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"them" Definitions
  1. used when referring to people, animals or things as the object of a verb or preposition, or after the verb be
  2. used instead of him or her to refer to a person whose sex is not mentioned or not known

977 Sentences With "them"

How to use them in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "them" and check conjugation/comparative form for "them". Mastering all the usages of "them" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Bouncing them, rocking them, shushing them, enveloping them, letting them suck.
He met them, interviewed them, supported them, appeared with them, and loved them, he said.
Save them, share them, rate them, leave notes on them, repeat.
Display them, teach them, make art with them, write about them.
As Mr Ass well knows, the possibilities stretch from kicking them, shoving them, sticking them, watching them, picking them (um?), and kicking them again.
We can see them, hear them, meet them and talk with them.
Like some of them poached them, sliced them and fried them at least—but others decided to puree them.
Caress them, massage them, roll them between your fingers, tap them with your finger tips, hold or cup them, lightly scratch them, pinch or squeeze them… and that's just to get started.
Tell them you love them that you see them and believe in them.
Taking them, sending them (sometimes unsolicited, ew), defending them, making jokes about them.
Watch the wind catch them, lift them, drop them and lift them again.
Spotify wants them, Apple Music wants them, Coke wants them, Pepsi wants them.
And we must listen to them, value them, respect them and remember them.
They already have ledgers, and don't need to distribute them, anonymize them, encrypt them, publish them and make them irreversible.
Over the course of those years she bottle-fed them, changed their diapers, dressed them, cooked for them, let them eat her lunch, picked them up from preschool and kindergarten, sang to them, reprimanded them, got worn out by them.
For the past decade, I've been buying them and loving them and breaking them and losing them and replacing them and, when September comes along, upgrading them.
Carroll surrounded himself with them, reveled in being with them, tutored them, invented games for them and photographed them — mostly in costume, a few of them naked.
Our Crown Jewels, our parks, are in every state, inviting people to see them, hike them, swim them, photograph them, learn from them, and sometimes cry at them, and sadly these days, for them.
Tasers them, electrocutes them, kicks them in the face, throws them across the room.
I danced with them, played games with them, dined with them, made friends with them, and I even argued with them.
Play with them, read to them, sing to them, and talk to them, and you&aposre setting them up for success.
Love them, squeeze them, kiss them, tuck them into bed, greet them when they wake up in the morning with their little sleepy faces and make them feel loved.
If you're not yet a subscriber, you won't be able to access them, save them, share them, annotate them, rate them and use them again and again and again.
If you're not yet a subscriber, you won't be able to access them, save them, share them, annotate them, rate them and use them again and again and again.
Buy plants, place them on on the windowsill, water them, rotate them, repot them as needed, and wait for them to grow.
Advocate for them, lift them up, allow them to grow and help them to explore the best way for them to be.
"He makes them believe he is with them, for them, and of them," Wood said.
It can pick them up, move them, stack them, roll them and knock over stacks.
They want to capture them and keep them, to chat about them, and share them.
They have long borrowed from their predecessors: quoted them, evoked them, effaced them, mocked them.
The best way to teach them language is by interacting with them, talking with them, playing with them, using different vocabulary, pointing things out to them and telling them stories.
They collected them, they reason, and thus they own them, and with them the right to analyse them without sharing them with rivals.
She was cutting them, gutting them, splaying them out, and putting them on a divide above the fire and smoking and drying them.
Our task is to respect them, to listen to them, to serve them, to protect them, and to always be worthy of them.
But we love them and want to learn about them, and study them, and touch them.
And then cook them, rate them, leave notes on them, share them with family and friends.
With one you can browse recipes and save them, share them, rate them and organize them.
Instead of us praising them, and loving them, and cheering them up, we are attacking them.
You must deal with them head-on, welcome them, look them in the eye and shake them by the hand and let them in.
You have to receive them, help them, look after them, accompany them and then see where to put them, but throughout all of Europe.
Anyone who studies with them, lives with them, teaches them or coaches them has to know this.
Don't run from them; face them, listen to them and then tell them they're wrong about you.
He drank with them, gambled with them, and slept with them; one of them he married twice.
And instead of us embracing them and loving them and cheering them up, we are attacking them.
So we advocate for them and protect them and speak for them, and give them a defense.
I went to school with them, hung out everywhere with them, saw them succeed, saw them fail.
He airs them out, stacks them, and packages them as quickly as the machine pumps them out.
Children need to engage with real objects, handling them, building with them, dropping them and throwing them.
Plus you can save them and print them and share them and organize them, however you like.
It was purchasing them from the studios that produced them and shipping them directly to you, so you could watch them and then return them.
And now to this day, I make all curries from scratch, all spices get them in whole, roast them, grind them, sieve them, store them.
Here's his list of ways to get the audience to look at something in the frame:Let Them SpeakMake Them Brighter or Bring Them CloserLet Them Move (Especially Hands or Eyes)Put Them in the Center of FrameTurn Them Towards the LensSeparate Them from the GroupIsolate Them by Moving the CameraHave Other People Look at Them[Every Frame A Painting]
"Find them, connect with them, and support them," she says.
Imprison them all, expel them all, or kill them all.
When you hug them and touch them, pat them down.
Blindfold them, excite them, make them beg you for release.
But someone's got to maintain them, manage them, monitor them.
Everything looked like them, smelled like them, sounded like them.
We stand by them, champion them, promise to shield them.
"Hunt them, identify them, and kill them, " declared U.S. Rep.
I met them, shared with them, and learned from them.
Call them anyway, and let them know you love them.
Moving them, buying them, essentially buying and storing them. Yeah.
Instead of turning away from them, we seem to click on them, share them and comment on them.
These guys attacked them, harassed them and intimidated them so it was challenging to get them to testify.
We had to guide them, keep them safe, get them through school, teach them manners, on and on.
"I broke them, rode them, wrapped them, and slept with them since I was a boy," Baffert said.
Just sign up for a subscription so you can browse through them, and save them, and share them, and rate them, and organize them, and leave notes on them, for yourself or for others.
You can give them a wonderful time, spoil them, give them all the things their parents won't allow them to have and then give them back again.
I don't just give them haircuts — I feed them, I clothe them and provide them with toiletries as well.
He's said Saudi Arabia should get them, Japan should get them, Korea should get them, Korea should get them.
He would walk among them marvelling, stroke them, play them carefully, overjoyed and moved to make music on them.
Even if people aren't buying them, they're talking about them and writing about them and asking questions about them.
Provide them a second life: Sell them online, give them to people you know or donate them to nonprofits.
The grandfather flew them, the son flew them, the current wonderful person flew them, the whole family flew them.
With a subscription to Cooking, you can browse recipes and save them, share them, rate them and organize them.
We sorted them, admiring them, soaking them in water to give them more of a shine, and taking photographs.
There is a long, morbid history of Western handling of them, collecting them, cutting them apart, grinding them up.
And you can fly over to them, land on them, you can walk around inside them and repair them.
Did you see them tire them out and then grab them?
Other times I would smell them, hold them, cry into them.
We lose them, break them, and eventually, we leave them behind.
He interrupted his questioners, badgered them, yelled at them, mocked them.
I loved them and cared about them and learned from them.
Go study them, hear them talk, watch them debate this summer.
"Let them know you love for them," she wrote.
I love them, you love them, and even celebrities love them.
She embraced them and consoled them – and she listened to them.
He's conned them, he's defrauded them, and he's ripped them off.
Then give them special abilities and have them try them out!
Yell at them, call them names, accuse them of being pedos.
They have tried to build on them, forget them, ignore them.
Whether it's incarcerate them, deport them, or give them low wages.
He sat with them and ate with them and befriended them.
You can, however, inactivate them, denature them, neutralize them, etc. pic.twitter.
You learn from them, laugh with them, and relate to them.
The Nazis found them, trapped them inside and burned them alive.
They relate to them, laugh with them, or laugh at them.
"I robbed people, scared them, threatened them, intimidated them," he writes.
When I was not working on Grey's Anatomy, and during the show's hiatus, I fed the children, changed them, bathed them, dressed them, designed activities, played with them, read to them and put them to bed.
She continued to lick them, roll them over and clean them and guard them throughout the rest of the night.
They'd store the hides, salt them, roll them up, and then put them in a brine solution to store them.
All of them DJed, all of them designed, all of them partied, but none of them really did that much.
We message them and tag them and shout them out, despite them still having no fucking clue who we are.
Stuff them in the cracks, and then roll them up tight to compact them and make them less visually unappealing.
"Angles, textures, colors — I screen-shoot them constantly, bookmark them, folder them, then text them all to Jahleel," she said.
Ask them to hang out one-on-one, move in to kiss them, or just tell them you're into them.
We cook for 15 to 20 seconds depending on the size, remove them, cool them, peel them, and serve them.
We dove with them, climbed with them, biked with them, and handed them to reckless 276-year-olds on scooters.
If they fail, other people let them down, didn't believe in them, didn't help them ...  other people were "against" them.
Black people protect them in bars, give them rides, stash them in bedrooms, play music for them in juke joints.
We can't work with them, we want to annihilate them, we want to eviscerate them, we want to gut them.
I hope you have a subscription so that you can access them, save them, organize them, leave notes on them, send yourself grocery lists from them and, now (at last!) cook with them on an Android app.
"We bring them in, we work with them in the morning, we send them off to lunch, tell parents, don't let them nap, give them a great big lunch, then we scan them after lunch," he said.
Please sign up for a subscription so you can see them and save them and share them and rate them and leave notes on them — so that, in essence, you can treat them all as your own.
They marry them, become financially intertwined with them, have children with them.
They can shoot them, rape them, torture them, with no consequences whatsoever.
That shapes them and it can hurt them when you disappoint them.
Let them eat first, let them have your seat, listen to them.
We empathize with them, we support them, and we advocate for them.
You can close them and make them tighter, or leave them loose.
She feeds them, spends time with them and tucks them into bed.
It can show them, distribute them to whomever or even modify them.
We give them weapons, we give them ammunition, we give them everything.
She laid down to feed them, cleaned them, and even protects them.
I feed them alcohol, I feed them cigarettes, I feed them Viagra.
It frames the principals and screens them, buoys them and absorbs them.
