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"US" Definitions
  1. United States (of America)

474 Sentences With "US"

How to use US in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "US" and check conjugation/comparative form for "US". Mastering all the usages of "US" from sentence examples published by news publications.

For two hours every Tuesday night, she led us, taught us, cajoled us, amused us, goaded us, encouraged us.
So yes, listen to us, trust us, challenge us, respect us—but most importantly, see us.
US Defense, US Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, FBI,US FED, US SEC US Banks, US companies cooperate with the spirit of USA.
She looked like us, talked like us, acted like us, suffered like us.
They kicked us, beat us with sticks, gave us electric shocks, beat us with cables.
If you're not with us, you're against us — not "us" the party, or "us" the nominee, but "us" the United States of America.
If you want to enjoy our culture and our lifestyle, bond with us, dance with us, have fun with us, twerk with us, rap with us, then you should also want to know what affects us, what is bothering us, what we feel is unfair to us.
One of us, one of us, one of us ...
But the cisgender straight men who have sex with us, date us, love us, ghost us, send us dick pics, are not individual anomalies.
Our families need us, our kids need us, our dogs need us, and our partners need us.
They help us navigate cities, tell us the weather, teach us new languages and keep us connected.
They spy on us, telling us that makes us safer.
Trump's administration have no real message except us, us, us.
Though around us, inside us, something keeps us in place.
We resent those who outperform us, outwork us, outproduce us.
How the past lives inside us, guides us, owns us.
People who can convene us, connect us and inspire us.
Toronto police violently attached us kicked us, punched us, pulled ur guns on us, and we are here.
UK France US US Mexico Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria US Austria Germany Poland Hungary UK France US US Mexico Austria Austria Austria Austria Austria US Austria Germany Poland Hungary Tourists are a peculiar breed.
" Mr. Nikolov marveled: "People stop us on the street to congratulate us and tell us that they support us, or just give us a 'thumbs up' sign.
We expect you to feed us, educate us, clothe us, maintain our health, provide shelter and find us work.
They raped us and told us that if we tried to escape they would find us and kill us.
Find out more and tell us what matters to you by visiting us at
But the truth is, they've outplayed us, they've outhit us, they've outpitched us and they out-defended us. Simple.
It inspires us, it soothes us and it makes us stronger.
Love us, hate us, not like us — we are a team.
They asked us questions, beat us, and tortured us with cables.
They guide us through, looked after us, and cared about us.
Anything that disturbs us, arouses us, unsettles us, is unconditionally positive.
The dead whisper to us, they console us, they admonish us.
It instructs us, scolds us and exhorts us to follow it.
Games connect us, challenge us and give us chances to grow.
Barclays last week cut its forecast for US CLO refinancings and resets to US$40bn-US$553bn from US$95bn-US$110bn, while Wells Fargo this week revised its CLO forecast for refinancings and resets to US$45bn from US$222bn, according to research reports.
They are built to addict us, as the social psychologist Adam Alter's new book "Irresistible" points out — and to madden us, distract us, arouse us and deceive us.
It definitely made us closer, bonded us, united us as a group, I think it united us as a country.
Those groups are arresting us, killing us, burning us, and now they are throwing us out from our own country.
Working shoulder-to-shoulder with us, our US military teammates have built our units, trained us and bled with us.
NEW YORK, May 19 (IFR) - For the week ended May 18, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.146bn - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$11.283bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$10.6723bn - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$7.087bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$138.8m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$5.111bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$278.9m - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$46.926m - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$229.5m - EM HC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$363.509m - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$49.4m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$316.586m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$3.904bn - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$71.564bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$10.672bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$68.092bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, May 12 (IFR) - For the week ended May 11, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.129bn - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$9.011bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$5.1073bn - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$5.952bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$302.8m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$4.972bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$64.2m - EM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$231.980m - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$16.2m - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$134.046 - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$48.0m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$366.030m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$6.071bn - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$67.661bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$5.107bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$78.764bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, Sept 29 (IFR) - For the week ended Sep 28, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$2.334bn - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$37.929bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$49.5313bn - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$9.267bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$480.756m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$3.326bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$209.758m - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$6.550bn - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$181.532m - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$6.243bn - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$28.226m - EM LC YTD NET INFLOW: US$307.099m - EQUITY FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$622.114m - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$126.589bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$49.531m - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$123.977bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, July 28 (IFR) - For the week ended July 27, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.475bn - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$20.799bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$4.8403m - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$9.517bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$15.422m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$5.392bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.382bn - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$3.715bn - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.326bn - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$3.660bn - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$56.501m - EM LC YTD NET INFLOW: US$54.323m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$4.054bn - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$94.833bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$4.840bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$69.250bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, June 9 (IFR) - For the week ended June 8, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.573bn - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$12.890bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$6.4993m - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$7.418bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$100.127m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$4.883bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$448.357m - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$369.029m - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$435.094m - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$751.284m - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$13.751.284m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$382.258m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$852.020m - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$78.038bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$6.499bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$59.682bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, Sept 22 (IFR) - For the week ended Sep 21, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$2.122bn - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$35.594bn - HIGH-YIELD FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$17.0973m - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$7.255bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$318.412m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$3.807bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$667.942m - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$6.340bn - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$619.466m - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$6.061bn - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$48.475m - EM LC YTD NET INFLOW: US$278.873m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$3.412bn - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$127.211bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$17.097bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$124.027bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, April 14 (IFR) - For the week ended April 13, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$824.4m - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$1.325bn - HIGH-YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$5.0733m - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$8.958bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$72.7m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$5.191bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$321.2m - EM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$245.981m - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$304.9m - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$207.837m - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$16.3m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$453.821m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$4.774bn - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$46.032bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$5.073bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$63.439bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, June 30 (IFR) - For the week ended June 29, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$638.599m - IG YTD NET INFLOW: US$14.589bn - HIGH-YIELD FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$25.0703bn - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$3.223bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$525.391m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$5.565bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$17.569m - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$448.505m - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$88.225m - EM HC YTD NET INFLOW: US$680.149m - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$105.795m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$231.646m - EQUITY FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$6.836bn - EQ YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$94.348bn - MONEY MARKET FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$25.070bn - MM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$47.004bn (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
The financing also includes US$3bn-equivalent of secured bonds split between US$2bn and US$1bn-equivalent in euros, and US$2.5bn-equivalent of unsecured bonds split between US$1.8bn and US$700m-equivalent in euros.
