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"collaborate" Definitions
  1. [intransitive] to work together with somebody in order to produce or achieve something
  2. [intransitive] collaborate (with somebody) (disapproving) to help the enemy who has taken control of your country during a war
"collaborate" Synonyms
cooperate team up ally associate combine get together link participate band coact concert conjoin interface band together cofunction come together coproduce league join forces join up conspire collude consort connive fraternise(UK) fraternize(US) machinate plot scheme sympathise(UK) sympathize(US) participate in a conspiracy contrive finagle maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) intrigue complot cabal negotiate discuss consult confer talk parley powwow deliberate confabulate debate palaver converse network communicate chat groupthink discourse dialog(US) dialogue(UK) engage join partake abet contribute play undertake share enter practice(US) practise(UK) become involved tackle be associated with embark on launch into occupy oneself take part compromise concede arbitrate conciliate settle bargain deal agree adjust come to terms make a deal make concessions come to an understanding find the middle ground give and take make concession meet halfway play ball liaise connect interact speak contact intercommunicate correspond intermediate pitch in chip in help assist join in aid attack begin commence do help out kick in launch lend a hand muck in subscribe coexist coincide accompany harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) attend concur synchronise(UK) synchronize(US) coevolve cohabit exist live reconcile co-occur exist side-by-side live together live and let live occur simultaneously interrupt intrude interpose interject cut in break in chime in butt in speak up have your say pipe up voice your opinion say what you think put in your two cents worth intervene interfere costar star appear act entertain perform headline feature More

935 Sentences With "collaborate"

How to use collaborate in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "collaborate" and check conjugation/comparative form for "collaborate". Mastering all the usages of "collaborate" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In other words, to really collaborate, the software needs to collaborate, too.
It's not like these people don't collaborate, but the reasons to collaborate have changed.
This is a real opportunity for them to collaborate, and, really, a requirement for them to collaborate.
If you're a female engineer or a female musician, and you want to collaborate with me, I want to collaborate with you.
Cars need to be able to collaborate with drivers, similar to the way that pilots and air traffic controllers collaborate with airplane technology.
So, you must collaborate with the kids, and with every ... They all have to collaborate with each other, there's like 50 kids all working together.
Utilising available technology to collaborate with ease across your team with allow you to be much more productive — the way you collaborate professionally is controlled and optimised.
Just as we collaborate with clients to help them win in the market, we need to collaborate and connect more as an entire community to drive disruptive change.
I'd much rather see having the city collaborate with the vehicles and instrument the city to collaborate with clever vehicles for the benefit of everybody who lives there.
He could find willing Israelis, but no Palestinians would collaborate.
They also want to collaborate and share with one another.
They could collaborate with the state parties and other actors.
Contributors can organize and collaborate in any number of ways.
Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?
"I swore I'd never collaborate with a lover," Mitchell said.
Every sensible incentive pushes the US and China to collaborate.
I'd love to collaborate with Edward Grieg, the Norwegian composer.
We're able to work and dance and collaborate pretty easily.
I collaborate with these are people and they inspire me.
"No matter who we collaborate with, it's unexpected," Reilly said.
Can these two please collaborate on a cook book immediately?
To this day he's my favorite person to collaborate with.
Are there any artists you'd really love to collaborate with?
"I'd love to collaborate with Chance the Rapper," she says.
Who are some other artists you'd like to collaborate with?
People support one another and collaborate to put on shows.
Collaborate, recruit, invest, connect — it all happens in Startup Alley.
On the other hand, people collaborate because they want to.
"Maybe we'll try to collaborate with some colleagues," Pratt suggested.
Hopefully it's not the last time Charli and Cardi collaborate.
Because there's no way for them to share or collaborate.
Roshan is the latest celebrity to collaborate with the group.
Last year, we were lucky enough to collaborate with her.
They also need to know how to collaborate with others.
Still, she's not focused on who she'll collaborate with next.
Knowledge and expertise needed resides in silos that rarely collaborate.
The question is how much Mexico is doing to collaborate.
The idea to collaborate has been a long time coming.
Alibaba plans to collaborate closely with the world of academia.
Over 250 designers submitted ideas to collaborate with the house.
Managers collaborate with more employees, from doctors to statistical analysts.
In 2014, Simons asked Ruby to collaborate on some menswear.
"I don't want to collaborate with them," Ethan Brown said.
It also benefited from Papua New Guinea's willingness to collaborate.
Instead, she hopes she can collaborate with her one day.
I'm always down to collaborate; I'm sick of designing clothes.
Microsoft, for instance, already offers ways for employees to collaborate.
PHIL LEBEAU: Would you like to collaborate on a movie?
There was an almost natural reason and incentive to collaborate.
These spaces provide electronic music artists the chance to collaborate.
Some organizations have found other ways to coordinate and collaborate.
I think it's important that we are able to collaborate.
Anyone alive or dead you would love to collaborate with?
Doctors and researchers work in silos and are disincentivized to collaborate.
Vine went on to open for and collaborate with G-Eazy.
In that respect, it makes sense for the duo to collaborate.
You guys collaborate with a lot of people on Faraway Reach.
Now, Woods has been tapped to collaborate with U.K. label Boohoo.
Not long ago, large deals often required several funds to collaborate.
Municipal police, some of whom collaborate with criminals, are not trusted.
It's also a tool for us to collaborate on boutique projects.
It's been nice to explore that sound with him and collaborate.
The emphasis on project work means pupils collaborate with each other.
Hip-hop artists continue to collaborate at higher rates than peers.
Instead of competing with Khalil, the two of them should collaborate.
So they decided to collaborate to explore the precise biomechanics further.
We still work together and collaborate a lot and we're friends.
Use today's energy productive by finding solid people to collaborate with.
"I would pick Paul Thomas Anderson to collaborate with," he says.
They are teaming up with Samsung to collaborate in Africa. Crowdprocess
How can we deliver greater customer experiences and collaborate more effectively?
Collaborate is currently available to customers of Issuu's Optimum subscription plan.
This doesn't mean there are not areas where we can collaborate.
As many people as you want can collaborate on the space.
Collaborate with a partner on creative pursuits on or near Wednesday.
One where people can openly ask questions, get feedback, and collaborate.
It may turn out that they did later collaborate more fruitfully.
Team 210 members collaborate and even all live together with Paul.
During this shutdown, we can also find ways to collaborate again.
Some employees have criticized its decision to collaborate with Chinese authorities.
These countries are economic competitors yet the world continues to collaborate.
Google Docs allows you to easily collaborate with people on projects.
But I think for this EP, I'm going to collaborate more.
We all have the duty to collaborate to clarify this situation.
But, we all know how hard it is to truly collaborate.
Cuban scientists have been extremely eager to collaborate with American groups.
How do you collaborate with your wife in the review process?
Whenever you two collaborate it's almost as if it's effortless magic.
No two teams could collaborate to produce this much stupidity...right?
They will also collaborate on short-term rentals for Lyft drivers.
Many ranchers were reluctant to collaborate in a study about wolves.
Jamie loves the idea and suggests Phil collaborate with Jay-Z.
Over the subsequent operas, these characters fight and collaborate, by turns.
Then, in 21, came the opportunity to collaborate with his estate.
If we collaborate, if we share information, it can be useful.
Governments often do not share information or effectively collaborate across borders.
She created jewelry for Mr. Dolan's show; they did not collaborate.
They basically enable employees to communicate, collaborate, and automate routine tasks.
The companies also said they would collaborate on developing electric vehicles.
It made perfect sense to collaborate on this collection with you.
Often, we collaborate to build shared environments we can enjoy together.
Any women directors you'd like to collaborate with in the future?
" Soon after, she asked him to collaborate on "A Love Supreme.
The team will collaborate with local law enforcement and first responders.
Anything less is to collaborate in the destruction of a country.
The two companies already collaborate in the U.S. and Asia Pacific.
The official also said Verma had failed to collaborate with Azar.
The exchange plans to collaborate with foreign futures exchanges, he added.
We decided to collaborate on themeless puzzles about a year ago.
Holder will collaborate with with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Douglas Blackmon.
It's used by engineers to collaborate on projects and track bugs.
Do you have a secret language with everyone you collaborate with?
UPDATE: John Mayer took to Twitter to clarify that he did not design these new jewelry pieces and did not collaborate on them, writing: I didn't design a jewelry line, and I didn't collaborate on one.
And whenever they collaborate, they pretty much shut down the Billboard charts.
A place where people could learn, create and share art, experiment, collaborate.
Consider how you will collaborate with companies along these different time horizons.
"PartySlate and I collaborate on events and editorial ideas," she told us.
If you could collaborate with any other brand, who would it be?
" But he closed with gratitude: "Thank you for inviting us to collaborate.
Push For Pizza saw potential in Gregory's dream and agreed to collaborate.
Mr. Sánchez's office issued a statement saying the two countries would collaborate.
The Value Voting platform helps independent advocacy groups share data and collaborate.
