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"wander" Definitions
  1. a short walk in or around a place, usually with no special purpose
"wander" Synonyms
roam ramble range stroll meander rove walk drift traipse gallivant maunder amble cruise saunter dawdle mooch potter prowl coast peregrinate digress depart deviate diverge swerve veer divagate sidetrack shift stray turn aside turn detour turn away swing wheel turn off get lost go astray go off course wander off wander away lose one's way lose your bearings get separated get sidetracked get off the track go off at a tangent go off on a tangent deviate from the topic get off the point get off the subject stray from the point stray from the subject deflect excurse lose the thread divert distract lose concentration lose the point lose train of thought go wool-gathering wind bend curve twist snake worm zigzag weave dodge tack jink duck sidestep slalom wiggle squiggle undulate crisscross err fall offend sin transgress trespass lapse fall from grace do wrong misbehave go wrong break the law stray from the straight and narrow degenerate backslide behave badly commit an offence philander cheat coquet flirt womanise(UK) womanize(US) be unfaithful fool around two-time have affairs mess around play around play the field screw around sleep around step out carry on have relations have an affair babble be incoherent be delirious talk nonsense speak incoherently chatter jabber gabble gas prattle gab prate twitter blather jaw natter rattle blether waffle traverse cross travel navigate cover track transit negotiate bridge course perambulate follow span go intersect do pace explore travel to trek trek through journey through tour travel through venture to hike through walk through go through range over travel around travel over see the sights of sightsee journey circulate spread radiate diffuse proliferate propagate break disperse disseminate distribute flow irradiate pour scatter emanate release vent circle mobilise(UK) pussyfoot creep slink sneak skulk lurk tiptoe stalk steal mouse shirk sidle slide slip ghost glide nose excursion mosey perambulation promenade airing breather constitutional gait bearing carriage stride canter step comportment deportment motion posture manner gallop trot clip rhythm march More
"wander" Antonyms
run stay go direct remain continue settle be direct straighten keep to come keep behave rush stick to stay put tiptoe stride join persist march dwell inhabit live locate lodge reside abide establish bide house board nest park drive decrease reduce condense lessen shorten abridge compress focus curtail hurry keep up go sit perch set ensconce hunker stand bear relax squat hold lie plant oneself set down seat oneself be seated plonk oneself park yourself settle down stop wait linger pause halt hover loiter hang around stick tarry hang hang on await rest disorganize exclude limit restrict confirm back up dash move purposefully hasten hightail charge race sprint jet bolt zoom dart tear shoot make haste step lively go directly move deliberately arrive collect combine concur connect gather parallel unite breeze coast glide slide waltz whisk arrange bound calm compose neaten order organise(UK) organize(US) soothe systematise(UK) act correctly be good be polite act properly act politely be well-behaved toe the line conduct oneself properly conduct oneself well mind your manners obey the rules show good manners do the right thing keep out of mischief keep your nose clean mind one's p's and q's act in a polite way comply obey articulate enunciate enounce express verbalise(UK) verbalize(US) utter speak clearly have an affair be unfaithful commit adultery philander fool around mess about mess around move into tiptoeing inability failure stagnation miss break breath breather respite letup lull recess cessation let-up sit-down time out

932 Sentences With "wander"

How to use wander in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "wander" and check conjugation/comparative form for "wander". Mastering all the usages of "wander" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Then Maggie would wander in and say something pithy and then wander out.
People wander in and wander out, except they're all lawyered up now, no doubt.
A native predator like a dingo might wander into a burn scar and hunt, then wander away.
Wander Beauty Prone to Wander Kit, $49 This star print one-shoulder blouse from J. Crew is quirky and chic.
And some of those loose cannons wander off the street to wander around the motel grounds, asking you for bus fare.
Wander of Wander Financial Services said it's helpful to think about pulling back on spending as a means to an end rather than as a deprivation.
"Once people … are ready to face the good, bad and ugly, going through the process is helpful and eye-opening," said Wander, owner of Wander Financial Services.
"I still wonder, wonder beautiful story/Still wonder, wonder best part/I still wander, wander next story/I want to make you mine," he sings on the track.
For one of the biggest beasts around, the hippo is still quite mysterious—scientists don't know much about where they wander or if they wander much at all.
" Wander about "The Spider, The Slug, and The Raccoon.
Trot, skip, and wander about the web in goddamn peace.
Ray says Boo didn't innocently wander off their property either.
Why not pair your wander with a little immersive fiction.
We wander around town and go into a few stores.
"Delivering a better solution helps attract more assets," Wander added.
People's minds wander, and sometimes stuff slips through the cracks.
Tall, boyish models wander in and out for a casting.
So you wander the play field, looking for conspicuous changes.
We decide to head to the mall and wander around.
Most likely to wander off in search of faraway places.
The silence causes my mind to wander more than usual.
I wander even when I walk in a straight line.
A control group was told to let their minds wander.
But if that's the case, then we need to wander.
After dinner, the girls wander around the lawn, following fireflies.
And I let my mind wander, wondering about their lives.
Customers consider the surrounding streets unsafe and don't wander far.
" He tried to "let my mind wander into the case.
Some lost pets do wander into groups of village dogs.
"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" by Steve Blank
They wander his property with a rare sense of security.
And yeah, sometimes their minds wander to very interesting places.
Cows and yak and horses wander around the quiet pastures.
I tumble onto the couch and let my thoughts wander.
Running is the perfect time for your mind to wander.
Game engines, by contrast, let clients wander wherever they like.
Do the show's intricate narratives still wander into outright obscurity?
Thinking it through, you might have been drawn to wander.
Unlike other visitors, Mr. Trump did not wander the pavilions.
Mayors flew out to Seattle to wander the corporate campus.
Some of the interesting people who wander by are billionaires.
"Objects are apt to wander," he wrote in his book.
We go on some more rides and wander the park.
It is at these moment that our minds wander uncontrollably.
If he notices someone's attention wander, his entire face falls.
There's a Goodwill nearby, and we decide to wander around.
The mind can wander, and that's when mistakes can happen.
Authors might wander, but they did not stray for long.
You must actually rest your mind and let it wander.
Wander no more , I say; this is the end . ♦
Or rather, they wander with intense prepossession through many genres.
He is unable to rest, to let his mind wander.
Before you get out of bed, let your mind wander.
I have a dog, so I totally wander the neighborhood.
"Risk tolerance in the context of a questionnaire is very different than risk tolerance when one's money is actually on the line," said Robert Wander, certified financial planner and owner of Wander Financial Services.
When you procrastinate, you're more likely to let your mind wander.
We wander past glistening grapes, eventually spying a huge lavender bush.
So, your mind is going to wander about what comes next.
Baboons also wander the camp and are plentiful outside its fence.
You wander, opening door after door, but you can't get out.
I pay the under-30 fee and wander through the museum.
It's all about letting your mind wander to the right places.
Early park-goers have 11 acres of garden to wander in.
Between 300 and 400 are thought to wander forests and mountainsides.
Enter: Lindsay Ellingson, model and a co-founder of Wander Beauty.
Some wander off to empty theaters to sleep in recliner chairs.
Occasionally, a stray pokémon may even wander in on its own.
I wander up to bed around 10 and miss the end.
As I wander away from them, I notice something following me.
The AR prompts are hard to miss as you wander around.
Not all those who wander are lost—unless you're a character
You can also wander through the site using Google Street View.
"It makes your brain wander from the task at hand."3.
I have to let my mind wander, but not my eyes.
A few wander a bit aimlessly, get lost and sit down.
Those who wander from the beach are in for a treat.
There are also beautiful gardens to wander through (no poppies though).
These songs wander, disinclined to repeat, melodic but not exactly catchy.
Unsuspecting fish wander into that mouth trap, and it's game over.
Unfortunately, other parts of the book wander without a clear destination.
But my mind has begun to wander onto more practical issues.
Where you are able to wander for a really long time.
Radio tracker bracelets protect children who might be prone to wander.
Wander is an orphan, a fallen seminarian, a movie-theater owner.
Dig it for the atmosphere and let your mind wander throughout.
From "Where Shall I Wander"; reprinted with permission from Ecco Press
After handing in assignments, he would wander into the other classroom.
So that in the throes of onstage passion, things never wander.
It curbs the spending so much not to wander the aisles.
Take some time to wander the hotel to check it out.
That rally made a winner of reliever Wander Suero (210-21).
Tourists ignore the curfew and wander around in immodestly short shorts.
I don't want to wander into a dangerous situation they create.
As they wander canyons, they listen for the voices of ancestors.
Children wander near him, murmuring Ded Moroz — Santa Claus in Russian.
That rally made a winner of reliever Wander Suero (6-63).
After Wander Suero replaced Sanchez, Walker scored on Isan Diaz's single.
"It's not uncommon for sunfish to wander really far," Nyegaard said.
"Daydreaming (as with reflection) allows the mind to wander," she explains.
Also, why did he just, like, wander out of a park?
You let your mind wander and follow it where it goes.
Others, like the Duffins, have stumbled on theirs as they wander.
He takes a few while I wander around in the gift shop.
Rooms are unfurnished, inviting people to wander about at their own pace.
During the set break, I wander around in pursuit of some munchies.
Others wander for days before a U.N. rescue squad can find them.
So, if you're in New York, wander down and eat chicken parm.
Overt puzzles are a rarity as you wander around in Prince Interactive.
