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"government" Definitions
  1. [countable + singular or plural verb] (often the Government) (abbreviation govt) the group of people who are responsible for controlling a country or a state
  2. [uncountable] a particular system or method of controlling a country
  3. [uncountable] the activity or the manner of controlling a country
"government" Synonyms
administration regime state authority executive ministry rule cabinet council directorate governance jurisdiction leadership management regimen incumbency empire governing body top brass powers that be regulation guidance control direction superintendence supervision oversight charge command presidency conduct intendance law running congress senate parliament legislature chamber house committee convocation diet representatives delegates quango legislative assembly lower chamber lower house second chamber upper chamber upper house legislative body quality aristocracy dignity nobility note elite gentry patriciate dominance fashion gentlefolk gentlefolks grandness highness caste gentility gentleness ladies loftiness lords people organisation(UK) organization(US) assembly congregation corporation group audience body bunch conclave faction foregathering get-together meeting rally politics diplomacy civics government policy local government party politics public affairs affairs of state confederacy alliance coalition confederation federation league union combine axis bloc compact conglomerate consortium cooperative association band block circle combination covenant political science art of the possible poli-sci political theory realpolitik statesmanship junta cabal clique gang party ring set camp coterie crew camarilla social studies sociology history geography social-science prosecution DA prosecutor district attorney prosecuting agent prosecuting attorney state's attorney public national civic community civil federal social local municipal nationalised(UK) nationalized(US) official constitutional governmental metropolitan urban communal democratic domestic political administrative ministerial diplomatic legislative bureaucratic parliamentary doctrinal economical electoral ethical politic policy-making More
"government" Antonyms
anarchy chaos lawlessness revolt revolution disorder rebellion mayhem misgovernment pandemonium disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) insurrection unrest turmoil anarchism mobocracy ochlocracy nihilism misrule impotence impotency powerlessness outside submission subordination subservience surrender weakness yielding incapacity inferiority inability uselessness incapability mismanagement ineffectiveness incapacitation hopelessness inefficacy efficiency flexibility streamlining absence of red tape cutting the red tape individual one compliance obedience submissiveness deference tractability docility biddability passivity servility subjection acquiescence conformity submitting obeisance bootlicking meekness maladministration negligence neglect malfeasance misconduct malpractice mishandling malversation blundering incompetence inefficiency corruption bungling ignorance deviation misdirection wrong way commonness lowliness subordinateness lowness baseness degradation debasement proletarians proletariat bourgeoisie commoners crowd dregs herd masses middle class mob peasantry peonage attention care liberation recollection remembrance success judicial brance legal system legislative branch legislature inaction inactivity idleness inertness nonaction fecklessness otiosity non-intervention disagreement divorce separation private independent commercial commercialised(UK) commercialized(US) privatised(UK) privatized(US) single denationalized(US) denationalised(UK) nonnational non-public non-state-controlled non-state-run local nonpolitical informal unceremonious unofficial casual congenial conversational everyday friendly laid-back natural nonformal open ordinary relaxed simple spontaneous without ceremony

609 Sentences With "government"

How to use government in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "government" and check conjugation/comparative form for "government". Mastering all the usages of "government" from sentence examples published by news publications.

So, yes, we have a relationship with government officials, central government, provincial government, local government.
Constitutional government — or limited government  — is still government.
This revolution would be against government, in government, around government.
I believe in government, but I believe in efficient government, not wasteful government.
Our choice is no longer between government regulation and no government regulation, but between smart government regulation and ill-advised government regulation.
In government, when you're a government servant, that's what we mean by government ethics.
An anarchist wants no government, a leftist wants more government, or at least better government.
An effective response requires coordination and responsibility by citizens, local government, state government and federal government.
The Census is not a tool for promoting big government or small government, but good government.
Not the federal government as an employer, not state government employers, and not local government employers.
The U.S. government and others should help Pashinyan's government implement his new program, stamp out corruption, and prevent former government officials from destabilizing the new government.
"The government is following this very carefully," government spokesman Steffen Seibert told a regular government news conference.
The United States overthrew the government of Guatemala, a democratically elected government, overthrew the government of Brazil.
"Private-sector folks do key off of government signals and government actions and government investments," he said.
The cartel is connected with the Mexican government and the Mexican government is connected with the American government.
The government cannot transform private speech into government speech by merely having some government involvement in the speech.
"The government of Spain reiterates its willingness to work together with the government of Mexico," the government added.
"The government ... demands clarification from Facebook on the accusations," a government spokeswoman told a regular government news conference.
Whether Americans want a big government or small government, all Americans have an interest in an efficient government.
Normally, undercover operations run entirely on government money, from a government account that is reviewed by government auditors.
People – government draws – largely, government draws from us.
When thinking of ways that blockchain could be used to improve and transform government operations and services, it helps to view the opportunities from three different perspectives: government-to-citizen (G2C), government-to-government (G2G) and government-to-vendor (G2V).
His grandfather worked for the government, his father worked for the government, and his mother worked for the government.
It's a brave new world: one where brands are the government while the government refuses to be the government.
So I think you're seeing a global reaction to centralized government, whether that government is in Beijing or that government is in Washington, DC, or that government is in Brussels.
Indeed, in order to communicate in today's modern world, defendants were forced onto government-controlled airwaves, on a government-approved cellular network, using government-mandated technology, transmitting government-required location data.
According to the official government website, the government set a ceiling for government expenditures in 1996 following a difficult recession.
Not surprisingly, their solutions were simply more of the same: more government spending, more government intervention, and more government control.
To say government is evil, government is terrible, bad government is what Democrats do — so just leave it to us!
Government insurance plan: 613%-35% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 64%-33% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 55%-41% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 52%-46% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 52%-43% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 5003%-34% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 57%-36% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 55%-41% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 53%-41% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 54%-42% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 233%-27% support to oppose Government insurance plan: 75%-23% support to oppose — Pramuk The Tennessee Democratic Party filed a lawsuit Tuesday in order to extend the time polling centers are open in Davidson County, where a deadly tornado damaged numerous polling sites.
There is absolutely no popular mandate for enormous government, high taxes, government-controlled health care and complete government control of education.
"The government will observe these attentively," government spokesman Steffen Seibert, speaking at a regular government news conference, said of the talks.
Government Integration Attribute Mid-Range: The company's financials are not consolidated into the government budget, but the government has provided significant capital injections, subsidies and purchase of government services to support HAD's business.
