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"one" Definitions
  1. the number 1
  2. used in formal language or for emphasis before hundred, thousand, etc., or before a unit of measurement
  3. used for emphasis to mean ‘a single’ or ‘just one’
  4. a person or thing, especially when they are part of a group
  5. used for emphasis to mean ‘the only one’ or ‘the most important one’
  6. used when you are talking about a time in the past or the future, without actually saying which one
  7. the same
  8. (informal, especially North American English) used for emphasis instead of a or an
  9. (formal or old-fashioned) used with a person’s name to show that the speaker does not know the person synonym certain (5)

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"one" Synonyms
a single a lone a sole a solitary a unit of I 1 the first ace single unity only sole lone singular solitary alone one-off particular special unique distinct definite individual odd peculiar precise separate specific uncommon some this a certain an anonymous an unidentified an unnamed an unspecified a particular a random amalgamated combined incorporated integrated consolidated joined linked pooled unified united affiliated allied bound concerted leagued federated banded together a unit in league in partnership married wedded wed espoused hitched eloped joined in marriage joined in holy matrimony united in wedlock spliced tied related connected blended anonymous unnamed unidentified nameless incognito innominate unknown untitled unspecified unbaptized unchristened undesignated mysterious faceless certain given secret undisclosed pseudonymous agreed like-minded unanimous compatible congruent in agreement in unison as one at one consistent in concord in rapport in sympathy in accord in harmony in unity of one mind of the same mind shoulder to shoulder ane i willing inclined disposed ready happy prepared amenable pleased agreeable compliant consenting game glad eager enthusiastic accommodating content keen obliging predisposed buck dollar bone clam smacker dollar bill one dollar note bill greenback currency bank note folding money big one paper money legal tender person being creature human man soul mortal body character personage woman guy human being figure personality type critter life party monad atom unit single entity eleven comedian comic joker jester wag humorist wit card jokester clown droll gagster farceur buffoon prankster wisecracker gagman gagger fool funnyman eccentric oddity original crank oddball flake nut madcap case crackpot individualist kook nonconformist nutcase nutter quiz screwball weirdo you we people someone a person they an individual people in general anyone anybody somebody anyone at all any person anybody at all a soul any whoever some person so-and-so that such that one that other the one a well known the one in question each all every one both each one whole lot every last one one and all all and sundry each and every one each other every single one everybody everyone the lot the whole lot every person each person public whole world a an the any one even one a single one a single member a single unit an unknown a given More

777 Sentences With "one"

How to use one in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "one" and check conjugation/comparative form for "one". Mastering all the usages of "one" from sentence examples published by news publications.

One cup of coffee, one smile, one compliment, one dollar, one word of encouragement, one person, one... #BeTheOne #KindnessMatters pic.twitter.
There are guides like this one; this one; this one; this one; this one; and this one.
We even search for the place to start the search… (It) starts with one intent, one thought, one moment, one breath, one catalyst, one cell, one dot.
One man, one boy, one axe, and one amazing adventure.
We're talking: One white, one black; One pink, one red.
Just one more like, one more picture, one more chat, one more Pokémon, one more level.
The downtown of Napoleon stretches one block — one hardware store, one restaurant, one three-lane grocery store, one drugstore, and one bank.
The victims include 15 French, 30 Egyptian, two Canadian, one Australian-British, one Algerian, one Iraqi, one Kuwaiti, one Chadian, one Sudanese, and one Saudi, according to CNN.
One was digging, one was pacing, one was howling, one was eating, one was grooming itself, one was sleeping, one was hiding, one was hanging out in its den, one was digging on top of its den and one was intently and seemingly menacingly staring at us.
He appears as the total patriarch, gently guiding his actor children through the adolescence of their careers, one gay kiss, one shower stabbing, one cell block love making, one intentional HIV infection, one execution, one suicide, one rape, one murder, one marriage, one escape, one prison rendition of Shakespeare at a time.
One ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app.
Adam: We've actually chosen one backpack because together we are one heart, one soul, one body, one thing.
There's only one school, one coffee shop, one restaurant, and one church.
This week's tally: one presidential candidate, one presidential campaign, two news media organizations, one media mogul, one Republican consultant, one sporting event and one country.
Instagram has one, WhatsApp has one, Facebook has one, now you have one.
Musk writes: One ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app.
One is God for God is One— It takes one to know one.
"There were two explosions — one big one and one little one," he said.
One by one, the riders came out, and one by one, they fell.
"There is one thing, one feeling, one moment no one should ever feel," one father reportedly said at the sentencing.
"One rape is one too many, one assault is one too many, one aggressive act of harassment is one too many, one person denied due process is one too many," DeVos said speaking at George Mason University's Arlington, Virginia, campus.
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He pitched one inning and allowed one hit, one walk and had one strikeout.
Perhaps, one day, the plan will be renamed "One Belt, One Road, One Cloud".
Each container was accompanied by one Marine, one sailor, one soldier and one airman.
"One by one, one by one," said a witness who identified himself as Ali.
The injured include 12 Britons, three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one German, one Pole, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, one American and two Greeks.
Relievers Drew Rucinski (two innings, one hit, two strikeouts), Elieser Hernandez (one inning, one walk), and Brad Ziegler (one inning, one walk, one strikeout) completed the combined shutout.
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One model of natural selection is that it acts on mutations one by one: letting this one stay, forcing that one out.
Do they stop with one man and one man, or one woman and one woman?
"One towel, one soap, one towel, one soap!" shouts the guard manning the process today.
"One society, one dream, one resolution, one destiny - we proceed in this direction," he said.
He scored one point, had one rebound, one steal and one assist in nine minutes.
One has Balderson up one point and one has O&aposConnor up at one point.
One halter, one strapless, one orange, one black...the list can go on and on.
One is God for God is One— The only one in a hole in one.
One is God for God is One— The only one in a one-night stand.
Prizes: Eight (303183) Winners will each receive one (118) prize pack including the following items: one (103) Oculus Rift virtual reality headset;one (22016) Sensor;one (1) Oculus remote;one (1) Xbox One Wireless Controller;one (1) Owner's Manual; and, one (1) Lucky's Tale Game.
According to a list from EgyptAir, the 56 passengers included 30 Egyptians, 15 French nationals, one Briton, one Kuwaiti, one Saudi, one Chadian, one Portuguese from Algeria, and one Sudanese.
One really big one (La La Land), one really charming one (Crazy, Stupid, Love), and one I don't care to see (Gangster Squad).
One to house Opam,One to house Tiffany,One to house Zelenko,One to house Hawkins,One to house Bishop. Sisters. Brothers. Westerosi.
Heart disease: one in six Cancer: one in seven Lower respiratory disease: one in 27 Suicide: one in 88 Opioid overdose: one in 96 Car crash: one in 103 Fall: one in 114 Gun assault: one in 285 Pedestrian incident: one in 556 Motorcycle crash: 1 in 858 Here's the full list.
But one mistake, or one weakness, or one failing is just one part of a person.
This week's tally: three presidential candidates (two current, one former), two political organizations, two Fox News employees, one newspaper, one poll, one media organization, one television personality and one sitting president.
"One rape is one too many, one assault is one too many, one aggressive act of harassment is one too many, one person denied due process is one too many," DeVos said during a speech earlier this month at George Mason University's campus in Arlington, Virginia.
One of us, one of us, one of us ...
The One-On-One Becca's first one-on-one is one of the weirder dates the show's presented, but at least it seems fun.
"It's not a struggle that lasts for one day, one week, one month, one year," he said.
The product would have "one ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app," he wrote.
"Olivier sent two sketches—one was a short one and one was a long one," she explained.
But then Rachel reveals that their one-one-one date is really a two-on-one date.
Using one language, one culture, one history, North and South Korea will be joined as one nation.
One is owned by one of my brothers, and one is owned by one of my cousins.
I'm taking three — one grey, one black and one camel.
It wasn't one album or one artist or one song.
One for me, one for you, one for my dad.
He allowed one hit with one strikeout in one inning.
This one contained two human heads: one male, one female.
Oh and that one, and that one, and that one.
We are one people, with one home, and one flag.
One by one, I apologized to each one of them.
He had one strikeout, one hit batter and one pickoff.
"This one, that one, the other one," Mr. Enninful said.
We share one heart, one home and one glorious destiny.
They prioritize one identity, one narrative and one comforting distortion.
In this one hospital in one neighborhood in one city.
Onir confines Delhi to one street - everyone visits one cafe, one hotel and constantly runs into one another.
One assault is one too many," but quickly adding, "One person denied due process is one too many.
Each country sends one man, one woman and one men's double down the course, one after the other.
"Only Watch is not about one person, one auction house, one brand or even one industry," he said.
DEVOS: Well, one sexual assault is one too many, and one falsely accused individual is one too many.
In many other countries it would just be one record — one victim, one type of crime, one record.
It's one scandal after another, one embarrassing news story after another, one potential crime after another, one courtroom appearance after another, and one lie after another.