The eagle looks away once again, as my minds continues to wander.
"It became very difficult to focus on too many things," Wander said.
The yard is not guarded; anyone can wander in off the street.
Before little ones' minds can wander, something else pops up, often literally.
Two choral singers in sensible dresses perform Henry Purcell's "Let us wander".
I wander around the mall near my office block before heading up.
To wander its streets is to walk through what makes America great.
We see evidence of true polar wander all over the solar system.
Pluto, with annotated fault scars that provide evidence of true polar wander.
Now (1950), these art "manifs" wander the streets like large dangerous beasts.
Wander Suero came on in the seventh and pitched a scoreless inning.
Plus, it's a great place to just wander with no set agenda.
Right, they do the wander around and see them and visit them.
I'm a lot older than I was when I released Wander/Wonder.
Trump would wander through the line and get a cheeseburger and fries.
I'm going to wander around 5th Avenue and try to find Louboutina.
Instead, just wander around the world's largest surrealist object one your own.
In all that hurry, there's little unstructured space to wander and investigate.
Instead, we wander across the street to a nearly empty coffee shop.
Dogs wander through hospitals, looking for arms and legs severed from diabetics.
As dinner is being prepped, Benyan and I wander around the village.
People tend to wander around more when they look at art prints.
It's just more eerie places to wander around and fight demons in.
"Anyone can wander in through here," says ADAMS board member Robert Marro.
Washington's Wander Suero pitched a perfect seventh and eighth with three strikeouts.
G. and I wander around separately and meet up at the end.
Wander around on your own or take a 90-minute guided tour.
Wait till dark, switch on head lamps, and wander into the shallows.
As such, she's been called the first vampire to wander the earth.
Students wander around in military garb, evidence of a sizable R.O.T.C. presence.
We don't let our dogs wander unsupervised or destroy whatever they want.
So they put on a costume and just wander around the town.
I don't wander into casual sex expecting it to yield a relationship.
He then proceeds to wander the land, encountering giants, cults and more.
Wander Franco had an RBI single in the seventh for the Rays.
You'll wander the streets whispering "Roast chicken what temperature?" over and over.
I'll wander into Three Lives bookstore because they always have autographed copies.
At this rate, Ray may just accidentally wander into a prison cell.
Victims' families wander confused through a courthouse and nearly miss an appearance.
They wander through a replica of Mr. Ban's old thatched-roof house.
She heads to bed at 11, and I wander upstairs around midnight.
He wanted the freedom to wander, to explore at his own pace.
There are no designated trails, so visitors just sort of wander about.
Perry C. Wander, a lawyer for Ms. Jarosik, was unavailable for comment.
Chickens wander among the tables with entitled beady stares, begging for scraps.
PARIS — In Paris, it is always possible to wander into the past.
Do you wander around with a paddle around the streets of Manhattan?
But yeah, I may do another board but I'm gonna wander around.
Characters are introduced in a lightning flash of a joke, then wander offscreen.
Oroville evacuees wander the evacuation shelter in Chico, California, on February 2000, 2100.
Oroville evacuees wander the evacuation shelter in Chico, California, on February 13, 2017.
When you wander around the internet, sometimes you can find some crazy stuff.
If your mind starts to wander, bring your focus back to your breathing.
I invited them over to my place to freely wander over my face.
He seems to wander as much as Klinsmann is wont to place him.
Not everyone can wander into the backside, you need to be escorted otherwise.
Eventually, I'm able to escape my conversation about trendy wheat alternatives, and wander.
I notice a tiny shop that looks like a bakery and wander in.
Today you can wander through the cherry orchards and sample its cherry pie.
I say "relatively unknown" because Milch didn't just wander onto a movie set.
And that's why I've been keen and careful to never wander from that.
Wander Suero (3-7) was charged with three of the eighth-inning runs.
It was easy to wander into Bachelor Winter Games expecting a lackluster product.
I wander all over town, wondering where my dignity, privacy, and stability went.
You must wander, unguided, to discover the parts that are meaningful to you.
In fact, wander on down this post to the deal of the week.
Peaceful animals wander in herds, and will stampede if a giant predator intrudes.
Now we know the answer: wander, pray, get our asses kicked by cheaters.
We wander into Times Square and people watch before heading to the theater.
They hang out, wander the city, and tweet pictures with the #WhyLoiter hashtag.
I wander into Loft Outlet and buy two sweaters that are on sale.
There are; animals from those other parks, viewers now know, wander into Westworld.
In the mornings, the herds wander down to the Shire River to drink.
They can monitor our homes while we wander off, smartphones in our pockets.
Oh, he also likes to wander through fields shirtless and dance like this.
Washington reliever Wander Suero retired the Phillies in order to finish the ninth.
But perhaps my favorite buy was a double-ended concealer from Wander Beauty.
So I started to think about that and my mind began to wander.
Another might let you wander freely through some old ruins taking in scenery.
If a fact-filled wander about town sounds like pure punishment, think again.
Most of the animals can wander right onto the road, blocking your path.
Around them wander a menagerie of animals displaying their artist's preternaturally intelligent line.
But it was hard not to let the mind wander in unsettling directions.
Other solitary souls will wander by, and I invite them into the conversation.
"You enjoy!" he says as they wander into the building lobby, slightly confused.
For a whiff of elegant Britain, wander through the neighborhood of St. James's.
During mindfulness meditation my thoughts sometimes wander, like stray cats, from my breathing.
These days, you can't wander around the internet without running into a podcast.
They also get sent to wander around in the woods on their own.
And that your womb could just get up and wander around your body.
The game won't really allow people to wander off as lone-wolves anymore.
The sense of arrested time grows particularly acute when you wander into Mrs.
Wander wistfully with us through photographs that capture the season from far above.
It's also nice to wander without a plan or a destination, just exploring.
But however long and far you wander, never will you find that somebody.
I'd wander off and see him nattering away to her on the sofa.
The Padres scored in the ninth on Allen's RBI single off Wander Suero.
The sky glowing above a city can be disorienting, leading them to wander.
"Little kids wander in and teenagers go off with their friends," she said.
Have a listen as we wander over to the Wednesday puzzle: Your thoughts?
Some of that money may start to wander out of inert savings accounts.
Wander Suero (43-7), who followed Scherzer to the mound, earned the win.
We wander the festival until our feet start to hurt, then head home.
I spot new ones all the time when I wander around Park Slope.
I wander into the galley, where the flight attendants are taking a break.
I might start with some cable news, but I wander around the channels.
I let my mind wander to my great-grandmother's last days in Huelva.
If I were president, I too would wander around in my old robe.
Day 7 is a "wander day" to enjoy eating as you typically would.
At lunchtime, children wander the village square toting instrument cases on their backs.
In the hours before Sunday's game, I wander into the tailgating parking lot.
We decide to wander back to the hotel for a bit to relax.
It's like a textbook gone right; your attention couldn't wander if it tried.
You can go out and wander around, if you'd like, she tells him.
"My eyes will wander to the board to see if I'm beating him."
Cats love to wander — but just how far they go is pretty wild.
Have you ever listened to a favorite album and let your imagination wander?
Marauding elephants also regularly wander into villages in plantations throughout Sumatra, killing workers.
"Ultimately, it's about putting your resources toward what's important to you," Wander said.
"This place definitely feels haunted," says Kate as we wander around the complex.
Buildings are spread out and interlopers can wander between them with little notice.
They wander about in a daze, and when they kill, it's mostly emotionless.
Wander around the handsome Georgian squares of Edinburgh's financial district, and nothing looks amiss.
Science shows that our minds wander off from what we're doing every few minutes.
From there we wander to the Crystal Palace which is stunning in the sunshine.
The salesgirls wander the floor whispering to the air, asking if it needs help.
Then we wander into a weird Japanese shop and giggle at the sex toys.
The wreckage remained for kids to wander through, a monument to the hotspot's failures.
That experience gave me some lingering misgivings about her work post-To Wander Determined.
This occurs when we're distracted by other things and let our minds wander freely.
My eyes wander, tracing the cracks in the tiled walls, examining the mouldering toilet.
The rollout starts today with the Fossil Q Wander, Q Marshal, and Q Founder.
Before you wander off into the untamed wilderness, check out your Multi-Tool screen.
Buffalo sometimes wander into the vast turbine hall, littered with boilers and other equipment.
They just allowed their brains to wander from one wild idea to the next.
Unlike highlighting powders and liquids, which can wander, the jelly consistency largely stays put.
ICE agents cannot simply wander through immigrant neighbourhoods at random demanding proof of citizenship.
A couple of my students wander in while I'm eating and want to chat.
If your mind starts to wander, gently bring your attention back to your breathing.
I like to let him wander and he follows behind me at all times.
They wander off together as the walls around them continue to crumble and burn.
You know that fun game you play every time you wander over to Download.
Does Wander, the young hero of Shadow of the Colossus, treat that beast right?
But drivers' minds wander, and their ability to refocus and then react takes time.
Wander has a sword and bow, along with his horse Agro, and that's it.
Fossil showed off its Fossil Q Marshal and Fossil Q Wander smartwatches at IFA.
I accidentally wander into Joy and buy two work sweaters and a skirt. Whoops.
Afterwards, I wander down a super touristy promenade and stop to try on clothes.
If you've let a current relationship grow stale, you may be tempted to wander.
Others with disabilities such as autism wander around a muddy patch of the compound.
We wander in and out of local art galleries, bookstores, and a coffee shop.
