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"breeze" Definitions
  1. [countable] a light wind
  2. [singular] (informal) a thing that is easy to do

813 Sentences With "breeze"

How to use breeze in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "breeze" and check conjugation/comparative form for "breeze". Mastering all the usages of "breeze" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" [MUSIC - SEALS AND CROFTS, "SUMMER BREEZE"] Summer breeze makes me feel fine — Seals and Crofts, doing "Summer Breeze.
"You want the breeze to clear the air, but you don't want the breeze to fuel the fire," he said.
For an air sign, add Keanu ("cool breeze over the mountain"), Aria ("air"), Essen ("wind") and Brisa ("breeze") to your list.
The best beach tent: Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent ($69.99) Umbrellas are often heavy, unwieldy nuisances, especially in a stiff breeze.
Just roll up a luxurious looking blunt and put this record on, take all these here problems and breeze 'em out, killa; breeze them out.
Bedtime under the Breeze Out of its compressed packaging, the Breeze comforter might be thinner than you'd expect, but it quickly fluffs up within a few nights' sleep.
Santa Monica (Breeze Bike Share) Middle East / Asia: India
On the rooftop an orange windsock swelled in the breeze.
It's also compact, so traveling with it is a breeze
It's also compact, so traveling with it is a breeze.
The Roku operating system is also a breeze to use.
This also makes moving to a new computer a breeze.
Both flags snapped rigidly to attention in a manufactured breeze.
Jacqueline Kennedy enjoys the breeze on a yacht on Aug.
At this rate, October's going to feel like a breeze.
I thought this game was going to be a breeze.
Keanu famously means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian.
ETS Breeze: It was an idea of Turk's at first.
Though I must admit perpetual sogginess makes forecasting a breeze.
The export feature in WhatsApp is a breeze to use.
A northwesterly breeze carried Chastity over the old oak grove.
I did feel a breeze blow past my right side.
But actually blitzing through the banked corners is a breeze.
CAMELOT SHOWBAR -- Anybody who's anybody will breeze though this joint.
The families have marked the spot with two breeze blocks.
Now it should be the "cool breeze of sustainable technology".
Will it be a gentle breeze or gale force wind?
A light breeze of change is now in the air.
On the park's flagpole a lanyard clanged in the breeze.
The kayak holds steady; a light breeze cools my face.
"The beach umbrella was flapping in the breeze," she read.
That's where The North Face City Breeze Raincoat comes in.
And don't expect what little breeze we have to help.
And I felt a fresh river breeze on my face.
Plus, it's dishwasher safe so it's a breeze to clean.
They attach back in with ease, making organization a breeze.
A stiff breeze set the dog's ears flapping like flags.
Raibee in Sea Breeze, North Carolina; Anna Mehler Paperny in
You could practically feel the breeze as they went by.
Try to breeze through Manifesto, and you'll miss a lot.
The brisk breeze is giving Gene Stilp a runny nose.
That's when you know it's going to be a breeze.
Cloudy skies and a light breeze suggest an autumn coat.
They prefer a mild breeze, about seven miles per hour.
It then rebranded as Breeze to double down on ridesharing.
City Kitchen Some pasta dishes are a breeze to make.
Expect sunshine, a strong breeze and a high near 52.
But a strong breeze may be enough to trigger it.
Grasses, poking through the white sand, bend in the breeze.
A cool breeze blew over the rubble inside her apartment.
The scent, the breeze and a book: a perfect combination.
But wind power did not dissipate with the summer breeze.
The Pratts aren't the only celebrities to breeze through millions.
She stood unveiled, her long hair flowing in the breeze.
If I closed my eyes, I could feel a breeze.
It'll be 61 and partly sunny, with a light breeze.
Carnival Breeze was supposed to return to Galveston on Sunday.
Taking care of ceramic tile floors should be a breeze.
From time to time the grasses move in the breeze.
But it won't be a breeze to finish this work.
Eastern Sydney has a sea breeze in the summer heat.
Later, running across the stage, she was a spring breeze.
A girl's headscarf on the grass, rippling in the breeze.
Across Pine, the Denisons' sunflowers were bending in the breeze.
The Dot with Clock is a breeze to set up.
The breeze filled with the smell of cheap bunker fuel.
A few palm trees stand strong in the salty breeze.
This guide will help make your first time a breeze.
Bahama Breeze Island Grille: Bahama Breeze will be celebrating the holiday with the return of their $2.22 Classic Margaritas, which will be available all day long on February 21 and 25 at participating restaurants.
So, this week, coming off a victory, should be a breeze.
Deanne brings both of the Kool Breeze hats to Bluefish Concepts.
If you don't mind paying, it is a breeze to use.
This is not a place to breeze through in a morning.
I cradle Ludo in my arms, enjoying the cool churchyard breeze.
Oh, and it's compact, so traveling with it is a breeze
Oh, and it's compact, so traveling with it is a breeze.
That would make visiting all of Iowa's 99 counties a breeze.
For now, SmartDuvet Breeze is taking early pledges starting at $199.
The app makes editing, shutter speed altering, and sharing a breeze.
That is not to say the event was a complete breeze.
But this is a breeze and easily rivals the Starbucks coffee.
I sip it outside, enjoying the slight breeze and warm sun.
ETS Breeze: "With My Team" was more of a radio song.
A light breeze gently combs the lush, flowery field around you.
Four company T-shirts on coat hangers fluttered in the breeze.
Charlotte McKinney felt a cool breeze in Malibu ... and it showed.
First day at the car wash , this finna be a breeze !
Multi-tasking with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a breeze.
Still, getting the Chromebook 14 up and running was a breeze.
It's also widely available, making both shopping and replenishment a breeze.
In New York, the chicken swayed uneasily in the breeze during
They are topped by an American flag fluttering in the breeze.
That aside, setting up the Nest Security Pack was a breeze.
It's 30mph, it's an April day where there's a slight breeze.
This dress took me through meetings and conferences like a breeze.
It takes only the slightest breeze to set us in motion.
App streaming could turn this customer service nightmare into a breeze.
And better yet, this little handheld is a breeze to prepare.
Curtains billow in the breeze and you can see for miles.
Maybe they would feel a hot wind or a cold breeze.
The small size and non-stick surface make cleanup a breeze.
Yard House, Seasons 52 and Bahama Breeze also reported sales growth.
But there she stood, her curly hair blowing in the breeze.
Outside the house, a large American flag fluttered in the breeze.
But ambivalence has dominated San Diego's cool ocean breeze of late.
No fair muttering anything about ideas that flap in the breeze.
I make out roasted chicken on the breeze from the southwest.
There was no breeze, but continue north, and that might change.
So what is fall in New York without the crisp breeze?
The breeze came from a fan placed under the subway grate.
Palm trees sway in a light breeze, a remnant of paradise.
In fact, the entire bookmarks system is a breeze to use.
A seemingly impossible caper was turning out to be a breeze.
Through them all, TurboTax has made filing my taxes a breeze.
In the background is the first flag, snapping in the breeze.
I say "unfortunately" because using the swaddle was such a breeze.
We complied the top hacks for making gift-giving a breeze.
His mouth moves like a rubber band in a gentle breeze.
Darden also owns Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, Yard House and Bahama Breeze.
After all these sweater lops does your drain feel breeze-fried?
Blue skies with a light breeze and a high near 80.
There's still a slight westerly breeze, so continue to bundle up.
Everything is straightforward and creating an email address is a breeze.
A little Lycra in the cuffs helps keep out the breeze.
Philadelphia Energy Solutions owns two refineries, Girard Point and Point Breeze.
