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"shape" Definitions
  1. [countable, uncountable] the form of the outer edges or surfaces of something; an example of something that has a particular form
  2. [countable] a person or thing that is difficult to see clearly synonym figure
  3. [uncountable] the physical condition of somebody/something
  4. [uncountable] the particular qualities or characteristics of something
"shape" Synonyms
form figure configuration formation outline contours pattern contour frame profile structure symmetry build cast cut delineation lines mould(UK) body design guise likeness look aspect embodiment semblance appearance image impression identity conformation make metamorphosis mien character manifestation mode condition health fettle trim nick order kilter state repair constitution estate fitness keeping whack state of health working order situation status position anatomy composition framework construction organisation(UK) organization(US) makeup arrangement physique fabric layout plan mechanisms sort class kind type nature variety category description group quality species style breed family ilk manner race brand motif device ornament ornamentation patterning motive decoration mark coloration frame of mind mood disposition temper temperament humour(UK) attitude humor(US) spirit spirits vein emotions mentality mindset feelings polygon decagon hexagon octagon parallelogram pentagon quadrangle quadrilateral triangle robustness strength vigour(UK) athleticism hardiness lustiness ruggedness stalwartness sturdiness toughness wellness healthiness heartiness muscularity sap soundness curvature arc bend curve arching curving angle arch bow crook curvity deflection flexure incurvation inflexion(UK) inflection(US) turn wind round twist physical fitness cardio aerobic aerobic fitness agility anaerobic fitness cardiovascular fitness coordination endurance flexibility physical conditioning good condition substance reality actuality concreteness being commodity corporeality entity existent individual individuality integer mass materiality object solidity tangibility thing something sign symbol cypher(UK) cipher(US) representation badge emblem logo code hieroglyph ideogram insignia letter numeral signifier container receptacle vessel holder box canister case repository cartridge casing bag drum unit barrel crate cylinder packet tank basin bin blur haze cloudiness cloud dimness fog haziness indistinctness mist obscurity smear smudge blear blurredness fogginess murkiness distortion fuzziness hazy shape fashion model sculpt adapt create mold(US) sculpture adjust carve fit hew whittle block define develop affect influence determine guide produce construct devise fabricate assemble forge manufacture compose erect confect contrive raise engineer piece govern decide control modify alter sway touch dictate regulate rule direct predispose intend aim purpose tailor make fitting propose purport conceive prepare gear equip train discipline school teach educate instruct coach drill groom tutor edify enlighten inculcate indoctrinate do set coif coiffe arrange brush preen primp prink comb dry fix wash beautify dress knead squeeze work blend crush manipulate massage pound press pummelled(UK) pummel(US) wring malaxate mix rub stroke aerate manicure crop file pare clip prune shear snip lop nip bob pollard lop off cut back shorten shave dock poll rasp scrape grind abrade sand buff chafe grate polish smooth sandpaper erode hone raze burnish furbish refine finish decorate adorn embellish array bedeck bedizen blazon caparison color(US) colour(UK) deck drape emblaze emboss pad fill line pack stuff cushion wad protect upholster cover lag fill out insulate wrap soundproof seal encase plug furnish tidy neaten spruce up tidy up straighten out straighten up redd out redd up put in order straighten clean clean up fix up shape up whip into shape put in good shape trig distort pervert warp misrepresent falsify garble misstate slant misinterpret fudge cook bias misrelate More
"shape" Antonyms
difference reality disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) unemployment disorder disarray confusion chaos disarrangement derangement messiness disorderedness mess misorder muddle disjointedness incoherence imbalance disproportion jumble clutter commoner letter mind amorphousness formlessness shapelessness amorphicity misshapenness disfigurement deformity deformation malformation inside heart soul spirit anima conscience essence pneuma quiddity consciousness identity personality quintessence sentience subconscious individuality psyche being thought inner being rustiness individual one body brightness light departure change deviation shift digression divergence straying detour divagation divergency branching off blandness plainness boringness banality insipidity insipidness colorlessness dullness uninterestingness drabness flatness vapidity vapidness dreariness triteness illness sickness unfitness unhealthiness unsoundness enervation flab lethargy sloth weakness poor health disease feebleness frailness malady portrait shambles dishevelment dump sty hole whole line abstract fantasy inanimate nothing nothingness plant poverty ruin wreck wreckage debris rubble remnants detritus remains wastage ashes relic residue fragment remainder flotsam thinness slightness sparseness original prototype archetype source model template deform demolish destroy dismantle lose neglect raze break forget disorganize disarrange stop divide separate disassemble demount strike dismember borrow ignore disagree refuse upset unsuit disturb unfit confuse reject unsettle spoil derange move differ dull abandon acquiesce agree aid allow assist comply consent help hesitate liberate mismanage obey permit release submit surrender yield recall remember soften hoard save generalise(UK) generalize(US) trivialise(UK) trivialize(US) understate underestimate belittle make light of play down tone down pall underwhelm downplay lessen minimise(UK) minimize(US) improvise contrive extemporise(UK) extemporize(US) invent ad-lib concoct cobble together ad lib play it by ear wing it disregard abort cancel discard discontinue withdraw ditch drop forsake pull out misrepresent distort falsify exaggerate misinterpret parody misstate overstate lampoon mock satirise(UK) satirize(US) spoof crack fracture shatter snap smash split tear sever splinter bust crush rupture burst rive shiver hurt damage compromise cripple harm impair ravage trash waste devastate desecrate blemish despoil deface exclude omit delete erase remove bypass cut eliminate expunge proscribe dismiss skip cross out get rid of leave out dishevel tousle discompose shuffle hash muss mess up mix up rearrange scramble transform alter modify adjust amend edit redesign revamp improve recast reconstitute remodel reconstruct revise redo refashion rework remake tweak depart hold keep leave maintain persist remain stagnate stay leave alone make well contort warp disfigure misshape malform distort the shape of desensitise(UK) desensitize(US) numb stupefy blunt deaden paralyse(UK) paralyze(US) be indifferent to hinder impede hamper inhibit curb hamstring hold back stymie thwart arrest bottleneck counteract crimp interfere with obstruct repress retard suppress encumber brush off forego shirk skimp be indifferent brush aside gloss over not care for overlook pass by pass over pass up pay no attention to preserve continue uphold carry on continue with keep going keep intact conserve sustain retain perpetuate prolong protect safeguard put up rebel resist buck defy oppose fight object break with disagree with turn against contradict challenge contravene repudiate dissent butcher botch bungle bodge bollix up goof up louse up make a botch of make a hash of make a mess of mutilate screw up emboss combine increase join mend sew unite endure idle last prevail stall stay the same be idle linger be inactive be long lived be timeless carry through fester end undo annihilate blight decimate desolate nuke pulverise(UK) pulverize(US) total fell vitiate repeal rescind revoke close down discharge expel fire phase out shut up deny disallow fail prevent retract veto miseducate misteach misguide mislead disinform misdirect misinform prevaricate give wrong information put on the wrong track proliferate bourgeon multiply propagate flourish spread bloom burgeon expand thrive grow grow rapidly increase rapidly round curve order readjust redispose redistribute rejig relocate reorder reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) reschedule reset reshuffle elongate enlarge extend lengthen raise simplify

777 Sentences With "shape"

How to use shape in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "shape" and check conjugation/comparative form for "shape". Mastering all the usages of "shape" from sentence examples published by news publications.

So theoretically, everything from eye shape to nose shape to mouth shape ought to be accurately depicted.
Does my face shape affect the shape of my brows?
We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.
But this shape — it's actually the shape of a heel.
Strong consumers, strong consumer balance sheets — we're going to get there again, whether it's a 'V' shape, a 'W' shape, a 'U' shape.
We shape the economy, but the economy can also shape us.
I look more in shape, and I feel more in shape.
