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"her" Definitions
  1. of or belonging to a woman or girl who has already been mentioned or is easily identified

875 Sentences With "her"

How to use her in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "her" and check conjugation/comparative form for "her". Mastering all the usages of "her" from sentence examples published by news publications.

That her calling, her story, her singleness, her chastity, her marriage, her husband, her vocation, her apartment, her house, her childlessness, her kids, her body, her health, her work is enough.
She knows her Thoreau, her Dickinson, her Merton, her Ecclesiastes, her Book of Job; she also knows her Darwin, her Einstein, her Oppenheimer, her luciferin and her luciferase.
The analysis of her face, her body, her voice, her demeanor; the diminishment of her stature, her ideas, her accomplishments, her integrity.
Her mother, her dog, her friends, her sister, her husband, and now her father.
"Her son blamed her, her daughter-in-law blamed her, her husband won't talk to her, her daughter hates her," he said in March.
Her hair, her gowns, her fur, her cars, her ice, her... well, you get the picture.
She has withstood not just her own missteps but also the relentless attacks on her personally: on her cankles, her coldness, her hairstyles, her marital choices, her audacity, her arrogance, her calculatedness.
Her story, her influence, her legacy, her afro, her life — all big.
In addition to purchasing Tenney, shoppers can pick up her guitar, her banjo, her "Spotlight" outfit with shimmery pink skirt, her stage, her gingham pajamas, her picnic outfit, her picnic potato salad, her hat, her necklace and her dog.
At her funeral, friends reportedly remembered her for her laugh, her hair, her love of animals and her selflessness.
Her son and her sisters took turns cleaning her, dressing her and feeding her.
What about herher playing, her presence, her attitude, etc—drew you to her?
Writing the details of her life—her first boyfriend who "got" her kink, her childhood discovery of spanking, her uneasy relationship with her mother, her college lover who expressed pity over her need for pain, her internal battles over being "fucked up," and her falling in love with the man who would become her husband—Keenan repeats her assertion that her kink is her sexual identity.
He asked her about her life: her relationship with her mother, her time in the WWF, her last 15 years.
They would march her to her apartment to collect her things, quit her job for her and take her home.
Her brothers need her, me and Jeremy need her, and her entire family needs her.
These people were talking about her mother, her father, her sisters, her cousins, her friends.
The press reported on her every move: her weight, her earnings, her pets, her hobbies.
And her abiding love for her family — her brother and her sisters and her sons.
Before her pregnancy, her life had revolved around her career, her husband, and her friends.
"Her background, her life choices, her personality and her career catapulted her into the public gaze, making her the most controversial Indian woman of her times," Prof.
Her best friend occasions her envy; her former girlfriend occasions her lust; and her financial situation occasions her woe, even though she lives in an apartment bought for her by her ex-husband.
Just her light, her love, her compassion, her passion, everything.
I admire her work, her struggles, her sacrifice, her discipline.
Her laws, her Constitution, the Declaration, her borders, her history.
They attack her voice, her hairstyle, her pantsuits, her laugh.
Her facial expressions, her demonic laugh, her privilege, her anger.
Her grandparents hugged her and told her they loved her.
Beating her, assaulting her, breaking her fingers, breaking her art.
Her personality, her presence, her skill, her joy of life.
It was her attitude, her approach, her spirit, her determination.
What grounds her is her friends, her family, her girls.
Her grit was her diploma; her courage was her credential.
Don't change her hair, let her wear her own clothes, let her do her own makeup.
Instead, I remember all of her actions, her sacrifices, her struggles, her perseverance and her grace.
She sprinkled salt over her eggs, her rice, her mangoes, her strawberry ice cream, her Coke.
Clinton — her marriage, her child, her upbringing, her activist past — than about her health care policies.
Her habit of speaking her mind got her into trouble, but usually her friends forgave her.
He made her leave her son at her grandmother's and moved her out of her apartment.
Her theme, the revelation of her true identity, her fighting skills, her heart, her armor, everything.
Her family living on the property included her husband, her children, her blind mother, her mother-in-law and her husband's cousin.
He helped persuade her to discuss her abuse with her parents; later, he pushed her to mend her relationship with her mother.
There was a lot of abuse: her father beating her mother, her sister beating her, and later her first husband beating her.
We've had to think about so many aspects of her life: Her mind, her soul, her body, her sexuality, her work ethic.
She says he finally threw her over his shoulder, carried her to her room, dumped her on her bed, pressed her head against the mattress and hit her legs.
You see her strength and her vulnerability, her moments of being wild, her moments of being very controlled, her responsibility and her impulsiveness.
In a fluid, conversational way, Lori presents her history, discussing her personal struggles about her health, her fears, her careers, and her relationships.
She closed her eyes and thought about moving her hormones around her body, bringing them to her chest, her back, and her shoulders.
Her necklaces and her bracelet and her watch, then on her other arm are her other bracelets.
If you can't debate her ideas, just slam her appearance, her personality, her relationships and her likeability.
What impresses him most aren't her abilities, but herher kindness, her optimism, her generosity of spirit.
In her post, Seara reminded her cousin that her family -- including her slain parents -- love her dearly.
Her failures, her insecurities, her strength, her joy, all of it.
Her husband kicked her out of her house after beating her.
Everything about her was elegant: her clothes, her hair, her gestures.
At her request, her family called her Taffy, her sister said.
Her sister died, her mum died, her dad doesn't want her.
Her teachers call her Julia, and her father calls her kibble.
So, while her Jupiter in Libra may inspire her to explore new intellectual pursuits and follow what stokes her curiosity, her moon likely reminds her to nurture and care for her everyday values: her well-being, her closest relationships, and her routine.
He watched her switch on her monitor and open her purse, remove her phone, her notebook, and her pen, and place them in a neat row next to her keyboard.
Her entire family moved to Baltimore to live with her: her mother, her ailing father, her divorced sister, and her two very young nieces.
Her husband at the time held her at her waist, keeping her skirt from entirely exposing her crotch.
Celebrities lauded Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her experience, her grace, her determination, her strength, her nastiness.
She buried her face in her sweatshirt while her husband and her physiotherapist, Rucha Kashalkar, watched her warily.
Presently, Jane has her hands full with her normal trifecta: her child, her child's father and her writing.
They were everywhere: in her email, on her cellphone, on her Facebook and her Twitter and her Instagram.
Encourage her to assert her needs with her boyfriend, but let her figure it out on her own.
She's struggling to understand her boyfriend, her sex life, her body, her friends, her place in the world.
As she cried and wiped her tears on her sleeve because the tissues had run out, I told her that her husband wasn't going to jail for pushing her, choking her, restraining her, and bruising her legs.
It doesn't surprise her that her aunt and her cousins hate her.
Her eyes, her hair, her lips, her breasts—she was a beauty.
Her voice, her songs, her story, her look — I love it all.
Her big sisters dote on her and her family loves her fiercely.
Her children and grandchildren call her blessed, and her husband praised her.
These open her up, invite her to consider her self, her desires.
Her first husband cheated on her, and her second husband abused her.
Her rented escort, her cultural attaché, her camp follower, her prime minister?
Her desire for a better life, her desire for people to be healthy, her desire for children to be educated, her love for her family, and her love for her husband.
She's been criticized for using her maiden name, for her decision to continue working as a lawyer after her husband became governor of Arkansas, and for her lack of interest in cookie baking—not to mention for her hair, her ankles, her clothes, her smile, her laugh, and her voice.
She has to adapt her personality, her appearance, her humor, her intelligence, and even her name to make her clients feel doted on and comfortable.
Her authenticity, her connection to her community, and her desire to serve the residents of her district are at the core of her campaign's success.
Ms. Salman has said her husband punched her, choked her, threatened to kill her, coerced her into sex and left her isolated in their home.
"Her last moment was spent with her No. 1 cheerleader, her mother, holding her hand and whispering in her ear how much she loved her."
Her absorption in her work, her ambivalence about her role as a daughter and her status as a mother, her cutting wit and her emotional volatility all make her worth caring about, even as she resists easy sympathy.
Her discovery earned her a 1993 publication in Science and sent her well on her way to her doctorate.
In her later years, Bush spent her time devoting her time to her family and her work promoting literacy.
Lilly worried I might treat her like her ex-boyfriends or abandon her like her father abandoned her family.
It weighs on her and her relationship with her husband, who stayed with her after her pre-nuptial accident.
Her daughter talked about her mother's perseverance, and her friends described her work to improve the world around her.
"It was her peak in her mind of her flattest stomach and her most beautiful her," Ms. Price said.
He put her under a personal service contract; he schooled her voice, her clothes, her rhythms, and her hair.
I remind her to keep using the water filter, give her daughter great nutrition, sign her up for preschool, read to her, sing to her, love her and be there for her.
Cassadee Pope blew up her whole life while making her second album, Stages: she ditched her label, her finacé, her manager, and her music publishing deal.
Her wealth, her politics, her financial ability to use surgery to transform her body, and her racial privilege are commonly cited in arguments leveled against her.
So she embarked on her journey, and her dream cost her her freedom.
I think her mother adored her and her father sent her amazing gifts.
Her father never visited her again, and her siblings rarely spoke of her.
The photos were sent to her family, her friends, her employer, her peers.
Her rapist sent her text messages telling her he had given her AIDS.
"Her helpers were bathing her, changing her clothes and enabling her," he said.
I remember her turquoise suit, her red lipstick, her perfect posture, her poise.
Fowler risked her own status, her livelihood, her safety, and her own privacy.
Her friends help her make decisions, find her things and keep her organized.
Instead, she let her imagination serve her goals, her child and her community.
She had her cellphone with her, so her wireless carrier knew her location.
Her debut album was her father's Tamil codename (Arular), her second album was her mother's name (Kala), her third album was her nickname (Maya), her fourth album was her real name (Matangi), and, tying it all in a knot, her final album is MIA spelled backwards (AIM).
"When Deputy Fosler found her she gave her some water and let her feed her dog some treats, and then got her to the sheriff who returned her to her family," Taplin says.
It's so ingrained to think a woman can't do that kind of job, and to criticize her for her personality, her imperfections, her clothing, her hair, her makeup, her laugh… That's such bullshit.
Furious, Blazer grabbed her by her hair and arm, dragged her into the bedroom, threw her on the bed and punched her, hard, in the face, shattering her glasses and cutting her cheek.
Her mother had died in childbirth and her father was long gone, leaving her to provide for her sickly twin brother, her bisabuelos, herself, and her soon-to-be baby on her own.