She continued to watch us, feed us, and even help raise us.
"Stand by us, stand for us, stand with us,"  Laverne Cox urged.
Apps are great at distracting us, educating us or making us laugh.
You can beat us down, chase us, club us all you want.
All of us fragile, all of us fleeting, all of us prey.
It made us laugh; it made us smile; it made us happy.
We know this piece is for us, about us and by us.
"TikTok US is localized, adheres to US laws, and stores all US user data in the US," the TikTok spokesperson said.
"Either they pay us well — let us run a business, pay us like subcontractors — or pay us minimum wage," Max said.
They can make us laugh, they can make us cry, they can make us uncomfortable, they can make us feel empowered.
Since the end of the year, the distressed credit inventory has been reduced by US$800m to US$2.1bn and US CLO positions cut by US$500m to US$300m.
Currently, anybody can run a political ad on Facebook in the US provided they provide a US address and a US driver's licence, US state ID card or US passport.
After February's court ruling, Morgan Stanley increased its 2018 US CLO forecast by US$10bn to US$110bn and Deutsche Bank raised its forecast to US$120bn from US$110bn.
Arrest us all together, arrest the 56 of us and arrest the thousands of women who have now shared their details alongside us, bring us all together and arrest us.
You've seen some significant calls to boycott US companies, US products, US brands.
Come in, fight us on whatever or love us or be around us.
Keep writing about us, keep tweeting about us, keep us in your hearts.
One taught us love, one taught us patience, and one taught us pain.
They entertained us, made us think, and gave us plenty to talk about.
Instead of helping us, they marginalize us, pushing us out further and further.
Sometimes it abuses us spectators; sometimes it flatters us; sometimes it ignores us.
You have laughed with us, cried with us and grew old with us.
"Demanding transparency from the US, he said the "US owe us an explanation!
But it comes at a cost—it weakens us, distracts us, divides us.
They shape us, make us more fearless, give us confidence, validate our dreams.
It's these authors and words that inspired us, lifted us, commiserated with us, and helped us better understand the world throughout 2016.
Investment grade US healthcare M&A lending last year trailed only technology (US$45.3bn), beverage/food (US$42bn) and media (US$40.3bn).
That's why she tries to distract us with tired political rhetoric that seeks to label us, divide us, and pull us apart.
That is a good thing, because those imports save us money, keep us employed, feed us, help us get around, support our economy and give us access to cool, fun stuff.
NEW YORK, Feb 623 (IFR) - - For the week ended Feb 24, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$141.8m - IG YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$5.376bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$2.74bn - HY YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$2.360bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$618m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$4.667bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$28.4m - EM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$2.290bn - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$90.3m - EM HC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$1.664bn - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$62m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$625.885m (Reporting By Anthony Rodriguez; editing by Shankar Ramakrishnan)
NEW YORK, March 27.13 (IFR) - For the week ended March 16, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.986bn - IG YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$1.976bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$1.679bn - HY YTD NET INFLOW: US$6.082bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$176.1m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$4.793bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$190.2m - EM YTD NET INFLOW: US$1.383bn - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$163.1m - EM HC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$791.789m - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$27.1m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$591.321m (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
NEW YORK, Jan 254.4583 (IFR) - For the week ended Jan 27, Lipper US Fund Flows reported the following: - INVESTMENT-GRADE FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$1.187bn - IG YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$3.495bn - HIGH YIELD FUNDS NET INFLOW: US$883.3m - HY YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$4.076bn - LOAN-PARTICIPATION FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$783.7m - LPF YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$2.489bn - EM DEBT FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$407.7m - EM YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$1.268bn - EM HARD CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$153.2m - EM HC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$949.651m - EM LOCAL CURRENCY DEBT FUNDS NET OUTFLOW: US$254.458m - EM LC YTD NET OUTFLOW: US$318.138m (Reporting by Anthony Rodriguez; Editing by Marc Carnegie)
"If we feel triggered, if it angers us, if it upsets us, if it irritates us or disappoints us or scares us, we're not in a great position to intervene," Reichert says.
These neighbors don't always look like us, pray like us, dress like us, talk like us, or even live near us, but each one deserves a chance to flourish in this life.
They want us to become really afraid; they want us to become divided; they want us to join their "us and them" thing.
I want us to do things that delight us, bring us joy, and connect us to others who are living the same way.
Eventually, three golfers who saw us fall come near us, and they unhook us and kind of lift us out of the water.
The media was completely against us and hounded us and hated us and drummed everything up into us being public enemy number one.
Few of us have expectations that our clothing will protect us, help us with daily routines, medicate us or act as digital forums.
I can see our bikes behind us, the water in front of us, the blanket beneath us, and the grass all around us.
Art can entertain us and educate us, and in times like these, console us.
Khorramian elaborates on Dubuffet's premise, leaving us clues, setting us up, leading us on.
In this case, to know us may be to hate us or fear us.
Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy.
They never loved us—the young of us, the black of us—anyway, right?
Let us not allow our story to be written for us, but by us.
Leaders are supposed to speak to us, for us, and on behalf of us.
Mountains of wealth; medical breakthroughs; technologies that give us access, organize us, connect us.
Chefs call us, send us texts and write us on WhatsApp all the time.
This very "us versus them" or "you're with us or you're against us" mentality.
The police used to harass us, used to manhandle us and hit us…Today, the police bring us a chair to sit upon and respectfully ask us, 'What would you like to drink?
