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"him" Definitions
  1. used as the object of a verb, after the verb be or after a preposition to refer to a male person or animal that has already been mentioned or is easily identified
  2. Him used when referring to God

905 Sentences With "him"

How to use him in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "him" and check conjugation/comparative form for "him". Mastering all the usages of "him" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They surrounded him, hugging him, holding him close, telling him how much they loved him.
When Phoenix was alive, each day was filled with blissfully routine activities: dressing him, feeding him, bathing him, playing with him, cuddling him, taking him for walks, reading him books, putting him in pajamas, rocking him to sleep and on and on.
Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.
"They want to eliminate him, discredit him, impeach him, get him fired," he said.
And I forgave him, or told him I forgave him, or implied I forgave him.
Some advised him, others defended him and excused him, and still others tried to ignore him.
When they wheeled him in, I was able to hug him, kiss him, and laugh with him.
They chased him, caught up with him and tripped him, and then held him until police arrived.
She calmed him down, cleaned him off, showered him, dressed him and put him back to bed, but could not get herself back to sleep.
If you met him you knew him, you remembered him.
Democrats sneered him, went to war against him, assassinated him.
Democrats smeared him, went to war against him, assassinated him.
"They kidnapped him, tortured him and killed him," he said.
Love him or loathe him, but please always quote him.
This hateful spirit envelops him, consumes him and animates him.
I trust him, respect him and want him to succeed.
I want to follow him, find him and kill him.
If someone already loved him, they loved him more; if they already hated him, they hated him more.
The soldier picked him up, hugged him, showed him a photograph of another boy and gave him money.
Toronto did a great job on him sending two, three people at him, hounding him and harassing him.
I try to encourage him and challenge him in ways and be there for him, coach him hard.
We told him that we loved him, supported him, and would do everything we could to help him.
But they can, and must, out-organize him, out-run him, out-register him and out-vote him.
She dipped him in the ocean, jumped him over a wave, swung him high, and dipped him again.
They made him get off the bus, called him a traitor, handcuffed him, blindfolded him with his own shirt and took him to a detention center.
"I've watched him grow and I've watched him advance, and I've watched him marry and I've watched him be a father and I've watched him manage younger people coming up behind him," Obama said.
"I cried out for him, I told him to stay with us, told him I loved him and I asked God to save him," Kristin told KTBC.
To tell him, in grand "Grey's Anatomy" fashion, that I've picked him, chosen him and will always love him.
His cousin swung, I ducked, I grabbed him and I essentially jersied him, uppercut him and slapped him around.
Glenn tries to reason with him and get him to come back home, telling him that Alexandria needs him.
Police tased him, cuffed him, and took him into custody before sending him to a local hospital for treatment.
The boy said that Jackson bathed with him, shared a bed with him, gave him gifts and fondled him.
You know him, you love him, you read about him endlessly.
We celebrate him, we honor him and we will miss him.
Slight him, diss him, hit him -- and he'll hit back harder.
"I kissed him and told him I loved him," Halford said.
Hate him or love him, you have an opinion on him.
Police officers tackled him, tasered him and hit him with batons.
Anybody can draw him or make him up or copy him.
But I had been inside him, kissed him, and held him.
Love him or hate him, you can't stop talking about him.
"They jumped him, stomped him and robbed him," Ms. Vass said.
Let's frustrate him by ignoring him, which will drive him crazy.
But the good side was, 'Save him, save him, save him.
We need to let him, help him, make him grow up.
I told him everything he wanted to hear, I told him I loved him and would come and see him.
I thanked him for sharing the answers with me and told him I loved him and was proud of him.
Not that it made him beautiful, made him erotic, made him a rock star, but that it left him dead.
Miles wakes up, I change him, dress him, and feed him breakfast.
They chased him, tackled him and held him until the police came.
They apprehend him, tie him to a board, and stick him underwater.
I never saw him, never met him, never worked with him later.
They have hounded him, they have persecuted him, they have maligned him.
I won't endanger him by naming him, so I'll call him Amir.
The attackers mutilated him, beheaded him, and dumped him in the street.
"I hug him, I rub him, I kiss him all day long."
I didn't see him as much as I heard him, smelled him.
So they call him during dinner to tell him they miss him.
Sarfo: They tied him and put him — bent him over his chair.
Things upset him and hurt him, but they do not deflate him.
She holds him upright, an hour a day … exercising him, stretching him.
I took him in and we kept him and renamed him Hobo.
His captors stripped him naked, photographed him, and threatened to kill him.
I cover him in coconut oil, put him in his sleep suit, breastfeed him, and set him down in his crib.
They found him watching CNN in the living room, tied him, blindfolded him, and gagged him with mustache-print duct tape.
You either love him or hate him... and if you love him, you generally love the people who love him too.
Halfway through it, they started playing the soundtrack of Jesus Christ Superstar, saying, 'Crucify him, crucify him, crucify him, crucify him!
"Every chance I have I try to go see him and spend time with him, talk to him and hold him."
A white officer grabbed him, he said, shoved him down and swore at him as he told him not to move.
Antonio Conte brought him back to Chelsea, built his team around him, won the Premier League with him, then ostracized him.
The two women revive him, feed him and later truss him up and suspend him from a tree while he's asleep.
Cruz—I've never met him, only seen him on television, and I don't like him when I see him on television.
They fed him Spam, he said, gave him a uniform, handed him a machine gun and taught him to use it.
You compliment him, you flatter him, you work with him behind the scenes, you don't take a stand against him publicly.
After a run of headlines for the new Democratic House, it gained him two days of newscasts about him, him, him.
The harder we push at him, the more we shed a light on him, the more we fact-check him, the more we contextualize him; the more they like him.
" She, supposing Him to be the gardener, said to Him, "Sir, if You have carried Him away, tell me where You have laid Him, and I will take Him away.
"And I tell him that I loved him then, I love him now, and I'll love him always, and I remind him, when it's my time, to come find me because I don't want to go anywhere without him."
I have missed him a great deal – spending time with him, holding him.
I like him dearly and wish him well and want him to succeed.
You don't do that, starve him to death, chain him up, beat him.
Three officers then restrained him and cuffed him, leading him to the car.
He was basically trying to bench press him to get him off him.
They chased him, caught him, and beat him with wooden poles and punches.
For him to lose, someone has to take him on and beat him.
They tie him up, kidnap him, and take him to an undisclosed location.
Something cold woke him up — they'd poured water on him to revive him.
I'd tell him I loved him and, uh, I wanted to help him.
They arrested him for trespassing and caught him with THREE pistols on him.
She must cook for him, dance with him, and love him without question.
The Dolphins claimed him and kept him through 2018 before waiving him Wednesday.
Yet the characters forgave him, the writers forgave him, the fans forgave him.
I congratulated him, and told him I would miss seeing him every week.
We ran beside him, encouraged him and talked him across the finish line.
It's entertaining to hate him, to like him and to imagine being him.
With Putin, Trump doesn't need him to love him or even like him.
They told him they loved him and weren't allowed to see him again.
So I met him and auditioned him and was really taken with him.
One evening, she brought him home, fed him, and let him stay overnight.
Nate rocked him, hurt him standing and then finished him on the ground.
She told him she loved him and she would see him in heaven.
Hate him, hiss him, throw a program, but don't give up on him.
We stopped him and we stopped him quickly and we stopped him cold.
You didn't have to like him, trust him, or even think him qualified.
Sometimes he's peeved by him, sometimes he's amused by him, sometimes he's deeply repelled by him, sometimes he's deeply attracted to him.
The car that cut him off during his commute must have followed him, researched him, and picked him specifically to cut off.
Montgomery claims Thomas grabbed him by the neck, pushed him violently into a wall and held him by his neck, choking him.
But they did not have the capacity to show him affection, to nurture him and tell him how much they loved him.
She lets him go on for an unmerciful amount of time before interrupting him and telling him she can't be with him.
They slapped him and punched him, threw his shoes at him, poured beer on him, sat two abreast on his twitching legs.
We saw that box do something to him – it telescoped in and out, reducing him, restoring him, crunching him like data – and then sending him back into the void, destination unknown.
Macedonian authorities arrested him while he was on vacation in December 2003 and turned him over to the C.I.A. Mr. Masri said officials beat him, stripped him, forced a suppository into him and flew him to a black site in Afghanistan.
The family told reporters that police officers had stripped him naked, handcuffed him and forced him to lie face down before shooting him.
"Tonight, I celebrate him and all of those in his family who journeyed before him and with him and after him," he said.
They punched and kicked him and threw him down the stairs; they took him to a "study" room and beat him some more.
"You stay in touch with him, you work him, protect him to keep him from being stolen by the other side," Baker said.
Like I loved Chris, I loved playing opposite him, I loved working with him, I loved loving him, I loved fighting with him.
There's a particularly absurdist air to their simultaneous attempts to steer him, please him, kowtow to him, and maintain real friendships with him.
She had bumped into him after his release, offered him a blessing, and told him that God had given him a second chance.
Where the other guards regard him as a freak, Dennis talks to him, brings him food, and even promises to keep him safe.
A masked militant publicly accused him of spying, then executed him by stabbing him in the heart and shooting him in the head.
She kissed, hugged, and cuddled him," and "held his hand, danced with him, took him over to a bench and sat with him.
Klinsmann had already been communicating regularly with him for some time, texting and calling often, pushing him, encouraging him, asking questions, testing him.
