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"she" Definitions
  1. [singular] (informal) a female
  2. she- (in compound nouns) a female animal

949 Sentences With "she"

How to use she in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "she" and check conjugation/comparative form for "she". Mastering all the usages of "she" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's a classic he said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said.
"Just to correct you, I'm sorry -- it's a she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation," Tapper said.
" Tapper interrupted by saying, "Just to correct you, I'm sorry — it's a she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said situation.
She lies, she cheats, she betrays confidences, she pathetically seeks the approval of others, she fears others, she talks too much, she smiles too much, she is unlovable, she doesn't bathe often enough.
She did what she did, and she said she did what she did.
She was, and she was, and she was, and she was, and she was.
They showed Jane the photograph—she couldn't really see by that point, but Denise says she knew, she knew, she saw, she knew, she heard, she smiled—and then she died.
She dresses how she wants to dress, she looks how she wants to look, she acts how she wants to act.
In her private life, she likes to make things: She cooks, she crochets, she knits, she sketches, and she makes collages.
She cooks; she crafts; she hosts guests; she lives alone.
She is what she is, she was what she was.
She came tonight, she came — came, she came, she came.
She said that she hadn't, and she didn't wonder now; she felt like she already knew.
She said she didn't know why she needed space, but she did, and she was sorry.
She hates that she, too, hides who she is and what she does, but in today's climate she feels she has no choice.
These days, she said, she thinks carefully about everything she does — what she wears, what she says, whom she connects with on Facebook.
When asked if she thought she could win such a vote, she said she believed she could.
" She added, "She was loving, she was dependable, she was kind.
She does what she wants and she says what she feels.
She says she was speechless when she learned she was carrying quintuplets.
She did what she wanted, when she wanted, with whom she wanted.
"She said she heard her voice and she hung up," she says.
She "panicked," she told police, so she did as she was told.
She knows what she likes, and she knew she liked Mr. Gliklich.
She had an elegance, she knew how to walk, she knew what she wanted, she knew the faults in her face, she knew herself perfectly.
"She was drunk, she was aggressive, she was abusive, she was chucking food, she wanted her bag, she wasn't taking any notice of airline safety procedures and she just got let on."
She said she would sometimes ask for documentation when she saw transactions she wasn't aware of — sometimes she got those documents, and sometimes not, she said.
But to refresh a little about Alayah, I'll say this — she came, she personified drama, she left, she came back, she wreaked havoc, she left again.
She said she regretted doing what she did and she made a mistake.
And she has children who she adores, she has a family she adores.
Once she was unpacked, she said, she would show me what she had.
She is dedicated to what she does because she loves what she does.
She didn't smile, but when she did she got what she wanted immediately.
She chose not to, she explained, because she feared she would break down.
She sees what she wants and she goes for it — she leans in.
She learned she could ask for help when she needed it, she explained.
" She knows she may die: "if she is prudent, she settles her affairs.
She had things she wanted to say: She wasn't sorry, she told me.
She thought she was ill and didn't know she was pregnant, she said.
She can rap, she can dance, she can captivate — but can she cook?
"She was beautiful, she was fun, she had a lot of energy, she was loving, she was supportive," Crowe said.
She was smart and she was quick and she was clever and she was kind and she was considerate — everything.
She flaps, she chirps, she dances, she talks, she does all the things feathered parrots do without missing a beat.
Now [we're] revealing who she is, why she is the way she is, and why she did what she did.
She feels she has people to whom she belongs, and to whom she could go back, if she needed to.
She wails, she shouts, she rasps, she exhorts, she fills phrases with teasing curlicues and holds pure tones endlessly aloft.
"She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord and she loved me and she was my baby sister," Marcus said.
She writes that she often felt like she "wasn't cut out for heterosexuality," but really she couldn't find anyone she liked more than she liked being alone.
She did step out, she came back, she said she would talk about it.
She eliminates him, she takes him back; she asks him to change, she waits.
"She was happy, she was in love, she was a good journalist," she says.
"I'm glad she recognizes she should be proud of how she looks," she said.
She got stronger, she got braver, she didn't complain, she had a double mastectomy.
She was ferocious, and when she saw what she wanted, she just took it.
She knows it's irrational, she says, but she sees her stalker wherever she goes.
She knows what he did, and she knows that she still loves him. She
"She was really funny and she was fierce and she was happy," she says.
"She was really outgoing, she wasn't shy and she was never mean," she says.
She wins this week's Fishy because she does exactly what she says she will.
If she couldn't say who she was, could she perhaps indicate who she wasn't?
As naïve as she can be, she trusts that she knows what she wants.
She told him she felt like she wasn't progressing, that she was a disappointment.
There are stories she wishes she hadn't written, questions she wishes she hadn't asked.
She says she touches them; she talks to them; she love, love, loves them.
When she wants pity, as she often does, she asks for pity; when she pities herself, she lets the reader know.
Though she cringes at the cliché, she says that she knew she would be an artist since she was a child.
She said recently she doesn't feel like she can win ... she's shamed when she loses weight and shamed when she doesn't.
But she was going to beat — she was favored to win — and she got schlonged, she lost, I mean she lost.
Yes. She is hair (blonde), she is tan (tan), she is jewelry (gold), she is gloss, she is heels, heels, heels.
Though she said she did not know what she would do next, she said she was eager to return to writing.
We need to know who she is, if she is who she says she is — and if she exists at all.
She told her brother, Colin, that she thought she was going insane and she worried that she was a danger to others because she was filled with rage.
"She called me and said that she did indeed have children and she said she was sorry and she actually thanked me for lifting a burden that she had held for 68 years," she says.
"She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord and she loved me and she was my baby sister," said her brother Marcus.
She admits she had the game, she admits someone stole it from her, and she admits she told Hanna the game's pull would be too strong if she helped.
She says she knew she was of the age where she should have gotten a colonoscopy, but she just "didn't want to" because she thought it would be uncomfortable.
She knows she can't have that, and so she starts to want the one thing that she feels she can have at this point: She wants out of science.
She was a deputy manager when she had her first child, in 2014, and she was demoted when she returned, she said.
She says she doesn't regret pursuing the case as vigorously as she did, because she says she wanted her truth out there.
She doesn't realize she can move up because she doesn't have parents but if she did she would probably have a PhD.
"She actually ages backwards and she looks amazing and in person she is that glowy and she is that beautiful," she added.
She knew she belonged in #Hollywood right here, she just didn't know how she was getting there but she DREAMED BIG AF!!!
She says she would not be the mother she is if she hadn't had access to the safe, legal abortion she needed.
Although she did not actually love Mr. Raniere, she added, she thought she had probably told him many times that she did.
She says she is undecided about who she will vote for, although she likes Gillibrand.
And when she realized she was pregnant, she knew immediately what she had to do.
She cleans, she swims, she sets grease fires when she tries to cook (more foreshadowing!).
"She figured it out, she was smart, she was strong, she was prepared," he said.
She got married, but then she also got divorced—when she realized she was gay.
She kept hoping if she posted on Facebook about Hoda she would learn she survived.
She said that she didn't know who she was when she looked in the mirror.
She counted each carbo, was losing her cargo,She fasted, she cleansed and she juiced.
If she lives, she is a devil spawn; if she dies, she is God's child.
She said she feels like she is choking when she does not receive full treatment.
She won because she went out, she worked, she did it for a long time.
She sings opera; she writes poetry; she paints; she takes classes in Spanish and German.
She sang it when she was happy, when she was worried, when she was sad.
She was told, she said, that if she did speak out, she would be terminated.
She began crying as she explained the pain and frustration she says she has endured.
She initially created the blog because she wanted "something [she] fully own[s]," she said.
"She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord, and she loved me, and she was my baby sister," Grimmie said, according to E!
Not only did she raise my awareness, she also showed me she knew how to live long before she knew she was dying.
She was in my bedroom when she posted this, just as she is now, but she didn't mention what she was up to.
She was kind, she was very giving with the information she had and she was always lobbying for the Afghanistan she first knew.
She would sign autographs, she would pose for photos, she knew that she wanted to please them… She felt it was a responsibility.
She felt it deep inside when she went to the bathroom, too, and she noticed she constantly felt like she had to pee.
But once she realized who she was and why she felt the way she felt," that's when "she found strength in her voice.
She believed that she would be immediately fired if she admitted to them, she said, and that she had not violated company policy.
During the nine hours she was questioned, she said, she asked if she could rest, because she had been traveling for 18 hours.
She told nobody she was gay, until she met a transgender woman who noticed that she was dressed "like a boy," she said.
She canceled, not because she was jailed, but perhaps because she worried she would be, and she had two small children at home.
When she arrived, she said she was told she was supposed to sleep in a room with three men she did not know.
