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"harmony" Definitions
  1. [uncountable] (approving) a state of peaceful existence and agreement
  2. [uncountable, countable] (music) the way in which different notes that are played or sung together combine to make a pleasant sound
  3. [countable, uncountable] (approving) an attractive combination of related things
"harmony" Synonyms
euphony polyphony consonance melodiousness melody symphony tunefulness mellifluousness tune harmonics mellifluence orchestration chord concentus diapason overtones chorus composition organum richness peace amity friendship understanding amicability fellowship goodwill rapport sympathy cooperation order orderliness peaceableness peacefulness serenity tranquillity(UK) comradeship lawfulness decorum stability accord accordance concord agreement unity conformity consensus solidarity compatibility union unison assent concert concurrence oneness synthesis unanimity consistency like-mindedness balance congruity symmetry congruence coordination steadiness correspondence conformance congruency equilibrium synchronisation(UK) synchronization(US) cohesion uniformity unification alliance support camaraderie soundness indivisibility sameness confederation federation teamwork undividedness reconciliation armistice ceasefire truce resolution pacification love pacifism peacetime de-escalation cessation of hostilities end of hostilities suspension of hostilities treaty synergy collaboration interaction synergism teaming coaction symbiosis combined effect combined effort concerted effort team effort working together coalition association music notes chords song strains instrumental piece refrain sound theme tones hymn jingle line measure part obbligato countermelody accompaniment backing musical accompaniment background comp soundtrack backing music background music support music back-up backing part ripieno backing instruments mellowness musicality smoothness softness sweetness silveriness sweet sound sweet tone lilt lyricism prettiness fellow feeling concern empathy warmth affinity care compassion feeling solicitousness solicitude tenderness brotherly love commiseration condolences pity sorrow integration incorporation amalgamation blending fusing assimilation combination combining consolidation emulsion homogenisation(UK) homogenization(US) merger meshing mixing amalgamating coalescence coalescing détente co-operation give-and-take relaxation relief tranquility(US) cooling off equal power esprit de corps rhyme rhythm cadence metre(UK) meter(US) iambic pentameter beat swing cadency pulse throb vibration palpitation beating pounding tempo ripple stress oscillation organisation(UK) organization(US) plan structure arrangement pattern make-up system constitution form format framework configuration grouping design method scheme construction formation arpeggio triad major chord minor chord accommodation compromise settlement negotiation concession deal bargain compliance fifty-fifty deal pact contract acknowledgment(US) handshake meeting of minds propriety appropriateness fitness rightness suitableness aptness correctness suitability seemliness appositeness ethicality felicitousness felicity fittingness happiness morality properness appropriacy advisability More
"harmony" Antonyms
discordance cacophony disharmony dissonance asymmetry caterwauling clamor(US) clamour(UK) clangour(UK) clangor(US) conflict din disaccord discordancy disunity inharmony raucousness discord disproportion disunion chaos dystopia anarchy confusion disorder disorderedness disorderliness turmoil unrest upheaval bedlam disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) hell pandemonium apocalypse cacotopia messiness disagreement contradiction contrast unalignment contention contrariety contrariness oppositeness opposition antithesis disparity polarity variance clash incompatibility difference dissimilarity dissimilitude discongruity imbalance incongruity incongruence incongruousness discrepancy gulf lopsidedness inconsistency inequality misproportion unevenness disparateness distinctiveness distinctness unlikeness irregularity mismatch refusal divergence division dissensus denial dissension pluranimity nonconformity fight fighting silence enmity malevolence venom aloofness animosity dislike enemyship hatred hostility ill will hate aversion loathing antipathy abhorrence detestation spite a cappella unpleasantness ad lib ad libitum a bene placito noncooperation insubordination mutiny revolt bellicosity belligerence belligerency combativeness disputatiousness hindrance indiscipline insurrection militance recalcitrance contumacy defiance delinquency dereliction separation parting split bifurcation breakup dialysis opening partition fractionalization fractionation disapproval disapprobation censure condemnation displeasure objection reproach reproof denunciation discontent discountenance disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) dissatisfaction odium animadversion discontentment dissent opprobrium wartime activity disturbance agitation bother commotion disruption hustle and bustle perturbation ruckus bustle distraction ferment hubbub interruption racket stir content matter theme subject substance essence material

598 Sentences With "harmony"

How to use harmony in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "harmony" and check conjugation/comparative form for "harmony". Mastering all the usages of "harmony" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I would do the high harmony, he would do the low harmony.
As it stands, the Harmony Express isn't replacing any member of the Harmony lineup.
Camila Cabello's left Fifth Harmony So we guess the popular girl group should now be called Fourth Harmony?
HUGH: The idea was, because of the four-part harmony, how are we going to get that bottom bass harmony?
Originally, Logitech planned to only offer Harmony Link owners with active warranties free upgrades to its new Harmony Hub devices.
Fifth Harmony debuts as a quartet There was drama when Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony recently, but fans need not worry.
On Facebook Alfian Sa'at, a playwright, wrote: "We don't really have racial harmony in Singapore, what we have is racist harmony."■
"Sixth Harmony" was one of them — that's just playing on Fifth Harmony — or there was "Little Six," playing on Little Mix.
Fifth Harmony has become Fourth Harmony, with the exit of Camila Cabello in December 2016 in order to pursue a solo career.
When you purchase a Harmony Smart Control, you'll receive a TV-esque remote and a smart home hub called the Harmony Hub.
My experience with the Jade Yoga Harmony MatBuy the Jade Yoga Harmony Mat on Amazon for $67.96 - $84.95 (price varies by size)
Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App All in One Remote for $52 ($18 off): This simple remote also includes the Harmony Hub.
It demanded personal sacrifice for the sake of future harmony and required harmony — in love, comradeship and book learning — as a condition for its fulfillment.
Huawei has been touting its homegrown operating system Harmony OS, but executives have given conflicting messages on when Harmony might make its way onto Huawei phones.
The service, titled Joy to the World 2016: A Festival of Music for Peace & Harmony, included the peace and harmony of Mr. Shakur's lyrics in the pamphlet.