Sorry to interrupt, it's not just one group, it's one group's comfort level, one group's set of preferences, one group's set of interests, one group's priority.
The only named official for the companies — Force One Grand Prix, Force One Racing, Force One Team, Force One Technology, Force One Hospitality and Force One Brand — was Force India director Thiruvannamalai Ventkatesan Lakshmi Kanthan.
Let's be number one in wind, let's be number one in solar, let's be number one in biofuel, number one in renewables, number one in energy efficiency.
"Well, one sexual assault is one too many and one falsely accused individual is one too many," DeVos said.
THAT ONE is the one that I wanted, and that one is the one that I would never have.
So, I challenged myself to stick to one backpack only — yep, one fashion editor, one weekend trip, one backpack.
She'd stand in the wings during my bow and yell 'One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand!
I used one name at home, another one at school, had one language at home, another one at school.
At least, that's what fitness articles (like this one, this one, this one, and this one) will tell you.
And finally, NFC is limited to one-to-one interaction, as in one mobile device and one payments reader.
Klitschko comes from having one bottle of water in the shop, one pen, one chocolate, one loaf of bread.
"Well, one sexual assault is one too many, and one falsely accused individual is one too many," DeVos replied.
"Well, one sexual assault is one too many, and one falsely accused individual is one too many," Devos said.
He allowed the one run on one hit in one inning.
You've got it all in one app, one card, one everything.
One loved money, one loved power and one loved her country.
But one by one, he's passed on each one of them.
"We are one community, one family and one Orlando," said Porter.
"Hawaii is the one and only good one" claimed one person.
One of them was sixteen; the other one was twenty-one.
We are one people with one home, with one great flag.
The options are one day, one week, one month, or indefinitely.
One loses her face, one her cool, and one her life.
We are one people chasing one dream and one magnificent destiny.
He explains: This was not one event, one night, one neighborhood.
There will be another one and another one and another one.
"We kill one and another one crops up," said one reporter.
"No one — NO ONE — saw this coming," read one subject line.
Modric takes one at one corner, then one from the other.
One name, one face, one voice seems to symbolize that moniker.
"One place to shop, one delivery, and one payment," he said.
Like one part princess, one part stripper, one part Russian spy.
"When you put one, one, one, you're quota-filling," she says.
One room had reggae, one had hip-hop, one had house.
One letter isn't going to undo 15 straight elections of supporting one side, including one Democratic candidate (Mondale) who one exactly one state that isn't called New York.
We're trying not be fixed to any one thing, any one gender, any one spiritual discipline, any one race even.
In reality, it is one web browser making one request to be served with one advertisement from one ad network.
It can be said that this was one isolated incident, one shoe, one brand, one injury ... but this is Nike.
In some cases, there were three names for one spot—an Arabic one, a Kurdish one, and a Yazidi one.
We're going to make trade deals But we're going to have one-on-one deals — bilateral, one-on one-deals.
I remember the final four characters of the videos were one Asian, one black, one Latino and one white kid.
Trump is running two post-campaign campaigns: one high and one low, one of frivolity and one of enormous consequence.
By contrast, "Friends" gets most of its gags from its characters' foibles: a pretentious one (Ross), a vain one (Rachel), an insecure one (Chandler), an uptight one (Monica), a stupid one (Joey) and an eccentric one (Phoebe).
It's one we've heard before, and one one we'll doubtlessly hear again.
For one, studies typically focus on outpatient, one-on-one professional settings.
We're not just one-note, or have one talent, or one personality.
The victims included one Briton, two Australians, one Frenchman and one Spaniard.
"This isn't about one candidate or one party or one election" — Sen.
One army, a real army, united behind one leader with one purpose.
He's just one of the hardest guys one-on-one to guard.
No one saw it, no one listened to it, no one cared.
You walk one mile south, one mile west and one mile north.
It just takes one video, one image, one moment to go viral.
One more quick one and then I have one more quick question.
And here's another one, and there's one here and another one here.
Attributing one storm, in one place, on one day, to climate change?
Comey had several one-one-one meetings and phone discussions with Trump.
"No one-to-one meetings are planned," one of his aides said.
She used that one product, the first one all-in-one stick.
One small step for one man, one giant leap for parents everywhere.
One part Gatorade ("Glacial Blue" flavor), one part milk, one part toothpaste.
We are not just one place with one language and one religion.
See one, do one, teach one — it's how they teach in medicine.
You walk one mile south, one mile west, and one mile north.
One is God for God is One— There's one born every minute.
One is God for God is OneOne hand washes the other.
One is God for God is OneOne good turn deserves another.
This one is the real one, and this is the fake one.
It's actually one part determination, one part ingenuity and one part laziness.
They're doing that one Ferrari, one Lamborghini, one Bentley at a time.
One holds a beer, one holds a baby, one checks his iPhone.
Jameis: Now we gotta do it one way, one team, one heartbeat.
Team: Now we gotta do it one way, one team, one heartbeat.
We will be one people, under one God, saluting one American flag.
One couple will have a one-on-one fitting with Ms. Wang.
It is bigger than just one seat, one election and one party.
One Archie Ferguson becomes a journalist, one a memoirist, one a novelist.
He threw one scoreless inning, allowing one hit and striking out one.
"One for me, one for Julian and one for Ocean," she said.
One by one they left, she said, until only one man remained.
For one, One Million Moms has far fewer than one million supporters.
One million people is one third of one percent of the country.
Ronnie's facing one count of domestic violence, one count of brandishing a weapon, one count of child endangerment, one count of resisting arrest and one count of criminal threats.
Home to just 18850 people, it has one primary school with six students, one tiny hospital and one police station, which are staffed by one nurse and one policeman.
Nearly one in three More than one in four More than one in five Nearly one in six Nearly one in seven Nearly one in ten Shelly Tan is a graphics reporter and illustrator specializing in pop culture.
Still, I believe Trump when he said we are all one nation with one home, one heart and one shared destiny.
"Did no one filming this one stop to think, 'hey, maybe this one is a little...not right...' ??" one commenter wrote.
The tanky but slow one, the all-around balanced one, the powerful but fragile one, and the fast but vulnerable one.
"We know this much to be true: one rape is one too many, one assault is one too many," DeVos said.
The October Xbox One dashboard update is available immediately for all Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X consoles.
If you're looking for other gems similar to these, please refer to this one, this one, this one, and this one.
"If Uber wants to resolve these disputes one by one, we are ready to do that — one by one," she said.
It's rare that you have candidates who are near perfect contrasts: one establishment, one anti-establishment; one disciplined, one unpredictable; etc.
Instead of one regular lens and one 2360x telephoto lens, the Z25 Force Edition's has one color and one monochrome camera.
One by one, they entered the bus, and one by one, they explained what had brought them to this low point.
" More Hall: "The other women that they're using to corrobrate: number one, one was 19, one was 17, one was 16.
Two people died in Virginia, one in Maryland, one in New York, one in New Jersey and one in Rhode Island.
But we do hear a grouping: either one-two, one-two, or if it's faster, one-two-three, one-two-three.
" He added: "What I would give to have just one more minute to talk, one more hug, one more 'I love you more,' one more text message, one more laugh.
Republicans gained one seat in Connecticut, one in Michigan, one in Minnesota, one in Missouri, one in Pennsylvania, one in Virginia, one in West Virginia; they won a seat in New York City's suburbs as Democrats lost a seat there, and they effectively gained one more seat in Virginia when a conservative Democrat became an independent.
"In addition to twelve Britons admitted to hospital, we know that the victims include three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one German, one Pole, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, one American and two Greeks," she said.
And then there's one last one, and this one just personally delights me.
Chicago is about one-third white, one-third black and one-third Hispanic.
Each set includes three pairs: one gold, one silver, and one rose gold.
This week, there were two group dates and one one-on-one date.
Not one dime to one major food bank, one major pantry in Jersey.
One wallet for NEO, one for MONERO, one for Ripple and so on.
Motorola also unveiled two new Android One phones, the One and One Power.
There's the one percent and there's the one percent of the one percent.
One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain.
One taught us love, one taught us patience, and one taught us pain.
Kissing Word This game is a fun one to play one-on-one.
One was for banging, one was for fishing, and one was for sleeping.
The One Belt One Road effort is just one of many expansive policies.
Each plot gets an O. Henry twist, one funny, one filthy, one sweet.
Jackson, Mississippi -- one; Cincinnati, Ohio -- one; Phoenix, Arizona -- three; Las Vegas, Nevada -- one.
One gram is about the weight of one raisin, or one paper clip.
He has insulted our allies around the world one by one by one.
You were my one and only one— The only one whose number's up.
One is God for God is One— There's only one to a customer.
One is God for God is OneOne rotten apple spoils the barrel.
Three Kentucky lineages converge in the novel: one white, one black, one equine.
So forget one person, one vote — we are about 1.4 people, one vote.
The options are After One Day, After One Week, or After One Month.