Mathematicians have precise ways of defining what makes a shape a shape.
"The shape of water is the shape of love," explains del Toro.
It's easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape.
We literally have the exact same feet, even toenail shape and toe shape.
Those fields, those smells, they helped shape me, helped shape all of us.
Describe the shape and suggest possible reasons the graph may have this shape.
Describe the shape and compare it to the shape of the 1980 graph.
It is a shape-shifter — he always has decided what shape he's taking.
The shape of things to come First, Dubai planned a spinning, shape-shifting skyscraper.
Multiple-exposure image of the new shape-memory polymer reverting to its original shape.
It wasn't because I was wildly out of shape, I just was not shape.
"If you're not in shape you get in shape pretty quickly," Ms. Rosso said.
"I'm in bad shape, but there are people in worse shape," she told him.
I knew Phil was not in great shape, but Lemmy was in perfect shape.
Once you've cut out your shape (we used a heart shape in honor of Valentine's Day, but feel free to use any shape), fit it into your pan.
Knowing the shape of one, we can infer the shape of the other with certainty.
Media coverage helps achieve the typical "L" shape (with serif) and more rarely "U" shape.
Prions are proteins that can change their shape and induce shape changes in other proteins.
Use your voice to shape the world or others will shape it for us. pic.twitter.
It's not easy to shape your nails into this distinct shape, but it's not impossible.
It's not as easy to shape them as it is to shape plastics, for example.
I wanted a shape all my own, a shape that didn't hinge on another person.
He cites philosopher Marshall McLuhan: We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.
She has helped shape the program format, which started to take shape in meetings last spring.
Hey Casey, Right now I'm not in bad shape, but I'm not in great shape either.
Well, that's the shape I think history would have, if I thought history had a shape.
Once the shape is understood, scientists can develop drugs that work with the protein's unique shape.
If our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape.
There wasn't this coterie of high-powered men around him, so I had the ability to really shape the campaign, and shape the direction we were going in, and shape the hiring.
"I love my shape because I've earned every curve," Kardashian, 31, says in Shape magazine's May issue.
Similarly, the shape of the second does not reveal anything useful about the shape of the first.
Shape and fry the croquettes: Roll 1 heaping tablespoon of the croquette mixture into a football shape.
In the cheaper version, the "ears" take on more of a bow shape than an ear shape.
By focusing on body shape and not just size, Savitude can more accurately figure out your shape.
Take the shape of a wing, it produces lift from its slightly inclined and special airfoil shape.
The contraceptive pill can also affect your breast size and shape, and aging will change their shape.
One instance is the shape line of Anna's dress which, before, always included a rounded scalloped shape.
But it is impossible to infer the shape of a nose from the shape of a chin.
With a shape change, we can grab the cargo and then deliver it by opening the shape.
Certain events shape us, and the form we assume in response goes on to shape future events.
It was a harp in the shape of a boat, not in the shape of a goat.
Well, spaces not only shape how we act individually, but they shape how groups of people interact.
To get back to shape, back in shape after a baby, a few months are not enough.
This often results in an 'oblate spheroid' shape similar to M&M candy, or a disk-like shape.
"The shape of the record is defined by the shape of that phase of my life," he says.
Ducklings exposed to objects of the same shape seemed to continue to prefer objects of the same shape.
We are talking about common shapes — and the majority of products are a shape or contain a shape.
Using small ice cream scoop or tablespoon, shape about 2450 tablespoons of cream cheese mixture into pumpkin shape.
"It was my shape he used for the base shape for the stuff he made," Avi told me.
Outline and firm shape are subordinated, as in Hemingway, to the passage of one shape into the next.
The same market forces that shape the trade in liquor or tobacco will shape the trade in marijuana.
I'm in average shape, but it's better than I ever was, because I was always in shit shape.
"Women come in every shape and size, so why can't models come in every shape and size?" she says.
At 85, he said, it is much easier to get out of shape than to get back into shape.
The dumpling's belly should form a teardrop shape between your thumbs, which will create the yuan bao shape. 6.
Cupcakes' size, shape, and appearance all promote a view of femininity which similarly dwells on size, shape, and appearance.
Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" is a good songListen, OK, fine, I'll say it: "Shape of You" is good.
The dumpling's belly should form a teardrop shape between your thumbs, which will create the yuan bao shape. 4.
So we've got budget deficits in good shape, we've got debt levels for the most part in good shape.
"More stomach and shoulder shape, a better V-shape in her back and a much tighter waist and shoulder differential."  
Callaway claims the new shape offers 43 yards of shot-shape correction, creating a straighter and more accurate club path.
Callaway claims the new shape offers 21 yards of shot-shape correction, creating a straighter and more accurate club path.
On average, his process takes about two hours, with each 3D work's default shape beginning as a basic geometric shape.
More stomach and shoulder shape, a better V-shape in her back and a much tighter waist and shoulder differential.
But for me the shape I'm in, I'll say I'm in much better shape, so I think 9.6 seconds definitely.
That's when I decided to go from being in good shape to being in the best shape of my life.
Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water Sex and romance also go hand-in-hand in The Shape of Water.
"Some people are in great shape, and some people aren't in great shape, but this is their release," Miller said.
But cupcakes' size, shape, and appearance all promote a view of femininity which similarly dwells on size, shape, and appearance.
Oliver's brilliant reply when we discussed the shape of our new family: 'But Papa, the triangle is the strongest shape.
The Tile Slim is back with a new credit card shape, as opposed to the square shape it had before.
Founded by five Philadelphia artists in 1974, this international center for ceramics is a vital creative hub where emerging artists shape their careers, young minds shape their imaginations, and where handmade works of art quite literally take shape.
It's like, I literally can't see whether something is a circular shape or a square shape from about three inches away.
WINSTON CHURCHILL'S dictum—"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us"—may account for the distinctively cabalistic quality of British politics.
She is catalyst and inciting incident — The Shape of Water doesn't happen to her, she happens to The Shape of Water.
The activity from this star actually contributes to the shape of its home nebula, helping to keep its unique crescent shape.
Photo: Victoria Song (Gizmodo)Notably, the s63+ does away with the classic circular shape of a Roomba for a D-shape.
Underneath the large domed blue shape there are traces of orange and a small L-shape with red, blue, and green.
They can choose from a wide range of options like face shape, hair color and cut, eye shape and color, etc.
But it has held its shape because it has changed shape — and because the world has not run out of wars.
Alice, thank you for reminding us that we always have the power to shape — the power to shape our own destiny.
Next to a boy offering giant, animal-shape balloons, another young vendor held some small heart-shape ones, red and white.
It changes, however slightly, from shape to shape, spanning the spectrum from blue-gray to lead gray and everything in between.
Year: 2018, at the 90th Academy AwardsWhat beat it: "The Shape of Water""The Shape of Water" isn't a bad movie.
In the new experiment, polystyrene spheres were sliced in the shape of a spherical cap, mimicking the shape of a spore.
Instead of a typical cylindrical shape, the bottle he envisioned was round, "similar to the shape of a breast," he said.
Instead, egg shape was strongly correlated with a measure of wing shape, called the hand-wing index, that reflects flight ability.
Your future may take on a shape of its own, rather than just the shape of the shadow of the past.
Yet another example of a chain taking a perfectly good shape and replacing it with a not-so-perfectly good shape.
I realized that the shape of our logo provided a perfect contour to enhance the natural shape of a woman's body.
It was an interesting case of seeing how the shape of the art was dictated by the shape of the tool.
But imagine that you had a particular structure and wanted to know what shape is the best shape to get the structure.
Kejjan said she thinks Dilbireen has become more aware of the scars that not only shape his face but shape his character.
On the right they've built a blocky chair shape; on the left, something about the size and shape of a double bed.
