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"dare" Definitions
  1. something dangerous, difficult or embarrassing that you try to persuade somebody to do, to see if they will do it
"dare" Synonyms
venture presume undertake risk adventure attempt endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) gamble hazard speculate stake try have the temerity have the audacity have the nerve have the courage have the effrontery be brave enough be so bold as challenge defy provoke goad taunt stump bid invite summon urge bully throw down the gauntlet issue a challenge to start something ask for trouble invite to debate brave confront face beard brazen breast outface outbrave meet oppose outdare resist scorn face off laugh at muster courage square off call one's bluff make my day endanger imperil jeopardise(UK) jeopardize(US) compromise wager bet chance gamble with menace peril expose jeopard jeopardy pluck up brace yourself get up muster screw up steel yourself take a deep breath take the plunge muster up summon up work up gather concentrate call up rally gather together raise call into action invoke disobey contravene violate infringe flout infract disregard transgress ignore overstep rebel revolt riot counteract mutiny strike tempt lure entice beguile inveigle bait betray decoy solicit entrap draw mousetrap coax honey hook lead on draw out whet the appetite of make your mouth water dangle invest punt play plunge spec take a chance wildcat take a risk take a venture make book margin up take risks play the market pour money into spur provocation stimulus ultimatum invitation summons gauntlet threat summons to contest requisition incitement incentive impetus motivation encouragement instigation impulse defiance insubordination disobedience rebellion recalcitrance rebelliousness contumacy unruliness contrariness refractoriness waywardness intractability obstreperousness frowardness balkiness willfulness intractableness opposition insolence confrontation More
"dare" Antonyms
abstain ignore refrain be careful hold back disbelieve dodge duck funk shirk sidestep approve compliment help hide praise evade avoid wriggle out of run away from get out of cop out of duck out of baulk at recoil from escape from bypass escape circumvent refuse resist shake shun elude eschew reject give in give up hide from retreat from surrender capitulate cede fold quit admit defeat buckle under cave in concede go down go under submit succumb yield forego forfeit pack it in put up white flag protect guard defend save preserve keep fend safeguard secure shield design neglect plan run away chicken out obey follow mind accept agree aid assist behave comply comply with concur conform conform to consent do harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) oblige observe repel deter discourage dissuade hinder inhibit bore delight depress disenchant dishearten dull halt offend please prevent release repulse stop give something a miss have nothing to do with keep away from keep clear of keep one's distance from shrink from shy away from shy from stay away from steer clear of turn away from turn back on obedience submission acquiescence compliance subordinateness subordination tractability tractableness accordance deference observance regard respect subservience answer calm care caution cowardice fear capitulation abdication admission of defeat yielding relinquishment succumbing dedition giving way laying down of arms white flag disincentive counterincentive discouragement impediment hindrance dissuasion check deterrence curb inhibition obstacle barrier determent suppression obstruction encumbrance

873 Sentences With "dare"

How to use dare in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "dare" and check conjugation/comparative form for "dare". Mastering all the usages of "dare" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Kurt: Dare to be ugly, dare to be manly, dare to go against boundaries.
" "So don't you dare, don't you dare pick me Dexter!
"If he can dare me I can dare you," Berry said.
Enlightenment's motto of 'Dare to know' has become 'Dare not to care to know.
I have to dare myself to do things I wouldn't normally dare myself to do.
If you don't dare to make mistakes, that means you won't dare to try new things.
Which is like skipping a double dog dare and going right to the triple dog dare.
"I would dare him, double-dare him, to come campaign for his handpicked candidate," he said.
"We dare not ignore, we dare not dismiss and we absolutely dare not attack those voices in the Democratic Party focusing on keeping those seats in the right hands," Buttigieg said.
Yes, I'm stepping down, but I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks, who dare to step into this light, who dare to be powerful.
I needed to make sure that my horrific experience did not frighten and discourage other women who will dare to take risks, dare to step into this light, dare to be powerful.
She is a daughter of N. Irene Dare of Kirkland, Ohio, and the late Matthew W. Dare.
Do you dare to dream or dare not for fear of gambling that conviction cannot overcome caution?
"I'm stepping down, but I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks, who dare to step into this light, who dare to be powerful," she said.
Check out Dare to Dream below:  Dare to Dream_Vodafone_Digital_Transformation / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING from Ouchhh on Vimeo.
"We dare not ignore, we dare not dismiss and we dare not attack those voices in the Democratic Party focused on keeping those seats in the right hands," he added of House Democrats in swing districts.
And then for those who dare to report, who dare to reach for justice, there is the follow-up chapter.
How dare they even speak anymore and not warn us, and how dare Shutterstock host these images without doing the same.
"One way we keep the app safe is through the system we have in place, which we call a total equilibrium dare system," Carvalho says of the app, explaining that the person who initiated the dare is required to pay three times the amount of the original dare if he or she chickens out on the 'double dog' dare.
"I'm stepping down, but I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks, who dare to step into this light, who dare to be powerful," she said in the speech, which later went viral.
Democrats dare to dream again Two years after the trauma of Trump's shock defeat of Hillary Clinton, Democrats could dare to dream again.
I dare say, not only are no 10-year-old girls doing that in America, I dare say, no boys are doing that.
And if you dare, dare not to support what Israel does, if you dare not support going to war with Iran -- so Israel is safe -- you are not only not a good Republican, not fit to be Secretary of Defense, you are an anti-Semite.
"I'm stepping down, but I refuse to let this experience scare off other women who dare to take risks, who dare to step into this light, who dare to be powerful," Hill, who has denied the allegations, said in the nearly eight-minute speech.
Fans looking to live out their childhood Double Dare dreams can experience the messiest game show on TV with Double Dare Live, hosted by Marc Summers.
Notable Game Move: Vee finds a dare partner in Ian (Dave Franco), and the two accept a dare to drive a motorcycle up to 60 m.p.h.
The air of judgment is one I've come to recognize: How dare this woman not speak English, how dare this other woman speak both English and Spanish.
"  Memorable quote: "No big challenge has ever been solved, and no lasting improvement has ever been achieved unless people dare to try something different, dare to think different.
The incident cannot — dare not — pass without sanction.
But, I dare you -- triple dog dare you -- to explain to me how Maximum Security being disqualified from the Kentucky Derby can be laid at the feet of PC culture.
And how dare they not talk about immigration, how dare they not talk about the tolerance issues, all the things that Trump was railing against, they never said a word.
It is not because fridges don't need Wi-Fi that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that our fridges do not have Wi-Fi. h2.
While the majority of the so-called "Dare stones" are widely acknowledged to be fakes, the first stone, which supposedly bears a message from Eleanor White Dare, continues to fascinate historians.
But somehow it will arouse your energies, it will lift your sights, it will put you on a lifelong learning journey to know, to improve, to dare and to dare again.
No one would dare say it publicly — bad optics!
It's always – dare I say it – shades of grey.
This is not true — dare I say fake news?
Who dare say my Om Puri is no more ?
"  "I don't think he would dare show his face.
Almost as if he was … dare I say it?
The company's core business feels — dare I say — stable.
And I said, 'Thank you so much,' and she bent over to me; the name of the documentary was Dare to Compete, and she whispered in my ear, 'Dare to compete, Mrs.
How dare Rod Rosenstein, who already is conflicted in this by recommending the firing of Comey and signing one of the FISA warrants, how dare they not turn this over to Congress?
