donations beneficence funding subsidies almsgiving gifting contributions jobholder employe breadwinner retainer representative apprentice agent clerk cog member fillip stimulus impetus spur boost encouragement motivation incentive stimulant incitement impulse goad inducement stimulation push inspiration prod prompt uplift consolation solace cheer compassion pity sympathy alleviation assuagement commiseration easement ease fortification reassurance succour(UK) fellow feeling accomplice partner ally collaborator associate confederate abetter henchman subordinate cohort conniver coconspirator conspirator slave drudge dogsbody toiler peon slavey drone drudger lackey grub menial grubber skivvy grunt minion plugger scullion gofer espousal adoption embracing championship defence(UK) defense(US) acceptance advocacy favoring(US) favouring(UK) taking up welcome abetting championing recourse expedient resort substitute choice option expediency alternative stopgap makeshift refuge possibility shift route hope appeal self-help do-it-yourself how-to meditation mindfulness mutual support self-talk feedback response evaluation input opinion reaction assessment comment commentary criticism critique observation pointer report view animadversion answer comeback cue hint reminder jolt signal intimation jog nod notice nudge prompting sign suggestion tip teamwork coordination synergy coalition communication cooperating fellowship partnership solidarity symbiosis synergism unity affiliation alliance association collusion communion counteractant counteragent countermeasure fix panacea redress reparation quick fix solution nostrum instrumentality medium agency means instrument vehicle organ ministry machinery mechanism channel method technique avenue way easing expedition simplification acceleration enablement enabling hastening quickening forwarding stepping up furthering boosting hurrying speeding up participation partaking engagement involvement inclusion embroilment membership participating presence sharing cream ointment unguent liniment lotion lubricant balsam emollient unction dressing embrocation pomade rub cerate counterirritant salvation preservation conservation reprieve safekeeping recovery protection keeping care guardianship keep charge safeguarding upkeep ward supervision preserving device amenity appliance facility gadget gimmick luxury nicety appurtenance gizmo machine accommodation creature comfort labour-saving device mod con tool abet further prop relieve serve cooperate nurture rescue tend lend a hand be of assistance be of use help out aid and abet care for do a favor do someone a service bolster facilitate improve ameliorate amend maintain restore revive better save sustain meliorate mitigate stimulate correct emend enhance avoid refrain from stop avert dodge evade prevent abstain abstain from bypass circumvent desist escape forbear get around preclude resist restrain from shake off shirk bankroll back promote sponsor contribute to forward further the interests of give a boost to give a donation to give backing to give money to invest in open doors sanction subsidise(UK) subsidize(US) advance contribute endorse alleviate treat nurse attend heal palliate soothe succor(US) allay doctor mollify nourish assuage attenuate lessen make better help yourself appropriate filch steal knock off nab nick pinch pocket purloin snaffle take take possession of walk off with commandeer glom make free with pilfer pillage plough(UK) encourage foster strengthen cultivate develop reinforce fuel lead result in cause bring on bring about give rise to produce effect create engender generate trigger be conducive to precipitate initiate pitch in chip in participate join in attack begin collaborate commence do kick in launch muck in subscribe tackle breathe new life into renew rejuvenate revitalise(UK) revitalize(US) revivify regenerate reanimate resuscitate refresh rekindle resurrect reinvigorate enliven reawaken brace console reassure gladden assure calm condole with fortify hearten usher escort accompany conduct steer show shepherd direct pilot convoy see marshal(UK) marshall(US) receive lead the way forestall anticipate obviate frustrate hinder thwart intercept pre-empt foil head off second-guess baulk(UK) balk(US) block check parry enable allow permit prepare capacitate empower condition endow equip ready set up give the means to give the opportunity to give the resources to let make it possible for mentor advise coach educate train tutor inform instruct teach enlighten take pity on relent be charitable towards be compassionate towards be sympathetic towards feel sorry for show compassion towards show sympathy for have mercy on show mercy to put someone out of their misery countenance tolerate endure bear stomach brook stand accept hack wear handle abide absorb bide meet swallow help me I need help over here save me SOS yoohoo somebody help me instrumental influential contributory active involved useful helpful important significant conducive auxiliary helping serviceable subsidiary of assistance about us what we do who we are find out more more information our history FAQ frequently asked questions get started read more help & support More
"help" Antonyms
harm hurt wickedness abuse cruelty damage maltreatment sabotage wrong abusiveness aggravation banefulness betrayal detriment disservice ill immorality injury malevolence mischief encumbrance handicap hindrance impediment irritant impedance inconvenience nuisance obstruction setback burden constraint deterrence discouragement frustration impairment inhibition interference liability repression neglect dereliction negligence abandonment disregard disregardance heedlessness inadvertence inattention indifference lack of care mistreatment unconcern antagonist enemy opponent archenemy assailant attacker counteraction disputant fifth column invader nemesis opposition villain adversary angries bandit competitor contender crip foe austerity deceit misguidance misleading deception duplicity deceitfulness dishonesty treachery guile deceptiveness misinformation untruthfulness falsehood lying fraudulence mendacity mendaciousness hoodwinking poison toxin venom contaminant pollutant autodidacticism self-help self-learning flying by the seat of one's pants learning as you go self-teaching uselessness worthlessness disadvantage disutility inappropriateness inefficiency inutility loss unsuitability weakness master mistress employer lord boss liege monarch overseer sovereign controller taskmaster overlord manager ruler administrator disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) injustice bad turn raw deal ill turn ill will felony disgrace misconduct offense(US) offence(UK) crime criminality inequity infraction curse affliction bane drawback evil minus plague scourge forfeit misfortune bad fortune bad luck agony meanness miserliness selfishness stinginess stealing taking uncharitableness unkindness disapproval stop stoppage blockage resistance receipt antagonism humility competition modesty gaffer check unemployed curb knock powerlessness insignificance inconsequence irrelevance inapplicability inconsequentiality impertinence immateriality irrelevancy unimportance frivolity immaterialness inconsequentialness insignificancy negligibility triviality unrelatedness agitation annoyance disdain disturbance grief mercilessness trouble upset despair hopelessness dispiritedness disappointment disheartenment pessimism demoralisation(UK) demoralization(US) depression despondency dejection discomfiture downheartedness dismay worry gloominess melancholy sadness gloom discord disharmony noncooperation noncompliance insolence defiance disobedience rebelliousness insubordination carelessness oversight laxity laxness evil offices ill offices impede bar block hamper hinder obstruct stifle thwart undermine abandon constrain desert frustrate inhibit oppose oppress prevent stunt worsen destroy degrade deteriorate diminish deface degenerate disfigure impair inflame lower mar spoil tarnish wreck bastardise(UK) bastardize(US) blemish indulge allow give in gratify yield enjoy satiate bask in coddle give rein to go along humor(US) humour(UK) mollycoddle satisfy take part treat wallow in pander revel in bankrupt bamboozle embezzle blackball ensnare entangle entrammel afflict aggravate acerbate exacerbate irritate distress heighten intensify ail augment make worse sharpen accelerate accentuate ache haemorrhage(UK) hemorrhage(US) magnify increase agitate enlarge incite provoke stimulate stir compound amplify excite encourage advance aid assist calm comfort facilitate forward hearten heat inspirit instigate permit promote push support urge disoblige displease disturb discommode harass bother incommode disrupt vex discommodate hassle irk devastate ruin compromise weaken taint condemn smash vitiate corrode enervate disavail dissatisfy fail miss take protest defy refuse resist challenge contest gainsay controvert rebut combat fight oppugn dispute counter disapprove dissent discourage intimidate demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) dishearten dispirit disappoint bully crush depress scare daunt deprecate disparage repress unnerve appal(UK) appall(US) let someone down continue defend pursue I'm fine don't worry about me go away leave me alone

944 Sentences With "help"

How to use help in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "help" and check conjugation/comparative form for "help". Mastering all the usages of "help" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It doesn't help the city, doesn't help the county and certainly doesn't help the state.
"Our officers need help, they need help, they need help with gun control," Kenney said.
It will help tighten everything, help your muscles and help you control your urine better.
We care about doing things that help students, help youth, help people in the community.
That's social justice: It's how we help a person help their community and help themselves.
The self-help book industry might help readers, but it's definitely going to help itself.
"Mayday mayday ... Help us get to the runway ... Help, help," Upegui described the pilot as saying.
We will get you help life is a precious thing and I'm here to help to help you.
This could help explain how cannabis can help with certain types of pain, and help develop new anesthetics.
If somebody asks you for help, no matter where you are, if you can help, then you help!
"It is important for the brand of our industry to keep making progress and show people we play this core role, which is to help the economy grow, help develop communities, help companies build, help employ people, help consumers save," he said.
I used to have to help read letters to people, help them write letters, help them understand their legal documents.
And go back to our communities, invest our time, our resources, help rebuild them, help strengthen them, help change them.