It floated in the breeze, destined to stay in mullets forever.
With the Jenaluca Herb Scissors snipping fresh herbs is a breeze.
It's at such times that Professor de Breeze swims into my thoughts.
I'm going to slide in like being on time is a breeze.
So in 1998, DeGroff came up with the whiskey-based Belmont Breeze.
At least packing for Coachella this year will be a total breeze.
For once, going through the transit gate in Sydney is a breeze.
Installation and connecting to both the Internet and Wunderweather was a breeze.
After that, a 30 minute commute to another suburb is a breeze.
The fan knows you have entered the room and desire a breeze.
It's a breeze to use and useful in all kinds of situations.
It was cold and windy, but Tommy seemed to enjoy the breeze.
JetBlue founder David Neeleman announced details about his new US airline, Breeze.
The severely damaged Sea Breeze Trailer Park complex, in Islamorada, on Tuesday.
A flag bearing the image of Imam Ali waved in the breeze.
Flying into Shenzhen and taking the subway to Huaqiangbei is a breeze.
Of course, it's a breeze compared to, say, bleaching your entire head.
White curtains on a window left open were lifted by a breeze.
After releasing a double album, "Wildcard" must have seemed like a breeze.
The applicator easily pivots so drawing out the wing is a breeze.
CES and airport security checks are an absolute breeze with this bag.
Here are some tips that will make your summer roadtrip a breeze:
I took a deep breath as the breeze ruffled around my ears.
But the warm breeze of a fine day can be western, too.
In the summer it unfurls, letting the breeze in through adaptive holes.
But I remember knowing to just feel the warmth in the breeze.
In a scruffy courtroom with breeze-block walls, the dock is empty.
Scroll on to shop and put the breeze back in beach weekend.
"Luckily I felt a breeze pretty quickly," the mother of three explained.
Best of all, it makes paying my quarterly estimated taxes a breeze.
Improved dictation means selecting emoji and adding dictionary items is a breeze.
Prefer to drink your breakfast, ideally with a breeze ruffling your hangover?
In the meantime, the turbines continue to turn slowly in the breeze.
Managing your chores, health, and work responsibilities is a breeze this afternoon!
"I'm going to breeze past the $10 million mark," he told me.
The charger itself is small and compact, so portability is a breeze.
Behind her, flags emblazoned with "We Are Orlando," fluttered in the breeze.
Scent options include bacon, coffee, fresh linen, island breeze, and new car.
He'll breeze through the confirmation hearings -- when Hillary Clinton wins the election.
Among the many that have stumbled have included Beepi, Evercar and Breeze.
Shooting the breeze with Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) and Jamie Foxx.
"It's a breeze that comes and goes," he said of the economy.
Atop the tower, a new Puerto Rican flag flutters in the breeze.
Your morning commute looks divine, with sunny skies and a cool breeze.
With hardly anyone in line in front, passing through was a breeze.
"He sat in that chair and we shot the breeze," Saldaña said.
Not for the view, of course, but for the cool ocean breeze.
That means sauces, salsas, and spice mixes are a breeze to create.
For airlines, integrating the plane into existing fleets would be a breeze.
To and fro I swayed, as if pushed by a beachy breeze.
It's even machine washable, so keeping it clean will be a breeze.
No storm was brewing, and the leaves didn't swirl in the breeze.
Her abdominal wound was 7 inches long, according to the Daily Breeze.
Sometimes players breeze past those limits like it's nothing, and it's amazing.
You ever see something mildly infuriating but manage to breeze past it?
The occasional cold breeze ruffled its drape of green-and-yellow cloth.
As the motorized breeze fell over my face, I felt myself relax.
Hundreds were easy from the outset, making entry-level competition a breeze.
Remaining games against Georgia and Alabama A&M should be a breeze.
Expect chilly temperatures and a stiff breeze on your way to work.
Some are already building breeze-block houses on a hill facing Turkey.
Saturday • A scarecrow-building contest at Ocean Breeze Park in Staten Island.
It would breeze its way into the restaurant, it would be outside.
"She was very happy," the Daily Breeze reported Speiser telling the prosecutor.
The breeze tickles the handful of whisker-like hairs of my cheeks.
And the papyrus in the nearby reflecting pools swayed in his breeze.
It wasn't yet bug season; a fragrant breeze blew through the room.
After a couple of minutes a gentle breeze cleared up the smoke.
The famous breeze came from a fan placed under the subway grate.
Occasionally, a pink bougainvillea would drift our way from the ocean's breeze.
Combined with the fast-moving air, you'll get a nice, chilly breeze.
Confidence: High Tonight: Clouds continue to increase with a light south breeze.
A whisper of a garment that a gentle breeze could render irrelevant!
The Daily Breeze, a local L.A. daily newspaper, first reported the news.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, with a gentle breeze and a high near 21951.
What's more, the premium nonstick coating makes removing and cleanup a breeze.
Highs climb to the mid- to upper 40s with barely a breeze.
A high of 64 and a delicate breeze are in store. Swish.
Expect bright sunshine, with a high near 240, and a light breeze.
At first, it seemed that this year's decision would be a breeze.
In summer, I read on the bench outside to catch the breeze.
Breeze alertly picked it up and sprinted for the go-ahead score.
The sun is out and the breeze is still cool — perfect day!
The glass walls had been removed and a breeze was blowing in.
This produces hot, wet air — a sea breeze — that rises over land.
"This year has been a breeze of a winter," Mr. Sinclair said.
Just a bit of a breeze around 10 mph from the west.
The breeze at the pool is nice while we talk a bit.
Darden's Bahama Breeze also saw same-store sales that were below estimates.
There was an afternoon breeze and not a cloud in the sky.
But commuting is a breeze, and water utilities are in fine shape.
With only a hint of an easterly breeze, outdoor activities are comfortable.
That could get you stopped while trying to breeze through airport security.
Breeze also made a fourth-down tackle to end a Utah drive.
Beto O'Rourke are expected to breeze to their party's nominations for Senate.
A light breeze moves the trees outside like an erratic invisible hand.
Freeman shook them to show how they dance around in a breeze.
Calm morning wind should turn into a light southerly breeze by afternoon.
A very light breeze is possible, mainly out of a northerly direction.
Smoking marijuana legally in a coffee shop in Amsterdam is a breeze.
Anyone can breeze on up to the beautiful rooftop park once again.
A slight drizzle, gray skies, and a nippy breeze are on tap.
There is a constant wind, a little more insistent than a breeze.
Compared to that, facing a werewolf or a vampire is a breeze.
Data loss can only occur via a stiff breeze or errant bike messenger.
It's breeze to turn on as long as you know where to look.
Weather: Sunny with a light breeze and a high in the mid-210s.
It also has a large retractable skylight for natural lighting and a breeze
Sorry Gulf Coasters, Fairhope, Saraland, Gulf Breeze and Orange Beach locations are excepted.
The see-through trend offers (almost) the same coverage — but with a breeze.
Everything else seems to be a breeze, but she doesn't do it alone.
Breeze will fly routes between smaller cities that don't otherwise have direct service.
The app does a little bit of everything; multiple inboxes are a breeze.
A private pool is but one advantage of Phuket, Thailand's White Breeze Apartment.
Once I was a shocking shade of blonde, going pink was a breeze.
There was a time when getting into the White House was a breeze.
A beachfront breeze (and Jacuzzi!) and quirky home with loads of historic character?
We didn't talk about hardly anything, just shot the breeze for several hours.
That trivia round was a breeze, of course — but pretty fun to watch.
Breeze Knoll mansion burned to the ground in a suspicious fire in 1972.
