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"unity" Definitions
  1. [uncountable, singular] the state of being in agreement and working together; the state of being joined together to form one unit
  2. [uncountable] (in art, design, etc.) the quality of looking or being complete in a natural and attractive way
  3. [countable] (specialist) (in literature and theatre) any of the principles of classical or neoclassical theatre that limit the action of a play to a single story, day and place
  4. [singular] (formal) a single thing that may consist of a number of different parts
  5. [uncountable] (mathematics) the number one

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"unity" Synonyms
unification integration union amalgamation coalition confederation federation alliance indivisibility integrality fusion merger conjugation amalgam merging consolidation mergence harmony cohesion oneness synthesis togetherness homogeneousness interconnection arrangement balance blend blending coadunation coherence combination compatibility concinnity congruence congruency congruity consistency consonancy correspondence accord agreement concurrence concord unanimity consensus accordance unison solidarity consonance concurrency concert assent rapport sympathy cooperation concordance collaboration integrity wholeness entity singleness undividedness homogeneity uniformity individuality singularity soleness totality soundness completeness symmetry symphony form orchestration orderliness proportion equilibrium equality constancy likeness similarity equivalence sameness similitude parity resemblance conformity alikeness parallelism comparability semblance identicalness analogy interchangeability whole unit ensemble piece collection package system outcome product result body combo being fullness set assembly complex group teamwork partnership association liaison coordination synergy affiliation coaction connection coopetition partisanship communion fellowship affinity closeness community empathy friendship kinship communication communing intercourse bond cohesiveness interrelatedness adherence attachment continuity interrelation linkage solidity organisation(UK) organization(US) sticking together entirety total sum aggregate all gross entireness everything perfectness collectivity absoluteness perfection allness collectiveness contact touch contiguity collision exposure interface junction link touching contingence impingement taction tangency approximation juxtaposition détente co-operation amity give-and-take relaxation relief tranquility(US) tranquillity(UK) truce combined effort cooling off equal power esprit de corps comradeship companionship camaraderie brotherhood comradery company society fraternity chumminess companionability sisterhood brotherliness loyalty peace law and order lawfulness good will order calm cordiality decorousness decorum good relations goodwill harmoniousness peacefulness stability plan structure pattern make-up composition constitution format framework configuration grouping design method scheme construction formation sodality league club guild institution consortium institute council college congress board understanding kindness compassion appreciation consideration tolerance benevolence concern graciousness mindfulness regard thoughtfulness affection altruism clemency decency I 1 one the first ace single More
"unity" Antonyms
division break breakup break-up disunion disunity disjuncture partition schism scission segregation separation split bisection detachment disconnection disseverance dissolution dividing partitioning discord disharmony chaos confusion disorder disarrangement disarray discordance disorderedness disorderliness dissonance inharmoniousness discordancy mess messiness lack of harmony heterogeneity conglomeration disparateness heterogeneousness multifariousness diversity intermixture medley miscellaneousness multiplicity variety assortment diverseness diversification variousness asymmetry imbalance disproportion disproportionateness dissymmetry incoherence irregularity misproportion unevenness contrast discrepancy disparity imparity inconsistency inequality skewness variation crookedness dissension inharmony disagreement infighting friction disaccord dissent dissidence dissention unrest conflict dissonancy bit component constituent element fragment part piece portion fraction ingredient segment unit factor member building block component part contradiction unalignment contention contrariety contrariness oppositeness opposition antithesis polarity variance clash incompatibility adhesion coupling disintegration imperfection imperfectness incompleteness unsoundness partiality section noncooperation insubordination mutiny revolt bellicosity belligerence belligerency combativeness disputatiousness hindrance indiscipline insurrection militance recalcitrance contumacy defiance delinquency dereliction gulf gap rift opening disassociation disaffiliation defection severance disjunction dissociation disconnect disengagement rupture dispute argument disputation quarrel clashing debate dissensus feud row spat disapproval disapprobation censure condemnation displeasure objection reproach reproof denunciation discontent discountenance disfavor(US) disfavour(UK) dissatisfaction odium animadversion discontentment opprobrium repugnance dislike aversion loathing hate revulsion disgust abhorrence hatred distaste repulsion antipathy abomination detestation repellence repellency

702 Sentences With "unity"

How to use unity in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "unity" and check conjugation/comparative form for "unity". Mastering all the usages of "unity" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The theme of the 2017 SAG Awards was unity, unity, and more unity.
But the overarching message has to be unityunity in the party and unity for the country.
"The Unity Demo Team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our upcoming cinematic sequencer tool," Unity explains.
"  "You can't just say it's time for unity and expect unity.
"There is Unity, and inside Unity, there's another engine," Chahi explains.
There is no Perfect Unity, because unity is not equal to uniformity.
"If you talk to people who voted for the unity government, they all agree that there is not unity in the unity government," he said.
Instead, it comes with $500 in Azure credits and three-month trials of Unity Pro and the Unity PiXYZ plugin for bringing engineering renderings into Unity.
"The DNC forums and these campaigns for chair have all been about unity, unity, unity, and Bernie put out a different message," said one Clinton ally.
"If you want unity, and I want unity, and I'm working harder for unity than anyone on this stage, I guarantee you," Jones told the panel.
The Unity Press and Unity Zines founder started Unity Skateboards earlier this year to carve out a niche in visual culture for the LGBTQ skating community.
In the past, Unity said that half of mobile games run on Unity.
But passion doesn't equal unity, and unity is the surer way to overcomb.
These protests are not about unity, unity was the other 70,000 fans that stood.
Preliminary unity talks quickly broke down, however, and the path to unity is fraught.
The unity in Liverpool was not the unity of a party rallying behind its leader.
There's no unity of genre on the bill; in its stead is unity of purpose.
Unity CEO John Riccitiello Unity CEO John Riccitiello "We call it a game engine, but really it's an animation/interactive/lighting/physics/presence engine," Unity CEO John Riccitiello told TechCrunch.
We do not want the unity of grief, nor do we want the unity of fear.
Maybe not the kind of unity we all understand, but we'll have some sort of unity.
A choral group may possess unity, but that unity depends on the behaviors of its individuals.
You may not directly or indirectly distribute the Unity Software, including the runtime portion of the Unity Software (the "Unity Runtime"), or your Project Content (if it incorporates the Unity Runtime) by means of streaming or broadcasting so that any portion of the Unity Software is primarily executed on or simulated by the cloud or a remote server and transmitted over the Internet or other network to end user devices without a separate license or authorization from Unity.
A call for unity Ironically, Bannon's speech began as a call for unity within the Republican Party.
"This was basically a message of unity, aside from peace, it was really about unity," she said.
Tyler Deaton is Senior Advisor to American Unity Fund and American Unity PAC  View the discussion thread.