"When I got there, Jessica came towards me saying, 'Help me, help me, help me,' " he recalled, according to WMC.
"I just heard screaming, help, help, help," Phil Warner, who was in the chair ahead of the boy, told KDVR.
Violet tells her that you help the people who need help — but Charley reminds her that she needs help, too.
"This current president asked for help from a foreign government to help himself, to help his own election," Brown said.
"I'll take any help, even a little help, but some help," she told CNN outside her home, wiping away tears.
Certainly more women are using yoga, which may help with relaxation, may help with stress relief, may help with stretching.
She is trying to help him get the help he needs but says he needs to want to help himself.
Do I have an obligation to help this person help themselves, and if so, what form should that help take?
Today I am asking you to help T-Mobile, to help the country and help each other unite and move forward.
" True, but it helps far more to help: not merely "How can I help myself?" but "How can I help you?
People came forward to help, to assist, to help us heal, to help the community heal within hours of the shooting.
Trump received help from the Russians, welcomed that help, and arguably rewarded Russia for that help, but Mueller does not present evidence that Trump or any of his associates helped Russia help him.
"I'd rather be in a place that I could help my community better, where I could help senior citizens, where I could help Little League, where I could help community groups," he said.
Please help us pull together and help this beautiful family.
Ask for help: meal help, childcare reprieves, someone to listen.
When people need help, I'll get out and help them.
That will help finance farmers, that will help the transition.
"Congress, help us help you," writes Fight for the Future.
Anything we can do to help that is a help.
We're the ones who help those who can't help themselves.
If they could help Ru, maybe they could help James.
Society has mechanisms to help those who cannot help themselves.
Some help your immune system, and others help you detox.
Today you help them out; tomorrow they help you out.
But I just said, 'God, help me to help Kalin.
We just want to help them if they need help.
But I certainly would help him if he needed help.
Are you doing it to help me or help yourself?
"If our children needed help, we would absolutely help them."
I can always, even now, find help and give help.
"Please, help us help you, and stay inside," Shea said.
Younger students need help to learn online — lots of help.
"You help others that can't really help themselves," she said.
Keep programs that help me; cut programs that help others.
People need help, but no help is to be found.
"If I can help, I'd like to help," said Trump.
A strong dollar doesn't help, U.S. interest rates don't help.
If you help them help themselves, they're gonna do great.
"Please help me, help me, help me," runs on a loop — it's my mantra, my prayer, and my script for those calls.
We help them make better programming, we help them grow their audience and we help them make more money from their programming.
"When you educate girls, you help population control, you help the economy, you help people's health, everything starts to thrive," she says.
Knowing these personal details can help them identify those who may need help paying for medication or help getting to the doctor.
Try using this simple statement instead:I help [describe the people you help] get/have/be [describe the result you help with].2.
By doing this and with the help of our great border police, with the help of ICE, with the help of Gen.
There's also trace minerals that act as electrolytes, which help with nerve conduction, they help with brain function, they help with muscular contraction.
Neighbors help neighbors, and newcomers who stay live by the motto of the native Ocracokers: We don't ask for help, we give help.
That can help ensure the whole family benefits from your help.
You can't help somebody that doesn't want to accept the help.
We all have to help – and we have to help ourselves.
Veterans help develop popular games, and popular games help veterans recover.
"We needed to help the starters, help with Isaiah," he said.
Now, to help -- BARTIROMO: Right, Senator -- GRAHAM: -- to help -- go ahead.
Now if they want help, I would love to help them.
To be clear my mom doesn't help me i help her.
"I only help people that want to help themselves," says Cutlip.
"She was trying to say, 'Help me, help me,'" he said.
" "To be clear my mom doesn't help me I help her.
If we believe it will help, it sometimes really does help.
Here are people who need help and I simply help them.
Help us help his kids who the jury awarded $1 to.
The nonprofit behind Sesame Street wants to help startups help kids.
Older people get more help, and younger people get less help.
" White people looking for help are "desperate citizens looking for help.
So, we help to raise money to help these students apply.
Before we can help our communities, we have to help ourselves.
If you need help, ask for help: You will get it.
"We want to help these teachers help their students," Van said.
If you need help, if I can help you, why not?
But here's the thing about Payless's help desk: It doesn't help.
We wanted to help him and he wanted to help us.
We want to help your employees, so we will help you.
So we asked students, how much help is too much help?
"If they need help, we will give them help," he said.
McConnell's plan will still help people and help stabilize the economy.
Call for Help: Don't assume that help is on its way.
It's my dream for Option B: to help others help others.
It doesn't help people connect; it doesn't help people in relationships.
They'll help you learn French and you'll help them learn English.
We help them and they help us kind of a thing.
Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!
They help you make decisions and they help you evaluate opportunities.
All those definitely help across the board and help [our business].
That equipment is used to help drivers reach their destination, help potential lovers swipe right on dating apps, or simply help people text friends.
That's not going to help, that's not going to help make him president that's not going to help our party in the long run.
That's not going to help, that's not going to help make him president that's not going to help our party in the long run.
I now never help people who don't ask me for help, and even then I only help them to the extent that they ask.
I said, 'Jeb, your mother can't help you with ISIS, she can't help you with China, she can't help you with these people, Jeb.
What we would like to see is pro-growth policies that help development, help homebuilders build new homes, help apartment buildings come on line.
My job is to help get good public policy done, help the economy grow and help finance cities…I am not a political expert.
We also understood that those artists help root us in our communities, help connect us with our neighbors, and help to drive civic participation.
I don't just offer to help, I help, or at least try.
Our money to help their farmers and help their people get jobs.
It didn't help my charitable trust and I'm not gonna help it.
"If we don't help our country, who will help us?" she asked.
If everybody could come and help look for him, it would help.
Maryland is gerrymandered to help Democrats, Virginia is gerrymandered to help Republicans.
"I don't let people help me but I need help," he wrote.
It won't help me, Brown told researchers, but it could help others.
Tech help: Houston's development community has been working on ways to help.
We got 3,000 people, and the community's help, and Governor Cuomo's help.
To help understand what's happening, Cramer enlists the help of Carolyn Boroden.
There is a planet that needs help, it feels good to help.
Rods help with visual perception of shapes, and cones help with colors.
Clicking on "Help" will bring you to Disney Plus' help center website.
"I heard a girl saying, 'Help me, help me,'" Robert Mozer testified.
We have the experience to help with perception, to help with localization.
Ask for help from someone who can help you sort it out!
That you can't help them and they don't want to help themselves.
Offering free counseling and mental help nationwide would be a great help.
That would not only help refugees, it would help their host communities.
"Help me, help me," Leilah cried while dying, according to her grandmother.
A new feature from GoFundMe and Yelp might help you help them.
Can you help us, we're just trying to help cure muscular dystrophy?
Everybody's here to help eachother out and to help our pods succeed.
The meeting, requested by Hussle, aimed "to talk about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help kids," Soboroff said on Twitter.
"I was in my parents' room and I just heard the shot and my dad just yelled, 'Help me, help me, help me,' " Jacqueline said.
And when people are on there, even if they shouldn't be on there, we'll help them, we'll help them legally, we'll help them get off.
Helps the top executives, but doesn't help the company long-term and sure doesn't help the employees and sure doesn't help the communities they're in.
That equipment is used to help drivers reach their destination, help potential lovers swipe right on dating apps, or simply help people text a friend.
"We need to put together guidelines that help the pediatrician, that help healthcare providers, that help teenagers, young adults and their parents, families," Breuner says.
Each varying situation also involved a bystander who would either help, refuse to help or "spontaneously turn away" from the owner before being asked to help.
Reporting an incident can help the victim get support, from legal help to mental health treatment, and can help raise awareness about harassment and hate crimes.
And why he's doing this, it doesn't help the president, it doesn't help our country, it doesn't help the administration," Manchin said on CNN's "New Day.
In "The Old Sugarman Place," we see BoJack go through his old cycles of hating himself, refusing to get help, getting help, and rejecting that help.
Need your help Twitterverse – trying to help a young boy who is dying.
"Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!" she tweeted.
They belong to communities that help with community projects, help out each other.
Know what you can help with and know what you can't help with.
"I was just trying to help a woman who said she needed help."
Yes, I can help you if you are willing to accept my help.
Walker used her business success to help people in her community help themselves.
Trumpy Bear is here to help... or at least help give you nightmares.
You're always giving help to other people — you sometimes need to help yourself.
They also help develop "red flag" indicators to help companies spot fraudulent claims.
Then you're able to help her out, or she can help you out.
I believe sports do help women build confidence, and help them be confident.
Katz saw a young woman who needed help -- but, more important, wanted help.
Spielberg doesn&apost need help from Hillary Clinton to help him sell movies.
And if a game can help you identify getting the help you need?
And they never forget if you don't help -- or don't help quickly enough.
