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"tract" Definitions
  1. (biology) a system of connected organs or tissues along which materials or messages pass
  2. an area of land, especially a large one synonym stretch
  3. (sometimes disapproving) a short piece of writing, especially on a religious, moral or political subject, that is intended to influence people’s ideas

478 Sentences With "tract"

How to use tract in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "tract" and check conjugation/comparative form for "tract". Mastering all the usages of "tract" from sentence examples published by news publications.

E. coli are normal inhabitants of our intestinal tract, but some strains can cause urinary tract infections and some can spread into other tissues beyond the urinary tract.
Each process along a tract is computationally manipulated and sent on to the next tract.
And so when June's dad was finally able to buy a tract of land — It was a 60-acre tract.
The map below shows unique complaints per capita for each Census tract in and around Hernandez's tract, which is outlined in orange.
If a tract contains multiple ZIP codes, some may fall in the delivery range of a supermarket while others in the same tract do not.
All allergic reactions (sneezing, coughing, itching, vomiting and diarrhea) have one thing in common – they expel unwanted substances from the body (respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract or skin).
Complicated urinary tract infection is a painful condition, which occurs in people with functional or structural abnormalities of the urinary tract and is characterized by fever, chills and back pain.
Those deemed to have a food allergy had least one convincing food allergy symptom, which meant a severe reaction involving the skin or oral mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular or respiratory tract.
He also battled diverticulitis -- inflammation of the digestive tract.
He suffered kidney failure and obstruction in his urinary tract.
It will mainly trap what is in your digestive tract.
"Seth is a demon," Chick Publications printed in one tract.
These can do serious damage to a female's reproductive tract.
Pieces of the fish's pelvic tract remained intact despite digestion.
A jittery person does not have a happy digestive tract.
It lives in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs and cats.
Their immune system mounts an attack on their digestive tract.
There is also an increased risk of urinary tract infections.
In 20113, the Taylors' census tract was 22011 percent white.
Yes, hairballs, which had built up in her digestive tract.
It is at once a pitch-perfect send-up of an overwrought philosophical tract and a philosophical tract in its own right — meaty, hilarious, and a brilliant examination of intangible and utterly human mysteries.
It is at once a pitch-perfect send-up of an overwrought philosophical tract and a philosophical tract in its own right — meaty, hilarious, and a brilliant examination of intangible and utterly human mysteries. —A.
Daniel has Crohn's disease, which is inflammation of her GI tract.
When it blocks the intestinal tract, the consequences can be deadly.
Yes, my friends, I am talking about urinary tract infections (UTIs).
When the woman developed a urinary tract infection, her condition worsened.
Daniel has Crohn's disease, which is inflammation of the GI tract.
Suflonamides treat urinary tract infections, ear infections, bronchitis and eye infections.
Colitis is a disease which causes inflammation in the digestive tract.
The bacteria causes listeriosis, an infection that affects the gastrointestinal tract.
The GI tract is our largest interface with the outside world.
This can result in dehydration, urinary-tract infections and kidney problems.
There's nothing in your reproductive tract that needs to be detoxed.
Inside the bird's gastrointestinal tract, the Leucochloridium larvaemature and release eggs.
Doctors later determined he had contracted a severe urinary tract infection.
So you're gurgling somewhere in the intestinal tract of this thing?
The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for Ms. Montgomery's urinary tract infection.
The objects can cause choking and can injure the intestinal tract.
Portland's Census Tract Three, and other places like it, offer a warning.
He'd been battling high cholesterol and diverticulitis -- inflammation of the digestive tract.
I am listening, I thought, to the cacophony of my digestive tract.
Ali also was hospitalized in January 2015 with a urinary tract infection.
One particularly dog-eared tract was Meditations by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
My husband, Ken, proposed to me on an empty tract of land.
And they seem to have done so, by evolving thicker tract sheaths.
Pure gold is chemically inert and passes undisturbed through the digestive tract.
I wonder whether the rest of her album follows the same tract.
Like other bacteria, sex can push it up into the urinary tract.
He didn't develop suburban tract housing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
After passing through the digestive tract, this sweetener is excreted in urine.
Namely, we cough, kicking these foreign pollutants out of our respiratory tract.
Photo: RedditGrumpy Cat has died from complications following a urinary tract infection.
Such zones are listed as "low income" and designated by census tract.
I felt a familiar sense of dread creeping up my digestive tract.
Probiotics are simply beneficial bacteria that live in your dog's digestive tract.
Jamie isn't just full of digestive tract knowledge in this episode, though.
In densely populated New York, a tract often covers several square blocks.
You've probably heard that drinking cranberry juice helps fight urinary tract infections.
X-rays showed that the reptile's intestinal tract was clogged with plastic.
Usually, profuse bleeding from the mouth comes from the upper gastrointestinal tract.
Most of the reductions were in urinary tract and surgical site infections.
But it also turns up inside our bodies, along the digestive tract.
Typically, coronavirus particles dock to cell receptors in our upper respiratory tract.
Rather, his vocal tract had been CT scanned and then 3D printed.
Cancer linked to HPV Anal cancer occurs where the digestive tract ends.
All of those support a healthy digestive tract and keep you regular.
