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  1. to this degree; so
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How to use this in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "this" and check conjugation/comparative form for "this". Mastering all the usages of "this" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's fortunate that we are less than a month from the election because we are running out of words to describe him: this phony, this liar, this blowhard, this cheat, this bully, this misogynist, this demagogue, this predator, this bigot, this bore, this egomaniac, this racist, this sexist, this sociopath.
There are guides like this one; this one; this one; this one; this one; and this one.
She's like, 'I want this, this, this, this, this, and this, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
" And I said, "I think it should be this, this, this, and this and this, and ends up like this.
With killing this shocking, this jarring, this pleasurable, this thrilling, this grotesque, this climactic, who would want it to stop?
They will say, 'He did this, this, this, and this.
Then there's the fact that she has tweeted out stuff like this, this, this, this, and this.
As you know ... Bagans has tons of creepy stuff, including this, this, this, this and, oddly enough, this.
Starkly different from seeing them out doing this, this, this and this.
"This fighter, this stateswoman, this mother and grandmother, this public servant, this patriot — that's the America she's fighting for."
"I take no pleasure in this, watching, watching, this, this death spiral of this, this administration, this president, and the people that surround him," he said.
There are no words for this feeling, this love, this gratitude, this wonder.
This character saw this guy, and this guy said this thing to him, and that's why he is this way.
If I have to reach for this, I'll reach for this, this and this.
That said, I was able to immediately think of this, this, this and this.
I understand this is pretty far-fetched, but this is serious, this is real, this is our life on this planet.
This is not fun, this is stressful, this is prize money, this is ranking, this is you're-the-only-young-American, this is Oh-my-God-you-beat-Serena.
But on this day, from this person, at this time, in this framing, for this reason, it shook me to my core.
We&aposre talking about this guy, this FBI agent, this former army ranger, this veteran.
It&aposs about time to say this is right, this is wrong, this is, you know, this is legal and this is illegal.
This is just not acceptable, this is not what we do in this country, this is not what this nation is built upon.
You might try this Guinness pie (above), or this vegetarian shepherd's pie, this Irish stew, this soda bread, this colcannon made with kale.
But there's also this beautiful side to it, this ritual, this social connection, this gathering side.
This market proved thisthis quarter proved that out.
" Or, "Okay, at work, I'm going to check my email, check on all of this at this time, this time, this time, this time.
It was like this happened, and this happened, and this happened, and this, and now I'm here.
K., this is for me, this is for me, this is for me, this is totally mine . . .
Or are you just like, this is a book, this is a this, this is a that?
It's about stepping into, 'This is how I am in private, this is how I look, this is how I act, this is my mess, this is my strength, this is my beauty, this is my intelligence,' and then putting it out there that this is who I am.
This torture, this violence, this inhumanity, it has to stop.
They're selling this story, this myth, this history and tradition.
There was this guy, this guy, and this woman, too.
This is embarrassing, this is hurtful, this threatens our business.
Perry deserves this, Austin deserves this, the families deserve this.
This was cowardly, this was lazy and this was disrespectful.
And also like this, and like this, and like this.
Has this all been a mistake, this marriage, this trap?
This wilderness, this soup, this realm of monsters and mystery.
Imagine that place in your body being the source of this energy, this flow, this power, this ease.
I've lost this much or I've done this, I can lift this, I can run this or whatever.
In this incident, this episode, this situation this morning in Manhattan is just the latest example of that.
"This is the Department of Energy, this is the Energy Information Administration, this is this administration," Smith said.
Graham has done this before, with this administration, on this issue, only to get torpedoed ... by this administration.
We love this and everyone else was going to love this and this is just ... This is it.
This failure, this abandonment of curiosity, this rampant intolerance, this blindness, increases the likelihood of Trump's re-election.
This movement feels good, this one hurts my knee, this one feels effortless, this one feels unattainable, this one gives me a pinch in the hip.
But there's this guy with this red Volvo station wagon and this mustache and this long hair and he's driving this car and, I don't know.
And he says, "So, on the next generation we need to do this, this, this, this, this, this..." Literally, we had celebrated for a nanosecond and then we were on to the next thing.
"This amazing woman, this mother, this daughter, this sister, this friend, this New York City police officer was assassinated solely because of what she represented and for the responsibility that she embraced," he said.
"This is the squid, this is the shark, this is the shellfish stew, this is the shrimp, this is the piangua clam, this is the donkey-paw snail …" There were a dozen in all.
It made me go, this is weird, this is making me feel uncomfortable, this is making me feel great, this is what I like, this is what I don't like, this is why I'm insecure.
"This is a new me, this is an older me, this is a thicker me, this is a wiser me, this is a thankful me," she said.
"You think, 'God, this is it, this is the only place to see this bird, this drawer,' " he said.
This is why we on this show, this is why the president rightly is calling this a witch hunt.
Heartbreaking... This isn't in New York, this isn't in California, this happened just this week right here in Virginia.
And as we were doing this I thought 'This is great, this is exactly what this movie is, too.
At least, that's what fitness articles (like this one, this one, this one, and this one) will tell you.
State-chartered banks would take this slave-backed mortgage from this plantation owner, and this one, and this one.
For reference, see this dog, and this dog, and this cat.
What if they did this in this city and this country?
Is it because this company's like this because he's like this?
And this Capitol, this city, this Nation belongs entirely to them.
This is This Is Us, though, and this could mean anything.
You know, it was like, 'Do this, do this, do this.
This is a personal thing, this is private, this is upsetting.
"This is... this is... this is bullshit basically," he stammered out.
Hailey's exercise regimen stacks up well against this, this and this.
This is a good thing — this is progress, this is evolution.
This is happening, this is beautiful, and this is our norm.
"This application, this service, this will all be complementary," Pitaro said.
Let me tell you about this guy, this place, this sport.
This cut, this interview, this album — they all scream Mick Jagger.
" Kudlow said: "They cannot slow walk this, stall this, meander this.
We're guessing those concerns might have been this, this and this.
They've just never been this aggressive, this mobilizing, and this prolific.
RUBIO: Megyn, this is why this is relevant to this election.
This is not just about this pitcher and this contract, however.
" Kudlow said: "They cannot slow walk this, stall this, meander this.
Because this nightmare, this fascist, this Trump, is now your responsibility.
What is this beard and this long hair and this freedom?
And this Capitol, this city, and this Nation, belong to them.
This is our idea; this is this book that I wrote.
You need this, buy this app, you need this right here.
" As opposed to being like "Fix this, fix this, fix this.
"This division, this hatred, this ugliness has to end," he tweeted.
This is happening, this is real, this is not make-believe.
Get up and eat this or do this or see this.
And this Capitol, this city, and this nation, belong to them.
I had this thought, 'This is where this ends for me.
It may be helpful to have this context of, 'Hey, this is who this person is and what she's dealing with, and we chose this for this reason.
Before I closed Google Chrome in a state of horror I saw this and this and this and this too.
A crossover that drives this well, looks this good, feels this luxurious and costs this little is an absolute kingslayer.
This whole notion of election — voting fraud, this is something that has constantly been disproved, thisthis is fake news.
This is false: You are not going to get breast cancer, you are not going to this, this, and this.
I'm interested in this relationship to gender specifically in this one because, obviously, with this object, it becomes this artifact.
How could an artist this smart, this prescient, this frank, transparent, curious, ruminative and courageous — this funny — escape your notice?
Why did you decide to do this ... this is a ... I thought about this a lot in anticipation of this.
People were really excited about this could be this ... This was called?
This is not -- this is not -- this is a very serious matter.
This is about media, this is about politics, this is about hubris.
No, not this recent threat or this recent threat, but this one.
This team and this material and this show brings out in me.
This is absolutely unheard of — this city, this county is so nice.
But this World Series, this season — this universe — belonged to the Cubs.
This is not screenings, this is not just random application of this.
Like, 'Oh, this looks great, this doesn't look great, use this  product.
"This is sexist, this is ridiculous, this is not feminism," she added.
They're so moving to see: this kid became this, and then this.
" "I never knew it would be this vile, this bad, this viscous.
This could be Spanish, this could be California, this could be Chile.
That this is -- this is not a regular investigation, this is irregular.
This is it; this is the time to start discussing about this.
This is sexual arousal, this is fear arousal, this is excitement arousal.
This is -- and I am, this is not hyperbole -- this is real.
K., what we suggest on this material is this, this and that.
I want our staff to understand this, know this, and breathe this.
"Corey, this is O.K. , this is O.K. , this is fun ," she said.
This ain't fucking folk, this ain't country, this ain't jazz, it's rap.
Like this: Or this: This isn't the end of his journey, though.
This helps our farmers, this helps our ranchers, this helps our businesses.
"This is unjust, this is unrealistic, this is unsustainable," Mr. Lee said.
Do exactly this, this and this, and you'll never feel awkward again!
HANKS And this movie — this is what this entire film deals with.
This particular world, this particular movement to do this in the refuge.
But this unreasonableness, or rather this overreasonableness, this hyperliteralism, cuts both ways.
No, this is more, this is fun, this is a good app.
This hearing's the ninth public hearing this committee has had this year.
Maybe in real life, you look like this, or this, or this.
This is their government, this is their Congress, this is their presidency.
This made sanctions, particularly from this administration, unlikely, but this could change.
This is my life, this is why I'm here on this planet.
What's this guy going to do to mess this up this time?
This knowledge, this ability, this historical and theoretical structure, matters to me.
"There are mines this deep; there are mines this hot; and there are mines this big; but there are no other mines this deep, this hot and this big all together," said Carl Hehnke, a geologist for Resolution.
