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"repress" Definitions
  1. repress something to try not to have or show an emotion, a feeling, etc. synonym control
  2. [often passive] repress somebody/something to use political and/or military force to control a group of people and limit their freedom synonym put down, suppress
"repress" Synonyms
suppress stifle restrain smother curb check contain swallow control strangle conceal inhibit muffle sink hide submerge silence gag pocket overpower quell subdue quash squash crush squelch extinguish arrest stem stop end hinder limit conquer kill overcome dominate oppress subjugate tyrannise(UK) tyrannize(US) persecute intimidate subject abuse master maltreat wrong keep down hold down tyrannize over domineer over rule with an iron hand defeat beat vanquish trounce best rout lick overthrow thrash clobber worst drub impede hamper obstruct restrict trammel handicap encumber block stymie cramp thwart fetter retard prevent constrain tame bridle regulate govern hold measure rule keep moderate calm obscure blur cloud obfuscate complicate garble muddle confound confuse convolute misrepresent muddy becloud befog distort fuddle mire mystify dull numb desensitise(UK) desensitize(US) deaden blunt benumb dampen diminish impair tranquillise(UK) tranquilize(US) weaken depress devitalize incapacitate paralyse(UK) block out blot out forget ignore disregard deny put behind you shut out cease to remember cease to think of stop thinking about dismiss from mind not worry about consign to oblivion erase from memory erase from your mind repress one's memory of let bygones be bygones put out of your mind foil frustrate ruin forestall neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) baulk(UK) circumvent contravene debar derail invalidate obviate overturn coerce force compel pressure impel pressurise(UK) pressurize(US) drive dragoon press oblige make browbeat bully bulldoze railroad urge push discourage dishearten dispirit dismay daunt demoralise(UK) demoralize(US) deject distress unnerve cow chill alarm abash dash unman trouble scare retain reserve save store accumulate amass garner hoard collect possess stockpile withhold cache shelve stash file heap sublimate channel transfer divert redirect convert purify refine transmute turn direct reroute More
"repress" Antonyms
express release encourage aid allow assist disperse free help liberate permit scatter start surrender yield let out let go give free rein to lose promote build fail forfeit inspirit preserve save win give up prompt praise aggravate irritate succeed convey state articulate communicate voice intimate reveal speak verbalise(UK) verbalize(US) proclaim declare disclose profess show say assert indicate exhibit intensify magnify boost increase strengthen heighten raise amplify augment enhance arouse reinforce extend deepen expand escalate intensate build up occasion draw generate rouse elicit bring cause produce trigger engender evoke induce influence provoke spread bring about expose get off your chest unleash vent unbridle relieve loose air aim direct let fly acquit deliver disenthrall rescue clear emancipate extricate rid unburden absolve discharge disengage disentangle disimprison dismiss exacerbate agitate enlarge incite stimulate stir upset worry worsen discompose disturb perturb vex disquiet succumb fall give give in to capitulate submit relent bow cave in give in concede acquiese buckle be overwhelmed by knuckle under be overcome by be defeated by fall to lose to submit to surrender to yield to succumb to capitulate to give up to forfeit to bend to fail to be conquered by be overthrown by fall victim to give way to be taken by defer to confess divulge spill display unmask admit blow the whistle on blow wide open give away let drop let slip make known spill the beans on tell of lay bare envigorate(UK) invigorate(US) energise(UK) energize(US) enliven revitalise(UK) revitalize(US) vitalize enable improve rejuvenate excite clarify explain explicate interpret elucidate expound illustrate demonstrate detail specify enlighten delineate decipher highlight unravel demystify unriddle define sensitise(UK) sensitize(US) resensitize sharpen accentuate hone spike whet make sensitive confront recall remember accelerate advance expedite hasten decrease lessen quicken diminish reduce shorten drop minimise(UK) minimize(US) rush cut deteriorate curb downsize slash abate be submissive endorse support abet advocate back be in favor of champion defend facilitate approve approve of favour(UK) get behind sanction

459 Sentences With "repress"

How to use repress in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "repress" and check conjugation/comparative form for "repress". Mastering all the usages of "repress" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"It's repress, repress, repress, I can't do it anymore," said one exhausted national-guard sergeant who had just sprinted across the dried-up Táchira river.
I try to repress those negative experiences in my life.
"Death anxiety is most problematic when we repress it," Solomon says.
Pitagora does warn against trying to repress a sexual experience, however.
If they swell it may begin to repress them more forcibly.
Others enter intensive therapy, and still others others repress their experiences.
When pressure builds, the first recourse is to repress and persecute.
In the meantime, the state retains the power to repress their views.
That's very mysterious for me, that we try to repress those instincts.
In short: grow a thicker skin— and debate ideas, don't repress them.
This ended when Assad began to brutally repress civilian revolts in Syria.
Soviet secret police began to repress all manner of Ukrainian intellectuals and
Higher or lower levels of methylation can repress or stimulate surrounding genes.
"The Mexican government has agreed with the US government to repress migration."
And now the social energy is so strong it's impossible to repress.
A "cabal" of women in technology plotting to repress men doesn't exist.
In their eyes, it becomes a challenge — something to repress or expunge.
We can't repress what we have always known to be true any more.
One of the goals of the training is to repress your shiver response.
Rights groups say Cuba often uses short-term detentions to repress public criticism.
I'm sure they've had struggles of their own that they've had to repress.
Having to repress them can lead to tension and frustration and even divorce.
The more they repress their desires, the stronger they come out in bed.
In a society structured to repress women, desire presents an opportunity for rebellion.
It's something you couldn't dare mention to anybody except yourself, and you repress it.
The conviction is reflective of Vietnam's efforts to repress speech critical of the government.
"If [men] have anger towards women they're trying to repress it," Begin told me.
Original pressings are almost impossible to find, so fake it with this excellent repress.
Their answer, which I find reprehensible, is: We'll use technology to repress our people.
The Modi government will stop at nothing, it seems, to repress the country's Muslims.
Classic accounts of modernism tended to repress such influences, often out of intellectual discomfort.
I tried my best to repress my fears of what could happen to us.
Any criticism can be dismissed as an attempt to repress vital, challenging new knowledge.
But as we've come to discover, it's equally difficult to repress the spread of disinformation.
But the former president had an authoritarian streak and used security forces to repress opponents.
And today, they repress thoroughly secular opposition voices under the guise of fighting radical Islam.
I have mostly forgotten about the incident except for occasional flashbacks that I quickly repress.
"Concentration camps," electronic surveillance and persecution are used to repress millions of people of faith.
Maduro has also excelled at learning from the Castros on how to repress his people.
But the former President had an authoritarian streak and used security forces to repress opponents.
Nauert suggested the U.S. government could impose sanctions against Iranian officials who repress peaceful protests.
You can't be your most perfect self trying to repress forces outside of your control.
When people take to the streets demanding democratic reforms, it's a lot harder to repress subtly.
Our perceptions of ourselves depends on what we remember about the past — and what we repress.
Anything that appears to contradict the theory is merely part of the conspiracy to repress it.
War-zone footage, child sex-abuse and threats of self-harm are especially hard to repress.
Despite the extremists' attempts to repress women, Aisha and her friends found ways to feel normal.
Afterward Pierre is undone by a sense of guilt that his mother and his uncle repress.
But yet, the Chinese government continues to repress the Chinese people's basic political and human rights.
For centuries, women have been urged to repress their emotions in order to placate men. Enough.
We ran out of copies about six months ago, and the repress just finished last week.
The Basij often has been used to repress antigovernment protesters, according to Iranian dissidents and others.
It said such an order by Mr. Trump would be a brazen attempt to repress Muslims.
The government has responded by trying to repress the protests with rubber bullets and tear gas.
Your movement in their vicinity is a kind of dance that you can't refuse or repress.
They know those standards, when applied to women, do almost nothing but repress their potential and desire.
There are 100 different cannabinoids in marijuana, and those that target this receptor seems to repress inflammation.
Central banks seem either "less willing" or "less able" to use policy to "repress volatility," he contended.
So the labels will come look at that data to decide which records they want to repress.
"Some police have told me their families are being threatened for refusing to repress protesters," she said.
Based on your letter ("I frequently repress my feelings and deflect my emotions") that's been a struggle.
China — Soros said — was using advanced technology such as facial recognition and AI to repress its people.
