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"THE" Definitions
  1. used to refer to somebody/something that has already been mentioned or is easily understood
  2. used to refer to somebody/something that is the only, normal or obvious one of their kind
  3. used when explaining which person or thing you mean
  4. used to refer to a thing in general rather than a particular example
  5. used with adjectives to refer to a thing or a group of people described by the adjective
  6. used before the plural of somebody’s last name to refer to a whole family or a married couple
  7. used with a unit of measurement to mean ‘every’
  8. enough of something for a particular purpose
  9. used with a unit of time to mean ‘the present’
  10. used, stressing the, to show that the person or thing referred to is famous or important

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144 Sentences With "THE"

How to use THE in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "THE" and check conjugation/comparative form for "THE". Mastering all the usages of "THE" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The whacks, the moans, the cracks, the groans, the welts, the squeaks, the belts, the shrieks, the pricks, the prayers, the kicks, the tears, the skelps, and the yelps.
The shorter the lull, the smaller the explosion; the longer the lull, the bigger the explosion.
The buildings, the bridges, the statue, the circles, the square, the grid, the park, the streets.
The "Ball in the Corner Pocket" The "R2-D" The "BB869" The "Reverse Cowdroid" The "Light My Fire" The "Hit the Deck" The "Gonk Squat" The "Electric Scissors" The "Dumpster Diver" The "Downton Gabby" The "Bonkin' Gonks" The "Nothing to Sphere but Sphere Itself" The "One in the Can" The "Quinto-Pod" The "Slot Machine" The "Lost in Space" The "Space Docking" The "Stack N' Jack" The "Wall Ballin'" The "Probe Droid"
The book devotes a chapter apiece to the fastball, the curveball, the sinker, the slider, the cutter, the changeup, the splitter, the screwball, the knuckleball and the spitball.
No matter the condition- they'll be a revelation of the shameful, the sanitized, the washed-up, the worn, the probed, the holy, the scarlet, the loosened, the exonerated, the secret, and the secreted.
The pricier the set, the thinner the display, the more attractive the bezel, and the nicer the audio.
The life is the message; the child the father of the man, the kindergartner the mother of the candidate.
The Goldfinch, The Nightingale, The Martian, The Interestings, The Vacationers, The Girl on the Train.
"The thighs, the wings, the liver, the heart, the breasts, the bum …" Wait, the bum?
"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" (2001) — 92%"The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" (2002) — 87%"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" (2003) — 94%"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" (2012) — 58%"The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" (2013) — 66%"The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" (2014) — 59%
While we still don't know the identities of the masked celebrities, here's a full rundown of which characters are competing: the Peacock, the Hippopotamus, the Lion, the Alien, the Rabbit, the Unicorn , the Monster, the Deer, the Pineapple, the Poodle, the Bee and the Raven.
Cross the northern border and things look and sound pretty much the same: the mountains, the trees, the rivers, the houses, the roads, the big-box buildings, the clothes, the faces, the accents, the billboards and slogans, the chirp of the walk/don't walk monitors.
"Everything was positive — the walls, the bed, the doors, the curtains, the phones, the sink, the whiteboard, the poles, the pump," said Dr. Scott Lorin, the hospital's president.
Behold, the furied heroines, those lightning rods of anger: the vengeful, the disgruntled, the violent, the irritable, the ungodly, the unloved, the intemperate, the temperamental and the unliked.
The representative figure of our age is not the poet, the artist, the novelist, the scientist, the businessman, the actor, the athlete, the statesman.
The other franchises with both are the Giants, the Dodgers, the Indians, the Mariners, the Phillies, the Rangers, the White Sox and the Yankees.
The sportos, the motorheads, the geeks, the sluts, the bloods, the wastoids, the dweebies, the dickheads—they all adore her.
The sportos, the motorheads, the geeks, the sluts, the bloods, the wastoids, the dweebies, the dickheads—they all adore her.
The closer the moon, the stronger the gravitational tug on the oceans, the higher the tide.
The unemployed, the desperate, the poor, the cuckolded, the cajoled, the ignorant.