CAVUTO: Why do you think, Allen, that the North Koreans are doing this, that this -- this leader is doing this now?
You notice they don&apost talk about this article or this provision or this section or this clause of the Constitution.
I'll let you explain what this whole thing was, and when was this, was this 10 years ago at this point?
This is something I definitely want to see explored this season, so hopefully this isn't the last we hear of this.
If you're looking for other gems similar to these, please refer to this one, this one, this one, and this one.
Nobody remembers how this area raped this area and this action leads to this action and there's consequences and ripple effects.
I don't know how this man found this dog, or how this dog found this man, and I don't particularly care.
We understand that this is still business, this isn't a pleasure, this isn't a vacation, this is still business for us.
They can go, 'Wow, look at this guy he's the same age as me and he's doing this, this and this.
This is our look, this is what I do, this is when I show, this is the city I show in.
For more, watch this short video, listen to this podcast, subscribe to this newsletter or visit this page on the web.
Like, "This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong, this is something," but they were very clear examples of problems.
"This is a conspiracy ... this is not about greed or dictatorship, this is about a plot, this about a conspiracy, this is about a backstabbing," Ghosn said in the video.
It's this is the impact of this, this is who's doing it, this is where it's coming from, this is the sentiment about whether it's negative, positive or neutral. Exactly.
I remember this one gig we played, this guy had booked this theater.
"We know this, the world knows this, the Armenians know this," Canikli said.
This discussion has ignored what this same community has contributed to this nation.
This is the second preview this week of McCarthy's upcoming performance this Saturday.
This family is affected, then this family&aposs affected, then this family affected.
This ... This is why Rebecca Smith and I were so into this game.
So, you were there, working at this, creating this culture and this deck.
I've got all thisthis … stuff that you've given me, this crazy life.
Never, OK, this is not polite, this is not right, never do this.
"And this is the reason we formed this company, for this particular product."
This isn't about me, this isn't about a bookstore, this is about everyone.
" ... "They're gonna politically hurt you in this way, this way, and this way.
Check out this or this or even this if you don't believe me.
We know from the science that this, this, and this can be effective.
This is weird this is scary this is weird and a little scary.
You know, this is a, this is a mentality, this is a state.
" She adds, "All of this energy, this angst, this rage — everything is smoke.
This group of guys is here, and this other guy's on this page.
This 30% discount makes this the lowest price yet on this particular model.
This sort of violation impacts our lives to this extent in this way.
This is young people, this is entrepreneurialism, this is where growth will be.
On this issue, there is no disagreement between this Republican and this Democrat.
"I have this Neopet, and this one, and this paintbrush," and so on.
But her affectionate exegesis of this pastime, this passion, this "temporary madness," succeeds.
This show, in this space and with this cast, is summoning them, too.
I'm gonna play this song — this is my life song at this point.
"Nothing this important should take this long or be this hard," he said.
"This photo haunts me to this day, this photo haunts me," Jenner said.
"Yes this (document) is reconciling, this is challenging, this is stimulating," he said.
This is not the normal outcome on a collision like this, this magnitude.
"This force, this army — this was made by the Americans," Mr. Stanekzai said.
This month, Phaidon released This Brutal World, celebrating this 20th-century postwar architecture.
No pitcher this good, this young, has broken down in quite this way.
But it shouldn't have been this one, written like this, framed like this.
You know, the other part of this, Sean, is that this policy -- this is what bothers me the most about this conversation.
SCHAPPERT: I asked this a lot, were these people like this for this [bleep] happened or did this do it to them?
They&aposre doing this and this and this and this so what is that clear mission that they need to be doing?
What is this song this song is terrible you hate this song also you kind of like this song. Sex. Sex. Sex.
Observing this peaceful scene, it's hard to imagine the journey that brought them to this salon, in this city, in this country.
This is hard work, perseverance to get to Washington to represent this community, this district and this nation and it hasn't stopped.
You've been married this long, you have this much money, you have this many assets, you owe this much to the bank.
I could feel myself in my bed in my room in this house in this town in this state in this country.
This sunset, this light glinting on the water, this birdsong at dawn, this sweet breeze, this soft rain from the heavens — all seen and felt as if for the last time.
As the royal family poses to commemorate the christening of the then latest royal babies, Prince Edward and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, photographer Cecil Beaton recites John of Gaunt's famous patriotic monologue from Shakespeare's "Richard II," which celebrates the former glory of "this England" in order to lament its fallen state under Richard's misrule: This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise, This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection and the hand of war, This happy breed of men, this little world, [...] This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England.
Not just this artist, this curator, this director, this museum, but art institutions as a cultural construct, our institutions — the ones we've created.
They can say, "I'm going to take this thing from this, and this thing from this," which I think metal does not do.
I don't have new language for this, I haven't found another way of saying this isn't okay, this isn't kind, this isn't decent.
We're always trying to fit women's stories into this male structure, which is this rising action, this powerful conflict, and this falling action.
Mr. Joyce's reply to this is: 'This race and this country and this life produced me — I shall express myself as I am.
This is where we come from and this is how we love and this is how we jam and this is our world.
We have a social media dashboard, we have this, this is working, this is not working, these headlines are working, this is not.
This is also hitting Android this month, and will come to Mac this summer.
And they can't just talk about this doing this in 2017; this is urgent.
How did you drop this #FamilyFeud video on us like this with this cast?
Nobody knows this story, so this is the first time somebody is hearing this.
But something about this review in particular, this blogger, this critique made Hale unspool.
This is a suburb – this is not East Saint Louis, this is not downtown.
This is crazy how this is inspiring people to want to do this themselves.
"This allegation concerning this lady, this young girl, absolutely has no merit," he said.
This is Almonte's fourth time up this season and the second time this month.
This is life, this is living, this is light and all because of music.
They have to feel like this, and at this moment this has to happen.
This is manufacturing, this is innovation, and this is what propels our nation's economy.
But this is how tyrants, this is how autocrats, this is how dictators behave.
There was money for this, and money for this, and money for this. Hooray.
Check out this guided moon journal , this personalized astrological almanac, or this blank journal!
So, this morning, we see this this flurry of tweets that are vintage Trump.
And what kind of society would this produce, this lack of certainty, this humiliation?
In other words, this isn't just Trump, this has been like this for years.
"I see this vision, this angel, this incredible woman float towards me," Clarke recalled.
Like they request it, like, do this beat, do this beat, do this beat.
But this is how the media, they follow this stuff down this rabbit hole.
This is crazy, this is not who I am, this is not my life.
"This is the shortest this beard gets from this point going forward," he said.
Something about this person, this place and this evening seems out of time, innocent.
We did this SARS, we did this with H1N1, we've done this with Ebola.
This idea that there's this ... This is a story that Dylan Byers popped up.
This magic that still exists in this country, this cannot be taught to someone.
"This one's tall/This one's ripped/This one's mouth should stay zipped," she sings.
They work hard, but not like this, not with this constancy, this pressing energy.
This is not only typical of him, this is what this con man does.
This guy attacks this young woman, this young woman fights, she fought back heavily.
" But sometimes, this chart does something like this: This is what investors call "inversion.
This is not a problem that will be solved this month or this year.
This is how photography works — this appreciation of all these surfaces, all this beauty.
This is society, this is humanity, this is just kind of where we're at.
This book is about this person sitting in one place, going nowhere, this stasis.
This was one of the big issues was this heat, this rush, into growth.
Save $600 on this 60 See Details Save $300 on this 65 See Details Save $130 on this 40 See Details Save $30 on this 24 See Details Save $120 this 32 See Details Save $60 on this Gear VR Headset See Details
The message said, in effect: This is how we count; this is what we are made of; this is where we came from; this is what we look like; and this is the technology we are using to send this message to you.
We would literally walk these trenches in-field with stakes, and we would measure, 'This is where we see the bombed out trees,' and 'This is where we meet this guy; this is where we do this; this is where we do that.
" Adam Nimoy on celebrity families: "There's all this heat, on the family, all this sunshine, all this attention, and you're in it, you're just kind of bathing in this warmth, in this glow.
You can see the five arbitration cases below: View this document on Scribd View this document on Scribd View this document on Scribd View this document on Scribd View this document on Scribd
"This is not about greed or dictatorship, this is about a plot, this is about a conspiracy, this is about a backstabbing," Ghosn said.
" Call him: 262-784-1111 | Email him "This is this environmental stuff, this is the idea that is driven by this global warming thing.
Hermione Lodge from Riverdale, which this writer didn't realize until researching for this piece, proving this movie is still surprising fans to this day.
I'm connected to this district, I understand the values of this district, I represent the values of this district, because I am this district.
Not for you, all this feasting in the wake of Lent, this ritualized eating of animals, this painting of eggs, this celebration of candy?
None of this, 'Ah, yeah: I've gotta wear the biggest chain, I gotta have this new this, Ferrari this'—chasing that is long, bruv.
This notion of all of this labor and all of this time and all of this artistry crammed into one place, it was extraordinary.
For instance, maybe you'll be inspired by work like this, from a group of eighth graders, or imaginative illustrations like this, this or this.
This is real' I don't know why the "This is real" addition is what makes this story, but it's absolutely what makes this story.
If not in this political moment, with this president and this historically unpopular Congress, when is change possible on this most critical of issues?
More Hack This: Hack This: Programming with the Twitter Firehose Hack This: Become a Command-Line Assassin Hack This: Extract Image Metadata with Python
This is America; this is where meat comes from; this is how food is made.
"This is, just, this is very hard being in this moment right now," he said.
But this isn't Apple's job to get access to this data on this iPhone 5s.
Who are you to drive this way, live in this house, walk with this woman?