It's not a government for any random person who happens to be on one side of a border or another; it's a system based on self-government, government by stakeholders, government by citizens.
"If local government does not have the resources, if state government for whatever reason refuses to act, children in America should not be poisoned, federal government comes in, federal government acts," he said.
Citi said China bonds will be included in its three government bond indexes – the Emerging Markets Government Bond Index (EMGBI), Asian Government Bond Index (AGBI), and the Asia Pacific Government Bond Index (APGBI).
Importantly, people like government more when government benefits are visible.
She wants to bring in more government and bigger government.
Big government is not the same thing as strong government.
Others, meanwhile, argued government institutions can't sue other government institutions.
Unfortunately for consumers, the government courts sided with government lawyers.
Now, that doesn't mean his government is a fascist government.
But the government, the whole federal government didn't get it.
Spending on government salaries also ballooned as the government grew.
It will be a Socialist party government, a minority government.
Was First Deputy Government Chief of Staff in previous government.
You think of bonds, government bonds, they support government borrowing.
DRC government forces, pro-government militias (the Bana Mura), and anti-government militias were all found to have committed atrocities against civilians.
Therefore, the interim government should be a caretaker government, not acting like an elected government that just won a landslide political mandate.
Government shutdown If Congress can't pass a budget to fund the government, the government shuts down -- and political disaster ensues for Republicans.
Congress Avoids Government ShutdownCongressional leaders tentatively agreed on a roughly $1 trillion government funding plan late Sunday, likely averting a government shutdown.
"Eliminate central government control on the scale of local government bond issues, expand the scale of local government debt issues," Xu wrote.
So they have been hosting these four-way talks that involve them, the US government, the Afghan government, and the Chinese government.
But the problem with treating Facebook like a government is that it's not a government, and it's certainly not a democratic government.
"If the local government cannot protect those children, if the state government cannot protect those children, then the federal government better," he said.
"I have the unique experience of having been a leader in local government, state government, and federal government," she said regarding her credentials.
"The government condemns the latest missile test from North Korea in the strongest terms," a government spokesman told a regular government news conference.
They have all these networks into the government, but also into private industry and former government officials, who in turn influence the government.
Similarly to what we've done with China, we should try to limit espionage to government against government, not government against the private sector.
The antidote to a government controlled by a powerful few, a government that divides is a government by the organized, energized, inclusive many.
"I have the unique experience of having been a leader in local government, state government, and federal government," she's said regarding her credentials.
All land in Hong Kong is leased by the government to a buyer, a colonial government practice retained by the post-handover government.
The antidote to a government controlled by a powerful fear, a government that divides, is a government by the organized, energized, inclusive many.
Distributable revenue is government income that is shared at various levels of state including the federal government, state governments and local government councils.
Honeywell, in a statement sent to Reuters, said the arms deal was "a government-to-government sale, initiated by the United States government".
Pro-government news outlets and cameras live-streaming on a Russian government website showed the government-held sides of two of the corridors.
"If this is a Republican bill, then I welcome the big-government, government-must-help-people, the big-government Republican Party," Schumer quipped.
Relying on government doesn't make people more likely to value government, or make them feel more strongly that government is responsive to them.
The original Republicans were not for or against government, they were for government that sparked mobility; they were against government that enervated ambition.
"Government unions impede the efficiency of federal operations and direct the government to put the interests of government employees first," the memo says.
This has been the longest government shutdown in US history and the third government shutdown to start under a fully Republican-controlled government.
Unfortunately, those limits on government haven&apost exactly kept government small.
Government funding: The Senate is working on a government funding package.
"Her Majesty's Government" is the official name of the British government.
It depends on how local government reacts, how state government reacts.
The government spends more on interest than on paying government workers.
Which the government assisted the government, the companies were cooperative with.
It is that kind of government it is a dysfunctional government.
I have a great fondness for government data, and the government
A higher deficit: Government shutdowns make running the government more expensive.
Our Constitution divides government among three co-equal branches of government.
It was religion, the federal government, the state government, the media.
Government shutdown Welcome to Day 35 of the partial government shutdown.
You give to your government, and your government gives to you.
"Federal government comes in, federal government acts," Mr. Sanders said. Mrs.
Then the government and Landesa established desks in local government buildings.
Government workers must also endure hiring freezes, furloughs and government shutdowns.
Government shutdowns in periods of divided government may become more common.
His government replaced a Reform government that lost a confidence vote.
The government had violently crushed an anti-government uprising in November.
Several government studies have cleared some DJI models for government use.
Establish acceptable levels of government eavesdropping and guidelines restricting government access.
Government funding Looks like lawmakers have avoided yet another government shutdown.
The separatist government in Donetsk blamed the Ukrainian government in Kiev.
We don't have great government, principally because we have good government.
The Indian government also wrote to UK government requesting Mallya's deportation.
"In truth, since 2002 the Labour government, the Coalition government and now the Conservative government have accepted an EU market in health," he wrote.
The politicians responded to that, and we put a government together which is a minority partnership government-, SS: Is it a stable government, sir?
With each report, the number of government requests continues to rise, and the US government continues to make more requests than any other government.
So if you want to streamline government, shrink government, reduce redundancy, and make government more efficient, where should President Donald Trump and Congress start?
They insisted that government officials attend only in their own personal capacity, but Mr. Ghani's government pushed to have them attend as government representatives.
Rules matter, and our government — not just individuals within the government, but the government itself — has systematically discriminated against black people in this country.
As the manager of government finances, the central bank pays the government a dividend each year to help the government meet its financial targets.
Because the government certainly is not doing it, the federal government isn't.
Some within the government, or former government employees, have embraced their activities.
What the government pays for is what the government thinks is important.
"Government communications" are assigned to senior officials in government headquarters and ministries.
Even though your government is what it is, our government is worse.
Remember, he was a special government -- he had special government employee status.
He wanted to start a caliphate government here, a Muslim government here.
Government-backed student loans, however, shift focus from outcomes to government certification.
"The government delegation is leaving today," the Yemeni government delegation official said.
Joe wanted government to step back; Tim wanted government to step up.
The federal government entered a partial government shutdown at 12:01 a.m.
"The Mexican government has agreed with the US government to repress migration."
Government battling difficulties Netanyahu's government has been battling difficulties on several fronts.
But the federal government does make one thing very well: more government.
When he doesn't prioritize staffing his government, his government doesn't get staffed.
The government blamed an attack by the American government, which denied responsibility.
In many cases, the last mile is conducted by government to government.