Political oppression The British colonial laws haven't just been used to repress and harass the LGBT community.
Government forces and mainly Arab militia which moved to repress the revolt were accused of widespread atrocities.
Others, including Toscano, believe it may be an attempt to repress contemporary art and freedom of expression.
Traits that he thought he could repress, ones he wanted to correct so badly are bubbling back up.
This is a great gift for someone who loves to publicly repress their feelings and routinely jack-off.
Trust your intuition and don't repress your feelings—your emotions are there to guide you, not torture you.
Miller says that as a Californian she was concerned about whether declaring a nominee would repress voter turnout.
"You can't detain and repress people who simply don't exist in the republic," spokesman Alvi Karimov said Tuesday.
At its heart, fascism is an alliance of hardline and moderate conservatives seeking to repress left-wing sentiment.
Intense emotions are coming to the surface—feel your feelings, now is not the time to repress them.
Second, China's security apparatus has a much greater capacity to repress dissent than it did in the past.
I won't repress the thought, but try to be detached from it and see where the thought goes.
You're known for being sweet and charming, Libra, but that also means that you sometimes repress your anger.
The abuse, a court document said, also caused the man to repress "all memory" of what had happened.
Security forces, in collaboration with armed pro-government groups called "colectivos," continue to brutally repress anti-government demonstrations.
Chinese military personnel have visited Venezuela, which has used its Chinese-made armored personnel carriers to repress protests.
Holden perceives the photos as a trove of clues, but it's harder for Tench to repress an emotional reaction.
The importance of these expressive freedoms can also be grasped by considering why their opponents sought to repress them.
The American objective in covert ops was to preserve democracy, while the Soviet objective was to nationalize and repress.
"We don't have a reason to repress" the protesters, Colonel Manuel Guevara, a military spokesman, told the news agency.
Studies have shown that men who repress their homosexuality due to authoritarian fears can create tremendous homophobic violent outbursts.
"Making someone feel ashamed of who they are is a cruel manipulation, designed to oppress and repress," she said.
"You cannot arrest or repress people who just don't exist in the republic," Kadyrov spokesman Alvi Karimov told Interfax.
I believed I was a bad person by virtue of my identity, and I struggled to repress my femininity.
"You can't detain and repress people who simply don't exist in the republic," spokesman Alvi Karimov said last week.
But it's the Muslim countries that repress gays, churn out chauvinistic ideology, and spread these ideas around the world.
And then, once again, the measures designed to harass and repress immigrants will spread out to all U.S. citizens.
He would tell me stories of other women he was sleeping with, and I'd repress any feelings of jealousy.
If leaders repress their own people, we must make clear that it constrains our ability to cooperate with them.
It's a punitive measure designed to repress and control those who fall outside the state's sanctioned speech and beliefs.
My view is deep down he envies the power they have to impose their will and repress their people.
There is pressure to repress communication out of fear of appearing as though we're eager to commit right away.
The government's capacity to repress dissent is vast, and so its willingness to employ that capacity in brutal fashion.
In this day and age, we need to be able to feel comfortable communicating the things that we subconsciously repress.
Claire's scenes simmer with emotion, while Jamie is trying desperately to repress his own, for fear of feeling too much.
I can imagine us having laws against eating sentient animals, even as we continue to repress certain classes of people.
But don't throw the blanket over your head or repress your feelings as you try to maintain the status quo.
The irony, of course, is that the good doctor has to keep shooting up to repress the beast within him.
Kevin is trying to repress feelings about his past and his dad, and hearing about it in this way stings.
The Maduro regime has continued to repress human rights, engage in narco-trafficking, and abuse the rights of its people.
Since a military junta seized power in 244, Thai authorities have been monitoring social media to repress any dissenting opinion.
State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert had suggested the U.S. government could impose sanctions against Iranian officials who repress peaceful protests.
Civil insurrections work better than economic pressure in breaking dictatorships, but only if the state is unwilling to repress them.
Yet the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will stop at nothing, it seems, to target and repress India's Muslims.
Haiti's army had been disbanded in 1995 after the fall of a dictatorship that used soldiers to repress domestic opponents.
For populist voters, this feels like an establishment conspiracy to repress popular will, deepening outrage at a seemingly unresponsive system.
Punishments make us either rebel, feel shamed or angry, repress our feelings, or figure out how not to get caught.
Street protests are officially banned in the capital and the police have not hesitated to use force to repress them.
To ignore its cultural impact is to repress an unpleasant memory in the hopes that it might just work itself out.
He ducks the urgent question of state surveillance, which (for instance) is being used in Xinjiang province to repress individual freedom.
He tried to repress his grief by spending more time with friends, but he couldn't keep from talking about his dad.
" Thus far the army has straddled the fence: On the one hand, they've affirmed they have "no reason to repress protesters.
The id, or "shadow self," is the darker side that we try to repress, but that comes out during porn searches.
Emotions can be hard to deal with, but if we repress them, they can manifest as physical ailments or health issues.
A conservative orthodoxy that attempts to repress sexuality actually does the opposite: It repurposes and channels sexual feelings into perverted ends.
In reality, it's more about superstition, though one could argue that superstitions result from values and norms invented to repress women.
Although I thought I had written [my] book to deconstruct [the myth] and bust it forever, you cannot repress erotic fantasies.
The Moon in Gemini illuminates a very sensitive and emotional sector of your chart today—don't repress your emotions, express them!
The tendency to forget and repress ugly memories must not prevail over the need to remember the abyss that was Auschwitz.
During the impasse, the Republicans accused the Democrats of having used physical intimidation and bribery to repress the African-American vote.
"To continue ordering the armed forces to repress the people is to have more dying of hunger and illness ... ," he said.
In both cases, hardline policies from the central government risk backfiring—and causing the very separatism they are intended to repress.
The numbers on the streets are swelling with the recognition that the government is repurposing colonial-era tactics to repress protests.
Until the early 2000s, all laws surrounding the issue were extremely vague, giving local governments wide latitude to repress gay citizens.
It turns out her unflagging cheerfulness was at times a way to repress what had happened, to try to move on.
Image 2 of 2 VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis has expressed sorrow over the deadly violence used to repress social protests in Nicaragua.
This campaign, so far, will be infamous for letting fear grip our hearts, choke our compassion and drive us to repress others.
" But when moral arousal manifests as moral outrage, he added, "it can either inspire or repress a serious conversation or the truth.
Autocratic regimes in Africa shut down the internet to repress free speech and freedom of association during uprisings that challenge their leadership.
This action will prevent the Castro regime from profiting from U.S. air travel and using the revenues to repress the #Cuban people.
It hurts to bear witness to trauma, even second- or third-hand; it hurts, in different ways, to ignore or repress it.
From infancy, all children have aggressive and erotic feelings about their parents, but they repress those feelings out of fear of punishment.
But he's also launched a major crackdown to concentrate absolute power, repress civil society and journalists and jail or intimidate his opponents.
We can show the world we value what the strongman most fears and seeks to repress: compassion, justice and our common humanity.
"Why are we going to talk with people who always put a gun to our head and always repress us?" he asked.
Let us repress all memories of election night 2016, especially the New York Times needle under the custody of the Upshot column.
" The sentences meant that "for Germans, and the world, you cannot forget genocide even if you try for years to repress it.
Poetry, he wrote, was a dark battleground where poets deliberately "misread" those who came before them and repress their debt to them.
"You cannot arrest or repress people who just don't exist in the republic," the spokesman, Alvi Karimov, told the Interfax news agency.
"The system will probably use it as a show of force and in its wake will repress any dissent," Mr. Vaez said.
The repress feels pretty exhaustive, but do you feel like there's any more material surrounding the book that's yet to be uncovered?
As any student of democracy knows, attempts to repress freedoms can set in motion a slippery slope that puts democracies at serious risk.
And second, laws and legal practices that repress experimentation and novelty throughout society cannot cultivate a future that depends on innovation and adaptation.
They've also asked the Commerce Department to limit the sales of technology to China, which the government uses to surveil and repress Uighurs.
If I were going to repress my dreams of being Dianne Wiest, I would squelch them in the pursuit of being Sherry Lansing.
The Revolutionary Guard, the Iranian regime's elite armed forces, has a much greater capacity to repress protests than it has used so far.