It was the Equality March for Unity and Pride, not the Equity March for Unity and Pride.
Unity CEO John Riccitiello Unity CEO John Riccitiello The potential deal obviously did not end up going through, and since 2015, Unity has raised nearly $600 million on a valuation north of $3 billion.
Pelosi's message was simple: "Unity, unity, unity" Visit CNN's Election Center While Pelosi was unwavering in voicing her support for the eventual Democratic nominee, she has otherwise remained on the sidelines of the primary race.
Former Unity Technology VP files lawsuit alleging CEO sexually harassed her SF-based Unity has more than 2,000 employees.
" 'Complete unity' Pompeo said he worked with his counterparts at the NATO meeting to achieve "complete unity around this.
Democratic unity: Unity is a force multiplier, and congressional Democrats are as united as I have ever seen them.
Unity, for its part, hopes the project will allow Unity to escape the "stigma" of being a game engine.
"Valve and Unity are both dedicated to creating the highest quality VR experiences possible," said John Riccitiello, CEO Unity Technologies.
Unity Unity is used by everyone from individuals to professional studios that make "AAA indies" like Firewatch and Gone Home.
Facebook almost bought Unity Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg considered a multi-billion-dollar purchase of Unity, a game development platform.
A unity ceremony is any kind of ritual in which the spouses-to-be combine two things into one (cue the Spice Girls song); some popular types of unity ceremonies include unity candles, sand rituals, and handfasting.
The conflict arose after Unity claimed Improbable broke the company's Terms of Service and distributed Unity software on the cloud. 3.
"The unity of Chinese at home requires the unity of the sons and daughters of Chinese abroad," says the teaching manual.
Today at the company's Unite conference, Unity announced that they're building a dedicated product for these use cases, called Unity Simulation.
It is also the public, which on the one hand says that it wants a unity coalition (a small majority of 53 percent), but at the same time makes it clear that by unity it means unity without compromise.
Game companies don't have to give a cut of their revenue to Unity, they pay Unity per seat on a subscription basis.
That was made in Unity, I shared it with him, and because he also had Unity, he started putting new assets in.
Create Your Own Unity Circle If there isn't already a unity circle near you, the Women's March encourages you to form one.
" When asked about Democratic unity faltering, Schumer said the caucus has had "total unity on the issue that will be before us.
"Unity wants to be the 3D operating system of the world," says Sylvio Drouin, VP of the Unity Labs R&D team.
The Times may find a perfect marriage in endorsing candidates who meet its values of process and unity, whatever "unity" actually means.
The termination of Improbable's Unity license essentially cut them off from a huge portion of indie developers who build their stuff on Unity.
On the one hand, meeting the threat or reality of foreign attack requires the unity of society, a unity that can dampen dissent.
The kit will include the HoloLens 2 hardware and Azure credits alongside free trials of Unity Pro and Unity PiXYZ Plugin for CAD data.
I came here to celebrate the unity of my family, but getting here and seeing the unity of my entire island is beyond words.
" She recalled Psalms 133:1: "Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!" and then remarked, "This is not unity.
The IBM/Unity partnership allows developers to integrate into their Unity applications Watson cloud services such as visual recognition, speech to text and more.
If your game is based in Unity, for example, upgrading to a newer version of Unity might end up breaking older parts of your game.
It was called the America First Unity Rally, but you could be forgiven for missing the part where the unity was supposed to come in.
But even if the party achieves linguistic unity under Mandarin, says Mr Moser, it may still find social and political unity as elusive as ever.
Not party unity, which clearly does not exist, but national unity, a goal to be achieved by setting aside the divisiveness of politics as usual.
"This year is the year of Palestinian unity and Fatah's unity behind its leader Mahmoud Abbas," said Ahmed Hilles, the top Fatah official in Gaza.
"Unity is iron and steel; unity is a source of strength," Xi said, according to an English-language transcript from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The 85033 Democratic presidential nominee was on hand Sunday to receive the International Unity Award at the Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King Unity Breakfast.
So, within the same speech, President Trump stated two contradictory goals — unity can be achieved, but unity can't be achieved unless it is on his terms.
However, a controversial pipeline project — the Nord Stream 2 — is testing that unity, even putting a question mark on whether their unity is being hollowed out.
The Unity A to Z Game Development Bundle will teach you three languages and tools: Unity (as well as Unity 3D), Blender, and C#. The seven courses in this bundle use the coding of familiar, successful games to teach you how to make one on your own.
"What I'm most concerned about is making sure that we actually have real party unity, not pretend party unity," Ryan told reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday.
He proved he could say the word "unity," and not back it up with any meaningful policy pronouncement or remorseful rhetoric that could actually lead to unity.
PLP has been experimenting with two leading game engines, Unity (made by Unity Technologies, of San Francisco) and Unreal (made by Epic Games, of Cary, North Carolina).
It is to find strength in our common creed, to forge unity from our great diversity, to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard.
Unity Technologies and Valve announced today that the Unity platform would be gaining native support for SteamVR, allowing developers to significantly expand their capabilities for no extra cost.
I know how far we've come against impossible odds," he said, adding, "We do not want the unity of grief, nor do we want the unity of fear.
According to Virgin Galactic, this was the fifth flight VSS Unity and its carrier plane have taken together, but Saturday was the first time Unity flew by itself.
That helium ≦2 * 600(-1)/1000(-2)h¼ ChemistrySagittarius: Thirteen years ago, Jupiter formed a triangle-like structure that will try to create unity and unity for you.
While they worked on some of the assets inside Unity, Analog made most of the animation with either dynamics or shaders, with the lighting done outside of Unity.
"It's a real time engine and there's no right way to use Unity," said Isabelle Riva, Unity's head of "Made with Unity" program, in an interview with Polygon.
Unity likely wanted Improbable to pay up if they were going to be hosting the Unity Runtime on Improbable servers, but the two couldn't come to an agreement.
Second, the unity, solidarity and integrity of the people take priority over the unity of the land — namely, the wish to possess the entirety of our historic homeland.
That desire suggests voters are paying attention to party unity, and are sensitive to anything that might suggest one candidate or another might destroy that unity before November.
ASEAN's long-standing complaint, that Chinese influence on Cambodia hinders regional unity, is growing moot: over the South China Sea, at least, that unity appears to have disintegrated anyway.
Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games  Unity is one of the most popular game engines on earth, and this course will teach you how to master it.
"All week, two prominent figures on the left have been traveling the country on a Democratic Party unity tour, except there has not been too much unity," said NPR.
House leadership of course pays lip service to the idea of party unity, but in practice Democratic leaders view unity as a top-down dictum and not a consensus.
The church is the communio sanctorum, both the means to the unity of the human race and the visible sign of that unity, albeit incomplete this side of eternity.