His father did not want to raise him, but the midwife who delivered him had taken a liking to him and adopted him.
Everything that springs from him, every person who supports him, every staffer who shields him, every legislator who defends him, is an offense.
I admire him and loved him so, and having to share him was hard.
She eliminates him, she takes him back; she asks him to change, she waits.
I don't speak to him very much, but I respect him, I called him.
I never met him and didn't know him, but I spent years with him.
Do we love him, hate him, or do we just love to hate him?
I still love him and talk to him and think about him every day.
Trump's base still loves him, still believes in him, still wants him to succeed.
I also kinda wanted him to punch him and tell him to grow up.
"I just grabbed him and hugged him and gave him a kiss," she said.
You've spent time with him, followed him and studied him -- is Donald Trump racist?
He claims she went ballistic, hitting him, throwing things at him and berating him.
She inspires him, arouses him (as much as is physically possible), and aggravates him.
Ready to snatch him and hold him and give him back to the warehouse.
And then cable, itself programmed to reach him — to court him or enrage him.
"I talked to him yesterday and told him we're praying for him," Bomar said.
Ems' lawyer claims the video shows him reaching for him but not punching him.
"She calms him down, grounds him, tells him when she disagrees," says the source.
People who know him, or know of him, would describe him as anything but.
All who knew him and loved him -- especially his remarkable family -- will miss him.
She chases him, pushing him and hitting him on the head with a laptop.
Yet instead of demoting him — or outright firing him — the coalition effectively promoted him.
Suddenly, riot police rush toward him, pulling him to the ground and beating him.
Everything is a response to him, a reading of him, a repudiation of him.
"They hugged him, they chewed him up, and they spat him out," he said.
Nobody walks like him, just like nobody swings like him or stands like him.
Gonzalez goes over to him and, well, tugs him slightly and leans into him.
And I told him I'll let him know and prepare him for those days.
I handed it to him and told him it was nice to meet him.
"I was hugging him, telling him I was going to kidnap him," she said.
"We know him, we trust him and we can work with him," he said.
They put him in a car, took him to a house and beat him.
Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him.
Smash his head with a rock or slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car or throw him down from a high place or choke him or poison him.
"Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him."
I got him on his side to assess him and look at him, then flipped him over on his back, once those motions subsided.
"We're just trying to be there for him, just hang out with him, make him smile a little bit, but it's terrifying for him."
"I call him over, talk all sweet to him, tickle his nose, and reassure him that I'm not going to hurt him," Noland said.
I dance with him, make silly faces at him, enthusiastically wipe his nose, and tell him how damn much I love him every day.
Usually, I stick with my routine but when I saw him, I went up to him, hugged him and told him, 'I did it.
I held him and told him that I forgave him and that God forgave him, and that it was all going to be okay.
Mr. Fried questioned him many times about who specifically had chased him, who had pinned him to the gate and who had punched him.
"He's literally walking down the street, and people are stopping him, thanking him, congratulating him" — and asking him to pose for selfies, Olvera said.
He said Dr. Bello had accused him of trying to get him fired, and sent him an email "congratulating" him on his supposed efforts.
Yet every action—rock him, bounce him, feed him—only caused the crying to intensify.
I hit him more, I took him down, I was kicking him, I was blocking.
"I told him several times that I love him and I&aposll never forget him."
I teach him the precise lines I want him to say, and send him on.
"We cleared the area around him, laid him down and made him comfortable as possible."
"People know him — they know him and they're not supporting him," she said of Biden.
We can try to emulate him, draw inspiration from him or pay homage to him.
"I loved him then, I love him now and will love him eternally," she said.
He told him that he wanted to work for him, to do polling for him.
"I loved him then, I love him now and will love him eternally," she continues.
I give him my BF a kiss goodbye and tell him I'll see him tomorrow.
I thank him for doing so much, and remind him that I really appreciate him.
Honestly, just being next to him and, like, bumping him, feeling him and what not.
Dragged him inside, washed him, dried him, then discovered our actual dog in his kennel.
Tim walks right up to him, intimidating him, and just pushes him out the door.
People sometimes stopped him in the street to thank him, to give him a hug.
They trained him, funded him, and guided him into a hornets nest of street hustling.
Gianforte then grabbed him by the neck, slammed him to the ground and punched him.
So thank goodness Raven snaps on him and starts yelling at him and hitting him.
Doctors prescribed him drugs to help him sleep, but Thurman says nothing really helped him.
"I would recognize him if I see him, but I don't see him," Flemmi said.
The coaches love him, his former teammates love him, obviously the Jones family loves him.
Carson invited him to Baltimore, took him to lunch, and persuaded him to pursue surgery.
"I never failed him, never stole from him, never betrayed him," Martinez said, of Guzman.
Daryl thanks him, then punches him in the face, reminding him that it's HIS gun.
"I never failed him, never stole from him, never betrayed him," Martinez said of Guzman.
She knows how to embarrass him, befuddle him, rattle him and get under his skin.
The Republicans can strip King of his committees, excoriate him, censure him, and reprimand him.
We visited Leo's apartment, shared dinner with him, sang arias with him and loved him.
Those of us who opposed him should pray for him and give him a chance.
We will find him we will arrest him and we will bring him to justice.
We wrote him and sent him the song and asked him to send something over.
He will call him and alert him to let him know his sugar is dropping.
He pushed John Roberts, and pushed him, and pushed him, and Bush ultimately appointed him.
Beat him up and put him back in a prison system that can't hold him.
I saw him do good stuff, but the old him got the better of him.
He wanted them to see him or, if they could not see him, sense him.
I wanted to prepare him and let him know that I would always support him.
If you really want to know him, you can't sit with him and ask him.
I'm seeing him, I go to lunch with him, I go to breakfast with him.
They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead.
That'll allow him to see that you care for him but need him to change.
The mob called him a "faggot," threw him to the ground, and kicked him repeatedly.
You've got to hit him or seriously knock him down if you don't hit him.
The police surrounded him, eventually bringing him down to the ground and then arresting him.
Shield him from the wind, bring him water, give him your bike if he punctures.
I held him in my arms and told him how much his country loved him.
I stumble in, change him, feed him, rock him, and back down by 2:45.
We just told him we were here for him and this W is for him.
In short, to know him is to love him; life without him would be unimaginable.
Actually, I don't know him, never spoke to him, or met him (I don't believe!).
I text him and ask him if I can pick some up from him Monday.
They took him downtown and told him a witness had named him as the gunman.
The workers grabbed him, held him down and took him off the aircraft, she said.
We were faster than him and just kept hitting on him and hitting on him.
Such actions resulted in those people liking him, trusting him and feeling indebted to him.
Some scoffed at him, others patronized him, but for months they didn't take him seriously.
Eventually they pronounce him a martyr, bag him up and send him home for burial.
"'The harder we push at him, the more we shed a light on him, the more we fact-check him, the more we contextualize him, the more they like him,'" she recalled herself saying.
The priest gradually gained his confidence by teaching him how to gamble on horses, plied him with beers in the rectory, showed him pornographic magazines, took pictures of him naked and eventually raped him.
They still have to house him and feed him, because it's a post-scarcity society, but no one will talk to him, and elevators won't recognize him, and vending machines won't give him food.
For instance, Juan doesn't take that runaway kid under his wing in order to pimp him out and turn him into a drug runner; instead, he brings him home to feed him, nourish him.
They deployed red umbrellas to shade him from the relentless sun and buoys to keep him afloat as veterinarians tried to help him eat and gave him medicine, staying in the water with him for 24 hours to try to keep him alive, officials said.
She wants to kiss him, she wants to love him, she wants to be on top of him, she wants to put lotion on him.
"I'm not saying they killed him, abused him or ignored him — they loved him," Crown prosecutor Clayton Giles said in court, according to Global News.
A black man stepped beside him and guided him out of the crowd and over the barricade, alternately speaking to him and shouting at him.
"I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight and told him I loved him," the father of two recalls of the emotional reunion.
He says the people in his town burned effigies of him and his parents disowned him and disinherited him, removing him from the royal family.
Khweis claimed the guards beat him, sexually humiliated him, subjected him to mock executions and pushed him down into a puddle of his own urine.
He meditated in a cave each day where homophobic men followed him, bound and gagged him, covered him with gasoline, and set him on fire.
They strapped him to a contraption called a "tiger chair," shocked him with electric batons, beat him with pipes and whipped him with computer cords.
Ms. Emerson hired him afterward as a translator, originally paid him personally and gave him the camera that turned him into a part-time photographer.
And yet nothing about their inclusion could possibly be construed as positive connotation—the only things to be done with a Nazi here is to avoid him, distract him, knock him out, drug him, shoot him, blow him up, run him over...the solutions to your various Nazi problems s are pleasantly open-ended.
The debate stage, too, became a place for him to pick out an antagonist and engage in a dominance ritual with him (it was always a "him"), straining to shout him down or humiliate him.
The paper cites documents showing when Jimmy was 17, Argento gave him alcohol, kissed him, pushed him on the bed, performed oral sex on him and then climbed on top of him to have intercourse.
"Smash his head with a rock, or slaughter him with a knife, or run him over with your car, or throw him down from a high place, or choke him, or poison him," he said.
We eventually apprehended him and surrendered him to authorities, and a month and a half later, I got a letter from him thanking me for taking him into custody and making him face these charges.
