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"finish" Definitions
  1. [countable, usually singular] the last part or the end of something
  2. [countable, usually singular] (usually in compounds) the position in which a person or team finishes a competition
  3. [countable, uncountable] the last layer of paint, polish, etc. that is put onto the surface of something; the condition of the surface
  4. [countable, uncountable] the final details that are added to something to make it complete
"finish" Synonyms
complete conclude close end stop terminate cease finalise(UK) finalize(US) consummate halt accomplish culminate discharge pass lapse elapse expire settle wrap fulfil(UK) fulfill(US) achieve attain execute perfect realise(UK) realize(US) do effect polish refine bag cap crown make eat consume devour gobble gorge munch ingest scoff chomp down gulp hoover scarf swallow take demolish snarf finish off gobble up clean out drink quaff guzzle swill imbibe ingurgitate neck drink up gulp down swig sup sip slurp chug knock back deplete expend exhaust use dispatch drain spend empty use up get through go through dispose of run through empty out dissipate waste burn coat stain varnish wax lacquer veneer enamel gild glaze shellac texture burnish face gloss buff develop elaborate rub smooth kill annihilate murder slaughter butcher destroy massacre ruin slay assassinate eradicate exterminate liquidate vaporise(UK) vaporize(US) knock off take out defeat beat trounce thrash best drub lick rout worst whip overpower crush overcome overwhelm outplay devastate flog overmatch triumph over leave quit abandon depart desert discard discontinue ditch drop dump escape exit renounce vacate bail be done with be gone from bail from bow out of abolish cancel quash annul rescind repeal nullify invalidate eliminate obliterate void abrogate extinguish revoke fail collapse crash fold fizzle flop decline default miscarry retire bomb go plummet founder topple languish slump plate cover laminate overlay sheet encrust anodize electroplate nickel platinize galvanise(UK) galvanize(US) foil tin bronze decorate adorn ornament embellish beautify trim deck garnish festoon enrich grace array bedeck bedizen dress drape caparison blazon emboss emblaze run out be finished be exhausted be used up be cleaned out be out of dry up peter out waste away wear out be fresh out have no more finish up give out be depleted rub down grind sand shine furbish scour smoothen scrub prepare luster(US) lustre(UK) sheen polish up buff up bind edge border hem band fringe purfle rim befrill tassel braid frill befringe pipe embroider pave concrete flag floor surface tar tile asphalt macadamize top brick cobblestone flagstone gravel metal tarmac concrete over lay asphalt lay concrete retouch correct improve renovate restore amend fix modify recondition refresh repair revise rework brush up touch up rectify emend redraft alter change plough on persist continue persevere remain endure maintain stay beaver drudge labor(US) labour(UK) stick toil insist press on go on keep going carry on let up lessen diminish abate wane decrease dwindle subside ebb moderate ease recede fall shrink relent lower taper remit slacken sink wreck blast blight dash scotch scupper shatter smash torpedo banjax dish nix sabotage cruel put paid to forestall frustrate thwart balk(US) baulk(UK) block check derail hamper hinder impede obstruct oppose flatter enhance suit become befit complement set off look right on do something for show to advantage look good on go well with go with be appropriate to put in best light edit draught(UK) draft(US) compose compile publish set up make up arrange plan organize(US) formulate design budget organise(UK) lay out work out map out list turn out fabricate produce manufacture yield build process bring out churn out put out fashion model shape construct create forge cast frame found whet sharpen hone strop file stone acuminate put an edge on make sharp make sharper point put a point on barb stroke sharp sprinkle dust powder spatter pepper bespeckle besprinkle drizzle shower spritz tip blanket mantle surmount head overtop crest be on top of surpass transcend outdo eclipse outstrip exceed conclusion finale closing culmination ending completion resolution consummation termination cessation closure discontinuation stoppage discontinuance finalisation(UK) finalization(US) grain patina coating covering culture lamination tape end point finishing line finishing post score goal points weave feel fabric character consistency fiber(US) fibre(UK) quality constitution warp woof composition feeling makeup structure touch balance refinement elegance sophistication style cultivation finesse courtliness discrimination politeness taste civility civilisation(UK) civilization(US) gentility graciousness urbanity breeding pedagogics tuition teaching instruction tutelage study schooling tutoring training apprenticeship edification erudition scholarship discipline inculcation indoctrination literacy reading science coaching death warrant last straw apocalypse bane coup de grace cutoff deathblow death knell doom end of the road end of the world execution warrant fate final blow last nail in the coffin point of no return quietus body blow classicism grandeur clarity class classicalism dignity excellence formality Hellenism lucidity majesty neoclassicism nobility objectivity proportion propriety purity virtuosity adroitness aptitude brilliance dexterity expertise expertness flair mastery proficiency prowess skilfulness skill art artistry creativity deftness genius death demise curtains decease dissolution expiration expiry grave passage passing sleep clincher great divide detail feature element addition aspect attribute highlight ingredient nicety note subtlety accessory characteristic component particularity peculiarity property slant finality certitude conclusiveness decisiveness definiteness irrevocability absoluteness completeness decidedness decision definitiveness incontrovertibility inevitableness irrefutability unalterableness unavoidability certainty determination entirety upshot consequence issue outcome result sequel aftermath corollary fruit product ramification reaction repercussion aftereffect backwash eventuality killing execution assassination extermination slaying manslaughter annihilation elimination homicide death blow taking of life act of killing putting to death wiping out bumping off fine-tuning perfection modification adjustment tuning improvement breakthrough enhancement advance finishing polishing copy-editing editing revision advancement honing tweaking crowning More
"finish" Antonyms
start begin commence initiate open continue appear emerge proceed actualize develop form happen materialise(UK) materialize(US) occur transpire arrive unfold arise instigate create establish introduce launch prompt generate inaugurate incite kickoff originate produce provoke spark affect nurse hold maintain save abstain keep store leave unfinished not finish reserve preserve retain conserve spare stockpile allocate amass devote stash cache earmark hang on to hoard secure withhold strip abrade peel scrape scratch decorticate remove shave clean flake pare rub excoriate skin clear take off pardon free reprieve discharge forgive release amnesty excuse exempt forbear absolve pity be lenient on be merciful on deal leniently with give a break go easy on grant a pardon to grant pardon to enter undertake embark on embark upon enter into enter on enter upon go into jump into kick off launch into make a start on move into set about carry on hang on keep up persist bear complete connect go join restart retry unite resume recommence pick up reopen renew replace replenish restock animate build collect fill garner gather turn to abandon forget leave ignore neglect abort cancel discard ditch dump end fail halt relinquish stop surrender desert discontinue drop abolish annul abrogate conclude invalidate nullify overturn revoke terminate eliminate eradicate negate nix quash thrive burgeon boom shine blossom improve grow profit achieve succeed win accomplish ameliorate bourgeon flourish reach bloom earn prosper persevere perpetuate press on push on sustain drag on endure go on hold on hold up keep going keep on not give up not stop encourage forfeit inspirit lose yield give up advance reveal uncover dull flop flunk founder underperform blunder crash fall flounder fold languish underachieve collapse crater fade fizzle flag flatline misfire tank spit regurgitate disgorge regorge vomit expel puke spew barf chuck blemish deface disfigure mar scar spoil darken decrease hurt reduce ruin uglify beginning introduction outset commencement initiation instigation conception inception opening birth genesis inauguration intro preamble preface proem prolog(US) prologue(UK) foreword continuation continuance perpetuation continuing continuity prolongation protraction abidance maintenance recommencement resumption furtherance renewal reopening ceaselessness extension persistence preservation endurance interior inside internals centre(UK) contents center(US) core middle heart innards lining inner area inner part inner parts startup opener takeoff starting point alliance union unification coalition amalgamation combination development question improvement execution delivery implementation technique administration operation presentation effect effecting enactment enforcement performance acceleration encouragement precipitation promotion quickening activation aid assistance freedom help liberation letting go barbarianism barbarism gracelessness inelegance philistinism coarseness corruption crudeness dirtying discourtesy ignorance impoliteness pollution roughness rudeness tactlessness bad manners naught nonfulfillment nought disappointment dissatisfaction failure frustration imperfection loss need sorrow unfulfillment unhappiness want darkness dullness stripper

713 Sentences With "finish"

How to use finish in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "finish" and check conjugation/comparative form for "finish". Mastering all the usages of "finish" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"We talked about finishing all week — 'finish finish finish,' " Coach Matt Nagy said at his postgame news conference.
