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"country" Definitions
  1. [countable] an area of land that has or used to have its own government and laws
  2. the country [singular] any area outside towns and cities, with fields, woods, farms, etc.
  3. [uncountable] (often following an adjective) an area of land, especially with particular physical features, suitable for a particular purpose or connected with a particular person or people
  4. the country [singular] the people of a country; the nation as a whole
  5. [uncountable] (also country music, country and western) a type of popular music in the style of the traditional music of the southern US, with singing and dance tunes played on violin, guitar and banjo

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"country" Synonyms
nation state commonwealth province republic kingdom land realm territory duchy empire palatinate principality nation state sovereign state sovereignty polity domain body politic federation citizens people community inhabitants populace population public citizenry residents society voters collective denizens electors locals natives sovranty constituents countryside sticks farmland backwoods boondocks outback provinces boonies bush hinterland wilderness wilds outdoors backblocks backveld booay nowhere platteland backlands farms homeland motherland fatherland birthplace home patria native land native soil country of origin mother country Godzone old country Hawaiki one's home one's roots the land of one's birth the land of one's fathers native country land of birth terrain environment environs habitat landscape scenery setting surroundings surrounds parts region topography geography geomorphology chorography ground turf dominion district colony demesne fief protectorate sphere patch dependency holding nationality race ethnicity origin tribe identity culture confederation clan ethnos affiliation allegiance ancestry colour(UK) color(US) place town city village hamlet locality metropolis neighbourhood(UK) locale municipality quarter township centre(UK) center(US) section arena area tract expanse zone division part stretch belt neighborhood(US) nature backcountry wild open outside hills mountains trails without woods out-of-doors open air outside in the open outside environment fresh air green earth bucolic surroundings country music country and western country-and-western country-western music C & W hillbilly music old-time country rock western swing bumpkin hick yokel hillbilly peasant boor countrywoman lout oaf rube rustic barbarian churl clodhopper countryman provincial yob bogman bushy carl bucolic pastoral rural agrarian agrestic georgic agricultural farming outdoor rustical sylvan exurban arcadian campestral countrified outland unworldly naive innocent unsophisticated green simple ingenuous inexperienced unsuspicious unsuspecting childlike unwary immature raw guileless naif artless unknowing credulous callow homespun folksy down-home cracker-barrel unpretentious unassuming unaffected natural ordinary humble wholesome lowly homely modest quiet honest-to-goodness government national civic civil federal social local municipal nationalised(UK) nationalized(US) official constitutional governmental metropolitan urban communal democratic music classical folk jazz opera rap rock soul bebop ragtime a cappella hard rock heavy metal rock and roll More

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How to use country in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "country" and check conjugation/comparative form for "country". Mastering all the usages of "country" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Here are the 10 best universities in the world for 2019: Country: United Kingdom Country: United States Country: United Kingdom Country: Switzerland Country: United Kingdom Country: United Kingdom Country: United States Country: United States Country: United States Country: United States MIT topped the QS list for the seventh consecutive year in a row.
But I'm always thinking, third country, third country, third country, please, please.
"Our country is a country led by the Communist party, but our country is a country following a market economy," he said.
This country, which used to be other people's country, was now my country, too.
"We respect every country, we need every country, and every country needs us," she said.
Some country singers said they found "Old Town Road" to be country, or country enough.
" Country singer singer Meghan Linsey added, "That is some BS. It's got plenty of "country elements" and [it's] as "country" as anything on country radio, tbh.
The United States is a beautiful country, a safe country and, for most people, a comfortable country.
Let's say two or more countries, Country A, Country B, and Country C, decide they want a deal.
"Cuba is a country divided, a country where you have 2 million people in exile, a country that is economically wrecked, a country that is ecologically wrecked, a country that is probably without a lot of civic values, and a country that is facing a very uncertain future," Bosch said.
We need to look at our country first right now... a country without borders is no longer a country.
We love our country; we want our country to come back; we want our country to be strong again.
But you've got countries where-- you would have similar effects if you-- if you get country after country after country.
"This is car country — rapidly not becoming car country, but we're going to keep it car country," Mr. Trump said.
Iraq is a very tough country, it's a male country, and when I was there it was a military country.
" The other says: "Our country shall be one country.
The nature of its presence varies from country to country.
If they attack a country, that country will fight back.
The Country consists of country squires and the provincial bourgeoisie.
The country stopped publishing bond holders by country after March.
We want to talk to one country by one country.
One Country Pass Only have time to explore one country?
The demands of the strikers differ from country to country.
Just like we're the gun country, we're the joke country.
They fly over cities, across borders, from country to country.
But they acknowledge his stance differs from country to country.
Gender pay gap statistics differ greatly from country to country.
This is a big country, it is a raucous country.
"That dynamic is playing out country after country," he said.
It's natural for monetary policy to differ country by country.
Financial, legal and regulatory environments vary broadly country by country.
It is the Country Club, not the Brookline Country Club.
"Why did our country bomb another country?" one child asked.
The modern day space race doesn't pit country against country.
You have people leaving the country, permanently leaving the country.
So it's country by country, which is a good start.
That country should be either us or a Western country.
And it's what this country needs, and it's my country.
How that is accomplished varies widely from country to country.
We probably will roll that out country by country because the technology of transcription is not the same quality in every country.
Some country fans think (A) Wranglers are exclusively country so he shouldn't be a pitchman, and (B) he's not country at all.
Rashida Tlaib into the country enter the country to visit her elderly grandmother, despite US President encouraging the country to ban her.
"It's Trump country, Trump country, unbelievable Trump country," said former state GOP leader Rob Gleason, explaining the Republican victories in the region.
"Maybe some people see Israel as a religious country, but it's a very sexy country and a very open-minded country," she said.
The country singer arrived at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas arm in arm with fellow country singer Anderson East.
The country singer announced his divorce from fellow country star Miranda Lambert in July of 2015, breaking the hearts of country fans everywhere.
Transshipping refers to a practice in which one country exports a product to another country after it passes it through a third country.
Because we are a country of precedent, we are a country of rule of law, we are a country of norms and traditions.
As one of the oldest real estate franchising organizations in the country, United Country Real Estate specializes in country, rural and lifestyle properties.
While it is relatively uncommon for a country to refuse all disaster assistance, many have shown reluctance to receive country-to-country interventions.
"I sang in the country show called Country Crossroads," she explains.
If country music makes her happy, she should make country music.
In country after country this anxiety is challenging the liberal order.
My own country did not want me, but another country did.
I come from a country, from a tiny, small country, Bolivia.
I love this country, and I will stay in this country.
At a closer look, this varies greatly from country to country.
That can be very successful and spread from country to country.
If you look at what... I can name country after country.
