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"convert" Definitions
  1. convert (from something) (to something) a person who has changed their religion, beliefs or opinions
"convert" Synonyms
transform metamorphose change transmute turn transfigure transmogrify transpose alter translate transubstantiate alchemize permute switch interchange reorganise(UK) reorganize(US) revise make over switch over evangelise(UK) evangelize(US) proselytise(UK) proselytize(US) reform proselyte induce redeem convince move persuade assimilate crusade homilize impel preachify save sermonise(UK) sermonize(US) sway be become change into turn into be converted into be converted to convert into convert to develop into transform into assume the form of be transformed into emerge as be reduced to come to be end up being evolve into metamorphose into shift into alter to redevelop reconstruct rebuild remake renovate restyle revamp redesign refashion adapt customise(UK) customize(US) remodel modify rehab rehabilitate recast rework rehash remold(US) remould(UK) reshape adjust tailor reconcile condition doctor exchange for swap for switch from prepare treat work on handle deal with manage concoct act on make ready see to work refine take care of appropriate commandeer expropriate arrogate seize usurp pirate take over press preempt take confiscate assume annex(US) take possession of sequester annexe(UK) acquire accroach sequestrate encrypt encipher scramble cypher(UK) cipher(US) code encode express in code inscribe put into code conceal hide garble cryptograph make secret make unintelligible entitize format objectify reformat initiate induct instate introduce invest admit enlist enroll(US) enrol(UK) ordain recruit register baptise(UK) baptize(US) establish incorporate seat catechize instal(UK) install(US) sublimate channel transfer divert redirect control purify direct repress reroute suppress exchange barter swap return trade in turn in give in exchange cash in merchandize give in part payment recycle reuse reclaim salvage recover reprocess reutilize recondition freecycle repurpose process again regenerate liquidate cash realise(UK) realize(US) sell off cash out sell up convert to cash exchange for cash convert into cash capitalize(US) capitalise(UK) encash draw discharge co-opt accept adopt connaturalize elect embrace encompass enfold homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) homologize include bring in draw in take in bring into line make one's own bring into the fold deliver from sin free from sin absolve of sin purge of sin save from sin turn from sin steal pilfer purloin lift misappropriate nick pinch swipe thieve embezzle filch heist shoplift snitch loot rob cabbage nab upgrade promote advance raise elevate boost progress aggrandize exalt develop further prefer increase move up give promotion to give a higher rank to improve the position of improve the status of kick upstairs process compute crunch classify organise(UK) organize(US) calculate crack decrypt hack decipher manipulate scan neophyte adherent acolyte catechumen disciple epigone follower pupil convertee partisan partizan votarist votary novice novitiate new believer liegeman believer supporter beginner apprentice tyro greenhorn newcomer rookie tenderfoot learner newbie trainee fledgling freshman punk probationer colt abecedarian defector deserter renegade apostate recreant turncoat tergiversator Judas quisling rat rebel runagate traitor betrayer runaway double-crosser backstabber snake backslider double-dealer More
"convert" Antonyms
keep leave maintain retain preserve hold continue uphold continue with carry on keep going keep intact keep to stick to stick with conserve sustain save perpetuate protect deconvert dehort dissuade derail discourage sidetrack disincline disadvise deter prevent stop hinder halt restrain talk out of persuade exhort warn caution persist last remain endure stay keep on persevere stagnate go on leave alone idle fester prevail stall languish pause prolong manage persevere with persist with fix freeze set stabilise(UK) stabilize(US) disarrange disorder grow hurt increase spoil unfit dishearten curb daunt avert frighten demoralize(US) demoralise(UK) suppress cut ward off hamper block dampen kill give receive refuse reject request let go relinquish offer cede surrender release distribute renounce abstain abandon abdicate hand back attack deny disagree disallow oppose repudiate dispute eject exclude break damage destroy differ dull mismatch move unsettle confuse derange disorganize disperse disturb ruin decipher decode decrypt forfeit harm impair injure waver cloud conceal fail obscure remove take deduce delay impede lose repel disenchant prohibit forbid expel oust banish out dismiss exile relegate discharge evict bounce terminate throw out worry concern bother distress stress fret upset trouble alarm fluster rattle scare burden discomfort frazzle throw tax torment plague neglect ignore forget forego mismanage cancel give up endanger waste throw away misguide mislead miss misunderstand serve steady submit yield leader coryphaeus head figurehead guru chief opponent critic detractor enemy teacher swami master god adversary antagonist disputant dissentient foe opposer opposition rival knocker contender veteran expert authority old-timer boffin old hand pro professional vet fundi trouper old stager past master ace doyen wonk maven infidel sceptic(UK) agnostic atheist disbeliever unbeliever nonbeliever non-believer skeptic(US) doubting Thomas killjoy party pooper loyalist

902 Sentences With "convert"

How to use convert in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "convert" and check conjugation/comparative form for "convert". Mastering all the usages of "convert" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Some individuals may convert codeine to a lot of morphine, while others may convert codeine to much less morphine.
If we can convert a couple hundred, even a few thousand players, then we can probably convert millions of players.
If you download CopyTrans HEIC and install it, you can convert a HEIC file by right-clicking its icon and choosing "Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans" from the menu.
In any case, there are some people who transcend the sociologists' distinction between convert and "cradle" Buddhist: for example, young Americans who have grown up in deeply committed convert families.
The idea was that Ponzi's company would take investors' dollars, use them to buy foreign postal coupons, convert each coupon into a 5-cent stamp, and convert the stamps into cash.
Apple's systems can automatically convert shared HEIC images to .
Ms. Nishimasa's former employer offered to convert her working status to part-time after she got married, as was customary for married women, she said; it did not automatically convert her status.
Usually, what happens from a Tentacle perspective is that the device or the cloud will convert it into JPEG, convert the raw into a JPEG and then do the actual facial recognition.
Her surname was Simoni, one that can denote "convert" ancestry.
I'm just living and I will convert it into art.
Isner failed to convert a set point in the opener.
Isomerization units also convert byproducts into components blended into gasoline.
Shortly after meeting Haydar, Robins decided to convert to Islam.
It speeds up support and gets customers to convert quicker.
That leaves 11 nominations for La La Land to convert.
"I think that's impossible to convert into language," he says.
Or, say a cable company is looking convert satellite customers.
But when you can convert, it makes all the difference.
Can we convert it to feedstock for a 3D printer?
By the second night I was a foam mattress convert.
This evil, rigid, sick, twisted convert or die ideology continues.
Instead, it wants to convert Christians into virtual reality believers.
You can then convert and hold money in 28 currencies.
To convert those signals into speech they did two things.
I believe Muslims should be free to convert to Christianity.
The country's previous prime minister, Manmohan Singh, became a convert.
And Mr. Trump is making an effort to convert them.
When I convert the person into enjoying what I'm delivering.
They're neither looking to make a buck nor convert anyone.
Proselytize means to convert someone to another belief or opinion.
When you were an evangelical, did you ever convert anyone?
Whether it can convert moderates in sufficient numbers is unclear.
Chasing Happiness didn't convert me into a Jonas fan overnight.
Did Khloé make you want to convert to waxing forever?
The question is how to efficiently convert them into electricity.
Not because I'm a football convert; it's just the opposite.
But they stay Catholic rather than convert to another religion.
They thus convert more of their food into body mass.
It has also become easier to convert offices into dwellings.
And it hurts multinational companies when they convert foreign revenue.
The bakery is filled with products that convert to sugar.
Consider termites' ability to convert dead plant matter into energy.
We could convert our military bases into schools and colleges.
If Putintseva could convert, she would serve for the match.
A handy tool to convert your sweater into a pillow
Still, Volodarsky is on a mission to convert them all.
There's still time to convert your 401K to E Coins.
The Leafs also failed to convert their two power plays.
Some conservatives believe they can educate, convert or civilize Trump.
Time in seconds, to convert a 21K file to 26p.
The company wants to convert casual website visitors into clients.
You cannot just convert it into energy without containing it.
Huzayfah: You are — you are the them until you convert.
This awakened convert sends his special salute to Mr. Brooks.
But the prime minister is a convert to this position.
Do you convert it into a public garage for drones?
We can't convert everyone, especially the rare but influential misogynists.
How to convert acts of mass horror into live performance?