A less likely alternative to a minority government is a coalition government.
TikTok repeatedly denied influence from any foreign government, including the Chinese government.
Former government officials often have unique insights about the operation of government.
"This is not against his government or any government," Ms. Berman said.
Reason 3: A government loss might actually be good for the government.
"The government closest to the people is the best government," Graham said.
The Saudi Arabian government has signed many deals with the U.S. government.
The states created the federal government, and the states created local government.
A government shutdown means a lot of "nonessential" government activities suddenly cease.
The government struck a deal on Monday to end the government shutdown.
The government shuts down, and lots of "nonessential" government activities suddenly cease.
Yeah, I think it's a populist government turning into a populist government.
From a government worker named Julie Burr in Kansas City, Missouri:Being a contracted government worker, I'm losing pay every day that this government shutdown continues.
Government revenues are collected centrally each month and distributed to the various levels of state including the federal government, state governments and local government councils.
More than 90% of Singaporeans own their own homes, but most are government-built flats bought at government-set prices, often with government-provided grants.
Government Integration Attribute Mid-Range: The Baoji Municipal Government provides monetary and non-monetary support to BIG, including subsidies, capital injections and government debt replacement.
" Another observer group noted that they'd received reports that government resources had been secretly reallocated specifically to ZANU-PF, "such as government vehicles being used for campaigning, government officials speaking at campaign events, and candidates campaigning at government events.
Since late 2014, the central government has tried to address the situation of surging local government debt by revising the Budget Law, launching a municipal bond market, and stripping local government guarantees from debts held by local government vehicles.
As the president of the United States, this is what I would do is if local government does not have the resources — if state government for whatever reason America shouldn't be poisoned, federal government comes in, federal government acts.
During government shutdowns, only "essential" government employees—those whose jobs are the most vital for the maintenance of government agencies—continue to show up to work.
However, a CNBC report found that, under Chinese law, Huawei would be compelled by the Chinese government to assist with government surveillance if the government asks.
Casimer said the west coast province's New Democratic Party government was embarking on a new path for building a respectful and modern government-to-government relationship.
The government that survives a shutdown is a government that is much more hobbled in some respects than others, but it isn't the government anyone wants.
"Rules matter, and our government -- not just individuals within the government, but the government itself -- has systematically discriminated against Black people in this country," Warren said.
Confidence in government is another: "In 2017, Colombians' confidence in their national government dropped to a record-low 22%," while 90% say government corruption is widespread.
Government Integration attributes Midrange: Huafa's financials are not consolidated into the government budget, but the government has provided the company with significant capital injections and subsidies.
The Constitution prohibits a president from receiving any income or gift (beyond his regular government salary) from a foreign government, the US government or any state.
The changes permit the government to appoint government officials to oversee polling stations.
Our government is just like your government, concerned with only one thing — power.
A dysfunctional federal government is a government unable to fully serve its citizens.
Neither the US government nor the Mexican government seemed to pay much attention.
The government says it has sought help from Interpol and U.S government investigators.
But Syria's government says 30,000 have been registered in government-held zones alone.
Pro-government media in Turkey accuse Kavala of engaging in anti-government conspiracies.
Strong Integration with Government: SPD receives subsidies and capital injections from the government.
The problems created by government meddling cannot be cured with more government meddling.
I would just comment that, ultimately, these are not government to government transactions.
The Irish government is on the verge of collapse, driving government bonds lower.
The states technically sued the U.S. government because the government runs the program.
Lobbying Congress and government helps tech companies like Google win large government contracts.
The deposit base is concentrated, which are mainly government and quasi government depositors.
A minority government can form and try leading the government without a majority.
The British government says none of the money will go through government structures.
Opponents accused the government of rigging the vote, a charge government officials dismissed.
For instance, he can't seek government contracts or government licenses for his businesses.
That was the first time the US government went after foreign government hackers.
Weak Government Integration: The government has supported Huai An Traffic via asset transfers.
Hogan his first government job: a cabinet post in charge of filling government
The government also accuses the two of making false statements to the government.
Meadows is chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform's Subcommittee on Government Operations.
This government within the government has now crossed a line that is unacceptable.
Up until that decade, satellites in space were government-funded or government-mandated.
Divided government: Wall Street initially celebrated after the midterm election delivered divided government.
He's never been in government so he can't have used government money -- yet.
"Spain urgently needs a government, but not a bad government," Mr. Sánchez said.
The new measures will cost the government about $266 million, the government said.
Whenever the government runs a deficit, it sells government bonds called U.S. Treasuries.
Strong Government Control: UGID is wholly owned and directly controlled by the government.
The government forbids sending or storing classified information outside secure, government-controlled channels.
The Democratic measure to reopen government would temporarily reopen government into early February.
"The US government is not selling the Ukrainian government these weapons," she said.
Yet no government can be all these things and still remain a government.
He added, "This government used plenty of violence to overthrow the prior government."
It'll come from the government or not the government from somewhere on Earth.
Government payrolls increased by 11,000 jobs in June, buoyed by local government hiring.
Government shutdown Nancy Pelosi really ramped up the pressure in the government shutdown.
The new measures will cost the government about $20153 million, the government said.
We don't need less government as the Republicans claim; we need responsible government.
In the 20th century the big debate was big government versus small government.
And the government, the government should stop at nothing to make that happen.
"We've got a government that reforms, and we've got to follow the government."
"We used to fear the government, now it's the government that fears women."
He's not a government employee and is not subject to government ethics rules.
The government canceled classes, and banks, government buildings and most businesses were closed.
That's because a government shutdown doesn't actually mean the entire government shuts down.
Government shutdown The chance of the government shutting down tonight is pretty high.
That's not government of the people; it's government in spite of the people.
Our own government does not care, and the U.S. government does not care.
TSA is the latest US government agency to ban TikTok on government devices.
TikTok has repeatedly denied influence by any foreign government, including the Chinese government.
Carson feels he has no government experience, he's never run a government agency.
The U.S. government does not accuse the Cuban government for the unexplained illnesses.
These facts are consistent with findings from both government and non-government organizations.
In this cat-and-mouse game between government and press, the government won.
With the government shut down, thousands of nonessential government personnel will be furloughed.
" Clinton reiterated that she "sent emails to government employees on their government accounts.
So I ran for student government and eventually became the student government president.
We are a separate branch of government — we're the legislative branch of government.
Mr. Allchin states that I was imprisoned for fraud by the caretaker government, but conveniently excludes the fact that the so called "caretaker government" was in fact a military government which had usurped power under the guise of a caretaker government.