Keep these questions in mind and your next move will be a breeze.
Simply press fresh garlic through to make preparation and clean up a breeze.
Her long hair sways in the breeze as she holds a tennis racket.
A plume of smoke engulfed the area, propelled by a strong sea breeze.
The sea breeze didn't permeate their rental house, so it was tough sleeping.
I see a bird, then a dog, and the cool breeze feels welcome.
Sexual espionage is their bread and butter, so this should be a breeze.
Tim Seymour highlighted Darden Restaurants which operates the Olive Garden and Bahama Breeze.
But it's a breeze for passengers, who can waltz straight to the gate.
I see the palm fronds twitching, and a breeze crosses along my face.
The software makes presentation prep a breeze on all of the aforementioned programs.
Today's main ingredients: Sunshine and a steady breeze, with a high near 85.
Temperatures around 26 — with a side of light breeze — for your main course.
It will likely breeze through the upper chamber, and President Obama supports it.
BUSINESS could be such a breeze—if it weren't for those pesky humans.
You land, breeze through passport control and check into a hotel within minutes.
Finally, cleaning the Triple Slow Cooker is a breeze — it's completely dishwasher-safe.
As it came to life, she turned the gentle breeze toward my baby.
Elms and cottonwood bent in the breeze, casting shadowy fingers onto the water.
It's not our business to get in between anybody and an ocean breeze.
Gleaming powerboats lined the docks outside, and a warm breeze rippled the water.
It was also a breeze to maneuver through the New York City streets.
If you're not already a Twitch account-holder, signing up is a breeze!
Back on shore, Hardt peeled off her mask and inhaled the ocean breeze.
Turn the fan on, and the air will mimic a chilly, misty breeze.
To donate to A Breeze of Hope Foundation, click the CrowdRise widget below.
That's where most people got started like Rick Ross, Gunplay, myself, Young Breeze.
Salt breeze in our faces, we sit and watch the skateboarders and picnickers.
For "Euphoria" fans, these shades will make replicating Jules' colorful eyelids a breeze.
There are no ravioli verdi in the freezer to make dinner a breeze.
Birds sang nesting songs outside and a spring breeze wafted through the room.
Rainbow balloons drifted skyward, and rainbow banners rippled in the early-summer breeze.
A cool breeze cut through the thick, balmy air of the waning daytime.
The slowly calming breeze started to coat the soft blue interior with dust.
Throwing a dinner party for 10, once a stressful proposition, is a breeze.
And, when I'm inspired, washing these components by hand is also a breeze.
He also likes to sit on a bench and take in the breeze.
I had another 15x15 construction with DOPE SHEET, SICK DAY, COOL BREEZE, etc.
A fetid stench wafted on the breeze and flies buzzed at our ankles.
She could take in its breeze, its smell, its changing colors and moods.
Bob Dylan just breezed through Asia (if Dylan can breeze at this point).
I made it around the first bend with a breeze at my back.
There was even a little breeze off the lake, every now and then.
The main characters: sunshine, a gentle spring breeze and a high of 71.
Strolling along, I watched groups enjoying the offshore breeze, taking selfies or fishing.
Once they can be ridden, they are taught to gallop and eventually breeze.
No opposition troubles Mr Abe, so expect him to breeze through Sato's record.
Gold is adrift, with neither sail nor a following breeze, between these levels.
Expect blue skies with a light breeze and a high just under 70.
As the name suggests, David Tanis's lazy lobster is a breeze to make.
It'll be mostly sunny with a gentle breeze and a high near 61.
"It was something to do — you'd feel the breeze," Mr. Dupree, 46, said.
Weather: Sunny, with a high in the upper 70s and a gentle breeze.
There was no one in line, so I got through in a breeze.
Fashion Review What would one give for a cool breeze right about now?
The only single women widows now or brides Half married to the breeze.
The great big drivetrain selector is a breeze to locate and to use.
But the blue Pacific is the same, the low clouds, the moist breeze.
For such a small drone, Spark had no trouble navigating a gentle breeze.
Each tool has a designated space in the box, making cleanup a breeze.
Sunny skies are in order, with a light breeze and high near 52.
The oppressive scent of the city eased some against the cool river breeze.
If you're entertaining at home, these risotto bites are a breeze to prepare.
The song appears and floats away on the breeze, like a stray memory.
Chimney smoke and the balsamic pitch of evergreen needles scent the clean breeze.
In the parking lot, massive Israeli and American flags billow in the breeze.
And Breeze won the corresponding award on the defensive side of the ball.
Visitors feel the breeze and hear the crows scattering skyward after the gunshot.
I mentally removed the images of an open shirt in a evening breeze.
But his latest, Michael Moore in TrumpLand, feels more like a summer breeze.
Clumps of receding dots create wave-like motions that evoke a summer breeze.
The only sounds came from a slight breeze and birds flitting between hanging lamps.
Asked if the application process was difficult, Ali replied that it was a breeze.
As if a breeze had blown it, his right hand lifted in subtle salutation.
As she does, the breeze lifts the cloth, revealing the contents of her bundle.
Its windows hang by their hinges, its swinging doors creak loudly in the breeze.
Anna lives life like a reed in the breeze, swaying but not moving forward.
There's a great breeze, so it doesn't matter that it's a little humid today.
"They opened the doors, allowed the breeze to flow through the house," Merritt said.
JetBlue founder David Neeleman on Friday announced the name for his new airline: Breeze.
It is also where kids flocked to fly kites because of its omnipresent breeze.
A northeasterly breeze blows across the football field at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
It was snagged on a piece of bark, and trembling in the delicate breeze.
Rolling green hills, the beautiful Edinburgh skyline, and a nice's pretty perfect.
BLL's vibe was crisp, cool California breeze; Sharp Objects is hot, heavy Southern heat.
There is usually a fresh breeze blowing through the metal grate behind her kitchen.
However, for a teenage Bradley Cooper, dating his best friend was a total breeze.
Setting up PushbulletFortunately for the less technically savvy, setting up Pushbullet is a breeze.
Each dog lifts his nose in the air, catching a whiff on the breeze.
"Another Day" is light track that will have you swaying in a nonexistent breeze.
Enter Icon54, a platform that makes adding icons to your daily life a breeze.
He sways ever so slightly, like a scarecrow barely touched by a light breeze.
But I felt a cool little breeze and it wasn't as scary peeping through.
All that remained were thick-trunked trees and leaves trembling slightly in the breeze.
If there's anything Apple knows how do to right, it's making setup a breeze.
Inside, old Christmas decorations fluttered in the breeze near the cooling system's ceiling vents.
John was sitting in a small group of elders who preferred the breeze outside.
The Tizen-powered smartwatch is comfortable and the rotating bezel makes navigation a breeze.
Breeze shut down its operations last year after it sold to a Ford subsidiary.
I made my way toward the sound of Breeze nightclub booming "Viva Las Vegas".
My visage had become so sensitive, a slight breeze made me cringe in pain.
Weather: Some sunshine, with a light breeze and a high in the upper 22001s.
Installation is a breeze, and it supports all the major smart home platforms.5.
The Grand Marlin of Pensacola Beach is a seafood restaurant in Gulf Breeze, Florida.
We're looking at mostly clear skies, a calm breeze and a high of 80.
When a breeze brushes my face, I don't think about how nice it feels.
However, the race is fluid and a stiff breeze could disturb the pecking order.
Saving money on housing is a breeze thanks to sites like Airbnb and VRBO.
The breeze made the cables above the bungalows whisper of the Sunday afternoon's melancholy.
Skipping around the estate is a breeze — elevators take owners from floor to floor ...
