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"some" Definitions
  1. used before numbers to mean ‘approximately’
  2. (North American English, informal) to some degree
"some" Synonyms
a few certain various a minority of a quantity of a trickle of hardly any not many not much one or two a choice of a proportion of a majority of a range of individual numerous specific not all a number of several a couple of a handful of all manner of a mixture of an assortment of a variety of miscellaneous multiple a little a bit of a little bit of a dash of a taste of a touch of a dab of a spot of a morsel of a particle of a shade of a tinge of a suggestion of a snippet of a small amount of a jot of a modicum of a fragment of a hint of a certain an unknown an unspecified a given an anonymous an unidentified an unnamed this one many countless innumerable myriad considerable copious amounts of endless more than a few quite a few quite a lot of uncountable untold manifold a lot of an extraordinary an amazing a remarkable a fantastic an astonishing a special a bizarre a fascinating an exceptional an impressive an incredible an unusual a peculiar a strange a unique a curious an arresting an inconceivable an unexpected an unheard-of brilliant fantastic great amazing awesome super excellent terrific extraordinary marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) sensational splendid superb tremendous wonderful little a sprinkle of a sprinkling of a pinch of a smidgen of a tad of a trace of a smidgeon of a speck of a splash of few not too many scarcely any a small number of a small quantity of a scattering of a smattering of a scintilla of some kind of some sort of some type of any any whatsoever a part of a piece of sundry assorted varied different divers separate particular respective own distinct proportionate definite personal discrete special a handful a small number a select few a small portion a small proportion a small selection a small variety handful a couple selected a selection a number a variety a sprinkling an amount a portion more they a group some of them the group ones approximately around about nearly roughly almost circa more or less near practically somewhere around close to give or take just about loosely plus or minus upwards of in the ballpark of in the neighborhood of in the region of to some extent to some degree a bit in some measure to a certain degree a little bit to a limited degree to a limited extent to a point up to a point within limits quite rather fairly somewhat moderately relatively pretty reasonably enough like comparatively passably kinda ish tolerably something adequately kindly satisfactorily sufficiently anonymous unnamed unidentified nameless incognito innominate unknown untitled unspecified unbaptized unchristened undesignated mysterious faceless given secret undisclosed pseudonymous marked diverse disparate motley divergent multifarious a particular a random relative comparative moderate reasonable qualified by comparison in comparison a fair degree of approximate modified equivalent rivaling(US) conditional contrastive approaching vying fair matching related scattering uneven irregular scattered incredible mind-blowing astonishing remarkable unbelievable astounding breathtaking exciting fascinating mind-boggling miraculous spectacular staggering surprising thrilling awe-inspiring eye-opening sprinkling smattering smatter scatter couple sprinkle trickle minority spattering a small amount small amount small quantity spot bit bite drop modicum morsel smidgeon speck splash tad crumb dab dot fleck jot pinch scrap dollop dribble More
"some" Antonyms
all every no each each and every not any not one zero any any and all any and every much few a limited amount of a piddling amount of a scattering of a small amount of a small number of a smattering of a spattering of a sprinkling of a tiny amount of a trickle of a trifling amount of barely any close to zero deficient amounts of hardly any not many not much not too many one or two lots of a liberal amount of a lot of plenty of a generous amount of a great quantity of a large amount of a load of a mass of an ample amount of a lavish amount of a wealth of bags of loads of oodles of piles of a boatload of a bunch of a glob of a good deal of none nil nobody no one no one at all no part not a bit not a hint not an iota not anyone not anything not a single person not a soul not a thing nothing zilch everyone each and every one every one every single one he I it she yours truly I, for one I, myself I, personally the author the speaker the writer a lot many exactly precisely specifically literally explicitly strictly squarely accurately smack-dab correctly definitely perfectly absolutely scrupulously totally just exactingly dead on bang on spot on extremely insufficiently unjustly hugely massively little not at all identified known named baptised(UK) baptized(US) christened dubbed termed acknowledged authenticated onymous marked recognized(US) classified familiar recognised(UK) public common usual humble ordinary simple stereotypical multiple numerous several various multitudinous varied mixed myriad different manifold miscellaneous multifarious voluminous insufficient limited meager(US) meagre(UK) scarce insubstantial scant sparse deficient exiguous inadequate inconsiderable lacking minimal occasional scanty seldom found thin total absolute complete full pure whole entire utter thorough consummate sheer unmitigated definite unconditional unqualified categoric categorical downright undisputed great homogeneous similar like same changeless consistent constant conventional correspondent even harmonious invariable monomorphic perpetual resembling standard unaltered unchanged unchanging unfailing crowd horde loads army flock gazillion host jillion kazillion legion mountain multitude oodles scads scores thousands zillion heaps masses

978 Sentences With "some"

How to use some in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "some" and check conjugation/comparative form for "some". Mastering all the usages of "some" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Some are learned, some passionate, some angry, some hilarious, some borderline bonkers, some — the best — all of the above.
Some of us are fathers, some not; some are straight, some not; some were born into male bodies, some not.
Some venues close at midnight, some at 1am, some at 2am, some at 3am, some at 5am.
Some cables support 3 amps, some 5, some Thunderbolt, some not.
Some are too specific, some too general, some clinical, some jargony.
Some were big, some were small, some had meaning, some were for fun, and some are already gone.
There are several groups of people: some by choice, some incarcerated, some fleeing, some in power, some questioning power.
Some are nationalist, some economic nationalist, some more dovish, and some defy categorization.
Some heroes are criminals, some are coldhearted, some are wounded, some are snobs.
At the time of this letter's writing, I have sent you hundreds of images—some playful, some scary, some sad, some outdoorsy, some candid, some taken by a farsighted acquaintance, some holiday themed, some to raise awareness for underfunded but important causes, some with sleeping special guests.
Some got married, some got divorced, some had children, some had more than one!
Oh, or a roast dinner—some lamb, some stuffing, some roast potatoes, maybe some grilled leeks, or some beef gravy. Fuck.
Some had secure jobs, some had none; some were on relief and some in retirement; some played for themselves, some played for others, some had once ridden high and others were going down slow, some were famous, some unknown, some were young and others venerable: all had played their part in shaping the pattern of the blues.
Over the years, some lost interest, some were dishonest, some stopped buying and some died.
Some of them are hunters, some of them are veterans, some participate in professional shooting sports, some also swing-dance, some play soccer.
We've seen sushi of all kinds: some sweet, some savory, some unnecessary, some gross and weird.
Some are animated, some are CGI, some preach law and family values, and some just suck!
Cannabinoids come in a remarkably wide number of forms, some psychoactive, some not, some therapeutic, some not, many legal for some purposes in some jurisdictions, many illegal for all purposes elsewhere.
As it turns out, there are plenty of ladies — some real, some fictional, some dead, some living, some famous, some not — who could maybe rival Swift in terms of sheer badassery.
There were plenty of options to choose from — some big, some small, some pre-seasoned, some with lids, and some with heat-resistant handles.
LONDON — In Britain, the word "pie" has multiple meanings, some old, some new, some sweet, some savory, some with a pastry crust, others without.
Some of these ideas are moderate and some are extreme; some are valid and some are odious.
Some will test you, some will use you, some will love you, and some will teach you.
Some liked women, some liked men, some liked clothes, and some never explained what the draw was.
Some just said they were sorry, some touched her hand, some hugged her, some cried with her.
So we sold some Motorola, we've sold some Adobe, we've sold some CI, we've sold some Microsoft.
Some are new, some old, some longstanding favorites, and some I'll be reading for the first time.
Some are new, some old, some longstanding favorites, and some I'll be reading for the first time.
Some of the dialogue was unforgettable; some transcribed; some told as oral history for decades; some imagined.
Some people are painters, some are costume makers, some are calligraphists, some are interior designers, and more.
At different points, some will stand and some will sit, some will applaud and some will not.
Some tell stories, some list facts, some offer only fragments.
Some were dark, some were copper skin, some were fair.
Some supported it, some opposed it and some were ambivalent.
Some are manuals, some are informational pamphlets, some are reportage.
Some washed meat pans; some assembled cartons; some carried bricks.
Some were good, some not so good, and some expensive.
Some changes are to be resisted, some retarded, some governed.
Some of it's funny, some serious, some of it frightening.
Some looked concerned, some looked curious and some looked judgmental.
Some are animated, some are endearing, some are just weird.
ET — some minor, some major, and some completely head-scratching.
Some fans were disappointed, some furious, and some simply bemused. 
Some can count, some use tools and some even dance.
Some are feathery, some are choppy, some taper, others bend.
Some tiny something, some soft scream, some pith of silence.
Some indicators are pointing up, some down and some sideways.
Each person gets some meat, some stuffing, some pie crust.
Some are funny, some are informative, some break your heart.
Some took photos, some laughed, and some just looked puzzled.
Some supporters found the decision painful, some less so; some thought it was correct, and some did not.
Along the way there is some fun — some scares, some warm feelings, some inventive ickiness — to be found.