"Goal No. 22019 is to finish, No. 221 is to finish and No. 217 is to finish," Gura said.
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It's a good ... KS: Finish your point, finish your point.
"If I can finish tomorrow, I would finish tomorrow," he told CBS.
"My focus right now is to finish strong, finish the season strong."
I may finish it tonight or not finish it for six months.
It's not the greatest finish to finish with a bogey or a double.
It's never easy to finish a match, to finish a set against him.
"She could finish fourth in Iowa, or she could finish first," he said.
Scary finish at #DAYTONA500 when leader Ryan Newman flipped right before the finish.
If they tell me to finish what I'm doing, I will finish it.
Make sure to finish with your favorite top coat for an ultra-shiny finish.
Many students take six years to finish a degree, or never finish at all.
My grandparents were not able to finish the collection, so I decided to finish it.
And Steve said, 'I could finish your sentence and you could finish mine, and it's true.
Finish: A lingering finish of smouldering bonfire embers combine delicately with lemon zest and charred oak.
After taking a break to finish his medical degree, Charlton is back to finish his trilogy.
The Trinity women's first-place finish and the men's second-place finish were reasons to celebrate.
I'mma let you finish—I'mma let you finish—but first I gotta say something real quick.
But Klobuchar could never match that 20% finish, nor her fifth-place, 12% finish in Iowa.
His fourth place finish in Iowa and fifth place finish in New Hampshire eviscerated that argument.
Define your eyes and finish with bright, bubblegum-pink lipstick in — you guessed it — a matte finish.
"He sent me a message, 'Go out and finish what I didn't manage to finish,'" Stenson said.
I think he's very content to finish out his career, and finish out the best he can.
With approximately 1,000 nautical miles to go to the finish line at Les Sables d'Olonne in France, both sailors look set to finish inside Gabart's record 78-day finish, also set in 2013.
Some people take years to finish if they're lucky enough to finish or start at all; others think they never finish simply because learning what a woman or man is takes a lifetime.
But now Biden was dangling after his fourth-place finish in Iowa and fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, hanging his chances of a comeback on a distant second-place finish in Nevada.
"He told me if I could finish a marathon, I could finish anything," Bruno, now 20, tells PEOPLE.
Initial photos suggested the G6 would have a glossy finish, but now it seemingly has a matte finish.
"We didn't finish well enough, didn't finish well enough on the break," Oklahoma City coach Billy Donovan said.
After crossing the finish line, she broke into tears and carried the finish line high above her head.
Way to finish on a high!" and actor Patrick Dempsey, who wrote, "Way to finish strong amazing congratulations.
Long story short: My friend didn't finish the job and left me to hastily finish it by myself.
And I want to finish my job before you finish your job and stay within my allotted time.
See if I can finish off a good round tomorrow and then finish off a good round Sunday.
This year, Toyota's fight will be with the curse, but to finish first, first you have to finish.
Once we finish eating, we move to the bed to finish the episode because I am so sleepy.
Finish Line – Finish Line agreed to be bought by British sports retailer JD Sports Fashion for $558 million.
Right, and keep in mind the brain itself does not finish, finish growing till you're 24 years old.
So to finish as high ... that was the goal, to finish as high up as I could this week.
A bamboo finish is available on the larger model, or a soft matte finish on the 8-inch version.
But with only 12 laps to go, I wanted to finish, and to finish before my body cramped up.
So for me to finish it and finish it the way that we did, I'm so blessed and grateful.
" • 18A: "Fabric finish?" is not a finish like Scotchgard; it's a suffix for the end of the word "Fabric.
That's O.K. You don't have to finish it all at once, but you'll feel terrific if you do finish.
"I'm concerned that we will not finish our job on appropriations the way we should finish it," she said.
Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone are racing toward a Tuesday finish uncertain of the order of finish.
The ones I got were a "Plum" purple finish, but you can get them in Walnut or Champagne finish, too.
That very likely cost him a second place finish, though he rose to finish fifth after starting in 10th position.
" Before Tatyana left for the race, she told her parents, "I have to finish what I didn't finish in Rio.
Had to post in excitement although I didn't finish, but it was fun and I can't wait to finish it up!
I'm going to finish on one thing, which I finish on with a lot of people: What's a mistake you made?
Rosberg crossed the finish line 15.0 seconds ahead of Hamilton, who nevertheless managed to climb back to finish in second position.
Right now, my goal is to just finish, but I secretly want to finish in under two and a half hours.
Pacemakers generally drop out before the finish line but are allowed to finish the race if they choose to do so.
I'm itching to finish the video, and once I finish, I have to quality check movies (fun), so I decide to stay.
" On his comments about Mueller wrapping up: "Bob Mueller is going to finish his investigation when he wants to finish his investigation.
So in short, if you finish third, it has to be a respectably close finish — or there better be a good reason.
"I didn't finish the season last year so I want to at least finish these last couple of games," he told reporters.
A second-place finish would be huge for him, while a third-place finish might make him look like a perpetual underachiever.
As for the finish, like all vehicles following the Tour, we were turned off the course just short of the finish line.
The finish looked easy, but Fellaini, a big, angular and often awkward looking Belgian, mastered the technique of that finish with aplomb.
And so when it comes to controlling territory, trigger-pulling is like the finish line of a race: Without a finish line there is no race, but ignoring lead-up to the finish misses the substance of the whole contest.
The design, build quality, and overall fit and finish are top notch and a considerable step up from the Nexus 8.03X's plasticky finish.
I finish making my plan book for next year, and finish reading through the reading and writing curriculum for the whole first quarter.
