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"People" Definitions
  1. a popular US magazine published each week. It contains photographs of and articles about film and television stars, as well as news stories. It was begun in 1974.
  2. the People The Sunday People
"People" Synonyms
society human beings humans humanity humankind individuals persons mortals children Homo sapiens human species living souls mankind men others personages souls women many many people ancestors family relatives relations clan folks herd breed folk forebears generations genus kin kind loved ones parentage pedigree progenitors tribe type community citizens race nation nationality citizenry populace population inhabitants civilisation(UK) civilization(US) colony commune electors group residents taxpayers village voters employees subjects followers public bourgeois commoners crowd multitude proletariat body politic commonality common people general public masses personnel plebeians workers canaille commonalty common herd organisation(UK) organization(US) assembly congregation corporation audience body bunch conclave congress council faction foregathering get-together legislative body legislature meeting rally representatives workforce staff manpower help force crew pool team labour(UK) labourers(UK) workmen liveware corps labor(US) company guests visitors callers party someone visitants a guest companions friends invitees a caller a visitor social friends life lifeforms organisms living beings living things animal life animals creatures ecosystems fauna flora human life living creatures living organisms man mortal beings plant life things babies fellows beings cookies wretches characters devils figures slobs beggars bunnies guys customers populate colonise(UK) colonize(US) inhabit occupy fill immigrate pioneer be domiciled in dwell in establish oneself in live live in move to relocate to reside in settle settle in establish a colony in operate work run garrison furnish with men be deployed at be assigned at be installed at be posted at be positioned at be stationed at be placed at be put on duty be based around reside dwell stay abide lodge remain sojourn bide exist inhere lie nest park perch roost squat everyone everybody all each one each person every person anybody the public people everywhere the populace every last one every man jack one and all people in general the general public the masses the voters the whole the world at large all and sundry gang fam guys and girls you all comrades girls and boys ladies and gentlemen you lot you guys dearly beloved boys and girls one you we a person they an individual More

912 Sentences With "People"

How to use People in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "People" and check conjugation/comparative form for "People". Mastering all the usages of "People" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Indigenous people; Black people; Latinx people; Asian people; Palestinian people; undocumented people; queer people; trans people; dispossessed people; displaced people, precarious people: in other words, people struggling on a daily basis against the forces exemplified by Kanders.
Young people, old people, rich people, poor people—even people who have everything are angry.
Yet we deny pleasure to most marginalized groups: women, people of color, queer people, trans people, disabled people, poor people, and fat people.
You need people to chop wood, people to season, people to cook, people to organize, people to serve.
So it's about people-to-people, not people-to-publisher or people-to-business or people-to-page.
Good things happen to good people, honest people, hardworking people, humble people.
People, people who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.
These days, "we're seeing more trans people in porn, people of color, queer people, people of size, older people, people with disabilities," Mx. Lee said.
His band was black people, white people, men, women, gay people, straight people.
" He continued, "Good things happen to good people, honest people, hardworking people, humble people.
I began to meet people at this store, people outside of my social movement—African-American people, Jewish people, gay people.
I've met some people who were great human beings, and I've met great people, nice people, fun people, and scary people.
Credit card debt destroys people — not just chronically irresponsible people but good people, decent people.
They can help turn C people into B people and B people into A people.
Queer people — gay people, lesbians, transgender people, gender-nonconforming people, intersex people, and people of all marginalized sexual and gender identities — as well as our allies must educate ourselves today.
I'm more comfortable if I can come to a space and there are black people, white people, gay people, straight people, trans people.
The paper I co-authored, most people reacting negatively to that were conservative people, religious people, right-leaning people, and non-academic people.
There are airport press people, Boris press people, Northern Powerhouse people, construction health-and-safety people.
They discriminate against black people, poor people, gay people and fat people—oh yes they do.
When we come together, we the people, we the people, we the people, we the people.
All types of people would come—business people, doctors, really smart people, and really dumb people.
This war on drugs is a war on people, and not all people: It's a war on poor people, on mentally ill people, on addicted people, and on people of color.
To me it's the people, it's my soil, it's my neighborhood, it's the thought process of interacting with people, building with people, sharpening people, shedding light on people, learning from people.
What's more, weight bigotry especially targets women, people of color, poor people, disabled people, and LGBT people.
The rate is even higher among people of color, especially indigenous people, black people and Latinx people.
"For me Scousers are good people, hard-working people, committed people and people who never give up."
"People began to watch and they'd tell other people, other people would tell other people," VelJohnson recalled.
It's got great people, it's got loving people, wonderful people.
Burning hydrocarbons doesn't kill people; people burning hydrocarbons kills people.
Relate to people, respect people, and gain compliance from people.
"People loved it — people loved the idea!" she tells PEOPLE.
Successful people talk about ideas; unsuccessful people talk about people.
They serve incarcerated people and homeless people and housebound people.
The people people love are the ones who love people.
We're the dreaming people, the striving people, the laughing people.
Where it's important is where it connects people to people and people to events and people to things.
People stop people and people are worried about screening and selecting people that shouldn't be selected and discrimination.
People want to date people they like, elect people they like and do business with people they like.
Black people and other people of color, people in rural America, young people trying to start their lives.
That's a simple one: COVID-19 threatens everyone, including rich people, white people, powerful people, and straight people.
People brag about it, people make fun of people who brag about it, people brag about making fun of people who brag about it — it's exhausting.
Some people have insomnia, some people have anxiety, some people are autistic, some people have PTSD, some people have chronic pain, and some people have none or a combination of all of these issues.
People who routinely feed urban pigeons tend to be isolated and socially marginalized: older people, lonely people, homeless people.
Ending these payments raises premiums for anyone who uses Obamacare: older people, younger people, sicker people, and healthy people.
What he wants to do is pit working people against working people -- black working people against white working people.
Some people manage, some people play the music, some people make the clothes, and some people write about it.
What he wants to do is set working people against working people, black working people against white working people.
Disabled people, gay people, poor people ..." Louise: "Except rich white men.
Well, black people and Puerto Rican people and other poor people.
People fell in love with people while married to other people.
"Android people and iPhone people are two different people," he said.
American society was meant to help people who are white, people who are male, people who are heterosexual, people who are able-bodied, and people who are rich.
I want to work with good people and people who respect other people and people who have good moral fiber.
She's highlighting the voices of other plus-size people, people of color, queer and transgender people, and differently-abled people.
There are also gay people who don't recognize trans people, gay people who hate lesbians, lesbians who hate gay people.
People who are poor, people who are rich, people who come from 'good' families, people who come from 'bad' families.
The ideas really aren't—trans people are people, LGBTQ people are people; they're not revolutionary ideas, they're basic human ethics.
It's people pointing to other people, people pointing to other sites and effectively endorsing other content or endorsing other people.
HANNITY: People, I understand they are people and we love all people.
"I'm a people person, and people are people," regardless of their politics.
I'm into people laughing and I'm into people playing off of people.
It's clear that guns kill people, and people with guns kill people.
Maryland hoods got fake people, real people, murderers, and people that struggle.
Some people buy art, some people buy houses, some people buy boats.
Life is about people; the people you meet, the people you miss.
You don't see a lot of Chinese people, Korean people, Japanese people.
" You know, it's sort of "guns don't kill people, people kill people.
" That's Big Tech's version of "guns don't kill people, people kill people.
"Good people, hardworking people, well-respected people," Tony said of the couple.
People are hungry, some people, millions of people depend on daily sales.
Only old people, Chinese people, and people on cruise ships get that.
Power to the people, power to the people, power to the people.
Suddenly we were in league with rich people, beautiful people, famous people.
And I hope other androgynous people, non-binary people, trans people, people of color, all people really, are a little more bullish about the ways our stories are told.
Say you're a white supremacist who happens to hate Jewish people—or black people, Muslim people, Latino people, take your pick.
He&aposs appointing people that I think most people -- he&aposs going to appoint people that most people are comfortable with.
Without getting intentional in our selection, we inevitably surround ourselves with people just like us: hopeful people, encouraging people, optimistic people.
" He added: "It reaches people who are military fanatics, people who are antiwar, people who are religious, people who are not.
I love when people research things online because I really think people want ... people should be empowered, people should have information.
As more people buy Cameos, more people share them; and as more people share them, more people learn about the platform.
And today who's findable depends on who has left a trail for officers to follow: people with driver's licenses, people with car insurance, people with utility bills, people who pay U.S. taxes, people with social-media accounts, people with stable homes, people with American-born children, people who live American lives, people who once thought — if only for a moment — that they weren't on the list.
The series is about Payton, but it's also about all of the people around him — people of color and women and trans people and queer people and people with disabilities.
Everything here is cutting-edge compared to Singapore or Australia, where everything's very old-people-focussed: old people making content for old people, old people making content for young people.
"People would be coughing, people would be screaming, people would barf," Schmierer says.
KS: All right, so rich people ... Rich people steal more than poor people.
In America the people govern, the people rule and the people are sovereign.
People pick on famous people and they don't think that they're real people.
Because the people love Gwake, and what the people want, the people get!
Ordinary people conduct them, and it's groups of people on groups of people.
There were "people upon people upon people all the way in," Tebbutt recalls.