He then allegedly followed her to her car, where he grabbed her neck, put her in a chokehold and threw her to the ground, causing her to hit her head on the pavement.
Dee Dee tracked her down and punished her severely – taking away her phone, smashing her computer, hitting her with hangers.
Her eyes brim, her nose drips, her hands twist into knots, her mouth speaks words at odds with her intentions.
It helps her to shape her own legacy, through her own words, to shine her own light on her work.
He crashed into her, sending her to the floor, her books scattering and her poodle skirt rising over her knees.
She lost her furniture, her carpet, her shoes and her appliances when about 2 feet of floodwater inundated her home.
We see her with her paintings, her cats and her daughter, Dinah Livingston, born in 1942 during her first marriage.
Her biggest hope, she told us, was that her constituents would hear her out and let her explain her decision.
Malky begged her mother to let her come home, but her mother pleaded with her to make her marriage work.
Fifty-two and healthy, Rachel has lost her executive job, her life savings, her house, her looks, and her husband.
" The report called her failure to disclose her use of meldonium to antidoping authorities, her doctors, her coach, her trainer, her nutritionist or any other member of her team "a very serious breach of her duty to comply with the rules.
As they take her to her room, her legs drag behind her until a third man pushes her ankles together and folds her legs at the knee.
A part of me suspected her exaggeration of humanity's traits and her small imperfections included this tiny hex on her system: her passion, her drive, her addiction.
In the lawsuit, Taylor accused Brown of exposing himself to her, kissing her without her consent, masturbating and ejaculating on her without her consent, and raping her.
She tells him about her relationship with her boyfriend, her clashes with her strict father, her time as a runaway, her drift from strip clubs to Backpage.
Both her current and her future self will do better if she has you by her side — loving her, trusting her and accepting her through it all.
Her diet is constantly scrutinised and food withheld from her; her managers force her to take amphetamines to curb her appetite and barbiturates to help her sleep.
A man rammed her with his car, got out, wrenched her from her bike, beat her severely, pulled her into his vehicle, and bound and blindfolded her.
A man rammed her with his car, got out, wrenched her from her bike, beat her severely, pulled her into his vehicle, and bound and blindfolded her.
I mean a pack of dogs, followed her, chased her, harassed her, called her names, spat at her, trying to get a reaction, to get that photograph of her lashing out, ger her upset.
She lost her father early on, her sister, her son and ultimately her love.
Offred has lost her name, her identity, control of her body, and her family.
That her husband was her pimp and beat her does not forgive her guilt.
Lisa has let her heartache define her character, her relationships, and her entire life.
Simply to tell her she loved her but couldn't watch her destroy her life.
And they reflect her emotional state—they show her anger, her fear, her insecurity.
Her family found her two days afterward and buried her with her big sister.
She has her mother, her sister and her friend in the car with her.
She's held down by her obligations, her insecurities, her hang-ups, and her fears.
"Let her blow out her own candles," she directed her daughters, her voice hopeful.
Now we see her goodness, her confused optimism, her protective love for her son.
She sits in front of her partner massaging her arms, her legs, her breasts.
P.J. admired her hardiness, but also her smile, her soft features and her humor.
Boom: We could see her Apple mail, her memos, her bookmarks and her photos.
There were puncture wounds on her ear, her temple, her jaw and her cheeks.
Later, Xia tells her mother that her cousin read her parts of her comic.
She said her family "disowned" her after her finding out about her sex work.
Does Warren know her Zuckerberg from her Scrooge McDuck, her Bezos from her Bloomberg?
Monnier said Polanski attacked her, hit her, ripped her clothes off, and raped her.
Getting doughnuts with her, helping her with her homework, brushing her hair. Everything. Everything.
But her professor encouraged her to draw on her own experience in her writing.
" Voice: "Tell her to open her door, have her open her door right now!
With her counselor, Ella worked her way through her hierarchy to face her fears.
In her Facebook post, Sydney explains that her father forced to her to invite her mother to her graduation in June.
Maybe thinking Marissa came to her on Eli's orders makes her reconsider having her own her daughter involved in her business?
Her royal fiancé, aghast at the effects of her asceticism, spurned her, and her father—brutal and enraged—ordered her crucifixion.
But as commander of the project, I could mold her, change her skills, her armor, her name, and even her face.
Her Kentucky connections garnered her a huge endorsement: McConnell vouched for her and introduced her at her confirmation hearing in June.
Her teachers encouraged her and showed her off but didn't like her, with her curious mixture of assurance and shy clumsiness.
"Her world went from being herself and her work and her friends and her family to her daughter," says Jenner, 63.
She lies on her side briefly before he hauls her to her feet and then, pinning her arms, walks her away.
The first blow must have killed her, but her attacker continued to beat her frenziedly, crushing her eyes into her brain.
Loathe her politics and her methods — Hellman certainly did — but admire her flair and her grit and her second-act dress.
At this point, she said in her affidavit, he took her notepad from her, placed her hands in his, told her they smelled nice, and pinched her cheeks.
The woman told a reporter and immigration officials that her partner had beaten her, cut her, assaulted her with guns, and threatened to kill her and her child.
During the past decade, she's left nearly everything about her old life in Bountiful—her church, her siblings, her friends, her home—but kept her three-person marriage.
People underestimate her, of course, but her talent, her passion for science, her profound ethical grounding and her admirable stubbornness mean no one can dismiss her for long.
He covered her head with a pillowcase, wrapped nylon stockings around her mouth and eyes, bound her hands behind her back, cut open her underpants and raped her.
It alleges Epstein complimented her repeatedly about her breasts and instructed her to take off her top, "then immediately started feeling" her breasts and rubbing her nude shoulders.
Elisa Camahort Page, an author and entrepreneur, includes a lot of information in her signature: her name, her pronouns, her many roles, her mobile and fax numbers, her website, her LinkedIn and information about her latest book, including a blurb promoting it.
Her father and uncle drove her to a river's edge, beat her, shot her in the head, stuffed her into a sack, and dumped her body into the water.
What's important to her, aside from completing her degree, is her family: her husband, who is currently away in the military, her young daughter, and, of course, her parents.
So she showed me what her and her mom had written on a piece of paper for her, for her to carry in her pocket, hold in her hand.
Rather, her dignity and grace as a singer stem from her determination, her fervor, her strength of purpose, the totality of her commitment to giving every performance her all.
God bless her morality, her integrity, her honor, her compassion, her decency and her patriotism for speaking out with clarity, honor and truth against this policy that must end.
En route to her execution, her guard told her, "You lousy thug, get lost" and punched her in the mouth: Her cohort had arranged her rescue by bribing him.
After her initial breakthrough, her father assumed control as her manager and stole millions of dollars; her brothers accepted jobs in her touring entourage and supplied her with drugs.
Over the years, Nirva, 46, has helped her live independently, giving her showers, changing her clothes, washing her windows, taking her to her favorite parks and discount grocery stores.
Hahn's body, her mess, her hair, her mouth, her mania, her misdirection, her absurdly sexy desperation — it all shows us that while Dick is Chris's muse, Hahn is Soloway's.
Her latest album, her tour, her Instagram photos, and her Facebook posts are all wrapped around the fantasy of being her pal and joining her coven of female friendship.
Her photos, her bios, her friends, her retweets, her avatar — all were gone, and in their place hung a suspense worth millions.
She said her friend told her he stuck his fingers in her vagina "to examine her" and commented on her "hard" hymen.
Her friendship with Bumblebee becomes a way for her to assert her control over her life, and to overcome her crippling grief.
She gets her dressed, helps her brush her teeth and puts her into her stroller as they make their way to daycare.
The 30-year-old uses her Instagram account to constantly update her followers on her travels, her meals, and her relationship woes.
She said she saw her mother, her funeral and her whole life flash before her as she yelled out her mom's name.
After her fistula developed, her husband told her to go and live with her aunt, as her parents were on the move.
She lived her life, bravely ... My thoughts are with her daughter Billie, her mother Debbie, her brother Todd, and her many friends.
Her loved ones — including her mom and brother — have been by her side, helping keep her spirits up as her body heals.
Her true passion though is her faith, and her greatest fear is that her rape may prevent her from becoming a nun.
The violation of her privacy affected every aspect of her life, from her education to her career prospects to her intimate relationships.
Instead, I send her balloons to heaven, to tell her how much her daddy loved her, and how much I loved her.
When Brodeur is 14, her mother wakes her up one night tell her that her husband's best friend, Ben, has kissed her.
If the play leaves her alone, it also leaves her finally in command of her body and her fortune and her future.
Her sexuality belonged to her husband, her opinion of herself belonged to her social circles, and her uterus belonged to the government.
The first season ended with her snapping Kilgrave's neck, a man who raped her, held her against her will, and manipulated her.
But her BMI score — her weight divided by her height squared — classifies her as obese.
Her eyes, her skin, her Los Angeles energy all show her reveling in the fight.
Her baby was her little buddy and her companion, it gave her lots of comfort.
She believes Tyrion cost her her father, her mother, and two of her three children.
A doctor gave her her appearance, and her mother keeps her name in the news.
She recalls her aunt telling her that Rosemary's siblings often asked her about her condition.
Her family encouraged her, urging her to open a restaurant and share her culinary prowess.
Finding her sick at her child's burial, her relatives took her to Uganda for treatment.
To discredit the victim by dissecting her actions, her composure, her silence, or her resolve?
Hopefully her friends, Del and Severn will meet her and help her in her passing.
From her clothes to her lipstick to her home, there's never enough pink for her.
If you leave her alone, she'll prioritize her wants, her health, her life all herself.
Agents helped her down before arresting her to keep her from falling on her head.
As her world is slowly darkening around her, Medicaid allows her to maintain her dignity.
Let her get her mood out of her system and I tell her I understand.
Her mother, who reported her disappearance, says she last saw her alive in her bed.
Her documentation still counts her as male, and her mortgage is in her legal name.
It all skirts around her judgment, her intelligence, her wit, her grasp of art history.
She pressed her body into service — for herself, her family, her community and her country.
Her assailant found her, groped her, masturbated over her and prayed before finally getting help.
She concluded her message by thanking her 40K followers for supporting her in her battle.
Her producers took over her music, her father took over legal control of her life.
They hated her pale snow face, her waiting silence, her thinness, and her possible future.
Normally, her family surrounds her, massaging her hands and holding her body until she calms.
Her priest also harshly silences her, admonishing her for putting her brothers' lives at risk.
Her father brought her to the United States in 2004, separating her from her mother.
Wilson scooped her up, held her, and put her on the seat of her truck.
