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"arrangement" Definitions
  1. [countable, usually plural] a plan or preparation that you make so that something can happen
  2. [countable, usually plural] the way things are done or organized
  3. [countable, uncountable] an agreement that you make with somebody that you can both accept
  4. [countable, uncountable] a group of things that are organized or placed in a particular order or position; the act of placing things in a particular order
  5. [countable] arrangement (of something) (for something) a piece of music that has been changed, for example for another instrument to play

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"arrangement" Synonyms
agreement deal pact compact covenant settlement understanding appointment compromise contract bargain engagement terms package deal modus vivendi gentleman's agreement treaty accord bond convention plan scheme strategy design programme(UK) program(US) blueprint system project game game plan master plan ground plan road map stratagem method tactic plan of action tactics ploy ordering array display disposition grouping order ranging marshaling(US) marshalling(UK) organisation(UK) organization(US) exhibition presentation alignment assembly classification layout positioning adaptation instrumentation orchestration harmonisation(UK) harmonization(US) score setting version interpretation reduction scoring chart lead sheet musical adaptation composition music transposition soundtrack theme edition planning preparations provision administration coordination management organising(UK) organizing(US) preparation preparing scheduling designing devising drafting formation groundwork logistics configuration constellation form format makeup ordonnance pattern getup structure shape framework construction constitution setup categorization codification categorising(UK) categorizing(US) grading systematisation(UK) systematization(US) sorting taxonomy cataloguing(UK) classifying ranking profiling distribution classing sine qua non essential requirement necessity requisite need prerequisite condition must demand precondition stipulation qualification proviso necessary needful contingency postulate assemblage collection group cluster bunch batch lot set band block clump clutch suite battery knot huddle bank meeting rendezvous date assignation meet session interview consultation tweetup commitment tryst fixture gig invitation slot call prior arrangement get-together rendition performance portrayal depiction representation rendering take account delivery execution variation treatment take on riff reading singing procedure routine specification course itinerary list curriculum instructions rubric schedule agenda agendum negotiation arranging brokering conclusion transaction clinching completion hammering out thrashing out bringing about bringing off pulling off working out discussing the terms of settling accomplishment resolution establishment series sequence chain run succession cycle procession progression string train line rash round row spate stream reservation booking prearrangement hire charter engaging registration securing bespeaking place prepurchase advance booking charter arrangements hire arrangements prior arrangements exclusive possession reserved ticket adjustment alteration change modification conversion fixing modifying regulating regulation remodeling(US) remodelling(UK) converting readjustment rearrangement refinement repair amendment correcting determination designation choice allotment nomination prescription authorisation(UK) authorization(US) naming a decision about allocation assignment permutation transformation combination mutation shift alternative perm ratio proportion part quota percentage fraction scale share rate relationship quotient correlation correspondence proportionality equation relation balance comparative extent comparative number quantitative relation corsage spray bouquet boutonniere flowers nosegay buttonhole bob flower posy tussie-mussie bunch of flowers wreath garland flower arrangement sprig chaplet carnation sheaf catacosmesis anticlimax chronological order climax etc network mesh net web grid lattice matrix plexus weave webbing circuitry filigree fretwork latticework meshwork netting openwork reticulation reticule reticulum tie-up association partnership cooperation collaboration alliance union connection affiliation confederation liaison coalition linkup hookup federation link supply providing supplying furnishing giving purveying catering equipping facility accouterment accoutrement endowment amenity service resource convenience aid utility benefit advantage solution appliance accommodation equipment enrichment excellence feature merit quality number song symphony tune concerto harmony rhapsody stanza instrumental melody opera cantata refrain musical work written music piece arrangements plans preliminaries grounding legwork measures foundation homework preparedness readiness spadework alertness anticipation precaution calendar almanac chronology datebook diary ephemeris journal timetable bulletin daybook log logbook pipeline record register tab unison congruity symmetry congruence compatibility consistency congruency equilibrium blending coherence integration blend consonancy regularity footing position level rank standing status station grade rung echelon stratum degree reaches situation state capacity tableau pageant diorama parade scene spectacle human representation tableau vivant sight view picture viewing vision appearance vista show spectacular genus species family bracket tier league section ranks class category type kind sort amalgamation mix mixture amalgam compound composite fusion meld alloy coalescence merger synthesis fusing mingling mishmash admixture decision finding ruling verdict judgment(US) sentence arbitration decree judgement(UK) adjudication pronouncement recommendation adjudgement deliverance diagnosis injunction result panoply trappings regalia apparatus attire dress get-up splendour(UK) turnout ceremony garb insignia raiment ritual act affectation arrayal work opus creation production masterpiece oeuvre study painting magnum opus piece de resistance work of art artistic work chef-d'oeuvre brainchild listing catalogue(UK) inventory roll catalog(US) checklist directory index table tally enumeration file registry tabulation menu More
"arrangement" Antonyms
disagreement misunderstanding refusal discord denial break failure unemployment dissension strangeness breach fight nonconformity antagonism imbalance unevenness disproportion inactivity indolence rejection disorder disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) chaos disorderliness disarray derangement confusion being individual one-off dissolution disarrangement part veto retention keeping fraction mess messiness muddle jumble misorder lawlessness discombobulation topsy-turviness shambles nonessential nonnecessity blandness plainness boringness banality insipidity insipidness colorlessness dullness uninterestingness drabness flatness vapidity vapidness dreariness triteness implication request wish dispersal scattering disaccord dissention dissensus nonconcurrence contestation difficulty difference of opinion lack of agreement dispute conflict clash contention disputation debate disharmony clashing dissent one improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing ad-lib disunity incompatibility divergence division difference discordance divergency feud split tension amorphousness formlessness shapelessness amorphicity free time spare time time off content matter theme subject substance essence material uncleanliness untidiness openness simplicity unsophistication simpleness unassumingness unostentatiousness beginning indecision introduction receipt start uncertainty incertitude unsureness doubt misgiving apprehension concern query reservation stagnation climax ignorance innocence unreadiness ingredient disaffiliation dissociation mismanagement mishandling maladministration bungling misdirection misgovernance negligence messing up depletion drainage removal sacrifice taking burden millstone weight abomination disadvantage discomfort disruption hurt inconvenience injury misbehavior(US) misbehaviour(UK) demolition destruction demolishing demolishment levelling(UK) leveling(US) razing ruin flattening bulldozing obliteration decimation devastation ruination annihilation wrecking clearance knocking down pulling down tearing down branch section department subdivision arm subsection area sector extension wing agency office side annex(US) annexe(UK) classification unit offshoot disorientation mix-up incongruity incongruence incongruousness discrepancy disparity gulf lopsidedness contrast inconsistency inequality variance misproportion accord agreement sameness similarity unimportance

804 Sentences With "arrangement"

How to use arrangement in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "arrangement" and check conjugation/comparative form for "arrangement". Mastering all the usages of "arrangement" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The arrangement angered Mr. Mueller's investigators, who questioned what Mr. Manafort was trying to gain from the arrangement.
Then she maybe had wanted someone with whom she could have an arrangement, and everybody's entitled to their relational arrangement.
And then she maybe wanted someone with whom she could have an arrangement, and everyone's entitled to their relational arrangement.
And switching between a nuclear fuel centrifuge arrangement and a nuclear weapon arrangement isn't all that difficult or time-consuming.
When it all works, it's a hugely profitable arrangement for the actual developers and an almost risk-free arrangement for Trump.
" Jillian also shared a photograph on their anniversary, giving fans a look at a flower arrangement with the caption, "Gorgeous arrangement!
The company declined to comment on details of the arrangement with Amazon, but did confirm that their arrangement is not exclusive.
