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"does" Definitions
  1. do1
"does" Synonyms
actions enacts acts on affects executes accomplishes applies effects fulfils(UK) implements performs actionizes acts upon carries out completes effectuates follows up on pursues puts into action tackles says recites repeats declaims delivers narrates quotes orates utters recounts reels off regurgitates rehearses retells soliloquizes undertakes works makes commits prosecutes compasses engineers negotiates occasions transacts bring on carries off determines draws on operates puts through achieves perpetrates produces causes brings about catalyses(UK) catalyzes(US) creates engenders generates induces invokes prompts spawns yields begets breeds finalises(UK) finalizes(US) finishes concludes ends fulfills(US) actualizes consummates realises(UK) realizes(US) nails finishes off gets through puts to bed rounds off attains logs covers chalks up notches up suffices serves matches suits fits passes satisfies answers fits with goes goes with meets the requirements of satisfies the demands of avails flies passes muster answers the purpose fits the bill meets requirements meets the brief resolves solves deciphers calculates decodes works out adapts adds up figures out transposes puzzles out tots up translates transliterates acts behaves comports acquits oneself appears bears carries conducts deports discourses personates plays playacts portrays oneself seems bears oneself comports yourself journeys travels traverses crosses explores visits tours journeys over passes over ranges over tours in travels over treks around journeys through looks around looks round puts behind one sightsees in designs fashions manufactures arranges for draws fabricates paints sketches constructs develops invents originates provides turns out knocks off knocks together knocks up decorates adorns embellishes ornaments styles trims arrays beautifies bedecks bedizens blazons caparisons colors(US) colours(UK) decks drapes dresses emblazes embosses enriches studies learns reads analyzes(US) analyses(UK) investigates researches reads up on swots up on takes classes in takes a course in fares manages gets on copes gets along gets by makes out survives comes along cheats cons defrauds fleeces skins stiffs stings swindles cozens deceives diddles tricks beats bilks chouses dupes flimflams hoaxes suckers bleeds arranges fixes prepares organises(UK) organizes(US) gets ready looks after makes ready sees to takes on is responsible for are responsible for sets shapes coifs coiffes adjusts brushes grooms preens primps prinks combs cuts dries washes gives presents shows mounts stages puts on engages acts in performs in participates in plays in takes part in grants accords allows bestows renders affords confers pays permits exercises practices(US) practises(UK) works as works at does for a living earns a living as has as an occupation has as a profession earns a living at travels at drives at goes at moves at proceeds at imitates mimics caricatures mocks parodies spoofs impersonates interprets portrays burlesques travesties sends up bashes bastes bats batters belabours(UK) belabors(US) belts birches bludgeons buffets clubs curries drubs fibs flogs hammers hides laces lambasts doth rabbits bucks bunnies coneys bunny rabbits animals capons chinchilla conies cottontails cuniculi hares lagomorphs lapins rodents jackrabbits leverets deer fawns harts stags More
"does" Antonyms
overturns contravenes invalidates nullifies repeals undoes abrogates annuls negates overthrows quashes quells reverses stymies subverts undermines vetoes voids abolishes cancels idles bludges bums dallies dawdles dillydallies fritters lazes loafs lolls lollygags lounges sits back slacks slouches slummocks stagnates vegetates does nothing lazes about impedes hampers disrupts hinders inhibits stifles trammels bars blocks cripples cumbers curbs dampens derails encumbers fetters hamstrings handicaps interferes with abandons forgets aborts axes(US) ceases discards discontinues dispenses with ditches drops dumps ends forgoes forsakes ignores kicks leaves passes renounces delays defers adjourns postpones remits reschedules respites stays suspends tables puts off fails miscarries flops founders misfires misses underperforms bombs flunks falls short dissatisfies fails to satisfy contradicts counters disconfirms opposes confutes controverts differs disputes gainsays refutes belies clashes with conflicts with flies in the face of makes a nonsense of runs counter to says the opposite of omits overlooks skips bypasses disregards avoids escapes eschews neglects passes up cedes waives yields blows off holds off puts on the