The US CLO market has seen US$17.9bn of US CLO refinancings, US$42.1bn of resets and US$19.1bn of reissues in the first half of the year, according to LPC Collateral data.
Lord, just teach us your ways of war, teach us how to love and how to hate, bless us Jesus and keep us safe.
She then guided us through a meditation to help us really see the person across from us, and to let them really see us.
They made us food, got us drunk, drew us maps, put gas in the tank.
Shoot us, hang us out in the rain, fucking run us over in a car.
SoftBank has US$70bn-equivalent of debt outstanding, including US$29bn at US subsidiary Sprint.
They are saying please kill us, feed off us and treat us as easy meat.
US$5bn 5yr at 8.625%, US$1.75bn 10yr at 9.0% PRICED: US$4153bn 2-part.
Give us the respect we deserve, stand with us unequivocally -- or give us a refund.
Antibiotics fundamentally alter the invisible microbial landscapes in us, on us and all around us.
Guam, a US territory, has a US naval base and a US Air Force base.
In some sense, the "us" of When They See Us is all of us: America.
He appeals to us because he wants to work for us and not against us.
We can let the baffling puzzle of life delight us, surprise us, and challenge us.
SLIME: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us, by Ruth Kassinger.
"You hate us 'cause you ain't us," the former Pats cheerleader told us at LAX.
The dichotomy "angers us, and frustrates us, and bewilders us to no end," Knight said.
Birds also help us to understand the world around us and connect us with nature.
He seems bent on reminding us on what divides us rather than what unites us.
This includes things like tickets on US airlines, US banking services and US media services.
God gave us Virginia Democrats because he loves us and wants us to be happy.
If reporting can explain the world to us, cultural criticism can explain us to us.
Coming this week:Monday — OPEC meeting; US and German manufacturing data; Markets closed in Hong KongTuesday — German retail salesWednesday — US markets half day; US balance of trade for MayThursday — US markets closedFriday — US jobs report
"Thank you for being with us and for taking us higher, for bringing us out of our daily mechanical routine, to make us reflect on things that are greater than us," Mr. Nespoli said.
Bank of America and Nomura are both forecasting US$7.53bn-US$27.5bn of issuance, Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank are both expecting US$22020bn and JP Morgan is calling for US$226bn-US$100bn.
We love how you write to us out of the blue to tell us you love us -- or to point us to a funny video.
The sovereign has also been conducting a US$750m buyback from its US$2.25bn 5.5% 2022s, US$2.5bn 5.85% 2023s and US$2bn 5.25% 2024s.
Can you tell us, just for people who are just joining us, remind us, recall for us what happened when you first, that first shot.
These graphs incorporate US equities, US bonds, US credit, US IL bonds, global IL bonds, global bonds, global DM equities, global EM equities, and gold.
BOOK: US$231bn 27 tranches for US$226bn 227 tranches for US$228bn 102 tranches for US$95.146bn Argentina's Province of Entre Rios will start roadshows next week ahead of a possible US dollar bond.
According to Wilbourn, that's why at night he wakes us up, that's why he bothers us, he wants to bite us, chase us, and play around with us—for Leo Ram, we are cats too.
You can tell us what you want us to tell your employer, you can tell us.
Email us, chat us on Keybase, or send us information anonymously via our Secure Drop server.
Morgan joins us to tell us what the harasser said, give us the whole story, Morgan.
"Deliver us serenity / Deliver us peace / Deliver us loving / We know we need it," he says.
Why is it that Serra's work moves us, draws us in, causes us to feel something.
Cookie Monster's answers made us laugh, he made us cry, and he made us eat cookies.
Our environments tune us, tell us our boundaries, and sometimes break us into a million pieces.
What does it mean for our images to follow us, track us, stay with us forever?
"You've watched us date, you've watched us get engaged, you've watched us get married," she says.
Each of us has a Markov blanket that keeps us apart from what is not us.
"So plants are helping us out, they're buying us time, but ultimately it's up to us."
Outside the US, US-affiliated journalists do ultimately depend on the protection of the US government.
US$2bn 7yr at 4.625%, US$2bn 31yr at 6.75% PRICED: US$4bn 2-part total.
" Booker then pivoted to Trump, saying that the candidate "demeans us, degrades us and divides us.
Leaders set the culture, inspire us, give us a safety net, and look out for us.
Their need to tell us they love us, love us, with all their love in vain . . .
That will be beneficial for all us of us, Latinos, blacks, whites, Muslims, all of us.
Support us in our own business ventures—our workplaces should be for us, by us. 75.
He flew us in, he had a bus waiting for us, he made time for us.
It gives us power, it gives us direction, it gets us through the day by day.
She's saying that capitalism is built to track us and sell us and sell to us.
Tell us where he want to take us and how he plan to take us there.
"Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy," she wrote.
Work with us and meet us and help us work together to get back our communities.
"I know they're going to brief us to protect us, not to surveil us," he added.
They make us think, they make us laugh and today, Timothy Polin is serving us drinks.
The US consumer remains resilient A healthy US consumer is key to avoiding a US recession.
I mean when I say 'us,' I don't mean us Apple; I mean us as Americans.
Everything the system does to us convicts is designed to tear us down, to degrade us.
Museum patrons also taunted us, flipped us off, PHYSICALLY ATTACKED our NYC comrades, and ignored us.
But by guiding us toward the activities that interconnect us rather than isolate us, Facebook could get us to shift our time in the right direction.
Eclipses tear things away from us that are no longer serving us or helping us grow and, again, they show us things in a new light.
Eclipses show us the world in a new light, bring us new opportunities and push us to say goodbye to whatever is no longer serving us.
One employee contacted us via Facebook, and he was really angry with us and telling us to leave the city, or something will happen to us.
Similarly, refinancings are down 74.8% to US$18.8bn from US$74.7bn, while M&A-driven issuance has dropped by 56.4% to US$19.7bn from US$45.2bn.
"They will tell us when they don't want us in the pool, they will tell us when they do want us to come in," Lilly said.