We built them and look-developed them, and we'd made them work.
I huzzahed them, I yippee-ai-ayed them and I mazeltoved them!
Then Shay takes them with her, washes them and talks to them.
Trump is fundamentally altering American politics — coarsening them, corrupting them, cratering them.
Like painting them or nuking them or slamming something into them, maybe.
Read them, disagree with them, debate them with friends and foes alike.
We store them, we take care of them, and we interpret them.
Fix them and either sell them or give them back for Christmas.
He builds them, plays with them and has a fleet of them.
Lying about them, disparaging them, dehumanizing them, is just business as usual.
We don't just feed them and house them, we care about them.
Watching them, and investing in them, and being fans of them will.
She engages with them, asks them what's important to them, and listens.
We feed them, we console them, we take them into our homes.
People who use them might never own them, but share them instead.
Stay mad for them, alongside them, let them lead you in anger.
You can try to push them, to break them, to open them.
The property owner tried them, loved them and demanded to buy them.
We connect to them, see ourselves in them and learn from them.
We want them to feel that everything around them is against them.
Officers harassed them, ordered them to leave and threatened to arrest them.
Abandoning them, rendering them invisible to justice doesn't make them go away.
Then, we have to live with them, around them and through them.
Trappers nab them, kill them, and send them to Barton and Jones.
I listen to them, work with them and try to persuade them.
Not just leading them but being patient with them and teaching them.
If only we could tell them, question them, show them this graph.
And then I cry with them, and I cry to them, and I laugh with them, and I laugh to them.
What it's doing is bringing them in, indoctrinating them, training them, spending a lot of time instilling them with jihadist ideology.
Are you a friend of them, you're an ally to them, you're neutral to them or you're [an] enemy to them?
And she encouraged her fans, retweeting them, messaging them, joking around with them, and surveying them about their desires and preferences.
" The Republic, he said, "called them citizens" but left them "subjects," and it "called them free and almost left them slaves.
Tourists can still go and spend time with the elephants, bathe them, walk with them and feed them without riding them.
That means supporting them financially, linking to them, sharing their stories, giving them scoops and like… helping them thrive for real.
"What we're saying, we need a research subject group to give them these tools, put them to work with them, study them and improve them," Engelbart said during the demo.
He didn't look like them, didn't act like them, didn't sound like them.
She asked them if they wanted drinks and brought them back to them.
"We reshape them, remold them, and resell them for local use," he explains.
We ignore them, we let them suffer and then we let them die.
Don't interact with them, don't message them, don't follow them, don't comment – nothing.
There had been talk of unwinding them, or privatising them, or dissolving them.
"I want to see the dogs, smell them, hear them and touch them."
Girls pick them up and bring them to the sink and wash them.
I hand wrote them all and then typed them out and sent them.
They watched over them, played with them and became very protective of them.
If this message should reach any of them, tell them we love them.
We imitate them, and when we imitate them, this stimulates them to behave.
At home, she broke them apart, twisted them around, inverted, and deconstructed them.
Roommates: You love them, you hate them, you can't afford rent without them.
My promise to them is to always love them and make them proud.
Capitalist Babylon has stripped them off their land, enslaved them and exploited them.
Then I print them on fabric and stuff them to make them plush.
Kids are playing them, adults are playing them, maybe you're playing them, too.
My promise to them is to always love them and make them proud.
We don't chase them or hoard them or corral them in any way.
And librarians and teachers must continue to water them, nurture them, grow them.
You show them you do respect them and you do care for them.
They told me to sit with them and hold them, meditating with them.
Open the door for them, welcome them in, ask them how they've been.
"And then, in the second conversation, focus on them, them, them," she said.
Fry them to finish them off, or, in a perfect world, grill them.
Either absorbing them, borrowing from them, or simply keeping them under its umbrella.
We can support them, learn from them, and speak the truth about them.
I tell them I'll meet them and then I won't go see them.
I love them, I make them, but I don't sell them in jars.
We give them meals, we give them education, we give them medical care.
Take their saddles off, brush them off, give them water, give them feed.
And I have them, and you have them, and we all have them.
How we make them, how we share them, how we talk about them.
You have to teach them and show them that you're there for them.
We'll let you organize them, and rate them, and leave notes on them.
Wear them, gift them, worship them, because heated socks are seriously the best.
But I deal with them, and I know them and I like them.
And they may sell them, abuse them, or even kill them with impunity.
I drew them when I was 15, copied them at a local print shop, stapled them together, and sold them for $20.
We wanted to tell people, if you can't save them, if you can't help them, just let them know you love them.
Wearers constantly touch them to readjust, move them to scratch their faces, and regularly take them off and put them back on.
So we're there to help them, to meet them, to make them feel safe and get them to a place of safety.
You can dunk them, splash them, balance them on a raft whilst you float, build a sandcastle alongside them — we're not judging.
You could climb up stairs, jump on them, dance on them, get tired on them, and then plonk yourself down on them.
Please won't you sign up for a subscription so you can see them and save them and organize them and rate them?
Please sign up for a subscription today, so you can access them, save them, organize them, rate and put notes on them.
Scientists have boiled them, frozen them, irradiated them, exposed them to the vacuum of space, and they still just keep tardigradin' along.
The researchers asked the girls if their partners ever insulted them in public, swore at them, threatened them with violence, pushed or shoved them in public, or threw something at them.
You can save and organize them, send them to family and friends, cook them, make notes on them, and post about them on social media, if that's your cup of tea.
Rather than peel them, I boiled them skin-on, split them lengthwise, coated them with olive oil and spread them cut side up in a shallow roasting pan in one layer.
Nuns allegedly disciplined children entrusted to them in a manner best described as torture—beating them with sticks and paddles, confining them in closets, pushing them out of high windows, making them eat their own vomit—and sexually abused them.
When I would pick them up, I'd search them, handcuff them with a chain link to cuff them together—when I would transport multiple people—and put them in the paddy wagon.
Let them filibuster, let them show the other side of that coin, let them show the double face, it&aposll make them filibuster.
And so they were—for most of them they were dismissing the charges against them, sending them to ICE and having them deported.
We're going to teach them how to bathe, teach them how to take an interview, and feed them, and ultimately give them God.
And if you want to be helpful, just tell them that you care about them and tell them how you can support them.
So Day let her daughter shell peas, count them, sort them by size and play with them before putting them in the pot.
Their respective owners could make them their sex slaves, give them away as gifts, sell them to other militias, or set them free.
With a subscription, you can save recipes, share them, leave notes on them, rate them and use them again and again and again.
Then cook them, share them, leave notes on them if you've discovered an interesting fiddle or ingredient substitution, and, of course, rate them.
By getting information from them, we can have more engaging conversations with them so we're not talking at them, we're communicating with them.
Yes, you'll need a subscription to access and organize them, to leave notes on them, to rate them, to send them to friends.
She made tinctures out of them and painted them and pressed them against thick art stock and turned them into pictures of balloons.
I've kept them all — hundreds of them and several retro systems to play them.
We hire trainers for them, give them a place to stay, feed them well.
I see them staring, I either tell them to stop or just ignore them.
So they buy them and then wear them once and then return them. Yeah.
Give them all the tools they need, then let them go, set them free.
Some of them are true, some of them half true, many of them apocryphal.
" Added Bennett, "The South Koreans haven't noticed them, shot them down or intercepted them.
So if you don't support them, who's going to support them and love them?
We will work tirelessly to find them, stop them, and bring them to justice.
Instead of bombing them, he'll lure them in and capture them using live bait.
He also you know, protected them and took them places to keep them safe.
Updating them, naming them, and keeping them in check all happens in the app.
Be prepared to immediately boil them, sauce them, and serve and slurp them down.
Then you would take them home, put them on and just basically wear them.
I surprised them up front by telling them I wanted to make them money.
Potatoes are a perfectly versatile food: You can fry them, bake them, mash them.
He modulates, modifies them and builds them into their tracks as we produce them.
When I make them I have them, when I don't make them, I don't.
If they're wrong, rebut them, teach them, beat them on the battlefield of ideas.
That's another story: Harm them, disrespect them, hold them up for scorn and humiliation.
Then we machine them, reassemble them and send them to the dealers for installation.
He got them hotel rooms, bought them TVs, and took them out to eat.
Authorities kill them, bury them but they're running out of space to bury them.
He met them, talked to them and asked them to talk to their friends.
We need to let them start, let them go, and then watch them grow.
They were bringing them in and setting them up and then failing them out.
I was being nice to them, having conversation with them, treating them like humans.
Instead of talking, the government arrested them, put them on trial and hanged them.
Some who like them soft will bash them against walls repeatedly, or crush them.
To address them, even to dispute them, would only call more attention to them.
We want to find them, unearth them and turn them into globally successful franchises.
He ate with them, drank with them, went out on the town with them.
We empower them when we listen to them or when we give them credence.
She disapproves of them, and wants to be like them, and doesn't understand them.
I research them and then test them the way normal people would use them.
Whether you're getting two of them or all of them, pick them up here.
Consistently support them because you like them and you want to see them grow.
If they succeed, other people helped them, supported them ... other people were "with" them.
Designers have been playing with jeans for decades — distressing them, ripping them, reinventing them.
" She added, "I just wish I could hug them, kiss them and bless them.
"If you can't help them, you move them out, you fire them," he said.
NASA put them in capsules, presented them as Boy Scouts and called them astronauts.
She says she touches them; she talks to them; she love, love, loves them.
Unlike taking them from their parents, caging them, and subjecting them to child abuse.
Threatening them or harassing them would indeed be disrespectful of them as moral persons.
Thought was, people liked them, advertisers liked them, we're gonna look more like them.
This doesn't help them learn anything; it just hurts them and makes them fearful.
Instead, he suspends them in melody and rhythm, recognizing them and staring them down.
"I came to New York to be with them, to see them, to talk to them, to interview them, to study with them, to become their friends, to see their exhibitions," she remembers.
The earthquake expelled them from their nests, driving them up out of the soil, punching them through masonry, toppling them from roofs and poles.
Users gain the ability to save transcripts of their interactions; to share them easily with friends; to translate them, annotate them or search them.
There's a machine that folds them up and sucks all the air out of them, wraps them in plastic, puts them in a box.
