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"state" Definitions
  1. provided or controlled by the government of a country
  2. provided or controlled by a particular state of a country, especially in the US
  3. connected with the leader of a country attending an official ceremony
"state" Synonyms
condition shape situation circumstances position status outlook circumstance form kilter order capacity fettle health juncture nature nick standing station case country land nation commonwealth kingdom republic federation territory empire confederation domain polity power sovereignty superpower fatherland motherland nation state realm sovereign state mess chaos confusion disarray disorder untidiness clutter dishevelment disorderedness disorderliness disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) heap messiness misorder muddle shambles tangle turmoil mishmash fluster flutter frenzy fever flap fret panic tizzy commotion discomfiture dither flurry huff stew sweat twit twitter distressed state nervous state province region area canton county department district sector shire zone estate federal state division section quarter demesne constituency tract part dignity ceremony glory grandeur rank class fashion majesty pomp quality cachet consequence display magnificence prestige splendor(US) splendour(UK) stature humor(US) humour(UK) mood spirits attitude disposition morale temper emotional state state of mind frame of mind vein mental state temperament spirit mindset mental condition psychological state government administration ministry parliament regime authorities council Establishment powers-that-be executive authority rule leadership regimen governance jurisdiction directorate management cabinet dominion colony fief protectorate sphere patch turf dependency holding furore(UK) uproar hysteria tumult furor(US) fuss feverishness stir fury ruckus excitement rage row rampage rumpus predicament dilemma fix difficulty plight pickle quandary jam trouble bind hole mire quagmire corner spot crisis impasse scrape place town city village hamlet locality metropolis neighbourhood(UK) locale municipality township centre(UK) center(US) scenario facts story deal score development picture setting setup state of affairs how things stand lay of the land lie of the land set-up state of play what's going on what's what details lifestyle life behaviour(UK) conduct ways behavior(US) beliefs culture customs habits routine way of life ethos existence fate lot mode method way approach system manner style technique methodology procedure process practice means plan custom mechanism course fit attack bout burst explosion outburst spell access eruption flare flare-up outbreak spate blowup flash flush gale gush gust decorum courtliness stateliness grace loftiness nobleness propriety respectability solemnity composure formality impressiveness poise regality regalness regard reputation distinction eminence repute fame importance prominence renown note influence celebrity weight paddy pet paroxysm passion strop tantrum bad temper bate blowout paddywhack towering rage wax bad mood fit of anger fit of rage folk everyone population populace humankind public society humanity mankind inhabitants species citizenry denizens folks humans persons individuals mortals residents souls ecstasy trance stupor catalepsy catatonia coma daze haze rapture trancelike state half-conscious state hypnotic state twilight zone reverie daydreaming abstraction woolgathering dream daydream study fright eyesore monstrosity hideosity horror sight ugliness ugly sight frightful spectacle grotesque sight horrible sight blot on the landscape blot abomination carbuncle atrocity excrescence ugly thing blot on landscape prosecution DA prosecutor district attorney prosecuting agent prosecuting attorney state's attorney kind type sort genre genus grade variety brand breed category family ilk set classification denomination stamp fitness healthiness robustness soundness wellbeing wellness strength haleness vigour(UK) well-being wholesomeness salubrity energy healthfulness salubriousness stamina wholeness bloom complexion occurrence happening incident affair event matter episode phenomenon activity contingency experience fact hap occasion proceeding thing adventure subject issue point topic aspect concern consideration idea question theme account argument article concept say express articulate voice utter declare affirm assert expound tell aver enunciate present put announce pronounce asseverate communicate disclose divulge specify detail mention name cite identify indicate designate quote describe enumerate define instance stipulate itemise(UK) itemize(US) list particularise(UK) particularize(US) allege maintain claim avow contend profess insist avouch attest proclaim argue swear purport hold certify testify pose advance propose suggest submit proffer offer propound tender bounce proposition broach posit give vote extend moot raise prefer suppose assume postulate presume imagine hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) conjecture think speculate presuppose consider reckon theorise(UK) theorize(US) suspect expect remark comment reflect opine editorialise(UK) editorialize(US) allow interject interpose animadvert commentate wisecrack advert refer allude introduce adduce invoke treat touch on point out allude to advert to talk about estimate bid figure price determine give an estimate give a figure of give a price of price at rate at valuate at value at make an offer ceremonial governmental official formal national imperial majestic municipal royal stately state-owned state-run domestic local home internal civic civil political administrative constitutional ministerial diplomatic legislative bureaucratic parliamentary doctrinal economical electoral ethical politic policy-making provincial regional parochial territorial zonal sectoral cantonal colonial countrified sectional localized(US) devolved international native secular temporal profane worldly lay unconsecrated unsanctified earthly laic material laical unsacred nonclerical nonreligious irreligious unhallowed nonspiritual materialistic non-religious ritual ritualistic solemn courtly liturgical dignified prescribed celebratory sacramental august grand imposing lofty mannered nationwide general coast-to-coast countrywide widespread overall all-embracing comprehensive extensive across the board all over the country from Land's End to John O'Groats statewide interstate sweeping universal blanket global federal federated amalgamated united combined integrated linked allied confederate associated cooperating federative fed in alliance banded together in league in partnership confederated nonprofitmaking charitable not-for-profit nonprofit philanthropic non-profit-making non-profit benevolent beneficent eleemosynary altruistic humanitarian philanthropical do-good almsgiving socially concerned NPO humane public-spirited More
