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"likeness" Definitions
  1. [countable, uncountable] the fact of being similar to another person or thing, especially in appearance; an example of this synonym resemblance
  2. [countable, usually singular] a painting, drawing, etc. of a person, especially one that looks very like them
"likeness" Synonyms
similarity correspondence sameness resemblance equivalence uniformity similitude congruity agreement parallelism alikeness comparability affinity conformity analogy identicalness equality comparison identity relationship form appearance semblance shape outline image aspect figure guise contour delineation silhouette mien profile shadow contours figuration character configuration curves representation picture illustration drawing sketch model portrait painting portrayal depiction effigy icon statue sculpture reproduction statuette ikon bust clone duplicate replica double twin counterpart facsimile match ringer duplication doppelganger carbon fetch lookalike copy spit photocopy Xerox counterfeit fake forgery sham phoney(UK) fraud phony(US) hoax dupe pirate imposture pseudo deception junque simulacrum rip-off photograph photo shot snap snapshot print slide transparency negative positive bromide film frame pic plate selfie study verisimilitude realism naturalism literalism representationalism authenticity truth credibility likeliness plausibility genuineness likelihood reliability virtual reality lifelikeness personification embodiment epitome incarnation avatar exemplification manifestation abstract embodier essence exemplar externalisation(UK) externalization(US) genius incorporation instantiation show pretense(US) charade front act false pretense illusion masquerade affectation display feigning con dumb act facade fakery falsehood falsification imitation monotonousness monotony tediousness repetitiveness tedium routine dullness invariability repetitiousness dreariness ennui humdrum evenness tiresomeness wearisomeness dryness flatness More

859 Sentences With "likeness"

How to use likeness in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "likeness" and check conjugation/comparative form for "likeness". Mastering all the usages of "likeness" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's nearly impossible to avoid remembering those photos when you see her likeness in "Famous" curled vulnerably and intimately around the likeness of the man who abused and beat her.
The right of publicity protects a person's right to his or her likeness, which could come into play if a court found that "Fortnite's" dances are significantly identifiable as a specific person's likeness.
A giant likeness of Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Gov.
Entertainment for allegedly scamming him out of his likeness rights.
You'll be stuck bearing the likeness for years to come.
Debra says she owns the rights to her sister's likeness.
"You cannot use someone's 'likeness' without their permission," she tweeted.
Not the likeness of a person but … what was it?
A stone obelisk bearing Dr. King's likeness marks the spot.
In Observer, his likeness and voice lend weight to Lazarski.
He's even allowing his likeness to be used on cans.
Ardent defenders of the Confederacy didn't want King's likeness there.
It's someone's face, likeness, voice, image, name, and their tattoos!
Not that Robert ever brought this likeness up with Johnson.
It said an artist called Ginger helped create the likeness.
And they may not care for the likeness you see.
Buffett reportedly allowed Coke to use his likeness for free.
The painter visited the bathroom to check on the likeness.
Winnie the Pooh's likeness is banned in by China's censors.
Inc. the exclusive use of Lee's identity, name, image and likeness.
By using her "likeness" without her permission, Trey compromised Palmer's brand.
The likeness, in shades of rust red and brown, is uncanny.
Of course, Rihanna wasn't the only one shocked by their likeness.
The act of capturing your own likeness isn't new, of course.
Inc. the exclusive use of Lee's identity, name, image and likeness.
And the famed matryoshka dolls are hand-painted with his likeness.
Yandy debuted a sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume in his likeness.
During Carnival, masks bearing his likeness were top sellers across Rio.
I think capturing likeness comes down to practice and paying attention.
Readers can judge for themselves if it is a reasonable likeness.
We need to listen to her instead of screengrabbing her likeness.
But dedicating their lives to God is where the likeness ends.
Given Andre the Giant's physical prowess, capturing his likeness wasn't easy.
Painting someone's true likeness wasn't really the priority in Tudor portraits.
It aims to protect an individual's image and likeness after death.
Trump's likeness, however, will be appearing on Spike's Lip Sync Battle.
For a while he tried to ban his showman's likeness, too.
How do you capture a likeness of someone you've never seen?
Her likeness is plastered on the doors to the arena entrance.
Dawson – wearing a jacket bearing a likeness of presidential candidate Sen.
A few more questionable tattoos and the likeness will be uncanny.
Neither he, his likeness nor his voice appears in the spot.
If you use an athlete's likeness, they should be compensated fairly.
T-shirts and bumper stickers bearing Frasier's likeness were sold nationwide.
Liquid wings spurt outward, and then the likeness of Dominus Ghaul appears.
Their likeness raises questions about the possible existence of a common ancestor.
Please dismiss headlines about NCAA allowing player compensation for name, image, & likeness.
Fresh cookies, frosted in her likeness, fill the windows of the bakeries.
It's unclear whether Epic purchased likeness rights for any of the subjects.
Gavin Newsom, allows athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness.
Wingham used Kardashian's likeness to make sure the features were just right.
Taking ownership of the potential for #ThanksDonald in the likeness of #ThanksObama?
Of the 2148 female-fronted bills discussed above, 74 bear her likeness.
Continue to stir as the eggs cook, and cook to your likeness.
Grande is suing Forever 21 for allegedly using her likeness in advertisements 
The hope is that seeing a victim's likeness will jog people's memories.
Beside them is a likeness of the Korean activist Kim Hak-sun.
He travels around California on a tour bus airbrushed with his likeness.
Or that Manet obliterated a likeness of his wife painted by Degas?
Will President Trump seek to have his likeness added to Mount Rushmore?
He encouraged this immortalization, producing, for instance, furry Fendi dolls in his likeness.
Now that she's mimicking his signature hairstyle, too, the likeness is even stronger.
Some get a statue in their likeness; others have buildings named after them.
The likeness to Dogtooth doesn't end with the interrogation of authority and conformity.
North Carolina Senator Jeff Jackson used Jordan's likeness to comment on McCrory's legacy.
It was still Manny's likeness — plus, of course, a copy of his mind.
God, the embodiment of love, has created all of us in his likeness.
Who will claim that someone's likeness is too sacred to reproduce or steal?
Often, her Instagram followers will comment on her selfies pointing out the likeness.
It is, in general, a pretty bang-on likeness of Jeremy Renner too.
Tinder users have many motives for uploading their likeness to the dating app.
Their name and the likeness and their look is what they pay with.
Though she's more model than influencer, her likeness is used to sell, too.
He says he has no issues with this, though any likeness was unintended.
Lucasfilm has said it would not digitally recreate Fisher's likeness in future films.
Another of the accounts she reported uses her likeness in its profile picture.
Many commentators questioned the likeness of Michelle Obama's portrait to the woman herself.
It's a likeness of a frog drinking tea, and that's pretty much it.
At his audition, he signed a form saying they now own his likeness.
Good sport that he is, even Stewart agreed the likeness was spot-on.
It's not hard to see why most gamers design characters in their likeness.
Mara Teigen has stormed social media with her striking likeness to Angelina Jolie.
Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy: NCAA Video Game > This Check Use my likeness.
I was thrilled when Martin decided to create this character in my likeness.
The prank's so popular, blogs are now selling his likeness on t-shirts.
A forensic consulting firm, Parabon, offered to generate a predictive likeness using DNA.
The presence of Pooh's likeness would contravene Olympic rules of sponsorship and branding.
In it, Alan, thinner with longer hair, has a likeness to Chuck Norris.
There's swag emblazoned with his likeness (the baseball cap is currently sold out).
It bears an unfortunate likeness to the jihadist black flag flown by ISIS.
The pillowcases evoked a likeness to the hoods worn by the Ku Klux Klan.
I want to hire somebody that has the shared experience and a likeness, etc.
Goldstone is British, and his James Bond likeness seems to end right about there.
As Denae shared on Twitter, she managed an uncanny likeness of Pinhead Larry herself.
Even when Eva Longoria's son isn't physically with her, his likeness isn't far away!
Likeness continues at Yossi Milo Gallery (245 Tenth Ave, Chelsea) through October 19, 2019. 
" But the animators held to a main goal that "realism had to trump likeness.
Even the camera app looks like an Apple ripoff—though the likeness stops there.
Damn, these figures are a pretty fantastic likeness of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.
I asked Kalenzaga if any of the show's original stars had approved their likeness.
People have even hinted that they may start a religion based on his likeness.
Maybe it was the quick timing, but this likeness just isn't all that likable.
The subjects sit just once for me, and I try to capture their likeness.
The association does not currently allow students to profit off their name and likeness.
Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, the Lord God said.
" The Viki voice whispered, "All things exist in order to attain the divine likeness.
You can have your likeness cast as one of these incredibly creepy 3D busts.
He's managed to emulate his father's likeness and sound, though he's not as good.
Still, certain earthy women find M's shopworn bull-likeness in no way off-putting.
It also appears to be a faithful likeness, judging from the photographs of Mrs.
Adventures in Petlandia can create a personalized storybook using your pet's name and likeness.
Someone called the latest Hasbro action figure the most realistic likeness of you yet.
If you are using someone's likeness in virtual reality, do you require their permission?
Grande isn't the first star to sue a fashion company for using their likeness.
"It's important for me to capture likeness and not just a body," he said.
The reason for his newfound celebrity: His likeness is featured in a mosaic there.
They profit from burning my likeness on TV. But who pays for heightened security?
Here at White Sands, science made its nearest approach to divine likeness, divine knowledge.
What would it look like to make art about the Trumps without their likeness?
Players are also prevented from generating any kind of compensation around their image or likeness while they're in college, which — for many of them — is going to be the only time when their likeness or their image has any economic value at all.
Trump has long been obsessed with licensing his name and likeness to collect hefty royalties.
If not, how your likeness is capitalized on is more of a free for all.
I'm serious about my business and you will not use my likeness without MY permission.
Ellen DeGeneres's likeness appears in two framed paintings in the corner of a living room.
An Instagram follower seemed confused by the likeness: "Is that your son?" the follower asked.
Entertainment. The star was previously suing the company for allegedly fraudulent use of his likeness.
Before Diana Kho Nguyen's brother killed himself, he cut his likeness out of family photographs.
One model was seen parading a Hillary Clinton latex mask, and the likeness was uncanny.
Tesla has since updated the terms and conditions to remove perpetually from the likeness clause.
Mr Shcherbakov is working on a likeness of Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the famous rifle.
Much of Legend's likeness wasn't recorded; it's simulated through WaveNet, Google's DeepMind voice synthesis tech.
His likeness had nothing in common with the "skinny, bespectacled Jew" from the Korzhavin poem.
Since Pellegrino's case relies entirely on likeness rights, it should be unaffected by that pause.
Last year it decided that there was not even room for a likeness of Thatcher.
The Iron Man likeness comes from the toy's included mask and gauntlet (the hand piece).
Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower | Panama City, PanamaNot as much in his likeness.
Turns out Charlotte can recognize not only her grandma's logo well, but her likeness too.
Even when her likeness is splashed across the The Post, skewered by an actual fork.
Anyone who agreed to the terms gave FaceApp access to their photos, name and likeness.
He's also touting his new "Chong's Choice" marijuana, which will bear his name and likeness.
Sanders's name and likeness are all over town — plastered on bumper stickers, storefront windows, barnyards.
