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"union" Definitions
  1. (British English also trade union, trades union) (North American English also labor union) [countable] an organization of workers, usually in a particular industry, that exists to protect their interests, improve conditions of work, etc.
  2. [countable] an association or a club for people or organizations with the same interest
  3. [countable] a group of states or countries that have the same central government or that agree to work together
  4. Union [singular] the US (used especially at the time of the Civil War)
  5. [uncountable, singular] the act of joining two or more things together; the state of being joined together
  6. [countable] (old-fashioned or formal) a marriage

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"union" Synonyms
unification merger combination merging uniting joining coalition fusion junction amalgamation blend combining conjunction consolidation mixture amalgamating integration synthesis blending fusing alliance association confederation league confederacy federation guild combine partnership society affiliation brotherhood consortium cooperation group organisation(UK) organization(US) syndicate axis marriage coupling wedding match matrimony bond pairing compact tie wedlock civil partnership espousal nuptials bridal conjugality connubiality mating harmony accord agreement unanimity unison unity concord concurrence undividedness consensus accordance concurrency like-mindedness assent rapport sympathy solidarity concert meeting of minds consonance confluence meeting convergence assembly convergency crowd concourse multitude assemblage gathering conflux mob host sangam watersmeet concursion cohesion oneness uniformity fellowship support camaraderie soundness stability indivisibility sameness teamwork contact touch connection contiguity intercourse collision communion exposure interface link touching contingence impingement taction tangency approximation closeness juxtaposition consistency conformity correspondence congruity compatibility similarity conformance congruence congruency correlation equivalence coherence compliance concordance polity institution political entity state commonwealth community country land nation republic sovereignty territory body politic kingdom realm domain coitus sex copulation lovemaking coition congress copulating relations commerce intimacy nookie rumpo sexual intercourse sexual relations making love sex act carnal knowledge tryst rendezvous appointment date engagement assignation meet encounter tete-a-tete hookup get-together romantic rendezvous affair arrangement tweetup romantic encounter sexual encounter booty call netflix and chill delegation deputation legation commission embassy mission delegacy delegates contingent body envoys party representatives deputies emissaries lobby peace truce armistice ceasefire reconciliation de-escalation resolution treaty appeasement conciliation moratorium terms break in fighting cessation of hostilities end of hostilities More
"union" Antonyms
disunion parting separation breakup split dissolution division discord splitting breaking detachment partition disconnection divorce rift disagreement schism scission severance splitting up disaffiliation dissociation defection break departure breakaway desertion dissension seceding secession apostasy withdrawal exiting leaving retirement annulment break-up split-up break up falling-out divorcement estrangement disunity khula bust-up mismatch discrepancy conflict incongruity incongruousness inconsistency contradiction disparity incompatibility opposition difference dissimilarity incongruence contrast polarity contrariness contrariety variance disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) entertainment fun part analysis disharmony discordance discordancy inharmony infighting friction disaccord dissent dissidence dissention inharmoniousness unrest dissonancy differences disagreements arguments controversies disputes quarrels dissensions dissents dissidences contentions conflicts clashes discords adhesion coupling disintegration noncooperation insubordination mutiny revolt bellicosity belligerence belligerency combativeness disputatiousness hindrance indiscipline insurrection militance recalcitrance contumacy defiance delinquency dereliction unbelief subservience weakness dispute argument disputation quarrel clash clashing contention debate dissensus feud row spat faction section subdivision subsection sector department branch subsidiary solo solo effort lone effort disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) hostility disapproval disapprobation censure displeasure reproof condemnation reproach objection odium discontent denunciation dissatisfaction discountenance animadversion remonstration

157 Sentences With "union"

How to use union in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "union" and check conjugation/comparative form for "union". Mastering all the usages of "union" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Sanders's union endorsements include the American Postal Workers Union, National Union of Healthcare Workers and the Washington Teachers' Union.