The website's slogan is "where we dare to talk openly".
Seriously, how dare you go and be this beautiful, Jupiter.
The president's Twitter feed has become, dare we say, restrained?
How did things wind down for you at Double Dare?
Many people wouldn't dare share these opinions out of fear.
And how many will even dare to return to Qaraqosh?
"Timber" features more instruments and becomes, dare I say, twangy.
Try not to have all the feelings, we dare you.
Here are the scariest movies to watch — if you dare.
Press play (if you dare), then keep scrolling for more.
Which of these creative concoctions would you dare to try?
Few dare mutter a positive word about Europe or refugees.
Senior executives didn't dare propose things that were merely possible.
It also will not dare to fight the United States.
We dare you not to crack a smile at this.
And don't eat snails and slugs, even on a dare.
No one would ever dare throw out their food. 13.
Few dare to speak out, particularly against their authoritarian government.
"We just jumped to the triple dog dare," Cady said.
Dare I say they're even better than the original album?
There are party games like Pictionary and Truth Or Dare.
Would you ever dare to wear such a bold dress?
I've done truth or dare, which gets me in trouble.
But who would dare use any other term than Blessed ?
Read these stories alone in the dark... if you dare.
Dare #2: Swipe right on someone so not my type.
As if we'd ever dare to guess with this show!
OK. Juan, do you dare to disagree with Professor Watters?
"People don't dare to invite me to sing," she says.
Dare I say, I'm suddenly loving this wireless earbud trend.
So the person administering the file cabinet ... How dare you.
AND FINALLY ... Eat up Truth or dare is for children.
"Truth or Dare is getting a little frisky," says Prikazsky.
And to those who would dare try to silence us.
Twitter spoilers, don't you dare take this away from her.
Today's version of DARE, he said, has embraced that approach.
Then Reality Steve dropped a bomb (click if you dare).
How dare she say mean things about poor Sarah Sanders?
Very few, however, actually dare to live out such dreams.
Trump was, dare we say, gracious in his concession speech?
She looks, if you dare to say it, Prime Ministerial.
Besides, the Academy "wouldn't dare" recognize Bette and not Joan.
Or, dare I say it, the trendier newcomer Shake Shack?
Dare we say it's a vast improvement on the original?
How dare you,' or 'Why are you still with them?
And you can't turn down a dare on television, right?
"Don't you dare move from that seat," Betts told Atoy.
How. Dare. You. Both actors confirmed the hacking on Twitter.
"They would not dare enter Iran's territorial waters," he said.
But I don't dare attach myself to a spiritual strategy.
It is — dare we say — the best of both worlds?
"It's them who don't dare look at me," she boasts.
"How dare you tease us like this," someone else wrote.
" The Cubs fan replied, "Hit me now, I dare you.
How dare you take the babies from their mother's arms!
So [people think], how dare Colin Kaepernick take a knee.
Jack's younger brother appeared healthy and (dare I say) sober.
But I didn't ever dare imagine that she'd get it.
"How dare you lecture us about what's patriotic," he said.
"Do I dare stay in this country?" he asks himself.
I heard his hipster wife dare him to do it.
I don't dare to take my children for a walk.
Do I dare speak of the papers hoarded In corners?
I didn't dare touch them for fear of ruining them.
Will Mr Macron and his team dare introduce radical changes?
Really though, their stories aren't — dare we say — too different.
Dare I even say, I actually enjoyed my ~natural musk~.
I just very pointedly and definitely said, 'Don't you dare.
Hillary Clinton was knowledgeable, unflappable and — dare we say it?
She didn't dare tell them she was also HIV positive.
That quintet of tweets/retweets are -- dare I say it!
Jiayu did not dare to answer any of these questions.
How dare you challenge somebody who is already so established?
And Wuji would not dare defy his father to help.
For maximum thrills, dare to ride the following new rails.
And I didn't dare ask anybody if it was safe.
She bet him that he would not dare try it.
Whatever you do, don't you dare waste a single drop.
I remember watching Truth or Dare before I met her.
Epic party memories (in the Grotto, if you dare) -- priceless.
Say you don't need a jacket again, I dare you:
Don't you dare look at David Clarke the wrong way.
What evil character would dare blow such a thing though?
Go ahead, be as bad as Joffrey, if you dare.
" To that I say, "How dare you, sir or madam?
Doing it every week was just a dare to myself.
"It's almost like a dare to themselves," Mr. Thor said.
I dare the gods of travel to do their worst.
It isn't small and, dare I say it, slightly hooty.
I can dare to think at this kind of scale.
It also, however, has the feel of a real dare.
Did I ever dare to dream it would ever happen?
What about — dare I ask — the integrity of the game?
The juxtapositions are funny, odd, and — dare I say it?
Go ahead, flush that down the toilet, I dare you.
I dare not have my weapon be seen by accident.
And would Amazon dare annoy Mr. Trump by picking Toronto?
He couldn't believe anyone would dare walk out on him.
I'm just flabbergasted that somebody would say, 'How dare you.
I dare you to not put "Hamilton" at the top.
"We didn't dare show them to anyone," the author said.
We dare not fail this test of our constitutional government.
"I think, how dare you take a child," she says.
If I dare pause on one, it shrieks grotesquely alive.
Indeed, how dare the free press hold the president accountable?
"How dare have you not resigned?" a woman asked Salcido.
"We didn't dare show them to anyone," Mr. Wang said.
Their mother, Ana, doesn't dare a word against her husband.
Click through to see our shopping picks — if you dare.
Dare I say it's the way things should actually be?
As a creative endeavor, Gun Island just doesn't dare enough.
Facing overwhelming force, who would dare to defy American wishes?
HOW DARE YOU betray our democracy by endangering its protectors?
Opposition activists in the country rarely dare to protest publicly.
"We don't dare come out of our houses," he said.
Is it time to, dare I say, 'lock him up?
But, really, how dare the others accuse Garry of overacting?
Nothing too bad, here (dare I say "piece of cake"?).
" — JIMMY KIMMEL "How dare they laugh at our ridiculous president?
For anyone who doubted Kendrick, I dare you to listen.
"You can't not do a triple doggy dare," Cabello said.
Or as Weiss puts it: Dare to have terrifying goals.
Joe Biden turned Thursday night's presidential debate into a dare.
"You can't not do a triple doggy dare," she continued.
"Don't you dare lecture Biden about cancer, Bernie..." McCain tweeted.
I dare you to kill him and then eat him.
The book is a pleasure to — dare we say it?
Do you dare to relive the news stories of 2018?
You wouldn't say Madonna's ''Truth or Dare'' is a documentary.
So I accepted her offer — or, really, took her dare.
You wasted our time...' How dare he be so condescending?
But few authors dare to write about religion and faith.
Last month, they had their big — dare I say stellar?
How dare I write what I so clearly don't know?
He verbally abuses the women who dare to critique him.
How dare something end that was so promising and beautiful?
Like the fact it was a dare—a double-doughnut dare, if you will—involving Grande and her then-boyfriend Ricky Alvarez, who also prodded one of Wolfee Donuts powdered delights with his tongue.
On Wednesday night James Corden challenged famous Vogue editor Anna Wintour to a game of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," which is essentially truth or dare but the dare is always ghastly food.
"We would still dare to, at the risk of being called out as 'illiberal,' we would dare to say that we need to take our own measures to deal with deliberate online falsehoods," Koh said.