She wonders how she can get out of such a place she thinks she can't survive.
She has no -- she just has no ground, she has no soul, she has no heart.
Shaking as she spoke, she told me that she really thought she was going to die.
She said she remembers Cosby grunting and humping her; when she came to, she was naked.
She loved her job, and she loved what she did, and she loved to tell stories.
She loved her job and she loved what she did and she loved to tell stories.
She mentioned that she was "nonsexual," which was how she identified before she knew about asexuality.
She called the hospital where she worked for 2655 years after she had realized she won.
When she wants food or treats, she can be relentless until she gets what she wants.
She said she loves her mother and she understands why her mom did what she did.
She doesn't use a pseudonym, but she says she would if she could do it over.
She may still believe what she said, but she also knows she blundered in saying it.
"She reports that she said only 'sorry' to him as she lifted him over," she adds.
Before that, she expressed the guilt she felt when she decided she needed to stop breastfeeding.
She cried when she found out she won; she was in physics class at the time.
She was raped when she was pregnant, she said, and soon after she lost the baby.
She made those comments; she said she agreed with those comments; and she suffered the consequences.
She said she waited until she felt she was composed enough to talk about what happened.
"She knows what she wants and she doesn't stop until she gets it," Tom Jr. said.
"If she chooses to, it'll only be because she thinks she can win majors," she said.
She said she was Muslim, but she did not know whether she was Sunni or Shia.
" He went on, "She thinks she is a goddess, she thinks she is above us all.
She said she thought they were natural remedies, and she trusted him, so she took them.
She decides she has to leave, because she can't keep killing for the people she loves.
When she told investigators she felt relieved, she said, she was not referring to his death.
She thought she would become an interpreter, which, as she likes to point out, she did.
She told the police that when she came to, naked, she realized she was locked in.
She vapes because she doesn't get as stoned as she might with a joint, she said.
She had sued them claiming she was canned simply because she said she was pro-choice.
"Just because she has money, does she think she will get away with anything?" she said.
If she can't find them, she told Ms. Cao, she would be content knowing she tried.
It is her single distinctive character trait: She is not clever, she is not kind, she is not a survivor, she is not a hero, she is not manipulative, she is not a leader, she is not interesting.
She says she countered with $6 million, explaining she thought she could get at least $3 mil out of him -- which she says she only considered to help fund her art.
When she looked in the mirror, she always saw someone who was slightly heavier than she thought she should be, so she deprived herself of food, even when she was hungry.
She knew — or at least she thought she did.
She was never in government, so she can promise whatever she wants because she has never shown that she is able to do something.
" When asked to clarify if she meant she thought she heard music while she was still in her mother's womb, she confidently said, "Yeah.
"She also said she wanted to throw candy instead — as if she was at a parade — but she decided to be respectful," she says.
When she was told she couldn't afford the medication, neurological care, and therapy she needed to live pain-free, she said she felt hopeless.
Now that she has one she loves — she works in residential real estate sales — she is not going to stop until she gets established.
She said the biggest mistake she made was when she thought she knew everything when she was in the controller role at Morgan Stanley.
She explained that at one point she was advised that if she wanted to keep her job, she should tweet that she supports Trump.
She moved back to Los Angeles because she missed California, but once she got there, she almost immediately wished she were back in Boise.
She recorded every dollar she spent in a spreadsheet so she could see exactly what she was buying and where she could make cuts.
She knew she couldn't be average at everything she did in order to make her mark she would excel in everything she would do.
"I think she was looking for her George—someone who appreciated the volatile personality she had, that she had a temper, she was emotional, she could cry, she could yell," Bass says.
"She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord and she loved me and she was my baby sister," Marcus told the crowd, according to E!
She also said she began having more fun than she ever had, and as she looked toward to Berlin this fall, she thought she had a shot at a good, fast race.
Though the Canadian professed she doesn't normally get nervous when she meets "legends" because she's often composed whenever she works with others, she admits when she finally met Eminem, she was awestruck.
She felt nothing but terror, she says, but she knew she had to get out, for the sake of the baby she was carrying -- and her three children whose hands she held.
So, she was a real gardener, Virginia Woolf; she planted, she weeded, she knew the chocolate earth.
"She kept texting me and she kept saying she was fine, and she was hiding," Rozenblatt says.
She didn't know a lot about Nazis, she finally admitted, but she didn't think she had to.
"She knows she'll find love (She knows she will)/Only if she wants it," the song concludes.
She said she kept running until she saw her friend, whom she was meeting, in the distance.
"When she grows up, I want her to know she can do anything she wants," she says.
When she saw the blood drive at the hospital, she said she knew she had to stop.
While she knew she possessed the skills to survive, she began to fear she was losing energy.
She says she immediately tried to take that confession back — that she didn't mean what she said.
"She taught me love / She taught me patience / How she handles pain / That shit's amazing," she sings.
She insists that she could be that person for Arie, but she won't know until she knows.
She told her mother, she told her father, she told her grandma who she was close to.
She said to investigators that she had felt numb as she left, wondering if she was overreacting.
She is ready, she said, for the world to know who she is and what she endured.
"She is confident, she is articulate, she is well-spoken, she plays in the band," Becnel said.
Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) asks if she knows where she is; she guesses she is in a dream.
She wasn't a recluse; she was socially selective, and she only saw the people she wanted to.
She keeps talking about how she wants to die, and then she says that she can't breathe.
She said she didn't know she had a warrant, and she questions the timing of the arrest.
She had faced them and sometimes she hurt and sometimes she blinked but throughout she remained herself.
She thought she was sophisticated—she liked fine clothes, good liquor—but she knew nothing about art.
She hardly knew anyone and she missed her family, but she knew she had to stay focused.
She ran in 210, she acknowledges, because she thought she was the best person for the job.
"The default is 'Oh, she is Latina — she squeezed by because she is a minority,'" she said.
She no longer trusts her own perceptions: Did she feel what she felt, or did she overreact?
When she asked Wednesday when she would be tested, she was told she had to request it.
She ain't hating on the next bitch because she know if she want it, she could get.
She said she had no idea where she would live or work after she has her baby.
She is staying put for now, but she said she might leave Brownsville when she starts college.
She considered what she liked to wear when she worked retail and what she enjoys wearing now.
She said she didn't think she could be impartial because she was a survivor of sexual assault.
She knew who she was, she walked and talked properly, but what she said made no sense.
"If she did what they say she did, she does deserve to be dealt with," she said.
She remarked that if she didn't know she was in San Jose, she would have no clue.
He strangled her and she nearly passed out, she said she thought she was going to die.
For example, if you pay a person less than she thinks she deserves for her work, or more than she thinks she deserves, she is less satisfied with her job than if you paid her what she thinks she deserves.
If she had it to do over again, she said, she would have written in Rubio, whom she said she wished had been the nominee.
But Eris says she initially didn't think she landed the role, remembering how she "cried to death" after she thought she bombed her callback audition.
She told me that when she finishes school she wants to be a psychologist, so she can provide others with the same support she received.
"I told her she was only there because she was recovering and when she was recovered that she could come with me," she said Thursday.
She also recorded every penny she spent in a spreadsheet so she could see exactly what she was buying and where she could make cuts.
She found herself being a person she didn't like when she was scrolling the News Feed, and she decided that she could live without it.
While she was dying, she continued to wonder how she could have evaluated drugs she had never heard of and procedures she did not comprehend.
She remembers the face of the woman she tried to help escape without success -- she hopes and wishes she made it out safe, she said.
Even with the pitfalls of parenting she knows she will encounter, she said, she is determined to evolve and improve with each challenge she surmounts.
She posted a link to a song called "My Sad Christmas Song," which she said she wrote when she was "feeling like s---" because she couldn&apost be with the person she loved.
Eventually she claimed she had not known she was pregnant.
She says she was so distraught, she tried killing herself.
She says she would have had more if she could.
But she said she later realized she was barely functioning.
She said she declined, saying she thought Robbins was married.
She obsesses over it, yet she fears what she finds.
She knows she still flinches when she hears loud sounds.
She realized she had a voice that she could use.
She didn't know where she was, and she was injured.
She alleged she was discriminated against because she was pregnant.
She did everything she thought she was supposed to do.
She used to, but as she explains, she lost things.
I thought she hated me, but she says she doesn't!
And she admits she could be Vampirella when she wanted.
She said she later learned she was suffering from PTSD.
She was professional; she was good at what she did.
She was the best, she was glorious, she was amazing.
So when she says she is Molly, she means it.
She explained she texted Murphy when she made it home.
Today she accepts who she is and who she loves.
She said she didn't, but I knew she was lying.
She knows exactly where she is, then she does not.
"She knows that she went for that injection," she said.
She worried that if she stayed, she would be killed.