" OPPORTUNITY FOR UK/EU FINANCIAL SERVICES DYNAMIC EQUIVALENCE "There is a unique opportunity to have this type of arrangement, a dynamic equivalence arrangement, an arrangement that focuses on equivalence of outcomes, as opposed to textual equivalence of every rule.
AX * Federal Court of Australia made orders approving scheme of arrangement between Bigair and its shareholders * Federal Court approves scheme of arrangement,SLC-BGL.
So I would've preferred a Minsk arrangement led by the US, the EU, Germany, France and Britain, with Russia: the classic Contact Group arrangement.
A lot of it will come down to what was the actual arrangement but also what does the arrangement look like from the outside?
His "Sommernacht" is played here, along with an arrangement of Mendelssohn's music for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Mahler's arrangement of Beethoven's "Serioso" Quartet.naumburgconcerts.
"We need to have an arrangement in which this arrangement can continue for those citizens who on an individual basis are requesting it," he said.
PAGE 7-1 To ensure prompt and effective implementation of this Agreement, the Parties establish the following Bilateral Evaluation and Dispute Resolution Arrangement (the "Arrangement").
It described the arrangement as "a civilian evacuation" and said it would not condone any arrangement that allowed "terrorists to escape Raqqa without facing justice".
"We have an arrangement with the United States and we are working within that arrangement," Morrison told reporters in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands.
"The seating arrangement shows traces of the organizers' agony," said a former South Korean chief of protocol who reviewed the early draft of the seating arrangement.
ICE officials said the arrangement had always been a temporary one and that the agency always had discretion to deport the people covered by the arrangement.
An EPA spokesperson declined to comment to the Post, and Swift defended the arrangement, saying Pruitt's speaking engagement was not linked to his wife's work arrangement.
Pelosi said that the legislation would require the Trump administration to document that the "economic zone" arrangement is still in force for the special arrangement to continue.
The OGE said in documents released Tuesday that federal authorities never confirmed whether Pruitt's condo arrangement with a lobbyist's wife was an ethical business arrangement, the AP reported.
The risk of customs fraud draining EU (and/or indeed UK) coffers via a badly implemented version of this arrangement, or probably just by this arrangement, is clear.
But now, the arrangement has become public, raising questions not only about the propriety of the arrangement, but also about just how many children had access to the books.
The arrangement, inked in fall 2015, had been publicly announced in February 2016 but details of which and how much patient data was involved in the arrangement were not shared.
Separately on Friday, Japan entered into bilateral currency swap arrangement worth 3 billion dollars with Thailand and agreed to enter a similar arrangement with Malaysia under a current swap framework.
Anyway, the movie came out and Brandon says he immediately heard similarities between his song and Prince's -- such as the trumpet arrangement and at least part of the vocal arrangement.
Succulent Art Designs Live Succulent Arrangement, $39, available at EtsyIf you want to skip the flowers but want the same sentiment of giving a beautiful floral arrangement, go for succulents.
It's as neat an arrangement for Twitter as it is for Fox News, just as freelancers are a neat arrangement for any large media conglomerate on the left, right, or center.
This arrangement, where Google's Dublin-based HQ shoulders the brunt of the corporate tax bill while other European offices are designed to be less "permanent," is "an aggressive arrangement," Rudowski said.
The idea that smart contracts would change this is a fallacy  —  it conflates the legal arrangement being put into effect with software with the legal arrangement itself being coded as software.
" The arrangement, he concluded, "worked out well for both.
" A European diplomat described the arrangement as "a cohabitation.
"A fair arrangement among countries is not just something it would be nice to have, but it's really the only way that we're going to get to an effective arrangement," Kartha said.
As part of the arrangement, the government received preferred shares in the two companies, as well as an arrangement that saw the government receive a hefty dividend payment from the pair each quarter.
Ms. Vestager could still do the same in a pending case against Apple, which has a similar arrangement with Ireland, and in an inquiry into Amazon, which has a tax arrangement in Luxembourg.
This arrangement is enough to stop elephants in their tracks.
That arrangement would be worth over a $100 million today.
Balarezo declined to elaborate on his financial arrangement with Chapo.
It's not just Paltrow and Falchuk's living arrangement that's unorthodox.
Best known for its corporate arrangement with the Kardashians, E!
And there has to be disclosure of the compensation arrangement.
I think it's, actually, an arrangement that works really well.
It previously criticized the arrangement as too expensive and inefficient.
In both melody and arrangement, it's tasteful to a fault.
The Copyright Act of 1870 made this arrangement the law.
This arrangement proved sensitive to the slightest of water movements.
If you aren't thrilled with that arrangement, though, don't despair.
To be clear, there is nothing illegal about this arrangement.
Of course, the current uneasy arrangement cannot survive for long.
Such an arrangement will not, of course, last for ever.
Nearby Dessau is setting up a similar arrangement with China.
Such an arrangement makes a helicopter faster and more manoeuvrable.
This arrangement appears to have neutered competition over commission rates.
We're told the arrangement consisted of 2,000 stems of roses.
I got 15 pounds for doing that arrangement, that's all.
The Economist: So what are the consequences of this arrangement?
And there are questions over governance of the proposed arrangement.
Looks to me like it was an agreement and arrangement.
In one area, however, Britain would need a closer arrangement.
Though there's a revenue share arrangement that sweetens the deal.
Apple and Ireland, too, want their original arrangement to stick.
The living arrangement also managed to impress new housewife Wainstein.
This anatomical arrangement is characteristic of eyes of all types.
But the strange arrangement may be coming to an end.
The lawmakers said they wanted more information on that arrangement.
CEZ gave no reason why the arrangement was not completed.
As part of this arrangement, Annapurna shares in Florence's revenue.
Airlines expect a gradual payout from the arrangement as well.
But this arrangement isn't very common anymore, says Dr. Khan.
He did not take issue with that arrangement, he said.
Some of my friends find our arrangement a little weird.
Zhang will report directly to Lu under the new arrangement.
In 1988, the Supreme Court upheld that arrangement as constitutional.
Most were happy with the arrangement, at least at first.
At the time, some Democrats greeted that arrangement with suspicion.
But I'm super happy in the arrangement that we have.
Details of the arrangement were not disclosed, reports Page Six.
"It's a constant fight about the custody arrangement and money."
Altering the melody, lyrics or musical arrangement is also forbidden.
CDHP plans include a health savings account or reimbursement arrangement.
This arrangement will remain in place until the advice changes.
Japan also suspended talks on a new currency swap arrangement.
How did you find this arrangement, as you set out?
The city contacted Clegg, who then confessed to the arrangement.
The arrangement has yet to be formally agreed, they added.
They also have a revenue share arrangement with the instructors.
The arrangement is borne of two different sorts of exigency.
A quid pro quo arrangement is, but that hasn't materialized.
The arrangement was always fraught with danger for two reasons.
Clinton's email arrangement complied with department rules and federal laws.
Bradshaw oversaw the controversial work release arrangement back in 12009.
That arrangement allowed him to be released with time served.
"This arrangement has not enhanced the government's competence," he wrote.
At first she did not think the arrangement would work.
She is suing to be released from the nondisclosure arrangement.
And on Thursday, it seems, the arrangement reached its nadir.
They urged the Surface Transportation Board to reject the arrangement.
The arrangement with Starz was first reported by The Verge.
Even the porters might have mixed feelings about the arrangement.
Deutsche could pose the first test of the new arrangement.
The living arrangement is not so much cultlike as practical.
In Canada, however, that arrangement seems to be working out.
This was not a real estate transactional kind of arrangement.