On a nearby hill, another flag waves in the breeze, near a UN outpost.
Check out the A Breeze of Hope Foundation website and see how to help.
After doing magic behind a busy bar, he said, performing onstage is a breeze.
It also has a full keyboard that makes composing emails or memos a breeze.
Not to mention, it makes pairing an antenna with your Roku device a breeze.
"A small, little, tiny breeze would push him over the edge," the official said.
By this point, you could almost feel the miniature flags waving in the breeze.
The decision makers in the group were already three dangling jaws to the breeze.
"It was a competitive environment, but an encouraging one as well," explains Breeze Brewin.
A breeze came in off the lake, the sun was just beginning to set.
MOSCOW — Deep in the Russian countryside, the grass sways in a late-summer breeze.
The Tesla-designed audio system is superb, and connectivity with devices is a breeze.
After you're done cutting out your Christmas cookies, clean up should be a breeze.
Durable coated tabbed dividers are also long-lasting and make accessing information a breeze.
"Let's just shoot the breeze for a few minutes," he said at one point.
A sunny morning is ahead, with a light breeze and a high below 230.
The October breeze felt exhilarating on my scalp as a hairdresser shaved my head.
Being at the boardwalk and getting the breeze was something that was really special.
A cool breeze gently passes over from the turquoise waters just beyond your feet.
Dangling from the roof was a fire-licked drainage pipe bent against the breeze.
It pads away completely silently, like a rag being carried away by the breeze.
They both looked as if they were launching the ball into a stiff breeze.
When you have everything you need on hand, spring cleaning can be a breeze!
And then, on the breeze, the scent of a pine tree — but thicker, sharper.
A sea breeze will pick up this afternoon, and there could be drizzle tonight.
He and the Hendrixes sat on the back porch, cooled by the ocean breeze.
It might take hundreds or thousands of increments, but for computers, that's a breeze.
When the door is open, the breeze catches paper napkins and makes them fly.
The first section is quiet, moody, and ambient, floating in ominously on the breeze.
Reminders were everywhere, from highway billboards to colorful flags that blew in the breeze.
The fact that there are no major sizing discrepancies made placing orders a breeze.
Supported on thin stems, these graceful flowers are animated by the slightest woodland breeze.
The breeze lifting the sky and then lifting the sky again, each cloud turning.
The warm sunlight, the gentle breeze, it feels like the victory is calling me.
Next is Bella Breeze, an air-conditioned furniture invention that could revolutionize outdoor dining.
I enjoy laying out and the weather is perfect there is a nice breeze.
A light breeze from the west at 5 to 10 mph delivers a chill.
To the left, the tall brush of Mexico swayed in a too-faint breeze.
Women wave fans for a cool breeze, and men dry themselves off with handkerchiefs.
Thus, the only rain would occur in the afternoon, when solar heating of land areas would create a sea breeze which would move inland, forcing air to rise along the edge of the breeze, creating gentle showers or the occasional mild thunderstorm.
Photo: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo)Setting them up with a Roku TV is a breeze.
After all, Mindy Kaling makes it seem like a total breeze on The Mindy Project.
" This remake of the 1975 Isley Brothers classic is, indeed, "smoother than a gentle breeze.
If you wake up feeling energized and refreshed, concentrating and functioning will be a breeze.
Yet there it was on the control-room screen, impotently flapping in the supersonic breeze.
So the sea breeze brought the smoke flume over the city in a huge way.
Photo: GettyBeware, lactose-intolerant Almond Breeze drinkers: There may be milk in your milk alternative.
Swiping on dating apps is a breeze if you live in a town or city.
I was sticky with sweat, but when a breeze ran up my arms, I shivered.
The oak taunts the reed for being weak and having to bend with every breeze.
In the high-density Point Breeze neighborhood of south Philadelphia, for example, streets are tight.
The climate can shift in either direction, with Republicans and Democrats sniffing at every breeze.
Overnight temperatures hold steady between 45 and 50, with a gentle breeze from the southwest.
THE man strides forward, bent slightly at the waist as if resisting a stiff breeze.
We shouldn't just shrug and breeze through privacy notices accepting whatever permission levels are required.
Shortly after the fourth burn, ExoMars separated from Breeze-M and deployed its solar panels.
The scars on their bodies, the dirty tufts of hair that move in the breeze.
Chicago Metallic's Split Decision Pie Pan makes whipping up a variety of pies a breeze.
Given how quickly Chris put them in, I figured self-assembly would be a breeze.
Because it's so bare-bones it would theoretically be a breeze to implement and scale.
The Parallel Apps feature makes it possible, and it's a breeze to configure as well.
We continued walking as the breeze picked up, and the branches swayed and leaves rustled.
It also has a full keyboard that makes composing e-mails or memos a breeze.
Two Imperial Stormtroopers shoot the breeze about a work-related matter before they're gunned down.
While the process isn't exactly a breeze, the instructions don't leave out a single detail.
Out there, the vast and limitless horizon faded westward, and the breeze furled my hair.
Then, all of a sudden, I realised the music wasn't coming from Breeze at all.
It also never gives you the confidence to think you'll breeze through the next mission.
But it starred Daryl Hall—his unkempt, shoulder-length hair unmoved in the afternoon breeze.
Next, he runs down the hallways of the sub, package flopping about in the breeze.
Expect a radiant, sunny sky, with a high near 80 and a much-needed breeze.
A radiant sun, a smooth breeze and a high near 85 are in the forecast.
Even as I cycled on the highway, the cars were infrequent, the sea breeze abundant.
I am with you when you feel a perfect, warm breeze upon your sweet face.
"By the time I stepped outside, every little breeze set the skirt flying," she says.
Today there will be minimal cloud cover, a slight breeze and a high of 21995.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (85033)—A slight breeze blew off the Potomac and onto the National Mall.
That label, though, undersells what took place here in the cool breeze of early evening.
That, and nature's providing us with a fan: A stiff breeze is in the forecast.
It sounds like a straight shot of summer breeze, but the flavors didn't ride along.
Without a coastal breeze, like that of Mumbai and Chennai, much of the pollution settles.
But I found that the tool made the process of lining your eyes a breeze.
Today's high is 26, and a nice breeze in the afternoon should keep things comfortable.
An American flag, hoisted into the breeze by two fire engines, waved over the procession.
It comes complete with a light breeze to blow your hair back ever so slightly.
The time where the smoggy summers take on a full breeze and essentially becomes fall.
Gillett was 25 and aboard his 34-footer, Sea Breeze, with a crew of three.
" Now is normally where I'd say, "but it's a breeze for a deep learning model.
Pros: Wineries are situated along one main drag, which makes zipping between them a breeze.
Your ruling planet Venus is done with this year's retrograde—will December be a breeze?
I was relieved to find that the sign-up process with Wealthfront was a breeze.
Jacky Rosen is expected to breeze through Tuesday's Democratic Senate primary in a crowded field.
There was a soft breeze in the gloaming; the heat was finally off the day.
The air smells heavy here, the odor of rotting fruit cutting through the salty breeze.
Our weekend kicks off with overcast skies, a gentle breeze and a high near 203.
My phone app provides a noise, but it does not create a simple, cooling breeze.
Our sails stood full and proud in the south breeze that blew steadily from behind.
Weather: Like yesterday but without presents: partly sunny, a chilly breeze, a high of 24.
Your smile is as sweet as honey, Just like flowers blooming in the spring breeze.
I've always loved to walk outside and feel a cool refreshing breeze against my face.
Paul Stephen Benjamin's (Atlanta) video installation "Summer Breeze" (2019) is both fiercely powerful and enthralling.