I wander around the airport and get 15,000 steps in before my next flight.
I listen to My Favorite Murder and let my mind wander while I walk.
I wander around with my camera and have no idea what will happen next.
"He probably will, 90% of the time, wander into my workout session," she said.
His attorney Perry Wander told PEOPLE the alleged attacked was motivated by road rage.
Three student filmmakers wander into a forest—what did they have to worry about?
The little guy can wander around and interact with other creatures in the world.
I don't get to go wander around New York City and have days off.
There's very limited cellphone service, and residents wander the streets looking for a signal.
In order to get traverse the large kingdom, Wander rode a horse named Agro.
They wander the streets in tattered winter coats, even in the warmth of spring.
But cows that wander inside the building can get injured by the sharp rubble. 
Your Tamagotchi is also able to wander through town, exploring each nook and cranny.
The couple stared at Cindy, jaws dropped, then found an excuse to wander away.
Make sure to wander into a botanica where Santeria and Vodou supplies are sold.
Dodging door girls and bouncers, I wander around the halls in a confused haze.
Actually, they all kind of sound like orgasms, if you let your imagination wander.
Abuh is often allowed to wander freely around the park grounds during daytime hours.
"Definitely take time to just wander," a Wegmans employee from Virginia told Business Insider.
Five small, silly, delicately drawn animals wander across blank pages, unsure why they're there.
Like others of its type, the book encourages the eye and mind to wander.
"To be creative we need to let our minds wander and imagine," Daisley writes.
The hundreds that turned up to see him wander away happy and move on.
We realized that factory jobs are very repetitive and your mind starts to wander.
I go to the Met to wander and to be inspired all the time.
"Virgil Wander" is a lush crowd-pleaser about meaning and second chances and magic.
During class, my mind is too afraid to wander, so it goes into overdrive.
There, the viewer can wander in low-gravity across reproductions of the cratered surface.
At a bar, she leaves a stand-up set to wander around a Walgreens.
Visitors at the New Museum show wander in, not knowing quite what to expect.
Wander past the Orchard and the stunning pool, and you'll reach Delano Beach Club.
You'd wander around these empty streets — they were just beginning to call it TriBeCa.
Towing provides less navigational control, as the barge may wander from side to side.
They seem to say: Do not wander, do not play, do not fool around.
You must wander and pass hraka out in the open, exposed to the Thousand.
A couple shepherds tended their herds in the thick dust, letting the sheep wander.
I know the desk staff at the gym, so I wander over to chat.
But not just anyone can wander into this shop and find these special pieces.
Chickens wander the grounds outside that serve as a graveyard for abandoned, broken vehicles.
They would take a subway line to its terminus and wander a new neighborhood.
Sometimes, during practice, Winston's mind will wander and he will think of his brother.
He would wander the streets and get into fights or steal his parents' money.
There's a view of the field where Miles' eyes inevitable wander during smoking class.
Now I have an hour to kill, so I wander around Pike's Place Market.
The side-by-side Broadway Market and Tooting Market are worth a morning's wander.
I wander by the Cutler-Cohens for the last time in the seventh inning.
A few hospitals with ground-floor wards have added gardens where patients can wander safely.
"Out there, in the humbling grandeur of nature, you're really free to wander," he says.
So we watch her wander into trouble over and over, without much rhythm or reason.
If Democrats botch the jungle primary, they may be destined to wander in the wilderness.
After all, nobody should have to wander into a sex shop to realize they're normal.
I was much more present and mindful throughout the day, and let my thoughts wander.
Shortly after I arrive, the Sthacks members wander out, giving David and me the room.
Through mathematical analysis, Leconte found that these tidally locked planets should experience true polar wander.
Trew Men's Wander JacketA simple wind-blocking shell is all you need in epic weather.
Fields stresses that improving customer service is just as important as lowering prices at Wander.
In each, you moved along a fixed path, with limited opportunity to wander and explore.
We go through Hyde Park, wander the Botanical Gardens and get a picture at Mrs.
Perhaps, in a cruel turn, a new girl in town causes Mike's affection to wander.
I wander into Payless again because they have a great deal on no-show socks.
They must be allowed to wander safely outside the park without being shot willy-nilly.
Wander said its team was going to work on Yahoo's mobile and emerging products.52.
You can't look at your phone, you can't check Twitter, and you can't wander around.
Not all who wander are lost, especially if they have a friend roaming with them.
And that mechanism points to an important reason for studying polar wander—reconstructing past climate.
Unlike other central banks, it often let market rates wander quite far from its target.
"Man this place is so magical," Ilana says as they wander through the retirement community.
Wander around the house drinking tea, contemplating going to the gym and bothering the cats.
"He loves to hang out around the books and wander between the shelves," she says.
You wander around from town to town, each with their own problems, concerns, and culture.
Bears, caribou, and apparently even seals are known to wander onto the runway, causing delays.
In this tomato-centric video, they wander through a chain supermarket doing their weekly shopping.
In between missions, you can wander your DropShip chatting-up your crew of buccaneering freelancers.
I wander over to the bus stop and get on the beautiful, air conditioned bus.
The drones are also geo-fenced so none can wander out of the safe zone.
We wander blindly in the darkness until an algorithm puts one person in another's car.
Anyways, allow your mind to wander to possible Shaft re-reboots if you want to.
Take time to relax and let your mind wander with our all-new coloring pages!
"Not everyone shares this strange desire to wander the streets and photograph strangers," she says.
Jack allowed his gaze to wander as Mike came toward him down the blacktop path.
When my mind did wander, it was usually in more creative, rather than practical, directions.
For millennia, skygazers have imagined what it might be like to wander among the stars.
That money-grubber, just sitting there, letting his mind wander, not even pretending to work.
It's easy to let your mind wander to, uh, alternate explanations for bad things happening.
And so they wander through various circles of the urban dispossessed in search of acceptance.
Off to wander office looking for teensy bit of chocolate and confess insecurities in diary.
See Crystal Universe in action below: Wander through the Crystal Universe from teamLab on Vimeo.
Any waking I did between to wander or think was overwhelmed by the vibrating light.
Others, disoriented and dehydrated, wander for days before a U.N. rescue squad can find them.
You play a silent, unnamed, unseen protagonist and wander around the island solving maze puzzles.
"Even when church wasn't going on I'd wander into the auditorium and sing," She says.
In Walden, a game you can wander the woods, eat huckleberries, and find fishing holes.
We wander into jazz clubs and dining rooms and seem unsure of why we've come.
And he tends to wander off on tangents, switch directions and erupt in non sequiturs.
Ms. Gray offers four entries that wander off from their proper places in the grid.
Cursed and doomed to wander, he now finds himself at Colonus, a town near Athens.
We wander through the labyrinth of life hoping to discover some kind of ontological truth.
I'll watch the flame bob and let my mind wander, until I realize I'm sleepy.
If you're outside having a barbecue or whatever, he may wander up and say hi.
After getting through security, I wander for 15 minutes to find the shortest coffee line.
Four male models charting varying degrees of androgyny wander in and out, quickly changing clothes.
With the streets of Llandudno unnaturally quiet, the goats have been free to wander undisturbed.
I, too, was allowed to wander far and wide when I was in grade school.
In some cases, I just wander in and explore the empty hallways and empty classrooms.
WANDER My Sundays are always a little different but I have a little more time.
You wander into fast-growing Silicon Valley-based companies, and what do they feel like?
If your mind starts to wander, just notice that and come back to the breath.
They are also most companionable hosts in the specially outfitted pub through which they wander.
But it also feels slight and uncommanding, letting both your eyes and your mind wander.
I wander over to the bus stop and get on the beautiful, air conditioned bus.
I went for a wander and there wasn't a soul around aside from the staff.
Wander downhill from Old Town to Geneva's first botanic garden, the leafy Parc des Bastions.
"My experience with this is, 'Oh, this is a nice way to wander,'" he said.
Expect to see PCs and consoles wander into each others' turf a lot this year.
They wander at first, then find direction; they deepen and soak in, rather than evaporate.
Yet Per is cursed: he's destined to wander, destined to quest, and destined to fail.
Shops emerge along these routes, and downtown workers wander them in shirt sleeves at lunch.
But beware of confused drivers while you wander the lanes looking for your vehicle. 4.
During a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell, Dr. Feigenbaum was already allowing his focus to wander.
During a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell, Dr. Feigenbaum was already allowing his focus to wander.
He would wander off, distracted by the passing cars, insisting that they were following him.
Wander downhill from Old Town to Geneva's first botanic garden, the leafy Parc des Bastions.
Its tracks prize mantras over hooks, and wander in structure and tempo, taking improvisational tangents.
He searches for a drainage system, and I wander away, fingering pipe joints and chain-link.
We wander around some more taking in the parts of the city we haven't explored yet.
"You wander down paths and then you're confronted by some really cool contemporary sculpture," Griffin says.
We do the walk and wander around the festival getting lots of treats for the pups.
We wander the fair and check in on her occasionally, but she is totally self-sufficient.
The challenge is that autistic people and others with disabilities "wander" for all sorts of reasons.
Jones delivered a two-out, two-run single off Wander Suero (3-6) in the seventh.
"I would go to sleep at night and my mind would wander in madness," she said.
I wander downstairs, pour myself a cup of my mom's coffee, and chat with my parents.
I was left to wander the vast expanse of WoW without a friend on the server.