In The Apology, her father has to grapple with the pressure to be manly and repress his emotions, which creates an internal fissure.
But efforts to repress Gulen's followers have mushroomed since the thwarted coup, said Aslandogan, who spoke outside Gulen's home in the Pocono Mountains.
This has proven to be a good solution for a lot of people who wanted to release or repress their music on vinyl.
In an old-fashioned military coup, military leaders deploy military force against a government target, usually the president, and proceed to repress demonstrators.
Fears of the unknown are likely to bubble to the surface, but that's okay: sit with these fears, don't judge or repress them.
Often those people do what the soldiers treated at Homecoming do: They repress; they deflect; they crate up their feelings in a box.
His government, however, has also repeatedly used unconfirmed coup accusations to jail and repress political opponents and instill fear in the armed forces.
Their lyrics would be open about the cultural pressure placed on Korean teens to excel and do well and to repress their anxieties.
From Vladimir V. Putin's Russia to Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey, illiberal governments regularly use imprisonment, threats and nationalist language to repress nongovernmental organizations.
While they might kill a few rats, the populations of rats are so big that there's no way the cats can ever repress them.
"The Chinese government certainly isn't alone in its readiness to stifle freedom of expression, and to use surveillance to repress dissent," the letter read.
"I realized that trying to repress it wasn't going to help, so I had to walk through it and face the fire," she says.
"We have too long underestimated the value of a more open corporate culture that does not repress dissent but instead rewards it," Diess said.
Statistical analysis of the documents revealed that the mass disappearances were not rogue operations, but part of a systematic method to repress leftist movements.
About the problem with new releases that come out nowadays, I think it's also that some labels should repress their records all the time.
Sometimes it's not possible with some very underground indie labels, and the people behind the label don't have money to repress it or whatever.
"Categorizing every protest as criminal and sending forces to repress them is turning a blind eye to frustration and anger," he wrote on Twitter.
Price proposed to Dean that these childhood experiences had created a fear of violence, which caused him to repress his memories of the crime.
Iambic upswing offered a consoling pulse Rich couldn't repress, but she spiked her iambs with the bitters of broken lines, of staggered, unpunctuated utterance.
When we make bosses or enemies of our emotions -- that is, when we indulge or repress them -- it's like we choke off that process.
Kremlin cash has kept Nicolas Maduro in business and helped him repress almost five months of protests while solidifying his increasingly communist totalitarian regime.
Once I reached adulthood, it took all my effort to repress my gender-related feelings and try to live the life expected of me.
His ability to harness and reveal vulnerability, tension, anxiety and heaviness is unbounded as he confronts both what we repress and what we reveal.
The problem was I lacked a healthy way to express myself, especially since men are so likely to repress their emotions to begin with.
Those who want to repress young gay and lesbian people will no longer be able to provide conversion therapy, unfounded in science, for minors.
They are primarily responsible for the internment camps that detain over 22019 million Muslims, and are creating a mass surveillance system to repress Muslims.
They thought it had been unsustainable for Turkey to repress and deny its religion for so long—that the people had finally spoken out.
But This Is Us is about the dangers of not feeling your feelings, about what happens when you bottle everything up and repress it.
" Often, Sangiorgio said, the death penalty is not meant to deter crime but is "used as a political tool to silent dissent and repress opposition.
Nonetheless, some foreign rulers who felt emboldened to repress domestic enemies with impunity have been startled to find that no Trump doctrine reliably protects them.
Though Kirke admits that she needed treatment, she drew the line between saying that she needed to repress things and using alcohol as a tool.
This would significantly diminish, if not altogether deny, Kim the means to pay his military, security forces and elites that repress the North Korean public.
Both those countries eminently deserve the label, given the way they repress all but officially approved forms of religion, including groups which are manifestly peaceful.
Privately to business leaders and then in a statement through a spokesman, senior commanders called for dialogue and said they would not repress the population.
Keen not to let Beijing get away with using technology to repress vulnerable citizens, Uighur activists around the world bent technology to their own ends.
This by itself would be a powerful portrait of how the Crow Nation has maintained its traditions within an event originally meant to repress them.
I hope he will not repress the people or tolerate corruption so that our country will be counted among the great nations of the world.
Chinese govt has a million people locked in concentration camps & is trying to brutally repress Hong Kong demonstrators - and NBA wants to "bridge cultural divides"?
Russia Russia fined its first minor last year under a so-called "gay propaganda" law that has been increasingly used to repress the LGBT+ community.
Freud claimed that through we repress these early memories, they are indeed retained—we just don't have access to them (there is zero evidence for this).
Rights groups and Western governments allege that authorities in Chechnya repress their political opponents, discriminate against women and persecute gays, all allegations that Chechnya's leaders deny.
Traditionally, the role of the shaman is about coming to terms with those unreflective indulgences and invisible traumas that media appear to either repress or disguise.
Governments have come up with a variety of schemes to repress the press, from tax ruses and takeovers to intimidation and cynical crusades against "fake news".
The actions indicated "a policy to repress political dissent and instil fear", the U.N. human rights office said in a report that called for further investigation.
As much as the future of sex is defined by changes in attitudes, lifestyle, and language, it's equally defined by the attempts to repress all this.
In a press release, Amnesty said that clicking on the banners will direct users to content from people whose governments have sought to repress their speech.
Despite popular narratives, law enforcement does not seek to repress protests because they don't like the message or because they do not respect the First Amendment.
And yet, it seemed a shame to repress the glaring, deviant beauty recorded in Wiggins's photograph by assigning it a name that didn't sufficiently describe it.
Conversely, the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) early attempts to repress information about the coronavirus provides a case study in how not to react to a threat.
China's government has a well-known tendency, both at the local and national levels, to repress information that threatens the party's reputation and hold on power.
But these priorities also generate an internal conflict, for they neglect, repress and even enslave our other selves: our identities as employees, producers, family members, citizens.
" It also finds that Venezuelan security forces use "arbitrary detentions to repress and intimidate civil society, political opponents, or any voices that might criticize the government.
But these priorities also generate an internal conflict, for they neglect, repress and even enslave our other selves: our identities as employees, producers, family members, citizens.
That theory says we repress our conscious and unconscious fear of death by generating feel-good worldviews and beliefs that keep the existential terror at bay.
On opener "When I'm With Him", too, she admits of a relationship: "I can't help but repress all of the signs telling me that I'm not fine".
Mr. Trump's threat to prosecute Secretary Clinton drags America back toward its past, and toward an authoritarian model of elected officials using the state to repress dissent.
Maybe it was guilt or perhaps staying away from the juice was her way to repress the not-so-sweet memory of sliding through a window naked.
Rights groups and Western governments allege that authorities in Chechnya repress their political opponents, discriminate against women and persecute sexual minorities, all allegations that Chechnya's leaders deny.
Another point of contention: Russia and its Orthodox authorities have been scolded by the American State Department for colluding to repress the freedom of smaller religious groups.
Her unusual invitation to discuss our feelings about climate change asks us to reflect on abstract and overwhelming issues that can be easy to repress or ignore.
In short, T-Mobile's push to bring this case into arbitration would repress any joint efforts to hold the company publicly accountable for the data-selling scandal.
But these new labels who say even before they release the record that it will be this limited edition, no repress, I don't think it's very wise.
"Authorities continue to repress and discriminate against dissident clerics and members of the Shi'a community" the Commission on International Religious Freedom wrote in its latest annual report.
Over the past year, the United Nations Security Council has watched his government repress protests as dissidents and members of the opposition are tortured, killed, or disappeared.
They maintain that puritanical views repress frank talk and warp natural urges, as in sexual-abstinence programmes (widespread in the South) that sometimes fail to mention contraception.
Wenar blames the oil itself: Its profits allow authoritarian states to more effectively repress dissent than non-oil states, and helps militant groups fund their war machines.
Trump's version of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" has given any number of authoritarians free range to repress and oppress without any opposition from Washington.
For now, Nikkei reported, Sony plan to repress "popular older songs, "mainly Japanese music to which Sony already hold the rights, as well as recent hit albums.
It's bound up with the way girls are often schooled to place the needs of others above their own, to repress or deny outward signs of ambition.
"It's not a law that appears to be written or designed to deal with the special situations where it's lawful or appropriate to repress speech," she said.
I tried to figure out what each character's adult fear was, what they were trying to repress and what inner monster they were trying to push down.