The $249.99 Harmony Express, which starts shipping today, has a revamped, tiny design that gets rid of the touchscreen and many programmable buttons of other Harmony remotes.
Harmony Pillow It took over a year to create Purple's Harmony Pillow, but all that R&D is sure to lead to some much needed R&R.
CNET reports Huawei is gearing up to unveil a Harmony-powered smart TV, and Yang said he expects to bring out a smartwatch that runs on Harmony.
Related: $120,000 Harmony Korine Painting Stolen in Soho Gucci Mane's New Supreme Video Was Directed by Harmony Korine The 'Kids' Are Alright, Even Though They're Adults Now
Alberta's health department notified Harmony on Thursday that a worker who had not been on the job for days had tested positive, Harmony spokesman Crosbie Cotton said.
Rory Dooley, head of Logitech Harmony, told Gizmodo in a statement that the decision to turn off the devices "does not impact Logitech's commitment to Logitech Harmony customers," adding that those within a one-year warranty period could exchange their devices for free for an upgraded Harmony Hub.
Related: Harmony Korine Holds an Exhibition in His Hometown Gucci Mane's New Supreme Video Was Directed by Harmony Korine The 'Kids' Are Alright, Even Though They're Adults Now
Logitech's whole Harmony lineup is good for this, but the Harmony Companion + Hub bundle has the advantage of being full-featured and capable, while also not breaking the bank.
The new Logitech Harmony skill will let you start any activity you have registered for your Harmony Hub, which means it'll also control connected smart home accessories like Hue lights.
The company hasn&apost been particularly clear when it might start replacing Android with Harmony, but most recently an executive suggested Harmony could be ready to use by mid-2020.
The answer happens to be E-HARMONY, with the definition being "site where you can find online matches" and "order" asks you to anagram "ham on rye" to E-HARMONY.
If you base a society on a conception of self that is about achievement, not character, you will wind up with a society that is demoralized; that puts little emphasis on the sorts of moral systems that create harmony within people, harmony between people and harmony between people and their ultimate purpose.
Alice + Olivia Harmony Chainmail Mini Slip Dress, $550;  saksfifthavenue.
Rihanna and Bryson Tiller - "Wild Thoughts" Fifth Harmony Feat.
"The Keto Reset Diet" - Mark Sisson (Harmony, $27.99) 10.
To get this skill going, you just need to enable the "Harmony – Optimized for Smart Home" skill in the Alexa app (and you also need a Harmony hub-based remote, of course).
Logitech says the simplified Alexa skills will work with Harmony Activities, so if you have a Harmony device that can control more than just your TV, no setup should be out of reach.
She and Kim agree that they need peace and harmony.
Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced TV and Home Entertainment Remote Control
Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei, 220, and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, 28.
Cabello's breakup with Fifth Harmony has been far from harmonious.
Now, Fifth Harmony has posted their response to her response.
So how's it looking for the future of Fifth Harmony?
Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei, 28, and Valentin Chmerkovskiy, 30.
We really find our peace and harmony in this setting.
These messages are sent through WhatsApp to disrupt social harmony.
Other Latvian parties always rule out letting Harmony into government.
Keep things simple with the Logitech Harmony Elite remote control.
Watching fans come together meant a lot to Fifth Harmony.
Harmony is the only character of color in this comedy.
So those of you watching at home, hi Fifth Harmony!
But at its best, it is in harmony with Lee's.
After all, the 'wa' in Wacom means 'harmony' in Japanese.
The Mother is in harmony with the home, her creation.
Harmony flows as you reflect on your big picture goals.
Fifth Harmony looking gorgeous in their Billboard Magazine photoshoot. pic.twitter.
"I'm so sick," the former Fifth Harmony singer, 24673, wrote.
So those of you watching at home… Hi Fifth Harmony!
Almost nothing works in our lives without harmony and balance.
It tried to teach its discordant candidate to sing harmony.
Fans, sites and celebrities all comin' together in perfect harmony.
Logitech's Harmony app is a good example here as well.
Harmony in multiplicity is the message: beautiful thought, heady sight.
Nothing says, "You're another year older!" like droning experimental harmony.
Dr. Kinari Webb is the founder of Health In Harmony.
Nothing disrupts the harmony of Congress more than immigration policy.
" Their coupling, he noted, was a kind of "novel harmony.
How does a rural community live in harmony with nature?
Harmony of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship.
Shirley has a keen ear for harmony and instrumental color.
Which is not to say we lived in blissful harmony.
The piece is a terrific feat of harmony and orchestration.
On good days, Venus brings harmony and Pluto fosters change.
The challenge will be making them all play in harmony.
Harmony is great — and if you're feeling it, follow it.
He had such a specific and particular view of harmony.
In a real democracy, many opinions can exist in harmony.
Still, the city's reputation for pluralist harmony may be inflated.
And that can never lead to progress, inclusion, harmony, trust.
This is not the way to promote harmony and inclusion.
" His government, he added, "is about harmony and opposing extremism.
How can you bring more harmony to your personal life?
The story dissolves; rhythm, shape, harmony become ends in themselves.
MONTREAL — Canada is often viewed as a model of harmony.
He sang along for a while, supplying a high harmony.
But this harmony is creating a kind of indirect melody.
It tells a story, through this harmony, an emotional story.
Every night they always say their prayers, like: 'Goodnight, Harmony.
" He added, "Peace and harmony are central to our ethos.
Then, at a certain magical point, chaos turns into harmony.
Inviting female classmates, he said, might upset the group's harmony.
"I was always in harmony with my sister," she said.
In the interest of harmony, the Trump topic is avoided.
The layering of harmony, timbre, and rhythm is intimidatingly dense.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Girl group Fifth Harmony has become four.
Many hoped the accelerated communication would inspire greater international harmony.
His images are precise, in harmony with the physical world.
His musical ability has grown and his sense of harmony.
Its perceived harmony offers some contrast to our constructed world.
Chaos reigns as John Wick disrupts the clubgoers perfect harmony.