The company is trying to convert brainwaves into written words.
I'm also a new convert to something called the Colonel.
Olivo quickly earned triple match point but could not convert.
Like her, Crow was a late convert to the cause.
"A double shot for each match point you didn't convert?"
All that's left is to convert from kilograms to elephants.
Don't worry, I will convert this to real units soon.
"We convert into a small production company," one aide joked.
"But I've embraced it with the zeal of a convert."
I wasn't a happy convert to any particular sexual thing.
And if I do convert my basement to a theater?
I said, well convert it to primary care health center.
And he was a reluctant but fervent convert to business.
You can also convert your earnings into a gift card.
It has plans to convert it into its corporate headquarters.
But by the end of the ad, he's a convert.
Now he's attempting to convert himself from parasite to patriot.
Once you convert to a Roth, it stays a Roth.
More likely, it'll convert Hangouts to a beefier enterprise product.
Of course, not every Sanders supporter is a willing convert.
Would farmers in Iowa convert their fields to tallgrass prairie?
As a recent iOS convert, I'm one of those people.
While Pemco doesn't convert 767s (it instead converts Boeing 737s), some suggest that the acquisition moves ATSG closer to one day being able to convert its own 767s, according to Alex Lennane at Loadstar.
Similar to Uber, which takes idle car drivers and turns them into concierge chauffeurs, conversational commerce will convert idle sales associates into personal shoppers who can convert casual browsing into purchases and build customer loyalty.
France, one of Tunisia's biggest economic partners, will also convert 35 million euros of debt into investment after an operation last year to convert Tunisian debt worth 60 million euros, the French Prime Minister said.
The pick: Yes, the Chiefs convert a fourth down ($50 to win $60)The logic: The Chiefs attempted to convert on fourth down 10 times this season, lower than any other team in the NFL.
If you just want to convert your CDs to individual digital files regardless of size and want to maintain the highest possible audio quality, you can convert tracks on the disc into an uncompressed format.
OK, we need to convert this mass from grams to kilograms.
For many, prison is the perfect place to convert future believers.
She'd be better able to convert his popularity into her own.
These will convert the signal into Wi-Fi or 4G networks.
For other regions simply convert from UT into your local timezone.
And it won't be easy to convert the ransom into cash.
In the other we convert a large 4K video into 93p.
Young immigrants from China often convert to Christianity soon after arriving.
This allowed the generator to more efficiently convert the droplet's energy.
But one bite of this one and I was a convert.
And Insys is hoping to convert many of them to Syndros.
And if you're not, hey, you just might become a convert.
The company's subscription service even will convert text to other languages.
Keyes wants to convert more people to the joy of traveling.
It uses saltwater and oxygen to convert chemical energy into electricity.
I want to send GIFs easily and convert text to emojis.
In smartphones they are used to convert images into digital data.
No one would ever convert their dollars into Tether for safekeeping.
In effect, the trains convert the excess electricity to potential energy.
Ms Asia's fellow fruit-pickers had demanded she convert to Islam.
Google should convert contractors and temporary workers to full-time employees.
The chatbot can also convert between different units, like foreign currencies.
That experience made me not just a convert, but an evangelist.
The Bruins applied pressure on a power play but couldn't convert.
Evangelicals want to convert all Haitians to become born-again Protestants.
InDesign will automatically convert multiple kinds of text files including Word .
The proxy baptisms do not automatically convert dead people to Mormonism.
In 2001, Lindh, a teenage convert to Islam, traveled to Afghanistan.
Drax is speeding up plans to convert its units to gas.
He explained that Pacquiao was a recent convert to evangelical Christianity.
And to win, he'll need to convert some of Trump's voters.
I was obsessed and tried to convert anyone who would listen.
Insulin helps the body convert the glucose from foods into energy.
Part of the disconnect lies in their inability to convert chances.
From 83-28, he failed to convert on two championship points.
But there was still one tough critic to convert — my father.
So I created a stamp to convert Jacksons into Tubmans myself.
While not loved by everyone, Swift's live shows may convert you.
They failed to convert two break points in the final game.
Donald Trump Jr.'s sister, Ivanka, is a convert to Judaism.
At Prana, we were taking years to convert these supply chains.
It was what sparked me to convert to frugality for good.
Wagner followed the play to the net to convert the rebound.
" He reiterated, "You're not going to be able to convert Putin.
How to convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides by importing slides1.
Photovoltaic cells directly convert the light of the sun into electricity.
SEM, without a business model to convert it, is also fat.
People think — they want to convert wishful thinking into hard evidence.
First, Congress should convert CHIP funding into a defined contribution program.
" She became a convert after a single misstep "on the kaka.
The militants gave him a day to decide whether to convert.
The next day, I let Jessica know I was a convert.
Norway is trying to convert entirely to electric vehicles by 0003.
Perhaps the most notable convert to woman's suffrage was Theodore Roosevelt.
As a convert, I wasn't just another student of Rabbi Freundel.
We convert the NRG parking lots to an all day extravaganza.
But she is pleased with their decision to convert the building.
He had planned to convert it into a live music venue.
But Mr. Mas was a late convert to the separatist cause.
The partnership planned to convert the complex to market rate housing.
Our reviewer, after resisting big screens for years, is a convert.
Only the state Legislature can convert park land to other uses.
They aim to confront, expose, shame — and sometimes convert — white supremacists.
Trump's opening speaker calls on Sanders to convert to Christianity: pic.twitter.
I want to convert these into text files and translate them.
You don't need to convert 22020 percent of the president's followers.
The girl, a recent convert to Islam, agreed to Abdullah's proposal.
Reformers convert refining byproducts into octane-boosting components blended into gasoline.
That could make it easier to convert them into legal requirements.
Multiplexes, many of which are overbuilt, could convert auditoriums into stages.
He will also have to take risk after risk and convert.
CDUs convert crude oil into feedstock for all other production units.
They can convert these identities to cash or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
Anyone with the key can convert the ciphertext back to plaintext.
Both teams failed to convert on a third-period power play.
The reports said Tesco could convert up to 60 existing outlets.
"Trump cannot legally convert the current quotas to tariffs," she said.
Roslovic also failed to convert on a third-period penalty shot.
She leaves rehab a convert to its philosophy of personal responsibility.
We can't convert Instagram to text and then it just works.
We couldn't have a dining room to convert to a bedroom.
We tried to convert Yes California to do that — didn't happen.
The problem is trying to convert their information into real life.
Or, more simply, it could convert Hulu into Disney's streaming service.
If you could convert the information on a qubit into phonons, you might be able to find ways to temporarily store this quantum information, or further convert it into photons to send over a quantum link.
But I'm not gonna convert their de facto power into formal power.
Cus the youth needs to convert to an all positivity life style!
In short: it can convert your phone into a real, working camera.
Free cash can convert at a high rate for a long time.
When you absolutely, positively have to convert EVERY MOTHERFUCKER in the room!
It's about turbine generators—the enormous machines that convert heat into electricity.
Uruguay defender Diego Godin lamented his side's inability to convert their chances.
Just convert your green and blue crafting mats up into yellow ones.
You can convert and withdraw Gemini Dollars directly onto the Ethereum blockchain.
Once you convert your handwriting to text, all your notes become searchable.
The ball's moving and we're able to get some looks and convert.
Paid overs for #EPL rights and now desperate to convert into customers.
Beyond that, there are fuel cells — devices that convert hydrogen into electricity.
At this point all I'd have to do is convert to Islam.
Are there specific genres that are easier to convert into ska covers?
I might add a little honey next time, but I'm a convert.
As evidence, he pointed to a current campaign to convert Symantec customers.
Luckily, she said, her first one at Portillo's made her a convert.
The notes will convert to an almost 6% stake in the firm.
Or, do you have a new outdoor-gaming convert in your life?
If it's not, they'll have to convert it, which also takes time.
Upon conclusion of that bigger round, the loan could convert into equity.
This nifty turntable lets you convert records and cassettes into digital audio.
Artturi Lehkonen was all alone in front of Andersen but couldn't convert.
Firefox data shows dropping plugin crash rates as sites convert to HTML5.
They also inspire positive reactions, and convert that momentum into tangible contributions.
European henchmen visited crypto-exchanges to convert euros into anonymous virtual currencies.
They tell churches back home they're going "over there" to convert people.