There were young people, students, old people, even homeless people and ex-convicts.
Nice people cheat on their spouses and nice people sleep with married people.
"People who need support, people who need hope, people who want to learn."
The way people hang out, the clothing people wear, the cars people drive.
People being shot, people that were already shot, people that were bleeding out.
But their people, their people are good people and they're part of us.
Some people may have long ago declared themselves cat people or dog people.
"We've lost ability to talk to people, recruit people, investigate people," Gomez says.
Some people are sweet and salty people, and those people need these pretzels.
In America, the people govern, the people rule, and the people are sovereign.
Especially vulnerable are young people, older people, pregnant people, and people with pre-existing conditions like asthma or with diseases like COPD.
I wanted to show young people, queer people, working people, imperfect people that they belong here because this is the people's house.
"People who love goats, people who have back issues, people who are getting older and… people who just love hay," he explained.      
I met jobless people, rich people, middle class people; this is not a class party, it drags in people in from everywhere.
After that, I followed people that these people retweeted, people that interacted with their tweets, and people that interacted with my tweets.
Everybody cared, it wasn't just your people looking out for your people: it's people looking out for the good of other people.
There are Republicans and Democrats, people from all religions and walks of life, gay people and straight people, all kinds of people.
The bottom line is that queer women, trans people, people of color, people with disabilities, people who are neurodivergent, and people without access to capital or privilege—we're at these parties.
If those three people each pass it to two more people, then those nine people each pass it to two other people, then you have 27 people infected on day three.
The locations were variously meant to accommodate students, workers, older people, people with disabilities, people who speak a language other than English, people wintering in another state and people living abroad.
The only statement I could imagine being made by such a sprinkling would be that among the white, human people; the tall furry people; the lumpy, scaly people; the tentacled people, etc, were brown, human people; black human people, etc.
People have rods in their knees, people have artificial ligaments, people have pacemakers, people have chips and things in their brains, people are so surgically patched up that we're a Frankenstein race.
As different people with different backgrounds entered the industry — theater people and amusement park people and haunted house people and video game people — "escape room" morphed from a thing into a category.
What if there are people robots doing people things and making people sounds who are actually people bots meant to spy on us?
I want to keep shooting people, I want to keep meeting people, you think maybe we don't have these people or those people.
Because people like to do business with people they like, people they trust, and people they know through other friends and shared connections.
People wake up every day cold, there are people sleeping on the street, people starving, and you hear famous people complaining about this?
Young people demand action, and sweeping societal change, as young people must; older people preach caution, and incremental advances, as older people do.
With all of those people — millions of people — covered by those laws, there's no stories of transgender people attacking people in the restroom.
It's easier then for diseases to spread because of the proximity of people to people, and mosquitoes to people, and animals to people.
The difference between clever people, and smart people or wise people: smart people knows what he wants, and how he can get it.
This ad targeted people in the US, excluding Hispanic people and targeting Black people.
I look at some of the jobs and it's people over people over people.
We have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
We already know government is of the people, by the people, for the people.
There are shows featuring black people, white people, Muslim, Asian, Latinx and L.G.B.T.Q. people.
They are portraying real people, and not just any real people: royally real people.
People, you know, people get stories wrong and people are called out for it.
We ordinary people—the pure people, the ones facing austerity, the people in debt.
There's people from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua; there's people from Monterrey; there's people from Oaxaca.
I look at some of the jobs, and it's people over people over people.
The people who are willing to talk are people of conscience, people of courage.
You can't lead the people if you don't love the people — all the people.
"Some people like technology, some people like baking, some people like sports," he said.
Seven people, seven people, Chicago, a great American city, seven people shot and killed.
The statistician's—the scorer's—answer was that poison doesn't kill people; people kill people.
Polish, Russian, French and Dutch people; Gypsies and gay people, people who resisted Nazism.
People picking through piles of debris, people embracing, people bowing their heads in prayer.
They don't want to have insane people, dangerous people, really bad people having guns.
Would he have accepted the repeated refrain, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people"?
People screwing each other, people screwing each other over, people screwing each other up.
"People use cars to kill people and people use cars for carbombs," he said.
And make sure that there's new people in the pipeline, younger people, diverse people.
"Governments must operate of the people, by the people, for the people," he said.
Some people took it well, some people took me well and some people didn't.
People disagree, people ask questions, people ask for elaboration — but, with rare exception, people are not nasty or dismissive or horrible to one another.
"People have people hiding in plain sight [to introduce others to] — people in their sports teams, in church choirs, people at work," Coles said.
She hopes to represent a mixed group of voices who feel underrepresented: women, African-Americans, young people, intersex people, lesbians, asexual people, transgender people.
The way I communicate with people — leading people, ministering to people, counseling people — all of that is what I would consider my prayer life.
It is full of accusatory conspiracy theories against Jewish people and calls on non-Jewish white people people to rise up against Jewish people.
"I had no fan base, but I started bringing people in and it was two people, then four people, then 12 people," she recalls.
Turns out, though, that people in California want the same things as people in Oklahoma and people in Baltimore and people on the Internet.
But some people refuse to accept that, even in the DPRK, people are people, and they are as warm and spontaneous as people anywhere.
Single people are jealous of the comfort of the married people and the married people are jealous of the comfort of the single people.
People must not know that poor people, and people who grew up poor (as I did), spend more than rich people during hard times.
HIV overwhelmingly has impacted gay and bisexual men, trans people, low-income people of color, people who inject drugs, and people from impoverished countries.
While you're improving how female characters are written in your scripts, look for opportunities to write in and write well other people who are traditionally marginalised by screen industries: people of colour, indigenous people, people with disabilities, working class people, people in poverty, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.
Countries with the highest gun ownership rate, per a survey by the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva: United States: 21 per 2100 people Yemen: 52.8 per 100 people Montenegro: 39.1 per 100 people Serbia: 39.1 per 100 people Canada: 13 per 100 people Uruguay: 34.7 per 100 people Cyprus: 34.0 per 100 people Finland: 32.4 per 100 people Lebanon: 31.9 per 100 people Iceland: 31.7 per 100 people Japan and Indonesia, meanwhile, have fewer than 1 firearm per 100.
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata — it is people, it is people, it is people.
And these people who are fleeting are not nomadic people, they're physicians and professional people.
In this work, I want people to understand that asexual people are simply that — people.
I deal with as many wealthy people, intelligent people who overdose as poor people do.
Some people think it's 210, some people think it's 2000, some people think it's 212.
How many people try, how many people actually subscribe and then how many people stay.
People feel very comfortable being cruel to fat people and talking shit about fat people.
Especially young people, especially queer people and women and trans communities and people of color.
It's completely, completely inspiring seeing people our age, people younger, people older, all coming together.
Some people are promiscuous, some people dance, they write, they sing, some people just work.
His campaign, he said, is "of the people, by the people and for the people".
And, to this day, people assume poor people are Black and white people are wealthy.
You pick people up along your route, drop people off, and pick more people up.
The burden falls disproportionately on women, people of color, and young people—especially young people.
When this Amendment is passed, "We the People" will mean all people, and only people.
Dance music, especially disco, has implications for queer people, trans people, and people of color.
I would love to see more people of color, Indigenous people, and two-spirited people.
By 'other people' I obviously meant poorer people, which also happened to be most people. . . .
"Even if you're just helping five people, those people know those five people," she said.
"They don't want people from Haiti, people of color, people from Africa," Mr. Ponthieux said.
That includes "young people, people from ethnic minorities and people in authoritarian states," she said.
People in Zimbabwe, people in Tanzania, people in Ghana — they all made the same mistakes.
There is some basic — immediately inform people, give people data transparency, give people data mobility.
Some people were thrilled, some people were devastated, a few people were full of hatred.
Some people claimed to know people who knew people who had been through such doors.
People lost jobs, people lost money, people lost a lot of things important to them.
There&aposs an emphasis on supporting people of color, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people.
"These are great people, they're wonderful people, they're hearty people, they'll be back," Trump said.
"They (Police) were dragging people, they were beating people, they were undressing people," Byarugaba said.
It included 1,015 people in Florida, 955 people in Ohio and 982 people in Pennsylvania.
A government of the people and for the people should be funded by the people.
I think people are coming ... You need the people, but the people are fundamentally unhappy.
I think people like celebrities and like following other people, because people want role models.
Six million people is a lot of people, but 15 million people is way more.
The subjects of our fear — black people, gay people, transgender people — are the true victims.
And you had all the Latin people and the black people and the gay people.
LG: It's the way people ... It's like the primary way people connect with certain people.
"I think that's what the problem is, is that we look at people and we categorize them as 'those people who are bad people and these people are the good people,' " she told CNN.
While the rainbow flag works as a general flag for all LGBTQ+ people, other parts of the queer community — transgender people, asexual people, bisexual people, genderqueer people, and more — have created their own flags.
Winners under the tax credit: Young people Higher-income people People who live in areas with low premiums, which are often urban Losers under the tax credit: Older people Low-income people People who live in places with expensive premiums, which are often rural
"Equity means half of the projects being directed by women [and] casts that reflect the real world -- not just black people and white people, but brown people and Native people and Muslim people, people of all ages and sizes and body types," she said.