It turns us into our worst selves — dehumanizing us, deranging us, keying us up, beating us down, turning us into shrieking outrage monkeys hellbent on the innocents of Oz. It uncomplicates complicated discussion; stealth-curates our news; hijacks our dopamine systems, carrying us off on a devil's quest for ever more dime bags of retweets and likes.
Coming next week: Monday — OPEC meeting; US and German manufacturing dataTuesday — German retail salesWednesday — US markets half day; US balance of trade for MayThursday — US markets closedFriday — US jobs report Lydia DePillis and Rishi Iyengar contributed reporting.
US Operations More Strategic: Continuing US revenue and EBITDA growth but also DT's stronger commitment to parental funding of the US subsidiary leads us to believe that T-Mobile US is becoming more strategic to the group.
It reminds us that even when we think we know everything associated with a natural phenomenon, something can come and surprise us, delight us, or terrorize us.
Additionally, you'll earn 6x points at Marriott Bonvoy properties and 4x points at US restaurants, US gas stations, US wireless telephone service, and US purchases for shipping.
Banks are calling for US$75bn to US$100bn of US CLO volume in 2020 after more than US$108bn was arranged this year through November 1.83.
Taiwanese loans soared 7503% to US$2750bn from US$2105bn a year earlier and Singapore also jumped 290% to US$35.59bn from US$29.36bn a year earlier.
It plans to grow GM revenues by US$300m, or 5.3%, to US$6bn next year, and chop costs by US$113m, or 4%, to US$4.8bn.
We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and, now, to intimidate us.
They were pinning us in a corner and making decisions for us without even talking to us.
But on the other hand, people are seeking us out, looking hard for us, to harm us.
And Evan is showing us his musicality and showing us all of the options he brought us.
It's humbling to know that God loves us and looks at us and thinks of us often.
We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and now, to intimidate us.
God continues to watch over us and show us he has us in his hands every day.
They reveal shocking news, they place us on new paths, they excite us, and they exhaust us.
There's all this water, all around us — but look at us, lucky us, we have a boat.
We are desperate to fight forgetting — it scares us, it annoys us, and it can cost us.
We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and, now, to intimidate us.
"His daring, whose ever expanding artistic vitality simultaneously soothes us, sears us and astonishes us," he said.
They pitched better than us, they hit better than us, and they played defense better than us.
The buyers would stand nearby and inspect us as we went by, stop us, and examine us.
We swipe left on your multiple attempts to buy us, copy us, and, now, to intimidate us.
"They punched us and punched us again and punched us again," Washington coach Scott Brooks said afterward.
Wearable tech now employs apps to tell us what stresses us out and what makes us happy.
They protect us, warn us and, in some cases, even inspire us to live better, healthier lives.
This was done to all of us, to scare us into silence, to make us stop talking.
And I think it made us stronger, united us, made us work together more as a sport.
"Decades of research have taught us that these algorithms constantly surprise us and outwit us," he said.
Prove your US citizenshipIn order to obtain a US passport, you'll need to be a US citizen.
Tell us what scares you, tell us what you're excited about, tell us what you're working on.
Give us long balls, give us elbows, give us James Tomkins and David Wheater at centre-back.
In short, the objective is to outlast us, and to eviscerate the institutions that make us, us.
You can rob us, you can beat us, you can kill us and get away with it.
"They told us that they came to give us peace," one resident complained to us in July.
The government is failing us, they're stealing from us, they're making a system that don't benefit us.
Just as schools teach us about the world around us, they must also teach us about ourselves.
"Before us doing it, it was just us dancing to tracks that made us footwork," Spinn explains.
They want to prod us, prompt us, push us out onto the sidewalk ready to take action.
They're not so different from us, but we never stop and reexamine, well, what makes us, us?
The US$7.5bn syndicated financing consisted of a US$2.5bn three-year term loan, a US$2.5bn five-year term loan, a US$2.5bn 20173-day bridge loan to capital markets issues and a US$1bn revolving credit.
Dell's US$20bn trade amassed an US$87bn order book, while pharmacy chain Walgreens got more than US$40bn in orders for its five-part US$6bn offering.
GE Capital led the US$302.5m deal, split between a US$50m revolver, a US$172m first-lien term loan and a US$80.5m second-lien term loan.
The financing comprises a US$15.35bn 364-day tranche, a US$433bn 364-day tranche, a US$7.5bn 364-day tranche, and a US$3.5bn 90-day tranche.
And most of us suffer when we don't have them — not all of us, but most of us.
They comfort us when we're sad, protect us from trouble, detect cancer, and stand beside us in war.
Tag us, talk to us, and let us know how your R29 YA Month Book Challenge is going.
I hope that new ideas and innovations will delight us, surprise us, and keep us safer and cleaner.
"This team brought us together and this team showed us so much to make us hopeful," he said.
"My message is: Muslims need to live with us, not next to us or against us," he said.
Many girls gave us a wide berth, but others were curious about us and even sought us out.
US$1bn 10yr at T+160bp, US$036.553bn Tap 2045s at T+210bp PRICED: US$2.5bn 2-part.
And thank you for pushing us to see that there is more that unites us than divides us.
When I've learned, studying the US and also the lowercase us, that there's only us, there's no them.
It turns us over, it does not carry us so much as it pushes us, stripping the riverbed.
As always, you can listen to us (or better yet, subscribe to us and rate us) on iTunes.
That was before we learned that our technology is spying on us, manipulating us and eating us alive.
There was just US$406.1bn of institutional US loan issuance in 2019, down from US$143bn in 2018.
And when the enemies of the US want to strike at US symbols, they now strike at us!
"From the moment they heard us, they never left us alone, they kept us company," Ms. Bronzi said.
"Russell Simmons and his enablers cannot intimidate us, bully us or ignore us," their January 13 statement read.
The US$3bn included a US$2.5bn five-year credit agreement and a US$500m 364-day loan.