Still, people can't seem to stop terrorizing them, from berating them online to butchering animals in front of them just to piss them off.
Some of them will just very happily walk away wearing them, but the good majority of them need to be trained to wear them.
Some of them will just very happily walk away wearing them, but the good majority of them need to be trained to wear them.
Supporters are encouraged to "download them, print them out, add them to social profiles and use them to spread the word" about the campaign.
That means Republicans have to take their divided and demoralized base and find ways to energize them, excite them, rally them, and revitalize them.
I think the best way to discipline your children is to teach them and talk to them, not to hit them or ground them.
"They hug them, kiss them, put clothes on them, bring them inside the house," he added — all behaviors that increase the risk of infection.
She's been making videos about them for years, showing off new designs, teaching people how to properly apply them, reviewing them, and unboxing them.
First you have to sort through your clothes, organize them by material and color, wash them, dry them —then after all that, fold them.
A few cops would pull up, pat them down, curse at them, beat them up and scream for them to get off the corner.
So talk about them, how you look at them as a ... ZS: Look at them?
We can still break bread with them and laugh with them and cry with them.
You don't necessarily get over them, but you can identify them, become aware of them.
Would it be wrong to torture them, to kill them, to treat them like objects?
"We stopped them, caught them and reported them to the authorities," Sawhney told CNN Tuesday.
I give them out for adoption, but if nobody takes them then I'll have them.
He told them that he "couldn't stop thinking" about them, and then sexually propositioned them.
I hugged them and told them I didn't want them to die scared like that.
These are the people who feed them, care for them, and keep them as pets.
Big Machine owns them — and wants to keep them, but Swift wants them for herself.
Consumers did not ask for them, and those who produced them barely used them themselves.
But through the complex labyrinth that connects them, their neighbours sent them nutrients, reviving them.
"He is the one who recruited them, who funds them, who trained them," said Brisard.
I don't want them to think I left them and left them out to dry.
We had Kristine re-approach them, cutting them and editing them to the covered version.
We're seeing folks that are almost embracing them, fascinated by them, are interested in them.
"It's nice to have them and look at them and show them off," she says.
But then, when they took them, many men forced themselves on them and raped them.
They come along, we love them, we want them, we can't imagine living without them.
However, once you have assets you have to manage them, protect them, and maintain them.
Fear keeps me from deleting them because when I need them, I won't have them.
I feel like he'll feed off them and learn from them and grow from them.
Raising them up high so that the airplanes could see them and wouldn't bomb them.
We want to learn from them, be challenged by them, changed and ignited by them.
And he was riveted to them, adored them, looking at them with a big smile.
I've run in the rain with them, left them outside, and even stepped on them.
I go back and look at them, I keep them in folders, I reference them.
Possibly numerous people that use them, and use them without hesitation if they had them.
He takes them out and drains them on paper towels, salting them for good measure.
I can water them, feed them chicken shit, and check them tenderly for spider mites.
Many of them, realistically speaking, either dual booted them or just put Windows on them.
They get to speak with them, take pictures with them, hang out with them backstage.
Getting 'em up, pulling them out of bed, showering them, putting them back into bed.
At night, he showed them scary movies to frighten them and then pull them close.
That we will hunt them down, that we will find them, we will get them.
He also says he plays games with them, cuddles with them and tells them stories.
The answer, according to people who make them, use them, and are them, is both.
When they roped them and they shackled them Was he with them in the hold?
To remove them would be to destroy them because moving them would be too costly.
Giving them oxygen, even while debunking them, can nevertheless allow them to grow, he warned.
"I loved them when I made them, and I love them now," Mr. Leslie said.
One of them threw bricks at them, and another shot at them, Detroit police said.
Amazon's not selling hundreds of them, or thousands of them, because people don't like them.
I loved them, I wore them, and as you can see, I completely ruined them.
And cut them all up, and split them, and make big fire and burn them.
"Give them values, give them love, and give them education on how money really works."
Rather than denigrate Trump voters, he listened to them, respected them, reached out to them.
I love them, I'm keeping them, hell, I may even start wearing them to bed.
Democrats responded to Tea Party supporters by mocking them, dismissing them and even belittling them.
I roll them in flour, fry them in olive oil, squirt them with lemon juice.
Cook them and rate them and leave notes on them for yourself or for others.
Bring them as a house gift; offer them at cocktail hour; make tons of them.
I didn't review them, but I tested them, I wore them on a roller coaster.
We give them meals and we give them education and we give them medical care.
"We provide them with prenatal care, we provide them separate housing, we provide them specialists, we will take them to appointments if they need to go somewhere else, we provide them counseling," Nielsen listed.
If anyone near them can just reach out to them, show them love, and thank them for their service and thank them for their sacrifice and for loving my brother and fighting with him.
Save the recipes you like, and put stars and notes on them once you've cooked them, consumed them and posted photographs of them on Instagram or written paeans to them on Facebook or Twitter.
Day after day—like almost all women then—she had to soak the stinking things in chlorine in a bucket, heave them heavily up with wooden tongs and plonk them in a bowl, wash them, mangle them, dry them on the line and iron them.
CIA officials poured water on rags over their faces to simulate drowning, slammed them against walls, forced them to listen to high-decibel heavy metal overnight to prevent them from sleeping, stripped them naked and blindfolded them, and sealed them alive in virtual coffins.
They can't babysit for you on short notice, no, but you can call them, lean on them, brainstorm with them, go stay with them or have one or three of them come stay with you as you pack up to move closer to them.
But behind the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students are their less-known teachers, comforting them, guiding them through school days, chaperoning them, and marching with them.
In part, because we're going after them and taking strikes against them, and arresting them, and getting intelligence on them, and cooperating with other countries.
"If you leave them at rest, they will not change, you have to drive them to change, stir them or pack them," Martiniani told Gizmodo.
I don't know that people get out of them right now what I meant for them to get out of them when I wrote them.
When you're done with them, you can recycle them, or, as I did, you can also just hand-wash them and use them next time.
We would arrange to get them in touch with rehabs, to give them a ride home, find them a place to sleep, get them food.
The thoughts return almost immediately, no matter how many times I brush them off, swat them away, talk back to them, or write them down.
About 82 percent of them think that Trump's economic policies will hurt them personally, with only 15 percent of them believing he will help them.
I'm never going to stop loving them and respecting them and honoring them and rooting for them to be successful in whatever they are pursuing.
We're free to follow them or to turn away from them or to change them, but we may become unexpectedly emotional when sharing them aloud.
"You have to accompany them in the long term, respect them, explain to them what the aggressor's strategy is, enable them to talk," he said.
And for that purpose, we assert ourselves — relentlessly, unwittingly, savagely — against others: We push them aside, overstep them, overthrow them, even crush them if necessary.
I find them stuck in the lint trap, where I gingerly dig them out, free them of debris and return them to my pockets so I can add them to the stash in my freezer.
And the subscription offering requires significant logistics prowess, from shipping orders to retrieving them after a customer sends them back to inspecting them and dry cleaning them to get them ready for the next customer.
I was also able to dim them, brighten them, and turn them off without a glitch.
I may never be able to hear them or draw them or turn them into math.
"If you use them now, you won't have them later if you need them," he said.
The other kids were encouraged to laugh at them, to point at them, to shame them.
According to the warrant, Meyer told them that he picked them up and threw them away.
Most of them received stares, and some had people confronting them and telling them to stop.
She said she has them, wears them, and secretly hopes people will ask her about them.
"I want to counsel them and mentor them and help them," he said of younger Democrats.
About them, about the use of them, about them being on the streets in San Francisco.
In Kazakhstan, Chocofamily had competitors, but they either defeated them, purchased them or merged with them.
Don't ship it to them, bring it to them and teach them how to use it.
When you import them, you can drag them onto characters to help them navigate the world.
"When I was collecting them I was reading them, not thinking about them as an investment."
Some of them scream in fear and some of them cry and some of them laugh.
He said Saudi Arabia should get them, Japan should get them, and Korea should get them.
My intention was just to show them how much Jesus loves them and I love them.
Let them know you want them to stay connected by getting them a good power adaptor.
When you are through with them, you call them 'low-end people' and send them packing.
"Any effort to dislodge them, reform them, or hold them accountable have completely failed," said Brown.
We made a little tape of them and sent them to Elvis, who loved them too.
I took the pictures, brought them home, edited them, and then delivered them to the parents.
She would scoop them up, put them on the pan, and slide them into the oven.
Tell them you love them you love them and that's just not today, that's every day.
Recruiters often went to Poland to seek them out, teach them English and transport them over.
You have to feed them, play with them and especially walk them several times a day.
But fear keeps me from deleting them because when I need them, I won't have them.
Make them tell you to stop asking them if they get tired of you asking them.
Teach your sons to listen to girls, give them space, believe them, and elevate them. 60.
We feel pressure to tone them up, or whittle them down, or else hide them away.
They're designing the way they look, giving them names, giving them catchphrases, they're giving them upgrades.
To keep them fresh, farmers sometimes coat them in wax and pick them before they're ripe.
They beat them with clubs, they slash them with machetes, and they stab them with knives.
We're meant to identify with them, and to root for them, and to care about them.
I tried to keep them different, and yet for them to have a continuity between them.
I drove into them, ran into them, knocked on their doors, called them on the phone.
Kids and teens can find them and experiment with them — and worse, become addicted to them.
Furious, they wanted to take them to the plaza, douse them in gasoline, and burn them.
I sort of knew them from interviewing them before, so asked them what was going on.
So we'd get them for a detainee, dump them into a folder, and go through them.
It doesn't just produce the movements; it unifies them, makes sense of them, makes them art.
No one took care of them, no one gave them vet care, no one handled them.
Enjoy them in a weekend, or pick them up and put them down as you please.
Why is it okay to hold them captive and make them fight but not eat them?
Firefighters gave them water and placed them in a crate to take them to the veterinarian.
I wanted to package them up and get them out of me and get them away.
Yet now he picks ... people who embody them, defend them, and, I'm afraid, will repeat them.
I'm happy to join them — I'm not trying to bring them to me; I'm following them.
It's just a passion—I love working with them, working on them, and cruising in them.
So you have to creep up to them, pick them up, and then eat them raw.