Sometimes the good people do the same things the bad people do, and sometimes the bad people do the same things the good people do.
A fact of adult life: Sometimes clean people end up living with messy people — and sometimes, those messy people aren't people at all... they're animals.
These are just people who exist in the world: powerful women, people of all colors, people who love all the people they want to love.
There were teenage girls, moms, people of color, old people, working-class people, and queer people, who loved the world George R.R. Martin had created.
Of the nearly 90,000 people who participated in their survey, older people and women identified as morning people more than younger people and men did.
But this story shows that the porn people and the sex workers are supportive, kindhearted, lovely people, whereas the tech people are amoral, ruthless people.
There are two kinds of people in the world: people who think there are two kinds of people in the world and people who don't.
While the stereotypical hippie activists were there, so were Native Americans, older people, younger people, men, women, children, gender-nonconforming people, LGBTQ people, and immigrants.
For black people, this means white people; for gay people, this means straight people; and for trans and gender-nonconforming persons, this means the world.
"The most aggressive were the football hooligans, but they were joined by normal peoplepeople with families, people with small children, elderly people," she said.
But it's not the job when you get 100 people or 500 people or 1,000 people.
Some people have dating problems, some people have gambling problems, and some people have shoe problems.
Now I'm not saying the Calm people are good people and Blue Apron people are not.
People who believe in basic goodness, people who believe in themselves, people who believe in others.
That our campaign is a campaign of the people, by the people, and for the people.
And some people, the smart people or the people that know me didn't laugh at all.
Follow more people because the more people you follow the more people will follow you back.
People were thinking about their relationships or their past relationships — women, men, older people, younger people.
How you reward people, how you motivate people and what values you hold people to matters.
How you reward people, how you motivate people, and what values you hold people to matter.
" And I'm like, "Welcome to the world of women, people of color, gay people, older people.
These people [Spanish national police] should be here to protect the people — not aggress the people.
Some people painted the eyes, some people embroidered the eyes, some people got the transfer eyes.
Transgender men, genderqueer people, intersex people, and people who identify within infinite possibilities of genders menstruate.
But there's other people –lucky people, better people– that choose the ocean's freshness for their ailments.
People showed me this stuff and how it affected people, and how people had similar stories.
The scary thing for people like me is how do people consider people like them beautiful?
And it wasn't just poetry, people would rap, people would sing, people would dance, play instruments.
"We have tried to hire quality people, caring people, passionate people throughout the years," says Overton.
Better for the people of Mexico, the people of the U.S. and the people of Canada.
Generally the least sophisticated people: People who have never been arrested before, people who are innocent.
The funniest people I know are people who aren't comics, they're just people who are funny.
Typically, there are two different types of people who come: white people and black people. Seriously.
"People should start bands, and people should play music, and people should make menus," says Gretchen.
I want to challenge how people see me, how people see people who look like me.
We just agree that people are people — and that people deserve to be treated as such.
There was this notion of people saying they're defending their people or fighting for their people.
They&aposve destroyed the lives of people that were great people, that are still great people.
They're poor people, people of color, people who are most likely to be targeted by violence.
"A lot of people around here are conservative people, and they are my people," he said.
And some people, the smart people or the people that know me, didn't laugh at all.
You've got to bring working people and young people and poor people into the political process.
Fewer people ... So what drives people to want bitcoin and what drives people away from it?
Well a lot of people are killing people every day, so people are fine with it.
People around him, including people ... I can only describe some of the people as outright thugs.
It makes me upset that people only think of Blackness as darker skinned people with 4c hair and whatever other features people associate with Black people.
"The people he's trying to convince to vote for him are the same people he's been exploiting for years - working people, small-business people," Clinton said.
There was somebody who was living in Germany, there were people from Seattle, there were people from the East Coast, people from Illinois, people from everywhere.
Instead of erasing, and thereby bolstering, the privilege afforded to white people and thin people and rich people and pretty people, the movie makes it visible.
People who grew up in loving families, people who grew up in abusive families, people who have had good relationships, people who have had bad ones.
We have some people that live here in New York, some people that live in L.A., people working in Vancouver, people working all over the place.
Thus, taxing income discourages people from working, taxing savings discourages people from saving, and taxing consumption discourages people from buying things, which other people have made.
Deep character dramas with expansive criminal enterprises, and all with a quiet understanding that people — even foolish people, sad people, people you'd ignore — are really trying.
Facts: On TV, you can completely get away with make making fun of fat people, disabled people, old people, trans people, Latinos, Native Americans, and Asians.
But I do worry about, yeah, the people, watching people drunk on them, watching people ride them like crazy ... People ride them like double and triple.
Most Tennesseans might consider me a Yellow Dog Democrat, but President Trump's people are my people — the people I come from, the people I live among.
And I hate it when people in Washington, especially people from bright blue states just said, 'Well, the only people voting for Trump are stupid people.
And the questions that people ask around women candidates or people of color or people who are different or people who are unknown are completely different.
I want to find out why those two young people — those two horrible young people in California when they shot the 14 people, killed them — people they knew, people that held the wedding reception for them.
"We need a brand as a party that says, we are the party that is going to help working-class people -- white people, black people, brown people, gay people, straight people; improve opportunity for them to grow their wages, to have security, economic security," he said.
Yet I can see whole stretches of their childhoods where I coasted by in the same phase for years, my routine on caregiving autopilot — wake people up, feed people, drive people, get a little work done, start driving people again, feed people again, put people to bed.
As of this morning the RSVP list wasn't looking too promising:Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 2 people goingBoston - 8 people goingCape Cod - 8 people goingMays Landing, New Jersey - 7 people goingSebring, Florida - 2 people goingWashington, DC - 3 people goingA rally of fewer than half a dozen people isn't very intimidating, and neo-fascists depend on that dynamic to instill fear.
For people who are miserable; for people who don't love themselves; for people who have nothing better to do... For people who are horrible to say things and pick on people and taunt and taunt and taunt.
"Going through my transition completely unscathed can only show people – straight people, gay people, parents – that there are such things as healthy positive transgender people out there."
People in prison, people in offices, people in an oilfield somewhere, people stuck somewhere they don't want to be, music can take them to a different place.
"People see that you create opportunities for people, and that keeps the best people engaged and makes the best people want to come work at your company."
Thus, California's 39 million people get two senators in Washington, while two Senators also represent states like Wyoming (578,000 people), Vermont (21,22 people), and Alaska (22020,25 people).
Of course the type and number of people is different, and how many people from vulnerable groups have been affected—elderly people, chronically ill people, orphaned children.
While party people are not necessarily Trump people, and Trump people are not necessarily party people, the two sides are now locked in a marriage of convenience.
Many Caribbean people were involved with the inception of this music, but also many white people, many people of Indian or Pakistani descent, people of African heritage.
"People in the Midwest feel morally superior to people on the coasts, and people on the coasts feel intellectually superior to people in the Midwest," she said.
"The four is key because it's what brings people in and makes people sticky and makes people follow you and makes people connect with you," Reed said.
A lot of people die, a lot of people deny their faith, a lot of people are still faithful but let people think they deny their faith.
What that means is forcing open the door for ordinary people, for working people, for young people.
Some people seek challenge on the job, but many people seek — more people, actually — seek stability. Right.
Models are real people, and influencers are real people, but they're not people like you and me.
I didn't ask people to celebrate me the way that partnered people ask people to celebrate them.
Jeremiah Moss People, particularly younger people and retired people, it seems, want to be in the city.
They are the smartest people, they are the toughest people and the greatest people in the world.
But in my world, real people are good people and Twitter people can be whatever they want.
I'm attracted to women, men, REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people.
The rift between the Hillary people and the Bernie people, the Elizabeth Warren people has never healed.
You can always find a job—people need to eat, people get sick, and people need clothes.
I believe people are smart and some people want to share more data than other people do.
With the feature, hashtags are no longer about connecting people to people but rather, people to passions.
"The key to success in business is all about people, people, people," he writes on his blog.
"I saw these people who were really nice, simple people turn into these bizarre people," Jobs continued.
He inspired people; he motivated people; he challenged people—and, he kept us laughing all the way.
" Laing identifies some commonalities between their two childhoods — "people leaving, people drinking too much, people losing control.
Every now and then, you have those customers: drunk people, rude people; people that don't have money.
Straight people love to point out that gay people do not look distinctly different from straight people.
But people want opioids; people crave unhealthy foods; people thrill to fake news that stokes their biases.
Why that hurts capitalism: Fewer people mean less buying; older people also buy less than younger people.
By the end of the service, people were weeping, people were joyous, people were hugging each other.
The leaders who consistently win know this -- and they configure their leadership approach towards people, people, people.
"We confuse people because a lot of people can't imagine people who aren't considering sides," he said.
It was people shot in the head, people shot in the chest, people with fragmentation injuries everywhere.
So, I've found over the years that "my people" now includes older people, all types of people.
Some people suffer from generalized anxiety; some people deal with social anxiety; some people have specific phobias.
You had the E.U. people there, people other than just the leaders, but quite a few people.
It's hearing people speak, hearing people sing, hearing people recite poetry that they've written about this event.
You're totally normal young people, and you like young people fun things just like other young people.