Congress and other political leaders are supposed to speak to us, for us, and on behalf of us.
Also, he didn't let us do exactly what we wanted, he really pushed us, and made us work.
Leslie greeted us and helped us place our order - and even gave us some cold brew coffee samples!
"They hears us they eyes us they knows us," a child's voice whispers and crackles through the headpiece.
Coming this week:Monday — US February retail sales; US ISM manufacturingTuesday — Walgreen (WBA)earnings; US February durable goods ordersWednesday — US ISM servicesThursday — Constellation Brand (STZ)earnings; Reserve Bank of India rate decisionFriday — US March jobs report; EU finance ministers meet
Where Aquarius imbues us with icy, other-worldly feelings and Gemini whips us up into an energetic frenzy, Libra season mellows us out and makes us ready to mingle.
Just so he doesn't drown us, sink us, minstrelsy us, mug us on some urban dark corner, station very, very, overbearingly loud, filling the car so impossible to think.
"Mexican officials kicked us off the bridge this morning—they told us the US wouldn't give us asylum if we were from El Salvador or Honduras," Jesenia told me.
In Australia volume climbed to US$95.53bn, 16.8% higher than US$20193bn in 2017 and Singapore saw US$51.66bn respectively in 2018, 2728% up on US$26.7bn in 25.135.
Coming this week:Wednesday — US durable goods reportThursday — Dollar General (DG) earnings; New US home sales report; Tesla holds Model Y eventFriday — US industrial production and US consumer confidence report
These are the algorithms that talk with us, that watch us, that trade for us, that select dates for us, that suggest what we might buy, sell, or wear.
Asking us — daring us — to imagine their lives.
"We're not going to see that smile again in person, and we're not going to feel that energy, having her hold us and kiss us and calling us 'bella,' and having her tell us that she loved us," Kurnath said.
IPT: 6% area PRICE GUIDANCE: US$540m 25.50-year at 25.700% area (+/-218bp) LAUNCH: US$22021m (upsized from US$25.00m) at 2625% PRICED: US$3003m 2300-year: 2500; 2500%C; 5.65%Y; T+371.9bp BOOK: US$2.9bn NIC: 15bp (vs.
This includes a US$8bn Term Loan B facility, a US$3.5bn Term Loan A-1, a US$3.5bn Term Loan A-2, a US$2.5bn cash flow facility and a US$3bn revolving credit facility on the loan side.
It saddens us that the people who hold us in fear and keep us silenced are people we work with, people who many of us have aspired to work under, and people who some of us have known as friends.
In 2003, we played in the US. Before we came to the US, we got a threatening email from Chinese students studying in the US. They told us not to come, and that if we played then they would kill us.
It's been taken up by far right, white supremacists, neo-Nazis.. and I'm here today to say this space is not for them, this space is for us, this space is for us queers, us gays, us trans, us disabled.
The sovereign increased the maximum acceptance offer for its US$500m 8.75% 2021s to US$200m from US$150m.
We were really happy to have our immediate family with us, the people who raised us and love us.
And there are more cells within us that are not us than there are cells that make up us.
They met us where we were as a nation, but they did not leave us where they found us.
BARTIROMO: Stay with us -- stay with us Devin Nunes, I want to ask you about this, stay with us.
They teach us how our history led us to this political moment, and they show us the way forward.
The people around us who we grow up with, who form us, teach us what to be disgusted by.
This illness is great at isolating us from the world around us and convincing us that we are worthless.
One taught us love, one taught us patience, one taught dissect every frame of a music video.
Like I mentioned earlier, with us in London, being in the US will make us a much bigger company.
"They have put their own lives on the line to protect us, to defend us, and to save us."
They told us the Americans, the unbelievers, were trying to kill us but they, the fighters, they loved us.
Some of us like football, some of us like the arts, many of us want both in our lives.
They're there to empower us, to make us laugh, and to remind us of the good in the world.
They came and visited us and asked us some questions and then chose us to be in the show.
Alibaba also sold US$55.123bn of 255.12% 28.34s, US$252.2bn of 3.125% 2021s and US$2.25bn of 3.6% 2024s.
As the #MeToo movement is showing us, none of us is immune, and so many of us are affected.
He looked earnestly into the camera and implored us, begged us, even scolded us, to do something about it.
We ordered three sizes: a size 8 (US size 4), a 10 (US 6), and a 12 (US 8).
"This part of history has always been affecting us, distorting us and reshaping us," he said in an interview.
There is a deep breakdown happening between us, between us and our institutions and between us and our president.
We believe that God is with us and that he will help us stay together because he loves us.
She heard us and decided that she wanted us to pay for April but would waive us May rent.
Secondly, talk to us — tell us about what you're seeing and hearing and what you'd like us to cover.
People know nothing about us, but they like to dress up like us or have us as a mascot.
Freeman Consulting Services estimate the fees for the US$229bn bridge to be between US$22018m to US$28.7m.
I think that's what made us special, that's what made us good, us playing harder than the other team.
"It will show us who's with us and who's against us," said Patricia Maisch, 69, who survived the Jan.
My father took us to the airport, kissed us goodbye and promised to see us in a few days.
These human conditions should not be what bankrupts us, what ruins us financially after decimating us physically and mentally.
LONDON, April 30 (LPC) - T-Mobile US, Deutsche Telekom's US unit, is backing its US$26bn takeover of Sprint Corp with US$38bn of fully committed loans, the company said.
"We have people from all around the world who perceive us the way they want to and criticize us and compare us and pit us against each other," she says.
The transaction included a US$2200m first-lien component, which was reduced from US$2425m previously, and a US$225m second-lien tranche versus an original target of US$24.3m.
"They trained us and took us out to these firing ranges and put us through these exercises and then stayed with us as technical advisors on the film," Affleck shared.
So, in honor of National Teacher Day, let's give a shout-out to the adults who put up with us, encouraged us, challenged us, and drove us to all-nighters.
