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"Opportunity" Definitions
  1. the third Mars Rover vehicle which landed on the planet Mars in 2004 and sent pictures of the planet back to NASA
"Opportunity" Synonyms
prospect chance shot break contingency indication opening option scope advantage possibility avenue facility forum gateway likelihood outlook vacancy capacity elbow room occasion circumstance moment condition situation time window window of opportunity context event happenstance juncture occurrence right set of circumstances state of affairs affair coincidence episode fortuity go probability odds likeliness feasibility promise conceivability risk plausibility chances hope fear hazard liability danger threat presumption pick choice discretion volition way druthers election liberty prerogative licence license alternative selection will preference privilege right free will position post job place appointment berth slot niche posting role employment gap occupation part placement profession resort expedient recourse expediency stopgap resource makeshift measure device step refuge course remedy relief help latitude freedom independence autonomy leisure laxity run unrestrictedness free hand free rein carte blanche self-determination free play a free hand freedom from restriction freedom of action scope for initiative run of beginning start onset outset commencement dawn launch kickoff day one developing development get-go git-go initiation introduction morning overture luckiness luck fortune serendipity fortunateness fluke blessing godsend kismet windfall prosperity stroke weal karma lucky break good luck run of luck amenity convenience means service aid appliance benefit medium provision artifice machination mode system tool dominance ascendancy edge lead leverage vantage favor(US) favour(UK) asset boon ascendency support assistance say pennyworth turn say-so look-in two cents worth crack view vote chance to speak turn to speak chance to express one's opinion one's twopence worth opportunity to speak right to express one's opinion right to speak turn to express one's opinion twopenn'orth timeliness promptitude promptness punctuality seasonableness well-timed readiness swiftness speed rapidity quickness preparation speediness expedition expedience regularity timekeeping reliability steadiness dispatch brass ring plum prize reward trophy concession bonus entitlement grant perk sanction apanage appanage authorisation(UK) authorization(US) claim honour(UK) honor(US) milestone peak high-water mark opportunism exploitation pragmatism realism Machiavellianism capitalization manipulation maneuvering(US) manoeuvring(UK) realpolitik unscrupulousness utilitarianism advantageousness taking advantage ad hocery door doorway key ticket access entrance entree passport accession admission admittance entrée entry ingress secret right of entry permission to enter pass More

966 Sentences With "Opportunity"

How to use Opportunity in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "Opportunity" and check conjugation/comparative form for "Opportunity". Mastering all the usages of "Opportunity" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Just like YouTube has an opportunity, Amazon has an opportunity, that's why Hulu has an opportunity.
The opportunity to exist is the greatest opportunity of all.
It was an opportunity, and James never missed an opportunity.
Talk about an opportunity to empower and make equal opportunity.
But Republicans never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
If a child can't spell opportunity, they won't have opportunity.
But when that opportunity arrives, it all of a sudden doesn't feel like an opportunity, thus they wait for the next opportunity.
So I'd rather talk about opportunity cost than subpar investments because the opportunity cost then has to be the financial opportunity cost.
"Proponents of Internet freedom have opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to strike down President Obama's plan to regulate the Internet," he continued.
The "opportunity narrative" says resources are limited and since we cannot provide opportunity for all, it is acceptable to provide opportunity for some.
"Yes, it's an opportunity, it's an opportunity for everyone," Yu said.
So it's a learning opportunity and an opportunity to start a conversation.
HAMMON: Well, obviously the opportunity of hiring me is a huge opportunity.
He had opportunity after opportunity to separate the Republican brand from Trump.
"Every opportunity I get is an opportunity to prove it," McElhinney said.
But what kind of opportunity is the opportunity to acquire crippling debt?
They have an opportunity; we have an opportunity to do something this offseason.
"The I.C.C. never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity," Mr. Rogers said.
It is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, not the Employment Equal Opportunity Commission.
"Equal employment opportunity" and "equal opportunity employer" are treated with due equality here.
It is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, not the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.
It's an opportunity, and I took advantage of that opportunity and it opened doors.
Is his presidency an opportunity, or is it the snuffing out of an opportunity?
Teigen's career is the perfect example of building one opportunity off of another opportunity.
For Trump and the RNC, Benghazi is about opportunity, but that opportunity is political.
Opportunity for Trump Harvey provides an opportunity for Trump early in his tumultuous presidency.
There is such an opportunity and there is a cause to drive the opportunity.
His opposite number, Wu Shengli, did not miss the opportunity to miss an opportunity.
If you have an opportunity to take control of a situation, seize that opportunity.
"This has provided an opportunity — an unfortunate opportunity — to talk about this," she said.
Mr. Trump used the opportunity to plug the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act.
That's money we need so that every kid in this country has a decent childcare opportunity, has an opportunity for Pre-K, has an opportunity for a decent school.
They were normal people who got an opportunity to do something or make an opportunity.
Many of these have started to realise the opportunity of tapping into the B2B2C opportunity.
For investors waiting for an opportunity to buy Asia low, the opportunity may be coming.
Ignoring climate change is not only a missed political opportunity, but a missed policy opportunity.
"House Democrats have wasted opportunity after opportunity to pass meaningful, bipartisan appropriations bills," said Rep.
For me, that spells financial opportunity, and looking at 2021 onwards, a profitable business opportunity.
Kim saw an opportunity and a way to hedge the risk with pursuing that opportunity.
I'm grateful for the opportunity, they will say, upon earning (key word: earning) an opportunity.
It was a unique opportunity -- an incredible opportunity and he chose not to take it.
"Sometimes you have opportunities and sometimes you take them and you don't, but it's not like you get opportunity after opportunity after opportunity in these sorts of matches," said Williams.
There is no opportunity to be educated, no opportunity to imagine a life outside of town.
The opportunity for us to bring that back and invest it here is a big opportunity.
"I'm unemployed, so this is an opportunity, a very good opportunity," said a man named Wagner.
They should have the opportunity and people should take the opportunity to go in and audition.
The inaugural award was given at the 2016 National Opportunity Summit, hosted by Opportunity Nation. Sen.
"It's a huge opportunity, a perfect opportunity for us," Brown told CNBC's Eunice Yoon on Wednesday.
"Barack Obama had a huge opportunity, and I believe Bernie has a huge opportunity," Devine said.
"Check is an opportunity, never miss an opportunity, and I take advantage of everything," Johnson said.
It is the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, not the United States Equal Opportunity Commission.
My opportunity to get an education — my opportunity to serve my country — would be taken away.
"The window of opportunity is still there, but our window of opportunity is narrowing," he said.
He has the opportunity now, and he's always had the opportunity to play with the Yankees.
It recognizes its opportunity to incorporate balance and difference, and welcomes that opportunity with open arms.
In 2009 he founded Opportunity Nation, a campaign involving 250 nonprofits working to expand economic opportunity.
"You think about the imperatives that this new company can create, the opportunity to make health care local, the opportunity to make it simple and the opportunity to improve health," Merlo said.
"We had an opportunity to put forth a humanitarian policy and we wasted that opportunity," Omar said.
The feline from Hedmark, Norway, sees an opportunity in all that white stuff — an opportunity to play!
So we're looking for the opportunity to provide more opportunity for more people," Richardson told "Closing Bell.
AC: And so this is an opportunity, an opportunity to do that and it's been really exciting.
The bondage ritual likely serves two purposes: an enhanced opportunity for mating, and an opportunity for escape.
"[I] believe this was a learning opportunity for them and teaching opportunity for me," she tells PEOPLE.
So this investment and this opportunity really gives us an opportunity to focus on what's most important.
So do Democrats, who have a track record of rarely missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
"Any opportunity to enrich the lives of Canadian people is an opportunity I will take," he says.
Her role as a translator gives Nisha's family an opportunity to monitor her precious opportunity for rescue.
"They took the opportunity we gave them, but we shouldn't have given them the opportunity," Burling said.
"It was a unique opportunity — an incredible opportunity and he chose not to take it," Goodell continued.
There is no opportunity to meet people with opposing viewpoints nor an opportunity to learn about alternative views.
Now, the opportunity to bring it back here and invest it in this country is a big opportunity.
And shouldn't the executive board have an opportunity to address AIBA to give us an opportunity to rebut?
And once you find this opportunity, you know it's truly your opportunity to step back into that role.
"I have that opportunity to be that person now and I'm not going to pass up that opportunity."
We want to give the accuser an opportunity to be heard, and that opportunity will occur next Monday.
There's a massive opportunity for hackers to create a much bigger opportunity to drive innovation for big companies.
An Opportunity shadow-selfie from 2004, when Opportunity was comparatively young (and had "only" doubled its mission length).
He's going to focus on being ready for that opportunity should it occur again or an NBA opportunity.
"To me, Mr. Snider meant a new opportunity, a new opportunity to do something great," one child wrote.
This suggests a missed opportunity to offer help, and an opportunity for doctors to prioritize conversations about breastfeeding.
"He was like, what an awesome opportunity for Kayla, what an awesome opportunity for my students," Addison recalled.
New doors for opportunity are being opened, and I've never known Trump to miss out on an opportunity.
The Islamic State's weakening creates an opportunity to get ahead of the threat; an opportunity we must seize.
And we have scoped that opportunity for the company, and it's more than a $550 billion market opportunity.
Now, they'll have the opportunity to try out something new—but that opportunity comes at a hefty price.
He represents opportunity — not only his professional opportunity but also a cultural one for the rest of us.
These fans are now offering a unique investment opportunity – the opportunity to invest in some winning Leicestershire air.
What is the opportunity for the artist, what is the opportunity for the labels, to delight those customers.
This is their opportunity, and if they miss this opportunity they may have to wait another eight years.
"If we don't take this opportunity to reform the FISA process, we are missing an opportunity," Lofgren said.
For opportunity, of course, but what does opportunity mean in a country that tries to break its outsiders?
As Congress considers legislation, it should seize the opportunity to enhance economic opportunity through greater data privacy controls.
A climate opportunity Perhaps the largest opportunity brought about by the shale revolution is also the most counterintuitive.
That sort of mass socialization of that as an opportunity, entrepreneurship as an opportunity hasn't quite happened yet.
Opportunity rover after a dust devil cleaning / Image courtesy of NASA Opportunity rover after a dust devil cleaning / Image courtesy of NASA This was a godsend to Opportunity and the NASA team who operated it.
These field trips are not just an opportunity to market to the senior community, but an opportunity to educate.