The loudest noise on a recent day was the autumn breeze whistling in the trees.
Kubitschek lit several candles, and a warm breeze from the open window whipped the flames.
The intuitive app has several video tutorials that make installation and programming tasks a breeze.
Everyone knows that the seeds, under silky, filamentous parachutes, ride the breeze far and wide.
Highs run in the low to mid-60s with a light breeze from the north.
The green water, kicked up by a stiff breeze into white dappled rollers, looked peaceful.
Everything smelled loamy and sweet, especially the ponderosas, wafting their butterscotch scent onto the breeze.
Some cloth diapers take a long time to dry, but GroVia makes laundry a breeze.
On a recent sunny afternoon, an ocean breeze blew in through the studio's open windows.
The project was a breeze thanks to a client who was both absent and trusting.
One that wants to shoot the breeze, tell stories, tell jokes, and learn about you.
He's veered out in deep stretch twice and last week he simply refused to breeze.
Her confirmation hearings for a second term on October 8th ought to be a breeze.■
O.K., maybe not a breeze, but not the disaster our personal history might have predicted.
That's why the Swiffer WetJet Wood Spray Mop and Cleaner makes cleaning them a breeze.
As soon as I stepped outside my eyes started to water from the frigid breeze.
Bait & tacklebecomes AA jovenesbecomes flea marketbecomes a distant breeze I enter where the arrowspoint me.
The science is about floating through clouds, about complex negotiations involving gravity and the breeze.
No state has better roads, and commutes are a breeze, averaging just under 24 minutes.
I die before I open, and the waves of desert breeze blow my petals away.
Both manage to breeze past it without cracking up, which is a feat in itself.
It's a breeze to set up, and it even adjusts automatically for daylight saving time.
Early outburst enables Braves to breeze past Cards ST. LOUIS — Growing up in Sterling, Ill.
Shutters folded back, unsuspecting, letting the northwest breeze play through the arrangement of the bedroom.
A run around Florida's Fisher Island with a slight breeze that kept me cool. 2.
Checking out was a breeze, as many lanes were open and the employees were friendly.
But there was plenty of sunshine, and always a nice breeze riffling the palm fronds.
A strong breeze created a blast-furnace effect, igniting the fuel in other abandoned vehicles.
Its simplicity is arresting amid all the gore, like a breeze blowing through the morgue.
The ball's trajectory was languid and dreamy, like a gull gliding on an ocean breeze.
I remember how the mild February breeze felt encouraging 7 miles into a hard hike.
Several years later, I can genuinely say that doing my self-employment taxes is a breeze.
Get this 4K camera Yuneec Breeze Drone with a Bluetooth controller for $21000 off at $224.
This is Tommie's latest invention, the Kool Breeze Hard Hat, which was designed for construction workers.
It also has relatively low input lag, so playing fast-paced video games is a breeze.
He'll breeze through the nomination now that the Dems don't have the votes to stop him.
PRINCETON, N.J. (Reuters) - For Democrats, Tuesday's New Jersey U.S. Senate election should have been a breeze.
I breeze through the checkout ($212.88), and walk the 212.88 minutes back to P.'s apartment.
But this felt-tip marker makes application a breeze, whether you have a mirror or not.
Headphones serve a strictly utilitarian purpose, so you'd think shopping for them would be a breeze.
I pick out my outfits in my head the night before, so it's usually a breeze.
Breeze will fly direct routes between smaller cities where other airlines don't think there's enough demand.
Also, if you fly it outside, Dobby's tiny size is over-matched by the slightest breeze.
Smear of stars widest, lowest yet  Aspens sway  Storage shed makes frog noise with each breeze .
I've worn it while hiking, biking, and skateboarding, so sprinting after two toddlers is a breeze.
Getting to my seat was also a breeze, even though the plane had only one aisle.
Also, the bowl and included attachments are all dishwasher-safe, so cleanups are always a breeze.
By comparison, last year's choice of Jerome Powell to lead America's Federal Reserve looks a breeze.
That'll be really nice in the mild summers of Cupertino to get the breeze in there.
Barren courtyards sigh with the voiceless breeze; hollow buildings pierce the haze of a featureless sky.
So you're not too hot and bothered, there's a ventilation system that mimics a windy breeze.
A strong breeze lofts off the Nile; policemen doff their black winter uniforms for summer white.
From your balcony, you feel a soft breeze ruffle a lush garden of white flowers below.
As we were standing there, I sensed a breeze move from my left to my right.
Kool Breeze estimates the U.S. construction industry alone has a sales potential around $20-30 million.
At "12:44," we witness not the breeze itself but everything it touches in its wake.
I glanced around to see if a small breeze had shifted any of the black fabric.
While climate change is real, the Zero Breeze isn't a product you can buy quite yet.
The apologies just breeze right over our heads because we've been hearing them for 15 years.
So, reading e-books and magazines, watching videos, and playing games should typically be a breeze.
Buck, his shoulder-length blond mane flapping in the breeze at Martha Stewart Stadium, is outraged.
Newish amenities include a band shell for concerts and ventures such as Smorgusburg at Breeze Hill.
A captain inspects the "Basrah Breeze," which is said to be in a very good condition.
This not only makes detangling a breeze, but helps my hair feel plush throughout the day.
Same-store sales at Longhorn, Capital Grille and Bahama Breeze restaurants also beat Street Account estimates.
People were still sleeping with windows open to let in the cool summer breeze at night.
Cheddar Bay Biscuits are now Cheddar "Bey" Biscuits and their Bay Breeze drinks are "Bey" Breezes.
The account she tagged belongs to Jill Matson, her former personal assistant, according to The Breeze.
It being six minutes in total made it breeze by before I could even catch much.
But I do have a waterfall in the distance, and palm trees swaying in the breeze.
The smell of rotting corpses played in the spring breeze, hinting at what lay buried below.
The temperature reads 26 degrees Fahrenheit, and a vengeful breeze forces damp chill to the bone.
It can tell the difference between a tap and a squeeze, a kiss, and a breeze.
High-flying companies make it seem like a breeze, but most entrepreneurs lose sleep over it.
Without the coastal breeze of cities such as Mumbai and Chennai, much of the pollution settles.
It was August in Iowa, in the middle of a cornfield - no breeze, no ocean, nothing.
The open layout allows the sea breeze to waft throughout the entire 7,100-square-foot home.
From there, the step-by-step installation is a breeze, and requires zero technical know-how.
Outside it one recent day, large, colorful steel sculptures by Donald Gerola turned in the breeze.
It also features pre-attached, pull-down branches, making assembly and disassembly for storage a breeze.
The priority access feels pretty special when you breeze past a line wrapping around the block.
"The store layouts and how they have everything sorted and organized is a breeze," said Lawrence.
This adorable penguin egg cooker boils six eggs in six minutes and makes breakfast a breeze.
Apps have the potential to save you hundreds of dollars while making trip planning a breeze.
When filling a grid, always work your problem areas first, so the rest is a breeze.
That night, she was again in his Jeep, the windows rolled down to catch the breeze.
Tree pangolins scaled giant trunks, forest elephants trundled safely along, tropical birdsong wafted on the breeze.
He is a son of Sharon A. Wrynn and John P. Wrynn of Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Ocean Breeze Waterpark has slides with the requisite 35-foot drop, and a giant wave pool.
It's the way you notice a breeze in the room more than his hands touching you.
It should be sunny with a high near 1003 and a light breeze in the morning.
Or let's say I want to shoot the breeze with Cora, The One With The Hair.