"I love to collaborate and I love to co-write," she explained.
And better yet, people can collaborate to solve the problem without you.
Breaking big has afforded Price the opportunity to collaborate with her idols.
When you get to collaborate with people like Ed Sheeran, it's great.
It integrates with existing ERP solutions and makes it easier to collaborate.
I think the way toward resilience is to collaborate with the elements.
If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who'd it be?
After all, they also need to collaborate, be audited and so on.
So, maybe next time, King can collaborate with HoHH creator Mike Flanagan?
Can't we just get them to collaborate and call it a day?
But authorities in different countries do not collaborate enough against the traffickers.
The e-commerce giant will finally let us collaborate on wish lists!
"It's really neat to be able to collaborate across continents," he said.
Schools, unfortunately, have not shown themselves to be highly willing to collaborate.
And they've turned to a new tool — Slack — to help them collaborate.
The companies currently collaborate on battery cell production for cars and homes.
This was a feature that allowed users to collaborate on link collections.
Facebook also plans to hold 360 community meetups so creators can collaborate.
Gursky: What was your initial reaction when I asked you to collaborate?
They don't have time collaborate with the business and focus on innovation.
Leading up the event, the pair expressed their excitement to collaborate onstage.
Screencap via Ever wonder what it's like to collaborate on a comic?
The companies will collaborate across businesses within the Alibaba group, including Ele.
The catalog explains how Halpert badgered other dealers to collaborate with her.
Folk lets you manage your contacts more efficiently and collaborate with teammates.
Plus, its analysts collaborate with counterparts in the department's other research agencies.
"We just collaborate on anything he asks me to," Mr. Linnetz said.
He was the first artist to collaborate with the streetwear brand Supreme.
We need to see them in action to feel safe to collaborate.
Users can reportedly collaborate and create groups to share and edit photos.
Have you ever thought to collaborate with her for a SWMRS song?
"Robots are the natural way for multiple people to collaborate," Gupta says.
We need to break research out of these silos and truly collaborate.
Directors always collaborate with their subjects, and those videos are no different.
Slack and Google Docs allow teams to collaborate remotely in real time.
MoMA PS133 invited the collective to collaborate on an event next spring.
Once they got in touch, they decided to collaborate on the project.
We have radically different styles, though complementary, so we like to collaborate.
I asked her if she would be willing to collaborate with me.
That might explain why Belichick respects and trusts him enough to collaborate.
Individual sensors can collaborate with their fellows to establish a wireless network.
The people who reluctantly collaborate with Trump make a different error: economism.
Most of the people who I collaborate with rise to that occasion.
So how do you collaborate with younger, less experienced people on "S.N.L."?
Employees are encouraged to collaborate and peer in on each other's work.
And when you have trust, there's room to grow and collaborate together.
"He thought that to collaborate was to be protected," Mr. Geisser added.
We're seeing businesses mobilize and collaborate on climate action like never before.
Every afternoon, the space is reserved for instructors to collaborate and experiment.
Outside of Instagram, I collaborate with musicians making instrumental, ambient, experimental music.
They often collaborate on posters, flyers, and handouts for the group's events.
"Human workers will continue to interact and collaborate with robots," he added.
Is there a way down the road to collaborate and work together?
Offer to get coffee, offer to help them with a challenge, collaborate.
The German company on Friday said it would collaborate with the investigation.
I'd like to collaborate with the right people to pull it off.
The two had met years before and had been itching to collaborate.
Over the next 212 years, they would collaborate on 22014 more films.
And we were hanging out backstage and they said we should collaborate.
Commercial DNA testing companies like 2538&Me also sometimes collaborate on GWAS research.
Increasingly, the success of businesses hinges on their ability to communicate and collaborate.
I hope I get to collaborate with her for a long, long time.
The option set for corporations to collaborate with startups used to be simpler.
"Britney recently said she wants to collaborate with you," a reporter told Timberlake.
Authoritarian leaders were needed to force people to collaborate for the common good.
It was lovely to collaborate with a brand that is confident and feminine.
"I think it would be easy to collaborate with him again," she revealed.
So, I'm honored to collaborate with Lil Nas X on 'Old Town Road.
I am basically interested in anything Han Tani and Joni Kittaka collaborate on.
BandLab is a cloud platform where musicians and fans collaborate to create music.
When two nations or companies meet, they must collaborate to achieve shared success.
Supernova Cloud is free enabling you to collaborate, comment and share app designs.
But I have at least four people I would love to collaborate with.
There are now 2,500 companies using Front to manage shared inboxes and collaborate.
"Diversity is our party's strength, and our organizations are stronger when we collaborate."
She even hopes to see talent from all parts of the world collaborate.
I try to stay flexible, work within my limitations, and collaborate when needed.
Why did you want to collaborate with H&M on your first gown?
T) and R-Pharm sign memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate - Fujifilm (4901.
This means that co-workers can collaborate on a document in real-time.
Then, other kids can be inspired and maybe they can all collaborate together.
Spacebridge's purpose is to create an immersive studio for teammates to collaborate within.
And you can collaborate on your designs with your team in real time.
They all plan to collaborate and share their different approaches at the Biohub.
You also need to collaborate with a team on all that incoming information.
How important was it for you to collaborate with a size-inclusive brand?
Or at least deny your petty disposition enough to collaborate on a song.
She's also hoping to collaborate with human designers for their new runway collections.
Encourage teams to collaborate on some goals to foster a sense of interdependence.
Savannah and I collaborate on this as a group but it's Savannah's line.
I just like it when artists can collaborate in any kind of way!
It's also exploring opportunities to collaborate with Priceline as part of the investment.
Barack Obama supporters will continue to use the tools to collaborate and interact.
Possessing the ability to collaborate and a penchant for teamwork is also key.
For example, Justice Roberts and Justice Alito generally collaborate more frequently than others.
People have no option but to get their work done and collaborate virtually.
The Pentagon has stressed that Mattis believes he and Bolton can collaborate effectively.
Shares in McDonald's Japan, which will collaborate on the game, rose 7 percent.
Under the agreement, the companies may also collaborate on additional cancer vaccine programs.
Considering these are high-level projects, we'll collaborate using a single physical binder.
We're disillusioned that women are in conflict, because we assume they'll always collaborate.
Brandlhuber doesn't just collaborate with artists: He literally has an artist in residence.
You need a localized approach if you want to break through. Localize. Collaborate.
Salespeople have tools that help you and the salesperson that lets you collaborate.
Did you all work and collaborate remotely from each other for this album?
It was an affirmation of inclusion and willingness to collaborate despite our differences.
Take a look at the co-bots and assembly workers collaborate in action.
NBC and Euronews will collaborate and co-brand their digital products and coverage.
The Tudisco brothers collaborate on some projects and are inspired by everyday objects.
We used Zoom night and day to collaborate with colleagues from 29 countries.
It will make it even harder for other parties to collaborate with them.
That was where Parley became hugely important to collaborate with on this project.
" Margaret said: "I think as women, and as mothers, we're wired to collaborate.
Things where people could collaborate together, where I guess it'd be very unstructured.
Waymo and Lyft have discussed ways to collaborate on autonomous vehicles for years.
The statement did not detail how the countries would collaborate on police matters.
We were thinking we could collaborate with some sort of artificial intelligence department.
Vignelli's office in the next room, so the couple could collaborate more easily.
Rather, she saw it as a place for artists to gather and collaborate.
Instead, they carefully guided them to collaborate and solve the problem at hand.
All claim to be battling the Islamic State but have refused to collaborate.
This makes it challenging for the local government to collaborate on citywide initiatives.
Scrum is a teamwork method for software teams to collaborate and work together.
It is unusual for so many of them to collaborate in this manner.
Last year, Fairouz asked him to collaborate on an opera about Benazir Bhutto.
When he met Mr. Shabalala in Johannesburg, Mr. Simon invited him to collaborate.
When he met Mr. Shabalala in Johannesburg, Mr. Simon invited him to collaborate.
Co-founder and partner, Lévy Gorvy Sometimes we compete, and sometimes we collaborate.
You have sex appeal and creative agency, and can collaborate well with others.
He moved to New York in February, expressly to collaborate on the project.
Alta and Harley will collaborate on electric motorcycle technology and new product development.
In short, organizations need to check their egos at the door and collaborate.
Rolex would not collaborate, and none of the owners wanted to be identified.
It wants to collaborate on new approaches to logistics, service and digital retailing.
"Any potential opportunities to collaborate with Tyme would be evaluated accordingly," Sanlam said.
Luxury houses frequently ask for artist recommendations with which to collaborate on a show.
Students will also be able to collaborate inside the apps and create group projects.
They collaborate with colleagues to make an educated guess based on the available data.
DioGuardi sent her to Nashville on a mission to collaborate with a songwriting colleague.
" He added, "So hopefully one day we'll get together and collaborate on certain things.
GitHub is a place where developers collaborate on, explore and access open-source projects.