I'm about as country as cornbread, and he's everything but country.
There are very different cultural norms ranging from country to country.
The level of secrecy on offer varies from country to country.
His words tended to divide the country, not unite the country.
This time, some themes inevitably crop up in country after country.
But your country has such tremendous potential, it's a great country.
The availability of the processors will differ from country to country
Only a developing country could help another developing country, Yu insisted.
Better data shows where missing TB cases are, country by country.
Internationally, the price drop will reverberate differently from country to country.
Sign languages vary to a degree from country to country. 25D.
Compliance and enforcement of standards also vary from country to country.
The curriculum and classrooms, however, look different from country to country.
Sector by sector and country by country, the story is different.
We're playing in your country; we're not playing in our country.
Regulatory standards for pilot experience vary widely from country to country.
Aid varies from country to country to address their different needs.
For most of my childhood, we went from country to country.
The country singer walked the red carpet at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards Wednesday evening in Las Vegas, with his pregnant wife Katelyn by his side to support Brown as he vied for four awards: top country artist, top country male artist, top country album and top country song.
The "My Church" singer was also nominated for best country solo performance, best country song, and best country album for her debut album, Hero.
We need to do that more on a country-by-country basis as well, since Tinder's in pretty much every country in the world.
The problem is, the rest of the country has basically descended into being a second-world country instead of a first-world country. Yeah.
Because it makes the country look bad, it makes the country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position.
A Safe Third Country agreement is a bilateral treaty under which one country can reject and return an asylum seeker to another safe country.
Read on to see the 10 best global universities: Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 12,1363 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 45,591 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 23,210 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 21,2250 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 217.7,221 Country: United Kingdom Region: Europe Total enrollment: 22017,203 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 220,25 Country: United Kingdom Region: Europe Total enrollment: 210,790 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 40,174 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 16,914 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 11,53 Country: United States Region: North America Total enrollment: 20,324 Harvard University was ranked the best global university by U.S. News thanks in part to its broad-reaching international reputation and impressive research opportunities.
He appreciates free speech, both in this country and in our country.
Legislation regarding assisted dying varies from country to country, and between continents.
"Their main audience was country, and country shut them down," Keen says.
Room for monetary and fiscal policy easing differs from country to country.
They believe this country, their country, is better with them in it.
I'm not hiding from my country; my country is hiding from me.
But, we either have a country, or we don't have a country.
I have done everything to be successful in this country, my country.
"From an importing country, we will become an exporting country," said Kumar.
Meanwhile, country after country is winding up with their banking system devastated.
It is a major country, we are a major country as well.
This country is a country of second chances," she said on "Hannity.
Okay, country fans, admit it: There is nothing fundamentally country about Christmas.
"C Country" and "K country" likely refer to China and South Korea.
I thought — this country, I had so much anger to this country.
Rest in peace Buddy, you sang country like country should be sung.
In country after country, these forces have stymied democratization and economic growth.
It varies rather little from country to country or year to year.
"I may not have my country anymore, but he's my country now."
Recycling regulations vary from country to country but can be astoundingly complex.
How much water this accounts for varies enormously from country to country.
The payment varies country to country and in how it is given.
Now Mr. Trump wants to run the country like a country club.
"He loves this country, and he will defend this country," he said.
A country in ruins The price of victory: a country in ruins.
Chuck, we either have a country, or we don't have a country.
He said the desirable policy response would vary from country to country.
I have to run the country the way we're running the country.
I want them to love this country like I love this country.
The more people who entered the country, the more the country changed.
Soldiers died for "king and country" — but that country had no name.
He goes into a country, takes the oil, goes into another country.
A country-specific ETF for a country, like India, would be option.
It is the Country Music Association Awards, not the Country Music Awards.
A divided country is a weak country and I'm concerned about that.
I know my country, and I know how to develop my country.
It must be so that if you do business in a country and you create value in a country, you'll also tax to that country.
Founded in 22000, this team-centric event focuses on country-vs-country play throughout the year that culminates with a two-country final in November.
"Whichever country signs up to it and ratifies it, then any mediation agreement in one convention country can be enforced in another country," Shanmugam said.
America, ideologically right now, is a centrist country — it used to be a center-right country — but it's by no means a Bernie Sanders country.
We're-, we're-, we're physically present in every ASEAN country, every South Asian country, every country in the Middle East, and 17 countries in Africa. Right?
Book The French Country House starting at $509 per nightThe French Country House is an antique-filled, you guessed it, French country home in Tauranga.
This country, the wealthiest country in the history of the world should not be having more people in jail than any other country on Earth.
Country music fans won't want to miss out on "The Country Music Cruise," featuring more than 50 live music performances and multiple country-themed events.
Afghanistan is an independent country — the U.S. has helped us a lot, militarily and economically, they haven't destroyed our country, they haven't invaded our country.
As Robert Kennedy, whose senate seat I was honored to hold, once said, 'we are a great country, an unselfish country, and a compassionate country.
If a university would allow a professor to refuse to recommend a student to an African country, to a Muslim country or a communist country, then it might be permissible to refuse to recommend her to a Jewish country.
So, the movement of the country is going in the president&aposs direction because the country believes in the law, and the country believes in borders.
Around a third of the country lives under the poverty line, according to the World Bank, although the country is considered an upper-middle income country.
It erupted in revolution from country to country to country because, like you said, that emotion is so dangerous because it cannot go anywhere by definition.
Let's keep it simple: A trade war starts when a country imposes tariffs or quotas on goods from another country, prompting the second country to retaliate.
Musgraves earned four Grammy Awards on Sunday, including album of the year for "Golden Hour," best country album, best country solo performance and best country song.
But just remember, a country without borders is not a country at all.
And Marion and Tammy, welcome to our country which is now your country.
And their job is complicated by laws that vary from country to country.
Each country, and within each country, has distinctive languages, heritages, cultures and histories.
" Referring to the man's remarks calling America "my country," Suazo wrote, "My country !!
But when the left imploded in country after country, China did not leave.
The United Kingdom is not a single country but a country of countries.
"The country of bonanza can not hide the country of misery," he said.
The additional options are country-specific, as the network offerings vary by country.
It's uncommon for one country to judge the former president of another country.
And listen, people across this country, we recognize our country is in crisis.
Flixed: As you're probably aware, Netflix content differs wildly from country to country.
"My voice is very country and my songwriting is very country," she says.
If it were one country, you could say the country was the problem.
I love my country, and this is a step in protecting my country.
In country after country this means bleeding supporters to further-left populist movements.
And I think that the country is going to be a better country.
Still, he says: "The country has a policy...we count on the country."
They have to be people who love our country, not hate our country.
Now you are the prime minister of a country...A very small country.
I am an immigrant to this country, but it is my country, too.