Some have signs, some have cups, some have credible stories, some have none, but the wants are unavoidable.
Some people have insomnia, some people have anxiety, some people are autistic, some people have PTSD, some people have chronic pain, and some people have none or a combination of all of these issues.
But they do show that some neonicotinoids, at least, hurt some bees in some places and under some circumstances.
Some people manage, some people play the music, some people make the clothes, and some people write about it.
North Korea's offers invariably come with some significant caveats and some asterisks, some hidden and some in plain sight.
Some of these images of violence are from documentaries, some from films, some from photographs, some from real life.
Some of them are taller, some are smaller, some don't like playing with toys, some love playing with toys.
Certainly some people are drawn to the books, some the interviews, some the performance, and some the recorded music.
Some answers are good, some are great and some need unpacking.
Some are clicky, some are smooth, and some sit in between.
Some of these films are strange, some funny, and some edifying.
Char some of the veggies, fry some, and keep some raw.
Same with fighters: some die, some get hurt, some go on.
Some platforms will become utilities; some will specialise; some will fade.
Some throw parties, some print out certificates, and some buy presents.
Some were ashamed, some in tears, some accompanied by furious parents.
Some are great, some are bad, and some just shouldn't exist.
Some of us are taller, some are shorter, some are murderers.
I have some peaches and some pears and some grapes growing.
"Some things are for some people, and some aren't," McEnroe said.
Some is foraged, some is picked, some is from our garden.
Some were heartbreaking, some were hilarious, some were just fucking disgusting.
Some are pickled, some mashed, some cut into wedges and grilled.
Some are gray, some are brown, some are kind of blue.
Some weapons, some persons and some circumstances are subject to regulation.
In truth, there is some good, some bad and some ugly.
Some of it is dangerous, some strange, and some downright racist.
I did some good work, got some shows and some reviews.
Some were good, some were great, and some were plain forgettable.
I was surrounded by butterflies, so many different kinds — some close, some small, some big, some... just so many butterflies.
Some of them were great, some of them were kinda bland; some of them were hugely popular, some fell flat.
Some getting to know the exotic animals, some yoga, some scavenger hunting, some music, and, of course, food and drink.
Some are rocky granite, some are more sandy; some are pink granite and some are blue, indicating different mineral compositions.
There was some grinding, some sexual tension, and some serious dating rumors.
Some held banners, some wore masks and some lashed out in violence.
Some are just little kids, some are my age, some are moms.
We're placing some bets in some technology initiatives and some other things.
Some of us were single, some were coupled, some were in-between.
Some drivers are friendly, some quiet and some are just downright bizarre.
Some cited tariffs, some cited higher costs, some cited slower global growth.
I did some work, drank some more coffee and bought some books.
Some are happy with their quiet life, some are lazy, some aren't.
"Some tracks were started before chemotherapy, some during, some after," They say.
Some people buy art, some people buy houses, some people buy boats.
Some come out here, some make phone calls, some looking for staff.
Some players napped, some snacked, some watched the matches on Centre Court.
Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright infuriatingly stupid.
Some allegations resulted in firings, some in resignations, some in major reorganizations.
Some are ridiculous, some are shocking, and some are just plain stupid.
There's some funny lines, some crying, some screaming — it's really difficult, frankly.
Some are sweet, some are funny, and some are downright cringe-y.
Some of them were great; some were fine; some were not either.
Some seem inspired, some feel strained, and some you wish weren't there.
"We serve some cold, some room temperature, some slightly warm," Kaplan said.
With some cash for some sweet merch and some drugs to keep you going, you're ready to see some acts, spray some Faygo, and just have a good time.
Half of these people are children; some are refugees, some are internally displaced, some are stateless, and some are asylum-seekers.
Some groups chant, some groups pray, some meditate, some just have an automatic switch where they don't allow the negative thought.
If we focus on that group, and get some doctors and some hospital administrators and some patient groups and some good-thinking senators, we can come up with some solutions.
Nothing extraordinary — maybe read some books, play with some Legos, eat some dinner.
Some are operating government-run stores, some are allowing private retailers, some both.
In some ways it was, and in some ways we learned some things.
They mix in some running and some trotting and some talking into earpieces.
Some days he does more; some days I do; some days we're equal.
Some selections are hung salon style, some with very tight spacing, some sparsely.
Some like it with sugar, some like it strong, some like it green.
"I cook some nice salmon, some asparagus [with] some candles, music," he shares.
"Some folks needed some money so they mobilized some frack crews," Helms said.
"Some gumbo and some good potato salad and some good dessert," he said.
We'll be doing some amazing drinking, some amazing pitching, and some amazing networking.
But we got some grit, some toughness and some fight in this group.
Some to the U.S., some to Mexico, some to Vietnam or other countries.
Some were numb, some were panicky, some were just totally despondent and sobbing.
They have a fervent commitment to some cause, some ideal or some relationship.
Some of the cast went one way, some the other, some wandered off.
Maybe it's renewable energy, some nuclear power, some biomass, and some natural gas.
Some were good, some were bad, and some taught us valuable life lessons.
In some kinds of people some tenderer feelings have had some little beginning!
Some of these choices may make sense for some people in some scenarios.
I just want some makeup and some rhinestones and some crazy-ass shoes!
Some did so through gangs, some through immigrant political machines, some through unions.
It's just anything that will generate some electricity, some sparks, and some negativity.
Some people I knew had died, some had moved, some were like superstars.
We all have bodies — some are bigger, some are smaller, some have scars.
"But I've seen some people get some some champagne for sure," she adds.
Some communist, some gangster, some civil rights agitator, or avowedly militant antiwar radical.
Some are comedians, some are models, and some are famous for being famous.
Some have been raped, some have been killed, some have been suicide bombers.
Some of those things were ugly, some were self-destructive, some were tragic.
Some are reversed, some are weakened, some will be in court for years.
Some women are sad, some women are relieved, and some women are both.
Someone get the prince some ice ... and some sun ... and some blood flow.
What's developed over the last 44 days is a series of portraits of lawmakers, some inspiring, some angering, some poignant, some quirky.
Some people were hiding in the hills, some were in the ponds, some were in the bushes, some were in the toilets.
Some products go directly on the floor, while some need to be mixed with water; some require rinsing, but some don&apost.
We're going to fight the President and bring some development, bring some jobs, bring some hope, bring some possibility into our community.
Some vulvas are big (like some cats are big), some are small (like some cats are small), some have a lot of hair (like this fluffy cat) and some don't have any (like this hairless cat.) You get the gist.
It's obviously some Glee stuff, some Broadway stuff, some of her stuff, some of my original stuff, sort of a mixture of everything.
I would get some bus money, some pizza money, some soda money and some money to be able to get into a jam.
Some of them were great, some were decent, some were awkward, and some were like diving straight into the ninth circle of hell.
It's some kind of notification, some kind of ping, some kind of ding, some kind of trigger that tells you do this now.
But Biden could use some youth and diversity; Buttigeig some experience and vision; Warren some centrist credibility; Klobuchar some energy and coastal connection.
Some of them are Marxists, some are Leninists, some are social democrats or anarchists.
Some days were better than others, and you win some and you lose some.
Some squats, some push-ups, some (attempts) at press-ups, a short sprint. Fitness!
Some states might want subsidies, some won't, some states might go to single-payer.
Some people spend it all, some quit their jobs and some maintain frugal lifestyles.
Some things are true, some things are not true, some things are partially true.
It's an "interesting array of states, some blue, some red, some purple," Kelly says.
You need to make some decisions, some serious decisions and make some life changes.
Some people raise wages, some announce plans, and some open another factory or two.
"I wanted to show some vulnerability, and I wanted to show some, some struggle."
Some have gore, some have nudity, some have thrusting too vigorous for virgin eyes.
Some landed, some fell flat and some (Trump's) bombed so hard they drew boos.
Some of them may be moral, some may be average, some may be immoral.
Some are wealthy, some are struggling; some are undocumented, and others are American citizens.
Some are using it for education, some to pay off debt, some for transportation.
"More women come in, some are angry, some convey concern, some remorse," he said.
Some are legitimately fun, some you've done before, and some are just plain weird.
Scars tell a story — some painful, some empowering, and some a bit of both.
Help me buy some cheaper wigs and some more clothes and some more things.
In some ways it was [good], and in some ways we learned some things.
We'd put some music on and laid down some duvets and lit some candles.
Some fled with family, some abandoned family, some left after their families were killed.
Some have good sound, some have active noise cancellation, and some merely feel comfortable.
"Some find it sweet, some find it gross, some don't even notice," she says.
Some of the pieces read like poems; some like parables, some like punch lines.
Though in some cases, there was some residual gel or some minor tissue inflammation.
Some, like her, were former students; some were professionals; some were wives and mothers.
In some cases, some features worked while others didn't, and some users were unaffected.
Some were accurate, some were misleading and some appear nowhere close to the truth.
"Some people like technology, some people like baking, some people like sports," he said.
Some guys came through with some really good at-bats against some tough pitching.
