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"calm" Definitions
  1. not excited, nervous or upset
  2. (of the sea) without large waves
  3. (of the weather) without wind
"calm" Synonyms
tranquil serene halcyon peaceful placid mild pacific quiet still balmy breathless breezeless clear clement idyllic pacifical reposeful restful somnolent stormless harmonious passive mellow moderate sociable amiable amicable friendly gentle nonbelligerent nonviolent pacifistic peaceable peace-loving free from strife without hostility non-confrontational composed collected poised unflappable civil impassive sedate unemotional unmoved unruffled untroubled assured at ease chilled coolheaded equable equanimous imperturbable laid-back level hushed noiseless arcadian stilly soft delicate soothing temperate tender benign motionless glassy smooth unagitated waveless flat like a millpond undisturbed without waves stationary stagnant mirror-like relaxing calming sedative comforting tranquillizing(UK) lulling tranquillising(UK) tranquilizing(US) pacifying narcotic quieting dreamy conciliatory appeasing peacemaking mollifying placatory propitiatory placating conciliating disarming irenic pacificatory propitiative assuaging placative reconciliatory unrushed unhurried slow leisurely at your own pace in your own time without haste without hurry at one's own speed at your convenience at your leisure in no hurry hopeful confident optimistic buoyant sanguine cheerful expectant positive anticipative bullish upbeat anticipating certain secure sure trustful trusting anticipant cocksure clean guilt-free guiltless pure immaculate innocent at peace blameless exemplary faultless flawless free good impeccable inculpable irreproachable righteous calmness serenity tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) peace peacefulness placidity solace stillness quietude repose rest comfort consolation content contentment harmony relief respite restfulness composure coolness poise stoicism collectedness aplomb imperturbation patience placidness assurance balance control cool coolheadedness dispassion equability equanimity impassiveness impassivity lull silence hush peace and quiet quietness dead air noiselessness sereneness quiescence soundlessness quietus dumbness muteness blackout censorship death laconism reserve reticence ease leisure pleasure relaxation delight enjoyment fulfilment(UK) prosperity sufficiency law and order lawfulness good will order amity cooperation cordiality decorousness decorum fellowship good relations goodwill harmoniousness kinship stability accord affinity stagnation inactivity immobility inaction inertia sluggishness unproductivity dullness stasis status torpidity torpor lack of progress idleness inertness passivity dormancy nonaction stagnancy motionlessness rigidity lifelessness paralysis inexpression sobriety gravity seriousness solemnity staidness earnestness graveness sedateness solemnness serious-mindedness steadiness thoughtfulness level-headedness severity sombreness dignity earnest allay alleviate assuage mitigate placate relieve settle steady mollify pacify quell quieten ameliorate contain defuse stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) console soothe appease compose balm becalm conciliate relax salve calm down cool off chill chill out cool down cool it lighten up loosen up settle down simmer down take it easy come back down to earth compose oneself control oneself get a grip keep cool keep your head keep your shirt on play it cool tame curb restrain check bridle constrain regulate inhibit govern subdue repress hold suppress measure rule keep conquer reassure cheer encourage hearten inspirit assure uplift bolster buoy support brace buoy up cheer up perk up gee up More
"calm" Antonyms
turbulent blustery tempestuous tumultuous chaotic howling inclement rough stormy thunderous troubled wild blustering choppy fierce furious harsh immoderate raging squally frenzied agitated disorderly hysterical impassioned unruly aggressive excited fiery inflamed irrational rabid rowdy uncontrollable unrestrained violent aroused berserk anxious distressed flustered perturbed upset emotional ruffled stressed tense uneasy uptight bothered disconcerted distraught disturbed nervous roused noisy loud deafening cacophonous clamorous raucous boisterous ruckusy uproarious vociferous active animated blaring blusterous booming clamorsome clamoursome clangorous clattery restless stirred unsettled paroxysmal ferocious unstable passionate demonstrative excitable feeling fervent fervid hot-blooded passional responsive sensitive vehement caring expressive concerned interested powerful strong heavy mighty great extreme severe savage intense almighty potent powerhouse commanding tremendous substantial insecure unconfident shy unassured timid pessimistic fearful doubtful uncertain unsure diffident frail vulnerable weak wavering worried self-distrustful humble lively bustling vivacious busy frenetic buzzing dynamic energetic spirited stimulating effervescent entertaining exciting festive full of pep go-go rip-roaring irritating cold coarse hard abrasive caustic stern ungentle intemperate scathing bitter uncool hot-headed impulsive rash concrete material objective physical real shallow stupid unreasonable temperamental changeable fluctuating irregular jumpy spasmodic vacillating variable varying anxiety angst anxiousness distress anguish dismay dread tension apprehension foreboding restlessness torment trepidation unease uneasiness vexation alarm apprehensiveness blues concern agitation frustration aggravation disgruntlement displeasure exasperation indignation perturbation tenseness anger chagrin discomposure dissatisfaction infuriation irascibility ire irritability unrest disorder upheaval discontent dissension turmoil uproar anarchy chaos conflict discord disturbance insurrection strife tumult bedlam disaffection disease disquiet storminess turbulence blusteriness windiness tempestuousness wildness noise noisiness loudness boisterousness pandemonium racket cacophony commotion roar ruckus bustle clamor(US) clamour(UK) hustle and bustle rowdiness animation disquietude hubbub nervousness impatience arousal disagreement disproportion excitability excitement imbalance instability perturbedness violence affability amiability amiableness chumminess cordiality deliriousness delirium disconcertedness disconcertion excitedness friendliness geniality impassionedness receptiveness receptivity troubledness aggravate agitate incite exacerbate provoke exasperate foment inflame intensify rouse ruffle stir worsen arouse augment exaggerate heighten increase magnify fan the flames of gall irritate rile annoy bother enrage harass incense infuriate irk offend perturb pester rankle seethe bristle chafe explode flip fume rage be angry be enraged be furious be incensed be irate be livid blow a fuse blow a gasket blow up blow your top foam froth go ballistic sharpen whet animate stimulate vitalize aid assist encourage enliven help needle point strengthen put an edge on boost raise amplify enhance reinforce extend deepen expand escalate intensate build up worry disturb dishearten trouble unnerve discourage stress dispirit fret

968 Sentences With "calm"

How to use calm in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "calm" and check conjugation/comparative form for "calm". Mastering all the usages of "calm" from sentence examples published by news publications.

And then she was like, 'Calm down, calm down, calm down.
He was choking me and saying 'calm down, calm down, calm down.
" But above all, Nelson's key advice is to stay calm: "Be calm – if you're calm, the dog or cat will be calm.
If you are calm, this incensed individual will be calm.
"Diamond was calm, and the baby was calm," she said.
When you sit with someone who's calm, you can become calm.
I'm calm, I'm secure in myself, I'm fairly calm and stable.
" Trump: "It could be ... the calm, the calm before the storm.
"They were really calm, so I stayed really calm," she said.
"It's the calm after the storm and the calm before the storm."
It helps calm me down ... there's power in being controlled and calm.
"It could be, The calm, the calm before the storm," Trump said.
The teachers were calm, so the students tried to stay calm too.
Humar believed that if she stayed calm, she could calm her sister.
If we can find an inner refuge of calm, our calm is contagious.
Calm in the city, for now The atmosphere in Idlib city appears calm.
He can do a calm, controlled speech or even a calm, controlled week.
But everything&aposs got to calm down, everything&aposs got to calm down, the Democrats have to calm down and this violent rhetoric has got to go.
He's very calm and thoughtful, so everything slows down to his calm, thoughtful pace.
The mother then calls out to the boy, "Be calm, be calm," she says.
You need to see these pieces of paper calm down and calm down now.
While the Calm app is free, the company offers a premium subscription, and the app also is affiliated with other products, including a Calm book and Calm Sleep Mist.
Rows and rows of untouched houses scream bourgeois calm (actually, they gently whisper bourgeois calm).