"This country — any civilized country — should have no tolerance for rape," Obama added.
The Syrians miss their country; he said he has no country to miss.
He began to explain his route, incanting the familiar country-by-country order.
The antidote to slow growth differs from country to country, Ms. Lagarde said.
"A war-torn country," he offered later on, describing violence in the country.
But even the latter's proportionately dramatic increase requires a country-by-country look.
This country is inherently a country of immigrants from all around the world.
Measles can travel from country to country as fast as a jet plane.
A lot of people have sacrificed for this country, died for this country.
Greece or any other European country will no longer be a transit country.
Everyone was trying to grab a piece of this country or that country.
It was called alternative country and eventually outlaw country and then eventually Americana.
Our country deserves hard-working leaders committed to the success of the country.
The damage will vary from country to country, but none will emerge unscathed.
The mix of reasons varies from country to country, but three stand out.
I mean, Sean, I played in a country band, I love country music.
From our inner cities to our small towns, Indian Country to Coal Country.
When you look, country after country you have more and more populous governments.
But how evacuees were handled once they got home varied country by country.
The survey found that views of China varied distinctly from country to country.
He was not a Bro Country guy ... his roots were more traditional country.
They love this country and they want this country to be great again.
Start yearning for Taylor's old country days even though you hate country music!
The Country Music Academy has announced the death Australian music promoter Rob Potts, who brought some of the biggest American country music acts to his home country.
I feel like he will offer the country ways it can save money, how the country can budget it's money, kinda take the country out of debt ….
How would citizens and policymakers in the West react to news of a nonwhite country — no, a black country — quietly being the most powerful country on Earth?
Moreover, country caps limit permanent employment-based admissions to 85033,000 per year per country, regardless of the available pool of highly qualified workers from any given country.
"It's not fun to have any country, whether it's the most powerful country in the world or any country, deem you to be a criminal," he said.
We are a country of immigrants, sure, but we're also a country that fears immigrants, and a country that tells stories that make that fear more potent.
I'm after a country where you just do the right thing for the country.
He also once said that Macedonia, which is a country, is not a country.
China spent most of April hopping from Southeast Asian country to Southeast Asian country.
So, I think the whole concept of grid parity differs from country to country.
He was bringing people that are citizens of this country back to this country.
The role of the military is to protect the country, not rule the country.
The share of computer scientists who are women varies wildly from country to country.
Circumstances will differ from country to country but the general pattern is quite similar.
Country after country, state after state, city after city, county after county are concerned.
It will bring back manufacturing jobs across the country, coal jobs across the country.
" He added, "The reason why I gravitated more towards countrycountry music tells stories.
The U.N. body noted that FDI figures showed dramatic differences from country to country.
"Those people who attacked our country attacked our country," Mogahed said in her talk.
"He didn't just name a white country, he named the whitest country," Noah joked.
This is the country I bequeath to you, the country I bequeath you to.
"The Republican base has migrated from the country club to the country," he said.
"You see a stat about that country and malaria in that country," Prasad explains.
"I love our country and I would do anything for our country," he said.
It may be Trump Country, but that's because we all live in Trump Country.
Beauty varies from decade to decade, from country to country, from state to state.
If Texas were a country, it would be a top 5 wind-producing country.
Country after country saw growth rates fall, social spending shrink and citizens get angry.
If you want to be a socialist country, then move to a socialist country.
I take care of my country and I will nurture my country to health.
Tasjan may not consider it country, but it's one hell of a country song.
Country risks: Fitch proposes to merge country risks into its institutional support assessment steps.
It is comprised of assets purchased in one country by people in another country.
Etiquette, terminology and processes vary from country to country when it comes to betting.
America has been this country only rarely; Israel has been this country almost never.
And I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.
"Surely Zimbabwe, our country, is back — the one country we fought for," she said.
Trump likes to say that a country without borders is no longer a country.
This is a country between dictators, a country, for now, of festivity and hope.
The voices who divide our country into warring tribes do our country a disservice.
You can talk about racial inequality in this country and still love the country.
" And he said, "No, no, Puerto Rico is a country, and it's my country.
Critic's Notebook Billboard removed Lil Nas X's "country trap" record from a country chart.
He assumed not, since Sweden is "a chill country, a peaceful country," he said.
We, I think could do great things for his country, but for our country.
At last, they get the country they want we get the country we want.
We also want material goods and knowledge to travel freely from country to country.
I support, strongly, their ability to be in this country, contribute to this country.
CNN has a country-by-country list of aid organizations around the world. 3.
That's true for some states across the country and the country as a whole.
" In response, Trump replies, "I wish my country was as cool as your country.
"We also believe that immigration makes this country a stronger country," Ms. Warren said.
They have to be people that can love our country and help our country.
I felt like I went from a Western country to a third-world country.
Going from country to country, there really is no business class on these flights.
There's 218 more in states across the country, across this country, that are happening.
Suppose an investor from one country spends money building a factory in another country.
It is going to be on a case by case, country-by-country basis.
Look, I want immigrants to come to this country, I want people to want America to be the best country the first country they wanted to come to.
The DHS said it will carry out a "global, country-by-country review" of "identity and security information" that each country provides to the U.S. for visa programs.
Instead of wanting to heal our country and fix our country, all they want to do, in my opinion, it's almost like they want to destroy our country.
No country in the world would allow people to storm their country and try to kill people, so obviously a country has a right to protect its sovereignty.
OMAR: I would say — our country should be more fearful of white men across our country, because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.
From a historical standpoint, country music—country culture—will always be brown as hell and Black as hell, no matter how hard white country patrons pretend it's not.
But the type of patriotism, I think, that says: If you love your country, you have to fight to make your country the country that it should be.
Cities know about a vision of belonging and I think this country, if you want to run this country, you have to have a vision for this country.
The 20-year-old's country-trap track has been a topic of controversy in the country music world after it was removed from Billboard's Hot Country chart in April because it "does not embrace enough elements of today's country music," according to Billboard.
"I think a lot of people, a lot of the worst kinds of country singers—I mean this with all due respect—they're like ''f you're gonna play country music you gotta be y'know, the country-est country bumpkin,'" he tells me.
My immediate family holds citizenship in three countries: A, B and C. I was born in Country A. My husband was born in Country C, and we met in Country B. We spent a couple of years living in his country of birth, Country C, but we realized it would never be a place to put down roots.
We want a system ultimately that&aposs merit-based so we can bring in people that will help our country, grow our country and be safe for our country.
And Musgraves was nominated for four Grammy Awards this year, including album of the year, best country album, best country solo performance ("Butterflies") and best country song ("Space Cowboy").
The two country singers met while co-hosting the Country Chanel Music Awards in Australia, Evan's native country and had been dating for nearly nine months before their engagement.