The hate campaign, we would later learn, was the moment when our ability to repress toxic communities and write them off as just "trolls" began to crumble.
Politicians across the spectrum are using the gangs to repress or foment dissent, providing them with weapons and impunity, according to human rights advocates and ordinary Haitians.
The Chinese government is amassing the personal data of its people, using facial recognition software to stifle dissent and repress minorities, and exporting its surveillance technology abroad.
The actions indicated "a policy to repress political dissent and instil fear", the U.N. human rights office said in a report that called for further investigation and accountability.
The struggle between the burgeoning power of women and society's efforts to repress it — the overarching theme of the show — is expressed mainly through staged photography and films.
Jenna, however, never has her breakthrough on the couch, not because she is too shallow to bury anything deep, but perhaps because she does not repress that much.
For as long as their computers are connected to the blockchain, the image and event that the Chinese government has tried so hard to repress will be accessible.
LinkedIn's decision was doubly painful for him, he said, as a survivor of that massacre — an event the Chinese government has sought to censor and repress for decades.
Ensuring that children were able to attend school, Macron said, would combat fundamentalist movements, including those seeking to repress women and girls and remove them from public life.
The message of "now is not the time" will repress doing something productive at precisely the right time, when society recognizes in its mourning the need for change.
You may want to repress this knowledge as soon as you read it, but we all ingest about a liter of boogers each day through the nasal cavity.
Now, shrewd fund managers—and young potential consumers in the West—might ask whether the same cameras are used to repress Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang.
People who repress their vulnerabilities and their failures tend to be the ones who are the most unpalatable, said Neo, because they believe showing them makes them weak.
On October 1, the Catalan regional government tried to organize a referendum on independence: the Spanish government considered it illegal and sent the police to repress it…violently.
Which brings up something else: I am further confused over why Voq went so far out of his way to repress his own memories of being a Klingon.
Context: In the decades that followed the Holocaust, a desire among many Germans to deflect or repress their guilt led to a new form of antipathy toward Jews.
"There is an overall course to increase repression, to repress any civic and political activity in the country," said Mr. Makarov, who was carrying a small stuffed rhinoceros.
I don't see all of these allies marching in protest throughout the year when one of the many laws proposed to repress L.G.B.T.Q. persons are proposed or passed.
A number of southern states, including Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, enacted mask bans in the late 1940s and early 1950s to repress the Klan.
One principle of psychoanalysis is that what is buried deep will surface; it will pop out in some way, no matter how well you try to repress it.
The U.S. announced Monday that it's placing some Chinese tech companies — which it believes use equipment to repress China's Muslim minority group — on the so-called Entity List.
VICE spoke with Schiller over the phone to learn more about his involvement with the original book, its fancy new repress, and how Tom Wolfe rocked his world.
Through a large exhibition of art and documentary materials, ccSPORT questions the ways that sports can socialize people, put them into boxes, and form, or repress, their identities.
Vinegar Girl turns it into an impassioned speech by Kate on how sad it is that men are taught to repress their feelings: It's hard being a man.
Choosing a bleak December day to take his photos, and eschewing all contextual information in the postcards, Bush depicts a Europe trying to repress its contradictions and failing miserably.
" -- "I have learned to absolutely repress the metaphorical monster in me, but, very soon, I will become completely responsible for myself ... What logical conclusion is there other than death.
Her ultra-conservative parents want to repress them, and Thelma herself (played by Eili Harboe) doesn't know what to do with them, especially when they spiral out of control.
Yet even though they repress their shared desires (captured in a visceral shot where the camera captures Suman's temptation to touch Nirmali's hand), their love urgently demands an outlet.
So while China may have felt compelled to stop the losses last year, its measures to repress price discovery will tend ultimately to drive prices down rather than up.
The two words pair frequently these days and together describe the strict gender norms that encourage men to repress their emotions and exhibit dominance to the point of aggression.
To celebrate that all important 25th birthday, they've decided to remaster and repress the album, and they've brought in a few of their ravier mates along for the ride.
Which means that the culture war as we've known it since has not been a simple clash of conservatives who want to repress and liberals who want to emancipate.
With my one year of technical college, I stood my ground and told them in no uncertain terms could they continue to repress us with their melanzana and pecorino.
The investigation into Xu is just the latest action taken by the Chinese government to repress dissenting voices or opinions that run contrary to the ruling Communist Party's policies.
But from your new introduction in the repress, it sounds like you were either unaware of the book being written or not in touch with Tom at the time.
It did so through a combination of zero interest rates and large-scale purchases of securities to repress market volatility and increase asset prices, hoping to encourage consumption and investment.
One woman even suggests that Selena is a victim of homophobia because the climate that hypothetically forced both her and Yolanda to repress their sexualities eventually led to her demise.
Blaming the corrupt influence of the West for your country's problems while using Western-made weapons to repress your citizens may not be the smartest political strategy, in other words.
Other studies have shown that as many as 25 percent of childhood sexual abuse victims forget or repress the memories of this trauma at some point in their adult lives.
We're also talking about what they represent: the things we repress and the people we oppress, and what happens when those forces come rising back up to demand their due.
"This is a kind of action that comes from a certain kind of mindset, the mindset that wants to repress that climate change is due to human activity," Porco said.
The uniformed sergeant said he feared bloodshed at the hands of the "colectivos" trying to keep Maduro in power if the armed forces balked at government orders to repress protests.
"This action will prevent the Castro regime from profiting from U.S. air travel and using the revenues to repress the Cuban people," explained Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Twitter.
If the politicians and Federal Reserve officials can repress their desperate need to fix everything that is glaringly short-term, the economy will, in all likelihood, continue to chug along.
Originally released by Moment of Collapse, A Thorn, A Blight, will soon see a vinyl repress via Halo of Flies, and is currently streaming on the Dawn Ray'd Bandcamp page.
But anger at the Spanish government's forceful attempts to repress the vote is likely to push the independence question to the forefront of the political agenda for the foreseeable future.
Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 came out of his concerns over book-burning and McCarthyism, and the suggestion that it was America's duty to repress inflammatory, controversial, or simply unworthy ideas.
It all boils down to the Streisand Effect, a term coined to reflect how attempts to censor or repress information have a tendency to make the information more widely available.
Thus, Trump's Jerusalem move could well end up as just another pretext for many Middle Eastern governments to repress their own citizens in the name of stability and fighting terrorism.
Over his three-decade regime, he made use of the "territorial system", under which soldiers were stationed in almost every village across the archipelago, to control and repress the population.
Although the junta has used laws to repress freedom of expression that existed prior to its coup, it has made Section 44 of the interim Constitution central to its rule.
To my eyes, the KGB — hoping to repress a truth-telling scientist and reassert the grip it lost when the Soviet Union collapsed — had been slapped down by the courts.
It also allowed France to repress the humiliation of surrender and, after the war, to embark on ill-timed military exploits to restore its self-confidence as a global power.
Now, the lawsuit claims, many of those people are no longer posting to their pseudonymous accounts, quashing their ability to share vital information that authoritarian governments may try to repress.
"I, as president, and at the same time as commander of the country's armed forces, will never give the order to massacre, to repress the people of Mexico," he said.
But unlike with the shame I felt as a young man internalizing toxic masculinity, I didn't want to hide my feelings, repress them, or confess them only to my wife.
Traditionally respectful of American leadership and mindful of the country's crucial role in European defense and global trade, European leaders normally repress or soften their criticism of United States presidents.
What's also needed is a redoubling of our own commitment to combatting our fear, to fighting the urge to repress or to pass or to cover, even when dangers confront us.
"Kabila's camp is still convinced that they can repress anything on the streets and keep on going," an official close to the CENCO mediation effort said, asking not to be named.
"We doubt (the) government's intervention will be effective, because no matter to what extent they can regulate supplies, it is hard to repress demand," Argonaut analysts said in a research note.
While I hope you don't repress your emotions and go silent during this full moon, it's also understandable if things feel too fresh to discuss after the Mercury retrograde in Capricorn.
But when security forces remain unified behind the regime, such as in the case of Bashar Assad's Syria, it remains in control and is able to repress its political opposition mercilessly.
The rocks surrounded a plinth supporting a bottle of crude oil and a teargas cartridge originally used in Cairo to represent the weapons employed to repress the 2011 Tahrir Square protests.