This is a president — this is a president who is trying to change this country.
"This cat is of exceptional value to this boy and to this family," says Gillespie.
This varies, but this is an estimate based on our cost this month last year.
James Clapper said this about what you are referring to on this informant this week.
Is this negotiations -- is this how they do it or is this a poker game?
Jennifer Lopez usually steps out of the house looking like this, and this… and this.
I was like, why on earth is this game giving me this stuff, this junk.
"I can't do this I can't do this I can't do this," she says, crying.
I think we can work this out and get this done before this Congress adjourns.
I don't think about, 'Oh, was this guy better than this guy or this guy?
But with this Republican, and at this precise moment, this approach seems like dangerous folly.
"This is the second time I have seen this temple in this condition," said Yotin.
It made me very happy to see this man in this costume in this place.
We all understand this, we know this; the world is also aware of this fact.
"Once you're in this for this many years, you're in this to stay," she said.
All these tweets, all this disruption, all this chaos, all this division, all the negativity.
We're in this limbo state, like, hey, is this company even going to survive this?
There are two specific reasons why this contract happened to this pitcher, at this time.
This defiance of good taste, this hallmark of hot trash, this veritable exorcism of reality.
For him this was monumental, this was cathartic, this was what his dad died for.
This is hot, this is cool, this is the sound of windswept, good old rock'n'roll.
"This was not random, this was not spontaneous, this was something very planned," he added.
This isn't the first time this lab produced work that has been interpreted this way.
K., I'm here and I have to do —- for the next week —- this, this, this.
Few modern wars have raged this long, this destructively and with this much outside intervention.
I was convinced I deserved none of this: this beautiful family, this beautiful healthy baby.
"This is the situation: We can't live on this salary in this town," said Lopez.
Like, do you really need a computer screen this large, this wide, and this curved?
A car this fast shouldn't feel this good when driving this slow, but it does.
Not sure what's been more awesome for Backpack Kid ... the pendant, this, this or this.
All publishers do this, but not in this massive amount and with this much information.
"The note that we gave kids was one example of this, and it worked, in this place, in this time, in this school," he said.
Deep breath: With climate change, the odds of a storm with this magnitude hitting this region during this time this year are one in 30.
There's no one quite like Karl Lagerfeld to turn a runway show into a plot of fantasy on Earth (see: this, this, this, and this).
"He was a key player this year, he's been a key part of this ball club, this franchise, this community," Rizzo said after Game 7.
"This is about unification, this is about solidarity, this is about normalization, this is about protection, and the last thing it's about is politics — period."
"He should use this opportunity today to say this is terrorism, this is domestic terrorism, this is white nationalism, and it has to stop," Sen.
"Let us acknowledge this history, this heritage and this legacy that we all have inherited as black and white people of this world," Prendergrast said.
Brennan now has this problem, Comey has this problem, McCabe has this problem, Clapper has this problem, and all of a sudden-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: Lynch.
Even before he was attacked, when we allowed this 9/11 first responder, this patriot, this neighbor, this human being- to be treated like refuse.
"This is Serena; I know that this is the point she is always doing this, because this is a part of her game," Kerber said.
I know this seems irrational since this MD is only a glance, but this is long overdue and not the first time this has happened.
Militarily, this is no longer effective and financially, this is no longer viable and eventually, this is just nonsensical for the people who do this.
"I've worked this area for 15 years and to my knowledge, I've never known of anything this tragic, this devastating involving this community, in this area," Missouri State Highway Patrol Corporal Juston Wheetley told KMOV.
"I respectfully submit that the Senate should close this chapter, this idiosyncratic chapter, on this increasingly disruptive act, this era, this age of resort to the Constitution's ultimate democratic weapon for the presidency," said Starr.
I would say, 'Well this character said this, what more can you tell me about this?
This the part when you go like this, in and out, that's what this n— feel.
This is publicly available data, this is client data, this is an aggregated third-party data.
They put on this front, take on this image, and suddenly they get all this attention.
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This is my deeply held belief, and I've learned this at Reddit, and I've seen this.
There's also this music, this soca music, that's being shared across this community as they move.
This raises the question of, simply, what is the point of this song and this release?
Why are we seeing this explosion and this resurgence of all of this insanity and incivility?
That if you put this much in here, this is what people feel like versus this.
"This is just a shame, this is a disgrace, this is a travesty," he said. Rep.
It's just unbelievable that something like this would occur in this country let alone this neighborhood.
This type of, all this energy and all of this negativity on a name or nickname.
Let's script around that and think about this, this and this which is really important today.
You announced what you were doing earlier this year, this is May, this article is from.
This was the third time he has fallen this year, and the second time this month.
This show needed this scene because Alicia has been so isolated from every character this season.
To me, I was never like this is art - this is creative, and this is business.
This has worked in the past, this aggression, this pugnaciousness, that's veered over into toxicity, really.
We force celebrities to be like, 'What is your stance in this and this and this?
And this was not actually that conversation, this conversation (with Kotick) was 'our fans deserve this.
No one had told me I would bleed like thisthis much, nor for this long.
"This so-called expert is … telling this jury that this offender is guilty," Brian McMonagle  argued.
I'd had feelings like this before, but this angst — this tightness in my throat — was severe.
This season of This Is Us has been full of small but attentive moments like this.
This is the moment to start scaring people like this into not acting this way anymore.
Shepard&aposs been on this since 3:00 this afternoon when this first started to unfold.
This new development about Bruce Ohr, this is before the election, this is after the election.
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I got this relief package five days ago and my mum made this piazu this morning.
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This country has been built on this and my ancestors have survived far worse than this.
This is our state, this is where we live, this is where we have 2000,25 employees.
It was like, 'Oh, this guy's going to do this, this guy's going to do that.
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To implement this, I suggest involving the family this Thanksgiving in activities that harness this idea.
It's really cool how this band, this message board, this fan club, brought us all together.
This pug had this to say about puppy mills: This is what a #puptivist looks Like!
It's not certain at this point if this represents a change in policy for this administration.
What's different this year, in this political climate, that makes you think this can pass now?
This is big, if true, but as with anything in this legislation, this could certainly change.
"This is real, this is lived, and this is felt by us on a daily basis."
This point was noted in this this handy FAQ for the headset (and spotted by TechnoBuffalo).
"I deeply regret that this has happened and clearly this is unacceptable," Merrill said this week.
In this regard we clearly need to sort this out, we need to work this out.
"This is change; this is reform; this is moving forward," Ms. Mark-Viverito told The Times.
"I think what this is about is this season and dealing with this year," Brady said.
We're in this sweet spot where we have this great job on this creative cable show.
Fourteen civilians were killed by this hell of a leader, this tough man, this strong man.
This is the beautiful vision of this institution, and this is foundation for cooperation and success.
It's in this mood: this love of exploration, this expressive character, that makes it so memorable.
This wave, this frequency, this energy, is a frequency that could be felt across the world.
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This is me now, this is who I am now, this is what I am now!
If I had the option, I would give this back—all this media, all this attention.
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This is all adding up to this picture that Google is not properly just managing this.
This is what I think it is, does this feel like this is what you have?
It's a new type ... it's this interaction of this fashion apparel design and this electromechanical design.
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This is what Hingis did at this stage, what the Williams sisters did at this stage.
I hope that picture alone will catalyze this Congress, this Senate, this committee to do something.
Now there's all this new activity, all these new flights, all this excitement, all this investment.
"It is unprecedented to have this many, this quickly, in this short a time," she said.
Had they come to me and said, look, we'll do this, this, this, we'll do [inaudible].
Callimachi: And this is the thing where, to this day, I don't think people understand this.
Like, where on this court can I put this ball so this woman can't get it?
This is the third time he has fallen this year, and the second time this month.
And so: this fruit galette with apple-cider caramel; this apple pie; this foolproof tarte Tatin.
Somebody says 'Well, he or she was driven to drink because of this, this and this.
So along comes this, and he says this isn't for repeal, this isn't what we promised.
This is not about being polite, this is not about being pretty, this is about feeling.
"As this concludes this operation this event will have a lasting effect on all of us."
I'm going to embrace this and I'm going to try this because this is my family.
"We've seen (Will) Power do this, but this just doesn't happen in this series," Rahal said.
This is about us executing, getting this right and we know how to get this done.
This isn't about a live version; this is about the recording, so don't worry about this.
We wanted this, we saved for this, waited for this and we actually finally did it.
What would it mean to bring a different voice into this household, this university, this conversation?
This is ... We had this debacle with the mini Stonehenge and this was a band meeting.
" It's about, "Will this editor work well with this writer in this mix in our office?
This is the first time — I've been in radio for forty years this year, this month.
So this is basically a monster of a machine inside this veil of this nice aesthetic.
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And Pete had this challenge of how do you affect this change, how do you communicate this to the team, how do you make this happen.
This is what person 1 said This is what person 2 said This is what person 3 said This is what person 4 said Fascinating stuff.
This is what happened, this is why it happened, this is what we've done about it and this is why it's never going to happen again.
On set, they came up with this idea, this vernacular — this is embarrassing, I can't really do this without sounding like I'm trying to glorify myself.
It's the ... when I know this plus this plus this plus this, I can infer a whole bunch of other things, and that can be abused.
In that case, Rebecca1208's got you covered with this pegasus, or this feathered wyvern, or this beefy smilodon, or even this intensely detailed dragon skeleton.
Buy this book Buy this book Buy this book Buy this book For generations my ancestors had been strapping skillets onto their oxen and walking west.
The protesters in Hong Kong tend to live in the present: this one demonstration, this one act of resistance, this one small victory, this one setback.