Some have drowned themselves in work, some in the bottle, some in night life.
Some are narrow, some are conical, some are bottom-heavy, the list goes on.
Some have loan payments, some have credit card debt, some have shockingly cheap rent.
Some will live in factories; some will be outside; some will collect data underwater.
"It has some good things, some bad things, and some missing things," he said.
Some would be rubbed with ash, some covered in straw, some pressed with tomatoes.
Some wanted to go home, some were in pain, some said they were hungry.
Some are fully rented to trainers, some only partially, and some are for sale.
Some were preparing for shows, some had just finished shows, some were between shows.
Some people took it well, some people took me well and some people didn't.
Look at these marchers, some with faces upturned with wonderment and discovery, some with arms raised to clap, some scowling and angry; some seeking militant visibility and some turning bashfully from the camera.
Photo: GettyWe've seen a lot of data breaches this year: some big, some small, some that are dangerous, and some that are just embarrassing.
Some are posting silly selfies, some are having fun with filters, some are sharing flashback photos, and some are spending time with their families.
The day after that, I said, 'Come on up to our quote-unquote kitchen, we've got some cabbage, some yogurt, some eggs, some fruit.
With summer winding down, here's a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow.
But beneath the surface there are some nice angles, some stance shifts, some draws, and above all some very high level understanding of distancing.
We have to start to create them for AI. France is doing some, Germany is doing some, some companies are doing ... Google's doing some.
Some are dipping their toes, some are ready to jump in, some are already in.
There have been some good times, some bad times, and some really, really bad times.
Some have better health care, some better education, some more economic opportunity for their citizenry.
Some feel more comfortable, some allow you to do more, and some just look cooler.
Some roll in cars (or supercars), some on motorcycle, some on horse, others on foot.
Some three times a day, some every time I eat, some 30 minutes before eating.
You sell some movies, you sell some TV shows, you sell some ads, you know.
That centralization could provide governments with some world-changing capabilities — some good, some rather scary.
Getting paid severance can happen for some employees, in some cases, some of the time.
"We got some input from some of our principals asking for some support," she said.
Some people think it's 210, some people think it's 2000, some people think it's 212.
Some of them were captured, some were in prison, some of them died under torture.
Some started off as musicians, some were inspired by tour documentaries, some by sexist bosses.
Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time.
Seek out a middle ground of some work, some socializing, and some thoughtful solo time.
Obviously, we go through 20 years, so you'll see some '40s, some '50s, some '60s.
Some expressed vicious bigotries; some expressed more ambivalent bigotries; and some didn't express any bigotries.
Sure, each squad had some eyebrow-raising moments, some close calls and some outright misplays.
Some of it's from MTV, some of it's from Channel Four, some is from YTV.
Some people are promiscuous, some people dance, they write, they sing, some people just work.
We are left with snippets of information — some true, some false and some half-true.
I had thousands of conversations in that costume, some fun, some heartfelt, some utterly confounding.
Some are born with nunchi, some achieve nunchi and some have nunchi thrust upon them.
MRD: Some tech companies have been hirings heads of diversity…some white and some black.
" Asked what Stempniak provided to the line, Julien said: "Some experience, some speed, some skill.
Conduct, perform, go back to some old things, clean some things up, orchestrate some things.
Because there's some humor that comes from the set-up, some jokes and some levity.
To do this, he offers some context and some numbers, some of which are new.
Some are contrived and outlandish, some are pretty feasible, and some are essentially wish fulfillment.
Some may recognize me, some think I'm the "mad dad," some think I'm a detective.
Some are inspired, some are quick to judge, some are just fascinated with the novelty.
Some snickered, some were helpful, some told me they already had "presold" their restock orders.
Some of the procedures, some done with a local anesthetic, were uncomfortable, some downright painful.
Then after that, some people said some things and read some poems, things like that.
Some are big, some are small, and some are more tear drop shape than others.
We have to wait; some wait an hour, some three, some 12, after eating dairy.
Peak TV brought with it an embarrassment of riches—some good, some bad, some incomprehensible.
The first round had some noteworthy players, some of whom had some pretty successful careers.
Some were in pajamas, some in overcoats, some with their blankets draped over their shoulders.
Some of these apologies are insincere, some are inappropriate, and some just aren't there yet.
We saw some heroism from some Afghans and there were obviously some Afghans who underperformed.
Some of it becomes popular, and some is great, and some gets to be both.
Some report to the mayor, some to the governor and some to the federal government.
Some villagers here are soldiers, some are farmers; some just keep watch over the village.
"She's had some good days, some bad days – some wonderful moments, and some deep pain that the morphine just couldn't seem to touch," Rory explains.
"I'm hoping that they get some tools, some advice, some ways to work stuff out, some words of wisdom that they can then live by."
For the dressing, fold a little tahini into some thick yogurt, then a little more, some olive oil, some lemon juice, some salt to taste.
Some call for a mixture of plain cornmeal and flour; some call for self-rising cornmeal; some require buttermilk, and some make do with water.
The U.S. Patent office has tons of patents involving chemical processes — some important, some small, some obscure, some obvious, but all verified and presented formally.
Some may seem harmless (if superfluous); some may be a waste of money; some may impede progress by undermining science; some may be physically dangerous.
By now, a small, motley crowd, some colored, some white, had gathered near us, some to support, some to see the source of the commotion.
Just about everyone over 25 has had some version of the quarter-life crisis: Some are funny, some are disturbing, and some are complete disasters.
Some are great, some we appreciate, and some are responsible for the beautiful legacy of fashion.
Some of them are funny, some poignant, and some are just downright crazy — watch and enjoy.
You're going to get some Bob Dylans, some Smokey Robinsons and some Mamas and the Papas.
Some celebrities like Twitter, some like Facebook and some don't use any social media at all.
There's some bloody rock 'n' roll, some real heartbreaker honky-tonk stuff, some loose R&B.
Have you been following that stuff, that there was some detail -- some -- some, I guess, satellite.
Some people have dating problems, some people have gambling problems, and some people have shoe problems.
Some are full-time students at Mines; some work in industry; some work for the government.
There are a number of initiatives for collecting this information — some regulated, some voluntary, some automated.
Some will get bigger, some might hurt, and some might still need to be removed ASAP.
Cunia received all sorts of inquiries regarding the lamp — some serious, some creepy, and some punny.
Some messages are long, some short; some begin with greetings, while others leap directly into conversation.
Some laugh, some rush over to help and some pretend not to see anything at all.
Some of them scream in fear and some of them cry and some of them laugh.
There, lawmakers are expected to compromise on some disagreements — some technical, some substantive — over their bills.
And then you look at some of these ads, and it's some doom and some gloom.
" Jolie continued, "In some ways it was [good], and in some ways we learned some things.
Some employees found this reasonable, according to the Journal, but some didn't—including some Muslim employees.
Some are and some aren't ready for kindergarten - some could use an additional year of support.
"Some will cut production, some will cut workers, and some may even shut down," Long said.
Some jobs are a labor of love, some are for pay, some are just for fun.
Back at the house, I do some admin stuff—file some invoices and send some emails.
Experts point to numerous factors driving the growing discrepancy — some cultural, some economic and some political.
Some people painted the eyes, some people embroidered the eyes, some people got the transfer eyes.
Some of these additional profits will go to shareholders, some to balance sheets, some to workers.
Some of them were really intrigued, but some couldn't look at me, and some were shaking.
"Some are homeless, some are in gangs, some are freelancers up to no good," he said.
Some are minor, young people wouldn't call them minor, and some are some pretty horrible stories.
Some people took themselves to hospitals, unknown to emergency workers — some right away, some hours later.
Some of the attacks are ideological, some are not and some fall into a gray area.
Some stiff accused him of being involved in some alleged cheating on some meaningless history test.
American and some of its competitors have announced some service changes, cutting some under-performing routes.
Some in the start of the theme entry, some in the middle, some in the end.
Some monitors connect via USB cable, some connect via VGA cable, and some connect via HDMI.
Every day there is some new revelation about some man who has done some terrible thing.
Every day, there is some new revelation about some man who has done some terrible thing.
Coinbase is paying for the company with some cash, some stock, and interestingly, some crypto assets.
Some of it is seductive, some of it is accomplished, and some is mediocre or worse.
That's when I woke up with a fever, some aches, and some vomiting, and some diarrhea.
"Some men are big, some average and some below average," said Minns in a press release.
Some of the strands fray, some turn into knots, some unravel in a hot, unearned rush.
It was time to make some changes, so I bought some gadgets and downloaded some apps.
In some cases, the administration might claim some executive privilege to prevent some employees from testifying.
Some of Wevr's projects are computer-animated, some are live action, and some combine both elements.
Some are cops, some are from the Indian army, and some belong to a counterinsurgency force.
Some had become pregnant through infertility treatment, some adopted children and some chose to remain childless.
There were some painful moments, some that were clear sailing and some that were just uncomfortable.
Some bills were poorly conceived; some were cruel and unjust; some were sold on false pretenses.
Trends Some call it resort and some call it cruise and some call it pre-spring.