She protests, she helps me with so much, she writes.
As Miri, Haggard screams, she sings, she scowls, she flirts.
She knows what she wants and she goes for it.
She said she remained hopeful that she would meet someone.
She needed them so she wouldn't pass out, she said.
She didn't bark; she didn't stir; she didn't even flinch.
She says she does not think she has been exposed.
But she admits she was glad when she finally moved.
She was 7 when she learned she had muscular dystrophy.
She said she wished she was tough like Mr. Trump.
She thought she was perfectly healthy, and she clearly wasn't.
She jokes that she forgets how old she is sometimes.
She said that she thought she was supporting renewable energy.
She does — she talks to the press everywhere she goes.
Fearing she might drown, she began to cry, she recalled.
All the times she thought she would die, she didn't.
She was released when she fell gravely ill, she said.
So she meditates, she prays, she does yoga every morning.
She didn't realize she felt sick because she was pregnant.
She wrote poetry, she recorded records, she turned to directing.
She cut cakes, she cut ribbons, she cut the rug.
She told me she liked the ring she gave me.
She cares that she feels as if she has control.
She wrote that she even attempted suicide before she escaped.
She quit when she worried that she was failing geology.
But, she admitted, she knew she could not be perfect.
She said she would but that she never heard back.
She goes out, she says whatever she wants to say.
She means what she says, and she gets shit done.
She wondered if she could she endure such personal attacks.
And she, I think, she understands and she hears us.
She said she had although in fact she had not.
" She added: "She was sad but she never gave up.
She apologizes for the harm she says she has caused.
She felt like she knew what she was up against.
She didn't realize she got a warning the very first time, she thought she got a soft warning.
She believes she's innocent and she wouldn't have pled not guilty if she didn't think she wasn't guilty.
"She realized she was cheating and she regrets doing it, but she cannot change the past," he said.
She had three older brothers, and if they told her she couldn't do something, she proved she could.
She told Colton she loved him when she left, and later added she was going to miss him. .
Emily stated that she was safe, she had a support system and she was happy where she was.
She was pretty sure she knew the answer, she said, but she wanted to hear Gabbard say it.
She said she was fired eight months later for throwing a "wild party," something she denies she did.
"She was a person who made sure she was pretty when she walked out the door," she says.
You need to understand why she does what she does and how she feels as she does it.
Clinton lost a bout she never truly understood; she had no idea she would lose, until she did.
She didn't even like him -- and yet she thought about him constantly; she felt like she needed him.
She was hungry, but she didn't want to eat, and, if she did, she would sometimes be sick.
But she said, &aposOh, I&aposm sorry,&apos as soon as she as she realized she was hurt.
She cooks, she cleans, she sews, she works, she's got 14 kids—not all of them are hers.
Before she left, she received a letter from him, which she read after she reached the West Coast.
She had faults, she made mistakes, and she parented with tough love — the only way she knew how.
She stares at people in the face and she means what she means and she talks with passion.
She appeared — she had an afro, she had high heels on, [so] she was like, 7-foot-6.
"She misses the fact that she has a family, and she realizes she has a family," added DeGeneres.
The detective asked what she thought would happen if she tried to leave she said she didn't know.
She had power, she was disempowered, she was lied to, and then she was held against her will.
She fell, she hit her knee, she threw trashcans everywhere, and then she locked herself in her bedroom.
She told Marcelas that if she wanted her honest opinion, she preferred that she would stay a boy.
She knows she has to do it while it is soaring, she know she has to do everything.
It caused her to fall asleep and when she woke up, she says she thought she was dead.
She gives compliments to people she doesn't know because she loves how it feels when she hears them.
Everything she does, everything she sacrifices, she does it because she believes in a better vision of humanity.
Far from home, she struggled with insecurities about who she was, what she wanted, and how she looked.
She didn't know where she was going, just that she was going to the United States, she said.
She didn't start him on antibiotics, because she didn't yet know what she was treating, she told him.
She told her, if she wished, she could spend time in the store, help out if she wanted.
"It was, 'With my mind she runs, but she can keep it if she needs it'," she explains.
"She came home and said she took this photo with George Bush, which she still has," she said.
When she finally spotted the golden toads, she was so astonished that she forgot how miserable she felt.
She said she would keep living in Phoenix, where she returned when she left the court in 2005.
Rather, she said she was confident that she would vote for the "most liberal" candidates she could find.
She narrated what she was doing, why she was doing it, what she was going to do next.
She was furious: She had hoped at least she would be thinner after all she was going through.
When she arrived for our interview she wasn't accompanied by anxious handlers; when she left, she drove herself.
"We are there for her regardless of where she lives, who she is, what she does," she said.
Until she felt the lump, she didn't sense she was sick, even though she might have been dying.
She was an internal-- STEIN: She certainly didn't-- THRUSH: --she was internally-- STEIN: --she certainly didn't oppose it.
She said she leaned Republican, but after some persuasion from Norris, she said she might change her mind.
She realized if she didn't get new lungs, she would die sooner than she was willing to accept.
She said she was asked if she had had any contact with Nassar survivors, and she said yes.
She quotes Trump, she has read his books, she went to Trump University, although she did not finish.
She apologizes that she can't; she has plans that weekend, but says she will be praying for him.
She got nervous about her new job; she lost her appetite; she stopped sleeping; she began having delusions.
She believed that he was someone she knew and someone she should defend, because she was a fan.
When she sells it, she gets the retail rate; when she buys power, she pays the retail rate.
That was partly, she said, because she lived in America, where she had some protection from the retaliation she might have suffered were she in China.
A dancer, she'd been told that she was stronger than she appeared, and she worried that she might be hurting her classmate, but she kept pressing.
She told me that she was doing so because she wanted to protect other women, and that she wished she had been warned before her meeting.
When she arrived, however, she was told that because she had no insurance, she would have to pay $100 up front before she could be seen.
She still speaks fondly of the years she spent with her ex-husband, whom she says she met in Moscow in 22016, when she was 17.
She still speaks fondly of the years she spent with her ex-husband, whom she says she met in Moscow in 22016, when she was 28.
She told Vox she knows she was exposed while caring for a patient but was told that she should simply continue working until she showed symptoms.
WILMORE: --she started moderating, because she had to appear hawkish because I feel--she calculated, because she was a woman, she didn't want to seem weak.
She began sobbing uncontrollably when she read a line that revealed she had been sexually abused long before she met Mr. Weinstein when she was 27.
She said that she was carrying her backpack, lunch box, and police vest when she then walked to what she said she believed was her apartment.
She says she would have directed so much earlier if she hadn't been burdened—literally, she emphasizes, burdened—by negative thoughts about how she was perceived.
"Skinny isn't magic!" she cries when she fears that she has wished a man to death out of sheer rage, thus demonstrating that she is still the same seething ball of fury when she is skinny as she was when she was fat.
She triumphs in "Bus Stop," she drinks too much, she falls in love with Rock Hudson, she drinks too much, she battles with Walter and Jean Kerr on a mediocre musical, she bewitches Noël Coward, she drinks too much, she sleeps with the dancer Grover Dale, and the circle goes round.
She bursts with creativity in all kinds of ways: She paints, she learns to play music, she makes gorgeous cupcakes, she invents dinners, she comes up with new ways to make their small home exciting.
Chyna ended your relationship months ago and she has the right to live as she chooses, work as she chooses, dress as she chooses, date who she chooses, and be intimate with who she chooses.
She called "Americanah" her "fuck-you book," by which she meant she no longer felt that she must be a dutiful literary daughter responsible for her country's history: she would write what she felt like.
She wasn't 100% sure if she and the guy she was in bed with had sex, but she is adamant that she remembers quite clearly what happened when she woke up around 8:40 a.m.
She says she was told she had to audition for her role upon returning, which she told WKMG was "not the protocol" — but she did it anyways.
Goff told the Times she was nervous because she had heard Weinstein's reputation, but she took the meeting because she feared losing work if she offended him.
She is smart, she is sexy, she is beautiful — she needs to get off that show and she needs to have a good friend set her up.
She says she was told that if she ran away the police would arrest her and she would be thrown in jail, where she would be raped.
I think since I have that style, she remembers that she dressed how she wanted when she came here, so she wants me to do the same.
When she returned, she looked upset—she had forgotten an appointment, she would have to rush off, and she apologized profusely for ending our talk so abruptly.
She said that when she traveled across the country as first lady she would apply what she called "the Chelsea test" to public schools she would visit.
"I think she was a little clueless when she started out—she even admits she thought people were chosen on the basis of their talent," she said.
She was good at it; she did so with grace and without vanity; she took a deep satisfaction in knowing she was nourishing the ones she loved.
As she documented on Twitter, she brought a suitcase and a sleeping bag, because she said she did not know how long she would have to stay.