" Omar: "I would say that our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.
" After the rapper's viral country-trap song was removed from Billboard's Hot Country chart, Cyrus, 57, spoke out about whether or not the song should be classified as "country.
China was neither the earliest country to deploy weapons to the South China Sea nor the country with the most weapons there, Wang added, without saying which country was.
I wish I had a chance to represent our entire country playing against another country but because you don't in your own country, you have factions that break off.
AIBA picks five judges to work each bout and prohibits judges from a fighter's country, or from a country in conflict with a fighter's country, from working a bout.
The country is crying out for solutions; the country is crying out to be unified; the country is crying out for a positive vision that brings us all together.
Weight Matters Suppose that Country A has 400 million people, Country B has 100 million people, and each country always sends its strongest person to the Olympics for weightlifting.
Because instead of trying to heal our country and fix our country, all they want to do — in my opinion, it's almost like they want to destroy our country.
Instead, it published a country-by-country breakdown of how many requests it received from governments to obtain Facebook data or restrict content from Facebook users in that country.
Because instead of wanting to heal our country and fix our country, all they want to do -- in my opinion, it's almost like they want to destroy our country.
Among the series of photography books she published were "Honky-Tonk Heroes: A Photo Album of Country Music" (1975) and "Gone Country: Portraits of Country Music's New Stars" (1997).
Among Democrats, 69 percent said the country has not done enough, 26 percent said the country has done enough and 4 percent said the country has gone too far.
It's a reform agenda, we think it's good for the country, the country needs it.
The release time frame depends on approval from carriers and will vary country by country.
America is a country at war that refuses to act like a country at war.
It said its mobile course About Country had more than 20,000 users in the country.
This is a country, and this is a continent that takes cross country very seriously.
The country music awards — and your country-loving fans — are still smarting from that breakup.
"Russia is a big country, is an important country in the world," Infantino told Putin.
Emissaries have also traveled to the country to rescue detained Americans in the totalitarian country.
The virus also can change within a season as it moves from country to country.
Kacey Musgraves performs at the Country to Country festival on March 22017, 22003, in London.
I love being a female in country music and lifting up other females of country.
The country still needs help in order to address human rights issues in the country.
He's punted from country to country as Europe falls to mass protests and immigration hysteria.
Despite the snowflake tendencies of orgasms, there are some interesting connections from country to country.
When a country has been smashed—which this country was—you've got to have communism.
"It means I love the country, it means I'm fighting for the country," he said.
Brooklyn-based country band Karen & the Sorrows are exactly what country music needs right now.
The only other country to fully legalize marijuana is the tiny developing country of Uruguay.
This year's theme was "country music," so everyone ~transformed~ into a particular country music icon.
Country music, especially the country music of my youth, sometimes didn't paint the full picture.
"Strong sports make the country strong and a strong country makes sports strong," he declared.
Half of the country doesn't believe in the rights of the rest of the country.
They executed the president, he represents your country and they kind of humiliated your country.
Keep calm and country on because the 54th Academy of Country Music Awards are back!
"This country has opened the doors for us, but it's an unsafe country," she said.
To understand what a trade war is, imagine country X and country Y manufacture tires.
What's available on streaming services, in particular, can be wildly different from country to country.
My grandparents moved there when it was prune country, long before it was wine country.
Currently cryptocurrencies are subject to a patchwork of rules that vary from country to country.
Overlaying the fan map with 2016 election results shows Eagles Country was also Clinton Country.
As such, the effect it has on the arts radically differs from country to country.
But the answer isn't to tear our country down, it's to build our country up.
A country-by-country-based set of restrictions simply won't address the problem we face.
South Africa, the anchor country of CMA, already had its own Country Ceiling of 'BBB'.
"The country would not lose anything if these foreign economists leave the country," he said.
So while we are a country of "dreamers" we are also a country of doers.
No country can do it alone, and no country can refuse to do its part.
"Paris did not place outside burdens levied by any other country on any other country."
You're taking your country back, you're gonna let people that you want into your country.
The country is not the same country as when I started almost two years ago.
Syria is now the main source country for refugees, with 4.9m residing outside the country.
The media always overhypes illnesses, especially when it starts to spread from country to country.
This country now has the most dangerous roads, per mile driven, of any affluent country.
And the more this country uses it, the better the country is going to be.
In country after country, governments have borrowed heavily from China to pay for these projects.
"I can't do everything from Jamaica because this country is a different country," Hazel said.
The country has had almost 70,000 cases — more than any other country in recent years.
"A country without a rich, supported, appreciated, followed cultural energy is a very sad country."
But the type of online study differs from school to school, and country to country.
This country bought my country in 1917, so you're pretty much stuck with my people!
"We're supporting a country; we want to make sure that country is honest," Trump said.
So if it made peace for me, our country is only a country of peace.
He talked about our country, and he talked about the important issues facing our country.
We were bound for Hillcrest Country Club, the oldest Jewish country club in Los Angeles.
For coal country isn't really coal country anymore, and hasn't been for a long time.
"I unabashedly love this country, which is the greatest country in the world," he said.
McDonald's has locations across the globe, and the menu items vary from country to country.
Let alone in this country, a majority of this country in 20 or 30 years.
He has firm control of a country and that country has very powerful nuclear weapons.
They would be pouring through and the country would not be the country anymore. Lindsey?
TREASURY RELEASES FINAL RULES ON COUNTRY-BY-COUNTRY REPORTING: The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday released final rules that require large U.S. multinational companies to file annual reports containing information on a country-by-country basis about their income and taxes paid.
The very fact of this day does not prove that America is perfect, but it does validate the ideas of our founding, that this country born of change, this country born of revolution, this country of we, the people, this country can get better.
"I have a vision for my country, for future generations, to lead specifically a country of peace, a country of social justice, and a country of education," Santos told reporters in a press conference at the Presidential Palace in advance of the opening ceremony.
So, this is an overall great play for the United States of America, making us a better country, a much stronger country, and a country that's built on noble jobs.
"The talent is in this country, we need to use the talent in this country and the talent in this country needs to support our great power competition," Shanahan added.
Omar says her message is a direct counter -- that people with her background belong in this country and have the ability to serve the country ... that America is their country.
Mr. Kim "would be there, he would be running his country, his country would be very rich, his country would be very industrious," Mr. Trump said in remarks to reporters.
And there was very pointed effort to divide our country with propaganda from a foreign country.
Simpson first broke out in 2014 with his trippy, psych-country Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.
What troubled country, which gained its independence in 103, is considered the newest country on Earth?
Regulatory responses vary from country to country, says Preston Byrne, a financial lawyer and cryptocurrency watcher.
Please urge your country to have reasonable treatment to people entering the country with valid identification.