We - - some we answered by phone, some were out of state, some we went out there.
Some were shaped like rippled fronds, some had tubular frames, and some were curiously disk-shaped.
Here's a rundown of some of the most telling ones, some from Peele's list, some not.
Some of that information is reliable, some is noise, and some is intentionally created to mislead.
Every contestant has an angle: Some are strong and silent, some are sly, some are sexy.
Or even soft-funk, like some Steve Arrington, some George Duke, maybe even some Herbie Hancock.
And it's every level: some of it's behavioral, some of it's emotional, some of it's cognitive.
Q. Most of your work deals in some way with historical quirks — some true, some imagined, some that seem to be imagined but actually are true.
Some thoughts are magical ("Are you a blacksmith where you are, bending iron, love bending you"), some cynical ("Nature makes mistakes"), some unfinished, some punishingly repetitive.
Some look different (just not Paul Rudd), some evolved as characters, and some were plucked from obscurity to become some of our favorite on-screen characters.
Some of us are feeling older, some are in a not-so-great place, and some of us are straight-up jonesin' to fight some Nazis.
Wouldn't it be nice to spend some time meticulously chopping up some fresh veggies, marinading some meat, and maybe creating some sort of sauce from scratch?
In the 1980s, for example, it was not uncommon to find some Republicans more liberal than some Democrats and some Democrats more conservative than some Republicans.
Some of them are activists, some of them are academics, some are sex workers, some of them are just there and a part of their community.
Some are scared; some seem almost irritated; some instruct their spouses to say they cannot come to the phone; some affect an air of insouciant indifference.
Some can be converted into common stock and some can't; some have a set maturity (as with bonds) and some don't; rates may be floating or fixed; and some pay missed dividends retroactively while others don't.
In that public square, there's all these things that happen and some are amazing, and some are stupid, and some are silly, and some are really terrible.
Some people have research parties – maybe have some food, some wine, get some music, then you decide which groups and people you want to do research on.
The gazillion number of songs performed each had a purpose: some for the ladies, some for the fellas, some for the loved ones, some for the friends.
Some were single, some had girlfriends, some were virgins, some were not, but not one of them, Cillian felt very certain, knew the first thing about love.
Some love it, some hate it and some don't have any strong feelings about it at all.
I heat up some almond milk and rolled oats, cut up some banana, and make some oatmeal.
You got to win some battles, you got to create some energy, some speed throughout the team.
Some of those uses are obvious, some are surprising, and some have nothing to do with space.
"Now: Some weeks I work out 3x a week, some weeks 2x, some weeks 4x," she continued.
Some use the traditional phin and khaen, some use a brass band; some add guitar or keyboard.
For some people it's nothing when they lose some money, but for some other people it's important.
Some are funny, some are straight to the point, and some are just inappropriate resulting in fails.
It also created some ready-made model portfolios recently, some with active management and some using indexes.
"  "Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually coworkers.
Some of them adapt kids comic books, some adapt historical novels, and some adapt epic fantasy sagas.
"Some days good, some days terrible, some days you just drift apart for a while," he said.
Some good, some bad, some just plain strange, but all of them very real and very serious.
"Some days I'm a sample size, some days I'm a size 4, some a 6," she said.
Some are tinted, some pack longer-lasting benefits, and some come with funky applicators and interactive packaging.
I mean you can ... Some ... They partner with some people but some ... Like for a charging station?
Some women and some men feel comfortable being plus-size, or some people feel more athletic, etc.
Some Originals are funded entirely by Snapchat, some fully by production studios, and some are joint efforts.
Some big ways, for example, some contractors recently in some offices got moved to completely different offices.
For the Facebook messages, they created some some profiles with photos and minimal information and some without.
Currently, same-day delivery is sporadically available — for some products, in some cities, some of the time.
It was a mixed bag, with some educational thoughts heading her way, some eyerolls, and some love.
We had some really bad turnovers and made some really bad decisions with some really quick 3s.
Let's do some studies, do you have some data, do you have some medicine I could try?
But it showed me some 3D-printed prototypes, some working and some not, that incorporate the tech.
Some are exclusive to Chrome, some have top-notch chat features and some don't go full screen.
The game contains some adult dialogue (some swearing) and themes (death, abandonment), and some minor horror elements.
Some wear neon socks, some have bruises brighter than their tattoos, some have stickers covering their helmets.
Some of them petered out because some corporate leaders made some discreet phone calls to important people.
Serve some raw, some roasted, others steamed, as you like, alongside some deli meats and good cheese.
"We've had some unofficial reports there (is) some damage to some buildings," spokeswoman Rhea Lee-Moku said.
"For some, it's about sexuality; for some, it's about freedom; for some, it's about loneliness," he says.
Some are curved, some are huge, some are huge and curved, and, well, you get the idea.
Some focus on premium sound, some feature screens, and some even let you choose between multiple assistants.
But while some people just intrinsically get what colors go together, some of us need some guidelines.
I ask myself, then try to provide for her—some love, some softness, some words of affirmation.
Some dead, some living across the country, some just permanently washed and working in commercial real estate.
There are some failed nudes, some questionable art, and there was even some music—big shocker there.
Some battery packs have USB-C ports, some have USB-A, and some have built-in cables.
"Some trotted, some limped, some walked as on eggshells" during the last leg inside Madison Square Garden.
Some came for the riffs, some came for Matt Bellamy, and some just came for the staging.
"They were willing to do some things, to make some changes, that we can do some good."
Some days I feel more feminine, some more masculine, and some days I'm somewhere in the middle.
I eat some oysters, have some rosé, drink some Irish coffee, get my groceries and head home.
Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some get a series order 400 years post-mortem.
Every day brings some fresh affront to decency, some assault on progress, some blow to the truth.
"Some people are going to use fresh beef in SOME cheeseburgers, SOME of the time," Wendy's tweeted.
"Some people are going to use fresh beef in SOME cheeseburgers, SOME of the time," it tweeted.
Some people suffer from generalized anxiety; some people deal with social anxiety; some people have specific phobias.
Some were hopeful, some highlighted communities that don't often get their due, some were just plain unexpected.
I went to my shelf and grabbed a set of books — some prose, some essays, some poems.
Some athletes want their education right away, some athletes like to go to class, but some don't.
Some of them are plays, some of them are pageants, some of them are readings or debates.
He contacted some state officials on the company's behalf, set up some meetings, and arranged some events.
It's meant a lot to hear from some early readers who are effected, who could relate—some are adopted, some are Asian American, some come from complicated families.
Speaking forcefully, he acknowledged that there had been resistance from some self-centered members of the bureaucracy, some of it open, some of it hidden and some hypocritical.
There will be some bigger color molecules, some little pieces, some will wash out, some will not — and that's why your color will change and fade over time.
Some are monsters, some are ghosts inhabiting flesh, some can eat your energy, some you can hold and love with your spirit while their body is far away.
"With summer winding down, here's a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow," he wrote on Twitter.
I took this opportunity to help myself to some M&Ms, some Pringles and, of course, some alcohol.
Some are bipartisan "hurrah" votes, some are high-stakes, closely divided votes, and some are simply "procedural" votes.
Some of this abuse stems from tomfoolery, some stems from pure vandalism, and some may stem from fear.
Some people put their faces in their hands, some open their eyes wide and some look ... oddly peaceful.
Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually co-workers.
It's not just that there are some Flat Earthers and some 9/11 deniers and some Apollo theorists.
Do you just want to play some games, watch some Netflix, browse the web, and read some books?
And some scientists think there could be other "mini-moons" orbiting the Earth -- some permanent and some temporary.
Some poems are slight, some skinny, some linger or stretch into prose, halting or conversational, mythic or mundane.
Some will follow pedestrian signals, some will obey traffic lights, and some will do none of the above.
The focus has offered some wonderful levels of controversy and some fierce criticism, and also some ferocious dialogue.
But Ryan took some time making his endorsement, raising some reservations about some of the businessman's controversial comments.
We had some folks in politics, some folks in academia, some technology folks, and pretty good. Mm-hmm.
The notice of proposed rulemaking released today is full of questions: some reasonable, some rhetorical and some desperate.
"I did some puzzles, did some combat encounters, just to show it had some design legs," he said.
I know some schools are doing lie-ins, some schools are doing chants, some schools are doing songs.
There's some really beautiful, impassioned, engaged music writing from some talented writers talking about some equally talented artists.
Some women want to get stronger, some want to learn a new skill, some want to challenge themselves.
In the case of skinbows, some of the proteins glow red, some glow green and some glow blue.
There are some things we know, some things we don't, and there is some luck involved as well.
Within in one bottle, some pills tested positive for lidocaine, some for fentanyl, some for lidocaine and fentanyl.
"We've got some properly scary ones, we've got some new ones, we've got some old ones," said Moffat.
Some films are projected as rectangles, some are projected as longer rectangles, and some are projected as squares.
I saw, like, some colorful ones, like some Froot Loops, I think, or some kind of, like, cereal.