When you need to go, you wander through dozens of stalls, peeking beneath doors for feet.
If they failed to sell all 20, the cheerleaders had to wander the stands between quarters.
A mouse comes out from the undercarriage of the VW and she watches it wander about.
Even when the characters repeat themselves, or wander off into monologues, there is a rhythmic effect.
My favorite activity, though, was simply to wander out of Martha's home and around Santo Domingo.
In order to let rhinos live as naturally as possible, the rangers let them wander freely.
I wander into the kitchen to make coffee and decide to be ambitious and make crepes.
During these investigation sequences, you wander around some designated area and talk to everyone you see.
So we're left to wander alone, pronouncing brand names how we think they might be said.
The only problem with this method was that the AI tends to let its mind wander.
He has amassed followers, called the Kwankwasiyya, who wander the streets sporting his distinctive red cap.
Users come to Pinterest and wander around, giving brands an opportunity to find new potential consumers.
In addition, Robinhood is disclosing that it has appointed Wander Rutgers as president of Robinhood International.
The cities are down, and survivors wander the face of the earth as pirates or beggars.
As you wander through, you'll hear characters talking and whispering, revealing the bones of a story.
I wander around Costco and pick up protein shakes, frozen fajita bowls, and seaweed snacks, too.
I've seen Porowski wander the aisles of Whole Foods, enchanted by the possibilities each ingredient represents.
But don't wander too far: Mercury is retrograde, so you're bound to run into some traffic.
Is it in unruly syllables that wander high and low on the page and defy meaning?
Instead, I like to wander around and let it reveal what it wants to show me.
There are only so many free art exhibitions you can wander around before it gets boring.
You'll be in conversation while you wander around the island, exploring caves and scaling rocky cliffs.
Legends of the Yeti scare kids so they "wouldn't wander far away," he told the BBC.
Visitors will wander through a radiology department, a pharmacy, a laboratory, and an intensive care unit.
You can wander through the gardens, view the exhibition space, and take plenty of artsy photos.
When deer wander through her backyard, she gets as close as she can to feed them.
It will affect people who want to "come to Williamsburg and wander around," Mr. Ottaway said.
People sometimes wander in when the gates are open, thinking the grounds are a public park.
The audience's minds and characters can wander but within certain parameters and purposes established, often invisibly.
Her tunes wander and veer; they manage their own beauty, bringing it forth at variable intervals.
So he is sent into an uninhabited place to wander, where no one can see him.
So they wander back, fix it up, add a sofa, and live there happily ever after.
Some animals, like lions, cause concern when they wander off the reserve and into human communities.
I find myself thinking about O'Connor's character all the time as I wander around the city.
So we wander down the road of what it is we think We want to say.
Many people with dementia wander and become lost, so they can't go outside on their own.
In a corresponding move, the Nationals optioned right-handed reliever Wander Suero to Triple-A Syracuse.
Hollywood personalities, like the actors Vince Vaughn and Arnold Schwarzenegger, are said to still wander in.
Frankly, you wouldn't want to wander in accidentally and see what might be on their screens.
For the low cost of $4.99, you too can wander around a barren landscape doing nothing.
Do I feel silly reminding myself to walk like a penguin as I wander around DC?
Players wander around a series of rooms and confront plain black text that contain cryptographic puzzles.
Can you elaborate on what you thrive on when you wander the backroads with your camera?
Wide eyed folk smoke in the garden and wander listlessly around its many terraces and crevices.
"The dead wander the lanes of the next life like strangers lost in Venice," Cromwell reckons.
I wander around the exhibition looking at naked bodies and wondering when exactly nudity became passé.
Yet who are we to make demands of the spirit, which will wander as it will?
Storm Boy's loose education comes from his father, leaving him endless time to wander the beach.
But it can be useful for your mind to wander, and that's where scatterfocus comes in.
The older kids, whoever's in the house, will kind of wander down between 9 and 11.
"Toward the end of a four-hour shift, your mind can start to wander," she said.
This was the situation before the coronavirus began its lethal, wealth-destroying wander around the globe.
Wander through the wilderness of a salt-soaked island, consider death, the future, God, and failure.
I don't like to aimlessly wander, especially in a place where thunderstorms can appear without warning.
However, that doesn't mean they sit back and let people wander off in the wrong direction.
The mall is divided up so it never actually feels that big when you wander around.
It's especially fun to wander into the "hidden" cafés and restaurants contained within, like XVA Cafe.
Spending time on mindless tasks allowed the mind to wander and be more creative, researchers found.
They fear "losing it"—when residents, overcome by monotony or anxiety, wander the halls like zombies.
There was an unspoken rule that you could just wander into whatever party you wanted to.
I still love to wander, only now I do it, as often as not, through books.
The police are asked to find people with dementia who wander and to bring them home.
Right. You just wander in and bam, you've got to pay Jessica Lessin some money. Right.
There's something to be said of taking a digital detox and allowing our minds to wander.
The game wants the player to wander around a cemetery, and in trade, it asks questions.
On the way there, we wander through a little community market that's part of the neighborhood celebrations.
I put our name in for a 21100:2110 dinner and we wander around to kill time.
ShoppingBrowse DIY furniture with IKEA PlaceEverything looks perfectly placed when you wander through IKEA's labyrinth-like showroom.
A few enemies may wander over to you as you wait, but it's nothing you can't handle.
That's not exactly true; it's difficult to wander around the internet without rubbing up against sexual content.
I get my tax-free shopping signed off by an official, then wander around for a bit.
We wander into the park behind the campus and settle on a bench to eat our lunch.
Plenty of people know that leopards wander the streets of Mumbai, but few people ever see them.
As they wander lost from taxi ride to taxi ride through the late night streets of Tokyo.
"The idea behind Wander was created around some deep frustration with the net neutrality repeal," says Fields.
Let's just say that this trap would brutally murder any raccoon hapless enough to wander across it.
Some, unaware of physical reality, fall in holes; others wander into the thick of an armed robbery.
In Audi's case, the car has many different pairs of eyes, so the driver's can potentially wander.
He likens Sputnik Planum's migration to the polar wander geologists observe on Earth and other rocky planets.
We wander down the street a bit and find a place called Coates Cafe that looks cute.
"When you get to that level and realize that, you can make extraordinary things happen," Wander says.
We both realize we've never been to Wegmans before, and wander around in awe of its magic.
From time to time, kangaroos wander out into the water in Australia — sometimes just to cool off.
You can wander the cities as Origins protagonist Bayek, or you can be Julius Caesar or Cleopatra.
CENTRAL bankers may control short-term interest rates, but long-term ones are mostly free to wander.
Shelters are full so those who are homeless and addicted wander the streets in the freezing cold.
"Our eyes tend to wander around more when there is nothing to look at," Martinez-Conde says.
Make sure to wander downstairs where a gorgeously designed speakeasy can be accessed via phone booth, too.
He was miserably homesick, and would wander into Central Park just to talk township slang to himself.
"I wander in an endless perspective where I seem to be the vanishing point," typed the chatbot.
We could wander through Maximoff's bleak Sokovian childhood in Eastern Europe with her twin brother Pietro a.k.
Your eyes and ears should wander through The Moon Represents My Heart, though, before following the text.
If our animals wander off, how do we call neighboring villages to find out where they went?
"I had no idea all of humanity would wander over here once they got off the plane."
Or just wander the Plateau district looking for members of Arcade Fire, who got their start here.
When away from home, it is essential to be vigilant, as a person can quickly wander off.
I used to wander around trade shows with a rolling suitcase, unable to get meetings and despondent.
She cannot wander off to find food without worrying that the police might seize her shopping cart.
Anyone can wander into the forest—or, indeed, to the airport—and gather caterpillars, ants and grasshoppers.
Others wander homeless, some turning to crime, like prostitution, adding law enforcement woes to the social challenges.
Sports of The Times So the bear will be left to wander the athletic wilderness this August.
Wander Suero pitched a scoreless seventh for Washington, and Fernando Rodney did the same in the eighth.
"We're at a moment where we're seeing the whole world rising to meet this problem," Wander said.
Listless men wander from one arena to another across cracked concrete in vast and empty parking lots.
The firm's London team will be led by Wander Rutgers, who joins from UK-based fintech Plum.
With that exposition done and dusted, he can wander in search of booze into a drag club.
Ljubljana is a rewarding town in which to wander, even without the gossipy guidance of Mr. Butoln.
In the fog of thin hope, I wander this sad world We've made with the enemy's words.
"I don't want you to be like those idle boys who wander our streets," he told me.
You'll remember flinging Wander through the open air to land safely in a tuft of Colossus fur.
It was in their nature to take risks, to let their minds wander while landing a plane.
A lot of what we do all day is wander and sit and stare out the window.
A child needs a forest of words to wander through, a sea of words to splash in.
Cincinnatus and George Washington: to wander back toward civility and put the national interest of personal ambition.
I let my hands wander over my waist, feeling the way it curved in and then out.
When I can't stand looking at the tick tick tick tick, my eyes wander to the ceiling.
The tragedy of Wander and the Colossus comes to PS4 next year, joining a generation of retellings.
Customers either have to wander into a sex toy store or go for a little internet adventure.
Dressed as Boy Scouts, Moules's many selves wander through idyllic landscapes ripped from the Hudson River School.
We all wander through our days tempting fate by porting around gadgets with sub-par battery life.
According to STV NEWS, the bed and breakfast has 14 hens that occasionally wander off the property.
