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"world" Definitions
  1. the world [singular] the earth, with all its countries, peoples and natural features
  2. [singular] (in compounds) used before another noun to describe one of the most important people or things of their type in the world
  3. [countable, usually singular] a particular part of the earth; a particular group of countries or people; a particular period of history and the people of that period
  4. [countable] the people or things belonging to a particular group or connected with a particular interest, job, etc.
  5. [usually singular] (usually used with an adjective) everything that exists of a particular kind; a particular kind of life or existence
  6. [singular] our society and the way people live and behave; the people in the world
  7. the world [singular] a way of life where possessions and physical pleasures are important, rather than spiritual values
  8. [singular] a person’s environment, experiences, friends and family, etc.
  9. [countable] an environment that is imagined or constructed, for example in a computer game
  10. [countable] a planet like the earth
  11. [singular] the state of human existence

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"world" Synonyms
earth globe planet nature cosmos creation universe life macrocosm sphere biosphere ecosphere existence Earth microcosm terrene earthly sphere Sol III all God's creatures flora and fauna populace population everybody everyone humanity humankind mankind people public man men species and children citizenry citizens denizens folk folks inhabitants mass area field circle domain province realm arena society business discipline environment milieu orbit preserve system territory department division orb star moon satellite heavenly body planetoid asteroid luminous body wandering star civilisation(UK) civilization(US) earthly concerns high society human existence secular interests temporal concerns human interaction social interaction culture principles community the social order values heritage philosophy generation period phase space term time times years age days epoch era abundance wealth heap load mountain lot pile profusion reams stack tonne(UK) ton(US) immensity lashings masses plenitude plethora shedload swag enormous amount galaxy gap abyss chasm distance gulf light-year big gap natural world living world ecosystem Mother Nature environs Gaia wildlife countryside landscape scenery country fraternity guild association club brotherhood organisation(UK) organization(US) clan group order set sodality alliance board chamber clique college company being actuality animation living reality existing livelihood sustainment sustenance sustentation aliveness animateness subsistence entity esse lifeblood essential nature journey lifestyle conditions situation circumstances condition state way of living manner of living way of life state of affairs hand one is dealt circumstance routine position regime fate international global worldwide universal multinational intercontinental multiracial cosmopolitan transnational foreign ecumenical planetary catholic all-embracing far-reaching wide-ranging pandemic transoceanic transcontinental ubiquitous worldly earthly terrestrial tellurian sublunary More

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How to use world in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "world" and check conjugation/comparative form for "world". Mastering all the usages of "world" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Seven Davis Jr. & Thundercat)Justin Rose - World Tour **World Premiere** PBDY Botaz - Petty **World Premiere**Korma - Pulse Z **World Premiere**Norfik - Moths **World Premiere**JP Moregun - Holy Matrimony **World Premiere**Le Motel - Jeux D'Eau **World Premiere** Two Fresh Two Fresh - For the World (feat.
Today's deal includes coverage of the following events: ICC Women's T20 World Cup 2020, ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2020, ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2021, ICC World Test Championship Final 2021, ICC Men's T2019 World Cup 2021, ICC Women's T20 World Cup 2022, ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, ICC World Test Championship Final 2023, ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019, ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2022, ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2020 and ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2022.
"What if there was a world within a world within a world within a world...." he writes on his blog.
I liked being part of the world more, and I don't just mean the human world, I mean the world-world.
"Real world bodies, real world penis size, real world breast size," Gallop explained.
These include Jurassic World Alive, The Walking Dead: Our World, and Ghostbusters World.
So the whole commercial world, the whole retail world should be one world.
"Guinness World Records 2017" 20163 Guinness World Records (Guinness World Records, $28.95) 8.
Ultimately, he did not have to kowtow to the fashion world, because the fashion world (and the art world and the literary world and the music world) came back to him.
"The end of the world restaurant, the end of the world shopping mall, the end of the world post office, the end of the world lighthouse, the end of the world national park, the end of the world Irish pub."
I mean, their world is kind of a crappy world, but the world we live in now is kind of a crappy world.
I mean, this is our world, the broader world — not simply the gaming world.
My world is different than your world, which is different from someone else's world.
Eddy Baker **World Premiere**Pollari - "Lil Jesus" **World Premiere**Pollari - "For You" **World Premiere**
World Cup, World Cup and more World Cup — that&aposs all France is talking about.
Such a world would have the properties of the world everyone calls the physical world.
The passage from real world to virtual world to no world will then be complete.
Despite the terrible carnage, the world survived World War I and World War II. We will not survive a world war fought with nuclear weapons.
It has a very diverse business community, between our world, the insurance world, the advertising world.