"The government needs to get the biometric unlocking information somehow," by either the finger pattern shape or the head shape, he said.
Apparently there's a new trend where you shape your bush into a heart for Valentine's Day or any shape for your man.
These are the choices that shape the way we live, from when we go to bed to how we stay in shape.
Shape into whatever you like when you remove them from the oven (they'll take on any shape you desire while still warm).
The shape of the table echoes the shape of the wire spools, and at every seat is a script for a character.
I know I can squat 75 pounds, and I can confidently say I'm in great shape: Yes, great shape at size 18.
Going into it, comparing Transgender Dysphoria Blues and Shape Shift With Me, sonically, I love Shape Shift With Me more than Blues.
My views will inform the work and shape the work, but I don't want anything other than laughter to shape the work.
Most had chosen not to sell heart-shape or red balloons, instead opting for stars, circles and bird- and animal-shape ones.
" The song captures Cash's ambivalence about American glory and American sin: "But she's in pretty good shape for the shape she's in.
Though Narrator Josh cannot directly shape the past in which regular Josh is moping, he can certainly shape our view of it.
Soleimani did more to shape then re-shape the region than any king or prince or sultan or president or prime minister.
Like, who is in shape, who is not in shape... so that we can see, we can get well-prepared as well.
Instead of contracting into its normal arrow-like shape, the left ventricle fails to function, creating a more rounded, pot-like shape.
I then structure it, give it a shape, and then take that shape home and ask that song what it's telling me.
Once you've got a shape, the next stage is recognizing what that shape is and working out if you've seen it before.
Instagram's help guide says the service supports photos and videos only with aspect ratios between 1.91:13 (a horizontal wide-screen/landscape shape) and 4:5 (a vertical portrait shape); the traditional square shape has an aspect ratio of 1:1.
The volcano shape would come from gravitational lensing, the source bending the light from its strong gravitational field changing the shape of space.
For example, brain size and shape is to some degree constrained by body size and the size and shape of the facial skeleton.
When I thought it was in bad shape, I always knew there were people out here in worse shape, doing worse than me.
We can learn, for example, that the two systems have conspired to have the same shape, without learning exactly what shape they have.
The bottle obviously is my body shape, but I always celebrate and love confident women no matter what shape or size they are.
Similar to choosing what kind of bangs you want to get, your ideal brow shape is somewhat based on your natural face shape.
What Sanders understands, and what Trump understands, is that you don't shape attention by crafting compromise policies; you shape attention by creating controversy.
When McLuhan said, "we shape our tools and then they shape us," he was right, but many of us have resisted the latter.
Because the folded 3D shape made with paper is fixed, I was surprised when I saw the shape of the cloth transform smoothly.
The Shape: ConicalThe Top: Sexy & ShapelyTops with structure and shape, whether it's through padding or boning, are ideal for conical (or pointy) breasts.
"Oliver's brilliant reply when we discussed the shape of our new family: 'But Papa, the triangle is the strongest shape,&apos" he recalled.
"The sector will bottom out this year and will walk out of the woods in 2018, but we are not sure if it will be in L-shape, or V-shape or U-shape when it walks out of the woods," Cheng added.
A yellow bag in the shape of the iconic boxy shape that helped put the Kate Spade brand on the map was also featured.
Again echoing "Black Center," the black triangle anchors "Second Sight," enabling the artist to move from color shape to color shape without becoming programmatic.
In the end, though, Ed Sheeran took home the prize for "Shape of You," a song about the literal shape of a woman's body.
Today, people can be identified according to the unique shape of their bodies, including ears, eyes, nose—and even the shape of their ass.
You're going to want to wear these clothes because they're comfortable and that they're made for your shape, regardless of what your shape is.
Henry has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to help shape Crunch Network, and to help writers better understand the shape of their stories.
In this way, the notion of algorithmic determinism echoes what Winston Churchill once said about buildings: We shape our algorithms; thereafter, they shape us.
In the same way that anxious parents can shape their children's anxiety, math-anxious mentors can shape how kids view their own math anxiety.
There's been a change in bust shape, too, and now we're going for more of a teardrop shape rather than a really propelled bust.
"I was interested in how narratives of sexual violence are shaped by us, how we shape them, and how they shape us," Machado says.
" In Canada he watched as a "boulder-sized shape" came to life, "a shape that lifted its head, unfurled itself and became a bear.
To start, the human participants were conditioned to associate one shape as threatening and anxiety-inducing and another shape with more mild, nonthreatening outcomes.
It's a very serious investigation to look at Russian active measures that tried to shape in some way, shape or form in our elections.
Almost like a blueprint if you will — which is why getting back in shape is easier than getting in shape for the first time.
Shape into small balls, and using the tips of your fingers, gently squeeze one side of the ball until it takes on a cone shape.
Getty clarifies that minor retouching, such as skin blemishes, hair color, or "nose shape" are acceptable, with the policy only applying to body shape manipulation.
And it's not just "shape A" and "shape B." It's about 50 different shapes that we capture, but it's also the transition from those shapes.
They need a sleek body shape in order to dig through the dirt—a bulky or round shape would be sort of counterproductive for digging.
"An almond or stiletto shape will elongate the look of the fingers, but the coffin shape makes fingers look quite a bit longer," she notes.
"Our ambition is to try to shape the community in the same way Brooklyn Brewery helped to shape that area of Williamsburg," Mr. Dippel said.
"Sneferu lived a very long time...the architects wanted to reach the complete shape, the pyramid shape," Mohamed Shiha, director of the Dahshur site, said.
After the final shape is finished, a cleaning process removes the loose powder or support material that forms around the target shape of the design.
"I think the trend for the shape is reaching its peak," Dukes added, as it has been a popular shape for a few years now.
Then there was a section to consider my body's shape: Was I an hourglass, inverted triangle (what?), a rectangle/banana (are these the same shape
Because of the nature of your work, you shape these people just as directly as your tools shape the blank modules spinning on the lathe.
Logitech has also tweaked the shape of the mouse, with a new silhouette it says is better suited to matching the shape of your palm.
There are the impersonal forces that shape people's lives — religion, empire, ideology — and there are the individuals who, like Ms. Khan, shape them right back.
Key Florida House races take shape Democrats' path to controlling the House could go through Florida, and several key races there took shape on Tuesday.
Public policy might not shape your life as obviously as it shaped Reginald Albright's, but that doesn't mean it doesn't shape your life at all.
Researchers aren't quite sure how the system got its shape, but perhaps the nearby companion star, HR 4796B, is influencing the shape with its gravitational pull.
Peristalsis in Rentschler's bot is simulated using springs made from a shape-memory alloy — a material that "remembers" its shape, and returns to it when heated.
They even proposed a promising class of materials: so-called shape-memory materials, which "remember" their original shape and return to it even after they're deformed.
These can be images reaching for the shape of the thought itself, or conversely, a rush of improvisation, and an attempt to escape from that shape.
But Aquilarhinus had a jaw that came together in a W shape, meaning it could function in a wider and flatter scoop than a U shape.
Feed competes with Huel, Jimmy Joy and another French startup selling meal replacement products, So Shape (only tangentially as So Shape is focused on losing weight).
You ought to cook the burgers in a shape that is slightly longer than round, so that it accepts the shape of the rye more pleasingly.
A crew neck, curved hem, and lengthened sleeves give the shirt a drapey shape that lends some room to breathe without erasing your shape in fabric.
Just as the jet-streams of Earth shape our climate, Jupiter's jet-streams shape the clouds of ammonia cast about in the gas giant's upper atmosphere.
Nichols and his writers have attempted to impose a shape on a real-life story that, even as they present it, has no easily verifiable shape.
To form this ocular shape, a galaxy named IC 2163 collided with another spiral galaxy, NGC 2207, sending them spinning into the shape we see here.