Ms. McClain said that she originally thought she could use a large, but when she did a spacewalk in a medium, she realized she favored that size.
She did not know if she was getting the drug or a placebo, but once she began getting injections she felt she had many fewer migraine days.
When she is prickly, when she is aggressive, when she is reticent, when she is open, when she is distant, he does not police or lecture her.
She was from Wilson, she said, but she left when she was young and spent nearly 30 years in New York, where she was a visiting nurse.
"She figured it out, she was smart, she was strong, she was prepared," her father, John Eller, told KITV.
She makes headlines when she jetskis, when she eats and, most recently, when she barfs during a Broadway performance.
She makes her own decisions, she says what she wants, and she fires her whole team, which is awesome.
"She finds out that she has fewer allies than she thought she did," says Rose of the new season.
She said she declined, though she recalled feeling horrified and wondering whether she was in danger of sexual violence.
"She tells me she wants to get bigger, that she doesn't want skinny arms — just big muscles," she said.
She said she was scared but knew she couldn't flail about if she wanted to make it out safely.
She later testified that she didn't identify Myles earlier because she was afraid, but she never specified of what.
"She told police she felt he was cheating on her and that she was obsessed with him," she says.
She says she never thought she would be able to have the type of love she has with Robby.
She says it wasn't until she turned the lights on that she realized she was in the wrong apt.
She fought tirelessly to get to where she is, and though she experienced some setbacks, she never gave up.
There, she learned that she had certain triggers, ones she hadn't realized when she was hooking up at Haverford.
Not just because she was a centenarian experiencing joy — she danced, she explained, because she was experiencing black history.
" She continues, "She didn't know we were going to celebrate her birthday and when she realized she started crying.
"When she goes to the gym, she may not end up taking the class she planned to," she says.
She had an affair, she had a cubicle, she had a best friend with whom she got casual coffees.
She distanced herself from Bookclicker over behavior she perceived as "dishonesty" that she said she witnessed inside the group.
While she says she "loved Brooks with all my heart," she also admits that she doesn't regret the relationship.
She betrayed his trust, she was either lying before, she was lying now or she is lying both times.
Some told Tay she was stupid, and she responded that she was sorry but she was trying her best.
The third time she went under, worrying that she might never surface again, she told me, she yanked again.
When Ramachandran asked her if she could move her left arm, she insisted she could, though she clearly couldn't.
"She went out, when she found out that I got the scoop, and she bought me sneakers," she continued.
Now more than ever, she says, she knows he didn't have to — something she wishes she could tell him.
She was an ex-pat; she had an exotic air – she was born in Tokyo, but she lived here.
Hesitantly, she explained who she was and where she was from before she made a scripted plea for freedom.
"I like it," she said, truthfully, and, as she did, she identified the emotion she was feeling as relief.
She said she did not want to engage with her critics because whatever she did, she would be attacked.
Even when she became a household name, she never changed the way she talked or the way she looked.
Ford during the hearing said she does not remember how she got home, though she knows she didn't drive.
While she says she gets some of those, she says, she usually gets far more involved and unexpected inquiries.
She says she began to prepare for the possibility that she would not get her inhaler until she collapsed.
After she admitted that she didn't have an invitation for the event, she was asked whether she was lying.
When she was younger, she struggled to find music she could relate to, so she started producing her own.
Though she didn't want to leave the role she felt she was best prepared to fill, she switched teams.
She said that she had made friends, and she spoke several sentences in English, which she is quickly acquiring.
She says when she questioned the script, producers told her the sooner she finished ... the sooner she could leave.
She recognized it as a photo that, she said, she had sent only to a colleague she had dated.
She said she is still thinking about the result of choices she made when she was 14 years old.
Because she is deaf, she typed out her order on her cell phone, which she said she does often.
Adrian once controlled everything about Cecilia — where she went, who she talked to, what she wore, what she ate.
She certainly never thought she was especially sexy or glamorous herself, although I think she knew she photographed beautifully.
She acknowledged that she faced no threat of physical violence, but said she thought she could face legal repercussions.
Before she was told she could not leave China, she never expected she would make a perilous escape abroad.
Greta Thunberg's face is all over the internet—she scowls, she stares, she snarls, she poses with Arnold Schwartzenegger.
But after she made the complaint, she felt she was being penalized at work, she said in an interview.
When she tried to log into GEDmatch, she discovered she was locked out until she accepted the new terms.
She was asked if she preferred a Garifuna interpreter but she responded that she was fine continuing in Spanish.
She had a stubborn backbone, that if she thought she was right she would stand there and defy you.
She does not say whether they participated in the rape, during which she says she believes she was drugged.
But, she acknowledged, she hasn't gotten to where she is alone.
I think she is sweet, she is loving, she is kind.
She also attended Chapel, even though she was excused, lest she
"She is home, she is safe, she is loved," Bruno said.
She did fine, she held her own, she didn't get fouled.
She knows what she likes about Hollywood and what she doesn't.
She said she met Raniere when she was 21, in 1995.
She became infatuated with tidying when she was 83, she says.
She loves it, she needs it, she can't fucking stand it.
She knows how to outsmart us — or she thinks she does.
"And though she be but little, she is fierce," she posted.
She was scared, she pulled herself up, and she worked hard.
She is glad, she says, as she wipes her dripping nose.
She knew who she would write about and she was inspired.
When she said no, she learned she was on her own.
She said she feels guilty she never went to the authorities.
She will, she believes, just as soon as she gets out.
When she arrived in court, she was told she owed $326.
When she refused, she said, she was sent home without pay.
If she did that she might draw down evil, she said.
She worked hard, she provided, she took care of everything solo.
She said she wished she had been the one killed instead.
But she adds she realized she needed to keep the uniform.
She wrote it, she created it and she launched it herself.
She said she "almost burst into tears" when she read it.
She never judged, she never gossiped, she never betrayed a friend.
She growls, she parties, she talks faster than a Marvelous Mrs.
She said she didn't want him to know where she lived.
She allegedly told police she did not realize she was pregnant.
She said she spontaneously cries and that she has trouble sleeping.
She doesn't know, but she does know she wants to go.
" Now that she voted, she said she felt "peace of mind.
She meets her responsibilities, She speaks quietly because she is strong.
She was feisty; she was pretty; she was an excellent writer.
She admitted she was "worried" that she might not snap back.
She composts, she gardens, she ruminates on how to fix the
She can sing, she can dance, and she can even fly.
"She did it once and she stuck to it," she says.
"She loved taking baths and she loved her candles," she says.
She said she also deleted another 30,85033 that she considered personal.
She meets her responsibilities, she speaks quietly because she is strong.
She told police she believed she would not survive the ordeal.
She responded, she said — so she could laugh about it later.
She said she spontaneously cries, and that she has trouble sleeping.
She knows how to outsmart us — of she thinks she does.
Just before she does, she tells Patty she was previously institutionalized.
"Even when she was possessed, she was beautiful," she says. Solid.
She said after the study, she changed the way she ate.
She traveled the country; she appeared on television; she influenced policy.
She doesn't advertise her classes -- she says she doesn't need to.
She loves selflessly — until she realizes she deserves way, way better.
She said she was doing stuff she typically would not do.
"She listens to everybody's conversations—she has no choice," she said.
"She said that she was scared, people were shot," she recalled.
She felt like she was tripping all night, but she didn't.
But she couldn't sleep and she felt like she was suffocating.
She feels like she has gained an adopted daughter, she said.
When she speaks, she sounds as if she were reciting catechism.
She said she was drunk when she visited Lauer's hotel room.
As she eventually realized, though she felt isolated, she wasn't alone.
Eventually, she realized that she wanted more—she wanted to design.
She became despondent when she felt she was losing her looks.
Ultimately, she was glad she showed up on Sunday, she said.
She knows exactly what she wants and she goes after it.
As she laid awake, she realized she needed to speak up.
Why is she — doesn't she know she looks like a fraud?
But she did not reveal she was recording him, she admitted.
She said she was ashamed that she didn't see it coming.
If she didn't get to do what she wanted, she rebelled.
She was sorry, but she didn't think she could help him.
"She wants a title, she wants to be honored," she said.
Where she maybe should hide how she feels, she never does.
She is a leader, she is a warrior, she is Ironborn.
He said she could not, and she said that she understood.
She chuckles as she describes how she "has gone international" now.
Although she is shy, she said, she is even more impatient.
She said she explained that she wanted to study before marriage.
She updates me about what she did and who she saw.
"She would move worlds when she saw me sad," she said.
She said she was not certain what she would do next.
If she got caught, she feared, she might lose her job.
Who is she, where is she going, why is she here?
The Long View She thought she knew what she was about.