"High-profile issues," said Huder, "are more difficult" for the parties to collaborate on.
Sonic also has plans to collaborate with Cinnabon for Cinnabon Cinnasnacks à La Mode.
He did say that said the US and Japan would collaborate on space missions.
Some architects want to do everything themselves, but we prefer to collaborate other disciplines.
In reality, companies collaborate daily and most shipments spend time on other carriers trucks.
"Using blockchain is a very efficient way to make people collaborate better," argues Verdon.
So when the idea came up to collaborate, I thought 'yes, this would work.
" Bank of America initiated Zoom and said the company "changes the way people collaborate.
And it's no surprise that Hilfiger chose to collaborate with model of the moment.
The companies will collaborate across businesses within the Alibaba group, including delivery platform Ele.
Dr Westra and Dr van Houte have shown that, in essence, such phages collaborate.
There may be more areas the two sides can collaborate on in the future.
When he did collaborate with UK artists, the artists he chose were always unexpected.
Politicians can collaborate and do deals, but lawyers refer to first-principles legal scriptures.
But as a new artist, I like to collaborate and learn from the greats.
We just said, hey, people, they want to be able to share and collaborate.
The app lets teams collaborate remotely, automatically uploading the final project to the cloud.
But does that really matter when we can finally collaborate on contributing to capitalism?
She also was also super down to collaborate which was a lot of fun.
Other theater companies have seen this attendance resurgence and have approached MoviePass to collaborate.
There seems like there's a movement to collaborate, combine different elements from different periods.
We're told she was simply brought on to collaborate and help choose a design.
Consider how vendors deliver invoicing, how employees collaborate and how development processes are executed.
"We sincerely hope we can collaborate in the near future," Price and Goodwin wrote.
The brothers also frequently collaborate on musical projects because they are clearly cool brothers.
How did the two of you meet and what led you to collaborate together?
AX * Collaborate Corporation Ltd - CL8 signs agreement with AON to launch mobilise platform-CL8.
"The idea is to find some way to collaborate in the future," Dua explained.
Some of them, I'll collaborate with, like you, on various things in the future.
Thankfully he was down to collaborate and brought in a lot of great ideas.
Now the pair collaborate on methods which will help pinpoint both crooks and critters.
IBM's Watson will collaborate with festival-goers to compose DJ sets of their own.
Father and daughter plan to collaborate on a book about the difficulties of aging.
Schools were poised to voluntarily collaborate with the program to roll out the courses.
The result, Splice, launched in 2014, allowing users to upload and collaborate on projects.
There were lots of areas for us to collaborate on that were very clear.
When he asked me to collaborate with him I didn't have to think twice.
Slack is a platform where employees can send messages, collaborate, organize and share files.
Our executive team has already reached out to Facebook to explore ways to collaborate.
Kygo is clearly not afraid to collaborate with performers outside of the EDM world.
To the contrary, Tillerson reportedly wants to collaborate on new cybersecurity strategies with Russia.
Choosing how much of their finances that they want to delegate vs collaborate on.
"When Brennan and I decided to collaborate on it, I was thrilled," she says.
HMD and Zeiss also signed an exclusive partnership to collaborate on smartphones in 2017.
If you were going to collaborate on something together, how you would approach that?
Now, the two parties will have to figure out how to collaborate on that.
Founded in 2013, GoHealth's model is to collaborate with health systems in each geography.
The filmmaker Ido Haar watches what happens when the two collaborate in Tel Aviv.
Those with the collaborate link will be able to add videos to the playlist. 
But, according to Waheed, an area that all countries could collaborate on is security.
Even Russia, an increasingly adversarial partner, continues to collaborate with the US in orbit.
" Abbott's spokeswoman said, "We continue to collaborate with St. Jude to advance the transaction.
Slack launched in San Francisco in 2013 to help companies and employees better collaborate.
We can collaborate on targeting the opioid epidemic, defense funding and infrastructure, he wrote.
Can you give me an example of how I would collaborate with my manager?
But fear not, because Batmanglij promises he'll continue to collaborate with the band. pic.twitter.
It's sounding more likely that Tesla and Mercedes-Benz could be ready to collaborate.
He was always on our list of who do you want to collaborate with.
Lactalis' spokesman Michel Nalet said the group was ready to collaborate with judicial authorities.
Though she's long wanted collaborate with the choreographer, West wasn't comfortable with performing herself.
Is there anyone you've not been able to collaborate with that you'd like to?
The students were then encouraged to form groups and collaborate on a group poem.
Ms. Lang likes to collaborate closely with visual artists — their vision stimulates her imagination.
Microsoft failed to address their collaboration needs, so millennials don't use Word to collaborate.
You've also had an artist collaborate with a scientist working at the Science Center.
The Styles, Culture, video and photography departments all collaborate to complete a full report.
It felt like a missed opportunity for MoMA PS1 to share space and collaborate.
Pétain later fervently sought to collaborate with them, a fact Mr. Le Pen elides.
On Wednesday, the public is invited to collaborate with the artist to make copies.
The Spanish production company MediaPro continues to collaborate with Allen on his newest film.
"It feels so safe to collaborate on our idea of what's sexy," she said.
Republicans joined Democrats in condemning his willingness to collaborate with a hostile foreign power.
So when RZA heard about ChessPark, he was eager to collaborate with Zisk's company.
"When it comes to safety, we truly do collaborate as an industry," she said.
It would incentivize firms to spend money and collaborate on developing a coronavirus cure.
Box offers online file storage that allows workers to share and collaborate on documents.
Be patient with the virtual process and encourage them to collaborate with others early.
You collaborate out here, and when you're in a room, you're focused on something.
Our ability to collaborate in social groups is one of our strongest competitive advantages.
The mere presence of managers, it seems, even notional ones, encouraged workers to collaborate.
I'll reach out to them and be like, would love to collaborate with you.
Baidu (BIDU) will collaborate with automaker BMW to develop autonomous driving technology in China.
Canva pro allows you to invite unlimited team members to collaborate on your designs.
The leaders will also explore other ways they can collaborate to fight climate change.
It also has features for employees to have discussions, make comments, collaborate, and chat.
Visitors to "Inside Art" can make their own work and collaborate with other artists.
So Merce decided to do video, and he invited me to collaborate with him.
I like people that I collaborate with to work as hard as I am.
Artists have invited him to collaborate, and then removed him from songs, he said.
Where when you collaborate or substantiate information that way, it's tough to negate that.
Do you have a community of Filipinas you can turn to and collaborate with?
They had opportunities to collaborate, plan lessons with colleagues and do their own making.
The mere presence of managers, it seems, even notional ones, encouraged workers to collaborate.
To be successful in business, and in life, you need to connect and collaborate.
A coalition of seven law firms has been set up to collaborate on them.
In the end, the choreographers decided to collaborate on an evening featuring all four.
Unsurprisingly, therefore, they do not spur regional allies to collaborate with the United States.
Walmart (WMT) will collaborate with comedian Ellen DeGeneres on a new women's fashion line.
But they can collaborate with those groups to become part of the distribution network.
The minority leader encouraged Trump to collaborate with Democrats to rewrite the tax code.
The consultancy also said that mobile carriers and other partners needed to collaborate more.
Solar manufacturers might collaborate with those working on innovative deployment models, and so on.
Imagine how we could use virtual reality to collaborate with our co-workers remotely.
Cook also mentioned that he sees opportunities for both companies to collaborate in the future.
We have found it's very helpful if we collaborate and try to act as partners.
UPS and transportation energy company Unique Electric Solutions (UES) LLC will collaborate on the project.
The collaboration made Kid one of the the first musicians to collaborate with artificial intelligence.
"Thank you so much @boyceavenue for asking me to collaborate with you guys," she wrote.
The two have known each other since school and decided to collaborate on the project.
It is our top priority to collaborate with Glovers to constantly improve the platform's experience.
I need it to write stories, edit photos, and collaborate with the team back home.
Connecteam is a mobile engagement hub that allows teams to collaborate, communicate and run operations.
What's your favorite way to collaborate with hairstylists/makeup artists on a red carpet look?
Do we continue to collaborate with a harmful system, or choose a new victory condition?
Maybe, if all goes well, to even find people to collaborate with in the future.
Regardless of whether they'll collaborate again, both men are enjoying success in their respective careers.
We don't want to go into financial partnership, so for us, it's essential to [collaborate].
In a press release, the two companies say they will collaborate on design and services.
The armed forces will collaborate with public security and environmental protection agencies, the decree says.
"They come in the best disposition to keep walking, collaborate, support, and contribute," Garibo said.
Plus, you can invite family members to collaborate on albums, for a more social experience.
"When two nations or companies meet, they must collaborate to achieve shared success," Ren said.
Reichert often culls Instagram for inspiration and to find models and photographers to collaborate with.
The community gathers around them, trying to one-up each other and collaborate with friends.
It can also help parents collaborate with schools and teachers to create individual education plans.
Do we want intelligence services to actively collaborate with Facebook in sniffing out those campaigns?