If fully implemented, this arrangement could advance those important goals.
A similar arrangement has been widely discussed by retired Gen.
Maxwell went on to describe the conditions of the arrangement.
Europe already has a similar arrangement with the United States.
Almost anyone can open an Individual Retirement Arrangement, or IRA.
But that arrangement didn't appear to be taken into account.
Mr. Tanner also benefited from the arrangement, the authorities said.
This arrangement is made possible by four sets of levees.
An unprecedented special Operational Arrangement is the best case scenario.
The arrangement marks an abrupt departure from years of animosity.
Chord, however, remains hopeful that an arrangement can be made.
The invasion of German sports sedans disrupted this settled arrangement.
Over the course of the year, however, the arrangement soured.
This peculiar arrangement is a legacy of our colonial past.
The retail arrangement also puts styling into the wearer's hands.
Such an arrangement could be worth millions of dollars annually.
And so I declined the possibility of such an arrangement.
But that doesn't mean that the arrangement isn't mutually beneficial.
Jack McKee's depositions make no mention of such an arrangement.
But the lawsuit claims their cozy arrangement violated patients' privacy.
Upon release, she shows little interest in altering that arrangement.
President Trump, placated, agreed to the arrangement, and stood down.
She also assented to a European reinsurance arrangement for unemployment.
The original floral arrangement is meticulously designed to look spontaneous.
Mr. Reich also defended the arrangement with the Tilted Kilt.
Paltrow and Martin are known for their modern family arrangement.
The single market is an economic arrangement unlike any other.
Alas, that arrangement doesn't quite match what I've presented either.
The arrangement amounted to an antitrust violation, the suit alleged.
The arrangement is being investigated by the agency's inspector general.
The grid arrangement is very important on Friday and Saturday.
The mayor has made his frustration with that arrangement apparent.
When this arrangement grew untenable, my mother devised a plan.
When the arrangement was discovered, he and his wife divorced.
The arrangement has appeased humans and canines alike — for now.
This arrangement, according to Scalia's lonely dissent, was not allowed.
The ISS reports in 2018 and 2019 flagged this arrangement.
There is even a multiyear arrangement with snooker's governing body.
Quite rarely does anything good arise from such an arrangement.
The N.C.A.A. ruled that such an arrangement was not permissible.
The Secret Service also has an arrangement in Trump Tower.
CMS' new top communications official Tom Corry confirmed the arrangement.
"Glauber told me you had an arrangement," she went on.
The overall arrangement and palette varies from work to work.
Trump has made unsubstantiated allegations that the arrangement was corrupt.
The companies did not share details of their financial arrangement.
Baseball already has an arrangement to stream games on Twitter.
If that sounds like an odd arrangement, it surely was.
There are obvious economic and strategic benefits to the arrangement.
That arrangement gives the tenant effective control over the landlord.
But after further discussion they arrived at a different arrangement.
And there is another caveat to the possible freeze arrangement.
"That arrangement was bad enough on its own," Warren wrote.
Questions about the email arrangement have dogged her presidential campaign.
"A little compound," Ms. Knudsen Thomas, 41, calls the arrangement.
The arrangement of words is not as strong an influence.
He believes the current arrangement is unfair, complex and costly.
The arrangement could be considered a misuse of corporate assets.
I'm sure Jill won't have been happy with that arrangement.
In 2017, the F.T.C. made a similar arrangement with Amazon.
It reported an unprecedented secret arrangement under which former Sen.
But for months, she refused to apologize for the arrangement.
This excerpt appears by arrangement with Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
Israeli officials confirmed Cairo had been involved in Tuesday's arrangement.
The arrangement has prompted an outcry, with junior committee Democrats publicly and privately grumbling about the arrangement and pushing for the committee to reopen negotiations so Mueller could potentially appear for a longer period.
Under this arrangement, Morocco can access about $1.73 billion in the first year, it said, adding that the authorities intend to treat the new arrangement as precautionary, similar to its previous three PLL arrangements.
Will the United Kingdom's European partners accede to a transitional arrangement for it to prevent Britain being left with no arrangement with Europe should the talks not be successfully concluded within the two-year period?
Conceived as a musical map of Houston, Solange's hometown, When I Get Home wanders from mood to mood, arrangement to arrangement, a soundscape as cityscape, where songs correspond to locations and melodies merge with memory.
Conceived as a musical map of Houston, Solange's hometown, When I Get Home wanders from mood to mood, arrangement to arrangement, a soundscape as cityscape, where songs correspond to locations and melodies merge with memory.
Thomas says they don't have a formal custody arrangement right now.
The EU launched a new defence co-operation arrangement, dubbed EI2.
He did not respond to additional questions about the financial arrangement.
The arrangement is not a commercial sponsorship but charitable in nature.
Say hello to the dependent care flexible spending arrangement or FSA.
That could force Ecuador and China to negotiate a new arrangement.
This win-lose arrangement is perfectly exemplified by the Olympic Village.
This unconventional arrangement is addressed in the documentary but somewhat elliptically.
The arrangement gave Kalanick the power to choose the additional members.
"Don Jr. would have cursory information" about the arrangement, Cohen testified.
Now, rather than a chronological arrangement, the icons cluster by color.
I'll scratch your algorithm's back,' or so the arrangement apparently went.
First, WADA's funding arrangement is the result of an international agreement.
"All of it boils down to an economic arrangement," he said.
The businesses declined to share the details of their arrangement, however.
Palomarez, the lawmaker said, explained the way the arrangement could work.
Husband and wife John and Michelle Sedgemore have a similar arrangement.
Family members said the unusual arrangement worked for all those involved.
Eventually, it states, Baptiste and Goguen struck on a financial arrangement.
Not only is Issa's vibe killed, Tiffany's seating arrangement is ruined.
The robots' arrangement seems excusable at first, since they work slowly.
Other analysts disagree that the power-sharing arrangement may prove destabilizing.
Verizon will also promote YouTube TV as part of the arrangement.
Li's estranged wife is reportedly alarmed at the arrangement, says Yangyang.
The department granted tentative approval to the arrangement on Nov. 4.
Under the new arrangement, the governing committee will receive public funds.
As part of the arrangement, ABC ran the Harrods rug department.
But maybe they had an arrangement, maybe she LIKED his antics.
The arrangement, she tells me, is typical in the Virgin Islands.
He loved his kids and had an arrangement with his wife.
"This plea arrangement brings finality," Morgan's mother, Gil Harrington, tells PEOPLE.
A year into that arrangement, he was miserable all over again.
But there's more than a little desperation baked into the arrangement.
And this blissful arrangement continued, well — until about a month ago.
It would not be the first time for such an arrangement.
Bose ditched the three-button arrangement for music and call control.
So far the unusual arrangement seems to working out pretty well.
Somewhere (Dirty Blvd) (Extended Version) Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella
But Google isn't the only party who benefits from this arrangement.
S. data flow arrangement that had been operational for 15 years.
UNINDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wasn&apost aware of the arrangement at all.
Here, we interview one 40-something sugar mama who uses Arrangement.
Such an arrangement might well avert a hard border in Ireland.
"This is completely an unworkable and non-reciprocal arrangement," he said.
WALLACE: Her arrangement that we just talked about with the DNC.
That's not to say she didn't find the original arrangement beneficial.
Mr Costa says the arrangement will survive until next year's election.
Hoppy wants to keep the current joint custody arrangement the same.
This arrangement is different from bigger strategic investments Harrison et al.
This arrangement enabled him to keep WikiLeaks active, the documents said.
"There is no financial arrangement between the two companies," Logan confirmed.
Not even the Dallas massacre has disrupted this mutually beneficial arrangement.