"The Casspir Project" is thus cast as an act of reclamation, a de-fanging of the instruments of terror and a celebration of the cultures such instruments were employed to repress.
A flood of news reports have accused Huawei of doing business with North Korea, partnering with authoritarian regimes to spy on human rights dissidents, and helping China repress its Uighur minority.
In September 2018, a group of Latin American countries and Canada asked the ICC to investigate Venezuela's government over allegations of crimes against humanity in using force to repress political opponents.
But in pulling out all of the stops, a new repress of the book has added layers of depth in a way no film adaptation or making-of documentary could capture.
In Us, it's the deliberate societal choice to forget, repress, and refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past that allow subterranean horror to cultivate beneath a societal veneer of stability.
"They are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence," the document says.
It has to repress one and forget the other — and so Jud, ultimately, becomes a sacrifice, while Laurey and Curly become husband and wife, and Curly ascends to the role of farmer.
This was the deeply oppressive boredom of every teenage weekend you've tried to repress, and here it was drilling directly into my auditory cortex, like French homework that just won't go away.
"Failures by Special Counsel to exhaust less intrusive methods is a fatal flaw in the warrant process," he wrote, which could call for a motion to repress the fruits of the search.
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta signed a new law on Wednesday that outlaws the abuse of people on social media but which critics say could be exploited to repress civil liberties.
Though Russia does not censor its citizens' internet accessibilities, the tag raises concern among those who fear Russian authorities using such data to track down and repress users labeled with the tag.
The symbols of that choice are the giant horns he keeps filed down to squat cylinders on his forehead in order to repress an unholy power intended to bring about the apocalypse.
She flees Boston for Paris, then settles in New York, where she and her psychiatrist husband (a real drip) try without success to repress any inclinations toward witchcraft their children might harbor.
If we continue to repress various races and ethnicities with these little boxes and refuse to add more, leaving the results incredibly inaccurate, is there even a point to having the boxes?
I thought I was equipped to handle the delivery, but the anger I'd fought so hard to repress erupted in rage and grief, along with the fear that I might never heal.
The U.S. is blacklisting a group of Chinese tech companies that develop facial recognition and other artificial intelligence technology that the U.S. says is being used to repress China's Muslim minority groups.
They suggested that East Germany's last dictator, Egon Krenz — who was part of efforts to repress the peaceful revolution of the 1980s — should be thanked for not violently cracking down on protesters.
Dictators maintain extensive security apparatuses not just to repress the people but to understand them; they serve as the feedback channel through which dictators get the information which they need to govern.
Non-fiction's extended run will proffer a perspective that many will attempt to repress and smother, providing a necessary reminder of what to fight for and against in the devastating weeks ahead.
Facing incredible pressure to conform, conceal and repress our difference, our struggle was against not segregation or exclusion so much as self-erasure, the internalization of shame, the denial of our very existence.
"This action will ensure that our technologies, fostered in an environment of individual liberty and free enterprise, are not used to repress defenseless minority populations," Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement.
Five Latin American countries and Canada on Wednesday said they had asked the International Criminal Court to investigate Maduro's government over allegations of crimes against humanity in using force to repress political opponents.
Among Russia-watchers, the banning of the Witnesses is seen as the latest example of the use of legislation banning "extremism" to repress people who are guilty of nothing more than idiosyncratic beliefs.
MANAGUA (Reuters) - The Nicaraguan military said it would not attempt to repress anti-government protests that have rocked the Central American nation since last month, news agency Agence France-Presse reported on Saturday.
"Lawmakers enacted this exception because it has been proven that kids who are molested may repress traumatic experiences, or may be too embarrassed to come forward," Manuel Medrano, a criminal defense attorney, said.
Ross has said citizenship data is needed to better enforce federal laws prohibiting race-based voter discrimination, but critics say he wants to repress census participation in Democratic-leaning parts of the country.
This played right into Mr. Hernández's hands; he declared a state of emergency and imposed martial law, securing for himself a wide berth to use Honduras's American-trained security forces to repress opposition.
"When European female politicians come to my country and obey compulsory hijab, which is a tool to repress women, and at the same time talk about human rights, we feel betrayed," she said.
Kanji, a closeted gay man according to many readings of the game, comes to the conclusion that he must repress his sexuality and also accept that it will continue to be a punchline.
The other side: The spokesman for Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya's President, said, "You cannot arrest or repress people who just don't exist in the republic," and denied there were any homosexual men in the province.
Instead of Nathan's ego-driven concept of legacy, Lost Legacy centers around Chloe coming to terms with her own internal struggle to repress a part of herself she tried burying a long time ago.
Protesters, mostly from the poor or middle classes, took to the streets to decry the center-right policies of President Sebastián Piñera, who responded by deploying the military to repress the mostly peaceful demonstrators.
PACARAIMA, Brazil (Reuters) - Venezuelan military personnel are deserting to Colombia and Brazil in growing numbers, refusing to follow orders to repress protests against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, six of them told Reuters.
The social media minds behind the U.S. Air Force Twitter account decided to employ the hotly-debated two names in a tweet bragging about fighter jets providing air support to repress a Taliban offensive.
While I believe THC is more likely to cause some of the high experiences, while the CB2 tends to repress inflammation, it's hard to know what that translates to in terms of pain relief.
" While that's obviously not how real-world rape works, the fantasy gives women — often socially conditioned to repress sexual urges — the freedom to explore what they like without the shame of being a "slut.
The regime is as strong as it has ever been, still controlling the island on all levels, continuing to repress the Cuban people and violating many articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Her books are interested in power and dualities; in the impulses we repress until we have the power to explore them, and in the anxieties expressed by dystopias and the fantasies implicit to utopias.
The shadow self also offers a way of thinking about the desires that we ourselves repress, and how we would enact them if only we were able to seize the power to do so.
"Lifting the tourism ban would infuse the Castro dictatorship with billions of dollars, which it would use to more aggressively oppose U.S. interests in our hemisphere and to further repress the Cuban people," Rep.
Unbeknownst to me, I'd taken part in a century-old tradition of queer Americans using Halloween as a chance to explore sides of themselves they were forced to repress the rest of the year.
You're a very passionate and emotional person, Scorpio, so it's unlike you to repress your feelings, but making time to sit with the parts of yourself you tend to avoid is a wise idea.
They repress old gospel and blues and other crackly, hard-to-find records for new audiences, so this radio special on the French field recording label Ocora is clearly them recognizing a historical forebear.
Here, Julianne Moore stars as a homemaker who has an interracial affair with her late gardener's son (Dennis Haysbert) while her hard-drinking husband (Dennis Quaid) tries to repress his sexual interest in men.
Here, Julianne Moore stars as a homemaker who has an interracial affair with her late gardener's son (Dennis Haysbert) while her hard-drinking husband (Dennis Quaid) tries to repress his sexual interest in men.
In the conservative Britain of the 1990s, a club like Torture Garden could actually thrive, appealing to a section of society that desired a refuge in which to embrace its sexuality, not repress it.
Hundreds of people have been killed in violence there in recent years, but rights groups say at the root of the trouble are government policies that repress the religious and economic freedoms of the people.
But it would be a mistake to say that First Man in any way idealizes Neil's buttoned-up personality, for all that his capacity to repress his emotions makes him an excellent pilot and astronaut.
" Trump went on to say that "they are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence.
Citing communications between DESA employees and government officials, GAIPE&aposs report said the company allied from the beginning with state and private security entities on a strategy to "control and repress" those protesting the project.
"It doesn't mean you make crazy demands, but you have to talk about your needs with each other, because if you repress that, resentment builds up and leads to deterioration of the relationship," Derhally says.
The junta's attempts to repress the Shinawatra clan and its movement, and even introduce its own farm subsidies for the politically-powerful farmers, are not working, many in the rice fields of the northeast say.
The first eclipse is in Cancer on July 12, which will be a hugely emotional time for everyone, and a critical time to sit with our emotions instead of trying to repress or ignore them.
Or was he a gay or bisexual man in a time, place and culture that discouraged him from acknowledging that, led him to repress it and prompted its manifestation in stealthy, impermissible and destructive ways?
In a scenario were looting spins out of control and an order comes down to repress it with deadly violence, nobody in Venezuela can really be confident that the soldiers would do as they're told.