A tract house is often referred to as a "cookie-cutter" home.
One doctor's report said Wenfeng had a tumor in his digestive tract.
The tests showed a mild viral illness in the upper respiratory tract.
As we've seen, the GI tract and the reproductive system are linked.
They found no adequate evidence to link obesity with squamous-cell esophageal cancer, gastric noncardia cancer, cancer of the biliary tract, lung cancer, cutaneous melanoma, testicular cancer, urinary tract cancer, or glioma of the brain or spinal cord.
Those who become ill will have problems in their upper respiratory tract; those who become severely ill will have problems in the lower respiratory tract, and those can lead to really serious health concerns like pneumonia and bronchitis.
Under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health, a large team of scientists is now engaged in creating a "normal" microbiological road map for the following tissues: gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, skin, airways, urogenital tract, blood and eye.
They are widely prescribed to treat upper respiratory infections and urinary tract infections.
Their simple digestive tract contains methane-producing bacteria to aid in processing food.
This changes as men age when their incidence of urinary tract infection rises.
It can also cause genital warts and lesions in the upper respiratory tract.
The digestive tract of the 'future of food' does not always run smooth.
UTIs, as they are commonly known, occur when bacteria infect the urinary tract.
What follows is a lucidly argued tract about the hazards of good intentions.
Equinor had the highest bid of nearly $24.5 million for a single tract.
They can cause pneumonia, urinary tract infections and serious blood or wound infections.
The cause was a chronic urinary tract infection, his partner, Ronnie Asbell, said.
Communist Party of Spain leader Manuel Azcárate wrote in his 1978 tract Eurocommunism.
C elegans mostly consists of a primitive digestive tract and some clear gunk.
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) involves chronic or recurring inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.
The combination of wax and wick can be hellish on the digestive tract.
" But, she notes, "Our GI [gastrointestinal] tract is set up to naturally detox.
A vast tract of drought-stricken rural Australia could serve as an example.
Nellis felt her upper respiratory tract closing up, making it difficult to breathe.
Instead, this concept of tract-weighted density measures tends to be more accurate.
He picked up a hospital-acquired diarrheal illness and a urinary tract infection.
A tract of the Amazon rainforest in Boca do Acre, Brazil, Aug. 24.
A tract of the Amazon jungle in Boca do Acre, Brazil, Aug. 24.
Lying in bed put her at risk for pneumonia and urinary tract infections.
Music that doesn't interfere with quiet conversation and doesn't upset the digestive tract.
The coronavirus — which targets the respiratory tract — is a cousin virus to SARS.
Other species are responsible for urinary tract infections and some types of pneumonia.
The doctors who examined her have prescribed antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.
Urinary tract infections, or U.T.I.s, are one of the world's most common infections.
Urinary tract infections, or U.T.I.s, are one of the world's most common infections.
Germs that make it into your digestive tract don't always come from food.
The stiff material gets wet quickly and often leads to urinary tract infections.
What was found in Otzi's digestive tract, and what does it tell scientists?
But another culprit surfaced: a hemoglobin deficiency and polyps in his digestive tract.
Puyallup strategy is to harvest 65 percent of the biomass in a given hundred-acre tribal tract, such as this one, and then to move on, "a rotational thing" assuming an average tract recovery time of 50 years, according to Winfrey.
The chronic infectious disease can also cause problems to the respiratory tract and eyes.
There's probably very little your digestive tract—or your immune system—would object to.
"Their reproductive tract basically goes dormant when they're not in heat," says Dr. Zabell.
The researchers focused on the animal's alimentary system, otherwise known as the digestive tract.
In June, he was hospitalized in Las Vegas after developing a urinary tract infection.
Typically, kidney infections begin as urinary tract infections, but can arise on their own.
" Eventually, "the blue vinegar flood transformed the moonlit yard into a tract of hell.
Does the 85-year-old with a urinary-tract infection just need some antibiotics?
Now imagine doing that with 110 bags of drugs hidden in your digestive tract.
Influenza virus causes an infection in the respiratory tract, or nose, throat and lungs.
Muhammad was hospitalized in January 2015 after suffering from a severe urinary tract infection.
Once the injection has occurred, the needle can break down in the digestive tract.
Metronidazole is used on infections of the vagina, stomach, skin, joints and respiratory tract.
The data reflects the census tract where children were living when they were screened.
But antibiotic-resistant bacteria can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, urinary-tract infections and meningitis.
Only 10% of the 360-mile-long Florida Reef Tract contains living coral today.
Pixie Scientific makes smart diapers that monitor Alzheimer's patients for urinary tract infections (UTIs).
Cases of respiratory tract infection and the skin disease scabies are the most common.
Another San Francisco company, Lemonaid, offers prescriptions for straightforward conditions, like urinary tract infections.
Technically, anything you put in your GI tract has the potential to cause bloating.
Edible robots made from gelatin may soon get to work in your intestinal tract.
Springfield is forty minutes south of Dartmouth College, in a NMTC-eligible census tract.
Scott picked the tract that contains most of the development for the tax break.
Grumpy Cat died on May 14 due to complications from a urinary tract infection.
For one, the strong swimmers are built to survive in the female genital tract.