"On Brexit, the EU has shown exceptional unity — if only we could show the same kind of unity on everything else," lamented one diplomat involved in preparing the summit.
"That feeling of unity you felt at the end of season one really comes from the unity in the cast," said Colton Dunn, who plays sardonic customer service rep Garrett.
Unity against the coup In a rare show of unity, Turkey's main opposition party, the secular Republican People's Party, held a rally Sunday in Istanbul's Taksim Square with Erdogan supporters.
Trump called for unity throughout the speech, but there's a big difference between calling for unity by offering your own concessions and asking others to make concessions for your agenda.
UNITY OILFIELD, South Sudan, Jan 21 (Reuters) - South Sudan started pumping on Monday an additional 15,000 barrels per day of crude oil from its Unity oilfields, its oil minister said.
Many pro-United Kingdom loyalists remain vehemently opposed to Irish unity, and even some pro-Irish unity moderates are not ready to give up the benefits of being in Britain.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, explained that the unity of the show's characters mirrors the unity of groups coming together in the face of adversity.
In particular, Unity Technologies and Epic Games plan to support the Switch, meaning that all games that run on the Unreal Engine or Unity engine could potentially run on the Switch.
Rabbi, while wounded, calls for unity Congregation member Minoo Anvari, who said her husband witnessed the shooting, said the rabbi called for unity and prayed for peace even after getting shot.
"The Orthodox Church of Christ...believes that the unity of those who believe in Christ already exists in the unity of her baptised her correct faith," he has insisted.
All foreign NGOs must report to the Public Security Bureau (ie, the police) and promise not to "endanger China's national unity…or ethnic unity"—however the authorities choose to define that.
A tinderbox dynamic played out through all their lives — Jessica, eloping with the radical Communist firebrand Romilly because Unity was a Nazi, Unity becoming a Nazi because Diana was a fascist.
The technology is made possible by the use of the Unity engine, a software platform created in 2005 by the San Francisco-based Unity Technologies, primarily for the video-game industry.
Should Europe's defense unity break under Russian pressure, analysts worry, its economic and political unity would follow, leaving Germany isolated at a time when it is unequipped to go it alone.
" Instead, Sunday night's show will be all about "unity.
One thing is clear though — unity seems far off.
Here's what you need to know: • Palestinian unity deal.
" — JIMMY KIMMEL "During his speech, Trump called for unity.
Google is specifically highlighting the Unity integration, allowing users to use Tilt Brush sketches in Unity itself with the same materials, shaders, and even the audio responses from the Tilt Brush app.
While he was in Komi, Mr. Protopopov won a medal for fostering "spiritual unity," the Kommersant report said, without specifying whether the unity was with the crews doing the illicit road work.
Developed in partnership with immersive media experience company, RYOT, and bolstered by a $25,000 Unity for Humanity grant from game engine company, Unity, Terminal 3 premiered at last month's Tribeca Film Festival.
"Brexit … could threaten both the unity of the U.K. (because of the possibility of another Scottish independence referendum) and the unity of the European Union," he said at a talk in London.
"I promise to safeguard Iraq's unity and safety," Salih said as he was sworn in, affirming his commitment to the country's unity a year after Kurds overwhelmingly backed a failed independence bid.
Each day will start with a Kwanzaa altar presentation, at which children will learn about the holiday's seven principles and celebrate the first, umoja, or unity, by decorating their own unity cups.
Pope Francis has met with a group of Korean Protestants while on a trip to Geneva to promote Christian unity, symbolizing the pontiff&aposs hopes for cooperation and unity on the Korean Peninsula.
Also, the latest version of Unity, Unity 8, has been delayed for a couple years now as Canonical worked to reinvent another part of the Linux ecosystem with its own display server, Mir.
Facebook and game engine company Unity have announced a partnership that will let developers easily port their Unity games onto the social network, including a Facebook desktop gaming platform that's currently in development.
The survey's inconclusive split between pro-unity and pro-independence parties would leave the regional offshoot of left-wing party Podemos, which supports unity but wants a referendum on independence, as potential kingmaker.
This robot video from August 2018 was actually animated using the Unity engine (usually used for hyperrealistic video game footage), and was created by the Unity Demo team for the short film Adam.
My bike ride in AR. (Unity + ARKit + Mapbox + Strava) pic.twitter.
VSS Unity reached space for the second time in February.
Alabama made a really big statement that unity wins out.
It's about sportsmanship, unity, patriotism and supporting great charitable causes.
Goose brought unity to everybody in that prison through ramen.
Well, how do we extend this message and provide unity?
For the unity of Christianity, this confidence was a disaster.
"The GOP knows it has a unity problem," Ross said.
At present, 45 of Elekta's Unity systems have been ordered.
"We wanted to give a message of unity," Torelli says.
Instead, the fractures deepened and Pierce's hopes at unity crumbled.
Patel hopes the themes of family and unity come through.
There is unity that these problems have to be resolved.
There is a timelessness and internal unity about these dispatches.
It begins with the words "unity and justice and freedom".
JR: At Unity, we make tools to make things possible.
"People still want fellowship and togetherness and unity," Guidry said.
Showing unity seemed an afterthought for the "America First" president.
What has Trump done to demonstrate his penchant for unity?
They entered Facebook's new social test bed built with Unity.
Yet Europe's unity is, as Mr Trump reminds it, fragile.
Clinton responded with a desire for unity -- to a point.
I've seen the unity, the prayer, the ceremony, the compassion.
The Unity Reform Commission has put forward a few changes.
But he suggested the GOP "unity" process is advancing nicely.
Any crack in Republican unity has the potential to spider.
To him, the army emphasised unity; politicians were too divisive.
To learn more about the Unity Coalition, visit their website.
We need unity to confront the threats posed by extremists.
"He called for national unity and bringing all Americans together."
Trump isn't always taking steps to help his party's unity.
Files should work in Unity or Unreal Engine for instance.
President Moïse has proposed clear steps toward a unity government.
The first is said to be on preaching party unity.
Unreal Engine's main competitor, Unity, has also worked with NASA.
But it affirmed "the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation".
We want the unity of hope, affection, and high purpose.
Europe, he said, faces a choice between unity and disintegration.
Sometimes, unity comes with a lot more punishment than reward.
With Unity, Blomkamp explains, he can make shot adjustments immediately.
For the sake of party unity, the amendment was withdrawn.
You've got to maintain the family unity, Kim told her.
On the structural front, there could be strength in unity.
Now it faces a constitutional crisis that threatens its unity.
She has organised grand conferences and delivered speeches about unity.
A sense of defiance and unity hangs in the air.
Trump tweeted calls for unity following the violence in Charlotte.
This choice will test the unity of Mrs May's government.
" "I was everybody, unity, one life with 6 billion faces.