The new plant will convert nickel into a valuable form of sulfate.
The idea is for those notifications to help convert people into buyers.
Oregon missed three shots — while grabbing two offensive rebounds — but couldn't convert.
It can also convert into potentially poisonous amounts of cyanide when eaten.
But the Sharks failed to convert both times with the man advantage.
Revolut now wants to convert those happy travelers into daily activer users.
A further 90% of the free trials then convert to paid subscriptions.
Gano failed to convert from 49 yards late in the second quarter.
Trying to convince people to convert to natural beauty products isn't easy.
They can read our emotions and convert them back into calculable variables.
Tinder will be hoping to convert more of those into paying subscribers.
Amazon had hoped to convert more Prime members into Whole Foods shoppers.
Michigan State failed to convert on its final possession heading to halftime.
So, what is it that makes young British people convert to Islam?
Microsoft's language understanding module called LUIS lets you convert speech into intents.
I am a recent convert to the ranks of the Cather People.
Many users convert that cash through cryptocurrency exchangers that collect personal information.
One-bedrooms, with around 850 square feet, were too small to convert.
Rials are pegged to the US dollar and are difficult to convert.
If you're by the ocean, you can convert salt water to fresh.
I met this guy during Ramadan who wanted to convert to Islam.
He intends to hold the bitcoins, rather than convert them to dollars.
In him, they see a convert to their cause, not a transgressor.
She did not convert that one, but had another two points later.
Why do you convert care homes to look like pubs or cinemas?
He intends, over time, to convert all his places to vegan menus.
And the marvelous instants of the performance didn't convert into cohesive drama.
For $49.99, you, too, can convert your deflated abdomen into a pouch.
On land, food chains rely on plants to convert sunlight to sugar.
The Bengals failed to convert on their first seven third-down opportunities.
They failed to convert on third-and-four from the Bengals' 45.
On land, food chains rely on plants to convert sunlight to sugar.
Bizarrely, the Steelers failed to convert on four 2-point conversion attempts.
How to convert a Word document to a Google Doc on mobile1.
Solar would instantly convert the energy of the sun into usable electricity.
It's expected to convert more than 50 billion gallons of contaminated waste.
Some Jews chose instead to convert to Catholicism and remain in Spain.
And this ultimately led almost all of them to convert to Christianity.
Implied was a challenge that players took weeks to convert into results.
But Nixon believes she can convert progressive energy into an upset victory.
The buyer plans to convert some of the studios into one-bedrooms.
"These reactors should convert to safer fuels or shut down," he said.
An argument between convert and sceptic wound on for over an hour.
Ahead, 10 foundations that will make any BB-cream addict a convert.
Or take a screenshot and convert the image file back to PDF.
Roach, like so many black African Muslims in Trinidad, is a convert.
Twice within five points and with possession, the Wolfpack failed to convert.
It may even convert you into a racing fan by its end.
And though I was apprehensive at first, I was a quick convert.
We had three real good 'A' chances that we didn't convert on.
People who buy cannabis by the ounce have been toughest to convert.
Those individuals and organizations were able to convert that trust into growth.
Will a new Mac convert it to a current word-processing program?
Like the Thule Chasm, both Eagle Creek bags can convert into backpacks.
But you can't simply up-convert existing digital files to higher resolution.
You don't really see someone white supremacist convert to something they despise.
From that moment on, I was a convert, an unholy new fan.
Tech Tip Q. How do you convert an R.T.F. file to PDF?
On a Windows 10 machine, open the file you want to convert.
Does he have the right to convert that disapproval into refusing service?
I was a skeptic and then I was a convert almost immediately.
Sure, he conceded, he wished he'd had more than the one convert.
Alkylation units convert refining byproducts into octane-boosting components blended into gasoline.
The two meals failed to convert me to a prepared food fan.
Evergreen can't convert a policy disagreement with HHS into a federal case.
Enterprising information outfits could convert it into a more consumer-friendly form.
Alternatively, energy can simultaneously convert into matter and antimatter in equal quantities.
It is illegal in Malaysia to try to convert Muslims to Christianity.
The Senators failed to convert on a power-play opportunity in overtime.
Mario Álvarez, an evangelical preacher who has tried to convert the Mashco.
You can't use ezGIF to convert URLs from sites like YouTube though.
Share units convert to stock when an IAC director leaves the board.
Arizona had chances but couldn't convert in front of a sellout crowd.
Instead, the bill would convert that funding into block grants to states.
" Combs was a recent convert: "I had no clue who he was.
Corbin reports to Clarke to help to convert people online into buyers.
Your body has to convert that water back to your body temperature.
The Browns were unable to convert the turnover into a score, however.
Dave is nearby, and helps Radisson convert to Christianity as he dies.
Since it does not actually convert the weapon, it is considered legal.
Click on the document you wish to convert to open it. 3.
Brock first came into the Clinton camp as a convert from conservatism.
They also showed it could convert mechanical energy into electricity in self-powered devices (like a shirt that has carbon nanotubes sewn into it and uses the natural process of breathing to continuously convert mechanical energy into electricity).
Money was invested through Ponzi's Security Exchange Company with the idea that he would take investor's dollars, use them to buy foreign postal coupons, convert each coupon into a 5-cent stamp, and convert the stamps into cash.
Money was invested through Ponzi's Security Exchange Company with the idea that he would take investors' dollars, use them to buy foreign postal coupons, convert each coupon into a 5-cent stamp, and convert the stamps into cash.
A well-designed motor can convert well over 85033 percent of electrical power to useful work, while an internal combustion engine is hard to convert 40 percent of fuel energy to work with the rest lost as heat.
It also said it would convert six options for A320neos to firm orders.
How many of those eventually convert to paying customers remains unclear, of course.
Easily convert currencies How much is a dollar worth in Euros these days?
The bonds, called AT1 securities, convert into equity in times of market stress.
Cash is the last brand-name big safety who could convert to linebacker.
Luther became frustrated that Jews would not convert to his version of Christianity.
This guy wants to convert the globe to clean energy and colonize Mars.
Diplomacy, not war, is the only way to convert these challenges into opportunities.
Detroit had a power play for the final 1:45 but couldn't convert.
Time in seconds to resize a series of RAWs and convert to JPEG.
While dominionism is usually associated with evangelical Protestants, Brownback is a Catholic convert.
Charlotte is probably the most prominent on screen depiction of a Jewish convert.
Time in seconds to resize and convert RAW files to JPEG in Photoshop.
Coker units convert mined bitumen from the oil sands into synthetic crude oil.
It's just something I've been able to navigate and convert into positive energy.
Schick insists that it's not Tap's goal to convert skeptics to their device.
Reformers convert low-octane refining by-products into high octane components of gasoline.
Ultimately, the goal is to convert most accidents into near-misses — or better.
Stream-ripping sites, which convert licensed streamed content into unlicensed downloads, are illegal.
The same week, another convert ran down two soldiers in Quebec, killing one.
Their goal is to convert that into a sales channel for hotspot owners.
That is, administratively, the simplest thing to do, but to convert to it?
The naysayers were proven wrong; the critics were silenced; the shorts would convert!
The catalyst is used to convert gas oil into gasoline within an FCCU.
Apple's CoreML for example helps developers convert a very limited number of models.
If you don't self-convert, it will be done automatically by February 8.
It took days to persuade him, but now Shaju Mia is a convert.
Both should be free to de-convert or reconvert without intimidation or reprisal.
Ms Dent Coad is fighting to convert them to the party's broader cause.
Insects convert feed into food very efficiently, while producing few greenhouse-gas emissions.
At 16, a decision to convert to Christianity nearly cost him his life.
Rebel Wilson is here to convert all the rom-com cynics out there.
Wesley has been able to convert vacant lots in his neighborhood into revenue.
Will one lipstick convince me to convert my entire routine, Emma Watson-style?
That's a free cold weather survival tip courtesy of me, recent vest convert.
"We needed this," said Aho, who failed to convert in Friday night's session.
But for every naysayer against fire and blood, there is a willing convert.
Isomerization units convert refining byproducts into feedstocks for motor fuel or petrochemical production.
Brunelle, 23, teaches English and is a recent convert to the En Marche!
In both of these cases, shareholders would convert their shares to common stock.
Yet, it is unclear whether action in the street can convert into votes.