Debra controls the rights to Sharon's likeness, and therefore wants to discuss her sister's portrayal.
The catch is that it's not actually Hannibal, but an inert "robot" in his likeness.
Remember when Angela gave Dwight a bobblehead likeness of himself and he absolutely loved it?
For homeowners, a weather vane can be hand-carved with a likeness of their dog.
When asked whether athletes should be allowed to profit off their likeness, support was significant.
The city decided to honor their feline star by erecting a statue in his likeness.
Nearby, we found an empty seating area painted in the likeness of the American flag.
Caitlyn: I don't think I'd want my likeness naked in bed next to Bill Cosby.
For example, can you use someone's likeness to have sex with them in virtual reality?
In their selection of Kehinde Wiley, for Mr. Obama's likeness, and Amy Sherald, for Mrs.
Then do the same with Amy Sherald, who is charged with painting Michelle Obama's likeness.
The goal was to both create a likeness and to allow Bale to be expressive.
Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York, urged the administration to remove Mr. Kim's likeness.
But Bird's attorney, Gary Salle, told CNN his famous client wasn't thrilled with the likeness.
Genesis 1 makes clear that all of us are created in God's image and likeness.
But when politicians talk about gun reform, they tend to flatten it into their likeness.
The art for Pinkett Smith's own show doesn't have her image or likeness in it.
To retain a likeness, they had to be photographed, which was cheaper and more accessible.
But fans are noting that out of the three statues, only Jon's likeness looks older.
Birds dug them out, so she made a scarecrow, fashioning it in her father's likeness.
When it comes to the statue of Henry itself, it's hardly the most recognisable likeness.
Joanna even got an appraisal on her likeness, and says she can command $100k per photo!
The issue of allowing players to monetize their name, image and likeness summons the usual refrains.
And now, in a nod to its cultural significance, there's a vibrator made in its likeness.
He reclaimed those photos, too, painting images of them, reasserting his right over his own likeness.
His likeness is now so common around the internet that people are starting to notice him.
If you've ever fancied having Nefertiti's likeness on your shelf at home, it's now eminently achievable.
It would be a poetic death, perhaps, asphyxiating beneath the likeness of his most iconic creation.
"Such a wild mind!" conceded the VHS likeness of Goenka one night, to my great relief.
Trump wasn't the only one whose likeness appeared on some of the packages of heroin, however.
The Migos rapper will have to settle for seeing his likeness on Cardi's elaborate manicures instead.
Snap a photo of yourself and the camera will create an emoji based on your likeness.
The costume's likeness even elicited a Twitter response from the actor who plays Cam, Eric Stonestreet.
Fudge and daughter, Michelle Carr, delighted in the opportunity for a photo with the singer's likeness.
And in 2016, a product designer in Hong Kong made a humanoid robot in Johansson's likeness.
It's a hand-sketched likeness of Snoop Dogg smoking a blunt, and the blunt is real.
We're told they haven't used her name or likeness once since her departure from the group.
What's more ... Stan claims Olivarez got him into crappy deals to sell his name and likeness.
Hellborg said she could see the likeness between herself and the award-winning singer in profile.
Clark: I read that she wasn't particularly happy that the show went forward using her likeness.
On Wednesday, Zelda Williams, the actor's daughter, criticized the use of Dean's likeness in the movie.
Lucasfilm said earlier this year that it would not digitally recreate Fisher's likeness in future films.
Schools, meanwhile, can profit off of a student-athlete's likeness, selling jerseys and other promotional items.
But in recent years, a growing number have been made in the likeness of famous people.
His company requires written consent from the model for his or her likeness to be used.
The orange-tinted likeness showed Trump with a massive belly, small fingers and some missing genitals.
When asked whether athletes should be allowed to profit off their likeness, support was even higher.
Any additional likeness found in the identical twins is chalked up to genes instead of upbringing.
As far as we know, her nude likeness was used in the video without her permission.
Additionally, Bündchen has made tons of money by allowing companies to monetize her name and likeness.
Beyond the demographic likeness, they share pride, stubbornness and a laser focus on achieving their objectives.
For his safety, court sketch artists were ordered not to draw an accurate likeness of him.
His name and likeness remain in the stonework above a couple of archways at Hopper College.
In 1994, a United States postage stamp in Johnson's likeness memorialized him as a national hero.
You so powerfully upheld the dignity of every human person, made in God's image and likeness.
When Alma finally left him, Kokoschka had a life-size nude doll made in her likeness.
The fashion designer Jason Wu created a doll in her Jessica Rabbit-meets-Jocelyn-Wildenstein likeness.
He isn't preoccupied with physical likeness, for starters, and regularly casts women in male roles onstage.
A Spanish potato farmer has found fame after social media users noticed her likeness to Trump.
A gold amulet sporting a likeness of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej hangs around her neck.
There, Coupland will 3D-scan the winner's face and create a bronze sculpture after his likeness.
This never pleases—the "likeness in the unlikeness," as Coleridge called it, is a much better idea.
She's seeking at least $10 million as retribution and asking that the company ceases using her likeness.
The name, image and likeness angle removes some of that complexity by essentially letting the market decide.
There's no denying its peen likeness now—the long, straight shaft; the curved head; the bulbous tip.
Ahmed said seeing her likeness in publications like the Washington Post made the experience even more special.
The patches featured the president's likeness, along with the riff on Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan.Military.
The question of who owns the rights to an actor's digital likeness has already arisen in reality.
Ahead of the night, a cake made in Trump's likeness was spotted being wheeled into his headquarters.
THE METALLIC likeness of Catherine the Great towers over a park in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea.
We don't have to wonder if Prince would approve of his likeness being used in the manner.
The likeness of that man has been used without his knowledge in multiple online scams, Binns said.
"Water towers *can* fly," he joked in a tweet, referencing Starhopper's likeness to a cylindrical water tank.
"Through a camera view, products are represented in AR using their actual scale and likeness," Roche said.
That Lee's likeness was a source of pain was suddenly cathartically palpable, if it hadn't been before.
One will include a huge balloon of Trump's likeness floating across the London skyline — wearing a diaper.
Herbert shared a few of the stunning shots on Instagram and the likeness is truly awe-inspiring.
"It's a likeness of a frog drinking tea" Sure, we have a couple things in the pipeline.
The likeness of the figures to the real-life girls is as creepy as it is impressive.
Along with his relatively soft response, Desus Nice and Kid Mero commented on the senator's turtle likeness.
Yet in a country that has renamed streets and removed statues bearing Franco's name and likeness, the
Those not occupied with capturing his likeness for their Instagram accounts gave him a round of applause.
His likeness has appeared on shows a handful of times, regardless of whether or not he approved.
Inside, on a far wall overlooking the ice, a likeness of Brooks welcomes visitors to the rink.
Mario's likeness, along with his signature buddies, played a huge role in Nintendo's overall earnings for 2018.
Each animal takes on the likeness to a sad clown, with multi-colored diamonds circling their eyes.
The film was able to use Manson's likeness in part because the singer personally remembered Deneke's story.
"I think it is beautiful and I really think it is a very good likeness," she said.
In place of the severed heads of John the Baptist and Goliath, he painted his own likeness.
When none came, he ended the agreement, asking the company to stop using his name and likeness.
The protesters carried anti-American placards and a likeness of Mr. Trump with a Hitler-like mustache.
Smith has restored her; the narrator notices the striking likeness of her friend to the woman onscreen.
What Hearn did is to be expected of any individual who's successfully capitalized on their online likeness.
Regulations may be needed to govern the likeness of a person in a virtual world, Varshney said.
At the same time, it is something "over and above" the paint: a likeness of Lisa Gherardini.
Some visitors recognized the famous singer's likeness from across the room and walked over to take selfies.
They love his music because they find a likeness to their own tribal rhythms in his beats.
Problem is, the 'Street' says nobody at Mately got an OK to use Bert and Ernie's likeness.
Brian Whiteley says no one batted an eye at Putin's likeness hanging in the Pennsylvania Avenue suite.
With his other hand, he helped turn a spit, where a likeness of Big Bird was roasting.
" The suit claims that the defendants "wrongfully licensed the rights to use Tara Reid's likeness (which they do not own) to manufacturers of slot machines, gambling products, and beer makers, who in turn have marketed their products with her likeness, and continue to wrongfully trade and profit therefrom.
" The suit claimed that the defendants "wrongfully licensed the rights to use Tara Reid's likeness (which they do not own) to manufacturers of slot machines, gambling products, and beer makers, who in turn have marketed their products with her likeness, and continue to wrongfully trade and profit therefrom.
Wearing a jersey bearing the likeness of the distance legend Steve Prefontaine, he looked ecstatic after Saturday's race.
Similar to property rights, under the right of publicity, you can assign, license, or sometimes bequeath your likeness.
And his likeness can be spotted in many places around Washington, from the Pentagon to the US Capitol.
In the likeness, her smile, like Louise Brown's today, will be radiant with the joy of being here.
Gurung got the go-ahead from Pokémon International to run wild with the likeness of his favorite characters.
To truly capture Copeland's likeness, the company took numerous photos and sent the dancer various prototypes to critique.
News reports that Madame Tussauds' Berlin location just unveiled its Ryan Gosling likeness — and it's just. Not. Okay.
The late singer's brother Rashad Haughton was on hand Wednesday as the likeness was unveiled in Las Vegas.
Latin American commentators see in Mr Trump a likeness to the region's own populist leaders, such as Chávez.
You scan your likeness with the Blippar app and it saves a version of you on its servers.
First up, a pumpkin digitally carved to bear a likeness to one of my favorite men in Hollywood.
In announcing the suit, Hecht attached a video of Pellegrino performing live as evidence of the likeness misappropriation.
Some commenters agreed with the Odell-observed likeness between the looks, which feature similar necklines and vertical seams.
Revellers turned their baseball caps backwards; some took pictures of themselves with a cake made in Trump's likeness.
Which state passed a law this week allowing college athletes to get paid for their image and likeness?
She told WWD that she didn't see West's "Famous" video before it debuted, but approved of her likeness.
Ta-Nehisi lives in Paris, but we spoke and he allowed us to use his likeness and words.
Queen Elizabeth doesn't need mirrors in her royal residences – there are already plenty of images in her likeness!
Every result it served with a likeness under 40 per cent might as well have been randomly selected.
And more recently, people have noticed something even more unsettling: Joe's likeness to notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.
The restaurant has no connection with Trump itself, beyond their totally bootleg use of his name and likeness.
She also has the honor of getting her likeness carved into a 90-pound block of cold butter.
"Cutera's use of Kendall Jenner's name and likeness is not, and never has been, authorized," the lawsuit reads.
Now, Copeland is a household name, with an Under Armour endorsement and a Barbie made in her likeness.
Although Kirk doesn't quite look as eerily accurate when not seen head on, the Spock likeness is uncanny.
Munson's likeness adorns many of New York's bridges and buildings, but until recently no one knew her story.
Although she only modeled in the &apos50s, her image and likeness still continues to thrive in pop culture.
With a side-by-side comparison, the likeness is clear and that these two Mikes are very magical.
Why must we unlock the dreaded uncanny valley every time we create the likeness of a famous person?
Despite repeated scrutiny, the cover of The World in 2016 does not reveal a likeness of Donald Trump.