If you want to collaborate with people, you've got to give respect to those people.
They can also collaborate with others in real-time or share their work with friends.
Asana's web-based software helps teams collaborate on projects and track and manage their work.
Rose did not collaborate with Kendall or Kylie Jenner on their Coachella wardrobes this year.
Separately, Tesla and Panasonic are teaming up to collaborate on the manufacture of PV cells.
Though Charlie Brooker writes most Black Mirror episodes solo, he has been known to collaborate.
And she had so many great, specific ideas, so we would just kind of collaborate.
By means of this dashboard, volunteers were able to collaborate, have meetings, and organize events.
"It was effortless to collaborate with her because she's a close friend," Delevingne told us.
Boards can also be shared so groups can collaborate and view updates across a project.
What we can't do is just collaborate, and assume it will have a happy ending.
It makes sense that O'Neal would want to collaborate with a well-known coffee brand.
And Rose did not collaborate with Kendall or Kylie on their Coachella wardrobes this year.
The two would sometimes collaborate on projects, including a cartoon called Sports Friends for Yahoo.
Teams can collaborate to send reminders and make sure everyone is on the same page.
Solutions like these enable both parties to collaborate and give brands a unified omnichannel strategy.
Its architecture encodes our values; its usage affirms our freedom to collaborate, share, and create.
It features real time communication and collaboration tools, letting users collaborate and share files easily.
It features real-time communication and collaboration tools, letting users collaborate and share files easily.
What made you want to collaborate with Beats and how did the partnership come about?
Some come to work on their own projects; others come to collaborate or attend workshops.
You'd get an opportunity to collaborate, commit, learn, understand each other, and then work together.
Also, we are going to collaborate with other countries to realize a hydrogen-based society.
Mexican military and intelligence services are more willing than ever to collaborate with U.S. counterparts.
About two years ago, Zaninovic began Googling to find an AI expert to collaborate with.
Use the moments of the past to be creative; use them to connect, collaborate, communicate.
Physicians don't have to code, but they do need to collaborate with those who do.
"We're excited about having a partner that wanted to collaborate and innovate together," he said.
The blockchain could provide a way for these companies to collaborate in a trusted environment.
The screens were huge with interactive surfaces designed for multiple people to collaborate and use.
For example, Hydric Media worked with Spotify on its efforts to collaborate with other brands.
It certainly wasn't music, as the services made no effort to collaborate with one another.
But there's something else they can do, together, which no satellite can do alone: collaborate.
Weird things happen whenever we collaborate with the Rick and Morty people [and] Justin Roiland.
And our customers essentially use it to sort of move away from email and collaborate.
Technology is how we do things, and political institutions are how we collaborate at scale.
"Diverse campuses play an integral part in how our students collaborate and thrive," she said.
CAP also said it will collaborate in the investigation into the cause of the spill.
Larger research schools also often collaborate with government agencies which can produce nationally sensitive data.
Or if I'm asked to collaborate with another artist or designer that I truly admire.
These agencies collaborate with private foundations across the country to bring artistic endeavors to life.
Sending a message is an opportunity to collaborate and build our identity as a species.
Season two features one memorable hour where the characters collaborate on a magical bank heist.
As a standalone product, it enables teams to collaborate around a rich set of documents.
ROSLYN HARBOR "Neiman Marcus Family Sundays at the Museum," families can collaborate and create together.
AQUARIUS: Your family life, your financial life and your profound spirituality will all collaborate beautifully.
It said it was ready to collaborate with the local authorities on establishing clearer regulation.
We are a small community, and it's important that we collaborate and stay in touch.
"Show us how you collaborate, because that learning and that building happens with other people."
How can North American policymakers and industry collaborate to safeguard traditional businesses without hindering innovation?
Instead, the reflex is to make a pact with the vandals, to collaborate with them.
The two reportedly discussed plans on how Turkish firms could collaborate with SpaceX and Tesla.
Today, the genre's stars collaborate with high-fashion houses or create their own clothing lines.
In part, that's because many tech companies appear unwilling to collaborate with the U.S. military.
The company did not collaborate with Huckabee when he launched Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.
The Allens collaborate with shelters, animal control groups and veterinarians to bring in the dogs.
There are some glimmers of good news, of ways people can collaborate across party lines.
The folk singer and actor Leon Bibb was there, too, and they decided to collaborate.
Then, Mr. Chavez decided to collaborate with Enron right before the energy company went bust.
Trump ripped into Nike and Kaepernick for their decision to collaborate on an ad campaign.
It's very doable and you can collaborate efficiently, but you have to have the mindset.
"All the features are to help teams collaborate and be efficient on mobile," Loi said.
You have to make friends with the world in order to really collaborate with them.
When a Senate seat opens up, you collaborate with state Democrats and win it easily.
How important is star power in terms of the artists you want to collaborate with?
"It's always exciting to collaborate with creatives who wear J.W.Anderson," he said in a statement.
It says to other countries that they are fools to trust or collaborate with us.
But when students write papers in groups — when they collaborate — 78 percent use Google Docs.
Other areas of science have seen great advances due to adopting a more collaborate atmosphere.
The two hooked up once they heard Cold Sun and immediately asked Vivian to collaborate.
I wanted to hear all about the process and perhaps find an opportunity to collaborate.
How do you decide what artists you invite to join the label or collaborate with?
The marriage ended in divorce two years later, but the two later continued to collaborate.
We're really about celebrating the community in L.A. and bringing great artists to collaborate with.
Mars connects with taskmaster Saturn, helping you collaborate with others to get your shit done.
And systems that collaborate with and hire those missing from the table — are even better.
The software also helps teams of legal professionals work together and collaborate around this evidence.
I like to be friends with women, collaborate with women, date women, and kiss women.
WOOD We don't really collaborate, but we both include each other's work in our work.
You need to discuss what is appropriate for your child and collaborate in rearing her.
It's an ideal situation for ISIS and affiliates to collaborate with regional groups, they added.
"We're not interested in the traditional way that fashion brands collaborate with musicians," said Clemens.
The SSL 2+ has extra options for those looking to collaborate or connect extra gear.
Falling in love is portrayed as a creative process in which the two women collaborate.
Nothing is more destructive for a team than a leader who is unwilling to collaborate.
But the key to success for many leaders is how well their teams can collaborate.
"I would love to collaborate with you on a zine," you say to someone, somewhere.
Some actors asked questions and wanted to collaborate; others wanted him to do his thing.
And many were forced to collaborate through blackmail or threats against members of their family.
It's such a blessing when you're able to collaborate with people that have that mindset.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with A+E Networks on this important project.
We're here to collaborate: Our work will be free for other news organizations to use.
"You have to collaborate more," said Michael Ford, Microsoft's general manager of global real estate.
These spaces also co-sponsor each other, share resources, promote one another, partner, and collaborate.
Instead of recreating how Bruce made the music, we're trying to collaborate with his ghost.
They invite us to collaborate in another endeavor, the avoidance of a sense of shame.
And Cynthia Nixon's campaign recently reached out to us to collaborate on merch for her.
I wanted to meet other people, collaborate internationally and play for audiences that could take it.
Finally, because this is how the story should end: Rogers and Grande collaborate on a song.
Last year, the company launched a book editor that tracks changes to collaborate with your partners.
Students will be encouraged to collaborate and create startups to sell apps on the App Store.
Madonna and Maluma met at the 2018 MTV VMAs last summer and connected to collaborate afterward.
Empowering the laity to collaborate as equal partners in parish management is also an encouraging trend.
But would the costars-turned-couple ever want to collaborate on-screen again in the future?
Dan Piepenbring, the writer Prince had handpicked to collaborate on the project, will write the introduction.
If there was some way I could clone myself, I'd be fucking amazing to collaborate with.
Learning more about yourself can help you learn how you best work and collaborate with others.
The idea here is to ensure that the community can actually collaborate in the design process.
In the complex cells of humans and other organisms, two different genomes collaborate to sustain life.
"We will not be complacent, we still want to openly collaborate with the world," he said.
The Jamboard makes it easier and more fun to collaborate with multiple teams on digital projects.
Actors refused to perform, set designers put down their sketchpads, directors turned down invitations to collaborate.
Microsoft showed off the ability to have multiple people collaborate around a single hologram, for example.
In glioblastoma, a cancer of the brain, three proteins collaborate to start and maintain the cancer.
For the season's third production, New York Theater Workshop will collaborate with New York's WP Theater.
That might make it difficult for some of the startups to collaborate with traditional meat companies.
Toyota also said it planned to collaborate with Uber on other technology products and research efforts.
So many people contributed scenes to suggestions on who to collaborate with musically for the film.
Could you give some specific examples of how you communicate with fans or collaborate with them?
House of Vans and fabric will collaborate on a photography exhibition on October 22 and 23.
It's a simple, reliable tool designed to help teams of creative professionals share and collaborate effortlessly.
Now, the pair is set to collaborate on one of KKW Beauty's most exciting launches yet.