We are actually changing the way the gastrointestinal tract is handling its everyday function.
Other causes can include autoimmune diseases and genetic disorders or chronic urinary tract problems.
The coronavirus family: The viruses in this large group typically affect the respiratory tract.
It can cause chronic pain, menstrual problems, recurrent urinary tract infections, cysts and infertility.
Coronaviruses typically makes people sick with a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness.
They used acoustic formulas to determine what sort of sound the tract would produce.
Only about 150 people developed biliary tract or gallbladder cancers during the study period.
Chronic dehydration too often leads to tooth decay, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.
The original Garlic died in January from a urinary tract infection at age 2.
Forty minutes later, the lab results come back positive for a urinary tract infection.
He had to be vigilantly burped, because his digestive tract lacked normal muscle activity.
Her husband, Robert Alvarez, said the cause was complications of a urinary tract infection.
Even a couple times a month could be bad news for your GI tract.
My zest for non-dairy ice cream comes from one place: my GI tract.
Common problems like STDs and urinary tract infections are also becoming resistant to treatment.
The virus seems to make us sick in one of two distinct, independent ways: By setting up shop in and irritating our upper respiratory tract, where the nose and throat reside; or nesting deeper in the lower respiratory tract, where the lungs are.
Their whole commensal thing is chilling on the parts of your body exposed to the outside world (skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract), a group of surfaces known together as the epithelium, and living it up courtesy of your various forms of filth.
The patient mix included in the study included six who showed no symptoms whatsoever, as well as 22 who had symptoms in their upper respiratory tract (things like sneezing, headaches and sore throats, and eight who showed lower respiratory tract symptoms (mostly coughing).
He was absent from the Senate for several weeks with a recurring urinary tract infection.
Plus the classic advice that cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) is actually true.
The current framework would auction off priority access spectrum in small chunks, by census tract.
Daisy suffered from bile duct cancer, which attacks the digestive tract leading to the liver.
The most common infection sources for sepsis are pneumonia and urinary tract infections, Simpson said.
The burgeoning field looks to treat illnesses by adding "good" bacteria to your digestive tract.
Le Corbusier's 1923 Utopian tract, "Towards an Architecture", made such demands of a stagnant industry.
Urinary tract infections are highly uncomfortable and distracting and worse, often become more advanced, fast.
And then the rest of her digestive tract, the ascending colon, was inverted as well.
They're in your bowel, on your skin, your lungs, your genital tract and your bladder.
That way, he explained, each tract is given time to restore to pre-harvest levels.
Michael knew people with gastrointestinal tract problems, and he thought Zayner's experiment could help him.
But there are also many mu-opiod receptors in a person's bowel, or intestinal tract.
This includes E. coli, which can cause diarrhea, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and other illnesses.
Our enteric nervous system in the gastrointestinal tract communicates with the brain to control digestion.
His office then announced that he suffered a series of urinary tract infections after treatment.
Her politics run conservative—she initially placed a Christian tract in each brown bag meal.
In one census tract, more than half of all tested children had high lead levels.
The capsules could be used to check for disease or conditons in the digestive tract.
A genuine essay is not a doctrinaire tract or a propaganda effort or a broadside. . . .
Cells in the gastrointestinal tract divide all the time and account for many fewer cancers.
As a gastroenterologist, Dad was more interested in talking about organs in the digestive tract.
Reuters obtained testing data from the Indiana census tract, labeled 133, from 2005 through 2015.
Or was it something that the Lactobacilli in your digestive tract was actually jonesing for?
It can cause intestinal tract problems, swelling of the esophagus, and swelling of the colon.
You catch it by swallowing microscopic parasitic eggs, which hatch in y our intestinal tract.
Common problems like STDs and urinary tract infections are also becoming more resistant to treatment.
The Florida Reef Tract is a major part of the state's fishing and tourism industries.
Bladders that don't empty fully are also at increased risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).
They have problems with dry skin, as well as with their joints and G.I. tract.
If they occur frequently, however, it could cause a dangerous blockage in the digestive tract.
It began with the troubled circumstances of my birth: I had a malformed intestinal tract.
Period poverty subjects many to physical health risks such as reproductive and urinary tract infections.
"Most birds when you take out the reproductive tract, they stop ovulating," Dr. Pilny said.
To make a particular sound, we have to give the vocal tract a particular shape.
The cause was complications of a urinary tract infection, his daughter Nguyen Thi Hop said.
Such title legally recognizes indigenous groups as the traditional owners of a tract of land.
Massive capital expenditures and big tract purchases by the oil and gas industry are history.
Other times, sexual intercourse can introduce bacteria from the colon and vagina to the urinary tract.
But the most important thing about Valerie Solanas's tract, first published in 1967, is its fury.
A specific focus was placed on the respiratory tract, comprising of the nose, throat and lungs.
That means Avro's skin patches eliminate the need to swallow pills and involve the GI tract.
But prunes are power-packed with nutrition and antioxidants, and are beneficial for your digestive tract.
That isn't actually a great analog for the twists and turns of the female reproductive tract.
"What the (profanity) is an Essure coil doing in her vaginal tract?" the doctor reportedly said.