We will give them the data: Where people are biking, where they start, when they start, where they finish and when they finish.
"We have to finish the farm bill, we have to finish funding the government," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters last week.
Clemson was picked to finish 25th in the 253-team ACC in the preseason poll while Virginia Tech was projected to finish 220th.
Colombia finished third, their highest finish since 2001, while the host nation took fourth place, matching their best ever finish in the tournament.
But in a weird turn and strange finish to his inspiring words, Hart was bleeped out before he got to finish the speech.
"The runners who are justifiably proud of their marathon finish shouldn't have to be proud of that finish with a shroud of doubt."
The team has returned for several more Games, with a 14th-place finish in the four-man event in 1994, its best finish.
Warren ended her campaign Thursday after a disappointing finish on Super Tuesday, including a third-place finish in her home state of Massachusetts.
"Could not be an easier finish but to finish two over par on those three holes kind of pisses me off," Rahm said.
But his second-place finish quickly became a footnote when Lilesa crossed his arms above his head as he reached the race's finish line.
Caddies make 5 percent of any finish outside the Top 10, 7 percent for a Top 10 finish, and 10 percent for a win.
The matte black finish on the Surface Laptop 2 is rather striking — it's deep, dark, and well saturated, giving the machine a stealthy finish.
"At the moment we still have this show to finish and I still have two books to finish, so that's all speculation," Martin said.
But all three said their goal for the Rio games was to finish together, to set personal bests and to finish with a smile.
On the rare occasion we don't finish doggy-style, we finish with me on top—but with my back to him (in reverse cowgirl).
A sixth-place finish would earn Oklahoma a bye into Thursday's quarterfinals, while a lower finish would necessitate playing a Wednesday first-round game.
The interior Arctic White finish contrasts the AMG Le Mans Red finish on both the body of the car and on the wheels' accents.
"It's disappointing to finish like that," said Olson, 211, whose previous best finish in an L.P.G.A. event was a tie for seventh in 218.
Finish Line: The athletic shoe retailer pre-announced weak earnings results two weeks ago, so Cramer isn't expecting much from Finish Line's earnings report.
Pros: Works for a variety of skin tones, matte finish, long-lasting, formula comes in other redsCons: Matte finish might be drying on some
Smith had allotted herself seven hours to finish the race in Cairo, but because of the delay, Hibbs told the group to finish in six.
To finish the film, his brothers Caleb Walker and Cody Walker stepped in – doubling for the actor in critical scenes to help finish his storyline.
Looking good The PX headphones sport a sharp look, touched with a metallic finish in some spots and carbon fiber-looking finish in other spots.
She hopes to finish the entire journey by September, but she has until December to finish the trip and still break two Guinness world records.
On how much of the classes are actually consumed, start to finish (and why): The average MOOC sees 4 percent of people finish a class.
When the result of the photo finish was announced, one group of them near the finish line sent a large bunch of red balloons aloft.
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As the season comes to an end, figuring out who will finish last can get just as complicated as figuring out who will finish first.
The senator is eyeing a top finish in South Carolina after victories in Nevada and New Hampshire and a close second-place finish in Iowa.
Coming off a strong third-place finish in Iowa, he appeared to be a strong finish in New Hampshire away from leaving the governors behind.
The Dow wiped out most of a 784 point deficit to finish down 79 points, while the Nasdaq erased a 2.4 percent deficit to finish higher.
For Biden, a fourth place finish in Iowa and a fifth place finish in New Hampshire severely damages his case that he's the most electable candidate.
"My preference would be to keep him and to let him finish up," Trump said, without explaining what he would like Rosenstein to finish working on.
Just inches before they were going to cross the finish line, he put her down so that she could finish the half-marathon on her own.
After losing each of its last two games by three points or less, Denver was able to finish on the right side of a close finish.
He fucked a guy who couldn't finish unless Poke wore a mask, and another who couldn't finish for anything, not until Poke had spent himself thrice.
Those golfers who played their entire first rounds Friday but did not finish their second rounds would also return to Oakmont on Saturday morning to finish.
The finish order is determined by when a runner's torso crosses the line, and the photo at the finish Monday night left no room for debate.
Some solvers get very competitive with themselves and others if they can't finish the puzzle, or if they can't finish within a certain amount of time.
It is his fifth top-six finish in five starts this calendar year, and also his 12th top-eight finish in his last 23 worldwide starts.
But now, on the day of New Hampshire's primary, she's locked in a battle with Biden over who will finish third and who will finish fourth.
But after Mr. King was hit by a minivan in 1999 and almost died, he decided to finish the saga lest another accident finish the job.
In the final labor-intensive steps, the artisans worked by hand to finish each component to a high-quality finish before the watch could be assembled.
Should Harris finish lower than third, the fact that the campaign said Harris needed a top three finish -- and didn't get it -- could sink her campaign.
The trend is super wearable for the summer because you can choose any vivid shade your heart desires — just finish it off with a clean, matte finish.
The finale brings us three points of view in a slightly longer than usual episode, so we finish with Helen — and what a spectacular finish it is.
Bo didn't let himself slow down, because Lia said you were always meant to pick a spot beyond the finish line and make that your finish line.
Rene Furterer Styling Vegetal Finishing Spray Satin Finish, 8.7 fl oz, $29 This spray has a satin finish that holds hair in place without weighing it down.
The closed down 0.48 percent or 14.7079 to finish the session at 3,250.62 and the Shenzhen Composite tumbled 20.63 percent or 253.95 points to finish at 27.5,27.8.
With this victory, Ngannou keeps his finish rate at a perfect 100%, and becomes the owner of the longest active finish streak in the UFC at 5.
The Nikkei 225 dropped 1.40 percent or 264.21 points to finish at 18,597.03, and the Topix plunged by 0.763 percent or 24.48 points to finish at 1,480.18.
Once the blades have hardened, I finish the grinds with very fine sanding belts and eventually work our way down to a hand-rubbed 1200 grit finish.
His best finish this season was a tie for 21st at the Masters (where his lowest finish in five previous appearances had been a tie for 11th).
Apple has never released an Apple Watch in a titanium finish, but 9to5Mac notes that this is the same finish used on the company's new Apple Card.
On that question, the USA achieved the highest total score among all countries, ultimately contributing to its overall victory — a historic repeat #200 finish (27 + 230), definitively breaking the 26-year drought since the last #33 finish in 23, and the first consecutive #21 finish in the USA's record.
"It seems that Cruz will not finish the presidential race like Sanders, while it is expected that Trump and Clinton will finish the final elections," al-Ahmad writes.
"The key to the strong finish was the patience that I showed on the front nine," Rose, whose best Masters finish was a tie for second in 2015.
Comments in chat fly by so quickly that you're often scrolling back up to finish the single-sentence post you couldn't finish reading because it disappeared so quickly.
" He said he made that statement based on his position as acting attorney general but that "Mueller will finish his investigation when he wants to finish his investigation.
It had always been my hope that we would know when we were going to finish this journey and not limp to the finish line, so to speak.