The dead man then set out, doomed to wander until he can find an eternal resting place.
During a layover in London, he leaves her alone to wander the city while he sleeps around.
Otherwise I wander these landscapes only speaking with myself, slowly losing the meaning and import of language.
With my track record, I seemed doomed to wander this earth alone, pining for someone else's boyfriend.
While immersed in the film, viewers can maneuver through the virtual world and wander to different planets.
Wander through the glass houses to find carnivorous plants, ferns, cactuses and lilies from around the world.
This meant some could not be supervised around the clock and would wander, sometimes tripping and falling.
Every so often, he'd pause in his remarks to wander about the stage, basking in the adulation.
But unlike in 2015, Mr. Trudeau is unlikely to wander around the country making promise after promise.
You wander the crowd, looking at faces, calm in the weightlessness of being finally, blissfully, only yourself.
Shortstop Wander Franco, pitcher Brent Honeywell and the two-way player Brendan McKay all rank among MLB.
Something free or cheap Wander the Museum of Street Art at the CitizenM Hotel in the Bowery.
For example, at 17A, the answer to the clue "Wander locally with no plans" is BUM AROUND.
A more adventurous option is to wander the souks of Marrakesh, Tangier or Fez on your own.
Your children wander aimlessly poisoned by cocaine, Choosing to indulge their lusts, when God has said abstain.
The house progresses through the centuries as you wander downward, like an empty, ghostly version of itself.
Wander Suero (5-7), who followed Scherzer to the mound, faced one batter and got the win.
Late at night I would wander down the hill, and walk those streets, watching and joining in.
Walking and talking is therapeutic and Denver's fun to wander — it's small enough to change every block.
In spring it feels O.K. to just kind of wander around wherever there are things to see.
She liked the idea of being completely free to work and wander with Mommens, her great love.
The Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks are the perfect hydrating, brightening companion for your travels.
It's all glowing in the distance, and you put on electronic music and just wander over there.
My sister Lavinia — she's younger than I — says I tend to wander back and forth in time.
Every seat is occupied, and I wander between the stacks: Astronomy, Home Economics, Satire in Kannada Literature.
So is lane-keeping assist, which nudges the car back between the road stripes if you wander.
The Nationals also optioned right-hander Wander Suero to Triple-A Syracuse and released outfielder Rafael Bautista.
Australia is renowned for its abundance of wildlife, and sometimes the cute creatures wander onto the roads.
Hunter Strickland, Wander Suero and Tanner Rainey each threw a scoreless inning to close out Washington's win.
Most visitors will spend time in the museum, then wander down a boardwalk south of the building.
Now, it's the Democrats' turn to wander in the political wilderness, wondering how it all went wrong.
It's a new form of Latin pop that makes no compromises, and doesn't let your ear wander.
But I had been told you could always find an empty street if you wander a bit.
My lack of direction was obvious and I had a tendency to wander away from the group.
During those summers, I would wander up the lane early in the morning to collect the newspaper.
A mélange of anonymous figures, lifted from anatomy textbooks, wander this landscape of combining and recombining imagery.
Wander through the vast floor of exhibitor tables and just try not to spend all your money.
After lunch, the crew makes the strange choice to split up for the day and wander around Derry.
So, yeah, they kind of let us wander off without any adult supervision and do what we want.
It's too cold to wander around between restaurants, so we decide to just walk home and order food.
The town of Athens is so small that most locals are bound to wander in at some point.
There is so much to see in this store, so I do my best not to wander around.
The app is loved for its casual premise, wander in and out of the rooms at the party.
Although people who wander may gain social contact, exercise, and stimulation, they can also become lost or exhausted.
Wander is giving PEOPLE readers an exclusive discount so you can get in on all the gorgeous action.
Being single means, of course, that you can just wander into parties or restaurants at any given time.
The rest, including the film's protagonists, are left to rot as they wander the bombed out British city.
They wander listlessly across the screen, seemingly bored unless you give them a tap for a little heart.
I was stoned and trying to sleep, but her large, longhaired cat would occasionally wander into her room.
Nationals right-hander Wander Suero (4-7) picked up the victory with two-thirds innings of scoreless relief.
It can supposedly recognize "thousands of items," and wander around your home putting them back where they belong.
People wander the world in search not just of jobs and security but also of beauty and history.
Growing up, I didn't spend a lot of time with random sets of blocks, letting my mind wander.
These animals can still wander into areas that are off limits to humans, and become contaminated with radiation.
Mancari's first video for "Dirty Dishes," which you can watch below, is an exercise in watching sound wander.
The cave makes a sudden moaning sound, and the teens disperse, leaving Mikkel to wander inside of it.
Next I wander into the temporary space occupied by Découvert Fine Art, which is based in Rockport, Massachusetts.
She let her hands wander about his body and felt an addition she did not remember from childhood.
You wander outside — collecting some basic outerwear, thankfully — and suddenly there's this expansive world in front of you.
Intel is showing off robots with RealSense cameras that can wander around your house and recognize different people.
My eyes wander towards the fried chicken, but I walk away before I have a chance to cave.
I walk next door to Whole Foods and wander around the store, not really knowing what to buy.
The Wander has a more feminine design, with a gold finish and softer lines, and interchangeable leather straps.
More importantly, in the fifth and final season, there was resistance from viewers, who began to wander away.
Listen to the drum-heavy music and see how it conducts the illustrated canvases you can freely wander.
As night falls, wander over to Chris Burden's Urban Light, an installation of 202 cast iron antique lamps.
I missed the freedom for my mind to wander and land on him as it almost always did.
Mostly, the Città Alta was a perfect place to wander, since the streets are so narrow, on foot.
Could Cleveland Heep from Lady in the Water, out on a stroll sometime, accidentally wander into the Village?
Today, this mechanism breeds pessimism and negativity through the mind's tendency to wander until it finds a threat.
Overhead cameras track you as you wander the aisles, logging the items you pick up and put down.
The rubber sole does enable you to wander outside into modest terrain, but I might recommend against it.
"Tomorrow, each new day, I want to see the city, take new photographs, meet people and wander alone."
Every so often, Mr. Vee said that stragglers wander in at night looking for an after-dinner cappuccino.
Data from browsers can be thought of as a proxy for human behavior, as people wander the web.
Alzheimer's disease can manifest itself differently from patient to patient, and the tendency to wander is not predictable.
If you wander through some corners of eBay, or Amazon, or even YouTube, you'll see 'em: The clones.
Next to wander silhouette first into the Undressed's dystopian human-assimilation device is Ruby, who—unfortunately—I hate.
In it, players wander an island and listen to a disembodied man read from letters to his wife.
I'm sure this is a point where plenty of solvers, working their way through a week, wander off.
Go and actually watch the parade, wander the booths, and interact with the people out celebrating their existence.
But as they were mostly left alone by security, they felt free to wander around engaging with people.
People also assume that before the agricultural revolution, humans had to wander around as foragers and hunter-gatherers.
It's really interesting when you think about it, because we have allowed ... We used to wander through stores.
Yet now in Morehead, Moore said that same-sex couples don't typically wander the streets hand in hand.
You are encouraged to wander and ruminate, but every room, particularly in Off-Peak, houses a new idea.
It's a short adventure where players wander a surrealist and watery landscape, navigating between tiny islands by boat.
"He lived in this area and would wander the piers of Chelsea late at night," Mr. Rips said.
What does it mean to wander in the wilderness for 40 days and nights and face your demons?
Donaldson hit a two-run homer off Wander Suero to put Atlanta ahead 4-0 in the seventh.
Get off at the Hollywood Road or Staunton Street stops to wander the heart of the gallery district.
Feeling free and looking insane, I wander half-dressed through my apartment on my phone, hunting for snacks.
There are books in English, Arabic, Spanish and Mandarin, placed low so children can wander up to them.
Couples may take a two- to three-hour hike through the tropical jungle or wander popular tourist destinations.
Once only the toughest clues remained, family members would wander off, until Mom was alone with her puzzle.
The concrete buildings that you wander through in various sections of the game don't seem to mean anything.
The kids aren't terribly engaged in their school work, and like to wander nearby woods looking at birds.
Virgin Atlantic also has a self-serve snack pantry called the "Wander Wall" for its premium economy passengers.
In the game's starting area, AI wolves would routinely wander into the main town and start mauling people.
The survivors wander around an empty city, usually London, regretting the lost world of restaurants and symphony orchestras.
Unless you happened to wander over to a nearby window and glance to your left, you'd miss it.
" In his chapter on creativity, Professor Lightman instead emphasizes the value of "letting the mind wander and spin.
Wander down Main Street to the Sandpiper Ice Cream Shop, where the homemade butter pecan is a standout.
Ever innocently wander onto Instagram's Following tab and accidentally unearth something you, uh, didn't necessarily want to see?
Eddie sips his tea and his eyes wander to the painting that Millie has hung in the kitchen.
In a Cunningham dance, the mind can wander, experience different rates of change, be baffled, engrossed, astonished, bored.
Visitors conclude their meetings and then wander around, testing doorknobs until finding one that leads to an exit.
But even Yellowstone wolves are being killed by sport hunters when they wander outside the invisible Park boundary.
Beyond those events, guests can snap up Sustain lubricants, tampons and the like, or simply wander the store.
Many of the lofts had no doors, Ms. Resnick said, and the patients would wander into people's homes.
We look for a taxi and I see a shop selling organic argan oils so I wander in.