We can't anticipate where it will help the most, but it will help.
Why it can't just help when it's obvious help is needed is maddening.
All of your decisions: to help others, or help yourself—have major consequences.
It will help you rebuild personally and it will help rebuild the neighborhood.
"I feel I could help up there and help win games," Bregman said.
"Mutreb is later heard saying: "Help us, so that we can help you.
Any other ways to help that transition, like housing, help with childcare, etc.
The courage of somebody who volunteers to help some kids who need help.
First, thank you for your support, your help and help from different countries.
That behavior may help reelection prospects, but it does not help U.S. defense.
"Where there's a need and we can help, we're gonna help," Guy says.
I moved to Arizona to help with my arthritis, and it does help.
We try and help out with that and help them make the transition.
Offering navigational help, express delivery and pick-up may help increase those sales.
"It was Alvin's last wish to help with those who can't help themselves."
This meant providing housing help, job placement, mentorship, help with schooling and therapy.
Immunotherapy — shots that can help desensitize you to allergens — can help over time.
Automating trucking will help the environment, save money and help productivity, he says.
You can either fulfill people's requests for help or ask for help yourself.
Achievements don't just help us make connections; they also help sustain those connections.
Owen aspires to help more organizations and help animals across Australia, Colley said.
For self-help tourists, self-help material is like going to the doctor.
You can't even help your children and yourself, trying to help fucking Desmond.
Hopefully the recouped funds will help accelerate those efforts and help you rebuild.
Federal legislation would help ensure sufficient funding to help states purchase new equipment.
Good sleep practices that help civilians may help soldiers, Osgood said by email.
I'm in tears, 'Please help me, please help me, what can you do?
Take a look at food, because we need help and Asia needs help.
Finances can help people get to know each other and help deepen connections.
We want to get people medical help for mental illnesses, continual medical help.
There's no way that I can possibly help you or you help me.
It could create committees to help the public, to help allocate the money.
"My parents taught me to help the people who needed help," she said.
To help them, employees said they want more help at the workplace, the survey found, including automated savings features to help them boost their 401(k) contributions.
Your report laid out multiple offers of Russian help to the Trump campaign, the campaign's acceptance of that help, and overt acts in furtherance of Russian help.
"Come on your own terms, and we're here to let you and help you learn — or help you discover — or help you be in awe," he said.
That equipment is used to help drivers reach their destination, help potential lovers swipe right (or left) on dating apps, or simply help people text a friend.
And interventions originally intended to help people help themselves have not always done so.
Under their plans, older people get more help and younger people get less help.
And to help us understand why, Sesame Street has enlisted the help of Grover.
" Ask 1st "Do you need help?" then "What kind of help do you need?
But, if the machine starts feeding you notes asking for help, please get help.
Rather than arrive to help, Ashia said, Paulette was the one who needed help.
So if there's a big artist they need help with, then I'll help them.
She added, "If nobody's gonna help us, we gotta help ourselves," the station reported.
The funding would also go to help other agencies and help manage the crisis.
Plus, my parents are going to help and her parents are going to help.
He hopes the ads help people recognize warning signs and seek help if needed.
I felt like she was telling me, 'Mommy, help me, help me — I'm hurt.
And we give help, and we give as much help as the customer wants.
By cutting budgets that help all these other people, it doesn't help the country.
Some people use pot to help relax, for pain relief, even to help energize.
With the help of Shutterfly, Minaj was gifted $25,000 to help kickstart her foundation.
So they will help us but they&aposll help us up to a point.
To help you decide, here's a spec breakdown that might be able to help.
And if you need a little help to get started, we're here to help.
He could help carry Ohio, which is a battleground where she will need help.
And, while tragic, we can learn from it to help ourselves, and help others.
He said he wanted to help people in Chicago and I accept that help.
They'd also give more help to young adults and less help to older people.
But you still want them to help sell your stuff, help promote your stuff.
If that's "help," though, progressives are likely to want Trump to help Republicans everywhere.
Jealousy is a cry for help that I wish I could help you with.
Criminals always need help, and are pretty good at persuading people to help them.
Can he help people when he can't fully figure out how to help himself?
You can actually call Lil Yachty and ask for help, and he'll help us.
Offer to help with specific tasks — but let them define what will actually help.
It will also help identify minors who need help such as counseling for trauma.
Many don't qualify for government aid, so literally any help is the only help.
ViaHero, a new app that lets locals help plan your trips abroad, can help.
It won't help elect him president or help our party in the long run.
"We want to do something that will help people that need help," said Sen.
Others did the best they could to help themselves and to help us, too.
"This one patient is going to help me help so many animals," she added.
"I got help from people," he said, "and now I have to help people."
Friends help buffer us from the world and help us "talk out" our problems.
That would help standardize products and help consumers feel confident in what they're buying.
God knows no one will help us the way we can help each other.
She was offered help and a wheelchair by medical staff, but refused the help.
You do so much to help others—make time to help yourself today, too.
"When people need help and I can help, I'm out there," James told ABC.
But we need help, and we need help by getting that executive order passed.
An insurance benefit can help provide consistent income and help cover ongoing business expenses.
You're going to expand your job to help the company [and] help your team.
"We need the federal help, and we need the federal help now," Cuomo said.
There are sexological bodyworkers who help people through trauma or help people to orgasm.
We're going to need help from people out there who want to help immigrants.
"Help people understand, your anxiety is your body trying to help you," she said.
I couldn't help my brother, but maybe I can help others with my energy.
People claim it can suppress appetite, help with acid reflux, and help your digestion.
How to Ask for Help and Actually Get It People want to help you.
That the state promised to help Amazon get access to a helipad didn't help.
" She adds, "I want to continue to help people that really can't help themselves.
If you are going to help children in the United States, help them everywhere.
But it does mean we found the right way to help Iraqis help themselves.
Her work could help spacecraft use fuel more efficiently and help with preventing fires.
Your Spotify profile picture can help personalize your account, and help followers identify you.
If you want government help, you have to help yourself, by getting a job.
Creating businesses that not only help people, but also help people open their eyes.
It did not help that Mr. Jun was also reluctant to ask for help.
That approach can help win an election and perhaps even help in actual governance.
Transplants from animals could help close a critical gap to help those in need.
The middle ground doesn't help the public and it certainly doesn't help the party.
When their story was published in Zeit, a German magazine, the journalists also included a call for help: Please help us create a fund to help these women.
It meant that you had to find the right people to help you grow, to help you expand, to help you get the most out of your adventure.
"When I got there, Jessica came towards me saying, 'Help me, help me, help me,' " Cole Haley, a former volunteer fire chief, recalled on the stand last year.
This Burt's Bees puppy shampoo has buttermilk to help soothe and soften skin, honey to help retain moisture, and a pH-balanced formula to help avoid dry skin.
We need help to help scale up some of these programs like Genesis Works and You're Up that can help place some of these people in these jobs.
No help with employment, no help with housing, and no help with drug counseling, despite the judge ordering that I complete a drug rehabilitation program upon my release.
"I believed that Keith Raniere's intentions were to help people, and that my adherence to his system of beliefs would help empower others and help them," she said.
Science-t can help us figure out which policies help the sick and vulnerable, but it cannot tell us whether, or how much, we ought to help them.
We want to hear about your new programs, your goals for the department, as well as how we can help stop gang violence and help you help kids.
They wanted to speak with Soboroff and Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore "about ways he could help stop gang violence and help us help kids," Soboroff tweeted.
Based in New York, the focus of Techstars Connection is to help build startups that "help connect people to people, help connect people to product, and help connect people to place," whether that be in the food and beverage market or beyond.
I see a little bright red face and his mom's holding him up, begging for help, screaming, asking 'someone help me someone help me,' Winters told CNN affiliate KTVT.
At a press conference on Thursday, Mulvaney suggested that after-school programs that help kids get fed — many of which AmeriCorps help support — don't actually help people in need.
Plastic bottles help transport clean drinking water to remote areas, lightweight composites help save energy in automobiles and planes, single-use sterile syringes and blood bags help extend lives.
What's powerful about these conversations is not just that they can help cancer patients through treatment or help teenagers build resiliency — they can also help the rest of us.
He said that as he approached the scene, a woman was crying for help from the first floor of a building: "Help us, help us, we have a child".
We'll get out of your way and help you do whatever you need help doing.
"Need your help Twitterverse – trying to help a young boy who is dying," Bream wrote.
Sometimes I feel like you feel guilty if you ask for help or get help.
"While we help her, hopefully in the future, she will help other women," she said.
Beyond that, internships help you establish relationships with professionals who can help you out later.
I go over to help, and they in turn help me dig out my car.
" She continued, "Sometimes somebody may need help now, and then you'll need help one day.
It's up to us to help plant seeds of hope and help fuel the future.
To help the Animal Rescue League continue to help animals like this one, donate here.