The world passport -- technically called "World Government of World Citizens" -- is not recognized by the country.
According to the World Bank's 2900 World Development Report, election turnout is declining across the world.
As a mystic, I am proud to belong to a world that capitalism is anxious to destroy: a world with strong female leadership, a world rooted in local communities and knowledge, a world that respects wild spaces, a world alive with magical possibilities, a world of generosity, a world where people are connected to their own healing process, a world deep in the process of resistance and renewal.
World MasterCard and World Elite MasterCard HotelsThere are over a dozen World and World Elite Mastercard products that are eligible for bookings made through Mastercard&aposs hotel collection.
And this world is dangerous, this world is hazardous and the people that live in this world die.
A world where there are ground rules is a much safer world than a world where there's not.
A world without technology — a world without the internet — in a world without complex political and economic structures.
"People say that tomorrow's world is a world of negotiations and not a world of missiles," he said.
" Baxpehler added: "Eze and I have experience in the investment world, the entrepreneurial world and the corporate world.
She knows that in a global knowledge-based economy, the country that out-educates the world will out-earn the world, out-innovate the world, and lead the world.
The world that we currently live in, the world that I want to lead with you, the world in which France is a leading nation, it is a world that cannot share the same values as the world of yesterday.
I've showed them a different side of wrestling: my world, the independent world, the underground world that's so different.
We are here in this world, and he&aposs still living in a different world or in another world.
Friendships in the real world—the rational world, the non-pro wrestling world—have broken up over far less.
They also revamped the World News package with BBC World News, CNBC, and MSNBC to the World News package.
And that world, that fake world presented to us within the game, that's the world we live in now.
Which is the real world, the world of doubt and disbelief or the world of unbelievable free-flowing magic?
Read more:32 of the wildest Guinness World Records set in 201916 times kids broke world recordsThe most bizarre world record broken in every state17 animals that have broken world records
Above him, figures with globes for heads labeled "white world" and "black world" stand over him, the white world sorrowful and the black world a Jim Crowish, laughing and dancing figure.
Image 2 of 2 PARIS – World Cup, World Cup and more World Cup — that&aposs all France is talking about.
"The commercial world, the museum world and the collector world are increasingly integrated," says Robin Woodhead, chair of Sotheby's International.
Judge) (World Premiere)Roguee - "Whole Lotta Money" (World Premiere)Jaalid - "I Go" (World Premiere)Lil Zubin - "In The Background" prod.
ET on July 25, you'll receive two Fortnite World Cup outfits: World Warrior and the World Cup style for Fishstick.
And of course there are other lines in the political world, the entertainment world, the nightclub world, and so on.
Jelacee)" **World Premiere**  Mike Floss - "Holy Ghost" **World Premiere** Beau Young Prince - "Power Trip" **World Premiere** Jabbar - "Magnolia Shorty (ft.
But that world — his world — had frozen him out.
I'd rather be in the world we're in today than a world without computers, without cell phones, a world without elevators.
Holcomb won five world titles and was a six-time overall World Cup champion and a 60-time World Cup medalist.
"Jesus called us to be in the world, not of the world, for the sake of the world," he told Vox.
She's big in the Spanish world and the English world.
It's a whole new world — and that world is CGI.
A symbol of Third World intransigence against First World domination.
World record or no world record, he is the greatest.
What in the world is going on in this world?
Market capitalization rules the indexing world, and the investment world.
Around the world and above the world too, it seems.
"Guinness World Records 2018" 133 (Guinness World Records, $28.95) 7.
How do you envision Margery going from world to world?
The world was saved, but it's also still the world.
The digital world is very different than the physical world.
Rich world companies are exporting jobs to the poorer world.
To preserve their world, they must destroy every other world.
A world without bananas would be a sad world, indeed.
Dressel now has 13 world titles from two world championships.
Software has eaten the world, and yet the world remains.
She knows the younger world, that's just not my world.
World Lenses apply a filter to the world around you.
You look like the world, you act like the world.
World Kindness Day is celebrated around the world on Nov.
Many of these defenders were armed World World I veterans.
The world Sunstein legislates for is a world of reasonable
He is ninth in the World Surf League world rankings.
World stocks as measured by the MSCI world equity index .
"Guinness World Records 2018" 6 (Guinness World Records, $28.95) 9.
World Cup qualifying continued yesterday for much of the world.
It's a very white world, especially in the DJ world.
It's the talk of the world, talk of the world.
Best World Cup Finish This is Jamaica's first World Cup.
Best World Cup Finish This is Scotland's first World Cup.
Best World Cup Finish This is Chile's first World Cup.
This is our world, but it is not our world.
The image world, echoing the real world, is correspondingly fragmentary.