Economic opportunity is becoming more concentrated, but Americans' ability to move to take advantage of that opportunity is declining.
"We're turning an ecological problem into an ecological opportunity and an economic opportunity," said Brian Takeda, the Urchinomics CEO.
"Guys are working hard, guys are getting a little more opportunity, and guys are seizing the opportunity," Stempniak said.
"This is a golden opportunity, but this is also a very small window of opportunity," Cabrera told BuzzFeed News.
I knew almost nothing about the business, opportunity, market or other important variables, but a friend presented the opportunity.
It was good opportunity to evaluate without him, of course, but I would rather have not had that opportunity.
Exactly the same as a beacon of light, we are a company of opportunity and a land of opportunity.
That's the business opportunity in front of us, and that's why we're looking at this as a big opportunity.
We have an amazing opportunity there, but it's a matter of people taking that opportunity, and really using it.
That favourite Israeli taunt—that Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity—could be used once again.
"This is an opportunity to transform the Syrian refugee crisis to an economic opportunity," Planning Minister Imad Fakhouri said.
"Somebody gave me the opportunity, so I believe it's my responsibility to give someone else the opportunity," she said.
The market opportunity is clear, but without a clear definition for "natural" food, that opportunity may elude us all.
The Opportunity Zone program is a federal tax program that created more than 50 opportunity zones across the country.
I knew almost nothing about the business, opportunity, market, or other important variables, but a friend presented the opportunity.
That way, I told them, I'd get the opportunity to start over, experience every opportunity America has to offer.
"We'll still be open if an opportunity — the right opportunity — presents itself at 6 to move down," Ballard said.
It is a wake-up call and an opportunity to inspire genuine change — an opportunity that we cannot waste.
"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty," Churchill famously said.
Trump provided congressional Republicans a great opportunity to push hard for cuts — an opportunity that they have completely blown.
He likened the opportunity to a minor league baseball player being offered the opportunity to play in the majors.
"I view it as a big opportunity, an opportunity I've had since I've been in the league," Gallman said.
"We have a narrow window of opportunity to scale up Zika prevention measures, and that window of opportunity is closing."
This is a huge wonderful opportunity and I'm excited to be here and trying to take advantage of the opportunity.
Every Opportunity is the Perfect Opportunity to Remind People That You're Happy and In Love Even your best friend's birthday.
While this presents an opportunity for them to start new lives, it presents an opportunity for the parents, as well.
For me, the opportunity to build that atop 47 years of investing history was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Our organization's new report, Tackling Economic Inequality, Boosting Opportunity, details several public policies that, if enacted, would better equalize opportunity.
"With this opportunity you've given me, you've proven that we are a city of opportunity and inclusiveness," she told supporters.
"You have to trust that going to business school isn't an opportunity cost — it's an investment in opportunity," she said.
I think Halloween is too often an opportunity to be sexy, and not often enough an opportunity to be disgusting.
They want things to change in Washington and they see this as an opportunity, and Doug Jones is that opportunity.
Honestly, any opportunity to communicate change and excitement is also an opportunity to build on our relationship with our customer.
"People just need the opportunity, and if you give them the opportunity, that's where you can start making things happen."
For me, he was just another player that got his opportunity, and I was another player that got my opportunity.
That's an opportunity to create two or three jobs; that's an opportunity to buy equipment and grow and generate revenue.
Top prize for neighborhood opportunity in the United States went to Madison, Wisconsin, with a Child Opportunity Score of 83.
The more opportunity your child has to hear you communicate, the more opportunity they have to learn how to communicate!
That gives otherwise unemployed candidates like Biden and Buttigieg an opportunity, and Buttigieg's debate performance was him seizing that opportunity.
It seemed like a no-brainer as an opportunity for Uber to do good and explore a new revenue opportunity.
"This is not just an opportunity for you; it is an opportunity for the state of Delaware," Markell told them.
If you've missed that opportunity to do a test, you miss the opportunity in diagnosing a person with the condition.
The carrier, when they're in the mindset of "I need to find my next opportunity" can go instantly to the marketplace and book the opportunity while the shipper basically needs to wait for that opportunity to be booked.
CZI is also investing in justice and opportunity, with focuses on criminal justice reform, economic opportunity, housing affordability, and immigration reform.
But his job is to spot the photo opportunity within the photo opportunity, the brief glimmer of reality amid the theatre.
What is the market demand and is there an opportunity to enter a new space before others have realized the opportunity?
It's a great business opportunity, and he's also seen the lack of opportunity for people in his community in this space.
That's the part that I find is both the opportunity as well as the challenge, and I like the opportunity part.
And then I said yes, because I knew it was too amazing an opportunity—too rare an opportunity—to pass up.
The opportunity to make more people more valuable worldwide is a market opportunity that could and should prove bigger than bots.
"Wherever I get the opportunity to give Australians further tax relief, I never miss the opportunity," Morrison said late last week.
These are the individuals that can offer you opportunity — and believe me, that's what most millennials need right now, an opportunity.
On the left, progressives must recognize the transformative opportunity to further economic opportunity and environmental equity through a comprehensive infrastructure package.
"The reason for leaving was simple: the European stressed and distressed opportunity set is a middle-market opportunity set," he says.
Showing him what opportunity cost meansTo recap — "opportunity cost" is simply what you give up when choosing one thing over another.
"We had opportunity after opportunity and didn't get it done," said Fitzpatrick, who completed 17 of 28 passes for 193 yards.
Politicians got an opportunity to assess public opinion, and voters for an opportunity to register their opinion with their representative or
This is an enormous opportunity but, like any new financial opportunity, the schemers and crooked charlatans are having a field day.
If they have an opportunity, if we have an opportunity, to do something this off-season, we've got to do something.
" In the interview, she added: "The Neediest Cases Fund was a great opportunity but also a good opportunity to give back.
Even if you have desire, generally you need to have opportunity, and opportunity is more likely to come in open seats.
Yet with his untimely death came opportunity — namely, the opportunity to for Planters to capitalise on everyone's love of cute babies.
Missed opportunity It was a missed opportunity for a White House that has continued to reel a week after Porter's departure.
Recent seminars on opportunity funds being created to invest in opportunity zones are drawing standing-room-only crowds around the country.
It's a potential opportunity for more startups, as well as an opportunity for studios looking to pitch their talent and programming.
So when you get that opportunity, you do not turn your back on the next person who is seeking that opportunity.
" Trump added that Kim should be appreciative of the opportunity to meet with the U.S. because "he won't have this opportunity again.
As long as we've got an opportunity to keep playing, we've got an opportunity to make up for (how the playoffs started).
"Whenever I get the opportunity to play her it's something that I feel is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." said Osaka.
The only way you can demonstrate opportunity lost is if someone else finds the opportunity, and that's what Aspect tries to do.
Users should have an opportunity to correct the error, users should have an opportunity to understand what goes into generating the score.
Disasters present a unique opportunity for people to demonstrate virtue — it's an opportunity to be brave, to be charitable, to be compassionate.
"If the opportunity arises to merge with the number two bank in Germany, then it's an opportunity we must investigate," he said.
"Any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take," says Rogen in the announcement video.
Embedded in every challenge is an opportunity, and for Apple today, that opportunity is to tie off a lot of loose ends.
So much untapped opportunity awaits, but your opportunity to pay early-bird prices ends tomorrow, 8 November at 11:59 p.m. (CEST).
"He's looking for a new opportunity and we can give him some of that opportunity," Coyotes coach Dave Tippett said of Holland.
It was that opportunities presented themselves and I was able to seize the opportunity, but I didn't have to find the opportunity.
Curiously, Rodriguez asked Girardi for the opportunity to work at first base, thinking that it could lead to an opportunity to play.
He runs the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity (FREOPP), an Austin, Texas, nonprofit he cofounded, which aims to expand economic opportunity.
Nondiscrimination regulations: The Labor Department is proposing updates to existing nondiscrimination and equal opportunity regulations under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
Okay, what you should understand, and I've said this many times, is that the opportunity to respond is no opportunity at all.
We wanted to provide opportunity of professional and financial growth, and we wanted to provide the opportunity for ownership in the brand.
Republicans have an opportunity this year to pass reforms that would generate large gains in income and opportunity for every American family.
Just as 2010 was a great opportunity to buy, Cramer thinks the sell-off last Thursday was also a good buying opportunity.
Nondiscrimination regulations: The Labor Department is proposing updates to existing nondiscrimination and equal opportunity regulations under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
"Barr has an opportunity to test legal theories that no other president would give Barr the opportunity to test," Mr. Ayer said.
Tackling gender data gaps is crucial for ensuring every girl has every opportunity to lead a safe, healthy life full of opportunity.
I think it's a question of people feeling that they don't have opportunity and they can't find their way to economic opportunity.
That suggests programmes that help low income families move from low-rent low-opportunity areas to low-rent higher-opportunity areas could have a significant payoff—and be a step on the road towards long-promised equal opportunity for children.
Immigrants often risk their lives for a chance at freedom and opportunity, and our country remains the world's beacon of freedom and opportunity.
The idea that preferred admission equals payment stems from the American ideology that opportunity, especially educational opportunity, is a "fair" form of recompense.
"If you've just had a phone interview, it's a good opportunity to say you'd like the opportunity to speak in person," Pong says.
Unfortunately, it is significantly overvalued given the likely scale of its long-term opportunity and the risks associated with executing against that opportunity.
Source: The Guardian Source: The Guardian There's an opportunity to educate ourselves and instead highlight the economic and innovation opportunity that immigration offers.
The opportunity is significant, and that opportunity is a function of what I referred to earlier, which is this insatiable demand for data.
President Barack Obama will now have the opportunity to nominate a new justice to the court — the third such opportunity of his presidency.
Then there are Jason Mudrick's Mudrick Distressed Opportunity Fund and Phoenix Investment Adviser's JLP Credit Opportunity Fund, which are both up 226 percent.
But the government doesn't give us the opportunity to fight our cases and the judges don't give us the opportunity to speak up.
"I viewed it as an opportunity to maybe have a child with my wife, and that opportunity had to be enough," Seth said.
" She said the men's side of sports in general is seen as "this exciting opportunity, business opportunity that needs to be invested in.
The Amazon "End of Summer Sale" presents a wonderful opportunity to make big savings, but you know what presents an even bigger opportunity?
"He's missing an opportunity to establish a rapport" with key strategic and economic partners, while "ceding an opportunity to the Chinese," Marczak says.