GOP congressman is sorry he said black people hate 'successful' white people GOP congressman is sorry he said black people hate 'successful' white people Republican Congressman Robert Pittenger has a hot take on what's driving the protests in Charlotte right now: black people resent white people for their success.
" Oluo wrote that she constantly lives with the fear that the anger of white men can turn violent toward her and "countless other black people, brown people, disabled people, queer people, trans people, and women of every demographic.
For democratic government to be of the people, by the people, for the people, people have to have a clear view of what government is doing, she argues.
According to the video, everyone should be equally distributed along this graph, meaning there are ugly mean people, ugly nice people, beautiful mean people, and beautiful nice people.
There is no place for free-thinking people, for people of the left, for gay people, for anti fascist people and this is perfectly shown in the movie.
"We saw people that are desperate, people that are cold, people that angry, people that have almost lost hope that the world cares about their plight," he said.
"People with assets have got richer, people without them have suffered; people with mortgages have found their debts cheaper, people with savings have found themselves poorer," she said.
It's about involving millions of people, working people, young people, people who believe in justice, in the political process, to tell the corporate elite that enough is enough.
" "The people who are doing the investigation -- you have 13 people that are Democrats, you have Hillary Clinton people, you have people who worked on Hillary Clinton's foundation.
So tired of hearing "guns don't kill people, people kill people," when we should be fixated on the fact that people are being killed in the first place.
People came to Washington to help other people -- bright-eyed and bushy tail, I say, they came, one or two or three people in particular, but many people.
On the other side, 13% of Americans said all or most black people are prejudiced against white people, including 14% of white people and 10% of black people.
Men die at higher rates than women, single people more than married people, rural people more than urban people, Native Americans and whites more than blacks or Latinos.
You hear "23 million people" — that's about 3 million black people, which means its 20 million white people.
"We live in a society where white people hate white people who like white people," he told BuzzFeed.
They make people look better, and those people communicate to millions of other people what, exactly, "better" means.
Why are there people who, despite every evidence to the contrary, think there are people who aren't people?
"Unsurprisingly, we use the internet a lot to look for other people, find people, research people," says Shavell.
But bisexual people often face double discrimination from both straight people and people within gay and lesbian communities.
We all know many people, everyone knows hundreds of people, some of us even know thousands of people.
We found that often people will use them to refer to other people or to groups of people.
There are people willing to listen, people willing to collaborate and people willing to help spread the love.
Sometimes you try to pick people you know, or you pick people whom other people you respect recommend.
"People start to get wild, people start to get stupid, people start talking over each other," said Reed.
You saw the reaction … people will tell you how offended people were — especially people on her own staff.
I think we long for people who just genuinely want to touch people, genuinely want to move people.
I want him to sanction the officials who oppressed people, who kill people, who torture people to death.
The common idea is that people on the right hate -- they are white people who hate black people.
All women or queer people or working class people or people of color face a sense of erasure.
"For people to argue against this choice for sick people really seems evil to me," she told PEOPLE.
" Podesta replies, "People don't get it so it's not like sending people to jail which people really love.
"White people and people in general didn't believe that police were actually murdering these innocent people," he said.
"This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer," he proclaimed.
These people, Mitch, it's 2-0, the people of Alabama and the people of Tennessee have already spoken.
There's a hierarchy: white men, lesbians, people of color, gender-nonconforming people, then trans people at the bottom.
Rafal said those people could be one and the same, but most often, people name two separate people.
" In those days, Ms. Melvin said: "It was mostly professional working people, writers, people in advertising, music people.
There are two types of people in this world — people who face their fears and people who don't.
The message is plain: White people are good, yellow people are shifty, brown people are weak or sinister.
The people — but not the people as composing one great body; but the people as composing thirteen sovereignties.
I believe they are the rights of the American people, the Cuban people and people around the world.
There's so many different people in it now...There's like mega-stoner type people, underground weed scene people.
The man likes white people, he likes black people, he likes Hispanic people, he plays golf with them.
"We will put our people — not people from other lands, our people — back to work," Mr. Trump said.
How about 'short-haired people and long-haired people and bald people,' or 'introverts and extroverts,' or whatever?
So have 2.8 million people in Indonesia; 2.1 million people in Bangladesh; and ten million people in Vietnam.
He then asked me: 'Did people really take machetes and cut people and kill people and rape women?
Generally, people were more likely to believe gay people are born that way while trans people are not.
I mean, people who open your mail, people who deliver it, people who might be in the vicinity.
It gives people community, it gives people a world view, and it gives people a degree of comfort.
" People around town, people who own businesses, prominent people, everyone has said, "What can I do to help?
And were volunteers from seemingly everywhere, people from the South, people from the Midwest, people from the Northeast.
Some people said putting a price on people, especially on black people during Black History Month, is problematic.
If its greedy people or people that want world domination, or even people are fighting religion vs. religion.
Honest people who tell people how they feel when they feel it have people not like them. O.K.?
"Some people are overjoyed, some people are upset, some people don't give a sh*t," said freshman Rep.
"They&aposve destroyed the lives of people that were great people, that are still great people," Trump said.
People thought it was going to bring people together, so people would see each other more clearly. Right.
The housing administration refused to back loans to black people — and even people who lived around black people.
We used to go door to door and talk to people, not people we knew, not people we felt comfortable with, not people necessarily who look or behave or live like we do but people - and talk mostly listen.
Are women the equals of men, black and brown people the equals of whites, queer people the equals of straight people, trans and nonbinary people equal to cisgender people, the disabled equal to the able-bodied, and so on?
For far too many of our people, here in the United States and people all over the world, the promises of self-government -- of government by the people, for the people, and of the people -- have not been kept.
There are always people coming, people who want to die, people who are psychotic, people who are dangers to themselves, or to others, people who won't take their medications, whose families have abandoned them, who have no money or insurance, people with one foot in this world, and one in another.
People shouting that they were in pain, people crying in waiting rooms, people carrying bags full of medical documents in endless lines, people talking to relatives on their cellphones.
There will be four options: Everyone People you follow People who follow you People who follow you and people you follow This will only be available to public accounts.
"When I work with people from organized crime I feel the same position of superiority one can feel working with indigenous people, displaced people, people in construction," he said.
" Nevarez has described her husband to the outlet as a man who "has helped numerous people, people who worked with him, people who loved him, people who admired him.
People of all different life-stages: people who are caring for elderly parents, people who are caring for young kids and families, people who are just out of college. 
"There probably are some transgender people that are bad people, just like there are probably a whole bunch of gay people or straight people that are bad," he said.
Nine percent of Americans said that all or most white people in the US are prejudiced against black people, including 218% of white people and 20% of black people.
So -- and people -- people -- the conservatives went nuts.
But I also feel very strongly that these Republican people, people like Kelly Ayotte, people like that Joni Ernst in Iowa, they are really good people that set a tone for our party and for our young people to aspire to.
There's two kinds of people: people who run away from the problem and people who run towards the problem.
There are two types of people in this world: people who double as mosquito meat and people who don't.
EXCLUSIVE People EXCLUSIVE PEOPLE staff writer Nicki Egan first wrote about Brittany Maynard in a story published on People.
Many studies have shown that people can be divided into morning people and night people, or larks and owls.
Well, you could go with ... well, I don't agree with this but, guns don't kill people, people kill people.
Why not help other people in similar situations or people that are actively helping other people in different situations?
The realization that some people don't value fat people the same way they value skinny people didn't break West.
Fatone: A lot of people have been very inquisitive and a lot of people have been speculating certain people.
I discovered that there are people in the world (a lot of people) who find people like me attractive.
But guess what: people are going to the concerts, people want to meet them, people wanna buy their albums.
Now more and more people are doing it, and more and more people are seeing other people doing it.
We can get ratings by doing things the right way, by inspiring people, by influencing people, by activating people.
He knew that combat meant the death of people, people on your side and people on the other side.
The fact is that hurt people hurt people -- and we can't break that cycle without allowing people to heal.
"We all need people to look up to … people who can inspire us to be better people," he says.
"Everybody's different, and no one really knows why some people have endometriosis and other people don't," Brightman tells PEOPLE.
Not only had I fucked too many people, but too many people had seen me fucking too many people.
No special roundtables to discuss how best to write about straight people or cis people or able-bodied people.
Included in the idea of people was not women, was not people of color, was not people under 21.
We are, as Abraham Lincoln reminds us, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
Not from reporters or non-trans people who had written a book, but transgender people writing about transgender people.
And it's true: Some people have brown skin, some people are big or small, some people don't have legs.
This has been America since it began looking down on others (Native Americans, Black people, Latino People, Jewish People).
The idea is to make it more accessible—show people young people can vote, young people can get involved.
I feel like people laugh at other people because they think the thought of other people suffering is funny.
" Trump said these people are known to law enforcement, alleging that they go around "killing people and hurting people.
When I look at my album, it's a nice equal proportion of black people, brown people and white people.
But air traffic controllers are people, airplane designers and manufacturers are people and airplane maintenance workers are people, too.
We're attracting a lot of people, and when you attract a lot of people you get some homeless people.
"Our policies discriminate against and devalue black people, Native Americans, people of color, women and LGBTQ people," Biden said.