Ideally, these build trust in the brand and get visitors to eventually convert.
You can also convert existing images — for example, photos of receipts — into PDFs.
Alkylation units convert refining by-products into high-octane components blended into gasoline.
We are now requesting countries to not convert tourist visas to employment visas.
Sometimes, this is the fastest way to convert your gold surplus into science.
Paul couldn't convert a jumper over Walker just before the horn, forcing overtime.
You can't go for a two-point convert until you chug a beer.
Advertisers want Snap to show that its ads can convert users into customers.
Benardo says Zelectric can currently convert and restore about 10 vehicles a year.
How to convert your sluggish old PC into a speedy Chromebook, for free
He told Benoit that the Audi took him about six months to convert.
Subscribers, the magazine says, will receive instructions on how to convert their accounts.
"Tough to convert against those guys, for sure," Indiana coach Tom Allen said.
The app can also convert documents to PDFs or Word or Powerpoint files.
So the workaround is to convert bitcoin into cash and then buy property.
In Pakistan couples who convert from Islam risk having their children taken away.
The book's aim is not to convert people from one viewpoint to another.
Like most political entertainment, the speech probably isn't going to convert many voters.
That deal,  worth seven figures, took about a year to convert to contract.
The Marie Kondo gospel of minimalism has not made a convert of Egan.
She is credited with helping to convert her husband to Catholicism in 2009.
Cochlear implants convert sound into electrical signals and send them into the brain.
What shocked me most is I became something of a cloth-diaper convert.
This makes it much more difficult to convert those users into paying customers.
The agreement contains the right to convert the A2350 orders to A2330-2350s.
" He now has the zeal of a convert: "You have to try it.
It's easy to convert Google Slides to a PowerPoint presentation on your computer.
Locate and open the Slides deck that you want to convert to PowerPoint.
"We have to convert those kicks," Packers coach Mike McCarthy told the media.
It's easy to convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides in two different ways.
Select the JPG image you wish to convert to a PDF document. 3.
We'll take a fabric that's not for a motorcycle jacket and convert it.
Then, acetic acid bacteria like Acetobacter and Gluconacetobacter convert the alcohol into vinegar.
They could then convert it back to its monomer and polymerize it again.
We gotta find those people first, convert a large number of those people.
The thinking then becomes: Why not just convert every state into managed Medicaid?
I give you the sketches and ask you to convert them to photos.
But what if you could just "convert" your car into an electric one?
Bernie will make it so landlords can't move in or convert to condos.
The top compartment pops off to convert it into a hand held vac.
Unfortunately, the ATCA has sought to convert these constitutional issues into political ones.
Its more than 23,000 students will convert to online learning in the meantime.
It's much harder to convert to Judaism, which, she joked, had higher standards.
But he was never able to convert that momentum into something more durable.
You can kind of convert stories and messages that aren't exclusive and selfish.
After all, the Christian prophecy implies the destruction of Jews who don't convert.
I've never had a personal trainer before, but I am a full convert.
A scroll through its Amazon reviews turns up one gushing convert after another.
Now our job is to try to convert that to major-league wins.
Iran's best chance of the match is a corner, but they can't convert.
The Solaire, completed in 2003, is scheduled to convert to condos next year.
Her family took on Turkish names and was forced to convert to Islam.
Some may convert shared rooms to private ones, a popular move with residents.
You can then convert, send and do whatever you want with your stablecoins.
This course revolves around teaching you how to develop powerful ads that convert.
"I made the swings and couldn't convert and make the birdies," Fowler said.
Arizona peppered Crawford with chances early in the third period, but couldn't convert.
Schwartz cut in from the left circle to convert Schenn's cross-ice pass.
Combine equal amounts of matter and antimatter and it will convert into energy.
Upscaling is an artificial enhancement to convert lower resolution video to higher resolution.
Cyanobacteria uses solar energy to convert dioxide and water in oxygen and food.
Its existing backers could simply convert their shares into Kin and liquidate them.
It can cost more than $85033,000 to convert a home to solar energy.
That 26 million newtons would convert to roughly 2000 million pounds of force.
The chemicals actually convert the ions in Saturn's upper atmosphere, making them heavier.
The most notable convert is Singapore, which is no stranger to monumental waterworks.
Cartels have workshops where they convert semiautomatic AR-15s into fully automatic weapons.
However, these students are unlikely to convert to paying customers at my studio.
Djokovic then benefited from a double fault to convert his eighth set point.
Eddie Jones, the Australian coach of England's rugby team, is a convert, too.
So why, in Blatt's analysis, did players convert the Greek Church less often?
The Oilers had several scoring chances in overtime, but were unable to convert.
Initiated in May, the product also allows customers to convert between currencies instantaneously.
To meet these duties, export-focused companies convert their dollar revenues, buying roubles.
She always knew how to convert the griefs into some sort of beauty.
To prevent this, our bodies produce enzymes to convert methemoglobin back to hemoglobin.
But the left is struggling with how to convert those impulses into reality.
Mr. Kingsley was an early convert to the Moog synthesizer in the 1960s.
We can also convert biomass into liquid fuels for transportation and industrial processes.
There are three sofas, two of which can convert into full-sized beds.
Boris Brisyuk, 63, a fleshy engineer with a red face, is one convert.
Walmart will convert those cardholders over to its new program beginning in October.
And before I can buy milk, I need to convert Bitcoins into bolívars.
"I know that I won't convert the world to jazz," Mr. Ackbaraly said.
And, once you convert something to something else, you usually can't go back.
Having a good debate night can convert into donations and a polling surge.
The point of having capital markets is to convert savings into productive investments.
You only convert people on the doors, you only persuade them in conversation.
A Muslim convert in an anti-Islam German political party has everyone confused
But the sustainable dwelling the Rotterdam University students built already has one firm convert.
It started as a rental, then we decided to convert it into a condo.
"We need to take that traffic and convert it into sales," CFO Besanko said.
Such orders typically include the right to convert between different variants of each model.
A similar sum may be invested in Chinese facilities to convert coal to polymers.
But hear me out: I've got a group of spiders that may convert you.
Even those large companies have struggled to convert huge audiences into advertising revenue online.
U.S. multinationals will also find it more expensive to convert foreign earnings to dollars.
"That game was crucial with the break points that I didn't convert," he said.
Some in the publishing and advertising industry were skeptical whether Facebook could convert users.
Chinese residents can legally convert up to $50,000 US per year into foreign currencies.
The Bengals failed to convert a pair of two-point conversions in the game.
He's unrefined, a recent convert, and not as socially conservative as they may like.
Meanwhile, Yang's Trump-supporter-convert fanbase continues to give him the full MAGA treatment.
Disney did recently convert one existing ride to a Guardians of the Galaxy theme.
But how many of those users will actually convert when the service starts charging?
It is not a game trying to convert anyone—is what it is, happily.
Bitcoin ATMs can charge up to 15 percent just to convert to fiat currency.
Once you're done tracking, you can convert the journey into a Doom-compatible map.
After Gesell failed to convert on a drive, Williams delivered his two pivotal baskets.
They convert their helipads into squash courts by day and into cinemas by night.
Deutsche Bank, previously bearish on sterling, was the most prominent convert to this view.
I decided to save and convert my parents garage into a teeny, tiny studio.
Can it convert its highly engaged base of young users into massive global audience?
The question remains; can humans convert our attitude of automation from foe to friend?
The obvious solution is to plant lots of trees, to convert CO83 into wood.
You can also measure and convert measurements, such as inches to centimeters, more conveniently.
You can convert it into a tablet by pushing the screen all the way.
Google will convert the answer to text for you to see in real-time.
Unfortunately, the songs were in a format he couldn't convert, Buhanan-Decker told KUTV.
"Donald Trump is a fairly new convert to the pro-life position," he said.
If you're already a hyaluronic acid convert, you're likely well aware of all that.
Remember, Bess was a full Mosswood convert and spent years living in the commune.
Tesla's convertible bond payment is due today, and the bonds won't convert to equity.
It can support HDR 10 and also convert SDR to HDR in real time.
I had to move out millions of dollars and convert it into Canadian [dollars].
So another live streaming player emerges to convert more cable junkies into cord cutters.
Mr López Obrador plans to keep the existing airport and convert a nearby airbase.
These make for fun GIFs, though it can sometimes be tricky to convert them.