Some might have pitied them, some might have hated them — most were probably disgusted by them.
I found myself kind of disarming them and feminizing them and maiming them in a way.
I don't dislike having them in puzzles, I just can't recall them when I need them.
She lunched with them, partied with them, vacationed with them and shared their successes and travails.
I bring them in and kick them out over time if I get tired of them.
We humans have been known to behead them, punch them, and attack them with baseball bats.
Then you can save them and organize them and send them around to family and friends.
The mob dragged them from a jail, took them to a field and shot them dead.
Let them cool, smash them to expose their insides, then toss them with lots of oil.
Many of them said Epstein paid them to give him nude "massages," then violently raped them.
One is to take plastics like water bottles, wash them, shred them, melt and reconstitute them.
We continue to believe them — all of them — and continue to be in solidarity with them.
I wrap them up and set them next to my bag so I won't forget them.
I am completely committed to walking with them, speaking with them and standing alongside with them.
The revelry often keeps them up at night, occasionally luring them out and sucking them in.
Just let them go through and protect them as they do so, instead of repressing them.
After this he collected them, inspected them for parasites and released them back into the wild.
While Microsoft demonstrated them, we weren't able to touch them or put them through their paces.
We are proud of them and should embrace them - without them, we don't have a country!
The equestrians exercise them, visit them in the barns, feed them treats and rub their noses.
I'll have to take them out and make sure they don't see them, hide them somewhere.
So kids feel like things are done to them, instead of for them or with them.
Some students allege the program defrauded them, teaching them little and leaving them saddled with debt.
And she accepted them into her house, warning them all that she'd cut them only once.
"We pounced on them, and later killed them, and buried them in a quarry," Matobato said.
Putting them behind bars doesn't make them any better, and in many cases makes them worse.
People of all races tweeted about how public schools changed them, saved them, helped them succeed.
Call them, write to them, let them know what a wonderful impact they had on you.
Call them, write to them, let them know what a wonderful impact they had on you.
We see them in our homes, we use them at work, we lose and replace them.
Some churches store and archive them, some sell them, and others leave them for the taking.
You should be educating the people, supporting them, giving them pill testing, making them more aware.
In other words, their customers don't just love them but many of them actively dislike them.
You can add them to your bath, spray them onto your pillow, diffuse them, or apply them directly to your skin to soak up the benefits.
Parenting is about learning who they are, not making them what you want them to be, and letting them find their way and then supporting them.
We'd buy them, take out the candy, trim the stamp books into squares, fold them up, tuck them into the packages, and seal them back up.
Company employees receive the items, process them, make sure they're in good condition, price them algorithmically, photograph them and ship them out to shoppers when sold.
Thompson takes a small group of them, puts them in a circle, gives them pen and paper and works with them on learning numbers and shapes.
" She continued: "I'm done trying to show my men how much I worship them, and I love them, and I care for them, and support them.
The former tenant, Jim Georgiou, saw the doors being trundled to the trash and arranged to retrieve them, store them, document them — and now sell them.
And then we put them on a tray, and wrap them with plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator until we're ready to bake them.
One of them reportedly revealed, “People were acting like they were helping the women, but actually they were molesting them, insulting them, just provoking them.
Just about one-quarter exchange them, 1 in 5 regift them, and fewer than 5 percent donate their them to charity or simply throw them away.
Through the decades, she kept finding them, writing them, or (as with "Respect" and "I Say a Little Prayer") seizing them to make them her own.
Please sign up for a subscription today so you can access all of them, save and organize them, cook them often and make them your own.
"Men stood in gangs and ogled at women, groped them, tried to feel them up, pushed them, and touched them throughout the concert," the statement read.
It's important for them to know that you're not trying to spy on them or catch them doing something wrong, but to guide and support them.
We name our sports teams after them, Rogers points out, we name the subdivisions that displace or eradicate them after them, we name ourselves after them.
In 90 percent of those cultures, the families also had some physical contact with the bodies, including touching them, kissing them, washing them and dressing them.
People stand them in their living rooms for memorial gatherings, parade them in the streets for second lines, dance with them, and take selfies with them.
He was said not only to beat children but to eat them, tear them apart, throw them in frozen lakes, or drag them down to hell.
"In recent years humans have been pretty mean to them: drying them out slowly and quickly, freezing them solid, autoclaving them, exposing them to the vacuum of space and cosmic rays, irradiating them," said Mark Blaxter, professor at the University of Edinburgh's Institute of Evolutionary Biology.
You can't really fondle your kittens; you don't get to feed them as you would with a Tamagotchi; there's nothing else to do with them except buy them, sell them, rent them out for breeding (called siring in the game) or have them sire between themselves.
You don't just jump in and grab them, you sneak up on them, and I tell you how you sneak up on them, you start giving them money and you get them addicted, and you give them a little more money, and you get them addicted, and then the next thing you know, the feds are running the elections.
Meaning that a hundred percent of the dirty clothes that we get back in the morning, we can actually sort them, repair them, dry-clean them, assemble them and send them out to new customers that evening.
But Peter attracts these types — mostly men early in their potentially ascendant careers — and puts them to good use: investing in them, giving them advice, placing them in start-ups, assigning them important roles in his operations.
They read to them, encourage them, reward them for successes, help them learn from failures, make sure they do their homework and teach them, through precept and example, the values that should guide a decent human life.
You hear the same old tired old rhetoric about them being racists, and them being sexist and them being against women and them being against the poor.
You can look to Trump's past to see what he will do for women in this country: bully them, sexually assault them, degrade them, and disenfranchise them.
You could here them but you could do nothing for them because they would keep the keys on them till they were ready to let them out.
Design your own little bots, print them overnight, assemble them to understand how the motors and chassis fit together, then race them or have them navigate obstacles.
Sometimes she talked to them afterward, not to question them but to offer her support, to compliment them on their courage, to try to cheer them up.
There, the boyfriend, Johnny Shane Barker, allegedly helped them remove the bodies, dismembered them, tied them with chains to cinder blocks, and dumped them in the water.
Why would the designers put them up for free anymore, if someone is going to sell them anyway, why not lock them down and sell them themselves?
Watching it back with them and hanging out with them and talking with them about it was more fun for them than actually knowing what's gonna happen.
We called them romantic communication, and we asked people to define them for however they wanted to define them, or in whatever way made sense to them.
But, in return, we'll give you all sorts of cool features to help you organize them, share them, use them and leave notes and ratings on them.
That leaves three ways in which cities around the country could deal with them: keep them and add context, move them to museums, or move them elsewhere.
It's letting go... having someone else lead them and give them the intensity that takes them away from their everyday world and brings them into a fantasy.
Instead of letting them fall off the tree, I [decided] to bag them up and take them to the end of the parking lot, and sell them.
Giving them an out lets them have some control over what happens to them and leaves space for them to explore that fear later on with you.
He doesn't outright fight them, but he corners them, intimidates them and chases them, often until the other cat screams, bolts and goes into her own home.
You have to spend a lot of time with them, be patient, handle them a lot, and talk to them in order to get them very friendly.
Rent them during the summer months, then send them back and eliminate the hassle of storing the machines and cleaning them before reinstalling them the next year.
He'll mess them up by kicking them in the face, webbing them up to lampposts, and electrifying them until they're unconscious, but he won't outright kill anyone.
She's burned them, collaged them, scratched them out, and painted on them; they have mirrors attached, plastic eyes, hair and teeth, masks and chains, letters and lipstick.
He helps them design their kitchens and ovens, helps them figure out their naturally fermented dough, teaches them to make mozzarella, shows them how to cook pies.
I found them all in a drawer and I put them on a table, and I'm going to go through them again and give them another chance.
We had to take them from old episodes and roto them out and put them into this.
I never talked to them, I never saw them, I never had anything to do with them.
So Boeing took them back, flight-tested them, and put them in storage in the Mojave Desert.
I try talking my employees out of them, but they want them and so I attend them.
Nobody else wrote them... I wrote them, I produced them, I came up with all the parts.
It was nice to see them and talk to them… I wouldn't mind say recording with them.
Including, but certainly not limited to, filling them in, locking them in place, and lightly highlighting them.
"Hug your kids, tell them you love them, and always cherish every moment you have with them."
Go up to them and give them a big kiss and ask them how their day was.
"If you move them," Lethgo says, "you own them until you get them the help they need."
Choose to keep them handwritten or the app can transcribe them so you have them typed out.
The industry not only includes those who make the boats, outfit them, staff them and insure them.
Do I boil them before layering them in the lasagna or do I layer them like this?
You have to get people in, grab them, hug them, kiss them, and get the deal done.
That includes receiving shipments, sorting them, packaging them, and sending them off to consumers or retail stores.
"  "Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually coworkers.
They said Smith invited them to his room, restrained them and raped them, according to court documents.
Some people like them, some people hate them, but pretty much everyone has an opinion about them.
Dedicated to phenomenal women everywhere, may we know them, may we be them, may we love them.
The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo and whether you love them or hate them, you love them.
We followed them, and we pounded on their windows and begged them to take us with them.
Fray them a little bit or clump them a little bit, or push them the wrong way.
I can be myself around them and tell them anything, which makes them keepers in my book.
You can cut them, burn them, and pull them out of the earth, and they do nothing.
I don't necessarily endorse all of them, but I like to try them and write about them.
That should be what compels us to love them well, to fuel them well, to exercise them.
It kinda robs them of their own agency and shows them how little their parents trust them.
"We did them no favors by telling them they had cancer and giving them surgery," he added.
"I bought chinos and cut them and pressed them to make them smart," he said on Twitter.
We covet objects before we own them and later throw them away without thinking about them again.
One of them gives them a big hug; the other greets them while keeping a certain distance.
He helped so many other hairdressers today by guiding them, mentoring them and giving them their start.
You then liberate them from the hermit crabs and barracudas occupying them, and make them your own.
You should be looking at them, listening to them, and your body should be turned to them.
I don't want them to think we don't appreciate them or love them or value their life.
If people are harming them and don't understand them and not respecting them, they will not last.
Sometimes both teams have them, sometimes one team has them and the other team doesn't have them.
"We pounced on them and later killed them, and buried them in a quarry," Mr. Matobato said.