We get our last fix of fresh orange juice ($2) and kinda just wander around for a bit.
It also has a night light so you can watch them wander around your campsite in the dark.
She observed that some 4-year-olds wander on to the beach with their own shovel and bucket.
Wander across a suspension bridge that floats high above the treetops, 82 feet up at its highest point.
She was back on the loudspeaker, this time admonishing parents for letting their children wander down the lanes.
In the evenings, they sometimes wander into town to shop, unfazed by the geopolitical implications of their stay.
Wander over to the more liberal Table of Knowledge and you'll hear mocking outrage of the 45th president.
Instead of a traditional rock garden, the Center invites visitors to wander the paths of the Rocket Garden.
It was nice to wander around a pretty environment, sure, but she wanted more systems and more interactivity.
Mr. Sayyed also worries that his nephew and nieces will wander away from the safety of their tent.
If you ever feel like you just need to chill, get under the covers and wander Proteus's worlds.
I decided to spend the next night at my boyfriend's to make sure I didn't wander outside again.
Lately, Mr. de Blasio's eye has begun to wander again as his administration faces one crisis after another.
They wander, and in an environment far-flung from their former dwellings, Katla enchants a young widower, Johann.
Besides, if someone did happen to wander into the wrong theater and stay, what would their reaction be?
But filming solo is a bit more relaxed so my mind can wander to what's my cat doing?
Let's put the madman in the attic, and let the madwoman out to wander free on the moors.
The days when you shut down the mental machinery that keeps life on track and let life simply wander.
Some of the most tested — go for a walk, take a shower, let your mind wander — are not revolutionary.
What's it like to wander through abandoned chateaus, chapels, and cathedrals of Europe and marvel at their dusty opulence?
We wander the convention center a little bit before realize we want to head back to the Artist Alley.
"If there was a receptive female that would wander up about that point, they would stop that," he added.
Then wander into the city to tour Graceland, eat your fill of barbecue, and explore the city's musical history.
Once that's done, there are two story missions to focus on before you really start to wander and explore.
Nuzzle, releasing this month, has an embedded GPS to help you find them if they happen to wander off.
Instead, they&aposll wander around in groups across Tumblecube Island while the player waits for attack bars to fill.
We wander around frantically and then decide to go see a movie at the iMax theater about dogs ($14).
Yet there is no data showing that trackers are effective at preventing injury or death for people who wander.
So build some into your days – time to take a break, meet some new people, wander, or just wonder.
If you wander through any graveyard, you'll find grave markers made of all manner of the same thing: stone!
" Only females dig burrows, and the males "just wander into pre-made burrows looking for females to mate with.
The ski resort is in the middle of a cute little village, so we wander around looking for food.
We wander around the park and then head to a cool area of the city with some interesting skyscrapers.
I wander back to my Airbnb to rest, stopping along the way to check out cute little side streets.
Then, as you wander around them, you realize: This jungle emits noises, and they alter according to your proximity.
Participating brands include Sand & Sky, Wander Beauty, Beachwaver, RMS Beauty, Huxley, Davroe, Acure, IPKN, Embryolisse, Winky Lux and ARROW.
Basically, Wander owns and operates the network and gives real estate owners a share of the revenue coming in.
This tilting of the moon, known as true polar wander, is preserved in the distribution of lunar polar volatiles.
I wander along in front of this wall of images and then, to my amazement, I see someone familiar.
"It can be one thing when the market is up and another when the market is down," Wander said.
You have to be alert for 152 minutes, lest your mind wander off and lose track of the story.
It's tucked away on the sixth floor, and visitors, mostly tourists, seem to wander around it, appearing slightly lost.
Occasionally conversations bump into each other, or fall out completely depending on your timing, leaving you to wander silently.
By not putting time and effort into this, you're almost guaranteed to wander off course and lose your audience.
Kyle Barraclough gave up Abreu's two-run homer, and Wander Suero allowed a game-tying drive to Welington Castillo.
"If you don't feed the mind, the mind will wander and the street will feed the mind," Jackson says.
I look forward to a world where people use it to wander more, just for the sake of wanderlust.
Before reaching Kline's Crying Games, viewers wander into Cécile B. Evans' immersive and mesmerizing installation, What the Heart Wants.
While we wait for them to be made, I wander around and grab produce I'll need for the week.
He also said it was a safety issue, because there are poisonous snakes that wander the museum's outdoor areas.
I've showed off its apps to my colleagues, although it's so slow that some wander away while they're launching.
Flocks of chickens and ducks, a goat, a couple of sheep and seven peacocks wander around a small stable.
Deer are notoriously skittish, yet the two deer here wander about and come very close to this crouching person.
In places like Ellenikon, migrants are free to walk in and out of the camp and wander into town.
Not only can the drone follow you, it also can predict your path and wander in front of you.
Her boy has, on occasion, been known to wander off and strike up a conversation with a police officer.
He likes escaping the bustle of New York City from time to time, to wander in nature a bit.
Washington reliever Wander Suero came on in the sixth and went two innings and did not allow a run.
Fossil is expanding its Android Wear smartwatch lineup today with two new models: the Q Wander and Q Marshal.
Music was a maze through which listeners should wander freely, stumbling on the unexpected and not knowing the end.
Yeah, I used to watch him wander around on his Segway all the time, when they first came out.
This encourages people to wander in and get a feel for the museum before committing to buying a ticket.
Occasionally a woman will wander over to the smaller dumbbells, do a circuit in the corner and quickly leave.
When we think of vegan food, our minds tend to wander to fresh, unprocessed, grains, veggies, fruits, and nuts.
" What she longed for was the time to wander, to observe, to collect and absorb, to "fill her tank.
After all, as we learned on Lost, it's pretty dangerous for oblivious Americans to wander onto an uncharted island.
They made sure that the cows didn't wander too close to the steep slopes or graze on poisonous plants.
Jim Beitel continued to wander, but his mood was very different from what it had been the day before.
Next time you stop by the Financial District, wander on over to this hidden gem of a food cart.
Wardens said some people wander off the paths and block the birds' burrows, preventing puffins from feeding their chicks.
It's more anecdotal, describing habitual patterns in the lives of the two main characters as they wander and survive.
I decided to wander around the site, soaking up everything I saw and heard while my pill kicked in.
"But they can't simply wander around the world, assisting other law [enforcement], saying, 'We're here to help,'" Barns said.
Reckon Calvin Harris would be as big as he is now if he didn't wander around in his briefs?
In their abstract nature and focus on color, field paintings serve as opportunities for the viewer's mind to wander.
They just wander the zombie wasteland, trying to find their contacts while counterintelligence teams lurk behind walls and monuments.
Cost: $135 for the sweatshirt, $145 for the sweatpantsFind out more about hte Alala Wander Sweatpant and Sweatshirt here.
After drinks and shortbread, we wander around Williamsburg for another couple of hours, stopping in book and art shops.
So they decided to escape the sun and wander the stadium's shaded concourses or to leave the ballpark altogether.
Roosters wander past pink and turquoise facades threaded with wild foliage in the capital city (also called São Tomé).
Because Matthew had long hair and a beard, smoked and tended to wander on the beach at 3 a.m.
But I get how your thoughts might wander to tree removal, gazing at the (obscured) mountain from your balcony.
So wander through The Times, online or in print, and find something published in 2019 that gets your attention.
Automatically, my eyes start to wander, noting tattoos, oddly shaped birthmarks, and nipples of all different shapes and sizes.
Sometime after the party, as Skepta and his crew wander the streets, a cop car pulls up to them.
Jordan Harrison's new play is a comedy about a group of actors who wander medieval Europe performing cycle plays.
And if you ever manage to shut your eyes, to sleep, I'll wander from the wreckage as you dream.
It simply works better than having something adjacent on a screen that your eye may wander to or not.
On a wander one afternoon, he came across a plastic bag full of aluminum bottle caps, left for trash.
Peacocks wander the grounds, cicadas sing from tall, ornamental grasses and both real and fake ducks bob in ponds.
It became the first object built by humans to depart our solar system, to wander through dark interstellar space.
If you happen to be in the harbor area, wander into Studio Arhoj, a design studio at Kigkurren 8M.
Sometimes up to 21990,260 people a day wander the town, which at its seasonal height sleeps only about 22009.
After you've tasted the refreshed air of Central Park and enjoyed its sylvan sounds, wander over to the Lake.
I wander the streets of his old neighborhood, my steps tracing paths he and my mother forged decades ago.
This was a much-needed break after the marathon of yesterday, so we were content to wander without purpose.
We have some time to kill before J. has to go back to work, so we wander around Scheels.
My mind starts to wander, thinking about tomorrow's to-do list, and I end up trolling S.'s instagram.
On the one hand, we'd all love to fully detach from the office and free our minds to wander.
Oftentimes a large herbivore like a mammoth or mastodon would wander into the thick, black pools and become stuck.
We wander around and buy three packs of locally made chocolates ($63) and make our way to the lounge.
I like to wander outside around the grounds and look at the storks who have made this their home.
These are the Art History 101 bullet points, and scholars don't usually wander far from these well-rehearsed explanations.
Hyperfocus is when one task fills our full attention and scatterfocus is when we deliberately let our mind wander.
Notice how many thoughts you have about the future, because your mind has the chance wander a bit more.
People who rarely use the internet might be more easily deceived by fake headlines when they do wander online.