"state" Antonyms
unclaimed land terra nullius territorium nullius neatness tidiness cleanliness absence of clutter cleanness harmony immaculateness order orderliness organisation(UK) organization(US) spruceness unclutteredness arrangement method system rule conformity regularity symmetry calmness calm composedness composure equanimity imperturbability peace peacefulness placidity quietude repose restfulness sangfroid self-possession sereneness tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) tranquilness quiet comfort unimportance insignificance commonness inferiority lowness dullness humbleness humility inconsequentiality irrelevance lowliness modesty obscureness worthlessness simplicity understatement plainness disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) unemployment collectedness coolness sanity balance happiness saneness soundness advantage agreement benefit blessing boon breakthrough closure ease fix solution success good fortune certainty disarrangement cheer control delight glee joy kindness like liking love pleasure good will element sky yielding surrender non-ecumene nonecumene wasteland barren wilderness heath wild heathland no-man's-land arid region barren land barren region desert dust bowl icy region lava bed sand dunes swamp uninhibited land ungoverned territory split separation detachment parting division severance disconnection disunion rupture segmentation subdivision bisection demarcation partition breaking up parting of the ways splitting up split-up breaking down antipathy dislike gladness hate hatred health physicality mumble murmur mutter babble stammer stutter whisper garble grumble grunt slur whimper chunter gabble maunder mouth ramble rumble drone maffle suppress stifle conceal censor hide obscure redact restrict screen withhold refrain keep repress hold back deny be quiet keep secret keep quiet keep back mislead confuse misrepresent bluff cheat deceive dupe fool misinform trick destroy discourage dissuade generalise(UK) generalize(US) halt ignore neglect suggest unsettle gainsay contradict oppose refute renounce repudiate abjure disagree disavow disclaim dissent object protest take withdraw take back reject dispute abandon endure forget reply tolerate question separate unmix cede retreat leave divide give in give up break calculate decline imply refuse wish break off mix up answer decrease displace go move remove abstain disbelieve disregard know misunderstand be honest not believe recant recall abnegate rescind retract backtrack unsay pull stop invalidate recede renege nullify recoil revoke listen concentrate harken hearken hark be all ears be attentive give attention keep your ears open lend an ear listen intently pay attention take note tune in speculate theorise(UK) theorize(US) assume conjecture consider contemplate daresay excogitate guess guesstimate hypothesise(UK) hypothesize(US) muse postulate presume reason suppose surmise suspect distort bend twist manipulate alter skew spin warp misconstrue understand get note comprehend see discern infer realise(UK) realize(US) sense apprehend deduce grasp cognize fathom interpret receive figure out clam up hush hold your tongue withhold information remain silent stop talking be unforthcoming dummy up nonsensify jumble muddle confound discompose veto prevent ban bar censure disallow hinder disapprove forbid interdict negate prohibit rule out blackball discountenance outlaw be silent quiet down quieten down say nothing button up fall silent keep mum pipe down put a sock in it shut it shut up belt up contain accept acknowledge admit concede own affirm accede acquiesce confess profess accede to acquiesce in agree to approve of be responsible for take responsibility for informal unceremonious unofficial casual congenial conversational everyday friendly laid-back natural nonformal open ordinary relaxed simple spontaneous without ceremony private unceremonial unimpressive nonpolitical national central independent individual commercial commercialised(UK) commercialized(US) privatised(UK) privatized(US) single denationalized(US) denationalised(UK) nonnational non-public non-state-controlled non-state-run local international global worldwide intercontinental cosmopolitan multinational transnational universal world catholic ecumenical foreign all-embracing planetary overseas faraway religious sacred holy spiritual divine godly mental monastic nonsecular theological citywide districtwide non-nationwide provincewide statewide

293 Sentences With "state"

How to use state in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "state" and check conjugation/comparative form for "state". Mastering all the usages of "state" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Check out the 15 best online bachelor's programs: State: IllinoisScore: 88 State: IllinoisScore: 89 State: FloridaScore: 90 State: KentuckyScore: 90 State: ColoradoScore: 153 State: OklahomaScore: 91 State: TexasScore: 91 State: PennsylvaniaScore: 92 State: North CarolinaScore: 92 State: OregonScore: 93 State: UtahScore: 94 State: ArizonaScore: 95 State: FloridaScore: 98 State: PAScore: 98 State: OhioScore: 100 Ohio State University topped U.S. News' ranking for the first time ever and earned a perfect score of 100.
It state was a slave state, my state is a border state.
There should be no Jewish state, no Christian state, no Muslim state, no Hindu state and not even an officially atheist state.
State control of banks, state control of healthcare, state control of education, state control of religious liberty.
This patchwork of laws, state to state to state, means that your state is only as safe as the closest state with the weakest laws.
You can bet on sports, state by state by state.
Elsewhere, 73 deaths were reported in Morelos state, 45 in Puebla state, 13 in the state of Mexico, six in Guerrero state and one in Oaxaca state.