Each clip features one instructor seated on one nondescript couch, with one guitar.
Verlander gave up one run, one hit and one walk in eight innings.
We are one team and one people proudly saluting one great American flag.
One section was eight handwritten pages; one was six; and one was 10.
One might be Wirecutter, one might be Mashable, one might be The Verge.
"After a while, people want to talk to one another, one on one."
All of us, together, as one team, one people, and one American family.
Each unit comprises one share and one-half of one redeemable warrant. CHAR.
This is why he doesn't have one endorsement from one senator, not one.
One scandal after another, one mistake after another, one train wreck after another.
All of us, together, as one team, one people and one American family.
It was one and two-thirds innings, not one and one-third innings.
But if you have one — then you've got something, one cent, one dollar.
"No one is losing sleep over that one," one White House source said.
Before, there was one truth, one story, one reality; now there are two.
That number, they decided, was one micron: One one-millionth of a meter.
It was one-half to two thirds, not one third to one half.
"He lives the transition: the environmental one, the digital one, the societal one."
That's either "ten-one-hundred" or "ten-thousand-one-hundred" or "one-zero-one-zero-zero" or something else altogether in Trucker.
The Rockies' closer faced just three batters and allowed two runs (one earned), one hit and one walk and recorded one strikeout.
So, I think for the Nidorina, I'm gonna say this one is the real one and this one is the fake one.
Leave one at your desk, one in your bathroom, one in your purse, and while you're at it, pick one with SPF.
One company added and one lost business; one added and one lost headcount; and two companies reported a rise in asset quality.
Every one of the members has a job in the band: one does merch, one does art, one looks after the van.
There was only one constitutional statute, the one he operated on, that said one caregiver could grow six plants for one patient.
AMSTERDAM — Two warring nations: one Catholic, one Protestant; one a monarchy, the other a republic; one profoundly religious, the other ambitiously mercantile.
Of the three closest shopping malls, one has been razed, one sits abandoned and one is down to one or two tenants.
I believe that there's no one deal, one client, one press piece, one list that's going to make or break your career.
On the House map, Democrats gained one seat in Arkansas, five in California, one in Oklahoma, one in Utah, one in Washington.
Xbox One S Console Vertical Right Angle Xbox One S Console Xbox One S Console Vertical Front Xbox One S Console Vertical Top Xbox One S Console & Controller Front Tilt Xbox One S Console Vertical Right Angle Xbox One S Console Xbox One S Console Vertical Front Xbox One S Console Vertical Top Xbox One S Console & Controller Front Tilt That thing you thought would happen, did: Microsoft has announced a smaller, yet upgraded, version of Xbox One to kick off its E3 conference.
If social apps didn't copy each other, there'd only be one app with a feed, one with hashtags, one with image filters, one with user profiles, or one with instant messaging.
He used a Form 2 SLA printer, which can put out objects using a variety of resin types — a flexible one for one piece, a rigid one for another, a colored one for one piece, a clear one for another.
We do We do so Each of us say our names I say mine of Greg That one is Larry  That one is Vince So is that one And that one And that one This one is Greg like me As is that one That one, Greg also So is that one Greg, near the front Here is Conor Seven Conors in all Eight Williams All happy Except Jer.
No one protest, no one policy, no one vote, no one idea and no one president will lead us to end the ills that the work of racial and economic equity addresses.
I think 2010 to 2020 has been about simplicity — one click, one click, one click — because Amazon really taught us that one click was important and everyone wants to do one click.
The second one-on-one goes to Lauren B., which is pretty surprising considering she just got a one-on-one last week.
The idea of having dedicated wardrobes — one for work, one for play, one for fitness, one for whatever else — has all but eroded.
There were four in total: one for the building, one for the trash room, one for the mailbox, one for their apartment door.
With one for chicken, one for meat, one for fish, and one for vegetables, the chance of cross-contamination drops to almost zero.
This is one of the most generous gestures imaginable, and one that defines Branca's life much more than one pitch in one game.
While Patreon is one direct approach for generating revenues from users, another one is to offer dual licenses, one free and one commercial.
One is transgender, one navigates her blindness, one discovers a family secret, another an unexpected sexuality, one might just be a future Banksy.
There are several simultaneous lawsuits centered on DACA, including one in California, one in New York, one in Washington and one in Texas.
In eight games, he has a total stat line of one rebound, one steal, one turnover, and one foul, with eight minutes played.
To use piercing language, one went on my rook, one on my helix, one on my conch, and one on my upper lobe.
Suddenly, there were multiple parties thrown for children: one with the nuclear family, one with extended family, one at school, one with friends.
"Give me one...give me one scien—give me one scientific fact why I should give up eating meat," he blobbed.
It feels like every single one of these one-on-one interviews ends with, 'Wow, no one has ever asked my opinion before.
ML: If I were to say, is it one third, one third, one third?
The one where you actually finish one dry shampoo before buying a new one?
One lucky kid who got some one-on-one time with the costumed pups?
One for them to live in, one for me, and one for the guests.
Through one-on-one instruction, children who attend the one-year comprehensive program flourish.
We will ALL succeed & grow TOGETHER – as one team, one people, & one American family.
We go around the circle one-by-one and I'm surprised no one abstains.
For that I give you 'One More Dawn, One More Day, One Day More'?
And their availability was like, one day yes, one day no, one day yes.
She still films at home, with just one camera, one tripod, and one light.
One in the house, one in South Carolina, and my last one in Denmark.
One medical emergency, one unplanned hospital visit, one ambulance ride could financially ruin them.
No one was watching and no one really cared much one way or another.
"Hunter", one of Dido's earliest songs, starts "with one light on, in one room".
The pressure to stick to one lane, one topic, one career path is understandable.
He allowed one hit in three scoreless innings, walking one and striking out one.
One person will say one thing and the next one will finish their sentence.
No one knows which one — which means no one knows what it would do.
One is the Bakken, one is Permian, and one is also the Eagle Ford.
So: one-third of hospitals, one-fifth on outpatient services, one-tenth on drugs.
The bartender had one long arm and one short one, just like the clock.
Duensing allowed one run on three hits while walking one and striking out one.
One consisted mainly of pork, one of beans, and one of peas or veal.
Three circles—one blue, one green, one orange—correspond to the phones' respective whereabouts.
Lackey worked one inning, allowing one run on two hits while striking out one.
I hope I can get through that one and just go one by one.
Out of the three: one looks bad, one looks troubling, and one looks okay.
One is God for God is One— In one ear and out the other.
The Gwadar port is just one example of China's "One Belt, One Road" initiative.
They'd been employed by one industry, one plant, one factory from cradle to grave.
Independence Day shouldn't be about just one politician, one political party, or one viewpoint.
Four Germans, one Belgian, one French national and one Italian died in the crash.
It's basically one part robot, one part adorable pet, and one part obedient servant.
Williams finished the game with three touchdowns: one passing, one rushing and one receiving.
"The regime is closing one chapter and starting a new one," one analyst said.
It has two train stations, one hospital, one TV station and one radio station.
By planting themselves in one neighborhood, one organization or one mission, they earn trust.
This crisis will not be solved in one administration, one budget, or one Congress.
One American service member, one American civilian and one coalition contractor were also wounded.
One person was paleo, one was allergic to garlic, and one was gluten-free.
The players included seven quarterbacks, one nose tackle, one cornerback and one wide receiver.
We are one country, one people, and we will have together one great future.
I'll help you out: One is here, one is here and one is here.
If one not related to the other one, they're related to the other one.
Three freshwater ponds (one male, one female, one mixed) in Hampstead Heath, North London.
One is unconscious (or conscious!) bias; one is disclosure; and one is data security.
No one acknowledges you, no one speaks to you, no one recognizes your dignity.
We'll save these lives one patient, one addict, one treatment center at a time.
At one point, she and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell talked one-on-one.
One had died, one was hospitalized and one was still missing, Mr. Sheth said.
One bit of irony: this was, apparently, Clinton's strength one on one — her listening.
There were also some notables repeats as West posted three pictures of Pamela Anderson (one with Tommy Lee, one with Kid Rock, and another with Brett Michaels), three of Brad Pitt (one with Gwyneth Paltrow, one with Jennifer Aniston and one with Angelina Jolie) and three of Madonna (one with Sean Penn, one with Dennis Rodman and one with Jean-Michel Basquiat).
Alternately, on any given day, he could have one foursome and a threesome (3 women + 2 women = 5); two threesomes and a one-on-one session (2 women + 13 women + 1 woman = 5); one threesome and three one-on-one sessions (2 women + 1 woman + 1 woman + 1 woman = 5); or five one-on-one sessions (you understand this math).
One child has grown into a lush, one a scold; one's stuck in a terrifying marriage, one has failed to launch; one is successful but unfulfilled (that's Kay) and one fares even worse.
Each room is used for different art practices: one for engravings, one for sculpture, one for mosaics and one for kintsugi and restoration work.