I miss her so much, her kind, kind heart, her generosity, I miss her food.
Her father would not take her in, but her cousins helped her get to Kabul.
She smoothed her navy skirt in her lap and rehearsed her spiel in her head.
Her coaching education honed her tactics, and her time at Clermont her approach to players.
Holderness says Porter kicked her, choked her, and threw her down when angry with her.
For about a minute, Deputy Miller, 38, can be seen talking to the girl before he lunges toward her, grabs her neck, throws her to the ground on her back, flips her over onto her stomach and pins her down while holding her wrists together.
I was moved when watching her mother-in-law Maryanne hold her hand during her final journey at her bedside, until her own mother Jean gently took her hand and welcomed her home on the other side.
In her western graphic novel "Coyote Doggirl," her lavender-furred protagonist pauses her quest to find her beloved horse in order to stuff her face with tree fruit until her eyes bug out and her stomach hurts.
It falls to her former assistant to tell her story: describing her childhood in a poor farming family, her difficult professional apprenticeship, her lonely struggle to establish her own restaurant.
Her grandma also had a profound influence on her when Bird when she moved in with her in Wales—she witnessed her grandma move forward after her grandfather left her.
Before O'Connor opened her restaurant, Gaga approached her about the possibility of her joining her on her "Joanne" worldwide tour as her personal chef—an opportunity she couldn't pass up.
"Suck the / suck the / oil out of her face / Burn her / Burn her / Burn her hair, boil her skin," she mouths unflinchingly, knowing full well the weight of her words.
Ms. McCain described how her father instilled that toughness in her — by making her get back on a horse that had bucked her off, causing her to break her collarbone.
The police say a group of Hindu men lured her into a forest, kidnapped her, drugged her, locked her in a Hindu temple, gang-raped her and then strangled her.
Like you or I, her job governs a huge part of her life, and her unspecialness when it comes to the risk that her job exposes her to humanizes her.
Her viewers have given her feedback that now that her job is no longer "relatable," she can still show her post-grad life — like her friends and her love life.
Andrus turned her head as the bullet hit her temple and came out her forehead — taking her right eye, but sparing her life.
Trolls posted her phone number and her address on Twitter; some encouraged gang-raping her, leaving her petrified and anxious for her safety.
It's about Martha's life, her family, her friends, her peafowl, and her desire to organize the 500 bottles of wine in her cellar.
But she also has work to do on her weaknesses: her second serve, her movement, her composure and her shot selection under pressure.
Her lawsuit accuses him of not only kissing her without her consent but also paying her less due to her race and gender.
So that said something about, I suppose, her feelings about herself, her youth, her vanity, her stardom, what the past meant to her.
When the girl emerged, J.P. hugged her, cradled her in her arms and stroked her hair as the child wept on her shoulder.
She says they came for her wielding swords, dragged her by her hair, and beat her with sticks as thick as her legs.
She demonstrated her complete grasp of the facts and issues, her articulateness, her poise under pressure, her preparedness and, yes, her presidential temperament.
Her campaign video showcases footage of her alongside of Obama, flashing big grins at her award ceremony, and her students cheering her on.
Her son whispers in her ear, making her turn away from the musician in her bedchamber — who indiscreetly gazes at her uncovered genitals.
Her challenge now is to persuade voters to judge her on her merits and ideas, rather than her gender or her husband's record.
Once inside, Trump allegedly lunged at her, pushed her against a wall and kissed her before pulling down her tights and raping her.
She said her two-year addiction had helped her focus on her job, washing laundry, but made her forget entirely about her children.
What ended up happening was her mom borrowed against her life insurance policy and her sister gave her half her bi-weekly paycheck.
The encounter had lasting repercussions on her sex life and her relationship with her family, especially her sister, her brother-in-law's wife.
He "abused her by hitting her, stabbed and cut her and he killed her after which he dismembered her body," the indictment said.
Finally, we held her as she took her last breaths, letting her know how much we loved her but also letting her go.
Her mother washed her hands, wiped them on her jeans, and pulled her phone from her pocket to check the security camera feed.
Honestly, I respect Aniston for her commitment to her routine, and if it makes her feel her best then I'm happy for her.
In her memoir, Moore also discusses her sexual assault at age 15, her mother's suicide attempts, and her former estrangement from her daughters.
Canadian border officials questioned her for three hours — and seized her phones, asked for her passcodes and searched her luggage — before arresting her.
They always asked after Agnes and were delighted by the developments in her life—her marriage, her children, her travels, and her work.
She laments about her daughter fucking up her body, her life, and her happiness, by constantly making her feel guilty about craving success.
Three years into her marriage, Farrokhzad left her husband, whose family would cause her great pain by forbidding her to see her son.
Civil questioned Baartman's assimilation into her role as both freak show and science experiment, her authority over her body, her shame, her complicity.
Throughout her campaign, pundits have criticized her likability, her smile, and the tone of her voice — commentary her male opponents don't often face.
In the footage, the two TSA staffers politely explain the search to LaBrier as they screen her, asking her to remove her windbreaker before giving her a full pat down from her hair to her sneakers, asking her to redistribute her weight at one point so that an officer can inspect underneath her.
Everything outside her bedroom—her family, her house, school—they're all outside her sphere of control.
And, I think, this is what keeps her alive — her movement, her pushing, is her life.
Like any girl her age, she misses her friends, her school, her home that she lost.
Her heart pounded and her dress suddenly felt too small around her chest, constricting her breath.
We'll also miss her outfits, her hair, her voice, and pretty much everything else about her.
After her injury, swimming became not only her hobby, but her refuge — and soon, her vocation.
I know her husband does, her 3 girls, her mom, brothers, all her family and friends.
I can only hold her, let her cry and tell her I will keep her safe.
She hid her addiction from her husband, who only found out after her family confronted her.
Bergman left her home without her purse, her wallet, her keys or extra clothes, FOX10 reported.
To her delight, her foster parents taught her how to read within weeks of her arrival.
In her statement she alleged that her father repeatedly touched her genitals and examined her vagina.
Her illness caused her to miss days at work, which led to her losing her job.
Her smile, her charisma, her beauty put every single person who watched her under a spell.
Her family was to be celebrating her wedding, not her and her fiancé's deaths this weekend.
Her daughter was her first model, and she used her own home as her photo studio.
They kept sniping at her tight little laugh, her jewellery and her influence over her husband.
He growled at the feel of her, grasped her legs, and pushed her onto her back.
We still can't stop talking about her hair, her looks, her message, or her quick reflexes.
He soon became her spiritual mentor, complimenting her singing and visiting her home to counsel her.
Her jobs required her to use cleaning products that burned her skin and blurred her vision.
The victim said her grandmother regularly whipped her, beat her and pinched her skin with pliers.
"This has been very traumatic for her, devastating for her and her children," her lawyer said.
It makes her heart pound, her body tense; it can make her sick to her stomach.
She said her father pulled her pants down, grabbed her and put her on his lap.
We've celebrated her songs, her style, her activism, and how she's raising her sons as feminists.
They stripped her, burned her with cigarettes, cut off her hair and made her eat it.
Her head looks big, her blond hair sparse around her face, her eyes wide and dark.
Her legs never sprawl wider than her hips and her arms stay close to her body.
Mendoza helps her reclaim her salon from the drug dealers and brushes her wig for her.
"I would give her her medicine, give her a bath, put her to bed," she says.
In her memoir, Harris wrote about how her mother taught her to trust her gut instincts.
Her bare gray forearms were crossed on her chest, her thin knotty fingers on her shoulders.
After persuading her to let him into her apartment, he raped her, according to her account.
Her privileged background is mentioned, as are her difficult relationships with her family and her husband.
Her father worked in construction while her mother took care of her and her five siblings.
I really respect her — just her commitment to femininity, and her strong commitment to her ideas.
"I just liked her way of talking, her walking, her scent, everything about her," he said.
She put her hands together with her fingers upright, closed her eyes and bowed her head.
I want her to know that I helped care for her, comfort her and celebrate her.
Her new knowledge causes her to reconsider the nature of her own and her parents' marriage.
They grabbed her by her hair and dragged her until skin was peeled off her scalp.
But her biggest accomplishment stemming from her college years is her thriving relationship with her husband.
Struck by her mind, her vision and her prose, he went in search of her past.
When Diana leaves her island home, her mother tells her that mankind does not deserve her.
Her passion reflected her own life philosophy; she refused to allow her disability to constrain her.
And two books on Jane Austen explore her work, her stuff, her suitors and her legacy.
Her children seemed to need her less; her parents, she knew, would soon need her more.
Her limp neck has taken away her chin, and her hands lie folded in her lap.
But, for her, the one constant in her life that keeps her grounded is her daughter.
Her caretaker tells Cee that her emotionally impoverished childhood reflects her mother's deficiency, not her own.
Her skin is more blemished, her hair is thicker, her legs are stockier, her breasts bigger.
I sat down with her to discuss her book, her writing, and her somewhat frightening life.
"Rise & Grind," Kardashian West captioned the photo, which captured her laying on her side on a bed, with her hand covering her chest, her thong revealing her bare butt, and her long brown hair strewn across the pillow.
After securing the winning point and shaking hands with the devastated Kvitova, Rogers put her face in her hands to temporarily mask her tears and then ran to hug her parents, her agent, her coach and her boyfriend.
When her daughter complained to the police that her father had raped her, the local police officer, instead of taking her seriously, called Mr. Marot, prompting her to retract her accusation out of fear of her father's reaction.
"As she became increasingly ill, I dressed her, carried her, helped her brush her teeth and go to the bathroom, fed her and, mostly, held her and kissed her," Dr. Wexler wrote in an essay published in 1991.
Her drunken father abuses her, calls her a whore, and forces her to leave the family to go to work — commanding her to return her wages for him to drink away.
Her parents shelter her to an extreme degree, doting over her while underestimating her due to her blindness, never realizing she is able to "see" by detecting vibrations through her feet.
Everyone around her was telling her to stay — her family, her bosses, her friends (with the exception of her best friend, Gayle King; "That's why she's my best friend," says Winfrey).
Can we champion her as a role model, celebrate her as brave, and continue to defend her against her many prejudiced critics when she pledges her allegiance to her own attackers?
Alternating with these sections are glimpses of Anna's own life: her memories of her father, her girlhood, her marriage, her gradual comprehension of who her father was and what he did.
When Dion uses his powers to lift her from her wheelchair and help her walk, Esperanza asks why Dion would disregard her personal boundaries and "lift" her out of her chair.