The automaker does not have an exclusive supply arrangement with Panasonic.
Whitaker argued this arrangement drew uncomfortable attention to his being transgender.
The arrangement is packed with globby synths and cheaply computerized bells.
Lawmakers emerging from the session said arrangement were still in flux.
This sort of arrangement does not work as well for insurance.
A Justice Department spokesman confirmed the arrangement but declined further comment.
The planets should be visible in this arrangement until February 20.
Netflix made a similar arrangement in March with Sky Plc SKYB.
Still, their insistence in equipments and arrangement makes them stand out.
This semi-private arrangement is important in case you get anxious.
Though the committee has no power to suspend the arrangement itself.
Though only a legal decision invalidating the arrangement can compel action.
The new arrangement allows Jeremy to merge both of his families.
That arrangement provoked questions about who was paying for the visit.
The arrangement does not change charter services, which can still operate.
Navient has a similar arrangement for loans owned by private investors.
Activists immediately pounced on the arrangement after the deal was announced.
Headey has not taken the parties' child against any custody arrangement.
There is nothing about the current arrangement that makes him happy.
A few journalists also blanched at the arrangement of prior review.
Every element of the arrangement is politically, legally or morally problematic.
Even if Brussels accepts the convoluted arrangement, UK parliamentarians may not.
If only our communications folks had made that celebrity endorsement arrangement.
Clinton has made before: that her arrangement, while unwise, was permitted.
This fiscal arrangement is the basis of Mexico's current political equilibrium.
But maybe my viewing arrangement provided some (literal) long-range perspective.
We're really proud that we've got this exclusive arrangement with Apple.
People have very strong feelings about this nuke arrangement with Iran.
Allergan's stock initially rose, as analysts heralded the arrangement as creative.
The Trump administration has consistently defended the legality of the arrangement.
The EEA was originally conceived as a transitional arrangement, after all.
Sinclair executives responded that there was nothing inappropriate about the arrangement.
Starting in a few years, the ownership arrangement gets particularly complicated.
This situation is made untenable because of our current territorial arrangement.
Under the arrangement, the initiative would be known solely as CHAI.
Read More: Changing the stigmaSame material, different arrangement, all the creativity
"I'm very, very happy with this arrangement," Ross said last week.
But Boonyi, yearning for more, feels trapped by the rushed arrangement.
They did their best to hide the scandalous arrangement from clients.
The financial arrangement between Mr. Ocean and Apple is not known.
The SEC argued this arrangement amounted to a conflict of interest.
UnitedHealthcare says the arrangement needlessly exposed the patients to medical bills.
After half a century, that arrangement is coming to an end.
Joel Lippman, the events director for the Seaport, confirmed the arrangement.
This arrangement has worked well for mammals that rarely encounter males.
Russia said its cooperation with OPEC might become an indefinite arrangement.
Her fans, it seems, are less than thrilled with this arrangement.
It already has a code-sharing arrangement with the Chinese airline.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also probing her email arrangement.
"Any customs arrangement that we negotiate must be temporary," he added.
With sleeping pills and whiskey, the arrangement proved to be warmer.
But the Democratic party is a very different kind of arrangement.
Marmon with the Pritzker family we had a three-step arrangement.
Trump's latest comments on the arrangement came after he and Sen.
Someone sent this to me highlighting the arrangement as a trigger.
Were they helping you with arrangement as well or mostly production?
The potential arrangement was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.
This natural, cascading arrangement manages to be both rustic and glam.
The arrangement of lights works to create a single cohesive magic.
In 2015, Lima wore an arrangement of butterflies instead of wings.
The arrangement is only for one year but can be renewed.
The arrangement helps keep the Mediterranean stable and free for shipping.
But it appears there were unexpected dangers to the whole arrangement.
Without a deal preserving that arrangement, London's unique reach is imperiled.
But Mr. Friedman had concealed his business arrangement with Mr. Manafort.
Some congressional Republicans decry this arrangement as another taxpayer-funded bailout.
Mr. Chmielewski, in an interview, acknowledged that the arrangement was made.
"The loser in that arrangement is cities," Mayor Tim Keller said.
Residents, local officials and U.S. federal authorities all criticized the arrangement.
Prospective users of Paine Field Passenger Terminal approve of the arrangement.
Ms. Graubaskas said last week that the mayor approved the arrangement.
But the arrangement is no longer tenable with her physical condition.
The inspector general criticized the agency for the arrangement with Trump.
Draped with fresh seaweed, it almost becomes like a flower arrangement.
Israel's Supreme Court ruled against such an arrangement two years ago.
I have seen him correct the arrangement of a cheese tray.
All spoke on condition of anonymity because the arrangement is confidential.
What is the arrangement they have with their LPs, their investors?
At the center of the arrangement they placed a neutron source.
It bears some structural similarity to Coltrane's "My Favorite Things" arrangement.
It "could be supported by a fund arrangement," the fund said.
That opposition created an unusual arrangement for the Supreme Court case.
But the arrangement was not unusual, former law enforcement officials said.
At American Airlines, workers are expecting a similar arrangement to United. 
Or you could simply buy the floral arrangement off your table.
"I didn't even second-guess it," she said of the arrangement.
The Arkansas retirement fund also was unaware of any fee arrangement.
Here's Mr. Mark's arrangement of the Beatles' "Revolution 20033," instantly memorable.
Mr. Cohen had a similar arrangement with the giant drugmaker Novartis.
Neither Mr. Hirtenstein nor his lawyer would comment on the arrangement.
It's not clear whether Harvard's central administration knew about the arrangement.
But I wonder how comfortable we should be with this arrangement.
This arrangement, according to Mr. Ratcliffe, amounts to a jurisdictional violation.
Kitt We added the ensemble, a vocal arrangement from the bridge.
I think we could work out a very reasonable living arrangement.
Fear of the dark is an arrangement of fifteen amino acids.
And Paraguay is not well equipped to negotiate a better arrangement.
On the center screen, she trims flowers, creating a floral arrangement.
Moreover, the meeting seems to refute any prior or existing arrangement.
Investors will be looking for clarity in the arrangement come Friday.
"That's the kind of arrangement that would be concerning," he said.
Mr. Clyburn's office said he had no involvement in that arrangement.
It's an arrangement that makes sense to many in the business.
Its beauty must come from the rational arrangement of its parts.
Here's a look inside the complex arrangement that is Spears' conservatorship.
But that arrangement, he said, was not meant to be permanent.
The arrangement with Special Operations forces has never been made public.
This arrangement, Mr. Shaub argued, was the only truly ethical option.
The Post's arrangement with Rogers has been criticized in the past.
Both sides made thousands of dollars per truck from this arrangement.
The arrangement dates back at least to 2011, court records show.
However, no one was supposed to find out about this arrangement.
The arrangement was ripe for the emergence of conflicts of interest.
The new Brexit arrangement, they say, threatens to inflame sectarian tensions.
The arrangement saddled the charity with two competing centers of power.
The International Monetary Fund is among critics of the current arrangement.
It says the arrangement was accepted by the SEC in 2015.
The NTIA's arrangement with ICANN largely privatized key domain name functions.
Under that arrangement, SSE also offered customers 100 percent green energy.
WWF did not respond to questions about how that arrangement worked.
This arrangement insulted us, but was it a breach of etiquette?
There is an underlying hum of mutual suspicion in this arrangement.
But they have failed to agree on a power-sharing arrangement.
The Hill has learned that Gowdy is investigating Pruitt's rental arrangement.
Early on, they often think of it as a temporary arrangement.
Hong Kong has set up a similar arrangement across the border.
The Postal Service says it makes a profit through the arrangement.