"I normally get four, one for school, one for her backpack, one for home at all times, and one in my purse," Friscia said.
Either today is the first one on one with my future husband or it's the first and last one-on-one date with Luke.
Instead of replacing one damaged cornea with one healthy one, you could grow enough cells from one donated cornea to print 50 artificial ones.
Most of them already had some professional experience: one of them was a carpenter, one a fireman, one a waiter, one an art student.
The region may be one, ballistic missiles may be one, rhetoric may be one, inside the country may be one, cyber may be another.
James went one-one one on Durant on Cleveland's next two possessions, each time with a chance to narrow the gap to one point.
"One sexual assault is one too many, but by the same token, one that is denied due process is one too many," DeVos said.
The Finest Hours is three movies — one excellent, one merely adequate, one potentially excellent but hobbled by haphazard editing — awkwardly stitched together into one.
Eight cases have been confirmed in California, one in Massachusetts, one in Washington state, one in Arizona, two in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.
Of those, three are still open investigations — one in Yonkers, one in Putnam County and one in the Bronx — and one has been closed.
There is one Asian woman, one Hispanic woman, one black woman and one black man, with no Hispanic men counted among the top executives.
He's got one leg for walking, one for high-impact exercise, one for cycling, and even one for sprinting, all in a special closet.
The strike on Friday killed one al Qaeda operative, while the one on Saturday killed three people and the one on Sunday one person.
" DeVos brightly made the following bizarre statement: "Well, one sexual assault is one too many, and one falsely accused individual is one too many.
CNN Weather meteorologists say one forecast on Friday afternoon showed one-tenth of one county in extreme southeast Alabama was included in one model.
They have followed one award winner with another, one splashy statement with a splashier one.
Home EntertainmentGamingHome EntertainmentGamingMicrosoft Xbox One XHome EntertainmentGamingMicrosoft Xbox One XMicrosoft Xbox One XWhat is it?
Maybe one for finances, one for business, one for social networks and another for music.
"Which one is the father and which one is the boyfriend," wrote one Instagram user.
One thing I've learned is that if you've met one veteran, you've met one veteran.
One applied to state legislators, one to state elected officials and one to state nominees.
There's one from my mom, one from my dad, and one from the studio owner.
One ended in an apology, one ended with an accusation and one ended in tears.
" Veo aims to democratize soccer videos "one camera, one field, one team at a time.
Ten years ago there were 17 states with one Republican senator and one Democratic one.
And no one has ever gotten a promotion without getting a one-on-one meeting.
Stroman allowed the one run on five hits and one walk while striking out one.
Variants feature one mechanic and one electric brake, or two mechanic and one electric brake.
One the one hand, it would take away one of the iPhone's best exclusive features.
Its expanse is far greater than just one person or one company or one industry.
If you want the cheap one, get the cheap one (excuse me, "most affordable" one).
I have one more question, which is both an easy one and a hard one.
There's one for frizz, one for curls, and one for growing out a bad haircut.
Even if it's just one person, that's one person fighting one less demon as much.
There was one "star car," one camera car, one back-up and two stunt cars.
Their apps include one for women's safety, one for water conservation and one on education.
"We don't want to depend only on one side, one continent, one country," he said.
But this is not just about one company, one platform or even one form factor.
From there it transforms into a one-to-one or one-to-many broadcast platform.
No one -- no one celebrates when they win and no one cries when they lose.
I was one-third flattered, one-third impressed at her gutsiness, and one-third horrified.
It's not like there's only one person or one organization or one trade association involved.
This one is an easy one to make, and an easy one to let slide.
She has one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pâté.
One is God for God is One— The only One in Heaven and on earth.
We need to think in arms because we're actually one race, one people, one civilization.
We can't win one game, lose two, win one, lose two, win two, lose one.
Trump is scheduled to meet one-one-one with Trump starting at 6:20 a.m.
In one case, an HHS spokesperson said, one $200,000 grant led to only one enrollment.
One of which is scheduled for Sunday, when he meets Bernie Sanders one-on-one.
One dead body yielded just enough growth hormone to treat one patient for one day.
One kid chopped veggies, one boiled water, one readied the silverware and on and on.
But we're like the one-tenth of the one-tenth of the one-tenth. OK?
When you have that many people, it invariably is, one line, one line, one line.
Take a look and you'll see three separate gangs: one blue, one green, one yellow.
Choosing death before dishonor is not unique to one person, one era or one society.
There's one for drawing, one for note-taking, one for notes on a specific story.
How one day, one week, one year can be so vastly different from the next.
Every one of them failed, with only one of them just getting one Republican vote.
We have three cats, one is 9, one is 2 and one is six months.
Each kit has one doll, two hairstyle options (one longer, one shorter) and varying clothes.
And that point, he&aposs got about a one-minute, one-on-one straight combat.
One bed is not enough, one job is not enough, one life is not enough.
One by one, they refuse to obey her command to stone one of their own.
One of her characters on mastectomies: "I like the idea of losing one" — one breast.
VICE News saw one truck full of oranges, one with flour, and one with medicines.
The number one thing male and female friends do together is talk one-on-one.
But here's the thing: One desires to be read, one would like to be paid, and one writes, in the end, what one has to write, whether one is Robert Ludlum or Lydia Davis.
That population of proud, hardworking Americans who we used to call the great American middle class are one unexpected expense, one layoff, one medical emergency, one missed paycheck, one government shutdown away from poverty.
The U.S. Army force in a united Germany only deploys one Special Forces Group, one cavalry Stryker brigade combat team (SBCT), one armored reconnaissance battalion, one artillery battalion, and one heavy combat aviation group.
Even if they are not identical, they share yards of genetic material, and yet one turns out large and one small, one strong and one weak, one a poet and the other a mumbler.
One legislator resigned after being charged with engaging in child prostitution, one with sexual harassment, one with sexual battery, and one following an ethics-commission investigation; four went to other jobs; and one died.
Whether you want an all-natural toothpaste, one with fluoride, one with charcoal, one with whitening powers, or one that rebuilds your enamel to reduce sensitivity, we've found one fit for your medicine cabinet.
"She learned the theory of one to many and many to one, which is learning one object could have many names and many names can apply to one object or one person," she said.
Paul Kreizenbeck Each week I usually feature one joke pin, one bootleg pin, one pink pin, and one pin that's just straight up well-designed.
AI armies will always have a force that's about one-quarter ranged units, one-quarter line infantry, one quarter shock infantry, and one quarter cavalry.
The order of things has yet to be determined, but expect one Marvel playset, one Star Wars playset, one Disney playset and one Pixar playset.
One has to be a simple one that consists as only one formula, and the other can be a regular one that is more complex.
The autonomous tech development facility is actually one of four garages Intel maintains globally, including one in Arizona, one in Portland and one in Berlin.
You go to any bookstore and grab one book—it will say one part gin, one part vermouth, one part Campari, with slice of orange.
I was taking probably two bars a day at this point"—one "bar" being one 2mg tablet—"one in the afternoon and one at night.
Two actually fell, and one limped down the runway with one shoe off and one on, one leg about six inches shorter than the other.
The 14 US cases include eight in California, one in Massachusetts, one in Washington state, one in Arizona, two in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.
The older one attends a preschool program three mornings a week and the younger one stays with a babysitter one morning a week so I can have one-on-one time with my older son.
One of them is decorated for a surfer girl, one of them is a girly teen-looking bedroom, one has teddy bears, one has a stripper pool, one is a fake bathroom with a tub.
This was a family who loved one another, laughed with one another, made fun of one another and always supported one another, even while living through one of the most turbulent times in American history.
Curiously, no one was talking, no one was eating, and no one was there for lunch.
Another one-third are teams with two co-founders that include one male and one female.
With one win, one loss, and one draw, Portugal never made it out of sultry Manaus.
I add one sweet potato, one regular potato, one Russet potato, and chorizo from Sam's Club.
With Samurai Jack, Tartakovsky mixes in one part anime, one part myth, and one part cyberpunk.
All of us, together, as one team, one people, and one American family can do anything.
One of them is children, the other one is art and the other one is acting.
One for the song, one for the subtitles, and one to soak in the chaos ensuing.
When you love a bra, buy three: one to wear, one to wash, one to rest.
Plus, that line "one taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain"?
Best card: Capital One Venture Capital One used to host its own Capital One Giving Site.
The old adage of "see one, do one, teach one" may finally be getting an upgrade.
Not one producer, not one, has willingly taken one solitary barrel off the table this fall.
Apple's FaceTime, for one, still only supports one-to-one video calls, as does Facebook Messenger.
READMEConvenient all-in-one radar detector and dashcam, so there's just one device and one cable.
Like, why, can't we have more than one Latin girl, one Black girl, one white girl?
Richards gave up one unearned run on one hit and one walk while striking out nine.
Anyone can meditate for one minute, read one page or put one item of clothing away.
This deal comes with the toothbrush, one black handle, one toothbrush head, and one travel case.
"In Minnesota we accept one another, we support one another, we respect one another," he said.