Boek "tailgates him a minute, then he pulls out beside him, rides besides him a couple of seconds ... and then starts to pass him and forces him to a stop in the roadway," Judd said.
Two former officers, Wesley and Jesse Hayes, along with a former warden, slammed him to the floor, beat him, handcuffed him, put him in a chokehold and sat on top of him until he died.
So, I pursued him, tackled him, and held him for 10 minutes until the police arrived.
Every time anyone sees him they will wish him well and ask him how he's doing.
"He loved his son -- always talked about him, always had him with him," Williams told WMC.
I invited him over and I cooked for him and that's how I rode him in.
JoJo wanted him to say it, but needed him to wait until she could believe him.
"I wanted him to know I loved him and I was proud of him," says Will.
Give him (Gulen) to us…Then we will try him (Brunson) and give him to you….
She followed him into the crowd, gave him a series of slaps and hauled him away.
So I called him up—of course I knew him—and I confronted him about it.
All the evidence suggested that his abuser targeted him, groomed him and took advantage of him.
LJS hops around Meg's nose as she sniffs him, circles him, and tries to befriend him.   
Mr. Purdy often hugged him and told him he loved him, and grieved his wilting body.
We lean on him and (Monday) was a big game for him and we needed him.
Love him or hate him, you're supposed to support him, or go move to another country.
"I like him, I want to help him, I want him to be successful," Graham said.
My mother kept him anorexic so that she could lift him and keep him at home.
I'm just so grateful that I knew him, loved him, and could call him my friend.
But if his fellow Republicans heard him, they ignored him or else they shouted him down.
And even if I don't always agree with him, I respect him and trust him completely.
When I give him money or buy him breakfast, I ask him how he is doing.
I'm on TV, I'm advocating for him, I'm campaigning for him, I'm raising money for him.
The men dragged him from the cab, hitting and kicking him and threatening to shoot him.
Guards beat him with metal bars, whipped him and shocked him with cattle prods, he said.
The Republicans hated him, the moderates hated him and, of course, all the liberals hated him.
I messaged him, and me and my mom went to meet him and pick him up.
I could feed him and drive him places — things I hadn't done for him for years.
Whenever people glanced at him, he'd feel as if they might grab him and beat him.
"You've got to give him the psychological motivation that people are behind him," she told him.
Mr. Barone had bought him a drink and invited him to chat; he found him likable.
He said officers quickly surrounded him, and took him away from the crowd, asking him questions.
While in custody, police forced him to strip, hit him and raped him with a truncheon.
Kavanaugh said President Donald Trump called him Monday to tell him he was sticking by him.
The Dems all hated him, wanted him out, thought he was disgusting - UNTIL I FIRED HIM!
The police officer charges Cain, grabs him, slams him to the pavement, and starts beating him.
The police took him to the hospital after detaining him but had yet to interview him.
To have people believe him and stand up and give him an ovation instead of standing up and shouting at him and calling him a liar.
He claimed LaPierre blocked him from being reelected as NRA president, ousted him from the board of directors, defamed him and sued him -- all as payback.
The bouncer chases him down the street, puts him in a headlock, and drags him back into the bar to force him to clean it up.
Malaysia accused him of carrying a false passport and turned him back, but Turkey didn't let him back into the country, detaining him for unknown reasons.
The cops then threw him in a squad car and took him to the station, where they fingerprinted and booked him before letting him head home.
"I think it is easy to work with him because I married him, because I enjoy spending time with him and I trust him," she said.
"As soon as [Romney] released his tax returns they just killed him, and they pounded him, and they pounded him, and they pounded him," Trump said.
" He continued: "If anyone around him cares about him ... they need to grab him and snatch him up, and get Kanye together because Kanye needs help.
But a video from the incident shows him walking when four officers in riot gear approach him, push him to the ground and lead him away.
Ned found him, claimed him as his own bastard, and then took him back north to raise him far away from the politics of King's Landing.
Los Angeles Police Department officers pulled him from his car, tasered him, kicked him and beat him with batons, breaking his leg and bones in his skull.
So Teddy has it out with him, tells him she's not his sloppy seconds after reading him a history of his romantic life and kicks him out.
The boys start to give him props, the girls notice him, and a single shirt begins to make him just as soon as it can break him.
Cheng told news outlets that Chinese secret police beat him, deprived him of sleep, and chained him as they pressed him for information on Hong Kong protests.
Because we give him ships and we give him ventilators and we give him all of the things that we're giving him," Trump told "Fox and Friends.
I knew him for over a decade and almost every conversation I can remember having with him involved me praising him or listening to him hold forth.
Sasha buried herself in Nicholas: read to him, sang him nursery rhymes, took him to bed with her each night and let him sleep in her arms.
Going after him, closing the distance, closing space, and pressing him without throwing hardly anything, making him do all the work to keep me off of him.
So you end up either losing him or paying him even more than you originally paid him.
I got pictures of him smiling, pictures of him singing, pictures of him looking like hippie Jesus.
I thank him and ask him how much to Venmo him, but he says they're his treat.
"Chinese immigration officials arrested him on his way there, stripped him naked, and beat him," Khan said.
Jackman was "inundated" by people trying to engage with him, follow him, and give him high fives.
I thrust to meet him, one hand clutching his arse cheek, holding him firm, urging him on.
"I will take him home, get him comfortable, let him unwind and then start training," Davis says.
She goes to Charlie and tells him that she chooses him because she can't live without him.
So she and her friends kidnap him, hold him hostage, and find a way to blackmail him.
Tell him I'll take him plus 1 of his goons to get him to my weight class!!!
When the suspect started shooting near the school gym, the officer confronted him, chased him, shot him.
He then falls to his knees and kisses him, before picking him up and carrying him away.
And apparently his wife went over to him, spoke quietly to him, and just calmed him down.
He claims she physically abused him during their relationship, shoving him and hitting him in the face.
Huawei recruited him from another Chinese telecommunications company, trained him briefly in Shenzhen, then sent him abroad.
With Tom, he told me and I believe him because I trust him and I love him.
After court, Bailey calls him into her office to yell at him, but still doesn't fire him.
And I begged him and then I begged people around him to beg him on my behalf.
By working with him, it was my version of still seeing him, still spending time with him.
And we all told him goodbye and we loved him and that we would see him again.
"I loved him then, I love him now and will love him eternally," Garcia told People magazine.
Church officials ordered him to get treatment or transferred him, but kept him on as a priest.
They not only don't like him, or respect him, they don't fear him, which is power-sapping.
But it's meaningless if they publicly bow to him, routinely vote for him and never condemn him.
"They were calling him 'fat,' cussing at him, hitting him in private areas," Mick, 38, told CNN.
You can criticize him behind, but when you side with him, you have to side with him.
It was like he was turning against a crowd that made him, adored him and revered him.
"Help yourself, Hassan," he said, waving him in and telling him to shut the door behind him.
He will fire people in his administration who he thinks are crossing him, questioning him, undermining him.
They handcuffed him, he said, and put him on the floor, before marching him outside his bedroom.
You could even get her or someone close to him to talk to him, calm him down.
Suddenly, a black Chevrolet Impala struck him, dragging him about 25 feet and leaving him fatally injured.
She took classes from him, found him a new place and helped him open a bank account.
And if I could not understand him or know him completely, how could I love him back?
She told him that she loves him, God will protect him, and they will be together soon.
They asked for him by name, handcuffed him and put him in the back of a car.
I blocked it and swept him, and I took him right down, put him on the floor.
Then the IRS sent him a letter, and they never heard from him, so they arrested him.
Make it clear to him that you&aposre speaking to him about this because you love him.
The parents had written to him, assuring him that they did not blame him for the situation.
"I don't really like him, but I love him so I have to kiss him," Puig said.
I haven't supported him, I don't support him, and I can't urge Alabama voters to support him.
When I talked to him, I went down there and met with him and started filming him.
We ask that you send him covered in favor — send him in power — send him with authority.
They challenge Gornall; they taunt him, leave him bleeding and weary until, ultimately, they yield to him.
When Mr. Turner began to flee, they chased him, tackled him and held him for the police.
He'd emotionally blackmail me into buying him expensive presents to show him how much I loved him.
The Serbian military long shielded him, paid him a salary and continues to pay him a pension.
"Finally, I sent him a text message asking him when we could expect him home," Blakely said.
Get him upstairs to the attic right away—put leaves over him, stick him behind an heirloom!
He took warm meals to him and visited him often, updating him on his success at school.
Back in Tunis, the cops called him in and gave him another beating and kept him overnight.
Two police officers stopped him on the sidewalk the next day and told him they recognized him.
Openly laughing at him will drive him nuts and prod him into self-destructive actions and statements.
I admire him so much it was actually a joy to play him and to be him.
"  "Our team has cared for him, learned from him and, along with millions, loved watching him grow.
Trump, who phoned Kavanaugh Monday to tell him he was sticking by him, defended him again Tuesday.
" Blackwell tells him, "You have to suspect him of a crime to ask him for his identity.
They dragged him down the stairs, deposited him in the middle of the street, and executed him.
I did not know him thoroughly enough to judge him or expect any other thing from him.
"I don't know him, never heard of him," but "NBC of course bailed on him," Stern said.
No matter what the doctors said, his mother would save him, protect him, do anything for him.
I was so proud of him and held him closely, and even took a nap with him.