It actually quite reminds us of another recent incident involving a very poor likeness of a beloved figure.
Their likeness can create problems for the person trying to come up with a public face for grief.
The likeness has caused such a ruckus online, even Simmons has retweeted and commented on the news. 5.
Zanfagna said she took up the posterization technique of oil painting and incorporated bright colors into Jacqueline's likeness.
While it clearly exhibited Elba's style, fans immediately rejected the idea that its likeness closely resembled the actor.
During a meeting with former President Clinton in June, he wore socks that featured the 42nd president's likeness.
The lawsuit also points out that this is not the first time Chanel has used a celebrity's likeness.
There were homemade Bernie puppets, signs fastened into hats, and sculpture-esque objects in the Democratic candidate's likeness.
Once the suspect was identified, a number of fake accounts tied to his name and likeness hit Facebook.
A bust of his likeness resides in the Palace of Versailles, and a Paris street bears his name.
The kids get especially excited when a princess can deliver the wig designed in her likeness, Christensen said.
The result is a picture of democracy domesticated by remembrance, fixed as the granite likeness of the Rev.
Also vanished is her likeness from a painting by Father Burke (Lalor Roddy), Siobhan's artistically-inclined parish priest.
And who could forget "Wax Paul Now," a viral campaign to bring Paul Giamatti's likeness to the attraction?
Trying to hide, he spots a Volkswagen Bug and transforms into its likeness, just before he passes out.
In fact, Arnold says he would not have accepted anything less than $10 million for using his likeness.
It concerns an aging actress (Robin Wright) who agrees to have her likeness digitally archived for future use.
LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago paid Sister Jean tribute by building a miniature likeness of her out of Legos.
But critics have said she is being used, and a conservative commentator compared her likeness to Nazi imagery.
Obama's likeness has been used in campaign ads by Biden, billionaire Mike Bloomberg and other Democratic presidential candidates.
Papa John's maintains that Schnatter asked to have some items with his likeness removed from the corporate office.
Another performer filed a lawsuit in April, but the case covered appropriating his likeness, not infringing a copyright.
He's suing to get his money back, and to block the couple from using his name or likeness.
Also, I think they both have the ability to be ballbusters, so there was a likeness between them.
" Tom has gone on the attack against people who use his name and likeness without permission, but his longtime lawyer, Bert Fields, tells TMZ, "Since the ad's meant to be funny and doesn't imply an endorsement, I'm sure Tom's not going to assert the right to protect his name and likeness.
That is a hefty premium to the highest-denominated banknote, ¥10,000, which happens to be adorned with Fukuzawa's likeness.
But one thing is for sure: Edwards' likeness, which was once prominent on his arm, is no longer present.
The company decided to  erase the executive's likeness from all its marketing materials — and  Schnatter stepped down as chairman .
Walk down the street in New York City and your likeness will be captured on camera dozens of times.
A right of publicity means that an individual has the right to control the commercial use of their likeness.
During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, DeGeneres asked Witherspoon about the often pointed out likeness.
In January, she got the likeness of her late dog Buddy, who died in 2015, tattooed on her ankle.
Americans who have never heard of Marian Anderson will soon, at the very least, be familiar with her likeness.
They both cost $4, and regardless of which candidate's likeness sells more, all proceeds will go to Clinton's campaign.
The painting of James W. Bleecker on the NYSE wall is the first likeness of him I'd ever seen.
Sora, the perpetually peppy protagonist, falls into darkness before landing on a stained-glass window of his own likeness.
Some spirit whispered it into his ear, and Blake felt compelled to paint the likeness of this strange demon.
Ribiero has argued that "the Carlton" is a distinctive mannerism associated with his likeness — although that's a dicey claim.
Though the likeness is uncanny, you'll notice the painting actually says, "In Loving Memory of Taylor Smith" — not Swift.
Chewbacca Mom has a new toy to play with after Hasbro unveiled a custom action figure bearing her likeness.
So there's this body lying on the morgue table which is actually a flawless, silicone likeness of the actor.
Sooner or later, shareholders will reflect the growing likeness between the two companies — bringing Amazon's valuation down to earth.
Others saw the likeness of different '90s sitcom heartthrobs, like Tony Danza and Saget's Full House costar John Stamos.
This six-meter behemoth was named for its close likeness to Zuul, a dog-demon from the Ghostbusters movie.
You know you've made it into the cultural zeitgeist when artists begin creating Simpsons-style depictions of your likeness.
Lantz says the video game industry is more familiar with likeness cases than with something like dance and copyright.
Last week, Rihanna unveiled her Fenty x Stance sock collection, featuring four flawless sock styles patterned in her likeness.
This view flows from the understanding that the human person is made in the image and likeness of God.
New "Memoji" offer unprecedented levels of personalization so you can customize your emoji to create a nigh-uncanny likeness.
Like Snapchat's Bitmoji, the feature lets you create cartoon versions of your likeness to share in the Messages app.
This year's sexiest man alive has earned a Twitter emoji of his own — and the likeness is spot on!
A digital bereavement company has captured and analysed torrents of data about your husband to create a digital likeness.
Perhaps they could interest you in a T-shirt, featuring the likeness of Jon Snow wielding an American flag.
Though the offending item is no longer available on ASOS Marketplace, it's likeness has unfortunately been preserved on Twitter.
The likeness of her face is painted on a mural on the side of a building in San Francisco.
The New York Times reported that Trump's contract for "The Apprentice" gives him control over his name and likeness.
Using that likeness, police were able to make an identification of the female victim and then arrest her killer.
It seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, and an injunction to stop further use of Child's name and likeness.
The New York Times reported that Trump's contract for "The Apprentice" gives him control over his name and likeness.
Click ahead to see some of the most elaborate tattoos done in the likeness of a fan's favorite celebrity.
Colleges and universities are allowed to profit off the student-athletes' likeness by selling jerseys and other promotional items.
Omar Mateen was an American-made monster, and America must decide how best to make fewer in his likeness.
Still, Snoop admitted wouldn't pay over $900 for a T-shirt with his likeness — "Hell nah," were his words.
I was more than some likeness from a distance, I was a physical presence that sanctioned all his bullshit.
Whether for privacy, creativity, or convenience, there's a wide range of use cases for having a parallel virtual likeness.
A person of Mr. Putin's age and experience cannot help seeing in Korea a likeness to a divided Germany.
It centers on an aging actress (Robin Wright) who agrees to have her likeness digitally archived for future use.
The result isn't another ho-hum documentary likeness in which all the elements neatly and often flatteringly stack up.
"They shouldn't be allowed to tell LeBron James that he can't make deals to license his likeness," he said.
The Alabama Right of Publicity Act, like similar laws, includes an exemption for artistic uses of a person's likeness.
" He suggests that the Bank of England's new 21984 pound bank notes printed with her likeness are an "indignity.
His likeness now stands at the new Busch Stadium along with those of fellow Cardinals stars through the years.
"This type of use (scraping Twitter for people's images/likeness) is not allowed," a company spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.
The fact is that no certain likeness of the architect, who lived from 163 to 1580, was agreed on.
Colman's queen plays into that in a scene involving a stamp with the likeness of the earlier queen (Foy).
All this seems pretty basic, but allow me to point your attention to the misuse of Kate Upton's likeness.
On Tuesday, the singer, 21, shared the new miniature doll made in his likeness with his fans on Instagram.
This likeness between humans and monkeys means that the building blocks of language evolved in our distant primate ancestors.
As with their zinc counterparts, these soldiers were often made in close likeness of those produced for the North.
In a perfect world, who would be the artist that captures the likeness of Obama for his official portrait?
He captures a good likeness, but Fred is more attractive in person and when he's not on the spot.
As a delicious closer, a handful Deliveroo bike riders will be painted in the likeness of the shape-shifting mutant.
The company decided to erase the executive's likeness from all its marketing materials in the wake of last week's scandal.
That would be like if Beckham wore a shirt emblazoned with the likeness of his ex- girlfriend, Chloë Grace Moretz.
The mural featured the words "The King of LA" with James' likeness in a gold Lakers jersey with purple lettering.
Cameras are recording every step of the way, and the agreement that participants signed allows their likeness to be used.
The second major turn of events in Episode 2 is Pius' refusal to have his likeness on any Vatican merchandise.
It's poetic that Likeness is the first solo show of paintings to be exhibited by the photo-centric Yossi Milo.
It is embedded in our founding documents, voiced by men with statues in their likeness, reflected in centuries of policymaking.
We were sent them, and we love them as a fan creation, but selling them using our likeness isn't legal.
Ms Wright specifies that her likeness will not appear in porn films, nor any movies to do with the Nazis.
It features a likeness of John Paul II sanding beneath an arch -- with a large Christian cross at the top.
Instead of role playing the Powerpuff Girls, we make avatars in their likeness and share them with our friends online.
The video was done by mapping the likeness of actor Bingjie Jiang onto the movements performed by actor Alexa Lee.
In fact, the reason they were able to kill the bill was that it had been made in their likeness.
But how does the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host feel about so many people borrowing his likeness every year?
However, the most telling indication of the photo being a hoax is its likeness to a certain Harry Potter character.
According to the suit, the contract only permitted Grenade Beverage to use the cat's likeness on "Grumppuccino"-branded iced coffee.
What advice would you give to others who would like to laser-cut the likeness of an actor into food?
This will be used to make Ronaldo's likeness in the game hyper-realistic and be applied to the game overall.
In this one, you can't deny the likeness between Sarah Jessica Parker's Hocus Pocus character and Conway's velvet-looking getup.
The right of publicity also doesn't govern the overall ethics of wanting to bring someone's likeness back from the dead.
The garage-turned-playroom boasts another kind of animal: A custom-painted McLaren bearing the likeness of the Incredible Hulk.
Pepe the Frog creator Matt Furie and his legal counsel have successfully stopped many who would profit from Pepe's likeness.
Season 1 featured the always emotive Drake, and Season 2 embedded the music, lyrics, and even likeness of Frank Ocean.
It would fit perfectly in the gallery called "Portraits Without People," which treats likeness as a form of still life.
Anna Wintour, a known Hillary supporter, sported her own Jacobs-designed shirt with the candidate's likeness in the front row.
Conklin told Broadly she was uncomfortable with how blasé the organization was about using the residents' likeness for promotional purposes.
Not to brag or anything, but I can draw a likeness of Garfield's disembodied face in just under 15 seconds.
More recently, West featured a likeness of Rose naked in bed alongside several other celebrities in his "Famous" music video.
Sometimes his quest for a likeness beyond appearance came literally to nothing: scraps of material fallen to the studio floor.
Similarly, Henry raises his only child, Henrietta, as his female likeness, and makes her the manager of Forge Run Farm.
The character name "Jumpman" didn't last long — Nintendo executives decided on "Mario" because of the likeness to the company's landlord.
Pinned to his shirt was a red leather heart, onto which Lee had drawn a likeness of the old Kosciuszko.
She says not only that, Tyga induced her into allowing him to use her image and likeness for his song.
Scanning technologies such as Windows Mixed Reality capture stages can scan your likeness — but it will cost a pretty penny.
But it does mean that you can create a cartoon likeness of yourself online using a new website, Powerpuff Yourself.