Instead, he waits to be asked for help, assuming that until then, help isn't needed.
Tell him that just like he wants to help her, you want to help him.
We help them provide the tools to help them register the people that they serve.
He believed the best way to help struggling African-Americans was to help strugglers everywhere.
HELP ON THE JOB Once candidates are hired, there is help at the office, too.
If you need help moving on from your ex, Ryan Reynolds is happy to help.
And they need our help and the help of everyone in the financial journalism community.
"A veteran will help another veteran before he will help him or herself," he explains.
Such policies help retrain individuals for the new jobs and help them find new employment.
"She was a great person and wanted to help whenever she could help," he says.
But she was only able to help others once she was able to help herself.
Rocco missing school certainly doesn't help Guy Ritchie's case, but it doesn't necessarily help Madonna's.
So if we can figure out a way to help small business, help young people.
"We join this career because we want to help patients and help people," Bindas said.
That's pretty much the ultimate goal — not only help others, but to help myself, too.
Just know that it has happened, help me deal with it, help me stop it.
Being prepared to help out guests with little can help make your rental really successful.
And we don't just help each other, we're ready to help anyone who comes here.
I started to realize no one is going to help me unless I help myself.
To me, this class sounded like a self help book, and I love self help!
"While we help her, hopefully in the future, she will help other women," she said.
Well, we don't only want help, we are getting help and we really appreciate it.
With her help, he was able to open the van door and call for help.
I needed help that day, but he needs help, and he's not the only one.
Instead, I want all of my friends to help me help kids around the world.
They not only were eager to get that help, they made use of that help.
Rather than assuming we need your help, ask us how we can help each other.
Not only will it help you disconnect from work, but it will help you relax.
My wife said, 'You've got to help them out — help them get a little better.
St. Mary's offers free legal help to those who need help with the DACA application.
Eventually, medicines that help promote more natural sleep cycles could help treat those very diseases.
How do you use the money that you have to help them help themselves, right?
Be selfless; if you help others, it will help you along the way as well.
It is easy to help someone who is sad and wants help for his sadness.
Kluber got some help from shaky White Sox base running to help preserve the lead.
The resulting data can help improve training and, crucially, it could help players avoid injury.
I also promised to help them get sponsors for women and help them improve financially.
Some may ask themselves, why help the Yazidis, and why help religious minorities in general?
I never found anybody that didn't want to help me if asked them for help.
Here's to books that help fix yours —or just help you forget all about them.
Owning a home may help you save money, but it won't help you make money.
Please, reach out if you need help taking it from here, I'm here to help.
At the very least, new knowledge can help us not help the other side win.
"It's not like McDonald's can help, not like Burger King can help," Lee reminds us.
To see your options, just run the help() function on the ImageFilter submodule (help(img.
Contact Help Refugees , if you'd like to help them hold the UK government to account.
We can help you select the golf clubs that can help you improve your score.
The entire reason I went into business was to help people, not to help myself.
Sometimes I have to help fill the knowledge gap they have to help things along.
Both try to help other patients who are looking for help and considering clinical trials.
I was there to be with him and help when people asked me for help.
Help wanted -- Cuomo asks out-of-state medical workers to come help in New York.
That's O.K. We're here to help you solve … and to help you expand those wheelhouses.
Furthermore, the sugar is shown to help lower cholesterol and can help you lose weight.
I offered to help her out that night and have continued to help mod since.
"Get help now!" says a federal website describing the new service, called Help on Demand.
The country has designated $200 million from its budget to help help tackle the crisis.
That drives me crazy when they're always asking for help, rich people asking for help.
Would it be better, for example, to help people stay, or to help them go?
Toms Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie is on a new mission to help people help themselves.
"I'm not asking you to help New York just to help New York," he said.
His campaign was told that Russia wanted to help it, and it welcomed such help.
We are not begging for help, we want the help we deserve as fellow Americans.
Not only will you learn how to help others, but also how to help yourself.
"We will need help, my friend, we will need help of all kinds," he added.
Our top picks will help improve your posture and may even help relieve back pain.
Antioxidants help to balance inflammation, while enzymes (like those found in pineapple) help with digestion.
Most presidents, prime ministers anywhere around the world, they ask for help, you should help.
That is how you can help, and I think you can help yourself as well.
"We can't help the last person in Africa and not help our neighbor," he says.
It made me realize that it's okay to get help and to ask for help.
It does not help decrease their costs, and it does not help increase their access.
It is performed on tumor samples after surgery, to help determine whether chemo would help.
"We want to help the small repair technicians that aren't getting help from anywhere else."
She needed help getting into bed and just help having a dignified life at home.
That would help them decide what equipment and training would be needed to help people.
You could potentially really help them know they have that, and then help prevent that.
I help Emily to help other people, because I know that's what she would want.
In every way possible, I'm going to help the African Americans, help the Latinos, Hispanics.
If you want to go even further to help support this teacher-powered movement, you can volunteer to help in a classroom: sign up to help with an Hour of Code this December, or help a computer science teacher inspire students throughout the school year.
"Elizabeth felt the song could be an anthem to help get the point across about the need for help, and also to help get amFAR up and running," Warwick recalls.
"Help be that positive light, help be that person that everyone wants to be around, and help be that energy that takes this world into a better place," Watt said.
The second was to help out after her first round of surgery — to cook, which she didn't need any help with, and to help pick an oncologist, which she did.
You have to elect people who run with the help of people, not with the help of special interests, not with the help of their own pocketbook, their own checkbook.
Cooper is a big help with David — he's a big help with all of the kids.
But the post read like a cry for help, and help is exactly what is available.
If you want more help, check out this Cord-Cutting 101 guide to help get started.
And the parents said, Help me help my child understand how they can be successful workers.
Not that help could have definitely changed things, but they needed more help than they deserved.
I am not an expert, but these videos help to calm people and help with anxiety.
The professionals who help set these targets should be the very ones to help meet them.
It's about help, because all of a sudden you realize, 'Wow I can help my church.
My profile started as a way to help myself, but now I get to help others.
Dallas Cowboys rookie RB Bo Scarbrough has a message for Ezekiel Elliott -- HELP ME HELP YOU!!
"She was like, 'Help, help!' and we were like, 'We got you'," he told ABC 13.
And sometimes, antidepressant drugs fail to help women with PPD, or to help them fast enough.
That may help them attract more VC money and help push their private market valuations higher.
"We have to do things to help them be babies and to help them develop appropriately."
We want to help you tell our stories - and we need your help to do it.
The details determine who gets help purchasing health insurance, and what kind of help they receive.
He had attended Harvard Medical school so he could help people, but he couldn't help them.
It's up to us to help, the United States of America, to help remake that system.
Some Amazon will invent and it will help Amazon but much more it will help developers.
And to help with that, development studio Sloclap enlisted the help of fashion designer Damir Doma.
Therefore, naps don't just help us think better; they help us feel better (especially morning naps).
For anyone having trouble logging back into Facebook, there is help available at Facebook's Help Center.
If that's the case, submit a request for help with account recovery through Instagram's Help Center.
These journals can help you get started on your gratitude journey, or help you self explore.
"Need your help Twitterverse – trying to help a young boy who is dying," Bream first wrote.
"If a blue plan reaches out to me to give help, I'll give help," Swedish said.
It's weird because you're trying to help the sick person and they don't want the help.
Anything I can do to help these suffering and help in any way, I will do.
So we enlisted the help of acclaimed food writer, Mark Bittman, to help us transform them.
His dedication to help the people of Puerto Rico has influenced others to help the cause.
"Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!" she tweeted on Jan. 18.
They're stationed throughout the play areas to help answer questions and help guests feel more comfortable.
It does help, a little bit more maturity does help in that ability to do that.
Now, he offers self-help seminars and martial arts classes to help empower his devoted followers.
The jeans not only help change lives for the better, but they also help the planet.
This mom is all by herself with no help, and really needs another mom to help.
This Bionic yarn should definitely help in the brand's efforts (and more importantly, help the planet).
Having sought help from psychologists at São Paulo regarding his addiction, Cicinho received help in 2010.
I went from being someone who needed help from others, to someone who could help others.
Giannis did everything he could to help get them there, but he didn't get enough help.
" Another user tweeted: "This doesn't help anyone, least of all the women its intended to help.
Neighbors help motivate each other, they educate each other, and they figure out who needs help.
Survivors help other survivors help other survivors, even if their own survivability is not yet assured.
They would do anything to help one another, but sometimes they are unable to help themselves.
Every state also has financial subsidies to help middle-income Americans to help buy private coverage.
" She added, "There are certain things that you cannot help, but you can help being healthy.
They need help finding jobs and housing, and they need government funds to provide that help.
These types of studies help experts identify mutations that "help us quantify the risk," said Brawley.
A story to help others, story for a class in which my job is to help.