They're the party of the people, they should be there for the people, they should fight for the people.
That's people of color, individuals with low income, LGBTQ people, and people who live in more geographically isolated areas.
Sovereign, in other words, represents government of the crypto-people, by the crypto-people, and for the crypto-people.
And some people like them, they like to meet people this way, because it is hard to meet people.
"We have neighborhoods where people only see the same people, go to school with the same people," he said.
I think people have the right to be afraid if people are dressing up as clowns and [scaring people].
And I just feel like the story is that people were connected and people travelled and people exchanged cultures.
So out of thousands of people, eight people are cast, and me and Larry were two of those people.
Again, I'm not of the people that think that there's some secret sauce for young people versus old people.
"It's really important for young people and for older people to cross-pollinate," Mr. Hawke recently told People Magazine.
"Right now, there are no white people, there are no black people, there are no Chinese people," he says.
The coal business, people ... nice people by the way, I met a lot of people in the coal business.
People told me it was a phase, people made fun of me, people even convinced me it was temporary.
Roger Ailes tangibly helped more people, had a positive impact on more people, than most people have even met.
People are harassed, people disappear, people get killed, and all those things our government doesn't want us to expose.
I know people who get killed — my personal peoplepeople in and out of jail, my family, my brothers.
It is meant for younger people, or busy people, or "curious people who explore urban environments," Mr. Dillinger said.
"People know each other — people are walking, people are biking, everyone has a dog or a kid," she said.
"We saw people crying in the boats, people leaving their homes, people sleeping in the streets," she told Reuters.
"Because people think we're militia, they think we're running around pointing weapons at people, shooting at people," he said.
However, people to talk with, people to hug, people to care about and that I hope care about me?
For the first time ever, black people, gay people, poor people will be represented in proportion to their population.
That includes people with mental health issues, poor people, queer people, those from marginalized communities, and domestic violence survivors.
Eight people walking with lattes in hand; an intersection full of people carrying balloons; eight people yawning at once.
We're more like a solution for people who are global, people who travel a lot, people who are expats.
"A lot of people who don't have the money for a car, people who can't leave work, low-income people," a lot of whom are people of color, Williams said.
Like in pictures on Pinterest, people crop off the heads of people, but I like to keep the heads of people on there, because the picture should relate to people.
Democrats win when there is a large voter turnout; when people are excited; when working people, middle class people and young people are prepared to engage in the political process.
What I've heard from so many people, especially people of color, is they bring people in to get these numbers up and then there's no support to move people up.
Months after that soft launch, he has 2563 people in Iowa, 39 people in New Hampshire, 13 people in Nevada and 26 people in South Carolina, the Buttigieg aide said.
There are three kinds of people — the people who never learn from mistakes, the people who learn from their own mistakes and the people who learn from other people's mistakes.
Is it possible, then, that the people who tend to be morning people will respond to treatments for psychiatric illness in a different way than people who are evening people?
Places named after slaveholders who sold people, raped people, chained people, beat people and orchestrated sexual pairings to further their financial ends slip off our tongues without pause or forethought.
Some people hate what I wear, some people praise it, some people use it to shame others, some people use it to shame me, but I feel you watching, always.
But in general—and this may be a little bit pretentious on my part—I tend to believe that bad people surround bad people and good people surround good people.
"The point in showcasing that other people were making it — and, like, a lot of people — was that, yes, people are making it, people are cooking it," Roman told Recode.
To have more people with money, more people with ... And listen, we have to get people interested in other voices; we have to bring more people into the party, we have to actually walk the walk of hiring interesting people and new voices and people who don't come with a giant resume. Right.
These people might think to acknowledge people who's parents have died, or people going through fertility struggles — but people with bad parents often go under the radar, and Moore says this can make people who are in the situation feel more alone.
"This is what's going to happen if people are encouraged to look at journalists as people not to be trusted and people who are trying to bring down the president or people who make things up and are very bad people," English said.
"Knowing more about what other people are doing and thinking can help us all find the best things faster, but it can also lead to stronger fads where people are following people who are following people who are following people," he said.
At least eight people were killed in North Carolina; three people were killed in Georgia; six people were killed in Florida; and at least two people were killed in South Carolina.
Months after that soft launch, the mayor has 57 people in Iowa, 39 people in New Hampshire, 13 people in Nevada and 26 people in South Carolina, the Buttigieg aide said.
And we also talked about how narratives of white supremacy often turn white Christians who kill people into "mentally disturbed people," but then turn Muslim people who kill people into terrorists.
Over time, Unicode responded to those requests, adding versions of same-sex couples, single-parent families, old people, young people, gender-neutral people, people of color, even the long-awaited redhead.
When we come together, we the people, we the people, we the people, we the people..." Q-Tip ended the performance with one word, repeated several times: "Resist. Resist. Resist. Resist.
I think a lot of it's about meeting people, talking to people, listening to people, and making sure that you're creating partnerships with people that you think are on to something.
While tax credits would double for people over 60 relative to people under 30, insurers would be allowed to charge older people up to five times as much as younger people.
"People learn from their mistakes, and people generally have a good heart," Hogan tells PEOPLE with humility in his voice.
People who seem likely to benefit from the new plan are young people, healthy people and the country's highest earners.
But there are millions and millions of people today, working-class people, middle-class people, who are living in despair.
JC: We need technical people to talk to government people to talk to business people in clearer ways right now.
"All these people have always had a heart to help people and be there for people," he said, tearing up.
People are standing around everywhere, people dancing, screaming, jumping, and you have to figure it out, move through the people.
Some people are asking questions about how the movie's threat actually affects people and why some people are affected differently.
For people of all races, and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for LGBT people, and people with disabilities.
Giving gay people the rights and benefits traditionally afforded to straight people doesn't take anything significant away from straight people.
People who aren't perfect, people who are struggling, people whose wants and dreams are similar to those in the audience.
"Gaming, at its core, is something enjoyable that people like to have fun doing with other people," he told PEOPLE.
Any avid people-watcher knows that there are no better people to watch than people that are on a date.
"We love people sharing Netflix whether they're two people on a couch or 10 people on a couch,," Hastings said.
So, not just people spending more, but a lot more people -- more people coming in and doing more business overall.
People for some reason want to spoil things for other people and, hopefully, most people don't look at the stuff.
First, the scientists looked at people diagnosed with a TBI over this period — about 165,000 people — against people who hadn't.
Worst-case undercount/overcount projections, per the Urban Institute: Black residents: -1.7 million people Hispanic/Latinx people: - 2.2 million people.
The people who were nurses, they are now joining IT. People who were transport people, they have joined information technology.
People are moving into areas prone to burning, people ignite the majority of blazes, and people are changing the climate.
People try to say 'Oh, I don't care what people think' but you care a little bit what people think.
When people send people abroad, for example, big companies who are smart, they don't send people who are culturally intelligent.
Tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people like Strzok.
And here lies the underlying point: people love video games, people love stories, and people love video games telling stories.
In essence, I was replicating the tired defense of unrestrained gun ownership—social networks don't kill people, people kill people.
"Democrats and progressives win when working people and low income people and young people get involved in the political process."
"The story we are trying to tell is about marginalized people, black people, Black Lives Matter – people dying," she said.
She made people laugh, she made people tweet, and — with her final, surprisingly emotional parting speech — she made people cry.
We've got to talk about this shit as a country, black and white people, people of color, all people, period.
Half the people received three pictures of black people and three pictures of white people from the implicit association test.
At times of great change, commitment to "government of the people, by the people and for the people" is critical.
People in the Democratic Party must deal with the issues that are concerning people on the ground, particularly black people.
For people of all races, and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for L.G.B.T. people, and people with disabilities.
Cameron produced surveys that assert gay people are pedophiles and studies that say gay people die sooner than straight people.
Exactly, and find like-minded people, or people with a similar ailment, or people trying to tackle a similar problem.
That's why they hired people like David Katznelson, so they'd have young people to explain why people liked this music.
In 1972, people wrote about indigenous people, but indigenous people were not telling their own stories, and now they are.
I realized the people Welty was writing about were country people just like the people I was handling tobacco with.
The transit system connects people across all five boroughs, so most people don't own cars that might otherwise separate people.
When people attack identity politics, they are attacking politics that prioritizes or even includes women, people of color, queer people.
So basically it's LinkedIn but for people you work with, people you hang out with and people you sleep with.
So hopefully we'll have profiles of people in communities most people don't know about, people of all races and backgrounds.
"There are people who love this island and there are people who love the people of this island," he said.
Some people would rather wear sweats and some people would rather wear jeans, it is just a preference between people.
"Some people are know-it-alls, and some people are learn-it-alls — most people aren't either one," Cohler said.
"People in Queens already know, but people outside Queens — now you know how people are living underground," Ms. Stewart said.
I'm terrified of the way people put other people into boxes and assume they're different from people in their box.
The party's base — young people, college graduates, people of color, women — matches the demographics of people who fuel internet culture.
I had uncles who went out every night and tried to protect black people and white people and all people.
As Lincoln put it at Gettysburg, we want a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
They often don't let people be themselves — people turn into these weird TV people when there's a camera on them.
People with disabilities, transgender people, people of color could be discriminated against using Digid8, Vice writer Janus Rose recently wrote.