Can't quote them here because they're also spoilers, but you'll probably know them when you hear them.
Every M.V.P. has guys that complement them, or protect them, allow them to do what they do.
I could always apologize for them, laugh about them, or otherwise wave them away the next day.
Meaning: I don't want to see them give players away, or trade them just to trade them.
So he'd send them to me, I'd print them out, and dutifully deliver them to the client.
Susan Wiviott: You walk by them, you walk around them, or you walk away from them sometimes.
Their employer has probably sacked them, their agent dropped them, and their mother publicly disowned them on.
First, Inocencio lured them in by letting them use his toilets and giving them a free sample.
It took time to convince them that we don't want to just expose them and leave them.
Get them in a headlock and march them direct to HR. Get them fired on the spot.
At first I didn't like them, but after I started wearing them I never took them off.
These are so cool and beautiful — you just want to touch them, smell them and have them.
And African-Americans registered and voted even when racist terrorists cursed them, beat them and murdered them.
Some of them grow up to be wolverines, but nevertheless I love them and care for them.
Add them to your DVR, find them on streaming, or watch them on demand — we don't care.
"When people have kids around them that don't look like them, they want them controlled," she said.
It took them a bit to throw them off, but they finally threw them off the platform.
And that is why, love them, or hate them, if you're a brand you can't ignore them.
"I managed them and coached them and brought them on to some really great careers," she said.
Conservation-minded locals plopped them back into the sea; fishermen scooped them up and took them home.
You can share recipes as well, and rate them and print them and leave notes on them.
His accusers had said that he slapped them, choked them and spit on them, frequently during sex.
You can add them to granola, sprinkle them on salad, dust them over yogurt and so forth.
Raise them to respect women, raise them to stand up for others, raise them to be kind.
"I'd buy them and hang them in my closet and admire them, like a sculpture," she says.
This makes handling them very difficult and opening them to read them nearly impossible without causing damage.
He cooked with them and ate with them in the firehouse, and responded to calls with them.
We want to keep them real and make them flawed and have them make mistakes and things.
"Either you hate them or you love them — and if you do, you can't live without them."
"I always feel my flowers, I touch them and I tell them I love them," he said.
We just have to get on top of them, testing them and making them available to growers.
Don't like writing them, don't like getting them, I just wish we could do away with them.
I'll be following them, and I'll be rooting for them because we need them to win, right?
A judge could fine them indefinitely, or even send them to jail to force them to comply.
He summons them and seats them around him in a circle, and then shows them his hands.
He'd slip them cigarettes or buy them a sandwich, then cajole them into snitching on their associates.
Some elders had no memory of them; others remembered them visiting but thought of them as Shxway.
We follow people — victim, perpetrator, back to victim — leave them, forget about them, rejoin them decades later.
Some of them are plays, some of them are pageants, some of them are readings or debates.
We fear them and yet can't get enough of them and we've known them all our lives.
So, we partnered with Bank of America and with New Profit to give them advice, give them funding, give them access to our networks to help them make the most of their ideas and help them employ people, help them really contribute to society and to their communities.
First is "Blackboard" (2004), a black board with narrative scenes represented by cut-out paper figures in which white characters brutalize darker figures by hanging them, drowning them, dragging them by the hair, selling them, and hunting them.
"That means keeping them at elevated locations so the children can't get to them as easily, keeping them in secure locations and, particularly, keeping them out of children's sight so they're not even thinking about them," she said.
It's personal to me, and I've responded in all sorts of ways — being angry at racists, shouting at them, confronting them, protesting against them, self-righteously shunning them.
When caught, ISIS militants have tied nooses around these men's necks and dragged them behind trucks, burned them alive, thrown them off buildings and stoned them to death.
I said really horrible vicious things back to people to hurt them, to harm them, to shock them and to let them know, 'You're gonna call me something?
You expect them to be a little confused or disoriented from wearing them, but some dogs really seemed comfortable in them and really owned it when wearing them.
And as I got to meet each one of them and talk to them and got to know them I found different qualities in them that I enjoyed.
When they watch puppies be born, they feed them, they love them, they take them for walks and then they help me pick out the homes for them.
We&aposre not just going to track them and watch them roam around our state, we&aposre going to put them on this bus and send them home.
He talks to them on the phone, he works out with them, he gives them pointers on things he sees them doing or not doing and training regimens.
Drive them out of your places of worship, drive them out of your communities, drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this Earth.
The arrangement has been that she gets them 3 days, he gets them 3 days, she gets them 3 days, he gets them 3 days, and so on.
For example, a computer can use a camera to record many images of different species of cats and can catalog them, reference them, compare them and recognize them.
Exponent employees imitated what they watched — throwing the balls, falling on them, shuffling them out of play, wiping them with towels, spraying them with water to simulate rain.
" But the promise of stairs, he said, is that you can "jump on them, dance on them, get tired on them, and then plonk yourself down on them.
"Children are separated from homes that would love them and care for them and nurse them and give them a life that they may not have," Collins added.
Once you brown them all in a little bit of oil, instead of braising them in tomato sauce and serving them atop noodles, simmer them in chicken stock.
Your anxiety for them can turn into compulsion: If you don't think about them enough, their disease and caring for them, then bad things will happen to them.
You need only sign up for a subscription so you can access them and save them and organize them – not to mention rate and put notes on them.
He would sing them silly songs in the shower and continue making them laugh and smile as he lathered them in lotion and got them ready for bed.
Please do so you can access all of them, save and organize them (wherever they come from), leave notes on them and send them to family and friends.
Please do, so you can access all of them, save and organize them (wherever they come from), leave notes on them and send them to family and friends.
MG: I used to post them only while I was listening to them—like I had to take a picture of them while I was listening to them.
Ultimately, they have a few options: They can use them to try to make more children, discard them, donate them to science, or donate them to other people.
"If you love your son, if you love your daughter, text them, call them, pull them by the ears and get them home," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.
Meeting them might somehow degrade the experience of reading them, and I might be a bother to them.
Decisions are tough -- if you care enough to think about them, and weigh them, and truly consider them.
He looped them, phased them, slowed them down, and whittled everything into protracted meditations on sound and life.
And the actions to back them up and make them real for the people who come after them.
The owner and others not kicked them out, but followed them to the neighboring restaurant and confronted them.
One click downloads them all, or you can open them up in separate tabs and download them individually.
Now people are excited about them and talking about them and people want to be in them again.
The researchers gathered both proteins from healthy human cells, combined them, froze them, and imaged them with electrons.
Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually co-workers.
He confronts them in a parking garage and pulls a gun on them — but ultimately lets them go.
Everything we know about selfies — taking them, posing in them, posting them — we've learned from Kim Kardashian West.
Designers no longer need them to get credit, but they continue to include them because users love them.
I said hello to them before the show and told them I would meet them afterwards in front.
They collect them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube and prepare wonderful diagrams.
"They kick them out of the nest, or they kill them and rip them apart," said Dr. Araújo.
Everyone ran to the wounded and grabbed them, trying to bring them back and give them some cover.
She's totally engaged in them; she laughs while singing them, and she dredges the beauty out of them.
"They are not raising them because Obama has asked them not to raise them," Trump said in November.
Blacks have supported the Clintons, campaigned for them, donated to them and considered them one of our own.
I wanted to dress like them, I wanted to hang out with them, I wanted to be them.
When I'm finished, spray them with cologne and rub coconut oil on them to give them a shine.
He cared for them and saved them and put them in a place where they can be safe.
Ahead, meet a selection of them and know them by the ancient goddess' name Isis has given them.
" He accused them of bringing drugs and crime with them across the border and derided them as "rapists.
"The way you deal with a problem people now, you police them, you incarcerate them, you kill them."
Robert cut them off in the boat, turning them around and getting them back on track down 937.
" J.R.: "No, just like there and loving them and cheering them on and supporting them in every way.
Sometimes you see them looking behind them to see who the famous person who arrived after them is.
Roll up your cuts, dredge them, fry them, and drizzle them with garlicky olive oil: cin cin, motherfuckers.
I wouldn't give them back to anybody, and threatened firing them if they took them, things like that.
They take phrases and statements, chop them up, take them out of context and discuss them for days.
My job is to give them my best, always support them, and let them take it from there.
Instead of rejecting these sins, as his contemporaries did, Kitaj embraced them, wrote about them, and celebrated them.
I dedicate every single game to them, to memorialize them, because without them this would never have happened.
Instead, critics have been arguing about them, praising them as socially beneficial or disparaging them as socially harmful.
I was here to wake them up, make them breakfast, pack their lunches, and take them to school.
When the seal shows up, they use their glorious reflexes to catch them, kill them, and eat them.
Some of them own guns, and like to shoot them and teach their kids how to shoot them.
But these retainers — I brush them, I gargle with Scope while I'm wearing them, my dentist cleans them.
Then he would stalk them, it said, confronting them at work and even following them out of state.
Not just honoring them, but providing them with a focus to help them retool and reenter civilian society.
"Beginning a conversation, helping keep them safe, helping them connect and then follow up with them," she said.
Multiple women alleged that Trump groped them, kissed them or made inappropriate comments toward them dating back decades.
"Back them up and send them back home we have more than enough of them already," wrote another.
They give them guns and post them around their territory, grooming them to become gang members, she said.
"I'm trying tell them that I care about them when I see them face to face," he said.
So, you ask them and if needed, encourage them to go or take them to see a doctor.
Mexican officials stopped them short of the US port, gave them a number, and told them to wait.
Please rate them when you've cooked them, and leave notes on them if you have any to add.
Who refuses to fire them, choosing instead to simply embarrass them enough times to force them to quit?
Don't just put them in a field and look at them, put them back to their original purpose.
"We wear some of them, and some of them we don't, because we don't like them," Winkle says.
Help them figure things out for themselves instead of putting them into situations that aren't good for them.
I want to give them the best possible deal, not just chew them up and spit them out.
If we make them, we used to paint them all, but now we do them with computer printouts.
Paying employees more won't get them to work harder — but paying them too little will still discourage them.
Forcing them to spend a year in college gives them more experience and, yes, makes them more marketable.
He would purchase the cars, restore them, drive them a bit, and then park them in the sheds.