Hematuria happens when blood cells enter your kidney or urinary tract, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Now, go eat some fiber and thank your healthy GI tract for your normal bowel movements.
Ms Chan therefore concentrated her attentions on part of the male genital tract called the epididymis.
They typically talked to their doctor about respiratory infections, backaches, urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal problems.
About 250 percent of cases affecting the genital tract are asymptomatic and resolve within two years.
Hopefully by the time that happens, we won't have to worry about urinary tract infections anymore.
I tried not to think of live maggots in my mouth or in my digestive tract.
The CDC has begun publishing estimates of life expectancy at the census-tract (or neighbourhood) level.
He said his father also suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and a urinary tract infection.
Bladder emptying is one of the primary factors that can prevent bladder infections (urinary tract infections).
Ingested wire bristles can become lodged in the throat or puncture the digestive tract, risking infection.
"Young children can end up hospitalized with problems like urinary tract or staph infections," she added.
As to its consequences farther down the digestive tract, those remain the province of further research.
Fiber helps keep your digestive tract working properly as it ushers wastes out of the body.
The new migraine drug's most frequently reported side effects were upper respiratory tract infections and sinusitis.
The true story of Sean Paul Lockhart has all the subtlety of a Jack Chick tract.
This means that 100 boys would need to be circumcised to prevent one urinary tract infection.
She has test results showing she contracted a urinary tract infection in the attack, she said.
You may have heard about the importance of peeing after sex to avoid urinary tract infections.
Last year, the drug was also approved to treat complicated urinary tract infections including kidney infections.
Antibiotics are only effective for illnesses caused by bacteria, including strep throat and urinary tract infections.
To get that glucose, the digestive tract breaks down carbohydrates, such as pasta, candy, or bread.
None of them besides Hossein had ever read a political tract or attended a party meeting.
For me, that point happened on this windswept tract of hard soccer field in Barnard Park.
It is generally contracted from contaminated poultry, meat, eggs and water, and affects the intestinal tract.
The project's tract houses stood behind green lawns and weeping willow trees and generous blacktopped driveways.
Crohn's involves inflammation of the digestive tract, which can cause fatigue, abdominal pain, and bloody diarrhea.
And this month, L.A. County provided a trove of census tract-level results covering most neighborhoods.
The company is also enrolling for a 1,000-patient eravacycline trial in complicated urinary tract infections.
"But then two eggs are fertilized by the mixed sperm within her reproductive tract," he added.
Inversely, research suggests that vitamin D supplements may help to protect against acute respiratory tract infections.
However, that is where their interest in the gastrointestinal tract ends; they will not do poop.
A tract of Roman road was discovered during the construction of a McDonald's in Marino, Italy.
There are trillions of bacteria in the digestive tract, and as many as 100 different species.
One week ago, the Gilroy shooter reportedly cited a white supremacist tract in his online postings.
We see endless arrays of sun-stunned tract and mobile homes, with the occasional human figure.
Japanese news outlets said the cause was acute cholangitis, an inflammation of the bile duct tract.
But gum disease was not associated with cancers of the pancreas, liver or lower digestive tract.
"Some of my patients have a problem with gas clearance in their GI tract," she explains.
Voice of a 3,000-year-old mummy reproduced by 3D-printing a vocal tract Seriously, scientists.
Most human coronaviruses cause "mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses", similar to the common cold.
Potentially, the protein can travel up the vagus nerve connecting the gastrointestinal tract and the brain.
He had made his mark as a builder of thousands of tract homes across Southern California.
Leviathan was once considered a beast, a monster as Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher called his tract.
Short-term effects from inhaling it include irritation of the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract.
She was finally offered a policy that excluded coverage for anything related to her gastrointestinal tract.
In neighborhoods where tract housing is the norm, individual houses are nearly indistinguishable from one another.
Matthew Perry underwent surgery to deal with a serious health scare stemming from his digestive tract.
Apparently if your GI tract sloshed around your insides that would be a really bad scene.
Under the form, funds would be required to report the employer identification numbers of each business in which the fund has a stock or partnership interest, the census tract in which the business has property, and the value of the investment apportioned to each census tract.
The animal has two brains but a single respiratory system, digestive tract and body, according to SWNS.
A digitally colorized scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of Escherichia coli bacteria, which often cause urinary tract infections.
Sometimes, the normally harmless bacteria in the gut can contaminate the urinary tract through our own feces.
I was going to be exposed to the future of wifi in a three-bedroom tract home.
Nevada officials wanted to nominate the census tract that included the industrial park as an opportunity zone.
She had Crohn's disease, and it had ripped her digestive tract apart, Miller writes on her blog.
Because chemotherapy administered by catheter drains rapidly from the urinary tract, surgery has been the usual recourse.
Study participants without concussions had received treatment for noncombat health problems like gastrointestinal tract issues or dermatitis.
Members of this group, which is around 60,000-strong, are at particular risk of urinary-tract infections.
The most common side effects for patients were easily controlled diarrhea and urinary tract issues, researchers said.
Ali was hospitalized in January 2015 for follow-up care after suffering a severe urinary tract infection.
That's a lot of insects working their way through the collective digestive tract of the Pacific Northwest.