And it's intended to also calm humans who can, therefore, project calm for their dogs.
We're going to calm your brain down, and we're going to calm your gut down.
At this point, things are very calm, almost too calm, but things go berserk soon enough.
It's the ability to stay calm under pressure, and to reach that state of calm intentionally.
Meanwhile, Calm partnered with American Airlines to offer Calm content within AA's in-flight entertainment system.
Hoyland did not make calm or meditative paintings; they certainly didn't induce calm in this viewer.
"Our teacher was very calm and collected," Pamela said, adding that the students all remained calm.
So as long as she's happy and relaxed and calm, I'll be happy, relaxed and calm.
What I was hopeful was that when he got into office some of the rhetoric would calm down, some of the tweeting would calm down, some of the divisiveness would calm down.
"I've been trying to stay calm, but how do you ever remain calm after that?" she asked.
" Another commando is heard comforting the injured man with the words: "Stay calm, little guy, stay calm.
Right now things are pretty calm, but you know what that means, the calm before the storm.
In "You Need to Calm Down," Swift instructs her haters that they should calm down about her.
Calm Classroom, a nonprofit not affiliated with the Calm app, trains educators to teach mindfulness in the classroom.
Social contact is one of the best ways to calm down, providing you're in contact with calm people.
"Right now there is an appearance of calm, but it's a forced calm," because the police instilled terror.
But surprisingly enough, the mood in the room was calm—or, at least, as calm as it could be.
Just as Uranga will remain calm on Saturday, they are forcing themselves to be calm, for now at least.
Like I said last night [on Fox News town hall] ... I said, calm, you have to be calm. Okay?
"Hawkeye's always happy, his calm demeanor, is one thing, even when I'm antsy and anxious, he's always calm," Mike said.
Just in the last few days, my body is starting to calm down, my mind is starting to calm down.
Then, rather than tell him to calm down, you can remind him of a specific skill that will calm him.
"He's calm, I'm calm - so we'll see what happens," Trump, who last year threatened to destroy North Korea, told reporters.
Thursday was calm and balmy, but the following three days mixed wind, rain, cold with relative calm and spells of sunlight.
Physical world products like books, clothing, a Calm Hotel and perhaps a Calm Island someday are all part of the vision.
If players can master their emotions, and stay calm or calm down, the game levels are easier to master and less surreal.
It turns out no one was very calm behind the scenes of Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" music video shoot.
It's a convenient way to calm the nerves of those invested in Lamborghini's success, at a time when nerves are rarely calm.
" You know what it's like, if you're really worked up and somebody tells you to calm down, it's like, "I AM calm!
I had to maintain a calm demeanor and a stiff upper lip as the leader to keep everyone else calm and composed.
Ed Sheeran thinks we all need to calm down about his Game of Thrones cameo, to which I say, YOU CALM DOWN, SIR.
He goes from totally calm and lucid to angry and screaming in a matter of seconds -- before returning back to calm and friendly.
Muguruza, seeded No. 2 at Wimbledon, said she was calm in the immediate aftermath of the French Open and was still calm now.
The photo has the words: "Keep Calm it's my birthday" printed on it, a play on the popular "Keep calm and carry on" images.
Calls for calm Religious leaders are calling for calm, to try to discourage reprisal attacks and prevent Sri Lanka from spiraling into sectarian violence.
" Though she credited her husband with keeping her calm, the mom of three said with a smile: "This time I wasn't so calm… I know what he meant so ultimately, after a week, I was calm… I think he explained it well in the song.
Calls for calm Chinese President Xi Jinping and other world leaders have called for calm as both Pyongyang and Washington upped their saber-rattling rhetoric.
"Obviously it's accept whatever is happening and try to possess the calm mind, because the calm mind in the end wins," he said.
I listen to the Daily Calm on my Calm app (I like to meditate on my commute) and then read Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor.
But in a sign that overall conditions remained broadly calm, currency forward points were broadly calm, indicating that investors expected conditions to return to normal soon.
He insists that all is calm, though calm does not preclude snipers stationed in the surrounding hills 24/7 watching for incursions from other armed groups.
But I am saying that within the storm, we are going to make really calm decisions, and I have to be calm as I explain them.
But at those highway speeds (and a little higher than highway speeds), you're able to appreciate how the Bugatti remains calm when you want to remain calm.
This guy's very calm, his demeanor is calm until you fuck with him and then he goes Mob Psycho and he goes to a hundred or whatever?
"Darren is quite intense and sort of jumpy, whereas Lee is very calm, on the outside anyway — very calm and sort of drifts through life," Chandler said.
Class participants were shown how to calm someone going through a panic attack by having them focus on a particular color or sound to calm their racing thoughts.
Israeli officials have denied reaching new truce agreements with Hamas after recent rounds of violence, but they have sometimes said that Israel would respond to calm with calm.
The Met's Chinese collection has several examples, including, in Galley 270, a marvelous wood-carved one notable for its voluptuous torso, tapering fingers and calm-beyond-calm hauteur.
When that happens — and it will — stay calm.
The seat of power -- Caracas -- is strangely calm.
"There's a sense of calm right now because the stimulus story is supporting the dollar against safe-havens, but I'm not sure how long this calm will last," he added.
Calm start The showdown began in a more civil and calm way than the two previous debates, in which Trump and Clinton repeatedly flung sharp, bitter jabs at one another.
Calm sees the investment as a way to expand its offline presence, growing awareness of the app as well as its retail products like Sleep Mist and the Calm Book.
But if you are an empowered, wealthy, European-American male, it is a calm still day, and it has been a calm still day since the day you were born.
"At that moment, I realized that breathing was the right way to calm my anxiety and to help calm me when I'm in that state of severe distress," Yu said.
"I'm a very calm person so it won't be too hard for me to stay calm when it gets to the race," he told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday.
It's been some games where I smoked before the game and was on the bench after three minutes sitting on the sideline, 'please calm down, this high has to calm down,' I done shot three shots that went over the backboard, like, I'm going to be honest, like 'ahh, I gotta calm down.
And yet his voice makes you calm, so calm, enough that you continue to watch as he probes, and scratches, and cuts, and suddenly his white gloves are stained with red.
" —Hani, 29 "I was afraid when it was calm.
It's calm … It's a very different style of life.
" The boy soon "began to calm down and cooperated.
I've been in a couple positions where I've been on top of the leaderboard, and I just really got ahead of myself, started thinking too far ahead, and I just told myself I need to calm down really, take it shot by shot and stay calm, breathe a little bit more and just stay calm.
Breathe2Relax for Android and iOS (free)Calm The appropriately named Calm provides you with meditation courses to cover a week or three weeks and help you take life at a slower pace.
"The mother did everything that he relayed, but him being able to remain calm helped the mother remain calm, helped her through the instructions, and really made a big difference," Gagliardo said.
" Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, sought to calm a jittery Capitol on Monday evening, urging Americans to adhere to advice from health experts "with calm and confidence.
As NATO ambassadors met on Friday in Brussels in an emergency session and European leaders called for calm, Mr. Putin spoke by telephone with Mr. Erdogan in an effort to calm tensions.
Calm down to start talking, feeling obfuscated is normal in a discussion, but to be able to answer or clarify any point, it is necessary to calm down, breathe and then talk.
Calm raises $27M to McConaughey you to sleep Meditation app unicorn Calm lets you doze off to the dulcet tones of actor Matthew McConaughey's southern drawl or writer Stephen Fry's English accent. 7.
Now I'm at a point that I do want something that will force me to kind of calm down—not calm down, but to give me a break because I'm such a workaholic.
Instead, I'd looked to Hal and seen him radiating calm, a calm that had transferred to me so wholly that I wouldn't have known the difference had I passed to the other side.
The Calm channel will include some of the features that come with its traditional app, including what it calls Sleep Stories, delivered in calm tones and accompanied by waterfall and other soothing sounds.