SBI is merging with State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur , State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore , State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Travancore .
Abortion Restrictions State By State Learn more about the abortion services and the specific restrictions available state by state.
S. House, OH-2) Phil Robinson (State House, District 6) Stephanie Howse (State House, District 11) Mary Lightbody (State House, District 143) Beth Liston (State House, District 21) Allison Russo (State House, District 24) Erica Crawley (State House, District 26)  Tavia Galonski (State House, District 35) Casey Weinstein (State House, District 37) Taylor Sappington (State House, District 94) Pennsylvania: Madeleine Dean (U.
Finally, The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources states that drone use is prohibited at state parks with the exception of designated areas at Beltzville State Park, Benjamin Rush State Park, Hillman State Park, Lackawanna State Park, Prompton State Park, and Tuscarora State Park.
As one university president put it, his university has evolved from being a "state institution" to being "state-supported", then "state-assisted", next "state-located" and now "state-annoyed".
Governor) Phil Weiser (Attorney General) Jena Griswold (Secretary of State) Tammy Story (State Senate, District 73) Jessie Danielson (State Senate, District 20) Brittany Pettersen (State Senate, District 22) Faith Winter (State Senate, District 24) Dylan Roberts (State House, District 26) Dafna Michaelson Jenet (State House, District 30) Shannon Bird (State House, District 35) Rochelle Galindo (State House, District 50) Julie McCluskie (State House, District 61) Georgia: Stacey Abrams (Governor) Sarah Riggs Amico (Lt.
He initially chose Notre Dame over schools that included Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, Ohio State and his home-state Penn State.
Additionally, the activity of the state bank – which will prioritize investing state assets and extending credit within the state for the benefit of the state – will improve the state economy.
Each state is liable for its individual share in the issue, the proceeds of which will be divided between the participating states as follows: State of Bremen: EUR180m State of Hamburg: EUR180m State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: EUR20153m State of Rheinland-Pfalz: EUR180m State of Saarland: EUR180m State of Schleswig-Holstein: EUR180m The State of Hamburg is the paying agent.
State by state, county by county Distances to a clinic varied by state.
Here's a state-by-state guide from the National Conference of State Legislatures.
As the requirements for state approval vary from state to state, federal and state agencies should consider harmonizing their processes and requirements.
There were also 69 deaths in Morelos state, 43 in Puebla state, 8.13 in the state of Mexico, four in Guerrero state and one in Oaxaca state, according to Puente's tally.
But the state tax bite is another story, varying widely from state to state.
State constitutions and state statutes can limit state law enforcement, but not federal officials.
Robert Bentley at the State of the State address in 2016; Oklahoma state Rep.
Source: The Council of State Governments' survey of state personnel agencies and state websites.
Four male students — one each from Penn State, Louisiana State, Florida State and Texas State — died in 2017 alone from fraternity hazing, reports TIME.
One applied to state legislators, one to state elected officials and one to state nominees.
Differing rules from state to state would prevent the cars being driven over state lines.
"Today is the state of the state, not the state of the budget," Durkin said.
"We've got a solid state team from the state that knows the state," he said.
That was a state — his state of mind — we wanted a state of the union.
There were also 74 deaths in Morelos state, 45 in Puebla state, 13 in Mexico state, six in Guerrero state and one in Oaxaca state, according to the latest figures Monday night from authorities.
At least four young pledges died in 2017 on the campuses of Pennsylvania State University, Louisiana State University, Texas State University and Florida State University.
Arizona, Bucknell, Duke, East Tennessee State, Florida Gulf Coast, Gonzaga, Iona, Iowa State, Jacksonville State, Kent State, Kentucky, Michigan, Middle Tennessee, Mount St. Mary's, Nevada, New Mexico State, New Orleans, North Carolina Central, North Dakota, Northern Kentucky, U.N.C. Wilmington, Princeton, Rhode Island, South Dakota State, Texas Southern, U.C. Davis, Vermont, Villanova, Wichita State, Winthrop.
To see how your state ranks, check the State Profiles section of State Bonded Obligations, 2018.
Rick Scott activated the state National Guard and declared a state of emergency across the state.
"If New York State does it this year, mark my words, state after state will follow."
Priority enterprises include state energy company Pertamina, flag carrier Garuda Indonesia, the biggest state bank BRI, state miners Antam and Timah, and two state media companies.
Donald Trump has won the great state of Pennsylvania, great state of North Carolina and the great state of Florida, the great state of South Carolina.
Check out the full list of the 10 most expensive public universities in the country: 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $40,191 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $20163,509 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $40,241 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $13,559 20173-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $40,263 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $13,581 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $453,364 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $17,300 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $40,704 0663-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $14,022 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $40,728 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $20163,046 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $217,2492 22016-22017 in-state tuition and fees: $245,2066 20173-22017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $215,2722 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $18,687 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $153,801 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $17,492 2016-2017 out-of-state tuition and fees: $45,066 2016-2017 in-state tuition and fees: $15,722
Each state is liable for its individual share in the issue, the proceeds of which will be divided between the participating states as follows: State of Bremen: EUR200 million State of Hamburg: EUR13 million State of Rheinland-Pfalz: EUR200 million State of Saarland: EUR200 million State of Schleswig-Holstein: EUR200 million The State of Bremen is the paying agent.