Mental health campaigners consistently put forth the narrative of reaching out—for help and to help.
He gave everything away, $5, $10, trying to help people, help the streets a little bit.
Asking for help can be hard, but Venus will help you be charming, especially this evening.
Stigma related to mental health and help-seeking is directly tied to actual help seeking behaviors.
Without that skill, directors can't help to guide the company's strategy or help to manage risk.
"It's all going to help, but it's not going to help tonight or tomorrow," he said.
She doesn't have any[one] who could help her financially or help her get a job.
"A veteran will help another veteran before he will help him or herself," he told PEOPLE.
"First we were the ones who needed help now it's our turn to help," Hrebid says.
But before we can help the people we serve, it is imperative we first help ourselves.
Successful people ask how they can help others; unsuccessful people ask how they can help themselves.
There are factors that we at eBay can help control, and help to alleviate those headwinds.
"I think that's something that would help everybody and that would help the economy," he said.
How he could help Clinton: Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Kaine could help connect with Hispanic voters.
Help "Thank you for all your help," Trump said to Puerto Rican Governor Rosselló in October.
It didn't help me have any new ideas, but it did help me clear my head.
Tesla is meant to help with the former; SolarCity is meant to help with the latter.
Futsal can help create an environment that will help develop better American players, indoor and outdoor.
David also needed help with collecting contributions when people arrived, so I'd help with that too.
Offer to help pick-up groceries or help with other physically taxing chores during Ramadan. 70.
"These are issues that we try to work together on to help people who need help,."
I said, 'Mom, my meds will help me, and your prayers might help me, that's all.
To help you help us, we've made the voting process as painless for you as possible.
This can help you find new conversations to participate in and help you expand your network.
Help the people; help businesses; give the market system a hand when it's about to stumble.
If you're going to help kids, you have to help the whole kid all at once.
"We neither count on such help nor are we ready to accept verbal help," Mousavi said.
"We're going there to help run the funeral and help move the coffin," Lt. Giorgio said.
While I want to help my patients, I can't help questioning the fairness of this practice.
Mental health days could help and should be put into our school to help those problems.
With the black athlete, it's just: Can you help me or can you not help me?
The regents help oversee the system's academic, administrative and financial aspects, and also help develop policy.
It's time for President Trump to help the Senate Republicans help themselves in a similar manner.
Giving yourself some time will help you process and help you remove yourself from the text.
"If something comes to me and needs my help, I'm going to help it," she said.
"Even if you want to help, it has to help you, in some way," she said.
He asked for help in the next election, I'm asking for help in the next election.
"It's really easy to help our friends and help people who are like ourselves," she said.
I wanted to do something to help them and I'm going to continue to help them.
That might help him get re-elected in 2020, but it would help no one else.
They need help finding the practical bridges to help them get where they want to go.
Understanding that quirk could help us find common ground on how to help the poorest Americans.
"I couldn't help but wonder why didn't someone step in and help him earlier," she said.
But after Trump is gone, we need someone to help unite us and help us heal.
"They could help someone get out of bed, or help them around the house," he adds.
His bid wouldn't just help Republicans in Michigan — it would help to expand their Senate battlefield.
But in the fourth quarter we're going to need help and I'm hoping people will help.
Everything gets easier, and they help me a lot, like help me getting the culture here.
We know that if we help these citizens when they're in need, they will help us.
I never asked for help; in my mind, asking for help was a sign of weakness.
So smart people, besides ourselves can help look for patterns and help us figure it out.
The company made its name with cloud apps that help businesses automate their help desk functions.
We want to help you do the job, and you need to help us do ours.
More studies can help validate what criminologists are finding and help move toward prevention, he said.
He said the measures would help ease the permitting process and help investment in energy projects.
Rescue teams prepare to help Rescue teams across southeastern Texas geared up to help as needed.
Still, researchers are exploring whether fasting might help fight cancer, or help cancer patients tolerate chemotherapy.
I cannot help but think that the main task a screen would help with is shopping.
While Europe could help a little with financing, she said, it cannot help with oil exports.
They hope their respective findings will help people with movement disorders, and help optimize athletic performance.
Bigger companies in that regard, but they can help the smaller companies help develop that workforce.
While Elliott says that eating eggs can help break down acetaldehyde and that eating cabbage might help with the absorption of alcohol, she says charcoal tablets won't help with a hangover.
Neighbors help each other in situations like this, and a guy I just met at the hardware store offered to help me board up our house if I would help him.
For example, to help imports to China and to help business partners to enjoy the largest consumer market in the world and help the Chinese people to sell out of China.
"It's going to help easily match people who are looking to help with those who need help within the community," Preethi Chetan, a Facebook product designer, told reporters in a briefing.
Tip number three is fun and easy, play games on your phone or any electronic to help strengthen your mind to help remember, and help the thinking part of it too.
If a group of schoolkids in Arkansas can help spur groundbreaking science to help solve the mystery of sea star wasting disease and its links to climate change, anyone can help.
The results reveal that parents would overwhelmingly help their kid pay off debt; around 90 percent said they would help their child, while only 10.5 percent said they would refuse to help.
Instead what we're saying is we have a really robust, dynamic business to help you make content on social media, to help you grow, to help you make more money doing that.
It wouldn't help them, she said, but it would help other people—and, if they found a legislator in their states willing to sponsor a bill, she'd help them advocate for change.
You could say the text is what I desire to help or say that the fact she's written a text intended to help other people is why I want to help her.
Tip sheets will also be created to help prisoners prepare for a visit with their child, help officers support positive interactions during visits, and help mentors better support children of incarcerated parents.
Angelelli said other types of devices that could help seniors include sensors in the home that help detect falls and voice assistants that provide check-ins to help people who feel isolated.
Helping unemployed workers will help businesses get back to regular functioning sooner, and both will help reduce the freeze-up of credit more broadly, which in turn will help consumers and businesses.
Democrats must be able to explain how Democratic policies will help keep them safe, help keep food on their table and help keep a job for them to go to every day.
Belgians are using #ikwilhelpen (I want to help) to help coordinate rides, places to stay, etc. pic.twitter.
Higher infrastructure spending would help US competitiveness and the associated jobs created would also help the economy.
I'd love to help a gazillion million, but if we help one child, we did our job.
It focuses on creating applications that help businesses analyze and visualize data to help them save money.
We help create the conditions that lead to people getting into homes with the help they need.
He needs help to escape the desert, but the only way he can get help is by
Help me find words to explain...Have pity on me and help me, O Lord my God.
America has a moral commitment to help them, and they need our help now more than ever.
"He is someone who wants to help and do things to help African wildlife survive," says Ndadzela.
We are trying to help you and your company just as much as you can help us.
Nobody is walking around asking "Are you a Democrat or Republican?" before offering help or accepting help.
For me that meant admitting that I needed the help and being able to get the help.
This will help us to attract talent on a global basis to help us scale the company.
But Kimberly, can the Democrats help the -- can Hollywood help the Democrats with the health care message?
However, the evidence suggests that tougher punishment, more help for victims and public-education campaigns all help.
And, to help with the overhaul, the Palace is hiring a planner to help orchestrate the renovations.
Everyone can help, and help can come in ways that have never been taken in consideration before.
A new version should help keep Nissan in the game, but a low price may help, too.
Help them develop a plan to get help and follow-through with them until they get connected.
It should help increase access to addiction treatment, and help rein in the over-prescription of opioids.
Since U.S. policy was to help developing nations embrace the free market, we were happy to help.
Town residents pitched in to help those who lost their homes: they cooked meals and offered help.
How to help Want to help those affected by Matthew, both in the US and the Caribbean?
China has an influence and China's been a big help, and Russia's been a big help, too.
These descriptions will help people better understand the situation which may then further inspire them to help.
While Brooke Mueller gets the professional help she needs, her loved ones are stepping in to help.
They'll help help celebrate the nation's 240th birthday this year, during the two-hour NBC live telecast.
The right bacteria can help treat infections, out-breed bad bacteria, and help regulate functions like digestion.
This will help improve performance, but Nvidia is going a step further with the help of supercomputers.
I've been using my social media platform not only to help others, but also to help myself.
The shelter wants to help the poor pooch — but it needs the public's help to do it.
AIs would help constructing better AIs, which in turn would help building better AIs, and so forth.
Although the group sought help from our economic development officials, they did not get any meaningful help.
It can be difficult for all of us to either reach out for help or offer help.
"Now, I want y'all to help me correct President Trump to help teach him what it means."
With the help of AllRecipes, Alexa and Amazon Echo Show can help you bake an apple pie.
Obamacare gave more help to poor and older Americans — those who need the most help buying insurance.
They're looking for answers, they're curious, or they want to help, and I want their help too.
To help Tahj navigate this new and exciting world, we enlisted the help of Catpig, Mashable's mascot.