Users can also share those photos with others, collaborate on albums, and leave notes as comments.
I often don't know what I want, only that I want another tattoo, so we collaborate.
Getting swarms to collaborate, avoid collisions and cope with the odd failure is no mean feat.
In a 103 study, executives said that profitability increases when workers are persuaded to collaborate more.
Market networks enable multiple buyers and suppliers to interact, collaborate, and transact on the same platform.
After I saw it, I waited an hour backstage and asked Cyrus to collaborate with me.
Victory requires private sector businesses to cooperate and collaborate toward the common goal of vanquishing trolls.
Coming up with ideas, sending them to people and instructing everyone to drop everything and collaborate.
If the USDA will be regulating lab meat, it should at least collaborate with the FDA.
Teams have to collaborate and share their ideas to help a story reach its full potential.
Eventually, Workwell wants to collaborate with real estate developers to integrate its app from day one.
Oh, boy — just when you thought Le Creuset couldn't get any cuter, they collaborate with Disney.
On the contrary, there may be an opportunity for the companies to collaborate in some way.
NASA still plans to collaborate with other space programs on human spaceflight when the station ends.
The two went on to collaborate extensively, up through B's 2011 album I'm Gay (I'm Happy).
If swarms of small robots can be made to collaborate autonomously, someone, somewhere will do it.
Black Panther director Ryan Coogler and his go-to star Michael B. Jordan will collaborate again!
This new "identitarian" right sprawls across borders; activists from Scandinavia, Italy, Germany and America often collaborate.
Qualcomm – Qualcomm and China's Tencent Holdings struck an agreement to collaborate on 5G and gaming devices.
Yong said she assesses an individual's desire to both innovate and collaborate when approving new members.
However, some analysts were skeptical about how easy it would be for the rivals to collaborate.
Hannah Hart is not doing a series, but she did collaborate with Banks on a video.
To embellish the building's interior, he will collaborate with well-known Ghanaian and other African artists.
Its bosses have resisted the modern management fad for making their underlings collaborate incessantly (see Schumpeter).
The former Disney star said the two crossed paths a few times, before deciding they'd collaborate.
Trump predicted Monday that Democrats will ultimately collaborate with Republicans on healthcare once ObamaCare starts failing.
It speaks to his future aspirations, which are to collaborate, to have the best idea win.
In short, open source provides a way for companies to collaborate on technology that's mutually beneficial.
It's intended to help people "ideate and collaborate better," according to Microsoft's demo maestro Bryan Roper.
In his presentation Huang announced that Nvidia and Toyota would collaborate in the autonomous driving market.
You can further customize those automated albums with captions and collaborate with other Google Photo users.
You can't cut off these places where people can connect, collaborate, and share something new together.
So why have artists continued to collaborate with Kelly, despite years of shocking allegations against him?
Denver's unique mix of charters and district schools showcase how students benefit when both sides collaborate.
Separately, Kuna is looking to collaborate with local police departments and communities to help stop crime.
Soon it will be easier for people without Google accounts to collaborate on G Suite documents.
Musicians from Connan Mockasin to Blood Orange's Dev Hynes are lining up to collaborate with her.
The Creators Project: Masakuza, you're in Tokyo and Reuben's in Sydney – how did you guys collaborate?
Lo gushed, thinking of that one time she…Collaborate and stand out at the same time.
It's allowed the group to collaborate with many types of artists, like the queen herself Beyonce.
That he wanted to collaborate with some of the best producers of his era like Bink!
"If we can collaborate to get more people to embrace open banking, everyone wins," he adds.
The revelation that trees can, and do, collaborate might change the forestry industry for the better.
They would collaborate with institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley through its RISE Lab.
This way, you can collaborate on the same catalog of products and reuse this information everywhere.
Again, we have a different theme for every edition, and we collaborate with people from everywhere.
So it was really hard for us to even know each other, or collaborate, or network.
The second now-$99 option lets you collaborate with a Havenly designer to start from scratch.
Jiang also said the exchange planned to collaborate with foreign futures exchanges, but did not elaborate.
They found that they had common ideas about curation and decided to collaborate on a show.
Which makes Kaspersky's claims that they don't collaborate with Russian intelligence a little hard to believe.
Google encouraged employees to play and collaborate, which it said helped with team-building and cooperation.
Fallon is not the first celeb to collaborate with the mega-corporation behind a smart assistant.
In between the two meeting-free times are when engineering teams on both coasts can collaborate.
CKP will collaborate with CKI and PAH in the management and operation of the acquired business.
Incredibly organized, self-motivated, resourceful, and able to collaborate with other writers on the content team.
They had planned to collaborate on one Scion hotel and up to three American Idea hotels.
"We collaborate with other agencies," says John Stewart, unit chief of the FBI's Hazardous Devices School.
I've ordered the executive to collaborate with whatever is necessary to guarantee the investigation is efficient.
"There is joint jurisdiction among the committees, and we will have to collaborate," she told me.
Los Angeles is also a leading member of groups to help officials collaborate on climate policies.
Does everyone in Minor Victories collaborate with James Lockey to produce the visuals for the video?
I've been really lucky in my career to collaborate with some of the best musicians around.
So, making sure that the team can collaborate and making sure that everybody's super customer-obsessed.
The companies will collaborate in ways that steer clear of antitrust risk, the business daily reported.
Having an area where students can collaborate is a significant factor to an efficient school environment.
The two teams will also collaborate to develop girls' and women's hockey programs throughout the area.
Similarly, Google has G Suite, which can help companies collaborate and get more work done remotely.
I collaborate on the press releases and the catalog and visit the artists in their studios.
Barcelona is home to several schools of architecture, and they frequently collaborate on projects and exhibitions.
Some brands, like Fair Indigo and Raven + Lily, might choose to collaborate with worker-owned cooperatives.
Despite their collective billing, they didn't collaborate often; rather, they shared a fondness for the unexpected.
"If countries don't collaborate to get a handle on this stuff, they're really gonna beat us."
The UNFPA and U.S.A.I.D. continue to collaborate in countries where they both work on family planning.
Mr. Zemsky said the councils collaborate with local groups who reflect the diversity of their regions.
Foldit is a game where players compete and collaborate to build the proteins and amino acids.
Often, podcasts will swap episodes, collaborate on special features or sponsor ads on each others' shows.
Then, in an unexpected twist of events, Enlight officials contacted Saravia to collaborate on Aug. 29.
Having Virtue and Vice under the same roof could make it easier for them to collaborate.
He went as far as to suggest that U.S. officials collaborate with Russian officials on cybersecurity.
AM2R was mostly a solo project, though he did collaborate with others as time went on.
Or, to put it in simpler terms, we are making it easier to align and collaborate.
Over time, we think there will be more and more ways for our firms to collaborate.
Police officers will test the products and collaborate with manufacturers to improve the technology over time.
Real social-media editors collaborate with teammates more than Kat Edison does on "The Bold Type."
He is about to travel to Tokyo to collaborate with Kawakubo on a new T-shirt.
Mr. Moran will also collaborate on a performance with the poets Elizabeth Alexander and Yusef Komunyakaa.
Collaborative leaders don't just collaborate, but they make sure others receive recognition for their hard work.
He likes to learn and he likes to collaborate and he&aposs very good at it.
It would be easy to be the big-shot and only collaborate with similarly established musicians.
"We are very capable, we can collaborate on 6G to do even better work," he said.
When people can trust their digital platforms, these platforms can help us connect, collaborate, and converse.
There is no mass panacea, but there are local answers if we collaborate to find them.
We needed to collaborate and swap assets and we had to be notified when things progressed.
There, he created an entrepreneur-in-residence program in which participants collaborate and support one another.
Stakeholders - from government officials to private-sector contractors - are eager to collaborate to rebuild America's infrastructure.
The tool is focused around helping small teams collaborate, grow closer and track their work together.
We intend to cooperate and to the extent possible collaborate with the Department of Homeland Security.
But they are encouraged to collaborate with one another and with the city's wider business community.
Families collaborate with a priest, who announces the event during mass, urging people to come along.
Clients who participate also will be able to collaborate with other donors in giving strategies and events.
Williams and family will collaborate with high-end grocer Dean & Deluca to bring the products to stores.
It is here where creatives collide and collaborate; where established collectives have formed and continue to form.
Who better to collaborate on a new swimwear line than a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model?
The two companies will collaborate on ad sales, with Snap taking the lead for any Discovery ads.
Team members, whether in the room or remote, can all collaborate on shared documents while communicating verbally.
It also said the two firms would collaborate on current businesses, including several of Shanda's popular games.
I'm grateful to be able to work and collaborate with my friends whether it's URL or IRL.
Back in January, Facebook announced "the Facebook Journalism Project," an initiative to better collaborate with media outlets.
In The World As It Is, Ben Rhodes, Obama's speechwriter and close collaborate, crystallized the Obama era.