Our counselor contacted him and invited him to our office and had a long discussion with him.
But rather than releasing him, Kent County deputies held him until ICE agents could pick him up.
She couldn't figure him out, so if someone who's been married to him, who's had three children with him, and has known him for decades hasn't figured him out, I don't know how we're supposed to figure him out, so this is a really difficult challenge for us.
Pictures and TV footage of Jackson and other boys were easy enough to come across — him and Emmanuel Lewis, him and Alfonso Ribeiro, him and Sean Lennon (none of whom have accused him of any abuse), him and E.T., him and the boy I now know is James Safechuck.
I think there is something that a lot of people, who even hate him, like about him ... Find him entertaining, find charismatic, find ... That draw you into him.
"Knowing him for the time that I've known him, one, I can't picture him with a gun, and two, I can't picture him doing any acts like that."
Work with him, raise him, nourish him, spend time with him, and 16 years from now, he's going to do to me what I did to my father.
"I did not put my hands on him or hit him or strike him or kick him or anything of that manner," she told the Flagstaff-based newspaper.
"I don't know him, I never met him, I called him last night, first time I've ever spoken to him," Trump said, according to White House pool reports.
"Once we reached him, we sat up there with him for a little bit to get him used to us and help him feel more confident," Wright added.
Because she has had one small glimpse of him and knows him to be tall — and further imagines him old and gray — she calls him Daddy Long Legs.
Love him or hate him, Clippy's been effectively dead ever since—until earlier this week when Microsoft briefly resurrected him for about a day before killing him again.
"The government should have offered a hand to pull him back, but instead it looks like they just pushed him and pushed him and pushed him." he said.
He didn't let on that this bothered him, but one day it all came out: I'm older than him; I'm smarter than him; why can't I beat him?
She questions him about his abusive behaviors—even innocently—and he flies off the handle, accusing her of cheating on him, hiding things from him, not trusting him.
Let me empathize with him, so that I can understand him and feel for him as a human being, even as I oppose him in almost all matters.
After pestering him for months with messages urging him to return to the kingdom, two Saudi emissaries met him in Montreal last May to pressure him in person.
Mr. Ohlmeyer dealt firmly with him, persuaded him to rerecord segments if he thought Mr. Cosell could do better and fed him information that made him sound prescient.
And then I thought AD did a great job against him, getting into him and being a little more physical with him and making him a jump shooter.
She did not recognize him, she said, when she befriended him about a month ago on the streets, helping him with food and chatting with him in Chinese.
His mother dropped him off at his school in San Salvador, hugging him tightly as she told him she would see him at the end of the day.
"People that knew him, or know him, have worked with him, in the military and former military that are willing to talk to investigators about him," Brown said.
The party imprisoned him, exiled him, and almost starved him to death, but even when it expelled him he eventually returned in hopes of effecting change from within.
A bronze bust of him as a small-lipped youth captures him looking harmless, before power corrupted him.
Pydynkowski texted him to wait, drove over, scooped him up and took him to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee.
"I think he just likes the attention of people fighting over him — for him, with him," she said.
I bathed him and massaged him – and got him through these terrible seizures that he was still having.
So we'll support him right now and hopefully a few weeks down and ramp him back him up.
He repeatedly told Darden that he loved him, that he just called to tell him he loved him.
Fans adore him; gallery owners fawn over him; women and men alike want to have sex with him.
Meachum has the chance to save him, but instead backstabs him and lets him fall to his doom.
She likes him—loves him, actually—if she's being honest, but she's usually afraid to text him first.
"  Episodes "will have the full presence of Tony because you'll see him, you'll hear him, you'll watch him.
Nearly everyone on camera praises him and loves him; the participants often smile involuntarily while thinking about him.
Michelle and Pam would kick him and shake him or slap his face to get him breathing again.
She hurt him worse than anybody had ever hurt him by walking away from him [at their wedding].
She didn't even like him -- and yet she thought about him constantly; she felt like she needed him.
Now that he's back in town, she wants to impress him by showing him she's just like him.
Marriott reached out to him and is now sponsoring him and provides him free lodging around the world.
The family's dogs adopted James, showing him love, cleaning him and treating him as one of their own.
I call him to let him know he a surprise waiting for him later, and he is grateful.
She just wanted to hug him and wanted him to be there and wanted him to come back.
"And then I began to minister to him and pray to him and talk with him," Wright said.
I wanted him to know I had loved him, I just didn't have that forever love with him.
Lucky for him, Trump was willing to make him attorney general, giving him sweeping authority over both issues.
Once he identifies himself, his father hugs him, gives him some coffee, and Jackson gives him his résumé.
I did send my message to him personally but I haven't heard from him or spoken with him.
His wife found him and took him to the hospital, where doctors committed him to a psychiatric ward.
Richie had a tremendous relationship with his father; he admired him, he emulated him, and he loved him.
She told him that she was attracted to him and had sex with him for pleasure, not work.
They then lifted him up, dropped him onto a white bag, strapped him in and covered his head.
The Turks could kick him when they could catch him, but they couldn't deter him on Friday night.
He was surprised when people seemed to recognize him, welcoming him with hugs and backslaps, calling him Eddy.
"We gave him food and treated him with respect and handed him over to military intelligence," said Sitei.
They open up to him, tell him their secrets, expect him to serve as a kind of therapist.
I tell him I love him, then give him two pellets of food before continuing my morning practice.
He handcuffed Jacob and drove him to a pit near Paynesville, where he attacked him, then shot him.
They described him as "armed and dangerous," and warned people not to approach him if they see him.
"I know more things about him that would keep him out than would get him in," Cramer added.
Then she takes him back to her office, yells at him some more and has sex with him.
But then, instead of mesmerizing him, she grabs him, hangs on him, falls to the ground in desperation.
We're ready for him and we're ready to work for him and we're ready to vote for him.
Along the way, he encounters strangers who want to harm him, hinder him or have sex with him.
He recorded with him, he performed with him, he went drinking with him and heard all the lore.
Erick Erickson endorsed him, Lindsey Graham endorsed him, National Review endorsed him, and on and on and on.
She now feeds him grapes, bathes him by hand, and sings him Spanish lullabies when he gets nervous.
But no one would ever bother to ask him if somebody told him that they loved him today.
We spoke to him and asked him to clear some things up since Schilling called him a liar.
"If you really want to know him, you can't sit with him and ask him," writes Brodesser-Akner.
I — a person who had, unbeknown to him, loved him once upon a time — told him he wasn't.
Then I called him, and then I asked him for permission to come to Canada to see him.
They want to paint him, memorialize him in verse and in diaries, and be near him at mealtimes.
His age managers and coaches took the time to educate him, work with him, to build him up.
A group of at least eight police officers pepper sprays him, punches him and beats him with batons.
"I threw beer on him, called him 'whiskers,' got a high five from him," he wrote on Facebook.
She would fly him out, have him stay with her for about a week and fly him back.
But several officers surrounded him and forced him to the ground, using a stun gun to subdue him.
It's Wendy who gave him the cash and also set him up, asking Helen to take him out.
The parents had written to him earlier, assuring him that they did not blame him for the situation.
That month, Franco's soldiers found him in Granada, dragged him into a field and shot him to death.
More than once, the audience booed him, which seemed to surprise him and throw him off his stride.
Mr. Greenstein asked him to how they could reach him to invite him to their son's bar mitzvah.
I want to tell him I will be there for him, either way, and I will forgive him.
My mother never spoke of him, absolutely hated him, changed her name to have no association with him.
I've seen him up close, I've worked with him in Congress, I've known him for a long time.
Rescuers gave him a bath, returning him to his ordinary white coat of feather and set him free.
Bless him with salsa, bless him with timely Venmo payments, bless him with kind affirmations about his haircut.
I pushed him off the lift, pointed him downhill and told him to grab one of my poles.
But paralyzing him, fixing him with robotic legs, only to kill him would be a cold, cold move.
Luckily, a neighbor rescued him and brought him to George R. Brown, where she was watching over him.
Yes, I think it marketed him beautifully and got him to his users, it gave him a voice.
Friends and relatives check in with him, update him on their lives, and wish him a happy birthday.
Jimmy claimed Asia liquored him up, began kissing him, pushed him onto the bed, performed oral sex on him and then climbed on top of him and had intercourse ... this according to documents obtained by the New York Times.
When he told Madrid of his plans — that he would join the Knicks for the 2016-17 season — he said the team benched him, telling him it would rather not play him than develop him and watch him leave.
To punish him, a Florida judge, after chewing him out in court, sentenced him to 10 days in jail and a year of probation, made him pay a fine, and ordered him to serve 150 hours of community service.
Around the same time, he groomed and molested a teenage boy who had been the first child he ever baptized, whose family considered him a close friend — groping and masturbating him, taking him to a San Francisco restaurant and plying him with booze before he fondled him, taking him to a fishing camp with other boys and sleeping with him naked.
For years, the former child actor has alleged that Jackson kissed him, taught him how to masturbate, performed oral sex on him, and forced him to perform oral sex.
"I was talking to him the whole time and reminding him that we have kids together and telling him I loved him and begging for my life," she says.
"I said, 'Mike, I look like him, I'm speaking like him, I'm walking like him, I'm behaving like him, we're taking the direct dialogue from his speeches," says Travolta.