The higher the rank, the higher the income, the better the health.
The sounds, the colors, the heroism, the pathos, the humanity, the love.
Stay clear of the assholes, the douchebags, the users, the liars, the ungenerous, the unkind, the energy-suckers, the self-important, the self-righteous and the know-it-alls.
Because of the rule of law, the respect of the system, and at the same time, the orderliness and the development of education, the quality of the education that exists here; the quality of the infrastructure, the quality of the way the government runs the place.
The fruit, the minerals, the wine, the soil, the history, the legends, the fertility of the island are hers to give.
The details of the course, the buggies, the shirts, and the staffing, the restaurant design, and the furniture and the management.
The redder the area, the warmer the land surface temperatures, and the bluer the area, the colder.
The darker the skin, the brighter the light shines, the lighter [the skin] the less it shines.
The more order there is, the lower the entropy; the greater the disorder, the higher the entropy.
The idea is to taint the prosecutor, the FBI, the process, the media, the Democrats, the critics.
The greater the victimhood, the greater the status of the victim and the greater the moral imperative.
The obvious drama of the collision lay in the contrasts between the two men: The celibate and the lecher, the ascetic and the billionaire, the mystic and the frank materialist.
"The larger the battery, the greater the vehicle range; but also the greater the weight added to the vehicle and the greater emissions from manufacturing the battery," the report notes.
The Pirates and the Reds had the same 15-16 record; the former had the best record in the National League the rest of the way, the latter the worst.
Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers – they won't inherit the kingdom of God.
The Orlando Magic will pick sixth, followed by the Timberwolves, the Knicks, the Mavericks, the Kings again, the Hornets, the Pistons, the Nuggets and the Heat.
The worse the attack and the longer the sentence, the higher the payout.
The higher the yield, the deeper the discount and the higher the profit.
The FBI, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Electoral College, the mainstream news media, Congressional Budget Office, the Federal Reserve, the intelligence community, the Judicial branch, the office of the President, the White House Press Corps, the Department of Defense, the US Constitution.
Christ would've loved the poor, the dispossessed, the evicted, the dropped-out, the overwhelmed by student loans, the haven't gotten a raise in ten years, the never gonna get to retire, the obese, the infirm, the depressed, the isolated, the addicted, the meth-mouthed.
The gray bar in between represents the size of the gap: The longer the bar, the larger the distance between the groups.
Here are the matchups for the wild-card round: The Steelers face the Bengals, the Texans draw the Chiefs, the Packers play the Redskins, and the Vikings take on the Seahawks.
Her voice breaking, she invited all the evening's female nominees — "the actors ... the filmmakers, the producers, the directors, the writers, the cinematographer, the composers, the songwriters, the designers" — to stand up.
"The end of the world restaurant, the end of the world shopping mall, the end of the world post office, the end of the world lighthouse, the end of the world national park, the end of the world Irish pub."
That's it — the policemen, the firemen, the construction workers, the lathers, the sheetrock workers, the electricians, the plumbers.
But what about the Ukraines, the Slovakias, the Turkeys, the Hungarys, the Albanias, the Romanias, and the Croatias?
The nightmares, the intrusions, the hiding, the doubts, the confusion, the self-blame, the suicidal ideation—they followed.
Watch the finish of the pitches, the spin, the curveball velocity, the fastball velocity, the cutter, the angle.
Fear is the stick shift on the Ferrari of control: the higher the gear, the higher the revs and the bigger the boost out of the gate.
Every accessory and ornament — the hats, the gloves, the shoes, the stockings, the handbags, the jewelry, the ties, the handkerchiefs, the cuff links — fall under her purview.
Of the 110 pledged delegates:6 will be decided by the outcome of the vote in the 211st Congressional District28 from the vote in the 212nd District23 from the vote in the 213rd District215 from the vote in the 20163th district22016 from the vote in the 254.5th district240.9 from the vote in the 6th district5 from the vote in the 7th district5 from the vote in the 8th district5 from the vote in the 54.53th district4 from the vote in the 10th district5 from the vote in the 11th district8 from the vote in the 12th district3 from the vote in the 13th districtAs usual, there's a 15% threshold, above which presidential candidates get delegates.