"I have to admit I take no pleasure in this as watching this death spiral of this administration, this president and the people that surround him."
INGRAHAM: So I know you have been through this racket before with how they are playing this border issue, but what is the truth about how illegal immigration has affected this state, this city, this community?
They went after me on my breaking stories on this, other journalists who were trying to look into this at the time, saying this is just implausible, this is a joke, this isn&apost even true.
He would get the idea for a storyboard, and he would say "we need something that sounds like this, this, this and this, the theme of the commercial is this," and he would send me off.
Rather than saying this is the worker's interest and this is the family's interest and this is what workers of color need and this is what immigrants need, we're saying that this is an American challenge.
"My primary goal in presenting anything is, 'Look, we're all people, and this person thought about creating this thing this way because they live in this place in this time and have these resources,'" she said.
"Do I want to go in and check this, do I want to triangulate this against four other people and provide a modulated ... One camp says this, but another camp says this, or do I just want to go look, this is the message from this person, this ideology and I want to deliver it because that's useful"?
This has been the worst year of my life, getting diagnosed with this and trying to figure out how to learn with this and live with this.
If candidate Trump can say this, and now-President Trump can say this, and the village president in Kalkaska can say this, who else can say this?
But, let me say this -- let me just say a word on this because I think before we're too cynical about this... STEWART: This is not cynicism.
"We're all like, this is not just my hurt, this is more than my hurt, this is not just my anger, this is our anger," she said.
This "allows us to trace back the antiquity of this symbiotic relationship" It's this relationship that makes the study, published this week in PLOS One, so interesting.
There won't be a magic pill, when I suddenly go from this amount of African-Americans, this amount of women or this amount of whatever to this.
"This is not free speech, this is nothing protected by the First Amendment, this is not the expression of political opinion," he told CNN earlier this year.
"This, of course, is an internal affair of the United States, but in this case, of course, this is damaging our bilateral relations, and we regret this."
I'm kind of a people-pleaser, and I would be like, 'Oh, the label wants this, the manager wants this, the people want this'—this amorphous thing!
At this point, as a woman who's been in this situation, I am thinking, This man might murder me in this secluded area if I reject him.
I'm trying to take this task and this process of responding to this text and creating this text extremely seriously, with whatever I have, linguistically, sonically, emotionally.
Well, this one only tracks your steps, well, this one too, but this one looks more like a pretty bracelet and this one's like a rubber bracelet.
He worked hard for this tuna, he deserves this tuna, and boy, does he enjoy this tuna.
The charm of the piece is how we know this air, this place, this time of life.
This isn't Google's first go-round at attacking this problem, but this time it's being more aggressive.
This is who I am, this is how I present myself, and this is what I'm wearing.
When it comes to sport, this groove, this aura, this winning way, is even harder to recapture.
This does -- this cuts in a third the pathway for dreamers who have been in this country.
HANNITY: So -- and if the Democrats -- this is important -- if they win this election, this all dies.
"You can't read this record without sensing that this -- this need is a contrived one," she added.
"This has nothing to do with inhumanity, this isn&apost unlawful, this isn&apost indecent," he said.
This is the free market, this is the great game, this is the merciless capitalism of football.
I remember going, 'This would be an alright life, this dog and me, on this children's show.
Q With respect, sir -- THE PRESIDENT: So this is -- this is -- and this is beyond Supreme Court.
From the first day of this administration, this President's been working to get this economy moving again.
He's pretty nice, this is his speciality, this is where he lives, this is how he breathes.
I (ph) was mentioned on this — in this answer, and so I'm going to respond this way.
Using "I" statements (when this happens, I feel this way) is the easiest way to do this.
People were saying this event made me feel creative, this event was magic, this event was transformative.
God has shown me this place, given me this job, only He has done this for me.
Hale County This Morning, This Evening opened in theaters earlier this year and is awaiting digital release.
You know, someone says, You dress like this, you eat like this, you do this—no no.
You are doing this, obviously, busy doing this, what prompted you to write this book about it?
Why couldn't this person who seems to have this great instinct be really good at this thing?
What did it mean to you to bring this cultural identity to this book and this character?
But you know, this whole thing that this happening this weekend is just so familiar to me.
I can report that this person has taken this feedback seriously, because this person is… well me.
And if this workflow sounds familiar, that's because this is how this already works on iOS devices.
And here's this situation with this movie where the filmmaker is like 'Fuck this, I almost died.
Opposed: No. Put it this way: Is this team going to win the Stanley Cup this year?
Maybe for you it'll be this reggae playlist or this rockabilly one or even this emo one.
I have found this out, Leader McConnell has found this out, Speaker Ryan has found this out.
Your first instinct is to say that this test is BS — this cannot be this dramatic, right?
This evidence, together with newly refined satellite data available to FAA this morning, led to this decision.
We only learned about this possibility today, this morning, about this possibility that Apple is not necessary.
Most prom dress-related news is pretty infuriating — think absurd dress codes, like this, this, and this.
Either way, as mayor of this city, I want everyone to know this: we reject this intimidation.
This time, and I know you've heard this before, but this time Facebook's really going to change.
I felt all this pressure to create this perfect mix for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Some people might say, 'This is great, I'm making money, I can do this, this is wonderful.
In this period they were a zeitgeist​ band and this doc is certainly a testament to this.
This is a fact that was ignored," Zaveri says, "So this is India, here this is normal.
"I have this memory of being in the presence of thisthis great presence," Fernbacher told me.
This is really the only food we have in this part of BC—this is our food.
This $15.50 discount makes this the lowest price we've seen yet on Amazon for this particular kit.
We have been able to hide from this truth, bury this truth, ignore and deny this truth.
So this is our September delivery, this is our October delivery, this is our December delivery, etc.
"I had this 'Aha' moment where I realized, this is not happening in this field," Beim said.
"This is covering up, this is enablers, this is shutting up the victims," Carlson also said Sunday.
"This man is dangerous, this man is capable, this man has some skills (with firearms)," he said.
And now, with this happening, and this, and this, it's time to boot up the hotline again.
Lombardi: I feel like everybody on this film needed this film at this time in their lives.
"BeFoUr"Stand out lyrics: "I've done this before / Not like this, not like this"Perrie or Gigi?
This character we are watching is getting sucked into this vortex of veils, as this blue flashes.
If you've heard anything about the OnePlus 21T up to this point, it's probably this about this.
If this is where you live, if this is where you are, this is your home too.
"This is a blessing in our lives, this night every year in this church" Bill Clinton said.
"Everyone should take this and jump on this and ride this to whatever we can," Cluess said.
In this case, that may simply mean directing this worker not to address female colleagues this way.
When I read about me like this, I said, this can't be me, this can't be me.
" It's about saying "this happened, this is what it means and this is what you should do.
This show has always had this other layer, which is this sci-fi, surreal aspect of it.
"We think this may open the door, so this is the end of this crisis," he said.
"Remember, I told you that sometimes this part and this and this part hurt," she told him.
God made you this way and loves you this way, and the pope loves you this way.
And here, on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true!
And here, on this land, on this soil, on this continent, the most incredible dreams come true.
This is why I did this, I think, why I wanted to come to this imaginary place.
If you're interested in exploring this graph further, join this week's What's Going On in This Graph?
But I wonder what some people would say about having this kid—this male child —advertise this.
"I have found this out, Leader McConnell has found this out, Speaker Ryan has found this out."
You'll also notice that this is a big sports car; few cars this fast look this big.
If you're interested, we've written quite a bit on the subject like this, this, this and more.
I share this because I want people to understand that this racism, and this hatred still exists.
So to be here and to experience this, in this time, in this way, is so humbling.
So this is a monster of a machine kind of inside this veil of this nice aesthetic.
On the physical side, you have this mucus, you have this blood, you have this fish tail.
We should not do this, we should not do this, this we should change or communicate differently.
Obviously, part of what this story is about this war of information and this war of ideas.
This is the beautiful vision of this institution, and this is the foundation for cooperation and success.
We've gotta get this person in here to talk to this person because this person's not talking.
A Tim Heidecker: Too Dumb for Suicide: Tim Heidecker's Trump Songs (Jagjaguwar) Satire is too good for this potbellied pigwad, this flab-dicked jism drizzler, this ADD SOB, this pustule in a truss, this snake oil salesman in a cancer ward, this, I don't know, real estate man.
"Not once on this website or on Marines United 2.0" — another Marines United copycat website — "did he see anybody say, 'This isn't what we're going to do, this is wrong, this is improper, this is disrespectful,'" King said.
"We took this action after two additional patients in this trial experienced cerebral edema earlier this week," Juno CEO Hans Bishop said on a conference call this morning.
This is how you hire people with barriers, this is why you do it, this is how it impacts your community, this is why it makes sense fiscally.
What's missing is essentially a technically sophisticated cop who can come in and say, "This worked, this didn't, this was a repeat, this is an area for research."
Cote d'Ivoire's history, I would venture, is likely little known to most who happen upon this article, this exhibition, or this artist's work (it was for this author).
"To really understand this, you have get into what this specifically means to this person and in this relationship," said psychologist Dr. Amy Altenhaus of Fellows's psychic menstruation.
But even they would have to admit the chances for this outcome are much better than they were before this election this year and Warren's performance this week.
I have a note on my desktop for each paycheck — this much is going to savings and this much is getting paid to this thing on this date.
"I would be on my couch watching like, 'Ugh, I can't believe this, I'd do this this and this [if I were in the writers room],'" she said.
It wasn't just that this man wanted and deserved this child; it was that this child — any child — would be lucky to have this man as his father.