" As a remedy, Tech advises listeners to "either stand him, wear the rifle or reach him/ Or some bitch give him a blow job so we can impeach him.
I have told him I'm gay (he was very supportive and thanked me for my trust in him), and I've very recently told him about my feelings towards him.
According to Hayek, he asked her to watch him shower, to shower with him, to let him give her a massage, and to let him give her oral sex.
She allegedly threatened him, saying "I'll cut you," and allegedly told him she would abandon him in the cold and have him arrested for stealing candy, the report states.
Mark Zuckerburg invited him to Facebook HQ, Steve Wozniak called him a "modern day hero," NASA praised him, and President Barack Obama even invited him to the White House.
When the president called him Dick at their first meeting, Holbrooke stopped him and, as Marton had instructed him to do, asked the president to call him Richard instead.
A police officer returned to his house, handcuffed him, put him in a caged police car, and took him to the Eastern District before sending him to juvenile booking.
"They put him a van, chained him up, and drove him to the halfway house and turned him loose," said Currence's attorney while he was at ADX, Ed Aro.
Actually I tasered him, slit his throat, then took off my glasses and sat there and watched him bleed out as I told him exactly why I killed him.
"I told him the next time I see him I'm going to charge him because I've got more pictures with him than I have of my kids," Alembik joked.
When burly men come for him, violently dragging him from his bed, only to throw him into a dirty, dank room he realizes that Mr. Robot was protecting him by sending him into a world of sitcoms and later a hospital.
Since I couldn't bring him — or force him to look at — tangible memories, I tried tricking him into remembering by pretending I couldn't, asking him questions that I hoped would force him to revisit his happiness, to believe in it.
His mother calls him Cruz, his father calls him Mike, relatives call him Mikey and his new teammates mostly call him G. His parents gave him so many names, they said, in part so he could choose the one he liked.
"You bathe him and dry him and then trim him, then retrim him at the show, then trim him again when he wins," said Taffe McFadden, Bill's wife, as her husband carefully combed and clipped the pooch backstage before the show.
"Call him a liar, call him evil, call him a threat to democracy, call him impulsive, call him ignorant — these labels are all absolutely true — but saying he has a mental disorder doesn't really add force to the argument," Frances says.
As Bush both dressed him down and educated him about eminent domain's proper and improper uses, Trump mocked him.
"Dave Bautista's an awesome prop because you can climb on him, play with him, and tickle him," Pratt gushes.
The Port Authority police stopped him, cited him for impeding traffic and trespassing, and sent him on his way.
She also threw him to the ground, kicked him in the abdomen and head and bit him several times.
Most of the Republicans didn't support him, and even those who ended up working for him didn't support him.
"I saw him a few days ago and told him how much I loved and respected him," Robin shared.
We got on with him really well, and he said we reminded him of him when he was younger.
Trump has long vexed those who would work with him, compete against him or even seek to understand him.
You talk to him, ask him to raise that limp arm, try to figure out what's wrong with him.
I don't think it looks like him; other people that have seen him don't think it looks like him.
"We've put him in such pressure situations, we've put him on an island and left him alone," Hitchcock said.
Then he tied him up like an animal and put him in a field and set him on fire.
"Once I got him where I need him to be, his gestures and actions are all him," Sheldon said.
They called him John, and gave him the surname Malko after the ranger who looked after him the most.
I wanted him to know that I was being transparent with him, and I was transparent with him throughout.
"By working with him, it was my version of still seeing him, still spending time with him," he said.
"If I could tell him one more thing, I would tell him I loved him," she told the outlet.
So my first instinct was to just be with him, put my hands on him and pray for him.
Whenever I see him I give him money for it ($4.99) or repay by taking him out to lunch.
I showed him the Yeezy Season Six campaign, I showed him Paris Hilton, I showed him this and that.
Another man came up to him and told him excitedly that Scholten followed him on Twitter the other day.
"They promised to give him a humanitarian visa, then took him to a room and deported him," Serrano said.
Jo did a great job of mixing it up, fronting him, getting behind him, making him take tough shots.
She later allegedly added him on Snapchat and sent him messages, including stating that she was attracted to him.
I do most things for him, feed him, look over his health and care and ride him every day.
"Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him," she said.
Doctors managed to revive him and eventually stabilize him — in part by placing him in a medically-induced coma.
You could tell him things honestly and directly, and not only trust him to understand, but trust him, period.
I welcomed him home, assuming that the medical professionals treating him wouldn't let him go unless he was better.
"They curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid," his mother, Megan Trump, told WPVI.
She apologized, told him her mood had nothing to do with him, and offered him the Fantasy Suite card.
The two appear to talk him briefly before one kicks him in the chest, knocking him to the ground.
ISIS deemed him "useless," but rather than shoot him they allowed his grandmother to come and carry him home.
"I told him that I loved him, but I couldn't sit by and watch him kill himself," Standifer said.
"So many people are ready to embrace him, love him, and accept him for who he is," Jeri says.
The American people voted for him, got him into office and now the Republicans and Democrats are fighting him.
The team has 10 days to decide whether to release him, send him to the minors or trade him.
She tells him that she respects him too much to keep him around when she likes other people more.
I loved playing with him and wish him the best, but man, things would not get done with him.
By offering him a lighter waterproof instead, the team managed to reach out to him and bring him in.
As a result, it seems to imprint upon him, following him around and obeying him like a loyal pet.
Get him a book deal, get him a television show, let him start his own company that prints postcards.
Uhart nicknamed him "California kid" and started talking to him as well, trying anything and everything to calm him.
I would have given him a life sentence or expelled him from the country, but he had him shot.
"They grabbed him by the hair, handcuffed him behind his back and dragged him to the station," he said.
The moral chaos of the Civil War haunted him and complicated him, and continues to make him feel contemporary.
Our team was able to get to him in time, care for him and return him to the wild.
Strap him with an AK-47, let him go fight his own war, let him impress daddy that way.
"If I had found him, I would have tried to get him back, to reason with him," he said.
As he left, I drove behind him and called him so that I could ask him to pull over.
There was no knowing him, but I, like many, still loved him—or the idea of him at least.
He says the local paper is against him, that the council hates him, and that homeless charities denounce him.
I tried, as soon as I get him, I fake at him, fake like I'ma hit him or something.
They held him for 30 minutes, then separated him from his mother, and took him to a small room.
We took him on walks, bathed him in the backyard with the hose, scolded him for begging for food.
A moment after that intuition struck, two men grabbed him, threw him against a car and started punching him.
I told him he wasn't good for me, told him there would never be an "us" because of him.
When his studies have kept him up unusually late, she lets him sleep in and gives him a ride.
He told detectives the men hit him, drove him to a home and forced him to hand over jewelry.
The Braves soon claimed him off waivers, nursed him through his elbow recovery and converted him to the bullpen.
I added him as a friend, then sent him a private message saying I noticed him across the way.
They stayed with him throughout the day, gave him lunch and then sent him home after the conference concluded.
"I challenged him, and I teased him, and I angered him, I hit every note I could," Stone said.
There are people who I'm sure disagree with him who may have sponsored him or planned on sponsoring him.
A triumphant Trump had just called him to the podium, declared him a "superstar" and compared him to Secretariat.
"If you put him down or disrespected him or insulted him, he would agree with you," the classmate said.
"I've coached him really hard for four years, so I'm happy for him and proud of him," Harrelson said.
He said four soldiers stripped him naked, pinned him down and beat him again and again with wooden poles.
"My son... he has outbursts... I hold him and I hug him and I kiss him," Matt Mauser said.
They drag him down to the lake and wrap him in plastic wrap before throwing him into the water.
When Francona lifted him, he told him the news and why he did not want him to go longer.
Will approaches him, asks him what his name is, the man replies with "Fred," and Will promptly arrests him.
"The men are all in awe of him, the women admire him but will tell him off," she said.
Our columnist calls him "unbelievable and unforgettable," even if as many people seem to despise him as love him.
"It's him, sort of him, not him at all," Shepard's longtime friend Patti Smith writes in the book's foreword.
So invite him if you don't see him on the guest list already, and stick to him like glue.
Democrats are facing pressure from their base to do something about Mr. Trump — investigate him, block him, impeach him.
The officers kept shoving him into walls, yelling at him to shut up, and slapping him on his forehead.
She saw him in a dream—then, she saw him in the real world when she needed him most.
The employee claims he asked him to pay again, and Rey grabbed him by the throat and shoved him.
Then they drag him back up to the cross and get him back up there where they like him.
"For hours each day, the prosecutors interrogate him, browbeat him, lecture him and berate him, outside the presence of his attorneys, in an effort to extract a confession," she said.
I told him how much I loved him, and with a few tears and a crack in my voice, I gave him the ring and asked him to marry me.
I have a child, he's 12, and I have to fight him every day to get him off the internet and get him off games and make him go outside.
I went along with him, because by then I had learned that it was paramount to my safety to not anger him, to humor him, and to support him unconditionally.
She played off Littlefinger's expectations, letting him believe that she might actually consider allying with him, lulling him into a false sense of security while she quietly schemed against him.
I think everybody who has watched him play — love him or hate him — they respect him and his work ethic, how he brings it to the game every single night.
Some like him, think they can identify with him, believe him because they've seen him on television perhaps and think the billionaire and his billionaire team are truly their friends.
And so my dad hears from him, he's arrested in Costa Rica, gets him a private jet, flies him to Santa Barbara, and moves him into our beach house temporarily.