"I know what it feels like to go from out of shape to in shape [afterward] I'll look at myself like, 'Man, well done,'" he said.
These calculations seem to reveal that the trajectory has a hyperbolic shape—rather than the elliptical shape that characterizes the orbits of things circling the Sun.
"Today's revised estimate of Singapore's second quarter GDP suggests the economy is in better shape shape than previously thought," he said in a note on Friday.
Chapman Taylor wants to design CPK in the shape of a key and the letter "X"British studio Foster+Partners has suggested that the CPK should feature two terminals — one in the shape of a "key" and the other in the shape of the letter "X".
Heineken "Shape Your City" is a global call to inspire city dwellers to express their creativity and motivate them to shape the city that they call home.
By 22011, the bookstore that Craig Walzer, Chris Bloomfield, Oliver Wise, Will Brady, Tim Vincent-Smith, and Maria Papagapiou envisioned began to take shape — a snail shape.
"I love my shape because it makes me feel really powerful and like I can accomplish anything," Allyson Felix, 30, Olympic 200-meter gold medalist, told SHAPE.
Katy Perry, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez all bounce from one shape to the next with such speed, it's impossible to keep track of what shape is favored.
Named for the geometric shape most people learn about in high school, a möbius strip is a seemingly paradoxical shape that forms a one-sided, continuous track.
I have no idea whether the final shape (if there is a final shape) of the typical socialist enterprise will much resemble Sunkara's imaginary pasta sauce factory.
In Sillman's The Shape of Shape,  her selections from MoMA's collection relay a great deal about her own work as a painter, as well as an interest in shape (as opposed to line and color) which might be interpreted as another tangent to modernism's 21940/21970 vision of itself.
With that wealth comes huge (at least perceived) power — not just financial, but the power to shape the future, to influence the masses, to shape mass political movements.
It's just a lot of fun to see him chop down Lego plates, dunk it with epoxy, shape the deck upwards, and then sanding the Lego into shape.
Start with an insulin dose, freeze-dry it and compress it into the shape of a needle—you need that shape to get the drug into the bloodstream.
But there was no, in any way, shape or form of implication, in any way, shape or form to any of those executives that that was the case.
" - Octavia Spencer, best supporting actress nominee for "The Shape of Water" "My heart is bursting with pure elation for the cast and crew of 'The Shape Of Water.
"I've always been a workout fanatic, and I've also always been in shape, but it takes a lot of hard work to stay in shape," Ortiz-Magro said.
By dampening the yarn, especially if it is a natural fiber, and pinning it to blocking boards in the desired final shape, it will hold that shape well.
But unlike the structural shape of Thom Browne's famed canine design, our latest cuddly curiosity has almost no shape at all with an extra-plush exterior to boot.
"You have a drop of sucrose associated with a color or a shape, and they will learn to reliably go back to" that color or shape, Dyer explains.
We're seeing unlined or half-lined jackets with softer shoulders because it's less-restricted and it's conforming to your shape as opposed to making you a different shape.
"The choice, above all, is this: We either cooperate and shape the response to these challenges together, or these challenges will shape, divide and diminish us," he said.
"They do want the ability to shape the world and shape the global order in ways that are more favorable to China than they are now," Bishop said.
She and Lindsey have evidence of the existence of a 3-D shape, and evidence of some of that shape's properties, but no ability yet to see the shape.
"I love my shape because I feel strong and fit, and that makes me feel confident," Hough says in the new issue of SHAPE magazine, on newsstands Aug. 16.
"I think we are in good shape, but I don't know what shape we have to be in because nobody knows what 'no-deal' Brexit looks like," he added.
I call the body shape unusual because, typically, automakers disguise their vehicles during real-world testing with some camouflage on the car's actual bodywork to conceal the car's shape.
Here and there I took mental notes of outlines such as hill shape against the horizon so that some day the portentous simplicity and shape would slip into writing.
The second line of the couplet "But square-cut or pear-shape/These rocks don't lose their shape," with its pinpoint high note on "their," from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"?
And just to watch a couple of them walking: There were the colors, and the shape, and that was the same shape for like a thousand years in Japan.
A "timely, sizable, and correctly targeted fiscal package" could decide whether a recovery takes a V-shape or a U-shape, Shah wrote in a LinkedIn post on Thursday.
There's still time for the 133-25 Bulls to get back in shape before the impending trade deadline and more losses change the shape of their team for good.
Throughout the night, the shape of a large Democratic field seemed to change shape in a matter of hours: One candidate with a loyal following, Andrew Yang, dropped out.
Titled "The Shape of Shape," it was chosen by the New York painter Amy Sillman, who orchestrated a dense installation that compared and contrasted work by around 70 artists.
Already in this party, technocrats who constitute the party's think tanks have begun to shape and put in shape the structure of a future lean and development focused government.
" The issue ... "Dude's just gotta get in shape.
Your fans love compilations featuring 10 or more tracks, complete with a continuous mix for the gym (perfect for getting yourself in shape whilst you're getting your label in shape).
Certain printers therefore impose the desired shape by printing cells directly onto a pre-prepared scaffold, which dissolves away once the cells have proliferated sufficiently to hold their own shape.
"We wanted to give it a simple shape that was symmetrical so you don't have to think about the shape, so you're purely looking at the facial characteristics," she says.
The ear cups fold down to a flat shape, but don't fold in (which competitors like the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless do) for a more compact and portable shape.
How much can a particular phone shape be worth, after all, if that shape is going to be discarded after a year in favor of a new look and feel?
"There really wasn't time to work out in any way, shape or form — luckily we were dancing so that kept us in shape and we ate very responsibly," she says.
"Matt said that he wanted to be a pompous wizard, and Adal said he'd be a shape-shifter who changed shape based on who he had sex with," says Niekamp.
The kind of quirky parameters of this space—being a threshold space, an entryway, having a cigar shape, an egg shape, it really challenged me in a very good way.
Though past analysis has established that the hydrogen gas in our galaxy takes on a warped shape, questions have remained as to whether stars follow the same shape or not.
"Although, right now, we are in a good shape in terms of economic growth, no one can be certain that we will be in that good shape sustainably," he added.
"They have an ovoid shape in the cheek, which is an egg shape that extends from the corners of the mouth to the outside of the eye," Dr. Ishii says.
He wants to understand how their sense of themselves as black people and their ideas about black people shape their politics and how their politics shape their identity and ideas.
I've had a Country Gentleman wool felt fedora for about 15 years and while it's still in decent shape, there's been some fading and it's lost its shape a bit.
The acronym stands for asymmetrical shape, irregular borders, multiple or uneven colors, a diameter larger than the size of a pencil eraser, and evolving shape, size, color, or other characteristic.
But by applying a different shape to a shape that requires a loop (rather than a tree), you can create various shapes that behave similarly, but with widely varying results.
Initially, they were introduced as shape-shifting villains, but then, as the movie unfurled, we learned that they are actually shape-shifting refugees whom the Kree have been hunting down.
In addition, it is a great way to stay in shape, or get in shape, and helps you achieve your goals of becoming a runner, or becoming a better one.
FG: You know, the economy is gathering momentum, really, Europe is-, you know, is in good shape, and Spain is in good shape, as well, in terms of the economy.
Once they can see how the light is polarized — the shape the light has and the directions it moves in — the team can infer the shape of the magnetic field.
Artificial intelligence (AI) will shape the destiny of humanity, but first humanity has the opportunity to shape AI. At times, anxiety about the former causes us to overlook the latter.
The bulbous blue shape hanging down from the painting's top edge in "Untitled (A)" anticipates a shape that Paul Feeley began using in 523 in paintings such as "Kilroy" (1957).
Scutoid is the shape adopted by epithelial cells — the cells that line the inside and outside of your body, helping to define its shape — to allow tissue to fold and curve.