However, there is often a glaring glitch: that the amount of money saved by the government accrues some to local government, more to your state government between separate state agencies, and a good amount, in this case, to the federal government.
But cooperators can also aid the government in other ways: by providing the government new leads, by confirming information the government already has, and by explaining evidence the government has collected but does not quite comprehend due to missing contextual information.
The shares should be sold to an Indonesian counterpart – either the central government, regional government, state-owned enterprises, regional government-owned enterprises or other locally owned companies.
Nonprofit and government employees: You must be current full-time employees of nonprofit organizations, federal, state or local government agencies, international government agencies or active military employees.
Government officials and bankers are working on other options like swapping Eskom debt for government bonds or moving its debt to a government-owned special purpose vehicle.
"Our job is to provide all the information they need to deliberate," said Hooper, whose agency facilitates all government-to-government arms sales for the U.S. government.
It may involve efforts to restore faith in government: improve the performance of government, reduce the influence of money, and help citizens see government at its best.
Government bonds: BOT will continue to provide liquidity to the government bond market through bond purchasing to ensure that the government bond market continues to function normally.
Collecting more revenue than the government intended to spend was, Republicans argued, simply an invitation for big-government liberals to blow the money on new government programs.
Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, a nonprofit opposed to government intervention, twisted himself into a remarkable explanation for why the government should get involved.
That measure was approved in 2007, under a previous Socialist government, but was shelved and deprived of government funding under a conservative government led by Mariano Rajoy.
The Brazilian government has not suspended the drug entirely, although the Philippine government has.
We have a local government and federal government that's filled with billionaires and bankers.
Government-run marketplaces offer ACA-compliant plans that can be purchased with government subsidies.
And we're going to have to rely on government other than the federal government.
This includes the aerial bombardment by pro-government forces of areas beyond government control.
It can't be done by government alone, and it can't be done against government.
A senior government official in Islamabad confirmed the order came from the Punjab government.
Western powers recently recognized the unity government as the sole legitimate government in Libya.
Second, government restrictions on the use of resources on government lands limits economic growth.
The Spanish government was accused of shutting down Catalan government websites on Oct. 1.
The statute extends specifically to government militaries and government-supported armed groups like militias.
Kuczynski's government does not think it will come to that, said a government source.
"I just want the government to do what the government should do," he says.
A broader government -- a more stable government will make it easier to do so.
Under previous investment plans, central government, local government and commercial firms have worked together.
A Raytheon spokesman declined to comment, saying it was a government-to-government matter.
Many of them hold county government in higher esteem than state or national government.
The government advised staff to avoid driving to government buildings because roads were blocked.
The government has just banned all disposable plastic in government offices from next January.
The Cuban government has a long history of harassing American government employees in Havana.
And what's the right role of government and where can government provide those solutions?
Millions of government and quasi-government workers play a big role clogging its arteries.
I work with every government in the United States, every government around the world.
Ukraine's current government believes American firms helped Yanukovich and others launder stolen government funds.
The government of Montenegro government said the device was "most probably" a hand grenade.
"Between government and government, they compete with each other to do better," Hong said.
Lockheed declined comment on the deal since it is a government-to-government transaction.
Norway's government is currently mediating negotiations between the government and the opposition in Barbados.
I am a limited government conservative, yet I fully support government funded space travel.
"Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem," Reagan said.
Britain's government appointed Haldane last month to lead a government taskforce on improving productivity.
The charge is that her government had fiddled government accounts, concealing their parlous state.
So the civilian government and army will essentially control different parts of the government.
The government is spending more but not because it has hired more government workers.
He has long been skeptical of big government, and the way government works generally.
No," Portman said, "Do I want to talk with them directly government to government?
Previously the British government accused the Russian government of being behind a Novichok attack.
Government attempts to curtail demonstrations are by no means limited to particular government buildings.
It has its own government, police force and currency but no government recognizes Somaliland.
In 2016, 199 federal department and state government websites were hacked, government data showed.
The Bahraini government has a history of cracking down on anti-government criticism online.
Government spending is further divided into federal spending and state and local government spending.
Government funding Roughly 2202 percent of the federal government has been closed since Dec.
The government had asked for a pause due to the ongoing partial government shutdown.
"The American government, or any government, really shouldn't buy into this narrative," she said.
Central Government Support The central government continues to provide financial support to autonomous communities.
Haiyou is now majority owned by the local government, according to local government documents.
Government funding: House Democrats are working on three government funding packages for fiscal 2020.
Government shutdown  It looks like we may not have a government shutdown -- for now.
Government funding runs out for about 25% of federal government spending on December 21.
Less revenue means government can do less — and Ryan wants government to do less.
Corruption comes from the combination of excessive government power and insufficient intra-government competition.
Lawmakers face a Friday deadline to fund the government and avoid a government shutdown.
As in 2013 and with every government shutdown, one party cannot reopen the government.
Spain's government sacked the regional government in Catalonia after it declared independence in October.
" "I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cell phone.
Many are currently living in government camps controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG).
The idea of selling government bonds to fund a government program is not new.
GOVERNMENT OFFICES • New York: City government offices and city and state courts are closed.
"The government will not touch First Quantum," one source close to the government said.
The ads are mostly government tenders for contracts as well as publicizing government schemes.
As an army, the LAF belongs to its government, and its government is Hezbollah.
"Trump is the government, but Trump hasn't always been the government," Garay-Triviski said.
How would you define what limited government or small-government principles means to you?
It's not a government of the nation but a government of half the nation.
So the federal government doesn't even shut down when we have a government shutdown.
The central government has demanded that the Kurdish regional government return all the territory.
The government also advised Australians to reconsider overseas travel, according to a government website.
A government-funded bailout is more complex than just free money from the government.
Investigators concluded he violated government policies on alcoholic beverages and use of government facilities.
"We just kept hearing the government would respond, the government would respond," she said.
"This was done upon request by the Ethiopian government," government spokesman Getachew Reda said.
The Turkish government accuses the cleric, Fethullah Gulen, of trying to overthrow its government.
He's worked in Washington, he's worked in local government, he's worked in statewide government.
"I really love government even tho I don't agree with government," she tweeted first.
Did they follow up with stories of government competence after harping on government incompetence?
The government soldiers killed by the rebels, or the rebels killed by the government?
Maduro's government then created a parallel pro-government legislature to override opposition delegates' decisions.