Besides her, his world had been a world of men.
"Guinness World Records 103" 14 (Guinness World Records, $28.95) 7.
He did not transform the world; the world transformed him.
However, the digital world is different than the physical world.
Can the world possibly imagine a world without Lion Kings?
On March 2628, the world will celebrate World Water Day.
Is the whiskey world becoming more like the wine world?
And I want a world that reflects the real world.
The political world, as with the natural world, abhors vacuums.
The world we're living in is a very liquid world.
We see the art world as part of the world.
There was a World Cup and everything in 2006 and years with World Cups are usually better than years without World Cups.
And the art world in general, the contemporary art world in particular, in the biennial world especially, it's all discursive before experience.
World passports are issued by the World Service Authority, an organisation set up in 1953 in Washington, DC, to promote world citizenship.
And it's not just the old-world record industry, it's also the old-world agents, the old-world approach to selling tickets.
The Upper East Side Chapin girl world is not necessarily the Brazenhead lit-bro world, which is not the vintage-kid world.
Chapek explained that the new layout for Epcot would feature four neighborhoods —World Discover, World Nature, World Celebration and the existing World Showcase — each filled with new attractions in order to revitalize the park.
Your guide to world news Your guide to world news Donald Trump may be a world of chaos all by himself, but the world beyond Trump is changing in dramatic ways, often with little notice.
They whittled the list down to 15 "world&aposs best" winners, ranging from World&aposs Best Beach or Coastal Hotel and the World&aposs Most Inspired Design Hotel to the World&aposs Best Wellness Spa.
So you're saying that a world in which meritocracy works is, by definition, a bad world, a world that engineers and reproduces inequalities.
If it's in the real world, the law has been settled because it's the real world, and in the virtual world, who cares?
But how many of these number-one high school performers go on to change the world, run the world or impress the world?
By November 2014, One World Trade Center was complete, as was 4 World Trade Center (left) and 7 World Trade Center (far right).
That was around the time of the creation of two important world championships: the Maxi Yacht world championship and the Swan World Cup.
"The Most Spectacular Restaurant in the World" recounts the saga of Windows on the World, at the top of the World Trade Center.
The best team in the world does not always win the World Cup; the best team in the world that month ordinarily does.
In a world that is safer, in a world that is more constructed, in a world where you should have access to everything.
But Nolan's comment was specific only to Roman World and Medieval World, which means we might see Future World, or something brand new.
It's hard to live in the world without being of the world, and for better or worse, this is the world we've built.
The epic conflicts of World War I or World War II?
An open and connected world can become an angry, fractured world.
After all, the original movie featured Roman World and Medieval World.
Meaning, it helps the real world connect with the digital world.
He can never be a world leader on the world stage.
The world today is not the world of ten years ago.
Sources: UNICEF, UNFPA, WaterAid, ActionAid, World Bank, World Economic Forum, rubycup.
The world has plenty of gasoline and the world will react.
We must not forget the real world for the virtual world.
The World Boxing Association then stripped him of his world title.
This transactional world, his world, will now circumscribe the transatlantic relationship.
It's the shock between the artistic world and the technical world.
The outside world can't intrude on the world of make-believe.
India leads the world in remittances, according to the World Bank.
THE WORLD CUP Who are the  highest-paid World Cup players ?
Muslims around the world, like all people around the world, matter.
It changed the world culturally, and it changed the world musically.
It's a virtual world built inside of a larger virtual world.
We have the world talking on this thing about the world.
"Today's patent world is not a steam ­engine world," he said.
The New World can certainly learn much from the Old World.
The world today looks vastly different from the world in 1986.
Frecon lives in the world of art, not the art world.
There was a black church world and a white church world.
World champion gymnasts are world champions for a reason, after all.
Best World Cup Finish This is South Africa's first World Cup.
Terror was continuing to dominate our world, even in today's world.
It is the World Wildlife Fund, not the World Wildlife Federation.
A world of ubiquitous sensors is a world of ubiquitous surveillance.
Sources: Economic Report of the President, World Trade Organization, World Bank
The world, the so-called world, knows everything about Slobodan Milosevic.
It was like our own world — the world was inside out.
"World View is called World View for a reason," Garan added.
Wine School Prepare to enter another world: the world of Madeira.
We are moving with the world, and the world is changing.
"People like fantasy world more than the real world," she said.
"You will change the world and the world will change you."
The artist's struggle to portray the world becomes the world itself.
What is it presenting to the world, projecting on the world?
"We want to be a platform that informs AR app developers of the real world without the real world — the structure of the real world, what's going on in the real world, who else is in the real world — and let them build intelligent apps on top of that."