An algorithm will help predict what kind of help a person needs before they actually need it.
The nano-drones can help enhance security, reduce risk to soldiers and help to save military lives.
Tax help: At the same time, tracking expenses can help independent contractors save a lot of money.
And we have got to make sure that when people need the help, they get the help.
They help women to help themselves by teaching and showing them just how powerful they already are.
It's like, where I need help, he's really strong and where he needs help I'm really strong.
" Roberto can be heard in the video shouting "oh no, no, help him out, help him out.
I think, you know, we would offer help to any client of ours that asked for help.
That might help him in court, but it won't do jack to help him land any roles.
I can help you pack your parents' things, if you can help me stop this damn leak.
Its music algorithms don't just help listeners find songs; they also help advertisers find the right listeners.
That should help pay at least a little more to help offset undergraduate loan costs and defaults.
We all trusted each other to ask for help, and we asked for a lot of help.
"It should help some exports and it should help bring some equity investments as well," he said.
We hope this book will help to correct that wrong impression — and help save the Paris deal.
Ask a friend to help mediate a fight or help create a compromise that works for everyone.
When you help Habitat help families struggling in the wake of this storm, you change the world.
I think I have mom guilt too because my mom didn't have help and I have help.
Curbed also noted that these initiatives don't just help families, but help "everyone by increasing pedestrian safety."
She went down, after graduating from Yale Law School, to help poor kids, to help disabled kids.
It can help you save for a big-ticket item, and help you reach your goal quicker.
For instance, a survey could help college officials identify reasons why victims choose not to seek help.
Professor Magnolia will help introduce you to the Galar region and help you choose your starter Pokémon.
I use this method constantly to help grow my companies and help my clients grow theirs, too.
That fracturing will help the G.O.P. recover, but it won't help Republicans build a pan-racial conservatism.
It doesn't help with your sanity, and it certainly doesn't help with anxiety to compartmentalize those things.
The second includes social intelligence and gratitude; these strengths help you relate to, and help, other people.
But further research could help clarify if cinnamon would help children who have trouble in the classroom.
"If they need my help, I am willing to help the country in any way I can."
Imagining the reward in these moments can help you to push through when you need the help.
The organization is sending team members to help survivors who need immediate assistance and to help rebuild.
Extending lending might help Square further improve its competitive positioning in ways that help it attract customers.
How you can help So what can you do to help -- aside from responsibly practicing social distancing?
The shadows in every corner they're moving, I swear they're moving I need help, I NEED HELP.
For anyone who wants to help Capp, there's a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical bills.
McCowan will help, but she likely won't help enough to keep the Fever out of the lottery.
I have a lot of help and support and recovery, this is not a cry for help.
"I don't think I necessarily try to help women, I just try to help people," she said.
We looked at how we can help with training support, how we can help educate the athletes.
Apps that shut down social media or specific websites or help kids stay focused also can help.
Just as hospitals and clinics help the uninsured obtain coverage, they should also help eligible voters register.
"Tell them that you need help or ask them where to go to get help," she said.
They can't (read: won't) help you, so you need to help yourself by getting out and exploring.
While narratives help us to make sense of the world, skills help us to act within it.
Also, a prenuptial agreement can help make things easier, as can the help of a financial planner.
At the time, I was into self-help, especially the language of self-help and the messages.
"This will help stabilize economic growth...and also help improve economic structures," Shi told a news conference.
Having financial help from the Justice Department will also help assuage some concerns over costs, Criswell predicted.
If the person who needs help doesn't seem that different from us, we'll probably help them out.
He said, "they didn't help us in the Second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy."
Poloz said investing in infrastructure should help companies boost growth, which in turn will help government revenue.
They may be able to help keep costs low or help you determine what your plan covers.
Vets must wait longer for help Veterans hoping to get disability help will have to wait longer.
She hopes the store will help boost St. Ives' brand awareness and help them engage with customers.
To help educate you about financial decisions, LendingTree has resources available to help you understand loan products.
It's not that we don't need help anymore—clearly, we need all the help we can get.
This thinking may help to break the cycle of abuse and ultimately help to heal the community.
I did a little research on is there anyone working to help these kids, help these families.
Work on something interestingThe best way to get people to help you is to first help them.
Help Musicians U.K. is investing nearly 20163 million pounds, or around $1.4 million, in the help line.
Being public could help in that effort, since Keurig could use stock to help pay for acquisitions.
One of his colleagues in Mississippi said in closed arbitration testimony that she and others in the office were suffering from a "basic shock that nothing was happening to help Steve, help the clients, help the firm, help the office with what was going on," according to a transcript.
It can also help you break bad habits, studies show: It can prevent you from eating your feelings, it can help if you drink too much, and it can help you quit smoking.
Now that may help the steel barons and it may help the steel unions, but when that begins to resonate throughout the economy and the consumer, does that help everyone on assembly lines?
To help sometimes I ask my friends for help, if we can work on something together or if they can help me understand something better and complete it faster it helps a lot.
The reason we traded for him was to add some stability to our rotation, help to mentor our young pitchers, to help to protect them from the workloads, help to save the bullpen.
"I hear this young girl screaming: 'Help, help, help' ... and the jaguar has clasped its claws outside the cage around her hand and into her flesh," witness Adam Wilkerson told Fox 10 television.
If you are in need of help with a mental health issue, you can visit SAMHSA's National Helpline's official website for treatment information or call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) for confidential help.
"If me getting banned from a video game is going to help people, help people's lives and help spread awareness about Hong Kong, then I think that's a positive thing," Mr. Wright said.
"Organizing your thoughts for communication" will help you make every point you want to make during your appointment and will help you not forget anything that could help you get an accurate diagnosis.
"To make sure that you're surrounding yourself with an inner circle of those that compliment [and who will help] you to exponentially increase the connector abilities that will help others and help yourself."
And when asked if he supported help for Boeing (BA) and aircraft suppliers such as General Electric (GE), he said only that he would help Boeing and did not address help for suppliers.
Such help would cost tens of billions of dollars, and groups representing the mortgage industry warned that their efforts to help homeowners could cause the entire industry to collapse without the government's help.
For example, we have members of the Times podcast team help judge our podcast contest, Opinion writers and editors help judge our editorial contest, and professional cartoonists help judge our editorial cartoon contest.
It's a form of politics without enemies, where the goal isn't to help as many people as possible but instead to help whom you can manage to help without making anyone too upset.
These moments help teach you more about the game, but more importantly they help build the ongoing narrative.
Increasingly painful to undestand the american people want to help and US Gov does not want to help.
Such research can help shed light on things that actually work to help us live longer, better lives.
The company said it will establish a fund to help the local economy and help pay for repairs.
It would be-- and I&aposve read every self-help book there is, so I need the help.
The girl screamed for help from inside the chimney and neighbors called for help around 3:30 p.m.
Needing help, Strahan and Haines call up Povich, who appears onstage to help out with the sex reveal.
With the help of his crew, he hatches a plan to help him get back in the game.
They were originally set up after 228/73, in part to help do things like help fight terrorism.
These five downloads give you advice, help you budget and invest, and help reduce your overall financial stress.
So, this bill may actually help move the needle on getting many people the help they need. 2.
He was doing it to help me and I was doing it to help my children and learn.
I ask around if anyone needs help on projects, and help out a coworker with some spreadsheet work.
We can give you the funding to help you finish your film and help you tell your story.
Asking for help can even help one look smarter and make their advice giver feel smart as well.
To help us cover his medical costs, we are asking for the public's help naming the baby boy.
This would greatly help dog owners to integrate the death into their lives and help them move forward.
It could also help students learn what they can do to help should they witness harassment or assault.
The experts reiterated a common point: Suicidal crises can be overcome with help, and help is out there.
Please help Uber to help drivers who may be affected by this wrong and unjust immigration ban. -Travis
You built it with the help of police and firefighters all of us help pay the salaries for.
Josh: Having community and like-minded to support you—people that can help share and can help love.
And I'm pretty confident I can help you defend as well if that's the help you're looking for.
The donations would help relieve the significant cost of procedures to help them feel affirmed in their bodies.
It's hard to imagine that being released on tag would help unless he gets the relevant professional help.
"Over the next couple of months, with your help, we hope to help the remaining cats," it reads.
To help tackle alcoholism, he has enlisted the help of the army, long accused of disrespect towards Indians.
Either way, they help save Ethel Muggs (Shannon Purser) from The Black Hood after she calls for help.
You need that help from a label, or you need that help from a talent agency, or something.
Asking for help, needing help doesn't make you weak or less worthy of love or support or success.
To help ease the transition, Google is providing developers tools to help migrate their apps to the Web.
That work is important not only to help her win but also to help her govern, he said.
"We see an opportunity to help those modes to grow to help them be good partners with cities."
I will do my best to continue to help the people that need help, just like you have.