Her Hand has failed her, her Master of Whisperers openly rebelled against her, her lover Jon has abandoned her, her adviser Missandei was murdered in front of her eyes, and Jorah — who always believed in and supported Dany, no matter what — died at Winterfell, defending his queen.
Her back extending, her legs stiffening and her head . . .
Her shows are rooted in her life, often mixing jokes and songs with stories about her childhood and her relationship with her Midwestern family.
The speeches need to open a window into her personality, her hopes and fears, her passions, her humor and what has defined her character.
Her career was cut short, not by her passing, but by her decision to live her truth and her life as a transgender woman.
Another woman alleged Cook complimented her on her body inside a campus gym last July before grabbing her, spinning her around, and dipping her.
He beat her and abandoned her by the time she was 20, leaving her to support her children on her own through sex work.
Chao's arm, trying to yank her back to her seat, and Carole sprang to her feet, nearly knocking her bedazzled eyeglasses off her face.
Her mom died of Huntington's; so, for that matter, did her grandmother, her aunt, her cousin — and, just three years ago, her brother, Peter.
Everything about her, her frequent trips to Paris, her gorgeous home in The Hamptons, even her weekly shopping list, contribute to her aspirational brand.
They berated her for burdening her colleagues, who would have to shoulder her work in her absence, and asked her when she would quit.
Our culture values a woman's bust more than her brains, her body over her moral fiber, her sexual nature over her soul and spirit.
"I have to help her in the bathroom, brush her teeth, prepare her meals, prepare her medication, of course changing her clothes," Liburd said.
She tucks her shirt into her pants and her pants into her boots to make sure bugs don't creep up her belly or legs.
She died in her bed at her Valencia, California, home, with her daughter, Bailey Donorovich, 21, holding her hand and Watts by her side.
I knelt over her and saw her eyes beating to the left, her mouth peeled in a grimace, her body out of her control.
Ms. Gueguen unbuttons her dress, caresses her breasts, spreads her legs with her back to the audience and points a mirror at her crotch.
Wu remembered her classmates called her a "tomboy", and her father pledged to "break her legs" and disown her when she started liking girls.
Her quest to understand sex leads her into soul-searching conversations with her best friend, her therapist, her long-suffering paralegal and other colleagues.
I asked her to think about her children, and put her in touch with city officials, who ended up contacting her and helping her.
Her subprime lender took her to court and won the right to garnish her income from babysitting her grandson to cover her loan payments.
Her approach has prompted her fans to boost her as a heroine of the #resistance, and her critics to draw her as a fool.
At her home in Freehold Township, investigators found her car in her driveway, her dog inside the house and her cellphone on the couch.
Today's woke queens owe an enormous debt to her voice, her look and her insistence on the value of her voice and her talent.
Her dean talked her out of quitting, giving her financial support to hire caregivers for the boys and urging her to redouble her efforts.
Her classmates bully her; her mother (Mo'Nique, in an Oscar-winning role) is physically and verbally abusive; and her father has impregnated her — twice.
After her father's death, and as her mother spiraled deeper into an opioid addiction, her aunt and uncle took in her and her brothers.
Her parents made videos of her doing ordinary things like playing with her dad and showing off toys to show her family her progress.
In addition to her sister, her half brother and her children, Ms. Lucas is survived by her parents and her partner, Dr. Kimberley Jackson.
Her essay recounts her feeling of apathy before the shooting and how the massacre angered her and made her look outside her own circumstances.
Within seconds, without giving her a chance to exit on her own, he grabs her and attempts to pull her out of her Nissan.
First, her relationship to her adored husband, Philip, and finally, most wrenching, her rupture with her sister, Margaret, breaking her promise to her father, the late King George VI, that she and her sister hold fast to one another.
Instead, her family was on the phone with her through the day and her New York family was with her — five of us took turns holding her hand, telling her we loved her, telling stories, playing music and crying.
After Mr. Truesdale had made his mother up and done her hair, pinning a white feather and rhinestone fascinator to her curls, he smoothed her dress, adjusted her stockings and picked her up, placing her gently in her coffin.
Her work was, and remains, radically intimate and courageous, from her photos of herself with her family and her partner and her relationship in crisis to her later images of their children.
My heart really goes out to herher daughter is in the hospital long-term, her husband left her, and she lost her job and her house all in the last year.
And she can't get her message out — whatever that is besides attacking her opponent and his supporters — all thanks to continued questions about her health, her foundation, her honesty and her emails.
" She details her childhood; her adolescence; her unorthodox marriage to her husband, the astronomer David Peck Todd; her passionate relationship with Austin; her position as "the first, best champion of Emily's genius.
I legit unfollowed her, I didn't unfriend her, because I don't want her to realize that I unfriended her, but I at least unfollowed her so I wouldn't see her content anymore.
But after they were married, he made her hand over her paychecks from her day care job, prevented her from calling her parents and hit her, sometimes as she slept, she said.
Her collaborations with Goude, particularly, led to some of her most iconic snapshots, in which her oiled limbs appear to stretch on forever, rendering her hypersexualized; her blackness emphasized; her androgyny amplified.
But Dylan Farrow has stood firm by her allegations, and her family remains divided, with her mother and her brother Ronan Farrow supporting her, and her brother Moses Farrow defending his father.
Other times, neighbors would find Blanche outside, partly clothed, and return her to her grandmother's home, where her uncles beat her and tied her to a radiator to keep her from leaving.
Not long after, she said, a manager began harassing her, touching her hair, texting her about her appearance and once making a move to kiss her after offering her a ride home.
When a young and pregnant undocumented immigrant finds her way to her doorstep, Antonia is pulled into unfamiliar territory and faces her grief for her husband, her family, and her lost world.
But when her loyal steward (John Rothman) finally convinces her that all this liberality has left her broke, and her creditors' minions come calling with bills, her world and her illusions collapse.
Gallagher said her mother called her shortly after the elevator confrontation to tell her she had seen her on live TV, and how proud she was of her daughter and her courage.
Her inspiring back story, including her fierce bond with her family, has won her legions of admirers.
She slept fitfully, her hands fluttering toward her face, touching her forehead, then resting on her chest.
The actress says she, like her father before her, happily includes her family in her charitable endeavors.
"I want her to have power in her voice and confidence with her voice and her feelings."
They will forever be influenced by her because of her voice, her emotion, her sincerity is unforgettable.
Hours after her death, her husband told reporters she spent her final hours worrying about her family.
I mean everything from her stage performances to her stage production to her music to her fashion.
Her business is currently dominating her home, with her spare bedroom converted in to her sewing space.
He had her remove her clothes as he photographed her, and then, she says, he molested her.
Her bonds with her family — frayed by her depression battle and her father's professional problems — are repairing.
Oftentimes, they're about her work: her many, many awards and nominations, her celebrated performances, her unparalleled career.
I thank her for her service, and I wish her and her family the best going forward.
I kissed her chin, her neck, pulled her shirt over her shoulders as my mouth fumbled lower.
For more of her work, join her newsletter community, read her blog, or follow her on Instagram.
Police and her family are saying her brother strangled her in her sleep, according to multiple outlets.
"It isolates her, it connects her; it makes her feel numb, [and] it stimulates her," Burnham said.
Her daughter was clinging to her, but Kellogg pried herself away and left her to her coaches.
Today, Queen Anne is remembered for her large corporal size, her miscarriages, her illnesses, her supposed affairs.
Frances Valentine is a trove of Katy's works, her designs, her inspiration, her talent, and her vision.
On Thursday, she said, her manager confronted her, taking her identification and escorting her from the park.
They grasped her under her armpits and turned her around, walking her toward the line of police.
" —Morgan "My wife, someone in her family saw her on Bumble and outed her to her family.
Her feet, up on the dashboard, drove her thighs into her pregnant stomach and broke her pelvis.
In her Bloomberg interview, Ernst made clear that her experiences haven't dimmed her support for her party.
In her court filing, Heard claimed Depp repeatedly hit her, ripped out her hair and choked her.
Her daughter, Jacqueline, stood by her side before her mother entered the ICE building with her lawyer.
Her daughter loves her greens, her son loves her spaghetti and both of them love taco Tuesdays.
We read her poetry, we sang her songs and we told her how much we loved her.
He'll have to stay a football field away from her, her home, her car and her workplace.
From her hair, to her clothes, to her bubbly personality, she lives her life on full volume.
It also brought her closer to her her now-husband, Ralph, who even sews her a tail.
Her inability to heal – herself, her patients, her family – makes her a puzzle with a missing border.
You don't know her challenges, her strengths, her weaknesses...Her life, you don't know any of it.
Look at her and her positive outlook and her love for life and her love for others.
I'm trying to approach her to tell her I have nothing against her, that I love her.
Her traffickers beat her, branded her and forced her to have sex with countless strangers for money.
A little girl was watching her and Josephine called to her, picked her up and hugged her.
Her mother never forced her to clean her room (though she made her help with communal spaces).
I travelled back in time with her, asking her questions about her day and about her parents.
Moonves was "violently kissing" her, holding her down on the couch with her arms above her head.
The mother let her child, her son, take her by the hand and lead her away. ♦
Despite her awkward fall on her trip to pick up her check, he still asks her out.
Nothing about her achievement was choreographed; nor was she concerned about her hair, her nails, her smile.
Her identity—her memories, her analytical powers, her gender—is almost the entire interest of the movie.
He then turned her around, pushed her against a wall, pulled down her pants and raped her.
Her variations on her own life story would bedevil those who studied her decades after her death.
He later praised her for her grit, her heart and her loyalty to him and his goals.
To do so, in her world, was to risk losing her family, her freedom and her life.
It brings her parents to her, and her to her parents, but not without damage all around.
Her mother guilt-trips her, and there's something deeper too: She sees her father in her actions.
As her dementia took hold, her managers worked with her, cutting her hours and duties where appropriate.
She asked him for tips, and he gave her notes on her angles, her affect, her presentation.
"I know her timetable, her friends, her habits and the rhythm of her life," Agatha says proudly.
Her adoptive parents, David and Teresa Burt, raised her and provided her with all her medical needs.
Her last memory of Na'im: He carries her suitcase outside for her trip to her father's funeral.
Her design pays homage to her family, her favorite therapy cat Charlie, and her favorite song lyrics.
Her arc on "The Bachelorette" was supposed to show her following her heart, not her head, sure.
In her video, Miliana shares how her father reacted to her choice to grow her hair long.
Everything about Anne — her disposition, her gender, her age, her provenance — is a rarity for acclaimed television.