S. House, NY-27) Anna Kaplan (State Senate, District 26) North Carolina: Wiley Nickel (State Senate, District 1563) Ron Wesson (State House, District 2156) Terence Everitt (State House, District 214) Julie Von Haefen (State House, District 232) Sydney Batch (State House, District 37) Rachel Hunt (State House, District 103) Ohio: Richard Cordray (Governor) Betty Sutton (Lt.
It will be a Middle East shaped by struggle over a one-state solution, a no-state solution, a non-state solution and a rogue-state solution.
But state courts, state law and limits on damages for state-law tort suits have always been very much in province of the state legislatures and courts.
Ohio State 27, Penn State 26 STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Everything seemed to be going Penn State's way in its Big Ten showdown with Ohio State on Saturday.
The state attorneys general who filed suit in Washington State said that online gun blueprints would complicate enforcement of firearms regulations, which vary from state to state.
Buried on the State Department's website, is an interactive map that lays out – state-by-state – some of the direct impact State programs have in American communities.
The Granite State is ranked as the second best state in the country, behind only Washington State.
Given that the presidential race is based on state-by-state contests, early state polls are critical.
It's the biggest state—it's the biggest state entrance at the biggest state dinner they've ever had.
The state government fought for the right to declare the whole state a sanctuary state for immigrants.
While the legal effects differ by state, generally, a state-level state of emergency does two things.
Laws regarding cannabis vary from state to state, and state laws may even conflict with federal law.
Delivering the first of six State of the State addresses planned around the state this week, Gov.
The state also cut state spending per student more than any other state from 2008 to 2015.
He would freeze hiring for state workers, reduce state contracts, and cut $160 million of state funding.
The group also brought on new early-state advisers -- including Jones, who was O'Malley's state director in 2016, and former state lawmaker Boyd Brown, O'Malley's 2016 state chairman.
We are seeing in state after state, he loves to talk about polls, we are seeing in state after state his numbers coming down, our numbers going up.
Among the possibilities then will be Connor Cook of Michigan State, Christian Hackenberg of Penn State, Jacoby Brissett of North Carolina State and Dak Prescott of Mississippi State.
KANSAS STATE 58, IOWA STATE 57 Barry Brown hit a layup with four seconds left, and visiting Kansas State handed No. 20 Iowa State its second straight loss.
The matter isn't made any easier by the fact that state laws differ wildly from state to state.
Penn State will also lose to Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Iowa, because those are good teams.
Other interesting matchups: Ohio State-Colorado, Miami-Georgia (the Richt bowl!), Oklahoma State-USC and Louisville-Penn State.
Perceivant, Bearface's parent company, sells its materials to 15 universities, including Arizona State, Ohio State and Mississippi State.
Conference season, 2016: Penn State loses to Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Iowa to finish 7-5.
Third-party candidates have to get onto each state ballot individually, and the process varies state-by-state.
The state of play: Top 10: Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Penn State, Clemson, Georgia, Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, Florida.
And across the country, state after state has enacted forfeiture reforms in state legislatures with overwhelming bipartisan support.
Nearly 20 states accept out-of-state medical marijuana authorizations, but reciprocity laws vary from state to state.
Some states prominently feature the state capitol building, while others highlight natural landscapes, state flags, and state mottos.
A 529 plan is a state-sponsored education savings plan, with tax benefits that vary state by state.
In fact, the sole source of opposition to eliminating this deduction has come from blue state California, blue state New Jersey, blue state New York, and blue state Connecticut.
In a statement, the department said Napali Coast State Wilderness Park, Haena State Park, Polihale State Park and portions of Wailua River State Park remained closed following the storm.
Your State of legal residence is used for State income tax purposes, and determines eligibility to vote for federal and State elections and qualification for in-state tuition rates.
"In every corner of our state, heroin and opiate drug addiction threatens us," he said during his state of the state speech, declaring a state of emergency over opioids.
The state is also working with out-of-state utilities and electrical contracting companies to secure additional resources for power, and all public schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices have been closed for normal activities effective Friday through Monday.
These maps, from Andrew Gelman's book "Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State," separate how the richest third and poorest third of the population in each state voted in the 2004 presidential election (which was won by George W. Bush).
While Ms. Omar has said she favors a "two-state solution" with an Israeli state existing side by side with a Palestinian state, Ms. Tlaib favors a "one-state solution" where Jews and Arabs live together in a secular democratic state.
"Legally, these fantasy sports sites will have to go at it state after state after state," said the Rev.
"It's a modest state tax credit utilizing existing state tax tools; nothing new," an Indiana state official told Reuters.
WASHINGTON STATE, 2004 The candidates: Dino Rossi, a Republican state senator, and Christine Gregoire, the Democratic state attorney general.