"There's been no indication ... that the Mueller investigation will not be allowed to finish, and it should be allowed to finish," McConnell told reporters during a press conference.
Here's what Apple says about the finish: The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process.
Women and girls in the U.S. who were married at 17 are 50 percent less likely to finish high school and four times less likely to finish college.
Sharon Pass - The Word Is LoveI felt like it was important to finish the mix with a classic, in the same way you would finish a night off.
For instance: I neglected my midterms one semester to finish a long transcription I agreed to do knowing very well I would have no time to finish it.
Some I never finish, some I never start, and now I define mortality as the knowledge that I will never finish all the books I dream of reading.
Finish Line — Shares of the athletic shoe and apparel retailer fell in premarket hours Friday, after Finish Line said comparable sales tumbled 4.5 percent during the second quarter.
Shares of American Outdoor Brands fell 3.2 percent Wednesday to finish at $353 per share, while Sturm, Ruger & Co. dropped 6.6 percent to finish at $43.05 per share.
After a humiliating fifth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary and an apparent fourth-place finish in Iowa, former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential hopes are finished.
I'll tap out something like "finish review for Dan Tuesday," and Todoist will put a task labeled "finish review for Dan" and remind me about it before my deadline.
I want to finish, I'll finish this part, I promise, but what things do you think you did wrong there, and what things did you do right, for instance?
Biden, once the front-runner in the race, trailed Warren and appeared poised to add a fifth-place finish in New Hampshire to his fourth-place finish in Iowa.
Jump to 10:20 in the video below to watch Ledecky finish, then just kind of sit around, twiddling her thumbs as she waits for everyone else to finish.
That's not a lot of time for dillydallying, and if Thrones wants to finish the saga with a satisfying finish, its meandering plot threads need to start coalescing now.
I'm borrowing that quip about life's finish line (that finish line, of course, being death) from her because it's one of my favorite clichés, and it absolutely rings true.
MacRumors and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo both claim that all three phones will supposedly drop the glossy finish and opt for a matte finish that could be more durable.
McIlroy, who shot a 72 to finish on eight-under par, acknowledged it had not been a great finish to the tournament but said his game was in good shape.
Kuhl: For me it was just probably crossing the finish line on the last day and just being able to say we did the entire race from start to finish.
That said, the objects that come out of this printer are fairly difficult to "finish," primarily because they stay sticky for a while until they finish curing in direct sunlight.
The Surface Laptop 2, in matte black finish On the Surface Laptop, the matte black finish is arguably even better looking since there's no crease where the hinge folds out.
Third-fastest after the first run, Hirscher saved his best for the afternoon to finish 0.50 seconds ahead of rising Frenchman Clement Noel, who earned his first career podium finish.
A second-place finish between the senators will help give them a leg up in the upcoming contests, although a third-place finish won't knock either of them out, either.
I noticed that the Bluetooth one has a glossy finish which is more prone to scratching, while the USB-A key has a matte finish which doesn't scuff as easy.
The Cowboys could finish as high fifth in the standings depending of the outcome of games with teams ahead of them and if they finish the season with a win.
The Englishman's third place finish in Suzuka means he will have to finish 14 points ahead of Bottas at the Mexican Grand Prix on October 27 to win the title.
But on Monday, he racked up a surprisingly strong third-place finish, garnering the support of 23 percent of Republican caucus goers, just below Trump's 24 percent second-place finish.
Hoshi suggested that Americans can take longer to finish a bowl of noodles, and said that people spend an average time of 12 minutes to finish a bowl in Japan.
The South Carolina GOP primary on Saturday is lining up for a chaotic finish, with several candidates bunched together in the polls and badly in need of a top finish.
I had a total of five remote cameras, and two directly at the finish line, a wide angle, and two down the track as the winner passed the finish line.
The 29-year-old was nearing the finish line of the Austin Marathon in February 2015, when her body collapsed, leaving her on all fours to cross the finish line.
I don't finish Iceage interviews for the same reason I didn't finish college: I don't like good looking people who may be smarter than me and I don't like French poetry.
Warren's advisers said their internal polling shows that she's poised for a top-two finish in over half the Super Tuesday states and a top-three finish in all of them.
It has a large bezel around its display that makes it look even smaller than it is, and the mirrored finish on the sides clashes with the matte finish on top.
In fact, the rules of track and field state that you hit the finish line when your torso, which is considered different from your head or arms, crosses the finish line.
Though the new jet black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have a high-gloss finish and look like glass, they're actually aluminum underneath and the finish is more prone to scratching.
The smooth, matte metal back isn't as unique as the sandpaper-like finish on the OnePlus 2, but the company is selling a case with that finish for the new phone.
I had been under pressure for so long — the pressure to finish school, to finish this novel, of working in a restaurant and my other jobs that I had throughout school.
"I would do one wall, take a break for a month … finish half of another wall, start on flooring, go back to finish the second wall, start a tree," he said.
Good luck, Adam ... see you at the finish line!!!
" Someone during your individual beam event yelled "Finish strong!
" He then added, "I would like to finish first.
So, this -- let me just finish this point, though.
We finish off the month with George Clooney's Suburbicon .
" Before she can finish the song, Sara says "yes!
Finish it off with a dollop of — oh wait.
" Prince Harry said: "She didn't even let me finish.
My family is from Georgia — Keith, let me finish!
You can make a mistake -- please let me finish.
Board of Education ruling — and to finish the carving.
Anyway, GIG / ARIA / LYNX should finish off the section.
WASHINGTON — The special counsel hopes to finish by Sept.
Because he had that finish to it — absolutely, positively.
Trump: Just to finish on the borders -- Wallace: Yes.
"We were living in New York at the time, and I was telling him, 'I don't want this book to finish, because I don't want this world to finish,'" she puts it.
The company said the quarter was a disappointing finish to a challenging year, as some of its footwear lines did not catch on with customers as much as Finish Line had expected.
Now, as reported by BBC News, runners around the world have pledged to "Finish for Matt" by running the remaining 3.7 miles it would have taken him to cross the finish line.
I like the new titanium finish, and the ceramic one that Apple's bringing back, but they're way too expensive for my tastes, between $850 and $1,300 depending on the finish you want.
"We're going to finish what we have to finish," Mr. Trump told reporters Monday at the start of a lunch at the White House with United Nations ambassadors on the Security Council.
In those moments in order to finish my painting in one night, I experimented with different techniques that sometimes helped me not only finish faster my painting, but also leaving good results.
It was also later found that Ruiz didn't run the full Boston Marathon -- instead she waited about a mile from the finish line, jumped into the race and sprinted to the finish.
"This is clearly where we hoped we would finish but not necessarily expected to finish," Brown, officially chief executive of McLaren Racing, told Reuters in an interview at the Yas Marina track.
His first one also was a Monday finish, when players returned in August — more than six months later — to finish the third round of the weather-plagued tournament to make it official.
The result of the race was confirmed some three hours after the finish as stewards reviewed the Red Bull driver's wheel-banging move on Ferrari's Charles Leclerc two laps from the finish.