They believed that by, metaphorically speaking, taking them apart and analyzing them, you could understand everything about them.
They train them, promote them on social media, coordinate their logistics, and pay them — often in six figures.
After each of them spoke, the judge addressed them again, encouraging them to leave their painful memories behind.
They are not good at buying them, not good at selling them, and not good at maintaining them.
I've got to kind of touch them and feel them and experience them in person before I buy.
PARKER: I liked to take them out when I dressed them up so people could see them, right?
Let them know your priorities and give them the courage to keep an open mind towards achieving them.
I see them always, for I am still looking for them, trying to embrace them one last time.
I'm checking in with them but not just to train them, to ask them how they're doing mentally.
I tell them I did it by teaching them about hard work and letting them follow their interests.
You can group them, control them with Alexa, remotely turn them on and off and adjust the brightness.
Screenshot them, print them, and send them to your best friend, lover, or just address one to yourself. 
Then, they sell them to another firm, take them public, or find some other way to offload them.
"Unless I have them every two weeks and I do them myself, we don't have them," he said.
Rate them (if you've cooked them!) and leave notes on them (if you've got something constructive to say!).
We slowly stopped doing things for them and guided them in learning how to do them for themselves.
And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens.
You can hold them in a cryptocurrency wallet, you can send and receive them, you can exchange them.
I also maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables as we harvest them, store them and transport them.
We laugh at memes in them, we fix our makeup in them, and text our friends from them.
I'd keep them in my pocket or put them on display in my room and stare at them.
Then make them, rate them and leave notes on them if you've got a smart emendation to add.
But Gary finds them and holds them at gunpoint demanding they stop operating or he'll shoot them all.
They have to get cars cleaned, get them running, and get them to the people who need them.
When you say, "Let them go," do you mean fire them or let them do what they want?
You deal with them from Facebook, you deal with them from Snapchat, you deal with them from YouTube.
Put them on a skewer and grill them and serve them with ratatouille—that's a pretty fancy meal.
But when hospital workers got patients moving faster, helped them brush their teeth, gave them facial exercises and talked to them in ways to help them understand what was happening to them, the delirium rate was just 22012 percent.
In that same way, NON-citizens, many of them are artists, and people sometimes try to come in and exploit them, or underpay them, or put them in a situation that wouldn't be good for them, or their careers.
The following day, he gave a few more hints: I am talking about a NEW technology capable of neutralizing their encryption-based protective layers in order to track them, identify them, locate them, chase them and finally bust them.
" Of the white jeans he was wearing during an interview for this article, he said: "I love them and hate them, because two days after wearing them I have to wash them to make them fit the right way, and every time I wash them they get a little bit worse, and my mom overbleached them so they're looking slightly pink now.
Most often the DDS would kidnap their victims, he tells CNN, take them to a quiet part of town -- like a quarry -- and kill them before dismembering the bodies, dousing them in oil to keep them from smelling as they decomposed and burying them, or dumping them at sea, Matobato says.
I made them think, I made them laugh, I made them cry, I made them scream in delight, I made them shake in terror—I made a bunch of urban street people realize that a skinny white straight kid from Queens actually loved them and cared that they loved him back.
Sign up for a subscription so you can browse and save them (wherever the recipes come from), so you can organize them and share them, so you can rate them and leave notes on them and just generally treat them as your own, a gigantic personal cookbook in digital form.
He is accused of controlling his victims by isolating them, depriving them of access to food, clothing, transportation, and electronics, and repeatedly demeaning them — not by locking them up.
They'd fly them in, and someone would bring them to the hotel, and I would come and meet them at the hotel, and I would take them to dinner.
When we keep avocados around the house, the reasons to eat them seem to multiply: put them on toast, add them to a sandwich, mix them into a dip.
The shopping frenzy leads to all sorts of economic activity: Companies hire more workers to produce goods, to ship them, to stock them, to sell them, to advertise them.
He got nervous about his job, which was to keep them all in order, give them permission to speak, stop them from being long-winded, and make them behave.
Once you identify your representative, you can talk with them in person at a local meeting, call them, email them, or even send them a good old-fashioned letter.
Now you know them, you know what they stand for, and it's up to you and me to fight them — fight them and destroy them before they destroy us.
"They had them and they knew they had them, but there was no way to tie them into a system to be able to go audit [them]," he said.
I churn through dozens of PDFs in a given year, buying them, reading them, deleting them to free up hard drive space, and then forgetting I ever owned them.
But it's also because after he edited them, he passed them to some producer friends who then edited them again, turning them into bruising beats or dancefloor-ready jams.
Meanwhile, dozens of women say that he sexually abused them when they were underage, recruiting them for massages during which he would masturbate, touch them, and sometimes rape them.
Their government back home in Myanmar had failed them, the infrastructure in Bangladesh had failed them, and the world around them, which continues to sit back, had failed them.
Many of them praised Mr. Xi's vision, which he first voiced in 2013, and were enthusiastic about locating projects in their countries, financing them, building them or managing them.
We do not coordinate them, we deconflict them . . .
And that will not be achieved by closing refugees off and treating them as objects of fear, but rather by welcoming them, engaging with them, educating and employing them and making them feel part of a tolerant, multi-cultural society.
Just sign up for a subscription so you can browse through our thousands of recipes, and save them, and share them, and rate them, and organize them, and leave notes on them, for yourself or for others, to your heart's content.
All of them dressed up really nice, in club clothes, and all of them with blood all over them.
I wanted to empower them, I wanted them to have different endings, I wanted to give them more agency.
So if we exclude them, if we shout at them, if we condemn them, that completely feeds into that.
Delgado dreamed of using his electrodes to tap directly into human thoughts: to read them, edit them, improve them.
Even the fly balls I thought he had enough movement on them that kept them from squaring them up.
Hey, if you can&apost debate them and beat them in a debate, try to shut them down altogether.
She said push back on them Monica, turn on them, harass them so they can&apost go into public.
Most of them having little to no experience, and I have to chat with them to get them relaxed.
Somehow CNN missed them and MSNBC missed them and the New York Times and the Washington Post missed them.
We can shun them politely and smile at them as necessary, but other than that we just ignore them.
"This way I can play with them and help them to become strong again and hug them," he says.
Sprinkle them onto salads or cooked veggies, toast and add them to oatmeal, or whip them into a smoothie.
Who's going to feed them and get them stuff they need for 14 days, checking in on them daily?
In their minds, the world outside the gates hates them, misunderstands them, and is actively conspiring to destroy them.
We wanted to introduce them in that context, but turn them inside out and make them three-dimensional women.
Their position helps them gather data, which helps them build better AI, which helps them stay ahead of rivals.
You're asking them to understand how you see yourself, as well as letting them know how you see them.
But few know the story behind these fountains — the people who envisioned them, designed them and ultimately built them.
You can't reach out to them, and to engage them, and try to bring them back into the app.
The original plan was to take them in, feed, clothe and educate them and release them after a year.
So keep them on the ground and give our team a chance to field them and throw them out.
Sweden built them homes and taught them its language, but it failed to integrate them into the labour market.
It is about the folds themselves: how to design them; how to think about them; how to use them.
We need to protect them because they're ours and we can't protect them unless we feel connected to them.
Pet parents do so much for their fur babies: feed them, walk them, bathe them, clean up their poop.
The locals took them in, putting them to work on their farms and inviting them into their humble homes.
You have to be empathetic, listen to them, compliment them, and make them feel good at a personal level.
The best way to deal with them is to distract them or placate them, while never ceding any power.
"We had to bring them down to temperature, vibrate them, drop them, see how they would perform," Friend says.
Some commanders also meet privately with reporters, allow them to travel with them, or take them on battlefield tours.
It's a lot harder to look them in the face and tell them no or not listen to them.
Whereas with gene drive you create them, raise them in mass, then release them and it spreads like wildfire.
"[Anderson] was with them in their dying moments— all three of them— and none of them lived," Foster said.
Whether you love them or hate them (and you probably hate them), meetings are a fact of corporate life.
When the Guardsmen caught protesters, they clubbed them or kicked them, and then hauled them away to detention centers.
She asks them to make two lists: of things that stress them; and of things that matter to them.
"I go around and talk to the people, and advise them and encourage them and support them," Pavol said.
"You're that vessel that brought them into this world, and you're shepherding them through, but I don't own them."
Mr. Fleming and Ms. Michaels put together homophones, make phrases out of them and them clue them as puns.
You can consult to them by helping them find writers, mapping out content, and inspiring them to keep going.
Apparently, kids would carve spooky faces into them, light them, and then run around with them to spook people.
Instead of just having formal interviews, I hung out with them, went to KTV with them, traveled with them.
Unfortunately for them, however, because the tax code treats them like individuals, Americans look at them that way too.
One of them is polling -- one of them is polling at 210 -- one of them is polling at 2100%.
Boko Haram rounded them up with other women and children, putting them in a long ditch to contain them.
He forms them into three-inch balls, arranges them on a sizzle platter, and pops them in the oven.
Cut them apart, set them on fire, blow them to bits; they just keep coming back to get you.
I take potato waffles and grill them, not fry them, and put them on some bread with some salad.
How do you find them, how do you attract them, move them through the funnel through a qualified lead?
I think about them every day and make sure that I'm making them proud, that I'm living for them.
Matsubara lifts up the now nuclear-hot charcoal blocks before inspecting them, placing them back down, and fanning them.
So we'll choose the best ideas, publish them, and put them in front of people who might use them.
Ms. Fields has clipped them from newspapers and kept them for years, intent on preparing and sampling them all.
During the day, he played soccer with them, took them to matches and treated them to meals at McDonald's.
Mr. Chalayan knows how to cut clothes, not just sketch them; you have to see them to believe them.
"After I've owned them and learned about them, I don't need them anymore," he told The Times in 1994.
It's why we become them, and then realize we're becoming them, and then fight so hard against becoming them.
I packed them up, drove to them to the hospital and gave them to the woman organizing the drive.
They wake the children, they give them breakfast, they tuck them into bed, they pick them up from school.
He taught them how to love lions, how to punish them, and the importance of treating them with respect.
Many of them have spies who inform them of impending raids, giving them time to move to another location.
I told them how much I liked them, and that I hoped [Mercury Records] could do something with them.