The crucial point is that the Trump presidency has created an opportunity to jump-start progress — an opportunity that doesn't come along often.
"We believe Cupertino has a unique opportunity to capture this super cycle opportunity with a major 5G cycle on the horizon," Ives said.
But it's clear they understand the opportunity before them and that they are taking seriously the benefits this opportunity might afford future generations.
" Rather than just being concerned with expanding "opportunity" for themselves, he said, this group was also concerned with expanding "opportunity for other people.
The old cliché about Palestinians never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity has, sadly, more than a bit of truth in it.
Otherwise, maybe you're missing an opportunity, and this opportunity only gets better when the high-fliers pull back and everyone starts freaking out.
Amazon has "the opportunity to redeploy capital and explore multiple verticals that we feel like have trillions of dollars of opportunity," he said.
Opportunity Project: A third element of the federal digital focus is the Opportunity Project, announced by the White House on March 7, 2016.
"Having the opportunity to come to a school like this is definitely an opportunity I didn't want to pass on," he tells PEOPLE.
Facebook's growing popularity created a market opportunity for fake news sites just as Google's growing popularity created a market opportunity for content farms.
So when the opportunity to collaborate with M.A.C Cosmetics came up three years ago, the actress and model, 47, jumped at the opportunity immediately.
And there's more opportunity than threat… You get to understand there's always risk, and it's exactly a result of all the opportunity that exists.
Unaccompanied children in removal proceedings get an opportunity to present their claims to USCIS first and, if denied, get another opportunity in immigration court.
"Greece is an opportunity... a real opportunity," Tsipras told French business leaders accompanying French President Emmanual Macron on a two-day trip to Athens.
Investigators believe the pair had thought about committing such a crime, and allegedly seized the opportunity to abduct Kamille when they saw an opportunity.
Investigators believe the pair had thought about committing such a crime, and allegedly seized the opportunity to abduct Kamille when they saw an opportunity.
"Our mission set is to give them the opportunity ... capacity to create opportunity, create that and provide transitional support," he said, per the notes.
People are very concerned about jobs and economic opportunity, and Silicon Valley has an opportunity and responsibility to help address those problems, Newsom said.
"The opportunity is now here, the opportunity is to go big, go bold and do things for the people of this country," he said.
And then that [residents] are going to have an opportunity to continue to stay there...Right behind it is the opportunity to build more.
This provides a massive opportunity for companies focused on the 100% opportunity, which are at the forefront of assisting marketers in solving this issue.
So again, crisis and opportunity for me, I think this is an opportunity for us to help determine what the future will be like.
Blue sky opportunity is old news — Smith will help us suss out what the blue space opportunity is for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
" As for making money, he added, "The opportunity to be that front door that will have business models and opportunity that come from it.
But I've been blessed, been really blessed, to have an opportunity to be here, have had an opportunity in the past to do this.
When it rains, "you have to think it is an opportunity, so when you have that opportunity you have to use it," he said.
Trump will take any opportunity to question the accuracy and legitimacy of the mainstream media, and this is as good an opportunity as any.
I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get another opportunity like this; I'm not sure anyone is going to get another opportunity like this.
Offshore wind offers the opportunity to create an entirely new U.S. ocean energy resource, and the benefits that come with that opportunity are enormous.
You must believe in your own success, and this means that, if the right opportunity doesn't present itself, you should create your own opportunity.
While this could be a throwaway email, I like to use it as an opportunity to thank clients for the opportunity to work together.
Opportunity Zones were originally introduced in the bipartisan Investing in Opportunity Act and then included in the tax reform bill passed late last year.
To solve this, we need an opportunity agenda for the Digital Age so that everyone everywhere has the opportunity to earn a better life.
We will continue to advocate for process reforms, including the opportunity for all stakeholders to have a meaningful opportunity for input into trade negotiations.
And the opportunity to have my observations augmented by hundreds of millions of other people's observations means I have the opportunity to learn more.
It gives Amazon an opportunity to attract more shoppers to Prime -- which is a particularly large opportunity internationally -- making them more loyal Amazon customers.
She noted that Chetty's geographical work has found that many poor families move between low-opportunity neighborhoods, not from low- to high-opportunity ones.
Of course, having the opportunity to celebrate the Holidays with loved ones is something not everyone has a chance at, and Thai Life Insurance's latest short film "Opportunity" is sure to speak to those who have struggled to create opportunity in times of darkness.
"We said there was more opportunity for us to lower cost and that gave us the opportunity to invest back in the customer offer (and) new propositions, or if none of those were available then the opportunity would be to improve margin," he told reporters.
All these things are not necessarily cool right now, so I don't get an opportunity to try them out, but this movie was my opportunity!
It was a painful opportunity but one that paid off as I became a Navy SEAL, presenting an entirely new career of opportunity and challenge.
"Immigrants often risk their lives for a chance at freedom and opportunity, and our country remains the world's beacon of freedom and opportunity," he wrote.
"There's no better opportunity, no bigger opportunity than the debates," said Mike DuHaime, who served as senior strategist for Chris Christie's 2016 GOP presidential campaign.
My Dearest Abigail,  It has been long since I had an opportunity of writing to you, and I gladly avail myself of the present opportunity.
We have an opportunity to repair the current system in the rules process so that people who deserve to work are not denied the opportunity.
She also kept things under wraps on April 9, as she and Craig attended The Opportunity Network's 11th Annual Night Of Opportunity Gala in Manhattan.
The Sohn conference is a rare opportunity to hear some of the most well-respected investors on the street talk about where they see opportunity.
"There is an incredible opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to create next-generation AI solutions and our goal is to fuel that opportunity," he added.
"As much as the sport of lacrosse can give Hampton an opportunity, I think Hampton is actually giving the sport of lacrosse a better opportunity."
"When China lowers the market access barrier and gives the Europeans opportunity to invest, they take the opportunity to invest in the territory," he said.
I think there's a huge opportunity that all of world rugby is now looking at - resourcing is another challenge - but there's definitely an opportunity there.
So I would love more of my fellow Americans to have the same opportunity I had to be an entrepreneur, to create jobs and opportunity.
"I think it's an opportunity for people to have a good, excellent job but also have an opportunity for a future," he told Business Insider.
Tkaczuk says there is nothing to stop an investor from registering their own opportunity fund with Treasury and invest directly into qualified opportunity zone projects.
"It's an opportunity to increase selection overall for consumers but also an opportunity to really optimize and maximize the potential of each restaurant," Krishnamachar said.
He knew a good marketing opportunity when he saw one: the myth of Abner Doubleday inventing baseball in a Cooperstown pasture presented such an opportunity.
Fulford has been given the opportunity by her subjects to capture them in moments of great vulnerability, an opportunity she does not take for granted.
You have the opportunity to leave a legacy behind, but you also have the opportunity to leave your family broke and struggling to get by.
Miami Art Week is a huge international art week and huge opportunity for exposure and until SATELLITE there was no opportunity for the real creators.
I robbed my daughter of an opportunity to see me advocate on her behalf, and I also robbed her whole class of a learning opportunity.
"We haven't had such an opportunity since the Six Day War, and I doubt we'll have another opportunity in the next 50 years," he said.
And I think that when the Sephora opportunity presented itself, it was just too good of an opportunity, you know, to reach a new customer.
We talked about how this is an opportunity for anyone to submit writing to The New York Times and what a special opportunity that is.
"There's an opportunity to lead on this issue, and I suspect that they're going to embrace that opportunity and make this a legacy," Brubaker said.
If the marketing opportunity that E3 represented is no longer such an amazing marketing opportunity, then what is it that the ESA can sell people?
It's a great opportunity for us, and it opens up a great opportunity for people to tell us what they think of what we're doing.
I mean, I have the opportunity to do that now, but as a single person, there'd be more opportunity to do it on my own terms.
So you can be really great at your job, but if you're not hearing about the new opportunity, you're not going to get the new opportunity.
She could have used the opportunity to apologize to Sandee or to ask for an opportunity to freelance for a while in order to prove herself.
"The market opportunity in front of us is just so large… A small amount of market share can be a big opportunity for us," Uher said.
I believe the moral arc of the universe bends not only toward justice but also toward those who seek to expand opportunity, rather than contract opportunity.
The opportunity to include diverse voices is not an objective in and of itself; it is an opportunity to show the industry in less narrow terms.
Black women usually don't get that opportunity, just as they usually don't get the opportunity to even be depressed, as Margo Jefferson has so brilliantly argued.
When government fulfills its responsibilities, that's what allows the people to create opportunity — the opportunity to learn more, to find a job, to start a business.
There's so little opportunity not to be sifted into those two categories, and Masking was the opportunity to treat this as alien, without being sci-fi.
Value investors, on the other hand, saw the real estate market's impending nosedive as an opportunity to scoop up undervalued properties or capitalize on unforeseen opportunity.
"This is our opportunity, a real opportunity to gain significant market share," Samir Assaf, head of Global Banking and Markets, wrote in a memo to staff.
This is a huge missed opportunity because the opportunity to learn new skills and to grow is one of the most important aspects of a job.
Some have pointed to an opportunity, though, in athleisure that perhaps you've missed to take the opportunity to use your product for more of a streetwear.
There are folks who are frustrated with the process, folks who are excited about the economic opportunity that comes from business ownership and jobs and opportunity.
And now the opportunity zone program is dangling tax cuts to the same class of private equity funds with promises of "opportunity" from other people's distress.
"Should there be an opportunity to acquire a business or invest in an opportunity we see that looks really great, it's a little easier," he said.
"The window of opportunity is still there, but our window of opportunity is narrowing," Tedros said at a news conference at the agency's headquarters in Geneva.
"With this opportunity you've given me, you've proven that we are a city of opportunity and inclusiveness," Lyles said in a speech, according to the Observer.
Almost immediately, Harlem became a place of interest, "because it was an opportunity, maybe the last opportunity to have a backyard in Manhattan," Mr. Blankenbuehler said.
"I'm here to tell you about fantastic opportunity, opportunity that will leave you rich beyond your wildest dreams," goes the sales pitch in heavily-accented English.
My card showing the five of cups, for instance, suggested an opportunity to find optimism, particularly to help others see opportunity and find agency and hope.
NASA's Curiosity and Opportunity rovers are currently caught in the haze, and Opportunity, which runs on solar power, has shut down to ride out the storm.