More obscurely, they allude to choreography: some Martha Graham, maybe some Lucinda Childs, some previous Jasperse for sure.
"Some of them love the architecture, some want to see the ghosts, some like the history," Boehme said.
She has, however, received some pushback from some flamenco purists and from some members of the Romani community.
Some are best sellers, some hidden gems, and some plucked from our own thoughtfully stocked kitchens at home.
Some held dialogues; some organized roundtables with their CEO; and some organizations provided counselors on site for employees.
We've got some new faces around TechCrunch — some of them real fresh and some who you might know.
Some reacted with anger, some with hope, some with pleas, such as a petition to challenge the result.
Freada Kapor Klein: Are there some, some emerging hypotheses or some emerging consensus or too early to tell?
Some text is from "Macbeth"; some is a retelling of the story, and some appears to be unrelated.
So there are some good things in the Cures Act, some good-seeming things, and some worrisome things.
The photographs are, themselves, fascinating artifacts: some torn or cut, some in pieces, some overexposed or water-stained.
De Blasio has also seen some controversy in his time as mayor — some a little trivial, some not.
Now, I've never written anything else in my life, some love letters, some grant proposals, some bad poetry.
The questions keep rolling in — some silly, some tricky, some painful — often as many as 100 per week.
In addition, some police agencies, indeed some states, choose not to share some or all information on killings.
KERNEN: Are you seeing some signs, some glimmers of success, of hope from some of these trading partners?
Some are in malls, some are along the streets of New York and some are in outdoor centers.
Some of that experience was quixotic, some of it was quite practical, and some of it was idealistic.
It helps some pocket mice hide out, some snakes regulate their body temperature and some insects resist diseases.
And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens.
"Some people are overjoyed, some people are upset, some people don't give a sh*t," said freshman Rep.
We're here to fill in the picture with some trivia about Garland's life, some tragic and some amusing.
Some members of her party are still in jail, some have disappeared and some have met violent ends.
Some had strikingly low triglyceride levels, some had normal levels, and some were in between, Dr. Schonfeld found.
Some wore heavy-heeled work boots and worn jeans; some leaned on canes and walkers; some bounced babies.
Some are married in, some are born in, some are grandfathered in by virtue of their own ambition.
Some are married in, some are born in, some are grandfathered in by virtue of their own ambition.
Some of the products had no CBD at all, some had too much CBD, some too much THC.
"Maybe add some saliva, maybe some blood — or maybe some other DNA — you never know," Mr. Smith said.
Some had moved; some were not registered to vote; some had changed their names; some had common names that made it hard to make a definitive match; some lived nearby in states where the voter file does not include political information; and there may have been some mistakes in each file.
We've compiled some of our favorite spaghetti recipes—some are fancy, some are fatty, and some are spicy, but all are delicious, as long as you respect the noodle.
Some of the members' profiles are private, some show that they have been banned previously, some contain hateful language, and some have received comments complaining about their online trolling.
Some, according to him, suggested active managers offer better active strategies, some better track records, some better business models, better value propositions, and some even better use of technology.
We hit some balls the other way, we hit some balls hard, Choo hit the home run, but they also made some nice plays on some hard-hit balls.
The clip features the trio battling the elements (in that there's some snow and also some fire) whilst wearing some extremely cosy looking winter gear and smoking some blunts.
For some, assimilation is based on pragmatic considerations, like achieving some fluency in the dominant language, some educational or economic success, some familiarity with the country's history and culture.
Brainin had shown me a long list of orders for a single table, some hot, some cold, some quick to prepare and some requiring a nonnegotiably long cook time.
Some don't last more than 12 hours, some can't seem to open apps in fewer than 10 seconds, some are hard to navigate, and some have really buggy software.
"I think I'm going to be watching some news feed some day a decade from now and see that some politician is trying to do some crazy deal with some country we supposedly don't like," he wrote via secured text message.
In some cases, they drive themselves, in some cases, they drive other people, in some cases, they drive goods.
Some people experience higher libidos when pregnant, some have lower libidos, and some don't see much of a change.
There are some zombie rules, some vampire rules and some rules that are completely unique to Game of Thrones.
They&aposve had some democracy building, dealing with Balkans, some of their projects have gone well, some haven&apost.
Some of them have been disproven and some can't be proven, but some have turned out to be accurate.
Some were inside their vehicles, some were resting in the shadows of the walls, some were chewing their sandwiches.
They have deleveraged last year quite a fair bit, took some gains while some of them took some losses.
You have to have some stability and you have to have some kind of class, some charm about yourself.
The "leave" camp has been playing up some serious rhetoric — some of it fair, some of it utter bollocks.
Some days that's 9 AM, some days it's 1 PM, some days it's like fuck it, I'm not sleeping.
Some were thinner than others, some more powerful, some came in gaudy colors, but all felt basically the same.
Some had their hands curled into tiger claws, some became crocodiles, some were transformed into Hanuman, the monkey god.
KOLPAKOV: Yeah, we know that some, some people that work in the administration make some leaks through these channels.
Some take to social media, some leave tokens of appreciation — and some engage in benign vandalism on public transport.
Some of the pairings were spot on, some were hilarious, and some were more than a little bit racist.
Some examples include: Unfortunately, some new and proposed government policies could undermine some of the progress that we've made.
Some of those things were funny, some of the things were cruel, and some were downright gross and sexist.
And it's true: Some people have brown skin, some people are big or small, some people don't have legs.
IBM was here, some were in Boston, some were in Kentucky, some were, they were all over the place.
Some will look at stats, some will look at play diagrams, and some will look at more obscure factors.
"Humans are best at some, and dogs are best at some and mice are best at some," he said.
Some of it is good, some of it is 'meh' and some of it is not good at all.
"They're good skaters ... they got some speed, they got some snipe, they got some good hockey sense," Trotz said.
Some think that the anger some Americans are expressing is defined by some nostalgic look backward for simpler times.
Some of those men denied some of the allegations against them, but all except Moore acknowledged some inappropriate behavior.
Some kneeled, some remained in the locker rooms, and some linked arms with teammates, including Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
Some are cheap, some are easy to assemble, and some you can build yourself if you're handy with tools.
"Some of them go on my blog, some others on Instagram, and some are just for friends," says Ouinesh.
What they found were Lil Peep's complete recordings — some finished, some in fragments; some heard and familiar, many not.
Some scores are settled, some beef is squashed, and no doubt some ugly business gets airbrushed or skipped over.
Some of these projects and organizations are brilliant and some are wacky—and some surely will fail and disappear.
LAURA: Then some of my friends did some performances and played some music and then we had a BBQ.
Some cuffs weren't ribbed, some collars were smaller, and some of the necklines varied, in keeping with traditional styles.
Mix it up in a pan, season it with some cinnamon, some little bit of salt, some raw agave.
Some have been unrepeatable pièces d'occasion, some have been failures or unimportant, and some have entered the international repertory.
The table was covered with lemons, some loose, some tumbling from bowls and some hanging from verdant citrus trees.
"I'm confident about the individual differences—some people talk to themselves a lot, some never, some occasionally," Hurlburt said.
To describe the work is wholly inadequate as the materials themselves were unimpressive, some lights, some mirrors, some mist.
"Some people are walking away, some are reducing orders, some are staying the same," a second senior banker said.
In Season 2, she briefly showed some edge and some cunning, the capacity to provide some intrigue and color.
Some remain in government custody, some have been released to other family members, and some are in foster care.
In some cases the minimum wage was $2 per hour, in some cases $3, and in some cases $4.
It was filled with actors, some in their 20s, some elderly and beautiful, some homely, slender, portly, gruff, sophisticated.
So why not put some out on the table on taco night or slather some on some French fries?
Some flowers bloom in shadow — impatiens, fuchsias — and maybe G. is asking for some shadow, for some benign neglect.
I'm really a range of fragrances: some warm, some melancholic, some flowering in the abyss like night-blooming jasmine.
The entire matter has left some Kansans befuddled, some Democratic lawmakers smug, and some Brownback supporters a little sheepish.
Some was healthier for you, some was not, some had protein, so you could roughly get what you needed.
Some expire, some are sold, some are left there like the husk of a bygone era...and some just fade away, gathering dust in the sands of the Wayback Machine.
Most of the triangles were painted by childhood cancer patients from MD Anderson hospitals, some impossibly young, some on the edge of 17, some in isolated treatment, some in recovery.
"The market might need some clean-up, maybe some shake-up in terms of some companies might have to exit the market, some might have to reposition themselves," he added.
Some people hate what I wear, some people praise it, some people use it to shame others, some people use it to shame me, but I feel you watching, always.
Every Democratic candidate senses on some level that trust is low and is addressing the problem with some chicken and some egg — some building of the social trust necessary to pass good policy, some passing of policies necessary to build social trust.
So now you have all of these photographs, some released from DHS, some from HHS, some from reporters that have been there, some from members of Congress who have been there.
But as much as Republicans hate to admit it, some nasty strains of some bigotry and some bias, including some actually scary white supremacists, have found a home in their party.