"She looked at what she wanted for her lifetime," she said.
She departed because she disagreed with the administration's agenda, she said.
She indicates she cannot get involved because she is above politics.
But she didn't, because she feared she was losing her mind.
She later said she "wanted to do more," and she did.
She won't, and she stands up for what she believes in.
She later reveals she was unfaithful earlier than she let on.
She had not contacted her family, but she said she would.
She wished she could be in Iowa in person, she said.
She says she doesn't want it to define who she is.
McDougal said she was offered cash, which she said she refused.
Somehow she knew and she found him and she possessed him.
She smoked, she drank; she is well read and widely traveled.
She asked her mother if she realized she had outed Sadie.
She doesn't think he knows where she is, either, she said.
She wrote out a text that she knew she shouldn't send.
She hasn't written a song since she was 18, she said.
She said she knew it was early, but she didn't care.
When she won, she said she was "genuinely" taken by surprise.
She said she knew he had weapons and she was afraid.
So Heather moves slowly; she sits down; she delays; she lingers.
She didn't speak, she barely ate, she slept all the time.
She explained that because she couldn't speak English, she felt invisible.
She looked more beautiful than she had when she was alive.
She also said she was joining journalists she "admires" at NBC.
It's a world where she believes she can, so she does.
She didn't smile, and she didn't say that she liked it.
She told us that she was brought up in an orphanage, that she could not remember her parents, but that she had a sister from whom she had been separated and whom she never saw again.
She could have them back if she wanted to travel, or when she leaves the program, which the social worker said could happen any time she wants after she turns 2110, or when she gets married.
A woman was told she wouldn't receive a cesarean section until she signed a form she couldn't read; four years later, she found out she had been sterilized.
"She actually ages backwards and she looks amazing and in person she is that glowy and she is that beautiful," she said of the judge of the show.
In nearly every talk she gives, she explains that she has gained much more, as a person, from the refugees than she feels she has ever given them.
When she started as a professional cosplayer three years ago, she says, she figured she would stop eventually if she became a "starving artist" while pursuing her hobby.
"She doesn't like being told that she cannot do something — even if she learns that she is part of a demographic that hasn't done something before," she says.
Sometimes she makes a bigger mess when she tries to help out, but she thinks she is helping and we let her do as much as she can.
She told police she attacked her daughter because she believed she was possessed, and that she believed the crucifix and medallion would help "rid Satan" from her body.
She said that she felt helpless because she didn't want to lose her job, and that she didn't report the encounter at the time because she felt ashamed.
She became board certified in obesity medicine, and when she later got pregnant, she said, she worried that her child might struggle with weight as she had done.
She realized that she didn't want her son to grow up in the same environment she did, where, she says, she had seen too many shootings and corpses.
She remains sensitive, she added, confessing that she stayed up the night before worrying that she had sounded like she was accusing Jimmy Fallon of stealing her show.
She doesn't seem to know how she made it, but like a lot of successful Americans, she appears to have moments when she can't entirely believe she has.
"She had such a work ethic — she always did what she said she was going to do and she held herself to a higher standard," Mr. Parker said.
She said she was eventually told there was not much she could do about the complaint unless she appealed further, although she could not recall the exact words.
She replied she was aware that racism existed, and of course she cared about me, but explained that she saw few tangible ways she could make a difference.
If she had to choose between Mr. Trump, a man she said she trusts "100 percent," and Mr. Sessions, she unhesitatingly said she would pick the attorney general.
At the shoot, she says she wasn't sure that she wanted the world to look like what she was seeing.
She told me she took his car, saying she drove it cross-country in spite of how sick she was.
She fainted, she was a terrible candidate, she didn&apost go to Wisconsin, and she called half the country deplorable.
And when she recovered, she decided she wanted to help others so they wouldn't have to struggle as she had.
She didn't know that she would become an astronaut; she thought maybe she could be those other things in space.
She says she knew it was strange, so she gave up the habit for years when she became an adult.
She leaves the room thinking none of it worked, and that she is indeed the failure she thought she was.
However, when she was terminated in February 2016, she says, she was told she was being fired for poor performance.
She asks you questions, she listens, she smiles, you laugh, and without trying, you feel she is on your side.
Then she said that once when she was 18 she had herself become so angry that she shook a boy.
She was so hot when she was young,' or 'She was gorgeous when she was young and now she's not.
"She struggled because she was on the street, and she had to do what she had to do," Dominguez said.
She told PopSugar that, though she thought he had made a big mistake, she was confident she would be okay.
How, she asked, could she be confident that if she voted for Coffman, she wouldn't be throwing away her vote?
She was nervous, but she began by expressing what she was feeling: "I'm so happy to be here," she said.
She laughs as she says that she grew up in the school of hard knocks, taking whatever gigs she could.
She wasn't there, she didn't set the terms of the movement, and she doesn't want anyone to think she did.
Though she did not specify when she started drinking again, she assured the group that she has it under control.
She also said she would not have worn the hat had she known she was on a historically black campus.
She was grateful because she was not properly outfitted for the winter, and, she said, she had been gaining weight.
She insists she didn't die because she didn't see heaven or a white light or anything while she was out.
However, she said she struggled to return items to recoup her investment, and said she knows she has lost money.
DUNHAM: She came, she saw, she did not conquer, and she understood that it was time to do something different.
She laughs, she flirts, she cajoles and manipulates, and sometimes, she breaks the fourth wall to tell us about it.
She doesn't remember what happened while she was in there, but she recalls being covered in semen when she left.
"She could have disavowed him then, but she stuck with him 'cause she thought she needed to politically," Hassan said.
She has a tour she will not cancel it, she did it once for Coachella she won't do it again!
Although she says she doesn't regret her worldwide fame, she admits that she doesn't want the same for her kids.
When she started the company, she says she didn't know what she was doing — and that was a good thing.
She struggled with alcohol and when she was 16 she was badly injured in a car crash, she told KTVU.
"She wanted back pay that she felt she was owed as a spy and she was denied that," Larson says.
She didn't know who I was or who she was, let alone where she was or why she was there.
She says that she was not, and that she didn't even tell the incoming Administration that she was going there.
"She is up-to-date, she is smart, she is authentic and she is not scared to express herself," Rep.
She told ABC News she had no reason to suspect she was pregnant again as she didn't gain additional weight.
I think she messaged me because she takes pictures – she was into photography and she wanted to take my picture.
She said she does not remember how she returned to the hotel or how she ended up in Rowe's room.
She added that she has received a "tremendous" response and said she is "100%" confident she will win the speakership.
When she got home, she picked up the phone, but she hesitated -- she didn't want to cry over the phone.
"She is up-to-date, she is smart, she is authentic and she is not scared to express herself," Rep.
She told reporters that she realized she was pregnant just six days before she took office on October 26th, 2017.
She said she couldn't buy tickets before she arrived at the airport, because she didn't have Internet or cellphone service.
After she was outed, Dolezal revealed that she identifies as being black even though she knows she was born white.
She became sick, she became convinced by faith healers that she was well, and she finally became dead in Mexico.
When she got married, she made her husband her business manager, because she thought she was no good at finances.
I offer her a cigarette—she tells me she doesn't smoke—and a beer; but she says she doesn't drink.
The woman was asked if she was "Okay" after she moved seats and she said she was, the statement said.
She still would, she said: When she spotted a woman walking off with her discarded black handbag, she was pleased.
All she knows is what she hears, and she once heard that she eats in front of the mirror naked.
But when she went to file a police report, she was told she would have to wait outside, she said.
While contemplating what to buy, she decided she wanted to purchase something she knew she would wear more than once.
But as she waited outside the president's office, she says she had an encounter she would later think of often.
She told people she could not stand them; she stopped speaking to family members for life; she left them bleeding.
She started to cry as she walked away, because, she said, she was furious, and not just furious for herself.
She spent months wrestling with those emotions, until she realized she could surrender to the darkness, or she could dance.
She holed up in Steepletop, where she soaked up the natural splendor she saw from her window as she grieved.
She goes for it more, because she knows she has no choice, so I like when she gets tough draws.
She believed in him — if she didn't, she wouldn't have let him hang around — but she pushed him really hard.
And there she is walking on air, she is fairest of the fair, she is There she is -- Miss America.
She already had a child, and she realized if she wanted a bigger family she had to pay for it.
"She talked back, she had a lot to say, she was opinionated, she was kind of brash," Ms. Wasson said.
While she maintained that it misrepresented her behavior, she said she recognized that she had made mistakes and could improve.
If it were up to her, she said, she would leave, although she said she would support her mother's decision.
She says she was never embarrassed by it, though she was worried it meant she was bad at her job.
She said she did not have any savings when she was fired because she had been paying back her parents.
She soon realized that she couldn't just randomly post whatever she felt like if she wanted to grow her audience.