It's a trap that any public figure can fall into if they dare to express a belief that the world should be better than it is — if they dare, in other words, to be political.
Nor do I dare to look at myself in the mirror.
In fact, no one would dare eat these Sith Lord birds.
Sheffield and Miller began collaborating thanks to a kind of dare.
LEWANDOWSKI: What I said is you can -- PETKANAS: How dare you.
How dare Rod Rosenstein and everybody else sign off on that?
" "How dare they do a commercial without an animated inanimate object.
The first episode of Nickelodeon's Double Dare was broadcast on Oct.
What were some of the challenges you faced doing Double Dare?
And, dare we ask — what is the architecture exhibition to do?
If they dare come back, they get 2100 years in prison.
If you worked at one, you didn't dare cross the river.
Why doesn't someone in your entourage dare to say these things?
How dare we not take care of our innies and outies?
The game was created for the latest Ludum Dare game jam.
I think it's great that people dare to be themselves here.
If you are weak, the enemy will dare to hurt you.
And it's not how we fight, it's that we dare to.
Dare we say it, but: It's not easy being a model.
We knew we were cowards but we didn't dare look back.
I do expect Republicans to not even dare defend this language.
How long will Ms Lightfoot dare to face down the union?
If Richard Posner did not exist, who would dare invent him?
Few Chinese dare offer open criticism; that makes mistakes more likely.
Should you so dare, "The Abominable Bride" is available on PBS.
Religion We're out, now do something about it - if you dare.
But he did not dare break with tradition by going coed.
Robinhood is, dare we say, as disruptive as startups can be.
"We would never dare to take the lead," said the importer.
It might even (dare I say it?) get your hopes up.
Enjoy this discount code and don't you dare doubt us again.
"also Trump: "don't anyone dare say anything mean about my wife.
But I'd never dare to put my name on that sheet.
"I think we dare things that maybe others don't," Baghriche says.
They're there to celebrate its latest We Dare To Bare fundraiser.
Who would dare tell J.K. Rowling that her timeline is off?
For others, you can visit on your own...if you dare.
The latest person to dare to imitate the princess of pop?
And, with the right styling, dare I say, I did it?
How dare he film her and use her image without permission?
And the Remainers dare to say we're safer in the EU!
Coppola's Virginia Dare winery under the condition that it recruit female
Definitely click and view this at full size… if you dare.
The kids were shivering but we couldn't dare light a fire.
I wouldn't dare breathe a word of this to my parents.
"How dare you rape the universe!" she said, and stormed out.
How dare you tell me I can't research evidence based solutions.
And then there's the question of whether anyone will dare testify.
I'll say it again, first of all, how dare you, Jeff?
We dare you to look at that face and not smile.
He's got a pretty optimistic -- and dare we say, out there?
"Since 2018, none of them dare to go near our shore".
These little furry fiends remind us to dare to dream, y'know?
While president, Jefferson didn't dare mix political parties at dinner parties.
Dare we say the style looks even cooler when worn straight.
How dare he bring out the fun side of Mark Ruffalo?
How dare they put him on screen with Jeff freaking Goldblum?
How dare Madonna show her hands in public, at her age?
How dare Serena Williams grunt when she hits a tennis ball?
We DARE YOU to see this movie and not hate it.
How dare you censor and prohibit my ability to watch news.
They are politicians, remember, and they dare not betray their constituents.
Lyrically, Dare says he wanted to be as honest as possible.
So, yes, I dare say I have some skills besides modeling.
Still, don't dare to ask Holle about any of these suggestions.
It makes prototyping easier and, dare we say it, more fun.
His verbal bluntness involves risks that few candidates would dare take.
P.S. How dare you sexually harass me in this impertinent manner?
How dare he interfere with the independence of the central bank!
Dreams you previously didn't dare dream are now coming to fruition.
Perhaps, mere centuries later, we can dare to ask for more.
It involves fire, water, air, earth, and dare I say spirit.
"It used to be a topic no one would dare discuss."
Nor is it scrumping, which is stealing, usually on a dare.
"Here's my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you?" said Sessions.
Does anything about "Truth or Dare" make you cringe in retrospect?
"They need to dream, and we need to dare," he said.
"It started as a marketing dare," she says with a laugh.
I dare you to find a better Android phone for $400.
And do we even dare to dream of two Lil' Kims?
And then I'm like, 'How dare you ask me this question?
Current ones sound a bit too — dare I say it — robotic.
Today, few citizens, much less elected officials, dare critique the military.
Don't you dare listen to this out of tinny laptop speakers.
The outrage: How dare you make fun of our wonderful city!
Or, dare I say it, not building a wall at all.
He accepted, and we dubbed the dare the 'Snow Taco Challenge.
That's when most refugees don't dare leave their tent, said Azizi.
Snakedate can be downloaded for free off the Ludum Dare site.
"I don't dare to use Didi in the future," one said.
Only a brave soul would dare to follow in those footsteps.
Dare I treat myself to more sushi to assuage the pain?
I dare say that Mr. Trump has not read those debates.
How dare they make such a momentous decision in my absence?
Wick holds centerstage, blowing away all who would dare oppose him.
For more than 20 years, he did not dare to ask.
Can you dare say with whom you left your own children?
He didn't often dare to contemplate the way it would end.
In fact, I have a question for Raya: HOW DARE YOU?
But the army did not dare demolish an entire village again.
Roth tests our patience in a way few novelists would dare.
They don't dare shoot it for fear it could shoot back.
And they don't dare ignore him, because he keeps getting stronger.
" I was like, "I dare you to, I hope you do.
WASHINGTON — Elizabeth Warren is playing a game of dare with Facebook.
I dare you to sit with that question for a minute.
Embarrassed by the outburst, he didn't dare look up at her.
Pastor Bob did not dare share such information, unverified and unreported.
I am an immigrant and how dare you call us criminals.
Those who dare can look directly down to the streets below.
" Mr. Burke added: "People are going to think, 'How dare they?
And dare I say it: my flip flops were actually cute.
Experts who dare to disagree are dismissed as out of touch.
Dare we say it's already the biggest sneaker collab of 2020?
And dare we say it: it is what makes America great.
After choosing "Truth" or "Dare" the game begins asking you questions. 
"How dare you," she said in her remarks at the summit.
"You can&apost not do a triple doggy dare," she said.
But the tournament's predictability this year — dare to call it dullness?
DEAR PARTNERS, colleagues and (dare I say it) close personal friends.
" When he initially refused, Sharon told him, "How very dare you.
We even dare to speak of a generation free of AIDS.
Defendant: You dare question my communion with— The Court: Dr. Abraham!
I dare you to find justification for that in the Constitution.
Deaf Republic is harrowing and damning, if we dare to listen.
But how dare you undermine the American people particularly Muslim Americans.
Few dare predict big shifts, so they tinker at the margins.
And you wouldn't dare go against Beyoncé (and her fans), right?
I somewhat tipsily accepted his dare to take a dance class.
The strawberry rhubarb scone was fluffy, and dare I say moist.
We must become even clearer, dare to talk more about it.
You get people say, "How dare you condone..." all the time.
I'm afraid many may not dare to invite me after this.
He demeans and belittles the women who dare to critique him.
Don't you dare sit there and tell me I didn't try.
I dare you to stand under that arch for a minute.
This is the race the Clinton campaign didn't dare hope for.