Dell's US$10bn pro-rata loans include a US$3.5bn three-year term loan, a US$3.5bn five-year term loan and a US$3bn five-year revolving credit facility.
"We deserve a U.S. senator who sees beyond the labels, who actually cares about us, who listens to us, who sees us and respects us as individuals," the video continues.
That includes spouses of US citizens, unmarried children of US citizens under 21, orphans adopted by US citizens and parents of US citizens who are at least 21 years old.
Most of the big grocers "have wanted to kill us, partner with us, invest in us or buy us — all probably in the course of the same conversation," he said.
Morgan Stanley is calling for US$226bn of broadly syndicated US CLO volume in 22021, while Barclays has forecast US$23bn-US$22020bn of similar funds, according to research reports.
Instead of taking us to an immigration center, the man who'd brought us dropped us off in the Mexican city of San Luis Río Colorado and called us a taxi.
"The region has cheered us as a home-grown story, as a local home-grown champion and that helped us in many different ways -- all the way from helping us with ideas, helping us open doors, helping us with funding; pretty much helping us with anything we needed help with," he says.
Up next Monday: Europe business confidence Tuesday: US and UK consumer confidence; China manufacturing and services data Wednesday: ADP private US employment report; China, Japan and US manufacturing data Thursday: US initial unemployment claims; Chewy (CHWY) and Walgreen Boots Alliance (WBA) earnings Friday: US jobs report; Constellation Brands (STZ) earnings; US services data
US meat processor Tyson Foods is buying packaged sandwich supplier AdvancePierre for an enterprise value of US$210bn including the target's debt, US paint maker PPG Industries raised its bid for Dutch rival Akzo Nobel to US$215bn, Luxembourg-based JAB Holdings agreed to buy Panera Bread for US$7.2bn and German healthcare group Fresenius will acquire US generic drugmaker Akorn for US$4.75bn.
All parts of the business struggled: rates revenues halved to US$74m, foreign exchange income fell 3.333% to US$208m, capital structuring halved to US$51m, commodities dropped 34% to US$35m and credit and capital markets revenues sagged 12% to US$85m.
It de-centers us and destabilizes us, and makes us realize that actually, we should be humble, and not think that our gut impressions of the world around us are reliable.
Meat, fish, poultry, and dairy are fattening us up, giving us cancer and Type-26 diabetes, and poisoning us with toxins, Kip Andersen, the film's co-director and star, tells us.
From a deal perspective, AB - PCI can commit up to US$200m and potentially hold up to US$100m, with the typical hold size ranging from US$25m to US$70m.
Issuers have US$185bn of loans coming due in 2022 and US$3003bn in 2023 versus just US$11bn in 2019 and US$21bn in 210.125, according to Moody's Investors Service.
" For Barrymore, it's simple: "Make the effort and energy to go and try to pick good people to protect us, and watch out for us, and lead us and guide us.
And that let us do mail, it let us do cable TV, it let us do digital ads, it let us do what we needed to do to win our race.
She reminded us that feeling those things don't make us weak, they make us better equipped to connect with people.
She picks us up and drops us off to school everyday and also take us to our sports every day.
We could always count on the Kardashian sister to shock us, wow us, and inspire us with her latest look.
You actually helped us when it was meant to harm us [because] this did nothing but unite us even more.
As a US presidential candidate and US citizen, I want protection from this kind of thing from the US Constitution.
"They would call us stupid, they would call us lame, they would call us all kinds of stuff," said Parson.
See, one of us is drinking, one of us is smoking and one of us is not taking our pill!
"I think it's really good ... when movies make us uncomfortable or challenge us or make us think differently," he added.
So why are some people trying to separate us into factions, emphasizing what divides us instead of what unites us?
The deal was launched at US$22014m and raised US$1.27bn in syndication before being scaled back to US$1bn.
If our key customer demands us to manufacture in the US, is it possible for us not to do so?
It gave us the valuable intel, allowed us to get to the courier, which took us right to bin Laden.
Too often, we surround ourselves only by people who look like us and think like us and act like us.
On Friday, Citigroup reiterated its US$100bn US CLO new-issue forecast and its US$40bn CLO refinancing/reset forecast.
It's worth noting that the free tier is only available in Google's us-east1, us-west1 and us-central1 regions.
Most of us are very weird, most of us are very nerdy, most of us don't come from Mexico City.
It's clear that football has been taken from us, and by "us" I mean us straight white American men, specifically.
But we're totally honored, humbled and appreciative to the Hall for even just considering us, inducting us and inviting us.
"It's really a concern that I have about us as Americans and us as a society and us as citizens"
US Marines have arrived in northern Syria with artillery to support US-backed local forces fighting there, US officials said.
As we headed out around 11, a happily buzzed C-level executive hugged us and told us he loved us.
US and China China accused the US of trying to "kill" Chinese businesses after US prosecutors indicted telecom giant Huawei.
Puerto Rican volunteers have been helping us connect with city services, going with us to appointments and translating for us.
Early in the game, the Jaguars were rolling over us, smashing us with their defense, humiliating us with their offense.
Tell us about your experience and show us your day at the polls by sending us your photos and videos.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespasses against us.
"He married us in the Maasai language and blessed us by having us drink from the jug," Mr. Lee said.
On Wednesday, the US Senate unanimously passed a bill to give US carriers US$58bn in aid, including payroll support.
He wants us to be afraid, for it is fear that divides us, that sets us one against the other.
Technology can separate us, distract us and instill fear in us; teachers know well that it sometimes does all three.
Some US$6bn of debt could include around US$4bn of senior debt financing and around US$2bn of subordinated.
Stopping US trade and killing 100K US jobs is fine with us, but the world won't follow impulsive tweeted diktats.
"To me, I wish more people would believe us and protect us and support us," she said, her voice cracking.
"Christmas reminds us that God continues to love us all, even the worst of us," Francis said in his homily.
We have US moderation team, our head of trust and safety is in the US, it's a US-led operation.