Venus is the planet of love, beauty, money, and harmony.
Lenny said to leave that vocal alone, just use that scratch that [I] just played from the session, but sing a harmony [because] 'that melody doesn't want to be alone, it wants a harmony.
Describing the delayed development of Harmony as a "direct consequence of the US-Chinese trade war," Husson added that any delays in Harmony being rolled out could deter retailers from selling the Mate 30.
This one, for example, grew so popular it spilled over into real life: a Vine meme involving an impromptu chorus to a Fifth Harmony song became a real fan chant during live Fifth Harmony concerts.
The new feature will allow users to turn on TVs, control DVRs, and start apps like Netflix using simple voice commands, if your devices are connected through the Harmony Hub or the Harmony Elite remote.
But I love the photograph for its compositional harmony, which is like the harmony of a chain gang's song, or like the paradoxical pleasure Northup took in the sight of a cotton field in bloom.
But that snappy, harmony-fueled version of "MMMBop," wasn't the original.
Pharrell loves country music and is a huge fan of harmony.
Published by Harmony Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC
So, Kole and Fifth Harmony definitely have something in the works.
Eventually, they all come together to make one perfect holiday harmony.
When you have these elements perfectly balanced, you create perfect harmony.
Fifth Harmony had a pretty rough final few weeks of 2016.
Oh, and Fifth Harmony is performing without the departed Camila Cabello.
"Let peace and harmony prevail in communities all over the world."
Fifth Harmony band member Lauren Jauregui has confirmed she is bisexual.
Rave introduced us to peace, love, and harmony, which was great.
Fifth Harmony is in the middle of their New Order moment.
Logitech Harmony Companion remote control — £74.99 (list price £119.99) See Details
Logitech's Harmony universal remotes were once a living room must-have.
How does the harmony travel from the golden triangle to me?
Music that is soulful in rhythm and harmony makes the cut.
Logitech Harmony Elite remote control — £117 (list price £299.99) See Details
This one includes shots of Cyrus, Sheeran, Fifth Harmony, and Lorde.
For the launch of the Harmony Express, Logitech is starting fresh.
Plug in your Harmony Hub via USB and click on Install.
The $350 Elite is the flagship product of Logitech's Harmony line.
J) rose 4.16 percent to 149.21 rand and Harmony Gold (HARJ.
And all of these systems need to work together in harmony.
Logitech Harmony Elite remote control — £115.99 (list price £299.99) See Details  
It frays public harmony and undermines faith in free market capitalism.
Camila Cabello is opening up about her departure from Fifth Harmony.
Finding harmony "Our girls have grown as musicians themselves," says Lithgow.
Long ago, the six boroughs lived divided, but together in harmony.
It's not often that groups strive to find harmony in both.
Hernandez and Fifth Harmony finished the concert without any other incidents.
Andrew M. Cuomo found a rare harmony in their blizzard response.
The show gives the sense that familial harmony is attainable through
The NHL booked Carly Rae Jepsen, Nick Jonas, and Fifth Harmony.
The Getty Research Institute acquired the archive of artist Harmony Hammond.
Because now LeBron and Lance have joined forces in beautiful harmony.
Only one Orb of Harmony can be assigned at a time.
It will also go a long way to preserving family harmony.
Expect plenty of communication (Mercury) and harmony (Venus) around your reputation!
Kindness is what will create harmony, not celebrity and not fame.
Yes, I believe that the two ideas can exist in harmony.
Existing relationships can come back into harmony under Libra's balancing beams.
" The best pop video award went to Fifth Harmony for "Down.
Among the defendants are Anglo American, Gold Fields and Harmony Gold.
We seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world.
Potato Head, join hands while floating through the air in harmony.
The special Buddhist symbol represents the harmony of wisdom and compassion.
The Harmony Companion is like the Elite, but minus the touchscreen.
Of course, they speak in automatic harmony (and with total ease).
Venus is the planet of love, money, harmony, style, and beauty.
As stereo speakers, the SYMFONISK bookshelf speakers sounded great in harmony.
Trump's tweets are in rare harmony with rest of the world.
Their thinkers had advanced ideas of justice and harmony and truth.
Instead, they are about the pursuit, futile or not, of harmony.
The harmony darkens again as Hamm speaks of ending it all.
The U.S.O.C. can make a statement of peace, harmony and conciliation.
The first devices to get Harmony OS will be smart screens.
Despite the liberals' vision of harmony, conflict reigned on the frontier.
He imagined the spirits in a kind of beautiful pagan harmony.
The opening scene of Harmony Korine's Springbreakers satirized this pretty well.
The Grana Padano and Marmite bond together in salty, umami harmony.
It's really a field zone with both forces working in harmony.
Indeed, Cancer, you need peace and harmony in your home life.
Yeah, that's why I think I was referring to Harmony Korine.
Teasel Muir-Harmony, the Smithsonian NASA curator, reports the same buoyancy.
Harmony is all very well, but meaningless without creative, energetic politicking.
When we sang, even as kids, Dad always insisted on harmony.
Confession brings us into an entirely new, deeper harmony with God.
If we all follow them, they help us coexist in harmony.
Venus rules all the good stuff: love, money, beauty, and harmony.
But the transformations continued, microtonally, warping the harmony like melting wax.
Normani started the summer as the Harmony with something to prove.
Its songs build from everyday events to impassioned close-harmony choruses.
He is a son of Harmony D. O'Shea of Jacksonville, Fla.
Behind the apparent harmony lies a tale of defeat and devastation.
After a quick countdown, in full harmony, the virtual performance begins.
The Chinese company recently unveiled its own operating system, called Harmony.
"It is rare that nature is in color harmony," he continued.
This creates a powerful sense of cohesion, harmony and group think.
But the signals so far do not suggest themes of harmony.
If an expediter panics and breaks down, so does that harmony.
Logitech Harmony Elite remote control — £115.99 (list price £299.99) See Details
Work toward creating a harmony of life, not work-life balance.
The Hongmeng OS (also called Harmony) was originally designed for IoT.
The fraternal person is seeking harmony and fair play between individuals.