Israel warns it will destroy Syria's air defense if they dare to attack Israeli jets again Israel warns it will destroy Syria's air defense if they dare to attack Israeli jets again Israel's hawkish defense minister Avigdor Lieberman has blasted the Syrian regime, warning that Israel will destroy their air defense system if they dare to attack Israeli fighter jets again.
Despite bipartisan support, this has funded education programs, such as DARE, that have a bad record of preventing drug use — with various studies showing that DARE in particular failed to significantly reduce drug use among participants.
Makes the Matt Lauer interviews of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem even more lopsided — dare I say misogynistic — than they did at the time ... and they seemed pretty lopsided — dare I say misogynistic — at the time.
Watch as Lucie and Connor take turns playing truth-or-dare Jenga.
We dare you not to cry at this unexpected Queer Eye reunion!
LEWANDOWSKI: When you cross the border illegally -- PETKANAS: How dare you, sir.
Goatse (223)Dare you to look at it, for old time's sake.
But what about almonds, pears, avocados, grapes and -- dare we say -- wine?
"Americans will not dare to take military action against us," he added.
Go ahead, take my Facebook, but don't you dare touch my Instagram.
President Obama and his dare-to-dream progressivism was an easy target.
I dare anyone who gets one of these books not to smile.
Drink only as quickly as you dare with your teetotaling grandmother around.
Because, how dare a woman show something that the body grows naturally?
Before she leaves, she kills Gabriel out of, dare I say, sympathy?
"But I wouldn't dare say that it didn't impact families," she said.
But the leaders did not dare tell the truth to their people.
"I dare you to eat a big handful," a mischievous Emmie suggests.
How dare a woman allow herself to be anything less than beautiful?
Before I got pregnant, I didn't dare to imagine being a mom.
Introduce me to someone who doesn't love this album, I dare you.
How dare I be so selfish and think about myself so much?
How dare she feel joy like this after a sadness like that?
Feminists [said]: 'How dare you do that to a single working woman?
Larocca: How dare Justin Bieber make me listen to this song twice.
We dare you not to get the song stuck in your head.
And how dare you attack when a beautiful life has been lost.
These just might make your assigned middle seat — dare we say — enjoyable.
First Man hits theaters (and IMAX if you dare) on October 12.
How dare Magnum do this to our cherished brown ice cream bars?
Not many private investors today dare put down money for future business.
How dare Cooper defy his movie persona and attend a Democratic convention?
"How dare you," Kunis joked when asked who she was rooting for.
I dare you to tell me arming teachers will make us safe.
The obstacle course, of course, was the best part of Double Dare.
Yet few of the dissidents dare say publicly why she should go.
Shortly after, Fisher quipped back, "How dare you stretch my clothes 😂."
How dare you spell out the point of your show that hardcore!
I have to reprimand," Trump said, before adding blandly, "How dare you.
We just dare you to get through the whole thing without screaming.
How dare you desecrate the honor of ice cream with this monstrosity?!
In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream.
In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort.
ROBERT DE NIRO, ACTOR: How dare he say the things he does.
Director Zwaan was inspired by Truth or Dare at a young age.
View if you dare, the greatest uses of color in cinematic history!
How dare Rinna suck them into the Lyme disease gossip, they said.
Dare I say the two may have upstaged Zendaya's spot-on impersonation?
Oh, and don't you dare use the same password for every account.
Or wearing something different – even a dress to school, how dare I?
Raymond James just went where few Wall Street firms dare to go.
It's called "Dare to be Average," and that's just a perfect phrase.
Spears and Maddie's episode of Double Dare premieres Thursday at 8 p.m.
No one's voice — including the judges — dare venture above a friendly volume.
I dare to ask myself if what I do is really normal.
I dare you to listen to "Ghostbusters" by Fall Out Boy ft.
I'm not even sure we would dare to hope for that much.
We think that, for the right sort of deal, he should dare.
You can find and play it for yourself, if you dare, here.
But Nixon did not dare take on Hoover or the bureau publicly.
At its core, it is, dare I say, ideal for making memes.
But we dare not claim victory yet or let our guard down.
"How dare you take the babies from their mother's arms," Waters said.
The team also announced that defensive lineman Dare Odeyingbo has been waived.
I dare you to come up with a more quintessentially American combo!
I wasn't simply more efficient, but, dare I say it, better realized.
So he decided to enter a game-making competition called Ludum Dare.
Octogeddon claimed second place in the "Fun" category of Ludum Dare 24.
So don't you dare talk to me about having affairs, you scumbag.
You have wasted opportunities which people dare not to even dream of.
After the hiatus, a decision: Do I dare peek at the polls?
Really, he's mocking the men who dare to endorse or admire her.
"Here's my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you," Sessions said Wednesday.
How dare this horoscope app presume to know anything about my life?
"It's time that we dare to dream again in America," he added.
The water, which they didn't dare drink, ran brown from the spigot.
"How dare you?" said Waters, a California Democrat and frequent Trump critic.
After what he's been through, who would dare tell him he's not?
How dare Obama depart without leaving the customary handwritten good-luck missive?
How dare Trump critique the political record of a civil rights icon?
"I didn't really dare stay at home," said Hualien resident Yang Yantin.
Being willing to pitch is a big part of learning to dare.
Eurovision is promoting the 2019 contest under the slogan "Dare to Dream".
There was always a sense of: 'How dare they play like that?
I dare you not to laugh if she does it to you.
How dare they accuse us of being puppets of the DemonRat Party!?
How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it's funny?
I mean, if they haven't given up hope, then how dare we?
For non-Korean visitors, the dish exists almost exclusively as a dare.
But then again, many people might find it — dare I say it?
I dare you to take your eyes away for even a second.
Because if they dare print it, they'll find out that we lied.
Lots of fun debuts, including DOUBLE DOG DARE, DIPSOMANIAC and BARNYARD ANIMALS.
This is not a restaurant where the food feels like a dare.
The scene is wildly colorful, achingly detailed, and dare I say, beautiful.
Dare we forget the single most gif-able moment in cinematic history?
But it is smart, timely, well written, and, dare I say, necessary.
Kim's collection feels, dare I say, breathable, despite being so skin-tight.
For three weeks, he didn't dare go home and face his parents.
But still, you could dare to dream, if only for a minute.
" But Williams resumed, adding, "How dare you insinuate that I was cheating.
"Because how dare I file a complaint and stand up for myself?"
" Madonna also had them on in the 603 documentary "Truth or Dare.
No one would dare wear them to the Oscars, or the Emmys.
How dare we go along with this rosy view of Nazi Germany?
When I was dancing I was at my — dare I say it?
"Already, I'd dare to say it's much better than downtown," she says.
"Let me be the one," she sings, part dare and part demand.
Do you dare to lose yourself in the exquisite agony of it?
They will not dare do anything if there is a strong protest.
The beautiful dare the show had offered us in its final lines?
I dare you to try it too and see what happens next.
But it was, dare I say, fun, to drink out of it.
I dare say Andy Murray has a lot to answer for here.
We dare you to read on and not feel newly energized yourself.
We've seen what happens when Chinese citizens dare to challenge their government.
We (and our 8-year-old adviser) dare you to look away.
And dare I say, I learned something about myself in the process.
They're like, 'How dare you call me wealthy, I'm living comfortable, okay?!
" It means, he writes, "how do you do but don't-you-dare.
" Sessions said, "So here's my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you.
And the new miniature version looked, dare we say it, kinda cute.