Now a likeness of her face has become one of the most popular protest images following President Donald Trump's election.
The startup offers 3D avatar webcams that streams your facial expressions via the avatar without ever showing your real likeness.
This past weekend, Brooklyn somehow obtained a paper cut-out mask in his mother's likeness from her Spice Girls heyday.
Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21, seeking $10 million over advertisements her lawyers say featured her music, lyrics, and likeness.
It's a complex geometry that only an analogy, with its capacity to both underscore likeness and contain difference, can comprehend.
But, for both artists, each missing parent's likeness hung in the air like humidity via mementos, photographs, and, ultimately, absence.
The court found that Mr. Saderup was liable because his drawings were too imitative, failing to "transform" the Stooges' likeness.
Here is a creature that spends hours meticulously curating a cabinet of wonder, grouping his treasures by color and likeness.
You catch glimpses of a primal connection, the earliest moments that shaped the core of who you are, a likeness.
Per company policy, her avatar wore her photographic likeness, but aged up to thirty-three, with neater hair and makeup.
Parks' name and likeness quickly became a national symbol, with her story of courage taught to children around the world.
His likeness was painted into various mythical allegories, as a means of presenting the crown as miraculous or God-given.
Both lines reflect the Barbie brand's highest honor: a one-of-a-kind doll made in a real woman's likeness.
However, Virginia law prohibits the removal of war monuments, leaving General Lee's likeness atop his horse in Charlottesville for now.
Too many people don't care about Native Americans unless they can use our likeness for their companies, cars, or costumes.
The Fair Pay to Play Act will let students get paid for the use of their name, image and likeness.
Existing NCAA policy forbids student-athletes from making money off their name, likeness or image through opportunities like paid sponsorships.
This dog, who has a new collection of pillows in his own likeness, seems perfectly content with this creative decision.
Tupac is played by saucer-eyed, high-cheekboned newcomer Demetrius Shipp Jr., who's not a bad likeness for his subject.
Montel Williams is suing a number of websites that he says used his likeness to sell scam medical-marijuana products.
Either a man is lying and shitty, or a corporation exploited someone's likeness for profit and is lying and shitty.
Hats, mugs and key chains bearing the likeness of Purnama, who is known by his nickname Ahok, were also on display.
Papa John's confirmed last week that it would be removing Schnatter's likeness from marketing materials in the wake of the controversy.
It might be a poor likeness for the human heart, but that's what makes it such an enduring and versatile symbol.
There's also YouTuber Gabi Demartino, who appeared in the "Thank U, Next" video as a wink to her likeness to Grande.
The artisans took more than 250 measurements of Strahan, 44, with 15 artists working four months to create the lifelike likeness.
Following Schnatter's resignation as chairman of Papa John's, the restaurant chain said it would be removing his likeness from marketing materials.
Setting aside what you may feel about him, Depp's voice and likeness were incorporated into the Disney World ride in 2006.
"No reasonable fact finder could claim that 'Nicky' was a recognizable likeness of Andrew Greene," Paramount's lawyers wrote in court papers.
The bill would specifically erase the restriction barring student-athletes from being compensated for use of their name, image and likeness.
This model provides an obvious and straightforward solution to the challenges of compensating athletes based on their name, image and likeness.
It's easy to see how Gary's likeness charmed his way onto the big screen ... he had us here, here and here.
But the price is a loss of control over what her likeness does and how it—and therefore she—is perceived.
" According to the lawsuit, Cora is also seeking "a preliminary and permanent injunction enjoining Fatbird from using Cora's name and likeness.
And he's also inspired a Halloween costume in his likeness, one that goes far beyond borrowing your dad's red Izod sweater.
Johnson's #SexiestManAlive emoji was created in his likeness:  He's shirtless, flexing his muscles and showing off one of his many tattoos.
PICS: LEGOLAND RESPONDS TO CRITICISM OVER MEGHAN MARKLE LIKENESS Rumors have been circulating over who will design Markle's dress, as well.
As LeBron James leaves the city of Cleveland for a second time, so too will the iconic banner bearing his likeness.
There is only one Confederate flag in the gallery — an active choice on Clark's part to not further disseminate its likeness.
A spokesperson for the family told the network that the company isn't allowed to use the monarch's likeness without their approval.
"Gemini" is Latin name for "twins" and the root of "Geminoid," a robot created by Hiroshi Ishiguro in his own likeness.
Actresses Tiffany Smith and Parisa Fitz Henley have already perfectly taken on the Duchess of Sussex's likeness for the small screen.
The change comes eight months after founder John Schnatter's likeness was stripped from the pizza chain's marketing materials and pizza boxes.
As The New York Times wrote, Madame Tussauds' is known for the celebrity likeness of their wax figures around the world.
When it comes to the business of building celebrity likeness, it can still take some time to get things just right.
Her dedicated fan base found her, and after seeing her surprise cameo, you won't be able to miss her likeness again.
An actress, singer and model, a Los Angeles institution best known for her propensity to purchase billboards featuring her own likeness.
Gavin Newsom opposing his "Fair Pay to Play Act," a bill that would allow student athletes to profit off their likeness.
The Arizona town where I come from—perhaps a future likeness of Obreht's Amargo—still clings to its bygone cowboy identity.
C.) introduced a bill Thursday that would allow National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes to profit off their image and likeness.
The pop star has accused the store of using her likeness and selling rip-offs of her "7 Rings" video accessories.
Bonus Around the Web: Here's a Lego figurine likeness of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, apparently made by his former employer MIT.
The coaster bore a cartoon rendition, sure enough, of Donald Trump: the only physical likeness I noticed anywhere in the building.
A jack-o-lantern carved into Mueller's likeness appeared outside Manafort's New York City brownstone on Wednesday as a Halloween fright.
Cristiano Ronaldo may have the medals, money and looks, even an airport — but it's his bronze likeness that's stealing the show.
Influenced by her role as Izzie Stevens, Heigl lent her name and likeness for the 30-day launch back in 2007.
Her likeness was recreated in 15 statues around New York City, including a panel at the entrance of the Manhattan Bridge.
Melania Trump has hired a law firm in her native Slovenia to warn people against profiting off her name or likeness.
SenseTime makes facial recognition software used in applications like monitoring CCTV footage and checking a consumer's likeness to validate digital payments.
The facade, which for two decades displayed a giant steam-emitting likeness of a Cup Noodles container, went digital years ago.
An appeal to help find the man, who bears an uncanny likeness to the actor David Schwimmer, went viral last month.
As a planned release date approached in 2011, however, Ms. Franklin sued Mr. Elliott for using her likeness without her permission.
The photographer's name, likeness and work have adorned M&M's, leather jackets, soccer scarves and Bombay Sapphire gin, among other things.
Those symbols — including the SS insignia, the likeness of Hitler and the straight-arm salute — are generally banned under Germany's constitution.
Like Shepard, Moore diverges from her source in details but cleaves to its structure so closely that the likeness is undeniable.
That autobiographical likeness — also a feature of Mr. Arbery's "Plano" — gives "Heroes of the Fourth Turning" an aura of absolute authenticity.
But I am on the side that thinks student-athletes should be able to capitalize on their name, image and likeness.
The use of a president's speech and likeness to intimate an endorsement that hasn't been made is nothing new in politics.
Zucchini's father, whose likeness decorates the kite, is long gone, and an unfortunate accident soon removes Zucchini's mother from the picture.
One towering likeness of Joseph Stalin came down in Budapest as early as 1956, during the Hungarian Revolution against Soviet control.
The first pound coin, however, was introduced only seven centuries later, by Henry VII in 22013, and it bore his likeness.
Fans are obsessed with Baby Yoda, and a baker in Austin decided to create a super realistic cake in its likeness.
Now, Starz has adapted her first two books, In the Woods and The Likeness, into the new TV show Dublin Murders.
It turns out Mickey is willing to put his likeness on a lot of things for the 21 and up crowd.
She takes over the narration of the second Dublin Murder Squad novel, "The Likeness," in a scenario that is flagrantly incredible.
A forensic artist fed a morgue photograph into a computer and made a likeness, a dead child brought back to life.
Another clip captures Maduro puffing on a cigar as the couple receives T-shirts screen-printed with Gökçe's likeness sprinkling salt.
Yves Saint Laurent had four French bulldogs, all named Moujik: When one died, it was swiftly replaced with a close likeness.
"College athletes will be able to profit off of their likeness and just kind of take it from there," he said.
There was good reason for Mr. Braith's newfound celebrity: His likeness is featured in a mosaic at the 72nd Street station.
Her likeness inspired some of Mr. Lagerfeld's products and, in 2014, she earned 3 million euros from work on two projects.
It was not the first time that a United States publication has turned to an artist to capture the chancellor's likeness.
JF Sports believes it's in the clear because Trump's image and likeness are public domain like other politician bobblheads it's manufactured.
In the bottom right corner of the work, Denomie illustrates a likeness of Donald Trump sexually assaulting a blindfolded Lady Justice.
The Nets requested waivers Thursday on Joe Johnson, a seven-time All-Star shooting guard whose likeness still dominates team promotional materials.
At issue are several lines of novelty merchandise bearing the late musician's name and likeness, including weed, food, liquor, and electronic products.
Your estate could argue that using your likeness without permission is false light publicity, defamation, or an invasion of privacy, Rothberg noted.
League of Legends developer Riot Games just learned an important (and potentially expensive) lesson: You can't use someone's likeness without their permission.
However, he claimed was actually given an agreement that granted the company exclusive use of his likeness, which he does not do.
Entertainment for more than $1 billion, claiming he had been duped into signing away exclusive rights to his name, identify and likeness.
Pardesoteric's incubation began two months ago in an iOS app called Replika, which uses AI to create a chatbot in your likeness.
"His likeness appeared on everything from posters to lunch boxes, comic boys, toys, cereal boxes and almost everything else imaginable," it reads.
Is exactly the sound this cement likeness of the hardened Mario villain of the same name makes when you set it down.
The restaurant's co-owner and head chef, Collin Kelly, said the two burgers were designed to capture the likeness of the leaders.
The makeup guru even served a cake that was topped with a tiny likeness of the family of three riding a rollercoaster.
Even more fascinating, pardon the expression, are the tidbits about "Trek's" backstage politics, including Nimoy's lawsuit against Paramount for exploiting his likeness.
As Dickens put it, opium use could even make the smoker take on "the strange likeness of the Chinaman", including skin colour.
His Instagram page is crammed with fan art; illustrations, anime, a doll someone painstakingly altered to mirror his likeness—tattoos and all.
President Trump has a large, inflatable surprise waiting for him when he returns to Manhattan — a giant rat made in his likeness.
In it, JAY-Z is animated in likeness to the racist depictions of black people in early-to-mid 20th century cartoons.
The likeness of the doll to Harrison Ford is exact, down to the chin mole and the scar under his bottom lip.
Technically the image that we have, although the public has dubbed it Kermit, it's really a likeness of the frog drinking tea.
The doll will be in the likeness of Lady Gaga, which means one can expect a bold outfit and a fierce pose.
" Although Abe has noticed the likeness, "the observation strained something inside him, twisted his guts up until they felt like gnarled roots.
Arkham bears a remarkable likeness to failed institutions like Rikers Island in New York, infamous for its corrupt guards and deleterious conditions.