He is trying to move the world from tension to harmony.
And so agreement that rules are in harmony may prove difficult.
" Of "Harmony," he said: "I didn't want it to sound chaotic.
It's the season of peace, love, harmony, and pumpkin spice lattes.
Some senior Benelux officials hope for revival of Franco-German harmony.
The colors of a healthy reef are a sign of harmony.
But eventually, something goes wrong, harmony is disrupted and violence ensues.
It exemplifies our point that both spaces operate in harmony together.
Of course, it is not perfect harmony between Trump and business.
Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced TV and Home Entertainment Remote Control Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control Logitech Harmony Smart Home TV Entertainment Hub Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Jam Audio Rhythm Wireless WiFi Speaker with Alexa i-box Roost Bedside Speaker for Echo Dot Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker Libratone ZIPP MINI 2 Smart Wireless Speaker with Alexa Echo Plus Stereo System
This isn't the first time Logitech's had to make amends: the company decided to brick the Harmony Hub's predecessor last March, and agreed to give every owner a free Harmony Hub to deal with that backlash.
Huawei says it has built its own smartphone operating system, Harmony, although it remains to be seen whether the company can persuade enough developers to build software and services for Harmony that could substitute for Google's.
But for people out of warranty—possibly the majority of Harmony Link users, as the devices were last sold in 2015—they would just get a one-time, 35 percent discount on a new $100 Harmony Hub.
I didn't like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony nearly as much as him.
You will never achieve the harmony of even a dysfunctional nuclear family.
The Caavo remote versus my perfectly fine $70 Harmony 650 from Logitech.
How two opposite ends of a spectrum can create harmony and balance.
This is what's responsible for both the system's harmony and its rhythm.
The bull (oxen) symbolizes that relentless pushing forward toward contentment and harmony.
"Harmony showed me a picture of the panini char marks," Sparacino says.
Which, I mean, don't we all need a little bit of harmony?
The stars have aligned in perfect harmony... to call us all out.
Love, peace and harmony for ALL has always been my life's purpose.
We were oh so close to a moment of pure corporate harmony.
Another Fifth Harmony member has apologized after experiencing difficulty performing on stage.
NEW YORK, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Girl group Fifth Harmony has become four.
Up until the breakup, Fifth Harmony was approaching pop culture juggernaut status.
Receiving love from the planet of harmony is definitely an exciting thing!
Investors include True Ventures, Matrix Partners, Cisco, Trinity Ventures and Harmony Partners.
For you, abundance means harmony—you love it when things just click .
The consort dances together in an intellectual harmony that is uniquely satisfying.
It's peace and harmony, so you want to keep it that way.
Let's see how long that lasts (about as long as 5th Harmony).
The faces of Henry and Harmony, though symmetrical and touchable, are dead.
YOU WOULD never guess that Singapore has just celebrated Racial Harmony Day.
These conversations rarely end in harmony and can even lead to divorce.
The next morning, there is harmony, and there is a homemade breakfast.
The Logitech Harmony Elite remote control is also on sale right now.
Rihanna -- "This Is What You Came For" Best Collaboration Fifth Harmony ft.
Ultimately, Patrick wins—Spongebob's dream of living in harmony with nature fails.
The crowd lovingly added the harmony counterparts to the verses, completely uninvited.
Here's hoping that their relationship can find peace and harmony once again.
But the politics of land use in thriving cities scrambles this harmony.
"Harmony hadn't done anything at that point," explains Barlow over the phone.
Camila Cabello may have left her band Fifth Harmony back in 2016.
The Harmony Hub can also work with Alexa and Google's smart devices.
Complex problems require many solutions working in harmony to enable positive change.
Each contributing scientist played an irreplaceable role, and through competition came harmony.
Called the Coco Code Blush Harmony, the product will be multi-use.
I've always valued harmony in my interactions with everyone I work with.
"There's a certain harmony that comes when we're both together," he gushed.
There's this beautiful YouTube of her singing and someone offstage singing harmony.
Or hop on a song with Fifth Harmony and still do me.
The companies involved are Harmony Gold, Gold Fields, African Rainbow Minerals ARIJ.
Diversity, the chorus of different voices, should be a song of harmony.
How I Made It Can capitalism and community work together in harmony?
To bring them into harmony might require a different order of speculation.
"America has just got incredible folk music, especially this traditional harmony singing."
That's where Leo Fitzpatrick, Justin Pierce, and Harmony Korine met Larry Clark.
Everything, it seemed — melody, harmony — was foreground, and the texture grew muddled.
She sings her own background harmony vocals, a Destiny's Child of one.
It's as miraculous as observing the harmony of the spheres in motion.
"He found an extreme amount of harmony in the outdoors," Kirstyn says.
Perhaps in the interest of sustaining familial harmony, the comment never came.
"We need harmony, we need love, we need happy communities," Fox added.
The two factions in Hillsborough do not live in absolute harmony, however.
Bring as much peace and harmony to their life as you can.
Harmony Corruption was the album that introduced most Indonesians to death metal.
But 27 years later, Harmony Corruption's influence on Indonesian metal is priceless.
Also like Harmony, the new bots will have heat and touch sensors.
Venus, planet of harmony, tags along, bringing water cooler conversations at work.
And all things harmony or guitar based is this genius right here.
I just wanna live in harmony with the locals here, be neighbours.
It is more difficult to see that trade also promotes social harmony.
Initially, though, his assignment was to bring harmony to a divided club.
Harmony paint has odor eliminating technology that actually reduces common indoor odors.
Harmony ended in heartbreak, and disunion blossomed into a church of swing.
At one moment, the soprano voices were layered in a heavenly harmony.
All I'm saying is, sing together in sweet harmony and I'm in.
"I am ready to work with you in harmony," Mr. Imamoglu said.
Still, it has come to evoke peace and harmony — sometimes mockingly so.
The couple met in 2011 through the online dating service e-Harmony.
If the family was in harmony, the entire community could be, too.
Singing in choral harmony embellished with ululations, they could be a village.
We're all on this earth together—so why don't we find harmony?