And because we are spending all of our time being governed by chaos, he is not governing by opportunity and I want to govern with opportunity.
Total score: 66.49Wallet friendliness ranking: 196Social environment ranking: 2Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 54 Total score: 65.67Wallet friendliness ranking: 43Social environment ranking: 3Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 91 Total score: 63.13Wallet friendliness ranking: 309Social environment ranking: 42Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 2 Total score: 63.02Wallet friendliness ranking: 179Social environment ranking: 5Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 53 Total score: 62.64Wallet friendliness ranking: 245Social environment ranking: 49Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 25 Total score: 60.55Wallet friendliness ranking: 376Social environment ranking: 7Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 24 Total score: 60.2Wallet friendliness ranking: 63Social environment ranking: 1Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 85 Total score: 60.03Wallet friendliness ranking: 94Social environment ranking: 4Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 249 Total score: 59.93Wallet friendliness ranking: 136Social environment ranking: 43Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 73 Total score: 59.75Wallet friendliness ranking: 10Social environment ranking: 112Academic and economic opportunity ranking: 121 Since each student is looking for something different, WalletHub also broke their results down by size, categorizing large cities as those with more than 300,000 people, mid-sized cities as those with between 300,000 and 125,83 people and small cities as those with fewer than 125,000 people. 1.
It would be a missed opportunity for Ivanka, even as an unofficial member of her father's administration, to pass up such a game-changing opportunity for involvement.
"You get really tempted in an opportunity like that because you see a great opportunity" for brand awareness, the CEO of Primal Pit Paste told CNBC recently.
"They've worked and trained, many of them, year-round for this opportunity ... to culminate in a state championship opportunity," Craig Anderson, the association's executive director, told CNN.
Methodology: The study created an Opportunity Index that measured the opportunity to "earn a good life" in metropolitan statistical areas where total employment is at least 100,000.
Weissman tells Business Insider that he's looking for an opportunity to work on software that had a wide reaching impact, with a lot of opportunity to grow.
I can only speak to my own experience and I do think that we've had the opportunity ... I've had unprecedented opportunity at DFJ, I was very lucky.
Chicago's Kirby Dach created the opportunity for an earlier man advantage, stealing the puck in the neutral zone and racing in for a breakaway opportunity against Halak.
They are also more likely to start businesses as "opportunity entrepreneurs," meaning that they launch not out of necessity but in order to capitalize on an opportunity.
There&aposs an old saying that goes around Washington, people who have dealt with this issue, that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
But the key to that opportunity lies in user experience, and this is where Instacart has the opportunity to take everything it's learned so far and shine.
Ultimately, not every sell-off is a buying opportunity, but for each one of these stocks, there was an opportunity out there just waiting to be grabbed.
Ultimately, not every sell-off is a buying opportunity, but for each one of these stocks, there was an opportunity out there just waiting to be grabbed.
Those people could have given someone else that opportunity, but they chose to give it to me, and I was able to make good of that opportunity.
This is an exciting opportunity to join a growing and dynamic team, where the successful candidate will have the opportunity to add value to our new department.
"I see this as a golden opportunity for Egyptian produce to compete more aggressively ... The clever ones will seize this opportunity to enter new markets," he said.
She recognizes that equality of opportunity isn't just about what class you were born into; it's also about how race and gender shape individual opportunity and mobility.
Naturally for Russia, the opportunity to land a major arms sale that could help deepen the rift within NATO is an opportunity too good to pass up.
If I allow my children the opportunity to experience this, hopefully when they are 46 years old and an opportunity presents itself, that obstacle won't be there.
And that's what makes this game great from year to year: Everyone has an opportunity to get better, and everyone has an opportunity to chase that championship.
When the state makes it too hard or costly for citizens to exercise a right or opportunity, it's not that different from denying that right or opportunity.
" He later said, "I think we squandered the first window of opportunity but we are saying today ... this is a second opportunity that we should not squander.
"We have been focused on this election and the opportunity to make a change for a long time, and we were not going to miss the opportunity."
I think we see this as a new opportunity for something else in our careers rather than a new opportunity to be comparing ourselves to each other.
This is a golden opportunity for Iran to turn a tragedy into a humanitarian opportunity, since the passengers aboard the flight were not combatants, but innocent civilians.
And if they give you the opportunity to cook for a bunch of people who you don't normally cook for, I think, one, you take that opportunity.
Not having to pay for college gives the best and the brightest the opportunity to attend any school they choose — equalizing opportunity on merit, not parents' wealth.
We have another line of business, which is opportunity as a service, which is essentially going to communities ... KS: Opportunity as a service, that's a new one.
Here's a tax opportunity for American expats with kids in college: You can take the American opportunity tax credit even if your child is attending a foreign university.
He missed one opportunity to make bank when he wasn't voted into the All Star Game, and it doesn't look like he'll let that opportunity pass by again. 
The federal government passed up an opportunity to appeal the preliminary injunction in the case last year, but will have another opportunity now to appeal the final ruling.
People deserve an opportunity, but you also need to earn your opportunity — it's not like, I'm starting a business tomorrow and I want a space on the calendar.
After my second stint in rehab, I had the opportunity to go back to Wall Street and make seven figures and, like Polk, I passed up the opportunity.
Missed opportunity Ultimately, the debate was one more missed opportunity for Trump to tackle his biggest handicap -- the widespread perception that he lacks the temperament to be president.
"It's the first time that I get this kind of opportunity, I am very grateful to the French tennis federation that they gave me this opportunity," she said.
"This celebration is a great opportunity for rapprochement between Muslims, Jews and other religions and an opportunity to call for peace and love across the world," she added.
As with every policy issue, there is room for improvement in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program to offer real change and opportunity for students beginning on day one.
Winners of the program have the opportunity to pilot their technology with a L'Oréal USA brand, providing a real business opportunity for the advancement of women-led startups.
"I would love to have had the opportunity to build this rover in high school, and I hope that through this project we provide that opportunity to others."
The NFL arranged this workout opportunity for Colin Kaepernick, and teams will have the opportunity to evaluate his readiness and level of interest in resuming his NFL career.
So (it) gave me the opportunity to hire an executive team ... We had an opportunity to create our own culture and we're off to the races, pun intended.
"I feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something great for his people, and he has that opportunity, and he won't have that opportunity again," Trump said.
"Hiring parties" offer potential new employees the opportunity to meet with hiring managers, play games, eat some free food, and have the opportunity to interview for a position.
"This is quite an opportunity we've been given by the American people, a great opportunity," he said Friday at an event sponsored by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.
The self-destructive tensions between the Arab states have handed Iran opportunity after opportunity for spoiler operations, and Iran has inevitably taken advantage of every one of them.
And so we really need to evaluate kids' screen time in terms of opportunity costs, and those opportunity costs vary enormously depending on the family and the context.
And also, they have an opportunity to see what we're doing every day, trainings and such, so we have that opportunity to communicate between us and the fans.
But while high-opportunity neighbourhoods are not, in fact, uniformly more expensive, most voucher recipients remain in low-opportunity neighbourhoods that tend to produce poorer outcomes for children.
Investors should do some research on neighborhoods before investing in an opportunity zone, said Stefan Schimenes, chief executive of InvestReal, which matches investors and projects in opportunity zones.
As the Thunder learned in the Western Conference Finals, every missed opportunity in transition often leads to an even more promising fast break opportunity going the other way.
Another aspect of the Yankees' play that undermined them: Their offense, the best in baseball in several categories during the regular season, squandered scoring opportunity after scoring opportunity.
For example, Galen Robotics was able to take in additional Opportunity Fund investment to move its surgical robotics company from Silicon Valley to an Opportunity Zone in Baltimore.
"I want to be able to provide new immigrants, wherever they're from, the opportunity to become American citizens, just like my grandmother had the opportunity to," he says.
"I think the opportunity to totally transform the way people transport themselves and goods is just a massive opportunity," a banking executive who follows Uber closely assured me.
She is now being given an opportunity to come before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions, and I really hope that she doesn't pass up that opportunity.
"This final panorama embodies what made our Opportunity rover such a remarkable mission of exploration and discovery," said Opportunity project manager John Callas of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
We expected something to change here in that this was the first opportunity where we saw Warren and Sanders onstage with Biden, that there was a real opportunity.
When you have the opportunity to join guys you consider brothers and family — have the opportunity to win a championship — we've talked about this for a long time.
However, in 2016, what ails the black community is partly lack of opportunity, but also (dare we say) cultural orientations that this lack of opportunity conditioned decades ago.
As the only two African-American senators at the time, Scott and Booker had previously worked on pushing policies they believed would benefit downtrodden minority communities, and they liked the idea of opportunity zones, where the opportunity was primarily for low-income neighborhoods and motivated by the opportunity for investors.
For the AFA, the boycott is an opportunity to drum up publicity for the organization, and an opportunity for its followers to visibly pledge and visibly show their beliefs.
Looking at the larger picture, he said what matters most is that the company operates in great markets, offers great opportunity geographically and packs fantastic opportunity in the pipeline.
FILE - In this Monday, April 9, 2018, file photo, actor Daniel Craig attends The Opportunity Network's 11th Annual Night of Opportunity Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York.
But the more optimistic see services like Kreditech's as giving an opportunity to those on the less advantaged side of the digital divide as a leg up and opportunity.
But that doesn't mean Lasry sees no opportunity in the U.S. He continues to champion U.S. energy debt, which he has previously called a "once in a generation" opportunity.
" She added: "In this case, girls that were traveling across the border would not have that opportunity, it would not have been an inclusive and diverse opportunity for them.
"Idea Sparks give teachers an opportunity to learn about new idea sparks and, even better, will provide an opportunity for teachers to share what they have created," she said.
It is still unclear if Trump's latest scandal provides an opportunity to yet again overlook these salient facts and simply view this sell off as just another buying opportunity.
I mean, even as far as Beyoncé at the Super Bowl—having the opportunity to get into mainstream America's timeline by doing that, she took the opportunity, and BANG!
And now I get the opportunity to be back up here again, I just want to take that opportunity and do everything I can to take advantage of it.
Every Senate Republican who wanted to provide their opinion or lobby for a candidate has had an opportunity to do so (and most have taken that opportunity, aides say).
Cory BookerCory Anthony BookerGabbard, Klobuchar qualify for Democratic debates Democrats ramp up oversight efforts over 'opportunity zone' incentive Booker releases plan to expand economic opportunity for 'every community' MORE.