The first thing Crooks looks at is the shape of the brow, and advises sticking to it, rather than trying to create a new shape based on a favorite celebrity look.
The second element is the Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio, which features a selection of shape cutters and molds, and a platform on which the creation sits for scanning.
It's been a little over a year since Tarte released its highly anticipated Shape Tape Foundation, a full-coverage base product inspired by the brand's best-selling Shape Tape Contour Concealer.
More impressively, the bees who knew about the quinine consequence correctly chose the four-shape image when paired with a five-shape image 59% of the time, despite the tricky distinction.
The spring is made from a shape-memory alloy—a material that, when bent into a new configuration, remains in this new shape until an electric current is run through it.
Due to the shape of some people's inner ear, the headphones simply don't fit every possible ear shape well, or in some cases, cause pain when placed firmly inside the ear.
All the size and shape of your board really dictates is how many extra cards and peripherals you can plug into it, and what shape of case can fit around it.
Once you get halfway through, the blocks instantly start falling, so you constantly have to be aware of the playing field, which shape you're dropping and the next shape you'll drop.
When you look through history you preemptively shape the environment, shape the potential battlefield, so that your adversaries decide to not even come out on to the field to begin with.
" - Richard Jenkins, best supporting actor nominee for "The Shape of Water" "I'm so excited and thrilled by the nomination and for "The Shape of Water" team lead by Guillermo the Great.
Active participation in international institutions also gives the United States the power to set agendas, efficiently shape the policies of other countries, and shape the way states interact with each other.
Mouth shape and sibilant sound issues: native French speakers were particularly attuned to this: the shape of the mouth and lips is spot on in parts, but less convincing in others.
Your childhood is where your money script typically takes shape, so try to recall some of your early memories of money and how they've helped shape your attitudes about it now.
"The country is in great shape, the market is in great shape," Mr. Trump told reporters outside the White House on Tuesday, as stocks tumbled after the Federal Reserve's rate cut.
This change in shape is often what makes them useful — for example, a kinesin protein changes shape like a pair of legs taking steps to carry a payload across a cell.
We still have a window of American pre-eminence before us, in which we can help shape international order to safeguard our interests and values, before others shape it for us.
Since the magnetic field shapes the direction of the infrared light, if they can determine the shape and direction of the light they can grasp the shape of the magnetic field.
Wegman says if a client has always loved a certain diamond shape but is considering taking a chance on a different shape, she usually steers them back toward their initial preference.
" The sole, standard across the range, has an "anatomical molding" that follows the shape of a healthy foot, says Gutzy: "The cork-latex core reacts to the shape of your feet.
" Melton doesn't really need any help "getting in shape.
" He added: "Incentives shape behavior, and behavior drives culture.
Which raises some interesting possibilities around the shape — Animal?
NAIROBI, Kenya — The bodies were found in horrible shape.
Eyebrows are hugely powerful — the way you shape them.
" On the battlefields, "a new Jewry has taken shape.
I was in terrible shape — emotionally, but also physically.
Gravity warps the shape of spacetime itself, so if something really heavy is in just the right place, it can appear to change the shape of objects behind it, like a lens.
Good Shape/Bad Shape: Watch it with the fitness class packs that take place in an air-conditioned room with an instructor on a Bluetooth screaming at you to speed it up.
"I began to shape and mold the way that I viewed the world, while the world continuously tried to shape and mold me," said Knowles, dressed in a low-cut pinstripe suit.
One protein called Zeitlupe, or ZTL, changes shape when exposed to blue light, but after around an hour and a half or so, it returns to its original shape like a timer.
You take those back — we've already taken back the Fed, now you take back the tariffs — and I think this economy's in good shape and the bull market is in good shape.
Laschi says her team was most interested in shape-memory alloys — metals that revert to a defined shape when heated — but ended up using cables wrapped in silicone rubber for their prototype.
The Echo Studio even resembles Apple's in some ways; it has the same wide shape as Apple's speaker, a distinct difference from the more familiar lean cylindrical shape of Amazon's previous Echoes.
"He was running the bases because you don't want your legs to get out of shape while you're trying to get the rest of your body in shape," said manager Dusty Baker.
Tiger Woods is in no shape for professional golf right now, but he is in shape to watch kids play golf at a new course he designed at Bluejack National, outside Houston.
The Shape: Full & RoundThe Top: Simple & SilkyIf you're #blessed with a naturally perky shape, try a silk camisole that shows them off — with or without a strapless bra is up to you.
" Producers of cannabis edibles are forbidden from making any "cannabis product in the shape of, or imprinted with the shape, either realistic or caricature, of a human being, animal, insect, or fruit.
Instead of a pillow in the shape of a dinosaur, a Twitter user said he gota picture of a pillow in the shape of a dinosaur with a kid sleeping on it.
That he was vexed was evidenced by the way he held up his hand, thumb and forefinger into the shape of an O which almost exactly mirrored the shape of his mouth.
The German and French defense ministries then responded in April, offering Madrid the opportunity to observe the fledgling program as it took shape, but without the ability to shape its initial parameters.
Check them out below: This hardcover notebook has locked down design awards for its unconventional shape: a stark quadrilateral that unfolds into an L-shape, making your note-taking process way more interesting.
The size, shape, and elasticity of a toothbrush's bristles can be precisely modified and tested in the simulator, but so can the size, shape, and quantity of the abrasive particles in a toothpaste.
A swirling shape of interweaving coils becomes a quaint little fox with a blue bloom in its fur while a masse of rolling matte-black curls collect into the shape of a cat.
Editors shape the story and shape the drama, and so the move towards writing [was natural because] they're writing anyway — here he's just doing it upfront as opposed to later in the process.
"Strong underlying consumer, inventories in a great shape — the best shape they've been in years across all subsectors — and you have more fashion on the floor," Boss told Cramer in a Tuesday interview.
" He was "not so much looking for the shape" of reality, he wrote, "as being available / to any shape that may be summoning itself / through me / from the self not mine but ours.
Because the shape, size and number of salt crystals piling up on the sea bottom vary with the water's salinity, evaporation rate and temperature, the resulting structures also vary in shape, he said.
It is also unclear how an officer could make out a driver's nose shape, or why nose shape, as described, would be enough to justify someone fitting the profile of a suspected criminal.
For example, the "Valentine outline" at 17A is HEART SHAPE, and if you follow Mr. Schouwerwou's instructions and do a DOUBLE TAKE, you wind up with the phrases TAKE HEART and TAKE SHAPE.
A writer from WhatToExpect said that the domed shape of the Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottle mimicks "the shape of a mother's breast" while the wide opening in the bottom makes them easy to clean.
"Probably, I'm in physically my best shape, by far a better shape than I was when I was racing in 2010," he told reporters, while recognizing he had some limitations with his arm.
Floyd Mayweather is proving he's still in prime shape -- strip club shape, at least -- for his big comeback ... by getting right back in the strip club and throwing an INSANE amount of money!!
Or, you might start with the largest shape and your eye will go counter clockwise around the painting's edge, until you arrive at the smallest shape tucked in the painting's right-hand corner.
I mean, we should be in pretty good shape tomorrow.
Aristophanes called it the perispomenos (bent around), after its shape.
Such perceptions help shape reality by keeping good people out.
Faraway, intangible forces shape our lives as workers and consumers.
The Shape of Water comes out on December 8th, 2017.
He helped shape and then defend the net neutrality law.
But inside this besieged city an extraordinary project took shape.
As companies gather together, specialised supply chains can take shape.
Why's everyone getting so bent out of shape about it?!
Smith says Justify is both smart and in great shape.
We all need to work together to shape this future.
The chemistry of fear and joy and dreams taking shape.
Most will be identical in every way, shape, and form.
Watch the new music video for "Shape of You" above.
They tested semen volume, pH, sperm concentration, motility and shape.