Indeed, there is abundant evidence that proteins are metabolized in the digestive tract into component amino acids.
Over half of women will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point during their lives.
That same year, Raylene's 15-year-old brother died after falling ill from a urinary tract blockage.
Fed with this data, the virtual vocal tract was able to produce verbal speech with surprising clarity.
Cocaine Physiologically, cocaine reduces blood flow in the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to tears and ulcerations.
Instead, the sugars hang together until they reach a portion of your digestive tract called the jejunum.
Take, for instance, the idea that cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections — is that fact or fiction?
A history of ulcers or bleeding, especially in the gastrointestinal tract, or anemia are also risk factors.
Scanlan grew up here, in a narrow duplex on a nondescript street in a tract housing development.
They most often manifest as urinary tract infections, but can also cause serious bloodstream and lung infections.
One doesn't simply imply that our president's daughter has a colon — much less an active gastrointestinal tract.
Police said the village headman and his supporters arrived at the disputed tract of land with guns.
In case you're wondering, these beans did not pass through the digestive tract of a small animal.
As recently as 210, 13 percent of the children tested in the 21 tract had elevated levels.
Charcoal binds to poison in the gastrointestinal tract and stops it from being absorbed into the bloodstream.
The tract with the superyacht marina was wealthier and whiter than the tracts identified by city leaders.
Still, some research suggests that men have more severe respiratory tract infection symptoms than women, she said.
Some yoga experts say that this "massages the abdominal organs," which expels gas in the digestive tract.
In the past, people thought of the brain and the gastrointestinal tract as two independent organ systems.
Over time, a balanced diet is important for your immune system function and GI tract, Armul explains.
There are few people, if any, who know more about the lower genital tract than I do.
Those numbers are nearly doubled in north Lumberton, where one tract holds a median income of $52,332.
Matching content with form, the movie is tight and merciless, even if parts play like a tract.
"The Death and Life of Aida Hernandez" is an illuminating work of literature, not an ideological tract.
Those figures are probably undercounts, as the 1980 census lacked tract boundaries for much of rural America.
The tract in the stomach is well formed, and it's a fairly simple and quick bedside procedure.
Bleeding was also a fairly common cause of death, often in the brain, lungs or digestive tract.
Most human coronaviruses cause "mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses", similar to the common cold ( here ).
But the researchers also wondered whether these hard-shell, every-ready eggs survive a bird's digestive tract.
Crohn's disease is a bowel disorder that causes inflammation in the digestive tract, according to Mayo Clinic.
Coronaviruses typically affect the respiratory tract and can lead to illnesses like pneumonia or the common cold.
On Friday, a team of researchers reported that monkeys have a vocal tract capable of human speech.
Crohn's affects the lining of the digestive tract and can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and rectal bleeding.
The more red a tract is, the more that population's shrunk, relative to the tract's total population.
To help you navigate the city's neighborhoods a bit better, we've outlined every tract that has gentrified.
Another pioneer of the category, Grumpy Cat, died in May after complications from a urinary tract infection.
Sculpting the poop into cuboid nuggets appears to be a finishing touch for the wombat digestive tract.
The rest of the tract goes on to depict a dystopian world nearing the return of Christ.
Both activities stimulate the vagus nerve, which helps control unconscious activity of the heart and digestive tract.
"Yeast can live normally in the vaginal area, in the gastrointestinal tract, and in the mouth," Young says.
In other words, peppermint "calms muscle spasms in the gastrointestinal tract," which soothes an upset stomach, she says.
The internet star passed away due to complications from a urinary tract infection, according to her official Twitter.
For every census tract on the continent, we counted the dots and measured the percentage representing developed land.
The doctors hope he will have near-normal function of his urinary tract, physical sensation, and sexual function.
There's nothing quite like a urinary tract infection (UTI) to take the wind out of your sexy sails.
Changes in vaginal microbes also play a role in sexually transmitted infections, as well as urinary tract infections.
Crohn's is a chronic inflammatory condition in the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss and fever.
In a healthy digestive tract, food and waste move through the intestines by peristalsis, or involuntary muscle contractions.
When the detergent passes through the rest of your digestive tract, it can cause gastrointestinal distress and diarrhea.
In this particular case, the woman suffered from Klebsiella pneumoniae, a bug that often causes urinary tract infections.
The second step specifically, which translates vocal tract maps into synthetic sounds, appears to be generalizable across patients.
" As well, "Nearly 80% of all urinary tract infections in premenopausal women occur within 24 hours of intercourse.
Ali, 19963, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, previously was hospitalized in January 2015 with a urinary tract infection.
Petplan warns that chicken wings have especially fine bones, which can splinter easily and puncture the gastrointestinal tract.
L.A. County shared results for each census tract with at least 100 unique children tested over this period.
"Truthiness was from the gut, but Trumpiness clearly comes from much further down the gastrointestinal tract," Colbert said.
Over the months that followed, this data was decoded and linked to specific movements of the vocal tract.
The result was a computer-based, virtual vocal tract that—in theory—could be controlled by brain activity.
This test sequences the DNA of your, well, poop to determine what's going on in your digestive tract.
Patients with urinary tract infections can develop complications if appropriate doses of the right antibiotics are not administered.