Though Schwarzenegger didn't reprise the role for the game, he authorized the use of his likeness and chose his own voice actor.
"Twenty-seven years later, The Dance remains distinctive, immediately recognizable, and inextricably linked to Ribeiro's identity, celebrity, and likeness," the lawsuits say.
Traffic lights featuring the King's likeness have been installed in the German town of Friedberg, just north of Frankfurt, Deutsche Welle reported.
And as for their appearances, the four had one likeness, as if a wheel had been in the midst of a wheel.
I wanted to take ownership of my likeness and come up with a process that could more accurately capture my emotional state.
I began wondering if our effort to transform these kids into our own religious likeness was not only audacious but perhaps cruel.
Greene is suing Paramount Pictures because he says the studio used his likeness for a character in The Wolf of Wall Street.
But sometimes that likeness falls short and we are confronted with something that is not quite human but not quite un-human.
The town has erected a billboard with the former model's likeness, and a cottage industry hawking Trump-themed products has sprung up.
Mr. Berdymukhammedov's predecessor, Saparmurat Niyazov, who once erected a gold statue in his likeness, commemorated his birthday each year on Flag Day.
When Kristoff is singing in "Some Things Never Change," you can briefly little statues made in the likeness of two Disney animators.
The consequences of paying college athletes directly, or allowing them to make money from their likeness, varies widely according to the proposal.
"President Trump's campaign condemns any organization that deceptively uses the president's name, likeness, trademarks or branding and confuses voters," the statement said.
In its lengthy history, only nine men have apparently been awarded the ring, which bears Iffland's likeness along with 28 small diamonds.
Like the Google Arts & Culture App, which matches your likeness to artworks that most closely resemble you, FaceApp plays on people's vanity.
The legislation, if passed, would direct the department to place the likeness of Tubman on $22015 Federal Reserve notes printed after Dec.
And President Obama — or his likeness, anyway — is, of course, a partner with tech titans, the global political class, and other elites.
N.C.A.A. rules prohibit student-athletes from profiting from their likeness or status as student-athletes because doing so violates principles of amateurism.
The Anti-Defamation League designated the frog's likeness a hate symbol in 2016 and later pledged to help Mr. Furie reclaim it.
These three recently unveiled artworks, raising the likeness of Black people to monumental proportions, productively reframe the divisive debate over historical monuments.
" One woman donned a T-shirt with the likeness of social justice icon Woody Guthrie, who wrote "This Land Is Your Land.
German police on Tuesday announced the seizure of thousands of pills of the club drug ecstasy bearing a likeness of President Trump.
James Van Der Beek plays a fictional version of the D.J. Diplo — squint to see the likeness — in Viceland's first scripted series.
Well, now if they know they can monetize their likeness and make money, they will go to USC all day over LSU.
With Ms. Gallace, by contrast, each Connecticut or Cape Cod scene remains awkwardly but satisfyingly poised between faithful likeness and pure form.
They both LOVED IT. It was so well made, so spot on as far as likeness to the one in the show.
In his design, Mr. Koons included a likeness of Plato and a rendering of the allegory of the cave (from Plato's "Republic").
The second law allows anyone to sue someone who publishes a deepfake with their likeness attached to pornagraphic material without their consent.
The difference here is that Zao is inserting your likeness into an existing video, rather than animating a photo of you directly.
Then We [God] sent unto her Our Spirit [the angel Gabriel], and it assumed for her the likeness of a perfect man.
One can see in his likeness the dissolution of a grand empire, disarmament, the face of Louis Vuitton, or a CIA plant.
On this episode of Fame-ish, VICE meets Michael Klimkowski, a struggling LA comedian with an uncanny likeness to the famous pastor.
In flow, she showed a likeness to Chicago rappers like Sasha Go Hard and Katie Got Bandz with piercing double-time delivery.
According to Bundles, having her name and likeness on the product fostered a personal connection with her ever-growing audience of black women.
The collection is dubbed #Emoticats, fittingly, with the brand revamping its signature flats in the likeness of some of our most-used emoji.
As state laws vary, your face (or voice, or entire likeness) has different protections depending on where you legally reside when you die.
CEO Shane Duffy and co-founder Gill Champion asked him to sign a non-exclusive license with the company to use his likeness.
However, Omar is not actually running the account that is using his likeness, nor does he have much of a hand in it.
We can't imagine how weird it is to know that millions of people out there are collecting tiny doll replicas of your likeness.
In Likeness, his debut at Yossi Milo, the artist demonstrates how much empathy can be imbued in committing a person's image to canvas.
The NCAA Board of Governors voted unanimously to allow student athletes to be paid for the use of their name, image and likeness.
They're done not always for exact likeness, and many paintings were made for set dressing, because Van Gogh was living amongst his paintings.
Here is how it would work: Each campus would help athletes identify, negotiate and secure compensation for their name, image and likeness rights.
Decades after Ali ceased boxing professionally, his likeness adorns countless T-shirts while the voluble fighter's quotes have launched hundreds of Internet memes.
In this case, Pellegrino is not making a copyright claim over his saxophone dance, but he is suing exclusively over misappropriation of likeness.
She also loves her boyfriend Zayn's pies, would be invisible if she had a superpower, and has a Barbie made in her likeness.
" It claims that Poppy was created as a Mars Argo "knockoff," one that "copied Mars Argo's identity, likeness, expression of ideas, sound, style.
It is also representative of the perverse extent to which elites spent vast amounts of their wealth to preserve their likeness for posterity.
Before any legal proceedings had kicked off, the temple's founder, Lucien Greaves, had posted images on Twitter comparing the likeness between the two.
"The reason for this demand is that this particular imagery is unique from any other likeness of Baphomet," he told the news outlet.
The biggest celebrities started registering trademarks for their names around the same time publicity rights and likeness rights came into play, Clark says.
"In the example of the beach, the beach neural layers were activated to create beach-likeness, combined with 'open_nsfw' neural layers," he said.
From a glance, the new phones resemble so many other Android phones, and have more than a slight likeness to the iPhone 6.
For example, a young woman on a summer evening turns around from a food stand and happens to see Watanabe capturing her likeness.
As more people join the platform, an extensive library of features will enable a larger variety of users to create their virtual likeness.
There was even a rumor that Jenner wasn't all too pleased that someone with her likeness was hitting the go-see circuit, too.
The survey also found that both genders were uncomfortable with the idea of a sex robot made in the likeness of a child.
Rothblatt fashioned the AI-powered bot in the likeness of her wife, Bina, training its speech patterns on a database of Bina-isms.
Bundesen alleged that Grenade Beverage breached the terms of her contract by using the cat's likeness on T-shirts and Roasted Coffee products.
The digital likeness is nearly perfect, to the point that you feel a living performance breathing through this virtual construct on the screen.
But even then, it will largely be up to them to decide how to monetize your likeness—as a hologram or anything else.
A wax statue featuring the likeness of Diddy was toppled over and decapitated by a vandal who then made a run for it.
Told by an interviewer that his troll really looked like him, an unimpressed Timberlake tried to pass off the likeness as CGI magic.
See, Shannon Noll is an American comedian known for her off-kilter impressions, as well as her self-described likeness to Barron Trump.
After noticing that the mustachioed actor's likeness was being used to signify the men's restroom, Ohioan Michelle Blimes posted a photo to Facebook.
Comp Short for comparison, the term 'comp' is a scout's way of describing a prospect's game through a likeness to an established player.
Steph Curry is such a basketball god these days that Madam Tussauds in San Francisco unveiled his very own wax likeness on Thursday.
So Khloé, 33, decided to compete for Kris' heart by rearranging her mom's pantry in the likeness of her own hyper-organized kitchen.
Maybe he will get a non-electric candelabra of precious metal with Jose Mourinho's name or likeness on it as a signing bonus?
Gomez also included a portrait of Swift in her music video for "Bad Liar," inserting her friend's likeness on a Charlie's Angels poster.
Things finally came to a head when Alex Jones' Infowars site began selling a poster using the amphibian's likeness in 2017 and 2018.
Kim Kardashian West has reportedly won her lawsuit against a fast fashion company she accused of using her likeness to sell knockoff designs.
But drivers for Mister Softee, whose cone-headed, bowtied likeness adorns more than 350 trucks across the five boroughs, can play hard, too.
A judge has thrown out Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit claiming the makers of Grand Theft Auto V illegally used her likeness in marketing materials.
Netizens on Weibo are tweeting about the brand's likeness to Under Armour, and many are slamming Uncle Martian for its lack of creativity.
Kanye: No, I'm going to have a Real Doll made in your likeness and it will be sleeping between Rihanna and Anna Wintour.
Judge Thomas W. Zilly has twice issued injunctions against Leon Hendrix and Pitsicalis, barring them from using Jimi's name, signature, logos, or likeness.
Braun was Kanye West's manager when Kanye released his infamous "Famous" video, which features a nude likeness of Swift in bed with Kanye.
What we know for sure is that Roy's life has disintegrated while Celestial finds financial and artistic success making dolls in Roy's likeness.
It is said to be the agave-fiber cloak of Juan Diego, on which the Virgin imprinted her likeness during their final encounter.
She also noticed an older waitress at the club in brocade patterned pants that had Mickey Mouse's likeness printed just below her kneecaps.
The wax museum said a team of sculptors and artists spent more than two hours to capture Wozniak's likeness, taking some 250 measurements.
As explained in Stephen King's IT, this man is Bob Gray — and IT, that pesky inter-dimensional force of evil, stole his likeness.
The stamp's image bears a design of the Purple Heart medal, which was established by President George Washington and still depicts his likeness.
The likeness of the late Swedish musician is placed behind a DJ set, with a big smile and one hand in the air.
The company Stan Lee founded is now battling Stan Lee's daughter and heir for control over his extremely valuable name, likeness and ideas.
Ever since she clawed her way to internet fame, Grumpy Cat's likeness has been licensed for use on calendars, books, toys and more.
"President Trump's campaign condemns any organization that deceptively uses the President's name, likeness, trademarks, or branding and confuses voters," the Trump campaign said.
A formal portrait for the America's Presidents exhibition is expected to be a compelling likeness, though there is still considerable freedom for experimentation.
VICE News has also reached out to Chuck Norris about the use of his likeness and will update this story if he comments.
This technique maintains the likeness qualities of portraiture while re-presenting a mask that serves as a conduit between the spiritual and natural world.
Trump addressed the masses in front of Abraham Lincoln's 19-foot marble likeness, framed by the iconic Doric columns of the 16th President's memorial.
But while all of the executives are more or less recognizable, there's one top Apple figure whose Memoji likeness is just a little... off.
Former professional soccer player Edgar Davids won a lawsuit against Riot Games alleging that a character skin in League of Legends used his likeness.
Using such technology, users will eventually be able to conjure a convincing likeness of any scene or person they or the AI can imagine.
Wallace took to Instagram to share her disappointment in the tops, specifically that the sisters used her son's likeness without permission form his estate.
Many of the signs seen at the protest had Escamilla's name and likeness as a symbol of the final straw that triggered the demonstrations.
The law, signed September 5803 by Governor Gavin Newsom, frees college athletes to get compensated for the use of their name, image and likeness.
After all, I'd never seen a likeness of my body successfully running (or participating in any sport, for that matter) in any fitness media.