The concept of trying to develop a unified union based on a currency union and forget about a fiscal union and political union.
"There isn't Values Union or a Union of the Center, there's just one union of values, the Christian Democratic Union," she said to loud applause.
Only full-fledged union members work under a union-negotiated collective bargaining agreement and receive union services.
More than 7 in 85033 union households and 8 in 10 non-union households support union recertification.
The four other signatories of the letter, which was seen by Reuters, were North American union UFCW, Dutch union federation FNV, Irish union Mandate and Portuguese union SITESE.
Nonunion workers can claim union benefits without paying union dues or joining up, undermining the union in the process.
" But union officials accused the department of "union busting.
Under a PLA, skilled construction workers who have chosen not to join a union are forced to join a union or pay union dues and pay into union fringe benefit plans, even though they are not eligible for union pension and benefit plan distributions unless they join the union and become vested in its plans.
Candidates stumped in union halls and relied on union donations.
The European Union has to be a union of nations.
No wonder many union members feel alienated by union politics.
The first union I got into was the editing union.
Numerous union officials have also pleaded guilty in the case, and earlier this fall UAW President Gary Jones resigned his office and left the union rather than face internal union charges of misspending union funds.
Union 'persuader' rule Democrats have hailed the Labor Department's so-called union persuader rule, saying it will help bring transparency to union elections.
Some union members broke away and they formed a different union called AMCU, the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union of South Africa.
But while the European Union may be a union of democratic states, it is also, first and foremost, a union of sovereign states.
Not all members belong to the European Union; Turkey, for example, is not a European Union member but is in the customs union.
Another union, the IDU, is the AA's recognised union, she added.
Not every union member has union healthcare plans that protect them.
European Union observers were barred, though some African Union observers came.
Appreciating teachers means respecting their choices, union and non-union alike.
The Family Center at Fort Union, 7210 S. Union Park Ave.
Completing the Banking Union, deepening the Capital Markets Union, and strengthening Economic and Monetary Union will make Europe's economy more competitive, diverse, and robust.
"When these kinds of obligations of financial support become voluntary, union membership goes down, union density rates go down, union resources go down," said David L. Franklin, Illinois's solicitor general, who argued in support of the union.
"The monetary union was never meant as a transfer union," he said.
Finally, I joined the union, the Ironworkers Union, which had an apprenticeship.
The Culinary Union praised Ms. Duran's work on behalf of union members.
What we call the European Union is not, in fact, a union.
The American Civil Liberties Union and the American Conservative Union Foundation agree.
On Tuesday morning, Kickstarter's employee union effort, Kickstarter United, announced it successfully voted to form a union with the Office and Professional Employees International Union.
The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU), the biggest union in the sector, is demanding pay hikes of more than 50 percent, while a smaller union, the National Union of Mineworkers, is seeking a 20 percent increase.
Al GreenAlexander (Al) N. GreenClinton advises checking your voter registration during Trump's State of the Union Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley to boycott State of the Union 85033 Democrats to boycott Trump State of the Union address MORE (Texas), Steve CohenStephen (Steve) Ira CohenClinton advises checking your voter registration during Trump's State of the Union Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley to boycott State of the Union 10 Democrats to boycott Trump State of the Union address MORE (Tenn.), Earl BlumenauerEarl BlumenauerClinton advises checking your voter registration during Trump's State of the Union Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley to boycott State of the Union 10 Democrats to boycott Trump State of the Union address MORE (Ore.), Hank JohnsonHenry (Hank) C. JohnsonClinton advises checking your voter registration during Trump's State of the Union Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley to boycott State of the Union 10 Democrats to boycott Trump State of the Union address MORE (Ga.) and Frederica WilsonFrederica Patricia WilsonDemocrats tear into Trump's speech: It was a 'MAGA rally' Clinton advises checking your voter registration during Trump's State of the Union Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley to boycott State of the Union MORE (Fla.).