While the miniature reproductive tract can't bleed, it can prompt the release of an egg from the ovary.
The pyramidal tract was located manually in the brainstem by yours truly, using a software called ITK-SNAP.
About 20 percent comes from a variety of other operations, including for the eyes and the gastrointestinal tract.
Treatment often includes trying to remove contaminated food from the intestinal tract by inducing vomiting or using enemas.
"It's an investment in the future," he said, eyeing a tract of rolling green hills quilted with vines.
The seven-term senator has been out ill for the last several weeks with recurring urinary tract infections.
Salmonella is a bacteria that typically infects the intestinal tract and can cause diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.
Typically, loperamide acts on opioid receptors in the gastrointestinal tract and does not enter the central nervous system.
Anthony: A lot of women can end up with urinary tract infections and other kinds of health issues.
Then come wax models of a life-size digestive tract and a patient with a raging tongue tumor.
We know that flatulence is caused by a buildup of gas in the digestive tract, according to MedlinePlus.
Then they ran that data through mathematical models and special software to simulate how the vocal tract works.
As recently as 2015, one area tract had a rate of 13 percent, the highest in the city.
Indulin can burn the eyes, skin and respiratory tract if a person comes into contact with concentrated amounts.
Brenda Meng has Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.
The flat land, though cultivated and presumably fertile, feels as bare and bland as a tract-house town.
He also knew that if the process is rushed, the GI tract has difficulty dealing with the influx.
Prosecutors are charging the companies with corruption over a deal for an offshore oil exploration tract off Nigeria.
A tract of the Amazon rainforest is seen after a fire in Boca do Acre, Brazil, Aug. 24.
What may be affecting curcumin's efficacy, doctors say, is that it is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.
With that preface out of the way, let's get down to business — the business of your gastrointestinal tract.
In particular, the nano-robots could be used to address gastrointestinal diseases by maneuvering through the gastrointestinal tract.
The drug is listed by the World Health Organization as an "essential" medicine for lower urinary tract infections.
If you have a vagina, the chances are you've experienced the misery of a urinary tract infection (UTI).
Even a short flight can upset your pet's digestive tract — this goes for cats as well as dogs.
Orr frequently studies bats, and said they will store sperm for a full year in the reproductive tract.
One way to think of today's disinformation ecosystem is to picture it as a kind of gastrointestinal tract.
The virus belongs to the coronavirus family, a large group of viruses that typically affect the respiratory tract.
Duodenoscopes are flexible tubes snaked down a patient's throat to diagnose or treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
They're packed with probiotics that strengthen the "gut biome" -- the good bacteria that live in the gastrointestinal tract.
Gut microbiota refers to the community of bacteria that live harmoniously together in our digestive tract, explained Kozyrskyj.
He focuses on tract housing — or "cookie-cutter" homes — where he can easily identify value and negotiate effectively.
But in other directions, the trees and shrubs turn abruptly to tract housing, mobile homes, and unattached homes.
A history of ulcers or bleeding, especially in the gastrointestinal tract, or anemia is also a risk factor.
The gut's microbiome — the thousands of strains of bacteria in the intestinal tract — changes, too, immediately and permanently.
They also noticed reproductive tract malformations in the male offspring of mice that were fed DEHP in oil.
Have you ever wondered why your gastrointestinal tract doesn't slosh around your abdomen like a bowl of ramen?
They also affect the millions of microbes living in our digestive tract that are crucial for human health.
As a result, the FCC has long used an ISP-approved, census-tract-based approach to measuring broadband.
The total economic impact of non-influenza viral respiratory tract infections is estimated at another $40 billion per year.
AstraZeneca (AZN) and Sanofi (SNY) struck a joint venture deal to develop a vaccine for lower respiratory tract illness.
The tract is part of the U.S. Marine Corp jungle training camp known as Camp Gonsalves in Northern Okinawa.
It's dangerous because the contents of the GI tract can spill and cause a serious infection, such as sepsis.
The problem is that fecal contamination of the urinary tract is frequent due to the proximity of these systems.
First, the basics: Probiotics are live bacteria or yeast that live in our digestive tract and help aid digestion.
The total economic impact of non-influenza viral respiratory tract infections is estimated at another $40 billion per year.
Many avoid using public restrooms altogether, leading to health problems such as dehydration, kidney infections and urinary tract infections.
Milbank's column "will come through his GI tract in much the same form it came in," the doctor explained.
This can happen for a few reasons, most commonly because you have a urinary tract infection, Dr. Chung says.
The association persisted whether the mother took the medicine for pain, fever, flu or any other respiratory tract infection.
We also found that nitrofurantoin, mostly used to treat urinary tract infections, are actually decreasing the risk of miscarriage.
Common wisdom has held that recurring UTIs are simply caused by new bacteria being introduced into the urinary tract.
Peeing after sex ensures that any potential bacteria that has entered the urinary tract during sex is flushed out.
In 2017, the most common killers of children and adolescents were diarrhea, acute malnutrition and lower respiratory tract infections.
The team observed no degradation, but the beads were lost over time, presumably via discharge from the reproductive tract.
Jarreau had dug up most of his 17-acre tract and sold the dirt for use in construction projects.
