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"being" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] existence
  2. [countable] a living creature
  3. [uncountable] (formal) your mind and all of your feelings
"being" Synonyms
life actuality animation living reality existence existing livelihood sustainment sustenance sustentation aliveness animateness subsistence entity esse lifeblood essential nature journey presence soul substance essence spirit nature anima animus conscience identity persona subconscious heart individuality mind personality quiddity bosom breast core organism life form living entity living soul living thing animate object conscious thing living being creature animal beast critter thing species human human being body structure plant person individual character man personage sort mortal party bod specimen head baby face wight woman earthling beastie lower animal brute varmint quadruped carnivore savage beast wild animal wildlife fauna vertebrate whole unit combination ensemble piece collection package system outcome product result combo unity fullness set assembly complex group amalgamation heterotroph herbivore omnivore job maintenance work income means occupation keep employment nourishment upkeep career funds means of support profession lifestyle condition situation behaviour(UK) conduct position regime ways behavior(US) beliefs culture customs habits routine state way of life ethos fate attendance residence occupancy companionship appearance attending habitation inhabitance occurrence showing incidence ubiety omnipresence showing up turning up ubiquity specter(US) spectre(UK) ghost phantom apparition spook shade wraith phantasm shadow vision poltergeist visitant fantasm haunt sprite materialisation(UK) materialization(US) bogey form figure build frame shape physique silhouette anatomy outline proportions stature chassis torso vital statistics constitution habit size mortality impermanence transience ephemerality humanity temporality impermanency corporeality perishability corporality earthliness flesh humankind Homo sapiens human race people homo sapiens embodiment personification manifestation epitome incorporation incarnation externalisation(UK) externalization(US) objectification exemplification actualization substantiation advent apotheosis archetype arrival cast existent remaining alive surviving around extant abiding enduring undestroyed prevailing lasting standing about in existence in circulation present subsisting actual present-day current ongoing immediate recent instant latest now topical contemporaneous today latter coeval already begun commenced as acting as functioning as in the character of having the status of in the function of in the role of under the name of since because for 'cause considering seeing whereas forasmuch cause considering that inasmuch as seeing as seeing that as long as being as on account of being as how being that continuing staying lingering persisting residing waiting biding dwelling holding lodging resting hanging hovering inhabiting happening occurring transpiring befalling arising eventuating passing betiding coming ensuing chancing developing falling following arriving issuing materialising(UK) materializing(US) proceeding resulting obtaining breathing having being having existence drawing breath having life having breath moving making it remaining alive lying sitting bearing belonging having its seat in reclining reposing leaning propping balancing resting upon positioning appearing haunting frequenting patronising(UK) patronizing(US) visiting going to dropping in popping in taking part bobbing up checking in clocking in popping up punching in ringing in costing fetching selling for going for selling at amounting to coming to setting back commanding a price of having a price of bringing procuring drawing running at bringing in selling retailing at making realizing(US) realising(UK) equalling(UK) equaling(US) totalling totaling becoming numbering comprising representing yielding running to equating to being equal to counting up to resulting in totting up to adding up to coming up to ranking placing grading rating having a rank of having a status of classing classifying categorizing(US) grouping sorting ordering codifying pegging ranging arranging typing feeling seeming pretending to be resembling taking after looking passing for looking as if making as if giving impression of being having signs of giving the impression having earmarks of bearing a resemblance to having the appearance giving the idea corresponding to having hallmarks of turning out to be serving as turning into coming to be constituting developing into forming growing into performing the function of playing the part of characterising(UK) characterizing(US) embodying encapsulating converting changing into converting into converting to transforming into assuming the form of emerging as ending up being evolving into metamorphosing into shifting into altering to eventually being eventually becoming adapting to peopling populating colonising(UK) colonizing(US) occupying filling immigrating pioneering dwelling in establishing oneself in living in moving to relocating to residing in settling settling in finishing accomplishing achieving ending up clinching coming in coming out finishing up reaching winding up wrapping up keeping keeping yourself persisting in being continuing to be carrying on being going on being heading running tacking veering bending diverging forking inclining sheering swerving turning curving deviating extending going leading playing acting impersonating performing portraying personating enacting executing interpreting depicting doing presenting rendering appearing as masquerading as playacting play-acting posing as starring as More
"being" Antonyms
nonexistence nonbeing non-existence inexistence nihility unexistence imaginariness physique unreality nullity abstract inanimate nonentity nothing nothingness unknown oblivion emptiness void annihilation extinction deadness nobody body build bones constitution figure frame anatomy form makeup chest shape make-up torso trunk object thing device item gadget piece doobry doodad doodah doohickey thingamabob thingamajig whatchamacallit concept idea abstraction apperception belief cognition conceptualisation(UK) conceptualization(US) construct image imagining impression knowledge notion opinion understanding animal plant nonhuman creature beast non-anthropoid monster brute quadruped fiend ogre critter devil demon fantasy poverty exteriority extra outside exterior front surface top skin appearance face covering shell physicality bit component constituent element fragment part division portion fraction ingredient segment unit factor member building block component part insignificance immortal god deity divinity goddess avatar daemon numen celestial celestial being demigoddess divine being supreme being android cyborg robot bot humanoid droid machine computer automaton automation bionic person mechanical device mechanical person entity presence spirit conscience essence existence actuality subsistence pneuma subconscious death demise dying fatality termination passing on passing away the end curtains eradication obliteration mortality passing loss of life eternal rest passing over inanimacy substance matter mass irreality intangibility abstractness elusiveness ethereality indescribability subtlety unquantifiability vagueness falseness fallacy fallaciousness falsity misconception delusion illusion illusoriness entertainment fun pastime alien extraterrestrial space invader split separation detachment parting severance disconnection disunion rupture segmentation subdivision bisection demarcation partition breaking up parting of the ways splitting up split-up breaking down absence nonappearance leave absenteeism nonattendance non-appearance non-attendance no show staying away demeanour(UK) demeanor(US) behavior(US) behaviour(UK) personality comportment deportment temperament attitude character conduct disposition nature manner persona temper air expression dead extinct nonextant non-existent false imaginary antiquated archaic dated fusty musty oldfangled old-fashioned old-time out-of-date past future old departing expiring perishing succumbing ceasing discontinuing forsaking going halting idling leaving losing quitting refusing rejecting stopping giving up

964 Sentences With "being"

How to use being in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "being" and check conjugation/comparative form for "being". Mastering all the usages of "being" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Swallows up all the contradictions of being enslaved yet being survivors; being oppressed yet being originators; being irresistibly sexy and yet being ignored at times; being hybrid and yet being authentic.
For instance, being competitive, being aggressive, being verbally insulting, being passive-aggressive.
"The job requires being a scientist, being a psychiatrist, being a priest, being a cop, being a negotiator, being a business developer or manager, being a teacher, being an adviser and being an ego-kisser," Mr. Kaloyeros told the Albany Business Review in 20113.
There's something sacred about being a human being, about being a sentient being.
Oliver hit him pretty much everywhere: for being a liar, for being a racist, for being a fraud, for being a flip-flopper, for being a short-fingered vulgarian, for being thin-skinned, for being corrupt—for being Donald Trump, in other words.
But being online, being white, being online as a white person, means never being exempt.
"Being a human being," Mr. Sanders replied, "being a human being," Both Mr. Sanders and Mrs.
Being alarmed is not being alarmist -- it's being realistic.
But being a customer and being satisfied is much different than being a voter and being satisfied.
That means that being a diva or being a queen is being strong and fearless, but also being loving and being able to uplift others.
A lot times he would blame not being white, not being blond, not being strong, not being tall.
Being arrested isn't rescue… being criminalized, being put in the legal system, being labeled a criminal or felon, that's not what somebody who's being trafficked needs.
There are 360 degrees on the compass, 0 being north, 90 being east, 180 being south, and 270 being west.
Being inside my own skin and being scared and being in pain?
My work stems from being seen, being heard, and not being discounted.
Be grateful for being a human being, being part of the universe.
Being Chicana, being Mexican-American, being Tejana is a connection to her.
The initiative championed being original, being yourself, and not being ashamed of it.
It's not just about being a woman, it's about being a human being.
Being young is being true and unknowing—it is being who you are.
I was terrified of being picked apart, of being scrutinized, of being seen.
Their being Jews issued from their being themselves, as did their being Americans.
It&aposs being ignored, it&aposs being denied, and it&aposs being belittled.
Being black on Twitter makes you a target for abuse, just as being a woman or being gay or being Jewish does.
And not just me, but being there for my girls, being a good son, being a good brother, being a good uncle.
" In the filings, Koupriianova describes incidents of "being hit, being grabbed, being dragged around by her hair, being held down in a manner causing bruising, and being prevented from calling for help.
On Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Vine, the aspirational position is the one with social currency: being global, being rich, being hot, being talented, being incredible at makeup, hair, memes, or gifs.
Being marginalized, being interrupted, being overlooked and not being paid as well as the guy sitting next to you, all of these issues.
Being a good partner, being a good mother, being a good person, is hard.
And we went from being a voice to being a suspects and being villains.
I thought Harvey was being my shrink, being my friend, being my father figure.
It's hard to know whether being early is being too early, or being smart?
They include openness to experience (being imaginative and having diverse interests), conscientiousness (being hard-working and organized), extroversion (being talkative and energetic), agreeableness (being nice and friendly), and neuroticism (being moody or anxious).
After years of feeling displaced—being far away, being immigrants, being nomads—my take is that being "far away" is a state of mind.
"Some people are really into that world, of being photographed, being at the party, being with the guy, being in the Bentley," she said.
With a girl at the center, being unsure, being awkward, being imperfect and yet still there being a beauty there, a wisdom that's untapped.
Because of the humor, I think the whole experience is of the audience being comfortable, being comfortable, being comfortable — then suddenly being very uncomfortable.
"Only a few hundred kilometers away, countless young people are being arrested, being locked up, being mistreated, being disappeared," the narrator says, then adds.
When territories are being drawn and lines are being drawn and walls are being put up and people's land is being taken from them.
"Being kind to people, being empathetic, understanding, a good listener, and being present," she said.
Being the Doctor isn't about being perfect or infallible: it's about being there when needed.
It was just Marc being Marc, Mike being Mike and Z-Bo being Z-Bo.
Neither does being a good talker on cable TV. Or being famous for being famous.
"The pressure of being a sexual being is omnipresent for every human being," Vogel says.
Like, maybe it's more about being okay with not being okay with not being okay?
"They mocked me for being a woman, for being black, for being fat," she said.
Yet, other times, being seen — or being watched — signals objectification, victimization, being stripped of dignity.
"You being covered and you being a housewife or a house mom, you can still be okay to have an orgasm, being able to masturbate, being able to be horny — being able to seduce."
Respondents answer on a scale between plus 100 and minus 100, with 100 being "much better", 50 being "slightly better", 0 being "unchanged", minus 50 being "slightly worse" and minus 100 being "much worse".
When the plus-size model isn't being criticized for being too curvy, she's being called out for being too thin — and she's sick of it.
To me, Gay Pride is not about being gay; it is about being accepted as me, about being all of me — about just being Jeremy.
And being a Muslim, being Arab, being a woman of color — the possibility of being a member of Congress, what a message that would be.
And women candidates have to strike an incredibly tricky balance in the public eye: being confident without being boastful, being stylish without being either too garish or too frumpy, and appearing strong without being overbearing.
The respondents answer on a scale between plus 100 and minus 100 with 100 being "much better", 50 being "slightly better", 0 being "unchanged", minus 50 being "slightly worse" and minus 100 being "much worse".
Being me, being a loud-voiced, bearded man is bad for being around children in general.
I got emails from people being like, 'Is he being strategic or is he being supportive?
The list included being Jewish, going to an Ivy League school, being circumcised and being sexy.
Like Trump, his previous work rewarded him for being provocative, for being funny, for being authentic.
Being an artist is like being the most adult-adult and being the most child-child.
Defend their voice, and their right to ask why they're being handled, being removed, being CHOKED.
Being honest wasn't important; being loud, being a bully and never admitting fault were what mattered.
Telling stories, being able to communicate is such a central element of being a human being.
She dumps men for being disabled, for being poor, and for just not being quite enough.
But we were afraid of being abandoned, of not being loved, of not being good enough.
Being radical in his body, being radical as an activist, being radical in working with others.
Being someone people enjoy talking with really boils down to being genuine and being genuinely interested.
"It's literally about being a human being and not being afraid to feel what you feel."
I mean, I think being curious and being creative, in short being human, is what matters.
Being a Latinx will turn into devising what being Latinx is, instead of just being it.
Being able to work in all weather, being able to work in high winds, being environmentally sealed, being persistent, not needing operators constantly watching the system.
Chopra: Well right now in many corporate cultures, there are seminars, I do them all the time on leadership, on corporate well-being, physical well-being, financial well-being, social well-being, emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, all this is becoming part of corporate culture.
You hear the same old tired old rhetoric about them being racists, and them being sexist and them being against women and them being against the poor.
That means criminals weren't being arrested, child predators weren't being arrested, victims of child trafficking and sex trafficking weren't being rescued, drug traffickers weren&apost being arrested.
Being shocking wasn't being racist or being nasty back then, it was just being a bit weird and dark and seeing how far you could push something.
"The students were being rowdy, they were being disruptive, they were being teenagers pretty much," Deminds said.
And you changed it to an argument about being illegal human, or being alive and being illegal.
Parker: We stress the importance of being a good person: Being kind, being honest, keeping your word.
"We were being brutalized, we were being murdered, we were being ostracized in a sense," she said.
Sincerely, Fixating Dear Fixating, Being poly is hard, being monogamous is hard, being single is also hard.
We've seen the soap curls being crushed, the sand being cut, and all the eggshells being cracked.
" "It's being inspired, it's being creative, it's being artsy, and I'm thankful that she has that drive.
Will being Asian, Linda being attractive, Cory being overweight—just to name some of their outward attributes.
That to me is table stakes for being a good human being and being a good organization.
These include pregnancy, the victim being abducted before being murdered, or their body being dumped in public.
First of all, being black, and then being a woman, and then being a young black woman.
Socializing can sometimes feel like being held prisoner and being antisocial the equivalent of being set free.
And that applies to being a woman; applies to being Muslim; it applies to being a Jew; it applies to being Hispanic; it applies to being disabled; it applies to being LGBT; it applies to so many different things that we really need to work harder and do better.
Mac is afraid of being physically weak, Dennis of being seen as a predator, Charlie of being seen as a harasser, Dee of not being attractive to men, and Frank of being thought to be a child abuser.
It's difficult to toe the line of being funny without being disposable, political without being tedious, and educational without being boring, but Auerbach does all of the above.
Being normal is how she keeps her mind off being a phenom, and off being the Olympic favorite.
To me, being patriotic is loving your country—being a citizen, having a voice, being e pluribus unum.
No more missiles being fired over Japan, Guam is not being threatened, the region is not being threatened.
It relates back to being from Isaan, having darker skin, being working class, being in the rice fields.
Popular beauty YouTubers who accused other YouTubers of being racist are now being accused of being racist themselves.
Instead of being praised for being different, she was overlooked to some degree for not being orthodox enough.
But rather than making you feel bad for being lazy, being manipulated, being compulsive, Notter's work is freeing.
Swearing is part of that bigger manifestation of being prepared, being angry, and being ready to be aggressive.
It's like the themes [of Darlène] of emancipation and being reborn, being somebody new, being fluid about yourself.
"Something Just Like This" is about being a kid and being Batman and somehow also being Chris Martin.
It turns out (who knew?) that being religious has virtually no correlation to being a decent human being.
In the US, schools are being closed, large gatherings are being banned, and public places are being shuttered.
There is something tantalizing about being there but not being there, about being everywhere and nowhere at once.
Instead of being a normal human being, I turned into — I was forcibly turned into a political being.
The traits that Americans believe help women over men are being approachable, being physically attractive and being compassionate.
It's tough being a little girl, and it's tough being a teenager, and it's tough being a woman.
I had so much going against me in the beginning: being black, being a woman, being a female rapper.
Instead of being stymied by harassment, some women are being promoted; more are being given a chance to direct.
Mainly because you're at risk of not being believed, your career being hurt, you being drained of your finances.
I just got sick and tired of being fat and being overweight and being miserable in my own skin.
How do you navigate that space: Being a woman, being a black person, and then being a black woman?
I was hearing things about being trans, or non-conforming—people being body-positive, and just being really supportive.
The difference between being selfish and being egocentric Selfishness is being concerned with one's own outcomes and disregarding others'.
"I went from being a cop to being an ex-cop to being an ex-ex-cop," he said.
Meanwhile, air transportation is being curtailed, events and cruises are being canceled, and schools and universities are being closed.
Everything it covers about being a man, being in a relationship, being a father, how you affect your kids.
The wings were being sawed off, the control deck was being dismantled, and the engines were being hoisted out.
That means criminals weren&apost being arrested, child predators weren&apost being arrested, victims of child trafficking and sex trafficking weren&apost being rescued, drug traffickers weren&apost being arrested.
Now, a lot of tech stocks are being sent down because of a couple of stocks that are being hit: being hit after the bell, being hit after the bell.
Also important was a history of non-combat related trauma, which could include being in a motor vehicle accident, being sexually assaulted, being in a tornado, being mugged, Ursano added.