There are three main reasons farmers have been slow to convert to organic production.
But Reed's not stopping there: her next project will convert air pollution into jewelry.
The firm specializes in Medicaid and will convert SVC into a Medicaid-focused subsidiary.
The software nailed some of my chicken scratch, but failed to correctly convert others.
The club, in other words, largely failed to convert Son fans into Bayer fans.
Philadelphia failed to convert two chances on the power play in the opening period.
He offers those customers free trials and monthly subscriptions, and 30% convert to trials.
Amazon is making another move to convert Amazon Prime customers into Whole Foods customers.
Yes, the young king comes out as a faithful convert to the Sparrow's movement.
Amazon Echo Are your parents looking to convert their home into a smart home?
"You can submit 2D floor plans and we convert that to 3D," Hetherington said.
By integrating right into PoS machines, they say 1993% of customers convert into members.
Cokers convert residual crude into motor fuel feedstocks or petroleum coke, a coal substitute.
It will convert the orders to an unspecified number of newer 737 MAX planes.
" Speaking of joy, she's also a convert to organizational guru Marie Kondo: "My drawers!
The bid includes an option for hardware to convert the nuclear waste to energy.
Michael plans to convert this space into a bar serving oysters and Kobe beef.
Rugby forgotten, he became a convert to baseball and played throughout his school days.
And remember when you had to convert files to work on different [vide players]?
The restrictions make it almost impossible for companies to convert local bolívares into dollars.
If they say no, simply convert your excitement into a sustained, high-pitched scream.
Cokers convert residual crude into fuel feedstocks or petroleum coke, a substitute for coal.
Zero's CEO Sam Paschel thinks the distinct electric motorcycle experience can convert gas riders.
Preferred shareholders can also convert their shares into common stock and receive cash instead.
Then in March, engineers installed an instrument that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
But when you convert it into what it means for individual countries, it's extreme.
The fields remain because government policy makes it hard to convert farmland into housing.
Trust us, try it once and you'll be a roasted-bacon convert for life.
"When I think hard I can convert qualitative problems to quantitative problems," Dalio noted.
"I've never had a prediabetic convert to diabetic in a group setting," he said.
Smart Speaker Are your parents looking to convert their home into a smart home?
The AP reported that Russian nuclear company Rosatom will work to convert the site.
She was angry and told me to get away from them or convert them.
The 100 is the rare show I will genuinely try to convert people to.
SI) budget offshoot Scoot said on Monday it would convert six Airbus SE (AIR.
Depending on the company, your account might convert automatically to a full-price deal.
Djokovic had plenty of opportunities but could convert only 3 of 17 break points.
Tiafoe had four break point opportunities in the third set but failed to convert.
Bolsonaro has said he wants to convert land for cattle pastures and soybean farms.
After the interview, he read Mack's book about constitutional sheriffs and became a convert.
That someone of Mr. Kodesh's caliber was a G.E. convert got Mr. Haas's attention.
They also convert benzene into phenol, which is used to build plant cell walls.
Rising oil prices could convert these newly acquired fields into a bonanza for Moscow.
They convey impermanence from the inside, convert anxiety and despair into something nearly liturgical.
Funding those efforts can be costly if the service cannot convert trials into subscriptions.
The new crowds didn't convert into the die-hard loyalists that the sport needed.
You may even bring your kids to convert them to full-fledged Beatles fandom.
Firms will be forced to convert income despite outstanding foreign exchange liabilities, he said.
Even scenes set in a church look to uplift viewers rather than convert them.
However, Holiday could not convert a 4-foot jump shot as regulation time ended.
The Kevo Convert unlocks via Bluetooth and will autolock 30 seconds after being unlocked.
These figures saw in Gamergate a potential to convert, expand, and radicalize their audience.
It helps convert T4, the inactive thyroid hormone, to T3 the active thyroid hormone.
During that time, yeast cells convert sugars to alcohol in a process called fermentation.
If the founders' stock falls below 30%, all shares will convert to common stock.
"They could convert another $60,000 without kicking themselves into the higher bracket," he said.
Now I'm on the hunt for someone who can convert what I've got or.
FCCUs use a fine catalyst under high temperature to convert gas oil into gasoline.
Today, there are rumored plans to convert the sunken palatial ruins into a restaurant.
It took another €240,2000 to convert it into a home for their young family.
Even worse, many are trying to convert our secular country into a Christian nation.
How a candidate tries to convert that belief to votes, though, is a tell.
Others responded to pressure from President Woodrow Wilson, a late convert to the cause.
They also agreed to convert three of their existing hotels into American Idea properties.
Socially, maybe less so in how they convert, but they're certainly aware of it.
Mr. Wang wants to convert these poor souls, and bring them into his flock.
Core to Amazon's strategy is the use of video to convert viewers into shoppers.
It was, Rahman said, an effort "to convert Sufis into Wahhabis through this terrorism".
One of them was 10-year-old Brandon Otero, who quickly became a convert.
Like St. Paul, I'm a convert, but my conversion was to rock 'n' roll.
I almost think you became a convert to the joys of the jukebox musical!
In the airless underground "biogas digester" bacteria eventually convert the solid waste into fertilizer.
Four months into captivity, the hostages made a strategic decision to convert to Islam.
But the cuts led some farmers to convert once-conserved grasslands back into farmland.
The long benches convert to a king bed and also serve as storage cabinets.
All seed and Series A preferred shares convert on a 1-for-1 basis.
Once you're done in Photoshop, you convert it back to the game's file format.
She said a mandate to convert home heating systems could create housing affordability challenges.
And the street goes both ways: Enough energy can convert into matter and antimatter.
I wasn&apost able to easily convert to a paid product, as I expected.
The polar bear is basically designed to convert seal fat into insulation and flesh.
It is also illegal to convert a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon.
Some creditors had planned to convert their debt to equity in the remaining business.
Project leaders decided to convert some engineers like Hoor al-Maazmi into apprentice scientists.
A related idea for Medicare is to convert it to a voucher-based program.
For car collectors, Jaguar had big plans to convert original models into electric machines.
With Cisdem PDF Converter, you can convert PDFs into images and editable document files.
Le Puy is no recent convert to this now fashionable form of organic viticulture.
This happens a lot with new diets: We get the zeal of the convert.
You can convert Google Sheets files to Excel files by using the "Download" option.
His daughter Ivanka is a convert to Judaism and is raising her children Jewish.
Would you write one blog post and expect to convert a ton of leads?
Looks like its gonna take more than a "god" to convert the Chinese market.
Trump isn't the first President to convert the Yellow Oval into his personal study.
It could well have been convincing to the traditional conservatives Anonymous wants to convert.
Investors would be able to convert digital tokens into listed shares in the company.
If you're trying to play an obscure video file or convert one file from .
Tech Tip Ready to convert your older analog audio to more portable digital formats?
Amazon hoped the deal would help it convert Whole Foods' shoppers into Prime members.
And on not being a convert (look, the menorah and Latke Larry are here!).
But Asahi was not able to convert its investment into a broader commercial partnership.
But the Commodores couldn't convert enough field goals from there to keep that lead.
Yazidi were basically given the option by ISIL to convert or to be killed.
The Falcons failed to convert when Koo missed a 38-yard field-goal attempt.
Or a kale salad that may at this late date convert you to kale!
Is there an efficient way to convert these photos to JPG all at once?
And once investors convert to his ethos of simplicity and thrift, it's for life.
Since there's no zealot quite like a convert, let me save you some time.
And after hearing that, Americans are like, 'Uh, can our Constitution convert to Judaism?
I returned to Earth a VR convert, feeling happier than I'd been in weeks.
But much of it has also been driven by conversion: In 2014, the Pew Research Center found that 1.7 peopled converted away from mainline Protestant groups for every one convert in, while evangelical Protestants had 220 people convert in for every leaver.
Your computer may already have software to convert the tracks on a CD to MP3 audio files, like Windows Media Player or Apple's iTunes software for Windows and Mac; free and commercial audio programs can also convert the songs on the discs.
Let's start with our seed investors whose investments will convert to equity at this stage.
If it continues to convert non-believers to sharia banking, it may grow bigger yet.
These convert it into an electrical signal, which is used to create the final photo.
Reformers convert low-octane refining byproducts into high-octane reformate, which is added to gasoline.