How dare it make you get off the couch, am I right?
I dare say not many other theatrical works are teaching that.  5.
In doing otherwise, we essentially dare Pyongyang to engage in destabilizing tests.
I dare you to find me a better way to celebrate Pride.
How dare I promote it when its credibility is down the toilet?
For me, beauty comes from the freedom to dare to be different.
As a feminist, about 90 percent of me thought, How dare he!
"I don't think anyone would dare do that to me," she said.
Hope that even as we get older we still dare to try.
Instead, we got something that was—dare I say it—actually good.
He wanted to approach her and introduce himself, but he didn't dare.
A weapon is in your hands and they don't dare come close.
VI. Lady Bird Johnson There was only one topic about which, during an interview, I didn't dare to ask a single question—or even dare to look at the person I was interviewing, who was Lady Bird Johnson.
But one kind of Chinese good few abroad dare touch: its financial assets.
Carolina coaches took the dare but it didn't work — Newton runs might have.
"But we wouldn't dare raise our personal problems," said the son, Luo Linhui.
Future rhymesayers dare not tread near the topic for fear of Wayne comparisons.
Don't you dare tell me Bill Gates isn't the king of dad jokes.
So don't you dare compare your f—— marriage to me burying my husband.
Kim Kelly is Noisey's resident metalhead; follow her on Twitter if you dare.
I said they are animals, and she said how dare you say that?
Gaither also co-founded We Dare to Bare, the Movemeant Foundation's biggest fundraiser.
Total: 6 Season 1, episode 33 Bing...dare I say it...GET OUT!
America's innovators need to start to dream big and to dare big again.
Many have been left wondering what this dare to "cancel" South Park means.
The carving reads, "Alabama: We Dare Defend Our Rights," the state's official motto.
Gholam Hossein Gheibparvar said Trump "won't dare" launch military action against Iran. Cool.
The internet can just as easily punish those who dare to speak out.
Sansa has always had hidden strength and weapons — don't you dare underestimate her.
Monopoly, it turns out, is the power of which we dare not speak.
" When horror fans dare other horror fans to watch a movie, it's "Martyrs.
Those spreading the numbers dare anyone who comes across them to make contact.
He said later that she screamed at him, 'How dare you dump me.
Show me a horror movie without a well in it, I dare you!
"They'd never dare try to rein him in," said one Fox News source.
Those cases included one boy who ate a raw snail on a dare.
"We're the only ones that dare speak up against Islamist ideology," said Robinson.
The players, who usually dare not question an official, were even more frustrated.
Men who age are sexy in HD. Women mostly just shouldn't dare age.
So researchers dare not suggest another method of treatment -- at least, not yet.
"How dare you claim that I do not care about that?" he said.
Unlike Truth or Dare, it recruits unwitting or unwilling participants to take part.
Double Dare Kids' Choice Week continues Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m.
Check the moment out, if you dare, at the 0:20 second mark.
"How dare you sic that shrew on me?" she said in the message.
To have something that makes consumers say, "Wow," you must dare to fail.
Some majorly expansive, dare we say optimistic vibes will be in the air.
Also, the allegations against him are, dare I say, are weak at best.
I didn't dare to refuse my grandmother's request even though I felt embarrassed.
How about "don't dare utter our competitor's name in your voice app" fierce?
Only with him did she dare to do something as frivolous as pout.
Truth or Dare is predictable, but what's October without a classic, cheesy thriller?
How dare you send me an email like that I'm on you now.
Dare to mess with the Australian sausage sandwich at your own peril, people.
Among Afghanistan's women lawyers, only a few actually dare to practice in court.
And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.
Casual followers wouldn't dare put a non-power team in the top 20.
The question Iceland faces now is: How much should they dare to dream?
I dare you not to itch yourself all over while watching this scene.
Do you dare admit you love this most mocked genre of heavy metal?
Or perhaps, How dare these women go around saying they deserve equal pay!
Trump lashing out at comedians who dare to ridicule him is nothing new.
The "Double Dare" reboot returns this June with Marc as an executive producer.
Dare you not to giggle at the sight of these young, fresh faces.
We've got five horrifying examples cued up for you, if you dare. Cream.
Who but the Lebanese would dare to make wine when surrounded by war?
You won't find a simpler and (dare we say) adorable VPN out there.
Dare I say even more than its Williamsburg-based predecessor in New York?
I didn't dare turn it down, but felt I couldn't accept it either.
She was, dare I say it, a little bit of a role model.
Instead of catching Tyler, the girls play truth or dare on Hannah's bed.
Dare I say, even better than the two-buck Chuck from Trader Joe's!
I dare you to fact-check his diatribe of hyperbole and half-truths.
Policymakers even dare utter a three-letter "t" word until recently taboo: tax.
The tweet was no mere insult; it was a dare, plain and simple.
Many dare not expand the herds even if they are making profits now.
This analysis of the electoral battleground is, dare I say, a metropolitan view.
Check out the pics ahead, and if you book it, if you dare.
Who would dare murder someone during one of Connor and Oliver's happiest days?
"Some people were like, 'How dare you equate Jefferson with slavery,'" he recalled.
"How DARE they actually give it to someone who forged peace?!!!!" he tweeted.
How dare death and time erode the world her parents made for her?
I get it: A weak president doesn't dare tamper with his Olympic athletes.
Wanda has a face like thunder: I dare you to mess with her.
The Doggy Dare Trash Can Lock can animal-proof any ordinary garbage can.
No auction house would dare to offer them, for fear of a lawsuit.
Do we dare dismiss Mr. Parker and Mr. Celestin's actions as youthful indiscretions?
No one would dare throw their $2,145 Balenciaga tote in the dirt. Fake!
He said he would not dare venture there, for fear of being attacked.
We don't dare predict and honestly, we're a little scared for humanity's survival.
That's not a dare, as you say, that is a statement of fact.
I dare you to figure out what Trump is even trying to say.
Trump seemed, dare we say, humbled by recent intelligence briefings on global threats.
Dare I say, Alias was kind of "woke" way back in the 00s?
To skeptical countries, it's a gentle declaration of independence, or maybe a dare.
Hunter offered the amendment as a dare, and voted against his own proposal.
Women who dare speak up — about anything — almost instantly find themselves a target.
And, with a lineup like this, I dare you not to tune in.
We dare you to find a stylish millennial that isn't obsessed with Everlane.
"He said they would not dare attempt anything within Turkey's borders," she said.
How dare you cast a stone, given your history with failure at business?
His play "The Confession of Lily Dare" comes to Primary Stages in January.
In the words of one art dealer: 'How dare he use such colors?
"Now I do things and it's how dare I do things?" she said.
How dare we bring anyone so small and helpless into our dangerous situation?
You can hear the dare at his rallies: Go ahead, here's my chin.
And yet it is a love that dare not spell its name correctly.
Shocked and distraught, Ms. Grant fled outside, but didn't dare report the incident.
" - Kim, 229 "Game of curious 'Truth or Dare'" - Gabriel, 223 "Older hot boyfriend.
"We dare not say!" they said, kicking their heels in a chorus line.
Lynch is a master, so I don't dare to compare myself to him.
They could, I dare say, have been replaced with grape leaves or cabbage.
Few members of Congress would dare vote directly to eliminate protections like those.
It means an annual replay of a familiar — dare we say tiresome — scenario.
And the few that did respond were defensive — even, dare I say, testy?