back burner remains remains behind stays behind stays put sticks around takes a rain check bans deters disallows forbids prohibits disapproves prevents stops disadvises disavows discourages precludes proscribes denies restricts countermands declines overrules spoils damages ravages ruins trashes wrecks blemishes compromises desecrates destroys devastates wastes defaces despoils debases defiles demolishes disfigures hurts uglifies simplifies minimalizes declutters streamlines strips dejunks denudes tidies abates cleans out curtails diminishes lessens minimises(UK) minimizes(US) reduces wanes flounders struggles fizzles collapses falters staggers bumbles dithers fumbles peters out helps aids assists serves gives assistance to dishevels disarranges disorders tousles discomposes disorganizes jumbles shuffles disarrays disturbs hashes musses upsets messes up mixes up rests relaxes unwinds chills out eases off eases up has a break rejects refuses dismisses repels rebuffs spurns turns down

976 Sentences With "does"

How to use does in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "does" and check conjugation/comparative form for "does". Mastering all the usages of "does" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"Love does not gaslight Love does not prey on insecurities Love does not manipulate Love does not cause chaos in its wake Love does not isolate Love does not threaten Love does not intimidate Love does not make you doubt your intuition Love does not silence women," she wrote.
Does he have cancer, does he have AIDS, does he have this, does he have that.
Politics exist here, but so does art, so does culture, so does food and so does music.
Spotify does, Netflix does, and The Athletic does as well.
It does what it does, and it does it well.
Norway does it, Iceland does it, so does New Zealand, and so on.
You know he does it, everyone knows he does it, but he does.
I don't know how he does it, but he does it and does them well.
In any case, this guy does what he does, and he does it pretty good!
As New York City does, as Texas does, as California to some degree does today.
So how does he explain what a choreographer does or, more important, what he does?
Does anyone want to examine his dreams or consider why he does what he does?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What Putin does is exactly what Trump does or what Trump does is what Putin does, which is they lie for a living.
Christian terrorism does not exist; Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist.
"Saturday Night Live" does, and Comedy Central does, and talk shows do, and Johnny Depp does.
" He said he did not know why his sinker does what it does — "It just does.
It does not work in business, it does not work in politics, it does not work in the arts, and it does not work in sports.
C.K.'s work now takes the same tone that Blue Jasmine does, that House of Cards does, that The Birds does, that Manchester by the Sea does.
"She does not sit alone, she does not roll, she does not do anything alone," Gleyse said.
Alto's Adventure does that, Threes does it, Prune does it, and there are a (surprisingly) few others.
How does Lyft's strategy with autonomous vehicles differentiate from some of their competitors or does it does differentiate?
You need to understand why she does what she does and how she feels as she does it.
He does not change it it, he does not improve upon it, he does not make it better.
What does that do to inflation, what does it do to credit growth, what does it do to employment.
I think The Washington Post does that, I think Amazon does that, and I think Blue Origin does that.
Pro-life does not mean anti-woman; pro-border security does not mean anti-immigrant; reforming entitlements does not mean anti-senior; and being pro-police does not mean racist.
The NFL does not care about any of this, and does not even care to act as if it does.
WALLACE: Does it -- does it -- what&aposs the difference?
What does it – how does it feel like inside?
Does anybody -- does anybody know what I'm talking about?
How does a serial killer do what he does, how does his brain work, and, most importantly, how does one catch him (as Mindhunter will tell you, it's almost always a "he")?
It does a disservice to the viewer, it does a disservice to you, it does a disservice to all of us.
GEDmatch still does not publish its data demand figures, nor does MyHeritage, which said it "does not cooperate" with law enforcement.
MAXINE WATERS: Why does he call-- JOHN HARWOOD: Why d-- why does he go-- why does he single out you-- MAXINE WATERS: Okay, let's-- let's just-- why does he call Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas?