Bayer said in a statement on Tuesday that issuing the notes, which convert on Nov.
Your savings also represent a smaller sum of money if you convert it to USD.
Photovoltaic systems "directly convert solar energy into electricity," according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).
Reformers convert low-octane refining byproducts into high-octane components that are blended into gasoline.
Some, indeed, would go further, and convert this village from a metaphor into a reality.
When should agencies convert highways to contraflow, sending all the lanes in the same direction?
The printed material managed to cling to the rounded surface and convert light into electricity.
When we format the content, we convert it into something that feels more magazine-like.
I may never convert her to a full-blown skin-care enthusiast, and that's okay.
I'm a mobile ordering convert, although I do have some trepidation whenever I do it.
Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that convert liquid into a vapor, which you inhale.
There is also a way to convert Kindle books to a Kobo-compatible format, EPUB.
It's designed to convert in-game voice communications into text, or typed text into audio.
Uber hopes to convert rooftops and unused spaces into spaces for the VTOLs to park.
They are believed to have been forced to convert to Islam by their terrorist captors.
Desalination plants convert seawater to drinking water, but at a cost that can induce tears.
It's certainly hard to convert people to a new product and ours is definitely different.
Harden did not convert a field goal until 1:40 remained in the first half.
I was ready to convert to Wegmans fandom until I tried the vegetable fried rice.
And the museum will convert the gallery near its second-floor cafe into another store.
For instance, if you want to buy Litecoin, you need to convert Ethereum into Litecoin.
According to its website, these operations convert and trade four million tons of paper annually.
One project in Britain aims to convert household trash to jet fuel starting in 2024.
And it has many individuals wondering if they want to convert to gas-free driving.
And in this way we convert a visual storage medium, film, into a digital one.
A pair of tiny electrolytic plates convert the liquid into oxyhydrogen, a violently explosive gas.
DePaul didn't convert its next field goal until Romeo Weems' putback with 45 seconds left.
And then multinational companies get dinged when they convert their foreign sales back into dollars.
It also said it expects to convert thousands of these positions to full-time roles.
Expect Amazon to continue to load up Prime with more perks to convert the unconverted.
Align "customers, communities, and content" Benji Hyam, Co-Founder of Grow and Convert and Wordable.
Anaerobic digesters do most to reduce carbon emissions when they convert waste products to energy.
But the company never quite figured out how to convert those free users into subscribers.
The company is making it easier to convert mobile apps into a desktop versions. Why?
To convert the country they eliminated the best and the brightest and destroyed the peasantry.
There's Maria, a suburban mom who takes to vaping with the zeal of the convert.
Geltor scientists take carbon, nitrogen and oxygen and convert them into collagen using microbial fermentation.
After analyzing the deeper levels of the video, we automatically convert it into advanced metadata.
They would say like, "click to convert," you know, or, "open a video," or something.
Inquiring minds also wonder if she'll convert to Judaism before her star-studded wedding ceremony.
The Blackhawks had a flurry of scoring chances while leading 2-1 but couldn't convert.
They also resize RAW images and convert them to JPEG at nearly the same pace.
The blog's large audience did not convert into ready cash, says Brandon Stanton, its creator.
Zhongyu Gas said it aims to convert 800,000 households to gas this year from coal.
And so one climate-ready solution would be to convert the BQX into a monorail.
Second, Flipboard doesn't plan to convert all of those articles into the app's native format.
In 1984 he became a Buddhist whose fervor to convert his family alienated his wife.
Step 4: Wait for the GIF to convert, tap the Instagram button, and then share.
Prius, or convert to solar, if cheap oil and gas will continue to have the
For example, they've compelled exporters to convert about 75 percent of proceeds into the ringgit.
They had a chance to take the lead after forcing two airballs but couldn't convert.
But after Ivanka agreed to convert to Judaism, the couple tied the knot in 2009.
The CoCos convert into equity if Credit Suisse's core capital ratio dips below 7 percent.
He's that very rare athlete who's been able to convert stubborn, antagonistic individuality into gold.
A tweaked version designed to convert Republican holdouts would pass, narrowly, about a month later.
Perhaps he might decide he'd prefer trying to convert some new voters to his side.
FCCUs use a catalyst under high heat and pressure to convert gas oil into gasoline.
Both teams had two power-play opportunities in the middle frame but could not convert.
For instance, a railway company could convert all their timetables into an API using OpenDataSoft.
CEZ can convert the loan principal to shares at any time up to the maturity.
I am certainly not arguing for academia to become a place where we convert conservatives.
The party has eagerly deployed Hindu symbols and myths to convert nostalgia into electoral support.
Pacquiao is also a religious man, a convert to Evangelical Protestantism who grew up Catholic.
Of course, Pandora's goal is to then convert those free trial users to paid subscribers.
My critics are at liberty to claim that I'm trying to convert children to Satanism.
Over on the PC side, Microsoft also attempted to convert desktop users into tablet ones.
In Cairo, we come upon Hesham, a fundamentalist obsessively trying to convert Wood to Islam.
To access the rials, Iran wanted to convert them briefly into dollars and then Euros.
To access the money, Iran wanted to convert it briefly into dollars and then euros.
He wouldn't believe me, he'd try to get me in the church to convert me.
And Guideline has another 3,000 companies in its backlog that could convert into paying customers.
Reformers convert low-octane refining byproducts into octane boosting components that are blended into gasoline.
The left is rooting for an economic recession, and they convert good news into bad.
Social networks allow associations to convert members into marketers who use and share credentials publicly.
I try to convert like this scene into a song How do you do that?
Instagram, with its widespread reach and younger demographic, could help convert non-voters into voters.
Both automakers recently unveiled hydrogen fuel cell cars, which convert the fuel into electric power.
They use livestock waste to create electricity using anaerobic digesters, which convert manure to methane.
Similarly, Bolsonaro had said he wants to convert land for cattle pastures and soybean farms.
Could a pharmacist convert to being a Christian Scientist and refuse to fill prescriptions wholesale?
You pay taxes upfront on the amount of money you convert to a Roth IRA.
One convert is Kevin Harvey of Rhys Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.
"It was a long time ago, and I would have needed to convert," he said.
With generous free shipping offers, it's easy for potential buyers to convert into loyal customers.
But if we convert electromagnetic activity into sound, space suddenly becomes a very noisy place.
As speculators unwind their trades, they convert yuan back to dollars as the pattern reverses.
The drag and drop capability allows you to convert over 200 PDFs at a time.
The Blue Jays hope that within a few years they can convert to real grass.
Both teams had strong scoring chances but couldn't convert, and the game went to overtime.
The yeast and Lactobacillus convert sugar into lactic acid and ethyl alcohol, Hallen-Adams explains.
My father put on his architect hat and helped convert it into a small theater.
Rendering companies pick up the dead cows and then convert the corpses into useable byproducts.
Thrive is also attempting to convert families with even lower income levels into Thrive shoppers.
These soundbars have you covered and can easily convert your home into a home cinema.
He's also having the engineers convert one of his Hummers into an all-electric version.
Her friends told her to convert her poetry into rap songs nearly a year ago.
But smartphones can snap pictures of handwritten pages and convert them to an electronic format.
How does one convert beer-guzzling, Patriots-watching, frat-partying, flag-waving Mike to Islam?
We can't wait to see what you do when you convert them to ... AMPHIBIOUS UNITS!
But in our current cultural economy, such attention does not always convert easily to cash.
He was able to convert semiautomatic AR-15s into something very close to machine guns.
The Note 10 was even able to understand and convert my handwriting, which is terrible.
The transaction will convert the fund's holding into cash, allowing it to make other investments.
A Christian convert, Ji has argued that believers have a duty to destroy the regime.
" Vowing to convert that resentment into political power, she said, "We will also dispossess you.
At times, Mr. Flores tried to convert Ms. Klaben from Judaism to his Mormon faith.
Pincus's 70 percent voting power over Zynga will convert into a 10 percent economic stake.
You might need to convert the clip to an older file type to share it.
They could ask a judge to waive financial obligations or convert them to community service.
There are also sites that convert videos from YouTube and other platforms into downloadable files.
The Islanders continued to struggle on the power play, failing to convert on two chances.
At any time, you can convert your gold investment back into fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.
Homestead: Homestead helps home owners convert their garages into rental properties at no upfront cost.