You build the heel up by making him look dangerous—"feeding" him weaker wrestlers, having him torment the face, and letting him cheat or force his way to the top.
"For hours each day, the prosecutors interrogate him, browbeat him, lecture him, and berate him, outside the presence of his attorneys, in an effort to extract a confession," she added.
Believing that Mr. Patterson was the culprit, they chased him, held him down and beat him, breaking an eye socket and causing him to lose sight in his right eye.
" She adds, "[Just because we] lost him before we were even able to rock him and bounce him doesn't take away the immense amount of love we have for him.
At one point they held him round his head, fingers in his temples, and they held him, held him so tight that after a while you heard nothing off him.
I know David, a young man who dated Andrew and took him in, only to watch him brutally murder another friend, then hold him hostage and eventually kill him, too.
The Mets acquired him in 2016, traded him in 2017, then re-signed him and dealt him to Seattle in a deal for Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz in November.
In their 221-21 victory, the Celtics doubled him, trapped him, blocked him and stripped him, rendering a player who shades toward the superhuman into someone who looked almost ordinary.
They will thereby box him in, forcing him to agree and join the flock that made Biden inevitable; or they will box him out, disqualifying him from further serious consideration.
You knew him from just ... MH: I knew him from covering New York City, and I knew him from 2011, which is where I really developed a relationship with him.
This makes him, as many others have noted, extremely vulnerable to being manipulated by whoever happens to talk to him last, whoever butters him up and makes him feel important.
Kemper joins him, and they head for the monster, the massive wave that can make a man famous in minutes or swallow him into the throat of the sea, then spit him out, swallow him again, then spit him out, and so on.
I will do all the things you failed to do for him, like be there for him, prioritize him, not make him feel like he is just an option, Give him time and affection even when he is not asking for it.
Everybody who respects him, trusts him, voted for him, wishes for him to succeed wants him to pull out," said Grover Norquist, an anti-tax activist who had earlier posted on Twitter the "Top 5 reasons USA should withdraw from Paris 'climate' debacle.
There are lots of fans of his here, no doubt, but you had years of Jimmy Breslin just calling him out, and calling him, seeing him before anybody else saw him.
Whenever he was traveling in her town, she would come to his hotel room, strip him naked, tie him up, put him in a box, and say she was cooking him.
As Hammond treated him to a T-shirt she made for him with her face on it, she also threw him for a loop when she began to sing for him.
Immediately, four officers swarmed around him, grabbed his body, knee him in the gut, and started to shove and punch him in the head and face, knocking him to the floor.
" I thought, "Has this man ever really been scared, ever really feared for his life, ever seriously considered the idea that somebody might hurt him, attack him, rape him, kill him?
There's more ... in the docs, Kyle admits Elliott not only apologized to him after shoving him during the May incident, he gave him a hug and took a picture with him.
"Our investigation involved introducing confidential sources to him, recording conversations with him, following him, reviewing transactional records from his communications," and searching government records for mentions of him, the director said.
It came to me that if I didn't tell him that, he might sense I was trying to manipulate him by allowing him to think I was in awe of him.
"I didn't ask Pete to endorse me, but I called him and told him that we needed him to stay engaged," Biden said at a rally, with Buttigieg standing behind him.
But then the Soviets invited him to a business round-table and softened him up by telling him they loved Trump Tower and inviting him to build a hotel in Moscow.
But he's still really a little boy, and when an injury leaves him stumbling in an alley, Mary picks him up and brings him home, without telling him who she is.
She opened up to him about her mother because she's dating him and wanted to let him into her life.
"I want him to know I have faith in him to play him longer minutes," Kings coach Dave Joerger said.
I don&apost honor him, I don&apost respect him and I don&apost want to be involved with him.
You don't look at him, you don't talk to him, and I don't make you chop anything off of him.
"I emailed him, and called him, and texted him as soon as I saw the news last night," Dunn said.
I told him that our country welcomes him and thanks him for the contributions he has already made to America.
She brought him along to red carpet appearances, gushed about him in interviews, and even recorded a song with him.
He was riding north when another motorcycle hit him from behind, throwing him onto the pavement and knocking him unconscious.
Locking him onto my chest in this safe manner soothed him almost instantly, calmed him down and quieted his cries.
Call hubby to fill him in and tell him I will call him back once I speak to the doctor.
You've known him a long time, I've known him a long time, and he does have different sides to him.
Calling Jordan Peterson "daddy" and portraying him as a robot lovingly watching Wynn bathe doesn't ennoble him; it erodes him.
We tried to console him, to tell him it's OK and tell him he's a hero to overcome this ordeal.
I had met him twice before and gave him a Montgomery Clift poster, and I remembered him as being taller.
"Hoffman picked him up first and dropped him off last, having sex with him each time," the news release alleges.
So I told him it was no problem, sent him my phone number, and told him to call me sometime.
When she reached him, she stood close to him, hung onto the overhead rail and let herself swing towards him.
Still, Cassie left by kissing him and telling him she loved him — so there are certainly some unresolved feelings there.
Tears streaming down my own cheeks, I told him I loved him very much and kissed him on his lips.
Because seeing him blue, seeing him cold, seeing him dead — I couldn't see that for the rest of my life.
And taking that opportunity to uplift him and tell him that he mattered, that he was okay and accept him.
She also helped bathe him and get him medical attention, before affectionately naming him La-Z-Boy Gatson, Today reports.
An administrative law judge found him liable, barred him from the brokerage industry and ordered him to pay a fine.
I did not really know him before, and I got to know him, and I legitimately enjoyed working with him.
It's been three years since you saw him last or even talked to him, but you're still thinking of him.
Chuck reminds him, don't get mad at Boyd now, save it, deceive Boyd, and hurt him by getting him arrested.
Truus had met him in an expensive bar, seduced him, and then took him for a walk in the woods.
The pair are seeking kicking the man and knocking him to the ground, before robbing him and spitting on him.
We kissed him, covering him in tears, we gasped for air as they took him out of my reluctant arms.
Instead, Jafari claims, that Rocky's bodyguard pushed him and lifted him by the neck to remove him, breaking Jafari's headphones.
Witnesses told the paper police sicced an attack dog on him and tased him before closing in and detaining him.
People love him or hate him, but I think of him as a god, and I think he'll legitimize me.
They have thrown waves of defenders at him, called him a crybaby and made fun of him on social media.
It said Edwards hurled racial epithets at him, beat him with a belt, and hit him with pots and pans.
And then I was like, focus, focus, focus, you can't hit him, you can't hit him, you can't hit him.
Karageorge messaged Jordan, too, urging him to fulfill his dream and win four national championships, telling him he loved him.
She does, and kicks him out of bed, but not before asking him to take the baby monitor with him.
The school called in his mother, who he said denied abusing him and then took him home and beat him.
"After the first encounter, officers released him and ... approached him again to provide him a citizen's contact sheet," police said.
Then, rather than tell him to calm down, you can remind him of a specific skill that will calm him.
They slammed him against a wall, confined him for hours in a coffin-like box, and deprived him of sleep.
His search for a cure brings him to a mystic who trains him in sorcery and shows him alternate realities.
Once he confessed this, I didn't know whether to get mad at him, write him up, or to hug him.
She'd fried him bacon, fed him buttered Farina, drawn murals of zoo animals alongside him at her dining-room table.
The Mavericks are now his team, so toss him the ball, wind him up, and watch him do his thing.
He said the spirits would sing to him, talk to him, and they'd chase him through the catacombs of rocks.
We managed to find him through Facebook and we got him a visa and made him come from the Congo.
I found myself stumbling toward him, sitting next to him on the dance floor, and waiting for him to recover.
Finally, the cops managed to arrest him, charging him with aggravated animal cruelty and placing him on a $1,000 bond.
They run after him and tell him to put his hands up before shooting him in the back multiple times.
They can run at him, challenge him, and hope Pitana sees something that crosses the line and sends him off.
They shelled him for four runs and forced him to make him an unceremonious exit after getting only five outs.
I used to watch him and worry about him, but I could not tell what, exactly, was wrong with him.
They love him like he is the second coming of God...But American Jews don't know him or like him.
Instead, the hospital moved him first to a different ward, then wrote him a glowing recommendation and let him go.
Miles Teller blames a San Diego bar for overserving him and putting him in a state that got him arrested.
I didn't confront him, but I talked to him about sexuality and told him how normal it was to fantasize.
Chelsea signed him and then promptly lent him to their Dutch feeder club, Vitesse Arnhem, before selling him to Benfica.
By telling him the nature of her feelings for him, she's made it clear she doesn't consider him a friend.
The staff assessed him and took him on as a student, teaching him graphic design and how to use spreadsheets.
But the Warriors came to his rescue, signing him, embracing him and making him feel integral to the team's success.
"To get something out of him, you had to either embarrass him or needle him," Mr. Unser said by telephone.
That's why in a lot of the choreography I look as if I'm holding him, hugging him or cradling him.
The men hit him, took his phone and forced him to inhale something that made him faint, Mr. Lam said.
She believed in him — if she didn't, she wouldn't have let him hang around — but she pushed him really hard.
The Pistons players would foul him and bump him to throw him off his game, and at first, it worked.
When he approached the cockpit the workers grabbed him, held him down and took him off the aircraft, officials said.