"Monica will call me out when I'm being misogynistic or I'm being mildly racist or I'm being elitist or I'm being whatever — she will always call me out," he said.
And beyond that, it's a heartwarming story of being true to yourself, even if being true to yourself involves initially not being yourself, being forced to be someone else, but then finally being yourself, all in the span of two Christmas-themed films.
There are many things Trump isn't good at — being president, being a role model, being a decent human being — but one thing he's very good at is pushing people's emotional buttons.
" She was ready to let go of what she thought "being an actress was, or this idea of being a movie star, this idea of being 'it,' of being The Girl.
You&aposre accused of being a terrorist, you&aposre accused of being a thug, you&aposre accused of being inhumane.
I was also, if I'm being really honest, afraid of being the reporter who prevented Andy Ngo from being beaten.
Mr. Obama said that Mr. Cummings showed that being strong meant being kind and that being honorable was no flaw.
Instead of focusing on being skinny and being small I am now learning to thank my body for being strong.
He reportedly is being held for removal proceedings ... this for being in the country illegally and for being a felon.
I've written a lot of songs about being alone, and then songs about being alone but being ok with it.
" Yelchin's mother Irina added, "We were always proud of him being the greatest human being – not for being a star.
I don't think being fearful or being paralyzed into inaction — or being cavalier about the risk either — is very helpful.
Being gay isn't a choice, being gay isn't a phase, being gay shouldn't be used for a trend and subscribers.
"He was really just trying to learn something about being loved and being not loved and being abandoned," Beth says.
More than being Dominican, more than being an immigrant, more, even, than being of African descent, my rape defined me.
Key infrastructure is also being spruced up, with nine railway stations being upgraded and a new airport terminal being built.
"We wanted to challenge how being a liberal means being egalitarian but also it involves being quite righteous," he said.
Victims are taunted for being adulterous, for being sodomised, and (in one case with an illustration) for being crypto-Persian.
So, this St. Patrick's Day, leave being "Irish" to the Irishmen; let us content ourselves with being -- nay, celebrate being!
Sex drive being one, feelings of intense romantic love being the second, and feelings of deep attachment being the third.
I like being liked – who doesn't like being liked?
Being a woman and being a writer — that's harder.
There's plenty of violence, in case you were worried that you won't see hearts being ripped out of chests, innocent waiters being fed on, necks being snapped, or whole families being murdered.
Now, a lot of tech stocks are being sent down because of a couple of stocks that are being hit: Amazon's being hit after the bell, Apple's being hit after the bell.
"Being unfit on a treadmill or in an exercise stress test has a worse prognosis, as far as death, than being hypertensive, being diabetic or being a current smoker," Jaber told CNN.
So, as far as Eli being the cancer, I don't really see Eli being the cancer more than I see mom being the cancer and him not being able to distance himself.
Being gangsta is forming iconic records, Ruthless Records, Death Row, Aftermath.... so now, after 30 years of being heard, being gangsta is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Congress should have the final say over "who is spending their money, what it's being spent on, where it's being spent, when it's being spent, and why it's being spent," they say.
By being included, complainants could monitor whether their concerns were being taken seriously, and that the investigation was being conducted fairly.
"I always had that desire of being strong and being able to protect myself, being able to protect others," he recalls.
They're tired of being undervalued, they're tired of being disregarded, they're tired of their voices not being invested in and heard.
Being a parent also means being a teacher, and an integral part of that teaching is being a good role model.
From being a nobody to being a favorite and not having a medal to then being a favorite and having one.
" I think the bad boy came from me being on stage and not from me being a human being," he said.
Far fewer respondents fear being a victim of terrorism (30%), being murdered (18%) or being a victim of sexual assault (7%).
And I think being an activist is about being honest... stepping forward and using your voice and being consistent with it.
And it doesn't matter what you do, it stays with you: being yourself, being true to who you are, being honest.
After being assaulted, she told the Post she recalled calling 911, being put on hold, and then being hung up on.
"I see me being a designer, I see me being a model, I see me being a TV star," Lochte said.
"What they get wrong is thinking being an introvert means being a hermit, or being shy or socially anxious," she said.
Despite being the city being smothered in zero-degree weather and the office being closed, hundreds showed up to the event.
Those patents that are being filed — or innovations being made — are also being snatched up by foreign companies, the report indicates.
"I was tired of being sick, I was tired of being bedridden and not being able to function," she told me.
Did being human really include not being permitted to leave your hometown, and not being allowed to say what you think?
But whenever I see you being interviewed or listen to you being interviewed, everyone is pretty concerned about your well-being.
"Not being a straight white guy — being black, being biracial — you're always inside and outside the world at once," he added.
After all, being an idol isn't just about being a skilled performer, it's also about being a easily marketable sex symbol.
" Sarah agreed: "Instead of women being afraid of sharing stories, it's men being afraid of being on that list [of abusers].
Being open about his gender allowed him to pursue his dream without the fear of being outed, being made to fit in a gender that wasn't his, or the ultimate trap: being typecast.
For one reason or another — being abandoned, being an orphan, being an outsider, being scared of hurting people — these mutants come to Professor Charles Xavier's school and find a place where they belong.
Instead it's about being there and being open for conversation.
"Being a lady today means being a fighter," she shares.
How did he get from being this to being that?
I'm being cremated and my ashes are being scattered (somewhere).
Not being a virgin does not equal not being perfect.
He insisted on being nice when being kind was enough.
Being denied is one thing, but being one of two?
Because I could see it being fun, and being hip.
Being Sephardic [is also] very different from being Ashkenazi Jewish.
It means being less someone else and being more you.
For Uber, being first was more important than being compliant.
Or very good at being very bad without being detected.
Even being present doesn't always mean being seen or heard.
"But while you are being nailed you are being tickled."
Being polite and gracious, being patient, having empathy for others.
"Especially being an athlete again and being a skater again."
Being defined is being controlled; even deification is a manipulation.
Attack lines are being honed, and dark rumours being circulated.
But what's the difference between being wealthy and being greedy?
Being dressed as Andrew was, being a beautiful Miami day.
Remember the Blackberries being smashed with hammers, things being erased.
Now, they're being accused of being unpatriotic — and even treasonous.
We went from being tied to being 12 points down.
Because usually being an outsider is perceived as being lonely.
Being a bridesmaid is a lot like being an intern.
I love being a father, I love being an artist.
They don't equate being on top with being the best.
We both loved being outdoors, camping, being in the mountains.
Now, being "certain" is not the same as being correct.
Women sang gorgeous songs about being beautiful and being strong.
"Why are we being attacked for being Sikh?" he says.
For real, just for being alive and being amazing people.
Trump's notion that being great is better than being average.
Being a Canadian was at the center of his being.
We're being faced with some dire messaging around being female.
I can honestly remember being on campus and being frightened.
Being autistic means being real rather than playing a role.
"Today, it's about being unique and being different," he said.
Passengers must choose between being late or being less safe.
Being young and awkward, not being able to make friends.
The trolls were being pretty funny, if I'm being honest.
Being a Broadway performer is akin to being an athlete.
But being a statesman is different than being a politician.
He's always talked about being bipolar and being on medication.
"Gay life is about being open, being unlimited," he said.
Soon, captions were being added and memes were being made.
He loves being coached, and he loves being at Duke.
But, look, something is being said, and it's being read.
A. That leadership genuinely is about being authentic, being yourself.
I can't recall being 6; I can't recall being 3.
AW: So being here in Europe, being here in Sydney.
I don't think it's being ... It's not being taken lightly.
We're being — I mean, we're being stripped of our jobs.
He's loved being here, he met my mum being here.
We always felt we were being looked at, being ranked.
You're being judged without even being spoken to by them.
Being in New York, being Jamaican... just real life shit.
Being in that moment and being there at 6 a.m.
I'm watching people being desecrated and killed, crosses being burned.
Being a candidate for president is different than being president.
"I'm glad it's being done and not just being neglected."
Being forgiven is not a guarantee, nor is being remembered.
I saw being a chef as being a performer, really.
But being water doesn't simply mean being fluid and elusive.
Being publicly identified as a homosexual could mean being fired.
You think you're being realistic, but you're just being negative.
We saw art being destroyed, but not spirits being destroyed.
But being awake was excruciating, and being asleep was excruciating.
Being conservative should entail being conservative with natural resources, too.
All those suspected of being involved are now being purged.
The problem is not being surveilled, but being poorly served.
I couldn't fathom being responsible for another human being then.
Being a father, being engaged, all that stuff is important.
In nobody's worlds should being careful mean not being yourself.
Being a novelist, for him, didn't preclude being an entertainer.
What really matters is being relevant, is being talked about.
What is being said this morning is not being heard.
Being "part of the discourse" each day means being marketable.
Churches are being burned and faithful people are being slaughtered.
We're not famous for being obnoxious or for being rude.