But here we are talking about government-to-government lending and, ultimately, intergovernmental relations.
The government-as-business model, however, is maintained in the design of government institutions.
He is accused of espionage and theft of government property by the US government.
The Government Accountability Office has estimated that the government stands to forgive $108 billion.
The anti-government protesters accuse the government of corruption and squandering the national wealth.
Don't think the government is winning: What the government is doing is destroying itself.
Because you just get rid of the government, basically, like thousands of government bureaucrats.
But Iran's government in 1955 was very different from the government Iran has now.
The state, whether it be the federal government or even local government, is different.
Now suppose that, instead, the government agency gives her a job at Government Pharmacy.
Yet, research shows that having more women in government actually changes how government operates.
The federal government — the entire cyber apparatus of the federal government — is Swiss cheese.
In Berlin, a government spokesman said Germany hoped for a stable government in Madrid.
Carlo Cottarelli, an economist, has previous government experience under the short-lived center-left government of Enrico Letta, tapped to identify areas where government spending could be trimmed.
There's debate over whether to allow more direct government support for new mosques, but many Muslims also oppose this idea, fearing government money would also bring government control.
Go deeper: Partial government shutdown sets in over border wall stalemate What to expect from a partial government shutdown Trump shifts blame to Democrats for possible government shutdown
Scott Amey, the general counsel of good government group the Project on Government Oversight, which tracks waste and fraud by government contractors, reviewed the reports for VICE News.
With the help of the government, because the government introduced quite a big programme for full support of the capital base of Russian banks, both government and private.
I think the government, if you measure it in terms of the dollars out the door, about 200% of the government stays open in a government shut-down.
The agency has been dogged by controversy over its independence from the government, in part because of technological problems the Liberal government inherited from the previous Conservative government.
Discounts for nonprofit and government employees: You must be full-time employees of nonprofit organizations, federal, state or local government agencies, international government agencies or active military employees.
" Government employees are "more likely to believe in government as opposed to, let's say, a privatization program," he added, "programs that we would view as hostile to government.
" Benioff added: "He said you have to get the government involved, and so we started calling every government – and yes, we also are involved with the U.S. government.
This collaborative management approach facilitated by a strong government-to-government working relationship between our nations and the federal government would have honored our sovereignty at Bears Ears.
Over the last several months the government has accused the insurgents of instigating a campaign of terror against village chiefs and killing government informers, disrupting government information networks.
Maldives Monetary Authority' Governor Ahmed Naseer, who was appointed by the previous government, said he believed total of government-to-government debt from China amounted to $600 million.
"Her government cannot be an effective government, and will have much, much, much difficulties to carry on," veteran Democratic Party legislator James To told government-funded broadcaster RTHK.
"We are waiting for the formation of a government and we will approach this new government with an open mind," Seibert told a regular government news conference in Berlin.
In the early 1980s, the Guatemalan government launched a campaign of mass slaughter against the country's indigenous Maya population, whom the government believed were supporting anti-government guerrilla fighters.
The credit quality of the sterling government fund is extremely high, reflecting its exposure to UK government and government-guaranteed securities and repurchase agreements collateralised by such securities only.
Sweden is literally a feminist government — it's a formal policy that's stated right on the Government of Sweden's official website: Sweden has the first feminist government in the world.
The lawyer can represent the Russian government if he takes part in a case on behalf of the Russian government where the Russian government is either plaintiff or defendant.
But at the same time, jobs have been shrinking at every level of government, with local offices losing 213,21989 workers, the state government 22008,20113 and the federal government 22011,25.
Fallon told a conference in London, on Saturday, the British government will step up efforts to help BAE Systems to sell more Typhoon jets with government-to-government deals.
As part of the deal, the central government will transfer some powers to the new Bangsamoro government, which will see increased government funding and greater control over natural resources.
The officials were targeted under an executive order that allows the U.S. government to slap sanctions on members of the Nicaraguan government following a crackdown on anti-government protests.
For the past 80 years that debate has been about the size of government — Republicans for less government and more market and Democrats for more government and less market.
"Our government partners have indicated that our contracts are considered essential government services, meaning we are to remain open, but that payment will be delayed until the government reopens."
BOT stands ready to make additional purchases of government bond to lower the volatility of the government bond yield and ensure the normal functioning of the government bond market.
The siege ended with a stark deal offered to survivors, including anti-government fighters: Surrender to government rule, or board government buses to a rebel-held enclave farther north.
The core structure of this conflict was always that the public didn't want a government shutdown, Democrats didn't want a government shutdown, and Trump was forcing a government shutdown.
Not long before legalization, a Conservative government took power in the province and swiftly canceled a plan by the Liberal government it replaced to sell through government-owned stores.
What she has not said is that government representatives on her level are required to use the government email service for all government information that is sent or received.
By 2004, Mr. Chávez's government had begun to blacklist workers, identifying people who had been disloyal to his government and excluding many of them from government jobs and benefits.
The government boost to the property market needn't be at the expense of government goals.
The big picture: The 2013 government shutdown affected more government agencies than its 2019 counterpart.
By contrast, people like government less when they don't appreciate what government does for them.
The Chinese government response Wednesday was defiant in both state media and official government statements.
"Clearly the Australian government doesn&apost want to annoy the government of Nauru," he added.
Government union power has been disrupting our state government and hurting our taxpayers for decades.
Trump has no experience with working for the government and no respect for government work.
Gabriel warned politicians against seizing on current German government surpluses to demand more government spending.
Abadi is heading a fragile caretaker government, in place until the new government is formed.
The British government, the EU and the Irish government all seem to be against it.
The fallout: Consider the difficulty of maintaining security in government networks before a government shutdown.
We need a government able to do things, not a government that simply gets by.
One who wanted to change not only what government did, but what government actually was.
But, you have a situation in government that makes that very difficult, if government is.
Last month an Indian state government leaked the Aadhaar numbers belonging to 160,000 government workers.
About 57% of California's forests are managed by the federal government, according to government reports.
The federal government is a limited government, limited by the Constitution, which delineates its powers.
The US government has alleged for years that Huawei has ties to the Chinese government.
"Government institutions were handed back and the (southern) militias withdrew," a government source told Reuters.
Footage of government troops pinning Shia flags to government buildings in Khanaqin makes them shiver.
But without government intervention with big tech platforms, the government doesn't think that is possible.
Instead, we need to digitalize government – especially its bureaucracy – to enable new efficiencies in government.
No issue has created greater tension between local government and the federal government than immigration.