The income needed to join the top 1% of earners varies greatly from country to country.
That policy has only one egalitarian conclusion: a country in which the whole country is poorer.
He is a citizen of this country, and he has served this country with great valor.
The first Volvo Cross Country, the 1998 V70 Cross Country, was unveiled almost 20 years ago.
The report stresses that the effects of automation on work will differ from country to country.
WHEN is a country with its own territory, laws, elected government and army not a country?
When you're talking about the genre country music, it used to be called Country & Western music.
One country that has already voted 'no' in its own referendum is fellow European country, Britain.
Amongst other reasons, a country-by-country rollout helps Niantic ensure that their servers stay stable.
If you don't have borders, you don't have a country, folks, you don't have a country.
However, the ratings will likely remain low, given high country risks and Ukraine's 'CCC' Country Ceiling.
Three years since July 2016, when the game was rolled out country-by-country by Niantic.
Eligible search providers will vary by country, and each country will have a minimum bid threshold.
"I see a very divided country, a country in pain, a nation in pain," Williams said.
"It spits in the face of this country and everybody who built this country," she said.
For example, isn't it only logical for country flags to call up destinations in that country?
They love horses, country life and think their state is more important than the whole country.
George Strait might be "pure country," but country music has always been a mixed-up genre.
This country cannot handle four more years of his B.S. The country will be endangered. Period.
But they should love our country, and they should work for the good of our country.
"I feel our country is on the verge of becoming a third world country," he said.
The distribution system varies from country to country but international sales cannot start until June 15.
He needs to leave the country and leave the country to us so we can live.
Threatening immigrants coming in to this country — a country of refugees — is very scary to me.
The signs at the entrances of their towns welcomed visitors to coal country or timber country.
President, the country I "come from," & the country we all swear to, is the United States.
"In country after country, the Trump administration is gutting U.S. support for human rights," Margon writes.
He's not signed to a country label, and has no affiliation to the country industry whatsoever.
As we traveled from country to country, we heard from many people who shared Wit's concerns.
Jerry lived the American Dream -- he truly loved his country, and his country loved him back.
" Country B can't just say whatever they want because country A can say, "You know what?
Across the country, Americans debated the future of their communities and the country as a whole.
Once the country became North Macedonia, Greece would lift its veto on the country joining NATO.
" Shelton is nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for his song, "God's Country.
"It's much more a strongman's country than it is a democratic, open, free country," he said.
Country-level: Nearly every country in the region has conditions that are likely to generate protests.
I think that the country of North Korea is going to be a very successful country.
"One of them is that Iran become a normal country and behave like a normal country."
If you are removed from the country, what country would you like to be sent to?
If contents do change from country to country, the difference is reflected on the ingredients label.
It may vary country by country, but the overall regulation issue is still a big phenomenon.
"(A country embracing) homophobia and antisemitism cannot be a partner country," he said, according to Malaysiakini.
As artificial intelligence improves, incentives to substitute rich-country capital for developing-country labor will grow.
Because you think if a country is shut down, the whole country, the world would know.
Third, to be successful, a country attempting leverage must minimize its dependence upon the target country.
But instead of putting our country first, you have decided to disgrace our country still further.
"Turkey is a powerful country, but the Netherlands is also a powerful country," Mr. Rutte said.
Musgraves won best country solo performance for "Butterflies" and her "Space Cowboy" took best country song.
If you want to lead this country, I think you have to believe in this country.
Sometimes snack companies have to vary their products from country to country to accommodate local preferences.
The Abdominizer was eventually shoved under a bed and moved with us from country to country.
We're the only country that doesn't expect something of somebody when you come into the country.
"There has been almost like a state, like a country, like an official country," Veillon says.
"It will be country by country, and it will be based on national security," she said.
On the award show circuit, Golden Hour made Musgraves a golden girl, winning: album of the year at the Country Music Association Awards in November; four Grammys in February for album of the year, best country album, best country song and best country solo performance; and, most recently, album of the year at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday.
"If we import trade products from any country, and if that country makes the decision to boycott palm oil, then our government will also stop buying from that country," Zahid said.
What I will tell you is: Certainly, he is the head of the country and the country did this, so the head of the country always has to speak for it.
The results are broken down into a range of categories that include the most powerful country, the best country to invest in, and the best country for women, children and retirees.
And indeed, Billboard recently announced that it might revisit its decision to include "Old Town Road" on its main country chart — after all, country is as country allows itself to be.
Under the basic principles of so-called private international law, courts in country A can enforce the legal norms of country B as they apply to people who are clearly from country B and to transactions which occurred in country B. This can have odd effects.
Tim McGraw is a strong believer in country over party ... not country music, but country U.S. of A. We got the country singer leaving the ABC building Tuesday in NYC, and asked what it's like to be a notable Democrat among a predominantly Republican music genre.
But as country continues to absorb other genres — like there's country rap, a lot of country music artists are collaborating with pop stars — the traditionalists, the purists who think of country as the "Old Town Road" literally, they start to question who gets to be in it.
America didn't become the richest country in the world by practicing socialism, or the strongest country by denigrating its governing institutions, or the most talent-filled country by stoking fear of immigrants.
Photo via Facebook Sturgill Simpson, Grammy-nominated country artist and poster boy for outlaw country, is not pleased with the way the Academy of Country Music is treating the late Merle Haggard.
The Trump administration has requested that Mexico adopt what's known as a safe third country agreement -- a bilateral agreement where third country nationals apply for asylum in the first country they land.
He said it could lead to cases where a court in one country demands the removal of social media posts in another country even if these are not illegal in that country.
He said it could lead to cases where a court in one country demands the removal of social media posts in another country even if these are not illegal in that country.
Such a stack of bilateral agreements cannot reflect the real world in which country A sells to country B, which sells to country C, and all should play by the same rules.
Nationality is acquired by birth or adoption, marriage, or descent (the specifics vary from country to country).
" He continued, "Anyone who wants to serve this country should have the right to serve this country.
The research holds up no matter how you slice it — country to country or state to state.
On Sunday night, country music honored its best and brightest at the Academy of Country Music Awards.
More say immigrants do more to help the country (55 percent) than hurt the country (41 percent).
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is hands-down the best game in the Donkey Kong Country series.
She's had 24 No. 1  country singles and 13 No. 1 country albums on the Billboard charts.
""I generally hate country music, but I prefer Taylor Swift singing country to her newer pop stuff.
Friday morning hundreds of country radio stations across the country will simultaneously broadcast it at 8.30 a.m.
" Ben continued: "He wasn't just a country singer .. He was the best country singer that ever lived.
Do you know why we can't do what every other country — major country on Earth is doing?
The applicable laws tend to be less hospitable to such claims, though they vary country to country.