""He was very committed to being authentic, to being true.
Being real is not the same thing as being honest.
He cares about being able to disagree without being disagreeable.
The former being appropriate and unremarkable, the latter being unacceptable.
"It's about being recognized for being down there," Novak said.
He loved being at school and being around his friends.
Being offended and being assaulted are two vastly different things.
In nobody's world should being careful mean not being yourself.
First, being a good lawyer means being a good negotiator.
It's curvy without being bloated, aggressive without being artificially edgy.
"A human being can never again enslave another human being."
Sometimes, being seen, being looked at, signals value, importance, rank.
Being a dad is so different from being a mom.
Being a strongman in Prato means being strong in Europe.
Not being investigated isn't the same as being proven innocent.
That is, not being an object, not being a thing.
JW: Being a hypnotist is like being a refrigerator repairman.
You go from being relatively obscure to someone who's being put on this platform and being judged in the media or online.
But the results weren't there, with iPhone X sales being flat, HomePod being late and selling poorly, and AirPower being scrapped altogether.
Yes I'm creating, but different parts of my mind, of my being, of my body are being stimulated and are being touched.
Call me back when you feel like being a nice human being instead of being a f—ing bitch all the time.
"It's been an amazing experience being here today," says Onwuachi, "and not only being with Tan but being with the other nominees."
I really enjoy being in L.A., living in L.A. and being a King and being a part of the team and organization.
It's being a father & being there for your child, for my friends who haven't accomplished something real yet like being a dad.
I can't read a comment section without seeing Black women being called n-----s, being slut-shamed, or being compared to primates.
There's a folk memory in tech of being a rebel, of being a hacker, of being a tinkerer on the outside. Right.
As far as being a hip-hop artist, being a rapper, being an emcee, I've never considered myself a woman that raps.
Ancient monasteries are being shut down, people are being forced from their homes, and peaceful protestors are being imprisoned, exiled and tortured.
Being frugal isn't the same as being deprivedMy parents taught me that part of being frugal is finding abundance in the world.
I was 21983 years old, and equally scared of being caught for being underage, and of being recognized by anyone I knew.
Respect me as being a woman, respect me as being black, respect me as being an athlete who represented the United States.
"Many of us went through a process of being really fearful about us being deported, about our families being deported," Jiménez said.
We talk a lot about being proud of being Muslim and being Indian and of the contributions of our communities to America.
Yes i do think every human being can find happiness in something, even if it is just being happy with being alive.
Boys are always taught that "being a man" means being detached from emotions, not showing your scared or upset, and being strong.
But it's being done around education, it's being done around media — everything that can be digitized is being digitized and simultaneously globalized.
You witness kittens being ground up alive, puppies being torn from their howling mothers, animals being skinned and boiled while fully conscious.
"We, as people, think being able to fly and being released from gravity is the ultimate way of being free," she said.
"Just being out, being myself and being proud and unapologetic about who I am," said Navratilova, who revealed her homosexuality in 1981.
Nassar's victims "need to know that their voices are being heard, being listened to, and being acted upon," the attorney general said.
In my view, being a president is less about being a politician, and more so about being the leader of our country.
Voters were polled on their opinions of a number of different traits, from being a vegan to being nonreligious to being unmarried.
Kosher isn't about being blessed; it's about being watched and being handled only by Sabbath observers from ferment to corkscrew — a rule that was an attempt to protect against wine being used for idolatry.
Will Smith has gone from being a rapper to being in debt to being a movie star to being a parent to being an Instagram user and—along the way—combined all these experiences to become some kind of born again spiritual guide for the Instagram generation.
And that's really the fascinating issue of the movie star, which you get at, and being photographed — how that ambivalence, similar to naming or being named, resolved around the issue of being claimed and photographed and seen as a desiring being while still being ambivalent about that.
The Fab Five help subjects balance the inherited, societally-mandated expectations of masculinity – being a provider, being tough; feeling the weight of toxicity and fragility – with the realities of being a human being with emotions.
Someone said 'the personal is political,' where it seems like me just being honest about my experiences as a human being and as a person translates as being political about being an Asian American person.
The NFL knows this and is counting on the public being fine with the sport being only marginally safer than it was, or at least being satisfied with the idea of it being marginally safer.
The problem with being an adult is that, if you're in the wrong and you're being chastised for being in the wrong, you will lash out, because that scenario reminds you of being a child.
He said the hardest part of being in Tijuana is being separated from his daughter, who he dreams of being reunited with everyday.
For a woman who's constantly being accused of being famous for being famous, this is a particularly loaded position to take, and hold.
"For us, it was really about being rabid, being wasted, and still being young enough to back it up," frontman Corey Taylor said.
TeamFirst camps focus on "being yourself, being proud of who you are, being the best you can be, as a person," Boyle said.
The sporty couple are longtime advocates for being active, highlighting how sports, nature and being outdoors can improve physical and mental well-being.
But the numbers seem to point to this being a result of kids being exposed to food advertising, not necessarily being couch potatoes.
The personality traits associated with this include narcissism, lacking empathy, grandiosity, being impulsive, being a thrill seeker, fearing commitment and being self-destructive.
So there are thousands of tweets about people being hungry, people being angry, and people who have the unfortunate pleasure of being both.
Given the political tone currently being struck, one can scarcely blame him for assuming that being fair-minded about Islam meant being Muslim.
"Someone so strong, so tough, being murdered and being strangled and not being able to defend herself blew my fucking mind," Tatiana said.
The sporty couple are longtime advocates for being active, highlighting how sports, nature and being outdoors can improve physical and mental well-being.
"Neglect in infrastructure funding has resulted in our trails being eroded, visitor amenities being diminished and campgrounds being closed," the op-ed reads.
If I being myself were more awesome at being detached from my own story in a way I being myself never could be.
The condition of being seen may be thorny, but the condition of being unseen, of being monstrified, is razor-sharp, vicious, and excruciating.
Now I'm only afraid of being alone, of being separated from my husband and my son, of being only a body by myself.
" [Read the story] "I want people to respect who I am, what I am — being gay, being a woman, being a professional athlete.
There isn't a teacher in the world who doesn't appreciate being acknowledged as a human being before being bombarded by a concern. 2.
We're being lied to on a constant basis, our data is being mined and misused, and now our sidewalks are being blocked, too?
I fight off waves of panic terrified someone will assault me for being of color, for being a woman, for being a student.
"I'm working to diversify the face of women in the aviation industry by being accessible, being available, and being visible," she told CNN.
This of course raises issues of how that data is being collected, how it is being used, and how it is being safeguarded.
SEATTLE — Being young and gay in this city in the 1980s, said Seattle's mayor, Ed Murray, was all about being comfortable being out.
While Ms. Stroh was being taught how to avoid being kidnapped, the men in her generation were being groomed to lead the company.
It's a combination of ICP being good—and for some reason being branded as bad—and Juggalos being misbranded, and then the FBI.
So being alarmed is not a sign of being hysterical; when it comes to climate change, being alarmed is what the facts demand.
Being on Instagram – being seen on Instagram – is a mixed bag.
Being single is not our fault, because being single isn't bad.
We definitely prided ourselves on being conscious and not being mainstream.
Being uncouth ranks way below being, for instance, an unreconstructed bigot.
Being prime minister is not remotely like being mayor of London.
You look across, unemployment being down, wages being up, tax cuts.
We're about being free-spirited and inclusive — being genderless and ageless.
Being a jerk is not the same as being a rapist.
Being a dad is more appealing than being a musician nowadays.
Executives are being shuffled around and product divisions are being regrouped.
Being goal-oriented on The Bachelor also means being a villain.
Oddly, being fully-submerged feels warmer than being on the surface.
It sounds like you're being hard on yourself for being selective.
It's that feeling of being objectified, of your partner being objectified.
I've loved seeing people being courageous and being committed to something.
Okay, done being a mathematician and back to being a writer.
You know, being an artist is like being a double agent.
But it's never too late to start being a human being.
All I have is being at home and being a papa.
I thought you were comfortable being yourself and being plus size?
But congrats on the recognition of being a man & being alive.
Politics has gone from being dynamic to being static and managerial.
It's not just being driven by older people being more conservative.
Being bipartisan isn't the same as being nonpartisan, the group contends.
It's the transition from experiences being ephemeral to them being persistent.
While some people may enjoy being slapped, others enjoy being zapped.
"I prefer 1,000 times being jailed than being dead," he said.
I remember being a teenager and being so anxious about things.
And honestly, just being yourself and being kind is so important.
And being human is rarely as straightforward as being a saint.
Before being called too thin, Winter was slammed for being curvy.
The wounded are being treated and the dead are being buried.
Artists who do risk accusations of being counterrevolutionary and being detained.
There was fighting, bar stools being thrown, pool cues being used.