Anyone watching that euphoric scene might assume that dancing socially is a breeze for professional dancers.
They spin out lines of silk that are caught by the breeze and carry them aloft.
But above the sea breeze some of the driest air in North America is coming in.
With the breeze blowing, they tipped an urn and scattered their dog's ashes into the water.
But an onshore breeze from the east and southeast probably turns us mostly cloudy by afternoon.
And a gentle breeze will toss around any fallen leaves, and the sun will shine bright.
The nets, half-torn from the rims, wave in the steady breeze like home court flags.
You can hear the breeze, and the tent flapping and the sound of a man snoring.
Juan Manuel would join grandfather Pablo, camping out under the stars to await the magic breeze.
The breeze could turn gusty late in the day, as we hit a high of 51.
On most sandy beaches, that should be a breeze — just make sure your fire is legal.
During the summer months, a southerly sea breeze blows across the bay from Long Island Sound.
They were travelers, sharing stories, cigarettes, and tea in the cool breeze on the mosque porch.
Organizing different windows around your screen is a breeze, allowing you to multitask like a pro.
Fire Pro coming back is a fresh breeze stirring the stale air of a closed hallway.
It also has air vents located in the base that make removing trash bags a breeze.
While using the bell service was a breeze, I found the "style editor" a bit clunky.
During a pause in their grief, a winter breeze rustled the chimes outside the kitchen window.
On a balmy summer evening with a breeze to keep the bugs away, it's perfectly enchanting.
We post up at The Bar (aptly named) and sit outside, enjoying the warm summer breeze.
A cool breeze as I jumped the 40 ft cliff and splashing into the shivering water.
Federer's draw, which looked like a breeze on paper, has instead been a prolonged great escape.
Temperatures overnight slip back to near 45, with a breeze from the southwest around 10 mph.
Daniil Trifonov tends to breeze through dazzling showpieces by Rachmaninoff, Liszt and Chopin with apparent ease.
Brady Breeze returned a fumble 253 yards for an early touchdown for the Ducks (12-2).
Otherwise we should stay dry as the colder air and lingering breeze last into the weekend.
Sign in with Apple then made logging in and out of the Kayak app a breeze.
EcoTools Shower Cap and Case comes with its own storage pouch to make packing a breeze.
The pages of a large Gospel, lying on the unadorned wooden coffin, fluttered in the breeze.
Instead of meeting up on the Internet, we'll meet up in bars and shoot the breeze.
And the cool breeze alternated between hot smoke in a way that left my body shivering. 
Thankfully, when I finally got to the front of the line, check-in was a breeze.
They are a breeze to cook and are done in mere minutes, beautifully browned and crisped.
Tropical Breeze Casino Cruises didn't immediately respond late Sunday to calls by the AP seeking information.
I grab a carton of Almond Breeze and two juice box-sized banana-flavored almond milks.
A breeze came up, jasmine and silk trees, and we followed it down toward the water.
The check-in process was a breeze, with three desks and elevators right at the entrance.
My view was still highly impressive and I felt the warm breeze of the ocean air.
For Trump there are never bygones, just glowing embers ready to reignite with the slightest breeze.
She had evacuated to Hand's home in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and saw the "HELP" sign first.
The goblet is dishwasher-safe, and the blades can easily be detached, making cleanup a breeze.
Phooey to dust on a random sea breeze or strewn on a field of unoffending vegetation.
This information can also be used to breeze past security questions used to secure online accounts.
Pimento cheese dip is a breeze to make, especially if you don't grate your own cheese.
Luckily, iOS 11 comes with a handy feature that makes clearing out your device a breeze.
In. Breeze from block to block with your essentials buckled safely ­— and fashionably — to your waist.
However, once your baby begins to toddle, these sorts of activities are no longer a breeze.
It was a moderate breeze, but maybe enough to exhaust a cuckoo after days without stopping.
Nicht alle davon gefielen den Jungen, denn sie klangen wie Werbejingles (So wie "Sweet Virginia Breeze").
Other instances of the recording are sped up, so you can more clearly hear the breeze.
"Must something in the island breeze / make violence spread like disease" Marley adds on his verse.
I felt the same as the mosquito biting my face, and the breeze disturbing its meal.
This might come as a shock, but finding black market testosterone in LA is a breeze.
Here are 30 Mother's Day gifts under $25 that make gift shopping this year a breeze.
I could hear the sway of the wheat ears as a gentle breeze brushed through them.
You want nothing more than to fold down the top and feel the breeze in your hair.
While Ryan declined to disclose how much Cuban has invested, he said Mark Cuban's team approached Breeze.
Check-in is a breeze and we are thankful to be in cool air-conditioning once again.
Why did they interrupt our dinner at Orlando's Bahama Breeze to briefly meet with that Russian couple?
Steady sunshine and an 80-degree breeze feels like the appropriate forecast for a summer haircut, right?
A family room with a wet bar opens up to the outdoor space, making entertaining a breeze.
"This is like the Coachella of Bitcoin," a passerby whispers to her companion as they breeze by.
It's also positioned right by Atlantic Terminal, so commutes to and from the pad are a breeze.
For Amy (Duggar) King and her husband Dillon, the first year of marriage has been a breeze!
We'd been friends for a while and we were just shooting the breeze and talking about Instagram.
The Waterlogged app, available on iPhone and Android devices, makes logging every ounce you drink a breeze.
At 45 minutes a pop, you'll be shocked to find just how quickly you breeze through them.
What sinister activity could be lurking beneath those trees as their leaves blow softly in the breeze?
On top of the heat, the lake breeze that usually rolls off of Lake Michigan was absent.
Kunal Nayyar's sophisticated home in Los Angeles's Nichols Canyon is less Big Bang, and more soft breeze.
The sleek stainless steel finish, slide-out rack, and nonstick interior makes cleaning up a breeze, too.
I was six years old, lying in bed as the air conditioner breeze wafted over my skin.
Her house had been ransacked and showed signs that a struggled ensued, according to the Daily Breeze.
Getting around in the Sunflower State is a breeze, with some of the nation's best maintained highways.
"I want to smell the rose-scented breeze and feel the sun on my shoulders," McCain wrote.
Attaching one to a pair of keys, a backpack, or even a dog collar is a breeze.
Finding new podcasts to listen to is a breeze as well and there are various search options.
The ground is lush, with a thick grass that gently moves as a cool breeze blows past.
Another clever trick: the power button has an integrated fingerprint scanner that makes logging in a breeze.
Fast forward to their August wedding, and the couples say planning the big day was a breeze.
Fast-forward to their August wedding, and the couples say planning the big day was a breeze.
Plus, the blades, jar, and splash guard lid are all dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.
"We will not fight," declared one robot, waving a white flag back and forth in the breeze.
It even cleans hardwood floors easily and efficiently with its folding handle that makes storage a breeze.
It's also subjective: What feels like a risk for you may be a breeze for someone else.
Fitness influencer Emily Breeze Ross Watson wants to set the record straight on working out during pregnancy.
It is a wonder of atmospheric alchemy that a gentle breeze can turn and flatten a town.
Though at between $14 and $20 per canister, Canadian air seemingly costs a fraction of British breeze.
Unlike Breeze, its customers rent cars from each other (peer-to-peer) instead of from the company.
If they decide to pass the BCRA in its Senate form, it would likely be a breeze.
But introducing e-ticketing for the commuter rail lines will be a breeze compared to the subway.
And H&M is making those situations a breeze with its new (chic and affordable) Sport Collection.
I have to sleep with the window ajar, even when it's absolutely freezing, I need a breeze.
A bright, balmy day with a high of 27 and a soft breeze is in the forecast.