Letterman asked her if she ever made anything bad (she said she did) and what she did with the food.
She said there was probably times when she felt that she wasn't going to pass the hump, but she did.
And yet, she expresses the idea, multiple times in our chat, that she always ends up regretting the things she says in interviews—that she never really feels like she quite addresses the ideas she means to.
When Molly's therapist reminded her to let go of the person she thinks she should be, the career she thinks she should have, and the man she thinks she should be with, it had an unanticipated effect.
When she KonMari'd her house, she held off on thanking her clothes as she discarded them, "mostly because it's dumb," she writes, but then she accidentally thanked one of her favorite shirts as she threw it out.
Last year, K-pop singer Sunmi made headlines when she told concertgoers that she was an "LGBT queen," although she later clarified that she only meant she supported the community -- not that she identified as LGBT herself.
And while she denied she ever stole jokes — parallel thinking is far more common than you might think — she conceded that if she had seen those YouTube videos, she would have thought she was a thief, too.
She knows what's coming, but she also knows that if she doesn't behave exactly as she remembers herself acting, she might screw up the moment when she realized what the Heptapods' "weapon" was — perhaps prompting intergalactic war.
" She adds, "Like she could have made another choice and she didn't.
She sounded upset, but she wasn't sure if she should be upset.
Though she eventually did get the part she wanted, she regretted it.
She was kind, she was crazy,so talented and she loved movies.
She wrote what she knew because that was all she could write.
But she couldn't do it, she said, she could barely even get
She says she thought she would be permitted to travel any day.
Like Maiellano, she was told she would not be reimbursed, she said.
She said it was cool but she looked horrified when she saw.
When she leaves her home, she worries she could be killed, too.
She said before she read the book, she would have done nothing.
She replied that she wasn't sure she was actually going to transition.
She says when she watched the dash camera video, she just cried.
She hated it so much she threw up when she saw it.
She said she remembers Cosby stroking her hair before she blacked out.
She watched it online and she laughed and she said 'That's him.
When she returned, she said, he asked her where she had gone.
She knew if she crossed that line, she could jeopardize her kids.
When she started dating, she told her boyfriend she lived somewhere else.
Still, until she was 65, she said, she could do almost anything.
She says she was "simultaneously dazzled and horrified" by what she found.
She demonizes us, she demagogues us, but she does it while smiling.
She generally assumed she would get her way, and she generally did.
She was loving, she was caring, she put everybody else before herself.
She said she stands by the four papers she wrote with Wansink.
Later she would tell me she hates hugging anyone she doesn't know.
She buries hatches, but she keeps maps of where she puts them.
She said she started crying, and Ghomeshi told her she should leave.
She's funny, and she knows what she wants when she sees it!
She says she threatened to "go public" if she didn't get paid.
But with them, she felt like she really knew she was free.
Didn't she know who she was leaving behind, who she was hurting?
She said she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up.
She was unstoppable and she took anything she wanted with a smile.
"She wanted to be everything she became when she died," he said.
She said she has heard nothing since she mailed her inventory back.
Since then, she say she "honestly" hasn't had one she doesn't like.
After she heard she went viral she sent Keith a text message.
She said she found out while in custody that she was pregnant.
HANNITY: She said she&aposs never take the job if she knew.
She praised Sadler as she shared her essay explaining why she left.
She was still in the gray sweatpants she wore when she fled.
Now she can switch into the Sensational She-Hulk whenever she pleases.
But when she is a superhero, she remembers why she loves it.
If she did, she says, she could not "give them the best".
She said she got so scared she eventually snuck out the back.
Still, she said there are times she wished she had prioritized family.
She said she didn't trust Hillary Clinton because she believed that Mrs.
She says she was sorry for something although she was not specific.
" "She said she saw flashing lights, so she believed rescuers were there.
She was super drunk that she didn't know what she was doing.
She found that she could not—she lacked a social-security number.
She says she doesn't have the authority, but she can get it.
She knows what she wants and she chooses things with her stylist.
So, if she knew that she would lose, why did she attend?
She even told me she hated when people said she was white.
She is all-in, she is all-fun, she is all love.
She fills her mind with fictional people she meets as she moves.
She is frustrated because she knows there is nothing she can do.
"She seemed as if she was genuinely interested in us," she said.
For as long as she could remember, she suspected she was female.
She said she was in the truck and knows what she saw.
The way she walks, the way she moves, the way she talks.
She was stripped of the respect that she really feels she deserves.
She definitely has everything otherwise she wouldn't have been where she is.
She admits, she hasn't had the easiest life— was she somehow susceptible?
She moved here in 1969, but now she said she feels trapped.
Then she said that she likes white chocolate, but she hates milk.
"She came here because she knew that she was dying," Jackson says.
She says she had not known she was pregnant until that moment.
She said she didn't know -- she would have to figure it out.
She says she was so out of it she couldn't fight him.
She says she doesn't know how long she has left to live.
But she can't have what she wants ... because she already has cats.
When she told her friends about it, she realized she wasn't alone.
"She said she heard her voice and she hung up," Arika said.
Though she had a happy childhood, she said she felt somewhat isolated.
She loves fittings, she loves to talk about clothes, she loves character.
She says she did, but it's possible she isn't telling the truth.
If she loses MPs, she will have to resign even if she
She has everything she could ever want, and yet, she wants more.
She said she always thought she would work in a skyscraper downtown.
She had never pressed the issue, but now she wished she had.
She had a vision because she didn't have the products she needed.
She says she wants to stay in her loop, but she can't.
But now, she says she feels really confident about how she looks.
She went to a clinic where she was told she had prolapse.
"She didn't know how she was going to be received," she said.
She said she was unfairly terminated four weeks after she gave birth.
She said she was unaware that what she was doing was illegal.
Is she really a supporter of women like she says she is?
She told me that she understood, and that she wouldn't repeat it.
She also said she turns down more brand deals than she accepts.
But she still would have come even if she knew, she said.
"She is feeling like she did before she had kids," Pasternak said.
She said when she couldn't sleep, she would get up and cook.
She says she supports Mr. Trump, though she will not endorse him.
When she asked her father, she didn't get the answer she expected.
She only works when she wants to, making money while she sleeps.
She convinces herself that she is helping these men; she has to.
Before she knows what she is, she is rolling toward his voice.
Though she disapproved of the contract, she said she wanted the cameras.
She finds she is far more capable than she ever gave herself
At one point she wasn't, then she was, then she wasn't again.
She doesn't want to transition, she just feels cool as she is.
She wasn't threatened by them, she said, but she understood the concern.
She said she kissed her mom and told her she loved her.
She was heartbroken, but she realized she could help others like Scott.
"She was amassing her fortune—she just didn't have time," she said.
But after she was arrested and before she was tried, she was
She was told she could not marry the man she loved, Capt.
When she came out of it, she knew she could do it.
She did it because she felt like she wasn't enough without it.
It was advice she knew she should take, but she was apprehensive.
She frantically, breathlessly, deliriously tells you she thinks she knows the code.
She needed more and more Xanax; she thought she was going crazy.
She rides very well, and she has since she was a kid.
Doctors asked her if she was suicidal, and she insisted she wasn't.
She hated clothes she saw, so she taught herself how to sew.
She did whatever the fuck she wanted, however the fuck she wanted.
She had entanglements, she exchanged sappy notes, she deceived and was deceived.
She doesn't know how she will pay the almost $221,29 she owes.
Still, she said she believes she has a legitimate claim to ownership.
But by Thursday evening she said she thought she would be leaving.
She just knows she can't keep living the way she has been.
She thought she would just get better, but she kept getting worse.
She said she believes she has found a position beginning in May.
She achieved so much, and she was only 28 when she died.
He told her she was great, she was smart, she was attractive.
She said she wouldn't visit as frequently if she had to pay.
She felt like she could go to see any doctor she wanted.
When the company refused, she decided she could not stay, she said.
When she came to, she said, she was naked on his bed.
She didn't look comfortable, but she seemed to know she was loved.
She had not smoked since she became a mother, she told him.
"She wouldn't eat or do anything until she had prayed," she said.
At the time, she says she was just happy she wasn't raped.
She discovered that if she didn't eat, she didn't have the diarrhea.
When she purchased the house, she was told she needed flood insurance.
That's when she said she told her kids she needed a minute.
She said when she really wants to cut loose, she lifts weights.
She knows what she wants, even if she keeps changing her mind.
She was tested, she made mistakes and she has learned from that.
Before she got the university job, she made money however she could.
She knew if she got this correct, she would be the champion.
But she said she was not sure she would ever get justice.
Eventually, she writes in her memoir, she knew she had a problem.
She liked his work, because she knew what she was looking at.