The farm has, however, been anything but calm of late.
Zuzu is "super calm" and she's already learned three behaviors.
Police kept things as calm as possible after the fire.
The main opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, called for calm, too.
Cathleen has a calm temperament and wouldn't hurt a fly.
But she's getting married, so hey, she might calm down.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is the time for calm.
But this guy keeps his calm, as does his cameraman.
"The calm before the storm is so deceiving," she said.
He earlier used Twitter to urge citizens to remain calm.
To this day, I do it to calm myself down.
Maybe she's calm because she knows she's leaving the Waterfords.
Mark Struthers: Stay calm and have faith in our system.
We have a saying here: Keep calm and carry on.
It means you are there, present with calm and peace.
Be calm, don't fall into provocation and don't be fooled.
It was a perfect English spring day -- sunny, warm, calm.
DC: In San Francisco things are very calm and relaxed.
All is calm - until Russia scores a goal against Egypt.
HERE'S THE RUNDOWNSarah Huckabee Sanders to Restaurant Confronters: Calm Down!
" "Something came over me and I became peaceful and calm.
Yeah, I shall, I think you need to calm down.
But tonight nothing could calm the voices in your head.
Everyone needs to calm down and listen for a moment.
They bring a sense of comfort and calm and relaxation.
Alyza: Yes, but she's the calm to my chaotic storm.
"I'm nervous about how calm I am," Baldwin tells PEOPLE.
The police presence increases as well, but everything remains calm.
Calm yet energized and ready to be here, right now.
TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING is unrestrained yet calm.
"The water appeared calm at this time," the NTSB said.
But leadership worked throughout the day to calm the waters.
This is the final calm before the storm for Netflix.
Since then the city has returned to an uneasy calm.
He sat on his bed and tried to calm himself.
I thought, 'just keep him calm and you'll get home.
I'm just saying Calm has been valued at $1 billion.
"Fortunately she wasn't hurt and remained pretty calm," England added.
Newton brings with him the calm mind of the uninitiated.
I have to come in open and quiet and calm.
But this disaffection has yet to trouble the political calm.
A CALM USUALLY descends on America's farm belt in November.
The first, at five minutes, rated at 26 percent calm.
"Stay cool and calm while discussing your request," he writes.
But it is actually remarkable how calm the markets are.
As things calm down, the woman's friends begin to laugh.
Just have to wait things out, so they calm down.
After a period of calm, sterling is looking shaky again.
" Leonard said that Cruz "was calm and understood my commands.
But I'm here to tell all of you: calm down.
But it wasn't just the color that kept me calm.
Such measures, however, do little to calm an anxious public.
He won't even calm down if I am holding him.
Despite the calm on Friday more protests loom this weekend.
L.M.: Probably early on, I acted serene to calm others.
But the volcano has been pretty calm in recent years.
Let it bathe you in a renewed sense of calm.
"He was just as calm as could be," she said.
But for his daughter's sake, he plans on staying calm.
Thankfully, my boyfriend slept over and helped calm me down.
Meanwhile, China's foreign minister spokeswoman Hua Chunying called for calm.
"She said she stayed really calm," Keyser told the newspaper.
CBD helps to calm and relax you if you're overstimulated.
I'm not someone who's calm about the things I love.
She smokes a joint to calm her nerves and cries.
It is a time for reason and calm and foresight.
SO MUCH FOR the sepulchral calm of a German Sunday.
Despite the adversity, the overall mood was still relatively calm.
As sundown neared, the mood on downtown streets was calm.
They proceed calm and steadily but cannot finish in time.
The big day had arrived, and I was surprisingly calm.
Derek said that Dalton seemed calm during their entire ride.
That orderly calm is torn asunder when Grace (Fanning) arrives.
Meanwhile, Locken, Dodd and Farahan tried to calm the situation.
Trained mediators could calm conflicts before they flare into violence.
Western and African diplomats are scrambling to calm things down.
So how did Taylor remain calm throughout the entire ordeal?
A deal of any sort would probably calm the streets.
Surprisingly, the family was calm and smiling throughout the ordeal.
My final chapter I want calm at the very end.
But we're working, in a more or less calm mode.
He's surprisingly calm, and saves the excitement for the caption.
But today, there were fashionably dressed and much more calm.
For a while, the town was calm under JNG control.
After it stopped, I felt calm and grateful and content.
The note, on the eleventh day, described her as calm.
"Some are calm, others are perky, or aggressive," she says.
It was, I thought humorlessly, the calm before the storm.
They clearly are not convinced that the calm will last.
A day after Mr Trump's outburst, China appealed for calm.
And there is no guarantee that Congo will remain calm.
I thought, 'Just keep him calm and you'll get home.
We are reaching out to community to ask for calm.
But the scene is "relatively calm," according to Misha Lovginov.
It's time to calm the public panic about student fragility.
But so far, there's plenty of reasons to remain calm.
Fox News: It's been reported your daughter kept you calm.
Or are we suddenly experiencing a calm before the storm?
Conditions are calm but gusty winds are expected by afternoon.
I was pretty calm and excited as I sat down.
But as calm as P was, he never relaxed. 11.
Through it all, he remained calm and mostly just bemused.
She is calm and just focusing on the next day.
Calm down and buy a Kobo or a Kindle okay?
Maybe this connected to why I feel especially calm lately.
There were protests outside the convention, but things were calm.
CBD also helped them calm down and reduced their anxiety.
In person, Robyn is calm and considered, warm and observant.
It is time for unity, for calm & for rational thinking.
And after you've done that, stay calm and back yourself.
"You were very calm," senior Trump aide Kellyanne Conway said.
Pantone points to the sense of calm millennial pink conveys.
He was calm as he wiped sweat off his forehead.
To me that is what 'Daisuke' is: the calm limbo.
"He was just always very calm and quiet," she recalled.
There was this weird calm of, OK, this is happening.
"Almost ready," he says, completely calm amid the agitated buzzing.
So, of course, like any calm, confident, self assured woman.
The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Kosovo appealed for calm.
But I think behind the scenes, it's far more calm.
Others argue that fidget spinners can calm special needs students.
"I've seen enough over the years to keep myself calm."
"I'm trying to calm myself from being overwhelmed," she said.
I'm really pissed and I had to calm myself down.
But Levine tried to calm the criticism before the game.
I took 12 hours to calm down before replying, 'Yes!!
But I cannot stress enough the need to keep calm.
"At this moment, we cannot calm our people," he said.
We've got to be nice and cool, nice and calm.
How could anyone keep calm witnessing such a wonderful encounter?
"Pick a calm moment to talk about this," says Doll.
Overnight data brought some calm to global markets for now.
When things calm down, however, they better hop to it.
Live to Fight another day Calm down, Foo Fighters fans.
The sessions: Breathe; Focus, Move, Let Go, Calm, and Restore.
But does it really mean I have to calm down?
Nic is screaming at Vince, imploring him to calm down.
As the conflict unfolded, Washington sought to calm the waters.
But it is unclear how long the calm will last.
But with mental illness cases or negotiations, you calm down.
International affairs are complex enough in times of relative calm.
But keep calm, carry on; what else can you do?
Instead she began feeling calm, and more connected to nature.
South Korea's foreign ministry called for Japan to keep calm.
I literally feel like I've never been so calm before.
Fred Jr. said his dad was normally easygoing, calm, collected.
"I'm trying to calm myself from being overwhelmed," he said.
After I've let out all that aggression, I feel calm.
It was just a typical calm Sunday at Baikonur Cosmodrome.
I go back to the common room to calm down.
It's better to be calm and collected in the corner.
I need a second to, like, calm down [and] breathe.
Her approach to asking for one final take is calm.
There's an entire economy centered on helping people calm down.
It helped, under the circumstances, to be a calm person.
Take a page from London: Keep calm and ignore them.
Any time there's something that's visually simple, I feel calm.