I wander through the Met, which will soon take over the Whitney's old location on the Upper East Side.
Lead with purpose and leave the bush-sniffing for later; the walk should feel like work, not a wander.
Much of the time, Kore-eda follows Shota and Juri as they wander about and occasionally steal from stores.
When I wander by the gallery to see the show I run into the curator and director, Arden Sherman.
In the center of town, hundreds of competitors wander past the ice cream parlors and old-fashioned candy stores.
"They have these big bulbous noses and they're just these slow little guys that wander around on plant stems."
I grew up in a part of New Mexico where herds of cattle would just wander into our backyard.
He'd regularly draw congregations of fans, who'd wander the halls examining the art, stills, and artifacts from movie sets.
But when your eyes wander to her forehead or her chin or her cheek, suddenly the smile lights up.
They have to set up their demos and displays in conference rooms, and hope the main crowds wander in.
Wander Suero pitched the ninth for his first major league save after allowing the first two batters to reach.
I wander over to my favorite Thai place and get tofu red curry with brown rice and veggies for lunch.
But it's always tantalizing in the worst way to see someone wander straight into Alex Jones land in real time.
"You're not sure where the vortex is going to go — it can wander a path with no predictability," said Belongie.
Others shatter their own minds in order to wander and be free of the pain of having to live forever.
Still, the highways are lined with cars as people park and wander around looking for just one or two bars.
Instead of letting your mind wander or checking your phone, an elevator ride can help you stay in the moment.
It's normal for the north and south magnetic poles to wander due to forces in the interior of the planet.
So, the next time you're on the hunt for apartment essentials, you won't have to aimlessly wander the showroom aisles.
During Maeve's escape, she and Hector and Armistice wander into SW, which I can only assume stands for Samurai World.
A boy, Wander, takes this girl he loves to the god Dormin, who promises to resurrect her for a price.
The camera trap is set up to monitor polar bears, but black bears and brown bears wander into frame, too.
The effect is stunning, portraits that exceed their limits and become cosmic landscapes for one's eyes (and heart) to wander.
Freed from narrative speculation, the desensitized mind begins to wander, noticing the differences instead of the similarities among the vignettes.
At the hotel, security guards patrolled the 20th floor and didn't allow a BuzzFeed News reporter to wander the hallways.
It is a collection of out-of-context observations, images, and histories whose incompleteness gives your imagination space to wander.
I wander through the abandoned platform for a while, but the scent is so intense it goes to my head.
In both instances, Mr. Rubio appeared to wander into a fight that became more intense than he was ready for.
It was a good time to wander over to Village Hall, his other workplace, with a quick stop for lunch.
Many dogs don't belong to a single person, but to the neighborhood in which they wander around during the day.
Employees can wander into the robot enclosure whenever they need rather than having to mark out a safe zone beforehand.
It's convenient that there's an ocean nearby; all the characters can wander towards it to wash their respective sins away.
There is little to celebrate, and we wander its hills today only as pilgrims to a site of immense suffering.
Rewind to Halloween, 1999: a horror-obsessed pre-teen, I wander around suburbia in a werewolf mask with some pals.
On any given day he might wander outside and face a vista of rolling hills and grasslands that never changed.
For now the spooks are content to wander aimlessly through the woods and dangle David's sister before his mind's eye.
If you wander outside the theater, the bright lights of Times Square make it seem as though night never came.
Hordes of smashed billionaires wander the Scottish hillsides, teeing off at random before fumbling for another drink in the darkness.
It was a rare chance to peek behind the curtain, and to wander behind the unmarked doors that nobody opens.
Penelope recruited him to wander around Riverdale for a reign of terror while he killed those who they deemed sinful.
The Nationals called up right-hander Wander Suero Monday and optioned fellow pitcher Austin Voth back to Triple-A Syracuse.
"You're not allowed to wander around alone in case you don't know where to go," one security guard told Reuters.
As players wander the game, searching for their targets, they'll encounter other players who might help or hinder their cause.
As they wander through the house, they come across the dining room, which boasts some eccentric wallpaper from decades past.
At Honolulu Zoo, he sounds out the names of exotic birds as he and his mother wander past their enclosure.
Or you can't get into one panel (a common occurrence), so you wander into another and learn something completely new.
So-called Punatics wander the black-sand beaches in dreadlocks and ratty clothes and loiter in the hot springs, smoking.
Pence could calm Republican nerves, unite Trump's party, and then wander on a debate stage and have an "oops" moment.
Will R2-D2 wander around your home serving drinks or sharing holographic messages from a Princess all on his own?
Twelve stops later, just shy of the end of the line, the few remaining riders wander out onto Baychester Avenue.
People in smart suits wander the aisles, some sipping glasses of champagne, occasionally pausing to toy with cutting-edge firearms.
My involvement would be to sit back and wish them every success and maybe wander through as some odd character.
World renowned botanists and entomologists wander the jungle and find plants and insects unknown to science at an alarming rate.
Passersby wander in, accepting the invitation to engage in this public act of intimacy: the conversation between dancers and audience.
Handy's research asks how your brain is responding to its present surroundings when it has decided to wander somewhere else.
Your freedom to wander, to push the story in a direction rather than letting it unfold naturally, is non-existent.
Great whites are known to migrate in tangents, but what compels them to wander for thousands of miles remains speculative.
The town's young adults wander the streets, some with their children tagging along, on their way to their next fix.
Cooking meant my hands would be busy and my mind free to wander, and I couldn't let it do that.
Maverick will no longer wander out of his yard since his electric collar has been traded for a tethered leash.
You know, it's easier to kind of wander into a subculture, and less obvious that you don't necessarily belong there.
The stadium horn blares, and the players all wander around for three minutes while their coaches shout or look upset.
Your mind may even wander, which is OK. Simply observe your thoughts and do your best to focus on breathing.
The key distinctions, really are stylistic, with the Wander offering up a softer frame to the Marshal's more rugged case.
Each of them takes us to the brink of our own emotional landscapes, and leaves us to wander them alone.
Viewers could wander around the world and even peek down into a hole in its surface where the boy hides.
They wander the savannah alone until they assimilate into a new group at the bottom of the hierarchy of males.
I always intended it to wander far outside of physics, to include issues in philosophy, biology, neuroscience and other areas.
In "Hisser," our hero is sucked out of his bedroom to wander, naked on the white screen, muttering to himself.
Beware: East Hastings in Vancouver can turn into a bad experience if you drunkenly wander off in the wrong direction.
Failing that, I assume I have to wander into a wooded area so wild animals can eat my soulless body.
Given the mind's natural tendency to wander toward negative thoughts, we can all use a little help with staying positive.
She would wander over to other tables and tell people to be nice to me because I was her friend.
Curious eyes wander the pews, scoping out the well-groomed singles while hymns are sung and the sacrament is passed.
Left alone, the sheep wander; some are recovered in the woods among the trees, some are never found at all.
Children wander around freely, crossing backyards and playing in the collective spaces: Ping-Pong table, pizza oven and community garden.
I do the same thing: My sister went all the way to Iceland to wander around a grocery store pic.twitter.
The rally made a winner out of Wander Suero (2-4), who got the final two outs of the eighth.
I'd sometimes wander into his office to catch a blur of peach-colored pixels as he quickly closed his laptop.
And Ted would wander the halls of the hospital and talk with other parents, keeping vigil over their own children.
But since most of us don't wander the world without clothes, nudity is still largely viewed in a sexual context.
They wander the dusty streets of Sweetwater, drawing patrons into quests to hunt down villains and search for forgotten gold.
As the whales follow food sources into new areas, they wander into the paths of ships and into fishing gear.
It's just complete concentration every pitch, just staying in the moment and fighting any temptation to let your mind wander.
Gerry Spahn of Rolls-Royce says a few cars wander into the seven figures when a client's demands turn exotic.
Wander Suero pitched the ninth, picking up his first major league save after allowing the first two batters to reach.
He's free to wander his neighborhood, an idyllic development carved out of the dense woods of a former Victorian estate.
That those who wander by the renegade installations feel comfortable taking handfuls of blooms, thus destroying the effect, delights Miller.
Get somewhere, figure out what regions of the place are safe enough to wander, and roam around for an afternoon.
Being at home meant I could eat whatever I want, wander around semi-clothed, and shower in my own bathroom.
Traveling solo is a chance to wander new paths and go on unexpected adventures, but sometimes it poses unique challenges.
Possessed by alien monsters called head crabs, an iconic Half-Life staple, they wander the tunnels, attacking anyone they meet.
Most bars don't charge a cover, and the proximity of attractions means groups can effortlessly wander from place to place.
These are characters who — on paper — have it all but nonetheless have begun to wander aimlessly across their own lives.
From the O.K. Corral, we wander into a cluttered, dark store, where books, magazines, and files are stacked in columns.
To get them, I need to wander around the available map, picking local plants to trade for what I need.
Would Voyager be leaving the solar system if we hadn't long ago formalized and mythologized our inchoate desire to wander?
And someone was bound to slam into the open-range livestock that wander freely in the very, very dark night.
Visitors are free to wander through a former East German ceramics factory, and simply look at art, for four days.
We wander around the neighborhood on the other end of the cable car and get lunch and an outdoor cafe.
She pined for New York City, and would take the bus in for a dollar and wander around Greenwich Village.
That was kind of my excuse to go to Target, or wherever, and just kind of wander around the stores.