But, let's not mistake unity with complete and total agreement.
We stand in unity with all members of Orange County.
And it's not a great sign for Republican unity either.
Party unity in Congress has strengthened dramatically in recent years.
"Terror cannot be faced by calls for unity," he said.
"Peace, love, unity, and a good cause," one advertisement reads.
It is time for unity, for calm & for rational thinking.
You'll need Visual Studio and a working knowledge of Unity.
Complete C# Unity Developer 3D: Learn to Code Making Games
Nashi activists rally in Moscow, on National Unity Day, Nov.
That will also make national unity and governing more difficult.
Learn Unity and become a video game developer See Details
Enter the PKK's Syrian affiliate, Party for Democratic Unity (PYD).
Democratic unity, and division among Republicans, sealed the AHCA's fate.
"Now there is great unity in rejecting Maduro," she said.
America forged itself as a nation through unity and determination.
The newfound unity between the four countries delights populist politicians.
It's a peaceful camp, and it's a camp of unity.
Mia Love condemned the violence in Charlottesville and urged unity.
The team's test world was developed on the Unity platform.
Louie Swisher: Except for some dips, with Unity and Syndicate.
We have amazing technology like Unreal and Unity, development engines.
He will not want to be seen blocking party unity.
A unity government was supposed to take shape within days.
Imagine if we had been able to sustain that unity.
Some think he has been precipitous in opening Unity Park.
Witnesses facing this unity had difficulty opposing its information requests.
It will disrupt, perhaps mortally, the foundations of European unity.
Energy in the executive also requires unity in the executive.
Here's what you need to know: • Democrats step toward unity.
"We must never conflate unity and unanimity," Perez told INSIDER.
In fact, all we have seen so far is unity.
"It could be a great moment of unity," Shapiro added.
To recommend unity, Paul Simon sang "Bridge over Troubled Water".
His death created a moment of unity that still persists.
They wanted to celebrate that unity and cement it further.
Mr. Thomas's "Unity" is more polite than Mr. Shrigley's sculpture.
And what we do now serves to preserve that unity.
Unity of Command 2 has a tough act to follow.
Then we start forming the transitional government of national unity.
"Unity is winning, too," the presumptive GOP presidential nominee added.
Does humanity exhibit enough unity to even have "core values"?
Branson plans to be the first passenger aboard VSS Unity.
I've been hearing about "unity" a lot at this meeting.
His message of unity is one we should all share.
It is divine and unchanging, reflecting God's unity and perfection.
Kaine did defend Clinton, which at least shows ticket unity.
" He continued: "As we begin 2018, I call for unity.
"It's showing solidarity and unity," said Wala Siddig, a junior.
Its unity at home, and its standing abroad, were deteriorating.
We must respond with unity and respect for every American.
Trump called for unity in a statement following the shootings.
But for now the unity of the 28 is key.
It's the Federation's unity and cooperation that makes it strong.
But Unity says that's not what led to Evans' termination.
Peace and unity became key elements to Ali's later legacy.
They still felt a sense of unity among the players.
TNT is officially out April 1 on Sound Unity Entertainment.
They were unified, their unity was powerful, and it worked.
Our dignity is dearer than the unity of this land.
He called for unity, for understanding and for equal opportunity.
Sanders, meanwhile, countered Biden's unity message with nothing at all.
But it felt more about unity and the welcoming spirit.
Even within Germany there is no unity among political leaders.
Sanders quiets 'Bernie or Bust' contingent with plea for unity.
The unity commission came with no shortage of internal division.
Helmut Kohl, her onetime mentor, became synonymous with German unity.
The talks will also test the unity of the protesters.
I hope we choose the path of empathy and unity.
Nothing meant to line up all readers into a unity.
Nehme urged the Lebanese and their politicians to show unity.
Sixteen years of economic hardship, shared sacrifice and national unity.
Mike Pihl, Timber Unity president and a logging company owner.
Timber Unity did not respond to a request for comment.
What Brexit reveals is a total lack of national unity. ■
We believe Ms. Ramirez and stand in unity with her.
A show of unity in Washington would help boost confidence.
"These attacks are against peace, unity and humanity," he said.
The unity of the Spotlight section, for example, is thrilling.
Out of division and disarray could come unity and vision.
Even their most radical compositions retain a sense of unity.
Without "unity, agreement and prudence," the country's wounds remain open.
"This is a sign of women empowerment and unity," Rep.
To the Editor: Yes, we need a national unity ticket.
These electability concerns naturally complicated her implicit party unity pitch.
In the age of Trump, Hispanics need unity — not infighting.
So much for Korea's forced experiment in ice hockey unity.
A crew of two will pilot Unity in Thursday's test.
The National Unity Government is a reflection of that problem.
On Thursday Erdogan called for greater unity among Muslim countries.
The fiercest Clinton backers started PUMA, Party Unity My Ass.
About how well his Unity Temple in Oak Park, Ill.
Australian Unity Fund was not immediately available for a comment.
Don't get me wrong, unity is a fine enough thing.
Trump was the key to unity for some Democrats, too.
And this week, a thin crack in conference unity appeared.
"This is really strengthening the core of unity," he said.
Buttigieg turned a question about unity toward the former president.
By contrast, demonstrations of oneness, sameness and unity reassure them.
FEY: It was a great feeling of unity and fun.
"We must show our unity," said protest organizer Aung Thu.
Support for Irish unity is lukewarm south of the border.
" Similarly, the plan released on Sunday focuses on "family unity.
He also addressed opposition candidates, calling for dialogue and unity.
But divisions and controversy are now tearing at NATO unity.
The burden of unity lies with Trump, not his detractors.
Mr. Cuomo has not responded to the calls for unity.
Disagreements in one area should not prohibit unity in others.
He urged the opposition to join a coalition unity government.
"It could be a government of national unity," he said.
Without that unity, it's basically impossible to get anything done.
After all, the incentives for party unity are very large.
The roundness of the dumpling symbolizes unity within the family.
On Tuesday, the Palestinian unity cabinet will meet in Gaza.
Then they brought forth an outpouring of unity and support.
Another is the lack of unity in the Republican Party.
I could see various assistants through the headset, from a PS2-level realistic Nissan PR rep to a cute cuboid bear called Nissan Bear to the extremely anime mascot of Unity Japan, Unity-chan.
Type "sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t unity,xiwi" then Enter, replacing "unity" with "xfce" or "kde" if you feel the need (you can also add an "-e" flag to add encryption for extra security).
Export games from Unity directly into Facebook Gameroom Export games from Unity directly into Facebook Gameroom Facebook announced the launch and name change from "Facebook Games Arcade" today at Unity's game development platform conference.
The unity government has faced opposition from hardliners on both sides of Libya's political divide, and the prime minister of the government based in Tripoli this week warned the unity government not to move there.