We are of the world in the world and write about that world and therefore it behooves us to get out there and talk.
Sometime around the end of the Cold War, our world discovered their world, or their world discovered ours, or the two worlds split apart.
The World Bank's World Development Report 2011 found that never-ending violence is on the rise, despite all the peace efforts around the world.
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Between his presence in the music world, the fashion world, and our newsfeeds, it seems like Kanye West is on top of the world.
Along the way, he has undone the post–World War II world order and undermined America's strategic interests in many parts of the world.
The idea is to create systems that logically approach real-world situations based on real-world data and solve them using real-world objects.
"I thought nonfiction gave one a sense to explore the world, the other world, the world one didn't know fully," he said in 220.
But after the Cold War, we moved into a different world, a world defined by the internet, and that's a much more psychological world.
But the Facebooks of the world, the Googles of the world, these are the ones with software platforms, and that's what's changing the world.
I don't want to be in the alternative world, or the hip-hop world, or the R&B world, or whatever [expletive], you know?
SPECIAL SECTION: WORLD CUP PREVIEW An article on Thursday about Women's World Cup teams misstated the best World Cup finish by Sweden's women's team.
If you build a better world atop those lies, but a better world where not everybody benefits equally, is it really a better world?
Or the idea that you want to make the world more open and connected — I think it's become clearer that an open and connected world could be a better world or it could be a worse world.
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If we are living in Murphy's world, what makes it Murphy's world?
Chris Pratt is promising audiences a whole new world — a Jurassic World.
Is this good for the world or not good for the world?
" — Thomas Jefferson "The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.
There's a world travel arena, which is a development in this world.
Don't get me wrong, a connected world is undoubtedly a better world.
Is the DCU Lego World next door to Western World, or what?
"The publishing world is completely different from the fashion world," she said.
The vanilla world has a lot to learn from the kink world.
The online world is more interesting than the real world (1:14)
Mobile World Congress needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Mobile World Congress.
Tributes from around the world Condolences began pouring in from world leaders.
The world has grown far more democratic since the second world war.
Not the Samsungs of the world, not the Sonys of the world.
"It is a man's world, it's still a man's world," Bono said.
The world of Mutant Year Zero world is fully realized and interesting.
Take the World Bank's annual comparison of business regulations around the world.
The Olympics brings the world together and Beyoncé brings the world together.
It's about interacting with that world, touching that world, moving it around.
But inside, it's a whole other world: The world of September 1996!
It means that there is a world seen and a world unseen.
Spending time in Cleo's world helps us to see our world differently.
Giphy world can alsmost make Gifs a part of your real world.
Contemporary open world games give you the ability to master their world.
I think we're bringing the technical world and the artistic world together.
The world reacts to his existence, and he reacts to the world.
The tiled world was the world of the lab where nothing worked.
It is the College World Series, not the Little League World Series.
As in the art world, so too in the world of work.
I will travel the world and become world-famous for foot juggling.
A world with a First-Use policy is a world without security.
Guinness World Records published the first book of world records in 1955.
It wasn't a perfect world, but it felt like a safer world.
World Cup, part 2 The World Cup played to packed stadiums Saturday.
AND FINALLY ... World classWondered what Guinness World Records were set last year?
So we have Old World soils and climate in the New World.
When you grow up in the world, you think about the world.
This, though, is the world that the rest of the world sees.
World equity markets were higher, and MSCI's all-country world equity index .
A world without insects means a world with empty grocery-store shelves.
She lived in her own world, inside of the "Castle Rock" world.
"It felt like a miniature world within a world," Ms. Raman recalled.
It is the World Restaurant Awards, not the World Restaurant Awards, IMG.
Best World Cup Finish Group stage in 2015, Thailand's first World Cup.
Not just in the Muslim world, but in much of the world.
In short, you need real-world evidence to get real-world context.
Actually, not just the Catholic world but, apparently, the fashion world, too.
They seemed to reveal a world within the world: the real present.
And not talking about this entire world, but just the showbiz world.
Interns often arrive without much real-world experience in the business world.
The World Architecture Festival is the world&aposs largest international architectural event.
Finland. The World Berry Picking Championship and the Air Guitar World Championships?
The Time Warners of the world, the Comcasts of the world. Yeah.
But the world of the AHCA isn't the world we live in.
Plus, don't forget the World and World Elite MastercardsDon't forget that Mastercard added new benefits for those with World Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard products like the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red, the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard, the Citi Premier and the IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card.