Beginning in high school, "I did everything," he said, as he drove Irad to his next breeze.
In spite of the breeze, they decide to eat outside, to take advantage of the lingering light.
The Air Fryer by Cozyna makes delicious, healthy meals, and after you're done, cleanup is a breeze.
A high near 76 today is made even more luscious by crystalline skies and a slight breeze.
Even better, the five-piece collection is sold separately, which makes rounding out your collection a breeze.
She would instead fling open her interior life like French window shutters flapping in a stiff breeze.
Ocean Breeze, another low-lying neighborhood in Staten Island, also chose to be part of the program.
It's powerful enough to provide a substantial breeze that can be felt up to 24 feet away.
"When it gets hot, I can open the balcony doors to catch a cross breeze," said Mrs.
About 50 meters away, hoisted up high, two large white Taliban flags flapped in the afternoon breeze.
On the final two holes, though, his round upturned like an old umbrella in a stiff breeze.
Getting around is a breeze here in the Crossroads of America, and it's a bargain as well.
The only difference was the location of the SSD, but even so, installation was still a breeze.
Forrest Holt, 71, came to Pensacola from neighboring Gulf Breeze with his Marine buddies for the rally.
The colors were crisp and bright, the touchscreen was responsive, and scrolling and zooming was a breeze.
Saturday gets the gold: Sunny skies, a slight breeze and high near 87 are in the forecast.
They shared with us all the tips, tricks, and products that'll make your next flight a breeze.
The process, intimidating at the outset, perhaps, is so thoroughly yet tidily detailed that it's a breeze.
Thanks in large part to how easy it was to control the flame, cooking was a breeze:
A light breeze drifted through my bedroom window, and all I could see was a brick wall.
The third round began with little more than a mild breeze, and several players were taking advantage.
In the first season of the show, the Solloway marriage disintegrated at the slightest breeze of infidelity.
Long festoons of inscribed and painted rags hung from one building to another, waving in the breeze.
Showing up for an afternoon to learn best how to use it will be a relative breeze.
A breeze came down the avenue, against the traffic, and slipped between the buttons of Neil's shirt.
Every room is drenched in warm California sunlight, letting the sea breeze practically waft through the photos.
A soft breeze blowing in from the Anacostia, the end-of-August air just beginning to chill.
A breeze is picking up, tugging at my green overalls as I start my walk back home.
There wasn't much wind but a little breeze, maybe; it moved the snow around at his feet.
Through lace curtains that swayed in the evening breeze, they would see families eating their evening meals.
On the menu: unusually warm weather, with a high of 22.503, and a side of afternoon breeze.
A good breeze had whipped up foamy whitecaps on the lake and Paul suggested we hurry up.
Luckily, this feeder is a breeze to clean, and it holds up to three pounds of birdseed.
Neighborhood Joint It was midmorning, and some guys were shooting the breeze at Capitol Fishing Tackle Company.
No one could catch them, mainly because there was just enough breeze to cause just enough doubt.
The vehicle barely goes fast enough to get a breeze strong enough to combat the swampy heat.
Traces of clouds, a gentle breeze and more warm-but-not-hot temperatures are in today's forecast.
After you set up your streaming device, beaming your photos to the television set is a breeze.
"I think of them as plants in the breeze, in their own way, completely alive," Wurtz says.
I try to stay healthy so I have Kashi GoLean or Nature's Path, with Almond Breeze milk.
I could actually see the shadow of the curtain flapping in the breeze above me on Monday.
There was, on opening weekend, enough steel guitar on the breeze to make your bones go soft.
They explore a fishing village, Peter's scar now free from its bandages and taking in the breeze.
I look around, admiring the still, peaceful park as the warm summer breeze brushes across my face.
Hue BT took roughly five seconds to discover my Go. Setting up Alexa is also a breeze.
As the summer day comes toward its end, the air stirs and shifts on an evening breeze.
Nearby was a sign reading "Thank You Mr. President" and a heart balloon swaying in the breeze.
The breeze came from a large fan under the grate operated by the film's special effects chief.
Yellow and pink Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the cool breeze outside the community hall-cum-monastery.
A sudden breeze stirred the birches above us, and there was an urgent whisper in the leaves.
The air turns warmer, the breeze cooler, and the sun shines brighter than it has in months.
Ryan's part of the story is a breeze: He's the good soldier, here to save the day.
That breeze often carries the mellow umami stench of human effluent, the hot plastic tang of trash.
Chickens are kicking up red earth, and a breeze is passing around news of cooking and wood fire.
His longhaired sidemen, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard, get a good flow going in the warm Florida breeze.
"Sure, it's pretty hot—but it's not too bad here in the shade, especially with that breeze blowing."
To memorialize my brief moment of fame, I decided to create a specialty drink called The Bama Breeze.
The Spark bounces around in a breeze, and that seems to confuse the infrared sensor to no end.
There might be an industrial plant nearby that's not up to code, plumes fanning out with the breeze.
Fully machine washable, these bags are a breeze to clean, so you can cart them just about anywhere.
It'll make vet visits a breeze, and you can also access first aid instructions from the app.  17.
Walking the trapeze is a breeze compared with getting an original musical about P.T. Barnum off the ground.
Suddenly, there is a moment of perfect silence, a second of peacefulness punctured only by the Staffordshire breeze.
The water in a nearby lagoon, a brilliant sapphire in tone, was as still as the languid breeze.
Flying through drizzle and sea breeze, I see the women beaming down from billboards with a new softness.
Our standard roof shot, usually a breeze for these devices, showed some significant differences in color and exposure.
He travels with an extra hat for guests, in case the sun or the sea breeze becomes overwhelming.
And if you own an iPhone, Apple's W1 wireless syncing with the Solo 3s is an absolute breeze.
There is rarely a breeze, but even so colder air coming off the mountains creates a lid effect.
It has a built-in adhesive that makes it a breeze to attach and remove from your computer.
However, I'm not likely to be able to breeze into any storefront abroad and find something that fits.
For those looking to feel the breeze this summer, try the stretchy and comfy Korsis t-shirt dress.
It was in the spreading of beauty that he knew he would find that little breeze of immortality.
Even better: Tarte packaged all that makeup in one place, making it an absolute breeze for everyday use.
Every now and then he'll breeze through a novel (and sometimes in one sitting late into the night).
The path dropped off beside us where a big, wall sized opening let in a warm winter breeze.
Uninvited ethnic food smells from restaurants sweep you to a summer breeze on a blistering Tuesday in January.
And then the face-skin disappears and you're both just disembodied eyes and tongues flapping in the breeze.
They're forcing air into underground caverns then using the breeze to power turbines when it comes gushing out.
If dinner is set for 6, she'll breeze in around 6:30, but the food is always delicious.
Full of natural grace, her work appears weightless, like a passing breeze may unintentionally disrupt their organic shapes.
Kershaw masterful as Dodgers breeze past Giants SAN FRANCISCO — Clayton Kershaw silenced the San Francisco Giants on Wednesday.
"My pregnancy with Leo was a breeze," explains Harris, the host of Love It or List It, Too.
Her husband, Derek Harryman, and her sister, Danielle Naegle-Kaimoana, reported her missing, according to the Daily Breeze.
Bahama Breeze: Get the Cinco party started early on April 25 with deals that last all week long.
Her love of boxes doesn't stop at closets — and makes meal prep or packing kids' lunches a breeze.
Like a fresh coat of paint or a clean breeze, this cosmic cycle is a much-needed revival.
I was standing at the bar when I felt a warm breeze of lesbian energy graze my skin.