"Just as one loves one's own eyes, one must love ethnic unity; just as one takes one's own livelihood seriously, one must take ethnic unity seriously," Xi told the delegation, according to the state broadcaster.
In his essay "Style Now," published in the anthology Concerning Contemporary Art (Oxford, 250), he notes that, in their view, style "has a unity," and that like a language this unity involves law-like regularity.
Piloted by a two-member crew of Mark Stucky and Dave Mackay, Unity screamed into a steep climb as the engine burned for 31 seconds, pushing Unity past the speed of sound to Mach 20043.
"With unity we put behind a very difficult year ... I thank Iranians for displaying a significant show of unity and solidarity ... I am naming the new year, the year of jump in production," Khamenei said.
Francis suggested that Cardinal Wuerl could have defended himself (he in fact did) but chose not to for the unity of the church and was thus a model for the future unity of the church.
Mr. Gantz responded at a meeting of his Blue and White party that the people had voted for unity and that he was ready to negotiate for a unity government — but one under his leadership.
To me, the unity of the state always seemed important to Spanish politicians, but I never thought they would place unity above democracy or human rights, particularly now that Spain is in the European Union.
Contributing to GOP unity, Pence is a churchgoing evangelical family man.
The stadium erupted in cheers for the symbolic show of unity.
EU leaders, however, seek unity on this most politically sensitive matter.
Unity You have until April 30 to make your voice heard.
Trump has signaled an interest in forging unity from historic division.
Demographic trends could also shift public opinion in favor of unity.
But this thematic unity keeps the show from flying to pieces.
What are the odds it's a call for peace and unity?
Chords of unity turn screechy when election winners implement bold agendas.
In the letter, there was a simple plea for international unity.
His plea for unity may fail, even within the European Union.
It has to be a well-coordinated campaign where there's unity.
And using it ... Yeah, it's Unity, I can see that, yeah.
This is in part because there's no unity within the administration.
They increasingly are worried about unity and their prospects against Trump.
He emphasized unity and virtue above policy disagreements or personal squabbles.
But this time around, Unity Reform Commission members are more optimistic.
Crenshaw ended his appearance with a seemingly heartfelt call for unity.
China's quest for national unity has a lot further to go.
Then there's the bad faith unity argument propagated by the right.
Protests will start immediately, said the opposition Democratic Unity alliance (MUD).
Build a Battle Royale with Unity and Blender — $9.99 See Details
Moreover, previous efforts at Arab military unity have ended in disappointment.
Unity was given concrete expression in the papacy and church hierarchy.
They say the words we'd like them to say. Peace. Unity.
The community unity walk organized by Jason Pero's eighth-grade classmates.
" They continued: "#MirandaSolidarity is a symbol of female power and unity.
"This is the time of unity, peace and hope," said Rodriguez.
They give the people new courage and a sense of unity.
Among much else, these prohibit anything deemed to "damage national unity".
African governments could strike better deals if they showed more unity.
It needs Unity, a game engine, to make the game run.
The unity fostered by Mr Kim may thus prove short-lived.
HEROES was built with MPC VR and the Unity game engine.
The best shows of this type attempt thematic unity within episodes.
Of course the Norwegian vision of unity does not always prevail.
BAIER: You know, A.B., the president is talking about Republican unity.
Sagittarius season begins on the 21st, calling for unity across communities.
So many people have said 'party unity,' because I'm an outsider.
It allows manifesting and pure feelings of love, kindness, and unity.
It's been a fairly successful test program for Unity so far.
Tyler Deaton is a Senior Adviser to the American Unity Fund.
It's a longstanding symbol of unity in this New York borough.
Others were urged to spread messages of unity, love and hope.
Facebook already partnered with Unity to support Oculus VR game development.
They believe in unity, and believe that diversity is our strength.
It will also underline the need for unity among Orthodox churches.
And how conciliatory his statements on race and unity have been.
She said the city showed the world the power of unity.
Our movie is about empathy, about people coming together, about unity.
But Ryan still backed him on the basis of party unity.
When it comes to hockey, we don't do unity up here.
He said his book featured themes of nationalism, unity, and truth.
It was an important reminder that our unity is our strength.
Al Franken, to try to build some unity in the party.
Party Unity Matters: Donald Trump has torn the Republican Party apart.
After calling for unity, he unleashed an attack on the media.
Russia is taunting Turkey, hoping for a crack in NATO unity.
But this year's gesture of unity comes at a crucial moment.
For games, that could be Unreal Engine or Unity, for example.
Update August 3rd, 6:00PM ET: Added attribution to Unity Technologies.
Unity dos the rest and charges only $200 for a campaign.
Now, that sense of unity must turn to rebuilding the country.
"The Olympic Games should be a cause of unity," he said.
The words "kicking and screaming" come to mind: unity, or else.
Unjustified linguistic barriers fragment the unity with which nature presents us.
However, he made clear that party unity was on his mind.
Pelosi touted the party's unity in a Monday letter to lawmakers.
And I don't want the cause of unity to be undercut.
On Wednesday, Trump called for unity in response to the incidents.
New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons players form a unity circle.
What is indispensable for Turkey is the territorial unity of Syria.
It has published a programme for a government of national unity.
The process toward a unity government has been slow and difficult.
When the war ended, a second unity government did not last.
The Hill: Dem, GOP campaign chiefs call for week of unity.
In a show of unity, Perez made Ellison his deputy chairman.
How many thought unity around an anointed candidate was good idea?
"That was unity," Mr. Trump said from a downtown hotel here.
How much does the political debate harm unity within the SBC?
Steve Daniels said in his eulogy that people must embrace unity.
Tyler Deaton is a senior adviser to the American Unity Fund.
The road to Unity eight years ago wasn't devoid of potholes.
Sixteen years has been a long wait.... unity is our country.
And when we emphasize that commonality ... we will achieve greater unity.
S., Korean War-focused events designed to strengthen nationalism and unity.
Christians understand God as "a tri-Personal, perichoretic unity," she wrote.
But the fight over Garland has created cracks in GOP unity.
Unity is Senate Republicans' top priority in 2016 Thune and Sen.
Democrats face their own test Democratic unity, meanwhile, will be tested.
There is power in numbers and there is power in unity.
Symbolic unity required treating Kurds as no different than Saddam's regime.
Until last week, they sought unity through uncompromising hatred of Obamacare.
The house lost its unity, a radical idea then and now.
"Our message today is one of unity," he said after Mrs.
Meditation and trust in the unity of life are the keys.
This unity of vision shines through brilliantly in the final product.
Trump's strength was that he did not need unity, Beyer added.
How to build unity in a short time with few resources?
Najib has said his reshuffle was necessary to maintain government unity.