Intro MixLil Gnar - "Juice"Norman Perry - "Codeine Texts" *World Premiere*Norman Perry - "Hate" *World Premiere* DeathByRomy - "Nightmares" MatthewDavid - "Lines and Lattice" *World Premiere* Ali Saeed - "New Car" *World Premiere* SBeez - "Flashy" *World Premiere* Lil Skies - "Cloudy Skies" Danny Ocean - "Vuelve" Henry Green - "Another Light"Jorja Smith - "Let Me Down" feat.
"We thought about building a synthetic world, but it turns out building a synthetic world is much harder than copying the real world," Scott said.
Today is World Emoji Day, and the good news is that the digital encapsulations of our world are starting to better reflect the world itself.
"We think that maybe the Mario world is a deep world," Otani says, "or maybe a world that players would not get tired of revisiting."
In Anon, you have another world where we can intuit how this world might have come about, and we can compare it to our world.
Ross also slammed the World Trade Organization system as "archaic," as it was designed for the post-war trade world, not the modern trade world.
It's to do with his weird fantasy world: this strange fantasy world, which is based on this vintage, ultra-masculine, sort of sci-fi world.
During the 2019 World Aquatics Championships, Smith broke Missy Franklin's 200-meter backstroke world record and went on to win her first World Championship title.
I don't believe in art fairs, I don't believe in the world, I don't believe in the art world, I just believe in the world.
In previous Olympics and World Cups, the Americans have had a world class keeper in goal; now they have Alyssa Naeher, a World Cup rookie.
And this is creating the most relevant geopolitical divide in the world today: the divide between the World of Order and the World of Disorder.
" Without identifying Mr. Rafsanjani by name, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "People say that tomorrow's world is a world of negotiations and not a world of missiles.
Singapore has the best airline in the world, best airport in the world and it's voted best city in the world to live for expats.
The Future of Manufacturing-Led Development World Bank, World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends World Bank, World Development Report 2018: Learnig to Realize Education's Promise PWC, Disrupting Africa:Riding the wave of the digital revolution Calestous Juma, Leapfrogging Progress.
He imagines a world where digitally-created content is impossible to distinguish from the real world in virtual reality, and that the responsibility for this virtual world will rely on the actual owners of the real-world property.
And yet this is the world we have, even if it's not the world we want, but I don't know how to get from this world to the world you imagine, and I'm not sure you do either.
YG - "Still Brazy"Torso - "Reflections on a Damaged Life"A Chal - "Fuego"Cities Aviv - "Melanin Drop"Whitney - "The Falls"MeLo-X - "Wasteyout" **World Premiere** Marvel Alexander - "One Hundred Bands" **World Premiere**Marvel Alexander - "Lost My Way" **World Premiere**Marvel Alexander - "Matthew's Prayer" **World Premiere**Marvel Alexander - "Nowhere Fast" **World Premiere**Marvel Alexander - "Oh My Gosh" **World Premiere** Michael Jackson - "Dirty Diana"Pollari - "Special" ft.
Not long ago tech gurus predicted that technology would dissolve some of our biggest political problems—replacing a world of shortages with a world of abundance and a world of tribal loyalties with a world of internet-enabled comity.
There are five different tournaments going on at BlizzCon on Friday and Saturday: the Overwatch World Cup, Hearthstone World Championship, Heroes of the Storm Fall Championship, StarCraft 2 WCS Global Finals and the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship.
Tom: The world is still there and we'll still create that world, but we've now got to own that and step into that world as narrators.
Theisen-Eaton has the top heptathlon score in the world this year and is the two-time world outdoor silver medalist and 2016 world indoor champion.
Spotnitz could have easily set the show in a world where the Axis won World War II, then populated that world with cartoon bad guy Nazis.
Morton's work has long advocated a fundamental reevaluation of our relationship to the natural world (indeed, for Morton there is no natural world, only the world).
Life is really about having an impact on the world, changing the way that people experience the world, changing the way that you experience the world.
I miss people thinking about the world outside the gravity field of Trumpian unreality, and about the world after Trump — the world we should be building.
His world is our world, but one coated in a cyber network film.
World Health Day, International Nurses Day, World Malaria Day or International Women's Day?
I come from the real world and I exist in the real world.
He was a well-respected World World II veteran and Purple Heart recipient.
Changing beats Going from Bush world to Trump world was a culture shock.
Now it's taking that data-driven world-building power to the real world.
Each world is nearly the same size and mass as our own world.
Do you remember World War I, World War II, the threats were everywhere.
"We're bringing a technology from one world into another world," he told TechCrunch.
An Orwellian world would be terrible, but not every terrible world is Orwellian.
The World Health Organisation recorded about 7,000 cases around the world last year.
In a digital world, they can make of that world whatever they want.
It is our world and we do decide what happens in our world.
LIBERALISM made the modern world, but the modern world is turning against it.
In 2009 she broke a world record and won her first world championship.
