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"block" Definitions
  1. [countable] a large piece of a solid material that is square or rectangular in shape and usually has flat sides
  2. [countable] (British English) a tall building that contains flats or offices; buildings that form part of a school, hospital, etc. which are used for a particular purpose
  3. [countable] (North American English) the length of one side of a piece of land or group of buildings, from the place where one street crosses it to the next
  4. [countable] a group of buildings with streets on all sides
  5. [countable] (especially North American English) a large area of land
  6. [countable] (Australian English) an area of land for building a house on
  7. [countable] a quantity of something or an amount of time that is considered as a single unit
  8. [countable, usually singular] block (to something) something that makes movement or progress difficult or impossible synonym obstacle
  9. [countable] a movement that stops another player from going forward
  10. the blocks (also starting blocks) [plural] the two blocks on the ground that runners push their feet against at the beginning of a race
  11. the block [singular] (in the past) the piece of wood on which a person’s head was cut off as a punishment see also chopping block (2)

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"block" Synonyms
bar chunk lump hunk mass piece slab cube brick cake square wad wedge ingot nugget segment slice wodge loaf oblong obstruction impediment obstacle hindrance restriction barrier impedance restraint encumbrance fetter hurdle limitation setback burden check cramp crimp cumber curb blockage clog stoppage congestion jam clot occlusion barricade stopping up blocking obstructing stopping stemming closure cutting off building complex structure development edifice tower wing unit extension section module part portion subdivision subsection division tier branch department arm detachment office sector chapter batch group bunch cluster lot array assemblage band collection constellation grouping series set bank battery clump package parcel passel alliance axis coalition confederacy confederation federation league syndicate union association bloc combination combine consortium faction party sect body fraternity expanse area region space span spread stretch tract zone domain field territory range sphere sweep vicinity head dome noggin noddle nut bean mazard mazzard nob noodle pate poll bonce skull cranium napper crown conk brain crumpet pad tablet jotter notebook notepad sketchbook diary journal scratch pad exercise book memorandum book record book Filofax scratchpad memo pad scribbling pad writing pad pad of paper stationery steno pad gob gobbet blob clod dollop nub knob glob nubble dab ball fence railing hedge rail paling stop wall hedgerow roadblock partition screen balustrade boundary enclosure trellis guard groin(US) groyne(UK) fortification rampart bulwark defence(UK) stockade parapet breastwork earthwork palisade defense(US) battlement protection buttress outwork defenses(US) defences(UK) fieldwork solid dodecahedron figure icosahedron pyramid cuboid tetrahedron hexahedron die parallelepiped ignore mute silence silent ban banlist blacklist engraving etching impression print plate woodcut carving linocut cut inscription vignette chiselling(UK) chiseling(US) design enchasing illustration image intaglio lithograph tackle challenge interception grab hold throw attack confrontation prohibition embargo proscription veto interdict interdiction injunction boycott moratorium sanction disallowance taboo don't refusal disqualification suppression hang-up affliction daemon demon difficulty fixation inhibition mania neurosis obsession phobia preoccupation terror thing torment anxiety dilemma disturbance fear pulley machine ring wheel sheave SCU administrative segregation AdSeg cooler hole hotbox lockdown pound security housing unit SHU solitary confinement special handling unit flagstone flag paving stone cobble cobblestone curbstone sett paving slab stone block stone tile paver cellblock shower block toilet block tower block cigar box box blocked shot support foundation base column platform reinforcement substructure underpinning backing bracket cornerstone fulcrum groundwork pillar foothold joist pole post delay pause wait break halt interlude interval intermission holdup interruption gap lull detention holdback suspension stay retardation log stump bole timber trunk wood billet driftwood length stick chunk of wood tree trunk block of wood piece of timber stock stalk stem haunt hangout purlieu habitat headquarters home locality abode neighbourhood(UK) neighborhood(US) patch rendezvous beat den dwelling local retreat street building block component element constituent ingredient factor member item fragment feature whole entity discrete item stop payment freeze refusal to pay welsh minefield hazard ordeal problem test trial danger zone scaffold gallows gibbet