So she stayed home, and her home became her playground, and her mother became her best friend.
We were the first people to hold her, we gave her her first feeding, her first bath.
Viewers criticized her for her dress, her weight and speech and her combative manner on the stand.
He took her home, forced her onto their bed, hit her and began to squeeze her neck.
She's got plenty of other people in her life for that: her publisher, her readers, her family.
Then they broke her motorcycle, stole her belongings, urinated on her tent and left her for dead.
Muhammad says her sport further empowers her because her uniform does not differentiate her from other fencers.
Even after her metastasing cancer meant the removal of a large part of both her lungs, she would take up her instrument with kavanah, "intention", close her eyes, shut out the world and concentrate on her breath, her shofar, her soul.
Not just out of Arkansas and generational poverty, but out from under her oppressive religion, her mother's low expectations, her father's alcoholic volatility, her childhood sexual abuse, her suffocating first marriage, her tumultuous second marriage, and her cash-strapped third marriage.
Watch—Slutever: Happy Endings Pain Puppy helps Mistress Lucy keep her life organized by washing her sex toys, cleaning her dungeon, doing her grocery shopping, cleaning her house, feeding her pets, and all that stuff—basically, being her personal assistant.
"Her whole anti-Scientology shtick was scripted and choreographed by her, casting herself in her drama as the 'victim' so she could cash in on her false narrative while savaging her friends and those who helped her most of her life."
Pro bono legal work runs in her family: Her mother's family met her father's family originally when her great-grandfather, a Supreme Court justice in El Salvador, took her great-grandmother's legal case pro bono and helped her save her land.
Her mother, she says, had warned her not to look the lady in the eyes while bathing her, always to call her "Miss," instead of using her name, and to touch her only with a cloth, never with her hand.
Ms. Hoang gave her autistic heroine many of her own personality traits — her love of math and numbers and logic, her tendency to drum her fingers when nervous, her aversion to loud music and parties and her struggle to accept herself.
The man strangled her multiple times, kicked her in the head, and beat her with a club, breaking her nose and one of her hands.
Bruno said a person her daughter met online sold her for sex as well as beating her and drugging her to keep her from escaping.
Today, I am going to sit her down and tell her about it, tell her that people heard her story and ... wanted to help her.
Her descriptions of acting — as her emotional release, her true love, her craft — were beautiful, especially interwoven with what was occurring in her personal life.
The maid lodged a complaint saying her employers had abused her, beaten her, locked her up and were withholding her salary, police said on Thursday.
Both her parents were struck by cancer during her youth—her mother died and her father recovered—and she became her younger brother's main carer.
She visited her doctor and asked her for a three-month extension on her prescription refill, and told her about her new weight loss commitment.
I hate that I can't put my arms around her and tell her I love her and tell her she's all right and mother her.
After his anger passes he soothes her, comforting her in her grief after her mother dies by promising to be a mother to her himself.
Doherty has thanked her mother, her friends, and her doctors who have all been there for her during her very public struggles with the disease.
"Trying to feed her, change her, swaddle her, hold her and move around with her with the wires was difficult," Taylor said in a statement.
Although her bone density returned to a normal range at 53, her chronic pain has forced her to reconcile her dreams with her physical limitations.
But, hearing Gail reminiscence, Sophia reveals that her mom left her and her dad when she was 12 and took all her clothes with her.
According to prosecutors, Tommie disrupted her daughter's class, slapped her hands and face, dragged her out by her hair and slammed her into a locker.
Chastain collapsed to her knees, removed her top and bedecked in just her sports bra and shorts waved her shirt above her head in celebration.
She claimed the closer grabbed her, threw her to the floor, and held her down ... before letting her up and shoving her -- causing minor injuries.
Her favorite move is "La Tapatia," in which one wrestler lays flat on her back and lifts her opponent over her head using her legs.
Her hair was wrapped elegantly behind her head, and her smile, broad and warm, radiated as I asked her what female supremacy meant to her.
What really made her change her mind and embrace her family's food was after she brought her boyfriend (now her husband) to dinner one night.
At her funeral, her mother and father cradled her body, wrapped in a white shroud, before her father walked to the graveyard to bury her.
She describes how her nurse forcibly wrestled her onto her back while another nurse pressed her infant's crowning head into her vagina for six minutes.
He taps her on the shoulder, asks her intrusive and unwanted questions, demands to know her name and pulls her headphones out of her ear.
In seductive videos posted on YouTube, Harmony shows off her long legs, her firm breasts, her full lips, her lifelike hand gestures, even her intellect.
He proceeded to kiss her, grope her breasts under her shirt, put his hand down her pants and penetrate her with his finger, she said.
Her body is flattened; her right breast droops over her crossed arm; and her lips are so large that they run right off her face.
"Her ears go up, her nose goes right, her tongue goes left, and her eyes each go in different directions," said Dorie Herman, her owner.
If she told anyone, the man warned her, he would hunt her down wherever she was, rape her again, and kill her and her brothers.
In her youth she obeys her father and elder brother; when married, she obeys her husband; when her husband is dead, she obeys her son.
Lavey stands completely still, her arms dangling at her side, her raven hair streaming down her back, her eyes glassy with grief but never pleading.
Casey had taught there for the past nine years and will be remembered for her sense of humor, her passion for her work, her devotion to her students, and her commitment to continuing her own learning and to taking on whatever new projects came her way, Matthews said.
He is replacing the metaphor of Sontag—the impersonal narrator of her work, the self-curated public figure, and the cult of personality that grew around her—with the actual Sontag: in all her passion, her pretension, her cruelty, her generosity, her fallibility, and her intoxicating, demanding grace.
When her father starts drinking again, eviction notices appear, and her parents' marriage falters, Genesis tries to fix her family by changing herself; by lightening her skin and straightening her hair, she hopes to make her family, and especially her father, proud of her — and by extension, themselves.
Staff would query her about her health, check her vitals, send her to a room full of vinyl beds, clean her venipuncture site, tell her to pump her fist to help the extraction along, jab a sterilized needle in her median cubital vein, and suck a pint or so of whole blood out of her with a plasmapheresis machine.
By Tuesday, her bosses called her into a meeting—not to compliment her one-handed biking abilities or offer her advice on how to cash in on her viral fame—to fire her.
She's a mom of four and to watch her be so dedicated and so disciplined to her nutrition, her supplements, her family obligations, her work obligations, her gym obligations, and she's doing it.
But when Álvarez was 14, her parents sat her down in the living room and told her a secret they'd been keeping her whole life: Álvarez, her sister, and her parents were undocumented.
The next part of her story describes in great detail her harrowing assault, in which her ex "picked [her] up with one hand, "grabbed [her] under my skirt by my vagina— [her] pussy?
An 123-year-old Oregon girl expressed her gratitude to the deputies who saved her life Saturday after her mom's boyfriend murdered her mother, her baby sister and two others before attacking her.
Like a mathematician, she puzzles her way through her mother's death, her sister's dangerous sleepwalking, her father's profound grief and subsequent depression, and her guidance counselor's bumbling attempts at providing her healing therapy.
Though her critics see her as stubborn and inflexible, her determination to plow on through adversity, her ability to absorb political pain and her refusal to stand aside have won her some admiration.
An unabashed democratic socialist, she has faced scrutiny of her background, her finances, her grammar, her social media use and even her fashion choices — all in an effort to nail her for hypocrisy.
Her songs often place her in states of ambivalence: in hot-and-cold romances that leave her unsure even about her own feelings, in situations where her insecurities grapple with her self-respect.
Her own interests, and perhaps her disposition, led her elsewhere.
Her fans are invested in her, and in her life.
After her liver failed, her kidneys followed, then her lungs.
Her blood roared in her veins, slammed against her eardrums.
But her addiction stalked her and stole her once again.
Her 1979 costar James Brolin remembered her after her passing.
Her daughter can't stand her, while the fans love her.
Her recent snaps show her reluctantly studying for her midterm.
Her family (particularly her son) is her focus while there.
This was her movie, her moment, her Big Artistic Statement.
Her brother prevents her from completing her studies in Europe.
Her attorney never answers her calls or writes her back.
"We even feed her in her sleep," her grandson said.
Valkyrie discovers her amnesia caused her to forget her husband.
Her life crashes over her, surrounds her, like cold water.
It's her makeup, her jewelry, how she wears her hair.
Her lightness, her love for life, her love for people.
Call her, beep her, if you want to reach her!
The men surrounded her, taunting her and calling her names.
Her fans have stood by her side throughout her struggles.
I want her body, her family, and her beautiful daughter.
And I like her nastiness, her paranoia, her bitter laughter.
Her essence, her generosity, her levity, it's all the same.
I love her ferocity and her dedication to her causes.
Her troubled relationship with her father pushed her to succeed.
Her family and her friends should be celebrating with her.
For her beauty, for her style and also her charm.
Though her face betrays her doubts, her actions speak louder.
He's her family and her best friend and her confidante.
She covers her face with her hand, hiding her tears.
Her father presented her with a car for her birthday.
Her publisher warned her not to get her hopes up.
I'll take her at her word, she changed her mind.
Instead, we're remembering her spirit, her optimism and her work.
Question her, allow her to mother you, rebel against her.
Not just her literal voice, but her her writer's voice.
For that we respect her, admire her, and love her.
She thought her search would help her find her mother.
Her stepfather killed her while her mom was at work.
I'm meeting her to give her that and tell her.
Her defiance of her captors made her a cause célèbre.
Her attempt at intervention may have cost her her life.
Her mother rushed toward Mata, scooping her into her arms.
Lana Turner, her babysitter, taught her to tweeze her brows.
It is her backyard, her oasis and, lately, her workplace.
Guzello moved her hands over her hair, her lips tightening.
Reading her father's first, her loyalty to her mother wavers.
I lifted her up and hugged her and kissed her.
Her family knows her because they were raised with her.
Her detractors questioned her choice of dress and her morals.
She pays for her commute, her clothes and her entertainment.
Her cheeks were swollen, her eyes red, her skin waxy.
Daredevil senses her weakness and flips her sword on her.
I have her eyes, her cheeks, and her toothy smile.
And her head throbbed; her joints ached; her ears hurt.
Along with her husband, her mother and brother survive her.
Returned to her family, her friends, her beloved pine forests.
It's the whole thing — her presence, her confidence, her personality.
Mostly we know her by her fury and her fears.
What counted was her eyes, her face and her silhouette.
The catch: Her fiancé wants her to veil her face.
She held her tight and told her she loved her.
Her dress rises up around her waist, her legs dangle.