Before this, Calm raised around $1.5 million in seed funding.
This trailer starts out calm, but things change very quickly.
Calm is poised to keep up its rapid revenue growth.
Though he's only 267, he exudes a calm, unflappable air.
Your woman might get scared, but you should remain calm.
His manager, Bill McKechnie, came out to calm him down.
But he has a calm, assured mien when he's cooking.
The meeting was generally calm, but tempers flared when Rep.
However, I chose to stay calm and not fight back.
"But until then we have to stay calm," he added.
It's a moment played with calm precision by Sarah Paulson.
Now, I'm trying to calm it down a little bit.
If you see them, please get them to calm down.
LBJ's VP spent Memorial Day trying to calm the anger.
In a Twitter post, the prime minister called for calm.
Passengers and crew appear to be calm throughout the video.
And-- there was Janet, as calm as you can be.
TO THE casual observer the country is calm and orderly.
Guests calm down, take life slowly, engage with one another.
Yet motorists have displayed unusual calm while waiting in queues.
Try to stay calm, rather than meeting anger with anger.
She was in some other numb, calm, dazed, shocked place.
"I just think that would calm everybody down," she said.
The beauty and calm of the Aland archipelago is deceptive.
To calm it down, she whistles the pipirit's spirited squeak.
Then, imagine a tiny corner of calm amid the chaos.
So would your advice be for everyone to calm down?
In the morning it was the calm before the storm.
JUST IN: "Maybe it's the calm before the storm," Pres.
Next time, I'll take a moment to calm myself down.
And then the fish was gone, the sea calm again.
We have been telling them for years 'Please keep calm.
I'm like, oh my gosh, seriously calm down, it's okay.
I think everyone would like for it to calm down.
It was historically a calm hinterland of the investing world.
Chief Executive Lam made an appeal for calm and restraint.
HBO suits clearly hope their participation will calm "Confederate" critics.
Parents and many advocates, meanwhile, worked to calm people down.
Pence to the Hill to calm and rally House Republicans.
Do you exude a sense of peace, calm and happiness?
Calm down, it's night, there won't be any logging trucks.
Both appeared calm and relaxed, neither suspicious of the other.
He urged people to remain calm and prepare for aftershocks.
One protester, Daisy Millard, 24, of Brooklyn, called for calm.
Officials are trying to calm worries about the new technologies.
Meanwhile, she says the Rosary and tries to stay calm.
Western diplomats were trying to intervene to calm the situation.
But the dad's stories kept everyone calm, laughing, and entertained.
Mattis also sought to calm nervous allies in the region.
"For this project, right here, the cops keep it calm."
The fog had lifted and Superior was black and calm.
Second, trying to shift from anxiety to calm generally backfires.
People tell us that he was completely calm and normal.
Despite the throngs, people appeared to be calm and organized.
Other commodities also benefited as a sense of calm prevailed.
But they do not come to me calm and relaxed.
So I turn again to my phone to calm down.
"This is to calm Paul down," Kilimnik wrote to Gates.
I stepped in and managed to calm them both down.
That brief calm exploded on Thursday morning with Nunes's announcement.
When the dog was calm, quiet, he wasn't so bad.
Saying, "calm down," doesn't exactly create a sense of peace.
"I love how calm the nursery feels," Conrad tells PEOPLE.
" She added, "At Pulse it's just calm, cool, and collected.
"Stay calm and make lemonade," wrote leading investor Saul Klein.
There was no braggadocio to Larry, only calm, considered judgment.
Experts remained flummoxed about when the volcano will calm down.
"Don't ramble, be confident and slow down and be calm."
"Stay calm, be civil, it's OK," Mekeland told the newspaper.
So he told Ms. Wu how he stays calm onstage.
But what if his words still don't calm their nerves?
Helmand, how did you learn to flow with such calm?
The months ahead in Hong Kong will not be calm.
It's unclear whether the Thursday briefings will calm the turmoil.
Acton Smith also published a book called "Calm" in 2016.
How are you negotiating moments of calm and greater activity?
My eyes were still my eyes, my face was calm.
Amidst the chaos the filmmakers create of feeling of calm.
They do not calm you down or wake you up.
She's surrounded by several officers but appears to be calm.
I realized years later, it was to keep people calm.
Vertebrae seems to have more of a calm, focused sound.
If weather conditions remain calm, that will exacerbate the problem.
Read This Next: Everyone Calm Down About Teens and Vaping
But this was hardly a calm era in American politics.
Cher does not care about being cool, calm and collected.
It's calm, sure, but in this somber and sparse way.
The people who have contacted me are calm, reasonable, educated.
Calm, as its name implies, tries to help you relax.
"Surprised he's so calm and sensible about everything," Westwood said.
"Everyone will die," the voice said in a calm monotone.
"We must remain calm to face the situation," he added.
There is little doubt that he is calm under pressure.
"Stay calm, even if that means saying nothing," she said.
Last night she appeared utterly calm and composed, serene even.
The Guards said calm had returned across Iran on Thursday.
Federal public health authorities have issued several calls for calm.
If you're worried, try to remain calm around your children.
" While the president exhorts the public to "Just stay calm.
His aura of calm control was a revelation for me.
You can stay informed about the coronavirus while remaining calm.
At first, the situation remained calm if unnerving, Svensson said.
Beading put them both into a realm of calm concentration.
Hopefully (for your general inner calm) the answer is no.
Hope you all stay safe, calm, and above all, healthy.
Keep calm and wash your hands only goes so far.
That might be true, but it doesn't calm markets any.
You get more bird chirps the longer you stay calm.
Control session for orgasmic mediation made me 65 percent calm.
Apple's Tim Cook called for "calm heads" amid the dispute.
He says the night was pleasant, peaceful, and extremely calm.
The relative period of calm is surely about to end.
He started interacting with the Monster to calm it down.
The calm didn't last long, as this week's events evidence.
"The best advice is to calm them down," she says.
His mind-set — he was so calm during the game.
Awareness of job churn should calm Americans' fears about imports.
Yet public life on the whole has remained surprisingly calm.
GILES O.K., O.K., calm down — I'll repeat it — to you.
Ms. Merkel was characteristically calm as the talks began Sunday.
CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) wants to change this.
Both men remain startlingly calm in the game's frenzied eye.
"There he was, calm as could be," Mr. Sorenson said.
Calm on the surface but maybe paddling underneath the water.
You try to stay calm and explain what you've learned.
I felt calm, I felt clear, but I felt sad.
But it lacks that bird's calm, ghostly floating flight pattern.
He called his father, who tried to calm him down.
Some have adopted a "keep calm and carry on" philosophy.
"He's an unbelievably calm and steadying source," Ms. Tepper said.
Not much happens, but it's the calm before the storm.
It helped distract Herring and calm his nerves a bit.
Before there is a storm, of course, there is calm.
That has failed to calm the worries of privacy advocates.
"There is a tension under the calm surface," he said.
This evening is looking lovely, too — clear, calm sweater weather.
We should calm down and just look at the facts.
The post urges people to be calm and compassionate instead.
"Georgians should remain calm," Kemp added, according to the newspaper.
But Stanton, at least, can keep calm about it all.
"When you're a leader, you calm the waters," he said.
"It actually gave me a sense of calm," Kang said.
Officer Brown can be heard telling Donesha to calm down.
His calm and steady demeanor made him an easy target.
So, I think that, that's been, you know, surprisingly calm.
And find a relaxed setting to calm any stage fright.
Above all, please try to keep calm and puzzle on.
I'm doing my best to keep everyone calm, but informed.
Zuckerberg, usually calm and a natural introvert, was uncharacteristically angry.
The apocalypse may be coming, but all seems remarkably calm.■
Remaining cool, calm, collected allows us to make strategic choices.
It was Williams who tried to calm the crowd down.
I am grateful for my son's calm and grounded outlook.
Vintage watches make me feel more calm than digital ones.