Rules are being broken here, a sacred charge is being violated.
You have state monopolies being created, being recreated, and you have.
"It is a state of being, not a being," Hill says.
And being away from Wi-Fi means being away from power.
"Mentoring is about being present, not being perfect," says Souza-Rezendes.
"I miss being on film, miss being on TV," she said.
There's kind of schmoozing and being known and being a gadfly.
She likes being petted but isn't a fan of being held.
Drivers shouldn't have to choose between being connected and being protected.
These women aren't being feminists so much as they're being sexualized.
I like being open-minded about my sexuality and being experimental.
Thank you for being a beautiful teacher and a magnificent being.
"Camp" isn't just about being playful, but also about being nostalgic.
You don't really think about being 49, and being sexually free.
In 2016, most millennials consider being broke cooler than being affluent.
So you're probably safe from being exposed for the time being.
Well, being Santa is kind of like being in Fight Club.
Email stopped being fun because it stopped being honest and emotive.
Being uncomfortable outdoors is largely a function of being incorrectly dressed.
Democratic procedures are being degraded, destroyed, their value is being destroyed.
That wasn't me being abused, that was me being mentally pushed.
I remember being young and watching Oprah and being like, 'Damn.
Well, being a person is not just being in a space.
It wasn't just being my being a vegetarian that bothered her.
Your body matters: Being a trainer is like being a performer.
It was like being at work, but while being really drunk.
Being honest about your feelings starts with being honest with yourself.
After all, being "intelligent" is not a prerequisite of being President.
I've always found that being unique and being different was cool.
Lois Lane talks about being a journalist before being a woman.
The country being American, and the rock 'n' roll being Japanese.
Being depressed and being maternal don't exactly go hand in hand.
Being successful often boils down to one important trait: being intentional.
I think being a hypocrite is a sign of being real.
Being politically conservative doesn't have to mean being reluctant to change.
This election is already being fought and its being fought online.
She's captured the humanity of being 17 and being a female.
Like being goal-oriented, being a team player is a given.
So it's 22 being me and a million being the Other.
But there's a key difference between being booked and being organized.
He says he's being frugal, but I think he's being cheap.
Now, it's difficult being an elected Republican without being anti-abortion.
Mack was convicted of being an being an accessory to murder.
The mood is busy without being rushed, convivial without being loud.
There's a difference between being brave, Mangano says, and being reckless.
The subpoenas aren't being executed while the case is being appealed.
After all, being broke is pretty synonymous with being a student.
Cut to Colbert's face being pixelated and his voice being altered.
You're being your true self by just being a total dickhead.
Your works range from being simplistic to being much more detailed.
She made you feel cool being a misfit and being different.
But being prodigiously talented isn't the same as being a prodigy.
They were so used to not being believed and being denigrated.
I don't feel like I'm being political just by being myself.
It makes them comforting without being dull, safe without being stagnant.
Being Bob's friend meant being the victim of endless practical jokes.
Being respected is more important than being liked as a leader.
He boasts about being strong while simultaneously whining about being assailed.
He is not being proactive, he is not being as public.
"Being a typical Aries, I like being the first," he said.
Also being queer and brown is in a way being punk.
Read more: Americans are still being imprisoned for being HIV positive.
There were all kinds of issues around being out, being gay.
The real key is being interested — being present and paying attention.
Yacht charters are being encouraged, but boat shows are being canceled.
What does being a soccer fan teach us about being human?
I'm not being an advocate for the world being completely flat.
That's work: Being open to thinking about this and being inspired.
Being cooperative and helpful was potentially suspicious, as was being romantic.
What Being "Unbothered" Means To Her: Being unapologetically who you are.
Being a leader even means being prepared to take yourself out.
Thank you Andrew for being a warrior & being a great teammate.
When no issue is being forced, but problems are being solved.
It shows romaine being transplanted to a field, not being harvested.
But being watched is not the same thing as being seen.
He was nice about being competitive and competitive about being nice.
Being single is just as fulfilling as being in a relationship.
After democratization, military officers went from being feared to being disrespected.
Being FBI director, like being a U.S. Senator, is worth something.
That being said, the ads risk being a little more generic.
Being terrified of one's body really means being terrified of death.
Their well-being depends on being sound and on their feet.
"Being loud and being seen is making a difference," she said.
He understands the difference between being straight and just being vicious.
These transgender children are not being disenfranchised, nor being left unprotected.
California Today Wednesday: For many, being unhoused doesn't mean being jobless.
Patterns of tribal sovereignty being undermined and jurisdictional borders being crossed.
Being found out to be what — a human being of color?
Many people's salaries are being slashed; others are being fired outright.
"People sometimes confuse being lucky with being good," the source said.
But is being smugly single any different from being smugly coupled?
"There's a difference between being liked and being respected," he says.
Being five was hard, but being eight is a real doozy.
Okay yes, being a celebrity means being in the public eye.
You focus less on being "perfect," and more on being authentic.
Let us avoid being alarmist for the sake of being alarmist.
Trump loves being the center of attention, loves being gossiped about.
Social safety nets are being shredded, environmental protections are being reversed.
DEARDEN Suddenly we went from being totally dead to being reanimated.
The work that's being done is being done by our communities.
Like being with a woman — being a star has spoiled everything.
I feel like I captured him being himself and being natural.
Basically just being in community and trying to enjoy being single!
When Major's body is being formed, what exactly is being created?
" "How do you go from being number one to being 'Who?
Clearly, if it's being deplored, it's not being deplored hard enough.
What's the difference between being an entrepreneur and being an investor?
Being on Twitter contributes to a sense that the thing being shouted about is hugely important and being discussed by THE WHOLE WORLD when in fact it's being discussed solely by people who are Extremely Online.
In theory, the rules could mean that smart speakers have to somehow tell consumers about their information collection—what's being recorded, how it's being used, where it's being stored, and whether it's being secured, for instance.
And I think I might have cared less about being likable were that not the most reliable path, as a woman, to being readable, to being read, which was the first step to being read seriously.
I wrote about my experience being from a small town, being in a big family, being from a divorced home — writing from the heart.
At the time, the idea of being gay was being challenged, and there was that talk and risk of being deported because of it.
I feel like fans, you get when you're being yourself and they see you being yourself and they can relate to you being you.
But that's that's the price you play for owning your sexuality and not being afraid and being fearless and being yourself as a woman.
Do you think if you knew the truth—about being a triplet, being studied, being susceptible to mental illness—life would have been easier?
"People remember mob violence that led to lynching, people remember mob violence that led to people being shot, being grabbed, being mistreated," Clinton said.
Fortunately, each bird has a special skill, whether that's being super fast or being able to explode or just being a gigantic, hulking brute.
I've wrestled with being religious and being conservative and being gay, but the reason I felt like that is because of other gay people.
This mother & child are being held at a facility in Berks county & are being sent into danger despite the child being eligible for relief.
In terms of people being more politically aware and not being embarrassed by it, the younger generation being more confident—maybe I affected that.
We tersely compared notes of being separated from our families, being left by our government, being exhausted by months of shoulda-done-this-betters.
But more than that I want to get to a place of being okay with being a transwoman and just being seen that way.
He saw the President being irresponsible with his power, the police being irresponsible with their guns, and the citizens being irresponsible with their rights.
"I felt there was an unfair narrative in the U.S. associated with being Muslim and being an immigrant and being Yemeni-American," she said.
"I saw my sisters being scared of going out, being spit on, being attacked or insulted, within my own family as well," she recalls.
"It's trying to find always the reality of being a human being as opposed to being a character in a play," she told me.
Confirmed coronavirus patients showing mild symptoms are being massed together, while those suspected of being infected are being isolated in converted hotels and schools.
"It's a testament to how being active and being engaged and being part of the conversation makes governments change," Torriente told the Miami Herald.
But there is a difference between being responsible for keeping oneself safe and being responsible for being the victim of a crime and violence.
Still, the show wasn't finished yet — each day, video was being reshot, numbers were being restaged, new meaning was being discovered in the text.
Lawyers for the caddies argued that they were being unjustly exploited by being forced to wear bibs bearing the tournament's sponsor without being compensated.
During those seconds, it seems as if layers of her are being removed: She is being simplified, put in order, by being looked at.
Annalise Domenighini can't tell what's worse, not being Sheer Mag or being able to listen to Sheer Mag but being stuck at a desk.
That time in puberty when you stop being a kid and you stop being a solipsistic being that cares only about its own gratification.
People have been making claims about being discriminated against for being brown, being brown while wearing a suit, and speaking with non-English accents.
Throughout the wedding festivities, the film plays with the tension between the idea of being Asian versus being Asian American, as well as between being working class and being so wealthy the 1 percent turns into the .
Roku is at least being careful about how it's all being implemented.
Richie is being dragged for being the object of affection from Bieber.