When he gave me the opportunity to come to Benchmark as an entrepreneur in residence, that was something that felt like, again, an incredible blessing and an amazing opportunity.
But what we're seeing — and we're seeing this with Snowflake and […] we will see it with Clumio — is there's an opportunity to go after a much broader market opportunity.
We are creating economic opportunity for women, where they have the opportunity to sell a product that they believe in and get paid on the sale of that product.
"We see a window of opportunity in the market to scale up our top games and we are seizing this opportunity," Rovio's CEO Kati Levoranta said in a statement.
"He had a passion for kids, ... to see kids in impoverished areas have the opportunity to do the things they might not have the opportunity" to do, Heidler said.
"He had a passion for kids ... to see kids in impoverished areas have the opportunity to do the things they might not have the opportunity" to do, Heidler said.
"I think Covet provides an opportunity for people to experience Badgley Mischka that wouldn't otherwise have that opportunity—if it's a financial limitation, whatever it may be," Fuchs said.
The opportunity zones program provides a tax incentive for investors to re-invest their realized capital gains into opportunity zone funds that are dedicated to investing into distressed communities.
"Each recital gives them the opportunity to show everyone what they're capable of and the opportunity to show the world they are more than their diagnosis," Ms. Bell said.
Think of this exercise as "an opportunity to think about what you actually need in your life," and maybe use it as an opportunity to toss what you don't.
Windows of opportunity sometimes open -- and close -- unexpectedly.
And – given the opportunity – they would resent it.
"Because the opportunity to play high school soccer is there, because the opportunity to get a college scholarship is there, a lot more girls are going to play," Blumenthal said.
"There's still something painful for general people to edit the video on such a small screen, so pain means opportunity — so we decided to try to tap such an opportunity."
This invisible curatorial labor of supporting emerging artists is the backbone of yəhaw̓, and reflects the trio's belief that "opportunity breeds opportunity" far beyond the duration of one art exhibition.
"This is the most important part: We really want kids who haven't previously had the opportunity to come to a Code Club, to have that opportunity through Moonhack," she said.
Mr Chetty and colleagues found that children in their study who moved from low-opportunity to high-opportunity neighborhoods achieved better adult outcomes the earlier in childhood that they relocated.
"It's an opportunity to let the physical space inspire thought," he says, adding that the most rewarding thing about his work is finding the opportunity for philosophical, existential self-investigation.
"That's when I said, well I don't know him as an individual so I will extend an opportunity to talk to him and that opportunity is still there," he said.
McDonald's offers the Archways to Opportunity program, which provides workers the opportunity to earn tuition assistance and scholarships after 90 days of employment, or the equivalent of a summer job.
Retired professional basketball player Shaquille O'Neal may be kicking himself over a missed opportunity to invest in Starbucks, but he's not letting another coffee-related investment opportunity pass him by.
There'll be an active discussion, really structured, active discussion both around the opportunity, the market and also testing the partner's own personal willingness and resolve to commit to the opportunity.
So I think -- and I would love the opportunity, frankly I'm prejudiced, I want Trump to win the Republican nomination -- and I would love the opportunity to run against him.
So talented people are forced to leave places with little economic opportunity — even if they have personal and family reasons to stay — to move to those where there is opportunity.
For InContext Solutions, a major market opportunity that they've been able to isolate is giving retailers the opportunity to test and explore new in-store retail concepts inside virtual reality.
When we demonize immigrants for "taking our jobs," educators for "failing our children" or corporations for "threatening economic opportunity," we shut ourselves off from a realistic opportunity to achieve progress.
Sis and Clayton have the unique opportunity to represent 1AD at the International Sniper Competition, providing them the opportunity to further distinguish themselves among their peers and from other divisions.
"In response to that criticism, a Treasury spokesman said that the opportunity zone provision of the tax law "gave governors the discretion to nominate areas for designation as Opportunity Zones.
"Some just see the business opportunity in transforming an economy away from carbon and the kind of long-term value and market opportunity that that's going to provide," Fribley said.
"The dressed body within the body politic is often the only opportunity underrepresented individuals have to participate in negotiations of citizenship, but it's an amazing opportunity, too," Dr. Vearncombe said.
"We did some research on the market opportunity and determined that in the U.K. alone the opportunity was around £1 billion of more or less uncontested fulfillment business," he says.
So isn't that going to give an opportunity for the insurance sector to now opportunity lying outside of the government and performance also commensurate with what would be the expectation?
He believed that with the individual opportunity that freedom creates there comes individual responsibility to create more opportunity as a teacher, a physician, a banker, an inventor, or an employer.
This is about making sure that we're creating opportunity for families, that we're balancing what businesses want to do for a profit motive with making sure that we have opportunity.
"The window of opportunity we have now may close, so we need to use the window of opportunity we have now by hammering the outbreak in any country," Tedros said.
"The opportunity to build a world-class stadium in the entertainment capital of the world will give us the opportunity to achieve that greatness," he told reporters following the vote.
But we saw in Scripps, for instance, a consolidation opportunity that would give us scale, increase optionality, brands that we understood, talent in the organization, opportunity for synergies of consolidation.
Hence, one of the additional consequences of endowment effect is opportunity cost, which refers to the lost opportunity to put that money to work in an investment with better prospects.
It's just a new armed group masking itself as the savior of young people and giving them a viable opportunity to feel an identity, or giving them an economic opportunity.
" That's especially great for the music production industry, because a lot of Splice's sample creators aren't celebrity DJs; Martocci says they're audio engineers and other "people behind the scenes getting an opportunity to step into the light with an amazing revenue opportunity, but also an opportunity to be seen for their creative contributions.
Following ASG's latest offer, Mitek said it offered ASG the opportunity to access preliminary diligence on a confidential, non-exclusive basis to provide ASG an opportunity to increase its offer price.
"This final panorama embodies what made our Opportunity rover such a remarkable mission of exploration and discovery," said John Callas, Opportunity project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a statement.
Snap "is significantly overvalued given the likely scale of its long-term opportunity and the risks associated with executing against that opportunity," wrote Pivotal's Brian Wieser in the March 2 note.
Here's what she knew: that the Dvořák "American" was about the simple opportunity of America, and that no one was more closely acquainted with identifying and consuming opportunity than she was.
"There's a big opportunity for growth" in combining the two, said Edgewell CEO Little, highlighting the opportunity for Harry's to take advantage of Edgewell's infrastructure and move into new product lines.
Eighty percent of entrepreneurs are considered "opportunity share" in the metro, meaning founders were not previously unemployed before launching, but instead started up as they saw an opportunity in the market.
It's not often that a football player's surname and number will present the perfect pun opportunity — but when that opportunity does present itself, it's important to grasp it with both hands.
With poll-driven priorities, his Conservative Opportunity Society—a group of young, right-wing representatives intent on advancing a conservative agenda in the House—was as much about opportunism as opportunity.
"Here is an opportunity where he is competent and we worked out a resolution which will keep him in for 65 years before he has an opportunity for parole," he says.
There's massive opportunity in old industries that are very physical, like real estate or transportation, and also a huge opportunity to give many more consumers access to better products and services.
In the land of the free, a criminal record should not mean a lifetime disqualification from opportunityopportunity to build a better life after a mistake, for oneself and one's family.
"If you know anything about Mr. Trump, it's that he will want the opportunity to take his vision and message of opportunity directly to the people on Saturday," Mr. Miller said.
"If you look at the opportunity in autonomous cars, which we think is the largest market opportunity Tesla has in front of it, that is quite possible," Keeney said on Friday.
Mr. Pence is a true pioneer of educational opportunity, with a record that shows he has what it takes to champion policies that move the needle on education opportunity for all.
Number two, I have had the opportunity, as have a few other members of the House of Representatives, the opportunity to read these FISA warrant applications without all of those redactions.
"The biggest opportunity is that China's real estate investment market will continue to become more mature and more customers will recognize this opportunity to invest in unoccupied real estate," he said.
I am personally grateful that such an opportunity existed for me, and I am confident that a similar opportunity would exist even if the most successful college players were paid fairly.
That's an opportunity for a new generation of advisers getting their start today, Merino said, and believes "the next opportunity set is going to be the biggest one of their careers."
Complex trades represent an opportunity for the messaging startupThe motivation to build out more of a two-sided network stems from the opportunity Gurle sees in the over-the-counter markets.
If we found an interesting opportunity like last year, we found United Capital, now if we found another opportunity like that that could accelerate our wealth management business, we're always looking.
As a result, the moment — the opportunity — quickly passed.
The campaign — for him — was always a marketing opportunity.
TC: How big a problem — or opportunity — is this?
Pregnant again — a good opportunity for a spinoff franchise.
We share the values -- democracy, rule of law, opportunity.
It was a growth opportunity — I learned from that.
Then came the tape -- and Pence's opportunity to bail.
SAN DIEGO – SAN DIEGO (AP) _ Retail Opportunity Investments Corp.
" But, Trump warned, "he'll never have that opportunity again.
Americans believe in liberty, equality and opportunity — unifying ideas.
But some see opportunity — if you have the stomach.
Cory Booker — saw an opportunity and went for it.
" Job description: "Software engineer needed for a remote opportunity.
Your opportunity awaits — until it disappears on September 28.
" The sketch was mostly an opportunity for the "S.
" And I thought, "Wow, this is a great opportunity.
But it's also a wasted opportunity — educationally, morally, strategically.
" She continued, "You have an opportunity to do better.
The Orbital Reflector presented an opportunity to ''get messy . . .
" He says this moment could prove a "spectacular opportunity.
Amy Klobuchar -- and both have smartly seized their opportunity.
It has become an idea — and a photo opportunity.
Relapsing is normal — and an opportunity for gaining insight.
The campaign -- for him -- was always a marketing opportunity.
" Added Elman: "I think there's a lot of opportunity.
I think that ... That's always a great opportunity, right?
It also would require the Treasury Department to make information about investments in opportunity zones public and would require the Treasury to work with other agencies to issue reports about new businesses, household income and housing in opportunity zones and to compare that data with data about low-income areas that weren't designated opportunity zones.
But at the same time, I feel very grateful for everything that has been offered to me: education, the opportunity to learn an industry, the opportunity of living in this great nation.
"She's incredibly bright, and she understands that there is an opportunity for her to be a voice when others might not have that opportunity," Parker told the Times in the 2013 profile.
"Over time, by tracking people's perception of opportunity and the barriers they face, we hope we can continue to facilitate more of a balance between demand and supply in the opportunity marketplace."