The rules of track and field do not prohibit diving at the finish, and might even encourage it, when you get right down to it: The finish: The first athlete whose torso (as distinguished from the head, neck, arms, legs, hands or feet) reaches the vertical plane of the closest edge of the finish line is the winner.
FARGO, N.D. — After a disappointing sixth-place finish in Nevada, which followed a less disappointing third-place finish in New Hampshire but a humbling fifth-place finish in Iowa, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota looked out at the crowd of more than 22020,000 and predicted victory in the North Dakota primary — at the time, more than two weeks away.
It has the same glossy finish as the mirror gray model, as opposed to the matte finish of the nebula blue, and has an off-white back with a polished gold metal frame.
The project took a year and eight months to finish—there was a pause in the middle to finish a collaborative tape with Qari called Space Jam—and involved making over 100 beats.
" At 34, the skier who took 56:46.1 to complete the entire course, joked about his less-than-stellar finish: "The first step —  finish before they turn the lights off; that's number one.
A sublime 2016th minute run and finish from Jesus "Tecatito" Corona saw Juan Carlos Osorio's side draw Venezuela 1 - 1 to finish atop Group C and extend their unbeaten streak to 22 games.
Golden would receive a $0003k bonus if Miami won the BCS Championship game, $400k for a 2nd place finish, $300k for a non-title BCS bowl game 1st place finish and so on.
In the case of a matte finish, that clear coat contains many microscopic hills and valleys rather than a smooth waxlike surface, deflecting light in many directions and making the finish look dull.
Abdi Abdirahman of the United States was able to overcome a fall at the two-and-a-half-mile mark to finish seventh — the highest finish by an American in Sunday's men's race.
And it has only grown as Buttigieg has outflanked her for the moderate lane in the primary, rising to a top finish in Iowa and a strong second place finish in New Hampshire.
I did not acquire the ability to not finish a book until I was 50 years old, which probably has to do with scarcity as a child: You have a book — finish it!
DISPUTED FINISH AT MICHIGAN STATE Eron Harris had 31 points and No. 13 Michigan State (2-2) held off Florida Gulf Coast, 78-77, after a timekeeping error led to a disputed finish.
The Nasdaq Composite lost 0.91 percent to finish at 5,257.49.
As we finish talking, more people trickle in behind him.
He could finish behind John Kasich — or perhaps even lower.
Only Dell didn't give this white one a smooth finish.
Finish my homework and get to work on actual work.
What about current companies, I'll finish up with this. Twitter.
We have a good laugh as we finish our meal.
A woman started it and a woman's gonna finish it!!
The project only costs about $15 from start to finish.
I quickly finish and go in to get her ready.
I'm in, but have a bit more work to finish.
They want Barron 2 finish school yr w/ his class.
I want to finish up talking about where we are.
That's Silva with the assist and Roger with the finish.
The finish feels just a little different than the platinum.
Just let her finish her studies and she will leave.
I'm glad I had a good story to finish with.
It looks like he'll finish a distant third in Kentucky.
The Essential Phone's back is polished to a mirror finish.
You can have some when you finish asking me questions.
The Nasdaq Composite shed 0.4 percent to finish at 7,437.54.
And it panders to that audience from start to finish.
We will get to the finish line running and standing.
"Until that happens, you'd best finish your medications "as prescribed.
Then tap Done to finish and rename your new workflow.
It's sheer, yet buildable and gives off a dewy finish.
The total workout time, start to finish, was 10 minutes.
"I'm just trying to finish the season strong," Pivetta said.
We are going to finish season three of True Detective.
I finish the last of the chili with more toast.
Children cannot go back to their school -- finish their studies.
To finish the call, say "hang up" at the end.
He crossed the finish line before waving to the crowd.
TRUMP: I always like to finish with a good one.
Really nice to finish the way I did on 18.
I take Quiet Dog for a walk when I finish.
We still need to get it across the finish line.
Tomorrow they're going to Japan to finish recording their album.
It apparently took Sun five hours to finish the job.
As soon as I finish, a wave of nausea hits.
Go ahead and finish the story, then indulge your curiosity.
To finish, here's a (very) brief taste of Glastonbury's nightlife.
Finish it off with a couple coats of black mascara.
And no more screen time until you finish your homework.
I'm now extremely glad I didn't finish the Bruz questline.
Would have been a shame to finish on an egg.
Finish with lengthening mascara, pink blush, and a matte lip.
Will the president be able to finish all four books?
Abebe Bikila crosses the finish line while barefoot on Sept.
From a distance, the aluminum finish is unmistakably a MacBook.
We'll wait a few seconds for you to finish screaming.
Going on binges, finish a bottle of vodka a day.
The Topix index gained 0.1 percent to finish at 2.333,618.62.
The Topix index also added 0.383% to finish at 20.38,274.85.
IXIC added 1 percent to finish the session at 21,2500.
Don't let other people interrupt you or finish your sentences.
The rubbish finish came in Antonio Silva versus Stefan Struve.
"I was feeling pretty gutted at the finish," Spieth said.
The beer is smooth all the way to the finish.
But we didn't want it to be impossible to finish.
Tito Dichosa — who wishes for his students to finish college.
The slice is so big I can barely finish half.
She got to within 200 meters of the finish line.
Each is a step toward the finish line, he says.
The goal is to finish her degree in the spring.
That is, if she has time to finish the job.
But he's still a long way from the finish line.
The whole episode had been strange from start to finish.
What is the "finish line" that they are aiming for?
Like, we worked before but we didn't finish the song.
What's left over after you finish fighting to fucking survive?
So we decided to just quietly finish the fourth season.
If you don't finish the book, just cop to it.
As soon as I finish this PowerPoint, I'm outta here!
This particular Yoga 920 has a bronze metallic finish throughout.
We finish off the evening with some sparkling white wine.
RADDATZ: And I'd like him to finish the question, please.
Look, the situation is, we need to finish the border.
Once I finish up here, I'm going to head over.
To finish off the look, she sprayed Nakia's boots green.
I brush my teeth, finish Duolingo in bed, and sleep.
Unfortunately, you still have half of your makeup to finish.
It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to finish each.
"Hugh and I can finish each other's statements," says Nooyi.
You don't need to finish your eyes all at once.
Orbuch, for instance, sidestepped college to found his startup Finish.
Then, outline the edges with concealer for a crisp finish.
We finish watching Heat, another in our L.A. movie marathon.
RUBIO: Let me just say — let me finish the statement.
ARRASAS: Just last night — let me — let me finish, please.
Molly uses the quiet time to finish up on work.
That gives it a more natural, tousled, airdried looking finish.
When I finish work and come back, then I'm me.
In science, when you finish an experiment, you have data.
JK Rowling — Finish what you start, no matter who's watching
Finish your eyes with multiple coats of your favorite mascara.
It was built in just 10 months, start to finish.
I'm glad you smiled and stayed strong until the finish.
After you finish eating, Lens can help with that too.
We finish recording, and I download the files for editing.
The construction is scheduled to finish is 2022, Riggs said.
But the finish is worth it for the bragging rights.