The financial arrangement between Snowden and his publisher is not clear.
And, sometimes, there is neither rhyme nor reason to the arrangement.
This on-demand arrangement is faster, more flexible and less costly.
The arrangement was common, but resulted in freedom only for some.
Matt Gaetz of Florida went even further ripping the interview arrangement.
It is an unusual arrangement that Quick is happy to try.
Such an arrangement seemed to impose few restraints on Mr. Berlusconi.
This was interpreted as the remains of a funerary floral arrangement.
A spokesman said the arrangement was consistent with the SEC accord.
He tried to re-create this arrangement for his own family.
Eilish said Zimmer's team recorded the orchestral arrangement during that time.
European antitrust authorities still need to approve the arrangement, it added.
Their identities were confirmed by people with knowledge of the arrangement.
Nothing is especially wrong with this arrangement, but is anything right?
The arrangement is common in I.P.O.s by founder-led technology companies.
The arrangement is similar for same-sex couples and adoptive parents.
The arrangement makes a ton of sense for the confederations, too.
The company's arrangement in Liberia is a new model for it.
But their arrangement ended in July when he, too, was deported.
Onion Lake also voted for a similar arrangement with the Crown.
The arrangement, which takes effect on Friday and lasts until Oct.
He did not provide details about how that arrangement would work.
She started with Liszt's ingenious arrangement of Schubert's "Gretchen am Spinnrade," but also offered two shamelessly showy virtuoso pieces, played to the hilt: Vladimir Horowitz's "Carmen" Fantasy and a tasteless, jazzy arrangement of Mozart's "Turkish" Rondo.
Drummond later told her he never intended for that arrangement to occur, Blakely said, and once their son was 4 and a half years old, their custody arrangement was in place and he provided child support.
"This arrangement was implemented to support partners with a steady and reliable monthly income, but we now believe this arrangement may not meet the strict timing requirements for calculating compliance with the NMW regulations," it said.
The new arrangement includes commitments by the U.S. that possibilities under U.S. law for public authorities to access personal data transferred under the new arrangement will be subject to clear conditions, limitations and oversight, preventing generalised access.
Warjiyo added that the central bank has several bilateral swap arrangement with a number of other central banks, including a $30 billion arrangement with China's central bank, as a second line of defense to support the rupiah.
This was the motivation behind a similar arrangement for Facebook in 2011.
The 2 tried reaching a custody arrangement but negotiations broke down Wednesday.
Yet the arrangement ignited fierce criticism online and from some advocacy groups.
The direction of this wind depends on the arrangement of the electrodes.
You can't easily shake a boxful of marbles into a crystalline arrangement.
One Japanese source said Beijing was eager to resume the swap arrangement.
I love this arrangement because I enjoy cooking but hate cleaning up.
The arrangement is due to run until the end of this year.
These frames are themselves manipulated by the looping arrangement of the poems.
The arrangement says Uber's driverless cars will utilize Nvidia self-driving tech.
The arrangement would allow the elevator's customers to receive the tax benefit.
Her report focused on one specific part of Caterpillar's offshore tax arrangement.
The guys on Seeking Arrangement, however, had interests that were more nontraditional.
The police and the gangs, I think, have some kind of arrangement.
For Manhattan, this is a steal, and everybody's happy with the arrangement.
Some Republican members of Congress have wanted a similar arrangement for years.
The paper found that, generally, Uber drivers are happy with the arrangement.
No one really materially benefits from this kind of arrangement but Facebook.
ANNOUNCES SHAREHOLDER APPROVAL OF ARRANGEMENT Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Daughter Luna Simone, 2, even stood next to the arrangement for scale!
This song sucked me in with the vocal arrangement on the chorus.
The next article describes one such arrangement, in the United Arab Emirates.
A "mirror arrangement" should be given to EU-based Britons, he said.
Published by arrangement with Riverhead Books, a member of Penguin Group LLC.
While that seems like a perfect arrangement, it comes with one downside.
NICE said Gilead had proposed a "commercial arrangement" if Yescarta was recommended.
It has said that Moscow and Ankara will jointly monitor the arrangement.
It has said that Moscow and Ankara will jointly monitor the arrangement.
The program closed with Rachmaninoff's 1942 arrangement of his "Symphonic Dances" (1940).
This physical arrangement accentuates the season's premise: The men are just filler.
Everyone in the family is "comfortable with the arrangement," the source adds.
Ukraine was required to change its constitution to make the arrangement permanent.
"I have never heard of such an arrangement," he told The Verge.
Mike Love, who was in attendance, supposedly wasn't thrilled with the arrangement.
More than 30 of Epstein's victims were not notified of the arrangement.
That would then be more or less like a technology licensing arrangement.
The doctor, she says, has a similar arrangement with five other offices.
You may be able to negotiate such an arrangement on your own.
Whether such an arrangement will pass human trials remains to be seen.
Many families have filed lawsuits, saying they were unaware of the arrangement.
Or you could even try a different, slightly cheaper co-living arrangement.
The arrangement was expected to be operational in around four months' time.
Everyone in the family is "comfortable with the arrangement," the source added.
I did the arrangement and a couple weeks later we recorded it.
It's the actual arrangement of a sale that's not allowed, they said.
Icahn scrutinized the arrangement, saying Buffett tricked Hollub into a bad deal.
The reality star showed off the heart-shaped floral arrangement on Instagram.
CNN reported in January that the transfer of funds had been arrangement.
"Staying Alive", another enduring hit from the album, won best vocal arrangement.
Economic logic often pushes partners towards one arrangement rather than the other.
We have no further comment on any kind of arrangement with them.
The arrangement and relative sizes of the four planets, not to scale.
Next month China's rubber-stamp parliament is expected to ratify the arrangement.
The bill terms these benefit plans as 'qualified flexible workplace arrangement plans.
After five years under this arrangement, permanent residency can be applied for.
Under the new arrangement BP will eventually supply and sell the fuel.
We can only assume he and Bell will pursue a similar arrangement.
For Wells, it was fast becoming clear that the arrangement wasn't working.
At some point, they began talking about making it a permanent arrangement.
But it did alter the arrangement to take into account shareholders' wishes.
The whole arrangement highlights the quandary that any successful tech company faces.
Everyone in the family was "comfortable with the arrangement," the source added.
After the story went viral, 1800flowers sent a special arrangement to Sebastian.
Eighty percent of the groceries have a revenue share arrangement with us.
It is, at its core, a wonderfully autonomous, independent, and decentralized arrangement.
" Etan's mother, Julie, said, "We have a new arrangement with the police.
Katy's personality always finds a way to shine, no matter the arrangement.
But religious nonprofits decided that arrangement was no longer going to work.
That nonsensical arrangement was the subject of much deliberation by the Founders.
Published by arrangement with Riverhead, an member of Penguin Random House, LLC.
According to the docs, there's already an existing custody arrangement in place.
The publishing arrangement is the latest in GameStop's ongoing efforts to diversify.
"We had complete freedom, which is insane," Seimetz said of the arrangement.
He made his objection to the arrangement known to the homeowners' organization.
Mahajan said his group would look into the new John Snow arrangement.
Ludlow said it is retaining a copyright on the song's musical arrangement.
The monetary arrangement assures currency convertibility and reduces foreign exchange liquidity risks.
Under the arrangement, Trump will still own his businesses and real estate.
But a new college financing arrangement is aimed at reducing that risk.
Personally, I know I'm too jealous for any sort of open arrangement.
What's less clear is what, if anything, might upset this cosy arrangement.
The raw materials were already there, but their arrangement is pure speculation.
Would a more flexible working arrangement make you happier (and more productive)?