Both disciplines require intense focus and Likeness is all the more remarkable for including work that shows Langberg developing his eye in real time.
Clinton may not have won the election, but we hope her likeness will continue to occasionally show up on the show in 2017.  6.
The guidelines also say students must not be specifically compensated for athletic performance but rather their image and likeness as used for marketing purposes.
Others promote the so-called Olympic model, in which players would generate income from endorsements, autographs, jobs, and control of their image and likeness.
In 2014, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare succeeded in making Kevin Spacey even more off-putting with a coarsely pixelated likeness of the actor.
One is a randomly selected pokémon from the current generation of trading cards in stores now, but changed slightly to incorporate their CGI-likeness.
From Rihanna to Oprah, the bigger the star, the more GIFs in their likeness mean to us, whether they're dancing or goofing around backstage.
He had her built in the likeness of someone very close to him and he is the beautiful boy that she struggled to remember.
Those on social media responded to the likeness done on wax paper, saying it was a "better rendition" of Chastain than the commemorative plaque.
Before running a successful Kickstarter he received permission to create the product and add Plissken's likeness and many prop-quality details to the smartwatch.
Even celebrities have been trying it out: Torn between which one I think is better likeness with the Google Arts and Culture app. pic.twitter.
Jean-Pierre Rey's photograph of the "Marianne of '268" was instantly recognised for its likeness to Eugène Delacroix's famous painting of bare-breasted Liberty.
In legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, Soules alleges the dating service used his likeness in advertisements for Farmers Only, which caters to rural singles.
"There's nothing the president likes less than somebody profiting off him by using his name and likeness," said a source familiar with Trump's thinking.
So you can use your animated Memoji while FaceTiming or to deliver voice messages, and your static cutesy likeness as reaction stickers in messages.
In ordinary years young Athenian girls would weave a cloak which was ceremonially wrapped around a wooden likeness of the goddess atop the Acropolis.
To celebrate 4/20, Snapchat released a face-swapping filter that allowed users to replace their own face with the likeness of Bob Marley.
Jacob Elordi sees the similarities between his character in The Kissing Booth and the one he portrays on Euphoria, and the likeness isn't flattering.
The NCAA continuously takes heat for not paying their athletes and not giving them rights to their own image and likeness—and rightly so.
The pitch: Created by former Bill Blass designer Robert Tonner in 2002, the dolls took their namesake and likeness from plus size model Emme.
Osaka, Japan has an entire café dedicated to the character, where fans can eat Gudetama's likeness sculpted out of egg, ice cream, and sugar.
Their name, likeness, and maybe even popular lyrics are splashed all over the packaging — and the products inside might even reflect their signature look.
Remember when the singer met her whale shark spirit animal, they became instant best friends, and she had his likeness tattooed on her hand?
One request, though: please do not also commission and have sculpted a hideous bust of my likeness to stand out front for time immemorial.
It's to ask why WWE thinks it is appropriate to use this man's likeness as a pillar of their inspirational, altruistic corporate philanthropy branding.
"So a movie shot in HFR suffers from its likeness to less vaunted forms of entertainment: soap operas, sporting events, video games," Engber writes.
On the occasion, Modi met his wax likeness in Delhi, before the figures are unveiled at museums in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.
The women clarified that they weren't trying to start "beef," but had been frustrated at the likeness between the jokes for a while now.
"It still don't feel real," said Rose, who marveled about seeing his likeness on the massive digital screen on Seventh Avenue outside the Garden.
I don't know if that comes across at all, it's not a perfect likeness, but I always look at her when I'm drawing Maria.
Besharam does not only feel like a place of solidarity and likeness with my diaspora peers, it's an individual exploration into who I am.
The directors of "Finding Jack" have been criticized for their plan to feature a computer-generated likeness of the actor, who died in 19963.
Did you know the Cap'n was orphaned in World War II and adopted by J.F.K., who later had his likeness sculpted into Mt. Crunchmore?
We're left wondering whether Dr. Frankenstein is actually Dr. Frankenstein or if he's Frankenstein's monster, who was made in the likeness of Dr. Frankenstein.
The "name and likeness" clause is typically invoked if a celebrity's image is used for profit — not as documentary evidence in a presidential campaign.
She has teamed up with Golden Bell Entertainment to create a stuff animal in her likeness, that is just the perfect size for squeezing.
Leading their procession was a life-size likeness of Hong Kong's chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, sitting on a model of a white elephant.
Its clock — along with a likeness of the cliff-hewn Treasury of Petra — is behind the bronze doors of a cabinet in the base.
Kardashian has been known to use her likeness to promote weight-loss products in the past, including waist training and QuickTrim weight-loss pills.
Today, the Confederate leader's bronze likeness no longer looms high above Lee Circle, his eyes no longer fixed on his enemies to the north.
In 1994, Tunick evaded security cameras to capture a likeness of Rodin's iconic nude sculpture, The Thinker, in front of Trump's Taj Mahal hotel.
The painting of Adam and Eve was allegedly removed because of its likeness to the country's former president Jose "Pepe" Mujica and his wife.
Though the statue's head was lopped off and mutilated by the revolutionists, it was known to have borne a striking likeness to George III.
The projection of Orbison wasn't Roy Orbison at all, but rather an actor portraying his likeness with the rockstar's face CGI-ed onto him.
At some point, the whirring became louder and camera-laden drones appeared, underscoring the eerie likeness of the projections to leaked drone-strike footage.
They seek profits from the podcast, an injunction barring people associated with it from using Mr. McLemore's likeness in the future and other damages.
His likeness was on postage stamps, thousands of people came to see him and Annie Leibovitz shot him for the cover of Vanity Fair.
See, Xi Jinping may have an iron grip on the rule of China, but the autocrat and the stuffed animal share a certain... likeness.
" His likeness — white, wrinkled, expressionless with a dash of smirk — is not the aesthetic of a has-been; it is the portrait of "stability.
In Venezuela, the toppled statue of Christopher Columbus in Caracas was replaced by a likeness of Guaicaipuro, an indigenous chief who resisted Spanish conquerors.
A law governs the manufacture or use of the seal, its likeness, "or any facsimile thereof" for anything other than official U.S. government business.
The front of the sculpture, a figure rendered almost unrecognizable in clay, bears likeness to the emotionally charged charcoal gestures in portraits by Kollowitz.
It may reduce the draconian amateurism rules that limit an N.C.A.A. athlete's ability to benefit from his or her name, number, likeness and skill.
President Vladimir Putin of Russia arrived on Thursday in Serbia, a historical Russian ally where his likeness is on everything from mugs to underwear.
The game, which features the voices and likeness of the actors Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere, was released on the PlayStation 4 in 2015.
Through an experimental surgery, Archer adopts Troy's likeness to go undercover and find the position of a bomb he has placed in the city.
Some of the incense holders bear the likeness of Tlaloc, the rain god of Central Mexico, who at some point "traveled" to the Yucatán.
In terms of actual likeness, it's problematic in that it seems to portray the Newcastle legend with the hair of early nineties Vinnie Jones.
There is no attempt at an accurate likeness, to the point where the gallery in Ljubljana appears uncertain how seriously to take the statue.
Distraught with grief, Laodamia then devotes herself to a likeness—this time in painted bronze—of her husband, showering the statue with gifts and kisses.
And, if you already have enough footwear, the company can craft custom purses, stockings and golf club covers in the likeness of your fur babies.
And as always we ask: Who are the people in this photograph and how did Uber pitch them on lending their likeness to represent "diversity"?
Therefore, the complaint claims, the production company either forged Lee's signature, or tricked him into signing over the rights to his name, image and likeness.
Taylor Swift will turn her likeness into a mobile game in a partnership with Glu Mobile, the same company responsible for blockbuster Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
Deadline published the lawsuit by Chambers, which reveals she is suing over the misappropriation of her name and likeness, and violation of right to privacy.
As Cosmopolitan reports, Australia-based sex toy company Geeky Sex Toys has made a dildo in the likeness of Jon Snow's Valyrian steel sword, Longclaw.
But the painting pleased Maria Theresa, who was not as interested in a good likeness as proof of her daughter's regal bearing in court dress.
Robertson presented Williamson the bronze trophy, which portrays Robertson's likeness, Friday at U.S. Bank Stadium in a press conference with Joe Mitch of the USBWA.
But no other candidate has been such an ostentatious developer of a real estate empire, with so many gilded phallic structures built in his likeness.
Although the formal, commissioned portrait reflecting social status was no longer in vogue, the idea that a portrait should reflect a psychological likeness remained current.
Equally, her snake-shimmying inspired Egyptian belly-dancers and her likeness as Benazir, a fierce Pushtun character, was woven for years into carpets in Afghanistan.
While the robot looks a bit like the current POTUS, Twitter users have claimed it takes a likeness to a few other people as well.
Which also meant working through holidays, submitting to regular drug testing, sacrificing the right to my own name/image/likeness, participating in mandatory marketing initiatives.
Both stars worked closely with Madame Tussauds, giving sittings to sculptors to ensure the creation of an accurate likeness, right down to Delevingne's iconic tattoos.
A section of the terms said users grant the company "irrevocable" access to "use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish ... distribute" any name, username or likeness provided.
But the ultimate accessory was a decapitated head that was an exact wax-like replica of Leto's own likeness, which he carried like a clutch.
For instance, there was a controversy in which comedian Kathy Griffin posed with photos of a severed head mask in the likeness of President Trump.
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the playwright's death, and to commemorate this momentous occasion, two artists have created interpretations of the Bard's likeness.
In the adjacent room, they find medical kits, complete with condoms, and a homemade plastic placard with a likeness of the black banner of ISIS.
Once the Aging & Acquisition board approved our request, and we had settled upon a skeuomorphic likeness, we had little trouble with the Copy-and-Transfer.
This one friend, a fellow artist, drew a character in my likeness for her ongoing comic series and then had the audacity to deny it.
Then they gave the likeness to Troy and said something like, Hey, sorry we thought we could come and take over, here's a peace offering!
We knitted the suit, and we added the yak hair and the individual fibers; we sculpted directly onto Peter's face to get the Chewbacca likeness.
In the wake of Dilla's death, the family learned they couldn't use his likeness for commercial purposes, and there's little royalty money despite his influence.
Her most Aries moment: We'll never forget the confrontation between Kourtney and Kim when Kourtney refused to allow Kim's game developers to use her likeness.
Story at a glance On October 29, the NCAA voted to permit college athletes to be compensated for use of their name, image and likeness.
Jeff Bezos Life Size Cutout, $69.97Devotees of the billionaire Amazon CEO can get a life-sized, cardboard cutout with the likeness of Mr. Bezos himself. 
The world-famous wax museum has announced that Meghan Markle will be commemorated with a wax figure of her likeness at their Times Square location
When billboard owners refused to run her campaign ads, she hired a fleet of trucks, plastered them with her likeness, and parked them across town.
The White House took the rare step of jumping into the debate, decrying the ad as "misleading" and asking the PAC to remove Obama's likeness.
In 2006, he paid $50 million for 80 percent of Ali's G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) company to control Ali's name, image, likeness and publicity.
Entrant's Personal Information: Winner agrees to allow use of his/her name, likeness, and/or voice in publicity or advertising concerning this promotion without compensation.