The Steven Mnuchin Treasury Department is starting to take shape.
The debate over net zero has taken a familiar shape.
Johnny isn't in that category in any shape or form.
Things begin smoothly as you mold the meat into shape.
Why do these balls end up in a spherical shape?
Gooding has not acted inappropriately in any shape or form.
Oddly, we are not bent out of shape about it.
"The vets-- the VA was in horrible shape," said Trump.
"I'm bent out of shape for them," Stewart said Monday.
It's earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth.
If a monkey detected the shape, it pulled a lever.
The habit took shape when I first started attending school.
Lavender ice cream served in the shape of a flower?
It's unclear what exact shape the credit fund would take.
Instead she was back to fighting shape an episode later.
The eggs just felt like a good comfy, smooth shape.
He's shot on I-10 ... He's in real bad shape.
Or they're working out in some way, shape or form.
I left San Francisco when it was very good shape.
Outline the glitter shape with black liner on each side.
In January, the "Shape of You" singer announced their engagement.
In a global context, Italy is still in okay shape.
I'm now trying to get back in shape, of course.
A look at how diplomacy took shape this year: Jan.
However, as 2017 begins to take shape, he became worried.
"My agent told me to stay in shape," Moon said.
As a trans woman, this took shape in distinct ways.
More impressive, however, is the cubic shape of their poo.
The 83 Audi Q8 is the shape of the future.
In the meantime, court fights are bound to take shape.
"There's no shape to the outfit at all," Caylani adds.
These patches persist for days, frequently changing shape and contrast.
The pies also tend to change shape in the oven.
How much does AIPAC really shape American attitudes toward Israel?
He was also out of shape, weighing nearly 300 pounds.
Ed Sheeran, "Shape of You" FAVORITE MALE ARTIST – POP/ROCK
" Howard credits her success to "staying true to her shape.
To determine your eye shape, first look in the mirror.
The broadest shape of a romance plot is generically defined.
They shape the ecosystems in which others seek their living.
THE SHAPE OF WATER Dennis Berardi, Trey Harrell, Kevin Scott
The new politics of America are taking shape in Florida.
They feel like a thicker legging and hold their shape.
It's the same shape and capacity, but it's more powerful.
New advantage: Any film that isn't The Shape of Water.
Even in defeat, Mr Trump will shape the party's future.
Disney XD's animated Duck Tales reboot is slowly taking shape.
They will have to shape the business on their own.
Catherine quickly realized that her husband was in bad shape.
Does getting a side stitch mean you're out of shape?
The shape of the Moon's shadow won't be completely smooth.
Roads and bridges are in better shape than most states.
And maybe until the house is in tip top shape.
They identified the pills only by color, size and shape.
Last year's winner The Shape of Water sits at 75.
She has the ability to stretch and change her shape.
For their size and shape, these are super light earphones.
Enter one "banana" shape, Jamey Jesperson, rejecting all the norms.
Yet politics clearly shape how millionaires see the fundamental economy.
And that means Big Oil must shape up to survive.
As Mr Koch's philosophy took shape, so his company boomed.
The shape of the vines naturally created a gaping mouth.
Just brushing your brows changes the shape and stimulates growth.
And we would help put them back to great shape.
His ears grew into the pointed shape of a gremlin's.
Go deeper: Midterms will shape the internet's new privacy rules
"He was not in good shape then," Dalton's dad says.
Powder lipsticks in no way, shape, or form, are groundbreaking.
Crucially, the mechanism used can shape the response from voters.
All this disorder is contained within the rectangular houselike shape.
The reflection's circular or flattened shape could resemble a UFO.
Sally Hawkins and Richard Jenkins in The Shape of Water.
The futuristic design and aerodynamic shape just screams science fiction.
There's also necklaces in the shape of bucatini and orecchiette.
He ended up in the best shape of his life.
Trump begins in worse shape than any of these leaders.
But it was just too messy to shape into drama.
Music takes a certain shape when it goes through me.
But now even Italy's big banks are in decent shape.
He'll work with shadows, shape shadows instead of shaping light.
It's to help them shape it and not ignore them.
Other senior people at Uber also need to shape up.
Shape Of You, I'm sorry sweetie you don't deserve this.
Are you eager to shape The Economist's presence in podcasts?
It all comes down to the shape of the tins.
Kevin, on the other hand, is not in good shape.
The left ventricle, one of the heart's chambers, changes shape.
First among them is the phone's new shape and size.
They shape the way we understand a history, or time.
THE SHAPE OF WATER Guillermo del Toro, J. Miles Dale
After compression, this capsule would return to its original shape.
I pray every night it will not shape our future.
The bathroom was in surprisingly good shape by this point.
This guy is in better shape than all of us.
"That is the hottest shape right now," Arasheben tells PEOPLE.
The shape of the limb against bulky and stiff plaster.
Some argue that the party remains in pretty good shape.
But it may help shape the future of the church.
But Mr Morland argues that demography continues to shape events.
And we don't have any, so we're in good shape.
Jade stones in the shape of eggs, to be precise.
Octavia Spencer – The Shape of Water BEST ACTING ENSEMBLE Dunkirk
My body is in great shape, the machine is working.
Height on top, and exaggerated shape all down the back.
Connect both ends together to make a tortellini shape. 4.
It was a Britain that Lady Jowell helped to shape.
But the contours of Mr Zuckerberg's vision are taking shape.
So, it's very easy to shape the conversation that way.
We're not done with the Shape of You covers. Yet.
This, in turn, helped shape the game as development continued.
Astronomers hadn't seen a moon with this odd shape before.
First and foremost, we're unsure what shape it will take.
And U.S. consumer, looks like they're in pretty good shape.
I mean, just yesterday, I saw The Shape of Water.
What were the big concerns about how to shape it?
At the same time, the medium can shape the message.
If community was a shape, it would be a circle.
Wind, water, earthquakes and time shape rocks into astonishing artworks.
I find the balance and shape of your brow 'foundation.
But we are out of practice and out of shape.
They can completely define your shape without any additional tools.
Click through to Shape for more health and wellness tips.
I've really gotten to know the shape of her chin.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for the film The Shape of Water.
It's in no way, shape, or form a conditioning treatment.
And it can be in any way, shape, and form.
After getting in shape herself, Kardashian helped others with E!
And the perfect shape; nicely tapered and not too big.
You don't get opportunities like Shape of Water very often.
He supports worthwhile causes He is in crazy great shape
Theories for how the trees got their unusual shape vary.
Regardless of what shape it takes, iMessage integration seems obvious.
The fingerprint sensor on the back has a different shape.
The field for the 142nd Preakness is already taking shape.
"The whole Middle East is in terrible shape," McConnell said.
Now, we see a similar situation taking shape with Pirro.
And the shape of the coat also made it edgy.
For me it's more about a the design and shape.
Not bad for a supposedly out of shape fat guy.
Shape and volume comes from the cut, not the styling.
Her secret to highlighting her face: follow a "V" shape.
Longline bombers are a modern approach to the vintage shape.
I think in some shape or form, she probably knew.
For the star, exercise isn't just about staying in shape.
The bull provides the necessary context to shape her message.
She said she hopes to help shape science policies someday.
The Baratheons are in worse shape than Shireen's toy stag.
The first being the shape of the S10e's flat screen.
Let's say Jon Snow, because he's in such good shape.
We can tell them in the shape of a tree.
Lloyd's I think is in very good shape for that.
What is more, the capital has an unfortunate hourglass shape.
There will be opportunities for Democrats to shape this legislation.
Our past experiences shape our views on this complex issue.
We want to shape up ... So the clothing is what?
"I used to be in really good shape," he says.
"We all need to be in better shape," he said.
Though what shape it is in, we can only guess.
Bandai has brought back the original size and egg shape.
Each shape is labeled based on what caused the acne.