But it is also intended to "promote family harmony and social stability".
" Tarusha Naidoo, 41: "Headscarves worn today for me, represents freedom and harmony.
So harmony and timbre and other variables, such as time, are related.
But then there's the inevitable longing for home, for harmony, for rest.
"My government is about harmony and opposing extremism," Mr. Joko has said.
I can't explain how amazing it is to get the harmony back.
Giuliani's attitude toward Iran is in perfect harmony with that general framework.
But that harmony of postwar America was much more combustible than sustainable.
I used to kind of chameleon in harmony along with my father.
Venus rules love and beauty, peace and harmony, and money and luxury.
"Push Comes to Shove" includes two therapy scenes that work in harmony.
It'd be a sweet sight: game and movie, created in perfect harmony.
"Nick is sick he needs it quick/ We let him fix up in the car/ Catching up with my old friends/ That's what the holidays are for," Ray sings in harmony with Spencer Radcliffe and Girlpool's Harmony Tividad.
The film will focus on Marceau's role in the French resistance during World War II.—The Hollywood Reporter Matthew McConaughey to Star in Harmony Korine MovieMatthew McConaughey will star in director Harmony Korine's next movie, entitled The Beach Bum.
Instead, get all the must-dos to work in harmony with each other.
Sexy, seductive Venus rules love, beauty, money, and harmony—all the good stuff!
As the sign of harmony and partnership, communication is important to you, Libra.
We hope -- and pray -- it will one day bring harmony here in Iraq.
Fifth Harmony alum Normani Kordei left Twitter in 2017 but has since returned.
Fifth Harmony want you to know they're still worth it as a foursome.
Camila Cabello is firing back at criticism of her departure from Fifth Harmony.
"We know you are hurt and confused, we are too," Fifth Harmony wrote.
Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony will not go gently into that good night.
However, Logitech is still not planning to extend support for the Harmony Link.
Plus reports that NATO allies hope for harmony fear trump ahead of summit.
Agreeableness means you can get along well with others and maintain social harmony.
IN HARMONY Dorothea: We've been going to the same restaurant for 10 years.
Teachers who do not achieve harmony, she says, are seen as poor performers.
She's satisfied with the harmony she's found between her personal and professional lives.
WHAT government would not like to reduce racial disparities and promote ethnic harmony?
"When we come together, it's a natural combination of love, peace and harmony."
Brown expressed concern over how each contestant would treat the character of Harmony.
"Fifth Harmony wasn't the maximum expression of me individually," she says in Seventeen.
" Alongside another clip, the former Fifth Harmony band member wrote, "You're unreal. @shawnmendes.
"It was designed to create harmony between Latin and Arabic," reads a description.
Keep this pursuit of harmony in mind as you move through the week.
As if we hadn't all briefly been living in perfect hard rock harmony.
The fact that "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony remains as underrated as it is?
Except the time I hacked my own account and tweeted about Fifth Harmony.
Investors include Blue Cloud Ventures, CRV, Harmony Partners, Index Ventures and Stereo Capital.
Control multiple household functions from a single remote, with the Logitech Harmony Elite.
Logitech Ultimate Harmony One Universal Remote for $2469.99 at Amazon (list price $241900).
The infectious enthusiasm for camaraderie and harmony of the Games is unseen here.
Lastly, you can save $50 on Logitech Harmony Hub and Echo Dot Bundles.
Tsimane music doesn't make use of harmony, unlike the music of Western cultures.
EST, will be in Libra, the sign of partnerships, harmony, and easy interactions.
In their lunar ambitions, however, Trump and Bezos are very much in harmony.
Shaker village of Pleasant Hill, KY; New Harmony, IN; Twin Oaks, VA; Walden
Learn more about the Logitech Harmony Ultimate All in One remote See Details
This version of the universal Harmony remote comes with its app and Hub.
" The event was advertised as "a festival of music for peace and harmony.
Harmony rose 3.41% to 46.96 rand and AngloGold America 2.02% to 306.70 rand.
There has since been an effort to display harmony in the royal family.
It could lead to greater harmony inside Europe or a continental banking crisis.
And if things get better for Jack, it'll be more melody and harmony.
Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers is a good litmus test for someone like GIRLI.
Xiong at Green Harmony says he believes the changes are here to stay.
Participants spoke of greater harmony in talks on the future of Northern Ireland.
Man and groundhog lived together, in harmony, until the groundhog fled in October.
Darren Marks is the founder of Harmony Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapy clinic in London.
Venus is the planet of all the good stuff: love, money, beauty, harmony.
One step over we're confronted by "Odalisque with Tambourine" (Harmony in Blue) (1926).
How can we allow the collective and the individual to live in harmony?
As Forward Union demonstrates, it is possible to bring them together in harmony.
Did this mysterious group just shade Fifth Harmony for ripping off their song?
The best outcome is achieved when these two institutional objectives work in harmony.
It's a little of this, a lot of that, with melody, rhythm, harmony.
Banning offensive speech does not lead anyone to truth or promote social harmony.
In combination with UnitedHealth's health-insurance arm, Optum created a product named Harmony.
That is not to say the relationship has always been in perfect harmony.
Harmony Gold has also been trying to build a 30 megawatt solar plant.
The people who lived there just wanted to be in harmony with nature.
A debate where Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's voices rose together in harmony.
Attuned to ourselves and to one another, we can find happiness and harmony.
Roughly five years later, no one is questioning Ledecky's harmony with the water.
The Fifth Harmony fandom, or any fandom really, is made up of subgroups.
He seemed skeptical around traditional harmony, but he liked structure, dynamics and intimacy.
But after a few years together, things have quieted into harmony and routine.
Another, Harmony Motel, has a water slide that leads into a heated pool.
The couple can make a decision together for the harmony of the relationship.
While on her pulpit, Rohrer preaches about the power of harmony and acceptance.
Venus is the planet of all things good: love, beauty, cash, and harmony.
They talk of dismantling the bipartisan, Henry Kissinger-esque strategy of cautious harmony.
He states his desire to be 'the e-harmony for follow on funding'.