But perhaps assembling a house salad in the likeness of a superior dish — a dish full of cheese and pasta — is a setup for disappointment. 
Multiple lawmakers have recently introduced legislation seeking to counter the NCAA's rules prohibiting student athletes from being able to profit from their likeness and image.
The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is too often reduced to a pop-culture cliché—her likeness appears on products from tote bags to cake toppers.
The most important thing is that creativity or quality of performance should never be judged on the basis of color, or ethnicity, or physical likeness.
Often these self-taught painters traveling the country had only a corpse to work from, or a photograph, and the likeness they portrayed was imperfect.
He was acquitted, and his lawyers at the time said Kelly was not in the video, and suggested his likeness may have been computer-generated.
Her bronze likeness, set above a stone basin, pulls an arrow from the quiver as she strides forward, a small deer bounding at her side.
Gift the MKSweetsCo Custom Face Cookies, from $96To have his likeness recreated on these delicious vanilla-almond sugar cookies is a gift he'll never forget.
But "Masterful Likeness: Dutch Drawings of the Golden Age" also includes the outdoor games, the indoor carousing, the posing and preening for the artist's gaze.
So, Frankel fired off a cease and desist letter to eBay demanding they pay up for using her name and likeness or yank the ad.
Artists who transformed Christian Bale into a startling likeness of Dick Cheney for "Vice," above, relied on advances in materials and technology for creating prosthetics.
For years, Mr. Halperin played the Washington insider to Mr. Heilemann's freewheeling descendant of Hunter S. Thompson, whose likeness he uses for his Twitter profile.
Here's where the second aspect of ceasing operations comes in: The idea of a university owning an athlete's likeness is both ironclad and distressingly malleable.
In the 2000s, he hit it big with Steve Bridges, who used elaborate facial prosthetics to transform into a striking likeness of George W. Bush.
In April 1999, the Cardinals honored Schoendienst with a bronze likeness outside the old Busch Stadium depicting him in midair, pivoting on a double play.
"We recognize how much money is being made off of our sport, off our likeness, off the product we're putting on the field," Jenkins said.
We're told Minaj's wax likeness was moved to Germany because the museum loans statues out frequently to mix up the attractions at its various locations.
But despite the millions of views on YouTube, she was not allowed to benefit from her name and likeness because of an old N.C.A.A. rule.
While Thomas said he hopes Archie will share his likeness, he said it was a "joke" how he found out about his daughter&aposs pregnancy.
Before his death, the actor formed a trust and donated all of his rights of publicity—his name, likeness, voice, identity—to a nonprofit company.
Conservatives accused the Vatican of letting what they consider a likeness of a pagan goddess of Mother Earth known as Pachamama onto sacred Christian ground.
"President Trump's campaign condemns any organization that deceptively uses the President's name, likeness, trademarks, or branding and confuses voters," the campaign said at the time.
Entrant's Personal Information: Winner agrees to allow use of his/her name, likeness, and/or voice in publicity or advertising concerning this Contest without compensation.
In simpler terms, Kardashian West alleges that the practice has been using her name and likeness to promote its business without her permission since 2013.
Reddit user BillipTheDog uploaded the slimy looking creature at Melbourne Aquarium on Sunday local time, which bears an incredible likeness to the U.S. presidential hopeful.
In September, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which lets athletes negotiate payment when their brand or likeness is used.
In colloquial terms, "uncanny" usually means an extremely close likeness, but Sigmund Freud defined the uncanny as something weirdly and nearly familiar—not wholly recognizable.
Phones made in the likeness of everyone's favorite Monday-hatin', lasagna-lovin' cat would continually invade the shores of Brittany, a region in northwest France.
As she states in the accompanying catalogue for Icons in Ash: Cremation Portraits, the viewer is "actually looking at that person" when witnessing their likeness.
Burger King then published an ad using Diana's likeness, complete with her hand gesture, in order to indicate how little time was left for the promotion.
Theodora was a powerful empress of the Eastern Roman Empire and her likeness was rendered in tiny tiles, the mosaic never complete without her signature unibrow.
She demanded that he stop using her name and likeness in the restaurants, which serve traditional Southern fare, citing declining success and Hankerson's ongoing legal troubles.
Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which made California the first state to allow college players to be paid using their own likeness.
One of the women was featured in an advertisement for Senator Elizabeth Warren; the other found her likeness in one for Former Vice President Joe Biden.
"This is about economic equity, and I do think that student-athletes have the right to profit off their own name, image, and likeness," he said.
That's why they created this opportunity: A chance for Black women to all look around and admire people in our likeness — and we did just that.
Even though Cosmopolitan is one of the best-selling magazines on newsstands, I still have a hard time believing its audience knows Coles' voice and likeness.
"We clearly have the N.C.A.A.'s attention," said Representative Mark Walker, a Republican from North Carolina who has sponsored a federal name, image and likeness bill.
"They are commercially exploiting the likeness of people in the photos to train a product that is sold to the military and law enforcement," he said.
Kourtney Refuses to Be in Kim's Video Game Kim got deeply offended when Kourtney was refusing to let her likeness be used in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
The most recent trailer also shows Scar looking quite different from his animated likeness, along with other lions that don't appear to show much facial emotion.
As  Owen Jarus  at  Live Science  reports, the structures are called 'gates' since, from an aerial view at least, they share a likeness with field gates.
But now he's taking his love for his wife's body one step further by plastering her likeness on his latest round of Saint Pablo tour merch.
These tweets, which have since been deleted from the official account, seemingly suggest that Voodoo had created a likeness of Manson in icing on a doughnut.
Her character, debuted exclusively on PEOPLE, is a take on the familiar dancing woman in the red dress from your keyboard, updated with Vergara's animated likeness.
I also fail to see how it adequately commemorates a player this man ostensibly likes by condemning his likeness to a lifetime of watching him poo.
About 21,22 fans were on hand for the ceremony for the statue, which is a likeness of Brodeur giving his trademark salute to the team's fans.
Daily fantasy sports companies have had issues in the past with college games due to strict NCAA rules on using teams' and player's names and likeness.
It's currently outsold only by a mask bearing the likeness of infamous drug cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, which comes with a striped prisoner's uniform.
Bernie Sanders sent their trade group, the American Beverage Association, a cease and desist letter to stop using his likeness in their ads - yet they persisted.
After images of the two side by side went viral people couldn't get enough of the 30-year old's spot-on likeness to Canada's own leader.
After the pop star dropped the music video for her single "I Got You," the internet began commenting on her uncanny likeness to the youngest KarJenner.
Read more from NBC News: Lew said last year that he wanted to add a woman's image to the $10 note, which currently features Hamilton's likeness.
Now the beloved hellraiser is forever immortalized in a six-foot-two bronze likeness based on a photograph by rock photographer Robert John (minus the cigarette).
"Our pitch ... is that we're going to offer you greater value so you can sign with a marketing agent immediately to begin to monetize your likeness."
" Usmanov's foray into video blogging attracted countless online memes playing on the apparent likeness of Usmanov's body language to that of Don Carleone in "The Godfather.
Before the music industry failed to rebuild the digital music industry in its own likeness, it pulled a fast one on bands like Primitive Radio Gods.
Illustrator Maldito Perrito recently adapted his likeness to advocate for metro fare evasion in the midst of the #EvasiónMasiva protests, sparked by a recent fare hike.
Hubbard, 58, still seems incredulous that the team would give out a bobblehead of his likeness; his family is coming up from Atlanta for the event.
The NCAA is embracing "change" and starting the process of allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness, the organization announced Tuesday.
"If college athletes are going to make money off of their likeness while in school, their scholarships should be treated like income," Burr said over Twitter.
In this story the likeness matters, because the girlish coarseness of Harding's features playing against Kerrigan's delicacy was a crucial ingredient in their cable-saga enmity.
A 72-foot bronze, sword-thrusting likeness of an Alexander the Great on horseback (officially named "Equestrian Warrior"), it was unveiled in 2011) towered above pedestrians.
In 2010, Mr. Cobain's widow, Ms. Love, reportedly signed over her rights to his name and likeness to the trust of their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.
"I signed away control of my name and likeness early on, when I was like 19 or 22, to all kinds of different companies," says Hawk.
Gab's logo is an easily identifiable likeness of Pepe the Frog, an image explicitly associated with white supremacy, and Gab's verified users include known white supremacists.
Chilean custom authorities have shared pictures on Twitter detailing the seizure of over 100 ecstasy tablets made in the likeness of Minions, the Metro has reported.
It also said it would not sell Pepe's "character, image or likeness" in the future without a license, which Mr. Tompros said would not be forthcoming.
In 2017, when Lego created a 231-piece Women of NASA set, Dr. Roman's likeness was among four it featured as women who were space pioneers.
She wanted to make a monumental artwork from the prisoner's likeness, but no prison would let her even broach the plan with any of its inmates.
Hanyu's fans wrote thousands of letters to him, made dolls in his likeness and sent him origami, cookies and towels to wipe his face after training.
Nelson D. Schwartz A new British 10 pound note bearing the likeness of the novelist Jane Austen goes into circulation on Thursday in England and Wales.
The Kahlo likeness — reduced to a shorthand of flower-studded braids, unibrow, rosy lips and bright blouse — gazes today from products including socks and yoga pants.
In the case of Ewing P.D., the department is forbidden from using the company's "name, logo, or likeness" in any press release without the Ring's permission.
The athletes themselves are compensated only in financial aid and are forbidden to be paid in exchange for the use of their name, image or likeness.
She is also an exuberant and appealing self-marketer, whose likeness will proliferate on school bags and under Christmas trees for a long time to come.
Solares has always gotten this comparison, but stays true to herself and remembers not lose who she is, no matter what her likeness is up to.
Without mentioning Bossie by name, Trump authorized his campaign to issue a severe rebuke, urging authorities to investigate groups that used Trump's likeness to make money.
The newcomers represent various races and nationalities, but women of color have been especially inspired in a sport where finding their likeness used to be rare.
So it's heartening that a statue in her likeness was unveiled last week on the grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing.
Rodriguez, who is now twenty, has since taught Ahearn how to use his new iPhone; Ahearn has captured Rodriguez's likeness in a series of plaster masks.
According to The Independent, Ronaldo decided he wanted a wax sculpture of himself after seeing the first wax likeness of himself at Madrid's Museum of Wax 
Perrone was arrested the month of the final shooting when a witness matched his likeness to a security camera image circulated to the public by police.
Renee Cox selects her favorite photographs from the past 103 years, including a shot of her and Rick Owens's likeness and portraits from her ongoing series.
But on Twitter, as speculation swirled, one asked: Will the same postage stamp that bore Ghosn&aposs likeness also show him in an inmate&aposs jumpsuit?
Ads on the website promoted fidget spinners emblazoned with Mr. Bannon's likeness ($7.95 each) and a 212-page hagiography — "Bannon: Always the Rebel," by Keith Koffler.
Then there's the epic "Three Girls in a Wood," which stretches laterally 12 feet, its subjects arranged in the likeness of a 1920 Otto Müller painting.
A modest 28 x 28 inches in size, and in what appears to be excellent condition, it portrays what is unmistakably the likeness of the artist.