Trump's fans imbue him with improbable prowess when they edit him into pro-wrestling videos showing him smacking down CNN.
He had fallen out of his nest and I saved him, took him home, fixed his wing and loved him.
She had pulled him into a secluded spot and was gripping him by the shoulders, pinning him against a wall.
I got him through security — the guards recognized him and were a little surprised to see me ushering him in.
She calls him Comrade because she'd been reading Russian books the summer she met him and she thought him secretive.
She sat down with him in his office to share the news with him, showing him her sonogram, she said.
"I pulled him out this morning and told him if he didn't win I would squash him," Waterfield told Reuters.
"I've asked him and I've asked him and I've asked him," Goodwin remembers Boucher complaining about the senator's lawn etiquette.
It can't free him from a movie that sits him where Miss Daisy sat, yet treats him worse than Hoke.
We brought him in to help advise us on various projects, we got to know him, and we hired him.
Anderson recalled how Manning once told him how difficult it had been for him when the Indianapolis Colts released him.
Thabo claimed the officers used excessive force -- striking him with a baton, forcing him to the ground and handcuffing him.
Baio told cops at that point Mack attacked him, grabbing him under his arms and then shaking and pushing him.
" An officer tells him "Get him on the ground.
"I didn't kill him ... I loved him," Graswald said.
" "He moved him around side to side, behind him.
Now you see him; now you … see him again.
"  "It's not only him, it's the culture around him.
Of course, they don't disrespect him — they admire him.
Terrell Owens LOVES him some him ... even in retirement!!
Next, she called him and told him while one of his friends listened in on the conversation, "that she wanted to come see him and have sex with him," the affidavit alleges.
"Wherever the security find him, they must arrest him, present him to justice and hand him over to the Lebanese state," Fathi Abu al-Aradat told a televised press conference in Sidon.
I may be a little biased, but when I started to study him, everything I learned about him, watching him, beginning to emulate him… There is no one like this human being.
I wouldn't have to imagine what my son would be like now, I would be able to hug him and tell him I love him and watch him grow into a man.
"The prosecutor told him to sit down and offered him a glass of hibiscus, and then told him to sign the confession without asking him a single question," said his sister, Dina.
Obviously I ended up kissing him once again to make him stop spouting nonsense, fucked him then boarded a night bus 20 minutes after it was over and never saw him again.
"We said they could take him away and study him on the conditions that when they are done, they bring him back and we'll give him a proper burial," Mr. Bates said.
Because Trump is uncontrolled, because he has people around him who can't control him, or don't want to control him, or want to point him in different directions, depending on their agenda.
I didn't love him anymore, I didn't desire him, and, if I could, I would have handed him right over to Stroessner's soldiers and let them do as they pleased with him.
On the way there, he said, they beat him; partly stripped him; threatened to rape him; tried to sodomize him with an unidentified object; and took his phone, wallet and one shoe.
They ignored him, but volunteers from our expedition and others climbed the face, resuscitated him, dragged him bodily back to his tent, rendered medical aid and exhorted his guides to extricate him.
The officer asked him to provide identification, which he did, and within minutes patted him down, forced him against a wall, searched his clothing and gave him a ticket for disorderly conduct.
Circuit meets Noah at a house party, plies him with weed, and takes him back to his house to hypnotize him.
"I saw him a few days ago and told him how much I loved and respected him," he told the newspaper.
I was really nervous about meeting him and not being able to have a drink with him, or talk with him.
Syrio answered him truthfully, telling him that he has seen tomcats like him a thousand times in the alleys of Braavos.
She called many times abusing him and threatening to kill him… I begged him to hire a bodyguard, but he refused.
His mother even called him to admonish him about it, that she's been wanting him to get rid of it, too.
Members want him to appear before them so they can appeal directly to him and urge him to back down. Sen.
And yet, part of him seems awed by the number of people who come up to him asking him to run.
Maybe we brought him food and fed him while he was with us, but I don't think we paid him anything.
Other highlights: The Supreme Court nominee said Trump called him earlier Monday to personally tell him that he's sticking by him.
And I remember visiting him, it did not kill him - I remember visiting him and his mother in Johns Hopkins Hospital.
As we all know by now, #TeamEric mourned as she told him she loved him, but wasn't in love with him.
He alleged the cops had beat him, put him in jail without an investigation, then kicked him out of the country.
Avery arrested Trey, tried to take him into custody when he says Trey fought him and struck him in the face.
When Deng appeared dazed and unconscious, the brothers carried him inside and gave him water and sugar to wake him up.
Maybe that's why people who've encountered him in Hollywood, or who know him personally, talk about him in such confused terms.
Watch as Bieber falls, and his dance crew surrounds him as if they're going to eat him alive/give him aid.
"I talked to him like a grown up … I told him, before I leave, want to see him succeed," Lee said.
And I think that&aposs -- remember, they let him go pretty quick because they have him, they used him for one.
He claimed that Le Roux's henchmen took him out on a boat, threw him into the ocean, and shot at him.
"I just felt sorry for him and I told him sorry 100 times for how other people treated him," said Rana.
The debilitating illness gradually paralyzed him, confining him to a wheelchair, and in 1985 a tracheotomy robbed him of his voice.
Maybe, every once in a while, we'd even tell him over the phone how much we love him and miss him.
"You did it, you did it," Lovato tells him in the video, before hugging him and kissing him on the cheek.
"We are worried that a civilian in Tel Aviv might find him, and shoot him and kill him," Ahmed Melhem said.
Beverley said the man addressed profanities at him and talked about his mother, prompting him to toss the ball at him.
"I forgive him and I still love him, but it doesn't mean that I could ever trust him again," she said.
If Hawkeye's family vanished right before him, it could've sent him into a downward spiral and pushed him to become Ronin.
I wondered if he'd found a girlfriend on the Internet, someone who would appreciate him, find him funny, find him cute.
In Trump's re-telling, Brady told him he'd voted for him and gave him permission to tell the New Hampshire crowd.
I didn't want him thinking I was briefing him on this to sort of hang it over him in some way.
I was so jet lagged that night I fell asleep on top of him, halfway between kissing him and groping him.
"The first time [Stevens] watched him, I remember him telling me, 'That kid's got something about him,'" Archey told VICE Sports.
"She congratulated him on his new office and wished him luck with the heavy responsibilities before him," spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer wrote.
They met at a bar, where Thomas's date drugged him and then took him to his own home and raped him.
Dinardo then took him to a remote part of the property, gave him a shotgun before fatally shooing him with a .
I took him overseas, took him around the shit we was doing, so I got at him to get the footage.
Republicans dubbed him "Privileged Patrick" and knocked him for his father funneling millions into Democratic super PACs to help elect him.
Such is the outpouring of condemnation against him that Time labeled him a "pariah" when they put him on their cover.
Before I left the house, I put the BlanQuil on him, texting him jokingly that I had "dosed" him with it.
We froze him, threw fire at him and covered him in blood and as a result got some super cool pictures!
But, as too often happens with him, his body failed him, forcing him to pull out of Indian Wells and Miami.
The following day, he attempted to rape her again and as she struggled to stop him, she stabbed him, killing him.
Those chemicals left him extremely deformed, but also gave him super strength, turning him into a real (if completely gross) superhero.
"  "I never met him, I called him last night, first time I've ever spoken to him, I said, I'm pardoning you.
"They're just here to pick up your guy, search him, take him to central booking, drop him off," one cop said.
I hope this episode does him justice, but I think the way we lived with him does him justice as well.
What was Michel Gill's response when you told him you were going to bring him back just to kill him again?
He is surrounded by family and associates who enable and empower him, say yes to him, or are silenced by him.
They called out our crisis intervention team, our mental health specialist, who met with him, talked to him and cleared him.
But Mr. Martin played him some recordings and sat him down at the piano to show him what could be done.
British soldiers had moved him outside and stripped him of his breeches, when his captors received orders to kill him, too.
He was furious with me for leaving him behind, for forcing him to fight and die, for using him so badly.
I had to take care of him, our house, and our children, and hold him whenever the chemotherapy made him sick.
He's bringing it online, where he can safely call out whoever is currently pissing him off, annoying him, or disrespecting him.
His assailant bombarded him with Islamophobic abuse during the attack, accusing him of being a terrorist and calling him Bin Laden.
I decided to open up to him because, well, I lost my virginity to him and thought I could trust him.
"Certainly, I told him I had a good time talking with him, hanging out with him," Lin once told his daughter.
Though it was hard to watch him wither away at least we could show him we loved him and were nearby.
The occupants picked him up, tossed him in the car, brought him to the church, and left before he woke up.
Sources close to him say he feeds off of the stream of club members coming up to him and praising him.
I guess I can't tell him what I think about him for two reasons: one, I don't want to hurt him.
She simply can't stop thinking about dressing up for him, sneaking around with him, and having forbidden hotel sex with him.
The Islamic State's affiliate there abducted him and held him for a week in 2012 before Syrian opposition fighters freed him.
I let him use Instagram because I wanted him to connect with other kids like him — essentially to find his people.
The Mets released him mid-season in 173; the Rangers picked him up, then released him less than a month later.
The Texans cut him loose without asking him so much as a question, and no other N.F.L. team would touch him.
Instead, they rearrested him at the request of ICE and held him for nearly two days before ICE picked him up.
There they fix him up, get him dressed and enlist some bird friends to find the child who has lost him.