The treatment was a one-off, designed for one person in one very early-stage study.
So for me, it's this one friend, everybody got the one friend that's the wild one.
The assets would be sold one by one and not to one buyer, the source added.
I'll offer three plausible use cases for facial recognition: one respectable, one mundane, and one risky.
No one speaks, no one smiles, no one even looks at each other, yet it's perfect.
Most communities have one cable company to choose from, one provider of electricity, one gas company.
As the Kremlin said last week, a one-one-one meeting with you 'absolutely suits' him.
It has three Republican members, one Democrat and one independent, as well as one vacant seat.
Obama is also sitting down for a one-one-one meeting with Cameron later this week.
"I was merely voicing one thought, based on one interpretation, of one complicated event," Morey said.
They had one flavor, one texture, one purpose—to fill my stomach—but that was enough.
The district has one elementary school, one middle school, one high school and a universal prekindergarten.
There was no one in front, no one close behind, no one else in the frame.
Hughes gave up one hit, walked one and struck out one in an inning of work.
A crepe cake is not one crepe plus one crepe plus one crepe, and so on.
No one took care of them, no one gave them vet care, no one handled them.
One of them has to be the first one on the page, and this one is.
One in Bercy, another one next to Vente-Privée's office, another one on Asnière's market, etc.
No one makes money from a literary magazine, and no one gets rich working at one.
Indeed, at its best, it's the experience of us as one mind, one heart, one body.
And according to one report, she performed poorly in her one-on-one interview with Trump.
"The Holocaust is one family by one family by one family's personal, private tragedy," he said.
But I try to take life one minute, one step, and one day at a time.
One from the eyebrow, one from the lip, another at the nose, one from the cheek.
If I had to choose one 2016 performance by one dancer, this would be the one.
One by one, the shelves survived his punches ... until one suddenly popped out from the wall.
One is South Africa and the other one is a joint one between Russia and China.
So I believe that one match, one tournament, can turn things around one way or another.
One famous experiment involved two groups of men walking across two bridges, one stable, one swaying.
"We're just one more little slap in the face away from another one," one resident said.
"I want to challenge Simon to a one-on-one exoskeleton race one day," Gorlitsky said.
Three alternate jurors were also selected: one white man, one black woman, and one Latino woman.
The world is being mapped in 63D — one brick, one bench, one building at a time.
Each contestant is voted off the island one by one until there's only one standing survivor.
I was not appointed to serve one party or one interest, but to serve one nation.
The Oscars honor three short films each year: one animated, one live action, and one documentary.
"One group over there, one over here, and we'll make one large human chain," he said.
Not just the people who look one way, worship one way or even think one way.
Another one, another one another one of my kids going down, I can't take much more.
He allowed just two hits — one single and one double — walked one and struck out five.
All of us, together, as one team, one people, and one American family, can do anything.
This movement feels good, this one hurts my knee, this one feels effortless, this one feels unattainable, this one gives me a pinch in the hip.
There are four models available: the Corsair One, Corsair One Pro, the Corsair One Pro (webstore only), and the Corsair One Ti (also a webstore exclusive).
You'll want to create three templates: one for physical gifts, one for cash or gift cards and one for honeymoon fund donations (if you have one).
Suppose one is considering a permanent increase in government spending of 1% of GDP, and suppose one assumes that government spending raises output one-for-one.
That's right, one of the most one-dimensional characters has two sides, one played KJ Apa and one played by his stunt double named Matthew Mylrea.
Justin Bieber (the cute one, the shy one, the funny one, and the smart one of the band Justin Bieber) has a big milestone to celebrate.
The company is only making four of the watches — one green, one blue, one purple and one turquoise — retailing for the otherworldly price of $500,000 each.
There's one in the lobby adjacent to an outdoor courtyard, one inside the hotel restaurant Harold's, and two on the roof — one indoor and one outdoor.
In his first stint with the Blue Jays, Girodo appeared in one game, allowing one hit and one hit batsman with one strikeout over two innings.
This is Astral Chain, a game that's one part apocalypse, one part menial police work, one part over-the-top action, and one part pure goofiness.
If you go back in history, a brand was one place: one great restaurant, one great tailor in Milan, one great art dealer in New York.
The protesters in Hong Kong tend to live in the present: this one demonstration, this one act of resistance, this one small victory, this one setback.
One of those modifications was a strict one-child-per-home policy, so that each child gets the one-on-one attention needed from foster parents.
One-third of patients will get a placebo, one-third will get one of the drugs plus a placebo, and one-third will get both drugs.
An image of Caruso scowling merited two hysterical laughter emojis, one prayer hands emoji, one flexed biceps emoji, one shouting emoji and one steaming nostrils emoji.
We want to make the right decision; like I said, not the fast one, not the speedy one, not the expedient one, not the easy one.
According to the document, the RCMP will perform one-to-one searches (using one image to confirm the identity of one suspect), as well as one-to-many searches—fishing expeditions involving large databases of photos.
To divide the holiday into two weekends divides the energy, introducing new problems into the equation: four nights for partying, not two, which introduces the question of whether one needs more than one costume, when one perfect one will be much stronger than multiple weaker ones, or one very strong one and one dashed-off, low-effort ensemble.
Here's a look at some of the big-ticket items: The Navy ship procurement includes funding for one aircraft carrier replacement, two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, two Virginia-class submarines, three littoral combat ships, one expeditionary sea base, one expeditionary fast transport, one amphibious ship replacement, one fleet oiler, one rescue ship and one oceanographic survey ship.
It's an all-star collaboration between one of the biggest brands in politics and one of the biggest brand in signature sneakers, a one-of-one, worn by Curry once, at Washington's Capital One Arena in February.
There's not one step of the way, there's not one lace trim, there's not one bra strap, there's not one hardware color, there is not one bow on a panty that I do not see and approve.
By having one towel for hands, one for dishes and one for cleaning, you'll limit the amount of surfaces (and bacteria) each one comes in contact with.
For example, one of his setups has three oscillators, representing the hierarchy of a hive: one for the workers, one for the drones, one for the queen.
"One is being a victim of an attack, the other implies your entire GLOBAL OPERATION goes down cause of one fire in one building," one customer tweeted.
This is one of America's competitive advantages: in that one jurisdiction you can access a huge market with one (and with Spanish one-and-a-half) languages.
A hell in which they were forced to overcome one hurdle after another, one let down after another, one disappointment after another, or one rejection after another.
He's one of the few people in King's Landing who's seen one up close, and one of the few in the world who has ever petted one.
Among the sons, Scott Speedman ("Felicity") plays the smart one, Shawn Hatosy the crazy one, Ben Robson ("Vikings") the big one and Jake Weary the angry one.
One option is to consolidate your student loans, or wrap all your loans into one loan with one monthly payment, and one (most likely lower) interest rate.
Buick now makes four of the seven models sold in the U.S. overseas: one in China, one in Poland, one in Canada and one in South Korea.
Apply that thinking to housing: About 20 years ago people thought investing in one house was enough, but that's one house, in one city, in one country.
One event was shared with 85033,300 users on Facebook, of which 240 ultimately said that they would attend the "One Person One Vote One March," on Dec.
Three schools — one in London, one in Amsterdam, and one in Maastricht — have granted her an extension.
The one, what did the one that became great do different than the one that did not?
The animals live in three family groups each consisting of one male, one female and one infant.
It all started with one second, one minute, one hour of knowing I was going to change.
And it's not just food or energy, could be one thing one month, one thing another month.
You've never made just one comment; you never abused just one time or just one of us.
I'm one with my hands, I'm one with my brain, I'm one with my pores: I'm me.
On the back, you'll find a three-camera array: one regular, one telephoto, and one wide angle.
No one previously to that — no one could tell me; they just, no one had any information.
I thought, 'My looks haven't spared me one hardship or one hurt moment or one painful situation.
It's one part Ibiza to one part Japan and yet another to Margate all rolled into one.
"One year in and I already have a one-on-one meeting with Bill Gates," she added.
"We'll present one-by-one because it's difficult getting all these investors in one room," Manlaibayar said.
One car, one customer, one purchase — until they're ready to buy another car in a few years.
Hopkins has three savings accounts: one for emergencies, one for moving expenses and one for her dogs.
Start by setting a goal for yourself: Maybe it's one week, one weekend, or even one day.
The show then follows three different timelines: one in 1953, one in 1986, and one in 2019.
"We removed four dogs, three cats, one rabbit, one python snake, and one bearded lizard," he explains.
One camera was pointed ahead of the hiker, one to the left, and one to the right.
There is one physicist, one microbiologist, one chemist and eight engineers spread across the House and Senate.
He is one a 23-for-20 roll with one double, one triple and three home runs.
So that's certainly one and that's only one of the economic indicators, but it's an important one.
The lens now has three rotatable rings — one for focus, one for zoom and one for aperture.
Maybe one that's at least twelve characters long and has at least one number and one symbol?