It's great that open-source communities can collaborate across the globe to craft tools which benefit everyone.
Two, Things is still for individuals — there's no easy way to collaborate with colleagues on your projects.
There's chat, meet, call, collaborate, and they say, we're going to do certain business processes this way.
Then they went on to collaborate on a parenting blog called "Eating Over the Sink" for
The best versions of your personal AI collaborate and compete to evolve into better versions of themselves.
That's an opportunity for cities to collaborate with the agency to make their road art street-legal.
Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean told Billboard that the band plans to collaborate with her on writing music.
For a director who tends to collaborate with living playwrights on new work, this marks a departure.
She later invited Lincoln Jr., who has experience in ad takeovers, to collaborate on A Presidential Parody.
What's is it like to collaborate together on songs that are only about one of your exes?
It's a single conversation, and marketers likely have to collaborate with other marketers to have that conversation.
I didn't really get a chance to build and collaborate with a lot of people in Detroit.
You deserve to shine, but that doesn't mean refusing to check your ego and collaborate with others.
One of Microsoft's hopes in starting Project Malmo was to teach AI software to collaborate with people.
And he mentioned that NASA would continue to collaborate with the commercial space industry in the future.
Black also has plans to collaborate with artists and stylists she admires to explore new beauty ideas.
Stack said the two parties have not yet gotten into the details of how they might collaborate.
CHARLIE MUNGER: Well, I think it-- if two people collaborate in their own way, they're better off.
McAdoo and Reese will collaborate in reshaping the Giants' roster after a 6-10 record in 2015.
This deal comes as other media companies consolidate and collaborate to better compete for digital ad dollars.
You also have the ability to collaborate on boards or columns with an unlimited number of teammates.
Microsoft now wants to collaborate with Apple, Google, and everyone else who also commits changes to Chromium.
But first, he's got Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Britney Spears on his list of artists to collaborate with.
"Huawei and Amazon will collaborate to develop rich voice activated consumer experiences for mobile users," it added.
Banks will collaborate with faculty member Allison Kluger, herself a major media veteran, to create the curriculum.
Is Kenny Loggins going to collaborate with say, The Chainsmokers, for a rehash of the theme song?
"Getting to collaborate with Evan has been one of the highlights of my career" Conrad told TechCrunch.
"Team8 will remain committed to Sygnia's success and we will continue to collaborate and work closely together."
I love seeing good metal people collaborate on interesting metal projects, and Arête scratches that itch perfectly.
FlareAgent lets all parties collaborate on a transaction from the comfort of their own home or office.
It's also a social network where players collaborate and chat with each other (hence my Shaker comparison).
When men and women collaborate, however, men seem to soak up all the credit from the women.
Roll with it: Bounce your ideas off friends and collaborate (or start a side hustle) with them.
But it will be nice to collaborate, and nice to go out (and) give talks to people.
Lyft engineers will collaborate there with autonomous vehicle experts from other companies to build self-driving systems.
The company said that it is partnering with major egg companies to collaborate on manufacturing and distribution.
Classes don't start until 8:50 so that teachers can have meetings and collaborate in the morning.
We learn, collaborate, and at the same time, shape the way people in the 21st century communicate.
"Green had to collaborate with a lot of people, including the federal government's travel bureau," Liriano says.
I appreciated that he wanted to collaborate on the video concept and cared about our opinions/ideas.
I will hopefully collaborate with more brands and have the freedom to put them in my world.
The best operations teams collaborate with many other departments to support the overall goals of the company.
Today, there is a risk that refusing to collaborate with Republicans will prefigure a genuine policy catastrophe.
It's a great honor to have M.A.C collaborate with Selena's name and her fans — for her fans.
Ford is already working with standard-setting bodies, and wants other manufacturers to collaborate on the effort.
So I know what it's like to be hot and how everybody wants to collaborate with you.
Either you collaborate in a way that makes something people like, something that's enjoyable, or you don't.
Live life to the fullest by making it a point to learn from and collaborate with artists.
I was like, 'get us both in the room, and we'll figure out a way to collaborate.
The terms collaborate and cooperate might seem rather similar but their differences are both distinct and meaningful.
Everyone was there to help and support each other and look for mutually beneficial ways to collaborate.
You'll have opportunities to work for the Resistance (yay) or to collaborate with the First Order (boo).
After publishing a study evaluating Theranos' medical tests, the researchers are intending to collaborate with the company.
He told them to collaborate, even if it means asking for an antitrust waiver to do so.
Knowing the spirit of YouTube bonds, all three are sure to find new allies to collaborate with.
The two companies will seek to collaborate on content and distribution now that the acquisition is off.
The friends collaborated on a number of student films before deciding to collaborate on a horror movie.
We constantly collaborate on things and find new ways to keep it fun and motivate each other.
"If you want it bad enough, you'll find a way, and the universe will collaborate," says Maestracci.
Eventually, Tsaik and Symbios decided to collaborate on the audio-visual piece "Tehraj" for band's upcoming album.
So, would Lil Wayne collaborate with a former boy band member who stole his album cover idea?
This [Complex shoot] was a small opportunity for us to collaborate with someone we were interested in.
"We, VW and Ford, will collaborate with Argo on the self-driving system, the SDS," Hackett said.
The companies occasionally collaborate, but operate independently, though they share a co-founder in filmmaker Chris Milk.
Instead, by proving itself indispensable, Russia believes it can compel the West to collaborate on Russian terms.
And the company has built a bunch of products over the years to communicate, collaborate and work.
Neptune, the sun, and Saturn collaborate to encourage you to build the relationship dynamic of your dreams.
Carr notes, however, that Sea Hunter was not designed to replace naval vessels but collaborate with them.
"Our caucus is at its best when everyone has an opportunity to contribute and collaborate," Lee wrote.
"Blockchains are more fundamentally about increasing our ability to collaborate across these large social distances," Buterin said.
The PR agency will collaborate with Koch network groups, but may potentially serve other private sector clients.
We need to ensure those groups have the resources and support to collaborate on a global scale.
Fintech agreements to share information and collaborate on innovation have been formed by a number of countries.
"Robots are becoming better at assembly, cheaper and increasingly able to collaborate with people," the ILO said.
Machado said he also has his team collaborate with other teams at Burger King to speed decisions.
Instead of seeing who comes out "on top," they collaborate and work together to craft a deal.
Members of Congress are less liable and less willing to collaborate with members of the other party.
Paired with her gigantic, knowing heart, she is a force I am so grateful to collaborate with.
Per the agreement, Ring must "collaborate with the City on the distribution and marketing" of Ring products.
The two companies also said they would form a research lab to collaborate on new wealth technology.
And I'm more proud of my ability to network and collaborate than I am the science itself.
This helps them collaborate more efficiently as they carve out a new tool for developers to use.
The point is to take the high-end and the low-end and you collaborate them together.
Then I'll approach a band with the concept and we will collaborate on the idea from there.
When Khaled and Drake collaborate it's two forces and two brands that represent greatness on another level.
"When Nike contacted me to collaborate with them, I was really proud," Rousteing said in a statement.
This opens a whole new set of opportunities for companies to collaborate on end-to-end travel.
In the long run, Marielle would like to collaborate with others and develop her own product line.
Senator Romero Jucá said he is available to collaborate with investigations and believes facts will be clarified.
Riot lets teams share data and collaborate on projects across different communication apps and third party tools.
We will continue in our efforts to collaborate with them as we finalize details for this hearing.
The syndicate has been known to collaborate with Japan's Yakuza and motorcycle gangs like the Hells Angels.
We have to have -- as a whole country -- cooperate and collaborate to make sure these get done.
Marvel assigned Graham to the title; his friend Don McGregor didn't ask him to collaborate on it.
In our qualitative interviews, we asked students how they would collaborate if they couldn't use Google Docs.
The works in Figuring the Floral start a conversation, collaborate, and even merge with Wave Hill's flowers.
They also hold "Sessions in the Shed", inviting young locals to the studio to collaborate on songs.
We collaborate on sculptures made primarily with cast glass and mixed with wood, steel, and nostalgic objects.
The New York group was ready for a break when the director Mike Mills asked to collaborate.
"It is vital to collaborate, to work together and move as quickly and as far as possible."
As we start to work with A.I., we will need to find ways to collaborate with it.
And we will continue to test additional steps and collaborate with others to push for industrywide changes.
Plans like Senator Sanders's shut down the opportunity to collaborate and problem-solve, instead enhancing political divisions.
She and her husband continued to collaborate, and she continued their studies after his death in 1982.
Atlassian, which offers software that helps teams collaborate and manage projects, is extremely popular with IT professionals.
The new secretary needs to collaborate with fellow secretaries of state to share threat assessments and solutions.
Under that deal, the three parties agreed to collaborate on the development of high-performance electric vehicles.
Gavin Helton, Mercy's head of clinical integration, said it's critical that start-ups collaborate closely with hospitals.
Instead of sharing your coronavirus diet on social media, collaborate with friends (remotely) on an actual cookbook.