In short, Camp Harmony, whatever its participants' initial intentions, has become a cult.
"But more importantly, a ring of stars better symbolizes our harmony in diversity."
Therefore all parties should work in harmony to ensure the country doesn't suffer.
Played right, each passing harmony feels rich enough to last an entire song.
The first one, Harmony, was introduced in May by a company named Realbotix.
He finds the singularity of ordinary being, its notes of harmony and discordance.
Given geopolitical developments since, it is hard to imagine that harmony happening today.
To be sure, nature itself is hardly a Valhalla of peace and harmony.
He literally wrote the book on harmony, a textbook still in use today.
Their kind of rock music, bluesy and harsh, broke the rules of harmony.
In their discord, he heard a strange harmony that inspired him to create.
It will be a happy day when racial harmony rules in the land.
And yet Kavanaugh has tried to bring these two warring positions into harmony.
Ms. Callander was a fan of the bands Fifth Harmony and One Direction.
Harmony, brief as it was, immediately became a social media free-for-all.
How can we live in harmony with the rest of life on earth?
Few personalities alive have brought healing and harmony to such a devastated people.
"I think work-life harmony is a good framework," Bezos told Thrive Global.
Some 2000 percent of his wealth is in the Harmony Gold Mining Company.
SEEK "HARMONY but not sameness", advised the Chinese philosopher Confucius 2,500 years ago.
The European Central Bank is in a much better harmony with asset markets.
The Logitech Harmony Elite remote control is your ticket to an easier life.
Brahms's imaginativeness in rhythm, harmony and thematic development makes him a progressive force.
And it's aimed at creating more harmony and a better future for everybody.
" He also called for unity: "peace and love and harmony as fellow Americans.
They have a set of universal intuitions that help establish harmony between peoples.
Work to find solutions and act quickly to restore harmony in your life.
Complex sculptural lines register like harmony; rapidly traveling hops make those lines sing.
They are also the parents of a three-year-old daughter named Harmony.
And it's aimed at creating more harmony and a better future for everybody.
But the dual demands of equality and respect aren't always in perfect harmony.
Home and Work Together, these opposites achieved harmony in their apartment and shop.
This kind of arrangement has persisted across India for decades, in apparent harmony.
We can live in harmony and express our humanness together, through the arts.
Here's "Harmony Hall" and our Jon Pareles writing about it in The Times.
In the meantime, on the Korean Peninsula, there's suddenly a hint of harmony.
"We lean towards sustainability because there's harmony between those three elements," said Clifton.
"My work is really a research of harmony," Olivier tells The Creators Project.
It's mostly like good vibes and candles and weed and peace and harmony.
Not disappointed with life, exactly, but I understand what is important: not the glory, not the money, but to be well with yourself, with your family, to be in good health and good harmony with people, and in harmony with yourself.
Maoyuan's sculptures reflect Chinese ideals of beauty and harmony through their globe-like bodies.
The problem is that the award was supposed to go to Fifth Harmony. Oops!
Girl group Fifth Harmony might need a name change to reflect its dwindling numbers.
These abstract works marry the two materials, exemplifying a harmony between two opposing media.
They were very, very accomplished at harmony, and it was good for my development.
But for the 40 years after that there had been relative harmony, villagers say.
The self-titled album is called Fifth Harmony and it will drop this Aug.
Decorative palms and surf boards at the nine-hole miniature golf course, Harmony Dunes.
All of Wakanda is constructed in harmony with the natural features of the land.
However, existing Harmony Link devices will still cease to function on March 16th, 2018.
In this exhibition, at least, Christianity and Shinto and Buddhism live in shared harmony.
One told HRW that teachers said his sexuality broke the harmony of the school.
In the long term, harmony tends to arise when people are not forcefully segregated.
The Logitech Harmony Companion remote control is now available for just £74.99 on Amazon.
And that means the Harmony remote line might not have a particularly rich future.
The title, the story, and the cut-out technique are just in perfect harmony.
Nicki Minaj - "Side To Side"Kendrick Lamar - "Humble"Sia - "The Greatest"Fifth Harmony ft.
Sunnis, Shias, Alawites, Christians, and Druze live in relative harmony in regime-controlled areas.
But that thing happened again, where two conversations ran simultaneously, but not in harmony.
Strength, poise, harmony: China's leaders set great store by the display of such virtues.
The women of Fifth Harmony have a simple message on their Twitter account: #Respect.
Logitech Harmony Universal Remote for $50 ($20 off): Control all things with one thing.
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is available now on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and Steam.
Gone are the days when we could unironically sing about universal love and harmony.
And, in the meantime, there's always Little Mix, the British answer to Fifth Harmony.
It wakes up the skin and gets the cells to start working in harmony.
More than that, the Lightning-strapped iPhone X disturbs my perfect USB-C harmony.
Al Jardine: The singers — the family and myself — we really made some serious harmony.
The new era that dawns on May 1 is called Reiwa, meaning Beautiful Harmony.
This person, who truly believes that Halloween and August can live in perfect harmony.
His lucky energy will cultivate a greater sense of harmony in your love life.
Japanese courts often seem more concerned with maintaining social harmony than defending individual rights.
Some writers, like Shakespeare, managed to bring many of these different elements into harmony.
They're making punk cool as hell again, one surf-rock harmony at a time.
AMCU reached wage agreements with AngloGold, Harmony Gold and Village Main Reef last year.
I have a 3rd generation Echo Dot that I use with the Harmony hub.
You're in harmony with today's mood, with the Moon in fellow Air sign Gemini!
Businesses like miner Harmony Gold are exploring strategies to reduce their dependence on Eskom.
Harmony Korine has spent just over two decades drawing equal parts praise and revulsion.
Corden's harmony game is always good, but it's particularly on point in this episode.
Orb of Harmony: A long-range homing projectile that slowly heals the targeted ally.
On Wednesday, VICELAND closes out its season of EPICLY LATER'D with filmmaker Harmony Korine.
This whimsical energy is balanced by a harmony with the planet of discipline, Saturn.
When the pedal steel and instrumentation stops, the two voices are in perfect harmony.