From now on the loyalties that matter will be narrowly tribal — Make America Great Again, this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England — or multicultural and cosmopolitan.
I'm toeing this line because Liza obviously has feelings for this man, but she also has this incredible drive and determination, and she sees there's this incredible opportunity.
To receive this at this stage of my life is extraordinary — and at this time in the industry, when these things are going on, and for this role.
We must take the fight directly to the source of this problem -- that person who has caused this pain and placed this country in this moment of peril.
He said you'll never make it in this business, this is how this industry works, this is how, and he named three actresses, got to where they are.
Can this cylindrical swine fest—this dark slurry, this pudding of pig, this swine gore—truly be as good for you as a fresh pomegranate or açai smoothie?
The story so far: Hack This: Programming with the Twitter Firehose Hack This: Become a Command Line Assassin Hack This: Extract Image Metadata Using Python Hack This: How to Consult Google's Machine Learning Oracle Hack This: A Short Guide to Drawing All Over the Internet Hack This: What To Do When Shit Just Won't Work Hack This: Scripting Deeper, Better Hacks in Python Hack This: How To Go From 0 to Sniffing Packets in 10 Minutes How can Hack This best serve you?
I want to very clearly say these lights, this television, this radio, these speakers, are in this room.
This is your day, this is your celebration, and this – the United State of America – is your country.
This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!
REP. SHEILLA JACKSON LEE, D—TEXAS: This should be placed squarely at this feet, he can handle this.
We used to think this was just free market companies do this -- INGRAHAM: The government is doing this.
It would be nice to be able to ignore this sophomoric behavior at this point in this presidency.
And I was like, this is like this magical, evolving, personalized city guide, someone should make this thing.
This division of the jail, this is Hotel California right here—you can't get no sweeter than this.
If they had figured this out and weren't facing this biological crunch, we wouldn't have this societal problem.
This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!!!!
This next administration that's coming in is going to be invested in this pipeline, invested in this industry.
Instead, for more on the making of this travesty, check out this revealing episode of This American Life.
LINDA MCMAHON, ADMINISTRATOR, SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: This is -- this is not a government contribution program at this point.
All this effort, all this labor, all this single-minded focus on landing a man, and for what?
This is really interesting because remember, this is the -- this was the interview that Congress wanted all along.
Getting Academy voters to watch a film this harrowing isn't even this movie's biggest hurdle this awards season.
This defensive basketball powerhouse puts on a clinic in this video against this tiny human at the park.
"Two Latinas doing this in this country at this time is just very empowering to us," says Lopez.
They say, 'We'll pay you this check if you sing this line or dress in this particular outfit.
So, depending on how you look this, everyone in this situation lost or everyone in this situation won.
"People outside of this country believe this will happen more than Americans believe this will happen," she said.
"This person, we don't know who this is — they Photoshopped Marco's face onto this body," Mr. Harris said.
"No one has ever made circuits run in this environment at this temperature for this long," he said.
But obviously the fact that this is happening in this community on this day makes it much worse.
This gorgeous mid-century modern sofa, this funky six-light chandelier, and this chic three-tier bar cart.
"This school has been warned, this has been an issue, we have said this before," he told WNDU.
"This energy of this younger woman is almost insistent in the way this is coming through," Henry says.
Again this is before the Russia mania, this is before they were building this up in the press.
"I'm really annoyed by this—having been duped and exploited like this in this con," Savage told me.
I don't know how much this costs, but is this a -- is this more or less than that?
And this world is dangerous, this world is hazardous and the people that live in this world die.
If this is the kind of media to which this feature is limited, this application definitely makes sense.
And Norwegian TV didn't check this fact and just really published this, like what this crazy man said.
This is a welcome relief, really: This means that Sun will have actual stuff to do this season!
" Tapper: "None of this [is] normal, none of this [is] acceptable, none of this [is] frankly stable behavior.
You can plug in this rate or that rate or this deduction or that deduction or this concept.
"We have seen this and this has been the big feature of this year," Carn told CNBC Wednesday.
But this is probably the last chance this season to talk about this totally bonkers Memphis Grizzlies team.
This treatment by this media to this president, duly elected by you, the American people, is beyond disgusting.
What's more, I got this dialog literally the instant after I synced this iPhone to this very Mac.
And the whole of this inevitability, this foregone conclusion, has been packed away in this Warriors/Spurs series.
"This is an organization award, this is a team award, this is really a players award," Shildt said.
This is the cheapest this device has ever been, so we recommend taking this opportunity before it disappears.
This is God's honor, God's trust for this nation, for this land of liberty, for justice for all.
"What's really incredible about this is that this is day one — this is the very beginning," he said.
"Her life had turned to this: this lifeless hush, this faint but elusive whiff of decay," Perrotta writes.
"This is the largest study to date that's looked at this," Cooper told Gizmodo by phone this week.
At a glance, this may seem wasteful, but this is not waste — this is what progress looks like!
This plausibility, this feeling that you are there and this is happening, might be the show's greatest strength.
If there was any emergency at this moment in the history of this country, this is the moment.
"It looks like this virus is probably with us beyond this season and beyond this year," he said.
Probably unclear at this point other than to say the longer this goes on, the worse this gets.
"They would sit with me and say, 'This word means this, and this word means that,'" Javie said.
But now all of this will be not achieved due to this new policy, this new executive order.
You do this and do this and do this — and then one day, you have to get out.
I will make it my mission to never let this team or this school feel this disappointment again.
"This has nothing to with Russian collusion...this has absolutely nothing to do — this is a witch hunt."
And what happens next will influence them far beyond this Supreme Court, this midterm election, even this president.
Well let's see, this one's a murderer, this one robbed four banks, this one I better not say.
"It comes down to a choice, on this day, in this time, at this moment," the trailer says.
"This is our seventh time doing this show and my ninth year working in this industry," Hallion said.
This is fringe shit, and it's business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company.
This is unreasonable ... this is why this measure will fail and we'll find us back at square one.
That is part of how this place, this country, this grand experiment of self-government has to work.
We wish Tree of Life to have this gift ... as a sign of this bond and this service.
We do all this under his grace, under his light, care for this country, care for this nation.
I'm doing this for people that walk with this and are living this, day in and day out.
We're on the path toward this, and this study adds to the evidence that this is worthwhile doing.
"This has happened numerous times this cycle with chances for a repeat performance in this quarterly earnings season."
I wanted it to have this larger-than-life mythic quality, this sort of god exiting this haze.
"Some people are really prepared and go, 'I like this and this and this ,' " Van de Velde said.
But maybe we're wired to receive linear stories — this and this and this and done — for a reason.
Let me try to push back on this, because this feels, in this era, less true to me.
Every young person I spent time with at One Step shared this similar quality, this clarity, this purpose.
KS: This next question, Lauren, ask this, because this is a problem I have had all the time.
When I started reading this singularity stuff, and I had this personal experience that this stuff really works.
I don't want to spoil this, maybe someone's already asked this, but Doug, is this thing internet connected?
Or we can do a fundraiser for this shelter in this place that's already working on this issue.
When you're talking about this regulation, it's harder to do when you have this many companies, this powerful.
"This is the agreement the administration has negotiated, this is the deal the House has passed, this is the deal President Trump is waiting and eager to sign into law, this is the deal that every member of this body should support when we vote later this morning," McConnell said.
And to think, Fox spent six years NOT making this movie because it just wasn't sure there was an audience for something this gnarly, this koo-koo, this ... unique.
"I was just walking around and looking and I started grabbing handfuls of shoes thinking, 'This would be great to donate and this, this and this,' " Tritt told GMA.
Was this an idea you had for a while that made for a natural fit for this story, or did this story grow out of using this particular backdrop?
READ THIS NEXT: This Combo Is The Secret To My Best Skin Ever Science Says This Is A Secret To Clearer Skin This Serum Seriously Reduces Acne & Acne Scars
This was far from the first heavily Auto-Tuned Lil Wayne love song, but it was the first to be both this straightforward in this sound and this successful.
To support facilitation of this conversation, teachers might additionally review this NPR piece or this Times article, both of which emphasize the traditions upon which this current protest draws.
Callimachi: In this time, in this generation, in this period on earth, in Iraq and Syria, in the chaos of those wars, they were going to fulfill this promise.
This warranty shall not apply if this product . . .
This warranty does not apply if this product . . .
So this is -- this is -- goes both ways.
"They're willing to say, 'This would go in this direction, and this would go in this direction,' and it's not just all subservient to this one overarching idea that drives everything, because that's not how the future works," he says.
For instance, you like this show, so you might like this podcast; you like this movie, so you might like this web series; or even, your photos in your media collection are from Hawaii, so you might like this travel documentary.
"This royal throne of kings, this scepter'd isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This other Eden, demi-paradise... That England that was wont to conquer others hath made a shameful conquest of itself," nobleman John of Gaunt intones.
"I'm like, 'This is authentic, this is the truth and this is what I have to do,' " she said.
"We built this organization with this culture of where this kind of talk is no big deal," Congleton said.
We've already featured this bad boy before, but this is the lowest price we've ever seen for this vacuum.
KERNEN: In the last five years, Larry, have you seen – this was -- we talked about this this week, too.
Or this is, because of the style and the improv, this is just going to be constant like this.
LAHREN: This area right now, this is a border protected by this barbed wire fencing and you know, wood.
Like, this may not be a good -- this is a terrible alternative, but this is actually a worse alternative.
Many people said, well, this is so fact-based that this is limited to this, but not an antitrust.
You started this, Guru got all this money and there was three or four others that were like this.
Nobody saw this kind of aggression or motive in this kid that he would ever do anything like this.
I'll be like, Oh, I loved this dress from here, but I would want this changed and this changed.