To navigate workplace politics, you need to be able to build relationships, network, collaborate, and persuade others.
All parents, they decided to collaborate on an idea that Mr. Graham had toyed with for years.
Mr. Fabre said he had approached more than 500 auction houses worldwide to collaborate on after-sales.
While governments seem unable to collaborate, organized crime is forging new alliances and agreements across the world.
"South Sudan's success shows that people can collaborate for the common good," Carter said in a statement.
"Mitsubishi Motors will of course collaborate and contribute to this investigation," the company said in a statement.
But gradually they realized that persuading people to collaborate with one another was equally crucial to prosperity.
We can't require every rape survivor not just to talk with but also collaborate with her rapist.
"If I did not collaborate then other people would have been arrested instead of me," he said.
I'd love to hear from CP and collaborate with them, but I don't think they are interested.
No American president before Trump would have dared to collaborate openly with foreign countries for partisan advantage.
But after a meeting with 2 Chainz, the two agreed to collaborate on a pair of songs.
"The goal is to collaborate with one another, to share resources and thinking collectively," New York Gov.
Here are Steinhafel, Anders Dahlvig, and others on how they collaborate with teams in their respective businesses.
Anders Dahlvig, former CEO of IKEA, recommended creating a culture where teams can cross-collaborate early on.
The two companies also plan to collaborate on technology to operate the vehicles autonomously within UPS facilities.
Baidu – The China-based firm will collaborate with automaker BMW to develop autonomous driving technology in China.
"We will continue to collaborate with partners and policymakers in China to accelerate our expansion," he added.
Our countries' roles in the world are too crucial not to collaborate, not only bilaterally, but globally.
Ms. Vestager said she saw opportunities to collaborate, but was waiting to see how the inquiries unfolded.
How can policymakers and industry collaborate to support the development and implementation of these cutting-edge technologies?
To activate these mechanisms, however, European governments must collaborate – including the country that is receiving the support.
To be truly great, your team must have diversity of thought and be willing to collaborate constructively.
We are able to get to know other folks, and find ways to work together and collaborate.
Marler also plans on collaborate with artists in Mexico to create a Spanish language version of Theta.
That way, scientists could more easily use the records to collaborate with one another, Mr. Wickramasekara figured.
I am willing to collaborate voluntarily in protecting and distributing humanitarian aid to the most needy people.
They decided to try to capitalize on the islanders' idea, and began to collaborate with Mr. Hveding.
At times, influencers collaborate to the point that ideological differences become impossible to take at face value.
All in all, it was an amazing experience and I was so stoked to collaborate with Tommy.
Under the agreement, Raytheon and Northrop said they will continue to collaborate on air-breathing hypersonic missiles.
Big Sean is at the hotel as well, most likely to collaborate with Kanye on the album.
This is a place for makers, thinkers, and provocateurs to collaborate and work in partnership with YBCA.
Schools now need to prepare students to live and work in a world in which most people need to collaborate with people of diverse cultural origins, and appreciate different ideas, perspectives and values; a world in which people need to decide how to trust and collaborate across such differences.
Those big tech companies pick young startups to come and work at Station F and collaborate with them.
You don't just live in a WeLive apartment; you share, interact, collaborate and commiserate with your fellow residents.
But you only know if you can collaborate on a project when you get in a room together.
Based in Melbourne, Aconex's cloud-based software allow teams working on building projects to collaborate and share documents.
What's next: Niantic has promised later this year to improve the gameplay when players collaborate with one another.
He added the firms have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on how they can collaborate effectively.
But it's also made it easier for us to collaborate with each other too, so we share instruments.
"I see our close partnership as an opportunity to collaborate together to help set an example," Ellison said.
They can then target you much more easily with ads, influence public opinion and collaborate with surveillance agencies.
My girl is the Nordstrom girl and I couldn't have thought of a better retailer to collaborate with.
"And most likely there will be at least one clear poster child that people identify and collaborate around."
Or Amandla Stenberg, whose love of comics inspired her to collaborate on her own graphic novel series, Niobe.
Perhaps one or all four of these pop stars might collaborate in a live performance at the march?
He called for both sides to stop sending out propaganda, to collaborate and to restore bridges of communication.
I'm centered on building collaborations among artists, yet people only collaborate when the end result is financial gain.
We are like brother and sister, and I'm sure the day we collaborate it will be very powerful.
Bose says it will collaborate with automakers during the vehicle development process to install its tech during production.
While Amazon didn't help create or collaborate on the wine's development, it will likely benefit from its launch.
Sarepta said last week it would collaborate with Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc to explore a combination DMD treatment approach.
Still, despite his goading, Johnson said that Yiannopoulos did not collaborate with him on his bets against Twitter.
Google Drive is a blessing to anyone who wants to collaborate on documents or organize their own work.
Fohr Card is a website that influencers use to search for brands to collaborate with (and vice versa).
The two would eventually collaborate to produce a groundbreaking musical instrument that uses artificial intelligence to create sounds.
You've also mentioned a sincere desire to collaborate with pop stars like Robyn, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd.
A number of companies are looking to collaborate to take advantage of the expertise of others, McCrostie said.
Branded content to me means the advertiser has an opportunity to actually collaborate with us on the content.
The community of creators who gather, share their work and collaborate on SoundCloud is hugely important to us.
Create a channel where guests can make suggestions for the DJ or collaborate on the ultimate party playlist.
How can we make tools that are extremely easy to use and that make it easy to collaborate?
In the beginning, we were both working full time, but we would collaborate on projects for startup clients.
The report asked Congress to define the roles of the various agencies as they collaborate with each other.
With a dash of blockchain, the startup wants to allow companies to collaborate together to create enforceable contracts.
Every city has unique transportation needs, which is why it's important to collaborate with city officials, Ford says.
Writers and editors would have to work for the bot and collaborate with their new AI overtaker, too.
The reporters collaborate and conspire directly with the Clinton campaign on helping her win the election all over.
The company's application also lets you manage different versions of the same part and collaborate with other people.
On the hunt for other scientists to collaborate with, he knocked on the doors of the big immunologists.
Additionally, neither provides an effective way for all parties to collaborate and continuously improve the efficiency and quality.
Forging a public policy response represents an opportunity for the optimists and pessimists to collaborate rather than debate.
There are people willing to listen, people willing to collaborate and people willing to help spread the love.
Dr Deem was Dr He's PhD supervisor between 2007 and 2010, and has continued to collaborate with him.
When Posterous went into freefall, Garry Tan and his partner needed to collaborate on the search for answers.
Today, it's adding some long-requested functionality to this that will make it easier for teams to collaborate.
We're used in movie companies that have to be able to collaborate in real time on a script.
When she recognized how impressive a lawyer Alicia had become, she reached out to collaborate rather than compete.
"I don't usually like to collaborate with females, and the reason why is because of Lisa," she said.
If instant messaging is more your thing, Telegram lets you connect and collaborate no matter where you are.
A lawyer for Meikarta said there was no tolerance for corruption and pledged to collaborate with KPK investigators.
More than ever, students are required to go online to complete homework, collaborate on projects and conduct research.
I asked Snowden what it was like to collaborate on a software project while in exile in Russia.
Banks claimed she was alone at Musk's home for days, waiting to collaborate with Grimes on some music.
Aside from being friends with Bieber, the DJ is also hoping to collaborate with him in the future.
Look for U.S. shale to keep influencing the market even as OPEC and Russia collaborate on production levels.
Once you create a list, you can invite others, as long as they have Amazon accounts, to collaborate.
Rather than proving he was right, Steve Jobs used debate to collaborate to get to the right answer.
Learn more about how they collaborate with clients and help them develop short- and long-term growth frameworks.
We collaborate with organizations and get our soap into the hands of people who need it the most.
He said his team was "very fortunate" to collaborate with Canadian artist Julius Csotonyi on this amazing artwork.
They've continued to collaborate in the films Frances Ha and Mistress America, which they both co-wrote together.
Users can also collaborate, being invited to or asking to become a contributor to someone else's Crunchet post.
Climbing is much more of a collaborate sport when you factor in the cheerleading and bell-ringing involved.
Interactive Design Architects, a Chicago architecture studio, will collaborate with Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects on the project.
Now, Molotov can collaborate with Altice's B2B division to sell a software-as-a-service version of Molotov.
She would show up late to photo shoots without apology and didn't want to collaborate with other models.
"Different regulators are quickening the pace to collaborate on their policies to push forward financial deleveraging," it added.
In fact, feel free to peruse apps, stream, and collaborate all day thanks to its nine-hour battery.
But music video directing is something pretty new for both, as is getting to collaborate with each other.
They collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to identify and mitigate potential threats in travel and transportation logistics.
I plan to become a businesswoman and collaborate with other garment workers to ensure their rights are respected.
Advisors may collaborate with other types of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and those who specialize in valuing businesses.
That's a big reason why Abby and I decided to collaborate on a new film, Sweetening The Pill.