Miami failed to convert its first eight third-down opportunities and finished 222 for 246.
The Wisconsin map helped Republicans convert very close statewide vote totals into lopsided legislative majorities.
Memes allow us to convert our creeping dread and stir craziness into something borderline productive.
It can now convert handwritten notes into a Word document, with support for multiple languages.
She had three more break points while trailing 4-1 but was unable to convert.
Her foreign husband must convert to Islam, in front of witnesses, and produce a certificate.
They sold it to a couple who intended to convert it into a private residence.
"About 25% of breech babies will spontaneously convert into a head-down position," says Bustillo.
Many buyers are also looking to convert the old mansions into boutique hotels, agents said.
Maybe you'll have a more intuitive feel for this if I convert that to horsepower.
The satellites will work in tandem with ground stations that receive and convert the signal.
Solar PV panels convert sunlight to electricity, and PV installers put these systems in place.
Knowing the weight of a ball, you could easily convert that to balls per second.
The worms feed on human waste and convert it to almost potable water and fertilizer.
A very basic method is using a transducer to convert pressure into an electrical signal.
Microsoft offers a benefit to convert Windows Server and SQL Server customers to its cloud.
"Young people have started adding entrances to convert former kleks into basement galleries," he said.
He burst in unchecked on the right wing to convert Ander Lee's deft backhand pass.
He walked in from the left point to convert a long snap shot through traffic.
The ruling allows Polish consumers to ask courts to convert their loans into local currency.
Berkshire's agreement was to convert the warrants to Bank of America shares at $7.14 each.
This can pressure landlords to convert industrial space to higher-paying uses, Mr. Friedman added.
Cespedes followed with a single, but the Mets could not convert the opportunity into runs.
The Education Department will reportedly allow two for-profit colleges to convert to nonprofit colleges.
"Fortnite's" continuous updates and its battle pass subscription service all served to convert more players.
The disability office worked with professors to convert all written materials into an accessible format.
There was the "eye-pad," designed to instantly convert written English and French into Braille.
Slave logs were used to dehumanize enslaved people and convert them from people to cargo.
Marriott is looking at its membership base to convert occasional guests to loyal, connected customers.
Cokers produce motor fuel feedstocks and convert residual crude to petroleum coke, a coal substitute.
Put simply, the structure will use its walls to capture and convert sunlight into electricity.
This is a system now designed to produce aluminum and convert that metal into "semis".
"We have to convert those kicks," Packers head coach Mike McCarthy told the media Monday.
Bloggers like Emily have had to convert their audiences to new platforms to remain relevant.
He asked citizens to convert their dollars and other foreign currencies and gold to lira.
Solar tiles, like large solar panels, use silicon solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity.
The third nation in the world to convert to Christianity was Ethiopia, in A.D. 350.
All to convert the theater into an oversized trash pile — into the set of Cats.
And then there are those bold enough to convert commercial airliners into opulent flying palaces.
The company did not say how much debt it is planning to convert into equity.
Here's the catch: They'd have to convert their pass-through entity to a C-corporation.
The Georgian National Tourism Administration is working hard to convert buzz into durable economic opportunity.
Currency dealers say dollar demand has increased as people convert their cash to preserve value.
The Chapter 11 bankruptcy of LeClairRyan will convert to a Chapter 7 liquidation on Oct.
A good solution for many is to convert their regular IRA into a Roth IRA.
Nanogenerators, in simple terms, are devices that convert mechanical energy, or movement, into usable electricity.
The goal sparked the Bruins, who got a power play shortly later but couldn't convert.
A petition asking LIC to convert the space into a museum has emerged on Change.
Convert contract workers to full-time employees, give us the benefits and stability we deserve.
She'll be a quick convert to its sharp blades, ergonomic handle, and luxurious shave gel.
And then when you're in analysis, you convert it into more fodder for the network.
"My mother said: 'If you want to marry her she must convert to Islam,'" he says.
Icahn may convert the shares any time between now and November 18, 2018, the filing says.
Be warned: you might end up in a holy war if you convert another leader's cities.
He allegedly had to repeatedly convert incriminating PDFs to Word docs because Manafort didn't know how.
The company uses flexible thermoelectric devices, that are able to convert body temperature into electrical energy.
Here, in a simplified view, is how to convert a symplectic space into its complex mirror.
But therapeutic efforts designed to convert attraction to children into attraction to adults have been elusive.
She wasn't convinced initially, but by the end of my presentation, she was my first convert.
GECAS announced a deal with Boeing Monday to convert more planes from passenger to cargo use.
This is the time it takes to convert a 4K video file, as measured in seconds.
How can progressives convert your argument into a message and a strategy that is politically potent?
He scored this one when Darling mishandled the initial save and Pastrnak was there to convert.
And we sell in manatas and I cannot convert the currency because there are no dollars.
Together, without telling the other players, they must work together to convert the government to fascism.
Convert Old VHS Tapes Q: I have VHS tapes from when the kids were growing up.
In theory, you could buy a converter and convert the tapes into a digital format yourself.
It's a slick laptop that can convert into a tablet—but for well-paid suit types.
You can convert Class A stock into Baby Berkshire shares, but not the other way around.
As a star like the sun ages, it loses the ability to convert hydrogen into helium.
She didn't endorse pot legalization when it was on her state's ballot, but became a convert.
The idea is to try and convert this capital into risk capital to increase startup funding.
Transfer programs also let you convert your perks into rewards like cash back or airline miles.
They have been allowed to convert these into foreign currency, but only at a big loss.
To convert education into better life outcomes, you can't just take your diploma to the bank.
HHS attempts to convert Medicaid to a block grant program, a Holy Grail for many conservatives.
But tears were to follow as she failed to convert her advantage into a medal tilt.
The top compartment pops off to convert it into a hand held for extra tight squeezes.
Convert images to black and white for a "black-tie" feel to document a formal occasion.
The startup plans to convert its JumiaPay and Jumia Logistics capabilities to standalone services across Africa.
Even the contraptions that let you convert your existing desk to a standing option are pricey.
The Slave Bible was used to convert slaves without all that "let my people go" business.
YouTube's desire to convert some of its 1.5bn users into paying customers predates the ad kerfuffle.
Black-market dealers now convert electronic dollars into real ones at a premium of 10-15%.
"He's been a zealous convert to Facebook," said Sebastian Strangio, the author of Hun Sen's Cambodia.
Authorities said the driver was a convert to Islam and had been flagged for jihadist ambitions.
For Mr. Trump, the professed conservative convert, the questions would be about the role of government.
He objected, for example, to the description of his brother as an enthusiastic convert to Islam.
Depending on the situation, it may make sense to convert that IRA to a Roth IRA.
Those with private student loans would be given the option to convert them into federal loans.
Cokers convert residual crude oil into feedstock for motor fuels and petroleum coke, a coal substitute.
It would also deploy data-driven services to help merchants convert more sales leads into business.
The FBI was already investigating Conley, a 254-year-old convert to Islam born in Colorado.
His cellmates are devout Muslims who present no physical threat but are keen to convert him.
The FBI was already investigating Conley, a 19-year-old convert to Islam born in Colorado.
Why that's important: these inner ear hair cells absorb sound and convert it to electrical impulses.
Libraries were burned, mosques and synagogues destroyed, and their worshippers expelled, forced to convert, or killed.
When you do that, like we did a number of times, it's difficult to convert those.
Looking ahead, YouTube has to figure out how to convert more music lovers into paying subscribers.
These behave differently when processed, and so are hard to convert reliably into flour or snacks.
And many of those convert to paid users — the company now has 70 million paid subscribers.
Those people on those shows shouldn't need to convert my viewership into their own self-acceptance.
Many of the universities at the top of our rankings convert bad grades into good jobs.
BART plans to entertain a suggestion to convert the old train cars into much-needed housing.
You can even convert traditional 20 degree edge household knives into high-performance Trizor XV edges.
A break point he failed to convert at the start of the third set unsettled him.
Bondholders can convert those bonds to equity if Tesla's shares hit the strike price of $359.87.
You would pay taxes on any pretax money that you convert to the Roth 401(k).
Should you manage to convert a majority of every other empire's cities, you'll clinch the victory.
The digital subscribers are tiny compared to the market opportunity, but they are beginning to convert.