In the wake of the shooting, President Trump called for unity.
Russian aggression and confrontation there have not cracked trans-Atlantic unity.
This myth of racial purity was promoted to foster national unity.
This week there was even talk of a national unity government.
"This is a day that I celebrate unity," Ms. McQueen said.
Spain will not be divided and national unity will be preserved.
Ellison then spoke to the Atlanta gathering and urged party unity.
The name of the game for Republicans in 2018 is unity.
Unity can come only from a common dedication to this experiment.
With the democracy, pluralism, feminism, equality and unity that they hate.
The decades-old project of unity has rarely been more precarious.
Mr. Trump, by contrast, cares not at all about public unity.
They yelled slogans about unity and sang old Korean folk tunes.
To do this, we will need more political unity and determination.
We hadn't seen that in the past three decades, that unity.
Mr. Obama stressed unity, and Ms. DeJear is following his path.
The statue dedicated to Patel is called the Statue of Unity.
Mr. Trump initially condemned the attempted attacks and called for unity.
This story was predicated on the unity of the American people.
Mr. Trump first condemned the attempted attacks and called for unity.
The Games ended up being a striking display of Korean unity.
As a proud Indian, my AND message is unity AND diversity.
We choose unity over division and we choose truth over lies.
Government Is on Alert — National Conference Is Expected to Strengthen Unity.
"The time is over for Unity," Ubiquity6 CEO Anjney Midha says.
The note quickly made its way to the Unity developer forums.
Countries coming together to compete sometimes find unity in special moments.
Yes, unity is a decisive concept, because bigger usually beats smaller.
EU members have pledged unity in the face of U.S. hostility.
Let us both call for peace and unity in our land.
Libya's two warring administrations are expected to form a unity government.
She says her goal is to bring unity to the country.
Lieberman refuses to join either bloc and demands a unity government.
Building party unity after a messy primary fight takes some time.
That unity sends an important message to friends and adversaries alike.
So, too, in a way, is the drive for European unity.
We're issuing a call for unity against the biggest tech company.
Manchester, New Hampshire (CNN)So much for that party unity, Democrats.
Now, he has no standing to call for peace and unity.
"There's just this unity that we have," defender Kacey Bellamy said.
The vision of Warren as a "unity candidate" isn't entirely new.
And we are taking this message of unity to the country.
I hear a yearning for more unity and meaning, not less.
"We are not entering a government of national unity," he said.
Ultimately, Booker's message of "love and unity" didn't resonate with voters.
However, the op-ed fails to consider other ideas of unity.
It's a catchy shorthand that signals youth and unity and identity.
A call for national unity as the nation feels hopelessly divided?
"We need unity because in one moment, everything changed," she said.
Former Unity Technology VP files lawsuit alleging CEO sexually harassed her
But she ends the same way, with a call for unity.
If ever there was a time for unity, this is it.
There needs to be more unity in our nation moving forward.
For her party, the Unity Party, Sirleaf's decision was hardly courageous.
The topic prompted some of the strongest unity of the evening.
Tyler Deaton is the senior adviser to the American Unity Fund.
He said Trump's candidacy will do lasting damage to national unity.
Their main mission is PLUR (or, peace, love, unity and respect).
The women's movement has not always been a site for unity.
"We are there to protect ... [the black unity] event," he said.
Meanwhile, to many voters elsewhere in America, unity looks like weakness.
Now, if ever, there should be a call for Nordic unity.
For over a year, Democrats have enjoyed their illusion of unity.
It does not produce more efficiency and unity in our society.
Perhaps the Brotherhood's biggest problem, however, is a lack of unity.
In totality, the movements addressed a broad program of African unity.
It may engender global unity but it can't end our wars.
"My mother did not like the phrase Cosmic Unity," he wrote.
The dollarization rules followed by the unity government should be restored.
Our strength, and the salvation of all Venezuela, is in unity.
Andrew M. Cuomo, a chance to enjoy the power of unity.
"Bipartisanship and unity has to go both ways," Ms. Scanlon said.
The president's advisers have said the speech will focus on unity.
Netanyahu says he won't join a unity government led by Gantz.
Robert Javorsky, who was ordained through the Unity Church, officiated. Mrs.
His prescription was calling for unity — and then blaming the media.
"Maintaining international unity on the issue is extremely important," Xi said.
Absolutely. Because you need that unity to stand up to Russia.
She also did something else that was important for Democratic unity.
It's ironic that GCC unity now appears more fraught than ever, particularly in the wake of President Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia and the aura of unity and togetherness that seemed to mark his meetings there.
Last week, South Korea's prime minister, Lee Nak-yeon, drew sharp ire when he said that the women's team was not a medal contender anyway, implying that its athletic unity could be sacrificed for political unity.
In a rare demonstration of unity, Borissov and President Rumen Radev stood together appealing to Bulgarians not to yield to panic, but grasp the gravity of the situation, observe social distancing and show unity and solidarity.
Hundreds take part in a Unity Walk sponsored by Emanuel AME Church and the Hate Won't Win Movement on Saturday, June 18, 2016, in Charleston, S.C. The Unity Walk was created by the family of the Rev.
Unity pulls nuclear option on cloud gaming startup Improbable, terminating game engine license Yesterday, Improbable announced that Unity had terminated their game engine access and that developers that used SpatialOS were in danger of losing their work.
I've built a career advising some of the biggest conservative philanthropists in the country on how to advance LGBTQ rights at the helm of American Unity Fund, a nonprofit, and American Unity PAC, a federal Super PAC.
The floral design of the crown is meant to represent unity among women from all seven continents, while the crown as a whole was inspired by "nature, strength, beauty, femininity, and unity," according to Mouawad&aposs video.
Instead of the chattered-about unity ticket on the left, there is now a newfound unity in the technocratic center, where the independent candidate Emmanuel Macron has claimed the endorsement of the frequent presidential contender François Bayrou.
It'll come down to two main things: sacrifices from everybody, and unity.
"What drew me was the unity of African-American men," Morris said.
The Unity government was backed by 167 of the parliament's 217 members.
The tool was built by Hiroyuki Ishiwata using Android's ARCore and Unity.
But these days purple—a mix of red and blue— represents unity.
Unity in the community is the name of the game once again.
Korla often lectured there, stressing the blending of cosmic and musical unity.
Virgin Spaceship Unity is unveiled in Mojave, California, Friday February 19th, 2016.
These feints at strengthening our borders in reality only weaken our unity.
You can do entry-level things in Unity without very much training.
The PFG has declared its support for Libya's U.N.-backed unity government.
" He added: "This view of unity is something they may never understand.
Upon reaching an altitude above 40,000 feet, the carrier aircraft released Unity.
So really, it's incumbent on Paul Ryan to help bring party unity.