Of the 444 racers, only 68 crossed the finish line.
The National Assembly will finish its term on May 31.
But yeah, I suppose I should finish this damn thing.
Jonny (Toews) was in the right spot with the finish.
We want people who really appreciate technology, fit and finish.
You'll even have a certificate of completion once you finish.
Not into the slick finish of a glossy top coat?
They become the first team to actually finish the challenge.
They proceed calm and steadily but cannot finish in time.
She has been evacuated in a sled to the finish.
But even the decidedly modern app gets a retro finish.
Finish the dishes and set up the coffee for tomorrow.
So I'm looking to hurry it along and finish everyone.
It looks spacey with a new dark space grey finish.
EP. Like I would finish a song in two hours.
"She stayed there to finish," he said on the stand.
I've come this far; I want to finish this journey.
It has this natural dewy finish that's perfect for me.
They aim to finish by the end of the year.
But like me, you may not finish the entire series.
Whichever finish you select, you'll be saving a decent 26%.
Over half of those who finish school are functionally illiterate.
Let me -- allow me -- allow me to finish this point.
Final week on FAST 8 and I will finish strong.
I'll meet you there once I finish running this diagnostic.
I can take calls and finish work while I'm there.
But the matte black finish is meant to be versatile.
It takes about an hour and a half to finish.
But I'll start again when I finish my upcoming exams.
Over half of those who finish school are practically illiterate.
Leone pitched around an infield single to finish the inning.
They are also sure to finish the year second overall.
Gergorin's best finish was fifth in the 12.5km mass start.
Does your jet black finish look scuffed and garbage like?
It takes about three hours to finish a first playthrough.
Of course, there's a secret to getting a gorgeous finish.
On the G6, I was blasting through the finish line.
You can't borrow someone else's gun and finish the competition.
You never really finish finding yourself... it's a constant journey.
To finish the process, they are going to help us.
The rest of the cases opt for a glossy finish.
Want to finish a movie but need to start dinner?
SPNY cut losses in half to finish down 2.9 percent.
"I crossed the finish and instantly felt euphoria," she says.
"It's getting better and better," Froome said at the finish.
Garnish with the thyme flowers and finish with the salt.
Nothing urgent pops up and you finish your day early.
" Adds Haibon: "We still need to finish the wedding plans.
The Lobster, though, is downright lunatic from start to finish.
They really put their elbow in and finish up top.
Happiness to finish the siege, but now I'm so sad.
But unfortunately, in the end, we weren't able to finish.
I want to stay here until we finish the game.
Not everyone who started with you will finish with you.
"Finish the wall," declared signs at his El Paso rally.
"In Germany we are friends," the actors finish by saying.
My relationship with him motivated me to finish this film.
The striking glass finish is unlike any phone out there.
We'll probably finish it tomorrow because it's fantastic so far.
The Topix index, however slipped fractionally to finish at 271.14,20.2.
A scoreless second half led to a dramatic overtime finish.
"We can at the very least finish a strong second."
There's also the possibility of a surprise finish by Sen.
"I don't know when Mueller will finish," Mr. Perez said.
Serial killers would finish us off, and terrorize our neighbors.
The surmounting abyssal of instrumentation makes for a gripping finish.
Now ride that thought out to the finish, Secretary Clinton.
A timely reminder that nice guys don't always finish last. 
Donald Trump is ... We asked people to finish that sentence.
MM: I don't know; I did not finish my studies.
The index lost 22 points to finish Thursday at 1,829.
They even had props to finish off their regal looks.
The broader Topix rose 1.52 percent to finish at 1,605.48.
I was happy I was able to finish with everybody.
The finish came in the closing seconds of the third.
Spray inside with matte finish for a nice glowy translucency.
The tour will then finish at Fontana's natural steam baths.
Oh and it comes in a strikingly familiar gold finish.
This follows a higher finish on Wall Street on Friday.
Is this something that Paul would want us to finish?
And it still features pavé crystals for a sparkly finish.
In comics, you finish a script, it's drawn, that's it.
Sharp shares erased morning gains to finish down 1.75 percent.
A photo finish measures from chest, so diving can help.
I will finish Golf Story, one way or the other.
Actually, unless I get injured, I'll be able to finish.
Her best finish was 13th at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Rutgers, losers of six straight, is limping toward the finish.
The Topix index declined 296.425 percent to finish at 296.524,2111.25.
"I want to get across the finish line," Meadows said.
I don't know how she's going to finish high school.
Not returning to finish our set was never an option.
They usually pick up shows after they finish their season.
Nowhere else in Berlin do fewer students finish high school.
It's the album I listen to from start to finish.
I did a team pursuit recently and didn't even finish.
The index was on track to finish the week higher.
I don't finish my Rib Shaped, Barbecue Flavor Pork Patty.
The Topix index also added 20.7105% to finish at 20.39,703.
Hudson converted his second save despite staggering to the finish.
The last game, Flag Finish Line, was my greatest challenge.
Did enough people finish the trial to make it meaningful?
This may be the best finish line on the planet.
It's widely expected to finish the job in this case.
Can you walk me through your process, start to finish?
"As long as we're here…" He can't finish his sentence.
Joss Whedon is slated to finish the Warner Bros. movie.
I didn't finish eating this, and wouldn't eat it again.
Let's finish up by talking very briefly about Silicon Valley.
But before he could finish, several Somali residents pressed forward.
Finish the condiment with citric acid and salt to taste.
All the items match in a modern, brushed metal finish.
Rule The World breaks away, and crosses the finish line.
And he wants to finish his career as a Seahawk.
I decided to finish my degree and lose 150 lbs.
I was able to catch a story and finish it.
But you can't finish a musical sentence for the guy.
I'm not saying that I am going to finish it.
He's said repeatedly it's going to be allowed to finish.
For extra flair, may we recommend an ivory finish, perhaps?
Let's all just finish the season like we started it.
I urge MPs to reconvene and finish the vote today.
Holder, the court's conservative majority returned to finish the job.
Walmart offered a warehouse shopping experience from start to finish.
The company then brought in Howard to finish the job.
The matte black finish is much more impressive to me.
To be honest, I will likely finish out Rachel's season.
It is, frankly, a spiritual journey from start to finish.
If you are angry, you can finish fighting with people.
Finish with maldon sea salt and more picked parsley leaves.
Can the president help pull Morrisey across the finish line?
An earlier version of this article misstated Tony Kanaan's finish.
It has substantially better fit and finish than previous models.
Finish with the extra parsley and another shower of Parmesan.
And "Strictly" is a BBC production from start to finish.
Mr. Gudhino's xacuti is nuanced, with a long, savory finish.
It doesn't start to drizzle until the sponsors finish talking.
Isn't finish, above all, what consumers expect from luxury goods?
But Tur quickly interrupted, asking Erickson to let her finish.
"We've started to learn how to finish games," Kuechly said.
But Casey bogeyed the 17th to finish with a 69.
She's just recently gone back to finish college in Lancashire.
But before he could finish his sentence, Bristowe chimed in.
I can't finish it so my roommate polishes it off.