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.69 (state: 8.20)Median household income: $45,802 (state: $46,472)Poverty rate: 19.3% (state: 18.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 9.25 (state: 7.87)Median household income: $43,43 (state: $53,510)Poverty rate: 19.7% (state: 17.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 9.71 (state: 7.96)Median household income: $44,779 (state: $67,169)Poverty rate: 23.8% (state: 15.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.17 (state: 7.39)Median household income: $89,773 (state: $73,781)Poverty rate: 8.8% (state: 10.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.60 (state: 7.39)Median household income: $72,743 (state: $74,923)Poverty rate: 10.0% (state: 10.3%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.67 (state: 7.49)Median household income: $44,930 (state: $61,229)Poverty rate: 19.8% (state: 13.5%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.29 (state: 7.17)Median household income: $49,538 (state: $53,024)Poverty rate: 14.3% (state: 12.9%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.28 (state: 7.24)Median household income: $81,838 (state: $74,167)Poverty rate: 10.0% (state: 11.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.01 (state: 6.99)Median household income: $73,735 (state: $65,699)Poverty rate: 9.4% (state: 10.5%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.32 (state: 7.43)Median household income: $49,412 (state: $50,801)Poverty rate: 15.9% (state: 14.4%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.48 (state: 7.16)Median household income: $54,479 (state: $56,675)Poverty rate: 12.3% (state: 12.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 6.91 (state: 6.91)Median household income: $75,777 (state: $71,305)Poverty rate: 8.6% (state: 8.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.97 (state: 7.82)Median household income: $72,205 (state: $62,765)Poverty rate: 13.8% (state: 15.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.33 (state: 7.23)Median household income: $48,284 (state: $52,407)Poverty rate: 17.8% (state: 14.9%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.95 (state: 7.35)Median household income: $40,705 (state: $56,119)Poverty rate: 18.6% (state: 14.9%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.71 (state: 8.02)Median household income: $40,888 (state: $48,781)Poverty rate: 20.6% (state: 16.6%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.63 (state: 7.92)Median household income: $50,194 (state: $48,708)Poverty rate: 18.9% (state: 16.7%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.69 (state: 7.24)Median household income: $55,175 (state: $65,325)Poverty rate: 14.2% (state: 11.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.53 (state: 7.55)Median household income: $61,889 (state: $68,766)Poverty rate: 12.2% (state: 11.2%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.63 (state: 7.44)Median household income: $41,141 (state: $44,061)Poverty rate: 18.5% (state: 17.8%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 6.99 (state: 7.02)Median household income: $80,724 (state: $76,114)Poverty rate: 8.5% (state: 10.2%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.75 (state: 8.16)Median household income: $38,547 (state: $43,813)Poverty rate: 23.4% (state: 18.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.76 (state: 7.36)Median household income: $42,386 (state: $65,458)Poverty rate: 19.8% (state: 11.5%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.37 (state: 7.31)Median household income: $57,647 (state: $63,036)Poverty rate: 13.0% (state: 12.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.74 (state: 8.21)Median household income: $51,758 (state: $50,883)Poverty rate: 16.1% (state: 15.5%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 9.39 (state: 8.40)Median household income: $40,612 (state: $52,977)Poverty rate: 25.7% (state: 16.9%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.79 (state: 7.69)Median household income: $54,663 (state: $50,985)Poverty rate: 11.5% (state: 14.5%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.52 (state: 7.31)Median household income: $48,681 (state: $52,182)Poverty rate: 16.5% (state: 14.6%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.35 (state: 7.03)Median household income: $54,474 (state: $56,570)Poverty rate: 12.9% (state: 12.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.33 (state: 7.30)Median household income: $53,953 (state: $55,477)Poverty rate: 13.9% (state: 12.8%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.79 (state: 7.76)Median household income: $46,716 (state: $46,535)Poverty rate: 18.7% (state: 18.3%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.92 (state: 8.39)Median household income: $39,904 (state: $46,710)Poverty rate: 24.2% (state: 19.6%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.54 (state: 7.36)Median household income: $56,000 (state: $78,916)Poverty rate: 13.3% (state: 9.7%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.73 (state: 7.40)Median household income: $47,132 (state: $52,668)Poverty rate: 17.2% (state: 15.6%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.76 (state: 8.86)Median household income: $49,381 (state: $42,009)Poverty rate: 18.5% (state: 21.5%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.93 (state: 7.57)Median household income: $45,913 (state: $51,542)Poverty rate: 15.9% (state: 14.6%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.73 (state: 7.64)Median household income: $54,882 (state: $55,434)Poverty rate: 14.6% (state: 14.2%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.65 (state: 7.52)Median household income: $77,027 (state: $76,475)Poverty rate: 11.3% (state: 10.7%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.66 (state: 8.13)Median household income: $39,114 (state: $46,718)Poverty rate: 27.9% (state: 20.6%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 8.63 (state: 7.87)Median household income: $41,593 (state: $50,320)Poverty rate: 19.1% (state: 16.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 6.81 (state: 6.98)Median household income: $52,377 (state: $61,285)Poverty rate: 15.5% (state: 11.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.95 (state: 7.82)Median household income: $49,608 (state: $49,767)Poverty rate: 16.6% (state: 16.2%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.51 (state: 7.19)Median household income: $66,285 (state: $56,951)Poverty rate: 13.1% (state: 13.1%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.16 (state: 7.26)Median household income: $61,536 (state: $61,043)Poverty rate: 13.0% (state: 13.4%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.27 (state: 7.34)Median household income: $52,683 (state: $54,126)Poverty rate: 13.0% (state: 13.9%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 9.86 (state: 8.13)Median household income: $37,097 (state: $57,051)Poverty rate: 31.8% (state: 16.0%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 6.81 (state: 7.10)Median household income: $65,476 (state: $57,808)Poverty rate: 10.4% (state: 11.4%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.92 (state: 7.23)Median household income: $47,470 (state: $66,174)Poverty rate: 19.0% (state: 12.2%)
Audits per 1,000 tax returns: 7.20 (state: 6.93)Median household income: $57,531 (state: $56,759)Poverty rate: 14.5% (state: 12.3%)
Donald J. Trump, against what we thought were all odds, collected swing state after swing state after swing state.