It also seems to be true that Braun at the very least helped work on a music video that included Swift's nude likeness without her permission.
A second, similarly sized likeness of Kim Jong-il, Kim Il-sung's son and successor, was added beside the original in 153 after Kim Jong-il's death.
While she was there, she met Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner and was presented with the ultimate sign of viral success: An action figure in her (partial) likeness.
If you die while domiciled in a state without strong posthumous rights of publicity, your likeness can essentially be capitalized on without the consent of your heirs.
A Texas judge ruled that a lawsuit filed by the father could proceed because Perez signed away the rights to Selena's likeness and name to her estate.
They are carved into stone in Canada's Bon Echo Provincial Park, displayed under his towering bronze likeness in Moscow, and around the New York City AIDS Memorial.
Fans were all atwitter about the alleged likeness: "HAVE YALL NOTICED THAT KYLIE JENNERS BBY LOOKS A LOT LIKE HER BODYGUARD (translating the tweet)," wrote user Gothkisses.
It also allows those companies to use resources on the ISS for commercial purposes, even making use of NASA astronauts' time and expertise (but not their likeness).
There have been five "Terminator" films since the first one was released in 1984, and Arnold Schwarzenegger—or his computer-generated likeness—has been in every one.
After Brown's failed 1859 raid on Harpers Ferry, Va. — a raid he hoped would prompt a revolt among enslaved people — activists feverishly sold and consumed his likeness.
A timelapse video shows the monstrosity, a three-dimensional likeness of Stormi's barely-formed hand clutching Kylie's well-manicured thumbnail, being assembled, tiny finger by tiny finger.
His nine-metre-tall likeness, clad in a bomber jacket and cradling an AK-47, towers over the Garden Ring Road, one of the capital's main throughways.
Knowles Lawson — who, it's worth noting, also looks just like the 36-year-old pop star's double — couldn't help pointing out the likeness between mother and daughter.
Kendall Jenner's face is worth at least eight figures – according to a lawsuit the star has filed against a company she alleges used her likeness without permission.
One holds a cardboard cutout of Ocasio-Cortez, 53, and leans in to kiss her cutout's cheek, while another holds his hand up to her likeness' neck.
It's clear "Bewitched" producers wanted Tabitha Stephens to share the same physical likeness to her fictional good witch mother Samantha when they cast Erin Murphy in 1966.
This hemispherical camera rig at the Canon booth is what the folks at EA Sports use to capture the likeness of athletes for their in-game avatars.
The bill, if enacted, would grant extended publicity control to heirs of Prince's estate and limit outide use of his name and likeness in commercial pursuits. Rep.
To a company in China and fraudulently steal [Lee's] identity, name, image and likeness as a part of a nefarious scheme to benefit financially at Lee's expense.
During one chapter of his life, he's an ad man, using his name and likeness to sell products and stay in the public eye at any cost.
From the distance of twenty or thirty rows, and amid the pleasant muddle of collective enthusiasm, one singing and dancing likeness seemed as good as any other.
I decided the best way to answer these questions was to inhabit the likeness, and hopefully the mindset, of someone who had actually been on the Mayflower.
Due to their uncanny likeness for each other, a police investigation and DNA tests later proved that they were in fact sisters and the family's missing child.
Police occasionally encounter "analogues," substances that are so similar to ones that are already banned that they can press charges on the basis of their chemical likeness.
FaceApp's terms of service allow them to use your photos and likeness for advertisements and other purposes, but it's not exactly clear what those other purposes are.
But he said that he's never seen a portion of licensing or merchandising revenue that the studio MGM has made off of the franchise using his likeness.
The logic of such brutality is the logic of metaphor: to assert a likeness between two different things holds power only in the light of that difference.
Two hundred years later, Aristotle, observing that some Greeks resembled their mothers and grandmothers, proposed that women as well as men carry their likeness, in the blood.
Just in time for fashion week, Hector — whose star has been on the rise since Mr. Browne created a handbag in his likeness — has just joined Instagram.
We're entering an age of likeness — call it "copycatting" of proven ideas —is accepted rather than derided just because it allows consumers to have what they want.
Reporters traveling with the president during his state visit to Japan observed some service members had patches that read "Make Aircrew Great Again" with the president's likeness.
"Every person should have the right to control how their identity or likeness or personality, or voice, name or image is commercialized by others," the complaint said.
You grant FaceApp consent to use the User Content, regardless of whether it includes an individual's name, likeness, voice or persona, sufficient to indicate the individual's identity.
This artist rendering made available by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office shows the likeness of a baby girl that was found floating off the Florida coast.
Synthesia says it has strong ethical guidelines and aims to ensure that all the content created is consensual and that actors are in control of their likeness.
I don't care what the lawsuit is really about, her legal team is accusing theft of likeness, image, whatever — but the point is her team also stole.
Not the corporeal version but rather his likeness in two dimensions, painted on a wall in Bob Green's home that is reserved for Kansas City sporting luminaries.
They are also exploring legal options either to stop the sale of T-shirts with Dunaier's likeness — or to find a way to share in the profits.
In the video Isaac watched, some characters died and one walked off a roof after being hypnotized by a likeness of a doll possessed by a demon.
While Chiang is still revered as a strong leader by some older residents, many in Taiwan oppose the use of his likeness or name in public spaces.
Mr. Reagan's digital likeness was created by an L.A. visual effects studio that spent a year working on a life-size version, The Los Angeles Times reported.
The exhibition centers on Sargent's preparatory drawings for the M.F.A. — all various sketches of McKeller — along with other paintings and photos of works that used his likeness.
The camera often focuses on her face over the last 20 years, positioning her likeness as the backbone of the film's visual language and its emotional centerpiece.
Now artists use his likeness as a means to comment on the state of modern-day India, particularly the rise of right-wing politics in the country.
Congruent geographic patterns and likeness in population volume means that tech solutions achieved by startups in China could also function in Latin America – for example, digital banking.
If they are especially lucky, the colossus will be determined to be a likeness of Pharaoh Ramses II, one of the most famous rulers of ancient Egypt.
The police assigned 50 investigators to the case, distributed fliers with sketches of his likeness, and even commissioned a sculptor to create a bust of his head.
Sean Spicer, the press secretary, whose likeness appears in the sketch, has a copy of the drawing — and he now displays it in his West Wing office.
In "Sideshow," we see five musicians, a young, preening buffoon or jester and their suave, watchful barker-ringmaster (a fair likeness of Ferdinand Corvi, the owner, himself).
Mr. Tokalau described the custodianship "as a form of copyright," giving the holder authority to grant permission for outsiders to visit the flower or use its likeness.
If you think that all of the above suggests that this bound object bearing Donald Trump Jr.'s name and likeness is hardly enlightening, you are correct.
When a performer dies, the name, image and likeness rights held while they were alive may or may not still apply, and those rights must be secured.
"Sexuall Posts," the name of the account, is selling T-shirts, mugs and sweatshirts all featuring the senator's name or likeness and making sexual innuendos about Cruz.
But can the legislative momentum for athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness have any effect on whether they are employees and can collectively bargain?
Even if you don't live to see a mammoth in the flesh, the odds are excellent you will have the opportunity to see its computer-generated likeness.
Debra added she's yet to hear a peep from Tarantino ... which could be a problem because she owns the rights to her sister Sharon's image and likeness.
Portraiture became her focus anew in the last decades of her life — she even painted, in the 1980s, a likeness of the eventual American president, Donald Trump.
In other words, if someone won't figuratively stay out of your uterus, you might as well literally spew some discarded uterine lining on his or her likeness.
"The fund is not pretending that Sean does not have a right to use her name and image and likeness … but the issue is this continuing assertion of control or purported control that Sean believes he has so that nothing can happen using her name or likeness or image regarding the fund's ability to put on exhibits with memorabilia that it owns, which brought this to a head," added Young.  
Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act, which allows college athletes to not only profit from their name, image and likeness but also hire an agent, the NCAA announced Monday that it will also open the doors for athletes to "benefit from the use of their name, image and likeness in a manner consistent with the collegiate model" (as the NCAA put it in its statement).
Ross first appeared on stage with her natural hair in cornrows before launching into her routine, during which dancers helped her transform — onstage — from one likeness to another.
"It's one thing to liberate a rat from the sewer," he writes "but it's something else entirely to place its likeness on our coat of arms," said Greive.
While the design and infrastructures of these sites are distinct, Public Trust reveals a likeness among Bostonians who live in such different areas as Dudley, Kendall, and Copley.
Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and explained that he kept a statue of his likeness from the crypts of Winterfell.
He is preceded in death by his wife, Anna, whose likeness was the inspiration for the painting of "Bunny" on the restored P-51 Mustang he once flew.
The issue is far from new, having fueled debate and even a 1999 legal challenge, by Fred Astaire's widow, when his likeness turned up in a TV commercial.
Some stars of "Game of Thrones," which is set to air its eighth and final season in 2019, responded to Trump's allegedly unauthorized use of the show's likeness.
And the audio recording reveals more than just a remarkable likeness to Trump's own voice, but also in the spokesman's cadence, word choice and the billionaire's trademark bravado.
Under mounting pressure from California and other state legislatures, the NCAA's Board of Governors voted Tuesday to consider letting college athletes profit from their name, image and likeness.
The Corporation claims it was granted rights to Kahlo's image and likeness more than a decade ago by the artist's niece, Isolda Pinedo Kahlo, according to the Guardian.
"Most commissioners believe that the rules on name, image and likeness should be taken up as soon as the legal framework is established," she said in her statement.
One of Authentic Brands' earliest coups was the acquisition of exclusive rights tied to Marilyn Monroe, whose likeness drew the interest of everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Walmart.
" Johnson's statement continued: "The most important thing is that creativity or quality of performance should never be judged on the basis of color, or ethnicity, or physical likeness.
In fact, around the same time President Duterte's impending visit was announced, a Twitter user posted a photo of a billboard for Trump Tower Manila featuring her likeness.
Another statue, also in Ronaldo's hometown, was picked apart for what some saw as glaring obscurities and differences in likeness between the player and his bronzed counter-part.
The two have been so passionate about the brand that they even celebrated their birthdays in May with a cake made in their likeness, courtesy of Amal Clooney.
And in between revelling in the likeness of God and the secular world, K Dot still finds time to throw jabs at Jay Electronica and Aubrey Graham. Respect.
While the whole thing wasn't exactly fake news, it seems as though Riska, the company that manufactures Umaibō sticks, did not have permission to use Nic Cage's likeness.
His towering portrait of Jackson on horseback, mimicking Rubens's 17th-century painting of King Philip II, was the last likeness to be commissioned by Jackson before his death.
Known internally as Argent, these HMCs point infrared LEDs and cameras at various areas of the face, allowing the software to re-constellate them into the person's likeness.
Demonstrators set fire to a likeness of Trump, smashed store front windows and set garbage and tires on fire in downtown Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco.
In the suit -- first reported by the NY Daily News -- Frank says, by promoting appearances as if he's still a member, the band's using his likeness without permission.
While the player's likeness appeared in last year's version of the game, his name was apparently also removed from the Mike WiLL Made-It track, "Bars of Soap."
Built in the likeness of the Juul, the PAX Era is a high-quality, temperature-controlled portable oil vaporizer that uses pods to ensure a great user experience.

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