His mom was abusive — chasing him around the house, beating him, and at one point even threatening him with a knife.
We've got a guy in politics for 40 years: We know him, the world knows him — even our enemies know him.
The president said he did not know Mr. D'Souza but called him Wednesday night to tell him he would pardon him.
She gave him alcohol to drink and showed him a series of notes she had written to him on hotel stationery.
It finds him loads, stays in touch with him through a dispatcher, and gives him 85 percent of the negotiated rate.
I've seen him with that breathing tube, I've seen him in that wheelchair, and I've seen him dizzy — struggling to stand.
"Kids were really picking on him and would gang up on him and beat him up a little," Mr. Gold said.
As the actor filmed the arrest on his cellphone, a cop manhandled him, placed him against the wall and handcuffed him.
I desperately want him to pick me, so I shoot him a message right away letting him know he can call.
And you loved him and hated him, but you had to respect him because he was the man in this area.
In 2007, police in the southern province of Fujian detained him for 37 days, charging him with extortion, but released him.
I'd toss him a clue, let him know how many letters it had and show him any squares I'd filled in.
As their scene develops, moments occur when she seems to sense him, even to address him and make connection to him.
He knows that his friend, Kichi, loves him, but it hurts him that Kichi refuses to say those words, unlike him.
"I told him the day I hired him that I knew he had an incredible future ahead of him," Beauregard said.
Someone should tell him; kinder to nudge him out of the race now than to have him humiliated down the road.
Mr. Reid struck Captain Ghauri from behind, knocked him to the floor, pinned him and punched him repeatedly, the recording shows.
He didn't believe Mike's way was right for him, but I think it fit him then and it fits him now.
"' "Dallas was an exceptional body builder, but I didn't see him for that .. I saw him for HIM AND HIS HEART!!
"The defining element is him, it's all about him—even the branding of these women, it's about him," Ross told VICE.
The policeman pointed a gun at him, yanked him out of the car, forced him to the ground, pushed his head into the very hot asphalt pavement, handcuffed him too tight, yanked him up, closed the door by hitting his head against the door.
After getting permission from his grandfather, who was babysitting the boy's other siblings and couldn't pick him up due to an injury, Robinson strapped him into the police car, drove him around, gave him some Green Bay Packer cards, and took him to McDonald's.
You think about the hour it takes you to get him ready before bringing him out the house, about the likelihood of him screaming the whole way through the trip, about the possibility of someone picking him up and smothering him in a scent of their sickly perfume causing him to vomit down his adorable outfit.
According to the boy and his father, the officer approached the boy, ordered him to stop his bike, forcibly handcuffed him, pulled him off his bike, and placed him up against a fence.
But instead of me keeping that play going and keep pushing him back and keep him in control by keeping him in the center of the ring, I tried to get on him.
It's also going to be devastating for Annalise, after everything she did for him: getting him off the Middleton waitlist, helping him cover up Sam's murder, and forgiving him for literally shooting her.
Victim A says he was hitchhiking when Sandusky picked him up, bought him beer, gave him pot -- and then attacked him as he was standing at a urinal in a Penn State bathroom.
One of them, a former pro player who used to take him to Super Bowls, told him he didn't want him hanging around his football friends anymore, and humiliated him at a party.
She beat him regularly, put tar on him before submerging him in ice-cold water and forced him as a young boy to sleep naked beneath water that dripped through a leaking roof.
I went up to him and bought him some food and a blanket and told him that I forgave him for what he did because it made me the man I am today.
Trump seemingly ignored the outreach, telling supporters that he would rather have people who speak ill of him and vote with him than those who speak highly of him and vote against him.
The officer let Mr. Meyers go and told him to show up later at the police station, where officers took him to a magistrate's office, patted him down and put him in handcuffs.
They forced him to sleep naked on a freezing wet mattress, they strung him up on the wall and left him in stress positions for hours, and they electrocuted him with metal prods.
Emma: Elliot sent him a bunch of junk MMS messages to drain the battery and force him to charge it, then hit him with the distraction to get him to leave his office.
Agency officials then put him under investigation, removed him from climate work, barred him from showing up unannounced to the campus where he'd worked for nearly 1003 years, and tried to fire him.
"I'm going to bring him in, interview him and make a decision on whether I'm going to support him or not based on what I read about him in that interview," said Sen.
" After blocking him on all platforms, declining Facebook and LinkedIn requests, Bond felt she's given him the message loud and clear: "I didn't want to hear from him or speak to him again.
Every morning, my wife and I dress him, tie his sneakers and help him brush his teeth; at night we shower him and read to him as he cannot read on his own.
An administrator directed him to the admitting doctor, who directed him to the attending state trooper, who directed him to an investigator from the coroner's office, who directed him back to the trooper.
Regardless of what you get him (or don't get him), your dad probably just wants your love, so spend time with him if you can or give him a call if you can't.
"I can't walk away from him without him following me."
Give him something else, give him something other than that!
A second truck didn't see him and backed into him.
Don't be stupid and tell him that you like him.
Me being around him I sense his remorse for him.
Love him & my young grandchild that gave him to you.
I'd be pissed for him if you hadn't told him.
What surprised him was that it cost him his vote.
Tell him your love would protect him from that curse.
The plan was to grow with him, not outlive him.
They like to sing to him, give him a bath.
Let him -- let him go off the left-wing cliff.
Showing him how much I appreciate him, it's been amazing.
If not him, someone from here who worked with him.
They want to kill him and take him out. Shocking.
I gave him the best advice I could give him.
Can you let him know I'll call him right back?
Would you take him to court to kick him out?
I want to ask him why female strength scares him.
Snow sticks to him and turns him into a snowball.
"There ya go," she tells him and waves him through.
They finally found him and chased him across the street.
They put him on a plane and flew him back.
Zimmerman claimed Martin hit him, knocking him to the pavement.
Ugh I love him and I'll miss him so much.
The two women who loved him seem happy for him.
Just want him to know I'm always here for him.
Fans demonized him and basically ran him out of town.
I'm sure the people around him wouldn't want him involved.
Joe and I begged him, told him that wouldn't work.
I loved him and then could not stay with him.
Hell, if I see him, I'll buy him a drink.
And I let him know I was writing about him.
I was kicking him and yelling racial slurs at him.
"I want him to flourish, I want him to grow."
When his parents disowned him, a transgender activist saved him.
Now let him do his job and stop harassing him.
They hate him so much, they want him to fail.
After that, his grandparents took him in and raised him.
But then, two police officers spotted him and apprehended him.
I'm grateful to have known him and remember him fondly.
Audience 4: Let him run, give him the leash etc.
You have to respect him, you have to admire him.
I saw him holding it out in front of him.
People look at him, but no one speaks to him.
She didn't just love him — she felt addicted to him.
It shocked him, and scared him more than a little.
The Landes department had adopted him; people called him 'Uncle.
"Tell him that we miss him, please," one user wrote.
They sweep him out of there, banishing him for good.
I was with him at the hospital, caring for him.
Am I putting him in danger, just by visiting him?
Intelligence goons trailed him; neighbours distrusted him and each other.
There, Penny is waiting for him and propositions him again.
"They bandaged him up and whisked him away," he said.
We got him Adele tickets, we got him A's tickets.
I'm praying for him and thinking about him every day.
"I mean, I'm not endorsing him, but I like him."
And, I remember visiting him, it did not kill him.
Words entertained him, and they plagued him in a way.
Tickle him with these and you'll only make him angry.
"I'll always respect him, and I'll always love him," said.
The cliff face behind him exploded, spraying him with shrapnel.
I grabbed onto him, and laid on top of him.
One struck him on the head; police whisked him away.
Others simply cannot understand him or those who support him.
She trusted him and viewed him as a father figure.
Having him fail to try just makes him a fool.
You have to give him time and leave him alone.
Mounted police escorted him; a Native American drummer greeted him.
You're supposed to help him, not take advantage of him.
I learned a lot from him and deeply admired him.
Do you stay with him because you're sleeping with him?
A judge spared him jail time and dishonorably discharged him.
Pay him a visit and ask him how he's doing.
Nobody knew him before and we'll probably forget him soon.
We named him Thomas, and I will forever mourn him.
Ultimately, she forgave him, probably because she's attracted to him.
Mr Shestun heard him out, recorded him and doubled down.
That damns him when the police find it on him.
I want him to know about the world around him.
What can I buy him that won't freak him out?
So we took him in and we bottle fed him.
It fuels him and tears him apart in equal measure.
That must be painful for him and I forgive him.
We did not foresee him taking his son with him.
A jury found him guilty, and sentenced him to death.
I thank him and tell him I'm getting more quotes.
They had him walk off as they're talking about him.
She believed him innocent, and sought a pardon for him.
"I love him and I want him to be happy."
Unfortunately a decision was made for him without him knowing.
I thank him for my pedicure and kiss him hello.
I grabbed him and there was no reaction from him.
Other kids would laugh at him and talk about him.
They don't have to like him, but they respected him.
I loved him so much that I took him home.
I could've tipped him off; I considered him a friend.
She cut him off and told him not to apologize—
Vote for him or vote against him, but just vote.
He leaves him there promising that he'll see him later.
Trump cut him off, and told him to sit down.
And I cook for him and take care of him.
Brown promises him, and she takes him home with her.
He didn't lunge at him or chase him or anything.
I didn't want to talk to him to legitimize him.

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