Today, a company that has found a way to tap the opportunity and capitalise on some of the challenges has raised a significant round of growth funding to tap into the opportunity.
"He gave many of us the opportunity to study and find our own theological voice at a time when we would not have had an opportunity to do so," Dr. Douglas said.
In addition, the agency considers that Turkey could be an opportunity for diversifying QNB's franchise in the longer term, an opportunity that is not available in QNB's fairly small undiversified domestic economy.
But, don't think for a second that Miller is a one-trick pony: he relishes the opportunity to get into a brawl should that opportunity arise no matter who he is facing .
"The Girls' Opportunity Index provides a snapshot of the situation of girls in countries the world over — their opportunity to control their own lives and to fulfil their potential," the report states.
Seeing this as an opportunity to eliminate the nuclear threat that North Korea poses, the CIA steps in and recruits the two to use their interview as an opportunity to murder Kim.
"We must use this opportunity to tell Russia: You now have a opportunity to head back to the political track and get out of the military quagmire you walked into," Ayrault said.
It gives states an opportunity to negotiate for a bigger share of revenue from oil and gas production off their shores — an opportunity they do not have under the standard OCSLA process.
Year Up is aimed at these so-called opportunity youth, and is founded on the thesis that "talent is distributed evenly across this country yet opportunity is not," as Chertavian put it.
"Look, just because you might offer opportunity to one protected group, or at least be exploring that level of diversity, doesn't mean you're not providing the opportunity to somebody else," he says.
The tour will also be a great opportunity to learn about the cultivation process, and visitors will be given the opportunity to educate themselves on harvesting, trimming, curing techniques, and strain differences.
"We felt that there was a window of opportunity to get the two hostages out, and certainly we took that opportunity ... based on the danger we believe they were in," Register said.
If the business community is still meh toward Moore, the Democrats have an opportunity -- not a guarantee and maybe not even a 50/50 chance, but an opportunity -- to make a race.
The official said that the department expects to release an additional set of proposed rules on opportunity zones by the end of the year, focused on continuing operations of opportunity-zone funds.
"You have to put it all in perspective, things constantly change, and you have to constantly evolve and look at change as an opportunity, not a challenge, as an opportunity," said Buck.
She's given the opportunity to travel to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers circa 2000 BC, and has the opportunity to learn about just who is controlling the secrets of time travel technology.
I find the strongest predictor of people who do well at Shopify is whether they see opportunity as something to compete for, or do they see opportunity as essentially everywhere and unlimited?
"If you know anything about Mr. Trump, it's that he will want the opportunity to take his vision and message of opportunity directly to the people on Saturday," Mr. Miller had said.
Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to participate in a research campaign with Each American Dream and Frank Luntz to better understand how Americans view economic freedom and opportunity.
In his post-fight interview with commentator Joe Rogan, he took the opportunity to call for a bout with former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua—an opportunity he certainly deserves.
"This is an opportunity — not necessarily an opportunity this minute, but we're starting to see very good companies being pulled down more than they should, and that's going to give us opportunities."
I'd love an opportunity to take on a tougher level and gamble my skills on an opportunity to get more—or all—of the tokens necessary to take on the boss again.
If Ford was grateful for the opportunity to be heard, Kavanaugh was incredulous that she was being given that opportunity, that it was taking this long, that it could possibly take longer.
"So this was an opportunity to pay homage not only to that, but also to [Game of Thrones], the show that created the opportunity for us to do this show," Nolan continued.
My opportunity to affect you is a split-second opportunity, so all I'm trying to do is see if I can capture something visually for you that might give you some feeling.
Self-driving technology will be the biggest opportunity AI creates in the transportation space, presenting a $556 billion opportunity by 2026, and growing at a 39% CAGR from $54 billion in 2019.
"This is an opportunity for parents to say that I'm going to stand with you — and that no success and no opportunity is worth the violations that you're experiencing," Ms. Simmons said.
Who Barnett "Dated" In The Pods Since all the contestants have the opportunity to speed date each other and this a reality television show, that's where the opportunity for triangles comes in.
"There was an opportunity for us to really tell some great stories about these cars that combine not only great storytelling but for car enthusiasts, the opportunity to fix them," Freidman continued.
"Jae can make big plays for us and it's just all about opportunity and tonight he had a opportunity to make some plays that our team needed," Celtics guard Avery Bradley said.
This would seem to provide an opportunity for a candidate like Klobuchar to win over some last-minute supporters, and it's an opportunity she told reporters Saturday she plans to capitalize on.
I can't help but wonder if my generation will ever have the opportunity to flail and find ourselves in our old age — or if we'll get the opportunity to retire at all.
Congress should seize this opportunity and make sure that these incentives pass in 2019, or we risk missing a major opportunity to reduce our emissions by nearly 100 metric tons by 2030.
The Arizona senator lamented the lost opportunity (the repeal of expensive, command-and-control ObamaCare) but also challenged colleagues to boldly address the opportunity that still lies before the GOP Senate caucus.
Opportunity has a moral basis: It will only be valuable for those who deserve it and will not inconvenience or harm those who already have the opportunity (whether they deserve it or not).
"God, I would like to thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I would like to thank Sean [Baker, the director] for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be his Mooney," she continued.
To immigration hawks, if the federal government has the opportunity to get local help in catching unauthorized immigrants, and doesn't take that opportunity, it's tantamount to keeping police officers from enforcing the law.
In the past, people were afraid to come forward in these situations because they were terrified of losing an opportunity so hard to come by, an opportunity that meant so much to them.
"The issue in this case is whether Florida's statutory scheme, which provides an opportunity to cure no-signature ballots yet denies that same opportunity for mismatched-signature ballots, is legally tenable," he wrote.
Not only would the film miss the opportunity to bestow the first plus-size superhero on the world, it would also skip an opportunity to cast a plus-size woman lead in general.
While the advertising opportunity is interesting for the longer term, the importance of video content for games marketing makes this as much a strategic marketing play for Activision as a direct revenue opportunity.
When you get a big opportunity in a big game like this, in that situation when you're down and you have an opportunity to go down the field and score, that can't happen.
"For a college or pro coach to get the opportunity to speak at one of his camps was like getting an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall," Krzyzewski told The Times in 22013.
"I hope that we can have this opportunity, this historic opportunity to do something that would truly transform this global challenge that's been threatening the world for an awfully long time," he said.
C.) and Cory BookerCory Anthony BookerGabbard, Klobuchar qualify for Democratic debates Democrats ramp up oversight efforts over 'opportunity zone' incentive Booker releases plan to expand economic opportunity for 'every community' MORE (D-N.
Going down there is an opportunity to get better, get to play and then when I come back here, it's an opportunity to show what I can do, show what I've worked on.
Her mother is on the board of governors of Opportunity International's Woman's Opportunity Network, an organization based in Chicago that provides finance loans and guidance to women around the world living in poverty.
He agreed that investing in growing the business is always good if the company has the opportunity and that Wal-Mart's move to buy back shares potentially signals it doesn't have that opportunity.
She believes CODE2040 sits in the perfect intersection of a skills- and network-building opportunity for Black and Latino talent and a systems change opportunity for a critical segment of the country's economy.
Transfers are looking for an opportunity to play and put up stats in a Power Five conference, and they aren't as picky about finding that opportunity as kids coming out of high school.
The argument against such a law is that first, it might dissuade people from running for office if holding office entailed a financial opportunity cost (the lost opportunity to invest in the market).
Out of this great crisis can also come great opportunity — a reweaving of a frayed social fabric, a fresh recognition and appreciation of the role of government in ensuring economic stability and opportunity.
I think the news, while we have tried to give everybody an opportunity to share the news and on YouTube, it's got everybody an opportunity to be a video creator, which is fantastic.
Manufacturing and designing chips for the internet of things and AI applications offers an opportunity to leapfrog less agile chip companies, even if it is not the wholesale opportunity that electric vehicles present.
Secretary, do you want to take the opportunity -- it's a yes or no question -- do you want to take the opportunity here today to apologize to those service members for trivializing their injuries?
After paying his debt to society, he was given the opportunity to find employment that has afforded him the dignity and self-reliance every human being deserves, which is the opportunity to experience.
And so if it's a place where somebody has the ability to carry, there's always the opportunity that gunman will be taken out before he has the opportunity to kill very many people.
But this can also be an opportunity to manage expectations.
And an opportunity perhaps, to be satisfied with their lives.
So naturally Veronica takes that as an opportunity for sex.
For me luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.
The 60 days of meditation, they give you the opportunity.
In other words, you don't want to miss this opportunity.
But the story is mainly one of a missed opportunity.
I think there'll be a lot of opportunity in '22.
In our view, this presents a particularly attractive buying opportunity.
It's another opportunity to spare a thought for Mr. Shaw.
Where is opportunity, and what do I have access to?
"I definitely enjoy the opportunity I'm getting here," Stempniak said.
But the video also represents something of a missed opportunity.
Lower interest rates increase the opportunity cost of holding gold.
This evening brings a great opportunity to sort out details.
PEOPLE was also denied an opportunity to speak with Fenves.
Value investors, however chastened, believe there is an opportunity here.
There's also the opportunity for more consulting work for IBM.
If properly harnessed, it can generate enormous prosperity and opportunity.
Basically what you have a bunch of niceties, photo opportunity.
Now, as we just saw moments ago, a photo opportunity.
Still, France saw an opportunity to get into the game.
The solar-powered Opportunity has therefore  temporarily ceased science operations .
Nvidia "could be significant underestimating the opportunity" from new markets.
The opportunity for additional discoveries using this method is huge.
This was an opportunity to bring all of it together.
Most venture capitalists had passed on the opportunity to invest.
Police say that Petgrave's alleged offenses were crimes of opportunity.
How many times in life do you get that opportunity?
Use SDA as an opportunity to show off your style.
His opportunity to do so came against Mississippi's Chase Sherman.
I appreciate every opportunity that has been given our way.
But they will give the traditional media an opportunity to
That will create chaos, but that also means there's opportunity.
"We want more in the community to have this opportunity."
The Quest is an opportunity to change the status quo.
This is a great opportunity to get funny or sappy.
It's the perfect opportunity to be explicit and share expectations.
I hope he has an opportunity to serve America again.
Bottom line: an unprecedented unit economic and cost efficiency opportunity.
But McBride thinks it can be an opportunity to shine.