Governments in the rich world dreamed of their national champions becoming world-beaters.
It is a first-world country with a third-world gun-death rate.
The world is watching, and the world is shaking its head in disbelief.
The world is moving towards online commerce, that's where the world is headed.
He also holds the world record for most world records, because of course.
"This world is not kind to the Kellys of this world," she grumbles.
Liberalism made the modern world, but the modern world is turning against it.
View the full 2018 World Monuments Watch on the World Monuments Fund site.
He's ranked fourth in the world, they are expecting the world of him.
They can live in your world, but never make the guy your world.
"I would love to see the gemstone world support the living world here."
Is a re-enchanted world, a writer's world, worth a stalled writing career?
It makes that world start to seem as realistic as your own world.
A more equal world means a world with healthier, happier, more educated people.
While the world goes digital, some brands are staying in an analogue world.
It comes down to real-world problems, being solved by real-world practitioners.
I really wanted to show the world and tell the world the truth.
The spacesuit is the world shrunk skin-tight, the world three times removed.
Is Mars a world of science, or a world of resources to exploit?
"My dream is the (21,245.91m) world record," the world indoor 219.28,000m champion said.
He called it the difference between the carpeted world and the tiled world.
Whether that's the round world or the flat world is not exactly clear.
"She really wanted to help progress the world and move the world forward."
The world came to them as much as they sought out the world.
Taking planes, enjoying first-world fossil fuel, an addict of first-world comfort.
Side by side, business and charm, the modern world and the old world.
Real rates are negative around the world because the world is not growing.
The company produced bikes for both World War I and World War II.
S. partner in maintaining world peace" and an "open system of world trade.
If you can't bring the world to Berlin, bring Berlin to the world.
He was the youngest-ever world champion and the oldest-ever world champion.
Mastercard also recently added cell phone coverage to World and World Elite cardholders.
World stocks as measured by the MSCI world equity index rose 533 percent.
The world is my business, and the world is none of my business.
"The mainstream world and the nerd world are thoroughly intermixed now," he said.
Best World Cup Finish Group stage in 2015, the country's first World Cup.
Best World Cup Finish Round of 16 in 2015, Cameroon's first World Cup.
By Evan Ratliff World-class criminals, like world-class writers, are natural obsessives.
FIFA ranking 22 Best World Cup performance This is Iceland's first World Cup.
FIFA ranking 56 Best World Cup performance This is Panama's first World Cup.
"An ideal world would be a world of equal opportunity," Ms. Brauer said.
The elaborate party consisted of three zones: Trolls World, Frozen World, and StormiWorld.
We want to do even more, with the world and for the world.
Just how different is the real world from the world on social media?
The world Anohni describes on "Hopelessness" is unrelentingly awful; it is our world.
It is the World Jewish Restitution Organization, not the Jewish World Restitution Organization.
It is World War I, not World War II. OpinionAnna North OpinionJessica Bennett
Maybe they want to leave behind the corporate world for the nonprofit world.
World War II was one of the biggest events to affect the world.
Code Geass is an alternate world where three major superpowers control the world.
EJ: They're all around the world, they have installations all around the world.
Magic is an invisible world — a world existing in the margins of frustration.
While the intention was to remove ourselves, that world came into our world.
Clean, for example, separates the world of movement from the world of stillness.
Zoey Dollaz **PREMIERE**Dro Fe - "Yeen Trappin'" (produced by DJ F) James West (DJ Midi Mayne) - "Wet Paint" Color Plus - "LLLLLL" **World Premiere** Izy - "Knew" (Produced by Acemo ) **World Premiere** AceMo - "Through the Pressure" **World Premiere** Karman - "Know Us" **World Premiere**
What I've been doing with this performance is interrogating the world that surrounds me, the world of occupation, the world of militarization, the world of living between bunkers and living between army camps and what used to be torture centers.
In this century the annual growth rate of the combined economies of the developing world surpassed that of the developed world each year, and in 2008 the developing world out-produced the developed world for the first time in modern history.
The I-PACE is the only all-electric car on the list and won three titles at the World Car Awards:  2019 World Car of the Year, the 2019 World Green Car, and the 2019 World Car Design of the Year.
The authors of "Connecting the world" suggest that connecting the majority of the world is more a question of affordability over infrastructure, especially in the developing world.
Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly: Rowling, who also wrote the script, nimbly lays out her world, but that world isntt nearly as rich as the world of Hogwarts.
It's about all the information we have about the world around us, but the most important world is the world we have inside, our own personal opinions.
"The world as it is right now is a consequence of how certain parts of the world have divided other parts of the world," the curator said.