Allies of his call her detoxification strategy a risk to party unity.
There had already been several demonstrations of unity amongst the incarcerated population.
The international community had hoped the battle against IS would encourage unity.
Established 3D authoring environments like Unity and Unreal become increasingly more valuable.
Text that wraps around the store's exterior reads: What's in Unity Books?
Call it a gesture of hope for progressive unity, if you'd like.
It was in race relations that Grunwick's unity represented a resounding victory.
Beijing is hoping to project an image of national strength and unity.
The PC has has to meet the minimum requirements for running Unity.
VSS Unity will primarily carry customers who have bought tickets for $250,000.
The outside world had hoped the battle against IS would encourage unity.
Soon, paying customers will be aboard Galactic's space plane called VSS Unity.
But beneath its buzzwords and hopeful calls for unity is sharper stuff.
Consolidating party unity and assuring JFK's nomination were the only real concerns.
Kasich's premise hinges on the delegates choosing him as a unity candidate.
" It added: "He called for national unity and bringing all Americans together.
We believe in the protection of children and the unity of families.
The VSS Unity, which debuted in 2016, is Virgin Galactic's second vehicle.
" He called for unity in America, encouraging people to "stop the hate.
Instead, she sees the narrative choice as a reminder of Latinx unity.
"They're demanding unity without treating us equally or hearing us," she said.
MACCALLUM: Roger Goodell say they&aposre all going to work towards unity.
But in 22006 a multi-racial coalition came to power, promising unity.
In Libya, efforts to build a unity government have made little progress.
People tried at least one Unity game on over 3 billion devices.
"For me, that was to signify an angel of unity," she says.
The U.N. Security Council expressed its determination to support the unity government.
Its claim to an uncommon level of unity has been blown apart.
Sanders chastened California delegates who booed his call for party unity Tuesday.
Laura Ingraham rocks the GOP convention, presses for unity behind Trump Rep.
Additionally, she called on the church to lead the charge toward unity.
The team continued to show their unity as the final game neared.
Rather, he proposed more unity and solidarity between the remaining member states.
For instance, both Unity and Unreal Engine have been ported to WebAssembly.
"Unity is a little rougher around the edges [than Gotham]," said Yost.
Without that acknowledgment, unity calls are dangerously close to invalidations of dissent.
Germany's DAX was closed on Wednesday, in light of German Unity Day.
Selecting Mike Pence was clearly designed as a gesture of party unity.
"We both had doubts, and we had unity in that," Taylor says.
Pay what you want for the Unity Game Development Bundle See Details
Desmond highlights five common unity rituals you could incorporate into your wedding.
From here on, the film turns into another tired advertisement for unity.
And he will ask voters to choose unity (Biden) over division (Trump).
"We need to make sure we bring unity to the international market."
Following his victory, Macron promised to work toward unity in the country.
Even with the extra weight, spacecraft Unity perform well, the pilots said.
Yet that strategy depends on unity at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.
They link diverse operations, lending purpose and unity to the entire organization.
Many in Egypt's Christian community should find official calls for unity disingenuous.
SpatialOS was previously available in a more limited, experimental scope on Unity.
He was also an early investor in Oculus VR, another Unity customer.
Warren appeared to be stumping as she talked about unity and democracy.
Facing a divided audience on the final night, Hillary Clinton preached unity.
The biggest app in history was Niantic's Pokémon GO, powered by Unity.
Clinton urged her backers to seek unity in the wake of defeat.
Unfortunately, since independence South has not forged any semblance of national unity.
He was prime minister of a unity government from 2009 to 2011.
Unity is not about everybody being able to do the same thing.
This rift with Qatar "just emphasizes the lack of unity," Ibish said.
Improbable may be pissed at Unity, but they still want them back.
It show unity and also shows that we can all be together….
It was only in a Unity demo that the things appeared flawless.
But quite a few DNC members were upset with this "unity" proposal.
There is, truly, no unity on how how wives feel about turtlenecks.
The work of European unity is difficult, unfortunately, and it takes time.
Nyandiwu is from a village near Leer, a major town in Unity.
He believes that only through unity can the continent address these challenges.
There's even an online toolkit to help anyone start a unity circle.
GOP unity A big goal of the convention was to unify Republicans.
When we talk about the need for unity, let's really mean it.
But members' response to the shooting came down to one goal: unity.
Speaking Sunday in Concord, North Carolina, Cruz made the pitch for unity.
Western forces would, ideally, be invited in by a new unity government.
John Hickenlooper (D) running as a unity ticket for president in 2020.
"Sanders, Perez unity tour is off to a bumpy start," CNN reported.
Perez takes the stage for a spirited address that stressed party unity.
But there are signs of growing unity between Trump Tower and Hill.
And I am full of pride and unity with all women today.
The actress also praised the female community in Hollywood for its unity.
Ordinarily, you would expect a grand rollout and a show of unity.
Wild spaces offer opportunities for recreation but also for healing and unity.
He has been in jail ever since, accused of "damaging national unity".
Through her profound grief, she finds purpose in projecting strength and unity.
Transport for London's page is slightly more varied, but it lacks unity.
"That's what he preaches when he preaches unity," Noah told the audience.
McCain believed in a patriotic politics of civility, bipartisanship and national unity.
Unity is unlikely given the staunch consumer advocacy of lawmakers like Sen.
Ms. Sanders: I still think that there is a lot of unity.
John McCain called for unity Monday over the death of Army Sgt.
Adinkra symbols will reference principles such as justice, unity, and self-preservation.
He needed to impose a measure of unity on his divided party.
Last year, the French reacted to terror mostly with defiance and unity.
Schiller's words epitomise unity: "Alle Menschen Werden Brüder"—all men become brothers.
As voting ended, the Conservative parliamentary party mounted a display of unity.
A UN-sponsored unity government is trying to establish itself in Libya.
The losers and maimed quell their sniffling for the sake of unity.
She's meeting Conservative MPs today as she works to maintain party unity.
And a split over Israel is further threatening Democrats' hopes for unity.
Unity of Command 2 took its time convincing me of its greatness.
It is a symbol of peace and unity at the Olympic Games.
More than half of all new mobile games are built using Unity.
Like Unity, the company's software has capabilities that expand far beyond gaming.
To them unity remains vital, and nobody wishes to undermine Mr Barnier.
A primary purpose of the unity government is to check these factionalists.
Trump "seeks Republican unity, not unanimity," reads one of the talking points.
America Unity PAC also released an ad late last month knocking Rep.
Behind the facade of unity, though, frayed edges have become painfully exposed.
Such is the kind of unity that Trump has sought to forge.
But unity — like a big July watermelon — is by design best shared.
Unity also faces competition from other game engine makers with deep pockets.
The deaths sparked a steady stream of calls of unity from lawmakers.