So, being 61 PhysioAge-wise: Was it any different than being 65?
Eventually, being a good girl mattered less than being an independent woman.
"Well being Ferdinand is kind of like being John Cena," he says.
The right has perverted the meaning of being liberal, or being feminist.
They just think of me as being normal Maame or being human.
I'd tried being kind to everyone, helping everyone, being truthful to everyone.
Mayweather slammed Mcgregor for being poor, McGregor lashed Mayweather for being old.
Your plan can involve being not good without it being about tanking.
Kristin feigns frustration over Jay being right, and the house being nice.
"I just experimented with not being afraid of being femme," he said.
Crandall vividly remembers feeling scared of being judged, or worse, being blamed.
But being smarter in this case feels a lot like being staid.
Being a comedian is the 'being a DJ' of the mid-2000s.
I am less concerned with being known as I am being felt.
The outdoor areas are being closed and people are being called inside.
I used to think being busy was a sign of being successful.
I love Sourland for being dramatic, for being heavy, difficult, and unrelenting.
"We're not being notified when stuff is being handed out," she said.
Being a movie fan can sometimes feel like being a proud mom.
Being freed from being stationary of course has made us more independent.
It wasn't dangerous being a female traveler; it was dangerous being female.
It's just that there's nothing to being Mario other than being Mario.
Their complaints include the show being scripted and shoddy work being done.
"Being a human being" is the source of our rights, he said.
It's then that they go from being merely unseen to being invisible.
Many victims do not report being raped for fear of being punished.
Ms. Sepulveda said she believed being informed was critical to being empowered.
It went from being grand and chaotic to being restricted and controlled.
"I commend her for being a teenager and being trained," Hornback said.
The underlying message was the significance of being loved and being noticed.
Being aware is a precondition to being able to exercise your rights.
"Not being able to open it feels like being jilted," wrote another.
Being 21 and my baby's father being excited is just step one.
Because if you're not being useful in this world you're being useless.
Being POTUS is like being on your period 365 days a year.
"If y'think being gay is tough, try being a transie!" she added.
I wanted to show the difference between being flirty and being disrespectful.
The scale was 1 to 10, 10 being great, 1 being terrible.
I'll work on being more human; you'll work on being more digital.
Collectivism is about family, whereas being individualistic is about being self-reliant.
Being a man, and especially being a successful man, hinges on dominance.
Growing and learning but not being told to stop ...not being stunted.
After all, being satisfied is not the same thing as being stuffed.
If you're being fake you need to be like, 'I'm being fake.
How much crap do you take for being -- for me being opinionated?
There's being a traditionalist, say his critics, and then there's being spiteful.
It's a lot of balance: work, being a mom and being social.
I'm being passed over for opportunities that could lead to being promoted.
So what's being studied and what's being consumed could be strikingly different.
Being blacked out drunk is one thing, but being unconscious is another.
The Websters can't fathom her ever "being happy" while being held prisoner.
Surprise, Gene eventually decides being himself is better than being somebody else!
The dread of being treated as an Islamophobe or being called racist.
Every dog hates being left being home alone, some more than others.
That doesn't require me being that popular or being a pop band.
I feel like it's an important part of being a human being.
Being "taken care of" and being cared for aren't the same thing.
Every human being who cares about another human being in this world.
" And then I remember being little and being told, "Fuck the gringo.
Finally, success comes from either being the first or being the best.
As in: I am not being investigated ... my campaign is being investigated.
"Being contrarian is often a precursor to being right," said Mr Rajan.
"Being online is like being in a Vegas casino," Anburajan tells CNBC.
There is a balance between someone being inconsiderate and someone being oversensitive.
He's never made fun of for being big or for being gay.
Perhaps they are being careful and fear being suspended for a tweet.
I remembered not being myself, just being a piece of a cloud.
Our time is centered around being home and being together … it's grounded.
"Being informed is a right, while being misinformed is dangerous," Bordini said.
Dramatic pictures, you know, dramatic stories being told of people being rescued.
The balance was kept with one being free and one being slave.
Being a Knicks fan is worse than being governor of New Jersey.
Being a white guy makes it really easy to navigate being online.
While authenticity is being at least addressed, immersion is being largely ignored.
Being a Democrat, in fact, often looks remarkably like being a Republican.
Being heard is one kind of power, and being free is another.
When does patience cease being a virtue, and start being a sin?
I'm big on leadership by walking around — being seen, without being intrusive.
So far, the show's internal logic defines being good as being selfless.
But there is a difference between being "basic" and being a minimalist.
Some people argue that being polyamorous is an orientation, like being queer.
Being detained by ICE means being vulnerable to myriad possble alleged abuses.
I love being black, but I also love being black and educated.
"I had gotten tired of being threatened with being fired," he said.
"Being trans right now necessitates this multihyphenate way of being," Drucker says.
Jobs being "brought back" are actually jobs being forged in advanced manufacturing.
Being in avalanche is like being caught in a violent ocean wave.
There is real value in being able to watch history being made.
To go from being an uneducated loser to being a famous star?
"Being a programmer is more fun than being a computer," she said.
Being older in China typically means being respected, but also, often, sentimentalized.
She schedules plenty of time to avoid being penalized for being late.
But there is a difference between simply being engaged and being informed.
"They are being looked after, being provided tea, food, everything," he said.
They've uplifted the historic undead from being tragic to being tragically funny.
You&aposre actually just being -- you&aposre being penalized as an employee.
"Being in limbo was the hardest time," Vallabh said of being tested.
The homes of those being detained were also being searched, it said.
I thought that being a criminal was tantamount to being a hero.
Strength, she shows us, is less about being tough than being unapologetic.
Is there a connection between being a surgeon and being a comedian?
We've got trash being picked up, and the streets are being swept.
Yes, we are dropping the Rockies for being bad at being bad.
Being a 'badman' is a guard and being 'stush' is a guard.
Being a chill woman is the opposite of being a hysterical one.
Over and over again, there's instances of not being gatekeepers being problematic.
Detractors accuse them of being famous simply for being famous (or infamous).
Being an adult is basically like being an abandoned toy, isn't it?
And being aware of those conversations that people aren't being part of.
Their style is straightforward without being lazy, and minimalist without being boring.
There is not a direct correlation between being visible and being accepted.
Someone recounts being pelted with objects after being told she was ugly.
It managed to be intellectual without being arcane, contemporary without being gimmicky.
MIAMI — For decades, being Latino in Florida almost always meant being Republican.
What is being routed to China, how is it being used there?
For Kayla, being online is a way of being and of becoming.
It's about being practical as much as it is about being stylish.
Trauma's a big component of illness, of being diagnosed and being treated.
Being in Lavey's studio is like being in a deconstructed hardware store.
Part of being poly is being able to realize your full potential.
And being president is not like being the CEO of a company.
But being the top student in school didn't help my being white.
It's a subtle way of being coordinated without being too matchy-matchy.
"If I'm being honest, most days, I hate being pregnant," Morgan said.
"I wanted help reconciling being a conservative and being gay," said Wise.
"Being told no is like being told I don't exist," he says.
They understood what was being said and how it was being said.
They're being rebuilt now, and we can go there without being afraid.
Being so close and being like the family that you chose yourself.
But David would talk about things being intentional without really being intentional.
It's not just being singled out as being unfit simply for existing.
"Work went from being so exciting to being a nightmare," she said.
I was bullied for being gay and being an extra-loud person.
Our attention is being captured by devices rather than being voluntarily regulated.
This clue infers that being "sauced" is the same as being LIT.
"You're a decrepit human being," he continued before being removed by security.
It means not being afraid to expose flaws, and not being perfect.
"It's the difference between being smart and being stupid," Mr. Neumann said.
I saw a man being beheaded for being from the "wrong" tribe.
But being in the audience was not the same as being onstage.
Entrepreneurs who once prided themselves on being disruptors are now being disrupted.
A less discussed privilege of men is being admired for being alone.
Percy's fear of being forgotten is really a fear of being abandoned.
In business, being early and being wrong are often the same thing.
You're being duped; you're being fooled; the world is laughing at us.
The feeling of being a permanent foreigner percolated my sense of being.
At one time, being a patriot meant being committed to such values.
Being pregnant is being hungry for everything and wanting to eat nothing.
They worry in equal measure about being seen and not being seen.
Being a risk and being a loser are two totally different things.
But, for me, being gay isn't being straight with a different title.
"There's a difference between being slow and being shut down," Julian said.
That's not necessarily being destroyed, but it is being thrown into question.
Sessions said 90% of cases being referred to Justice are being prosecuted.
Being smart, they soon realize the incoherence of the relativism being taught.
Accommodations are sophisticated without being stuffy, and stylish without being overly trendy.
Your well being can be part of my well being as well.