"If we can make some ground on this one, while some like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and others stall, this is some good news to offset some of that," he said.
"We did do some of that back in January because we had some external events that caused some downtime on one of our crude units and some internal issues," Patel said.
Image: NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center), and M.H. Wong (University of California, BerkeleyI've seen many pictures of Saturn, some crisp and clear, some blurry, some big, some small.
I'm not sure ... He should put some jazzy ... I do think ... He should do some jazzy ... Michael, if you're listening, do some jazzy things because you need some jazz in there.
But there is definitely evidence of crimes — including some serious ones — by a range of figures, some Russian and some Americans and some working at a very high level in Trumpworld.
With their season beginning to spiral down the drain, the Knicks revealed some toughness, some chemistry and even some competence.
I make some green tea with lemon, fry up some eggs, and put them in a burrito with some avocado.
Some broken-bat singles, some flares, but they strung them together really well and got some runs out of it.
Some people are sad, some are angry, some still waging revolution, so we found it wasn't right to stage competitions.
Speakers come in all shapes and sizes: some of them wireless, some waterproof, and some that even tell you jokes.
Some won't get it at all, some will get a milder version, and some will get the full-blown flu.
Some faces had long hair, some had big eyes, some had glasses, and others just looked like a plain emoji.
I'm not questioning that Dr. Ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time.
Some were brilliant, some didn't engage at all…I don't think some of the economics tutors knew who we were.
Some of the points it made were pretty facile; some quoted sources, and some were pretty clearly cribbed from articles.
Each one of those numbers represents a person, some of them children, some of them women, some of them elderly.
You put some base, and soup, and you put some noodles in there and then maybe you put some meat.
MICHAEL HSU: Yeah, well there are certainly some challenges in some markets and also I would say some green shoots.
Everyone reacted differently to Monday's total solar eclipse— some people cheered, some clapped, and some (including one Chicago meteorologist) wept.
Some were burglars, some were fences, and some would store the stolen goods, which also included jewelry, guns and computers.
Some said they remained loyal to Labour, some were fed up with elections and would not vote, some were undecided.
Spend some time chatting with psychologists and psychiatrists, and you'll hear some professional pride mixed with some (very mild) sniping.
A lot of Frankenfoods emerge from the primordial ooze of the Internet; some beautiful, some strange, and some downright gross.
Some people see the hidden image easily, some people see a rough outline and some can't see anything at all.
We'll hopefully have some ambassadors—some chefs, or some people in the culinary and can share that with the community.
"Some of them are resource-related, some of them are in manufacturing, and some of them are industrial," he said.
The video, which you can watch above, features some parties, some booze, some cars, and a whole bunch of snakes.
"I had some drag queens come over and put some beads on it, some know how they roll."
Some of them are straight lines, some are spirals and rectangles and trapezoids, and some are animals: whales, ducks, hummingbirds.
When he returns, his fee now owed, some sense a trick, some sense a lie, & some refuse to pay him.
Some employers house workers in trailers, some workers stay with relatives or friends, and some, like Abu Khalid, camp outside.
Some police departments started sending videos immediately, some proposed installment plans and some announced they were delaying their bodycam programs.
So for every earnest #BoycottHawaii tweet, there were dozens of clap-back responses: some funny, some reasonable, some equally angry.
In some way, shape or form, I think financial institutions will take some noise and some focus in that discussion.
And so some members are there to get results and some to get Twitter followers and some to get both.
My other pet peeve is the fact that some caucuses and primaries are open, some semi-open and some closed.
"We had some opportunities to really put up some crooked numbers, and Karns made some big pitches," Brett Gardner said.
That fact means a lot of different things to a lot of different people—some good, some bad, some crazy.
He kept at it during his undergrad and graduate years with some a capella, some barbershop, and some light opera.
When these two planets connect, you'll make some exciting discoveries, hear some interesting gossip, and have some very inspiring conversations.
Some of these are brand-new, some you can try before anyone else, and some are tried-and-true features.
"You need different approaches, with some in-situ development, some in-city relocation and some outside the city," he said.
Any sufficiently complex system will generate a wide variety of results, some expected, some not; some desired, others less so.
"There's still some negotiations going on between some Democrats and some Republicans about how to get this done," said Sen.
"For some people, and for some parents, for some reason they choose otherwise," he said of those who avoid vaccinations.
The MMA world has seen some massive news break over the past week—some good, some very much the opposite.
Some eight million children participate in scholastic sports and, by some estimates, some 22020 million in youth leagues and clubs.
Some eight million children participate in scholastic sports and, by some estimates, some 22020 million in youth leagues and clubs.
Some changed the landscape, some created symbols defying a certain kind of change, and some imagined the community already transformed.
Some are drawn from his experiences writing about Robert Moses and Johnson, some freshly minted, some culled from earlier interviews.
They did some graphics, sent some tweets (without mentioning the name of the community leader), got some glory and disappeared.
But people aren't meaningfully free unless they have some security and some option to say no — that is, some power.
I think there's some work to do: There are some whites and some African-Americans that still don't get along.
And there were certainly some winners, some companies that came out much better than maybe some people would have expected.
Some people find their extremely sour coating unbearable; some consider it child's play (and some people, incredibly, think it's delicious).
Some breed on bare ground, some in tall grass, some under bushes, in bushes, or on the tops of trees.
Some are heartbreakingly sad; some laugh-out-loud funny; some momentous and tragic; almost all of them resonant or surprising.
On the other hand, there are some projectors whose primary attachment is to some psychosis, some emotional or narcissistic wound.
If you want to up your savings, you're going to have to make some sacrifices — some big and some small.
"Some of the stories are really sweet; some are completely absurd and satirical; some are cathartic and venting," Blaylock said.
Get some mound work in, get some live hitters, then probably see him start getting out to some (rehab) games.
Some of his patients have mild forms of psychosis, some inhabit the borderlands of mania, and some have intense obsessions.
Better yet, many point usefully to the future even while looking at the past — some warningly, some hopefully, some both.
We had some sugar and some flour so we made some pancakes and then used the berries to make jam.
"We hope there will be some willingness from some countries to take in some of the victims," said van Roozendaal.
Some of them suck, some of them are going to be good, some will be interesting—that's interesting to me.
Some of them are all-around great books, some are our personal favorites, and some we have mixed feelings about.
Microbiota are made up of some helpful bacteria, some harmless, and some that under different circumstances could make us sick.
Some things are changing — and some may never change.
Surrender to some love some where around you … today!
Museums -- OK, some might be open, but some aren't.
Some good and some questionable - unsolicited none the less.
But bitcoin still faces challenges — some old, some new.
Some great, some terribly bad … and everything in between.
They missed some shots — even some of them open.
And some people — well — some people would rather die.
I now own several — some silver, some gold bronze.
There is some reason for concern — but only some.
There is some reason for concern — but only some.
Some people love — some people love the street life.
There's some reason -- emphasis on some -- for Bloomberg's confidence.
Like, you're now saying things ... Some are, some aren't.
There is some concern among some House Democrats about Pelosi keeping the top spot because some in the caucus believe Tuesday's blowout in House races should trigger some kind of leadership shakeup.
In education, although there's some points of light, some great schools, some are charter school, some are using new curriculum, the overall figures, U.S. math scores, dropout rates, have moved only slightly.
Some of these castles are in ruins, some are near rivers, some are on islets, some are embedded on the mountain side but all are impressive strongholds that hold so much history.
But our unity in our caucus, some people are for Medicare for all, some people are for Medicare buy-in, some people are for 22018, some people are for a public option.
I meandered into Paper Source and picked up some table decorations, a cute do-it-yourself tepee pack and some funny paper headdresses, some shaped like pilgrim's hats, some shaped like feathers.
"I just took a DNA test, turns out..." With summer winding down, here's a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow.
Some of the pages are covered in diagrams, others are decorated with portrait photos of players, still more with just text — some in Karanka's native Spanish, some in English, some in both.
"You could definitely catch some hits, some quick strings, some frantic-sounding shit that you can run through filters," he explained.
Some feel a little bit of abdominal discomfort, some have nausea or loose stools, and some even lose a little weight.
But it can sure bring changes in people's lives: Some pay off student loans, some change careers, some start new businesses.
Some of them could have interesting implications for the top four, some could define the relegation zone and some – Bournemouth vs.
It's not clear if these experiments worked — though some preliminary reports suggest some of the various trials have had some success.
Some of the posts seem sincere, some are plainly parody, and some are honestly disturbing no matter how they were intended.
Some will be good, some will be mediocre, and some will continue to push at the edges of the genre's possibilities.
Some are health apps, some are fitness apps, some are apps about your menstrual cycle, and on and on and on.
Some went to high school in Huntington, some are from other West Virginia counties, and some are from out of state.
Some of them are left over from colonialism and some from anti-colonialism; some arise from poor management and political confusion.
"What you saw today was some reporting and some loop footage of some trucks sitting on ports and docks," said Bossert.
Some of them used income-based tax credits and some used age-based tax credits and some kept Obamacare's tax credits.