"They rocked us right away, hit us with a right-hand hook, stumbled us," Bulls forward Taj Gibson told
Instead of listening to us, the government is criminalizing us and treating us as if we are vandals and thieves.
There's stuff coming at us — They're firing at us!
" He added that the "US owe us an explanation!
They've never gave us -- they gave us $500 million.
Help us heal by standing — or sitting — alongside us.
The debt includes a Barclays-led term loan B that was upsized to US$470m from US$445m and a Deutsche Bank-led unsecured bond that was downsized twice to US$603m from US$325m, as well as an undrawn US$250m five-year revolving credit facility, decreasing the overall size by US$17.5m.
Russians could strike out at the US in any number of ways, continuing to target the US diplomatic presence in Russia and US properties there, and escalating its harassment of US diplomats.
The loan replaces the US$1.415bn maturing tranche of Gunvor's US$1.67bn RCF agreed in November 2016; and a US$210m tranche from the company's US$1.36bn RCF agreed in November 2015.
Singapore skyrocketed 255% to US$221bn from US$163bn a year earlier, while Taiwan's tally of US$216bn was 275% higher than the US$265bn raised in the first quarter of 2017.
Over four thousand American service members from the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, and US Air Force are participating in exercise Cobra Gold alongside troops of six other partner nations.
JP Morgan revised its new-issue US CLO forecast in February, calling for US$115bn-US$125bn of volume this year.
The US general said the US F-35 integrates with other US weapons and systems to give it the technological advantage.
"He said he was going to take us and show us what trail he wanted us to start on," Brown said.
Canada just can&apost -- just kicks us, kicks us, kicks us on lumber and puts people out of work in Maine.
That really motivated us because it told us we were on the right track and gave us confidence in our direction.
It was a really good piece for us right then, and I think it grounded us and helped us a lot.
Some of us in Ohio 2, some of us in West Dakota, and a lucky some of us in Long Chile.
CLINTON: ... who got us out of that... (APPLAUSE) CLINTON: ... put us on firm ground, and has sent us into the future.
We were really specific, and they just really trusted us and believed in us, and let us do what we want.
"God's faithfulness to us in our most difficult moments has sustained us and brought us such love and comfort," they said.
Prayer helps shape us, refine us and unite us under God, creating the fruits necessary for personal, cultural and societal health.
"Let us never allow our differences to separate us, to cause animosity or stir intolerance and violence among us," said Mnangagwa.
They are beating us at trade and they are beating us at the border, and they are killing us with drugs.
As long as we have each other, health, happiness and love they can't cheat us, use us or cause us harm.
People will stop us at red lights on our way in and tell us their whole church is praying for us.
JP Morgan revised its new-issue US CLO forecast in February, calling for US$1003bn-US$125bn of volume this year.
It's not just a game and a joke on CNN to entertain us, to bore us, or to make us furious.
When we take over the spaces that allow us opportunity, let us use those levers of power to lift us all.
At least 11 US citizens assigned to the US embassy as contractors were injured in the blast, according to US officials.
Understanding the world humanizes us; it makes us aware of the larger reality around us, of other cultures and other people.
The loans are spread across several tranches including US$22016m of TLB22023; US$21.1m of TLB2; and US$35.7m of TLB3.
Bilal used to join us onstage, when Ledisi used to join us onstage, when Erykah used to join us on tage.
They're giving us free drinks to keep us happy and occupied, but they won't tell us when our plane is coming.
US officials provided this information to Pakistani authorities and US officials even began unilaterally discussing a possible US-staged rescue attempt.
All those women, generations of us, races of us, ages of us; all those marches, and rallies, and speeches, and demonstrations.
They are beating us at trade and they are beating us at the border, and they are killing us with drugs. . . .
Our defense is what gets us out in the open court, what gets us spread, what gets us in a rhythm.
"It makes us feel happy and relaxed that they will not let us behind (neglect us)," he said, speaking in English.
Crude prices were taking back earlier gains on Friday, with US crude hitting US$29.40, down from US$30.77 on Thursday.
T.: Between the two of us, I wouldn't consider either of us frugal, but neither of us lives above our means.
" In 1961, JFK reminded us, "Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belaboring those problems which divide us.
There's a lot of us out there with good hearts, and people who are not us that genuinely care about us.
Elvis gave us The Beatles, who gave us David Bowie, who gave us Nirvana, and so and so on, into infinity.
When they see us in schools, because of our uniforms they call us soldiers and they get excited to see us.
Norms constrain us; fear restrains us; things large and small, seen and unseen, obstruct us from being what we might be.
Some exceptional men championed us; there were bosses who took a chance and hired us, and who made us look good.
Glover forces us to relive public traumas and barely gives us a second to breathe before he forces us to dance.
Currently, he is a trainer for the US Secret Service, the FBI, the US Marshals Service and the US Capitol Police.
If the US government allows us to continue to use Google's ecosystem, the US would maintain its dominance in this field.
They don't so much inform us or guide us as correct us: You're looking there, but you should be looking here.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.
"Let us recommit to always remembering our shared humanity that there is more that unites us than divides us," Ardern said.
It is that very accessibility that means at times we have people who protest us, shout at us, even threaten us.
US CLO issuance is forecast to fall in 2020, with banks calling for between US$75bn to US$100bn of volume.
"It's no secret to us or to anybody that he can certainly lift us up and pull us along," Fowler said.
For my family's first Christmas, America gave us safety, kept us together and offered us a chance at a new life.
But it's not the yawner who makes us yawn; it's a yawning trigger within each of us that makes us yawn.
Most of us can tell you our abuelas played a central role in raising us — from taking care of us as children to teaching us about our culture and always making sure there was food (so much food!) filling the plates in front of us.
Ali forced us to take a look at ourselves, this brash young man who thrilled us, angered us, confused and challenged us, ultimately became a silent messenger of peace, who taught us that life is best when you build bridges between people, not walls.