Further delays in doing that are likely only to repress growth, deepen the malaise and hurt workers, said Sheng Hong, the executive director of the Unirule Institute of Economics in Beijing, which advocates economic liberalization.
When people believe that their sexual desires are uncommon, weird, or abnormal, they tend to repress them—they keep these desires to themselves, with perhaps Google being the only other entity that has any clue.
In France, the enemy of change was the government, then headed by President Charles de Gaulle, who tried to repress the strikes and the sit-ins, but on May 29, he appeared to be overwhelmed.
Maduro has deployed all of his security forces, while arming citizen militias (colectivos) to block, repress, beat-up and dispel protests by using tear gas, rubber bullets and trucks mounted with high-pressure water cannons.
China "has repeatedly manipulated the media and so-called 'internet users' to threaten and repress Taiwan's government and people, trying to use military blows and legal threats to violate our dignity and interests", the council said.
The step is among a series of measures taken by Chinese regulators to tighten regulations to repress speculation on yuan depreciation and to reduce the risk that rapid capital outflows could destabilise the country's money supply.
Vietnam Convicts Second Person This Week for Anti-Government Facebook Posts Melanie Ehrenkranz has news on an anti-democratic trend in Vietnam: The conviction is reflective of Vietnam's efforts to repress speech critical of the government.
So basically, it is perfectly fine for a campaign to co-ordinate on defeating its opponents with a foreign country as long as the country is an ally of America and does not repress its people.
Free speech advocates have warned the laws could repress political speech, especially as the Kremlin moves to expand their control over the internet and require all web traffic in the country to go through domestic servers.
Indeed, the protests were peaceful enough to inspire a backlash among some members of the security apparatus; in an elite unit known as the Cobras, some refused to repress protesters and ultimately joined in the demonstrations.
However, language can also repress: It's not a coincidence that the people who are most often allowed to deem the world too sensitive and politically correct are the ones who wield power and privilege over others.
He sometimes regrets "his revolution" for the destructive forces it unleashed: not just the Syrian government's scorched-earth brutality, but also Islamist extremist militias that claimed Abed's banner only to sideline and repress activists like him.
But the controversy that surrounded it also speaks to the larger concerns about how state-level anti-BDS laws, which can apply to individuals working as independent contractors, have been used to repress free speech rights.
Annie struggles not just with her perceived inadequacies around being both a daughter and mother, but with pain and with condemnation she knows is unfair, and which she tries to repress, but ultimately can't let go of.
Some US lawmakers have pushed the Trump administration to consider sanctions against Chinese officials, and asked the Commerce Department to limit the sales of technology to China, which the government uses to surveil and repress minority groups.
That return is possible because growth has been slow to recover (the economy has shrunk for five quarters in a row) and inflation hard to repress: consumer prices rose by over 57% in the year to May.
They tend to build what political scientists call "personalist" dictatorships — political systems where ultimate power is concentrated in their hands and their hands alone — and then use that power to repress political opponents and wage war abroad.
In her much-tweeted-about acceptance speech, Portman eviscerated Hollywood predators, reductive myths about women in the workforce, and those who uphold systems in all industries that repress women and allow their oppressors and abusers to thrive.
Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the main exile group the World Uyghur Congress, said news of the commutations was a "political propaganda tool" to cover up the government's use of the term extremist to repress the Uighur people.
"For no reason, they are starting to repress us," lawmaker Jose Olivares said via a video on Periscope, as demonstrators took cover behind trees and walls and opposition lawmakers streamed video of the protest from their phones.
"They come and repress us when in their homes they're suffering too," said Maria Olivares, 28, an education student at a protest in Caracas on Wednesday, after a hefty National Guard and police contingent tear-gassed demonstrators.
The raid was all the more baffling because the two agencies are generally viewed as operating in lock step to repress political dissent, crack down on organized crime and pursue other high-profile cases in the capital.
" It goes on to say that Russia and China "are determined to make economies less free and less fair, to grow their militaries, and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence.
In 2012, Radix, a slick website that resembles a hip critical journal (albeit one with a white nationalist bent), ran an essay that said the gun control movement is driven by women who want to repress men.
Fight for women's rights Chinyere Anokwuru, who runs a skills acquisition center for women in Lagos, says women are usually the custodians of traditions that repress widows and their re-orientation is critical to abandoning these practices.
"The Islamic Republic, which has occupied the great nation of Iran for four decades, continues to brutally repress the peoples of Iran, stealing their wealth and creating destruction and chaos in the Middle East," the foundation said.
"There have been multilevel efforts by the government and government institutions to restrict and repress the opposition party, civil society and the media," said Naly Pilorge, deputy director of advocacy at Licadho, a Cambodian human rights group.
These forces have played a role in brutally helping the Iraqi government repress recent Shia demonstrators, and the initial storming of the embassy compound could not have been accomplished without government security forces' acquiescence to the militias.
If Bahrain has learned anything from seeking to extradite me, it is that the government can arrest, torture and repress its people and countries like the United States and Britain will continue to look the other way.
If we're talking about a social construct, it makes no sense to talk about what's "natural," but there's certainly a school of thought that says monogamy is psychologically unhealthy because it forces us to repress biological drives.
A group of Latin American countries and Canada said earlier on Wednesday they had asked the International Criminal Court to investigate Maduro's government over allegations of crimes against humanity in its use of force to repress political opponents.
In the face of those who will demand that we repress our queerness, what's most important for the future of queer lives under Trump is that we continue to come out, stay out, and show that we exist.
I'm interested in reclaiming the notion of armed self-defense from those who have long used it as a cudgel to repress dissent and terrorize marginalized communities, and emphasizing its potential as a transformative tool toward collective liberation.
Whatever outrage there is in the public, it's evident that the agencies that repress migrants, and the government officials that direct them, are committed to caging asylum-seekers, isolating children from their families, and building internment camps indefinitely.
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A group of Latin American countries and Canada said on Wednesday they had asked the International Criminal Court to investigate Venezuela's government over allegations of crimes against humanity in using force to repress political opponents.
But as we wade into this debate, it's important to remember that censorship is the silencing of specific voices—or the silencing of a specific point of view—out of a desire to repress that point of view.
James and Riley have been handed some strong, enduring characters that fit comfortably in a horror retelling, and while they both play them stiffly, a little stiffness works reasonably well with the characters' attempts to repress their emotions.
For 35 years, Sheila Sharp has tried to repress the memory of finding the brutally murdered bodies of her mother and older brother in her family's cabin home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains — a crime that remains unsolved.
Starting with Sigmund Freud's 1908 work "Character and Anal Eroticism," Allan shows how describing someone as having an "anal personality" may signal our need to take the anus, with all "its pleasures and its discomforts," and "repress" it.
It was that same faction that pushed to break apart the United States rather than give up slavery and to violently repress peaceful marchers and ignore federal law rather than grant African Americans voting rights a century later.
"If you make a technology that can classify people by an ethnicity, someone will use it to repress that ethnicity," Clare Garvie, an associate at the Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law, said at the time.
"It is hardly news that the Saudi monarchy seeks to restrict and repress Saudi women, but American companies should not enable or facilitate the Saudi government's patriarchy," Mr. Wyden wrote in the letter, which was released on Monday.
The Igbo are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa's most populous nation, and their historical grievances carry over after the Nigerian Civil War, which started in 1967 and was largely fought to repress the Igbo secessionist movement.
It's a corner of the country that has become a window into the possible dystopian future of surveillance technology, wielded by states like China that have both the capital and the political will to monitor — and repress — minority groups.
This suggests the Iranian government has yet to conclude that this constitutes an existential threat, that they're not yet so worried about the anti-regime chanting that they feel a need to repress it with major shows of force.
Ramzan made a bargain with Putin to repress violence in Chechnya in exchange for complete control and autonomy in Chechnya, and influence in other predominantly Muslim republics within the Russian Federation such as Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Dagestan, Ingushetia and others.
"Picturing to myself the US, the cursed state of aggression, being submerged in a sea of fire by our H-bomb-loaded ICBM for its slightest provocation, I cannot repress my excitement," Ko Hyok Chol was quoted as saying.
"When the free world decided 25 years ago that it was all right to repress your people at home while still enjoying the markets and acceptance of the free world, it was a deal with the devil," he said.