"If one of us makes one mistake, we could actually get hurt," says one of the sisters.
One of the benefits about this investment fund is this isn't about one country or one administration.
The state's electorate is divided: one-third Republican voters, nearly one-third Democratic and one-third independent.
We have three maids — one cooks, one cleans the house, and one does the dishes and laundry.
The set, which includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase, is made from polyester.
There's one casual everyday wear, one going-out outfit, one formal wear, and finally a stylist's choice.
On Monday, he won one battle after another in one-on-one drills against Washington offensive linemen.
One kilobyte is roughly 264,000 bytes, one megabyte is 1,000 kilobytes, and one gigabyte is 1,000 megabytes.
Every batter in the Nationals' starting lineup had at least one hit, one RBI and one run.
"I feel you're one part pop, one part rock, and then you're one part Ashlee," he said.
The only question is one of pacing: Does one demand immediacy, or is one satisfied with gradualism?
"The AKP is not the party of one person, one family or one group alone," Davutoglu said.
You could argue that the old model — one starter, one main, one dessert — is plodding and restrictive.
There are 19 apartments: nine two-bedrooms, eight one-bedrooms, one four-bedroom and one five-bedroom.
I have two: One is an army green canvas one, and I also have a black one.
"They'd never seen as much pitching in one spot, in one system, at one time," Preller said.
In one case, he required at least one of them to spend much of one day naked.
For hours each day, students sat next to one another, learned with one another, influenced one another.
In a typical collection of three, one will blossom, one will fade and one will get hurt.
No one called it music, no one called it art, no one called it singing or dancing.
Much more was at stake than just one building on one plot of land in one suburb.
One by one, each of the five students joined one of the two groups, greeted by cheers.
One pot, one pan, one sheet: The wonders of the single-vessel meal never cease to impress.
My dad and grandfather had one, so as soon as I could grow one, I wanted one.
I keep one in my bedroom, one in my bag, and one on my desk at work.
I wanted to represent the mean one in the relationship — the careless one, the free-spirited one.
MICHELLE CARUSO-CABRERA: One of the countries that's really gorged on One Belt, One Road is Pakistan.
They strike nearly one in five women worldwide, one in 215 men and one in 2000 children.
"They spent at last half of the three-hour meeting one-on-one," one Irish source said.
More than one child in 50 is allergic to peanuts; among one-year-olds, one in 20.
Inside, two of the poles protruded from the ceiling -- one above one room, and one above another.
I remember linking my arm with one of my friend's arms and one with the other one.
One dances in moonlight and one in the Sun, but don't try to pick your favorite one.
One person fights for one thing, and one person fights for another thing, and it gets there.
The former is a risk of approximately one in six million; the latter, one in one million.
"Tier 6: "$250 a month, all lower tier rewards, one hour one-on-one hangout with Morton.
The drinks list offers one red, one white, one rosé and a handful of beers and sakes.
It's not "interiors," plural — as if there is one psychic space, one soul, one ethos to plumb.
Under Airbnb's "One Host, One Home" policy, New Yorkers can list only one apartment, with few exceptions.
If one day one part of the operation is captured or killed it's just one start-up.
While I clean, my husband runs out for hot dog and hamburger buns, two Chinese eggplants, one zucchini, four bell peppers, one red onion, one pineapple, macaroni, two blocks of sharp cheddar, one tub of hummus, two bags of chips, two packages of cookies, one tomato, one head of lettuce, one box of chicken bouillon cubes, one jar of peanut butter, a couple sodas, lemonade, and iced tea.
One would have to always live with one foot on the terrain of hope, and the other on the ground of fear; one would have to act in such a way that one might flourish if one is allowed, but be prepared that one not be allowed to flourish.
Classes each have three abilities: one passive one, one tactical one on a multi-second cooldown, and one ultimate that charges up over the course of many minutes and can be used only sparingly in a single match.
"If you treat 10 workers one way, but you treat that one woman, or that one man, or that one pregnant worker, or that one older worker differently, that's going to open you up to liability," she added.
Your network is made up of millions and millions of neuronal "voters," each of whom has been given five different cards: one for cat, one for dog, one for spider monkey, one for spoon and one for defibrillator.
One zygote fertilized by one sperm can split into three, according to American Pregnancy, or one of two zygotes can split, creating two identicals and one fraternal multiple.
Five guys together -- I'm talking about the cute one, the funny one, the nice one, the other one and the maverick who refused to play by the rules.
That left four controlled clinical trials, people actually drinking the water—one had 12 patients, one had 15 patients, one had 20 patients and one had 60 patients.
As you may have noticed, all four elements are represented in each quality: one fire, one earth, one air, and one water sign make up each quality's group.
"Figuratively, at this point there's still only one Ivanka — just like there's only one Kanye, one Barack, one Madonna — no matter how many other people get the name."
The focus on the wall, Reagan wanted to tear one down, the right one, and Trump wants to build one up, and that&aposs the right one, too.
The one who wins is the one who walks away with the manhood and the one who loses is the one who is made invisible and is feminized.
In the most-indebted city — Bridgeport, Connecticut — about one in three residents have at least one maxed out credit card, and one in 10 have more than one.
Speaking of which, on the trail over the years we spotted: two bears, one cougar, one pine marten, one fisher, one lynx, 14 rattlesnakes, and surprisingly few humans.
You know the one: the one who smells "bad" because she hasn't bathed in days; the one who carries her home on her body; the one who begs.
It's about working in groups to turn one vote into more than one vote, one voice into more than one voice, by getting others on board with you.
For us to defeat President Museveni, it will take more than one political party, more than one tribe, more than one religion and yes, more than one generation.
So one wonders: Is China presenting a new model of development to a world that could use one, or is One Belt, One Road itself the new colonialism?
And then the reality is, you've got to find that SKU — that one frame, that one shirt, that one dress, that one whatever — that's going to sell out.
"The talent is one thing, playing the game is one thing, being successful is one thing," Pettitte said.
One Redditor's brother, who has vision in only one eye, recently adopted an adorable puppy with one eye.
But no one, NO ONE, could have prepared me for the challenge of a two-on-one date.
" He said, "I've never seen one, I've never been asked to sign one and I've never signed one.
He pitched one more inning, allowing one run and five hits overall, with three strikeouts and one walk.
Add one drop of pink food coloring to one and one drop of orange to the the other.
A one-on-one with probably one of the more powerful players on Capitol Hill tomorrow, Bob Goodlatte.
He allowed four hits in five innings of work, striking out one, walking one and hitting one batter.
If you can't do one-to-one, and I won't go for 203 to one, what is it?
He announces there will be three dates this week: two group dates and one coveted one-on-one.
The experiment is spread over three sessions: one that uses CBD, one THC, and one with a placebo.
One person might call it turquoise, one might call it cerulean, and one might simply call it blue.
They run across multiple form factors, but it's one developer platform, one store, one tool chain for developers.
After Martin, she snagged a recurring role on the TV One series, One on One starring Kyla Pratt.
In the $20s I said that this one was a bad one, and it remains a bad one.
"I wasted 150 dollars on #tanacon, it's one hallway, one big concert room, and no activities," tweeted one.
Matt tried to play hero, which results in one dead Polk, one angry Polk and one murderous Mama.
Its oil industry is in the throes of three crises, one cyclical, one structural, and one potentially existential.
One got training for memory improvement, one for reasoning and one with computerized training in speed-of-processing.
Capital OneOne of the most important missions of Capital One is to support veterans and their families.
If you're thinking about getting one or riding one or even looking at one, please wear a helmet.
Nucor is building three new steel mills, one in Florida, one in Kansas City, and one in Illinois.
"There is only one Green Bank; there is only one Arecibo; there is only one VLA," says Kent.
He went one inning Tuesday and allowed one hit, a homer, and had one strikeout for Rancho Cucamonga.
Most of the photos feature models that vary between a one-to-one scale and one-twelfth scale.
But this isn't about any one Librarian or any one President or even any one Register of Copyrights.
One shortcoming of the study is its focus on only one profession in one country, the authors note.
It seems like it's something that all could have been done in one day­: one appointment, one day.
Triggs allowed one unearned run on one hit, struck out one and walked none in a no-decision.
"It's not just about one community — we're all facing one common hate and one common intolerance," she said.
" He added, "She'll get through it, whether at this one or the next one or the next one.
Barring one reporter from one network from one White House event is not the precursor to Stalin's purges.
I played in only one tournament, fighting three matches — I lost one, won one and had a draw.
But one big oneone that hadn't been raised in the first two debates — was still noticeably absent.
"One woman is breastfeeding, one woman has tattoos, one woman is a yogi in her 60s," she says.
However, you can earn the bonus for one personal card, plus one small business card, within one year.
He allowed one hit on a homer with one strikeout while throwing 13 pitches in one inning Monday.
One marriage was arranged, one began with an elopement, and one was a match made over the Internet.
It's the knowledge that this will never be just one day, just one message, just one hateful person.