It's going to be great to have a finish line.
Hungary did finish in fifth in the championships ... in 1937.
I'm also trying to finish "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari.
Too ill to finish a trial, he was never convicted.
This was a deception from start to finish, one Mrs.
Jeruto recovered to finish second ahead of sister Daisy Jepkemei.
Local materials, like sandstone, were used to finish the hotel.
I'll see you at the finish line, RIP Puppy Efron.
The retailer could use a strong finish to the year.
"Always like to finish with a good one," Trump said.
Here, a robot makes your burger from start to finish.
Smaller vessels must finish loading the tankers offshore, he said.
Playing up their chemistry, the two finish one another's sentences.
They wanted to finish me off right on the spot.
Senate on schedule to finish its committee markup this week.
Pittsburgh was not unhappy to see Teheran finish his day.
The Series 5 comes with more color and finish options.
Congressional appropriators have also blocked funding to finish the transition.
I was desperate for dinner and had work to finish.
Why give $10 to a book you won't finish reading?
With TakeShape, developers work more efficiently and finish projects faster.
President, thank you for getting us over the finish line.
But he has failed to finish his two marathons since.
But he pops back up before McGregor can finish him.
But it's not going to help them finish their homework.
She told him that she had to finish her shift.
Opportunistic fungi are standing by, ready to finish the kill.
New Yorkers won't finish paying their taxes until May 3.
Lily placed 97th, Leila 114th and Liina did not finish.
Ledecky cannot leave her lane until the other swimmers finish.
I didn't even finish school because I couldn't afford it.
She opted to quietly finish the shift without saying anything.
Looking forward to working with you towards an amazing finish!
The Shenzhen Composite lost 0.18 percent to finish at 540,901.56.
But in the second half, we just did not finish.
Kenya's Olympic champion Conseslus Kipruto did not finish the race.
With the finish line in sight, the balloon stopped by.
Will US forces stay in Syria to finish off ISIS?
Mainland markets reversed early losses to finish the session higher.
TRUMP: So just to finish on the borders... WALLACE: Yes?
The existing declaration (will) finish at the end of March.
Wood retired both batters he faced to finish the inning.
Baxter is trying and failing to finish a second novel.
They tease without sniping, and let one another finish sentences.
You went out to Arizona to finish art school, right?
October hogs jumped 1.400 cents to finish at 75.300 cents.
Now, lawmakers just need to finish a deal before then.
For me, it was just really to finish that record.
But Force's run does not end at the finish line.
He has set out to finish it every year since.
I only managed to finish two full bottles that day.
The thing is, the A's are supposed to finish last.
"Now I want to finish remodeling my house," she says.
They have to rely on your ability to finish something.
"For a minute there..." The man didn't finish his sentence.
The first woman quickly returned, insisting she finish her masterpiece.
There's plenty to enjoy during sex without the big finish.
VICE: Do you think we'll ever finish debating Lovecraft's legacy?
Irri then services her queen to help finish the deed.
The nice ones also don't have to finish last anymore.
Instead, he sent a low, elegant finish past the keeper.
And also, we have to finish the history of humanity.
You couldn't even finish high school because you're so stupid!
Sprinkle with tempura crunchies and finish with cilantro and scallions.
And they could finish the job in pretty short order.
October hogs rose 0.675 cent to finish at 73.900 cents.
Let's say we finish around 9, 10, 11, that area.
I was working so hard, but I couldn't finish anything.
What sort of finish does your soap wash give you?
You might not like it, but you can finish it.
December, of course is the dash to the finish line.
" And he was like, "Sssh, let's finish writing these verses.
"Now I really had to finish this thing," Downey wrote.
If the Cardinals win, it's a race to the finish.
Landry Jones came in to finish the half for Pittsburgh.
The finish line was in sight, and I took off.
Mainland markets reversed early declines to finish the day higher.
"Your honor, let me finish answering your question," he said.
Rubio needs to finish ahead of his three establishment candidates.
Down in the finish area, the combatants mingled and laughed.
Dell, Apple and Asus finish out the top five players.
It would be a nice way to finish in Tokyo.
Who is the "they" that said Rubio couldn't finish third?
The state does finish in the top half for education.
Few people expected the team even to finish the race.
"Tuesday night was special from start to finish," Becker said.
Typically, the teams finish in about nine to 11 days.
Be generous with the soy sauce and sriracha to finish.
But Congress has not appropriated the money to finish it.
"The journey's begun, but there's no finish line," he said.
Maybe we can get them out to finish the tiebreakers.
"On the night, we actually didn't finish well," he said.
And even if you finish first, there's no prize money.
We walk to a nearby cafe to finish our conversation.
And then we go back, finish doing our track together.
Finish with the radish and turnip slices and edible flowers.
That agreement envisioned the customer payouts would finish within months.
" Like, "Oh my God, you didn't finish college, did you?
People who don't finish suffer a blow to their confidence.
See his epic style evolution, from start to finish, below.
Let's finish up talking about this show that's coming on.
Best World Cup Finish Quarterfinalist in 2007, 2011 and 2015.
Best World Cup Finish This is Jamaica's first World Cup.
Best World Cup Finish This is Scotland's first World Cup.
Best World Cup Finish Group stage (1991, 2007, 2011, 2015).
Best World Cup Finish This is Chile's first World Cup.
Ellen White simply turned it in, a proper English finish.
Tyler Ennis scored two late goals to finish the scoring.
It's taken me so long just to finish this movie.
Typically, appeals are restricted until after lower court proceedings finish.
But China is trying to finish our culture in Tibet.
"What happens when you cross the finish line?" he asked.
"As an offense, we've just got to finish," Darnold said.
Skateboarders circled him as he talked about the finish line.
"After they finish up production, everyone leaves," Mr. Chen said.
After that I go home, usually finish up my homework.
What do you have to do for a strong finish?
I just need to pump myself up and finish strong.
Finish with a sprinkling of chives, dill and black pepper.
It's a huge, nationwide problem that people don't finish college.
If I start a series, I have to finish it.
Ms. Augusto paused to finish the story of her son.
"We will stay together and fight together to the finish."
If he doesn't finish, that's his responsibility and not mine.
He would finish it by the time he turned 101.
"We will finish this issue soon," Mr. Abadi said Tuesday.
Flint aims to finish replacing its old pipes this year. 
She told me that I would finish in two hours.
If the finish lacked drama, Thomas was not to blame.
But the Tennessee Titans made sure he didn't finish it.
For Mr. Winston, it's not a race to the finish.
It was this race to the finish on Gears 24.
At the finish line, he removed his helmet and shrugged.
The race standings show 98 horses crossing the finish line.
" "Mike sat through the whole service from start to finish.
"I have pictures not finished, so I need to finish."
Raikkonen, a former world champion, won in a blistering finish.
The result is a mad scramble to the finish line.
Maybe then he can get to the finish line first.
By the time I finish trade talks, that will change.
Today, most students don't finish college in a traditional fashion.
The bad news, of course, is that they can't finish.
Trump, however, said he will let Mueller finish his investigation.