Some will return to school, some will move into the coaching ranks — and some will run away to join the circus.
We spoke to some experts to get some insight on what to expect, and some practical tips for making it easier.
Some of us in Ohio 2, some of us in West Dakota, and a lucky some of us in Long Chile.
Instead, for $25, I got some comfy pajamas, a free cold brew, some tiny skin care products, and some "me" time.
But not all dinosaurs were similar to raptors -- some were herbivores, some were land-dwelling and some looked far less frightening.
"We missed some opportunities (in the passing game) with some balls ricocheting off hands and we missed some throws," Rivera said.
Some, and some, and the most complicated thing is that some part of the audience understands that it's a fake reality.
Some are steamy, some are sloppy, some leave you cold, and others have you fanning yourself off from all the hotness.
There are a lot of students in Qatar -- some from the United States, some local, some from all over the world.
We have some amazing endorsements, some amazing people, but I'm amazed at the level of animosity toward me by some people.
"Some are duplicative, some or obsolete, some are just finding a different methodology," said Linda Springer, a senior adviser to Mulvaney.
In some states it's legal, in some states you need a medical prescription for it, in some states it's completely illegal.
Some of our coworkers were intrigued, some were disgusted, and some thought that perhaps cream cheese would be the better spread.
"In some places it provokes, in some places it challenges, in some places it consoles, in others it inspires," he said.
Some families are conservative, some are liberal, and some fall in the middle, and they're all free to do their thing.
"Some people have retired, some people are finding other jobs and some people say they are going to move," she said.
We may see some showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of days — but hey, you win some, you lose some.
These days, celebs have several jobs: some are models for luxury brands, some fancy themselves as chefs, some even deliver babies.
Some make bargains with men to escape; some try "sabotage"; some run, only to find themselves caught in yet another trap.
Some like the President, some like him enough and some like him just because he is not the alternative, Hillary Clinton.
"He made some adjustments, starts making some better pitches, making us have some tougher at-bats," Rays manager Kevin Cash said.
They need to check some servers, fix some solar panels now and then, maybe throw some more silicon in the hopper.
I usually select some old songs, some new ones, and some unreleased material, then try different things in the live mix.
On Fox, there was always reason to watch, some provocation, some grievance, some P. C. liberal somewhere going too far again.
And some are "Surrender," which has some solid character work, but also has some plot contrivances that stretch a little thin.
President Trump has given more confidence in some business through some deregulation that allows — you're seeing more spending by some companies.
Some people want to treat addiction, some are spiritual seekers, and some just curious about what the substance has to offer.
Some people have super-slim arms no matter what they weigh; some have super-slim legs; some are more evenly distributed.
"Some people raised their hands on some names and some on others, but I don't think anybody counted them," he said.
We still don't know why some women get sick right away, some get sick years later and some never get sick.
The evenings showcase different programs: Some are part of the competition, some are celebratory gala performances and some include professional dancers.
Some keep close ties to the European Union, some call for a second referendum and some for a no-deal Brexit.
We should at least have some hand sanitizer, some wipes, some type of spray, and we rarely get any of that.
"I did some crabs and I did some snails and a rainbow and some waves," Gabriel offered as a progress report.
In fact, in some cases, some of the exporting of U.S. making has something to do with some of that fragmentation.
"Some people have PhDs, some people have traditional engineering degrees, some people actually have not even been to college," he said.
And it has raised questions — some new, some age-old — about how and why some chefs, and not others, achieve celebrity.
Some of these games are poorly made, some of them are unofficial bootlegs, and some of them are just plain weird.
Some of it she did for free, some of it she did for a few thousand dollars, some was over $100,000.
If you want to boost your savings rate, you're going to have to make some sacrifices — some big and some small.
"We're definitely going to have some funky stuff going on, whether it be some hip-hop, or some Motown," he said.
Among the rich bounties of 2017's TV offerings came some tough finales — some abrupt and unwelcome, some thoughtful and intentional.
Some of it is being homesick, some of it is slang and some things just make much more sense in Spanish.
But I wanted some more variety so there's some jazz, classic rock, a smattering of subtle electronica, some international flavor, etc.
We're the exciting thing happening, but there are some marketing, some engineering, some product design jobs where everyone's in New York.
And we must do it with some dignity, and some courage, and some forbearance, because we are going to make mistakes.
There's some shift in norms needed: some mix of some of those males learning to do subservient service sector jobs; some shift of those males learning to migrate more, sometimes even to other countries; and some shift of becoming more stoic and more content.
Nevertheless some of them reacted—some pretended not to see, hiding their smiles on their cell-phones, some asked questions, some had violent reactions but they did not dare attack a sewing machine.
"The technology is such now that these devices…will be able to detect, pretty much immediately, a number of different substances – some toxic, some not, some legal, some not," Brown told Fox News.
Some want to develop it to grow food, some want to make furniture from the trees, some want space to build homes, and some want to keep it as-is to protect wildlife.
There was a nice tension between cohesion — everyone was composing for string quartet and harp, conducted by Mila Henry — and variety, with some numbers spare, some lush, some poppily alert, some sincerely mild.
Some are deliberate and work, some are deliberate and don't.
"Saverio would give us some advice, some direction," says Ludovica.
Some are newcomers and some are veterans in the field.
At least he has some company — some, but not much.
So there's some indication that at least some voters care.
It has some nice rings, and some mysterious dark vortexes.
Some were radicalized abroad; some were radicalized in Germany itself.
Some people might think some of the proposals are laughable.
Some of the telecom names, some of the consumer staples.
Some come to worship, some come out of macabre curiosity.
Some officials in the hierarchy, some police officers have doubts.
Water comes in from several sources, some dirty, some clean.
Getting involved in some capacity at some level will help.
" And later: "Some dancers had graduate degrees; some had never
We've got some tips and some tools that can help.
Some are going to succeed, some are going to fail.
I think some places are conservative and some places aren't.
Should I tell some jokes, should I tell some stories?
No, it requires I think some vulnerability and some accessibility.
"You'll need some hair," says Stephenson, rolling out some clay.
That helped me make some connections and make some friends.
If people have some pain points, this means some opportunities.
Some of the messages are obsequious and some are obscene.
Some of there are valid, some of them are not.
Some of it was figured out, some of it wasn't.
Some examples are in your face, some are more subtle.
Some pet oil will be flavored and some won't be.
Some folks got cool water, some people got warm water.
Then I work on some music and do some writing.
We get some pics, drinks some rosé, and have lunch.
I did some work over there for some tech companies.
"I made some good pitches, some bad pitches," Taillon said.
"She signed some things and met some people," she said.
Some streets I run down, some I can just walk.
Some who are managing money, some who are managing operations.
I made some really good pitches, made some bad pitches.
Some of that's great, some of that's not so great.
Some mouth "hello"; some just look happy to see her.
"I hope I can hire some of them some day."
Some gamers are laptop people, some gamers are desktop people.
They were married, some to men, some to each other.
Some are smart while some are fat and calorie bombs.
"We need some governance, we need some process," Renski said.
Fonzo: Different humans do different things, some right some wrong.
He had some holes — some great strengths and great holes.
Some of us loved "Dancer," and some of us didn't.
At some point, Philly needs to add some tangible production.
There's some avoidance of regulation and some avoidance of taxes.
Some people might agree and some people might not agree.
Some I stopped replying to, some stopped replying to me.
Some believe that this was some kind of gang initiation.
Obviously the first set took me some energy, some power.
Some of the water was carbonated and some was flat.
We're making some time to bake some granola as well.
Just as some prospectors get rich, so do some agents.
This is some people's idea of heaven, some of hell.
Some people withdrawal was hard, some people found it easy.
But some are arguably "smartwatches," and some are definitely not.
Some stories are about their parents, some about their schooling.
Berlioz was present, Wagner for some, Chopin for some others.
Some fans love the franchise, and some people hate it.
They had some off the record, some on the record.
It can be right for some people, in some situations.
Some players had some trouble with dealing with his mindset.
Some candidates take questions at random, and some screen them.
Episode 7, "Chapter 72" You win some, you lose some.
Some are targeted toward consumers and some toward large enterprises.
Some see a family story, and some see girl power.
This instigated anger from some politicians and some U.K. newspapers.
And some people are saying that and some people aren't.
SANGER: Some days we do, and some days we don't.
It also said it would cut some prices — just some.
Well, some people might think, yeah, that had some influence.
This can take some weeks, it can take some months.
I make myself some coffee and put away some laundry.
Some plants were infested with whiteflies and some left alone.
Apple had some stuff, Dell had some stuff around that.
Some users only got the sticker, and some got nothing.
Some guys quickly stood out … and some guys fell behind.
Some of the missing are alive, and some are dead.
Some people think it's cute, some think it's incredibly dorky.
Some people use Apple phones, some people use Huawei phones.
Just throwing together some more songs, releasing some more songs.
Some had had feet amputated, some others were on crutches.
"I'll bring some wine… and some confetti," one person tweeted.
Even some more establishments Republicans have expressed some concern. Rep.