One zip is for playing notes or chords, one for changing the bar, and one for the vibrato.
And there's another one that says no, no, this is a one-off, there's no one like him.
You make one decision, then you make another one, and another one; that's the way that life is.
There also had been "just one, one-hour conversation with one person from IOC Ethics Commission," he added.
One leader Trump will not be seeing in a one-to-one meeting is Russian President Vladimir Putin.
One was Warcraft and gaming, and I'll come back to that one, but the main one was transparency.
We're the number one in sales, we're the number one in service, we're the number one in marketing.
One floor might use one contractor and one set of gear, while another floor was a budget job.
Megan Radamaker, a registered dietitian in Macomb, Michigan, chose one sweet, one salty, and one especially healthy option.
They can toss one set in their bag, leave one at work, and keep one in the car.  
One of the best healthcare systems in the world, the Lombard one, is one step away from collapse.
" And when one is challenged, she concluded, "one retaliates, if one has never been challenged before, rather excessively.
One loves in proportion to the sacrifices that one has committed and the troubles that one has suffered.
His assets are spread across two savings accounts, one retirement fund, one broker account and one cryptocurrency account.
Indeed, one of the first joint stock companies became one of the biggest - and one of the worst.
"One day in Auschwitz was a month, one week a year, one month was an eternity," he said.
"It is often one moment, one pattern or one step that opens meaning in a ballet," she explains.
But he's already dreaming about the next one—and the one after that, and the one after that.
And if I was able to impact just one player, one kid, one person, I served my purpose.
One way to identify one is to go back to one of the odd features of our history.
One will go to the World Cup, one will go to a playoff and one will be out.
"We want one billion, not one million," was one of the rallying cries during the protests on Saturday.
The promise of "one country, two systems" is giving way to the reality of one country, one system.
Diets and budgets have one important thing in common: The best one is the one you'll stick with.
No one to monologue, no one to tell "shmeh" jokes, no one to keep the whole thing moving.
So, there is only one category for best picture, one for best actor and one for best actress.
But there are other days where I need more: one more minute, one more hour, one more email.
One by one, almost every one of the 31 Democrats said they were compelled to vote for impeachment.
"The three books are one heap, one binding, so to speak, though not one book," Lowell told Bishop.
There's always one more notification to read, one more deal to be had, one more like to chase.
It's not a flat ban, however, just removed from one of their most popular one-on-one formats.
To accomplish this, they integrated three strategic models: one for climate, one for crops and one for economics.
They've developed brand identities: Siggi's is the serious one, Noosa the fun one, and Stonyfield the organic one.
We're seeing two divergent Americas, one with money, and one without — and the one without is largely black.
He allowed just two hits — one single and one double — three walks and one run, striking out five.
Meet our children where they're at One of the stories in the Haggadah is about four children: one who is wise, one who is wicked, one who is simple and one who doesn't know how to ask at all.
The EPA has said that one address is public, one is in the standard EPA format, one is for use in calendars, one is for Pruitt to use for communication and one was never used beyond three test emails.
So having it so that you really have confidence that you're sharing something one-on-one and it's not– and it really is one-on-one, it's not one-on-one and the government there– actually makes it so people can share things that they wouldn't be comfortable otherwise doing it.
They were six people beating the odds at the beginning of the year — one wanting to live a long time, one ready to go, one wanting to marry, one still a working artist, one holding her extended family together and one content to play mah-jongg and make herself happy.
Instead Wall Street had become, in Clinton's parlance, "just one street," just one industry among many, one problem among many, one stop on the speaking circuit among very many.
WWE wrestlers did one, BuzzFeed staffers did one, the hosts of the Today show did one, FCC Chair Ajit Pai did one to promote the end of net neutrality.
She is a woman straddling two cognitively dissonant lives: one tethered to the here and now, one pure façade; one steeped in addiction and criminality, one in sexual fantasy.
My one misgiving about the device is the hinge, which can be adjusted between three positions: one at a right angle, one completely flat, and one somewhere in between.
" Chase Carey, Formula One chairman and chief executive "Formula One has lost not only one of the truly great exponents of the sport but also one of its heroes.
The show needs one with "longish side swept hair" and one with "medium short side parted brunette hair" and two caucasian females with long hair (one blonde, one brunette).
Trapani faces one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, one count of securities fraud and one count of wire fraud.
"The idea is that there is one sales process, one installation process, one service contact, one phone app to monitor things," Musk said on a conference call on Monday.
One is for stand-up, one is for one-liners, like things I couldn't put with anything else, and one is for true emotional confessions or short, emotional stories.
And, more amazingly, Comey recalls that he had two one-on-one conversations with Obama in four years; he had nine(!) one-on-one conversations with Trump between Jan.
Pannone allowed one hit and one walk and struck out one over 3 2/3 innings before Tim Mayza replaced him and pitched a perfect eighth with one strikeout.
The increase, one percent over one month and 0.1 percent over one year, was the biggest for one month since the jobless tally rose by nearly 44,000 in March.
"LONE-WOLF ATTACK" The casualties included 12 Britons, three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one German, one Pole, one Chinese, one American and two Greeks, May said.
Each recipient of Maundy money – one male and one female for every year the Queen has been alive – was given two small leather purses, one red and one white.
Remember: Go for versatility over trendability, and think of one as your magic number (yes, that means only one bathing suit, one pair of sunglasses, one tank top, etc.).
Now, maybe one of those shows might have a dinner, one might have a shipping bill, one might have fabrication costs, and one might have all of those things.
We have here the one that is the sweet one, so without the spice; one that is milder; and then one that is supposed to be, like, the strongest.
Hoka One One Men's Trail Running Shoes for $553 ($255 off): If you like a rocker in your trail running shoes, Hoka One One makes the most comfortable ones.
Scary stuff, certainly, but maybe the more frightening dystopia is the one no one warned you about, the one you wake up one morning to realize you're living inside.
" Cormier tweeted ... "You're one now always been one.
WATCH: Food Hack: Make Chocolate-Dipped Espresso Cones There is one limitation, which is that the "one free" of the Starbucks buy one get one free equation must be of equal or lesser value than the "one" you are buying.
Among other highlights: Savannah, Ga.-New York JFK ($54 one way); Charleston, S.C.-Washington National ($59 one way); Chicago O'Hare-Fort Lauderdale ($69 one way); Boston-New Orleans ($74 one way); and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico-New York JFK ($98 one way).
The five pages Facebook removed included one dedicated to health and well being, one about progressive politics, one dedicated to organizing resistance against Trump, one targeted at African Americans with a focus on Egyptian mythology, and one targeted at Latin Americans.
I dream of doing stuff like making a completely different version of an album—just one for Spotify, one for all the different streaming services, and then one for download, one for LP. Maybe not one for CD, but who knows.
I think the emptiness produced by watching a rigged globalized system deliver homogenization on a massive scale — one way to think, one way to work, one way to conceive of profit, one way to impose a brand, one way to (not) drink at lunch, one way to eat at your desk, one way to be healthy, one way to deliver a gentrified urban neighborhood — has been underestimated as a source of disruptive fury.
They found one man dead and four injured—one in critical, two in serious, and one in stable condition.
One event, plus one event, plus one more grueling event equals bragging rights for the rest of your life.
HEGSETH: But that was the first one I got, but a nautical kania (ph) one, a big one. Yes.
It only takes one person to change the world — and one individual, one soul, can be all your world.
There was only one way to find out: buy a load of them and review them one by one.
The trend is true not just for quick one-week returns, but also for one-month and one-quarter.
Xbox One S The Xbox One S makes for a fantastic gift as an all-in-one entertainment center.
But CZI officials say their efforts aren't about one piece of legislation, or one city, or one election cycle.
One group received eight 30- to 45-minute MAAT one-on-one sessions with a therapist via video conference.
Six lab workers stood watching three white rabbits, one awake, one sleeping and one that appeared awake while sleeping.
I remember one time, one of the chairs broke during one of our theater productions, and that made headlines.
"I hit one crossbar and one post and one yawning cage where it just hopped over," Gabriel Landeskog said.
"His grandpa has one, his uncle has one, he thinks he needs a bigger and better one," Habing said.
At first it was a one-to-one messaging function for people to send disappearing "snaps" to one another.
A few groups, survived, though: one in a bunker, one in the Ark, and one tiny duo on land.
A lot of times there is one female character, maybe even a cool one, maybe even an important one.
His process seems to be one part studio wizardry, one part zen creative exercises, and one part happy accidents.
"This is one study of one workplace wellness program with one employer," he says, and many factors can vary.
On one side there's a USB Type-C and two regular USB ports (one 2.1A/10.5W, one 1A/5W).
But for Mlodozeniec, it was one design of many — a successful one, but not one that was particularly notable.
Many of us are one lost job, one health crisis, one financial disaster away from having no other choice.
He's the only one who hasn't had a one-on-one date, and he won't let anyone forget it.
When one decides to buy a flat, one would typically start on one of the leading real-estate portals.