He puts a great value on being fair and never being impolite.
"She was worried about being tied into being the breadwinner," McKinnon said.
"Hawaii Five-22" wasn't being whitewashed, but it was being de-Asianized.
The good news is, being dependent isn't the same as being addicted.
It doesn't faze me thinking about being in there and being vulnerable.
"What is being said this morning is not being heard," Brown said.
Do you think being able to consent to being recorded is important?
Johnson went from being hard to find to being impossible to escape.
We like the idea of tech being invisible while still being there.
Sometimes being second to the party works as well as being first.
He taught that being Jewish was itself a way of being modern.
Here in the U.S., we take being pregnant as being much safer.
Werman: We were being told that progress was being made in Afghanistan.
Being the hero is great, but have you tried being the villain?
Children still get bullied for being different, for being less than ideal.
Here's what's being done to assist those who need help being evacuated.
For Mr. Puzder, being pro-business seems to mean being anti-worker.
For the time being the migrants are being housed at a shelter.
I am less concerned with being known as I am being felt.
What's important here is being a good husband, being a good dad.
Otherwise, she said, being 93 was about the same as being 92.
How does being a black woman relate, for you, to being quiet?
Cut yourself some slack and remember that being human means being imperfect.
Him being so genuine, me being so genuine, we just kinda clicked.
Being D.Va and not being able to fly away is really devastating.
If you're being suspected of being drunk in public, say absolutely nothing.
Girls can sense when you're being fake or when you're being shy.
Now I wasn't so focused on being repellant as being completely unapproachable.
I like being busy, but I like being in control of it.
Regulations to restrain banks and to protect the environment are being stripped away, taxes on ordinary Americans are being increased as those on corporations and the wealthy are being reduced, profits of pharmaceutical and health insurance companies are being increased as millions of more Americans are being left without health insurance.
Last year, trans people on Tinder said that they were being kicked off the app, ostensibly after being reported by other users for being trans.
"My theory was that he changed when he realized that being a priest meant serving God, but being a director meant BEING God," he said.
People are being taken care of, they&aposre being provided with medical services, they&aposre being provided with food, with shelter with proper detention facilities.
"The video/song is about me being tired of being at the same level and tired of not being financially stable and comfortable," explains Clairmont.
In a typical situation, I wouldn't mind being in control of our finances, and being in control of our financial planning, and being the breadwinner.
At the end of the day, I love being married to T.J. and I love being Kate Miller (and loved being Kate Gorney before that).
"I never dreamed of being an Olympian, let alone being a medalist, let alone being a gold medalist," Kolinisau later said at a press conference.
What do you make of, in late night, you've watched Fallon go from being very popular to being less popular because he's not being political.
" Another message read: "The best thing about being raped is when you're done being raped and it's like 'whew this feels great, not being raped!
"It's finding that balance between being true to a goal, but not being dogmatic about that being the only way it works out," she said.
I'm incredibly happy being a human being, but I'm much happier having learned the lessons about being human that these other species have taught me.
Being unable to report being stressed (or being uncomfortable doing so), is detrimental as pressure will eventually outweigh an individual's ability to cope over time.
So, being of Caribbean heritage means a lot to me because I sit in between being a third-generation Jamaican and also just being British.
I also know that it's really easy to accept being single as a bad thing, because the alternative to being single is being in love.
The $65 million is "money that is being frozen at this time, it's not being canceled, it's just being held for future consideration," Nauert said.
I remember being wheeled toward the operating room, positioning myself on a narrow table, and being informed that I was being given something for sedation.
And here we have in the United States 100 billion dollars that's being bet in the dark web and not being taxed, not being regulated.
The compilation was disturbing: dogs being burned alive, dogs being skinned alive, and dogs being boiled alive; dogs having their paws cleaved off with dull butchers knives, and dogs being staked to the ground and beaten to death.
There is a different dynamic between having grown up with the internet and being queer being like being part of a cool club, and not growing up with the internet and having to fight for being openly gay.
"What you have here is, the plaintiff being involved in a tragedy, Elon Musk accusing him of being a pedophile, the plaintiff not really being a public figure and Elon Musk being a huge public figure," he said.
Charismatic in a way your dad could never understand, Dylan was pretentious and troubled, but he was also open to being vulnerable, to being wise beyond his years, to being goofy, to being a mensch to his friends.
I'm afraid of my civil liberties being curtailed, of being investigated because I'm a bearded Pakistani American man, of my wife being detained given her work as a Muslim community leader, and of my congregations being monitored and suppressed.
And let me tell you what being in debt is like and not being able to get a meaningful job after being through all of that.
"Being a senator is different from almost anything else she would have done, and certainly, being president is far different from being a senator," Packer said.
"Draymond Green has changed the power forward position being able to dribble, being able to pass, being able to shoot," 76ers veteran backup Elton Brand said.
How I loved being made to submit, being used without thought, being used for sheer wetness — as a tight glove, a palpitating fist, pornography or worship.
The Force Awakens was attacked for being too slavish to the old Star Wars movies; The Last Jedi is being attacked for not being slavish enough.
Maybe my inability to get the knives sharpened is less about being lazy and more about being too good, for too long, at being a millennial.
Congressional subpoenas are being issued and contempt-of-Congress citations are being considered for administration officials who are being advised by Trump to ignore the probes.
The abuses experienced by women in America include, loss of independence, being shouted at, being threatened, being ignored, and receiving no response to requests for help.
When confronted by police, Caruso allegedly initially denied being involved before admitting to being at the party and being high on Xanax when Matthew was shot.
It went from being Kanye, which means the only one, to being just YE — just being a reflection of our good, our bad, our confused, everything.
We're in Paris on our honeymoon, and can barely believe the good fortune of it all -- being married, being in such a beautiful place, being together.
And I think being exposed to being in front of the camera, and being included in that environment from such a young age, was so helpful.
" Video Another message read: "The best thing about being raped is when you're done being raped and it's like 'whew this feels great, not being raped!
You've got years of me being a kid running the streets, selling crack to being disruptive in school and being fired during this journey of radio.
Fear of not going along with the group, fear of being excluded, fear of being different, fear of being put in the same position you're in.
Whether through swimsuits or athletic wear, the aim is to "celebrate being healthy, and being in shape and being comfortable in your own skin," he added.
We believe that being in the United States, being in Asia is part of being a global investment bank and bringing those capabilities back to Europe.
Most stick with the intuitive description of matter being made of atoms, and atoms being made of elementary particles, with those particles being composed of quarks.
"This mother & child are being held at a facility in Berks county & are being sent into danger despite the child being eligible for relief," he added.
There is a difference between being perceived of as original and being accepted, even loved for it, and being perceived as different and resented for it.
I came to realize that being oriented — having one's bearings — requires being located somewhere, and that being located somewhere requires having some ground to stand on.
Although it has a reputation for being different just for the sake of being different, rebellious Uranus loves newness, trying stuff out, and being future-thinking.
"I stayed on the path out of fear, not of being eaten by a wolf, but of being cut, being benched, losing my paycheck," she said.
"We were watching people being whipped, being shot in the head, their children being sold away from them," one of the women, Sandra Gordon, told
The survey asked the presidential experts to use a 211-100 scale "for overall greatness," with zero being failure, 50 being average and 100 being great.
Full of confidence in myself and bringing good to everyone around me, being a hard and persistent worker, being respectful, being bold — not shrinking or weak.
"The general assembly has made a reputation for itself for being regressive, of being anti-worker, of being anti-LGBTQ people," Hirschy said in an interview.
She likens being on a rope team for a climb to being deployed.
"Specializing was the death of being alive and being creative," Mr. Siegel said.
This dude, down to his core, enjoys being alive and being an optimist.
I love being creative and being able to push myself to new heights.
Nick being one of those, Joe being another one that made an impact.
It's about being husband and wife, and being dedicated to each other forever.
Being ruled by logical Mercury, you like being organized and doing things efficiently.
It was Bratton who reoriented the police from being reactive to being proactive.
A balance must be struck, he says, between being informed and being defeatist.
It being 2018 and all, the new invention is being funded on Kickstarter.
"Steph went from being an assistant to being a celebrity," another source added.
Being sweaty and a little smelly was just part of being a man.
There's widespread resentment that instead of being held accountable, they are being rewarded.
I'm sick and tired of being put down by society for being myself.
It [touch] is not just correlated with being human—it is being human.
Being an advocate; being an ally, those things are really important right now.
Being a Jewish woman in America is just like being a woman anywhere.
Being ambitious and being willing to admit you want to change the world.
"Being popular on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly money," it says.
Imagine being surrounded by every alluring delicacy — and being told to eat grapes.
Not being afraid of being softer, open, and more vulnerable — my look included.
"Caucuses are passing from being antiquated to being outright obsolete," Miller told me.