Does that mean Dany does something to change Sansa's mind?
Does that matter, all the money, or does it really?
Notes by Firefox does exactly what you think it does.
KS: Does it make you think why does something stick?
Does Twitter give you the same buzz that comedy does?
We'll have to see how he does what he does.
Does he accept it, or does it make him miserable?
So, why does this president get the attention he does?
August does not offer customizable detection zones like Ring does.
Does that sound like heaven, as it does to me?
So, where does it start and where does it stop?
Noor Salman does not wear a hijab, while Tagouri does.
"He does everything that a dad does," explains the source.
Until it does (if it does), the practice will continue.
And if he does, does that mean she has powers?
He's a trooper, bless him, he does what he does.
Oh, what difference does at this point does it make?
Sanders does better in caucuses; Clinton does better in primaries.
Does your S.O. help you out like Kanye does Kim?
He does not name China, but does not need to.
After exiting the Crypt, Cersei does what she does best.
" The source continued, "He does everything that a dad does.
What does it mean and how does it affect you?
Wealth does not equal wisdom, but it does equal power.
Does this hasten the end of it, does it elongated?
Wanting to know why it does the things it does.
He does less big dollar campaign fundraising than she does.
Does he love grilling, or does he prefer the opera?
Does it eventually right itself, or does it fall apart?
That's why he does it; that's how he does it.
And if he does, how does he feel about it?
SoundHound does pretty much everything Shazam does and even more.
Where does fake news begin and where does it end?
Where does it work and where does it not work?
The industry does not own these assets; the public does.
It does not matter that it does not usually work.
Where does accountability lie if a user does something wrong?
While the letter does not condone, neither does it condemn.
It does not need salt; it does not need pepper.
Al (Horford) does what he does on the defensive end.
Does the film parody suffragettes, or does it celebrate them?
Her voice does not waver; her message does not change.
The New York Lemon Law does, while Pennsylvania's does not.
But it does, it really does fix some of them.
I mean, Wendy Williams does it, as does Fox News.
A boob man does not haggle, he does not question.
Does a religious gender gap diminish, or does it widen?
Tillerson does not mention if intelligence was discussed; McMaster's does.
And when the domme does it, she does it hard.
Does Redbook have a column for men (wait, does it?)?
But what does that mean, and does it even work?
A good game does everything a conversation does and more.
She does not spread moral rot the way Trump does.
Does it seem "tacked on," or does it flow naturally?
Trump does not smoke, and he does not consume alcohol.
If Bonnie does that, does that mean the rock's alive?
Might does not make right; being in the right does.
He does other things now, he does YouTube and Twitch.
Does it take ... weeks or does it take six months?
But the few things it does, it likely does well.
Anybody that does what Maduro does is a vicious tyrant.
What does it look like and where does it live?
"He does things that no one else does," Marshall said.
He does his things, he does it well, very precisely.
What does Des Moines have that New York does not?
She does so much, and she does a lot silently.
And does do what does do, they follow the STAG.
Does he train other ragpickers to do what he does?
Kara does suck, for all of you Kara does suck.
But do we understand why Daenerys does what she does?
Does that mean she's somehow corrupted by what she does?
The American Bar Association does not accredit non-JD programs as it does JD programs, nor does it oversee fully online schools.
When he does so, Christie plugs in for either Craig Carton or Boomer Esiason, and more or less does what he does.
Hoda Kotb really does dance that much, the crowd really does cheer that much and everyone really, really does love Chloe Kim.
If one state does it, what does it mean for other states and what does it mean for companies that operate there?
It does not affect really our position, it does not affect our strategies, and it does not really affect our growth targets.
He does not travel abroad, or speak foreign languages, nor does he meet foreign journalists; only rarely does he meet foreign leaders.
She does it in the morning when she gets up, she does it when she's eating, she probably does it when she's sleeping.
Yet what it does to the liver, what it does to the arteries, what it does to the heart is all the same.