halter noose hanging rope drop execution death penalty beam potence being hanged crossbeam being executed being strung up gallows tree killing beheading quoin chuck clamp brace chock clasp vice grip fastener press holdfast lock catch jumar nipper snap hasp fastening end finish ending discontinuance closing halting ceasing desisting deterring hesitation holding remaining terminating deadlock impasse stalemate standstill gridlock standoff cessation checkmate draw logjam stand-off catch-22 dead end Mexican standoff full stop dam embankment barrage levee dike boom ditch gate grade milldam millpond weir monolith megalith menhir sarsen monument statue stele standing stone sarsen stone gravestone headstone tombstone obelisk dolmen plinth prehistoric monument line file train queue rank string row chain convoy fleet lineup procession armada caravan cavalcade cue investment beleaguerment siege beleaguering besieging blockade blockading leaguer surrounding besiegement encirclement cordon cordoning blocking up bombardment plug choke obstruct close bung congest fill occlude pack stopper stuff clog up close out frustrate hinder prevent arrest deter foil hamper thwart inhibit intercept limit restrict balk(US) baulk(UK) deflect parry repel avert rebuff repulse fend off hold off stave off defend against turn aside hold at bay keep at bay ward off keep off turn away forbid prohibit disallow proscribe debar exclude outlaw preclude obviate forestall oppose fight resist contest dispute confront defy contradict counter battle deny face combat gainsay controvert rebut withstand argue obscure hide cloak conceal mask shroud veil cover eclipse shadow blanket enshroud envelop overshadow adumbrate befog bury camouflage squeeze cram force ram crowd crush thrust lodge push sandwich shoehorn stow fix gird encircle surround enclose encompass circle girdle compass circumscribe bound environ border embrace confine wreathe skirt inclose edge fringe shape make cast fashion form frame model mould(UK) sculpt adapt create mold(US) sculpture adjust carve fit hew pattern whittle Lego Duplo toy capital uppercase capitalised(UK) capitalized(US) majuscule big uncial upper-case upper case More
"block" Antonyms
promotion encouragement assistance support continuation aid help cultivation advantage supporting endorsing espousal fostering nurture promoting advancement stimulation espousing fueling(US) fuelling(UK) opening passage hole gap space orifice break access passageway avenue freedom of passage means of access disunion dissolution disunity disconnection disjunction disjuncture division discord disaccord dissension discordancy dissidence infighting discordance schism disharmony dissent dissention dissonance inharmony sheet piece leaf page folio benefit relief allowance blessing boon clearance facilitation freedom furtherance liberation perfection permission strength dispersal scattering individual one harmony method tidiness organisation(UK) arrangement calm system organization(US) quiet orderliness order whole depression little none base connection headquarters lessening shrinkage subtraction disarrangement disorder disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) injury entirety entireness ace bit dab dram driblet glimmer handful hint lick mite mouthful nip ounce peanuts pinch pittance scruple shade shadow unblock unclog clear free cleanse clean open purge declutter unclutter release unplug clean out clear out free up empty unstop disencumber discharge liberate expedite facilitate advance foster further promote assist encourage permit push allow accelerate drive motivate smooth speed precipitate let leave make way for approve sanction accept ratify authorize(US) grant authorise(UK) welcome let go admit endorse OK suffer include reinstate restore answer attract confront encounter face meet take deal with take on cause create effect initiate produce provoke trigger elicit induce instigate occasion spawn start affect effectuate generate introduce beget spur abet acquiesce condone consent to egg embolden empower endure incentify reveal disclose expose show uncover unmask unveil broadcast divulge publish uncloak communicate display inform bare impart unearth announce unfold declare

237 Sentences With "block"

How to use block in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "block" and check conjugation/comparative form for "block". Mastering all the usages of "block" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The creatives are plagued perpetually by writer's block (or sculptor's block or painter's block or whatever block).
Best yoga block overall: Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga BlockBest basic yoga block: Gaiam Yoga BlockBest yoga block and strap set: YogaRat Block and Strap SetBest eco-friendly yoga block: Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block
Starting with Block I, the Air Force has moved through Block IIA, Block IIR, Block IIR-M, and today they've completed the launch of their Block IIF series.