Over the past few decades, six of the seven units of the metric system — the meter, the second, the ampere, the Kelvin, the mole, and the candela — have undergone the same transformation.
The making of the print is the emotion of the photography — the paper you choose, and the preciseness of the light is very important, the focus and the deepness of the shadow.
First, you need all the gear: the measuring cups, the shakers, the strainers, the muddlers, the jiggers, the mixing glasses, the special spoons.
Everyone plays to type: the scold, the flirt, the prankster, the nice boss, the mean boss, the slacker, the dummy, the straight arrow.
On Sunday, the 49ers play the Dolphins, the Rams play the Saints, the Chargers play the Texans and the Raiders host the Panthers.
The firebrand, the pat-on-the-back guy, the manipulator, the motivational speaker, the psychologist, the tornado, the grin-and-bear-it guy.
The third reason is the architecture—the teahouse, the kimonos, the bowls, the whisks.
I believe the more the better, the more the cooler, the more the fresher!
The higher the radiation exposure and the younger the person, the greater the risk.
There's the brain, the terminator, the rebel, the stalker, the mastermind, and the virgin.
The gardens, the chickens, the self-reliant lifestyle, the hiking, the fishing, the hunting.
The judgments, the worries, the rumination, the thoughts about the future and the past.
This Wall Street comedy is set in the 1980s, and the era itself is one of the jokes of the show — the senselessness, the cocaine, the hairdos, the stupid TV shows, the cellphones the size of cinder blocks, the sexism, the racism, the lack of introspection.
The main variables in the algorithm are the characteristics of the homes in the market, the operational challenges of the market, and the economic characteristics of the city.
This is the hate of the immigrant, the hate of the Hispanic, the hate of the African American, and inevitably, the hate of the Muslim and the Jew.
How you can hear the bank alarm, the engine revving, the gears shifting, the footsteps, the release of the emergency break, the gripping of the steering wheel, the sound of the car doors opening, and the screeching of the tires all in concert.
The idea starts with the soil in which the vines are grown, but also encompasses the influence of the environment (that is, the microclimate), the elevation, the angle of the sun and, yes, the people who tend the vines and make the wine.
We die, by the hundreds, by the gun, the baton, the emotional stress, the trauma, the eviction, the diabetes, the cancer, the rage, the stares, the resentment, the little nervous laughs white folks have when we are still eloquent and joyful and beautiful.
The male side of ourselves is the force, the passion, the fire, the going, the showing up, the power.
Alfie the AlpacaHamilton the Hipster CatPrissy_PigHenry TortoiseMacGyver the LizardMAYA THE SAMOYEDPizzatoruPuddinReagandoodleTito the RaccoonVenus the Two Face CatWaffles the Cat
"The meaning of our track "Spitting Image" has mostly to do with the friend, the shadow, the wall, the door, the trembling, the rest, the sliding, the waiting, the voice," they explained, enigmatically.
There have been a whole lot of really good "the" nicknames: the Answer, the Mailman, the Glove, The Dream, The Admiral, The Worm, The Matrix, and arguably the best nickname ever, The Truth.
The footage captures the sound of the plane, the smoke rising from the strike, and the sight of the family's neighbors digging the bodies of the two children out from under the rubble.
The tacos, the guac, the onions, the shrimp, the shell.
The Desi, the Indigenous, the African, the Arab, the everybody.
The starter, the emulsion, the fermentation, the timing, the temperature.
The louder, the brighter, the crazier the pattern — the better.
The trees affect the environment, the soil, the shade, the natural resources, the animals, the ecosystem — but also how it affects the local cultures.
I can manage all the situations, the off-the-field things, the on-the-field things, the campus responsibilities, the alumni, the booster responsibilities.
The pixels, the code, the products we've built together, the language, the culture, the values, the big ideas, and most of all, the people.
In one of the videos that uses the sound, the creator asks her followers to decide which character they choose: the superhero, the wizard, the Barbie, the devil, the princess, the country girl, the unicorn, or the dog.