So does breathing, so does eating, so does sleeping, but you would never describe someone as a breathing addict or a life addict.
Drake does dancehall music now, he does tropical house, he does soulful singing songs, so he's more of an artist in that sense.
I'm interested in how she does it: What does it take to look at an image and what does it mean to look?
Does he get inaugurated like every other president does in a traditional way or does he kind of stay a baby sitter president?
S. does what he does best and takes dozens of pictures.
Throw Niya in the mix, and Niya does what she does.
This is exactly what Trump does, and he does it publicly.
What features does it have, and what messages does it send?
What information does it include, and what does it leave out?
I think it&aposs fine that he does what he does.
But it does raise the question: what happens when it does?
What does Google know about hardware that no one else does?
Where does it go and how does digital technologies help that?
Does it make you salivate, or does it dry your mouth?
It does, but does it come as a surprise to you?
Does the pendulum swing, and does it sometimes swing too far?
He does not expect any action, but does expect a communique.
But if IBM does not have politics, it does have values.
Jennifer does 12 costume changes, and she does makeup changes, too.
Maybe Twitter really does skew bottomward (or my feed does, anyway).
McGLASHAN: Now does he, here's the only question, does he know?
It does not hover and it does not run on batteries.
The New Hampshire registry does not list what the organization does.
America does have one thing that its rival does not: friends.
If a president does it, that does not make it legal.
Does hardness make strength or does it just leave us rigid?
He does it in most pictures but does he own it?
The answer, it seems, is everybody does — which means nobody does.
Does that mean they can use phony redactions, does that mean?
Stephanie, why does the law, how does the law work here?
How does that inform her politics -- how does it drive her?
But the data does say, it does matter where you live.
"As you grow faster, Wal-Mart does better, everyone does better."
Facebook does very little in comparison to what Network Television does.
Everything Ted Cruz does he does to one day become president.
And, we really can't explain why it does what it does.
All these leaders know what Paris does or does not accomplish.
The opening battle does everything right that its finale does wrong.
Does this seem transparent to you as it does to me?
And this inspection regime does not sunset; it does not end.
That does not mean climate change does not matter, he added.
But when he does speak, he does so deliberately and concisely.
"It does, and when it does, it seeps away," he explains.
Does anyone question her qualifications because she does not write more?
Mr Henson does not follow social media, but his wife does.
He does employ some smart people, as every NFL team does.
When Hound does stumble, it does so in weird, inconsistent ways.
Why does the EU care if Ireland does not tax Apple?
And does this ugly populism peter out, as it often does?
Frank Bruni, meanwhile, does whatever it is that Frank Bruni does.
Anyone claiming it does, does not understand how the bill works.
Well I think Google does have more information than Facebook does.
CNN: What does MEANS stand for, and how does it work?
What does enlightenment feel like and how does one achieve it?
Your body does fail you and your body does break down.
When the rust belt does well, so too does rural America.
Where does Trump fit into it, and does it survive him?
They pay attention to what government does, and does not do.
Trump does not talk to anyone; nor does he listen. 2202.
Does scandal affect them more than it does men—or less?
However, it does not do what the headlines say it does.
That's what NAFTA does, and that's also what the USMCA does.
It does what you think it does—it removes the sting.
We'll be like, does it belong or does it not belong?
Unchecked power does what it does best: It replicates and concentrates.
Lafley does serve on two committees, although so does Scott Miller.
Whatever he does, he gives his all and does it well.
And if a computer does become conscious, does it deserve rights?
And does it work for the reason people think it does?
Not only does Hillary deserve a break but so does Chelsea.
The flatterer does to another what the boaster does to himself.
He does his own sneakers, he does a lot of things.
The worse Rohrabacher does, the better his Republican challenger Baugh does.
But Davies does not throw nearly as hard as Severino does.
However, hand sanitizer does not remove bacteria (as hand soap does).
Does that margin of error mean what it says it does?
Does your school have a plan in place if it does?
Nothing the party does or does not do will change that.