Just being here and having breakfast with people, lunch with people and helping out even the people we don't invest.
There are people on the dance floor, people drinking in the living room, and people playing drinking games out back.
There are all sorts of people here, people of different ages, races and nationalities, people in myriad sets of circumstances.
Make believe that the people have a voice or make believe that the representatives of the people are the people.
How can "the People" rule when "they which are the people this minute, are not the people the next minute"?
He has -- he challenged us, so we have let's say 35,000 people tonight and he has 463 people, 300 people.
"We like event when people are there to challenge, people who are curious, people who are there for constructive reasons."
Where everybody might, more people might need it than the regular poor people, who people in this country despise. Right.
After that came Latinx people, women and girls, LGBTQ people, and people with disabilities, along with refugees and asylum seekers.
Neither conservatives nor liberals sufficiently challenge racist people or institutions that have long exploited poor people and people of color.
Brown people, black people, Chinese people, we are all normal on the outside and fucking totally nuts on the inside.
Because I think a lot of people feel that people have outrage over privacy, but I don't think people do.
He made me learn how to hate peoplepeople that I didn't even know, people that I never communicated with.
We just really are different people — completely different people.
You give the people who ... give those people money.
" He's been telling people, "More people should do this.
TRUMP: Those people -- all of those people -- excuse me.
The people of Massachusetts – and people everywhere – deserve answers.
Some people get distracted by something else -- nice people.
" He continues: "We're two sensitive people, two intense people.
And some people — well — some people would rather die.
" "People claiming that they had sex with other people
Now, peoplepeople have every right to be angry.
Ultimately, you don't really convince peoplepeople convince themselves.
Some people love — some people love the street life.
White people — all people — want to believe in something.
I mean I'm glad – you know, people need people.
"People are people — and they are inconsistent," he said.
Top 228 groups that Republicans say deserve federal protections: People with a disability: 228% Veterans: 38% Elderly: 33% People with mental disorders: 31% Children: 31% Law enforcement officials: 25% U.S.-born citizens: 24% Native Americans 45% Homeless people: 20% Pregnant women: 18% Top 10 groups for Democrats: People with a disability: 51% People with mental disorders: 45% Elderly: 43% Children: 39% Veterans: 37% LGBTQ people: 35% Homeless people: 32% Native Americans: 31% Pregnant women: 28% Poor people: 28%
The researchers found that sexters could be grouped into three categories: people who sexted for fun that also often resulted in sex (58 people), people who sexted to feel more attached to their partner (54 people), and people who sexted in order to get positive body-image reinforcement or another non-sex reward(48 people).
His pronouncements, on the page, evince an ardent faith in government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but you badly want him to hang out with the people.
I had a fight with my brother, yes, people said I said bad things to people, but there are so many people, thousands of people who would say great things about me.
But our unity in our caucus, some people are for Medicare for all, some people are for Medicare buy-in, some people are for 22018, some people are for a public option.
In your film, you have these poor white people blaming all their problems on black people, even though poor white people and poor black people have a lot of the same interests.
"It's time to end these abuses and return control to the people, the people of Utah, the people of all of the states, the people of the United States," the president said.
I think it's because the people in Washington say: If this was a problem, the people in New York, the bond people and the stock people, they have the market going down.
Everyday people running means more people of color, more women, more queer people, more first-generation Americans, more allies -- more of the people whose voices have been missing for far too long.
"Whether it's black people in Africa, black people here in the United States, brown people here who want to assimilate and come into the country, or white working-class people," Ryan said.
I thought that when people saw "Arrivals," simply presented as a collection of stories about people, it would humanize those people.
I don't know many black people who are trying to be white people for Halloween, or dressing up as white people.
Watch the full episode of People Cover Story: World's Most Beautiful People now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).
Lost is the story of people who disappeared; The Leftovers is the story of people the people who were left behind.
He says she needs someone who can show her gay people are just like straight people in most respects ... they're people.
"You can hire people to hack different things, you can hire people to kill people, which is pretty scary," said Smith.
Most of the time we get good reactions, people recording, people laughing, and people coming up to us at the end.
People, very young people who didn't expect to escort their friends to death, were helping people to die out of friendship.
And the enemy right now, the overwhelming majority of people coming in are people of color or people of Hispanic origin.
Watch the full episode of People Cover Story: World's Most Beautiful People now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).
These are people from another country, and now people are saying they're more important than our people who are paying taxes.
"For people to argue against this choice for sick people really seems evil to me," Maynard told PEOPLE on Oct. 3.
They're going from 10 people to 50 people or 100 people ... Cuban: But that's the same for any type of company.
There are two types of people: people who want to be scary for Halloween, and people who want to be clever.
Watch the full episode of People Cover Story: World's Most Beautiful People now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).
Low-income people and sick people might pay less, and higher-income people and those who are healthy could pay more.
It's people in gangs who are causing the trouble, not the people from this neighborhood or the people in the parade.
One of the biggest differences between people and machines is that people deserve to be treated like people wherever they are.
I wanted him to see intelligent people, loving people, caring people, who have done well with the resources that they had.
"The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything," he's said.
"Some people have retired, some people are finding other jobs and some people say they are going to move," she said.
" "When you see people with swastikas, yelling Nazi slogans, fine people -- as I put it to people -- get out of Dodge.
"When people want to oppress and intimidate people, there's a lot more people who are willing to stand up," he said.
"For some people, staying in Mexico is not safe, for sure, especially the most vulnerable people like LGBTQ people," he said.
But the rest of you—people with purpose, people with ambition, people with potential and something to live for—man. Man.
I do believe in the fact that our people are very important and having French people is different from German people.
"We are expecting that people will get starved, people will get hurt, people will get killed," said Herrera, the military spokesman.
I don't want to put guns into the hands of mentally unstable people or people with rage or hate, sick people.
People lining the streets to Westminster Abbey, people squeezing into parks watching Jumbotrons, and people lining the gates of Buckingham Palace.
But this isn't unique to black people; violence against white people is, for the most part, committed by other white people.
Each one is an interaction between the people filmed, the people who recorded the material, and the people who watch it.
What would that mean for people who are black, people who are trans, queer—people who are not straight white men?
You sit and go through what people say in Blind about people lowering the bar, people wanting to maintain the culture.
There are people who calmly and peacefully have their protests, people who do good for people and do good for America.
And he wants people to appreciate what they've done even as more people are dying and more people are being sickened.
The progressive objection to Williamson lies in the demeaning ways he's written about poor people, black people, women, and trans people.
Smart people are curious about the world, and smart people are curious about the other people who live in that world.
They are viewed as "normal" mental health illnesses that even extremely productive people (people who make other people money) can have.
You want to say something about the people of New York, or the people of America, or the people of Earth.
"I mean, if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week and kill white people?" she said.
Have they enabled people to ditch their cars, or only encouraged people to use cars (driven by other people) even more?
These were people who only vape; people who only smoke; and a control group of people who neither vape nor smoke.
They aren't good people, they don't pretend to be good people, and very little indicates they're going to become good people.
Surround yourself with good people — not just people that you want to be with, but people that you want to be.
Our people are certainly closer to us, but those people are also human beings and they are our people as well.
"People have money and people have time," says Laura Vanderkam, author of the "What the Most Successful People Do" book series.
Those more at risk, however, such as pregnant people, children, people with asthma, and older people, may still experience ill effects.
I understand the need to protect people, and there are people being exploited, but not in the numbers that people think.
Those most likely to say this include people who have a disability, people who are unemployed, and people doing delivery work.
"Some people have PhDs, some people have traditional engineering degrees, some people actually have not even been to college," he said.
Why would people want to take advice from a group of people who pretend to be other people for a living?
In 23, 2700 people were killed in crashes during Uber trips; nine people were murdered, and 28,260 people were sexually assaulted.
A certain kind of Instagram feed fills up with photographs of rich people, famous people, lucky people, flashing the Gulfstream grin.
"You see this all over the world, situations where people kill 3343 people, 60 people in a nightclub," Costa told reporters.
From the people you beat, and the people who beat you, from the people you dislike, even from your supposed enemies.
"They destroyed people, good people, people that ended up paying far more money in legal fees than they made," he continued.
Warren (D-Mass.), the law abrogated the idea of a government by the people, for the people and of the people.
The title "Give People Money," again, makes people nervous, like why would you give people without something in exchange for it?
Among all the young people now in the US, there are more minority young people than there are white young people.
This is a strong, relentless movie made by black people for black people, and if white people enjoy it, that's fine.
"Illegal aliens are a broad group of people: There are exceptional people, there are bad people," said FAIR spokesman Ira Mehlman.
I've discovered the highway people don't talk much to the water people, and they don't talk much to the energy people.
"I just wanted the gov to know people aren't fucking around, people know what they're doing and people don't agree #FreePalestine."
We normally talk to people who are making media, and you're one of the people who helps people make media, right?
And as it should be, because trans people are not something that happen to cisgender people—we're simply people who exist.
And some people, well, some people were a lot less subtle: And you wonder why these people get a bad rap.
People asked me, "Why are you wearing that?" or said I should wear something bigger—that's something people tell bigger people.