So she knows academia, she knows corporate law, she knows Wall Street.
She enjoyed her work, but she struggled with her identity, she says.
She was Jewish, she was a woman, and she had a baby.
But should she fall behind, she knows she can turn it around.
"She knew exactly what she was doing," she said of Ms. Kim.
She felt empowered, she says, that she was in on the joke.
She usually can't eat before she plays a match, she told Glamour.
She didn't know how she got home, just that she got there.
She was so shocked, she says, she doesn't remember hearing the collapse.
She mentioned that she had been consigning since she was in college.
She was told she needed emergency surgery or she could become paralyzed.
If she didn't, she worried that she would get a bad review.
Still, she said she believed that she could have lent a hand.
She came earlier, she says, and thought she might just forget it.
She knows she has an easy way out, but she remains resolute.
She recognized his voice but said she felt she barely knew him.
She is excited that she could be waiting tables soon, she says.
When she returned to Tehran, she learned that she was pregnant again.
Asked whether she considered his age a drawback, she said she did.
She said she felt a peace beyond anything she could ever express.
Whatever she did, she made sure she benefited more out of it.
She also promised she wouldn't try to kill herself, but she did.
She reminds him that she does not mope, she does not keen.
While she said she has catholic taste, she does have pet peeves.
She said she made her first video when she was a teenager.
She used the resources she had, and she paid a terrible price.
She said she was afraid of getting lost, so she followed him.
She called, she said she was in Nowheresville for the longest time.
Then she redoes it, because she doesn't like how she did it.
She also said she is proud of the person she is becoming.
She said she reacted with "disbelief" when she initially heard the news.
She went into advertising, she dated a British doctor—she did everything.
" When she first learned she had been diagnosed with cancer, she told PEOPLE she wanted to explore alternative treatments first, before resorting to chemotherapy, which she viewed as "poison.
She added that the fortune she inherited would have made her a billionaire if she wanted to be one, and that she would outlaw private jets if she could.
She managed to cross thousands of miles of China by herself, but when she reached the border region, she didn't know where she was, and she had no identification.
She wanted him to stay in power, she wanted to do what she could, because she had her own ideas about what she wanted to do as a politician.
She said she wishes people would focus on what she does rather than what she wears, although she has used her outfits to speak for her in the past.
"She was my best friend, she loved me, she loved me a lot, she taught me a lot about life and about love and she still is," Merritt said.
The moment she takes her seat she knows she can't get into harm unless she gets off her bicycle, and away she goes, the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood.
She didn't mention whether or not she was a loyal Reno 911 viewer, but she says that when she gets praise from people she respects, it's an amazing feeling.
She was also very focused and had her eye on the prize – she knew where she wanted to go to college and she knew she wanted to do drama.
She was quick to clarify that she is no more Frances than she ever was Carrie (she and Mr. Broderick married about a week before she shot the pilot).
She avoids people as she works, but over the years she said she has occasionally been caught in the act and would explain that she was helping the fairies.
She believed that she might eventually adopt a child, but when she thought about the fact that she would never experience pregnancy she felt a great sense of loss.
She said she thought it was realistic that she could be racing in Sprint Cup in three to five years, but she also said she needed to push ahead.
She needs our love, but she wants to be out of its reach, too: if she isn't at our mercy, she can survive without us, trouper that she is.
Her skin pulled taught over her bones, she leaves her old life in the dust: She steals, she burgles, she seduces a young neighbor to get what she wants.
She said she doesn't shop often, but when she does, she almost always goes to Old Navy and likes that the styles stay consistent because she knows they fit.
She went on to aver that she loved him more passionately than she did their four children, and that she thought she could survive their deaths, but not his.
During the interview, she allegedly told authorities that she suspected she was pregnant because she had gained weight and believed she could feel the baby moving in her womb.
She distanced herself from many of her friends, who she said were less supportive than she had hoped, though she acknowledged that she often kept her troubles to herself.
She got a $500,000 advance for Bitch, a book that she said she wrote because she felt feminism had gotten boring and she wanted to make it "juicy" again.
She admitted that she has felt "guilty" for feeling so depressed, given the opportunities she has had — but now, she said, she is ready to talk about her experiences.
Though she loved her job at Harris, where she had worked her way up from apprentice to funeral director, she felt she had to hide who she was there.
As we were saying earlier, Michael thought she knew what she wanted and what she was gonna get, and now she doesn't, and she has a place to go.
She said that she would tell people they'd had an affair, that she was known as the stalker among her peers, and that she hated it and if she had an affair or said she had an affair then she wouldn't be the stalker any more.
Once she stepped back, she realized the problem wasn't that she hadn't been pushing herself hard enough, but rather that she had been allowing other people's expectations to consume her — doing work she thought she should be doing without considering whether it was what she wanted.
Sanya Richards-Ross says she "absolutely" has regrets she was put in a situation where she got an abortion right before competing in the Beijing Olympics -- but she sounds like she still thinks she made the right decision.
She tries to help detectives as much as she can: she refers to them people who might have useful leads, she sends them screenshots from social media profiles, she gave them the names of the people she suspects.
She suggested that she made up the assault story because she was scared she would be hospitalized for a long period.
She claimed he had been raping her since she was 11, and she had aborted his baby when she was 12.
She said she was worried she would be mistreated or not given work by Cuban authorities if she went back home.
She is frustrated that when she writes, she feels she must distort her stories to fit the paradigms that literature rewards.
She also discovered she had 10 siblings she never knew existed -- who had grown up 40 minutes from where she had.
Like Janae, she didn't want to go and she did it and she killed it and she was feelin' it after.
If she has surgery to remove the mass she could lose her baby, but if she doesn't she could become paralyzed.
She lived in the same home since she was married, the home where she raised her family until she was 105.
She also found records indicating she received 230,000 Yemeni riyals (about $440) from another charity, but she says she received nothing.
But in fact she is claiming that she didn&apost get the materials from Congress that she thought she would have.
She said she has removed photos before when she was approached by photographers whose images she took off real estate sites.
She posed for the New York magazine cover wearing a coatdress she claims she wore when she was attacked by Trump.
Eventually, she stopped using it because she didn't see a point, though she still keeps some in her house, she said.
She knew if she looked at him she might believe him, and she could not afford to lose herself so easily.
She said on The View that she didn't know if she would run herself, but had "options" she didn't realize before.
"[Beth] said she had complete peace, she told me she loved me and she could never thank me enough," recalls Stephanie.
When she was introduced to Berganza, she said, she asked if she could send him her resume, and he said yes.
When she disclosed her injury, she told us that she may look "a bit different" once she returns to public life.
While she admits that she witnessed the murder and helped hide it, she insists she never set out to kill anyone.
Two days after admission she was ready to leave, or at least she thought she was until she received different news.
She said that if she became president, she would welcome voters' criticism if she failed to live up to their expectations.
She dropped out of school when she was 14 and met her boyfriend, who she said she followed to join ISIS.
Always wanted the ball, even when she was marked, as she always believed no matter who she faced, she was better.
She said she was sexually assaulted by a man she met online when she was a freshman at BYU in 2014.
She knew she wasn't nobody's conception of cute, pero maybe when she got older she could cover it up with makeup.
She decided she wanted to show the Iran that she knew, highlighting the father-daughter relationships that she rarely saw portrayed.
She knew that Kelly is impulsive and when she drinks she's explosive and she knew that she would bring it up.
Not only did she pay thousands less than she would have in the U.S. but she said she received incredible care.
After first denying she had been pregnant, she told doctors she had given birth to a child she thought was dead.
She told Reuters she was guaranteed a return of 30 percent and told she could withdraw her money whenever she wanted.
She begins saying she is now safe in a Lyft, but she felt immediate unease when she got into her Uber.
Some asked Jessica what she needed, where she was going, where she came from and whether or not she was lost.
But she quickly realized she was working for a mercurial leader and she wasn't doing what she was hired to do.
Anyway, not only did she describe the woman in question but she also predicted that she had cancer, which she did!
Morgan loved and was loved, she laughed, she danced, she was the world s best hugger, and she was so alive.
If she wants to make another dance record, she should do that, but she should do it because she wants to.
When she returned to work, she said she learned all of the pressure she was feeling before was coming from herself.
She asks LeAnn if he has a nickname, and when she doesn't respond, she reveals that she already knows it's Mac.
She revealed that she first found out she had pneumonia when she went to the hospital with a 102-degree fever.
And she swore she would never put her parents through the neglect she saw when she worked at a nursing home.
The longer she was with him, the more territorial she got, and she made it clear she didn't want me around.
And she has a couple forums that she likes to go, and she never posts, but she reads those every day.
She doesn't pay much attention to politics, but when she does, she generally leans Democratic: She voted for Barack Obama twice.