"I want to see them, I want to hug them, I want to hold them, and it's not easy."
Rome is overflowing with the archetypes and iconography of various epochs, layering them, cluttering them, bringing them into collision.
You'll be able to share recipes as well, and rate them and print them and leave notes on them.
You simply wipe them down with a damp cloth, allow them to dry, and put them back into place.
You could even smoke your chicken wings a while, then grill them or fry them or roast them crisp.
I had fed my son with them, supported them with countless underwire bras and used them to get attention.
We all have them, and if you're not aware of them, that probably means you lack maturity around them.
He hired hundreds of them in his resorts, so that he could exploit them and pay them low wages.
The company collects them at the at the end of the day, cleans them and sends them for recycling.
Forgotten, condemned, some of them containing within them, no doubt, several poor souls who've made a shelter of them.
We decided to write about them and invite them (and many more like them) to come talk to us.
We'll let you put them into folders, and rate them, and leave notes on them for yourself or others.
Please sign up for a subscription today so you can browse them, cook them and make them your own.
I didn't see them, I didn't talk to them, I didn't call them, and they didn't call me back.
I don't want them to think I'm unsympathetic, but I also don't want them to think I pity them.
And yet some name them, dress them and take them on vacation, says Cory Kidd, company founder and CEO.
You can help them in many different ways — introduce them to dealers and other collectors, recommend them for residencies.
He stopped to talk to them, asking them their names and making silly faces to get them to laugh.
You'll be able to organize them, and rate them and leave notes on them, for yourself and for others.
Without them, you'll need to plan ahead by looking up directions and printing them out or writing them down.
The four Thai divers stayed with them, nursing them back to health and feeding them a high-protein diet.
Then thread the cubes onto bamboo sticks and broil them, turning them often to crisp and cook them through.
What makes them unique is not only where you buy them, but also who sells them: the owner, Loukas.
Don't ignore these feelings—examine them and bring them to the surface so you can process and release them!
There she lays them and plays with them, to see what happens when she holds them in her sights.
If multiple committees get them, then the budget committee combines them first and then sends them to the floor.
I tried them on super briefly when they introduced them and it felt, I was so aware of them.
And we watched them send them out to particular voices on Twitter or DM them or send them privately, and then those voices consistently would start to propagate this stuff.
"You could climb up stairs, jump on them, dance on them, get tired on them and then plonk yourself down on them," he recalls, and the same goes for Vessel.
"The defendant ran up behind both of them and pumped numerous bullets into them striking them both in the head ... leaving them lying in the street mortally wounded," he said.
White men there early rose up the ranks and hired other people who went to school with them, worked with them, had the same background as them, looked like them.
The organization provides these kids with a family of committed volunteers outside of the classroom to help foster them; drive them to class, help them with their homework, motivate them.
Encouraged by social media, anti-scooter types have knocked them into the streets, thrown them off parking garages, or even doused them with lighter fluid and set them on fire.
They rescue the dogs and cats that need it most at the worst shelters, fix them, clean them up, socialize them and get them ready to find the perfect home.
Then she loaded them into a van and took them on a 12,000-mile road trip, encouraging them to bond and interact naturally while she shot the film around them.
"I hope to be able to make a deal with them, a good deal, a fair deal, a good deal for them, better for them, better for them," he said.
One day, the god of wind saw them and loved them so much that he lifted them up and took them with him to the clouds to be his daughters.
Not only do you need to feed them, groom them, and walk them, but you also need to clean up after them — this is one of the more unpleasant tasks.
So he carried them over from the paintings department to the print department, and the print department cataloged them, put them on a shelf, and never thought about them again.
If I cooked with them right now, I'd rid them of dirt, cut them in half, and serve them with soft butter, sea salt, and a magnum of white wine.
When guns aren't stored safely, it is easier for children to find them and play with them, for teenagers to use them for suicides, or for burglars to steal them.
Many of them are visual novels, many of them are text-only games, many of them are mobile games that have a lot of writing in them, stuff like that.
But they also have a lot of access to them, and they're in awe of them, but they also can literally reach out and touch them and interact with them.
The people are going to turn on them, they&aposre going to protest, they&aposre going to absolutely harass them until they decide that they&aposre going to tell the President, "No I can&apost hang with you" (END VIDEO CLIP) INGRAHAM: Harass them, approach them, drive them out, push them back.
The book — lean as a liturgy, with jags into the sublime — bears witness to the wrongs visited upon them by white Americans who called them "monkeys," barred them from restaurants, refused to rent rooms to them, assaulted them for befriending white women and sometimes shot them in the back out of sheer boredom.
But when you tell a story, and you draw them in through allowing them to see through the eyes of a different person, and when you can affect their feelings and emotions — whether it's making them laugh, or making them scared, or making them scream, or making them cheer — then you have them on a starting point, already, to think about why they had those visceral reactions.
I beat a couple of eggs and cook them in a nonstick pan into crepelike sheets, roll them up and slice them into ribbons, giving them a tender, fettuccine-like texture, delicate and unique, and it's nearly as easy as scrambling them.
Satterlee puts these motifs through their formal paces — rotating and mirroring them; reducing them to line; casting them into shadows; locking them into patterns and then clouding them over with mists of color — and in the process convinces us of their efficacy.
Dolin guides us through the history of the American lighthouse, from the bureaucracy that built and managed them, to the men who tended them, through the wars that doused them, the science and engineering that lit them, and the storms that pummeled them.
It's a great product, and we have to kill it, and that's not fun, so we have to get them coffee and doughnuts and send it down to them and tell them we love them and we're sorry and we support them.
Batches of ballots go to the first server, which decrypts and shuffles them before re-encrypting them and sending them to the next server, which shuffles them in a different order before sending them to the third server, which does the same.
"I have spoken with over 30 former employees, and they all tell a similar story: supervisors who provided them or encouraged them to procure false documents; threatened them with deportation; physically abused them; and coerced them into unfavorable jobs and situations," said Romero.
In the 19th century (and the centuries before it), to get at the nature of ingredients, you would refine them — by peeling them, boiling them, braising them, sieving them smooth — as ''silver from ore,'' in the words of the culinary historian Rachel Laudan.
He stayed with them until Wagah and walked with them to the Pakistani border, kissed them both on their foreheads and told them he wished he could take them all the way to Lahore, but he would not make it back alive.
You're establish a line of trust with them, so that they feel that you're going to look out for them, you're going to take care of them, you're going to flatter them and you're also going to help them with their character.
His swagger around beautiful women had nothing to do with consuming them or displaying them as eye candy; rather, he celebrated them, raising them to the highest echelons of pop culture.
As I've gotten older, I've been more prone to trying things instead of researching the hell out of them, thinking about them, diagramming them, then waiting two years before testing them.
Other trade-offs are proving trickier, however, like how to understand users deeply enough to keep them coming back for more, without boring them, boxing them in, or creeping them out.
What I remember very clearly is seeing guys healthy, seeing them look a little sick, seeing them in a wheelchair, seeing them with a breathing apparatus, and then not seeing them.
The indictment against him alleged he lured women to his apartment through Craigslist, promised them roles in a film, plied them with alcohol, encouraged them to strip, and then raped them.
You're inviting them in, letting them collaborate with you and helping them discover others who care about the same things and giving them the means to build relationships with each other.
Police departments are responsible for their people, and either they fire them and they suffer whatever is coming from them, or they back them and they suffer whatever's coming from them.
"I messaged them and told them I needed them, and I was so lucky to have them come help us do our kitchen and the garage," the reality star tells Refinery29.
Since arriving on the scene at just 14 years old with sweeping, heartthrob-worthy bangs, Bieber has cut them off, bleached them, buzzed them, and even controversially twisted them into locs.
She lets them slip while strolling through the grocery aisle, creates bubbles with them in the bath, squeezes them through thongs, jeans, and leather leggings, lands them on her boyfriend's dick.
To clear roadways, they stuffed gunpowder into empty cigarette boxes and wrapped them with electrical wire, stringing them into chains and laying them out onto the streets before setting them off.
Every member of One Direction has appealed to them at one time or another — initially trolling them and trying to ease them into reality with jokes, and eventually pleading with them.
But then the midwives get their hands on them and they put clothes on them and they're just pulling them all over the place and are really quite tough with them.
Please do so today if you haven't already, so you can browse them and save them (wherever they come from) and organize them, so that you can share them with friends.
Some of them told reporters that he had lured them to his apartment, ordered them to get naked "as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden" and raped them.
Scientists have exposed the microscopic critters, which look like eight-legged gummy bears, to insane conditions—they've boiled them, frozen them, irradiated them, and exposed them to the vacuum of space.
By teaching the prisoners that we care for them and want to help them, we can bring them back into the real world successfully and without them being multiple-time offenders.
You don't need to season them, or to oil them, or to remove the thick outer leaves the way you'd do if you were cooking them lightly or shredding them raw.
Some people prefer to cook them in a frying pan over medium heat, turning them every few minutes and letting them brown slowly, or to roast them in a medium oven.
New protocols must be agreed on, and even then, nefarious actors will learn how to remotely start and stop cars, steer them, steal them, crash them or even take them hostage.
No matter what happens to them — no matter how the world paints them, vilifies them, maims them — they were here, and at least for a moment, they owned their own lives.
I felt it was important to go to them — not to have them wait for me to make that apology, but to go to them, where the state, ultimately, put them.
What happened was somebody had taken them out of the lake and tried to kidnap them and keep them illegally.
You've sat down with both neo-Nazis and jihadists — you've befriended them, gotten to know them, broken bread with them.
We have to move them and to carry them, and we have to be very careful not to break them.
"We bought them a house, we furnished it for them, to help them start a new life," she told CNN.
But their mother wasn't taking care of them, so zoo officials put them in the nursery to help them survive.
No. As soon as the words leave his mouth, Daniel wants to grab them, take them back, and hide them.
You play them for a half an hour here or there, showing them to friends, giggling about them on stream.
We were sent them, and we love them as a fan creation, but selling them using our likeness isn't legal.
And if they do, send them a friendly reminder: Let them know you'll happily vote them out come Election Day.
He picked them for his girlfriend himself and DIYed them into beautiful bouquet by wrapping them up in duct tape.