Cuomo vehemently denies any role in the creation of the IDC arrangement.
Captors and captives come to see the arrangement as a natural one.
The deal is being implemented through a court-sanctioned scheme of arrangement.
Sharp declined to disclose details of the latest licensing arrangement with Hisense.
Coinbase says the arrangement insulates customers from the potential risks of staking.
It is an arrangement that suits neither Windsor's residents nor bridge users.
The plan developed for the Bush-era Constellation program had that arrangement.
The institute will have a somewhat unusual arrangement with the research centers.
At Marmon with the Pritzker family we had a three-step arrangement.
Approval of the arrangement came in August during a security cabinet meeting.
Even in the complex ecosystem of Trump deals, this arrangement stands out.
The Wired arrangement won't be the president's first foray into editing, either.
American officials expressed strong reservations about whether this new arrangement would work.
Croft said the two have already been working to strengthen their arrangement.
A confidentiality clause prohibited the accuser from speaking publicly about the arrangement.
Was it a marriage, or a less conventional arrangement, he was proposing?
Clinton's unorthodox email arrangement or used it to send her classified documents.
Fee estimates exclude any underwriting or arrangement fees to finance the acquisition.
He must pay a $85033 fine and seek counseling under the arrangement.
He has published "Interparty Judicial Appointments" on the arrangement developed by Sens.
On occasion, they try to take advantage of their unique living arrangement.
That arrangement constitutes a gift and violates federal employment rules, Udall claimed.
As part of that arrangement, Sears paid $407 million toward the plan.
But Sanders on Thursday released a statement backtracking on the proposed arrangement.
Shown here is the sleeping arrangement for two people in one bed.
The arrangement was pulled together by the brands' parent company, Gap Inc.
The administration has claimed the purchase will not be a permanent arrangement.
The arrangement gives Betterment direct access to many thousands more potential customers.
It also includes several modern design elements, like this geometric seating arrangement.
Ms. Lipinski would not discuss the arrangement she has with that designer.
Would the U.K. want a Canadian-style Free Trade Arrangement with Europe?
That arrangement was directly messaged to them by Sondland in a Sept.
This arrangement, Stephens says, creates an incentive to keep development costs low.
That arrangement came under scrutiny last November in a Miami Herald investigation.
Such an arrangement would be a clearly inappropriate condition by the committee.
To an extent, America is already headed toward a metropolis-first arrangement.
He made his objection to the arrangement known to the homeowners' organization.
Some consumer groups and privacy experts are not satisfied with that arrangement.
Square is not acquiring Framed Data's technology as part of the arrangement.
"I'm flattered that Phillip gives me arrangement credits", explains a humbled Janson.
Approving the administrative arrangement would give reassurance when swapping data cross-border.
Plus, let's be real: Who doesn't love fawning over a pretty arrangement?
Honda will procure battery systems from GM as part of this arrangement.
An Edible Arrangement is like a MacArthur Fellowship; you cannot nominate yourself.
So, what might White's haul actually look like under this new arrangement?
There's an extreme intensity both in noise-tangential throb and melodic arrangement.
Enemy arrangement meant that my own weapons were being turned against me.
To be clear, there is no financial arrangement between the two sides.
The campsite fees are paid for by the employer, a common arrangement.
To facilitate this arrangement, Laraway provided Perkins with his checking account number.
While that arrangement is not for everyone, Risien, for one, loves it.
"We had an arrangement: They'd bring the avocados," he'd make the dip.
But the arrangement has led in recent years to underreporting alimony payments.
But the Syrian government has no intention of letting that arrangement stand.
The arrangement helped end the Patriarca reign, but the price was high.
May's response is that both sides can benefit under a new arrangement.
The arrangement allows families to take time off without damaging the economy.
Yet some music-business insiders regard this arrangement as a mixed bargain.
A Raytheon spokesman said there was nothing unusual about the production arrangement.
To be sure, Bezos's approach is a wonderful arrangement for the nonprofits.
If this is cherry-picking, then every trade arrangement is cherry-picking.
This arrangement both honors Bach's masterpiece and has some fun with it.
Would we want to then ban that particular army arrangement as well?
European leaders agreed to review the arrangement at the end of June.
Mr. Carter said no decision had been made on such an arrangement.
They seem to be grasping the potential benefits of such an arrangement.
"Parliament cannot, and I believe will not," accept the arrangement, he added.
That disdain for the arrangement extends even to the game's new site.
No matter the fix, the swap could mean a different seating arrangement.
Absent an implausible similar arrangement with Iran, other options are not good.
Nearly 18 months after the storm, the temporary arrangement feels increasingly permanent.
The payments continued after that, according to people familiar with the arrangement.
And it didn't automatically turn your act into a grubby commercial arrangement.
It's no surprise she is not terribly cooperative and resents this arrangement.
That arrangement "works perfectly well in most markets," Mr. Dunbar-Johnson said.
The Paga-Visa arrangement will bring new merchant options to Paga's network.
It is unclear if the same arrangement would be true for Rooney.
And that all came from Ms. Franklin — her rumbling, twanging, compartmentalized arrangement.
She didn't want to use an overly extravagant floral arrangement (too distracting).
"If Gaza is quiet, they could come to an arrangement," he said.
The U.S. market was much less crowded when the arrangement was announced.
Women in gowns posed for photos in front of a floral arrangement.
The arrangement is thus a sort of free-trade agreement on steroids.
"This enriches the arrangement and ages it a bit," van Tongeren says.
Dorsey's leadership arrangement is unusual compared with other executives of public companies.
Sticking to such an arrangement requires more than one conversation, of course.
I hate dishes and he hates cooking, so I love this arrangement.
The arrangement was formalized during the 14th century, under the Yuan Dynasty.
While that arrangement is not for everyone, Risien, for one, loves it.
"A lone county prosecutor cannot circumvent this arrangement," Mr. Trump's lawyers said.
He was already a good sleeper, but definitely prefers his current arrangement.
It has an arrangement to begin flights in the city of Guangzhou.
The arrangement left the Levys with an unusual degree of creative control.
This arrangement differs from other tough fish scales which have been studied.
Published by arrangement with Riverhead, a member of Penguin Random House LLC.
Even so, the proposed teaching arrangement would leave Charlotte Law's doors open.
And, for a time, all sides were basically fine with this arrangement.
Local residents say they are concerned such an arrangement could become permanent.
The arrangement Graham describes would present conflicts of interest in both directions.
Like a joke leaping unexpectedly from an entirely random arrangement of circumstances.
Expect to have everything stolen and expect every arrangement to go awry.
But the arrangement tends to be a bit different with the wealthy.
The arrangement is minimal, uncomplicated, and serves to spotlight Gomez's intimate lyrics.
But Coleman said there was an unspoken resistance to such an arrangement.
It's a business arrangement and I'm not going to be walked over.
"This is perfect, perfect," Dr. Elisondo said in Spanish about the arrangement.
It also said its leadership did not have knowledge about the arrangement.
Reprinted in arrangement with Roost Books , an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc.
Miss Sherman said she and her mother were happy with the arrangement.
That arrangement made Mr. Ghani president and Mr. Abdullah the chief executive.
By the end of last summer, this uneasy arrangement had fallen apart.
But advisers say it can be worthwhile to have a formal arrangement.
This is said by the YPG to be a purely military arrangement.
Whether it's Amex, and the work we're doing on the loyalty arrangement.
Decades later, the social and environmental costs of this arrangement have swollen.
For me, it felt honest to call our arrangement what it was.
And yes, there is an inverted-T arrangement for the arrow keys.
The arrangement allows the dialysis companies to avoid violating anti-kickback laws.