And is all of this pain, this heartache, this regret and anger and shame — is parenthood really worth it?
For instance, these are vaginas: This is a vagina: This clam is a vagina: This cat is a pussy.
There was this empty space after the chorus, and I [imagined] this part, this sample that Timbaland would use.
This is one of the big themes of this book, and why I think this situation is so dangerous.
This is why somebody feels inadequate or self-loathing or self-aggrandizing; this is what makes someone like this.
So, this is not a product innovation, this is not a technological innovation – this is a business model innovation.
Very specifically, this box only works at this speed in this case because the device is: Here's some perspective.
This flattering sunglasses shape is one of this season's biggest trends, and who could resist this chic Balenciaga pair?
This note here, and this one, this joyful countermelody, her second violin harmony, the collective intangible, the audible agreement.
This charter left Los Angeles this morning and I got to take this photo with them before they left.
I'm just like, 'we need to do this, let's try this fabric, how about adding this inside of that?
Right this has gone off the rails now Who is doing this what do we do with this pic.twitter.
It's uncommon to get this opportunity this early in this field; I'm so lucky and pleased that I did.
Being depressed and having this overwhelming sadness, and this other character is saying that it's like this black hole.
The Information, which broke this story earlier this morning, argues that this means that Mesosphere is "bowing" to Kubernetes.
This is why you have canvas, this is why you check your math, and this is exactly why Gov.
This step took too long, but shows this administration's commitment to taking this kind of looming ecological threat seriously.
Many are purely factual: this is a painting; this is a watercolor painting; this is watercolor painting from Japan.
"It hasn't acknowledged the impact this institution has had on this country and continues to have on this country."
You know this, I know this, and your little cousin who thinks Chandler Parsons is super cute knows this.
This is real life, this is reality, this is what's happening in our country and around the world today.
They are 26-20 this month, 212-28 on this homestand and 03-20 this year against the Mets.
"I think this really could help people, if they could have this experience I have, and feel this love."
This week sees the publication of her memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, and later this month, E!
Because this is a dating show, this is the appropriate time that this subject comes up in my life.
This is not, as you know, this is not a decision made lightly to come forward about this program.
This is the shot -- I think Chris is right about this -- this is the shot for the border wall.
Does that mean that we absolutely, unequivocally, have to tackle it this way at this moment with this thing?
And you know, I keep coming back to this, but this was the Bay Area culture, this psychedelic experience.
" Cypress Semiconductor Co.: "This is ridiculous at this point that this stock is down with a 3 percent yield.
"He was telling the crowd, 'This is what I've promised and this is what I've delivered,' " said this source.
This isn't Turkey; this isn't a third-world country; and this kind of thing cannot go unresponded to diplomatically.
You're saying 'this type is this and this,' and then you complicate it more, like any good writer does.
Like this one seen on Family Guy, or this by the guys at Jackass, or this by P Diddy.
When you're sitting on a record this ambitious, this intense, this good, you're allowed to tease us a little.
" Ariana Klein, student: "This is not just Parkland anymore, this is America, this is every student in every city.
This is a policy, and understand this, this was a policy invented, implemented and executed by President Donald Trump.
This is a lighter-color foundation powder, and I like to take this and put this under my eye.
This was to show people this is what we go through—this is what the healing process looks like.
On this occasion in particular, which better of his quotes to lead off this roundup with than this one?
This is "not a simple effort to do this kind of trial in this kind of environment," said Salama.
I have found this out, Leader [Mitch] McConnell has found this out, Speaker [Paul] Ryan has found this out.
You say, 'I gave everything to this job, to this work—sometimes too much—and this is my payoff?
"This is me saying 'this is what you are' and 'this is not what America stands for,'" she said.
This is wrong, this is unjust and this happens to alot of women when there are NO cameras around.
This is not dystopia, this is not fear-mongering; this was the reality for women just a generation ago.
This first allegation was held in secret for weeks by a Democratic member of this committee and this staff.
This means that agencies cannot extend the employment of employees recruited and hired under this authority past this date.
"When I tell him you have to do this and this and this, he never complains, never," she said.
"Though this is the end of this campaign, we are right in the middle of this fight," O'Rourke said.
PIRRO: But let me ask you this, this guy made an ad, had enough money to make this ad.
And look, this again, this goes to this whole idea that the liberals have selective outrage about these issues.
All right, so when is this going to happen, when is this going to start happening, this new thing?
Who else has been able to be this loud and this famous for this long within a white space?
This is not the important part of this video because the important part of this video is nipple lasers.
There was this fear of myself—this sickening feeling that somehow I desired this thing to be lived out.
In the post #DrummondPuddleWatch world this isn't just a casual tweet, this isn't just a trend, this is news.
At least for me, this end result—and this isn't the end result—this large swelling never felt inevitable.
This history, this adaptation, this long-term investment in the alliance are underpinned by members' commitment to Article 5.
"Actually, this is my first time feeling this kind of emotion, being this emotional," Ryu said through an interpreter.
But the right media has this investment in painting this picture of a diabolical elite, this negative-minded left.
Out of the flux of the street, a unique event has been preserved: this man, this moment, this mien.
Oh, this is this gang who just cares about people ... oh come on, this is not our biggest problem.
I have been thinking about this and talking about this and yelling at the TV about this for years.
"I think everybody in this room and in this organization has expected more this year," defenseman Ben Lovejoy said.
So rooted in my work is this reminder that you will only have this experience at this particular time.
" We're just saying, "Wow, this is interesting, let's have a Q. and A. with this person who practices this.
"This is the most legislating this body has done this entire Congress," Manchin said in a late evening statement.
There is no excuse for this behavior and this unwillingness to return this work, which they know is looted.
"This cancer, this difficulty that we face as a nation, predates this administration by many, many years," Mulvaney said.
I understand some frustration always because this tour, this calendar, this schedule, whatever it may be, is never perfect.
"This is not a crisis, this is not a recession, this is a slowdown," Krupinski said referring to Poland.
That is why this decision is regrettable and ... this country must never find itself in this position ever again.
They say "She's involved in this and this and this," and then they name something I wasn't involved in.
I've been doing this — I get to say this — I've been doing this before you all were fucking born.
That is simply impossible with this Republican Party intimidated by this president using this Fox News-led noise machine.
I don't deserve (this) after this great season to spend two more days on court with this terrible feelings.
And if we don't get them changed, this isn't politics, this isn't Republican and Democrat, this is common sense.
This study needs further research to understand why this happens, but in the meantime, use this to your advantage.
"Since Day 1, I've been proud to work for this President, this first lady, and this administration," she said.
Now it's for this role, this woman who was not ever in her lifetime going to get this recognition.
Republicans and Democrats alike would assert that they support major change — but not this far, this fast, this time.
They say "She's involved in this and this and this," and then they name something I wasn't involved in.
This guy looks like Lyle Lovett, this one like Matt Damon and this one like he'd be singing opera.
We know this area of this page does better, let's move this story into that, see if that works.
"This is ground zero – this is the front lines, and this is where we take our stand," said Sessions.
There was this constant promise about this is where we gotta do this, we gotta invest in the MAVENs.
It hasn't acknowledged the impact this institution has had on this country and continues to have on this country.
Because they've been doing this on Ira Glass's show, This American Life, they've been doing this in broadcast form.
We created this product and it was ... this platform or this product was a huge hit, the morning briefing.
Wait, let's go to the next question because this is actually relevant to this, and I loved this question.
This is why I'm going to grab this can of, this jar of peanut butter and not that jar.
Especially [with] Quest and his relationship with his daughter, there's this tenderness, this love, this gentleness—and it's not like I just found this one gentle, nice, tender, black father.
We didn't really think like "oh this band already does this" or "this band doesn't do that so let's do this," we just thought: What do we not do currently?
"We try to say, 'Hey, this is simple: We're going to get this done this way, and if they do this, then we kind of adjust right here,' " Phillips said.
This lets it succinctly describe a huge array of colors with very little data by saying, this pixel has this bit value of color, this much brightness, and so on.
BAIER: In the background of this you had this decision on ZTE, this Chinese company and kind of a walk back of what were going to be sanctions against this.
The model doesn't actually understand music theory, just that this note followed this note, which followed this note, which tends to come after this type of chord, and so on.
How much better is that than trying to think 'Oh, I'm failing at this, but i'm good at this, I made a flop on this, but I did this well.
This is kind of interesting, or the way that they designed this personality or this mechanism for whatever, now there's a new way to make friends with this app, huh.
They look at me with empty, exhausted eyes which seem to say this isn't about geopolitics, this is about escaping hell, this is about human dignity, this is about survival.
We can say 'This month, this city, we're gonna drop this many Bolts, and then a month later we'll add this many Bolts,' and we can work closely with them.
So we wrote this song for Tom Watson where it's this very ridiculous number and you have this really maniacal, psychotic, fascist leader of IBM doing this ridiculous dance number.
Instead of saying, 'You're this and you should this,' you should say something like, 'I can't understand what's going on, but what I see is this and I think this.
I suppose maybe the best way to say this is that within the territory of Twitter, I am the gatekeeper of this meme, this particular way of using this content.
You realize, wow, so many people have gone through this, are going through this, and we can really lean on each other if we talk about this and share this.
"What we have seen in this industry is that this is a more widespread phenomenon than what we have just found in this case, with this company," Mr. Sellers said.
So this is, even though you guys are prominently featured and you're a big part of this, you view this as an experiment, wait and let's see how this goes.
Having sex with him felt quite scripted, like: OK, this comes first, and then we do this for a bit, and then we move onto this bit, and this bit.