"We talked to working moms and dads, as well as people with health issues, or people care-taking people with health issues, people living in rural or economically depressed economies, military spouses, people who want to travel, freelancers and certainly millennials," said Sutton Fell.
"If you think about the kind of people you want to have in this country, you want people who are hardworking, people who are ethical, people who look out for their families and their communities and people who are very physically strong," Kennedy said.
"People in Wisconsin, people in Michigan, people in Ohio, people in Pennsylvania, people in North Carolina, they're going to vote for their member of Congress or a president based on what that party is focused on," said Representative Tim Ryan, a centrist Democrat from Ohio.
In this year's poll, both black and white people saw more discrimination in policing than in other situations: While 67 percent of black people and 40 percent of white people said black people are treated less fairly in dealings with the police, the other settings topped at 52 percent for black people and 17 percent for white people.
We talked with black people who live in cities and in rural areas; black people who were born in the United States and who migrated here; black people who identify as lesbian, gay and bisexual; black people who are transgender and gender-nonconforming; black people who are liberal and conservative; and black people who are currently and formerly incarcerated.
Other times, people do see this app as a place where they can really voice their very unsanitized desires and people do really not want to be with black people or Asian people.
" In that same breath, Trump belted that it was time to "return control to the people, the people of Utah, the people of all of the states, the people of the United States.
While GLAAD released the data that a third of straight people feel uncomfortable with queer people to show how much discrimination queer people still face, it also unintentionally focuses on the straight people.
Other people who may identify this way are people who have sexual desire but their libido is very low and people who are only sexually attracted to other people under very specific circumstances.
They are shocked, and I'm talking about people at the highest level, people at — the richest people, people with great influence over, you know, together with the leaders and they cannot believe it.
I believe in tenderness, but I'm not going to be tender for those folk who are engaging in policies that crush poor working people, women, gays, lesbians, trans people, black people, indigenous people.
And so if certain roles were generally filled by men or by white people or by young people, the software went and picked men and white people and young people for those roles.
Previously, the Consultation on People-to-People Exchange (CPE) was the primary platform through which the official U.S.-China dialogue on education, culture and other dynamics of people-to-people exchange took place.
So were Republicans, people who lived in rural areas, people who lived in the South or Midwest, people with less than a college education and people who were very religious, particularly evangelical Christians.
The recent March for Science even sparked a larger discussion about the underrepresentation of women, indigenous people, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, and people of color in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).
"He did anything and everything for people," Wells tells PEOPLE.
It helps blind people, it helps a lot of people.
"I was afraid for my people also, the indigenous people."
They're not invisible people — they're real people and they're hungry.
"I'm always making people laugh, making people smile," he said.
I get it, these four people are not great people.
Thousands of people in London, thousands of people in Europe.
"People always have something to say," Kim told PEOPLE Now.
People are traveling more for food, people are more excited.
" People are like, "I can't believe people are like this.
There are people in the Capitol pushing people, yelling kidnapper.
There are people who understand it and people who don't.
"People are going crazy," she told PEOPLE about the show.
White people need to make space for people of color.
People are in trouble, and many people have been displaced.
The only people I've ever fanned on were reality people.
Every year people try it; every year people get fired.
" She tells PEOPLE, "That passion and belief in young people.
We'll ask people in the membership to invite other people.
INGRAHAM: Well they also deport people like Obama deported people.
There are so many more old people than young people!
"People assume that disabled people aren't sexual beings," Witton said.
I know that rich people call poor white people 'trash.
Some gamers are laptop people, some gamers are desktop people.
"  "People need to understand we are people just like them.
And our greatest value that people have are other people.
Good people, people you truly like, get shelved that way.
I was afraid for my people also, the indigenous people.
The survey is usually a thousand people, ten thousand people.
We need people helping other people become their transcendent selves.
People have wild and crazy ideas and people are fun.
Some people might agree and some people might not agree.
People accepted it, and people actually got to like it!
If you don't keep people engaged, then people drop out.
Where people like Grace loved and accepted people like Will.
People should know their history, but most people don't anymore.
The landing left three people dead and 180 people injured.
Some people withdrawal was hard, some people found it easy.
Decent people, or even just cautiously rational people, were everywhere.
There's more social support that helps people than harms people.
People of colour can be role models for white people.
People have had it better, people have had it worse.
Black people like green juice and black people like art.
Guns don't kill people, people ... wait, that is another industry.
It's important to represent people, and represent them as people.
And some people are saying that and some people aren't.
Every year people try it, every year people get fired.
I just got tired of people comparing me to people.
Entrepreneurs, people experimenting, people taking chances, begin to offer options.
"It happens to legitimate people, trust me," she tells PEOPLE.
Most people say two, but more reflective people say zero.
" She adds that Paul "doesn't respect [Japanese people] as people.
For starters, 80 million people is a lot of people.
"You can never make people happy," Grimaldi previously told PEOPLE.
Only hurt people go around trying to destroy other people.
Also, a party for people is just that, for people.
It's the people online and people who express their outrage.
Some people use Apple phones, some people use Huawei phones.
And the way people perceive the world and perceive people.
We need to see trans people as just that, people.
And we're not talking about people who were groping people.
People need to be transparent, people need to be authentic.
What motivates people to talk to other people that way?
They kill these people who are trying to rescue people.
"They destroy people, these are really evil people," Trump said.
"So many people were trapped and suffering," Alison tells PEOPLE.
Some people don't want to talk but most people do.
"Most of these people are peaceful, prayerful people," Fong said.
We know some people have different talents than other people.
Free People So Soft Turtleneck, $40, available at Free People.
We know when people are listening, when people are watching.
It's just how people interact, how people treat each other.
More people are fleeing Venezuela than people are fleeing Syria.
When Amazon fulfills products for people that's when people arbitrage.
The people hear the policies that are about the people.
It doesn't really care about people, and women are people.
People have a tendency to do things for other people.
So there were really young people, people in their 70s.
People are laughing, people are uncomfortable, it's an ice breaker.
He's insulted thousands of people, many different types of people.
On some good challenges, good people, try to inspire people?
People naturally surround themselves with people who share their beliefs.
"He's good people, he's family," the restaurant manager tells PEOPLE.
Music brings people together, it brings life, it consoles people.
But trans people, we're more understanding about people with fetishes.
"We're two different people," Berry told PEOPLE at the time.
Nearly 23 people, almost all the people of Carancas, arrived.
People are infused with blood plasma donated from young people.
Spencer and his people want all those beautiful people gone.
Mentally strong people don't give negative people power over them.
"We are not here to chastise people," Jackson told PEOPLE.
What do these people do when they're not murdering people?
All of a sudden I had 210 people, 211 people.
"People were crying, people were just in shock," she said.
People are living longer, and married people even more so.
If people have no money, we have to help people.
It's people eating, it's people getting their socks dirty outside.
Poor people try to replace income sources; rich people add.
People respond to people who show up and take action.
"Rich people only like being around rich people," he said.
To me that's a hillbilly, people who don't judge people.
Healthy people can turn into sick people really fucking suddenly.
"Anything people do these days, people judge it," she added.
People are just people, and I remind myself of that.
"Some people migrated, some people died – especially children," he said.
"You'll see people cry, you'll see people laugh," Derke added.
Most people of the people writing the reviews: white dudes.
People want an easy answer to things people can't understand.
The way people are treating other people is just horrible.
We've lost people to Google; we've lost people to Apple.
Just pay people fairly, and pay people what they're worth.
People in the US deserve better," and "Stop damaging people.
In a year those 20 people will be 30 people.
"  "He's sharing ideas and names of people with many people.
" This election is really between "Wall People" and "Web People.
But American people don't like people to touch their things.
Are people with disabilities, people like me, so easily disregarded?
Takagi says this could help people prevent people abusing kids.
People were using words like gay as criticisms of people.
She's someone [who] when people meet her, people like her.
That can incentivize people to register people who don't exist.
People with resources recover well and people without resources don't.
Some people I know personally go in honor of people.
Some people are mad at me, most people love me.
"And more broadly, people shouldn't speak about people that way."
"Smart people want to work with smart people," Yu said.
It has really crushed people and then it's made people.
At the end of the day people are all people.
What's that thing people say — only boring people get bored?
Some people think I and people like me are lazy.
But you were people, we had people that never voted.
People laughing, texting, talking, staring off, doing what people do.
I love people, and I love people who stand out.
So you got people that's like, I mean, scary people.
Some people focus better; some people just need to destress.
"People say, well, inner city people are poor," Denbeaux remarked.
People have sent in money for other people for transportation.
"It's by undocumented people, for undocumented people," Vargas told me.
The shooting left seven people dead and 21 people injured.
CLINTON: Nine million people — nine million people lost their jobs.
"People are just waiting for people to post," she said.
Or people who watch Fox versus people who watch MSNBC.
"That's what people love, that's what people saw," he said.
"Poor people recover differently than rich people do," Kennedy said.
Now, some people the First, other people the Second. Yeah.
Some people meditate, some people do all kinds of things.
"People are terrified, and people are demoralized," the source said.
They like people who have struggled, people who have suffered.
The majority of people on Twitter are, in fact, people.
People running to something and people running away from something.
People, many people, will say this is a losing cause.