Reauthorization of this amendment will remove uncertainty and ambiguity from state-based, state-legal, and state-regulated cannabis industry.
State Attorney General Mark Brnovich argued that state schools are violating laws by granting in-state tuition to Dreamers.
Vaccination levels vary from state to state, largely dependent on how easy state legislatures make it to get exemptions.
Deaths due to air pollution from out of state More in-state Out-of-state 50% N.Y. Del. Calif.
They make office furniture for state employees, state license plates, prison uniforms, anything that any state institution might use.
San Diego State next plays at Fresno State on Tuesday, and Boise State travels to Air Force on Wednesday.
"We're standing in the great state of Ohio, the ultimate purple state, the ultimate bellwether state," Andrew Yang said.
Pledge deaths are being investigated on the campuses of Louisiana State University, Florida State University and Texas State University.
"If New York State does it this year, mark my words, state after state will follow," Mr. Sanders said.
No. Libel law is a state-law tort, meaning that state courts and state legislatures have defined its contours.
State after state after state went well out of their way to deny their voter info to the feds.
"Provisions in state statutes and state constitutions can provide standards and guidance for state courts to apply," he wrote.
Four teams in the tournament — Minnesota State, Arizona State, A.I.C. and Ohio State — have an average age over 21.
Unbeaten Mississippi State wallops N.D. State Tyson Carter scored 238.6 points and grabbed six rebounds as Mississippi State defeated North Dakota State 413-241 on Thursday night in Starkville, Miss.
According to College Board data, these 10 states have the least expensive average in-state tuition: Average in-state tuition and fees: $7,410 Five-year change: 23 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $20,260 Average in-state tuition and fees: $7,53 Five-year change: 19 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $23,750 Average in-state tuition and fees: $7,130 Five-year change: 23 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $21,800 Average in-state tuition and fees: $7,0603 Five-year change: 16 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $21,250 Average in-state tuition and fees: $26,2360 Five-year change: 26 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $221,2570 Average in-state tuition and fees: $25,153 Five-year change: 215 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $216,2220 Average in-state tuition and fees: $6,580 Five-year change: 17 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $19,840 Average in-state tuition and fees: $6,163 Five-year change: 2 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $22,100 Average in-state tuition and fees: $6,360 Five-year change: 6 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $21,570 Average in-state tuition and fees: $5,060 Five-year change: 15 percent Average out-of-state tuition and fees: $16,220
Lummis became the youngest woman elected to the state legislature when she won a state House seat 40 years ago and later served in the state Senate and as state treasurer.
Eubanks leads Oregon State past Long Beach State Drew Eubanks posted a double-double as Oregon State fended off pesky Long Beach State 89-683 on Saturday night in Corvallis, Ore.
In his State of the State address, Mr. Cuomo announced that the Division of Human Rights and the State Police would certify visas for certain crimes, joining the State Labor Department.
In the state budget bill, California lawmakers prohibited new contracts for immigration detention in the state and gave the state attorney general the power to monitor all state immigration detention centers.
Both envision a conservatism that is oriented less toward the state-as-enemy or the state-as-danger and much more toward the state-as-shaper and the state-as-harmonizer.
INGRAHAM: And your state, and he won your state okay so I guess your state is filled with crazy racists.
State Department Thursday morning, his first day on the job, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke to State Department employees.
Washington state, where Amazon is headquartered and the Bezoses have a home, is a "community property" state under state law.
Florida State is at least the third university this year to suspend Greek Life, behind Pennsylvania State and Louisiana State.
Syrian state television reported that Islamic State was in a state of collapse in the face of the army's progress.
"  "Just because your state is a solid Republican state — thank God for that — the state just north of you matters.
By holding state deposits as assets, the bank's profits can be returned to state coffers to fund direct state investment.
That encouraged Minnesota State, then known as Mankato State, to make the move in 22001, and Bemidji State in 1999.
To find out what the voting laws are in your state, check out Rock The Vote's state-by-state guide.
Ohio State is back in the top 10 after an impressive victory against Michigan State, and Penn State is 10th.
Doug Ducey announced the closure of a state prison during his annual State of the State address to lawmakers Monday.
Funding sources for the diverse costs of the opioid crisis, whether local or state, also differ from state to state.
Funding sources for the diverse costs of the opioid crisis, whether local or state, also differ from state to state.
A state crime, which might include robbery, burglary, or aggravated assault, breaks state law (most crimes committed are state crimes).