Jim would wander down there and just begin taking pictures, capturing incredible jazz greats like Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
They stretched the lead to 5-0 when Hernandez belted a two-run homer off Wander Suero in the fourth.
"We are on a very narrow path and we cannot wander off," Morelli said in an interview published on Monday.
While big cities in Italy command big prices, the farther you wander into the Italian countryside, the lower costs go.
I was also able to wander around the World's Fair when no one else was there, which was pretty cool.
Many nights, we wander out onto the ice after work, spent, exhausted, tired of staring at one screen or another.
We sort of unwittingly created an enchanted forest that viewers can wander in and out of whenever they wanted to.
Tourists wander around, dazed children in tow, as women's asses pop out of bandage dresses like dough from a tube.
Otherwise, he said, the trip was safe — as long as guests listened to their guides and did not wander off.
To take in Stamaty's New York is to wander: the streets, the subway, the delis, bars, cafes, galleries and parks.
They do, they wander around conferences ... You would have said that about Bewkes, you would have said that about Murdoch.
Later, Kitty pretends to sleep in the master bedroom while Jose (Benito Martinez) leaves her to wander to Erik's room.
Every day there would be some person who'd wander in and think they understood it and get torn to pieces.
Bear deaths at the hands of humans are increasing as the animals wander onto farms and eye livestock for food.
Doing this mission with these limitations is unnecessarily complicated in comparison to just… having a wander and doing 'em in .
Ants of just the right size that wander into the pit wind up slipping down the walls to become antlion food.
For example, be careful not to overspend, wander unwittingly under mistletoe or wear that ugly Christmas sweater on a first date.
As I wander out of the train station, grim-faced soldiers with impressively large automatic weapons are rousting a homeless man.
Others posit our solar system might have had a fifth gas giant that was ejected and left to wander the cosmos.
The smart people don't party too hard, because then they can go and wander around the desert before the show starts.
I go upstairs and get a beer and fearfully wander around, not wanting to stay still long enough to be noticed.
After the concert, he and his friends left to wander around midtown, gawking at the water rising on the empty streets.
From there, her thoughts wander back to her own Wolverine, who's out there, waiting for her to find him on Facebook.
And anxiety (and letting your mind wander to what ifs, and googling "cervical cancer") is a real thing with real consequences.
I really only wander in for the frozen dumplings that sustain me on nights I don't have the energy to cook.
The game lets me wander around wanting something other than what I have been given, but it's all out of reach.
I wander the airport to get some steps in before my flight while catching up with my mom on the phone.
If you drop your controller and sit back to watch, the game will automatically shuffle through forms and wander its world.
I'm excited to be supporting Wander as a pioneering internet provider that is equally focused on building a happy customer base.
At times, the contours almost seem to take shape — into bodies, or a landscape — only to wander, unpredictably, back into abstraction.
It is the seat in which it is easiest to stretch your legs; to get up and wander to the toilet.
As the lovers wander around Brooklyn, they bicker and make up, idly converse about current events and speculate about the future.
Or humans who might wander into traffic by accident, or decide to test the reflexes of Mr. Robo-Car for fun?
But you'll be glad you bought the fan once you wander down the hall into the stuffier section of the building.
They wander into Israel, try to stab a soldier or a pregnant woman and get shot or arrested — every single time.
I've compared Tacoma's playback mechanic to immersive fiction like Sleep No More, where participants wander through slices of multiple, parallel stories.
You could put on a VR headset, possibly attached to a the fancy new iMac Pro, and wander highly realistic streets.
Reading Sex Tips for Girls prompted me to subconsciously wander to my laptop and search for "bright green snakeskin boots" online.
It's also common for Brazilians to let their dogs wander around the neighborhood during the day and come in at night.
You'll soon be able to wander the Wastelands surrounding post-nuke Boston, not just with a controller, but with your feet.
When characters wander around New York City, the city's skyline, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge appear in graceless video projections.
Korins says that in order to become inspired, it's essential that he let his mind wander to the brink of boredom.
The calculus behind having the confidence to wander and fail is knowing that when an idea works, it can work big.
This is the kind of event where you can put your dog in a stranger's lap and let your attention wander.
And for anyone in any doubt, let your eyes wander over to a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times.
I hope to learn her sneak attack methods here on land as I wander through the flower garden, shark like pic.twitter.
Customers wander among endless rows of sofas, testing the cushions and examining the other wares, from bric-a-brac to bicycles.
Want to wander around Joyce Byers' living room, prodding those rainbow fairy lights and waiting for the Demogorgon to show up?
"An individual may not be able to fall asleep once it's dark and their mind starts to wander," Carney told Time.
I love the vibe, but it's easy to just tune out and let your mind wander as conversations awkwardly stumble on.
It's become a common refrain among authorities to urge Pokémon players not to wander into traffic while pursuing Snorlaxes and Pikachus.
Wander this warren and you'll find pistons, camshafts, brake rotors and more stacked in tidy piles or laid out in rows.
Every time I wander past Reese Witherspoon's store, Draper James, I find myself wondering, But is it secretly a movie set?
Should you start to lose your investment, there are helpful signs posted at practically every intersection where your emotions might wander.
Seals having a wander inland are an occasional occurrence, but this cub is perhaps a little too young to go walkabout.
The story editor and co-producer is Francisco Angones (Wander Over Yonder) and the art director is Sean Jimenez (Gravity Falls).
I never make a shopping list, so I wander around the aisles and pick up things while I'm waiting on line.
Rather than funneling people into a tight space, there's opportunity to wander off and get into trouble—or save the day.
Visitors to Granada, meanwhile, can still wander through the former Arabic and Jewish quarters located in the shadow of the building.
The researchers agreed that true polar wander — the shifting of the north and south pole — was responsible for this ice placement.
We're denying the right to wander and to experience newness as a species, and that is dangerous, it seems to me.
What we're talking about is professional and organized crime—those people have more sense than to wander around with a gun.
An interactive map of Banff lets you wander, clicking on outposts and other tagged animals to follow them through the park.
There is no Marshmallow (the ice monster), for instance, and Anna does not wander into Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna.
All people with dementia should wear an identification bracelet or pendant, so that if they do wander, they can be found.
A train and an airliner have separately crashed; zombies wander littered street and vacant parking lots; grocery stores have been looted.
Women wander the streets freely, some with their hair loosely covered by a scarf, others with no head covering at all.
In an extension of a scene that appeared on season nine, the two old friends wander through the woods just chatting.
Lucy could wander around fearlessly, knowing she had 19 other houses where she could walk right in and expect a snack.
The commander lured her with dates and other fruit, and the chance to wander in the area seized by Boko Haram.
They have no maps or guides, can speak no European language and often wander inadvertently back across the border into Italy.
When people with Alzheimer's or memory impairment do wander across the border, days may pass before they are found and identified.
With a Bulletproof Coffee of my own, I wander into the tech hall where exhibitors stand ready to explain their products.
The religious right has always known that you don't just wander your way into power then punch blindly in the dark.
Below is a curse for anyone who invades the crypt and they're doomed to wander in the labyrinth below in darkness.
We all know that our phones are turning us into mindless zombies, heads down, blithely texting while we wander into traffic.
But Thompson says the setup, in which people wander through a series of themed rooms, makes for surprisingly effective performance art.
When I was in college, I would skip school and my friends and I would get high, play guitars, wander around.
We wander back toward the old city and, appropriately, hop inside a salsa club where we're welcomed with—yes, always—aguardiente.
Maniacal inmates yell out from their bloodstained rooms and deranged guards wander the corridors in search of those who have escaped.
It's kind of fun to just let your mind wander and be like, What's he talking about with so much ferocity?
Wander Suero (3-1) entered with one out and two on and allowed a walk before McNeil singled in a run.
Democrats wander in the wilderness; Trump's kids play peekaboo with the blind trust; terror and panic in the age of Trump.
From there, you are on your own, free to wander among the exhibits at your own pace, in your own fashion.
To keep themselves sane, these girls take in animals that wander the streets, some still wearing leashes, while their owners slumber.
Mr. Wander said that, until other women began describing their experiences with Mr. Simmons, Ms. Jarosik felt guilty about her encounters.
Orlean recalls a library-centric childhood in suburban Cleveland, when her mother would let her wander the stacks on her own.
Our parents could drop us off and we could wander around the stores and coffee shops while being relatively self-contained.
Revelers wander the busy sidewalks in search of late night eats or their Uber drivers to take them to their hotels.
Hobbies can also jump-start your creativity, or allow your mind to wander and look at problems from a new angle.
One especially prominent swan maiden actually decides to wander back in the direction she came, and at the same tempo. Meh.
About a dozen conscripts wander by, likely returned for the religious holiday from their postings, and enter the tent to pray.
It is the tale of a recluse in plain sight, a man left to compulsively wander the place he called home.
If they fail, oil will flow through the Crumly property, in a grassy strip between where cows wander and corn grows.
Wander Beauty's Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks is made to combat the common issues that arise when you're on the road.
It's this enforced pause, when the mind can wander and reflect, that is one of the unsung benefits of air travel.
Let your mind wander into stories of trust funds, annual bonuses or the credit-card debt they must have racked up.
Each delivers long, lived-in monologues to other characters as they wander a room, leave the frame, or burst into song.
Baseball is played at a slower pace, with built-in breaks that allow fans to wander around a stadium sampling food.
Fortier had managed to wander in; his fourteen-year-old son had a basketball game in the gym down the hall.

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