"Everyone should stay home, be calm and pray," he said.
Thomson possessed a seemingly effortless swing and a calm approach.
But there is something brooding and irrevocable about his calm.
The United Nations mission in Afghanistan sought calm as well.
"His measured and calm response was right," Mr. Hoffman said.
He is steady and calm, ready to do the job.
A phone call between Moscow and Ankara would calm tensions.
I also think it's helping me stay calm and mindful.
So keep calm, carry on, and check those travel advisories.
"I'm a very calm person," she said with a laugh.
" Emma Thompson "I've never felt so powerful and so calm.
All is calm, according to a closely watched market index.
Ms. Parker wishes she had moments of calm and solitude.
Whether that will calm everybody down is a different matter.
Nine days after the riots began a relative calm returned.
I had finally found something to calm my brain down.
"When I am near him I feel calm," she says.
With dawn comes calm seas after days of March gales.
I stayed calm but I was kind of crumbling inside.
The violence ended months of relative calm in the city.
I call on the population to be cautious and calm.
On a calm day, the water is almost perfectly clear.
An uneasy calm had settled over the area by Thursday.
"Stay calm, we'll keep you posted," a subsequent note read.
Science has a critical role to play in restoring calm.
I was just trying to calm down and stay positive.
Calm down and let's look at who made this movie.
"It was more solid; it felt more calm," she said.
The storm is expected to calm down by Monday night.
The ocean was calm, and so I took the chance.
More important, I could sense a new sort of calm.
They just need him to calm down at the plate.
"He would tell us to keep calm," she said, somber.
Here is one way: When he makes you feel calm.
"I really was O.K. mentally; I was calm," Casey said.
She told her fans that they need to calm down.
The lyrics translate to, Calm the f down, young one.
I kept a calm vigil, well after hope was reasonable.
By enhancing their function, benzodiazepines ultimately calm the brain down.
Executives on a conference call tried to calm investor fears.
He was preternaturally calm, a child of the Navajo northlands.
As the Storm raged, cracks appeared in Zen's calm veneer.
We could be in the calm before the merch storm.
You're more calm and more adaptable and more level headed.
Then, working on your saving habits can bring you calm.
The nurse's phonic demeanor was calm, measured, efficient, and empathic.
The calm of reason has descended; emotions are under control.
He was calm and respectful, but also strong and confident.
He remained completely calm, discovered the problem, and fixed it.
"We're calm and believe justice will be served," he said.
The man agreed to ask the dealers to calm down.
Calm and being back to normal are two different things.
Light breezes, in variable directions, try to calm near dawn.
Light winds from the north become calm late at night.
It's been really another calm week at the White House.
He just wanted Cruz to calm down before coming home.
" Or the woman who tells her husband: "Calm down, chéri.
Remain calm You set the tone on how people respond.
I felt like he was very calm and under control.
Isaac seemed calm, even though he had seen Lettings before.
Once again, his embarrassment was soothed by her infinite calm.
"I thought to myself, Calm down, don't panic," he said.
He has a calm presence and a subtly scrutinizing gaze.
Ory's mother, who is in her 80s, is actually calm.
It's hard to find a calm spot for clear thinking.
The room is crowded and calm, the stakes still high.
Olive is patient and calm, Pekoe is excitable and rambunctious.
"You handled that perfectly," Beth said, trying to calm me.
The news isn't likely to bring calm to the region.
Flasher's virtues contradict the punk spirit: calm, warmth, passive bliss.
"A fragile calm seems to have taken hold," he said.
Maybe it's the diet, but you look calm and confident.
She always speaks in a way that's calm, slightly husky.
"I am calling for calm in our community," he said.
You never get a chance to calm down at all.
It was a communal moment of calm as all the night's disparate performers sat there, dining together: DJs, go-go dancers, photographers and club staff, all taking a moment of calm after the madness.
Startup: Calm VC: Nicole Quinn, Lightspeed Venture PartnersRelationship: Investor Total funding raised:  $143.63 millionWhat it does: Calm is a popular meditation app, featuring partnerships with celebrities including Matthew McConaughey and, more recently, Lebron James.
Keeping you calm Some scientists and researchers also believe that because our eyes are at the peak of their perception to detect the wavelengths corresponding with the color green, the shade may calm us down.
Widespread testing is the only way to know for sure if the calm in Tokyo is a true picture of the coronavirus situation in Japan -- or if it is actually the calm before the storm.
Watching the scene, you may recall your own sense of calm.
She remained calm as he pungently sought to highlight their differences.
Chewy, is what helps her calm down when she's feeling anxious.
The Fed slowing down its rate hike could calm those jitters.
But the calm has started to fall apart in recent weeks.
"Harry is calm now — until there is food around," Irving said.
Inside, Colton breaks down and Tayshia tries to calm him down.
And, weirdly, I'm somehow tense and calm at the same time.
So just stay calm, keep shopping, and keep shattering world records.
I tried to calm him, but he has read the Constitution.
It takes three days — to calm down, to prepare to listen.
When you're faced with a crisis, it's important to stay calm.
Sleep-training practices, such as swaddling and sucking, reflexively calm infants.
The app Calm Harm helps people manage urges to self-harm.
"He's a very calm man and he's very loving," she said.
Sometimes the kitchen is designed to challenge you to stay calm.
The fan's reaction to the surprise visit is, well, surprisingly calm.
Because if we can demonstrate that ... that will calm things down.
So I think what he's taught me is to stay calm.
It's part of a happy interlude — the calm before the storm.
When things get turbulent, they respond with a steady, calm hand.
In the time since then, things didn't calm down completely, though.
And so it took a while for me to calm down.
But relatives say the calm they once cherished has been spoiled.
Incredibly wise and very intelligent, but ultimately she is incredibly calm.
But on the phone with me, he was calm and methodical.
Hung in there, gave himself chances at some point, stayed calm.
She's very calm, peaceful and loves to cuddle with her parents.
Keeping my home in order gives me a sense of calm.
He's composed, calm, and wearing a gold chain because... why not?
Staying calm amid a disease outbreak is not easy, experts say.
Keeping calm and collected, his friend asks Nipsey if he's dying.
"Calm down, let me think, I'll figure something out," Sammi said.
A calm external environment is critical for Mr Xi right now.
To calm my mind, I start browsing online for poetry books.
But the sense of calm I hope will arrive never materializes.
Do Islanders fans need to calm down about John Tavares leaving?
It took a good couple of minutes to calm them down.
Yet the installation contains elements that tincture this calm with disquiet.
Day One: July 18, 2016 Despite the crowds, things were calm.
After weeks of calm, the index has risen significantly this week.
It's time for another edition of Calm Down, with Hayes Brown.
It's time for another edition of Calm Down With Hayes Brown.
Initially cranky, little Adalynn appeared calm and joyful in Paris' arms.
Peep her necklace in the "You Need to Calm Down" video.
Morales' government has denied any meddling and has called for calm.
The atmosphere was quiet and calm, said sources attending the meeting.
She has always brought me a sense of calm and peace.
The three are trying to remain calm, but it's not easy.
His canine sidekick helps calm him down and prevent anxiety attacks.
Unfortunately, some true airport calm usually comes with a price tag.
Kamala Harris is Strength; Pete Buttigieg is Calm; Warren is…Competence?
"In Our Time" provides perspective and calm in a troubled age.
"Look forward to meeting you when things calm down," he wrote.
"It was a testament to how calm I stayed," she said.
For the record, your wedding sounds delightful: simple, intimate and calm.
Somehow, I managed to stay calm and win in the third.
He quickly issued a statement asking his supporters to stay calm.
Davis kept a hand on his new partner to calm him.
I try and calm myself, remember that I've lived alone before.
With some calm settling into markets, most emerging-market currencies rebounded.
Though dehydrated and hurt, Waddell "was very calm," a rescuer said.
Confidence: Medium-High Tonight: Northerly winds slowly calm and skies clear.