Her parents drank, her mother yelled and her father seethed.
She wears her devotion to her children on her skin.
Her foster one slapped her face and called her retarded.
Her improvident American father died young; her mother worshiped her.
But her mother showed her children videos of her matches.
Her peers selected her as her class representative, she said.
Call her and tell her you were taken by her.
Her hatred for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother.
When her father found her, she demanded her mother's address.
Love her, care about her, listen to her without judging.
Her injury forced her to halt her studies, she said.
Her parents pleaded for her to return to her husband.
""I thanked her for her service and wished her luck.
I thanked her for her service and wished her luck.
Her patients adored her, describing her as direct and empathetic.
Manuel disowns her, banishes her, and worst, lies to her.
You may recognize her from her breasts, or her feet.
Her brother put it on her plate without her knowing.
Another young man hugged her, lifting her off her feet.
Her family sometimes found her passed out in her vomit.
He'd peered into her dreams, her fears, her innermost thoughts.
Her greatest concern is husbanding her voice and her energies.
Today her parents back her and revel in her achievements.
Her love, her light, her spirit will never be forgotten.
I'm gonna find her in her sleep and smother her.
In her speech, she thanked her daughter and Offset for helping her through the making of her album.
Friends knocked on her door to bring her the prescription and found her unconscious on her bedroom floor.
Her doctor in Texas offered to help her find a place to store her eggs closer to her.
Her disease has slowly taken away her mobility, leaving her only able to move her shoulders a little.
Her captor tied her up, handcuffed her and stubbed cigarettes out on her face and body, she said.
Seeing her daughter afraid of her own body breaks her heart and makes her feel helpless, says Brittany.
He started belittling her and her work by calling her "insane" and saying her data calculations were wrong.
The scene perfectly symbolizes how Daenerys prioritizes her ambitions over her romances – or her dragons over her Drogo.
Her best friend took her to the bathroom and Lizzy lifted her shirt to show her the bandages.
In court she described him punching her, pulling her hair, and often making her fear for her life.
Her parents pleaded with her to leave, but her church leaders advised her to stay in the marriage.
Many people first discovered her through her music but became even more invested in her through her Instagram.
After her release, the mom of one revealed that her prison stint prompted her to transform her life.
Her family and church members "laid hands" on her while her father, Travis Mitchell, anointed her with oil.
Her kids resent her, and her family as a whole doesn't really know what to do with her.
Now, whenever Kelly looks in the mirror, her scars won't remind her of her struggle — but her triumph.
But her family needs her to work in her sister's textile factory and put pause on her dreams.
She was grateful that her friends overlooked her appearance and remained friends with her because of her personality.
"We can't find her anywhere," she said, adding that her daughter took her pillow and blanket with her.
She's pulling her hood over her hair, worried about her appearance, but she's not nervous about her braces.
When a friend of mine got her first tattoo, her artist told her it would change her life.
Her real love, her true love, her foreva-eva love is someone, er, something, else entirely: her ponytail.
In this issue, her opponents are desperately trying to psych her out, sabotage her, or outright harm her.
And then there's Theron, with her platinum bob and her cigarettes, her assessing gaze and her flying fists.
She still thinks about her lost wages in relation to her retirement, her 401K, and her social security.
Countless classmates made fun of her, asking her if she was wearing her own jersey or her boyfriends.
Her weight has been scrutinized by everyone from her friends to her mother for most of her life.
As her body changed, she embraced her weight gain because it allowed her live her life more fully.
She got out her Bible books, her NA book, her sobriety coins and her autograph book from treatment.
Her mouth began to open, her black tongue visible, and, in the shadows, her teeth—were her teeth—?
Many of her co-stars looked up to her for her spirit and considered her a mother-figure.
Her lingering sorrow for her child in "JFK" parallels her future grief for her husband — and the country's.
"I saw her black eye and her bruised arm and her stab on her leg," Mysti told News9.
When she ran from the vehicle her attackers chased her through the streets, cornered her and killed her.
"She spoke out about what happened to her, and they shamed her, smeared her, demeaned her," David said.
Her mother, Rebecca Dunai, and her cute pup (well, her mother, at least) seem extremely proud of her.
You have to call a cow by her name, flatter her, whisper in her ear, sing her praises.
Absolving her of her responsibilities gives her little incentive to protect others from her dog in the future.
After her death, her father said she had been supporting her family — including the brother who killed her.
Vitale onto her feet, examined her, took her vital signs, called her daughter and teleconferenced with a doctor.
They asked her to confirm her identity and threatened to separate her from her children, so she cooperated.
At 7843, her disagreements with her step-dad reached a breaking point and her parents kicked her out.
Aside from making her miserable, those breakdowns, like her race and her perceived gender, hindered her professional life.
She had described how her husband had beaten her weekly, burned her with paint thinner and raped her.
Her husband had accused her of adultery; the Taliban tried and convicted her before shooting her three times.
Picture her in the "Promiscuous" and "Maneater" videos; she's showing her abs, not her cleavage or her behind.
How was her sister, as you write in the book, her "rosebud" that motivated her throughout her career?
She wanted "to spend all of her time with her family, especially her grandchildren," according to her website.
Her father died when she was 19723, leaving her mother to raise her and her younger sister, Evelyn.
Her parents divorced when she was young, leaving her mother, Lily, to raise her and her six siblings.
"Her passing was on, her shooting was on, her decision-making was on," her mother, Lori Alhadeff, recalled.
Further complications soon arose: Hawkins, 15 years her junior, became her partner, her lover and, eventually, her husband.
When Itoma resurfaced, her clothes were caught in her hair, revealing her back and covering her left eye.
This is her body, this is her pubic hair, her breasts, and her face, that she is deforming.
Another flipped her over, reached into her top to grab her breasts and ripped out her nipple ring.
It had been her family's church for generations, with her parents raising her and her 11 siblings there.
But her husband's deportation to Egypt forced her to choose between defending her homeland and reuniting her family.
They administered steroids, gave her blood transfusions, stabilized her immune system, optimized her diuretic and treated her infections.
He picks her up and throws her into a wall, slams her to the floor and chokes her.
Her mother was abusive, depressive and suicidal, and her stepfather beat her with a belt and molested her.
There are emotional notes you have to hit: her relationship with her husband, her connection to her horse.
Her critics have argued that her role as an adviser to her father has made her fair game.
Now, she counts Beyoncé among her fans and regularly leads her audiences through her mantra at her shows.
Dying will be her last act as a parent; her last request, that her children let her go.
Her doctor assured her that reconstructive surgery would spare her nipples and leave her with natural-looking breasts.
" Zaborek recalled her saying that Robbins had "grabbed her and pulled her into the bushes and fondled her.
Her husband has left her, her tetchy adult son still lives with her and she's tired of tedium.
Cleary will turn 100 on Tuesday, so I asked her about her characters, her life and her wisdom.
Despite her worst fears that her fiancé would no longer want her, he married her when she returned.
Her mother felt her daughter's forehead for fever and gave her some dumplings she had cooked for her.
When her parents discovered her tattoos, Ms. Lu said, her mother refused to speak to her for days.
I thank her for her service, and I wish her the best of success in her next endeavor.
The Uber driver allegedly carried her into her apartment, threw her onto the bed and sexually assaulted her.
Fyfe then sat her down on her sofa and asked her to give her talk to him there.
Her photographs below capture her cast of collaborators, including her boyfriend Wyndham Garnett, who produced her new record.
When Hannah's school shut down, her family and her community rallied around her to find options for her.
But 275 members of her family — including her mother, her father and four of her siblings — were killed.
Follow her on Instagram, or visit her website to shop her prints and learn more about her work.
At first, Cohen put her hand over mouth before grabbing her phone then moving to her computer where she again put her hand over her mouth.
As the Chief, he tells her to get her butt to HR; as her friend, he wishes her the best and hopes DeLuca makes her happy.
Over the past year, her passion for the sport transformed her: Skateboarding began to fuel her creativity and ultimately helped her find herself and her tribe.
Another woman was asleep with her three children when her ex-boyfriend broke into her house and shot her in front of her 5-year-old.
While her diagnosis didn't change her relationship with her four children, all of whom are in their 20s, it did change her relationship with her husband.
He stepped on her hands, threw away her sickle, and pushed her into the bushes, where he ripped off her clothes and attempted to rape her.
Refinery29 talked with her about getting back in the pool after her injury, her hopes for Rio, and how her family and friends keep her going.
Anna walked past them without looking, her hands in the pockets of her green bomber jacket, her eyes behind reflective sunglasses, her two lawyers flanking her.
"Her career was cut short, not by her passing, but by her decision to live her truth and her life as a transgender woman," Patricia wrote.
Her Majesty recently said goodbye to her corgi Willow, a descendant from her first ever corgi, Susan, who was given to her on her 18th birthday.
Her friends implore her to, once again, delve into her dark past to figure out who or what gave her her powers, and for what reason.
From her perfect hair to her perfect skin to her perfect teeth — all the way down to her perfect shoes (from her own collection with Aquazurra).
"Her career was cut short, not by her passing, but by her decision to live her truth and her life as a transgender woman," they said.
Her mother doesn't know if she should force her daughter to have the surgery because she has taught her daughter that her body is her own.
Later in the day she celebrated her bday with her mom, most of her sisters (sans Kourtney), her friends and, of course, her man, Travis Scott.
When Kalindi announces that she is getting married, her friends rally around her, protecting her from her overbearing future in-laws and her own broken family.
"[Nassar] drugged her, made her lay nude on a treatment table, straddled her and digitally penetrated her while rubbing his erect penis against her," Erin wrote.
From her emails to Benghazi to her paid speeches, moderators asked Clinton questions that had her pushing back on her record during her time in politics.
Worse, she added, over the course of a few months her ex began to alter her shape—inflating her ass, shrinking her waist, stretching her legs.
"All I need to say to her is I love her, and God bless her on her journey," Perry told Morales about her former pal Swift.
Yet millions of Americans, women and men, love her intelligence, her industriousness, her grit; they feel loyal to her, they will vote with enthusiasm for her.
Instead, her parents taught her to share her opinion and asked her and her brother for input about things that involved the family and their life.
She says her motivation was to make her Instagram followers jealous of her travel photos, explaining how the comments on her photos made her feel good.
It was a creative act that boosted her self-esteem, increased her social status among her classmates and set her on her career path, she wrote.
After Ms. Weinstein walked out on her Hasidic life, her ties with her old community and her family, including six of her seven children, were severed.
Her jaw tight, her body stiff, her arms shifting, every cell in the being of her body shaking in rage at what life has brought her.