JJ: It's not about not being an expert; it's about being an amateur.
I think it's being open to whatever is being cooked up back there.
"Steph went from being an assistant to being a celebrity," a source said.
SH: Except that you being, you were being targeted directly, personally, all day.
"Being different is OK, being different is acceptable, and it should be celebrated."
Sure, being famous has its perks, but being the baby of a celebrity?
I was given the impossible task of being responsible for his well-being.
That pull of being foreign, of being English, that's a big pull here.
Beware of being lured into buying expensive drinks or worse—being robbed. #springbreakingbadly.
I've changed from being very introverted to being an extrovert, and an activist.
It's different from being the hot stuff to being the old hot stuff.
Thank you mom for always being there and being so strong for me.
Being black in America means that you're looked upon as being the other.
GITA GOPINATH: U.S. monetary policy is being accommodative and it's being data driven.
Doing steps aside to let being — or, if you like, Being — manifest itself.
And imagine being Frank Sinatra Jr.; you're constantly being compared to your parents.
Being a badass super spy doesn't prevent Broughton from being underestimated and objectified.
That being said, there are nationwide efforts being made to get people connected.
Being a grandmother is a different experience than being a mother, Clinton explained.
Sony says the robot can move spontaneously to simulate being a living being.
"Much of what was being fought then is still being fought," she explains.
If being gay doesn't throw the cop's suspicion on Antonio, being promiscuous does.
That being said, the story of this new medium is still being written.
Being a teenager is hard, but being a teenage rocker is even harder.
Just being a chocolate, lovely brown skin girl and being proud of that.
The video showed his belongings being examined before being taken to his cell.
Borges is being tried as an adult and is being held without bail.
But it also contains some weird messaging around being single versus being alone.
It ain't really me, being a frontman, or even being in a band.
What's important isn't the actual words being said, but the message being conveyed.
It's important to note that records aren't just being broken—they're being shattered.
Being a virgin is to sex what being an atheist is to religion.
"It beats being depressed, and it beats not being in control," she says.
Good governance can look a lot like just being a reasonable human being.
Databases of artists and how much they're being owed are being updated regularly.
Being an introvert and being a CEO may seem, at first blush, incompatible.
Just being around him, just being in his presence, it was pretty special.
There ended up being some confrontation about me being American and Donald Trump.
Being a movie star means being willing to physically transform yourself for money.
Being a treasured guest over the demanding duties involved with being a bridesmaid?
Being a KarJenner fan is exhausting enough — so imagine being in the Krew!
Just like we aren't sitting around talking about being black or being women.
It has turned my physical being into pieces, my mental being into pieces.
Sometimes I think being really rich is as bad as being really poor.
"I vacillate between being in love and being totally pissed off," he admits.
Being without a phone means being without human contact, help lines, and entertainment.
"Steph went from being an assistant to being a celebrity," the source added.
Being an Amazon Prime member is the next best thing to being royalty.
Being small, they are more prone to being knocked over in the road.
"Drivers shouldn't have to choose between being connected and being protected," said Markey.
It's not about being a clown for me, it's about being a beginner.
There's also a difference between being eligible for deportation and actually being deported.
Women [are] not being valued as much, and just generally not being recognized.
"There's a big difference between it being dark and being burnt," says Calvert.
He enjoyed being around people and I don't think he liked being alone.
The show is just Jean being nervous, and everyone else being mildly suspicious.
Just being out on the tennis court and being pain free is enough.
One of them being the Harlem Children Zone another being the Philadelphia Futures.
Thank you for not being scared of it, and for being a man.
"That's part of being a team leader, being a big brother," Morris said.
Not being in control at that time, and also not being a human.
The singer from Next is being sued for allegedly being a deadbeat tenant.
This isn't being brought that way; it's being brought as a constitutional tort.
"It's not about being beautiful and sexy, it's about being real," she said.
Being strong also means learning who you are and being who you are.
"Part of being an American is being able to read cursive writing," Sen.
JT: Being in a group to me is bigger than being one person.
He's charged with unlawfully being airside, and of unlawfully being on an aircraft.
Being in a band is probably a lot like being in a marriage.
That's completely different from being on private property or being in a museum.
Part of being a great big guy was being a great big racist.
It shines at being what Greene's film stubbornly resists being: a period piece.
How to be positively influential – Being motivational without being annoying or pushy 5.
That's the fundamental difference between being president and being a candidate for president.
Being owned by men with guns has long meant being shielded from competition.
And my sister being blonde and me being brunette, it's a good separation.
So we're being brave by being new—bravery in the name of art.
The experience of being trans in Australia is the experience of being 'othered.
She believes she was being silenced, and that the information was being suppressed.
Watch as Jessie struggles with being herself while being pulled in different directions.
"Being a miner is a lot like being in the military," Fike said.
This part of America isn't being artfully deceived, it is being willfully blind.
So this upsurge means there's just more being produced and more being shipped.
Is the Russian Embassy REALLY being so blatant about being the Dark Side?
But some classes are now being canceled or being switched to online learning.
Their answers go to show that being alone doesn't always mean being lonely.
To me, the painting is about being complicit, being involved in something terrible.
Sometimes it's not necessarily about being outright with it, it's about being subversive.
Being generous in defeat is just as important as being generous in victory.
" Then he added, "It's difficult being a human being living in exponential times.
So being engaged in this was-- was a big driver for being here.
Trump's complaint that he's being criticized for not being "presidential" seems particularly ironic.
"Being contrarian has no special virtue over being a trend follower," Buffett says.
What do you love about being a retailer, and being one in Brooklyn?
Women are superficial and money-grubbing and being beautiful means being irreparably stupid!
Despite being wounded and traumatized, he is not being allowed to leave Honduras.
"  "From intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked, it's criminal action.
Being a fan means being specific about the things you love, and why.
If people are being conned with parking tickets, they're probably being conned elsewhere.
What's it like being with your friends when they're all being tadpoles too?
New York's gone from being the Big Apple to being the Big Cupcake.
My identity wasn't being acknowledged by anyone around me; I was being ignored.
And it evolved from being just a blogging system to being a CMS.
How does it feel to switch from being a congressman to being onstage?
Being a bride isn't cheap — but then again, neither is being a bridesmaid.
Today, Jonny transcends being a character, or even being confined to a man.
They are breaking bones, being knocked unconscious and being taken away in ambulances.
"We identify with families being separated and innocent children being held," Ina said.
I'm unwillingly complicit in Indigenous people being displaced, and their land being stolen.
And my sister being blond and me being brunette, it's a good separation.
"A report regarding a Palestinian being killed and several injured... is being reviewed".
"You stop being angry and start being cynical at some point," he said.
Being in prison is like being on a cruise ship minus any amenities.
"Being long gold in renminbi terms, and being short global stocks," Costa said.
Now it's a choice between being late or being in discomfort all day.
"To me, being a journalist means being disobedient," she wrote to one colleague.
Opinion Columnist The problem with being Donald Trump isn't just being Donald Trump.
In some ways, being a salesman was good preparation for being a writer.
And then, all we could hear was people being arrested and being detained.
Being in America and being black is a very different kind of feeling.
And you don't advance your cause by being personal and being too emotional.
One integral part of being charismatic is being able to deal with conflict.
Workers are breaking bones, being knocked unconscious and being taken away in ambulances.
He committed to being Jesus's foster father despite not being connected by blood.
Being a stripper is actually good training for being a comic, Berg argued.
"We have gone from being members to being customers and viewers," he said.
I remember being happy about being able to sleep at my new house.
Some folks call this "being a shark," or maybe being a corporate climber.
Looking ahead to 2018, can Democrats progress from being lucky to being smart?
The symptoms of being deprived of oxygen can mimic being drunk, Chopra explains.
Whose history is being accounted for as well as not being accounted for?
People are afraid of being vulnerable and of being a burden to others.
People are afraid of being vulnerable and of being a burden to others.
"As a human being you are probably not being that accurate," Roberts said.
It's being used to grow water-intensive alfalfa, which is being shipped overseas.
Mr. Ramos is being held in the county jail after being denied bail.
Being a conservative Muslim, of course, does not mean being a violent extremist.
How did you feel being from Brooklyn and being able to do that?
It pays tribute to a country being born, not a leader being crowned.
People are proud of being gay, rather than being terrified of public exposure.
Because being in that room meant being in the heart of Italian soccer.
Trips are being canceled, hotel reservations are down, and conferences are being rescheduled.
It is "The Importance of Being Earnest," not "The Importance of Being Ernest."
"I don't focus on being a minority or being Puerto Rican," Cora said.
I've dealt with being discriminated against for being a woman throughout my career.
Being alone with the news now is not good for anyone's well-being.
Who is being harmed by ... not being fined because they don't have insurance?
They're being sent home, but I suspect they're really not being very constructive.