No Shape is a meditation on sobriety, love, and partnership.
But I felt I managed to get into good shape.
The other potentially dominant universe shape is nothing like reality.
I swear by God they were only human by shape.
They will shape global financial conditions for years to come.
Galway is in love with the shape of Ed Sheeran.
Now, she keeps in shape by playing tennis and running.
Her message is that your life is yours to shape.
"I was in pretty drastic shape," Echols, 44, tells PEOPLE.
"The shape of the ear is key" to capturing sound.
It's in perfect shape for us once again this year.
Trump was in great shape heading into the Iowa Caucuses.
Dumplings of any shape and filling are traditional and delicious.
"I do not condone violence in any shape," he said.
It mirrors Juul's rectangular shape, though it's thicker and rounder.
It's one consistent yellow gumdrop shape for face after face.
Yes, look: a pretty shape, petite, a little spicy. Tasty!
But if the meaning has evolved, the shape has not.
That doesn't mean he isn't staying in baseball shape, though.
The ensuing battle will shape the digital future for everyone.
Seems to be paying off, because he's in great shape.
Many focus on getting into a specific type of shape.
We are all good, regardless of our shape or heritage.
He then helped shape the enterprise sales team for Slack.
But container lines are now also in particularly bad shape.
The elephant shape remains, even if its dimensions are different.
BY PORTUGAL'S undemanding standards, Banco BPI is in decent shape.
The shape of it is not necessarily important right now.
Public opinion will shape how Congress reacts to the evidence.
Undoubtedly, it changed the shape of the gaming landscape forever.
A unity government was supposed to take shape within days.
We learned to capture sound together, to shape sound together.
I knew somebody wasn't going to be in good shape.
Trikafta encourages the molecule to take the correct, functional shape.
On both fronts, the United States is in good shape.
None of this means that Republicans are in great shape.
That sounds right: Millennials do want to shape their world.
Not every congressional attempt to shape foreign policy is appropriate.
Adele has remained focused on being healthy and in shape.
Now the slowdown is taking shape, the authorities must respond.
A financial structure to support it has also taken shape.
By that point, I had lots of ideas taking shape.
Shape spoke with sex therapist Tiffanie L. Davis Henry, PhD.
We're trying to shape the future of all human beings.
Can you see what is taking shape on the left?
There was a cute heart shape traced in the foam.
These men all deployed eloquent words to shape political discourse.
It will help to confirm its shape, speed and position.
Trump's emphasis could shape his policy efforts in upcoming months.
The shape of "The Edge of the Empire" is complex.
Consumers are in the best shape ever, plenty of cash.
Infrastructure decisions shape the way we interact with our world.
There's no trend, no given shape, no definitive singular statement.
After a whole day of wear, it keeps its shape.
But building by building, Hudson Yards is finally taking shape.
"Shape of You" was certified diamond on January 24, 2019.
She hopes the series will spark conversations and shape attitudes.
So they can see your body, your shape, your face.
One championship down, one more maybe starting to take shape.
"You need to get into shape," Duncan would tell me.
The LME contract, it seems, is subtly shifting delivery shape.
They change shape depending on the needs of the screenwriters.
But before I can shape the vowels I wake up.
And we would help put them back into great shape.
The high ceilings and the big shape of the room.
Now some of that programming is beginning to take shape.
Want to stay in shape for next year's Math Olympiad?
The economy is in the best shape in modern history.
For Republicans, a crowded field of five has taken shape.
Then she offered a suggestion that would shape Kimmel's career.
Israel's Morphisec and U.S. Shape Security are developing "polymorphic" systems.
A play button in the shape of a television screen.
We have to try to shape globalization along with others.
You can search by size, shape, lights, color, and price.
A smartwatch that will help get you into hero shape
They can smooth over wrinkles and even shape your nose.
"Sales of fretted instruments are in great shape," he said.
Make sure your car's wheel alignment is in good shape.
I hope Rodriguez embraces this opportunity to shape young players.
Zipper tabs can be unsnapped to adjust the shape, too. 
Sometimes these alliances have taken shape off the public radar.
A tree topper in the shape of a top hat
Only monetary policy can shape the trend path of inflation.
Its pyramid shape dominates the Pyongyang skyline from miles away.
If you go for dinner, the menu changes shape again.
Let's hope it continues in some way shape or form.
Jello has more solidity and fog more clarity of shape.
The next president will shape the high court for generations.
Both parents were in rough shape, just trying to survive.
Within a week, their worst fears may be taking shape.
Trump, however, inherited an economy that is in good shape.
Europe needs to shape a strategy to support AI too.
Wow at the casual iPhone dual camera pill shape ripoff.
And Stirling isn't the only DWTS contestant in amazing shape.
"I can't live without red lipstick," Heard, 32, told Shape.
You can deny the Earth's shape, or run for president.
It reminds us that #MuseumsAreNotNeutral; they actively shape public values.
Things started to take shape, though, as I combined ingredients.
We have nuclear arsenals which are in very terrible shape.
Its exterior green husk has the shape of a heart.
"The time is now to shape the future," she said.
Why are you asking about the shape of my butt?
Experience would shape the avatars, just as it shapes us.
And it's still in good shape from a capital perspective.
The United States Air Force is not in great shape.
"She was in bad shape," recalled her pal Cynthia Georgeson.
We need everything on the spectrum of size and shape.
The entire shape, the structure, and the image are coextensive.
He looks in great shape, he looks sharp, I'd say.
They're for every size and every shape — including mine.2.
The answer to that question could shape the AFC East.
Keep the shape blocky and geometric, rather than winged out.
I always try to see a shape in the stain.
The prevailing winds aren't strong enough to shape the dunes.
Above all others, they should be empowered to shape it.
This shape was seen in the past three recent nor'easters.
Is it the shape of it or what it does?
A brick or column of any shape can be made.
"It's the reason he's never out of shape," Reid said.
FEW industries are in worse shape than China's steel sector.
Huggit disengaged from Yola and reformed into his manlike shape.
Click through to Shape for more health news and advice.
How did your own experiences of solitary shape the text?
The shape of the bottle, or how expensive it looked?
And so you can guess the shape of this challenge.
"I think the banks are in terrific shape," he said.
At the time, Schiff's ambitions were beginning to take shape.
When you're inside something, it's hard to see its shape.
The Trump administration took shape as more cabinet choices emerged.
Two main strategies to bypass this constraint are taking shape.
"I think it will be in good shape," he said.
"Much like Cindy Sherman, she's a shape shifter," he said.
A new economy catering to oil is rapidly taking shape.
I love having a real choreographer shape it with me.
There's a big temptation to try and somehow shape it.
The #MeToo movement took shape between Seasons 4 and 5.
If they aren't, he acknowledged, hurt feelings shape his responses.
I will also keep you posted as things take shape.
We often overlook how practical constraints can shape artistic movements.
Because of the shape, you're sitting close to each other.
They have the power to shape perceptions of entire communities.
" Will win: Guillermo del Toro for "The Shape of Water.
Though it had once helped shape American culture, Time Inc.
"The Shape of Water" leads the way at the Baftas.
Instead of shape or heart, there is impressive surface style.
The Shu Uemura brow pencil is exactly that shape already.
For me, it's just about shape and form and function.
I'm not hiding anybody's data, so I'm in good shape.
It was the moment the #MeToo backlash truly took shape.
Did Neanderthal genes affect the shape of modern human brains?
Figures are reduced to color and shape; lines describe themselves.
The Brexit that is taking shape around the hapless Mrs.
There are typographical innovations galore, including some lovely shape poems.
The hole, circular in shape, looked to have been drilled.
The nature of the partnership began taking shape on Dec.
They put so much energy into keeping the jeans' shape.
He tried to get into shape by playing pickup games.
Some call it a bell curve due to its shape.