The census, conducted by the federal government decennially, provides the government data on the population.
You see, government officials should not use their role in the government for personal benefit.
Right now there's a lot of distrust for government agencies and for government in general.
"Do you want a commission government, or do you want a mission government?" he boomed.
The banks' funding is sourced mainly from customer deposits, and government and quasi-government entities.
OpenGov, the Silicon Valley startup leading government performance technology, raised $30 million to revolutionize government.
We also have a federal government that is responsible for the bulk of government spending.
The Mexican government and Jalisco state government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Government would be free from religious overreach, and religion would be free from government interference.
And stopping government waste seems way more important to me now than funding government programs.
The government has said options range from insolvency to a restructuring plan or government takeover.
The federal government, territorial government, First Nations, and commercial interests all have conflicting historical claims.
The U.S. government ordered Kaspersky's software to be removed from government-owned computers last month.
Brooks serves as the vice president for government relations and marketing at Sutherland Government Solutions.
The U.S. government may set the pace by considering government phones to be so-equipped.
A government source told Reuters the government is expected to be formed during the weekend.
Government spokesman Sansern Kaewkamnerd said this week the government supports farmers selling their grain online.
According to Politico, the hackers extracted sensitive government information, including a government security clearance application.
The locals have discovered that even bad government is better than no government at all.
It's not the government compelling them to give money for programs the government decides about.
In Serbia pro-government media have accused the EU of being behind anti-government protests.
Decades of government loopholes, carve outs, handouts have overpromised, while government spending programs have underdelivered.
Connolly serves as the ranking member of the Oversight and Government Reform Government Operations Subcommittee.
"The [government] strongly condemns any violence and will seriously take enforcement actions," the government said.
When she entered the government, she was given a government email account for official use.
A government attorney told the TV station that the federal government considers the order unnecessary.
Half of the income would go to Alaska's government and half to the federal government.
I think that the Government can do more and that kids can help the Government.
That is, the government, or some government-appointed committee, controls major sectors of the economy.
The government has said the constitution will heal the divide and bring stable, clean government.
Lawmakers are increasingly worried that the government is heading toward another government shutdown this fall.
The partial government shutdown, which has shuttered approximately a quarter of the government since Dec.
About one in every three dollars a state government spends comes from the federal government.
The loudest anti-government rhetoric often muffles the urgent cry for more, not less, government.
During this week, good-government groups advocate for open government and transparency in public spending.
U.S. government debt yields declined on Wednesday after government consumer prices data reflected tame inflation.
Michelle Baldanza, a Pentagon spokeswoman, referring to the Government of National Accord, or unity government.
The banks' funding is mainly sourced from customer deposits and government and quasi-government entities.
The state government of Puebla asked the federal government to call a state of emergency.
So we — we, the US government — notified the Turkish government that there was this intent.
The U.S. government has continuously accused Huawei of working on behalf of the Chinese government.
LifeLock has the K Street firms Ogilvy Government Relations and Polaris Government Relations on retainer.
Venezuela's bitterly divided government and opposition are engaged in a dialogue mediated by Norway's government.
Many regard the Hong Kong government as a puppet of central-government leaders in Beijing.
"When did the people's government turn into the party's government?" he wrote in one post.
"Government is different from business, but you can apply business principles to government," he said.
"Never did I imagine the American government would be doing business with the Communist government."
Those options include government support and subsidy, a highly unusual stance for a Conservative government.
"The British government are paying the French government to destroy all of it," he said.
How do you feel the German government should treat the British government concerning the referendum?
The Omani government was "instrumental" to her release, Hoodfar said, along with the Canadian government.
" He added: "I only use Government Phones, and have only one seldom used government cellphone.
The U.S. government said Assange tried to help Manning gain access to a government computer.
Behind both government shutdowns this year was a policy fight unrelated to government spending: immigration.
The economy tanked, government tax receipts plunged, and the government got into even more trouble.
Big government In this picture prompt, I believe that the machine represents the American government.
But last month the federal government ordered the Kaspersky software removed from all government computers.
Government rules prohibit charging the government for meals when a cook is on the premises.
Both came from government sources, and both suggested a level of government surveillance for overprescribing.
Alternatively, the government could pay the Pdvsa bonds on schedule but not other government bonds.
Still, he worried that the government would overpay for the shares, endangering other government priorities.
Or there will be an extreme immunity government or there will be broad unity government.
Taiwan's government lost its recognition at the United Nations to the mainland government in 1971.
The U.S. government coordinates with the British government on virtually every matter of international significance.
The U.S. government earlier this year voiced support for citizens protesting against the Iranian government.
The government blamed rebels, but Mr. Malek believed the attack was staged by the government.
Lawmakers need to fund the government before midnight Friday to avert a federal government shutdown.
Until a new government is created, Mr. Netanyahu remains prime minister of a caretaker government.
The government detained Lopez over accusations of inciting violence at anti-government protests in 2014.
Further, we need to ensure that state government and local government websites are comparably addressed.
Rather than citizens monitoring their government, "transparency" becomes a government window into citizens' private affairs.
They are not against government; they want a government that works for their specific interests.
The other person, a Jharkhand government official, said most government approvals were in place already.
Several government officials are under investigation for their use of chartered planes for government business.
Now dominated by government supporters, the tribunal provides a reliable rubber stamp for government initiatives.
Western countries blamed the Syrian government for the attack; the Syrian government blamed the rebels.
Regulations have been passed to make meals on government properties and at government events healthier.
Government debt, at least the federal government debt, is never repaid, it's just rolled over.
The ZANU PF run Zimbabwean government (ZANU PF and the government consider themselves as on).
The government has previously said it hoped to broach the topic with the US government.
For most people most of the time, "government" is not "the government in Washington," but the government that appears every day in their community, in their neighborhood, on their street.
The deal was struck after the national government agreed to eliminate a cap on the revenue due to the county government and the local community, said a senior government official.
The government report said NSW was the only state government worldwide to have such a program and that the arrangement also placed Chinese government appointees inside the NSW education department.
Foreign military sales like those of the F-35 are considered government-to-government deals where the Pentagon acts as an intermediary between the defense contractor and a foreign government.
But government spokesman Steffen Seibert declined to say that the proposals were government policy, telling a regular news conference that the matter had yet to be discussed by the government.
The legislative package, dubbed "Stop Soros" by government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs, includes mandatory registration of some non-government organizations that "support illegal immigration", according to an emailed government position paper.