Demographic change does not threaten minorities as it does white Americans.
"He does a deep dive into anything he does," Nuzzo says.
Does it uphold America's cherished values, or does it subvert them?
It does everything the original does, but with some bonus features.
Does that matter, and does the car's new value feel right?
How much control does Beijing have over what its currency does?
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Joseph Stiglitz does what he does very well.
I'm not prepared to say heaven does or does not exist.
It does dominate mobile apps and Facebook pretty much does. Totally.
Phillips claims it does; the other side says it does not.
Gunnar Nelson is not a particularly deep bag of tricks on the feet—he does what he does, and he does it damn well.
As you correctly point out, the resolution does not mention nuclear power, it does not mention carbon capture and sequestration, it does not mention banning air travel, it does not mention banning beef in the United States.
Instead, he does not so much describe "what art can be but to work toward language to describe what it does and does not do, how it does that, and what it can do" (emphasis in original).
The Haggler The Haggler does not go camping, nor does he hike.
He does what he does -- regardless of what people say about him.
But the cat does not bare its fangs; it does not bite.
A place does not have a natural story like a person does.
Embarrassment is the worst feeling and does more damage than hate does.
And where does it end and how far back does it go?
But the world does not work that way, and neither does science.
Beam does for charts what Venngage does for infographics as a whole.
Second, the interface has no idea how it does what it does.
I'm not sure why Ofmatthew does anything she does in this episode.
That headset does require a phone, whereas Facebook's new project does not.
And if it does, does that make it time to impeach him?
Does that happen often and either way, does it drive you crazy?
Serious question, when does 'art' become political speech & does that change things?
Who does Jane choose — and what does it mean for season 3?
My husband does not have a bad record and does not drink.
She does and does not understand the larger forces impacting her life.
This man is everything that he does not trust, does not like.
You tell me — does this or does this not look like flirting?
How does the technology help them progress or does it distract them?
Ultimately, FORM does all the things it advertises and does them well.
So why does Tha Block Is Hot feel the way it does?
Indeed, Warren does not have a super PAC, and neither does Klobuchar.
Sanders does better in open primaries; Clinton does better in closed primaries.
If the deal does not involve DOJ, what value does it have?
It does not look good that he does not have her support.
Facebook Lite does not exist on iOS, and neither does Messenger Lite.
Tape doesn't work — people always think it does, but it does not.
The other, Petcube Bites, does everything the Play does plus slings treats.
He both does and does not want to be part of something.
Does it rely on batteries or does it require a power source?
Trump does not have the power to fire Mueller, only Rosenstein does.
He's better off doing what he does best, which he does here.
When he does tattle, he does so without making it about himself.
Yes, stretching does make you more flexible, but so does lifting weights.
"His tool more than likely does exactly what mine does," he said.
Golovkin also does not enjoy suffering fools, but he does it well.
This change does not affect bitcoin cash, which does not support segwit.
Sack Sandwiches: When Michael Voltaggio does sandwiches, he does not fuck around.
"PSVR does what Rift does for less," spit frothy-mouthed PS4 owners.
"Debbie Does Winamp," a riff on the pornographic classic Debbie Does Dallas.
Does one version "deserve" to be capitalized while the other does not?
It's much better how she does it, the way she does it.
And not just does carpool karaoke, but does it with Missy Elliott!
He also does twice as well among white evangelicals as does Sen.
In the end, does it matter "what Hillary Clinton does for fun"?
No one does pasta like Missy Robbins of Brooklyn's Lilia does pasta.
But where does it come from, and what does it actually mean?
How does it represent us well—and what does it leave out?
It does not move us forward, it does not bring us together.
Does this draw fans closer, or does it simply recalibrate our expectations?
It does not end in ruin, but it does end in debt.
That does not mean that the bank does not promote human rights.
But what Starr does — or does not — say could upend her community.
How does it work and how does it differ from simple interest?
When he does that and follows the script, he does very well.
Does that gun even do damage, or does it just restore health?