Block and his twin brother, Allan Block, who serves as chairman of Block Communications Inc.
When you have a block leader on every single block, they can own the block.
John Robinson Block and his brother Allan Block, who serves as chairman of Block Communications Inc.
"It's going to take rigorous, aggressive public health — what I like to say, block and tackle, block and tackle, block and tackle, block and tackle," he said.
Block after block after block, jammed together for a cause that is gaining attention across the country.
When you have a block leader on every single block, they can own the block as their own.
Instead of losing two great buildings, we could lose block after block after block to a nuclear event.
Beasley faced up and backed down, rotated over to block shots, and dropped nifty block-to-block dimes.
Instead of losing 2 great buildings, we could lose block after block after block to a nuclear event.
It's a greatest-hits revue: a block of British items, a block of seasonal but timeless designer clothes, a block of athleisure, a block of suits and formal wear.
You can replace block B and pick up block C, but in reality you're picking up the same real block.
Afterward, they block (and block, and block) so San Francisco's fleet of swift backs can run (and run, and run).
Ultimately, writer's block isn't a block on writing, Morley added, but is instead a localized block on inspiration and creativity.
To block someone on Facebook, head to Settings > Blocking > Search for the profile of the person you want to block > Block.
Ironically, just as Piper is all determined to unite D Block and C Block in epic harmony, inter-block tension bubbles.
A large block, a small block, and a heat sink.
Block after block of tall apartment towers had been obliterated.
Essentially: Tell Facebook what to block, and it'll block it.
But change requires working block by block, community by community.
So EIP 1234 makes another change: It reduces the block mining rewards from 3 ETH per block to 2 ETH per block.
The Butcher Block, $99The Made In American Maple Butcher Block is a substantial block of wood that is equal parts elegant and functional.
If you block Nav22015, for ­example, you might block muscle movement.
Coverage remains extremely limited: it varies widely and block by block.
What does the city even really look like block by block?
The "new kids on the block" are now off the block!
And it's built piece by piece, Lego block by Lego block.
Drone footage shows block after block of homes leveled by fire.
In block after block, people hosted impromptu tailgates on their lawns.
" As we approach Waterloo bridge, the crowd spreads out to block traffic on both lanes, shouting "You block our bridges, we'll block yours back!
"Demand is block by block, and you'll have people running out and making offers, but it depends on what block you're in," added Pinson.
Go through all your social accounts and contacts and, block, baby, block.
Once opened, it freezes data block by block until everything is locked.
The Block by Block program was launched in Kibera, Nairobi's largest slum.
It's now in C Block with Carol, not D Block with Barbara.
Weeks earlier, Fig ordered that D Block and C Block stay separated.
Anyway, this will put D Block and C Block in close contact.
Closer to the ground, block after block of residential development streamed past.
As I walked, I passed block after block of waist-high grass.
To block someone on desktop, right-click their username and select "Block."
Rents are rising, and so are block after block of luxury apartments.
Hourly rates will vary by time of day and block by block.
How to block a website on Firefox using the Block Site extension1.
It imposed block-by-block order through blast walls, patrols and checkpoints.
It was the 2200 block of Ryder Street, not the 2000 block.
We block out light from the physical world, we block out sound.
The Lightpad Block M, Seaboard Block, and Beatmaker Kit, Seaboard Block Bundle (without Equator), Songmaker Kit, and Seaboard Rise 49 are all 20 percent off.
I downloaded Mr. Number and it offers a lot of options, including the ability to automatically block known scams, block suspected fraudsters, block numbers that are hidden on purpose, block numbers that aren't in your contacts and more.
The other 21625 percent comes from a variety of sources: private and corporate donations, foundations and three block grant programs — the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) and the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG).
Not to mention the cost of re-creating a city block by block!
Property values can vary greatly from town to town, even block to block.
When it comes to creation, I block create and block focus on business.
Block by block across 19 boroughs, residents have gathered to beautify their alleys.
"All In" is divided into segments: A block, B block and so on.
They cruised block after block of rowhouses in an especially drug-plagued area.
Under "Settings" –> "General" –> "Restrictions," you can block the kids from using Apple's built-in apps, block app downloads, and can block apps based on their current rating.