With this new generation coming up and in this time, I think people are getting fed up with this idea of this pervasive racism that seems to be going nowhere.
This is the entire ... You know Gabe Sherman, whose book on Roger Ailes and Fox talks about this a lot, which is, this was the ... this is Ailes' original idea.
"Y'all don't even understand how much love I have for this chick, this rocker, this mama, this entrepreneur, this total OG badass that is @gwenstefani there really aren't any comparisons as far as I'm concerned," she captioned a photo of the performance.
So we were like, "Okay, we're gonna do this, we're gonna devote our time to this band and this record and do this in LA." And so we stayed and practiced in this little fuckin' hole and wrote and wrote and wrote.
"This is how gay people are treated in this country, this is what it's like, this is their experience, this is how it feels," Ermold said in an emotional statement after he was denied a license for a second time in 2015.
We had this amount of script to shoot, this amount of days to do it in, this actor's unavailable on this day… How are we going to make it all work?
You know this to me was one of the most, the strongest arguments against the idea that this was this incredibly, that the election was hacked in this very organized way.
Her character says: I like this, I want to do this, and this can be an avenue not only out of the street, to make more money, to capitalize on this.
"This, for me, is about (something) bigger than what it means for 2018, what this means for 2020 and what this means -- this is defending the institution of democracy," he said.
"This is in the United States of America, this is right here in California, and this is something that's happening in these communities because of this water being wasted," he said.
"The Senate should not move forward with this confirmation, should not go forward with advising and consenting on this individual until this prosecution, this criminal investigation, is done," Booker said Tuesday.
One of the organizers of our community meetings, Katherine Simóne Reynolds, was exhibiting in this show; thus, supporting this gallery, this artist, and this curator seemed more relevant for inciting change.
"You get this understanding that this woman owns this [strip club] environment," she said of the soundtrack, motivating us to own this short and sweet dance number in the same way.
Asked about this assistance, a spokesman for Capalino said the firm had taken on this job pro bono; their hearts beat for this sweet Mets redemption tale and this young woman.
"So the idea is, 'So you're a tough guy, you've gotta tell everyone that you're tough, you're this and you're this and you're this and you're this,'" she told Rolling Stone.
It gives him this liberating — and this is what made him run away with the movie — this liberating thing of ... I don't know if I can swear on this podcast. Yeah.
" I mean, screaming this out, and then thinking, "Wow, if anything's going to stop this campaign, it's gonna be this.
" She continued, "It's so rare to find kind, gentle souls like hers in this industry, this city…even this world.
HANNITY: That took you to -- evidence took you to this mosque where this guy had attended at this point, right?
Some of our absolute favorites include this Samsung Galaxy Tab S21229.99, this Apple MacBook Air, and this Asus gaming laptop.
This doesn&apost -- this doesn&apost expose sources or methods, we&aposre going to let this report go to public.
Sol WISENBERG: Well just think you look at this, this is just absolutely sickening how they handled this person Cambetta.
You can't not do a project, because this person is involved, or it's telling this story, or it's this filmmaker.
WATTERS: This an actual strategy, and I know that this happens because they do this when it gets really tough.
It's my chance to show people that this is beautiful, this is amazing, this is what luxury fashion should be.
But this is what "The New York Times" reporter on this issue of McCabe and this memo, what they said.
I've been looking forward to this show and seeing all of you this year so doing this breaks my heart.
It's a different level, so I don't want them condensed into, 'Oh, the bride wore this, and this cost this.
He needs to come out and say, this is not amnesty and be for this and vote for this bill.
" This was Trump's answer to this question from Ingraham: "What do you pray for when you pray for this country?
BAIER: First, put this in perspective about how big a deal this opening -- not just an opening, this opening -- is.
Some other VICE News stories I loved this week: Other stuff I liked this week: Hope you liked this newsletter!
Batteries at this scale, at this cost, at this speed, were not conceivable 10 years ago, even five years ago.
This was not a toy, this was the real thing, and when it came to chess, this computer was good.
This is how to make him wait; this is how to get crushed; this is how to line your panties.
Who could possibly understand what it feels like to live this way, with this limitation, with this cluster of needs?
But that discounts what people have been saying for so long: This isn't right, this isn't right, this isn't right.
" Like, "this about doing something great, this is an important company in our lives and you have to try this.
What I'm feeling about this time we're in right now in this country, is that this is a critical moment.
"Sometimes you'll hear people say, 'Well this congressman said this once' ... yeah, nobody should say anything like this," Kinzinger said.
So yeah, no nativism -- look, this is -- it's not as though this is inherent only to this country as well.
"Now you have this really amazing evidence through whole genome sequencing that this stuff came from this place," he says.
"I felt that this crew was rooting for this film, and I felt this excellent support as a woman director."
This week, two more of my classmates and fellow survivors have been lost to this tragedy, this time by suicide.
And then I met this incredible man, who made me think, no, this person is worth making this commitment to.
This should've never happened ... I say this in front of my friends, this should never happen to another president again.
This is the second time this area has been hit... Probably Border Patrol, this is too far back for vigilantes.
Watching this video, and seeing how cool this region actually is, let's hope the mission planners choose this site. [ESA]
I had to vote for this thing, I had to say this about him, can you fucking believe this guy?
We're taking vast amounts of carbon from deep underground and putting this, putting this in the atmosphere, this is crazy.
I knew if this guy could make this kind of money with a site this bad, then I could, too!
"All they're really interested in is: if we did this, this and this, will you build less houses?" he said.
"I'm doing this for them and I'm doing this for myself," Jolé, 36, tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week's issue.
He had this combination of this unreachable sexy guy with this sense of an inner foundation at the same time.
This help has just confirmed this view, and we will support this government in the future, with all their faults.
Compare this to a Republican-led bill Curbelo, a moderate Republican now backing this "compromise" bill, proposed earlier this year.
This may look different in a year, this may look different in two years, but this is a first step.
This photo knows the gate, this photo is the gate, this photo is the key and guardian of the gate.
So I will tell you this-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: How is this going to end, when is this going to end?
"This action by my colleagues was unacceptable and has scarred this process and this body," Coons said in the hearing.
How do you kind of look at this and think: Okay, this is what we're spending and this is why?
"This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing," he insisted at a rally in Missouri earlier this year.
If this is your first company, this might be the first time you've had to make decisions at this stage.
"I think what both Trump and Bernie are tapping into is this anger, this frustration, this economic stagnation," Kish said.
This is the last time they'll meet in this sign during your lifetime, since Uranus enters Taurus later this week.
This loss was hilarious in many ways: It's almost impossible to explain how the Irish are this bad this season.
Using this sort of confrontation, this subversion, this comedic quality almost, that’s how people get over that discomfort.
This is in addition to this week's full-plant shutdown for the same reason, which Ford revealed earlier this month.
I'm here to talk about, write about, really dig deep in the extraordinariness of this tweet, this picture, this question.
This was the smallest allotment of this bond maturity to this group of investors since the $230 billion last September.
This (the tweet) was an improper way for (this news) to be released, and we're going to figure this out.
It's this fundamental change, this achievement of almost total smartphone market saturation, that distinguishes this year from the preceding ones. .
How can this loss of life, at this enormous expense and this increased complication with other nations, further our interests?
It's also worth noting that the show spawned this amazing movie, this amazing song, and made this guy a celebrity.
Also—if you've gotten this far and are having trouble doing this, or just can't imagine doing this, don't despair.
""This is the biggest thing — or it tries to be the biggest thing this committee will deal with this decade.
This was her seventh consecutive appearance at this event, although she was hoping she would not be here this year.
This is about the alliance, this is about safeguarding the alliance this is about ensuring our readiness as an alliance.
"I think this will do worlds for his confidence, to do it in this game on this stage," Dawkins said.
She thinks Chyna's series of bad choices -- as in this, this and this -- show she's not mommy material right now.
"This is fringe shit, and it's business like this that makes me embarrassed to work for this company," he added.
And some Democrats are convinced that this could work powerfully in her favor, especially at this time, in this place.
"This doesn't work with high tech – you don't have this amount of time and this amount of resources," he said.
He's taking the big picture, whereas he should be thinking, 'I gotta watch out for this and this and this.
Again, as this is a personnel matter, the District will have no further comments on this matter at this time.
But she won millions more votes than Mr. Sanders, and this week, this campaign, this party, now belong to her.
"Like, O.K., this is Iraq, this is Syria, this is the K.R.G.," Ismael recalls, using the acronym for Iraqi Kurdistan.
I must settle this in myself in this way: I respect the presidency; I do not respect this president-elect.
This restaurant has closed This information was last updated on April 25, 2019 This information was last updated on Aug.
"I'm the man to go get it done, with this staff, with this team, with this program," Odom said passionately.
This is where we create our lives, this is where we find meaning, this is where our purpose becomes clear.
Again, it goes back to, this isn't about concession, this isn't about conciliation, this isn't about capitulation or even compromise.
But then I realized I was good at this, and this is who I am, this is what I enjoy.
New attention has been drawn to this this issue by this week's fatal crash involving an autonomous vehicle in Arizona.
Here's what it felt like to be Khari at this moment, in this place, at this stage of his life.
" This fell flat, because — well, as a friend put it quite simply this morning — this attack was "far too specific.
"This is people's lives at stake, this isn't about basketball, this isn't about the Mavericks," Cuban said after the game.
You show them, "Hey, this is me, this is what I've got" — and be resilient and just love this game.
"You didn't know where this little something, this little gesture, was going to go," Ms. Kent said of this passage.
So my job — and I think the way we're all approaching this — is that this year is about this year.