And our own community turns against us when you dare to speak out.
Those who dare to speak out face imprisonment, disappearance, torture, and even death.
"Don't you dare suggest that Bill Barr is a liar," told the host.
" — STEPHEN COLBERT "How dare you besmirch the O.K. name of Sarah Huckabee Sanders?
Women who dare to negotiate for higher salaries are penalized for doing so.
If white is too much of a dare for you, try black socks.
And dare I ask what the going rate is for the Tooth Fairy?
They're all trying to say, 'How dare you take him out that way?
According to Swain's Instagram, Lizzo is rocking extensions by Dare to Have Hair.
So what does a coach with such a remarkable record dare chase next?
Then they will consider everything without question and won't dare make these decisions.
The strategy was to tempt us and dare us at the same time.
"Huawei will never, and dare not, and cannot violate any regulations," he said.
"How dare you," Greta screams with enough distortion to make the masses mosh.
That made shopping here far less stressful and, dare I say it, enjoyable.
Maybe it was a dare, or maybe that rodent is just a jerk.
Hong Kong (CNN)The night they fled, Reem and Rawan didn't dare sleep.
Dare we judge the people who laid themselves bare before her camera lens?
In a self-promoting culture, they dare to lead with their worst side.
This person's asking you for your autograph and you're like, 'How dare you?
And dare I say it's become something that might actually be worth watching.
That's why men sometimes say they don't dare mentor women; tongues will wag.
But don't you dare touch the participation trophy I got from Ms. Bloom.
She is saying: try and put me into a box, I dare you.
Truth or Dare is like It Follows or The Ring or Final Destination but instead of sex, videotape, and death's sense of balance, contagious magical violence is spread by a deadly game of, as the title suggests, truth or dare.
And it is critically important to me that you are here, that your commitment to revolution is based on the fact that you want revolution for yourself… if we dare to struggle, dare to win, this earth will turn over.
"'How does it feel to be the only child?' is a question asked (online) ... and the most popular answer is 'Dare not die, dare not marry someone far from home, eager to earn money, because they only have me'," Wang said.
Iron is the will of the one who would dare to resist… fight… survive.
Since then he has been sharing with his followers news articles detailing his dare.
How dare you take away the decision that I and so many others made?
And while I'm no scientist, I dare say it was from a broken heart.
It's something you couldn't dare mention to anybody except yourself, and you repress it.
Us Weekly reports that tonight's episode features an ugly game of Truth or Dare.
The "c" is silent, so the word sounds more like nye-dare-ee-uh.
How dare you laugh in the face of a person who has passed on.
And we dare you to watch it fewer than five times in a row.   
"In 'The Bachelor' vernacular, I think I'm pretty awesome," Hanks said, accepting the dare.
If you actually dare act out the rhetoric of the campaign, it's political suicide.
Blum's other horror film this year, Truth or Dare — yes, this was a movie!
How dare someone bastardize and belittle that person's efforts for their own personal gain?
Spotify, to its credit, does not dare to guess which song that might be.
Pretty much every 90s kid's dream was to somehow wind up on Double Dare.
Dare we ask how he feels about nude photos that aren't of male genitalia?
They're delicious and if you haven't tried them cold don't you dare fight me.
How dare the president compare a lawful constitutional process to mob violence and lynching.
Back then, there were times when people didn't dare leave their houses at all.
The application process is super easy, free and potentially — dare we say — life changing.
"You try to strategize and create, dare I say manufacture, something viral," she said.
Asked about the future, she dare not think beyond the end of the week.
With the 50/50 menu, we hope that more people dare to try them.
Discussions take time and frightened employees do not dare turn up at the plantations.
I promise you this is a movie liberal Hollywood would never ever dare make.
She was single, but don't you dare think she wants it any other way.
"Don't you dare compare your f—— marriage to me burying my husband," Medley screamed.
Shaun Ryder enjoyed his only ever number one single in the UK with "DARE".
But it also has a couple of features that are, dare I say, experimental?
Here's where things get really bad: Sessions's praise of DARE is not an exception.
Lots of kids make prank calls, but most wouldn't dare prank a vice president.
We need a long-term, systemic, preventative, and dare I say it—compassionate—solution.
I carefully curated my sleekest, blackest ensemble and didn't dare wear my cosmetic prosthetic.
The VR site just went live on Pornhub, so click through if you dare.
This all-black option has sleek matte details that are, dare we say, badass.
How dare you get on National TV and say his victims can't say #metoo.
The minute I hugged her she goes, 'Dad, don't you dare do that again.
Those who dare to claim their rights and resist are intimidated, repressed, and killed.
Dare we say that sometimes the summer boozing menu looks a little bit... stale?
I dare you to find anything like that in any of the main halls.
Movemeant and We Dare To Bare help raise funds and awareness to school curriculum.
The character scolds those who dare to have confidence, which is just not cool.
And that's really the crux of it, this "how dare you be ungrateful?" attitude.
How dare the opposition refuse a vote on a high-level presidential judicial nominee.
Let's cry in public and dare anyone to call us less powerful for it.
Show your fury symbolically, in a way that no one would dare question it.
Steve Daines, who hates single payer, to dare Democrats to vote for it. Sen.
Note: He didn't say, 'How dare they assume I wouldn't do the second film!
Glen demurs, but it feels like C.K. issuing a dare about his own reputation.
Betsy DeVos how dare you besmirch the good name and honor of Ms. Frizzle!!!
We had a lot of thoughts about this one, most notably: How dare you??
"How dare the president call Omarosa or any black woman a dog," tweeted Rep.
Maybe he thought she wouldn't dare share the messages with human resources (she did).
My stomach was positively bulging with — dare I say — an adorable food baby bump.
But I dare say that Firewatch does it better, even, than that first BioShock.
Dirty Game - Hot Truth or Dare takes a classic game to a new level.
Or, dare I say it, for people to implement it within a home setting.
Don't you dare even come close to apologizing although, yes, technically you've apologized already.
The message from their home-state constituents: Don't you dare vote for that bill.
I'd kinda like to, dare I say, feel like myself, at least a little.
I went back to the restaurant and said, 'How dare you call yourself organic!
It's sure to make studying SQL seem easy, accessible, and—dare we say it?
Imagine, if you dare, imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis.
We dare you to watch them without getting at least a little misty-eyed.
"Don't you dare go back to that doctor," my mother growled into the phone.
How dare Kim Kardashian spend her pregnancy in skin-tight dresses — especially that pregnant?
Skip ahead to about 13:30 to see the enormous pop, if you dare.
That we're going to do something that Google wouldn't dare, or want, to do.
It's subtle, effective, and goes in some surprising directions that I wouldn't dare spoil.
But anyone looking to recreate the nostalgia that comes with reminiscing about Double Dare!
How dare Ben follow protocol and treat all the ladies like equal-opportunity playthings?
Conceivably, and unpredictably, North Korea or Iran might dare to launch such a missile.
Journalists who dare cover any of this are being charged with sedition and treason.
It was salt water polluted by thick petroleum films where no fish dare enter.
"We have a free media, a vibrant media, dare I say it," he said.
The replete smile And those who are tortured by hunger dare not Not smile.
A dare provides Ben with his moment: a cute I'll-show-you-mine dance.
When he did stray from the reservation, colleagues didn't dare to criticize him publicly.
How dare they not keep their end of the bargain I skipped out of!