"Malian soldiers proceeded to repress the population of the village of Abaye, leading to three deaths, including one crushed by the wheels of vehicles," the letter said, adding that several villagers had reportedly been arrested and taken to Mali.
" Choe Son Hui, North Korea's First Vice-Foreign Minister, was quoted by North Korea's state news agency as saying the foreign ministry "can not repress displeasure over the utterances made by President Trump inappropriately at the most sensitive time.
" Choe Son Hui, North Korea's First Vice-Foreign Minister, was quoted by North Korea's state news agency as saying the foreign ministry "can not repress displeasure over the utterances made by President Trump inappropriately at the most sensitive time.
One of the great surprises of this election is that one does not need to repress the free news media when it has simply become irrelevant — because factuality has become irrelevant to how so many people choose to vote.
"This case does not ask the U.N. to adjudicate on the issue of Catalan independence, but seeks the U.N's reaffirmation that governments cannot repress political dissent through arbitrary detention," Ben Emmerson, acting for the three, told a news conference in London.
That's what I talk about in my movie, and that's what I think is relatable to anyone—because, somehow, when you live in a society, everyone tends to repress parts of ourselves, parts that will make you unfit, that aren't appropriate.
Court documents filed by the Justice Department say that Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, arranged illegal, secret payments to repress information about his extramarital affairs during the 2016 campaign "in coordination with and at the direction of" the president.
"It is hardly news that the Saudi monarchy seeks to restrict and repress Saudi women, but American companies should not enable or facilitate the Saudi government's patriarchy," Wyden said in a letter addressed to Cook and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.
"As someone who studies terrorism, I thought it would be interesting to test Clinton's claim by examining if countries that repress women are more likely to produce terrorists who threaten American national security," the study's corresponding author, Nilay Saiya told
In truth, Booster had known he was gay from about age four—he jokes that he knew he was gay before he knew he was Asian—but had been trying to repress those urges, praying for God to change him.
Obama said on Friday after meeting Erdogan on the sidelines of a nuclear summit in Washington that he was troubled by curbs on the press in Turkey and said he had urged Erdogan not to repress democratic debate in his country.
"The Congolese government continues to undermine democratic processes in the DRC and repress the political rights and freedoms of the Congolese people," Adam Szubin, Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence at the U.S. Treasury Department, said in a statement.
In the movie, his primary goal is to capture and weaponize an Obscurus, which the Fantastic Beasts movie shows us is a lethally destructive parasitic force that forms when magical children are forced to repress their magic while growing up.
The only thing they demanded was to have the right to be themselves, not to be forced to deny or repress their feelings, to have the right to live their own lives, to be responsible, to be at ease with themselves.
Then the secretary of state made plain that American values now take a back seat to security interests, even though those interests are enhanced by our partnerships with democracies that respect human rights and undermined by regimes that repress their citizens.
The received wisdom after the close of the Cold War was that physical books were outdated, soon to be swept aside in the digital age; and that the internet was instead the real threat to governments seeking to repress provocative thinking.
China's Ministry of Commerce said Wednesday that U.S. officials are wrong to say Chinese tech firms aid efforts to repress the country's native Uighur population in the country's northwestern Xinjiang province, and demanded an end to U.S. sanctions over the issue.
This sense of McEnroe as embodying feelings I could only repress, or as a kind of darker angel to my own tightly restrained spirit, may explain why I always hesitated to interfere with his rages even when he was excessive.
Regardless of what actual events have shaped her life, her failure to cope is the inevitable result of living in a society that perpetually expects its members to repress emotion and whitewash history for the sake of preserving a polite veneer.
"Nevertheless, the Orwellian laws that allowed their imprisonment -- and the imprisonment of thousands before them -- remain on the books, and the Cuban government continues to repress individuals and groups who criticize the government or call for basic human rights," the group said.
Yet as prices rise faster than John Prescott's blood pressure at an all you can eat buffet, you're left deciding between rent or a repress of an old obscure classic that Young Marco played out in Rotherham on a sweaty Saturday night.
As reported last year by Ronan Farrow for The New Yorker, Harvey Weinstein employed the same tactic USA Gymnastics seems to be using to repress the stories of sexual abuse coming out and striking blows to their reputations of people and institutions.
Those are lessons that often put Trump at odds with the president he vowed to be on the campaign trail, one who bars all Muslims from entering the country and who cuts off ties with regimes who repress parts of their populations.
"While the authorities could repress any violence, there is a risk that such violence could get out of control and spread to other areas in the kingdom if the economy contracts for more than one year and national unemployment increases significantly," he added.
But before Milo's critics celebrate too much, they should be aware of the flip side to all this: The same tactics that can be used to repress awful speech can be used against speech that's just unpopular or threatening to people in power.
It's wild, like wyyyyyyyyld, that in one generation, I would argue inside of ten years, the obvious, correct, and maybe not accepted-accepted but basically accepted thing to do with all of the pain we live with went from being REPRESS IT!
While men are often conditioned to repress difficult emotions so as not to appear weak or feminine, women tend to feel compelled to lighten the mood — to put others' needs before their own, Anna Eckhardt, LCSW, a psychotherapist in private practice, tells me.
Guaido also sent a message to the military on Sunday, asking for support and ordering it not to repress civilians during an event in which supporters handed out copies of a proposed amnesty for people accused of crimes in the Maduro government.
Because you can come off as aloof and are ruled by serious Saturn, you're sometimes perceived as cold and unfeeling, but the truth is here have been times in your life when you had to repress your emotions to survive without crumbling.
Common people, most of whom couldn't afford books and wouldn't have been able to read them anyway, were left vulnerable to exploitation by powerful gatekeepers—landed élites, oligarchs of church and state—who could use their monopoly on knowledge to repress the masses.
At the end of "Shutter Island," we learn that the protagonist (Leonardo DiCaprio) has been replaying a self-destructive fantasy in his mind: He invented an alternate identity to repress his memory of killing his wife (Michelle Williams) after she drowned their children.
All of this means that the United States has no business being on a body that uniquely condemns one of its strongest allies and serves to bolster and defend autocracies, dictatorships, monocracies and regimes that massacre and repress their own people and others.
In a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the billionaire investor George Soros labeled President Xi the world's "most dangerous opponent of open societies," warning of the "mortal danger" in China's use of artificial intelligence to repress its people.
His still demeanor, commitment to logic, and the occasional flashes of the emotions he could never quite repress gave him an offbeat romantic appeal reinforced by the deep, often contentious camaraderie he developed with the rest of the crew, especially William Shatner's Captain Kirk.
These are people who have been bravely taking to the streets for months to speak out against the ayatollahs, who brutalize and repress them, and who spent Iran's windfall from the Obama Iran deal on terrorism, and bolstering Assad, instead of on Iran's citizens.
She borrowed the conservative dress meant to both repress and protect women from the Puritans, the persecution of rebellious women from the Salem Witch Trials, the restriction on abortion from Nazi Germany and the notion of "handmaids" providing children for barren mistresses from the Bible.
It might normalize a healthier reaction (specifically in male heterosexual cis-gendered psyches), so that when a woman feels sexual, or gross, or says "no," a man's first reaction isn't to deny or repress how she feels, but to listen, believe, and respect her.
Last weekend, The New York Times disclosed and analyzed the contents of a trove of leaked internal Chinese government documents that outline specific policies for how to repress Xinjiang's predominantly Muslim minorities — and reveal that President Xi Jinping himself set out the foundation for them.
" Kaye added, "The international community needs to be saying: keep the internet on, do not repress peaceful protest, use only proportionate means to deal with it, and and make sure that all your responses to protesters are in keeping with international human rights standards.
So while lining up in the cold for that red vinyl repress of the record you already own has its merits for some, don't forget to check our by no means comprehensive list of the must-visit record stores around the world, from Canada to Singapore.
And with authoritarian regimes increasingly looking to repress online freedoms by censoring and blocking internet access, some of these groups told VICE News they fear the domain being controlled by a for-profit entity will expose them to those efforts and ultimately put more lives in danger.
Our conflicts tend to follow the same pattern: I repress my feelings and deflect my emotions until I finally tell her how her behavior makes me feel, then she snaps, puts distance between us, and follows up with a volley of hurtful texts, emails, or simply silence.