It'll be a lot easier for her to do that if she knows her mom is there for her — and that her mom trusts her, too.
But he clutched her hand and her arm; he gripped her tight, and kissed her so hard, he felt the imprint of her teeth against his.
Through her lawyers, she asked that her full name not be used because of her uncertain status and her fear that Honduran gangs could find her.
After her church persuaded her landlord to let her out of her lease, her children slept on the floor of a cousin's house for several weeks.
She doesn't just sing with her voice but with her whole body, from her larynx to her sinews, veins, and nerves, and especially from her heart.
Stunned, she remembered feeling unable to say no to her boss and pastor as he straddled her, unhooked her bra and touched her near her breasts.
For now, Ms. Manka used her right arm to spoon butter noodles into her mother's mouth and her left to hold her daughter on her hip.
The issues first arose during her 2012 Senate campaign, when her opponent, Scott Brown, accused her of lying about her ancestry to advance her academic career.
She sends her a dress that fits her better than anything has ever fit her, and that suits her better than anything has ever suited her.
Still, as a child, her French wasn't good enough for her Toulon relatives; her grandfather corrected her letters in red ink and returned them to her.
The nuns raise her and give her a good life, but the question of her own parents, and why they sent her away, nags at her.
Everything about herher omnipresent cellphone, her crisply tailored blazers, her trim physique and curt manner — can seem like a calculated rebuke to her anarchic dad.
As McTeer moved, her body—the tilt of her torso, the sudden acceleration of her long strides, her angular gestures—carved out the space around her.
Her mental illness is just one more thing that makes her feel like an outsider in her family, her school and her stifling Southern California town.
Her consumerism, her profession, her politics — Bonapartist, anti-Dreyfusard, devoutly colonialist — and the sheer size of her wealth, make her, alas, a woman for our time.
Her real accomplishment, this show proposes, was a Duchampian extension of her art far beyond the easel, into her home, her fashion and her public relationships.
Unprovoked, a woman in her 50s began hurling abuse at her, calling her a "bastard negro" and telling her to go back to her own country.
A group of drunk men tore off her dress, her underwear, and her wig, stepped on her face, and kicked her in the ribs, fracturing them.
"She'll continue to give her husband her opinion on what her thoughts are on family reunification," her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told reporters traveling on her plane.
"I amped her and amped her and amped her and right at the moment where I amped her, I stopped and I reached out to her and I gave her a kiss," Robbins said.
Though she still faces lingering legal issues and medical bills, she's feeling hopeful about her future — buoyed by her relationship with her family, her job, her own home, and her hobbies, like roller skating.
At her request, he had booked the room for her and had visited her on Saturday afternoon, talking with her about her plans to return to her native Russia, the lawyer, Adam Kaufmann, said.
Her sound and her appearance have always seemed in step: From her ska roots to her Harajuku days to her current country kick, her personal aesthetic seems to pivot with each new life milestone.
Wallace told the Ottawa Citizen that after surgery, her doctor took a look at her plate and told her, "Don't eat that shit," advising her to instead ask her husband to get her food.
She just didn't want anyone changing her happy moment and her happy pregnancy, so I'm really proud of her that she stuck to her guns and was able to tell her story her way.
According to an account from Rihanna, Brown threatened to kill her, punched and bit her repeatedly inside of his rented car, choked her, bruised her face, made her bleed, and lead to her hospitalization.
"Our princess Mariana Reese Sifrit gained her angel wings at 8:41 am this morning in her daddy's arms and her mommy right beside her," her mother, Nicole Sifrit, posted on her Facebook page.
Her brother and uncle, intent on avenging the family's honor, tracked her down and attacked her with an ax, smashing her head so badly that part of her brain spilled out of her skull.
Her lawyer said Mr. Seacrest had asked her inappropriate sexual questions, slapped her buttocks, given her a bear hug while wearing only his underwear, "forced himself on top" of her and grabbed her crotch.
Gospel shaped her quivering swoops, her pointed rasps, her galvanizing buildups and her percussive exhortations; it also shaped her piano playing and the call-and-response vocal arrangements she shared with her backup singers.
On Saturday nights, five or six of her neighbors would seek her out and surround her on her porch, with her grandson of course, and listen to her every word under the desert stars.
Trump is sometimes focused intensely on her aesthetic: Her official portrait, released this week, instantly spawned debate over what she was wearing, her makeup, her airbrushing choices, her outfit's designer and her physical stance.
"What was so rememberable about her was her pleasure in life, and her desire to get all the pleasure, and her consciousness of her desire to enjoy every moment of her life," Moore continued.
In true antithetical fashion, her haters take the exact opposite approach in obsessing over her: While her fans praise her familiarity and relatability, her haters definitely do everything to bully and other her, presenting her as an adversary to be taken out.
Joe wants so badly to make Beck's life perfect and to make himself perfect for her that he fails to recognize that even her bad choices are her choices, her questionable taste is her taste, her two-faced friends are still her friends.
" One of the officers wrote that Amet "had tears in her eyes as she said this has affected her entire life: her marriage, her relationship with her children, her unrealized ambitions and the choices she had made over the course of her life.
Then, one day, it happened to her: one of her superiors, who was also the boss's father, put his arm around her, got right in her face, and said her high heels made her the perfect height for him to kiss her.
At the time she was writing, her injunctions to read her and take her seriously, and her exasperated efforts to clarify her intentions, were directed more at her detractors; now her defenders might be reminded to pay closer attention to the text.
On the day of her initial sexual encounter involving Mr. Raniere, Nicole testified that he led her to a house, told her to remove her clothes, commented on her body and then blindfolded her so tightly that he left marks around her eyes.
Ms. Huppert's character, Frankie, is a beloved movie star who is gravely ill and has gathered her husband and her ex-husband, her son, her stepdaughter and her family, and a good friend to be with her as she faces her own mortality.
"Separation may impair her attachment to her baby, increase the guilt she feels about the impact her addiction has on her baby and diminish her perception of her own mothering capacity — all of which can increase her risk of relapse," she said.
She told King that Allen took her to an attic crawl space while her mother was out shopping, instructed her to lay on her stomach and play with her brother's toy train while he sat behind her in the doorway and assaulted her.
He'd washed her wounds, sutured her lacerations, pieced her beaten skull together, stitched the incisions from the autopsy, cleaned the dirt from under her fingernails, scrubbed the fingerprint ink from her fingertips, washed her hair, dressed her in jeans and a blue turtleneck.
She has been public about her journey, sharing health updates on social media including shaving her head, her first day of radiation, and going to her appointments with her mother by her side for support.
Shortly after she decided to leave her abusive ex and raise her son Marcell on her own, Henson moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career with just her infant son by her side.
Though it's usually wrapped in humor, whether talking about her weight, her first period, or her fear of flying, the comedian delivers unvarnished tidbits about her life in her standup and on her television show.
Her black Union soldiers fall in love, her overworked grandmother plays a mischievous trick on a foreman, her black stepfather is a murderer, and her white father who loves her can't resist microaggressions against her.
Lindsey did what she did to protect her property and her own cat from a free-roaming animal that was trespassing on her property, damaging her property, and endangering her domestic cat and her horse.
There trailer sees nods to Garland's financial instability, along with her struggle to balance her health and voice, her love for her children, and her romance with her soon-to-be fifth husband Mickey Dean.
Her unwillingness to deal with her own feelings about her Blackness, betraying her own sorority, and refusing to check her white boyfriend blow up in her face as she chases a coveted letter of recommendation.
She forces him to promise he won't take her down against her will, and after listening to her issues, he waits with her through the day and night to speak to her on her terms.
Her husband and children, who had seen her bear years of chemotherapy and other treatments and supported her as her pain intensified, wouldn't have to watch cancer torture her mercilessly as it took her life.
They stand accused of calculatedly kidnapping her from a meadow, stuffing drugs down her throat and locking her up for three days in a temple, where they beat her, raped her and eventually strangled her.
"He said he kissed [Zaniya] and told her that 'daddy loves you' and then told her that her mother wanted her in heaven with her," before strangling her until she stopped moving, the complaint says.
After all, she's never been afraid of change, be that in her style, her hair, her makeup, even her personal life — and I love her for it.
She lifted her leg up in a yoga pose, covered her mouth with her hands, and even raised her arms in by her side in one snap.
The mother of three, 35, shared her latest outfit on Instagram and her website Wednesday, and she repped her husband's projects from her head to her feet.
Finding joy in her adoptive family, Casterline says her passion for baking developed when her parents gifted her with a Nestle Tollhouse cookbook on her 11th birthday.
She puts her head in her hands and lets her sisters speak for her, occasionally muttering the words "he is evil," her eyes turning red and watery.
In her statement, Gaga attributed her work with Kelly to her own experience with sexual assault and her failure to adequately address the trauma it caused her.
In her introductory segment, Corrine asks her "nanny" to bring her some cucumbers to snack on, then yells at her dad who is also her business partner.
Lee wrote in her post about feeling that the miscarriage was her fault, and that her body had failed her and that she had failed her husband.
Her father, who passed away two years ago, was her "greatest teacher," studying Jewish texts with her on most nights and urging her to follow her dream.
In the end, her trust in the men around her, including her brother, and her would-be protector, the Earl of Bothwell (Martin Compston), is her undoing.
There are holes in her floor — and her walls — and she prays the blue-tarp roof that covers her home won't collapse on her and her family.
In her new memoir, she focuses not on the sorrows of her past but on the joys of her present, including her horses, reading and her daughters.
Jamie posted a video she received from her old crew, in which they told her they loved her and missed her ... and hoped to see her soon.
If Shanann had left voluntarily, it looked like she took nothing of importance with her — not her purse, not her phone, not her car — except her kids.
Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets?
Her gaze traveled around her room and then she saw him, just like in her dreams, standing next to her door—guarding it, protecting it, protecting her.
A scene with her ailing husband (John Lithgow), one of the most supportive people in her life, softens her image without making her compromise her professional persona.
Kohlhepp then grabbed her, almost in a headlock, and took her back inside where he gagged her and cuffed her at her wrists and ankles, she alleged.
She remembers her family -- her uncle who's currently recovering from a stroke and her grandmother, in her 80's, who has no one to care for her.
Her refusal to divulge her origin story, to reveal anything about her life B.A. (Before Angelyne), only added to her mythology—her "mystique," as she puts it.
Some, commending Madikizela-Mandela now, insist that her flaws should be forgiven because of what the country did to her: exile her, torment her, ignore her voice.