Defending the integrity of the election, Wafula Chebukati, the chairman of the election commission, noted that the focus of the decision was on the transmission of the results, not on the voting or the counting of the ballots.
The baby needs a strong relationship with the natural world, mane: the wind in the willows, the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees, the roaring ocean waves ceaselessly lapping at the sandy shores, the cumulus clouds bulbous with rain scraping the earth's azure ceiling, the emerald green leaves and the ruby red flower buds, scruffy underbrush and dangly, viney overbrush, the prowling cats and growling doggies, the galloping steeds, cud-suckin' goats, the panthers and cougars, the apes, the buzzing insect kingdom, the leaping cods and salmons, the squirting whales and porpi, the jellyfish, the bubbling hot springs, the redwood forests to the gulf's clean waters, mane.
If the Red Sox had the Curse of the Bambino and the Cubs have the Curse of the Billy Goat, then the Leafs have the Curse of the WHA.
The owners have been guided by the committee on Los Angeles Opportunities comprising the owners of the Chiefs, the Giants, the Panthers, the Patriots, the Steelers and the Texans.
The grander the restaurant, the less food is on your plate; the more posh the store, the fewer garments on display; the better the hotel, the less decorative art.
The plot is the same, the clothes are the same, the script is the same.
They are the helix, the spiral, the sphere, the hexagon, the meander, and the branch.
Notice the sensations in the belly, the ribs, the chest, the breasts, and the nipples.
We were collectively the villains, the servants, the enemies, the mistresses, the houseboys, the invaders.
But the pear orchard, the garden, the turret, the leaded glass, the house, the house.
They're the friends and the family members, the teachers, the neighbors, the employers, the coworkers.
The beauty of the prose, the originality of the theme, the honesty of the writer.
The bun, the ketchup, the pickle, the cheese, the onion, and the 100% Fresh Beef.
The colors, the smells, the feel of the fabrics, the crazy design of the place.
The deeper the dive, the higher the heart rate at the surface, the team found.
The smaller the notch, the tinier the bezels, the bigger the screen-to-body ratio.
But the lower the price and the higher the quality, the greater the wine value.
In crafting the Constitution, the Founders copied the structure of the British system, with the president having the same role in the structure as the king, just as the House of Representatives is the counterpart to the House of Commons and the Senate to the House of Lords.
All the colors in its surroundings collaborated with the Statue's own green: the bruise-blue of the clouds, the faded green of the leaves of the island's London plane trees, the crayon green of the lawn, the forest-green seaweed on the rocks, the jade green of the waves.
From the launch of the campaign in July, to the conduct of the first round of elections, the stay in the process, the public hearings, the long-delayed second-round contest, the tallying of the final votes, and the confirmation of the results, the election period was peaceful.
Upon the sale of the house, the commission is split between the listing agent (the agent who listed the house for the seller) and the buyer's agent (the agent who showed us the house).
The power of the sea breaking over the cliff tops, the eerie hush when you are in the eye of the hurricane and then the roar of the winds, the lightning and the rain.
The rich folks in the South — the bankers, the manufacturers, the cottonfield owners — laughed all the way to the bank.
Here's to the selfie, in all its forms: the public, the private, the tasteful, the goofy, the cool, the vain.
The real loss is the loss of the people, the loss of the communities, and the loss of the cities.
Observe the sensations in the back of the thighs, the outer thighs, the fronts of the thighs, the inner thighs.
The lower the grit level, the coarser the file, and conversely, the higher the grit level, the smoother it'll be.
Also the prequel, the reboot, the reunion, the revival, the remake, the spinoff and the stand-alone franchise-adjacent film.
And the more intricate the pattern or numerous the colors, the more complex the warping and the harder the weave.
The first group of six singers included The Rottweiler, The Ladybug, The Tree, The Penguin, The Flower and The Fox.
And the poorer, the more vulnerable the country, the poorer and the more vulnerable the citizen, the more negatively affected.
The doctor is, at first, the enabler and the supplier, and then the tormentor, the withholder, the liar, the enemy.