DWS's real estate research team and Skyline AI's data scientists will collaborate to further develop Skyline AI's technology.
Microsoft wants to help businesses and small teams collaborate and track work with a new app called Planner.
"There's a really great atmosphere here where you can create, meet and collaborate with other companies," Yano says.
Dropbox Paper is now available on iOS and Android, allowing users to collaborate on documents in real time.
Companies such as Celgene and AstraZeneca that work in drug discovery have made deals to collaborate with HLI.
She promised to challenge "why we've done things a certain way," but also to collaborate with career professionals.
There is a unique opportunity for both leaders to collaborate more fully on their shared values and interests.
He appeared to encourage special counsel Robert Mueller to collaborate with the Russian military and law enforcement personnel.
It opened doors for communication and therapy, for something more than just a desire to collaborate through performance.
I want to collaborate with more artists and take this across the country and meet other communities throughout.
The sun, Neptune, and Saturn collaborate to encourage you to tap out and do whatever floats your boat.
To finance these, Mr. Vicente plans to collaborate with international producers by offering space for their own festivals.
NICHD's Neonatal Research Network and NIH's Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes Program will collaborate on the study.
San Francisco-based Slack makes messaging software for businesses, designed to help teams collaborate and communicate more effectively.
Can we expect the feisty cardinal and the boy-wonder politician to collaborate in advancing the Christian cause?
Now, the school offers an entrepreneurship minor gives students a space to collaborate on business ideas, Vega said.
Slack and Salesforce are expanding their partnership, so their joint customers can collaborate more easily using both tools.
"Bring a lot of meaningful, stimulating projects to work, and be open to collaborate with others," she said.
The space features stadium seating so that employees can have room to collaborate and meet up during meals.
Zuckerberg acknowledged that the platform could better collaborate with foreign governments, other companies and nonprofits in other sectors.
NATO and the European Union could collaborate in countering cyberattacks, coordinating military exercises and patrolling the central Mediterranean.
It gives me an opportunity to come to the region and collaborate with artists, producers and other creatives.
To collaborate with Nagasu, Hou first contacted U.S. figure skater Karen Chen, who has 50,000 followers on Instagram.
I loved working with you on [project name], and I'd love the opportunity to collaborate in the future.
China is also not among the countries that have signed the document pledging to collaborate to prevent cybercrimes.
He leads more than 90,000 employees who collaborate to solve problems and improve lives in nearly all countries.
The two women have never met in person, but after seeing each other's photographs, they decided to collaborate.
Ability to collaborate with CLA Legal Department to draft legislative amendments on behalf of the crop technology industry.
Xi, for his part, seems to be hoping Beijing can collaborate with Paris, Berlin, and Brussels on multilateral
Facebook is introducing a free version of Workplace, its social networking tool for workers to chat and collaborate.
Users can access a recording across devices, collaborate with other musicians and publish the finished version through Soundtrap.
Abu Dhabi and Dubai companies have recently started to collaborate after traditionally operating independently and sometimes in competition.
Early in the 1440s Antonio began to collaborate with Giovanni d'Alemagna, who had married one of his sisters.
In about half of all states, nurse practitioners are required to collaborate with or be supervised by physicians.
"We have to stick to creating these initiatives and collaborate, because it speaks to this moment," she says.
They suggested in a polite resignation note that they might collaborate on something new, but gave no details.
A 2017 Chinese law requires any domestic organization to ", cooperate with, and collaborate in national intelligence work".
We have a platform to collaborate with our clients and manage the entire deal from start to signing.
As part of the partnership, Walmart and Microsoft engineers will collaborate to migrate a significant portion of walmart.
The piece inspired Absolut's tradition to collaborate with artists, including Jean-Michelle Basquiat, David Bowie, and Damien Hirst.
Siemens will collaborate on the development of charging stations for the European market, ChargePoint said in a statement.
Marvel assigned Mr. Graham to the title; his friend Don McGregor didn't ask him to collaborate on it.
Pauli Cakes had a revolutionary idea, and then Sermon 3 Recordings came on board to collaborate with them.
"I got to see so many different schools and had to collaborate directly with teachers," Ms. Wargo said.
Throughout the film, co-written and directed by Cooper, we watch the two collaborate and fall in love.
" He also said he wanted "a great manager, a communicator — someone who can collaborate well with the building.
But if couples are going to collaborate, they have to figure out how to have a productive conversation.
Nestlé said it is important for the company to collaborate in efforts to improve nutrition around the globe.
To assemble the portfolio, the fund's managers and analysts collaborate to identify 50 holdings that meet these criteria.
They introduced dueling measures that would provide a layer of job protection and found Democrats eager to collaborate.
When Donald Glover and the director Hiro Murai collaborate on a new project, expectations are naturally sky high.
Many were looking for places where they could talk openly and collaborate around the issues that affected them.
"Bank Indonesia is buying government bonds from the secondary market, and we will collaborate in this," she added.
When designers need to collaborate with other teams, they can currently turn to products like InVision and Zeplin.
I reminded them that we were not supposed to collaborate or use a computer to look up answers.
He and Dr. Bonta, a frequent correspondent, decided it was time to collaborate on a peer-reviewed paper.
Months later, in September, a fan asked on Twitter if Ms. Perry would ever collaborate with Ms. Swift.
Today, Loren Muse Smith and Tracy Gray collaborate to show you just how artfully that can be done.
They've continued to collaborate with the films Frances Ha and Mistress America, which they both co-wrote together.
As with Google Docs, notes in Keep are easy to share, and you can invite others to collaborate.
Liberal leader and incumbent Premier Christy Clark said she will collaborate with rivals and work across party lines.
We continue to collaborate with MRC and other production partners to maintain a safe and respectful working environment.
We're also having a discussion ... on how can South Africa and the U.S. collaborate on space weather initiatives.
The company said the team there would do basic AI research, organize conferences, and collaborate with Chinese researchers.
At the time, artists and poets were starting to collaborate with choreographers and musicians to create interdisciplinary events.
It has modified a version of its Microsoft Teams group-chat tool so teachers can collaborate with students.
As part of its comeback strategy, Payless said it plans to collaborate with high-profile individuals and brands.
On Saturday, they did just that, immediately reinstating Mr. Boeselager and promising to collaborate with the pope's delegate.
He said it was important for the industry and regulators to collaborate to assess the risk surrounding drones.
The two began to collaborate when Mr. Ryan began a violent campaign against drug dealing gangs in Dublin.
The Flexport Platform lets 10,000 clients, like Bombas socks, invite their suppliers to collaborate on managing shipments together.
But even those workers say it's a struggle to collaborate with Facebook — even inside the company's own offices.
The cloud-based software lets people make music with pre-recordings and also collaborate with other people online.
The company also operates "mining pools" in which participants collaborate on bitcoin mining in order to cut costs.
He hoped to collaborate with Jean Genet, who made preliminary sketches for a libretto in the late sixties.
Invest in data and technology infrastructure to help cities collaborate, spend money wisely and invest in what works.
Lopez Obrador told reporters on Thursday that Larrea had "agreed to help and collaborate" with the new effort.
They often collaborate on "stupid things" between gigs because, as Vernieuwe puts it, he gets bored really easily.
Wolfgang Tillmans will collaborate with the English National Opera (ENO) on a production of Benjamin Britten's War Requiem.
It also has partnership with Microsoft that allows Office 365 customers to collaborate on documents from within Box.
That game has two to four players collaborate to try to solve a case before Sherlock Holmes can.
No, I wrote it three years ago or something, but I've been wanting to collaborate with people again.
Rather than being angry, Mr. Jean-Raymond was amused and asked her to collaborate with him on his show.
It also announced an editorial partnership with The Fader to collaborate on artist documentaries, short films and other projects.
Inside organizations, an experience graph of xAPI statements can show leaders how people learn, collaborate and achieve desired outcomes.
The publicly-owned recycling department Sirkula is launching the mall; and it will collaborate with the local recycling operations.
Accreditation would allow them to continue their work in an official capacity and signal the government's willingness to collaborate.
We will obviously work to collaborate with all of the great schools in the region to offer educational programs.
As musicians from other countries collaborate with American musicians, they find their own voices and tell their own stories.
Research indicates that students need time to collaborate on complex challenges to prepare them for the 21st-century economy.
Every young person with a phone or computer has the opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate at their fingertips.
The achievement is to make a building where so many people can connect and collaborate and walk and talk.
Connect with friends you've wanted to collaborate with, or help your favorite coworker get a project off the ground.
When the Rana Plaza collapse happened, they both immediately knew it was the project on which they should collaborate.
We covered it in Polo Red, introduced it to Daniel Sturridge and forced it to collaborate with Jess Glynne.
In the office, we all share one big desk and collaborate on pretty much every aspect of the company.
Girls now have another platform where they can collaborate and support each other… We are going to see more.
"Hurawalhi Maldives is pleased to collaborate with influencers in supporting the resort's digital market strategy," the resort's website reads.

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