And that first opportunity in late May is rapidly approaching.
"It really is a huge opportunity for Apple," Stephens says.
"I think we provide a big part of that opportunity."
It was my first opportunity to flex Jessica's IDGAF attitude.
So much fun, so much opportunity, so few tickets left.
We had an opportunity tonight and last game without Chris.
This presents both opportunity and danger for these four candidates.
You've given me the opportunity to really love a man.
It is our responsibility, it is our opportunity to lead.
Certainly, you know, negated his opportunity to do anything further.
I just saw an opportunity to do the right thing.
This is an opportunity now -- this is a big deal.
I would say that equality of opportunity was-- a factor.
It was a great opportunity to get a direct feedback.
The company also used this opportunity to share some numbers.
Doug Jones, their best pickup opportunity in the country. Rep.
And in that crisis, there is an opportunity for politics.
I would say that equality of opportunity was a factor.
We also had the opportunity to answer each other's questions.
Endeavor Crater on Mars, as seen by Opportunity in 0003.
And therein lies the opportunity for anyone who opposes Trump.
And that's what they give you the opportunity to do.
But it's all a small matter of funding and opportunity.
It's a rare opportunity to bring your vision to life.
The opportunity to visit the United States is always special.
The shindig will also present yet another opportunity for Sen.
"There seems to be huge opportunity in Texas," says Osburn.
It brings the opportunity for Villanelle to meet her match.
Source: Intuit TurboTax Many taxpayers miss this opportunity to save.
And then we will have the opportunity to pass it.
Basically an amazing opportunity to get messy, create and imagine.
So you see this opportunity, but they're not pushing forward.
The link between social mobility and economic opportunity is broken.
They refuse to hand our children less opportunity, not more.
As miners hunt for deals on gear, chipmakers see opportunity.
Beyond that, it's "an opportunity to be creative," he said.
He's like, let me take this opportunity to educate you.
We have an opportunity to vote on it tomorrow night.
And so for me, it was quite a learning opportunity.
And that provides an important opportunity to pause and reflect.
"Change brings opportunity," White said during a speech in London.
The next launch opportunity would be within 24 hours, too.
You can argue that Deontay really hasn't had that opportunity.
There went his opportunity to make an extra stamped envelope.
This would be an amazing opportunity, so I'm really hopeful.
Sensing an opportunity to beat the conservative chancellor on Sept.
The analysis fits into a broader pattern of diminished opportunity.
But perhaps that just makes it a cheap opportunity now.
Jarrett, on the other hand, apparently saw a political opportunity.
The opportunity for people ... we're undergoing this huge seismic change.
Any pullback in price is taken as a buying opportunity.
NASA began hunting for Opportunity once the dust storm cleared.
Opportunity has become a charismatic rover for the space agency.
But traders weren't viewing December's sudden moves as an opportunity.
You give people an opportunity to know what's going on.
Had an opportunity to tie it and didn't come through.
Equality of opportunity is an idea that belongs to everyone.
Shouldn't hosting the Oscars be a fun and prestigious opportunity?
However, we fundamentally need to believe in the market opportunity.
"He gave me the opportunity of a lifetime," said Bogle.
But everyone has the opportunity to and consents to it.
For Bruce, it's the opportunity to work with a legend.
Will she accept the opportunity from her dear old dad?
But… you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.
So I think there's a whole lot of opportunity ahead.
He saw that the internet reflected an unprecedented new opportunity.
Ketterer was absolutely flabbergasted that the opportunity came to fruition.
Abe's first opportunity to spend time with the first lady.
A rendition of Opportunity entering the Mars atmosphere in 2004.
"I believe there's a huge opportunity in audio," Lopez says.
"Things are really messed up, but there's opportunity in this."
The writers take every opportunity to toy with conspiracy theorists.
"We like the cloud as a growth opportunity," he said.
We lost the opportunity of showing solidarity with the continent.
The change gives YouTube more opportunity to partner with advertisers.
Altogether, this creates an opportunity to develop a large market.
You act when you see an opportunity to save life.
"We call it the 'globular cluster opportunity,'" said Di Stefano.
His opportunity to do so came against France's Thibault Gouti.
Just give me an opportunity to make them come true!
And so to me, I'm gonna go make my opportunity.
" PiperJaffray said Wingstop offers a "compelling long-term growth opportunity.
However, Glyman said there is opportunity in just the opposite.
And, it gives you an opportunity to show your stuff.
However, there is still plenty of opportunity in the market.
One was the opportunity to bid on Apple's iPhone business.
Gockley and Grindeland believe a huge growth opportunity lies ahead.
Those firsts can prepare you for a life of opportunity.
Brown should be afforded the opportunity to tell his truth.
And he isn't the only wasted opportunity in Condon's remake.
A moment like this What happens when preparation meets opportunity?
The actress made her motivations for accepting opportunity very clear.
But either too tipsy or shy, the opportunity never emerged.
We have an opportunity tonight to deal with that issue.
I didn't get an opportunity to try it while riding.
It is Microsoft's biggest opportunity and also its biggest risk.
"Halloween is truly a mutual opportunity with retailers," LeBel noted.
This restraint is rewarded with more power and more opportunity.
Numerous NASA scientists revealed that Opportunity didn't send anything back.
It's kind of bulls— that she's not taking the opportunity.
China is raising the opportunity cost of allying with Taiwan.
"It may certainly be a unique opportunity," the official added.
That said, I find my job to be an opportunity.
"There's an opportunity for multiple sports to grow and prosper."
"I'd probably be looking for a short opportunity," he said.
We have another opportunity to make another album, why not?
Next launch opportunity would be no earlier than late December.
In your situation, you can almost consider this an opportunity.
Congress took the opportunity to grill him on everything else.
The markets are offering an opportunity to make those purchases.
The Democrats have not allowed blacks the opportunity to progress.
We have to seize that opportunity and act on it.
Besson saw an opportunity to create more work for himself.
"[It] was a perfect opportunity for a cameo," he said.
Any further selling could prove an opportunity for investors, though.
Trump didn't take the opportunity to get rid of him.
So when this opportunity presented itself, I was just excited.
It's to make sure that girls have the same opportunity.
It's an opportunity for us to get those jobs back.
The Italian dispute offers a timely opportunity to address that.
Regardless, there could be a big opportunity here for Bellwether.
"The big tech giants see the opportunity here," said Kulina.
And there is still a lot of opportunity for Apple.
Their poignant incompleteness offers the opulent opportunity for ambiguous gazing.
Oddly enough, such an opportunity surfaced in the news cycle.
It was the Jets' first scoring opportunity of the game.
That's what made partnering with Coachella such a compelling opportunity.
So we have a unique opportunity to bring everybody together.
Overall, we're rolling into 2017 with lots of opportunity ahead.
We both ran through the opportunity costs in our heads.
It's an opportunity to buy into the market, not sell.
We represent an incredible opportunity to a virus like Ebola.
He sees Buttigieg's candidacy as an opportunity to confront that.
Tonight is the perfect opportunity for the DEA to attack.
Go deeper: Trump's missed opportunity on coal and climate change
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity," Feld said.
Those who held cash will have an opportunity to benefit.
I think this pullback is an opportunity to get long.
Instead, it gives existing shareholders the opportunity to cash out.
Have they used the impeachment process as a learning opportunity?
They also offer the opportunity to do what I did.
That gives those who would control these pests an opportunity.
"I think there's a real opportunity here," Regan assures Patti.
Now a pack of startups has sniffed a fresh opportunity.
And I believe he has plenty of opportunity to exercise.
"buy it" buttons, create opportunity for more nimble, focused players?
I am asking for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness.
"Everybody was so happy to have the opportunity," Brown says.
Eliminating a fraction of this sum is a huge opportunity.
The opportunity to join Nashville came at the perfect time.
Which means scooters are both an opportunity and a risk.
And in Facebook, Onavo saw an opportunity of its own.
President Vladimir Putin and President Trump should seize this opportunity.
The G.O.P. would be stupid to pass up this opportunity.
He gave me an opportunity to continue to execute pitches.
We gave these actors the opportunity to reboot their characters.
We're talking the opportunity to save on just about everything.
There is, however, an opportunity for new dialog and process.
The birds appeared terrified, and sought any opportunity to escape.
One country, two systems makes Hong Kong the perfect opportunity.
We celebrate achievement, but we make achievement possible with opportunity.
The opportunity to build a large business is much bigger.
"That experience crystallized the challenge and the opportunity," she said.
I have had the opportunity to run a big agency.
And we believe there's an operational improvement opportunity at ADESA.
We really missed having the opportunity to do that earlier.
There are opportunity costs to just focusing on the irritants.
There's access and opportunity and exposure to hope and life.
Give others the opportunity to help you lessen your fears.
This lag of product development represents the opportunity for startups!
We all jumped at the opportunity to work with her.
He offered me an opportunity to work on his film.
Loop Genomics believes this is an additional $903 billion opportunity.
Sadly, some moms do not have the opportunity to choose.
The defense gets zero opportunity whatsoever to present their case.
TheShadowBrokers is giving 'responsible parties' opportunity to making things right.
"We have an endless opportunity of where we can pick."
The nominations give ... stockholders an opportunity to voice their disappointment.
" I'm so humbled by this opportunity." the Grand Ole Opry.
Tonight brings a solid opportunity to discuss plans, dear Aries.
This transformation is an opportunity to reinvent the business model.
There is the opportunity, but you have to work hard.
The good news: investors see opportunity in addressing the issue.
Why do they see tech as an opportunity right now?
And with emotion comes the opportunity to engage and persuade.
"This was their opportunity and they lost it," Ruiz said.
Globalization of opportunity leads people to leave their home towns.
When you play that way, everybody will get an opportunity.
They should be held accountable for this lost economic opportunity.
It's the second trade opportunity that is also particularly interesting.
There was no opportunity to procrastinate, no leeway for laziness.
"Crisis creates an opportunity to get it right," she said.
But giving customers the opportunity to create a beauty product?
Brennan rarely missed an opportunity to attend a country concert.
He contends a pullback will create a solid buying opportunity.
We want to make sure that everybody has equal opportunity.
"It is a very good opportunity for us," Ndai said.
Anna Kendrick had this opportunity, and she hit the jackpot.
That would be the low and an opportunity to buy.
StackShare sees an opportunity in between other large developer platforms.
People will rush at any opportunity to make accusations online.
The TC Trivia Throwdown provides a perfect opportunity for that.