Despite this, many people believe people with autism are humorless.
No good people or bad people, just balance and imbalance.
Mostly people [start making] documentaries because they are nice people.
I wonder how many people, we should find those people.
"White people in general don't like black people," he said.
People naturally gravitate toward people who remind them of themselves.
"He was always encouraging people, lifting people up," he said.
"There are people that are just Livingston people," she said.
"People empathize with the people they want to," he said.
"The 'chosen people' must become the 'choosing people,'" he writes.
Law & Order True Crime Why do people kill other people?
Some people are heartsick, and some people are lovesick. Warsick.
As people lost jobs and income, more people became eligible.
"Being prosaic, that's what makes people people," Mr. Carvel said.
Are they people who want to see other people succeed?
Some people freaking out, some people think it's a conspiracy.
Only elderly people or people in poor health wear them.
People are interested in other people and their love stories.
Not that people read Wells and said stop lynching people.
Do people ... Does it keep people on the site longer?
Powerful people have a bigger voice than less powerful people.
There, people sped up when they walked with other people.
Where people were kind, and people were together and shared.
Some people love that, and some people don't like it.
Many people at The Times know people at these organizations.
People in South Georgia are people of action, not drama.
Some people are giving us credit, and some people aren't.
He knew few openly gay people, and no transgender people.
"They just don't see these people as people," she said.
People tend to invest in people who look like you.
Many people first suspect that people with alopecia have cancer.
People describe people as brilliant -- but Charlie was truly brilliant.
People make the clothes and for people they are meant.
It was by Afghan people and for the Afghan people.
Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't want to do.
The rich people didn't serve and the poor people did.
I guess three people have died, four people were shot?
Not only for our people but for the American people.
They call people, they talk to people in your states.
There is overwhelming evidence that hurt people hurt other people.
Change doesn't move all people, even people in like circumstances.
People with curves or differently abled people can be androgynous.
Make sure people don't make jokes out of trans people.
That's how hating white people becomes ultimately hating black people.
What do white people see when they see brown people?
"People will say, 'Same gridlock, different people,'" the lobbyist said.
I studied how people react and what makes people happy.
A lot of people come, a lot of people go.
Younger people consume it differently than people from my generation.
"People are accepting LGBT people more and more," she said.
It's loving, you meet great people, wonderful people like yourselves.
Helping the people is creating an industry for the people.
He just loves people and loves to make people happy.
And the greatest value that people have are other people.
We are a brand for people who care about people.
" "People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are collapsing.
Davis's are works about Black people, made for Black people.
I guess people connect to the characters like real people.
FLORENCE, Italy — Who do the people other people follow, follow?
He hurt people along the way and people hurt him.
Black, not necessarily just about black people, but forgotten people.
If you feel nervous, take two people or three people.
I love the people here, the people are so nice.
I'm making fun of people who complain about people complaining.
You can't ask people, 'Do you not like black people?
But when I say people, I mean probably techie people.
Other people buy fine wines, other people buy nice cars.
Some people love it, some people are sick of it.
People have families, people have to consider what they want.
Because black people are naked; white people are very closed.
Some people do it by connecting with other people online.
These aren't fringe people — these are people in the government.
"People talk about how boxing brings people together," he said.
Queer [kweer] | adjective (queer people) An adjective used by some people, particularly younger people, whose sexual orientation is not exclusively heterosexual (e.g.
By discriminating against fat people in social and working environments, people are missing countless opportunities to meet really good, interesting, smart people.
"The people of Poland, the people of America, and the people of Europe still cry out, 'We Want God'," Mr Trump said.
"Rhinovirus can cause more disease in certain people, and when I say 'certain people,' I mean a lot of people," said Gern.
"Tomorrow, Mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people like Strzok," Giuliani said.
People like to envision their idea of utopia, of paradise, and if people like weed and people like women that just mixes.
But instead of giving up, more and more people are demanding a government that is run by the people for the people.
We're interviewing people from different aspects of the music world — mastering guys, producers, people running labels — and people who just love records.
" Edwardes adds, "He spoke to people who were testing for HIV and people living with HIV and he just connects with people.
"I've heard people say, 'The last three people I've dated were Jewish,' or 'I've really gotten along with Jewish people,'" says Yarus.
Hippie is the wrong word... he's an engineer but the people involved could not have made the journey without being people people.
""That was mainly what we were going after, to be able to meet other people and help other people meet other people.
" Another protester, Yiran Zhang, 22, from Chicago, shared with PEOPLE her message to President Trump: "Don't forget about treating people like people.
"We knew we didn't want 25 people in a room, 25 people in a room, 25 people in a room," said McFeely.
Video recordings can't totally erase the implicit bias that often leads people (especially white people) to fear black people and trust police.
In the Middle East, we have people chopping the heads off Christians, we have people chopping the heads off many other people.
When Americans fundamentally perceive black people as different than white people, they are going to treat people differently based on their race.
People are scared, there have been cases where people have become violent [Editor's note: Or shot at other people, out of fear ].
If this book is able to help 10 people, 100 people, 100,000 people, then that's it, that's what I'm here to do.
The people who died were either people living in or transitioning to long-term care, or caregivers of people in those circumstances.
And we just talked about people and talked about family members in the sense of analyzing people and what makes people tick.
All of which can come across as privileged people telling unprivileged people that they shouldn't complain because other people have it worse.
We're not just in the business of connecting people to connect people, we're in the business of connecting people to empower connections.
So for me to be in Afghanistan with a camera, it's provocative to people, it's interesting to people, it's empowering to people.
The family is encouraging people to join Be the Match, a national registry of people that connects them to people in need.
And it's so wonderful that people love it and that people can see themselves and that people are getting something from it.
Some people are excited, some people are indifferent — and a few people, like Melanie McDonagh writing for The Spectator, seemed less pleased.
It's a very distinctive-looking shoe, so people stop and ask people about them, which increases returns as more people wear them.
The people who are making software and services and devices tend to build things that more people want than fewer people want.
I actually had to talk to people, people who had been through the same thing I had, people who had overcome it.
"I think people understand that when there's a following of people around him, you know it's not like 30 people," Groeneweg said.
The past two decades has seen mobile technology progress from a people-to-people technology (3G) to people-to-information connectivity (4G).
People of color and people who make lower incomes don't live as long as people who are white and make more money.
Some people find it frightening; others find it offensive that things are going on without people organizing it and bossing people around.
We are supposed to have a "government of the people, by the people, for the people" as President Abraham Lincoln famously said.
"People like us, people in rural New York, we are not people who respond to this part of American culture," he said.
The people who think Trump respects "people like them" include white people (55 percent), men (51 percent), and white Protestants and evangelicals.
There are all kinds of people there, including black people and a lot of people you cannot say what color they are.
People who want to be on TV, people who want to be famous, people for whom it's sort of a vanity thing.
In contrast, the progressive base is made up of women of color, black and brown people, young people, and working class people.
"It probably costs people and companies more money across the board and causes people to accuse people of being liars," he says.
It gets people out of the house, and it's made people of all ages and backgrounds interact with people they ordinarily wouldn't.
The people who came from me are mixed race, and the people I work with and people I hire are mixed race.
I don't want to be involved with people, but you're telling me about these people because I know nothing about these people.
Compared with people of normal weight, overweight people and obese people had a 30 percent lower risk of dementia, the study found.
Similar to other beauty industries, performers are discriminated against for their looks, which disadvantages Black people, people of color, and fat people.
We need to be in there, where people are experiencing struggle, where people are experiencing conflict, and where people are experiencing politics.
I think we need more everyday people—not just career politicians but people living the challenges that working people live every day.
That's because the bill basically overcharges healthy people and younger people in order to partially offset the cost of covering sicker people.
People in Baracoa are suffering … The people-to-people gesture should be a $2.5 million donation to Baracoa, not another Martí statue.
Stay away from everybody else for 22.2 days and also keeping older people, people with chronic health conditions, away from other people.
Stay away from everybody else for 22.2 days and also keeping older people, people with chronic health conditions, away from other people.
Prisons are not a result of a desire by "bad" people, Gilmore says, to lock up poor people and people of color.
Businesses are not just huge faceless, unidentifiable, artificial entities - they are created by people, run by people, and comprised of working people.
Old people, young people, men, women, children ... people in visors -- everyone stopped dead in their tracks to watch the idiots throw hands.
Our efforts serve as a reminder of what democracy really is: the rule of the people, by the people, for the people.
"There were people who were perfectly good, there were people who were perfectly tolerant, and there were people who weren't," Sarah said.
"People who are poor help people who are poor more than rich people do," she told The New York Times in 2014.
Surround yourself with people you admire, people who are there for you, who you are there for, people you can learn from.
"As any sociology major will tell you, people flock to people they know and people that are like them," Ms. Min said.
A government by the people and for the people should serve the people and it is our duty to demand just that.
It reflected, instead, the mix of people signing up — fewer healthy, low-cost people than expected, more people with chronic health issues.
"To inform people when the final deadline is and to make people aware that coverage is much more affordable than people think."
"People like us, people in rural New York, we are not people who respond to this part of American culture," he added.
"People will continue to be part of the equation, it's people who report things, and the people who review things," Rosen said.

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