Miller sent McHugh links to white nationalist sites V-Dare and the American Renaissance.
How dare you take my art and use it as your new makeup line.
If you dare to try Weissman's, he lists his recipe in the video description.
"I wouldn't dare pull her away from him now," Mark said with a laugh.
I dare say that most readers of this article will be working this summer.
In general, the result is much-improved, dare I say, pro-level portrait shots.
When I was 18, on a dare, I hitchhiked to Hibbing from Marquette, Mich.
He refused a dare to lower the price, saying Turing was not yet profitable.
It's almost like a dare—now what are you going to do about it?
How he gets angry that someone—ANYONE—would dare compare Tebow to Derek Jeter.
A selfie is like playing a game of truth or dare and picking both.
Kim Kelly is Noisey's resident metalhead; follow her on Twitter if you dare (woOoOoOo!).
Hopefully, it will recruit the next generation of ballet stars, I dare to dream.
And I would never dare to bear false witness before the power of LION!.
He addresses you on his knees, and wouldn't dare do anything to upset you.
Dare we say, she sounds not unlike a young Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood.
People getting legitimate kidney infections because they don't dare piss and lose their place.
We dare not make them more cynical by showing that their votes didn't count.
How dare the nation's No. 1 sexual predator accuse anybody else of sexual misbehavior?
The unreleased sketch may have been cut for time, but honestly, how dare they?
Tourists like me will never dare to come, and the economic losses will mount.
Luckily Dare is played by Ms. Shelton, an actress with smarts and irrepressible charm.
Correction: The Outer Banks in North Carolina are blocked from access in Dare County.
"Some allegations from DARE we found not to be valid at all," she says.
Many business leaders dare not speak out for fear of angering the Communist Party.
Trump again shows his attitude toward women who dare to stand up to him.
And on this point, I dare say we can all admit he was right.
But even the miners who hate her most wouldn't dare call her a packsacker.
Who else would dare add sliced cucumber and toast points to the chicken satay?
We have tips on how to throw an election night party — if you dare.
"How dare you ask me something like that?" he would reply, and then laugh.
Many have said so in private, but most dare not say anything in public.
On the subway, you're considered a human danger if you dare talk to someone.
I became unsure of myself and very nervous, I didn't dare talk to girls.
At the same time, I do not dare wear any of it to work.
She does not dare get too comfortable, a symptom of her years of homelessness.
Tanner We would dare ourselves to go into this little room and just scream.
I wanted to step in and shut this man down, but I didn't dare.
" LEONARD There was this pushback like, "How dare these people speak up so aggressively.
The fact that it's still totally relevant, popular, and — dare we say it — cute.
The incident immediately became an international whodunit: Who would dare to hack the Olympics?
On a dare, Miles made out with Alaska, which was basically his life's dream.
Dare Brewer, a Tesla advisor based in Richmond, Virginia, sent an email on Jan.
But I dare you not to hate what Apple's done with its latest masterpiece.
Moderation and compromise, especially across party lines, are political minefields few politicians dare cross.
Try it if you dare ... or if you're just feeling nostalgic for '90s candy.
"I dare you to walk in my shoes," she challenged supporters of the bill.
How dare you make me into a hero when I just want to teach.
How dare you put me into constant danger so that you can be reelected.
And then the person on the other side will be like, 'How dare you!
Right now, defenders still duck under screens and dare him to pull the trigger.
It ends with a shock to the system — one that I won't dare spoil.
Tim has a way of getting me to dare to just let everything out.
I thought about the time my brother ate a live cicada on a dare.
" Tumbling Into "Cheer" and "Dare Me" [NPR Podcast] On this episode of NPR's "Pop Culture Happy Hour," the conversation also focuses on "Cheer" and "Dare Me." Linda Holmes describes "Cheer" as a show "I find quite inspiring at times, and also unbelievably bleak.
The women's wrestling matches were everything from weird, to hilarious, to — dare I say it?
How dare any one of you judge me and say that on a social platform.
I dare you to count the number of actors, let alone extras, who are white.
His handlers are touting roads and sewers because they dare not focus on the economy.
I know that sounds like a fear-factor dare or something but it's real food!
A girl collapsed on a bed; a woman's other-wordly face; a feminine, embodied dare.
Even though it's an unwritten rule, no younger students dare to sit on the stage.
In fact, we'd dare to argue that this top takes ruffles to an unexpected level.
I need a safely fenced-in place where I can still dare to have... hope.
"'Prince, if you're here, I dare you to come up on stage,' " Fallon recalled saying.
"How dare you come here and think this is okay," she tells the mystery cheater.
Don't you dare eat food in a way food was not intended to be eaten.
It will likely confuse all other humans who dare to take part in the future.
A Quiet Place, Truth or Dare, Insidious: The Last Key, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, Hereditary.
How will we dare explain to them, that this is where the wild things were?
Alas, like most gems from the 90s, Double Dare was too pure for this world.
Is there anything that you ate in your 20s that you wouldn't dare touch today?
How dare you try to tarnish my motherf***in' home boy's reputation, punk motherf***er.
In that instant, Cersei finally allowed herself to be vulnerable – and dare we say it?
Gholam Hossein Gheibparvar said Trump "won't dare" launch military action against Iran, according to AP.
Dare yourself not to like this predictably lovable sequel to the Pixar classic Finding Nemo.
Don't you dare underestimate the healing powers of organized book shelves or matching couch cushions.
We're already weeping for all those brave souls who dare to venture on their own.
Take risks, dare to fail, remember the first person through the wall always gets hurt.
Who would dare risk that when Mr Xi wants growth to stay at around 6.5%?
Even if Mr Duterte has killed suspected criminals, would anyone dare bring charges against him?
Once I downed an entire bottle of soju in a single shot on a dare.
Regardless of that leap in logic, I dare say the thing is pretty great looking.
The consequence is that fewer financial institutions dare to buy bonds issued from private enterprises.
Lots of really stern words that amounted to a polite 'fuck off how dare you.
The government dare not default on the country's $110bn debt, lest creditors seize oil shipments.
Its throne is built across a dark abyss, which no eye must dare to explore.
How dare opposition MPs vote against anything the government proposes; the latter won the election.
"We dare you to live through the year again," it tells you at the start.
For social, moral, and political shifts to occur, we have to dare to be vulnerable.
How dare he take that tone with her when she was only asking a question.
Also, if she were to run against him in 2020, would he dare defy...Oprah?
Honestly, it sounds like a phone created on a dare, but an impressive feat nonetheless.
Natalie also took Patrick's dare seriously, and Austin couldn't resist coming along for the ride.
The majority of skaters wouldn't dare to try the triple, because it's just that hard.
Because the internet is evidently one giant dare to many people, someone finally did it.
In fact, I dare say it's in the running for all-time worst grille shape.
Would he dare do that with another big-budget blockbuster job still on the line?
How dare that idiot thinks he has the right to man-handle a complete stranger.
"The potential China danger is something that you dare not speak its name," Stent says.
I dare you to read his thread in full and try to still respect yourself.
On the contrary she expressed her love, and -- dare I say -- admiration for my journey.
"I'm with someone and dare say I'm the happiest I've ever been," Hayes tells PEOPLE.
I hit him with the sign, shouting something about how dare you say such things.
A whole, adult person who loves (dare I say deserves?) cookies on her 30th birthday.
We dare you to detour from a classic and try a metallic anorak instead. 3.