Epicurean Matte Black Knife Block, $85-$100The block takes up less space than traditional knife block and is useful for holding only the knives they really need.
Color Block Asymmetrical Bra, $19.99 and Performance High Waist Color Block Leggings, $29.99;
But many people block me and other conservatives, and they block early and often.
Block one is not actually the first block of bitcoin transaction data ever created.
The programming block was the block that brought the Singaporean people to this building.
That block is essentially the currency itself — you get rewards for creating a block.
With a Churchillian rallying cry, he unleashed officers to fight crime block by block.
"You could always walk from block to block and hear a story," she said.
Elba v Block: Hollywood icon Idris Elba and professional driver Ken Block race cars.
You can easily block a website on Firefox by using a Block Site extension.
China could block a first hearing but cannot block a second, American officials say.
"Authors can get author's block, but I've never heard of translator's block," she said.
Menino worked on Boston neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, sometimes storefront by storefront.
The streets can feel desolate and forgotten, a certain sadness stretching block after block.
Firefighters found themselves moving from block to block to put out fire after fire.
New York City New York City is a place of block-by-block extremes.
The Division's New York City, while gorgeous, doesn't change much from block to block.
They have a block reserved and she wants to make sure I'm in the block.
Using Block Together, any Twitter user can block a number of accounts all at once.
And then we will do things like pass legislation, block legislation, pass regulations, block regulations.
But if Allison could block it in mice, maybe he could block it in people.
" South Koreans say "block shot" while North Koreans say "buhduh make," or "stretching to block.
"I grew up on that block and my mom died on that block," she said.
Our movement is growing from the ground up, block by block, and neighborhood by neighborhood.
Tap the button marked "i" and scroll down to Block this Caller to block them.
Block by Block also provides its methodology free to projects it doesn't select for funding.
"The very last block is a king block, and that's like a cork," Yankielun says.
Exxon owns a 60 percent of the block, Block 10, with QP holding the rest.
But in terms of block-by-block, street-level beauty, no neighborhood rivals North Beach.
"One going around the block?" could be a pedestrian walking around the block, or it could be a SCULPTOR going around a block of material as the sculpture is born.
Some governments also ask telecom companies to block some websites on their DNS servers — some countries block Facebook for censorship reasons, others block The Pirate Bay for online piracy reasons.
On the flip-side, there were plenty of plays on offense where we needed one block or had guys there to get a block and we couldn't get a block.
Since then, Iraqi forces have been fighting house-by-house, block-by-block against ISIS extremists.
Republicans will block any federal Democratic climate initiative that they have the power to block. Period.
There's nothing like having Jenny From the Block singing that song while cruising down the block.
Survey teams are reportedly looking for victims and recording damage on a block-by-block basis.
For Carol in C-Block, that means cordoning off the high-paying jobs for C-Block.
" H&R Block: "H&R Block has come down, so you think it might be valuable.
NASA is planning to make two main variants of the vehicle: Block 1 and Block 1B.
Maria, the D Block captain, begins picking people from C Block, thus breaking up the blocks.
" "I hope the cabinet will block it and if not I hope parliament will block it.
I have to address the Third Best Block LeBron managed in the series: A great block!
But he hasn't proved his association with the most important bitcoin block of all: block zero.
But block zero, known as the "genesis block," was 100 percent, unquestionably created by Satoshi Nakamoto.
In urban areas like Oakland, California, the air quality can vary dramatically from block to block.
Bob the pruner and I proceed block by block, inspecting the trees that need a haircut.
GO FOR BUTCHER BLOCK For a clean-looking countertop on the cheap, nothing beats butcher block.
The Drop Block Under Cabinet Knife Block utilizes under-cabinet space that would otherwise go unused.
But it declined to block other channels, prompting Iranian authorities to block access to the app.
In. Breeze from block to block with your essentials buckled safely ­— and fashionably — to your waist.
Starting in 43, the Air Force wants to divest its Block 20 and Block 30 RQ-4 surveillance drones, a total of 24, leaving only its 10 Block 40 RQ-4s.