So the government offered them a special accommodation: Notify their insurer or the government in writing that they refuse to provide contraceptive coverage, at which point the government takes over.
Not only does the federal government use its data to determine funding and to draw congressional districts, but state government, local government, companies and academic researchers all use it, too.
"The government of Russia does not have faith in the government of Afghanistan, they think the Afghan government is a puppet of the Americans, which is baseless," Mr. Kochai said.
Setting the negative consequences aside, some Republicans rationalize their support for government-provided paid leave by telling themselves government-provided paid leave is inevitable and only government will provide it.
Further south, government-aligned southern separatists bridle at sharing power with a northern government, and have recently renewed clashes with the internationally recognized government of President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi.
"The absence of the government in all these important talks hurts us — even if this government has made mistakes, this is our government, this is our leadership," Ms. Kakar said.
Obviously we are in full cooperation with the government because I am part of the government.
The State Department said it could not comment on any ongoing government-to-government arms sales.
The Shanghai government is working closely with the central government to draft the details, Chen added.
And many acknowledge that making those statements using government offices and government equipment is highly inappropriate.
Government supporters moved to end the takeover, but anti-government protesters took the students&apos side.
"We're not talking about a government crisis," government spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili told a regular news briefing.
The government said three babies and three adults were being treated at the national government hospital.
Greek government officials said the government would consider the court's advice and make amendments where possible.
President Maithripala Sirisena's government has pledged to end the rampant corruption that affected the previous government.
It's pretty clear he's got no one around him who understands government, … who's been in government.
From an ethnonationalist perspective, government overreach is when government tells people like me what to do.
The government gets a lot of grief because the individual heading the government is very controversial.
So we believe our engagement with the German government will be endorsed by the Chinese government.
About 25% of the government, or some 800,000 government workers, are directly affected by the shutdown.
But the previous government did implement needed reforms—such as cutting subsidies and freezing government hiring.
It is a coordinated all-of-government approach, stimulating close collaboration among industry, academia and government.
That the Russian government at least in this case is more transparent than the US government.
The result isn't merely an undemocratic branch of government but a randomly undemocratic branch of government.
In turn, they can "capture" the government and the government, once captured, only erodes trust further.
"The Mongolian government stands for the stable operation of Oyu Tolgoi," a government spokesman told Reuters.
When the government wants to gag you, the government should have to justify that gag order.
That includes government bonds and notes, local government debt and highly rated loans of small companies.
Swamp Watch: Government contracts Government contractors wield enormous power at both the federal and state level.
Japan's government said last year it will ban government purchases of equipment from the Chinese company.
Brazil's government also announced a $20 billion investment fund for infrastructure projects with the Chinese government.
Central-government officials insist they did not ask Hong Kong's government to draft the extradition bill.
The government ordered all schools and government offices in the area to remain closed on Monday.
The second thing to remember is Walter Bagehot's dictum about parliamentary government being "government by discussion".
We hesitate to make judgments based on oh this government is good, this government is bad.
And, being the federal government, the federal government could step in and ruin everyone's regulatory party.
Government officials have previously said the government may scrap plans for further pension cuts next year.
However, some energy officials believe direct government-to-government deals could offer better rates than tendering.
Rebels have blamed bombing by Syrian government forces, while the government has accused rebels of sabotage.
Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said the government did not deal with developments in the media industry.
The UK government has been promoting adoption of the standard in both government and commercial products.
The measures will be in place until the U.S. government drops its tariffs, Mexico's government said.
One hypothesis is that a "bloating" government inflated the government payroll, increasing the need to borrow.
Meeting government rules on black ownership makes a company more likely to qualify for government tenders.
The government imposed the emergency the next day, saying it wanted to stem anti-government protests.
The ruling Myanmar government considers them Bengali, but the Bangladesh government doesn't recognize them as such.
Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said the government had taken steps to ensure a smooth election.
"The government has decided to cancel the tender," a government spokeswoman said after a cabinet meeting.
The Australian government said the management of the center is the responsibility of the Nauru government.
How do you get Silicon Valley reengaged then with the government, or this government at least?
The shallow one is simply that government reports do not shape politics, politics shapes government reports.
It also imposes more cuts to government spending, which have raised opposition from the island's government.
Yet only three months before, another government panel had estimated growth higher during the previous government.
So you're a government employee, and you're thinking about leaking government secrets to the press. Congratulations!
"Venezuela's government fails to share public-safety and terrorism-related information adequately," the government proclamation reads.
One branch of government critiqued a co-equal branch of government, and the apocalyptic predictions ensued.
"For a short period of time, the government was listening, the government was recording," Fels said.
For Mr. Trump it's about whom the government helps, not whether the government helps at all.
All authority had drained to a government within a government, run by the Johnson-Gove axis.
Earlier this year we endured the longest government shutdown in history over federal government spending priorities.
They are claimed by both the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government(KRG).
Another way that libraries provide information about the government is by partnering directly with government agencies.
Finally, Huawei's telecommunications products directly aid the Chinese government in exporting its model of authoritarian government.
That's true for every agency in the government and everybody that does business with the government.
Separately, a government official said the federal government will settle the 150 billion rupees in instalments.
No, our government worked the issues out and made it right for the 800,000+ government employees.
It can also force the government to sell assets, merge agencies and lay off government employees.
This is not a government corporation or quasi-government entity dependent on taxpayers and federal appropriations.
Now that a new government-sponsored report has left the local government nowhere to hide, Gov.
Government shutdown So, it looks like we may well be headed for a partial government shutdown.
Government Hill was built for the government employees who were working on the railroad in Anchorage.
Lawmakers averted a government shutdown by approving a bill to fund the government through Dec. 9.
The Turkish government considers the US government as an ally, and Turkish people like American people.
The government blames the crisis on opposition coup-plotters, backed, it says, by the U.S. government.
Emirates is owned by the Dubai government while Etihad is owned by the Abu Dhabi government.
Close behind is the state government, followed by the federal government, Allina Health System and Target.
But the government will not be able to reunite all 102 children, government lawyers said Tuesday.
Good journalism depends on a healthy government, even when parts of that government may be rotten.
However, Iran's government in the past has manipulated its currency market to cover government budget deficits.
We're a government engaged in sovereign relations with a foreign government, and in deference to them.
It had become radicalized — less about improving government and more about hatred for the federal government.
The details: Though the court's ruling limits government authority, the government won the case at hand.
The US government and Canadian government continue to forget that we need the Earth to live.
In the meantime, their findings have been well received by government and non-government agencies alike.