Over the centuries, more forms of Protestantism have taken shape.
And did it shape the way you played this character?
Hew side table Shape E by Pat Kim, $1,295,
Clarity, color and carat weight selections differ with every shape.
And even though I'm in decent shape, it was excruciating.
For an easier tree shape, cut out a simple triangle.
How did it shape your lasting impression of the country?
The Ed Sheeran song "Shape of You" filled the room.
"Slowly now, the shape of things is revealed," Salter writes.
Tesla faces 2 tests that will shape its manufacturing legacy
THE EVANGELICALS: The Struggle to Shape America, by Frances FitzGerald.
Among her early books was "Shape of Hawthorne's Career" (1976).
"I think most members are in good shape," he added.
"The airline industry will be in great shape," Trump pledged.
"We're in great shape compared to other places," he said.
How Oumuamua got its shape is a mystery for now.
The building cost just $600,000 and was in bad shape.
They got creative to keep busy and stay in shape.
About what kind of shape I'm in, physical or emotional?
You are worthy of love, no matter your body shape.
This is, in every way, shape and form, California's moment.
It had a second bathroom, but was in rough shape.
It comes in the shape of a small girl, Marigold.
And he was getting his tennis game back into shape.
It washes up really well, and it keeps its shape.
It's really rare to find old boaters in good shape.
Researchers are calling it gold nanoseaweed because of its shape.
What she relays to Mr. Trump could shape his response.
The runways have embraced diversity of skin, shape and age.
"He was in the shape of his life," Dumoulin said.
And it might shape the outcome of the women's draw.
"There's something about shape that actually matters too," he said.
But, whatever the reason, her candidacy is in dire shape.
All my medical exams show I'm in top physical shape.
But it's 13,000 votes, and she's [in] very good shape.
"Order Without Design: How Markets Shape Cities" by Alain Bertaud
"He's again in his best shape," Thiem said of Nadal.
The story dissolves; rhythm, shape, harmony become ends in themselves.
"Being in great shape is the biggest one," Plum said.
"Seize the initiative and effectively shape international opinion," he added.
Regardless of age, size or shape, we CAN be healthy!
I used pound cake and it held its shape perfectly.
I thought, I'm not that out of shape, am I?
My body is both emulated and ridiculed for its shape.
She is in good shape, and is surrounded by love.
Now it's finally taking shape, and it needs a director.
I don't feel beautiful in any way, shape, or form.
McNamara was not in shape, or confident enough, to compete.
They shape how we think and they catalogue our experiences.
Because I've been running for years, I'm in decent shape.
Neither of these activities is going to shape the election.
The unusual strategy took shape over the previous few months.
Many questions remain about what shape the plan will take.
Movies can shape the way we view New York City.
The Taycan shape seems to be in there, somewhere. Sure.
Where are people whose clarion ethics so shape their taste?
I'm totally suing you for getting in shape too fast!
The 2020 Democratic race is taking on a familiar shape.
Kraft said Friday that Brady's hand is pretty good shape.
We came here in the greatest shape of our life.
He was just curious about how it assumed its shape.
What's at stake is how we shape the national conversation.
Exercising: If you want to get in shape, it's hard.
He can do it — look, this guy's in great shape.
We're gathered here to shape the future of this country.
The two species also differ in coloration and skull shape.
There is passionate disagreement about what its exact shape is.
" He added that the United States was "in great shape.
Head to the slopes, where conditions are in good shape.
But my own version of central casting started taking shape.
They require evolutionary changes in the shape of their bones.
By her own account, the place was in terrible shape.
" Gi "I practice jujitsu; that's how I stay in shape.
You see more people in shape and looking fashionable now.
African American community took shape, Milwaukee's industrial base began to
And I'm confident we're going to be in good shape.
Discovery, which owns Animal Planet, is in healthier financial shape.
"He got himself in great, great shape," Mr. Dewey said.
You can't blame him for trying to shape the scene.
We were young and in good shape and athletic enough.
The specialty box office has been in particularly rough shape.
Get "fresh shoes," meaning they're clean and in good shape
How does media help shape what people think and believe?
Investing in agility sets you up to shape the future.
Judging by its shape and size, she's eight months pregnant.
And it may be the shape of things to come.
His work at streamlining government is starting to take shape.
It could potentially shape the W.N.B.A. for years to come.
Glass is blown into the shape required for each lamp.
Republicans in both chambers are entitled to shape the process.
These pieces are the wrong size and the wrong shape.
Kipchoge appears to be in top physical shape this year.
The car's trapezoid shape was also mocked in various memes.
"My cake was the shape of your hat," he writes.
It now features a fabric covering and a rounded shape.
As with keys, the exact shape of a macrocycle matters.
Why capitulate to him in any way, shape or form?
His count, motility, and shape are normal, the doctor says.
I can shape this lens any way that I choose.
THE EVANGELICALSThe Struggle to Shape America By Frances FitzGerald Illustrated.
Why should the faithful try to shape America at all?
But it is in no shape for regular basketball games.
The name presumably is tied to the shape of avocados.
Guillermo del Toro's "Shape of Water" led nominations, with 13.
They've been washed multiple times and still in perfect shape.
They also shape the kinds of questions that are asked.
The energy may change shape, but the soul never dies.
"I'm not bent out of shape, I'm fine," he said.
Which bank was rumoured to be in the worst shape?
It's blousy and flowing but you've given it some shape.
And after a few wears and washes, they lose shape.
He was continuing to try to shape the public narrative.
The monastery was in bad shape in 1985, she said.
Now its fate could shape the future of Silicon Valley.
I helped my country get this relationship in good shape.
"The gong has a very special shape," Mr. Wiederrecht said.
Championship rings ordered in shape of Bill Belichick's giant brain.
I am not exaggerating in any way shape or form.
Another corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking shape.
"He's, I think, in good shape," Trump told reporters Friday.
Quite what shape Murray would be in though is unclear.
The response — in every way, shape and form — is democracy.
Yet the scope and shape of this diaspora remain mysterious.
Understand the power you have to shape public sentiment. pic.twitter.
Trump told France's first lady, "You're in such good shape."!
But, still out of shape, she lost in the final.
I don't think they will shape rate expectations very much.
These gaps shape young people's later career plans and prospects.
How do events from our childhood shape our adult preferences?
The advertiser exodus dramatically changed the shape of his program.
Those values are meant to shape the conversation between generations.
A decade later, the economy is in much better shape.
"First movers will really shape the market," Ms. Seegull said.
That's our birthright – the capacity to shape our own destiny.
The shape of them, the story wasn't an interesting movie.
Help shape our opioid coverage by taking a survey here.
And so over all, I think we're in good shape.
We hope this change will shape a better Hong Kong.
Leonard particularly uses chord progressions that seem classical in shape.
Only 242 percent believe the economy is in poor shape.
They would go on to shape the bipolar postwar world.
I ordered things by shape, color, height, width, age, texture.
It raises the question: Who gets to shape a holiday?
Watching the commits, you can see the story taking shape.
"The mammal track shape is very distinctive," Dr. Lockley said.
Times Insider The mountains, deserts and canyons shape people's identities.
Knowing the result you want will shape what you do.
Curved ladders on both sides emphasize the bed's hourglass shape.
Is the shape of an object what determines Robinson's choices?
We want to shape a whole new culture around insects.
Indeed, The Shape of Water is both extraordinary and ordinary.
It was necessary to call it a green vertical shape.
It feels good to be healthy and be in shape.
The shape of the shoe was different from the original.
It takes the shape of a previous proposal from Rep.
A controlled chaos of shape and pattern keeps them stirring.
ChapStick — "The shape hasn't changed in so long," Rohles said.
And these secondhand observations and anecdotes shape who Carol becomes.
Finally, Hernández joined as well, and Aeromoto began taking shape.

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