If she had said that she would now vote to leave, she would have to explain why she changed her mind.
Embarrassed, she tells me she remembers how she phoned me last night to let me know she was in the morgue.
She said she expects to receive questions about why she feels she is qualified for a seat on the city council.
While she testified that she did most of her email work on the official account, she said that she and Mrs.
She says she met you in 2001, she says she dined with you, danced with you at Tramp Nightclub in London.
While she "did not want to leave," she claims she felt as if she was not given her usual writing responsibilities.
" She adds, "But I think she knew she was going to leave, and she didn't want my dad to see her.
We don't know who she would have been if she had beat cancer, the way she had promised us she would.
It was about what I stood for: some group of people she thought she understood, whose stories she thought she knew.
Jones brings a broad-shouldered robustness to Lister's physicality; she doesn't just walk through town, she bounds, she trots, she stomps.
"I noticed she was like, through her teeth, like she kind of talks like she has a sexy secret," she added.
"She appreciated everything that came her way because she had to sing for her supper and she worked hard," she said.
"She smiles through a thousand tears and harbors adolescent fears / She dreams of all that she can never be," she sang.
Nadine was there because she felt she needed to be; she had work the next day but said she didn't care.
She had these glittering occasions and she felt beautiful and she felt wanted and now she doesn't feel that way anymore.
When she returned two years later, she said, she caught what she called one of the best barrels of her life.
She says she can't imagine how she would have felt if she had been made to arrange or consider funerary services.
But we do know how she works: She races to win, she shakes her opponents' hands and she follows the rules.
Although she said she never used racial slurs, Candace said she realized that she needed to call out those who did.
After she called Dr. Melgen, she was granted another interview, she said, though she did not formally reapply for her visa.
But she said that when she gave birth and father and child bonded so easily she realized she had gone overboard.
Anna was the opposite of this; she was a witness, she saw, she lived something, and she told us about it.
She talked about how she got fired when she was in her 40's, from Revlon, because she was too old.
"She never feels quite at home in America, where she grew up, yet she has never been to Asia," she said.
Then she discovered something that she was good at, that she cared about because she thought it was helping other people.
She had a lot more ... pep in her step, and she just looked like she knew she was going to win.
"She had a fun laugh; she loved her dogs; she loved going running; she really cared about the community," Hartup said.
But she realized that she was, indeed, just following her calling, and that she was exactly where she needed to be.
She lets people finish before she starts talking; she speaks well in public; and she constantly absorbs digs, like body shaming.
While she believes the country's situation is not normal, she reiterates that had she not felt safe, she would have left.
She told reporters that she realized she was pregnant just six days before she became Prime Minister on October, 26th 2017.
But it was not until she joined Acrush, she said, that she felt as if she could express her true self.
Edwards declined to say she knew what she did was wrong, and suggested she believed she was acting as a whistleblower.
Why is she there, what is she learning, what does she hope to accomplish, and what does she want from you?
Where she lived, how she felt, how long her headaches lasted, whom she danced with, whom she loved, who loved her.
She says where she stays, how she flies, and what cars she drives when she's on the road matter to her.
"She continued to say that while she "can&apost control the past," she believes she can "be better in the future.
Hart said she was 18 when she moved to California for college and met a man she thought she would marry.
She said that she never thought she would win and was shocked when she was awarded the title in September 2018.
She replied that she was from Iran, and the woman asked what she planned to do after she finished her studies.
She began drinking heavily, and she said she was so poor that she had to raid her parents' pantry for food.
One of the things she had to change was her attitude, that she shouldn't think she deserves to win, she said.
What she is, she said, is the luckiest, the most grateful: She was caught before she actually fell through the cracks.
She suspected at the time that she was treated differently at Google because she was a woman, but she wasn't certain.
She said she was ashamed for the women she saw wearing leggings and crop tops at a Catholic Mass she attended.
They asked if she played bridge, a popular shipboard activity at the time; she said she did, even though she didn't.
She did not say that she believed she had been raped, only that she had no memory of the night's events.
She moved from Ireland to Zambia when she was 260 because, she says, she "wanted to work in the sun"; there, she met John's father, who was from South Africa.
"She told me that in her feedback meeting they said she was a concern, she was way behind, she didn't know the material, she wasn't taking it seriously," Gonzalez says.
She took it all back: She told Guillermo that she wanted to give him another chance; she said she dreamed of them raising a third child, together in New York.
She told some of her friends that she was thinking about quitting her job, and she asked them what they thought she could do if she moved back to town.
She said she was then pulled into a conference call with another Team 10 staffer, where she said she felt she was "guilt-tripped" to remain quiet about it all.
She follows me everywhere I go, she loves me unconditionally, she sleeps with me (often on me), she licks me, she constantly begs for food, I pick up her poop.
While in interviews she has often said she didn't know why she was fired, exactly, she also said she thought Bravo was choosing sides in her feud with Bethenny Frankel.
She admits she has no experience in M&A, so what the hell is she doing running an M&A -- SCOTT WAPNER: Maybe she would say she is an operator.
She had a lot of things that she was exceptionally good at and once she showed she could do it she lost interest and went on to the next thing.
She manages the diner where she works, she took over a laundromat and later sold it for a great profit, and then she acquired a rental property that she manages.
She still lives with her parents, accompanied by her sister Kitty, and while she is less given to preaching than she was when she was younger, she is still bookish.
And though she has yet to reach her 30th birthday, she says she has been taken aback by what she sees in these even younger Afghans with whom she works.
She won't wait around for a man if she wants him, she will have sex if she wants, and she also won't talk shit about anyone who does the same.
"They said she should turn to Muslim before she enter motor and then she said she would never do that," she told me, looking down at one of Leah's photos.
"There will be those who say, 'She is a girl, she is religious, she is an Arab, she is a Muslim — and she works with the state,'" Ms. Dahleh said.
She worried her career would be ruined if she came forward She woke up the next morning with her pajamas halfway off and didn't know where she was, she testified.
She felt she wasn't equipped to handle life, she wrote, that she felt like an alien, a freak, that consciousness was intolerable and that she was scared of going crazy.
She goes to bed early, and she tries to meditate before she sleeps; she doesn't take baths, nor does she swim unless someone is watching her, despite loving the sport.
She said she was not bothered by quote tweets, which she saw as simply "a way to continue a conversation," a tool that she said that she also used frequently.
She could get out of jail right away by pleading guilty to a crime she knew she did not commit — and which she was confident she could win at trial.
She said she wished that she had been given a heads up or that she had been eligible for the longstanding $218,21987 reward, though she feels positive about her contribution.
She was nervous, and she worried she would cry when she walked through the courtyard where she would sometimes eat lunch with Alaina Petty, who was killed in her classroom.
She jumps in and talks about the fear she had when she first spoke publicly, the guilt she felt whenever she landed in the hospital, the isolation CFers often feel.
She explained where she was from and her job as she understood it to be; she spoke of her children and of how much she missed them while on assignment.
Whether she knew it or not—and Bobby hazarded she probably did not—she was killing them all so that she could go on, so that she could make it.
She said she went through with the surgery because she wanted more freedom and to be able to wear spaghetti straps again, something she hasn't done since she was 10.
"If a mother was a large baby when she was born, if she goes past her due date or if she is older in age when she is pregnant, she is more likely to have large baby," she says.
When she appeared on Time's #MeToo cover for her successful $1 lawsuit against a DJ she said groped her, she gave an abbreviated interview that made it clear she will only say exactly what she wants, when she wants.
She said she always knew she would be famous and once gave back a $1 million book advance because she believed in herself and figured she would get more money when she was more famous in a few years.
She joined when she was a sophomore in college, not after she graduated.
In the process, she discovers Emily isn't exactly who she said she was.
When she got home, she allegedly said, she gave birth in the bathroom.
Billie Jean King: She was upset but she knew she was playing better.
"Oh, she was herself in the hospital — she was cracking jokes," she said.
Lasure said she felt like she did everything she was supposed to do.
She gives and she gives and on April 17, she will give again.
She was called Birdie because when she jumped, she flew through the air.
She said she couldn't read the official papers she put her thumbprint on.
She says she fainted when she heard the news of her granddaughter's death.
So she can lie and she can do whatever she wants to do.
When she returned, she realized that she had put her shirt on backwards.
Beforehand, she says she always felt like she was too busy to read.
Elsesser says she knew she made it when she scored a beauty contract.
She said she nearly lost her balance as she leaned away from him.
She says she was profoundly hurt by false reports she was an escort.
She said she was hungry and got a sandwich shortly before she left.
She can freely associate with anyone she wants and go anywhere she wants.
She just reprimanded me, and she knew exactly what she was doing. Goodbye!
She says she is planning the wedding and she is a 'cool mom.

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