Like Headspace: Meditation, Calm will soothe your mind right before bed.
Shorty will bark and cry and nothing will calm him down.
Then she asks me how I'm staying so calm and positive.
Otherwise, you're Chris, flailing a little in the relatively calm water.
You need to be calm in order to navigate living together.
I've covered six hurricanes, and I'm still incapable of such calm.
"We just try to keep things as calm as we can."
But the calm waters belied a storm roiling underneath the surface.
"Remain calm, be prepared and make informed, responsible decisions," Deal said.
Unfortunately, the nascent Trump Administration isn't inclined to calm anyone's nerves.
But a discordant note among the city's repeated calls for calm.
The experience of keeping calm and fighting helped; it's no secret.
He was going to come in and he was super calm.
Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell says we should all calm down.
"She sounds more humble and much more calm," says the source.
So, I reached in through a window to calm her down.
So a calm, cool demeanor isn't the best move for him.
But as The Economist went to press, the city was calm.
And she was calm, she was in the pool [of water].
Healey, who's been calm all morning, lets out a massive scream.
"You Need to Calm Down" – Taylor Swift Choice Summer Male Artist
HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - Pinduoduo's search for calm will go on.
The place is a hub of activity, but of steely calm.
Only a negotiation can restore calm and it should start immediately.
I'm just looking forward to having life be calm and peaceful.
He said people were not calm as they left the plane.
But he remains calm in his belief that Felix isn't either.
As leaders, it is responsibility to promote calm, peace and dialogue.
Well, this site will calm your fears or indulge your nightmares.
He's always calm, cool and collected, even in the fourth quarter.
To calm anxious investors, Plank points towards the company's track record.
I have a strong suspicion that's the calm before a storm.
Q: What are you most excited about after things calm down?
"I think my daughter is the one making me calm down."
Now anti-China, I think after election people will calm down.
Consider this the delicious calm you so greatly need right now.
REGULATORS URGE CALM, INVESTORS BUCKLE UP Regulators are calling for understanding.
The agency labeled each tweet calm, agitated, prepared or a retweet.
The city is eerily empty, a calm before the impending storm.
JL: He was always very calm, cool, and collected under pressure.
"In retrospect there was an uncomfortable calm about her," recalls Greg.
Green was most impressed with the calm demeanor displayed by Lamet.
His blood pressure and heart rate calm whenever Mom is near.
I had to calm myself down to hit the free throw.
Ellie Kemper has just the trick to calm your child down.
The competing decisions may calm emotions at the proposed pipeline site.
People drink frequently and at all hours to calm their nerves.
The bride we know is a normally calm and peaceful person.
My husband is a little more calm and rational than me.
Until then, the world must keep calm and contain Mr Kim.
You can have an incredible relationship with someone who is calm.
We need fluid space with an emphasis on predictability and calm.
Buses are filling slowly and then leaving but all is calm.
Throughout that process, there was a sense of peace and calm.
INGRAHAM: Things have to calm down, though, don&apost you think?
You need those suburban, and they want things to calm down.
In addition to meditation, Calm has found a niche in sleep.
Relative calm South of the border, the situation is much different.
Meanwhile, China, which borders to the north, is calling for calm.
To calm my mind and create a space for – oh, oh!
The incident prompted Alaphilippe to ask the riders to calm down.
The camera arrives at a time of relative calm for GoPro.
She figures that sugar, that cure-all, will calm her nerves.
The baby [was] calm, clean, with a bottle on his chest.
Cake-icing videos don't make me hungry, they make me calm.
Many comments streamed in trying to calm down flame-fanning fans.
A bystander seemed to push Boucher away, trying to calm him.
I was really impressed by how calm and collected everyone was.
When he talked to police, he was calm, cool and collected.
Eventually, they'll calm down enough to tell you they hate it.
If the river is calm, I will probably jump and swim.
"The deputy kept calm, kept the presence of mind," Johnson said.
" Shrager described his client as "polite, soft spoken, calm [and] respectful.
Kelly's publicist eventually had to come in to calm him down.
And then, Edelson said, there was a brief moment of calm.
It should calm nervous donors and reassure them of Clinton's strategy.
Prime Minister Najib Razak also stepped in to calm the waters.
Giving him an iPad and a pinwheel helped calm him down.
Carry some clear quartz to keep your mind calm and open.
And then, once you were lulled into their dreamy calm, bam!
Several people try to calm him down when bike cops appear.
Following the arrests, security was ramped up to calm rising tensions.
An argument ensued ... and cops were called to calm everyone down.
My date showed up with considerable calm (and excellent time management).
But there's no guarantee it will remain an oasis of calm.
His task is to seem calm and "presidential" for 90 minutes.
It helped keep him calm in that and many other situations.
They can keep a calm demeanour when it comes to driving.
The sounds of nature, though, could be either calm or monotonous.
I feel a lot more calm going into this week's show.
Yes, Severo, it seems that residents do need to calm down.
Eyone: I need weed because it helps to keep me calm.
Hart told CNN that workers there were trying to calm shoppers.
But by American standards, this qualifies as a mercifully calm week.
When life gets tough, keep calm and watch Disney princess movies.
Chief Executive Carrie Lam made an appeal for calm and restraint.
Yet there is an unlikely oasis of calm out there: stocks.
It was very important to stay calm after the Ludogorets goal.
So the more calm I am before a show the better.
So let's take a collective deep breath and calm down. Please.
Ukata said that despite the delay, the country has remained calm.
Muslim organization's have appealed for calm to prevent communal flare-ups.
Muslim organizations have appealed for calm to prevent communal flare-ups.
Through the years to come, she'd remember these days of calm.
I try to calm down and get back to playing baseball.
"/Had to calm her down 'cause she couldn't breathe," he said.
Wolf: "Calm down a minute, we don't have to yell" pic.twitter.
The free version of Calm contains a surprising amount of content.
But these moves likely won't be enough to calm rising tensions.
But that explanation did little to calm the nerves of insurers.
Their rookie kin tried to calm nerves they'd made a mistake.
Later in the video, Toney continues trying to calm her mom.
I am hoping the humans will be calm in their diminishing.
The President to the Hill to calm and rally Senate Republicans.
"Our message is to keep calm and carry on," he said.
But without peace and calm, these incentive packages don't mean much.
The mood of "Three Days" is somber and the presentation calm.
But Bartolo Colon, the ever-calm elder sage, was not shaken.
But the truly therapeutic element is staying calm, light, and reassuring.
Then, firstly, individuals themselves [will] be happier, more calm, more relaxed.
Can he stay calm as other Republicans defect and criticize him?
The light helps to kill acne-causing bacteria and calm irritation.
Dan Pfeiffer, a former top adviser to President Obama, preached calm.
Instead, China repeatedly calls for calm, restraint and a negotiated solution.
But the atmosphere on the White House grounds was generally calm.
The Hill has reached out to Calm and Shapiro for comment.
Jones has been calm and composed in net, with an impressive .
Calm cluelessness comes to them in the form of David Cameron.
As such, they don't yell back but, rather, they stay calm.
I felt deeply calm and very refreshed, and very, very hungry.
Between matches, he repeated his mantra: Stay calm and just play.
He's calm, cool, collected and always has an answer for everything.
Two things are likely to calm consumers' nerves about cryptocurrency volatility.
Others urged her to stay calm and avoid angering the officer.
Elsewhere, the dance plays against the drums with stillness and calm.
They can keep a calm demeanor when it comes to driving.
A calm adversarial spirit is what can make democracy great again.
Gervais taught Baumgartner "combat breathing," or deep breathing to calm himself.
"I was just so calm here compared to Jersey," he said.
It was out of my control to calm down my anxiety.
But Google's response to the story did little to calm fears.
She now hopes it will bring "peace and calm" to viewers.
A calm when you realize there's nothing to be ashamed of.
" Nutter: "And you're doing a good job of keeping us calm.