But union opponents at the plant and the the city campaigned hard against union representation, arguing union representation was bad for Volkswagen and the plant's workers.
Union officials can force private sector employees across the country to pay union dues and accept union officials' monopoly bargaining privileges over wages and working conditions.
Under the practice called "official time," tax dollars pay federal employees to lobby on behalf of a union, attend union conventions, and conduct other union business.
Along with being the meeting place for the local labor unions, Union Hall is home to the Union Hall Ballroom and Union Club Bar and Gill.
After declaring a run for mayor, Ms. Preckwinkle has garnered powerful union support with endorsements by the Chicago Teachers Union and the Service Employees International Union.
Union leaders: Pelosi invited a bunch of union leaders, which may be meant to counter Trump's jobs and economy message in the State of the Union.
In October, the union suspended Courtney, following his marriage to a union employee.
It is the Union of Concerned Scientists, not the Union of Concerned Journalists.
The Culinary Union Local 226, an LV food union, organized and got permits.
Union organizers help the voter realize that the union buster offers zero solutions.
"Union support is not translating into increased union density — yet, anyway," Yeselson said.
It was the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, not the Women's Christian Temperance Union.
Huawei's union is registered with the Shenzhen city government's union and pays dues.
The Union Jack flew behind her as she trampled a European Union flag.
Theoretically union members can request decertification votes – the union equivalent of recall elections.
It is the Union for Reform Judaism, not the Union of Reform Judaism.
Kopel says that certain union-supporters have been "falsely classified as supervisors to weaken support for the union" and disallow them from operating as official union members.
I mean, the European Union, as an example -- I'm all for the European Union, but we have things that we can barely sell into the European Union.
Now, union activists in the plant say that workers who voted against the union are becoming more union-friendly as they watch the support GM strikers receive.
By the end of last year, metal workers' union IG Metall — Germany's largest union and Europe's largest industrial union — was warning of threats from the populist right.
I mean, the European Union, as an example — I'm all for the European Union, but we have things that we can barely sell into the European Union.
Williams said the union believes about 32 percent of union members voted for Trump.
Union leader defends officer The union president said Hendrex should not have been fired.
The union later issued a statement denouncing Sanders's supporters for "viciously" attacking the union.
But he has longstanding union ties and will also be courting union members heavily.
German construction union IG-BAU and metalworkers' union IG Metall jointly condemned the sale.
Official time is used to negotiate union contracts, lobby Congress and attend union conventions.
"The European Union doesn't have enough union," Juncker told the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
It belongs to a customs union, UEMOA, that is older than the European Union.
Maybe now more money will go toward serving union members instead of union leaders.
Contacts:Elected leadership; local union leaders; and staff and members; International Union staff and officers.
Last week, it signed agreements to recognize an Italian union and a German union.
His father retired as an agriculture teacher at Union High School in Union, Ore.
That union is now almost bigger than the actual National Union of Mine Workers.
The union, Transport Workers Union Local 100, is a close ally of Mr. Cuomo.
Now the union-busting story is in danger of eclipsing the actual union drive.
More than 14,000 drivers have signed union cards to join the Amalgamated Transit Union.
They include the country's biggest nurses' union and a teachers' union in Los Angeles.
It was Union County College in Cranford, N.J., not Union College in Schenectady, N.Y.
PES initially said it would dismiss union and non-union employees by mid-July following the fire, but it later extended the employment of the plant's union workers.
PES initially said it would dismiss union and non-union employees by mid-July following the fire, but it later extended the employment of the plant's union workers.
Forcing individuals to pay union dues, especially when they do not want representation from the union or agree with the union more broadly, is coercive — plain and simple.
Nine people have pleaded guilty in the scandal, including former union officials, the widow of one union official, and employees at Fiat Chrysler who dealt with the union.
In the Friedrichs case, the non-union teacher plaintiffs argued that union-bargained contracts, which cover both union and non-union teachers, are inherently political documents since they involve public spending, negotiation with public school officials, and approval by elected school boards.