The best argument for impeachment is, ironically, the case for national unity.
The Unity Reform Commission is making our nomination process fairer for all.
Unity was lifted into the air by the jet-powered mothership Eve.
"Maintaining civility and family unity was more important than money," he said.
But I don't think that unity can or will last very long.
But Grant made it hard to find organic unity in his disunity.
These exercises promote unity of effort between electric companies and government agencies.
Clinton called to mind the sense of national unity after the Sept.
Cohesion and unity comes when we talk about issues and fix them.
The "Mural of Brotherhood" aims to spread messages of unity and peace.
It's a great show of unity and people wanting to help people.
"The egg's roundness symbolizes unity in the family," a bridesmaid tells me.
See more from Unity Press here and visit Jeffrey Cheung's website here.
Facebook mulled multi-billion-dollar acquisition of gaming giant Unity, book claims
But Odinga's supporters see such talk of unity as tantamount to surrender.
I will protect the unification of the Motherland and unity among ethnicities.
He talked about party unity, this great convention, Trump's speech, all that.
McCaskill pitched unity during a fundraiser last month, urging supporters of Sen.
But, even in the worst partisan environment, there are glimmers of unity.
The clothing is said to symbolize human equality and unity before God.
But a long road lay ahead, and unity and fortitude were essential.
The comments echo Yang's previous calls for unity within the Democratic primary.
But Trump's own words at times belied a sense of political unity.
"The unity of Spain cannot be subject to any mediation," he said.
This isn't the first time West Virginia teachers have demonstrated statewide unity.
It's in our diversity and our unity and that is our power.
Always remember that wine is all love, peace, love, unity, and respect.
This is the sort of unity they teach you about at school.
There is great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before.
Behind the displays of unity, cracks are showing inside the protester ranks.
If we didn't have unity, forget it, they would have broken us.
Past anniversaries evoked deep feelings about liberation, sacrifice and unity among allies.
It was a hard-fought campaign, and people worried about party unity.
Part of it, the back of it, is a call to unity.
The bank also displayed an unusually high level of determination and unity.
Party unity doesn't guarantee victory, of course, but it's an essential ingredient.
"The government will not bargain away the unity of Ethiopia," he said.
"These conferences are supposed to be cohesive unity builders," Mr. Miller said.
A statement from the Unity Party, released late Saturday, said that Mrs.
I am inspired by her grit, determination, hope, unity as an answer.
Biden has a lot more work to do to achieve party unity.
It was a display of compassion and unity, but politics crept in.
But the public demonstration of unity and support may be short-lived.
They spoke of diversity and activism, of team unity and the weather.
I know firsthand how fear can erode neighborhood unity and stifle progress.
UNITY LANE, 9506-Betty Jean Askew to Andrew and Hilda Straley, $300,000.
The emotion and common unity was powerful in this country last year.
My faith as a Catholic requires unity with the bishop of Rome.
But a so-called unity agreement, reached just last fall, has faltered.
Compassionate when hearts grew cold, committed to unity when others abandoned it.
For Mr. Rajoy, unity means something more than a post-trauma platitude.
The imam offering the final prayers gave a spirited speech, urging unity.
The case for Bernie Sanders is that he is the unity candidate.
Will the unforeseen consequence of a historically divided Congress ultimately be unity?
Mr. Sanders's wife, Jane, called for unity as the Warren squabble persisted.
But he then formed a unity government, giving Ennahda one cabinet post.
But for much of the past 52 years, unity has proved elusive.
Not to forget that the force of Europeans is in their unity.
His talk of unity echoed something else too: Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.
I feel like there needs to be more unity in this country.
This wasn't the only example of Mattis undermining respectfulness, trust, and unity.
"Taliban tried to break this unity by targeting innocent civilians," he wrote.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Unity is easier to talk about than to achieve.
"We take our employees' wellbeing very seriously," Unity said in a statement.
"I see this as an act of unity, not a political campaign".
Clinton's 2016 campaign, noted the extent of that unity around Ms. Warren.
But she'll need to forge some degree of unity to pass legislation.
Warren supporters, meanwhile, took to the platform to urge for Democratic unity.
During his two terms as president, the conservative Chirac championed European unity.
One concerns our unity at home and the future of our Constitution.
After his death, King remains an icon of hope for racial unity.
McConnell -- for his part -- has extracted almost perfect unity over the conference.
"It could not be a unity at someone's expense," Bishop Carter said.
Republicans and Democrats called for unity in the wake of Wednesday's attack.
"Weddings should be a symbol of love and unity," the representative said.
Gantz has so far rebuffed Netanyahu's calls to join a unity government.
"Neither Likud nor Blue and White wanted a unity government," he said.
On September 21st, they signed a document creating a National Unity Government.
The convergence and unity of Democrats is a Godsend to ascendant liberals.
Any unity deal with Gantz would likely have to address that issue.
"We have had very good unity on our side," Mr. McConnell said.
Yet the brisk flourish of Garrone's style is a force for unity.
Diana, Unity and Tom embraced fascism while Jessica lurched to the left.
Our strength as women comes in our unity, of all of us.
Union is not the same as unity, but it's a good start.
The unity that is felt is amazing and gives me goose bumps.
Symone Sanders greeted a hectic Election Day with a show of unity.
Modern weather forecasting, too, sits in the intersection of unity and division.
Mr. Raja started filing papers to create the Unity Initiative that night.
She has also sought to position herself as a potential unity candidate.
That Francis seems to endanger that perceived unity makes him a threat.
You're cordially invited to their second wedding, which boasts a unity volcano.
Calls for unity, it appeared, were to be shelved until 9 p.m.
Somewhere along the line, somebody has to say, 'Let's try some unity.
It really provides unity, brings people together, and can rebuild downtown areas.
At the end of the day, it all comes back to unity.
But when considered more closely, unity isn't exactly what they were after.
I search the media for voices who champion Pelosi's call for unity.
Undertale's sonic unity is a pleasure; so too is its melodic immediacy.
Maas urged unity among the 27 countries staying in the European Union.
"We're hoping that the unity of GCC will increase in the days and weeks and months ahead," Pompeo said, adding that Gulf unity was essential for a planned Middle East Strategic Alliance that would also include Jordan and Egypt.
Though the company's previous customers include studios like Unity-rival Epic Games that used the tool to bolster voice chat in Fortnite, there don't seem to be any plans to cut off non-Unity customers from using the service.
"If there was something positive in this process, it was the unity and solidarity of the 27 (remaining) EU members and we must maintain this unity after Brexit and now during this phase," Maas said to applause from lawmakers.
Russia, although it's not the Soviet Union, continues to pursue a policy of trying to undermine the unity of not only the transatlantic alliance but also Europe more generally — and is engaged in active measures to undermine that unity.

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