" In a statement, a TikTok spokesperson said: "TikTok US is localized, adheres to US laws, and stores all US user data in the US. Our content and moderation policies are led by our US-based team and are not influenced by any foreign government.
DATA/EVENTS (GMT) 1330 US Durable Goods Oct1330 US GDP 0.67853nd Estimate Q31330 US Initial Jobless Claims Weekly1500 US Consumption, Adjusted MM Oct1900 US Federal Reserve issues Beige Book of economic condition MARKET NEWS * Asian shares ticked higher as more upbeat signals from Sino-U.
Coming this week: Monday — US February retail sales; US ISM manufacturing Tuesday — Walgreens (WBA) earnings; US February durable goods orders Wednesday — US ISM services Thursday — Constellation Brands (STZ) earnings; Reserve Bank of India rate decision Friday — US March jobs report; EU finance ministers meet
A US$18bn bridge loan backing Dublin-based rare disease drugmaker Shire's US$32bn merger with US peer Baxalta and a US$13.1bn bridge loan that funded French yoghurt maker Danone's acquisition of US organic foods producer WhiteWave Foods were both quickly refinanced with bonds.
Later, when some of us went on to graduate school and our advisers asked us for sexual favors; or some of us went on the job market and were asked for sexual favors; or when people who were offering us jobs also wanted to grope us and found ways to corner us, we did not always speak out.
My proposal would be, I think the US should lead on this, so we should have a US ... the US should lead on regulating ads, we should have a US federal privacy law.
Our Airbnb host meets us on a golf cart, takes us to our apartment, shows us how to work the AC and connect to WiFi, and gives us a tour of the building.
As we've said before, each phase of the moon affects us differently: The new moon makes us more reflective; a waxing moon motivates us; a waning moon makes us more cautious and careful.
Once again, This Is Us shows us how marriage changes people, and how sacrificing pieces of ourselves for the good of spouses and children can both build us up and break us down.
While there was sufficient demand to nearly double the euro-denominated tranche to the equivalent of US$1bn from US$550m, the dollar nominated tranche was reduced to US$3.75bn from US$4.2bn.
He could determine that US involvement in the region is not worth the risk to the US mainland and withdraw the US from our regional defense treaties and US forces from the region.
The US anticipates that Turkey will make a number of requests for US support, such as airstrikes to continue military operations inside Syria when the US withdraws, according to a US defense official.
"We can't let fear stop us from doing what's necessary from keeping us safe nor can we let it push us into reckless actions that end up making us less safe," she warned.
Alfiya put some fresh bread in a bag for us, Kasym gave us some bags of candy, and each of us was also presented with a small embroidered cloth to take with us.
Pending investigations of US companies by foreign antitrust agencies, including ones contemplating extra-jurisdictional remedies imposed on US companies owning US patents, call out for the presence of a strong US antitrust voice.
Denigrating the things that inspire us most makes us cynical and pliable, makes us easy to manipulate and manage, makes us willing to swallow unpalatable truths in the form of compromise and calculation.
Our families rejected us, the second country didn't help us.
What can keep us safe, also makes us more vulnerable.
Nobody talked to us, but someone sent us the footage.
It showed us a mirror, right in front of us!
Whatever is going on between us will stay between us!
No US plans though, give us a few more years.
US jobs report: The US labor market keeps getting stronger.
Send us an email or contact us anonymously through SecureDrop.
"They hate us cause they can't be us," Dodd said.
But, for us, it has allowed us to become fearless.
Send us an email or contact us anonymously via SecureDrop.
They led us up and now they're leading us down.
"Hemedti will kill us, all of us, anyway," she said.
God will never forsake us, but he will transform us.
She's more social than us, so she brings us together.
Let us know if you want us to scrub it.
Send us an email or contact us securely via SecureDrop.
Every one of us – 14 of us – got $1 million.
LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on and Instagram!
Most of us don't carry our cell phones with us.
Their cheering always reaches us and give us good energy.
"Tesla called us up and told us that," Sonnad said.
To inspire us and distract us in times of trouble.
"There's no way the US can crush us," he said.
They're already against us, so we shouldn't be against us.
Some of us loved "Dancer," and some of us didn't.
Support us in action, don't just acknowledge and tokenize us.
Because now they respect us, they didn't even respect us.
The site was home to footage for us, by us.
This 'celebration' of us isn't actually a celebration of us.
You show us strength and teach us lessons every day.
Coming this week:Friday — US GDP; US consumer sentiment for April
The one who promised us he'd never let us down.
And he follows us and retweets us all the time.
The first time he heard us, he was on us.
Everyone who made us feel hopeful, everyone who inspired us.
Lucky for us, she shared it all with us, ahead.
He likes to be on us or right beside us!
But blanket allegations don't bring us together, they divide us.
He bailed us out, and he gave us that point.
They repel us, because they are so close to us.
But there is also genius around us, and within us.
This does not make us "children"; it makes us human.
Those sounds are supposed to grab us and keep us.
So that burdens us and hurts us a little bit.
Our opponents can intimidate us, but they can't silence us.
"This has baffled us and will continue to baffle us."
"If you don't stand with us, you stand against us."
Betraying our values does not strengthen us, it diminishes us.
We know what's good for us, what works for us.
It ate us up and spit us out new people.
Asking questions, for many of us, makes us feel vulnerable.
Whatever brings us together also brings us closer to God.
Technology can connect us, but it can also isolate us.
How it was dividing us, how it was tribalizing us.
Yeah. When they rescued us they brung us to Houston.
And do us all a favor, save us from Trump.
It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.
She thanked us & paid for our breakfast without telling us.
"He threatens to attack us and kill us," she says.
It's what holds us back, but also makes us human.
Data that is generated about us, rather than by us.
Tufekci has told us before, and she's telling us again.
His leadership brought us together; his legacy inspires us still.
I'm asking you: are you with us, or against us?
"It's what reconnected us, it put us on the map."
It's our universal user's manual, truly for us, by us.
You'll find us rough, sir, but you'll find us ready.

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