Union representation is often inherited rather than chosen—while they are given the opportunity to vote on their union representatives, 94 percent of workers represented by a union between 1973 and 2015 never voted for the actual union itself to represent them.
In a phone interview with Hyperallergic earlier this month, museum employee and union advocate Dana Kopel told Hyperallergic that certain union-supporters had been "falsely classified as supervisors to weaken support for the union" and disallow them from operating as official union members.
British flags will be removed from European Union buildings, and the European Union flag will be lowered outside the British delegation's offices, which will be renamed from "United Kingdom Permanent Representation to the European Union" to "United Kingdom Embassy to the European Union."
Whereas traditional retail has its own union, the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), which had its heyday in the 1930s, hardly any warehouse workers are union members.
Push for union voters The state's Democratic caucuses also feature a hefty union presence -- particularly the Culinary Workers Union, with a Las Vegas-based chapter featuring about 57,000 members.
"This hope is called the European Union, a union freely entered into, never before seen in history, a union that has freed us of our civil wars," he said.
According to court documents, the company threatened, interrogated and surveilled employees; confiscated union-related materials; urged union supporters to resign; and disciplined two employees for their pro-union views.
Mark Medina, a restaurant employee and a union member, tells MUNCHIES that the union is the nation's only fast-food union recognized by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
The United Kingdom will be leaving the customs union as we're leaving the European Union.
It's not really a single market — it's a protected customs union for the European Union.
Two officials from European Union nations said the French proposal was under European Union review.
The Boring Company will use a mix of union and non-union labor, Musk said.
How can you both be inside the customs union and outside the customs union simultaneously?
We lived in the Pico Union area around Olympic and Union [during] my teen years.
Rather, the agreements negotiated by a union apply to all employees regardless of union membership.
Those proposed changes have drawn criticism from both the teachers' union and the principals' union.
Look, when you hear the best union, you've heard that, best union in eighty years.
A spokesman for the United Steelworkers union, Wayne Ranick, said the union was not invited.
The speakers came from union and non-union backgrounds, and crossed gender, race, and nationality.
Then, two months after the union announcement, Long, one of the union organizers, was fired.
The union is New York City's largest public employee union, which represents many Nycha workers.
In the statue, Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal are in a union, a sexual union.
Less than 10 percent of union members ever voted for the union currently "representing" them.
Groups behind the Vermont senator include the Postal Workers Union and the National Nurses Union.
Union leaders and union members felt a new boldness from the surge of good will.
I call this a "technology union," a novel structural twist on the traditional union form.
Coal companies with union workers Taxpayers Coal companies (both union and nonunion) AS OF DEC.
He launched South Africa's most powerful trade union, the National Union of Mineworkers, in 1982.
As union officials met in Detroit Sunday morning, the union issued a new strike threat.
He is very pro-union, while his Republican opponent Rick Saccone was vehemently anti-union.
The union president said the union is expecting to negotiate severance packages and benefits for union members - but also pushing to rebuild the unit so the refinery can keep running.
The YouTubers Union, a community-based movement fighting for the rights of content creators and users, has joined forces with IG Metall, Germany's largest union and Europe's largest trade union.
If they can deliver on this promise, non-union employees won't be non-union for long — and those who are in the union will have little incentive to opt out.
"They see the risk that Britain will leave the European Union legally, but stay within a customs union and so remain bound by European Union trading rules," Mr. Fraser added.
However, last year, the company recognized a 1,000-person labor union, and last month, Samsung Electronics employees established a new union under one of South Korea's labor union umbrella groups.
Nine other people who have pleaded guilty in the scandal were former union officials, the widow of one union official, or employees at Fiat Chrysler who dealt with the union.
But negotiations took place as the union is hit by a scandal involving misappropriation of union funds, and in some cases, union officials accepting bribes from officials at Fiat Chrysler.