Here are the best knife blocks to buy:The best knife block overall: Kuhn Rikon Vision Clear Slotted Easy-to-Clean Knife StandThe best in-drawer knife block: Shenzhen Knives In-Drawer Bamboo Knife BlockThe best magnetic knife block: Böker Wood Magnetic Knife BlockThe best knife block on a budget: Kitchendao Universal Knife BlockThe best under-cabinet knife block: The Drop Block Under Cabinet Knife BlockUpdated on 1/8/2020 by Jen Gushue: Updated picks, prices, links, and copy. 
So it started at 50 BTC per block, in late 2012 fell to 25 BTC per block, and is expected to half again to 12.5 BTC per block in about three weeks.
Each block that is added onto the chain carries a hard, cryptographic reference to the previous block.
Ireland and France already said they could block a trade deal with Latin America's Mercosur trading block.
Block by block as she nears the center of town, she sees new streetlights, more police cars.
"If they block us from coming in, we block everyone from coming in," said the protest leader.
Michael Miller, a lawyer for Block, said after the hearing that Block planned to appeal his conviction.
You can block someone on LinkedIn by navigating to their profile and simply pressing the block button.
This value "solves" a block of Bitcoin transaction data, and the block is added to the blockchain.
The block difficulty is calculated based on the amount of time it takes in between block solutions.
Female brickmasons, block masons, and stonemasons make 190.5% as much as male brickmasons, block masons, and stonemasons.
Inside, shops and homes spill crumbling concrete onto either side of the narrow roads, block after block.
In particular, the campaign for West Mosul has involved block-by-block fighting in an urban environment.
"The army is busy clearing the university block to block, it may take some time," he said.
First it jumps up from the floor to one block, then it jumps from that block to another one, jumps down, completes a bigger jump to reach a taller block, and then, as if to say "that was so easy," MUFUGGIN ROBOT DOES A BACKFLIP FROM THE TALL BLOCK.
There are three versions of the SLS planned — called Block 22014, Block 1B, and Block B — and they each carry a different payload and can be configured to transport either crew or cargo.
The first bitcoins were mined in a block of 50 coins called "Genesis Block" on January 22017, 21.
For now, this early version of Torus exposes files as block-oriented storage through a Network Block Device.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Kasich wrote.
" COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT "The Budget proposes to eliminate funding for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.
You drop the block into the little pond or small puddle but the block seems to be hiding.
Block after block, the sidewalks are crammed with tents, boxes, broken furniture, and shopping carts full of possessions.
You cannot believe that somebody is asking you to go around the same block—the very same block!
A gang side or this is my block, a block that they don't even own taking a side.
Block size limits transaction speeds, and the SegWit2x upgrade would have raised the block size to two megabytes.
Block by block, creative solutions are breathing new life into older residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors across America.
This "block" is the same sort of soft-block we've mentioned, where you can still get around them.
We found that attention on our block, and that loyalty with, with who we on our block with.
Block by Block accepts applications from community groups who can show they have support from the local government.
The neobank also beta tested a "merchant block," feature to allow customers to block spending at specific retailers.
"The difference between a good block grant and a dangerous block grant is in the detail," Ohio Gov.
The game is pretty much block-for-block the original, with the same screen layouts, enemies, and dungeons.
The first bitcoins were mined in a block of 50 coins called the "genesis block" in January 2009.
Each block has a unique ID called a hash that is created by running the ID of the block that preceded it and the data stored in the current block through a cryptographic algorithm.
Side effects include blockages & blockades, a block-Head-of-State- Your-business-as-usual, a block-head-strong-arm-of-the-law, A block-head-shot-gun-point-and-shoot, down-fall-out shelters.
The block reward Two other factors that may influence the growth rate of the network's total hashrate are the bitcoin block size and the halving of the bitcoin block-reward, expected to happen this summer.
Regardless of what kind of block you choose, "most hotels will open more rooms for you, at your room-block rate, if your whole block gets booked, if rooms are available," Ms. Strauss-Goldman said.
Block, which pits the actor against professional rally car driver Ken Block, known for his viral Gymkhana video series.
They talk about O-block—they were outside, on the block, for the whole first year I knew them.