The new industries straddle globalization, seeing the world as the marketplace, understanding that in order to sell to the world they need to buy from the world.
"There are definitely people who believe in a world, a just world, or a more equal world that would find How I Built This offensive," he says.
"I tell the whole world that if the world wants to stand up to our religion, we will stand up against their whole world," the quote read.
"The world is not prepared," the report from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), co-convened by the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), warned.
Because a world cut off from the magic of nature is a world without Olafs and a world without Olaf's may not be worth having at all.
Ruiz (33-1) became the first Mexican boxer to be a world heavyweight champion, capturing the International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Association titles.
We shouldn't take the existing state of the world, or how we imagined the world was a few centuries ago, as some correct state of the world.
The world, the troll world, felt very real in a way that it shouldn't.
Sputnik is remembered for the world it made, not the world that made it.
What trends do you see happening in sculpture/ the art world/ world at large?
Judges comments: A real-world blockchain application taking the art world by storm 29.
"The World of Flowers," from 1968, shows exactly that: native flora, throughout the world.
What your company's trying to accomplish in the world, it's responsibility in the world.
We are all thankful Becca was part of the horse world and everyone's world.
That we could create a world that exemplified a world we wanted to see.
After making her fortune in the business world, she turned to the sports world.
The rich-world giants are right to look to the developing world for inspiration.
In our world, you now have these platforms, these Uber Eats of the world.
"That's not possible in certified world, but is possible in experimental world," said Loury.
And he&aposs going to be on "Watters&apos World" in a world exclusive.
The world changes shape in time, but the stakes of that world do not.
The HBOs of the world, the Netflixs of the world, Disney does it well.
The U.S. is outgrowing the rest of the world, the developed world at least.
The World Cup showed that this could translate into the real world as well.
Music moved out of the world of Newton and into the world of Einstein.
Few in the world know them, and they know almost nothing of the world.
KN: That was world editor Miriam Elder and deputy world news editor Hayes Brown.
I tend to world-build around characters, and this world was designed for Ray.
And that method also contains ideology: our observed, shared world is the real world.
If you're a world leader — the leader of the free world, some might say!
It's a brave new world, an accepting world — and it's waiting to be disrupted.
They start in the digital world even if they finish in the physical world.
Many second-world-war memorials are simply first-world-war memorials with added names.
Egyptian cities are the fifth dirtiest in the world, says the World Health Organisation.
"The candidature features established and iconic World Cup and World Championship venues," it said.
We can't just say, 'Oh, isn't it crazy, this world, this post-truth world?
Welcome to Wayne's World, Goodburger, Fight Club, Hogwarts, Earth, Jurassic Park, the real world.
M.K. That's an obvious difference between the art world and the rock-music world.
The world would be destroyed because the girls are a power in the world.
He does not understand the world and the world is not listening to him.
Yeah, I actually have more experience in that world than in the animation world.
It straddles the rich world and the emerging world, where many digital innovations happen.
They're about what I feel about the world and how I experience the world.
" After all, the world—the western world, it is implied—was "a global village.
World War I, World War II, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Sept.
VR is not an immaterial world; it is rather a physical world we misinterpret.
The world must end all the wars now in every part of the world.
And, perhaps, the impact -- on my world, our world -- of that long ago Sunday.
Despite being set in another country, at another time, Cleo's world is our world.
You'll step out into the world and you might be in a virtual world.
Trading in shares of New World Development and New World China Land Ltd 0917.
Our lives are so online now that the online world is the real world.
The retail world is now completely different in the digital world we live in.
As software eats the world, the world is dining out on open source software.
It was something about the world that we were creating, the world of Hollywood.
The concept of privacy applied to the world of our grandfathers, not our world.
He's also won dozens of other medals in World Championship and World Cup competitions.
"Because they are seeing the world ... they see the world through sides," Comey said.
Social media isn't really detached from the real world -- it is the real world.
CD: The norm in the crypto world is different than the traditional venture world.
I am a resolute defender of human rights, but the world is the world.
The first thing that makes Overwatch's world appealing and approachable is, well, its world.
Travis says Uber is profitable in developed world & "massively unprofitable" in the developing world.
But the only world they could rule would be a world of inferior beings.
A world of chronically weak demand is a world that is disturbingly zero sum.
As long as SpongeBob is in the world, Stephen Hillenburg is in the world.
Visiting world after world, Dressen tries to find home — one reality amongst infinite possibilities.
World champions and Diamond League event winners earn byes into the next world championships.
"The real world is the real world — it's not a binary thing," Pye said.
Now it seems I'm segueing into that world, more so than the drag world.
WORLD  In July 2015, UNESCO declared Sur's Roman-era fortress a world heritage site.