The ships Fugro Equator and Havila Harmony continue to conduct various underwater search operations.
It's ruled by Venus, which in the planet of beauty, harmony, love, and money.
Now, let's just cross our fingers that they'll be singing "Bo$$" by Fifth Harmony.
People start feeling happier, there is more harmony in the air, coherence, and unity.
A drone hitting Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on stage was the most 2016 thing.
Apple Pay succeeds here by fading away, keeping you in harmony with the present.
Meanwhile, Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei and her dance partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, placed third.
Mr Xi would like to teach China to sing in perfect harmony with him.
If you want the more natural tone, I would use the color called 'Harmony'.
It's a powerful day for healing as the moon connects with harmony-loving Venus.
Meditate on your relationships today, and on what fairness and harmony mean to you.
He never really went back to that combo, what I call the Mersey harmony.
The Knopfs' continual clashes were not, to put it mildly, conducive to marital harmony.
Both of them have a way of building worried atmospheres through warm, tolling harmony.
To maintain its health, the state needed to foster social, moral, and economic harmony.
What I noticed during my meal was a sense of harmony, love and unity.
But because the two are not in technical harmony, he opposed the new definition.
It's like one of Larry Clark and Harmony Korine's collaborations, but without the coarseness.
South African miner Harmony Gold topped the gainers after reporting positive results on Tuesday.
But if the acidity is leavened with simple, rich food, you have beautiful harmony.
"Teacher and student play piano in harmony, enjoying the simple pleasure of music together."
The Colorado CBD company merged with the South Carolina-based Palmetto Harmony in August.
But, we all have to live in harmony after Britain leaves the European Union.
Trump has tried to reverse the progress America made toward racial harmony under Obama.
It has rarely, if ever, proved to be a formula for harmony and happiness.
Here's a look at everything we know about Harmony OS based on Huawei's announcement. 
Or are they musically psychic, improvising the now-famous "sha-sha-sha-shallow" harmony?
In boozy harmony with the wood-fired foods, smoky mezcal dominates the cocktail menu.
"They Called Us Enemy" by George Takei, Justin Eisinger, Steven Scott, and Harmony Becker
They became friends, spoke in public about the need for harmony and — the apotheosis!
A clean future — one in harmony with our planet and its inhabitants — remains attainable.
As time went on, the harmony between father and daughter got out of sync.
Existing investors Costanoa Ventures, DCVC (Data Collective), Harmony Partners and Icon Ventures also participated.
With Beach Bum, Harmony [Korine] was a good friend of my wife and daughter.
It was all scripted out, but working with Harmony, he'd just let you flow.
Most phenomena, to them, consist of complex interconnections that fit together in greater harmony.
I like to strive for what feels good and in harmony with my spirit.
There's an interview with Harmony Korine and photos of people puking through animal masks.
With Venus and Jupiter in harmony, this month is full of optimism and fun.
Or almost taking a straight harmony and shifting it forwards or backwards in time.
Fifth Harmony tweeted that it will carry on as a four-piece for now.
When we all sing in three-part harmony it has that Lady A sound.
Boxing legend Mike Tyson, Ciara and Fifth Harmony are also featured in the special.
Analyzing this history is a key step in achieving financial harmony with another person.
The president has made clear he does not see national harmony as his mission.
We internalize these rules and adhere to them for the sake of social harmony.
And it's strongly suggested that all the Smurfs will now live in harmony together.
Those mountains, though, loom largest, keeping the new Gangwon in harmony with the old.
Kelly Clarkson and Keith Urban singing "and the Golden Globe goes to" in harmony?
The music combines elegantly Chopinesque piano writing, rhapsodic imagination and hints of Wagnerian harmony.
Muslims, Christians and Jews lived on the island in harmony for hundreds of years.
But Guo smooths them into a harmony that is unmistakable when in her presence.
The added advantage, Miss Manners notes, is that future family harmony may be secured.
They show an innate wisdom of living in harmony and serenity with the environment.
That same play of disparate elements in surprising harmony is apparent throughout the house.
Many of these work songs were sung by a group, sometimes in multipart harmony.
You're inspired to get organized as the moon enters the sign of harmony, Libra.
Libra is the sign of harmony, and you find yours through supportive routines, Taurus.
Pleasant words will be exchanged as these two planets enter the sign of harmony.
And she increasingly saw her harmony lessons as a path toward a different life.
Even the harmony, largely implied by a keyboard part hinting at Radiohead, never resolves.
In Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, progress comes not through expansion and conquering, but harmony.
Plus, that blood harmony that Laura and Lydia Rogers possess will give you chills.
The name Concordia, meaning harmony in Latin, is also a nod to Concord, Mass.
The vessels include Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas — the world's largest cruise ship.
The events in Thuringia revealed just how much harmony there is between the extreme
But what was missing was any mention of the religious harmony that Gandhi espoused.
It was a rare moment of harmony between the Trump administration and Ms. Warren.
There's no way I could have them sing and not have me sing harmony.
Choosing "Harmony Hall" over a traditional town hall, Sanders clearly knows his voter base.
Stability, ethnic solidarity and harmony in Xinjiang is the best response to such disinformation.
Your anthropologists will tell you that communal eating is a grand gesture of harmony.
Where the Tibet model fails is in offering a future of reconciliation and harmony. ■
Firms to be affected include AngloGold Ashanti, Harmony Gold, Anglo American Platinum and Lonmin.
I learned harmony with other people early, and that was absolutely vital and paramount.
We were always listening to gospel songs because there were such distinctive harmony points.
To seek harmony in a noisy society is to come across as tone-deaf.
On Christmas Eve, a Harmony of the Seas staff member went overboard, CNN reported.
I hope we can strive for peace, harmony and positive results in the world.
That's because serotonin exists in harmony with dopamine in the brain, another mood-affecting chemical.
Economic Scene The United States sure knows how to throw cold water on international harmony.
It's Rihanna wearing Rihanna wearing Hillary — all in the pursuit of style and political harmony.
We're loving the unexpected harmony of blues and poppy reds in all their bright splendor.