Some are wild, some are classic — and all are fabulous.
"I've heard some racist comments, some pejorative comments," he said.
Some recent research sheds some useful insight on the topic.
They search with some feeling of celebration and some anguish.
Some people didn't mind much, some asked for an explanation.
Some individuals age 70 will still be working -- some won't.
Some have joined ISIS; some have become victims of ISIS.
Some markets are very positive, some markets are more questionable.
Some pieces are simple, others ornamented; some smooth, others rough.
Some oppressive human has locked him inside for some reason.
OK. And this means some establishment figures and some rhinos.
But some tweets — some rare, glistening tweets — are pretty good.
I see some stones in some of your convention pictures.
Some ricotta, some small boiled potatoes and a single shallot.
Some of the parties are really big but some aren't.
There is some evidence that Aglaya has some real products.
Taxes are also to have some influence over some processes.
These look like some great utensils and some lovely dishes.
JW: Some phone booths were dial and some were touchtone.
We made some great memories and had some incredible moments.
Drizzle with some lime juice and sprinkle with some tajin.
Some things held up in the courts, some staff moves.
And some very good people have some very bad ideas.
It's not grown in some lab, in some vaporless environment.
"There were some departures and some new hires," he said.
You know, having some great career or becoming some CEO?
There are some good characters, and there some nefarious characters.
Need some cash and have some dirt on Donald Trump?
He had some successes and he had some terrible movies.
Some familiar, some new that we are very actively reviewing.
But there are other concerns, some obvious, some less so.
Call our friends, buy some pizzas, fall down some stairs.
Some of it was awful, some of it was brilliant.
Some reviewers noticed the issue, Nintendo itself has some recommendations.
Some ways will be good, some bad, according to Gates.
Some people can move their wheelchairs properly and some can't.
Some predict oil demand will peak some time after 2030.
Some guys can make the play and some guys can't.
Throw in some milk and bananas, throw in some water.
Some just pop out, some need more time to ripen.
In some fields, however, Japan still allows itself some swagger.
And I've got some good news and some bad news.
"Some people migrated, some people died – especially children," he said.
Some folks left and some faces changed at the studio.
"Griff, he had some problems on some stuff," Carroll said.
Some of them are guilty; some of them are not.
Some Democrats and some consumer organizations have endorsed the proposal.
Some prodigies are pushed; some do the pushing from within.
Some smiling, some raising eyebrows, a few shaking their heads.
Some users have had some issues with the autocorrect feature.
And some people, quite frankly need to grow some oranges.
"Some of them fit, some of them didn't," Witherspoon continued.
However there is some movement on some of these things.
Some of my views are taken in; some are not.
Some exclude some sport utility vehicles, trucks and expensive cars.
Some came with sledgehammers, some just with their bare hands.
Some were professionals, some didn't know how to skate backward.
You're always going to have some winners and some losers.
There was some shouting and some praying on both sides.
Some of them ate, others played chess, and some chatted.
Some things don't stick in my brain for some reason.
Some are ready, and some just are not there yet.
They have some skill guys that made some good plays.
SANGER: Some days we do, and some days we don't.
We got some right here, we got some right there.
Some were bitten by ticks, and some were very sick.
Have some days be good and some days be bad.
One day at a time, some good and some bad.
Some of the clothes were salvageable, but some were melted.
"Some good, some bad," Budenholzer said of his team's performance.
First, pick some some favorite destinations to store in Waze.
It's got some good things; it's got some bad things.
Some had all of that, some had none of that.
"The baristas here, some are Catholic, some aren't," Contreras said.
Some were walled off, others torn down and some replaced.
There's some craft behind it; there's some thought behind it.
Some of them are guilty, some of them are innocent.
He did some of his old stuff with some spunk.
Some places it's one year, some places it's three years.
Some of the employers are really lovely, and some aren't.
Some people focus better; some people just need to destress.
Some of this is symbolic; some of it physically works.
Some will get caught, some may even make the news.
Some days you're on bottom, some days you're IN it.
I played some keys on it and did some arrangements.
Some of these status conferences are private, some are public.
These experts receive some compensation in exchange from some advice.
I made some nice pars and rolled in some putts.
"We had some opportunities, we had some chances," said Stafford.
Then I have some breakfast, usually quinoa and some protein.
He saved some of what he earned and spent some.
Yes, some illegal immigrants commit crimes, some of them violent.
They'd find nothing or find something, some coffee, some cigarettes.
Some readers compared his writing to Kerouac's, some to Steinbeck's.
Alaskans just got some good news and some bad news.
Some of that is automatic, some within the user's control.
Some were passed their children; some were passed their flag.
They have the right to some freedom, to some independence.
DENZEL WASHINGTON Some things have gotten better, some things haven't.
Some of them skate, some of them just hang out.
Some house an audience of hundreds, some just a handful.
I've made some calls to some doctor friends of mine.
Some states and even some cities have several of them.
Some can be moved, but some can only be documented.
Some had testing when I spoke to them, some didn't.
Some people meditate, some people do all kinds of things.
Some detested it, and some approached me to take photos.
Some people wanted to be alone with him, some didn't.
Eat some loaded nachos at some point in there, too.
There are some photographs of some jackets I've torn up.
Some of them walked away better off — and some didn't.
I know that Henry has some other ideas for some.
Some walls require almost no maintenance, and some require more.
Some told me in person, and some called or texted.
Some of these interruptions are work related, some are personal.
I agree with some of your policies, disagree with some.
But first, take some time to read some amazing journalism.
I wrote to some men; some men wrote to me.
Some were library discards, some were found on the internet.
Some people are heartsick, and some people are lovesick. Warsick.
"There are some poor; there are some rich," he said.
Some Crowson wines are lovely; some are less successful experiments.
Some of us were athletes; some of us were not.
Some of us were white; some of us were black.
Each comes with some baggage while also offering some potential.
Before flashing some toe, there's some footwork to be done.
Some photographers are addicted to war; some viewers are voyeurs.
Each one is distinct: Some are sermons, some are swoons.
"Some of our search involves some hand digging," he said.
There was some great cryptic misdirection in some hard clues.
Some editors reversed a selection of Gabler's changes, some didn't.
Some of the fanfare outside went too far for some.
Some images are very contemporary; some are modern and abstract.
There may be some outliers … who have some discrete concerns.
There may be some outliers … who have some discrete concerns.
Some people freaking out, some people think it's a conspiracy.
But it was good to see some fire, some emotion.
I keep some in the store and some at home.
I suspect at some point I'll do some more embroidery.
Some situations were really funny, and some were really sad.
"I've gotten some harsh criticism from some Christians," Ericksen says.
People have some critiques of some of that, those forums.
Some people cried, some strangers hugged, many conversed with strangers.
Some had just started college, some were still in school.
Some people love that, and some people don't like it.
Or have some tea and indulge in some fantastic journalism.
Some people are giving us credit, and some people aren't.
We're going to win some, we're going to lose some.
Some are preteens; indeed, some are as young as seven.
Some ingredients occur naturally, and some are coaxed into existence.
Some might say British politics did that some time ago.
"There was some organized and some crazy," Dr. Kahr said.
And the GOP outrage swelled, some manufactured and some legitimate.
Some consequential revelations get overlooked; some ephemeral developments get overblown.
Various alternatives were discussed, some in Syria, some in Iraq.
Some of these oligarchs went into politics; some cultivated politicians.
Some came with our wings orders and some cost extra.
Some liberals inhabited the GOP; some conservatives called themselves Democrats.
We got some stops down the stretch and some rebounds.
At some point, you start to figure some things out.
I liked some of it, I hated some of it.
Some accept insurance, including Medicaid, while some charge modest fees.
Some do it for money, some do it to win.
I hit some good putts, I hit some bad putts.
There's some really stripped down stuff and some hardcore bops.
Some of it was strategic; some of it was practical.
Let's do this: buy some before and buy some after.
Some of it was worn by men, some by women.
" I said, "OK, some good news and some bad news.
Some cities will have road blocks, some won't have flights.
He had some good years; he had some tough years.
Throw that on with some hoops and some red lipstick?
Some of those teams are in contention, some are not.
Some W.N.B.A. teams changed cities, some folded, others were added.
Some were swift, some were armed and all were brazen.
Some are all around amazing, some were just incredibly groundbreaking.
We have set some goals and some targets for 2030.
I can do some research and send you some options.
Some of the dates have been fun — some less so.
"Make some noise, party people, make some noise!" he shouted.
Some variants have no effect and some have severe effect.
Some are, I have to say, some are extremely fair.
Some of that criticism is fair but some is not.
So, we see some real money and some real results.
Oil did get some price some support from geopolitical tensions.
Some are large, some are small, but things are changing.
"Some production could come back quickly, some could take months."
I've met some good people and I've met some jerks.
"At some point, that might make some sense," said Sen.
On some levels it is, on some levels it isn't.
That means the bill creates some winners and some losers.
You've had some improvement in some risks that you've had.
Some strategists recommend that clients keep some extra cash ready.