Wonder if he'd dare to show up and face real innovators instead of making assumptions.
Most would never dare to advance their worldview using the techniques common among Western missionaries.
So pick these up, queue the cheesy superhero music, and dare we say mission accomplished.
" The future Justice didn't keep quiet to her professor, though: "I said, 'How dare you?
Or perhaps that we should be thankful when awards programs dare to recognize The Others.
And I think your face is beautiful AF. Don't u dare tell me I'm wrong.
At that time, he did not dare approach to give your correspondent a closer view.
Taco Bell is getting into the nugget game, but don't you dare call them nuggets.
Trump defended the camps and feigned outrage that anyone would dare call them concentration camps.
I dare say, I won't stand for all of you besmirching my client, Mr. Trump.
Try to find someone more willing to hop on a school bus, we dare you.
Robots wouldn't dare ask you how your day was or tell you a personal story.
Now that you've seen the, thing, I dare you to answer: what is in it?
Imagine, if you dare, imagine — imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis.
To make matters worse, I was completing this dare for the measly sum of $10.
The crew celebrated with an empty piñata rather than dare cross paths with processed sugar!
"Not towards the end, he didn't!" said the Truth or Dare star with a laugh.
But I dare say that the game's open world suffers slightly because of its performance.
If your partner accepts and completes your dare they receive a certain number of points.
How dare doughnuts, who already enjoy so much viral privilege, appropriate the best bagel seasoning?
But border adjustment tax advocates would not dare to advocate a new national sales tax.
Imagine him, if you dare, imagine him in the Oval Office facing a real crisis.
Most political candidates would never dare make such utterances about any other religious minority group.
" Others have strongly criticized it: "How dare these activist judges attempt to overturn our will?
McDonald's is the latest company to fall victim to this — dare we say — Minion monstrosity.
But he didn't dare tweet his complaints directly, preferring to link to a newspaper interview.
"I've been dared by Melissa Peterman to do the Diabetes Dance Dare," says Clarkson, 34.
Seriously, find us a girl (or human) who does not enjoy this — we dare you.
So it's entirely plausible that he'll nominate Cuccinelli and dare McConnell to vote him down.
Then he cleared his throat, said "Don't you dare do that again," and hung up.
"How dare you implicate us all in this," tweeted Vanity Fair film critic Richard Lawson.
Why are you sitting in economy class (he laughed and said how dare you) 22019.
"He's the most aggressive one, dare I say, rude person in the room," he said.
Few members dare to publicly criticize it, let alone its leader, for fear of expulsion.
Yet neither the man nor his wife dare drink from it, even in this heat.
"Do you dare the president to sit down for an interview with you?" asked Kimmel.
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly," he said in 1966.
The culture of fear at Fox was such that no one would dare come forward.
Does Trump really want that same type of crackdown on those who dare mock him?
"Watch out for dancing, hugs and uncomfortable party games like 'Truth or Dare,'" says Topelsohn.
I was in college and had done my first stand-up gig on a dare.
These are very serious questions — soul-of-a-nation questions — that we dare not ignore.
Pat was a revolutionary campaign strategist who redefined, and dare I say invented, political consulting.
D uchess : How dare he enter the castle of Queen Victoria Regina, Monarch of England?
"As you know, I'm very proficient at, dare I say the word, spying," Barr said.
Af Klint is simply not an artist in their class, and—dare I say it?
Let's face it: Hillary's presence — dare I say omnipresence — is written all over this race.
Doing so would make the whole situation smoother and, dare I say it, more genuine.
CC Sabathia—This asshole screams at people who dare bunt while he's on the mound.
But as Matías Faray put it: Who would dare to say no to these women?
On the game show "Double Dare," teen stars were always being covered in green gunk.
How dare you insult the memory of twelve thousand Jews who died for our country?
"I dare say if he'd had the opportunity, he might have done," Professor Carpenter said.
I dare anyone to pick up a rifle and do what these American agents did.
When their doors close, they close, with a bang, and no one would dare interfere.
Most people compartmentalize the memories of that one, lest they lead to traumatic flashbacks. DARE?
Weed turned the corner into the mainstream this year, becoming—dare we say it—basic.
The two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors are dealing with — dare I say it?
And their bickering wives (Shirley Henderson and Nina Arianda) say what their husbands dare not.
"I would never dare say that I'm an artist," she told Paris Match in 2015.
Dare to do what you want to do and realize that you can do it.
"If there had been no Uhlenbeck theorem, people would not dare to try," he said.
Related: In Congress, Mr. Trump's strategy appears to be to dare Democrats to impeach him.
When we won, my friend's friends — now, dare I say, my own — cheered with gusto.
Nobody dare get too near it for fear of being made to look an idiot.
Robyn was in her element, swept up in the music and — dare I say it?
They're also claiming knowledge that even the most revered figures in religion didn't dare assume.
We analyzed the video, and came up with our own (dare we say better?) version.
It seems like it would be undrinkable, something you'd only choke down on a dare.
These feelings are the roots of a greater part of politics than rationalists dare admit.
I say "confronted" because the evidence really did feel like a challenge, even a dare.
I dare you not to laugh at the way Moira orders an orange pekoe tea.
Dare to breathe a bad word about Sanders and you risk an onslaught of attacks.
If you dare to speak a different language, you are no longer part of society.
"You dare to come here with a gift and take it away again?" he asks.
To young idealists around the world, America would look — dare I say it — great again.
Instead, "Sex That Works" is thoughtful, well written and dare I say, a little inspirational.
We're told that he's erratic and unpredictable; how dare he change his mind so quickly.
Perhaps even in an overused turn-of-phrase, Obama's words are, dare we say, presidential.
When systemic challenges try to keep us small, we must dare to be the disruption.
How dare you take the most HOLIEST/MIRACULOUS DAY and make it a Political Statement!
His father's rack of pipes, the bird's nest he had destroyed on a dare. Anything.
How dare you make me choose between saving children or making my own children motherless.
They didn't dare tell anyone but say they announced it under fake names on Twitter.
He said Williams's sense of self-reliance was a weapon he would not dare muzzle.
This morning, the president tweeted an attack that sounded an awful lot like a dare.
Opera North and the University of Leeds announced the shortlist for the Dare Art Prize.
One minute, he was with Madonna in the south of France, playing truth or dare.
"He is the most aggressive, dare I say rude, person in the room," Boutros said.
If you dare Kim, it creates pressure for him to respond with his own provocation.
Here's hoping for purple paisley jackets, purple satin sheets, and, dare I say, purple umbrellas.
As other teenagers shared their secrets during sessions of truth or dare, we stayed silent.
Kim Kelly is Noisey's resident heavy metal buzzkill; follow her on Twitter if you dare.
I dare say it was a fun challenge to find enough devices to deplete River's battery.
What cowards these people are: we all know that they would never dare insult other religions!
But in the Trump era, progressives are likely to reward women who dare to be outspoken.
It was kind of, dare I say it, like the Tonys in the red carpet context.
Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Kashkari reckons regulators won't dare use so-called bail-inable debt anyway.
How dare you make fun of sexual assault victims that conveniently confess right before an election.
It does risk him being labelled an opportunist — or, dare we say it, a techlash populist.
"And to those who would dare try to silence us, we offer two words: Time's up."  
The least of which being the idea that a man wouldn't dare kick a woman's ass.
I posted on my Instagram about getting formula delivered, and people started commenting, 'How dare you?

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