This donut-sized device does almost everything its uglier older sibling does.
Does aggression perhaps involve even more life and force than desire does?
Does that feel as weird to read as it does to type?
Does this apply to both contractors as well as… Yeah, it does.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Does the president-elect — CONWAY: And it does undermine our democracy.
It does all the things Dragons Conquer America does, and then some.
The big question though is what does the company does moving forward.
It does not have regulatory authority, but does promulgate widely recognized standards.
Mr. de Blasio does not control the subway system; the state does.
Everything he does is outrageous, therefore everything he does is big news?
What does it sound like as you bite down: Does it crunch?
I think Time-Warner does its thing, AT&T does its thing.
Pichai pointed out that Google does not make the iPhone; Apple does.
" 24A does this with "middle" instead; 26D does it with "Remain in.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
Callimachi: What does he do, does he kneel in front of you?
Live Wire does its job simply, and it does its job well.
CR does not endorse products or services, and does not accept advertising.
Serious question, when does 'art' become political speech & does that change things?
When he does do that, he's exemplary and does a terrific job.
Does he understand his parents' rationale, or does he share your disappointment?
Fitzgerald does not have a statue outside the arena, as Brodeur does.
They have a distinctive perspective on what does and does not work.
Does it end — does it end in taking down the Washington Monument?
Davidson does not do many interviews, and does not use social media.
Saudi Arabia does not share our values the way that Israel does.
But the Standard Model does not account for gravity; Einstein's theory does.
Does this face jug speak to you, and what does it say?
He does not get things out, he does not have a strategy.
What skills does Google prioritize, and what skills does it de-emphasize?
What does not work    Politicizing school safety does not make schools safer.
While Russia does not give total casualties, it does disclose some deaths.
Does she still want his love or does she want something else?
T-MobileAs it does, T-Mobile does things a little differently here.
Now what does it mean for Canada if this situation does escalate.
And that really does matter, in part because she never does that.
Disclosure: Mark Tepper does not personally own CVX, but his firm does.
She reminds him that she does not mope, she does not keen.
If the president does well, every Republican in those states does well.
Serious question, when does "art" become political speech & does that change things?
Yes, Dhaka does indeed do doom... or at least one guy does.
So what does it turn out that an art director does, then?
Exploiting those allegiances is what Fox News does — and does really well.
And I think it does, I mean I think it really does.
It has without a doubt opened my heart and taught me that love does not judge, love does not discriminate, and love does not hate.
Costa Rica does not have a ban because it does not have a law restricting the use of fossil fuels, nor does it plan to.
A lawyer who was said to represent Mr. Reichberg said last week that she does not comment on who she does or does not represent.
Trump is comfortable showing the world that she does not know what she does not know — and that she does not necessarily need to find out.
And that isn't because Aaero does anything especially new—just that what it does, it does very well, its demands exacting but never less than fair.
RCEP does not require its member states to liberalize their economies, does not protect labor rights, sets no environmental standards and  does not protect intellectual property.
Does the responsibility fall on the users, does it fall on the dealers who exploit them, or does it fall on society for failing these people?
"It does not fund his immoral and unwise border wall, it does not create a deportation force and it does not defund sanctuary cities," she said.
Unlike the congressional bill, the Clean Power Plan does not apply to the entire economy, does not cap overall emissions and does not require emissions trading.
Does moderation matter as much in New Hampshire as conservatism does in Iowa?
But if Canada does not own the Northwest Passage (see map), who does?
What Altman does for Silicon Valley tech startups, Tarrant does for hedge funds.
What Criterion does for movies and DVDs, Taschen does for the printed page.
They're the reason he does what he does and thinks what he thinks.
RG: Does she understand the pressures on small business, and does it matter?
WATTERS: Does Saudi Arabia protect everybody in the Middle East or does America?
We just need to know what it does, not how it does it.
Melky does what he sometimes does — he drove it out of the ballpark.
Apple says it does this by sampling audio and does not record anything.