Since it's a country with closed borders, facts about the country all go through the propaganda machine.
In fact, we're the only G7 country that has free trade deals with every other G7 country.
And he said MAGA country did it -- MAGA country ... That's a hate crime and it's a scam.
Country after country presented their very different-looking chartreuse creations, and soon thereafter came the veal platters.
Goldman had seen similar lamps all his life while moving from country to country as a child.
"Because I'm from this country and I love the country and I want to contribute," he said.
" When asked if she's anxious about the state of the country, Pelosi said: "Our country is great.
"They have to go ... we either have a country, or we don't have a country," he added.
Wide Open Country found that many of Spotify's country playlists fail women in their lack of representation.
But this will also depend on country-by-country customer preferences, and the rate of EIP adoption.
According to a new survey from Superdrug, people's average "sex number" actually varied from country to country.
"The country being a Muslim country has nothing do to with me or my business," he added.
"My grandfather gave me the western, cowboy country blood because I always loved country music," Wayne says.
There is food stamp, Medicaid fraud across this country by people that came into this country illegally.
A Country Soul—of course it's called A Country Soul—is the work of a dying breed.
Though the actual functionality of the app may vary from country to country, according the fine print.
" White says he also reached out to several country music stars -- telling us, "Country music was attacked.
Novartis has not said what it will charge in Europe, where prices differ from country to country.
She says that her next single, "Long Way Down," is as country as country gets these days.
It is applying for approval country by country, starting with Germany, a spokesman said during the show.
"We will continue to determine each country's TPS status on a country-by-country basis," she said.
In 2000-10 capital sloshed from country to country, pushing up the price of assets, particularly property.
Montgomery Gentry have multiple Academy of Country Music and Country Music Association awards nominations to their name.
Hyundai and sister Kia posted declines in March overseas sales, without disclosing a country-by-country breakdown.
The three highest bidders for a given country will appear in the choice screen for that country.
Large companies are steeling themselves to report profits and taxes paid on a country-by-country basis.
This culture crosses the entire country, it is not just one section of the country or another.
Big platforms need to recognize anti-vaccination content is viral and contagious — spreading from country to country.
If they didn't have that right, the US would a state-run country, not a free country.
Fully half of Americans believe that the country is in "real danger" of becoming an authoritarian country.
The lucky country, rich enough to be a laid-back country, proved its good fortune once again.
He added that the country is rapidly building out solar and wind farms all across the country.
WEDNESDAY • Watch country music's best and brightest when the Country Music Association Awards air at 8 p.m.
Caribbean Americans like all who come to this country desire to make themselves and this country better.
But with 313 stores in 38 countries and territories, IKEA's international menu varies from country to country.
"White Horse" won the Grammys for best country song and best female country vocal performance in 2010.
Mr. President, the country I "come from," & the country we all swear to, is the United States.
This is the country through which their foreign recruits must come when they're flying into the country.
It makes the country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position.
Missile tests by the country have in the past coincided with major political events in the country.
Thousands of women marched last week across the country to protest gender-based violence in the country.
Letting her rise above everything for the good of the country is not good for the country.
When we want to send them back to their country, their country says we don't want them.
This assessment will unfold, country-by-country, reflecting the unique "bottom-up" nature of the Paris treaty.
The first day of the holy month often varies from country to country, depending on lunar sightings.
"This country cannot survive six more years of Nicolas Maduro, this country doesn't deserve that," he added.
It is the only carrier in the country to have dedicated 4G LTE spectrum across the country.
"We're allowing these people to come into our country and destroy our country," Trump told the hosts.
I'm asking that this country allows me to show them that I contribute to this country, too.
There's a famous bro country song that sings solely about how big country music is in America.
The impact of self-driving trucks would be felt in communities around the country — especially Trump country.
For transparency, we would also like to have public country-by-country reporting, just report simple things.
In country after country the main battle lines of debate are evolving toward the open/closed framework.
Across the country, iHeartRadio's country music stations held a moment of silence at 10:05 a.m. PDT.
We worked hard to build this country together and will work hard to restore this country together.
The formulation of drugs, their dosage and their strength may differ from country to country, it said.
We see the potential that we can maximize to benefit a country that they call their country.
It's a problem that has moved from country to country and continent to continent with the pandemic.
Who can blame a country for taking advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens?
Update: Delivery Hero said it is "currently exploring what is possible on a country by country basis".
Last year, the country saw over 1,200 drinking-related deaths, which costs the country $4.8 billon annually.
I would think India would primarily be an advertising country before it turns into a subscription country.
She has argued that a country-by-country approach will not work in an interconnected digital world.
Isn't unconditional support of another country no matter its actions a form of allegiance to that country?
The country is advising its citizens to limit all social contact as the country heads toward lockdown.
He was short on specifics and said the desirable policy response would vary from country to country.
Cases are still being undercounted, and the extent of the undercount varies widely from country to country.
Country after country has seen right-wing parties rise, and they've gotten increasingly successful in recent years.
International trade used to mostly mean products in one country being shipped to customers in another country.
We must now rebuild our country, reposition our country for future generations, and so everyone must pay.
The other question is, is General Kelly running this country or is the President running this country?
Or do you think this is something that needs to be dealt, unilaterally, from country to country?
"Because they have offices in every country, they have V.P.s in every country as well," she said.
But all these discussions about a healthy choice and less sugar are very different country by country.
Power will continue to ebb and flow from club to club and, by extension, country to country.
However, laws that govern data protection and how those firms handle breaches differ from country to country.
This, in the country that spends more on health care than any other country in the world.
The movement of money from country to country slowed to a trickle in the 1930s and 1940s.
Quietly but systematically, we went from country to country in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
It makes more sense for the manufacturer from any country to build in the country of purchase.
In September 2019, the country music star Martina McBride attempted to create a country playlist on Spotify.
The country is home to nearly 2,000 bird species, the most of any country in the world.
And if that part is in the driver's seat of our country we're an infant bully country.
The scale and timing of that 'Great Recession', as it's now known, varied from country to country.
We're seeing in Canada- Give an example of a country, a country that's like us, Canada. Yeah.
As far as graft goes, it doesn't seem to vary all that much from country to country.
When asked if she thinks country music fans will "bounce back" following the tragedy, Crow, who released some country music, directly dove into the gun debate -- a sensitive topic for country music fans and artists, who have hailed the Second Amendment and gun culture in country music for decades.
"If we don't see a Trump in this Oval Office, I don't think this country will survive to see another election as the country we knew it and the country I fought for."
While the travel restrictions were developed country by country, the findings "make no effort to explain why some types of visitors from a particular country are banned, while others are not," Watson said.
The U.S. continues to seek "safe third country" agreements with Mexico and others, whereby individuals would need to apply for asylum in the first country they enter upon leaving their home country, e.g.