The space agency planned to create two versions of the SLS rocket: the Block 1 and the Block 1B.
They could also see everything I was doing in real time, and we could build together block by block.
The Google Chrome plugin Twitter Block Chain similarly lets users block all of the people following a particular account.
They are Ultimate Ears and are so helpful because they don't block any sound, they just block harmful frequencies.
That means NASA can continue launching the smaller Block 1 vehicle until the bigger Block 1B SLS is ready.
NASA's plan was to fly Block 1 just once for the first SLS flight, and then fly Block 1B.
According to the company, this will block all third-party tracking cookies identified by the ad-block platform Disconnect.
Some troops tried to eliminate Maute snipers on Monday as others guarded deserted streets, taken back block-by-block.
"He can make it around the block now," while before he was spent after half a block, she said.
Atlas can now jump from elevated block to elevated block, and do a complete about-face in the air.
" Greenfield added that it's important to note that the FCC "doesn't block deals per se, they block license transfers.
We have a Greenland Block north and Rex block west, forcing arctic air into Canada and the northern US!
Only after zooming in block by block did some tiny red dots appear, representing Thai, Somali and Greek spots.
I passed block after block of businesses with Chinese characters next to English phrases: Normcore, Feel Good, Miss & Yes.
"It is all in the probably 10-block, 15-block area," Mayor Bob Buckhorn told CNN sister network HLN.
Block, which pits the actor against professional rally car driver Ken Block, known for his viral Gymkhana video series.
Some troops tried to eliminate Maute snipers on Monday as others guarded deserted streets, taken back block by block.
Utilities, they said, could go block-by-block, with power shut down for a short period of time each.
That summer there was another murder one block to the east and then another one block to the west.
With just 1,800 people, the nine-block area contains the population density of a single block of the Eixample.
She came over for three interviews, vowing to attend block association meetings, gardening days and the annual block party.
I ad-block, I cookie-block, and I use a password manager and a ton of disposable email addresses.
What Big Pine Key required was people walking, house by house, block by block, marking where people still were.
If you hit "Block," you can then opt to ignore the message, block the account or report the user.
You can't block someone on Slack — here's what you can do insteadSlack doesn't allow you to block other users.
Policy after policy, regulation after regulation, block by block, the administration is slashing legal immigration to the United States.
TAXES $8,824 a year CONTACT Jeff Block, Berkshire Hathaway Fox & Roach Realtors/City Block Team, 215-833-7088; cityblockteam.
In fact, he placed the windows so that they block the view of the Victorian houses on the block
H&R Block: The online experienceThe online experience from both TurboTax and H&R Block is a good one.
It also requires internet service providers to automatically block banned websites and monitor (and block as required) international communications.
"The original aim was to block the road and block the trains, not to fight with police," said Lee.
The consortium submitted two bids for block 4 and block 123, Abi Khalil said in a statement on Facebook.
For the inmates in D Block in max, Mischief Night is an occasion to get back at their more prosperous counterparts in C Block — and potentially steal their jobs so they can become the richer block.
Trying to respond to comments became exhausting, so my Saturday nights turned into a Block Party—the kind where I block a lot of people, not the kind where I party with people on my block.
There are a couple of methods you can use to block videos or channels once you have installed the Video Blocker extension — you can block specific videos, or you can block any videos with specific keywords.
Ecopetrol bid for the offshore GuaOff-10 block, it said, while Hocol placed a bid on the COR-9 block.
They continue to throw road block over road block in front of him because it will never be good enough.
What sets H&R Block apartH&R Block offers many of the same features as TurboTax for a cheaper price.
One is dependant on building up Block, which prevents damage, and using your Block number to cause damage to enemies.
The vast crowd—which included toddlers perched upon shoulders, students, teachers and parents—thronged down Pennsylvania Avenue, block after block.
And we gonna call it Kyle Block now, because this was our block, so this is what we called it.
You can block it at the DNS level by asking all internet service providers to block a specific domain name.
On your lunch break, walk around the block once, and when you leave the office, walk around the block once.
Their city is being divided up block by block: Some areas are held by the militants, some by the government.
It's a new sort of war environment, one in which block by block and house by house fighting becomes normal.