I just haven't had the opportunity to see anyone, necessarily.
President Trump designated 8,700 neighborhoods as Opportunity Zones last week.
That's not Amazon's only opportunity for getting into the action.
Individuals will have the opportunity to buy into Medicare immediately.
These all potentially spell doom for carmakers, but opportunity, too.
"This is a huge opportunity," Fang said in an interview.
Lochte would also have the opportunity to appeal any decision.
So I thought, here's an opportunity to change the narrative.
I'm relishing the opportunity to sink into this meaty dialogue.
I'm pleased that ganjapreneurs see an opportunity in this void.
Now, however, there's a window of opportunity for coal companies.
"Not every worker has an opportunity to vote," Santana said.
If you're interested in working at Facebook, opportunity is knocking.
This creates a major opportunity for entrepreneurs and investor alike.
In The Land Of Opportunity, Why Hinder Our Own Success?
Well, pretty seriously until they see an opportunity for puns.
These Americans see themselves as history's rightful owners of opportunity.
Others exploited an easy opportunity to be a complete dickhead.
That's the next big growth opportunity for Microsoft, Google, Apple.
Another opportunity to test ourselves against a good hockey team.
So, let me use this opportunity to call you in.
Republicans sense opportunity unlike any they have had in decades.
Walking through the center, I'm eyeing up every pencil opportunity.
Investors saw an opportunity to pick up beaten down stocks.
Now President Trump has an opportunity to reset his approach.
So a new breed of company has spied an opportunity.
They inspired me and it would be a nice opportunity.
Seizing the opportunity of the Chinese market has required innovation.
"The opportunity is huge", enthuses Murugavel Janakiraman, boss of
It was about an opportunity to represent an underrepresented ethnicity.
It's an opportunity for synergy with the larger NBCUniversal family.
I say if you have an opportunity, jump on it.
That in itself is a buy signal and bullish opportunity.
The African countries have a good opportunity to bargain hard.
Hide in their house and say no to every opportunity?
Faster computers created the opportunity for bigger, more complicated maps.
I will take some credit for spotting the initial opportunity.
IM saw an opportunity to help businesses from Time Inc.
In reality, only a select few actually get this opportunity.
So for me it was kind of a missed opportunity.
However the opportunity also presents the party with a conundrum.
But, hey, I saw my opportunity and took it. pic.twitter.
Watch this NVIDIA coming down, that could be an opportunity.
The border trip was just a photo opportunity, he said.
Luckily, she'll soon have an opportunity to make things right.
Lassen immediately knew that he was looking at an opportunity.
It is a crisis but it is also an opportunity.
It's a great opportunity to rub — and impress — influential elbows.
Due to delay, that window of opportunity has been lost.
While d'Iribarne loved working there, she couldn't miss today's opportunity.
And then came the opportunity when I got very sick.
It's networking nirvana that practically pulses with innovation and opportunity.
"Sometimes injury for one is opportunity for another," Mack said.
There are guys who see Sneaker Con as an opportunity.
A virtual trip to McDonaldland seems like an untapped opportunity.
The scale of the opportunity for "drug repurposing" is vast.
But I'm thankful that I have this opportunity to help.
Does that opportunity still exist and are you chasing it?
Still, the show feels like something of a missed opportunity.
That is why he regards this decline as an opportunity.
One chart watcher said more weakness could present an opportunity.
I got the opportunity to do I Can Do That!
He now sees opportunity in this next generation of biotechnology.
"Thank you so much for the opportunity and no thanks."
"I got the opportunity to go to Kenya," Jonas says.
Pompeo is grateful for the opportunity and for the work.
"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," she said.
Do you see this as a huge social media opportunity?
And I think we should be afforded the same opportunity.
Equal Employment Opportunity gives you the power to change minds.
There, again, the 2008 election presented them with an opportunity.
That's an opportunity that a lot of people don't get.
I've never felt cheated out of pursuing any career opportunity.
But Finley, always an iconoclast, saw in Washington an opportunity.
That is where Freshworks hopes it could have an opportunity.
It is also a huge opportunity for the far left.
"We are incredibly grateful," he said of the special opportunity.
It's an opportunity rather than having pregnancy slow you down.
So the technology continues to advance the opportunity we set.
Money is going to show up if they see opportunity.
LN: Is there opportunity in this crisis that you see?
When the state's recreational law passed, he sensed an opportunity.
Opportunity, or Oppy as it's affectionately called, did not respond.
It is now cited as an obvious and unrepeatable opportunity.
Recently a window of opportunity to upgrade it opened up.
In a direct listing, at least they have the opportunity.
Fast fashion, in particular, represents a big opportunity for Donde.
Others, however, took the opportunity to perpetuate Loomer's shameful remarks.
Boy, there's going to be great opportunity in the future.
So I have the opportunity to fill out 40 ballots.
Go deeper: Twitch's rise brings trouble and opportunity for Amazon
He offered Kachepa and 11 other boys, an amazing opportunity.
Give life half an opportunity and it'll run with it.
However, Cramer noted that it is also a business opportunity.
I'm equally grateful for every single opportunity I've been given.
Experts say it's a mix of nostalgia, loneliness, and opportunity.
I'll take another opportunity of paying my respects to Mrs.
University reformers modernised academic syllabuses and built ladders of opportunity.
No matter what, this is a big opportunity for me.
I had an opportunity to go to Australia to film.
So, why not take the opportunity to create social innovation?
They don't know they have an opportunity to fight it.
I think there's an opportunity here to help other people.
Because there's this opportunity for the next generation of computing.
I saw it as an opportunity to own my message.
An opportunity to shift your daily routine is here, Sagittarius.
"[Germany] was profoundly not a land of opportunity," he explained.
The set of spherules that Opportunity came across in 20183.
Still, they both talked over each other at every opportunity.
Some critics thought she'd use the opportunity to get political.
So this is actually an export opportunity creating American jobs.
At the first opportunity alone with her, I asked her.
Thompson argues the company should be reorganized around that opportunity.
Les Moonves & CBS gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.
We did everything humanly possible, and we exhausted every opportunity.
More like a contact sport than a business opportunity, right?
GIULIANI: Yeah, thank you very much for the opportunity, Howie.
Any time I get the opportunity to relive it again.
We are going to create more opportunity for each other.
This weekend's German election is a good opportunity for this.
I think it represents a pretty significant and exciting opportunity.
It was an unfortunate missed opportunity for Sanders to make
"This will turn out to be more of an opportunity."
That genomics is the biggest data opportunity we've ever seen.
You have a rare opportunity when the market is saturated.
I think people will use this as a buying opportunity.
And once outbreaks pass, funding and research opportunity dries up.
"It's not targets of opportunity; it's definitely a planned operation."
We know with wealth is the great opportunity to share.
At the same time, I'm just happy for the opportunity.
We also see a big opportunity for workflow and analytics.
If you have the ability, then luck is your opportunity.
Series A investors who accumulate, maintain or use opportunity funds.
Gillibrand took the opportunity to mention newly elected Michigan Gov.
So you look for those moments of opportunity for risk.
Opportunity outlived its twin, the Spirit rover, by several years.
He knows how to build things, how to build opportunity.
It's fine to use the Orlando shooting as an opportunity
That goes with jobs, social inclusion, for money, for opportunity.
A dust devil spotted by NASA's Opportunity rover in 2016.
And this gave me an opportunity to celebrate that again.
Data will increasingly be measured and leveraged at every opportunity.
Opportunity has seen its share of dust storms on Mars.
We now have the rare opportunity to do it again.
This is their opportunity to put closure on an issue.
This is their opportunity to be part of something amazing.
Use this opportunity to consciously let go of the past.
Over the next couple of years, we'll see more opportunity.
"Tampa presented a strong opportunity for us," Mr. Breakstone said.
That was a great opportunity for them and for me.
So I thought that was really where the opportunity was.
He should continue to deploy it at every possible opportunity.
Obama already took advantage of that opportunity earlier this week.
It's three full days of opportunity, inspiration, networking and fun.
We bring that access and that opportunity here to them.
We're given the opportunity to review everything that we're doing.
Tax reform is an opportunity to address the growth problem.
She also pointed to the market opportunity surrounding clean energy.
Elina Childs knew a financial opportunity when she saw one.
"We gave him every opportunity in the world," Filenko says.
"There was an opportunity there," Hicks said about the bunt.
So we are asking Russia to give us an opportunity.
But the overriding message is, don't let this opportunity slip.
Yet so far it has struggled to seize that opportunity.
Offred uses this opportunity to ask him about the inscription.
This is understandable, but it feels like a missed opportunity.
Software developer Tosin Olugbenga called it was a "missed opportunity".
That's where Apple might see an opportunity to swoop in.
The real breakthrough opportunity is at your nearest community hospital.
If you ask us, it feels like a wasted opportunity.
There's certainly every opportunity for Trump to win this election.
Personally and professionally, I have greatly benefited from this opportunity.
"It gives us this opportunity to build our brands out."
Democracy meant a boundless sea of opportunity for online advertising.
"Wasted opportunity is unacceptable with stakes this high," she concludes.
And to have this opportunity, I mean, it's just amazing.
Silicon Valley is a place of tremendous opportunity and risk.
And the opportunity that they have to make a difference.
Thanks so much for this opportunity and thinking of me.
Mayo asked Hassell if BNY Mellon had a similar opportunity.
At the very least, there's opportunity for some major meetings.
Khloé took this opportunity to speak publicly on the rumor.
Graduate Bryan Goodson passed up his first opportunity to apply.
It seems like corruption waits only for its next opportunity.
This will give us an opportunity to promote sound growth.
It's about guaranteeing the opportunity for every child to succeed.
I was in high school when Spirit and Opportunity landed.
Whichever argument drives you to action, there is an opportunity.
The opportunity and danger of a little trespassing was irresistible.
Wherever there's economic opportunity, marketers are going to follow that.
Access to electricity is the cornerstone of opportunity and possibility.
We see the opportunity to solve more problems for creatives.
Within this gap, some enterprising matchmakers see a business opportunity.
But this could indicate a buying opportunity for brave investors.
Stewart now approaches his birthday as an opportunity for reflection.
So, Bristowe wondered, why wasn't she given the same opportunity?
Really treat it like an amazing opportunity and delve in.
That's a huge opportunity for us, and we're embracing it.
It's a major opportunity for America's skilled building trades workers.
But he does have a big opportunity on the horizon.