But we need these games to finish out the season.
Start to finish, that was an exercise in poor airmanship.
To succeed as an artist, she has to finish it.
He said they were almost done, so can they finish?
Maybe you like to finish a section before moving on.
"We usually finish in about two hours," Ms. Cetner said.
But he need friends, lovers, colleagues to finish the job.
I finish parking my car and get out the way.
I was like, 'I started, so I have to finish.
"It is a farce from start to finish," he said.
He just wants to cross the finish line in Paris.
Tried as we might, we couldn't finish all of them.
I walked up on the snow to the finish area.
One fighter asked aloud if they should finish him off.
Now Apple and app developers need to finish the vision.
Got to go back next week to finish fine detail!!
We've got to finish that last part of the game.
He didn't finish either game because of the lopsided score.
She has earned the right to finish what she started.
I finish up classes and then head home to chill.
The finish line isn't as clear as we might think.
Click on the link inside to finish the deletion process.
If you missed it, you can watch the finish here.
She is expected to finish her sentence on Oct. 27.
"One fine from the police would finish me," he said.
We may start one, but then we don't finish it.
FastStart lets you boot into games before they finish downloading.
Every paperwork you have, you're like, I can't finish this.
And when they finish, they get to keep their creations.
Mr. Blankenship ran a nonpolitician's race from start to finish.
Still, it took about two years to finish my puzzle.
Finish that novel or get serious about your second gig.
The shoulder bump was their third option for the finish.
They crossed the finish line together, and have remained friends.
She was like, 'No, I am going to finish this.
We were among the last people to finish that day.
Finish with the remaining cake layer and filling and serve.
However, they sense more of a pause than a finish.
Then double back to the roots to finish the process.
It's going to change the way we finish the season.
"To know that could happen…" She doesn't finish the thought.
I'm really looking forward to the finish at the end.
They argue that modern dishwashers take too long to finish.
And finish with rhubarb crisp and some vanilla ice cream.
They will finish making their opening arguments on Friday evening.
Tap the check mark to finish setting up your group.
We need to let the President finish his economic reforms.
"I couldn't figure out how to finish it," Catalan said.
The entire process from start to finish took 16 minutes.
"I have Wang tomorrow and then I finish my album."
It was also the highest finish for Patrick's SHR team.
But it won't be a breeze to finish this work.
"In any case," he added, then didn't finish his sentence.
Finally, finish by emphasizing your willingness to learn, says Drexler.
U.S. markets ended the day with yet another positive finish.
"I'm really pleased that I managed to finish," Gilmour said.
We ask the world to help us finish this war.
" Or "I can never finish anything because I'm a perfectionist.
Watchers get through about 70 percent, and completers finish it.
I finish my laundry and head back to my room.
Someone buys me a beer, but I can't finish it.
As a fast break develops, which player will finish it?
" And finish with the Gremies, "No Surfin' in Dorchester Bay.
You don't have to finish a book you don't like.
Five racers did not finish, and two more were disqualified.
And my concern is after they finish begging, then what?
The beleaguered Atlanta bullpen was able to finish the job.
When I finish a book, I go through that pile.
"I think we can finish it today," Bakar told reporters.
When I finish something and it seems good, I'm dazed.
Even cake baking is now a fight to the finish.
He had a 73 to finish sixth at 14 under.
Louis Oosthuizen shot a 65 to finish a stroke back.
Ryan: I think he'd be able to finish the mile.
Some raced ahead, trying to finish as quickly as possible.
Simply finish the sentence using one of the words provided.
The Nasdaq composite advanced 0.2 percent to finish at 7,077.91.
" Chris Gayle: "Can you be quiet and let me finish?
It took him seven years to finish his associate's degree.
And it is, from start to finish, almost without exception.
She is aiming to finish 10 songs, most with lyrics.
Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi wants to finish the job.
I'm still not confident I could finish the bastard off.
We put good at-bats — we weren't able to finish.
Since you can't finish the column, tell me something interesting.
Okay, I have two very quick questions to finish up.
"They started it but we will finish it," he said.
Now, the robots are coming to finish off the humans.
Haller cruised to the finish in 11 hours 46 minutes.
Two sailors have made it back there for the finish.
"Sue and I, we finish each other's sentences," Taurasi said.
Would you have cheered when he reached the finish line?
In fact, I'll speak to him right after we're finish.
And I still have to eat dinner, and finish homework.
KS: Let's finish up talking about the idea of success.
And Fernando Alonso is just trying to finish a race!
I was able to finish, but my orgasm was weak.
Most paintings require about a month from prep to finish.
Tech companies hurry to finish the work and earn money.
All right, Leanne, and then we'll finish up with Crystal.
The mining index pared earlier gains to finish 0.1% higher.
How long does it take you to finish a 40?
By its very nature, you can never really finish it.
We're going to finish up with Too Embarrassed to Answer.
So, I want to finish up with this presidential thing.
Finish the cupcakes with a small amount of rainbow sprinkles.
It will not take long to begin, nor to finish.
Rubio, and basically the entire Republican Party establishment, marched into South Carolina determined to play up an expected third-place finish as a kind of triumph and a second-place finish as outright victory.
Joe Biden, still reeling from a disappointing finish in Iowa, struggled to find his footing at times, and even went so far as to acknowledge he doesn't expect a strong finish in New Hampshire.
Those who finish within 12 months receive half their tuition back, keeping the cost of tuition below $1,000 for most students (the company says students typically finish courses in six months to a year).
"A lot of factories don't want us because we're not able to finish assignments that 'normal' people can finish," Li Jia said, adding that the park is a draw for those without many qualifications.
So the ghosts at the finish line aren't just the people who cross the finish line with you but the memories and the spirits of the people who help make you who you are.
I mostly want to finish for them, because I know they're gonna struggle the same way I do, and I want to show them that they can finish no matter how long it takes.
I think why we've had such longevity is that we are a family that believes we can all get to the finish line together, and that we should get to the finish line together.
The Sooners had struggled to finish off games all season but found a way against the Horned Frogs, making several big defensive stops late to avoid the last-place finish in the Big 212.
DePaul and Marquette could face each other again in the opening round of the Big East tourney if the Blue Demons finish in last place and the Golden Eagles finish seventh, their current positions.
If Biden is unable to pull off a first-place finish in South Carolina and if Buttigieg or Klobuchar finish above him, he should consider pulling the plug ahead of the Super Tuesday contests.
" And, he added, "We want to go to the racetrack and have 15, 20 teams that have an opportunity to get a top-five finish or compete for a win or a solid finish.
I say it's 25 percent odds you finish ahead of me by two minutes, and 75 percent odds that I finish ahead of you by 15 minutes, because you're wretching somewhere in the woods.
The Slovakian accelerated 55 km from the finish line at the Roubaix Velodrome to catch the day's breakaway riders and get rid of the strongest of them, Swiss Silvan Dillier, in a sprint finish.
The race will begin one minute before midnight on Friday and finish in the early hours of Saturday amid concerns that only a handful of the almost 70 starters will reach the finish line.

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