I find that treatments really help my anxiety for a few days, and also help clear my sinuses.
" Adds the source: "She won't take any help from anybody close to her who wants to help her.
We believe this will help children form good habits and help them to take responsibility for their actions.
To help us decide once and for all (or at least for tonight!), we got some professional help.
One way to help with keeping resolutions is to find tools that will help you stick with them.
Buying Autonomic "help build out the value of the Transportation Mobility Cloud and help monetize that," Klevorn said.
"We find China fascinating, we feel like we can help do something to help the world," he added.
While the "startup mentality" promised to help us build our dreams, does our hustle really help our careers?
It won't help those alliances, and it certainly won't help the U.S. project soft power around the world.
Offers of help are appreciated, but always ask whether a person with a disability wants your help first.
For help re-creating looks that required greater detail, Yamada enlisted the help of her sister, a hairstylist.
The startup uses video-based conferencing software to help coach managers on skills that can help that improve.
" Houser says that Faith's goal is very simple: "I can help people, so I'm going to help people.
That would help it to realise its substantial potential to help patients, doctors, health insurers and researchers alike.
"No help can be conditioned and no help can be demanded," Morales told reporters in the Guatemalan capital.
The software can help you get a maximum refund, while it can also help you with any deductions.
It will help restore confidence in the country, and it should help increase inflows of investment and capital.
And we are making a full effort to help anywhere we can help our country and work skills.
We want to help our customers generate more conversations, and we think our products could help with that.
When somebody needs assistance, "You should be obligated to help or to get help for them," McIntosh said.
In each of these areas, America's continued involvement can help maximize Iraqis'  odds of success – with Congress' help.
He would help me with calculus and physics, if I would help him transition into writing in English.
So it just seems obvious that to help people around you and you help people around the world.
Please help us help this family recover & bring attention to the EPIDEMIC of gun violence in this country.
It's software is designed to help cities predict and respond to disasters with the help of machine learning.
Each additional recommendation will help you know more about who to hire to help you with your work.
He also hopes to convene leaders in the sector to help people get the help they need – worldwide.
What that means is you help start small businesses, help them grow in good times and in bad.
Where the individualist thinking might help you recognize mistakes, it doesn't help you model how things should be.
"It random… A homie needed help, so I was like, let's go help a homie out," DJ says.
Hopefully we can help deliver that public pressure to help realize some of the goals of this paper.
It does not help our people, it does not help our state, it leaves us open to attacks.
Develops  OthersTakes ownership to help develop others' skills, behaviors, and mindsets to help them maximize their workplace contributions.
Zinke said such policies would help the environment, save lives and help the logging industry, among other benefits.
The same changes to our health care system that will help men live longer will help all Americans.
But help was also slow to arrive because of the government's denial about how much help was needed.
McAuliffe enlisted the help of a firm run by Clinton's brother, Tony Rodham, to help obtain the visas.
Alternatively, they many get help from other youth similarly distressed, who are understandably not reliable help or effective.
A new Broadband Incubator Office will help roll these out, and the $80 billion will help bankroll them.
By the simple act of sharing, we can help families and care-providers to better help each other.
Instead, Ms. Walsh and her team help get them medical help or a bed in a sober house.
Cookies are convenient, but clearing them can help fix issues with Safari, and help your iPad run faster.
She watched the man help her mother bring in groceries and then help her father shovel the driveway.
Why shouldn't we help out our car manufacturers and workers just as the French and Germans help theirs?
Such a program was ripe for regtech — to help firms identify problems and help satisfy the initiative's requirements.
Millionaires may be able to hire some help around the house, but they can't hire all the help.
"Help them find someone, like a job coach, recruiter, mentor, or former colleague that can help," Varma said.
You can't help but love Madison Kocian, just like you can't help but feel for Eliza, Alexander's wife.
They also help sequester carbon from the atmosphere, which can help to mitigate the effects of climate change.
People like Liz gave me the heart to help other people, and helped me learn how to help.
Help heal the skin even more and help those products and ingredients to penetrate deeper into the pores.
That will help him fund an expansion of the brewing facility and help pay salaries of new employees.
But while you can't help what people think or feel about you, you can help your own behavior.
"This will help minimize the risk of supplier failure and help drive up standards for consumers," she added.
There are limits in how we can facilitate professional help seeking and respond if professional help is refused.
"That will help youths look for job opportunities online and help them interact with the world," he said.
Some are sincere in their effort to help students; some believe help is best achieved by breaking them.
Vertical stripes help to draw the eye upward and horizontal stripes help to make a room seem wider.
I felt that knowing their origins and roots would help me manage them, help me talk them down.
I think what can really help — and this has been shown to help — is personal stories of addiction.
Look at how people help each other when there's fires, floods, and hurricanes, how people help each other.
The coalition I help lead, called Students Learn Students Vote, created a set of guidelines to help schools.
"Do you believe that it could help or would help more than not having a wall," he asked.
This will undoubtedly help Donald Trump in the upcoming election, and help heal a very broken Republican image.
The company also said it will help with any travel or accommodation needs that will help victims' families.
People jumped in and said, if you'll take point, I'll help with the part I can help with.
With the help of a Japanese aid organization, the hotel built coral gardens that its guests help maintain.
Plastic surgeons can help a real cause ... donating much-needed medical equipment to help doctors combat the coronavirus.
Shelters receive help right on time Detroit's homeless shelters desperately need all the help the chefs can provide.
"I can't help everyone come out — I'm not some gay sensei who can help everyone out," she said.
"We're trying," Dr. van der Linden said, "to help people help themselves and navigate this post-truth environment."
Or even help them figure out how to use social media to get help when they need it?
Technology tools can also help advisers connect students with resources faster, and help schedule regular student-adviser meetings.
They're asking all parties to be the bridge, to help build the bridge, to help maintain a bridge.
The word "help" in "Help around the house" could be a verb or it could be a noun.
We all need to provide help and ask for help to stabilize our climate and our well-being.
Instead of relying on prescribed drugs to help out, acupuncture can be used to help remedy the problem.
Seeking the help of an investment advisor can help remove the emotion of investing during volatile market times.
HIAS didn't help them because they could sing or write code; it helped them because they needed help.
"I'm asking you to help New York to help yourselves … Let's learn how to act as one nation."
It isn't a cure for the virus, but will help lessen patients' symptoms and help them recover faster.
But whether they stay the same or go down, that's going to help housing and help mortgage applications.
That money sitting in your donor advised fund doesn't help people; the nonprofits doing the work help people.
If you need help crafting an action plan, professional credit managers can help expedite the process, she says.
Its main task was to help individuals help themselves in the universal competition opened up by globalized markets.
Hopefully, the line will help people be more proactive in seeking help and promote overall health and wellness.
Having a neutral party to help with your financial choices can be a big help after a divorce.
The steps that help your traditional credit score should also help your insurance credit score, Ms. Adams said.
It won't break you out, and will hopefully help clear your breakouts and just help you feel better.
It's all about 'Do I want to help someone else, or sit and help myself in that moment?
So please be honest on the front end and help us help you, because you will get caught.
Parents try to help in any way they can, and they usually try to help by give advice.
Two wiry soldiers, frozen in bronze, help each other ascend a crag with the help of a rope.
I'm here to help the Chicago Fire get back to where they were or to help make changes.
Staying active doesn't just help reduce stress and improve your sleep quality, it also can help your brain.
Rosebush said she finds it intriguing that benzodiazepines help treat anxiety, and also seem to help with catatonia.
They didn't ask for any help, they didn't want anybody's help, and luckily, they had success with it.
According to Scott, talking with a therapist about your family and previous relationships could help you help yourself.
If you can help the customer get what they want, they will help you get what you want.
It's designed to help communities recover from disasters and help more people support the causes they care about.
"So, it should help the company overall grow and it should help us reach more people more quickly."
Life insurance could help them maintain their standard of living, and help cover expenses like a mortgage. 4.
So yeah, leaders that can help to expand understanding are often the leaders that help better motivate change.
Amazon is also starting a consulting group to help customers identify how quantum computing could help their businesses.
"He did a lot to help himself but not much to help us," Stone declared at the time.
If you've been battling gossip, this new moon will help dispel the nonsense and help you move on.
If they can help government push regulation to help the patient/consumer, the game is over: tech wins.
Successful people don't just give support, they let others know they need help and what that help is.
Changing that will require creating networks, formal and informal, to help women report their experiences and get help.
Maduro says it will help combat an "economic war" led by opposition politicians with the help of Washington.
"I wanted to help people, and that was the one career that I could help people," she said.
The Big Lottery Fund's Fulfilling Lives initiative tries to help people who can't get help through existing services.
I don't know what to do now I can't help no kids, ain't got no kids to help.
The Miami-based company claimed it would help inventors get patents and then would help promote their inventions.
Third, organizations will find ways to help companies so that they hire more women, help women if they want to start a company and help women find the perfect job in a tech company.