We gathered in Washington Heights and told this story, on location in this neighborhood, with our neighbors in this community.
And this will be -- and I think history will prove this -- this will be something that's paid in human lives.
This one robbed four banks, this one ... I'd better, not say ... this one, another murderer, ladies and gentlemen, another murderer.
This story has a happy ending only because this operator spotted this child and managed to get him to safety.
This time I'm mature enough to step back and make sure I take care of this marriage, and this relationship.
"Our API response will be actually, the neckline is this, the color is this, the pattern is this," Wooders said.
This one robbed four banks, this one ... I'd better not say ... this one, another murderer, ladies and gentlemen, another murderer.
There is this kind of appalling kind of cultural tragedy that happens with enslavement, this rift, this tear across peoples.
This one right here, like this one right here, when I think about it, like Walter White held this joint?
"Sadly, it cannot bring back this young woman, this student, this victim," NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said of the arrest.
I have thought of this movie often since Donald Trump was elected, and this scene seems particularly relevant this week.
"I don't have the luxury to say, 'Don't sell tickets to this guy, this guy, or this guy,'" he added.
It's rare for a team to play this well missing this many pieces — just ask this year's last-place Warriors.
If I had sat here for this whole interview like this, I'd have this giant red splotch on my face.
And so, this is not just a matter of no drama Obama, this is — this is what I really believe.
"It's this position and this view that really is why you buy a house like this," de Mallet Morgan says.
But it starts with someone standing up and saying 'This is not OK, this is not acceptable—this is spying.
"Oribe just exuded this passion, this light, this fire, and he was unbelievably charming," said Amber Valletta, another top model.
This likely keeps the Federal Reserve on track to raise interest rates this month for the third time this year.
This production, this role and this work has kind of cracked me open, and now new things can come out.
"The IOC appreciates all this work very much and hopes that this crisis does not affect this cooperation," Adams said.
I hope this bill helps push back on the efforts of this, or any, administration to suppress this necessary reporting.
This might require shifts within your budget, but if this is your priority, don't allow this bill to be late.
"Nobody saw this kind of aggression or motive in this kid, that he would do anything like this," he said.
This nagging and thinking feeling, no matter your political beliefs, this is not right, this is not who we are.
"This was accepted by the attorney general and this is what we see happening this morning," Teh told the court.
The market during this economic cycle has not tolerated stocks much above this valuation with bond yields in this area.
I never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious.
This was before China, by the way, this is Japan, this is the Philippines, that's Korea, that sort of thing.
This is too important an issue for there not to be a team like this doing this type of work.
But these are not the people the country needs in a White House this corrupt, this incompetent, and this adrift.
A lot of gray area around was this sort of a ... Did Schmidt call in this hit of this team?
"This is going to cost me a fortune, this thing, believe me… This is not good for me," Trump said.
The question you're probably asking yourself at this point is this: How is any of this compelling to actually play?
This shit is hard, but if you remember that your young self did this without anything, you can do this.
Second of all, I don't believe at this point any consumer wearable really does this or has done this effectively.
" She added: "This is why I'm challenging this seat.
But I think this -- this highlights -- KENNEDY: Weight loss.
" "This is not mathematics; this is biology and chemistry.
I'm wrapping up this whole thing — this whole show?
FARAGE: This is -- this is the great untold story.
This is so ... I've never been to this location.
This category is incredibly weak this year — rather unusual.
" This isn't a neat timeline of "this, then that.
But this ... this is on a different level entirely.
That's how this little mauling scene... ... turns into this:
BUSH: This is a — this is an important subject.
" And then, "Would they say this in this manner?
GUILFOYLE: This -- this type of stuff really bothers me.
And this -- you just keep adding on to this.
ROLLINS: This was also -- this was the easy vote.
So, this -- let me just finish this point, though.
Say this happened this morning ‑‑ it happened last night.
This is -- excuse me, this is a young man.
This bug has been fixed — this should improve benchmarks.
PERINO: -- by this White House and by this administration.
And this guitar chord – this chord changed my life.
" "This is diversity in action, right now, this film.
But thisthis takes things in a different direction.
"I'm about this life & this life only," he wrote.
This was a tremendous ... I really enjoyed this one.
I offered mine this morning, while writing this essay. .
This is -- I said, you sure this is indoor?
This is — this is a serious difference between us.
For us, this issue -- we (inaudible) to this issue.
Let's get back to this — to this honest engagement.
To come out, get this win ... We needed this.
So this is called — this is called the snake.
" Morris wrote, "This was amazing to read this morning!
All this schmutzy stuff — nobody's touched this in years.
"Thisthis is formal impeach — impeachment proceedings," Nadler said.
"I'm returning thisthis piece of trash!" she said.
This is developing ... This article originally appeared on
"This is awesome,'' Waerner said ... "This is something special.
The point is to stop this — all of this.
This song is — this song is kind of hard.
" He's like: "This isn't funny, this isn't a joke.
This is an incredible — this is a historic letter.
This -- that is really what this vote is about.
Like, this is ... Specifically, we're doing this in public.
There was this ... Why aren't I on this thread?
No, so this is … This is for anybody. Yes.
But this was an Obama ... this was too early.
I chose to tell this story rather than write about Ghomeshi or the specifics of this case because, to me, this verdict is not about Ghomeshi or the specifics of this case.
We have to get ahead of this thing and unfortunately, this is about the fourth time in this show we&aposve had to talk about this and it&aposs the same thing.
Episode 8 All this talk of rivalries between D Block and C Block, this Caputo-Fig romance, this scheme to get Blanca pregnant — essentially, this season's many, many plot lines — are distractions.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is very important to send this message, that this is the border of NATO, this is the eastern border of (INAUDIBLE) that is we are ready to protect them.
But in another sense they spell out a dominant theme in Knausgaard's work—that there is nothing more than this sky, this song, this moment, this awareness of ourselves in the world.
The only thing that strikes me, I just go back to this video of this guy, Kim Jong Un, getting this applause when he walks in, like he&aposs this big celebrity.
" She made this comment at a post-election conference at Harvard University: [Voters] were being told constantly, "Stare at this, care about this, make this the deal-breaker once and for all.
I think it gives it this, it gives us this, like, higher power, like, oh, this is really bad and I can't believe I did this, I completely fell off the wagon.
"It's all about this represents me — this is my spirit animal, this is my mood — and so it's not about critical distance, it's about seeing this is the only language I have."
That's not a problem that is unique to this iteration of "Star Trek" — "Voyager" and "Enterprise" also struggled with this early on — nor is this an issue limited to this television franchise.
"Since we have been in this room, in this hearing since this started, we have now learned of the first full closure of a federal facility due to this virus," she said.
So, I have a couple guys who are smarter than me, you know, saying: This is doing this, this doing this, why don't you wait on that, we should wait on that.
This is one of the big challenges of our time: People who say 'this is a white thing, this is a Black thing, this is a male thing, or a female thing.
Pablos: Well, with the lines, with drawings, the computer needs a certain level of AI to even understand that this line corresponds to this line and this hand is also this hand.
It's bullshit that this is the best Star Wars can do in 2019, and even more bullshit that this is the second version of this story I've written this year, following Endgame.
That means that this meme is still pretty much everywhere to this day — hell, by this point most people have probably forgotten this idea even started out as a meme at all.
And when we looked into this, time and time again, and this has been ... this is an example, where this story comes up at least monthly, and it just spikes huge amounts.
"We all ping each other and say, 'Have you heard of this?' or 'Is there anything new that you developed on this fabric or this fastening or this boning,'" Ms. Fullerton said.
I like it because it's like this guy has somehow just imagined this world and he's created this podcast around it.
"And there is a reason — I believe — that this happened," he told Gayle King on CBS This Morning earlier this month.
This is the theme of this year's Motherboard's hacking week, "The Weakest Link," which we'll be rolling out later this fall.
And this could ripple -- if this escalate into a trade war, this could ripple into a recession in the Farm Belt.
"This is not how I wanted this to happen," says MJ. "This" referring to her ousting from the lead anchor chair.
HURT: This was -- this was -- PERINO: All I would say is that this idea is they don&apost call it socialism.
He could say everything he said, but start it with this is abhorrent, this is awful, I don&apost condone this.
People constantly being told this issue, this statement, this past transgression is important to you -- and Americans said, 'No, it's not.
But this particular device is expected later this year; that said, none of this is official information, and anything is possible.
The audio shows him being asked if he thought this was an impossible thing to have this meeting at this date.
This is the biggest purchase by this group of investors at an auction since this allotment data series began in 2002.
But, yes, this is -- JORDAN: I&aposve been in this town a long time, I&aposve never seen anything like this.
This morning, a friend reminded me that I had to do this for the second time this year — a terrifying realization.
" O'Rourke added, "Please understand that this violence, this hatred will not define this community, nor will it define the Rodriguez family.
Some background: I dated this guy for two years, and during this time, my ex was best friends with this girl.
This time of the year, it's probably the first time we've played games this close, this meaningful since I've been here.
Honestly, I can't even believe I'm here doing this right now for this magazine, for this month, and issue, and everything.
This is good news for you though, since this cool little camera is on sale again — this time for just $123.34.
Following all of this can be a chore; check this visual outline or this guide if you want to know more.
I don't believe this line, I don't believe this is what someone like him would say at this point in time.
This fire, like all fires that rage this long and this mightily, brutally illuminates more than just the land it burns.
It's the bank's job to say, 'this is all I will lend you, because this this is all you can pay.
"This is not the first time she's been through this – she's just not taking it quietly this time," the source continues.
If they have a profound spiritual experience, if they have this, "hey, this is entertaining, this is fucked up," that's fine.

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