One great way to do this is to convert a machine to serve as a mount.
You can convert one title at a time or upload your entire collection in one shot.
The Bearcats could not convert on their ensuing possession that spanned 81 yards on 14 plays.
The goal was to convert it into a cultural center while paying tribute to the artist.
But the discovery that the insulin hormone would help convert sugar into energy offered an alternative.
Big, established retailers are unlikely to convert stores to showrooms, at least in the foreseeable future.
By the time I stumbled out of the car eight hours later, I was a convert.
Alkylation units convert low-octane refining byproducts into octane-boosting components that are blended into gasoline.
It's just whether or not we can convert that into success on and off the pitch.
The FCCU uses catalyst under high heat and pressure to convert gas oil into unfinished gasoline.
Crops can also be used to convert carbon dioxide in the air back into breathable oxygen.
When she returned home, Henriette told a family member she was ready to convert to Islam.
Stafford plunged forward 1 yard to convert a fourth-and-goal and tie it at 14.
" Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics "Interpreters and translators convert information from one language into another language.
Why did he decide to convert and how is he living his faith day to day?
Her business background and faith (she's a convert to Orthodox Judaism) also help her conservative cred.
In your experience, is it common for people who convert to have had a difficult time?
They will then convert the time it takes the signals to arrive into a height measurement.
Whoever is responsible for that last ad takes full credit for that consumer's decision to convert.
To do this, you can contribute to a traditional IRA and convert it into a Roth.
Last but not least, MOXIE will convert the carbon dioxide of the Martian atmosphere into oxygen.
When prices fall, Hopper sends out push notifications to convert the app's users to airfare buyers.
The government is also encouraging banks to convert bad debt into equity in their troubled borrowers.
While Congress may not like it, it is very difficult to convert such objections into obstruction.
RHP Garrett Richards seeks to convert performance into victory Monday night when he faces the Royals.
Plus, as a free download, it's able to convert more customers than a paid game would.
The bonds will convert into equity if the issuer or group CET1 ratio falls below 5.125%.
In a direct transaction, buyers simply skip the part where they convert the bitcoin into dollars.
FCCUs use a catalyst under high heat and pressure to convert gas oil into unfinished gasoline.
For 2020, GPA sees the potential to convert some hypermarkets to Assaí wholesale stores, he added.
The body has to convert fructose into glucose or fat in the liver, intestine, and kidney.
Buyers appreciated how easy it is to convert the bed to a couch and back again.
Broadband revenue is likely to increase as subscribers convert to more expensive high-speed internet service.
Otherwise, the public will simply convert digital currencies into cash to avoid paying interest, he said.
To buy any of the other coins, investors had to convert their money to bitcoin first.
Last month the Vatican issued a major document saying Catholics should not try to convert Jews.
This summer, a plan to temporarily convert a warehouse into an emergency shelter in Portland, Ore.
It has also required Turkish exporters to convert the bulk of their overseas revenue into lira.
Now some developers are displacing artists as they convert studio and live-work space into apartments.
It will also convert weight, volume, area, distance and nearly anything else you can think of.
" When the landlord decided to convert the building, Ms. Boyle urged her neighbors: "Let's buy it.
However, you can avoid those income limits if you convert your traditional IRA to a Roth.
The bank said that it will convert its existing subsidiary in Frankfurt into an investment firm.
The report said the trust securities will convert into New York Times shares in three years.
The ovens convert coal into coke, a fuel used in blast furnaces in iron ore smelting.
Even the new plan to convert the building into a police station could take some time.
The earnings report also cited Spotify&aposs increasing ability to convert free users to paid subscribers.
She's working today — and, oh, she's decided to convert from the family's Mormon religion to Judaism.
In Alabama, the white voters Jones did convert have maybe learned something black voters already understood.
Users have to use exchanges to convert their cryptocurrencies via exchanges where prices can fluctuate wildly.
Outside state hospitals, many rehab centers are private clinics that convert themselves hoping for more business.
Eight women and eight children were spared after the militants forced them to convert to Islam.
The resulting nanorobotic clones would then convert all the matter around them into even more copies.
I had to work hard to convert acquaintances, neighbors, and friends of friends into actual friends.
Then the researchers used the Google Translate program to convert the instructions into Spanish and Chinese.
The girls were raped, beaten, and forced to convert to Islam, Amel told Arkady and Otten.
A bump stock is essentially a kit that can convert semiautomatic weapons into fully automatic ones.
The visuals are mostly in-camera, but Bloom also did some color work with Film Convert.
Term-life policies that have the option to convert to permanent insurance also could be contenders.
Eric Holder, Barack Obama's first attorney general, is the latest high-profile convert to the cause.
In 2012, it announced plans to convert a long-dormant theater on the Upper West Side.
This includes riskier perpetual instruments that can convert into the equity of stressed public sector lenders.
It has two-family zoning should a new owner choose to convert it into a duplex.
There are any number of easy, cheap ways to convert the HK416, or most other semiautomatics.
Even Mr. Rahmat, Mr. Tarip's son-in-law, admitted his own wife was an imperfect convert.
Want to summon your inner Berenice Abbott and convert your color photos into artsy monochrome shots?
Volvo has also said it will convert its entire lineup to either electric or hybrid vehicles.
They were released only after they agreed to convert to Islam and to attend religious courses.
It's also a great travel bag, and it can convert into a backpack for easier hauling.
The primary goal of the attack is to convert these traditional pensions into 401(k)s.
On one hand, his elder daughter is a convert to Judaism, married to an observant Jew.
They use the current to power their own chemical reactions, which convert carbon dioxide into methane.
Work then began to convert it into a mixed-use development with homes and community buildings.
Tennessee just executed a deeply repentant Christian convert who had lived an exemplary life in prison.
Rabi'a Keeble, a Muslim convert and graduate of that seminary, founded the Berkeley mosque, Qal'bu Maryam.
She had the pain — his womanizing for starters, though her performances could convert pain to joy.
I came out of the show a proselytizing convert to the music of Linda Catlin Smith.
It was the first time the doctor had seen a hospital convert units on the fly.
Some Israelis there fear that the Christians may have a missionary agenda - seeking to convert them.
They were held to 94 yards and did not convert any of their 12 third downs.
The chain did not share which suburbs will convert traditional locations to Cantinas in the test.
You should also note whether the program is designed to convert classical/biblical or modern Hebrew.
Several Republican-led states are pursuing plans to convert their Medicaid programs into block-grant funding.
Q: Is it more common for members to be born into the church than to convert?
"This is football, we did not convert some of our chances," Serbia coach Mladen Krstajic said.
Vegas pulled Subban with 2:10 remaining but failed to convert on four shots on Bishop.
Earlier this year, she started to convert her catering kitchen into a restaurant on the weekends.
C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.) that would convert ObamaCare spending into block grants for states.
Beaten, forced to convert and forget their native Kurdish, the girls even had their names changed.
You can use the default exporting method in Pages to convert a document to a PDF.
Washington (CNN)No one has been a bigger convert on President Donald Trump than Lindsey Graham.
Russian-Orthodox missionaries fanned out into the wilderness in an effort to convert the native population.
Even my best efforts to convert the most rigid nonbelievers — apparently, they exist — have proved futile.
"It can take anywhere from three to six months to fully convert to vegan," Kimberlain said.
Congress can convert a national monument into a national park, which it has done many times.
But it's not just digital subscribers AT&T is hoping to convert to HBO Max believers.
As a new convert, I quickly came to believe my phone would soon improve my life.
Tax payments generally prompt export-focused companies to convert foreign currency revenues to meet local liabilities.
On your PC or Mac, open the Google Sheets spreadsheet that you want to convert.2.
Yamamoto tracked a long rebound and snapped a one-timer to convert on the power play.
Over time, this could convert the United States and Iran from sworn enemies into mere competitors.
That process is already happening at biofuel plants, which convert cellulose into sugar to make ethanol.
Show the people who showed up at those marches how to convert protest into institutional power.
It could make a convert out of any actress or high-rolling customer, Japanophile or not.
Airbnb has allowed people to illegally convert entire apartment buildings into hotels, further constricting housing supply.
Investors often convert their foreign currency into roubles to purchase OFZ bonds, buttressing the Russian currency.
Diabetes can develop when the body can't properly use insulin to convert blood sugar into energy.

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