And if you can remember that, it helps you stay calm.
Benzodiazepines (sometimes called "benzos") work to calm or sedate a person.
"When things calm down, they will be thanking me," Trump tweeted.
The woman, in her 20s, continued south with the calm current.
Your relaxing, calm, patient, kind, happy energy and aura is contagious!
The water is calm this time of year, the sunset gorgeous.
"Just try and be calm," Nadia says softly to the boy.
Moore for his part has also tried to calm the storm.
But what was especially disarming was Katie Jane's moments of calm.
Even when she's raging with anger, she is calm and considered.
One more question: How am I supposed to stay calm today?
But another of Pinker's graphs (above) made me feel less calm.
The trainer positions the board on some calm water for us.
International reactions to the bombings were anything but calm and peaceful.
Sansa, steely underneath her calm demeanor, doesn't give him an inch.
Kardashian admits this is the "most calm" relationship she's been in.
There's a vineyard next door, with a calm and soothing view.
I hoped I had finally reached a state of relative calm.
This doctor was intentionally calm and thorough and it rubbed off.
I like very calm, social interactions, like being at someone's house.
Maria comes out panting, and takes a shower to calm down.
He's centered, calm, but there's also a wild beast in there.
But after some arrests, the calm returns without too much damage.
If nothing else, let this be a reminder to stay calm.
At 40 minutes, I was taking deep breaths to stay calm.
It took the wisdom of Yogi Berra to calm Terry down.
Trading was fairly calm after three days of big, erratic moves.
He's very thorough; very professional; very calm — like I said, calculated.
Trailing in the series, starving for runs, Joe Maddon stayed calm.
It'll be sunny and sparkling, clear and calm, 74 and scrumptious.
Police sirens cut through the genteel calm inside the Chemnitzer Hof.
Calm as ever, Charles announces he's getting out of the car.
She was not only competent; she was, at least outwardly, calm.
However, federal public health authorities have issued several calls for calm.
It's gorgeous and calm and nearly devoid of gawking tourists. Enjoy!
The political world paused for calm in a dangerously inflammatory climate.
I am trying to remain calm, but clearly nothing is sacred!!!
He is soft-spoken, calm, happy to blend into the background.
Here is my advice for keeping calm in a health crisis.
He seemed Zen-calm in the eye of a perpetual storm.
"I just try to stay cool, calm and collected," he said.
"Then we kind of got her to calm down," he said.
I have a calm exterior, but I'm boiling on the inside.
The Fed can still help calm market fears to some extent.
But as Outbreak played out, my anxiousness actually melted into calm.
Once they're high, they calm down (and so do the actors).
As panic spreads, he is calling for people to stay calm.
Where was an effort to calm jitters in the financial markets?
He urged calm however, pointing to the unusual confluence of circumstances.
"I made a call for calm," Ms. Colau told Catalunya Radio.
But we're likely seeing the calm before a very large storm.
Control session for pleasure mapping: The result was 29 percent calm.
Partnered pleasure mapping session netted a calm score of 26 percent.
But Hall kept calm even after most employees fled on Dec.
Something would crash in and then it would get really calm.
They looked so calm, reading magazines or keeping their toddlers entertained.
I've had calm and boring drives, and terrifying white-knuckle trips.
No parents to swoop in and calm their fussing new grandchild.
The scene sounded chaotic, according to Cake, but Maloney sounded calm.
She even drifts through her pregnancy crisis with calm and resolve.
Karu Jayasuriya, the speaker of Sri Lanka's Parliament, appealed for calm.
The White House is so far portraying a sense of calm.
"I can't keep calm, I work at McKinsey & Company," it said.
His temperature, his inner meter, is very measured, he's very calm.
Kamworor looked in control, his legs pumping smoothly, his face calm.
About 2660,22 people have been rescued since Monday amid calm seas.
About 2300,000 people have been rescued since Monday amid calm seas.
Carroll walked into Seattle's huddle, possibly to calm his players down.
I'm 70 years old now, and I need that calm energy.
This quiet time restores calm that is critical during tough times.
The situation in Grozny, in Chechnya is absolutely calm and stable.
"I had to try to calm the officer down," she recalled.
"The Fed obviously didn't help" calm the waters, the person said.
Sure, Chip was decidedly chipper, while "Pink Mist" is about calm.
On the last day the sea looked refreshed, calm and lovely.
But for the most part, a tense, almost pastoral calm prevailed.
His moods were said to swing from rage to uneasy calm.
But candidates and officials in the Republican-controlled state stayed calm.
DeAngelo believes the plant can help calm people during stressful times.
Noah said his bus driver also helped to keep him calm.
Dozens of employees responsible for keeping patients calm joined the exodus.
Especially those who induce a sense of calm rather than chaos.
It is also meant to put listeners in a calm groove.
People should be informed, but in a calm and correct way.
So far, those offers have done little to calm the anger.
Meditation app Calm hits unicorn status with fresh $88 million funding
I was terrified, but I knew I had to remain calm.
We can't calm down over Taylor Swift's 2019 MTV VMAs dress.
"I must calm the child," he said in a loud voice.
He tells his parishioners, after this storm, the calm will come.
And the wind's supposed to calm down in the coming days.
But here she's calm and grounded — in her singing at least.
She remains calm, and asks important, reasonable questions that need answers.
Now, 10 years after the financial collapse, things are eerily calm.
Why, I'm as calm as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
" It was the final moment of calm, and Williams said, "O.
This would help shore up families' finances and calm frayed nerves.
The earth appeared from afar in its blue and green calm.
Even at 3 months old Shadow was a quiet, calm presence.
What have you personally been doing to stay calm and centered?
They said Munson remained calm and landed the plane without incident.
The bond she and Michael share is not a calm one.
Back at the office, the Calm staff gushed about the artist.
Opinion Here's a two-minute exercise to calm your road rage.
Confidence: Medium Wednesday and Thursday are both calm, seasonably chilly days.
I felt like I was swinging great, and I was calm.
After the verdict, city leaders and family members called for calm.
Filling meditation studios in an effort to calm our racing thoughts.
"They did look sort of calm in that photo," she said.
I always celebrate in a human way, in a calm way.
After that, I was very calm whenever I went into combat.
Calm down, it's OK. He apologized for saying I was corrupt.
You get one bird for every five consecutive seconds of calm.
Either way, the Calm Booth by Room will run you $4,195.
But soon I began to calm down, at least a little.
"There's definitely something in there," he said, as calm as usual.
"We need to calm it down and listen more," he said.
But Collins, calm and composed, knew he had seen it before.
But fear not: the heroine is here to calm him down.
Once you do, prepare for those scenarios so you stay calm.
Over the weekend, the gathering had been calm and good-natured.
This means that investors are relatively calm about the economic backdrop.
She's usually pretty calm, collected, straightforward, but she was pretty emotional.
That was just a fabulous reminder about staying focused and calm.
"The situation is calm and peaceful," Musa said in a statement.
" He added, "They really need to calm things down a little.
A new "regime of calm" would begin from 1:00 a.m.
HKMA's chief expressed hopes for the city to return to calm.
On the way back, the Siq was calm and practically empty.
Everyone around was really calm and giving her space as well.
I couldn't even remember the last time I felt that calm.
A few calm quarters could see some of those increases unwound.
"Mommy loves you," she told them, willing them to stay calm.
I was struck by Elizabeth's calm at dealing with her newborn.
I want to show these other communities where they are calm.
You've got to calm him down and let him save face.
LEAVE CHILDREN AT HOME Spas are places of quiet and calm.
She remained calm and confident, clearly having maneuvered this many times.
Can Stephen E. Biegun calm a simmering revolt at the department?
Doctors may also recommend Benadryl or lotion to calm the skin.
He also accompanied them home so he could calm their parents.
US Cabinet officials are moving to calm expectations and urge patience.
I need some of that calm and focus in my life.
I'm a pretty calm person, or at least I can be.