Generally considered "country rap" or "country trap" by the rapper and audiences, the song appeared on Billboard's Hot 100, Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in March 2019.
"In history we don't know of an example that a country, in order to interfere with the affair of another country, would force the official of that country to resign," Mr. Rouhani said.
The World Bank tracks health care information by country on three relevant structural measures (though recentness of information varies country to country), each measured per 1,000 general population: doctors, nurses and hospital beds.
I want to see a country that people don't ask what the country can do for them but, as that old World War Two slogan goes, what they can do for the country.
The CMA Award guidelines state that all nominees "must have reached the Top 50 of Billboard's Country Airplay Chart, Billboard's Hot Country Songs Chart, or Country Aircheck Chart" prior to voting taking place.
It has little to do with country music's traditional center, but to be fair, much of modern country music has little to do with what is thought of as country music's traditional center.
"No one ought to be surprised that if you attack a significant figure in another country — not in that country, but in Iraq, attacking Iranians" — that the other country would retaliate with force.
Back country is a golfer's paradise, with three private clubs — the Stanwich Club, Fairview Country Club and Tamarack Country Club — as well as a popular public course, the Griffith E. Harris Golf Course.
The National Rifle Association has partnered with the country music artists as part of its NRA Country initiative.
Natural born citizens are losing their country because of immigrants #FridayFeeling #TrumpPence16 if you want your country back!
In any country in the world, 95% plus of what you drink is actually made in that country.
You cannot go into other people's country and expect to work the way you do in your country.
I don&apost drink Country Time -- well, I didn&apost drink Country Time Lemonade, but now I will.
They are at the Eagleton country club, which bills itself "a luxury country club and world-class resort".
The country music community paid their respects to Joey Feek Sunday at the Academy of Country Music Awards.
Iran is now a much different country, since I signed that out, Iran is a much different country.
Some people might question the creation of human-pig hybrids, and opinions might change from country to country.
It's our time to give something back to this country because we've been the beneficiaries of this country.
I think our country is known around the world as perhaps the most warlike major country there is.
So, as we think about it, I think of the challenges as being good programs, country by country.
They existed on tributes extracted from the country but treated the country as collection of bigots and backwoodsmen.
Jimmy Wayne is a country music star, but he's also a hero for foster kids across the country.
"If I can be a positive example for my country, I can also change my country," he says.
While our values and beliefs don't change from country to country, we are subject to each country's laws.
PATCHWORK OF RULES Currently cryptocurrencies are subject to a patchwork of rules that vary from country to country.
"Your country is as fucked up as our conspiracy theorists think our country is fucked up," Bee said.
Country Music Television is going to work more with the country music industry to advocate for gun control.
Say you want to see how customers in one country are using a service compared to another country.
In the immediate aftermath of the vote, support for the EU surged in country after country across Europe.
The CMA Awards are one of the biggest nights in country music — and not just for country artists.
This is a pattern that becomes routine as the migrants move from country to country through Central America.
She's a symbol of the country, and the history of the country that I'm very proud to serve.
Changes in the value of currencies can skew returns, and growth from country to country can be uneven.
They make the product in Mexico or some other country, send it back into our country tax-free.
The federal government wants jails across the country to hold people they suspect are in the country illegally.
Loyal citizens, great people like you help build this country, and together we are taking back this country.
The European Union is debating whether to make such country-by-country reporting mandatory across all industry sectors.
Happily, both of their schedules intersect in England and Scotland for the Country to Country Festival in March.
"America is a terrorist country and backs terrorism ... therefore, we cannot normalize ties with such country," he said.
And as the largest city in the country, New York City could inspire similar suits across the country.
When you're hopping around from country to country, it's important to travel light and only pack the essentials.
In the days before Google, searching for something called "Mebo" required going country to country, company to company.
"Nowadays no country can change the borders of another country by force," said Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz.
Michel admitted that the country had made mistakes in tackling the problem of violent extremism in the country.
And because there's no international consensus on surrogacy, its ethical and legal problems skip from country to country.
One person's story from one country can cause people to either visit a country or stay far away.
America became a highly industrialized country following World War II, and we also became a highly medicalized country.
Will Shu: Well I presume you're talking about the UK because obviously these issues differ country to country.
These numbers, to my mind, do not define Ohio as Trump country or Clinton country, but as America.
" Or, "Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me!
You can't win the future divided, a divided country is a weak country, and I'm concerned about that.
The level of contribution in each country will be proportional to the on-demand revenues in that country.
Actually it's not a country at all, but a state that used to be its own country -- Texas.
It also mandated that all North Korean cargo entering or leaving a country be inspected by that country.
Although homosexuality has been legal in the country since 1993, anti-LGBTQ sentiment is abound in the country.
We're fighting for the country we want to live, a country that's by and for ALL of us.
Citizens of one European Union country can move to and work in any other country of the union.
Country singer Reba McEntire and the country quartet, The Oak Ridge Boys, both performed songs during the service.
Kovacs added that third-country nationals could also be subject to a restraining order anywhere in the country.
Films and TV program are often financed by selling exclusive distribution rights on a country-by-country basis.
The lockdown is likely to continue for sometime, according to country risk assessment group IHS Markit Country Risk.
"I want to be clear the order targets only one country — that country is North Korea," Trump said.
That skill made him the signature country star of the 1990s, and also the decade's signature country disrupter.
Why don't we come together as a country, respect one another, love one another and lift this country?
President Trump is expected to scrap his travel ban — and replace it with a country-by-country system.
His positions stem from a conviction that a country selling more defeats and demeans a country buying more.
Eventually I discovered Lavender Country and Karen & the Sorrows who opened this whole world of queer country music.
We only want to admit those into our country who support our country and love deeply our people.
"It's got the best proximity to the old country club in town, Idle Hour Country Club," he said.
Does it take a strong man to move a developing country, an emerging country into the developed world?
MM: No, not much of a regret but I felt that this country is a multi-racial country.
Trump is likely to focus on spending time with her counterparts as she goes from country to country.
Myth: Everyone should wear a mask Reality: This one's a little trickier, and varies from country to country.
Panama, traditionally a baseball-first country, got its best players on the best possible teams outside the country.
But if we had an honest media in this country, our country would be an even greater place.
So going to my home country would be like migrating to a new country that I've never been.
Companies that do business in this country and create jobs in this country — we have to address that.
When the country-club class gets directly involved in politics, a country is on a shortcut to disaster.
The country formally abolished slavery only in 1888 — the last country to do so in the Western world.
"The country needs the Rapid Support Forces more than the Rapid Support Forces need the country," he said.
But because there's a vaunted legend of country music, the question is, will Billboard consider this country now?