Housing Works says that it isn't anti-union, but that a union wouldn't solve workers' concerns.
European Union observers have been barred from monitoring the polls; African Union observers have been admitted.
The union is the largest municipal jail union in the United States, according to the News.
Union Pacific — Union Pacific rose 5.9% after beating Wall Street earnings expectations for the second quarter.
State governments passed "right to work" laws that undermined union power by prohibiting mandatory union dues.
If they don't, the European Union will go the way of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?
Only employees with distinct attributes and interests could form a separate union or remain non-union.
Chris Ofili donated his 2003 reimagining of the Union Jack flag, "Union Black," to Tate Britain.
Senior European Union and NATO officials will get together, as will union leaders and American officials.
The single-currency area needs a banking union and a capital markets union to spur investment.
Still, some union members were unhappy that union leaders had allowed Razzaz to avoid the flag.
The move comes amid negotiations between the company and fast food chain's union, Burgerville Workers Union.
Union sources told Reuters the six union members on EDF's board would vote against Hinkley Point.
The United Nations, African Union and European Union expressed deep concern, some explicitly blaming the military.
And the National Union of Mine Workers is not the largest union in South Africa anymore.
It's not hard to imagine the European Union becoming a union of liberal and illiberal democracies.
Members of a police union called for Ms. Foxx's resignation, while counterprotesters denounced the police union.
Another union representing federal workers, the National Treasury Employees Union, filed a similar lawsuit this week.
Wages are generally negotiated for workers by union representatives, which vary by sector and by union.
Undercutting the protests' impact are union divisions, with only one major union mounting full-throated opposition.
The Culinary Union Local 226 represents 60,843 workers and is the most powerful union in Nevada.
One potential setback for Sanders was the powerful Culinary Union, a politically powerful hospitality workers union.
You can find a credit union near you by searching the National Credit Union Administration website.
He's proposed expanding union power and doubling union membership during his first four years in office.
After all, union workers will likely be the ones building the wall with union-produced steel.
Union leaders said those involved in the violence were not affiliated with the trade union movement.
Pro-union workers alleged unauthorized emails were sent to workers' emergency contacts by anti-union workers.
Baseball must get union approval for rule changes, and the players' union signed off on these.
Union leadership blasted Sanders' Medicare for All proposals as seeking to eliminate union-negotiated insurance plans.
The union became the first international labor union to endorse Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune Source: Strife Source: The New York Times Source: Mattis' Letter To 1st Marine Division Source: Mattis' Letter To 1st Marine Division Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune Source: Strife Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune Source: Mattis' Letter To 1st Marine Division
It would also allow employees not to provide personal information to union organizers, provide more protections from union coercion blocking decertification of an already existing union, require secret ballots for strike votes, thereby eliminating the option to vote at union meetings, where pressure is most easily brought to bear against those who are opposed, and criminalize union threats and violence.
We left the Soviet Union and started economic, social reforms and now we enjoy membership in the European Union and more closely converge with the living standards of the European Union.
"What we know is that tangibly, when these kinds of obligations of financial support become voluntary, union membership goes down, union density rates go down, union resources go down," Franklin replied.
We will not tell you that you cannot wear union stickers, order you to remove union stickers from your clothing, or otherwise prohibit you from wearing union stickers at our facility.
But studies show that a third of companies fire union supporters, and that union organizers may face up to a one-in-five chance of being fired for demanding a union.
If the company does not recognize the union, it could lead to a vote whose success would obligate the company to recognize and collectively bargain with the union, union officials said.
This included instating strict company rules governing the distribution of pro-union pamphlets, grilling workers about their union activities, and telling employees that union efforts would be "futile", per the ruling.
"Ultimately if we are going to protect the union, enhance the union and secure the union, then we're going to have to have people voting unionist," Poots told BBC Northern Ireland.
Union members said the company fired one union supporter, denied transfer to a full-time job to another, and promised job opportunities to any employees who declined to support the union.

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