Akihito officially remains emperor until midnight, when the new Reiwa era, meaning "beautiful harmony", begins.
The apparent harmony is a remarkable statement about our country, said Fagen, a CNBC contributor.
Rihanna), Drake ("Hotline Bling"), Adele ("Rolling in the Deep"), Fifth Harmony ("Work from Home" ft.
It will end with the a sad song of ice and fire — finally in harmony.
The 18-deck Harmony of the Sea looms over the port of Barcelona before departure.
To be seen as challenging that view carries consequences in this rigidly harmony-oriented society.
Omg Charlemagne did NOT just ask about giving Camila an award if Fifth Harmony wins.
Tully's strength lies in Cody's signature harmony between acerbic, wry humor, and stark, naked emotion.
And most of the movie happens aboard the Royal Caribbean ship Harmony of the Seas.
"I think they've struggled to really find harmony and sales in video games," said Hickey.
Cars guide themselves in perfect harmony, easing congestion, promoting traffic flow and optimizing road utilization.
Control your entertainment with a Logitech Harmony all-in-one remote on sale for $140.
But that doesn't mean the US and Iran are entering some new era of harmony.
Matthew McConaughey is living life by his own rules in Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum.
Others performing at the concert included Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Chingy, MIMS and Baby Bash.
But by then, Lynette was fifty miles away in New Harmony, Utah, at Kristyn's home.
It felt like taking two worlds and colliding them together and it was just harmony.
The women sing every song in harmony and their sound is "punk vaudeville," Mullally adds.
The panel's decision was correct and is in harmony with all applicable Supreme Court cases.
Next in the more surprising artists there is Miley Cyrus, Fifth Harmony, and Shawn Mendes.
For Carlos Santana, the past and present are coming together in perfect harmony this year.
She says there's no such thing as "balance," anyway, so she's just striving for harmony.
Harmony Williams was playing in the water at a Tampa apartment complex when she drowned.
They add musical harmony as well as action, celebrating unity while maintaining each character's uniqueness.
With our consciousness all intertwined and tangled, it felt like the harmony held us together.
Futuristic as they appear, Forouzanfar's conceptual skyscrapers blend organically with their environment in surreal harmony.
A fragile inter-ethnic harmony, nonetheless, prevailed for the first half of the 21880th century.
There was a certain harmony and peace about the place that felt genuine and indigenous.
Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke is reportedly also joining Famous In Love for season two.
He always said, 'I may be able to bring harmony among people with my music.
Matthew McConaughey is living up to his relaxed reputation in Harmony Korine's The Beach Bum.
The ladies of Fifth Harmony were up first, performing their single "Por Favor" alongside Pitbull.
There, the blind and the sighed live together in a Garden of Eden-esque harmony.
Evans. Pine. Hemsworth. Pratt.  Long ago, the four Chrises (kind of) worked together in harmony.
Logitech is making it much easier to operate your Harmony-controlled smart home with Alexa.
"Fifth Harmony wasn't the maximum expression of me individually," she told Seventeen earlier this year.
Sointula ("Place of Harmony"), on Malcolm Island off Canada's west coast, was one such place.
Sweden, that serene oasis of social democratic harmony in Scandinavia, is bringing back the draft.
People don't like to be hypocrites; they like harmony between their lifestyles and their politics.
Libra is all about balance—do you have harmony in your private and public life?
The former Fifth Harmony singer is releasing a new solo single on Friday, May 19.
It is almost as though they were a single instrument, not four working in harmony.
At the same time, many advocates have warned that repealing ObamaCare could disrupt that harmony.
Women once used the cloth - Nigeria's "color of love", Okundaye says - to flaunt matrimonial harmony.
This is proof that human beings are capable of living in perfect harmony with nature.
It was there that she landed a spot on what would eventually become Fifth Harmony.
"Only by doing this can there be harmony and unity between the laws," he said.
That move, one source said, was in harmony with his "drain the swamp" campaign promise.
The moon in harmony-loving Libra asks that you focus on getting organized today, Taurus.
There's harmony there, a sweet center which doesn't allow things to fall apart after all.
His chosen colors symbolized, respectively, sexuality, life, healing, the sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit.
Although the films got better, they still failed to find harmony between humor and horror.
But their soundings revealed more disunion than harmony, so expectations for Bratislava were played down.
You can't hold a good girl group down, and Fifth Harmony is proof of that.
Banning words or arguments which one group finds offensive does not lead to social harmony.
On the preacher's lips it means cerdd dafod (rhythm, or "tongue craft") and cynghanedd (harmony).
The sun's harmony with mystical Neptune finds you fascinated with and inspired by the dreamworld.
This is well and good when the mask is meant to convey harmony and goodwill.
Cap the season off with Thanksgiving, a turkey dinner, and a fable of interracial harmony.
This frictionless path would likely foster peace and harmony between teams never before dreamed of.
Finally comes "harmony," a plush, grounded E-flat chord with an enriching F folded in.
The Johnson Amendment is sound public policy and works in harmony with state charities laws.
This delivers a contextual and synchronized soundtrack played in harmony with the story, Cameron added.
I still had doubts that women and men could live together in anything approaching harmony.
He would also bring her chin forward by six millimetres, to create the desired harmony.
Beaux-Arts buildings and old bridges live in harmony and illuminate the skyline at night.
Harmony OS will be capable of adapting to different screen layouts and interactions, says Huawei.
Following the US ban, Huawei announced that it was readying a bespoke OS called Harmony.
Whether Trump would follow through on his appeal for bipartisan harmony was far from clear.
Both worlds are all about the balance and right dosage to create a good harmony.
Jackson and the team at Harmony Neighborhood Development have no doubt though: They will succeed.
There's a suggestion of hope there: that the universe can support both dissonance and harmony.
Sasquatch, another festival that offers carpooling incentives, has worked out its offsets through Carbon Harmony.
It was led by Harmony Partners, a firm whose portfolio includes Chartbeat, mParticle and Postmates.
Founding Harmony Camila Cabello has left the group, but did so through her own representatives.

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