There was only a small wooden house on a beach, and palm trees waving in the Caribbean breeze.
So, what's a guy to do when he wants to learn with a cool breeze against his legs?
Her injuries were so severe, Ostrowski said, that her insides looked like "Swiss cheese," the Daily Breeze reports.
There is a full-scale replica of the Kalasasaya, a pre-Columbian temple, constructed out of breeze blocks.
Waves, wind and flotsam drift in with the breeze and tide, somehow drawn to the island's singular existence.
Developing my retirement budget was a breeze because I had over 20 years of spending data in Quicken.
And finding everything was a breeze, which made entering a specialty home-improvement store less of a headache.
On the Lower East Side of Manhattan, it was possible to feel a breeze off the East River.
Is that a breeze, or could a rustler be lurking there, ready to swathe himself like a ghost?
If it gets dirty, dont worry about that either; it's machine washable so it's a breeze to clean.
As an added bonus, the Layla Weighted Blanket is machine washable, making taking care of it a breeze.
On the rooftop, from a pole wrapped in Christmas lights, a tattered American flag rippled in the breeze.
The dough is a breeze to handle, and =buffalo mozzarella, basil a tomato sauce with personality are included.
Recruiting ossan is a breeze, with Nishimoto getting at least 10 inquiries a week from wannabe professional uncles.
Catbirds meow in the wilderness and the scent of bark and bayberry leaves mingle with the ocean breeze.
Once I entered a bike lane on Eighth Avenue, I started to relax and enjoy the cool breeze.
Hack a fan With a bowl of ice and a fan, you can create a faux ocean breeze.
O'Rourke said he still gets asked about the Cruz ad, and usually just tries to breeze past it.
In the summer, they would open the big doors on both ends to get a little breeze going.
In fact, last year, she called her high-powered banking positions a "breeze" compared with running a company.
I'm listening to "Passing Breeze" right now and it's putting everything right, at least for a few minutes.
Picture it: Jimmy leaning out the car window with a pair of binoculars, ponytail akimbo in the breeze.
A cool breeze could have carried him miles away, based on the acting he was doing out there.
And looking over the many Welsh flags blowing in the afternoon breeze, I thought: So do I, Greg.
Shop Tempur-Pedic's Labor Day sale hereFor a limited time, save $300 on any size TEMPUR-breeze mattress.
Boxed makes ordering annoying bulk supplies a breeze, and prices are comparable or better than shopping at Costco.
They then follow the breeze and find the wind, which Martin depicts by showing flying fairies and butterflies.
Foggy in the early morning, then watch for a hazy sun, lots of clouds and a calm breeze.
White paper birch trees, thin layers of bark peeling off and waving in the breeze, lined the trail.
In a breeze, the flowing air carries the silk threads along with it, as the spider rides beneath.
Sunday • Smorgasburg, the open-air food market, returns for the season to Breeze Hill in Brooklyn's Prospect Park.
His music injects some of the breeze of Ghanaian highlife music into the raw viscosity of Nigerian Afrobeats.
As it happens, Tuesday was one of those rare spring days; outside the Statehouse there was a breeze.
But we caught a breeze on a digressive walk around Lady Bird Lake on the edge of downtown.
Multifunctional kitchen tools are a great way to maximize kitchen storage space and make clean-up a breeze.
Here's what else is happening: A partly sunny Wednesday with a light breeze and a high around 703.
At times, the cloth is artfully displayed in the tranquil yard behind the shop, billowing in the breeze.
At home I keep a fan on while I sleep, and I find the sound (and breeze) soothing.
You open a window hoping for a cool breeze, but you're standing in front of a hair dryer.
As long as they slow their bikes to a safe speed, they'll be able to breeze right through.
Clearing skies and cold weather surge in today on the back of a gusty breeze from the northwest.
The house was perched on a mountaintop, so the breeze made it a welcome getaway for his family.
Mosquitoes were in abundance, but there was enough of a breeze off the lake to keep them tolerable.
It literally handled the worst parts of a four-hour drive, and made the entire trip a breeze.
But after he made the turn in three under par, the breeze picked up, and Woods cooled off.
Of course, I don't want to make it sound like finding cost savings in Medicare is a breeze.
Blue skies, a light breeze and a high around 70 today, with things heating up even more tomorrow.
Skies stay mostly cloudy as lows fall back into the 40s with a steady breeze from the southwest.
A sparkling sun, gentle breeze and get this – a high of 77 – to start your week off right.
The battery-powered trimmer on the Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle makes cleaning up your bikini line a breeze.
The Sigma E30 Pencil Brush has a tiny, gently pointed shape that makes detail work a total breeze.
We're not saying you need to go far in order to enjoy the warm sun and refreshing breeze.
Precision in iron-play and patience with playing partners will be vital, particularly if a breeze picks up.
Bernie Sanders and Vermont's lone congressman, Democrat Peter Welch, are expected to breeze to re-election in November.
Scheduling a checkup is a breeze — Nebraska ranks fifth in the most pediatricians and family doctors per capita.
When the plane engine stopped ticking, there was no breeze of any kind and it was really silent.
Sad sign in the morning breeze on the window of a "Popeyes" restaurant in Fayetteville this morning pic.twitter.
There is a light breeze from the north around 5 to 10 mph that keeps it feeling wintry.
When I rekindle my passion for helping others financially, even the most difficult tasks seem like a breeze.
But if it stays, Lamb likely will breeze through his November race with a much more favorable district.
Breeze in Latin is "anima," Mr. Brown, the former classics major, points out, and anima also means spirit.
Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony glides into his 20173th season with that cool "Summer of Melo" breeze at his back.
As Mr. Gerbi cautioned, it's not like you can show up and just breeze through with a stroller.
In a small space like Speyer Hall, the audience gets to feel the breeze generated by the choreography.
Breeze has raised $16 million in funds to date and counts "Shark Tank" judge Mark Cuban as an investor.
She's full of hope and sees the future as she sets the sail and rope against the open breeze.
Now, think about the plant life in this conjured climate: the palms, ferns, and fronds swaying in the breeze.
In Mazatlan, a steady rain fell with a slight breeze, while runners and tourists were out on the boardwalk.
Much like a flag flapping in the breeze, they would generate a drag force and flutter under certain conditions.
The Deal: Buy $150 in Drybar gift cards you get a free Bay Breeze 4-pack in-stores & online.
I get a Hawaiian sea breeze since it's still relatively early in the day and I want something fruity.
But what if you could avoid the whole rigamarole and breeze out of the gym without having to restyle?
I blow through customs in a breeze with Global Entry, which is so worth it if you travel internationally.
Bikkannavar probably expected to breeze through the immigration and customs process at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.
I am a man-size cavity, tender and susceptible to perceiving any tickling breeze as a hurricane-force wind.
Overgrowth from the river that flows under the Simón Bolívar International Bridge sways in the breeze on Sept. 203.
The tradeoff is that Spencer cannot jump, only maneuver by swooping around like a spider caught in the breeze.
Breeze also plans to lease 30 Embraer E195 jets from Azul, deliveries of which will begin in May 2020.
If Prince Harry's calming effect on animals is any indication, life as a new father should be a breeze!
The parent company of Blue Diamond, HP Hood, is recalling certain half-gallon cartons of refrigerated Vanilla Almond Breeze.
High temperatures are near 203, with a breeze from the southwest around 220 mph, gusting 245 to 250 mph.
"We have many nifty interface options that aren't available elsewhere and make using Telegram bots a breeze," it adds.
Instead, Witherspoon's keeping things easy and just letting her strands air dry with the help of the ocean breeze.

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