He and Cooney discuss what led to her stepping back from her social media presence, her recovery, and her struggle with self-esteem and her eating habits.
She and her partner entered the apartment, beat the old woman cruelly, robbed her and stabbed her more than 30 times all over her body, killing her.
Her magazine fires her, her fiancé, who was the only man she's been with since she was a teenager, dumps her and she loses all her money.
Isabel reconsiders her identity throughout this novel as the relationships that once defined her fall away, but her rapport with her mother remains at her emotional core.
"We thank her for her many contributions during her time here at CBS News and wish her the very best in her future endeavors," continued the statement.
When she's ready to put things in perspective tell her to imagine herself floating way above her problem, looking down above her house, her town, her school.
Her schools are still avoided and her housing still substandard and her neighborhood still feared and her personal and professional outcomes disproportionately linked to her zip code.
He told her she was blowing everything out of proportion, he had people watching her, he'd never hit her again, he loved her, he owed her nothing.
Her father, a shipyard worker, died of pneumonia a month before her birth, and her mother worked as a charwoman to raise her and her sister, Dot.
She said Kavanaugh jumped on top of her, groped her, tried to remove her clothes and put his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming.
Her vision is greatly impaired due to her injury, but touching her face allowed her to feel what her doctors were working around the clock to treat.
But she did remember that Robbins singled her out her during the daylong seminar, making sexual jokes around her and telling her that he found her fascinating.
That summer I kept meeting her at the bars, at parties and at barbecues with her family—her girlfriend Sharon, her son Max, and her dog Beauty.
She's an open book waiting for her husband to pick her up and read her; her desires are written all over her face, if only he'd look.
The Camp Fire may have taken her home, her job and her town, Butts said, but it left her with the things that matter most to her.
Talking wearied her, faces troubled her, pain claimed her for its own, and her tranquil spirit was sorrowfully perturbed by the ills that vexed her feeble flesh.
She said that other students routinely call her by her birth name, hurl derogatory slurs at her, refer to her as "it," and destroy her school folders.
"I knew her, trained with her, saved lives with her and tonight, tried to save her life," he said.
Respecting her wishes, her parents made her as comfortable as possible but did not take her to the hospital.
Her father noticed her talent and dressed her as a boy in order to allow her to perform music.
Correspondents loved her doggedness, her enthusiasm, her never-fading humor and her special genius for learning about people's lives.
"  Then there's her entire look, per Sara: "Her fashion choice illustrates her transness as well ... there is her heels.
She thanked her family members, including her father and his sister, Cass Mapother, for supporting her on her journey.
Williams put her arm around her competitor to comfort her and told the crowd to give Osaka her moment.
Her boss is snide, her kinda-boyfriend won't commit, and the whole world doubts her because of her weight.
We've been judging her and making her defend her past decisions, instead of listening to her plan of action.
Her parents were divorced, and while her mother supported her wish to be frozen, her father had opposed it.
Her mom flew in from Atlanta for each of her retrievals, to drive her home and help her recuperate.
The network portrayed her decision as her getting fired, but she left to save her life and her kids.
She later gets on her secret phone and tells Nick that her mother tied her up and trapped her.
He wants us to imagine her reading notes we have sent her, to imagine her loneliness, to love her.
Ingray undertakes her quest in order to impress her mother, to win her love—and possibly, to become her.
Her sisters tug at her arms, pulling her from room to room as they show her their new home.
The Good Samaritan helped her up before retrieving her items for her and even putting her hat back on.
Her first husband died, her second marriage ended in divorce, and her first lesbian relationship left her emotionally exhausted.
In her diary, she tracks her physical sensations, her mood, her sleep levels, the amount of conflict she creates.
Her budding feelings force her to reexamine not only her sexuality, but also her buttoned-up approach to life.
"Her book sales suffered; her expenses mounted; her job opportunities vanished; and her emotional health cratered," the lawsuit said.
We felt the pain of her past, her loyalty to her queen, and affection towards her lover without question.
She jumps into the writing of her story and gets her hands dirty, her heart broken, her spirit bruised.
She inhaled her, pressed her nose into the small creases, sucked her fingers, drank the sweat from her skin.
He asked her for her email and told her he wanted to discuss her career over lunch, she said.
He was all over her, telling her how much he liked her and that he was falling for her.
On her chest, her thin pink surgery scar stretched from the V-neck of her shirt to her collarbone.
When I think about this possibility for her, I think of her clarity and her intelligence and her commitment.
In an effort to wake her up he sings to her and manages to rouse her from her sleep.
Phogat wrapped her opponent in her arms and legs, locking her there and squeezing the fight out of her.
"I was holding her hand, telling her I loved her and saying goodbye," Simon, her voice quavering, told PEOPLE.
Her daughter, Anne at 23andMe, credited her parents for giving her a childhood that has allowed her to flourish.
In her autobiography, Angel on My Shoulder, she describes her father singing "gibberish" songs to her and her siblings.
That openness about her life and her very online (and close) relationship with her fans also define her stardom.
And while her parents were there to help her celebrate, her Grey's Anatomy family sent her love from afar.
She has left her official residence only once since her impeachment, to pay her respects at her father's grave.
But her royal ties made her a target of the press, as did her high prices and her gender.
Monica literally be minding her business, raising her kids, enjoying her husband, and showing love and supporting her friends.
She credits her mother's hard work raising her and her siblings on a single income with her work ethic.
Anne wrote candidly in other parts of her diary about her burgeoning sexuality, her anatomy and her impending period.
Margaret Smith was in her final days when one of her favorite nurses sang her favorite song with her.
Not her collections as much, but really, how she got dressed — her own wardrobe, her style, and her life.
When her behavior became more erratic, her parents took her to see a therapist, who diagnosed her with depression.
Leah then returned to her hotel room with her tail between her legs, tearfully packed her bags and left.
There, she writes, he "lunged" at her, kissed her, and held her against a wall while he assaulted her.
She shares videos of her workouts, some of her favorite recipes, and photos of her progress on her page.
Her fans aren't just following her because they love her; they're following her because they love what she represents.
A few of her friends went out for her birthday at midnight, and then left her in her bed.
She was just following her deep love of her faith and her religion, and that's what drove her humanity.
As they punched her, beat her, tried to rip the scarf off her head, they allegedly called her ISIS.
Throughout her pregnancy, Lively was sure to keep her fashionista status, refusing to let her pregnancy affect her style.
Kristen Bell is ringing in her 39th birthday on Thursday, but her family finds her wise beyond her years.
Her fans did not take kindly to her admission, flooding her confessional video with comments branding her a liar.
" They also "allegedly gave her back the Klonopin pills, told her to keep her mouth shut and released her.
She wore stripes not just on her dress, but on her legs, shoes, her cane, and even her face.
I love her honest lyrics, her gothic lipstick, her witchy-meets-hipster aesthetic, and her near-perfect hit songs.
It's helped balance her blood sugar, controlled her nausea and enabled her to move her jaw, chew and swallow.
Holtzclaw continued to pursue her, even following her to her home and stalking her on social media, she said.
Either way, her dad doesn't swoop in to correct her, soothe her, or even pat her on the hand.
While accepting her award, Waight Keller thanked Meghan for trusting her to design her gown for her big day.
He had, over the course of their marriage, regularly beat her, raped her, humiliated her, and taken her money.
If you're curious to see her full name, her age, her headshot, her IMDb page, just get on Google.
In fact, Kendall wrote on her app that her new look has people mixing her up with her sister.
Graham wrote that her grandma softened after Ervin personally called her to congratulate her on her 60th wedding anniversary.
In order to let her hug her son once again, Haynes offers to implant her consciousness into her husband's.
It gives her agency to make her own decisions on spacing her children, and it makes her more powerful.
Percy lures her away; Percy cheats on her; Percy doesn't know how to comfort her when her baby dies.
"Her mom's relationship with her was kind of rocky but her [and her dads] was rock solid," Balles says.
But on her Facebook page, she writes about her clothes, her spa treatments and her trips to the beach.
She says she knows her phone number and that her mother has said her aunt will come for her.
My colleague Amy described how her parents had forced her to tidy her room, but never showed her how.
News Analysis PHILADELPHIA — He spoke of desiring her: her thick blond hair, her flowery white skirt, her magnetic personality.
She credits her parents' work ethic for her drive, and her family's struggles for her focus on social issues.
Her comments put her at direct odds with her party's leadership, as well as most of her Republican colleagues.
She learns that her father moved her to her "provincial life" after her adventurous mother died of the plague.
The woman ran out of her home in her bathrobe, holding her small Chihuahua in her arms, Rollin said.
"They buried her without even allowing her family to participate in her funeral," Shakera, her aunt, told the Times.
At 66 years old, her political beliefs align with her head — and her bank accounts — not with her heart.
Amy. To get to her, he has to go to her Thanksgiving dinner, since her family confiscated her phone.
I watched her bind her breasts when her milk came in, struck by the cruelty of her own body.
Her daughter hesitates to allow her to venture out on her own, leaving Ms. Fields frustrated by her confinement.
Her daughter's realization of her dream to be a pilot both heartened her mother and filled her with fear.
Her daughter, who lives in Washington, D.C., texted her telling her that her local stores were wiped out, too.
Her parents paid bribes to keep her in her old school, but it left her a painfully shy outsider.
In addition to her son, she said the military killed her mother, her two sisters and her younger brother.
Even in her lifetime, as you say in the novel, her husband didn't want her to publish her photographs.
Notably, none of her critics question her intelligence or her mastery of policy or her commitment to Democratic positions.
I projected queerness as a possible cause for her discomfort over her identity and her expectations for her future.
Her TV toppled off its stand, clothes swirled around her and the wind pelted her with her own books.
She married and had her boy, who changed her life by refocusing her attention on someone who wasn't her.
Her manager asked her to delay her maternity leave and, after she gave birth, pressed her to return early.
The food is a doughy lifeline between her and her lover, between her and the country of her parents.
Lying in pain in her hotel room, she asked her co-worker to carry her suitcase from her room.
A passerby urged her to stock up on surgical masks, warning her that her age made her especially vulnerable.
So her mother took her to school by bicycle, then her father took her once on the city bus.
Irwin wrote that her mother, Terri, helped her get ready and her brother, Robert, walked her down the aisle.
She retrieved her backpack, her lunchbox and a white teddy bear her boyfriend had given her for Valentine's Day.
Warren has worn her nerd identity on her sleeve throughout her career, and she brought it to her campaign.
She had been trapped inside her apartment for two days with her boyfriend, her mother and her mother's cat.

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