Rudd said the government did not know if the attack was directed by a foreign government.
The November numbers are the latest government ones available due to the recent U.S. government shutdown.
Instead, the government has been funded via last-minute "grand bargains" designed to avert government shutdowns.
The revised toll of 2,975 was accepted by the Puerto Rican government, not the federal government.
Stopping the caravan is now up to the Guatemalan government, or, more likely, the Mexican government.
Public support for government institutions is essential to all the branches of government to some extent.
He led a unit of fighters against government forces and survived the government siege of Homs.
Under the Chinese government, they can just take away anything if you don't please the government.
But government officials could not deport them because the Castro government refused to take them back.
Unicef said it was ready to provide help to the Philippine government and local government units.
The 2016 election offered the choice of a Trump-led government or a Clinton-led government.
Two surprise heroes of Wi-Fi were the US government (yes, the government helped!) and Apple.
It said the sanctions would include restrictions on U.S. government procurement, U.S. government assistance, and exports.
Government funding talks stall out: Negotiations over a stopgap measure to fund the government until Dec.
Declining oil prices and disputes with Iraq's central government have left the Kurdistan government in debt.
Horizon Government Affairs hired Katie Allen as a director of government affairs within its Washington office.
Government funding Don't look now, but we're facing down yet another government shutdown -- at midnight Friday.
To get better government services, people need to change what their sympathy for government services means.
Syrian government forces have also moved toward Deir al-Zour, according to pro-government news media.
If our government doesn't fully appreciate the scale of the opportunity, the Chinese government certainly does.
The U.S. government has already made steps to curtail the ongoing corruption plaguing the Venezuelan government.
"They want to be a government, but without any of the responsibilities of government," he said.
The sanctions that were lifted applied to United States government aid to the government of Myanmar.
But how about when being online makes every state government the same as your local government?
Government funding Though Congress just passed a two-bill package that funds the government through Sept.
It's also the first time DOJ has indicted government-linked hackers for infiltrating American government offices.
My high school government teacher's passion for politics and government helped me become interested in politics.
Members of the Russian government The new sanctions list also includes members of the Russian government.
Putin asked for the outgoing government to remain at work until a new government was appointed.
Unlike Poland's government, the Communist government in Czechoslovakia had always summarily rejected research requests from OSI.
For one, the Alaska suit is aimed at the state government rather than the federal government.
How the association graded the federal government The association graded the federal government in four areas.
Earlier Friday, Syrian government forces said they entered the town and raised the Syrian government flag.
He criticized the Zambian government for imprisoning gay men and voiced serious concerns about government corruption.
Shi said China's system of government transfer payments ensures against any shortfall in local government revenues.
The U.S. government shut down Saturday after a bill that would've kept government funded through Feb.
Government shutdown: The House has passed 10 of 12 funding bills to keep the government open.
Cinda receives substantial policy support from the central government and is closely monitored by the government.
The government has blamed "colossal borrowing" by the previous government for the spike in debt servicing.
Official government estimates recorded 120 militants, 38 government forces and 20 civilians as dead on Saturday.
Last week, the government adopted widely contested changes to the country's electoral and local government laws.
As long as the Iranian government is controlling the Iraqi government, we don't have a chance.
It undermines the government ethics program by casting doubt on the integrity of government decision making.
Turkish media outlets and newspapers are either government-controlled or owned by pro-government business executives.
Mulvaney couldn't find the "subset for government jobs" because there is no subset for government jobs.
It is not a small-government ideology, but it tends to be a local-government ideology.
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi government gave the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) until Friday 3:00 p.
When I say government, I mean subpoenas ... things that the government thinks they're allowed to request.
At this point, the betting markets strongly favour a change of government (Labor $1.37 , Government $3.05).
In practice, providing access to the US government also means providing access to the Chinese government.
The government will run out of money again this Friday, and the last time conservatives overplayed their hand with government shutdown brinksmanship, the government underwent the longest shutdown in US history.
Discussion of classified matters on government non-classified email systems is a perennial problem that occurs widely in the government, but damage is typically contained because violators use government email systems.
"Most of these agreements that we have are government-to-government purchases," she said, "so anything that we do has to do with following strictly the regulations of the U.S. government."
"The government supports the goal of a world without nuclear weapons and congratulates the Nobel Prize committee on this choice," a government spokeswoman told a regular government news conference in Berlin.
The hotel has raised concerns for government ethics experts because guests, including foreign government officials, can try to ingratiate themselves with Trump and the US government by spending their money there.
Fitch forecasts a 2017 general government deficit of 0003%, which incorporates a central government deficit of 0.6% of GDP (0.3pp below budget) and a small deficit at the local government level.
Li Jixiang, a government employee at the Changzhou city news department, said that the local government did not know further details because the investigation had been overseen by central government agencies.
Anti-government protesters began marching in Bangkok on Tuesday from a university in the Thai capital to Government House to demand that the military government hold a general election by November.
The government in Chile created the Biennial of Chilean Indigenous Art, and the government owns the idea and the government founds the idea and gives the money, organizes the payments, everything.
The government would not relent in its pursuit of reforms to reshape the economy, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said on Friday, branding the remaining protesters agitators seeking to overthrow the government.
"The first obstruction in the formation of the government is America, because it wants a government that resembles it and we want a government that resembles the Lebanese people," Kassem said.
Mr. Bryan's team steered $119,000 in United States government funds to the center even as other government officials expressed concerns about the company, according to government budgeting documents, correspondence and interviews.
If progressives generally believe in expanding government to enhance equality, and libertarians try to reduce government to expand freedom, Whigs seek to use limited but energetic government to enhance social mobility.
"There's a general prohibition against misusing government resources, and employees are government resources," Don Fox, the former acting director and general counsel of the Office of Government Ethics, told the Post.
The State Department will now issue government-representative passports to state and local government employees who are "carrying out official duties in support of the U.S. government" as they travel abroad.
"The first obstruction in the formation of the government is America, because it wants a government that resembles it and we want a government that resembles the Lebanese people," Kassem said.
Criminal ethics violations are limited to financial conflicts of interest, accepting bribes, supplementing government salaries, getting involved in lawsuits against the federal government, and being paid in connection to matters affecting the government, as well as restrictions on what government employees can do after they leave office.
But these proposals invariably conceptualize the government as a silent partner in the enterprises it would partially own, trying to find a way for the government to reap the fiscal or economic benefits of government stock ownership without the socialistic implications of government officials running private firms.

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