What I do with the LaCie drives is open them, put an SSD in them, and then re-close them.
As mentioned, a lot of the criticisms are merited, and we should absorb them, consider them, and act upon them.
One app let them pick their own phone number, allowing them to disguise who was calling them and from where.
As security came to escort them out, members of the crowd tore at their clothes, grabbed for them, kicked them.
That&aposs where you catch somebody come and talk to them, sign them, and then you have to release them.
I sang that line because I wanted them to know that I could see them and I am with them.
Some claim Moonves forced them to perform oral sex on them, exposed himself to them, or threatened him with violence.
As in, moviegoers will get tired of them and stop watching them and the movie studios will stop making them.
FOX NEWS OPINION Dear Republicans: To end Senate Democrats&apos obstruction, make them talk, make them work, make them vote .
And go back to our communities, invest our time, our resources, help rebuild them, help strengthen them, help change them.
Each one of those numbers represents a person, some of them children, some of them women, some of them elderly.
Sometimes she mixes and matches them and a lot of times she has to alter them to make them fit.
Love them, hate them, make a book out of them — one thing is for sure, selfies are here to stay.
"We probably purchased over 50 different boxing gloves — we cut them open, messed with them, tried them on," Le explains.
I take two 60-minute interviews, cut them into six ten-minute segments, hopscotch them with music in between them.
Reliving what happened to them is difficult, but he helps them to feel calm and gives them courage and strength.
You refused to share any of them, but now, you'll show them your love by donating your status to them.
He doesn't build them; he just slaps his brand on them and tricks the press into promoting them for free.
I want them to know that they are loved, and I tell them that I love them all the time.
Because I feel empowered by them and I get energy from them, more than me giving energy back to them.
And I hope lots of questions get directed to them at the annual meeting because we'll feed them into them.
He met them in their homes, spending hours getting to know them and asking them questions before taking their portrait.
Rather than sell them when home prices recovered, investors held onto them, turning them into still lucrative single-family rentals.
You're really telling a person you don't trust them, you think the worst of them, you are afraid of them.
If you have a recalled package, throw them away or take them back to the store where you bought them.
I explained to my daughter that you can put them in your hand and headbutt them to make them explode.
If you've got someone who's pegging-curious, get them in the shower and soap them up to help them relax.
"Some of them are resource-related, some of them are in manufacturing, and some of them are industrial," he said.
Then we fuck them, move in with them, and get a cat with them in the space of three weeks.
Some of them were great, some of them were kinda bland; some of them were hugely popular, some fell flat.
Then, take a moment to write them a short note, give them a call, or go see them in person.
"Your job is to help them, not to lean on them for emotional support or to make them your friend."
Toss them with pasta or a grain salad, stir them into a salsa or serve them as a side dish.
They were so beautiful that everyone who saw them wanted to scoop them up and put them into their pockets.
A Yemeni student named Mohdar Abdullah drove them around, helped them open bank accounts and connected them with flight schools.
Mr. Babbitt said his church has rallied around them, feeding them, giving them clothes, shelter and a few personal items.
Love them or hate them, selfie sticks are useful for capturing self-portraits and group shots with you in them.
Members of armed groups routinely enter the camp to harass them, rob them, assault them, or burn down their tents.
Cook them and rate them and leave notes on them if you have something smart, kind and helpful to say.
So I fried them in my wok in a little oil, dusted them with za'atar and served them with drinks.
And I just want to hug them and hold them and tell them that there is nothing wrong with this.
We captured them, we've got thousands of them, and as usual, our allies say, 'oh, no, we don't want them.
It puts them in another person's shoes and teaches them empathy, which will make them a better leader and teammate.
You can dress them up, place them in public or private rooms, and follow other users and chat with them.
"I think it's worth making an appeal to them, putting pressure on them, also looking to reassure them," Haas said.
If they aren't like me, let me manage them, mold them, force fit them into a mini version of me.
Development that invests in them and empowers them — that treats them not as passive recipients but as leaders and partners.
She brought them food from her own house and gave them the clothes off her back, and then hugged them.
I get little presents for people, and I send them messages to let them know when I'm thinking of them.
He'd had women ask him to spank them with paddles, gag them with pantyhose—even punch them in the face.
You can mist your plants, "sing" to them, name them, and rearrange them in one of several colorful little pots.
Talk about each of them right now, how you look at them, how do you look at them as entities?
Every person has to get together to help them get an education, to give them care, to give them love.
"If you see somebody talking at you about your brand, talk back to them, DM them, message them," she said.
They're offering them free meals, giving them gift cards for gas and groceries and even helping them file their taxes.
Start tapping them inside the Photos app and then drag them right into your email application and send them off.
"I would make 50 of them at a time and look at them, and then throw them away," she said.
Palestinian youths blocked them from leaving, continued to throw stones at them, and robbed them of wallets, snacks and cellphones.
He feeds them, talks to them and allows them in his garage, where he puts a heating pad in winter.
Kani Shakespeare is the link between them, what brings them together, even if South African history and politics divides them.
They believed the instructions were unfair to them, so they disregarded them—even if it meant a loss for them.
The healthiest choice, Kanye has discovered, is to learn from them, accept them and absorb them into who he's becoming.
I know them all, or at least I certainly know of them all, but I know a lot of them.
For a few of them, I actually sat down with them to walk them through how to download and use.
We're good at making antibodies and scaling them up and producing them and modifying them to be more like drugs.
The government's job is not to babysit citizens and tell them what is bad for them or good for them.
In them, Kumawat's crosshair can be seen snapping to enemies and locking onto them whenever he gets points near them.
You wash them, you dress them in a shroud, you sit with them until they're buried so they're not alone.
You buy a jar of them, use a little and then forget about them or just dip into them occasionally.
Sor Juana (Estefanía Ramírez) cradles books, caresses them, pulls them out of her pockets and uses them as a fan.
So, I love them and I adore them and I love watching them because of what they represent to me.
Unfasten them from the back seat, pull them into the front and push them out your window, oldest ones first.
Also, teach them the power of the word no — stop tickling them or wrestling with them when they say it.
Conclusion: The internet definitely gives them information, and probably gives them more knowledge, but doesn't necessarily give them more wisdom.
If all of them are already on, turn them off and wait a few moments, then turn them back on.
Everything fits, but I'm unsure if I like them so I put them in a pile to think about them.
Invite them over to your house, make them tea or pour them a drink, and start listening to their struggles.
The trick it to just get them something that's not too expensive, just to show them you're thinking of them.
He wanted to send them a note "from the grave," something to let them know their parents always loved them.
Angry and mischievous vandals hang them in trees, bury them in construction sites and throw them into lakes and rivers.
Instead, Trump mocks them, touts policies that limit their opportunities, separates them from their families, and treats them with contempt.
She cored them, filled the hollows with raisins (my father's favorite dried fruit), sweetened them and seasoned them with cinnamon.
But instead of sending them to prison, Judge Curtin gave them suspended one-year sentences and put them on probation.
But in his second trial, five such witnesses testified that Cosby gave them a pill, incapacitating them, then assaulted them.
Ms. Monk and her group were too busy singing them — living them, you could say — to sit and score them.
She placed them on a table with a sign designated them as such, and Kimmel giggled when he saw them.
But all the same, I took great pride in choosing them, wrapping them, and watching my family unbox them joyfully.
If you love pumpkins — decorating them, eating them, carving them, you name it — your time has come to go nuts!
By being honest with them, I actually conveyed that I respected them enough to let them in on the truth.
And engaging them fully means not treating them as contractors, but including them in discussions and planning on reforming aid.
Give them a polite wave ... make it perfectly obvious you do not want to meet them or talk to them.
I made all the objects in a month, dismantled them, trucked them to 57th Street, and nailed them back together.
They meet the candidates, listen to them, watch them under pressure and in day-to-day settings and evaluate them.
"Some people have never had someone willing to sit with them, give them attention and not judge them," says Carlin.
How they beat them, forced them to urinate in their beds and allowed them to bathe only once a year.
A police officer can elect to shoot a suspect, or tase them, or negotiate with them, or otherwise subdue them.
Some girls had to told them to stop, but others thought these men will show them love and protect them.
PC debate — you either love them or hate them.
She kept them all — and she still wears them!
We simply tune them out — or turn them off.
We are losing them — each of them and more.
My children literally live in them — and love them.
Write them down — and give them a time frame
You're not going to stop them so … join them.
Abandoning them, giving them away — that's not an option.
You can eat them right away; you can store them in the fridge for a quick, healthy snack; you can cut them up and put them on a salad; you can throw them in your gym bag for a perfect post-workout bite; you can chop them up and make egg salad (see Level IV).
These volunteers come in every other month, treat them well, play games with them, feed them food they are typically not allowed to have, give them presents — it's just a wonderful night.
We tell them that the system owes them things, that they have positive liberties and the government has to give them all sorts of things simply because we are entitled to them.
Charging them by leaving them under the sun and moon, sleeping with them under your pillow, and even cleansing them with salt is said to help you get to know your cards.
They told me that border officials pummel them with fists, kick them, use pepper spray, and beat them with batons, often laughing all the while, then push them back to the border.
Police rarely seek approval or admit to using them, and indeed agencies that buy them generally keep them secret, on the basis that public knowledge of their use will render them ineffective.
"You have to predict the waves without seeing them and once they are in, you don't have a lot of time to see them, catch them and surf on them," he said.
"I unfollowed someone and it sent them a notification that I had followed them, which alerted them to the fact that I had actually unfollowed them," said VICE staff writer Marie Solis.
" Lots of media outlets do have a particular stance and if people don't agree with them then it's easy [for them] to say "I don't trust them and I won't consult them.
What in the World Breweries provide them, waiters keep running tabs on them, tourists collect them, and this summer a local government repurposed them as political billboards to spread messages of tolerance.
It is time to get hearing aids to the millions of Americans who need them; the 28500 percent who could be helped by them but who can't access them or afford them.
Get them something to help clear the energy, or if Mercury retrograde had them rethinking a relationship, get them a book to remind them some things are meant to end for good.
Baby boomers were the ones who decided to hand them out to a bunch of kids who unenthusiastically accepted them before putting them on a shelf and never thinking about them again.