Bailey oversaw five interns — one was killed in a bus crash, one drowned, and one had end stage cancer.
The worry is that even non-violent Islamists treat elections as a tactic: one man, one vote, one time.
It was one part meet-and-greet, one part legitimate competition, and one part celebration of Ninja's meteoric rise.
One question seemed to hint that maybe this one-day pop-up would be more than a one-off.
If the Kingsman franchise is a one-trick pony, at least its one trick is a pretty good one.
And especially on TechRax's channel: The dude's run an iPhone over, shot one, boiled one, torched one, and more.
MCCARTHY: Well the one thing that I&aposm from one of those and I&aposm even a higher one.
At the end of the day, no one is a label, and no one is just one single thing.
One taught us love, one taught us patience, one taught dissect every frame of a music video.
Peak one-day, one park tickets and peak one-day parkhopper tickets are both increasing in price by $11.
The amazing reappearing ex: You've likely either had one, heard of one, or helped counsel a friend with one.
We think, if I had one class or one more degree or one more whatever, we would be ready.
One idea is to split the PhD into two programs: one for vocational careers and one for academic careers.
One-third went to the government, one-sixth to community groups, and one-sixth to indigenous and peasant organizations.
Let's tackle them one by one... There's only really one person this title can refer to, and that's Melisandre.
One is nut, one is a drink, and one is a tree, but they are all sources of caffeine.
One disk was one piece of software, just like there was one cassette tape or LP per music album.
The Indians bookended the streak with one-run wins, but otherwise there was only one other one-run win.
Almost one in seven people globally smoked daily in 2015 – one in four men and one in 20 women.
There's no one right reason to have sex, just as there's no one right way or one right outcome.
He is one part performer, one part provocateur and one part politician -- and probably in that order of importance.
I even have three phones at the moment, one for work, one private phone and one just for Internet.
Given his estimates, it would take about $560 million to manufacture one booster, one spaceship, and one propellant tanker.
Today, one in four African Americans, one in five Latinos, and one in four Native Americans struggle with hunger.
Between you, you have come up with one very blunt one and one that is both elusive and allusive.
You know, it's better to have a gun when you need one, than need one and not have one.
Domestic one-way fares are as low as $49 one-way, while international flights start at $69 one-way.
By contrast, Sanders has only had one one-on-one meeting, in December 2014, with Obama during his presidency.
One of them is polling -- one of them is polling at 210 -- one of them is polling at 2100%.
Monday's episode — the fourth of the season — saw two one-on-one dates and one scatologically inclined group date.
It is a piece of art that no one asked for, no one needed, and no one particularly wanted.
He was the first one to get a one-on-one date, but that was a long time ago.
Not the one God gave us (though I love that one, too), but the one we chose for ourselves.
I still remember every one of my shots, every one of Annika's shots and every one of Dean's shots.
I mentally tally up the drinks I had: one glass of wine, one margarita, one paloma, two hard seltzers.
Of the male inmates whose feet Francis washed, there were nine Italians, one Brazilian, one Moroccan and one Ivorian.
The names were drawn from the boxes one by one and affixed onto one of two easels with tape.
I wanted to be the one with the stethoscope, the one who gave the injections, the one in charge.
I have one who's in high school in Marin and one, the smallest one, who's at MCDS in Marin.
Any discussion that focuses only on one side, or just one aspect of one side, does women a disservice.
"Now this operation is happening and it is one heart, one hand," said Mr. Ozer, one of the shopkeepers.
"Let's talk about the first one, and the one after that, and then the one after that," he said.
Each service member gets three gauges, one for the helmet, one for the chest, and one for the shoulder.
And I have been to one of JD's logistics centers, much like the one where "Asia One" was shot.
I'm the child of one Deaf parent and one hard-of-hearing one, so ASL was my first language.
I was going from one story to the next, from one deadline to another, from one country to another.
"One is a swimming pool, one is a raised planter bed and one is an outdoor shower," he said.
Three were Italian, two were Portuguese, one was Belgian, one was American and one was Canadian, the authorities said.
Our hangouts have merged to one Golden Globes watching and A.'s friends start peeling off one by one.
The last week was a tale of three tantrums: one justified, one unjustified and one just what we expect.
It is as critical as the one in 1860, the one in 1932, and, yes, the one in 2016.
Three families — one white, one Indian, and one black — converge near Victoria Falls in what will eventually become Zambia.
Montgomery (21-1) gave up seven hits and one run in six innings, with one strikeout and one walk.
"Once one has reached one's goal, one can take inventory and select the things one enjoys doing," he said.
There are three presentations: one for adult fiction, one for young adult fiction, and one for middle-grade fiction.
It even inspired a meme: One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain pic.twitter.
The three games played out very differently; one high-scoring, one low-scoring, and one that was just right.
Just this one song, this one video, certified her as our latest obsession but she's no one hit wonder.
A typical farm in Kenya or Uganda produces about one-third as much maize per hectare as one in China, and about one-sixth as much as an American one.
He's charged with one count of corporal injury to his ex-girlfriend, one count of battery, one count of witness intimidation, one count of trespassing and two counts of vandalism.
This distinction is important, as it highlights the ideological split between "one person, one vote" and "one acre, one vote" that seems to be at the core of this effort.
For one thing, all three theme entries are types of COURSEs: One is a golf course, one is a school math course and one is the course of a meal.
I believed those words, those stories, carefully crafted by a society that was built to uphold the power of one type of person — one sex, one skin tone, one existence.
Moving on, the first one-on-one date goes to Madison Prewett, who you may recall had the very first one-on-one when she attended his parents' vow renewal.
Researchers used one white and one black man, and one white and one black woman -- also finding that cars were more likely to yield for the white and female participants.
There's one that fades from red to black, one from black to clear, one from blue to clear, and one that's clear with what Diesel describes as an "iridescent" case.
CNN is working to confirm the authenticity of the website, which lists four YouTube channels: one in Farsi, one in Turkish, one in English and one devoted to hand art.
Currently, there are two models of Xbox One: The Xbox One X and the Xbox One S. Both came out after the original Xbox One, which launched in November 2013.
CNN Weather meteorologists say one forecast before Trump's initial claim showed one-tenth of one county in extreme southeast Alabama was included in one model of the storm's potential path.
The asymmetrical pair—one black, one white; one precociously young, one salt-and-pepper and sliding beyond middle age; one of no particular means, one ostentatiously rich—meet at a club and stumble back to Andre's mansion in Bel Air, both kite-high on various drugs, and immediately begin a psychologically unparsable relationship.
This 18-piece kit includes everything you need to do a full-house cleaning, including a rectangular floor tool, three microfiber pads, a window tool, two extension tubes, one lance, one microfiber cloth, one triangular tool, one triangular tool microfiber bonnet, five nylon brushes, one brass brush, and one AddFresh Fragrance Disc.
A typical Lax poem forms a narrow vertical column, each line of which is only one or two words long, that descends down the center of the page in repetitions and permutations: "one stone/ one stone/ one stone," opens poems (19973 – 1997), edited and with a superb introduction by poet John Beer, "i lift/ one stone/ one stone// i lift/ one stone/ and i am/ thinking" (3).
The senators had discovered that the EPA had five email addresses for Pruitt: one public, one in the standard EPA format, one for use in calendars, one for Pruitt to use for communication and one that was never used beyond three test emails.
This is one of the more reliable indicators of activity, the CIPS surveys, we've weighted the sectors here into one single series, or rather two, one for output, one for expectations.
If you were to choose at random one drama from the 2010s and one from the 1990s, the modern one would score worse than the older one 37% of the time.
"ONE nation, one flag, one homeland and one state," Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, often calls out at the end of his speeches, urging his supporters to chant back each word.
The one that Ari has is the one my dad actually died in and the one he wore his entire career and the one I&aposve worn for over 17 years.
One-on-one with Trump Unlike Taylor, Morrison has had one-on-one conversations with Trump throughout his 15-month tenure at the NSC, according to the source close to him.
The complaints have been filed on behalf of (unnamed) individual users — with one filed against Facebook; one against Facebook-owned Instagram; one against Facebook-owned WhatsApp; and one against Google's Android.
It's been a few years since I've written about having a baby: Trying to have one, failing to have one, wondering about one, giving up on the idea of one altogether.
It features eight teams from Austria, one from the Czech Republic, one from Croatia, one from Hungary and one from Italy — all countries that had territory within the Austro-Hungarian empire.
I keep one with my crochet supplies, one with my knitting projects, one in the bedroom closet to snip loose threads I find on clothes, and one with my sewing supplies.
Well, we have one foot inside the Democratic Party and one foot outside the Democratic Party in the same way we have one foot inside electoral politics and one foot outside.
One of the coolest things about the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console is that it's essentially three consoles in one: the Xbox One itself, the Xbox 360, and the original Xbox.
To turn the pressure up even more, there won't be a rose ceremony in this episode: There will be three one-on-one dates and one three-on-one group date.

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