Specifically, the researchers tracked activity in parts of the brain responsible for controlling the muscles of the vocal tract.
She suffered from prune belly syndrome, a rare birth defect marked by urinary tract problems and weak abdominal muscles.
The project plot is a fenced-off tract of boulders dumped by what used to be a sandy beach.
From what I can tell Mickey and Goofy end up in Donald's digestive tract and give him mudbutt. Yeah.
Some cause diarrhea, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and other illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Honeymoon cystitis is just a cutesy name for bladder infections caused by sex, aka a urinary tract infection (UTI).
Any air that you swallow can end up in your gastrointestinal tract, and therefore cause gas, according to MedlinePlus.
They're careful not to overfish, and harvest each tract to the agreed-upon threshold (no more) before moving on.
So factors affecting the transit rate of food through our gastrointestinal tract will have significant influence on stool form.
A colleague who had just started an astronomy tract at the University of Chicago asked Rubin to advertise it.
Eight years later, a well-produced video tract for the Jehovah's Witnesses further quelled any questions of his commitment.
Since the anus is an opening at the end of the gastrointestinal tract, that means it can harbor bacteria.
The comic and civil rights legend was recently hospitalized for a urinary tract infection, according to his son, Christian.
Doctors determined he had suffered a severe urinary tract infection, for which he received further treatment in January 2015.
One urged people to read "Might is Right," an obscure racist and sexist tract written in the 19th century.
As a result, they suffered from dehydration, upper respiratory tract bacteria and gastric ulcers, Balala said in a statement.
Galeota also experienced diverculitis, or inflammation in pouches of the intestinal tract, which may have caused the abdominal pain.
Males exposed to the drug may develop abnormalities in the reproductive tract, including a higher risk of undescended testicles.
TROUBLED TRACT The CDC's role in ensuring the health of people near Superfund sites is enshrined in federal law.
Elizabethkingia bacteria are rarely reported to cause illness in humans, and can sometimes be found in the respiratory tract.
This led to a serious urinary tract infection, which ultimately required Corrales to be admitted to an outside hospital.
Hendricks purchased West Creek Ranch in 1995, then in later years acquired additional land to assemble the current tract.
The yellow-green gas is extremely corrosive to the mucuous membranes of the eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract.
Animal studies have shown that NDMA can be toxic and cause tumors in the liver, kidney and respiratory tract.
It was the second time the 77-year-old president had surgery on his urinary tract in two months.
Enterobacter, for example, is associated with the human gastrointestinal tract, and Staphylococcus aureus is often found on human skin.
"The goal is to get the vinegar into the GI tract ahead of most of the starch," Johnston says.
I thought about my GI tract as a row of growing mushrooms in the window of some alien species.
But the brain participates very actively every moment of the day in controlling the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
Especially illuminating was analyzing lead exposure down to the census tract, instead of across a whole state or county.
Some are biological — for example, women have a stronger immune response to viral infections particularly of the respiratory tract.
She does worry about urinary tract infections; she has seen the delirium they sometimes cause in her older clients.
The riverfront tract in Long Island City scored a 9 on that investment scale, and was flagged for gentrification.
The three-inch wood pick, from a sandwich, traveled through most of his digestive tract without doing any harm.
Adenoidectomy was associated with about double the relative risk of obstructive pulmonary disorder, upper respiratory tract diseases and conjunctivitis.
The doctor ordered a biopsy of the lower GI tract, which was suggestive of mild G.V.H.D. but not definitive.
When doctors opened his abdomen to patch up the damaged digestive tract, they found it riddled with parasitic worms.
Surrounding the city and sprinkled among its tidy tract neighborhoods, potatoes, alfalfa, sugar beets and corn grow in fields.
The discovery of the tomb briefly stopped construction, but the project continued on a different tract of the pipeline.
The bowel at the upper left corner of the abdomen is the most vulnerable part of the GI tract.
While his tongue and palate have decomposed, most of the soft tissue in Nesyamun's vocal tract has remained intact.
They often feel like a common cold or an upper respiratory tract infection, with fever, cough and runny nose.
Coronavirus is transmitted through the air and primarily infects the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tract of mammals and birds.
In theory, it&aposs supposed to bind fat in your digestive tract so your body can&apost absorb it.
Such viruses cause several illnesses of the respiratory tract, ranging from the common cold to severe diseases like SARS.
They are not simple throat swabs, but instead require cells from hard-to-reach parts of the respiratory tract.
The building had previously been owned by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, then by Brooklyn Law School.
The shrimp are purged (not fed) just before they are sold so there's no "vein" (digestive tract) to clean.
Historically, the FCC declared an area "served" with broadband if just one home in a census tract had service.
As we reported ... Grumpy Cat -- government name Tardar Sauce -- died in May from complications from a urinary tract infection.
We walked to our narrow rectangle tract, which was lined by quiet apartment buildings set back above the street.
Former President Carter was admitted back into the hospital over the weekend for treatment of a urinary tract infection.
A complicated urinary tract infection is associated with an underlying condition, which increases the risk of failing antibacterial therapy.
They are known to enter fish through the mouth or digestive tract and eat them from the inside out.