The sub commanders want the leadership, the space commanders want the leadership, the folks in the NSA want the leadership.
The pieces phase-shift between the deeply personal, the dreamlike, the polemical, the imagined-historical, the everyday, and the mythological.
In the press release, he bloviates an infinitude of options for the queer artist: decontextualization, romanticization, aestheticization, collage, cartooning, the gritty, the glittery, the decadent, the outmoded, the extravagant, the degenerate, the outré, the déclassé, and (ironically) the indecipherable.
Valentine says that there are a number of areas to tattoo on the hands, including the top (or back) of the hands, the tops of the fingers near the knuckles, the cuticles, the insides of the fingers, the sides of the hands, and the palms.
The Buffalo Bills and the Giants practiced on the field the day before the game, ripping up the turf in the middle of the field.
Variables such as the temperature of the body can affect the damage to the brain—the colder the body, the more reduced the brain damage.
The eggplant protects the bottom of the sandwich from the moisture of the cheese, while the top absorbs the acidity and fire of the peppers.
The late 1940s saw the creation of the big multinational institutions: the U.N., NATO, the World Bank, the I.M.F., the beginnings of the European market.
At the time, the winner of the P.C.H.A. played the winner of the National Hockey Association, the precursor to the N.H.L., for the Stanley Cup.
Jesus followers have a clear mandate to serve the homeless, the diseased, the grieving, the sexually trafficked, the prisoners, the oppressed, the immigrants, the marginalized.
They are referred to only by their professions: the Astronomer, the Archivist, the Botanist, the Keeper, the Topologist, the Geographer, the Iceman and the Cook.
The second factor was how far away the reward was from the rats in the maze: the further the reward, the worse the rats' performance.
And the exoticism of the setting, the heartiness of the food, the warmth of our hosts, the beauty of the forest and the exhilarating workouts compensated for the communication difficulties.
Both teams still have to face the Packers, but where the Lions have the Cowboys, the Giants, and the Bears, the Seahawks have the Cardinals, the Rams, and the 213ers.
While the factory and the railways forged the age of the worker; the internet has swung the pendulum back in the other direction, making today the age of the consumer.
It's rare you get to see the complexities that go into the friendships between women — the competition, the jealousy, the pride, the humor, the love, the sacrifice, and the messiness.
I think the third element is the crisis that is hitting the big emerging markets: the South Africas, the Brazils, the Nigerias, and potentially the Algerians, the Indias, the Indonesias.
"The fungus sees the vulnerabilities of the tree, and the tree sees the vulnerabilities of the fungus," Rossiter says over the phone with the rest of the band listening in.
One of the apparent reasons for the stall is the flagging of the women's movement after the successes of the 543s and the defeat of the ERA in the 254s.
For people living in transit countries—the drivers, the fixers, the translators, the guards, the shopkeepers, the hawala brokers, the bookkeepers, the police officers, the checkpoint runners, the bandits—business has never been more profitable.
Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) — Yeah, the Steelers have the second-best defense, but they've compiled these numbers against the Browns, the Vikings, the Bears, the Ravens, the Jaguars, the Chiefs, the Bengals, and the Lions.
The CNN-AQI is computed for the different pollutants separately according to the concentrations (instantaneous or on average for the day, depending on the pollutant and following the recommendation of the EEA): the higher the concentrations, the higher the index.
The delicate hyoids connect the back of the mouth, or pharynx, to the openings of the esophagus, which is the tube connecting the throat to the stomach, and the larynx, the "voice box" that provides an air passage to the lungs.
Yes, the President of the United States is, technically, the head of the federal bureaucracy, but the loyalty of the employees of the government is, ultimately, to the people, and, in the broadest way, to the Constitution of the United States.
The costumes, the makeup, the accents, the set design, the worldbuilding.
The larger the mouthpiece, the lower the sound of the instrument.
The longer the commute, the study found, the worse the impact.
The walkouts, the music, the outfits, the celebrities in the crowd.
The first group of media organizations to participate are: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, The Denver Post, The Miami Herald, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Omaha World-Herald, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Seattle Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Tennessean and Newsday.

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