The state Senate and the state House — 32 states.
State-level and city-level activity: So much of what sets energy policy takes place at the state level with state utility regulators, state utilities boards and commissioners, and renewable energy mandates.
Washington (CNN)The State Department was "surprised" Friday after UK Prime Minister Theresa May's office criticized Secretary of State John Kerry's speech on the two-state solution, a State Department spokesperson said.
Ohio State (11-1) Ohio State won't make the Big Ten title game unless Michigan State beats Penn State, but even if the Buckeyes don't make the title game, they're likely in.
There are two state house districts within each state Senate district and state Senate districts follow the same boundary lines as congressional districts – no state districts are divided into multiple congressional districts.
PENN STATE 33, KENT STATE 13 Trace McSorley threw for 209 yards and two touchdowns, Saquon Barkley ran for another score, and host Penn State (1-0) defeated Kent State (0-13).
Though reporting agencies vary state by state, you can visit RAINN's State Law Database to find the agencies in your area.
Delimarkos cited shifting definitions of gender under state laws, which can "vary widely from state to state," in explaining the change.
Where it stands: The views on climate change vary from state to state, and the individual state data is less robust.
But we're not waiting for Congress; we're continuing our state by state march to expand background checks at the state level.
Nonprofits also operate in complex and sometimes hostile political environments that vary from state to state and even within a state.
The Empire State is the only state in the country that holds primaries for state and federal offices on separate days.
This deduction allows individuals to deduct amounts paid for state income (or state sales) taxes and state and local property taxes.
State lawmakers arranged the hearings after the state Ethics Commission found probable cause that Bentley had broken state campaign finance rules.
"It's uniformly popular in every other state that has it, whether it's a red state or a blue state," she added.
South Dakota State (9-2) routed visiting Duquesne, 51-6, and host North Dakota State romped over Montana State, 52-10.
We also calculate anticipated additional deaths, state by state, using state-level coverage losses for the year 2026 (see Table 2).
New Hampshire is not exactly a blue state -- Don't forget that the Live Free or Die state is a swing state.
But overall, these numbers don't indicate the sharp state-by-state contrasts that might be expected with state-level regulatory changes.
Nevada's state Assembly and Colorado's state House both have higher percentages of women in office than any other state legislative chambers.
State parks, including Island Beach State Park, would also be closed, as would state courts and Department of Motor Vehicles offices.
Statutory rape is a crime defined at the state level, so the age of sexual consent varies from state to state.
But switching to a state-by-state proportional system is a prisoner's dilemma: Even if the legislators in each state agree that cooperating in a more democratic scheme would be better overall, the legislators in each state would be even better off if every other state switched to a proportional scheme while their own state uses the unit rule.
When we plugged in a Los Angeles area address, we were shown the appropriate California state assembly member, state senator, state lieutenant governor, state governor, House representative, U.S. senators, vice president and president.
The Illinois House narrowly rejected a plan to make Obama's birthday a state holiday amid worries that the cash-strapped state could not afford to give state state employees another paid day off.
Because what we've seen as a pattern is a lot of state schools have gone from being state-sponsored to state-subsidized to state-related—just providing less and less of that share.
For entangled particles, the quantum state of each depends on the quantum state of the other; if one particle is measured and changes state, for example, the other particle's state will change accordingly.
Chris Boone, a spokesman for the National Federation of State High School Associations, said that individual schools, school districts and state associations determine practice regulations through agreements that differ from state to state.
Since delivering his State of the State address on Jan.
Golden State Warriors 4-3 1950 - Golden State Warriors def.
No. 2 Michigan State demolishes Cleveland State EAST LANSING, Mich.
We see this in city after city, state after state.
Ukraine's State Property Fund oversees the privatization of state assets.
Mr. Bell entered state prison in 1979, state officials said.
They wooed their entire state into being a Republican state.
The Wolverine State is America's most improved state this year.
Because divorce laws vary from state to state, Wendt v.
Scott declared a state of emergency for his entire state.
Legal requirements for living wills vary from state to state.
"[It's] an abnormal state; it's a starvation state" he said.
Big surprise: It varies a lot from state to state.
Democracy is in a state of distress in the state.
The Golden State isn't the only state that's moved up.
The Tar Heel State is a major presidential battleground state.
In his most recent State of the State address, Gov.
Adoption laws and parental rights vary from state to state.
Golden State Warriors 21954-4 23 - Golden State Warriors def.
Golden State Warriors 4-3 1950 - Golden State Warriors def.
The scope of the rules vary from state to state.
The State Department argued that a search of the state.
The legal approach to medical cannabis varies state by state.
It is a Balkan State, not a Baltic State. Opinion
The "deep state" is in a deep state of desperation.
Penn State returns home to face Ohio State on Tuesday.
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp cited state sovereignty concerns.
It is not a red state or blue state issue.
The former state House minority leader defeated former state Rep.
It took us from city to city, state to state.
But state Senate President Larry Obhof (R) and state Sen.
Typically, the State Opening of Parliament includes scheduled state visits.
The laws are defined by state courts and state legislatures.
Mr. Baldasaro is a state representative, not a state senator.
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Democratic state Sen.
Murray State took Michigan State to overtime the following year.