Side effects are mild and reversible and include problems with the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, the Task Force notes.
An earlier version featured census tract level results, but reporters discovered the county's epidemiologist had misclassified some of them.
Another strain, which causes urinary tract infestions, forms circular rings, and others "kind of look like snowflakes," remarks Danino.
"Marijuana does a unique thing to your small intestine that alters the motility [the way things move through your intestines] of your gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) in such a way that it causes your blood alcohol levels to actually be lower than… if you had just consumed alcohol by itself," Lukas says.
The comedian also suffers from Crohn's' disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.
Fiber is the magical ingredient that bulks up your stool, smoothes it out, and moves it along your gastrointestinal tract.
Crohn's is a chronic inflammatory condition in the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, weight loss and fever.
He was suffering from the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis, a chronic bowel condition that causes inflammation in the digestive tract.
That may have been articulated most forcefully in 1984 with the publication of Jean-François Lyotard's tract The Postmodern Condition.
In 19763, Getty made a deal with the Saudis to purchase a tract of land near the border of Kuwait.
So if you have some concerns about that end of your GI tract, your doctor should be your first stop.
Used with lethal effectiveness in World War One, it causes severe delayed burns to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.
Without this combination of fiber, your stool has less water in it, and moves slower through the tract, Zolotnitsky says.
In these animals the virus infects the digestive system rather than the respiratory tract, usually without producing signs of malaise.
NeoTract's UroLift is a minimally invasive device to treat men with lower urinary tract symptoms due to an enlarged prostate.
Grumpy Cat, one of the internet's most famous cats, died this week due to complications with a urinary tract infection.
Salmonella is a type of bacteria that affects the gastrointestinal tract and is usually spread in contaminated food or water.
Following a microscopic analysis, the team found a slow-growing carcinoid tumor in its digestive tract and diagnosed stomach cancer.
Those espousing the benefits of juicing might say the goal is to flush harmful stuff out of your digestive tract.
Internists diagnose and provide treatment for problems affecting internal organ systems, such as the stomach, kidneys, liver and digestive tract.
Urinary tract infections are highly uncomfortable and distracting, and they are very common for women because of the female anatomy.
Easily ingested, they start to build up in an animal's digestive tract, hindering its ability to absorb energy from foods.
I have Crohn's Disease, an autoimmune disorder that afflicts the gastrointestinal tract, so I am no stranger to chronic pain.
Enne notes that these infections can become severe if left untreated, leading to pneumonia, urinary tract infections, sepsis and death.
Allegedly sold puppy with urine scalding, staph infection and urinary tract infection; no vet plan found at two consecutive inspections.
Another fiber study, again in mice, showed what happens when the bacteria in the digestive tract don't get any fiber.
But Big Cranberry won't let go of this messaging, despite strongly worded condemnations from specialists who treat urinary tract infections.
Sidebar: Mustard gas is a no-no in warfare because it burns your eyes, your skin and your respiratory tract.
"When we talk about dieting in the future we will be manipulating the bacteria in our GI tract," Agus said.
She sued Heartland over the fall and "numerous urinary tract infections" that the lawsuit alleged he contracted while living there.
When mice were fed capsaicin, it bonded with receptors throughout the gastrointestinal tract and produced an endocannabinoid compound called anandamide.
Using these FODs, probabilistic tractography was run to connect the primary motor cortex to the pyramidal tract in the brainstem.
Thus, it appears that a subject is a poor judge of the volume of gas present in his intestinal tract.
It's a kind of philosophical tract about our place in the universe with the story as a kind of McGuffey.
Studies have shown that talc crystals can move up the genitourinary tract into the peritoneal cavity, where the ovaries are.
Urinary tract infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat because the bacteria that causes them is resisting once-effective antibiotics.
We are now in a position we can predict the onset of a urinary tract infection 28503 days in advance.
It also mentioned that "low concentrations of fiberglass fibers" — irritants to the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract — were detected.
Over half of the women interviewed had suffered from urinary tract infections which were often left untreated, the study found.
The woman had gone to a military clinic in Pennsylvania last month and was treated for a urinary tract infection.
It got so bad that I stopped going to the bathroom at work altogether, and I developed urinary tract infections.
The most common causes of death included complications after premature birth, lower respiratory tract infections and swelling of the brain.
So-called DES daughters also carry an increased risk of pregnancy complications, infertility and structural abnormalities in the reproductive tract.
Then there are the "superbacteria," opportunistic pathogens that can erupt as infections in the blood, lungs, intestines and urinary tract.
But research by P'ng Loke also indicates that they commandeer the microbiota, the community of microbes in the intestinal tract.
Sacramento-born writer Joan Didion called the mansion "an enlarged version of a very common kind of California tract house."
After a metal plate was inserted in his lower back to fuse his spine, he developed a urinary tract infection.
Studies have shown that probiotics, the living microbes that hang out in your digestive tract, effectively treat many skin conditions.
Doctors initially thought the berries prevented UTIs by making the urinary tract more acidic, but that has since been discounted.
It takes place in trailers, in mid-century modern living rooms, and in the tract house with the red door.
What's more suspicious is that his ruled esophageal tract is all but invisible in the chain's more recent marketing collateral.

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