Annika said at the time that she was "happy with the arrangement." 
Tijani views the arrangement as a boost to the continent's tech ecosystem.
Ethics watchdogs have said the arrangement does not prevent conflicts of interest.
Negotiating its way out of Europe's single market arrangement is one thing.
U. trade arrangement as well as a deal with the United States.
Her report focused on one specific part of Caterpillar's offshore tax arrangement.
One reader was left wondering about how such an arrangement would work.
As long as the saucer is heavy enough, this arrangement is stable.
We don't know exactly how many police departments Ring have this arrangement.
But in 2014, 58 percent of seniors said they preferred that arrangement.
THE ARRANGEMENT Jamie: I give Story his first bottle of the day.
The arrangement stoked tensions within the union and the company for years.
Given the loss to Portmore, Payne said he was reconsidering that arrangement.
And I didn't intend to keep up this arrangement, which was exhausting.
The flight was booked through a code-share arrangement with United Airlines.
How far can they withstand the weight, misplacement, and asymmetry of arrangement?
BESPOKE ARRANGEMENT - May's goal, to reflect mutual interest in maintaining close ties.
This arrangement is basically fine and a comeback story is often nice.
Or perhaps an arrangement of two distinct media like photography and paintings.
"I didn't have any awareness of the arrangement at all," she said.
"The secretary remains committed to continuing efforts to try and resolve the outstanding issues in order to reach an arrangement on Syria ... but we won't agree to an arrangement that does not meet our core objectives," Toner said.
It is not that nobody wants an Edible Arrangement; it is just that wanting (or not wanting) an Edible Arrangement — a present that exists at the intersection of frivolity and groceries — has very little to do with getting one.
The Venus ET Fleur arrangement was worth $15,000, the company confirms to PEOPLE.
An ANZ spokesperson declined to comment regarding the bank's fee arrangement with Apple.
My three worst performances were on picture completion, picture arrangement, and object assembly.
Use it to launch apps, switch between them, and change the window arrangement.
Pitt and Jolie are currently following an informal custody arrangement established in October.
Would a similar arrangement from someone else still look good at this point?
The room smells of flowers; it's coming from a giant arrangement of hydrangeas.
They steamroll over the initial, placid arrangement in a sudden burst of emotion.
At first, the Wall Street banks maintained that Lew's arrangement was an exception.
Abrams supported the policy, and participated in covering up the arrangement from Congress.
There isn't anything wrong, per se, with this arrangement between Samsung and Verizon.
Such an arrangement would give the new coalition 101 of parliament's 200 seats.
Japan also suspended talks on a new currency swap arrangement with South Korea.
Jolie&aposs team fired back after news of the new arrangement made headlines.
Reprinted by arrangement of Penguin Press, part of the Penguin Random House company.
There is cautious optimism within the travel industry that the arrangement can work.
The FBI never pursued criminal charges against Clinton or others over the arrangement.
If the current health care arrangement survives, this will be one reason why.
She also showed off a beautiful flower arrangement from little sister Kendall Jenner.
Nobody is satisfied with this arrangement, and there are frequent calls for reform.
But it hasn't been stated whether there's a financial arrangement between the companies.
Once a wedding cake or floral arrangement comes into play, support is mushy.
Then there's this ... our sources say Khloe sent Caitlyn an exquisite flower arrangement.
The arrangement will not safeguard civilians, even if the parties say it does.
This arrangement continued into 2016, the most recent year covered by the documents.
Norwegians like the EEA arrangement, and few wish to reopen the membership debate.
An adjacent gallery is filled with a claustrophobia-inducing arrangement of metal bunkers.
As another waste-reduction measure, just one style arrangement is offered per day.
I didn't even know about these arrangement sites until I moved out here.
The motif of the car is an arrangement of many '70s car models.
The arrangement would require approval, every four years, from the Northern Ireland Assembly.
It's an arrangement that seems as bizarre to experts as to anyone else.
Mr Maduro might not be the one to preside over such an arrangement.
Or dogs had them, depending on how you view the human-canine arrangement.
The National Ocean Industries Association, which represents the offshore industry, defended the arrangement.
The plan also calls for a new purchasing arrangement for physician-administered drugs.
The government has yet to hammer out all the details of the arrangement.
And that arrangement sheds an interesting light on the entire Apple Card approach.
Drago had a boyfriend, who she said understood the terms of this arrangement.
Analysts have said an official delivery arrangement would push up costs for Starbucks.
" When told that arrangement constituted quid pro quo, Mulvaney said, "Get over it.
Little surprise, then, that the British government wishes to modify the arrangement considerably.
Zhu would not disclose the exact business arrangement Uber had struck with Barclays.
An early and explicit Japanese demand for a transitional arrangement stemmed from experience.
Pitt "has been very unhappy with the arrangement," a source recently told PEOPLE.
In Slovakia a government led by the centre left has a similar arrangement.
The arrangement remains under investigation by the UK's data protection watchdog, the ICO.
The arrangement provided vital intelligence about Islamic State leaders, communications and ammunitions stores.
But this arrangement doesn't have to result in outright corruption to be troubling.
Under the current arrangement, all their quarterly profits go to the federal government.
The arrangement with Osinbajo ensures the day-to-day running of government business.
The arrangement had been done in Paris and I didn't much like it.
The arrangement of the figures form a see-through barrier blocking our entry.
"The salamander really doesn't seem too bothered by this [arrangement]," Burns told Gizmodo.
He called it "the natural process of working out a very complex arrangement."
" Asklund says he too has benefited from the arrangement: "For me it's fun.
If you can't already tell, we have a pretty informal cost-splitting arrangement.
The human body emerges like an alphabetic arrangement and a semi-abstract totem.
But these results suggest that such an arrangement really could help world diplomacy.
There's a perception that living with parents is a less-than-comfy arrangement.
But any such flexible, unclear arrangement would be fiercely resisted by the Chinese.
It's mom's birthday today, and last week we pre-ordered an Edible Arrangement.
She was impressed by his intelligence and intrigued by his unusual living arrangement.
This arrangement keeps guns out at sea, avoiding bothersome and inconsistent national laws.
Instead of this unhappy arrangement, Lord King wants banks to buy "liquidity insurance".
The couple hashed out both a property settlement agreement and a custody arrangement.
It was not clear if Sudan's agreement involved a similar arrangement with Ethiopia.
What we don't yet know: Any of the financial details of this arrangement.
Not everyone in Columbus supports the arrangement that brings students from Mexico, however.
A Chalco spokesman said he did not have full details of the arrangement.
Some of it clawed back because of the three-year put-back arrangement.
The two had the same arrangement when LaRoche played with the Washington Nationals.
The information was provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement.
This technique for planning your arrangement avoids hammering unnecessary holes into the wall.
In the past, the president has referred to the security arrangement as obsolete.
The information was provided by a U.S. partner through an intelligence sharing arrangement.
It's unclear if they've worked out a custody arrangement or support payments yet.
How long before this arrangement is "no longer aligned" with Russia's security interests?
On balance, there are fewer resources for couples seeking a more equitable arrangement.
But this arrangement has broken down because oil-sharing agreements have largely failed.
According to many observers, this arrangement is damaging the court and the country.
There was an informal arrangement with Becker in 1993 shortly after McEnroe retired.
It's unclear how many cleaners would be affected by the new outsourcing arrangement.
But both candidates have walked away from the arrangement since their campaigns' announcement.
"This arrangement was reached by our partners and their local affiliates," Dillon said.
Melissa Bell: Definitely a joint decision, as are most things in this arrangement.
Days later the government requested an "exceptional access standby arrangement" from the IMF.