The lower court ruled that while Lee never asked for Park's help directly, the fact that the merger did help cement Lee's control over Samsung Electronics "implied" he was asking for the president's help.
We don't always have enough information of the proper type to help us figure out what we should do, help us with all the complications that can ensue, help us imagine all the possibilities.
So we're going to have to just figure out how to help create engagement and how to help create calm and how to get the facts out to help kids as much as possible.
"Give your kids chores to do: Ask them to help you accomplish things around the house or even help you with appropriate work tasks, even if the help makes a mess," Dr. Tessina said.
Sean Spicer is wrong: Medical marijuana could help solve the opioid crisis Sean Spicer is wrong: Medical marijuana could help solve the opioid crisis David Bradford couldn't help but wince when he heard it.
We know, self-help books might seem cheesy, but hear us out: The right book can help you feel less alone, and help you realize that things might not be as impossible as they seem.
The litigation the DOJ chooses to file can help tilt the balance between state, federal, and local governments as the three try to negotiate who gets to help — or has to help — enforce immigration law.
Licensing issues Being aware of the different regulations Uber operates under can help cities negotiate, help drivers understand what burdens they're being asked to bear, and help riders decide on the ethics of the app.
"We had to help people climb over seats and help get them through that rear door," passenger Rich Howell, who moved from the second car to help those in the first, told CBS San Francisco.
Instead of being about its characters trying to help themselves, it's now going to be about them trying to help their other loved ones, the better to help said loved ones avoid the Bad Place.
We believe that what we can do to help bring global companies into China, help it make it easier for them to enter China, for us to help Chinese companies to expand globally as well.
"When people talk to me about President Trump, I always said ... if he's doing things that help the state, help the community, help the country, I'll be the first one to support him," Brindisi said.
This isn't just about driverless vehicles: robots that help people walk and a wearable device to help visually impaired people are part of its aim to help people move freely – and not just by car.
Cryotherapy is thought to help inflammation and tissue damage, and to help athletes - and horses - recover faster after exercise.
He noted that the government was working to help re-train workers and help industries transition for global developments.
We need to help [women] achieve the appropriate follow-up and appropriate care, help them with transportation and childcare.
BONUS: Help Hillary get to the end of this convention Help Hillary get to the end of this convention!
Let's have the ability identify where mental illness is interfering with someone's judgment and help them to seek help.
Farage offered to help Theresa May get to know Trump and help build bridges with the new U.S. administration.
"We have to try to help the Syrian refugees, babies everywhere ... we have to help them," said Nagib Arabi.
After those incidents, this suit probably won&apost help help affected consumers rebuild their trust in the Apple Watch.
But it's the only way they can help and they are offering some help, which is a great thing.
What we need to do now is show them, 'We will help you and we will help your families.
Extra infrastructure would help us solve this wage insurance, help people get back into a job would solve it.
Open the app, go to the Account tab, scroll down to the Help header and select the Help menu.
So if I can help some people by just telling my story, it'll help me keep my head high.
The coalition also says it is providing financial support to help aid agencies and humanitarian groups to help civilians.
"They didn't help us in the second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy for example," Trump said.
"They didn't help us in the second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy for example," he said.
That stat is totally disappointing, and to help raise that percentage, NBC's new program will help nurture female directors.
"It don't really matter to me because ain't nobody gonna help me no way, I help myself," she said.
I don't know if the answer is better help for people who are in need of getting mental help.
So what's your goal: to help people manage their own deaths or to help them make peace with it?
Grashow hopes the findings will help to destigmatize the issue for NFL players and push men to get help.
A GoFundMe campaign launched to help fund continuing search efforts and help Swenson's wife and daughter raise nearly $16,000.
My job is to go out there and help this team win and do whatever I can to help.
If Annalise really is an alcoholic, it's great that she's seeking help, even if only to help her career.
"Reviving these practices will help in pollinator conservation and also help in sustaining agriculture in the region," says Mehta.
We can help connect people who are in distress connect to friends and to organizations that can help them.
Her new friend, Rhonda Epinstock (Rachel Griffiths), can help with the former – and maybe help Muriel reconsider the latter.
Another park visitor either "saw that she needed help or heard that she needed help" and contacted the authorities.
Not only will this help your argument, but it will help the conversation turn to a more productive one.
Count us in to help Metal Wolf Chaos get out to more gamers if From Software wants some help.
Jean-Raymond hopes this opportunity will help him create more meaningful moments, and also help to champion new talent.
While it can be awkward offering to help a total stranger, it can feel downright impossible to help yourself.
If FIFA can indeed clean itself up, a bigger field will help soccer in places the game needs help.
The company also enlisted the help of several manufacturing and marketing professionals to help backers make projects into products.
Brian had been working three jobs to help finance the procedures, and they were receiving help from family members.
It might help on the margin, but you're helping a sector of the economy that doesn't need any help.
And they asked for help on city streets around the world, or in malls asking for help in stores.
Along with connecting veterans to veterans, the app will help connect veterans to civilians who want to help, too.
They reach out for help and empathy, and the counselors who respond are trained to help defuse the situation.
My job is to help people do that—to help the good become great by removing unseen performance barriers.
Obama&aposs political involvement didn&apost help Hillary Clinton get elected, but will it help Democrats in the midterms?
The pancreas produces enzymes that help digestion and hormones that help regulate the way your body processes sugar (glucose).
This will help them get adjusted to a longer road trip and help to ease anxiety in the car.
It's also designed to help divvy up complex print jobs across multiple 3D printers to help speed prototyping efforts.
"I'm trying to turn this situation into something that will not only help me but help others," he said.
"If the doctors are not going to help them, maybe it is the church or the Lord can help."
Colloquy via web-based conference call might help tech burnouts clear the first hurdle in recovery: asking for help.
He had to do these "therapy sessions" to her to help save her soul, to help her be forgiven.
The EAC's mission, as detailed in the Help America Vote Act of 85033 (HAVA), is to help Americans vote.
"I think that information will help us develop some targeted public health interventions to help change access," Lunn said.
Additional tools help to establish 1-rep max lift levels and other baseline measures which help to track progress.
International help, including the 4.5 million euros in aid that Brussels released after the change of government, will help.
The three royals front the Heads Together campaign, launched this year to help improve the help available for sufferers.
It'll help [young girls] really get more comfortable in their own skin, and help them walk taller than usual.
Help from the rich world should begin with the traditional responses: more resettlement and more help for humanitarian bodies.
In order to help the series make that next step, Square has enlisted the help of some notable creators.
The regulator said the change would help maintain onshore liquidity of foreign currency and help reduce exchange rate risk.
If you would like to help visually-impaired people find the perfect pooch, there are numerous ways to help.
"Do you think you could help me, but I don't know how you could help me," the letter ends.
These expanding communities help spur homebuilding and consumer spending, two of the main forces that help drive economic expansion.
Daily therapeutic exercises on the apps help support patient retention, while reminders help reinforce compliance with patients' dosing regimens.
But it only has $100 billion in authorized capital and is designed help develop infrastructure not help with bailouts.
I began screaming from the top of my lungs, "Ayúdenme, ayúdenme!" which means, "Help me, help me!" in Spanish.
Its technology promised to help economically reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, which could help combat climate change.
"If the park needs to help round up the cows, we will help them do that," Mr. Horvat said.
I mean, I can help you to solve that, and I wish you could help me to solve mine.
He has urged MAS legislators to help choose a new electoral tribunal, which would help legitimise the forthcoming elections.
After the dispatcher said help was en route, the caller asked others for help in finding the patient's information.
And let me be clear, they still could use our help in their attempt to help all of us.
You know, Jim, an unwanted product or unused product doesn't help us, doesn't help customer, but just the opposite.
Help anyone achieve their goals with the SELF journal, which can help users stay focused and optimize their day.
They'll help you create a plan to repay debts, save money, and more, which can be a big help.
"To the people who say these flights don't help: Yes, it does help," said a teary Cuban-born passenger.
"I mean, if you want to help us, help us," Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young (D) said Monday on CNN.
This support may help to provide a better understanding of previous issues and help to secure the 2020 elections.
Not only can this analysis help fertility doctors pursue more effective treatments, it can also help couples plan financially.
Donald Trump knows that even as I explain his methods, I cannot help but help him satisfy his purpose.
And the Trump team wanted Russian help simply because they thought the Russians could help Trump win the election.
So, Sisters also help expectant parents sign up for Medicaid and WIC and help them find jobs or apartments.
"Those [deals] help us open up more doors; help us move our business plan a lot faster," Cohen said.
I ask our members to Congress to join together, exercise restraint and help those who often cannot help themselves.
And some solutions that were flagged would not just help close the gender gap, but would help all workers.
To help foster the deal, the candidate's lawyer sets up creative workarounds to hide payments related to that help.