Here's everything that happens when you block someone, as well as a guide on how to block anyone on Discord.
Like Pennsylvania's 17 other House districts, the Seventh was drawn using mapmaking software that analyzes voting patterns block by block.
The fabric is pinned to 16-foot tables that the printers slowly work their way down, tapping block after block.
For 13 days, he proudly held Cindy's leash and paraded her around my block as if it were his block.
I accompanied her as she drove past block after block of pawnshops, bail bondsmen, used-car dealerships, and Mexican restaurants.
It contains about 10 cells on a block as opposed to the nearly 30 on a typical Rikers cell block.
"We are talking about almost a million people who need attention block by block," he said in a television interview.
If you only wish to block the sender, click the option that says "Block" followed by the sender's email address.
When you think of a knife block, you may envision the traditional, slanted wooden block that sits on your counter.
But when you "pick up" a block, it just attaches to Wilmot or to a block that's attached to Wilmot.
Pay attention to your local news or lose freedom block by block to those whose greed for power is insatiable.
H&R BlockBlock lost 67 cents per share for its latest quarter, 1 cent less than analysts had been anticipating.
If you're already using an ad blocker to block banners, you sure as hell want to block in-browser cryptocurrency miners.
Right now, a protest action is taking shape that encourages users to block Twitter's advertisers en masse, using a block list.
Vorenkamp urges all photographers to follow the golden rule: "If you don't want someone to block your view, don't block theirs."
If somebody enters my mentions, I use a program called Block Chain that lets you just block everyone who follows someone.
If a company provides access to any customer in a census block, the entire block is also added to the count.
To change this on... Block even more using a browser extension The options above are helpful, but they don't block everything.
Some regulation will include new ways to confirm identities and block money laundering—and in extreme cases, block exchanges all together.
In terms of Ray's struggle with writer's block at the beginning, I'm curious about how you yourself deal with writer's block.
Cobra venom has a lot of neurotoxins in it which block pain neurons just as effectively as they block muscle neurons.
There is no way to completely block dark posts from your Facebook feed, just as you can't completely block all ads.
SpaceX equipped the Block 5 booster with several upgrades designed to make it more capable than its predecessor, the Block 4.
Twitter supports block lists and makes it easy for users to mass-block entire universes of people they don't even know.
Rather, the user responsible for creating the new block—called a forager—is rewarded with the gas associated with that block.
Current FCC maps declare an entire census block "served" with broadband if just one home in that block can receive service.
As for race, you figure out the race of one person on the block and give the entire block that race.
When in essence that block was the block on which tons of African American men and women were sold into slavery.
Mr Wright has also demonstrated this verification in person to The Economist—and not just for block 9, but block 1.
For the longest time I was convinced it wasn't going to work, as I experimented with block pattern after block pattern!
His tendency to throw block quote after block quote onto the page can't sufficiently make up for what really isn't there.
Firefighters and other emergency workers raced from block to block, urging residents to evacuate to shelters that were hastily being opened.
The neobank also beta tested a "merchant block" feature to allow customers to block spending at specific retailers of their choice.
The projects are a collaboration of U.N.-Habitat and the Block by Block foundation, which is funded by Microsoft and Mojang.
In downtown Rapid City, we idled at empty intersections, block after snowy block, waiting for traffic lights that governed no traffic.
Here, the embers will blow onto roofs, onto parched lawns and bushes, and begin burning thousands of buildings, block by block.
San Francisco's climate is generally pretty mild, but temperatures in and around the city can vary dramatically from block to block.
Go deeper: Why Trump's Medicaid work requirements lost Medicaid block grants move forward in Tennessee Medicaid block grants invite legal firestorm
Then after the concrete block is cured, or hardened, the forms can be elevated on vertical rails attached to the block, so the next block of concrete can be built atop the previous one within a safe enclosed space.
Users will have to choose whether they want to outright block all cookies, no cookies, or only block cookies from third parties.
They&aposre a lot of good people, but they are just adamant to block him, supposed Republicans adamant to block this president.
All you have to do is select "block" in the top right corner of a message thread to change your block settings.
Each small block is a section of the army, and each large block represents the house that will be leading that army.

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