Asked if Trump is OK with the arrangement, Sanders said he is not.
This arrangement made sense when the industry was healthy and had deeper pockets.
Of course many Catholics on both sides have been dissatisfied with this arrangement.
While there's nothing technically illegal about Brady's arrangement, it has raised some eyebrows.
A huge rose arrangement that spells "CHI," her nickname, from aunt Khloé Kardashian.
Rose petal cake This dainty cake may get confused for a floral arrangement.
The arrangement also seemed to resolve the ethical dilemma of contributing to gentrification.
That arrangement has already prompted formal complaints to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
The Journal reported details of Broidy's arrangement with the woman the next day.
You can bet they are puzzled that anyone would object to the arrangement.
This arrangement is not ideal, as it inevitably would leave many crimes unpunished.
"I didn't have any awareness of the arrangement at all," she told CNN.
Flute glasses were neatly organized into tiers, with Lopez's initials topping the arrangement.
The two-act arrangement of Rimsky's score is by the musicologist Yannis Samprovalakis.
The Richard Avedon Foundation disputes that any such arrangement could have taken place.
That arrangement had Qatar disclose its financial transactions and undergo an external audit.
They favor a streamlined customs arrangement known as maximum facilitation or "max fac".
An arrangement like that might serve the public interest in Mr. Trump's case.
Take, for instance, her photograph of an arrangement of spray rose and lisianthus.
Details of the arrangement would be part of the negotiation process, she added.
All in all, the entire arrangement required around 300 technical staff to operate.
Prosecutors said Silver had a similar arrangement with a Columbia University cancer researcher.
This arrangement would be unthinkable with other social services that cover basic needs.
This arrangement is perfect for them, and it also speaks to Frank's flexibility.
Consider Medicare Advantage, a public-private arrangement for providing health services to seniors.
This geometric arrangement makes any room feel taller while also framing your furniture.
And questions were raised about the legal basis for the data-sharing arrangement.
How could an arrangement so seemingly beneficial to both sides turn so sour?
I once used an Edible Arrangement to sneak into a huge music festival.
The arrangement creates a walkway of sorts that leads you through the space.
It remains to be seen whether this type of arrangement would be successful.
But Ashe defends the settlement as a workable arrangement for the federal government.
Impatience can lead to hasty decisions that lock you into a bad arrangement.
There&aposs an important point with that arrangement that needs to be mentioned.
The arrangement suits both sides, even if it benefits only the ruling clan.
Since then, Major League Baseball has suspended a promotion arrangement with Papa John's.
The third approach takes this kind of support arrangement to the next level.
On the bench, the justices' seating arrangement is not conducive to social distancing.
She plans to repeat the arrangement with both kids and more managed expectations.
The rest of the contributors are recruited directly from the Seeking Arrangement community.
Now he's questioning whether their co-sleeping arrangement is, uh, a cleanly one.
It's an arrangement that many have observed is eerily evocative of indentured labor.
There is always the same internal woodwork, the same logical arrangement of parts.
Arutyunyan said the arrangement worked because he coached Chen not to need him.
And last year, we set out two potential options for our customs arrangement.
"Or a garden ornament or beautiful flower arrangement," to decorate your outdoor space.
The only way Facebook can restore equilibrium is through a completely new arrangement.
But that arrangement has since been eclipsed by TV deals for other leagues.
Fans have not shown up in numbers needed to make the arrangement worthwhile.
Under this arrangement, Mr. Ramírez said he shut down his American distribution business.
The Wrights tell Elena everything they know about Mia's arrangement with the Ryans.
We are now working on an arrangement for the family's visit to China.
But, Businessweek reports, HBO's in-house streaming team was upset at the arrangement.
While Clinton insists she did nothing wrong, the FBI is probing the arrangement.
This reporting arrangement should be in place by early next week, he said.
The new arrangement allows Paga account holders to transact on Visa's global network.
Boeing has little incentive to keep controls on costs under such an arrangement.
This has been the arrangement for almost 1991 years: them there, him here.
The court previously blessed the arrangement in an unusually splintered opinion in 1972.
We're guessing the proposed arrangement has to do with Lane's busy traveling schedule.
The accord contains the Irish border "backstop" arrangement, which undermined Theresa May's deal.
Data on the composition of Italian households bears out this familial arrangement too.
The United States has sought to spearhead efforts towards a lasting peace arrangement.
Other producers like Russia are expected to reach a similar arrangement on Saturday.
Part of my living-for-free arrangement is taking care of the animals.
Under this arrangement, a trust — rather than an individual — inherits the retirement account.
Elliot steels himself to threaten her custody arrangement if she refuses to cooperate.
In docs he filed, Michael says he never agreed to such an arrangement.
The union approached Uber in the fall of 2015 to explore an arrangement.
"The funding arrangement ... was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical," Brazile wrote.
I entered this arrangement wholly, and willfully, ignorant about this immensely popular game.
If approved by the A.B.A., the arrangement would provide instruction to current students.
The White House insists the cellphone arrangement is meant to promote maximum transparency.
This arrangement currently funds the prescription drug program and Medicare Advantage's integrated plans.
During most of the 24 years of the BBG, this arrangement actually worked.
The arrangement didn't make sense for her compensation-wise or taxwise, she says.
This would replace the so-called "backstop" arrangement he says he cannot accept.
The launch arrangement with SpaceX was also canceled, Spacecom said in a statement.
"We could not possibly have been more transparent about the arrangement," Earnest said.
This arrangement was an indicator of other, darker family dynamics, according to Lewis.
Published by arrangement with Penguin Press, a member of Penguin Random House LLC.
Several members, in fact, have been discussing a financing arrangement with Mr. Lin.
That arrangement rankled Sanders, who views the pharmaceutical industry as a public menace.
The other branches would benefit from recognizing just how precious this arrangement is.
He also said his living arrangement was approved by an EPA ethics official.
In retaliation for your rejecting this arrangement, they rejected you, at least temporarily.
This arrangement has freed the United States from a heavy intelligence-gathering burden.
It was a little clunky, arrangement-wise, but the lyrics were really good.
Of course, Mexico's legal system wasn't set up for this kind of arrangement.
Bioethicists say that arrangement can break down when an authoritarian state is involved.
But EPA officials have defended the arrangement and say it was above-board.
Some women were so satisfied with that arrangement that they rejected suffrage outright.
Two US defense officials characterized the arrangement as a ceasefire in name only.
Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) questioned the arrangement before the cancelation was widely announced.
According to Barnier, that arrangement will only apply if other solutions aren't found.
The farmers were happy with this arrangement and so were the tobacco companies.
The arrangement appears on its face to favor younger newcomers over older veterans.
On the contrary, the tax would be much simpler than our current arrangement.
But the arrangement would not provide enough money to retire on, they said.
The arrangement is similar to how Larry David played Bernie Sanders last year.
Some people could pay 1 percent of the loan to get the arrangement.
The "Golden Girls" style of roommates is one shared-housing arrangement gaining steam.
It's possible, for example, that Netanyahu would remain prime minister in this arrangement.
But no one is quite sure exactly who would lead such an arrangement.
In connection with a financing arrangement Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
He said he kept the same arrangement when he joined Madrid in 2009.
It's an arrangement that securities lawyers say poses an unusual conflict of interest.
Delaware, South Dakota and New York advertise such an arrangement to cryptocurrency businesses.
This kind of arrangement has persisted across India for decades, in apparent harmony.
Ghosn is a Lebanese citizen, and Lebanon has no extradition arrangement with Japan.
But it might also be an arrangement that is coming to an end.
Such an arrangement is not prohibited by the global anti-doping authority WADA.

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