The beach is known for its calm waters and few crowds.
"Mitchell was very cool about it, very calm," Mr. Cacheris recalled.
He's as calm as it gets, really, to a fault sometimes.
And I'm wondering if I would've been able to stay calm.
An aberrant ripple to the water in the otherwise lambent calm.
Over all, the atmosphere was one of calm and cooperation, however.
Mr. Corenswet radiates calm and generosity that lends the show equilibrium.
As opening night drew near, van Hove projected a wry calm.
Confidence: High Tomorrow night: Clouds increase quickly and winds finally calm.
Winds slowly wane, but it's unlikely that conditions turn fully calm.
Hong Kong has enjoyed relative calm since local elections on Nov.
He said it was important to take the Calm brand offline.
In other words, the XIV was a bet on calm markets.
I am a calm pediatrician who takes pride in my composure.
She said she urged him to calm down, to no avail.
Keep calm and carry on has long been the city's mantra.
Similar apps, such as Calm, have also reached a wide audience.
"Without spicy food, Bangkok would be too calm," Ms. Sopa said.
He keeps the tone calm and unadorned for the most part.
Ms. MacQueen said she had been trying to calm the situation.
On Saturday, the streets in the capital, Banjul, were largely calm.
She's so secure and calm, and then she starts to cry.
Those remarks seemed unlikely to calm the storm around the chairman.
So Newman checked it out, ready to calm her daughter's fears.
Outside the house, Fidyka and Justyna tried to calm Jaroslaw down.
"I think we should calm down a bit," she told ZDF.
She says the best approach is a calm and rational one.
Analysts say relations could calm down after the referendum in April.
Chelsea sails ahead in calm waters as the storm gathers below.
You feel connected, prepared, enveloped by a sense of relative calm.
You know who also said troubling things in a calm voice?
"90% of life is about remaining calm," says Dr. Chris Feudtner.
And yet, calm and self-assured, that voice sings of hope.
Gaines vacillated between agitated and calm during the encounter, he said.
She smiled at Cillian, or beyond him, with her desiccated calm.
They could also push inflation higher from its relatively calm levels.
"I want asylum," Ms. Alqunun said in a clear, calm voice.
It's a calm, summer evening and the cows are peaceful too.
For now, calm seems to have taken hold on both sides.
Kushner puts a pale mask of calm and courteousness over his.
In his playing Rubinstein uncannily balances improvisatory freedom with calm authority.
"Had to calm her down 'cause she couldn't breathe," he adds.
Napping, too, is associated with feeling calm, refreshed and less harried.
But the president refused to leave the stage and urged calm.
Merkel is not perfect, but she is measured, calm and rational.
Vargas expressed frustration about his control and apologized; Cano remained calm.
But after the initial flood of regret came a surprising calm.
So all in all, a pretty calm period by Trump standards.
She looked around and said, 'Maybe you need to calm down'.
I could feel myself talking to myself, trying to calm myself.
We ask you to stay calm, stay where you are hiding.
KS: Lauren wants a full stack box that makes her calm.
In the world below, horizontal striations embody a calm, waveless sea.
" I stayed calm and told her, "I'm sorry to hear that.
Events like 9/11 pierced our sense of calm and normalcy.
It's important for my workspace to have a sense of calm.
Admittedly, Baking Show proper can't promise quite that level of calm.
So on Tuesday, he tried to get them to calm down.
I don't know if it's going to be mild, or more severe, but it's almost impossible for me to believe that we're just going to have this very, very calm, pretty natural calm for much longer.
In Kerr's studies, she has also noticed that some people have a real sense of calm and improved mood after seeing a scary movie, kind of like the calm you experience after taking a yoga class.
Oily, Acne-Prone, Or Sensitive SkinOn the other hand, if you're looking to calm breakouts (or just calm your pissed-off skin in general), you're going to want to take Dr. Zeichner's two-step, reverse approach.
"Schmidt is asking for calm, but how we stay calm when we are fighting for our existence and the government is doing far too little to help?" asked Romuald Schaber, head of the European Milk Board.
I installed Calm on my phone, clicked impatiently through the pop-up box that told me to turn on notifications "to fully experience Calm," and checked out its offerings: introductory meditation sessions; guided sequences; sleep relaxation techniques.
And the feeling a baby has of being upset and crying and stressed, and then when they calm with you, that actually teaches their brain to go from upset to calm, and that is a life skill.
"You need to calm down/You're being too loud/And I'm just like oh oh/You need to just stop/Like can you just not step on my gown/You need to calm down," the lyrics continue.
"As I had them at gunpoint, as you can see (in the video), as he's walking towards me he's telling me to 'calm down, just give me the gun and we'll leave, just calm down,' " Wisbey said.
"She said I was too nice, calm and rational." via GIPHY 17.
I want to just be calm with someone — that and a nap.
It is a wedding, but the bride's calm expression gives little away.
So far Qatar has remained calm, while trying to rally international support.
It's important that I stay calm, both for me and my team.
But then, relief: nearly 10 years of a clean and sober calm.
The music video for "You Need to Calm Down" drops on Monday.
The digital currency began stumbling last week after months of relative calm.
They were trying to calm him down, but he was whacked out.
Shelby, who, after all, has been through this before, is surprisingly calm.
" Clinton continued, "I thought, 'Okay, I have to be really calm here.
"He was very calm and quiet," an officer wrote in the complaint.
In a lot of ways I have a very calm Disneyland mentality.
We're gonna hold fast and we're gonna 'keep calm and carry on.
His gentle southern drawl—he's originally from Kentucky—was soothing and calm.
Hawkeye has also helped give Mike's wife, Jenna, a sense of calm.
That is a one-man walking 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster.
They are calm because they've put their trust in a loving shepard.
I say a prayer for everyone involved and try to calm down.
With a breath, you can bring calm, clarity and rest your thinking.
I have paced this race in the wet, cold, hot, and calm.
A calm mind-set — you know, refreshing your brain after every play.
"We [listen to] meditation music together to keep her calm," he says.
ISNA said Tehran's police chief was on the scene to restore calm.
And sometimes it'll be something that keeps me calm for a while.
They must try to calm students' fears and bring school communities together.
She was very quiet, very relaxed, and I had to calm down.
France rejected the "unilateral" decision while appealing for calm in the region.
I just had a lot of rebellion that had to calm down.
" Pata de Lora remains calm, saying, "I know exactly what is it.
A video for the song "You Need to Calm Down" drops Monday.
That calm evaporates for Sasha seconds after she debriefs an understanding Yvonne.
Also, we need some semblance of calm on the global trade front.
Information and structure helps to ensure calm by providing a clear path.
It will help you calm down by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.
One was calm and seemingly very open and transparent in their testimony.
Given its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile could also calm your bug bites.
The Raptors were relatively calm after their 105-92 victory on Friday.
This will give you space to find a calm state of mind.
But just because it's cooperative doesn't mean it's a calm, friendly hang.
Don't let those calm, curated Instagram shots of TLOP merch fool you.
I was really surprised how calm she was; she was a natural.
I think let's stay calm and look at the chess board here.
"Honey, I need you to stay calm," he says in the video.
But the wider financial markets gained a semblance of calm on Thursday.
Druze leaders are divided over whether the proposals will calm the tensions.
Trump "the calm reassuring presidential figure" may show up next time around.
But this mainly reflects the extreme calm behavior of the tape lately.
There's a certain slyness and a sense of calm quiet to him.
All right, still to calm, a third White House run for Hillary.
While the region needs calm, all it gets is puffed-out chests.
It's delightful to watch his perfect calm make Sir Strange lose it.
Also, just being validated makes me feel less crazy and more calm.
"We may end up in the Hudson," he adds, sounding extremely calm.
When he came out all calm and nice, we got back together.
"I tell the parents to stay rational and stay calm," he said.
Headspace has raised over $30 million and Calm has raised $1.5 million.