The taxpayers of this country should not be providing corporate welfare to the wealthiest families in this country.
"These regressions have followed a remarkably similar path from country to country," Idov wrote in his introductory essay.
While the country is ahead of its Paris target, China still burns more coal than any other country.
And again, if you just think about this, we've got these incredible experiments going on country-by-country.
But there also are active prejudices against farmers, country people, the country, small-town people and small towns.
But we weren't that country any more two decades ago — and we are certainly not that country today.
For example, the chain's private-label Hill Country Fare is named after the Central Texas Hill Country region ...
If you're born in a big country and play for a big country, the help around is different.
But, despite its success, the technique has been embraced with varying degrees of enthusiasm from country to country.
The country needs nuclear power and according to experts, the country will need 20,000 megawatts of nuclear electricity.
The promise of "one country, two systems" is giving way to the reality of one country, one system.
Understand the requirements for health insurance in your destination country and your status in your country of origin.
She said the national security exemption would be on a "case-by-case" and "country-by-country" basis.
Sanders said the national security exemption would be on a "case-by-case" and "country-by-country" basis.
Mr. Phipps promised to build his bride a great country house reminiscent of those in her native country.
Our country, like any country, needs borders and must decide who and how many can cross those borders.
The Economist magazine does a particularly good job in reviewing global events on a country-by-country basis.
"It's a beacon of hope, it's a country of opportunities and a country that gives chances," he said.
All other dependents were asked to leave the country last year amid worsening security conditions in the country.
The report's website that provides country-by-country data on pollution levels and the health and mortality effects.
EU rules guarantee that EU citizens of one country can live and work in any other EU country.
On the fiscal side, Stockman suggests the country cannot afford the price tag to bail out the country.
"Anything they have targeted in any country could potentially be fair game in any other country," Curry said.
I'm not going to dump them on some country, and have the country have to pay for welfare.
You might even change that somewhat, because you can when you're huge, by country, or by country group.
And this is a country that absolutely does surveillance probably better than any other country at this point.
And when she performed the song at the 2016 Country Music Awards, some country music fans lashed out.
" He continued: "I look forward to the day when this country will recognise my rights as equal rights, when I too can marry in my country, on my country, as a recognised First Australian.
The scooters require a network of battery-swapping terminals to work as intended, so they're shipping out one country at a time — and so far, "one country at a time" means "one country": Taiwan.
"We have a candidate who's, you know, a little bit erratic, but they've got a party that is deciding to go down the path which has destroyed country after country after country," he said.
"I got a chance to manage for our country, coaches got a chance to coach for our country, the players got to play for our country," said an emotional Jim Leyland, the U.S. manager.
Really, a lot of these decisions to add extra random bits of land to a country happened because a European country wanted it from another European country and other European countries let it happen.
Ballerini: I think that it's really cool that you can turn on the radio right now and hear Aldean, who's that rock country, and me, who's pop country, and Sam who's R&B country.
How does that play into the way they interact with you at the same time they have to interact with intelligence and law enforcement in country after country after country where they do business?
A few years ago, we moved to my home country, Country A. We've left open the possibility of some day returning to Country B, but we're very happy where we are at the moment.
A traditional emigration country since the 1960s, Turkish authorities have finally accepted that the country has become a destination country for immigrants and refugees, with direct consequences on labor markets and other social institutions.
The legislation, if passed, would substantially change the current immigration system by eliminating a per-country cap that advocates say effectively makes it harder to immigrate from a bigger country versus a smaller country.
These rules lump all foreign investment, and thus all foreign countries, together, in sharp contrast to the country-by-country approach reflected in the bilateral treaty network of the U.S. and every other country.
This, of course, ignores the fact that Africa is not a country, and that the legal and cultural landscapes for LGBTQ Africans varies significantly from country to country and by socioeconomic class as well.
Still, in addition to her first album of the year, Musgraves won Grammys for best country album, best country solo performance ("Butterflies") and best country song ("Space Cowboy"), bringing her career total to six.
The country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton won two awards in the preshow ceremony: best country solo performance for "Either Way," and best country song for "Broken Halos," which Mr. Stapleton wrote with Mike Henderson.
" The rejection of "Old Town Road" by the country establishment, in Mr. Hughes's view, echoed a time when country radio stations ignored Ray Charles's groundbreaking 313 album, "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music.
Only the third country song to hit the number one Hot 100 spot in thirty years, the exclusion from Hot Country Songs sparked a hot debate about race and the definition of country music itself.
The Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States requires people to apply for refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in -- under which, the US is considered a safe country.
Alison Krauss "Losing You," nominated for Best Country Solo Performance But in the Country category properly, we find a voice that Grammy voters love and country music fans are frequently apathetic about with Alison Krauss.
And you have thousands of shooters like this with the same mentality out there in this country, and we're bringing thousands and thousands of them back into this country, and into the country every year.
An ardent champion of traditional country music, Ms. Shepard served as president of the Association of Country Entertainers, formed in 1974 after the Country Music Association named Olivia Newton-John female vocalist of the year.
A country-specific approach requires assigning income and expense items to countries with special rules to deal with assignments of either the same item to more than one country or any item to no country.
"This is a far larger country, a far more powerful country, a far more strategic country, with far more allies," said Hady Amr, former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations under President Obama.
What I am saying is that the volume of requests to enter this country through refugee applications, asylum applications, and the number of undocumented immigrants into the country are not a danger to this country.
"They can be a little bit tricky," Shiloh says in the video, complete with diagrams explaining that a trade deficit occurs when one country buys more from another country than they sell to that country.
DT: Hillary Clinton in terms of having people come into our country, we have many criminal illegal aliens, when we want to send them back to their country, their country says we don't want them.
Swallowing packets of drugs is a common way that smugglers try to move illicit substances from country to country.
Country music star  Tim Atwood thinks NFL players should stand  for anthem: &aposThat&aposs what the country is about.
After all, who can blame a country for taking advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens?
Abiy, who is the first Oromo to lead the country, has led a remarkable political transformation in the country.
Because the only thing that could destroy this country—the only thing—is to try to divide this country.
This means that laws vary dramatically, state-by-state and country-by-country — and so too do product offerings.
" - James Baldwin "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.
Thanks to a competitive telecom market, the country boasts some of the cheapest cellphone plans available in any country.
The country crooner is gearing up to release his sixth studio album What Makes You Country on Dec. 8.
They haven't been in the country for a decade or more, and now they're talking trash about our country.
As far as modern country goes, the songs are great (it's modern country, so I don't ask for much).
"We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country, and love deeply our people."
Maduro needs a good scapegoat: Millions have fled the country due to the crippling economic crisis gripping the country.
It's a part of our country, said the white guy, it's like our country right there on that field.

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