I need a passport to go between the bitcoin world and the regular world.
As the name implies, World Refugee Day is celebrated, well, all over the world.
Just first on Women's World Cup, Women World Cup is going on right now.
In a way, the world was lucky it wasn't a disaster for the world.
"The world is not taking interest, the world don't give a shit," she said.
He is the president and CEO of Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health.
That would've been a world record if world records still existed in this format.
"Why in the world — why in the world of journalism — would anyone do this?"
Clinton is an experienced player in the political world of Washington and the world.
We want the world to be — we want to bring peace to the world.
Not simply connect the world, but also work to bring the world closer together.
Me, his loved ones, his friends, the world of music, the world at large.
The U.S. share of world imports now accounts for 13 percent of world imports.
"I saw the world of force behind the world of form," she later said.
Polt, a four-time WCS (World Championship Series) world champion, won that eventual match.
Me, I'm gonna keep my skills in the digital world and real world separate.
Alas, we will just have to toil on in a world without world peace.
How do you think about participating in that world or navigating through that world?
But how likely is it for that ideal world to become an existent world?
The DIY film world and music world are so hand-in-hand and influential.
It is young artists around the world trying to make sense of this world.
The world could be quite blurry, or parts of the world could be missing.
That the world, especially the Arab world, keeps moving forward with basic human rights.
For years, Guinness World Records has documented world records that celebrate the winter holidays.
You can't trust a world-renowned doctor, who in the world can you trust?
I didn't know much about the world; the world to me was my village.
And the world is mourning you, and the world is going to miss you.
For a New World tree, it is interesting to note its Old World connections.
He said, the world in which the E.U. was born — that world is gone.
Best World Cup Finish Round of 193 in 2015, the Netherlands' first World Cup.
As the world focuses on the Women's World Cup, it's worth remembering some history.
It's time the World Bank president reflected what the World Bank has actually become.
A nuclear war anywhere in the world would affect the whole world, for example.
I like a world where folks buy the best stuff everywhere in the world.
In the whole world there's only a few coaches that are world-class caliber.
Very small world, but still, you were a big deal in a small world.
More than this, a world of decent people like you is a better world.
The world of social media increasingly feels as if it is simply the world.
Ironically, this world of religious dogmas about sexuality was once a very different world.
MICHAEL McCARTY The art world was just like the food-and-wine world — small.
What is it with the best goalkeepers in the World at this World Cup?
"What an amazing loss for the basketball world, the whole world," he told Hill.
But, after "Voodoo," D'Angelo retreated into his own world, while Badu's world kept expanding.
They&aposre serious athletes from all over the world — Olympians, world champions, and professionals.
That there is magic in our world, too, if you will — the Muggle world.
I'm still fantasizing about the end of the world, or at least my world.
Colleges have long boasted about world-class research laboratories and world-class athletic programs.
Equity markets around the world fell, with MSCI's all-country world index slipping 0.52%.
Jurassic World 3 will ostensibly pick up where Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom left off.
We wanted that juxtaposition, that dichotomy, of a real world within the fictional world.
That world full of possibilities doesn't jibe with Mr. Trump's world full of danger.
The season that brings joy to the world also brings junk to the world.
And the world of 2019 looks different than the world in which he campaigned.
More-over, the body swallows the world and is itself swallowed by the world.
It's unusual in the tech world, and it's unusual in the Google world, too.
He has since gone on to steer Canada to back-to-back Olympic gold, a World Cup of Hockey crown, a world championship and a world junior championship.
" The women sang together, "This joy that I have, the world didn't give it to me / The world didn't give it, so the world can't take it away.
When the world over, nobody knows what neutral is because the world as we know it is different from the world we knew before the global financial crisis.
People now may not spend as much time navigating the real world, but they spend a lot more time navigating the online world or in the virtual world.
Mission Control at World View's Tucson HQ. Mission Control at World View's Tucson HQ. World View conducted a nationwide search to identify a location to place this facility.
Spark said the secured rights will also include the Women's Rugby World Cup 2021, the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, and World Rugby U20 Championships 2018 and 2019.
The program is a continent-wide partnership between agencies and donors including the World Bank, World Meteorological Organization and United Nations Development Program and the World Food Program.
"This is the first time I have beaten the world number one, it is amazing," said the world number 48 Hsieh after beating world number one Simona Halep.
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This could be the world we begin to glimpse through a glass darkly on the other side of the turnstile; the millennials' world and our world just ahead.
At 34, she has won the Olympic gold medal twice; the World Championships three times; the World Indoor Championships four times; and the World Athletics Final five times.
But it may be time for it and the world to face the fact that Snapchat could be world-changing product without ever becoming a world-dominating business.

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