Through online surveillance, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and the propagandistic gold mine of social media, China has mobilized a set of tools that allow it to invisibly, routinely repress its citizens and shape political opinion by manipulating their feelings and grievances on just about any controversy.
Cory Gardner, the Colorado Republican who chairs the chairs the Subcommittee on East Asia, asked if the US would ever consider legitimizing a leader to follow the current Dalai Lama if that person was chosen by China, which has worked to repress Tibetans and vilify their leader.
In Erica, the dying artist who teaches Elizabeth to draw -- to see -- she meets a twin devotee to a higher calling but begins to feel what it might be like to have a vocation to express, rather than repress, herself (before mercy-choking Erica to death with a paintbrush).
"Enemy forces abroad do not want to see China rise and many of them see our country as a potential threat and rival, so they use a thousand ploys and a hundred strategies to frustrate and repress us," according to the book, titled the "China United Front Course Book".
It's funny because Andy Low [of Robotic Empire] sent me a repress of Painter Of Dead Girls, and he sent me the test pressings so that I could approve of the new remaster, and I don't think I had listened to that music since we had made it.
"It is plainly wrong that Islamists should exploit freedoms here in the UK - freedoms of speech and association - that their associates would repress overseas and it is all too clear that some affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood are willing to turn a blind eye to terrorism," he said.
"I don't think everybody needs a four-year degree, but I do think that we have to be very careful not to repress a desire to get a four-year degree," said Diana Natalicio, president of the University of Texas at El Paso, which has 80 percent Latino enrollment.
Elmet belongs to a strain of northern British gothic that mirrors the variety that has long held sway in the southern states of the U.S. The gothic has always returned to us what we repress, whether that be monks hiding in priest holes or bodies buried in swamps.
"Twelve years after its conclusion, I still wince thinking about it and find that if I do not repress the memory, its recollection still provokes a vague but real feeling that I had lost something very important, something that was sacrificed in the pursuit of gratifying ambitions, my own and others."
"His commentary just provided additional talking points and reinforcement concerning how the highest office of the USA is out to repress and castigate those who dare to stand for justice and the most vulnerable," Noble said, adding that Trump's rhetoric "reinforces why Kaepernick chose to kneel" in the first place.
The Professional is a strange creature, taking ownership of whole areas of the shop for hours at a time, emitting a strange buzzing sound if anyone comes that bit too close to the avant garde/experimental section while he's trying to pick between a Wolf Eyes repress and a Blectum from Blechdom compilation.
"You need only look at how fast investors overcame their initial Brexit fears to realize that something else has been in play – and that is, enormous faith in the ability of central banks to repress financial volatility and to succeed in doing so almost regardless of political and economic developments, " he added.
And in the face of a family-oriented culture like China's, where until recently only one child was allowed per married couple, or Japan, with its birth-rate crisis, pressure on queer folks has been compounded: Not just to repress their sexuality at large, but to continue the family line through heterosexual unions.
Despite promises by the Chinese government to establish the rule of law, it still uses the law to repress and control, as seen with the Foreign NGO law, which stifles the ability of Chinese NGOs and rights advocates to partner with foreign NGOs and work on issues deemed politically sensitive by authorities.
Because she has to repress so much at work and at home in order to keep herself and her little family together, it's inevitable that when she expresses an emotion in private—she talks directly to the audience from time to time, clueing us in on what we cannot see—she explodes.
The current Dalai Lama, who is part of the lineage of spiritual leaders of the Tibetan people that dates back to the 14th century, has been championing the cause of democracy for his people since he fled to India in 1959 after China claimed Tibet and began a campaign to repress its religion and culture.
This was a type of dad I never got to experience, one whose entire life seemed in service to his family, to his role as father, a man who took his responsibilities seriously, who would repress his own dreams in order to keep his family supported until he collapsed from an undiagnosed heart ailment.
We see the antisocial effects of this in the use of debt to brutally repress democracies in Greece, Spain, and Portugal; in the rise of Donald Trump's brand of white supremacy in the US; and in the use of racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric to convince the British people to vote to exit the European Union.
In the decades that followed, a desire among many Germans to deflect or repress guilt for the Holocaust led to a new form of antipathy toward Jews — a phenomenon that came to be known as "secondary anti-Semitism," in which Germans resent Jews for reminding them of their guilt, reversing the victim and perpetrator roles.
Then there's the nasty newspaper columnist and tastemaker, Ellsworth Toohey (Bart Slegers), who is determined to repress the likes of Roark, and the press baron Gail Wynand (Hans Kesting, fabulous), whose ability to tell the masses just what they want to hear may have you thinking of a certain latter-day Australian-born media czar.
" A controversial treatment called "enfolding" — involving the re-enactment of past events and a drug called Tripizoid — has been used on many Vietnam veterans to repress traumatic war memories; the treatment, Mr. Means writes, was "part of the Kennedy administration's initiative to solve the mental illness 'problem' in general and the returning Vietnam vet problem in particular.
Part of Atwood's gift as a novelist is that she gives us the tools and the framework to think about these questions: about what it means to be powerless, and about what anxieties and fantasies we repress when we lack the power to act on them, only to see them turned into weapons in someone else's hands.
Still, the sanctions go well beyond the modest sanctions imposed against North Korea for its attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment two years ago, which Mr. Obama said at the time was an effort to repress free speech — a somewhat crude comedy, called "The Interview," imagining a C.I.A. plot to assassinate Kim Jung-un, the country's leader.
The poems in "A Shropshire Lad" are not completely disconnected from Housman's scholarly work—among other things, they owe something to Horace, Housman's favorite Latin poet, in particular to Horace's way of weighting apparently inconsequential words—but they seem to have welled up from another part of him, a spring of emotion that he couldn't, or didn't want to, repress.
" The proclamation declared that those enslaved in the Confederacy were now "forever free," and the might of the United States government, "including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom.
"Rather than isolating Cuba, the policy isolated the US. Castro proved especially adept at using the embargo to garner sympathy abroad, while at the same time exploiting it as a pretext to repress legitimate efforts to reform Cuba from within, dismissing them as US-driven and -funded initiatives," the group said.. The two nations reestablished diplomatic relations in July, and President Barack Obama visited the island this year.
"If the government continue to repress while the people are demanding their rights in the millions that (civil war) is one of the likely scenarios," Gudina said in an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation from Washington DC. More than 90 people were shot dead by security forces in protests across Ethiopia's central-western Oromiya and northern Amhara regions at the weekend, according to opposition officials and residents.
"The fact that countries like Russia, China and Venezuela abuse their access to the International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol to issue bogus notices with the express intent to repress dissent against their own undemocratic regimes is dangerous," Wilson said at a hearing hosted by the U.S. Helsinki Commission, which monitors compliance of the 2628 countries in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to promote human rights and U.S. national security.
In another conflict between the mostly democratized Hong Kong and its repressive government, China has been threatening, with advancing hostility over the years, to repress Hong Kong's annual vigil for Tiananmen Square, one of the few places where resident Chinese citizens are able to remember and memorialize the victims; this year, the vigil took place amid speculation that it could be the last such vigil held, just a week before police violence escalated the Hong Kong protests.
The corollary to this ability to pass has been the insistence by anti-LGBTQ forces that being queer is a "choice," and that we already have the same freedoms as everyone else—all we have to do is decide to operate as straight or cisgender, and we'll realize, Wizard of Oz-like, that we can serve in uniform (if we repress or control our "confusion"), marry (someone of the opposite sex), or use a public restroom (that matches our sex at birth).
As long as conservatives can do something — steal an election, gerrymander crazy districts to maximize GOP advantage, use the filibuster as a routine tool of opposition, launch congressional investigations as political attacks, hold the debt ceiling hostage, repress voting among minorities, withhold a confirmation vote on a Supreme Court nominee, defend a known fraud and sexual predator who has likely colluded with a foreign government to gain the presidency — they will do it, knowing they'll be backed by a relentlessly on-message media apparatus.
But with a highly volatile situation in the region evolving by the hour, investors should be wary of assuming the best, argues Mohamed A. El-Erian, chief economic adviser at Allianz SE. "Over the last few years, markets have been conditioned not to overreact to political and geopolitical shocks for two reasons: first, the belief that there would be no significant subsequent intensification of the initial shock; and second, that central banks stood ready and able to repress financial volatility," he wrote in a Bloomberg Opinion column on Friday.

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