Already names like state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, state Sen.
The more competitive the state, the more polarized the state.
Former state House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams and state Rep.
But among Republicans, the process varies from state to state.
The state ended its relationship with Kennesaw State in July.
And what happens to them varies from state to state.
Tim Walz, state attorney general Lori Swanson, and state Rep.
We can expect similar Trump underperformance in state after state.
I got friends that are driving from state to state.
But then in 183 Kent State and Jackson State happened.
In his State of the State address last month, Gov.
The college is Evergreen State College, not Evergreen State University.
Florida State, Auburn and Mississippi State bought only Rapsodo devices.
In his State of the State address on Tuesday, Gov.
In his State of the State address on Monday, Gov.
Bernie Sanders in Washington state, according to recent state polls.
We rise to greet the State, to confront the State.
The level of competition varies significantly from state to state.
Laws that govern school fees differ from state to state.
You can simply save your state and restore your state.
You've got to put it in place, state by state.
But this is where the courts pit state against state.
Our study also found huge variability from state to state.
Arkansas State Mitsubishi Motors Las Vegas Bowl: Boise State vs.
Washington State, Arizona State and TCU dropped out after losses.
"We're a little state with big state energy," she said.
Buying a home varies in price from state to state.
State by state, Greitens and other Midwestern governors like Gov.
Tate Reeves said during his state of the state speech.
Ohio State plays at No. 11 Michigan State on Sunday.
Aramco is sometimes described as a state within a state.
But in state after state, that was just the beginning.
Gavin Newsom's first State of the State is this morning.
It's another state that facilitates charitable giving among state employees.
The severity of the bans varies from state to state.
But these voter ID laws vary from state to state.
Jerry Brown, a Democrat, is set to give his state of the state address to a joint session of the state legislature.
"The targets include the state railroad company, the finance ministry and state treasure," said Olena Gitlyanska, spokesperson for Ukraine's state Security Service.
Having state-to-state regulations also means that carmakers will have a hard time testing their vehicles because every state is different.
Democrats control every executive office at the state level, and they hold supermajorities in both the state Senate and the state Assembly.
The money would come from state unemployment programs, which provide a small percentage of wages that differs widely from state to state.
Minnesota, which struggled to beat South Dakota State, Fresno State and Georgia Southern, is nevertheless undefeated after upsetting Penn State on Saturday.
Unlike the Russian state, the Chinese state has made massive investments recently in state-of-the-art machine learning and quantum computing.
Take another look at those teams mentioned: Florida State, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, USC, Alabama, LSU, Clemson, Washington, Louisville.
Think about the dark view of the state of the world, of the state of our nation, of the state of media.
The state is a key state for 6900 candidates, as Iowa is the first state to hold its presidential primary nominating contest.
It's state by state: How close are these states, what are these candidates doing, and are they polling disproportionately in the state?
In Sonoma, Jack London State Historic Park, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and Trione-Annadel State Park are all closed until further notice.
It straddles state lines, with one state (Massachusetts) featuring higher state income taxes that drive more residents to claim the SALT deduction.
Andrew M. Cuomo was preparing his annual State of the State address, some high-placed state officials knew they had a problem.
Michigan State University, Ohio State University and Pennsylvania State University have all recently denied Mr. Spencer the space to speak on campus.
The rest were lured north to Oklahoma and Ohio State, east to Louisiana State, Florida State and Alabama, and west to Stanford.
And unless state governments contest this change, what happened in Virginia will happen again and again to birds in state after state.
The importance of the state For most of two decades the state was considered a critical swing state in the presidential contest.
It straddles state lines, with one state (Massachusetts) featuring higher state income taxes that drive more residents to claim the SALT deduction.
Michigan State outplayed Ohio State in the second half, outscoring the Buckeyes 231-34 to reverse the Ohio State first-half advantage.
He spent 15 years prior in assistant coaching positions with various programs, including Ohio State, Illinois State, Colorado State, and Notre Dame.
"In the state of Texas -- your legislators, your state representatives, your state senators, there's a bunch of them that would be willing to have Sharia law imposed in the state of Texas," Flynn said.
That is, a one-state solution in Israel, a no-state solution in Syria, Yemen and Libya, a non-state solution offered by the Islamic caliphate and a rogue-state solution offered by Iran.
Pelluer's injury has been one of the few negatives for Washington State, which has averaged 43.3 points and scored a total of 17 touchdowns in wins over Montana State, Boise State and Oregon State.
Hawkinson leads Washington State over Oregon State Washington State forward Josh Hawkinson's 20 points and 11 rebounds led the Cougars to a 75-103 victory over Oregon State on Wednesday night in Spokane, Wash.
On Wednesday, the State Department's inspector general released a long-awaited report on the email practices of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, other former secretaries of state, and the State Department more broadly.
VALDOSTA STATE 49, FERRIS STATE 47 Rogan Wells threw five touchdown passes and Valdosta State (14-0) won its fourth N.C.A.A. Division II title and first since 2012, beating Ferris State in McKinney, Tex.
They need four seats to flip the Michigan state House and the Iowa state House, two to reclaim the Minnesota state Senate and nine more seats to win control of the Texas state House.

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