So, how exactly does it work and more importantly, how does it taste?
Not only does he read widely, but he does so in multiple languages!
Her site does not feature porn or nudity, and does have Haredi members.
It does nothing to increase security, it does nothing to improve public order.
Bersatu does too: it does not even grant full membership to non-Malays.
If this one does die, does turn into recession, what will cause it?
She is dedicated to what she does because she loves what she does.
"Whatever Thomas does, does not make sense," Sudler-Smith says in an interview.
As harmful as what Mr Trump does is the way he does it.
Does low volatility push stocks higher, or does a rising market depress volatility?
Does that include both controllers, as the product images imply that it does?
It's not about, 'Oh, my aunt does this or my mom does this.
Because it does, it creates this outrage culture, although it does filter down.
It matters what OPEC does, it matters what the U.S. does, Russia, China.
But when a satellite does successfully reaches orbit, how does it stop spinning?
Not only does the cast reset each season, but so does its story.
"They're the reasons he does what he does and thinks what he thinks."
Does Cruise have the sprouts to fight, like he does in the movies?
Does it exude as much Big Dick Energy (BDE) as Davidson allegedly does?
Mr Trump either does not sense that tension, or does not want to.
Everyone has these things that cover them — Tessa Thompson does, Scarlett [Johansson] does.
Price's bill arguably does less to protect sick people than Better Way does.
To be clear, the Moon does not have tectonic plates like Earth does.
But that does not mean the fish does not need some hanky panky.
Butler just does all of those things a bit better than Wiggins does.
And what it does to the hotel industry, what it does to travel.
Does the track maybe capture that—does it feel slightly, I guess, mechanical?
Does sleep have a primary physiological function, or does it serve many functions?
So, he does what he always does when he's bored: turns to Twitter.
"He does understand the situation, and he does understand the value of Facebook."
Love means something different for everyone, so does music and so does magic.
EDM says, 'Here's a guy onstage who does fuck-all, he does nothing.
Surely this character I've described to you does not really exist, does he?
Worryingly, better education does not breed greater openness, as it usually does elsewhere.
Who does it think it is, and where does it think it belongs?
Epidiolex does not contain THC and does not give patients any psychoactive effects.
When opinion does change, it does so in a gradual and rational way.
The two biggest questions: Does it rub in well, and does it work?
How does she speak without a mouth,how does she dial without hands?
Ollennu says he does not believe that any child does not understand maths.
Capping Medicaid does not improve care or access, nor does it lower costs.
It really does create that fabric that does reduce those crimes in communities.
How does the present situation resemble those battles and how does it differ?
A burqa ban shows what does, and does not, work in our country.
Our favorite is Google Photos, which does it all and does it best.
He does not like to change, and he does not like to lose.
While he does design his own sets, he does not design the lighting.
Nigel Slater has one; so, too, does Nigella Lawson; so does Sophie Grigson.
Vocations Q. What does Helping Hands do, and what does your job involve?
Nor does Penn tripod to achieve the same effect, as Demian Maia does.
It does so 24/7 and it does not need any external help.
Does the sound hurt our ears, or does the meaning offend our sensibilities?
"He (Bumgarner) does what he always does," said San Francisco third baseman Gillaspie.
And although Tanzania does not have a specific law forbidding lesbianism, Zanzibar does.
And how does that impact what it does to the human respiratory system?
It's that the president does not really value what the State Department does.
He does not treat patients, but he does support other nurses through education.
The president either does not understand that, or does not care, or both.
The government does not publish quality measures as it does for nursing homes.
"How often does it happen, and how long does it last?" she asked.
I mean, one does not hope for something, usually, to stink, does one?
But the valley does not look frozen in time the way Huallhuaray does.
If postmodernism does not account for Trump's bludgeoning of the truth, what does?
"I don't know anyone else that does what he does," Mr. Slonem said.
It just does not do any of it as reliably as City does.
Maryam Pougetoux does not break the law and does not go against laïcité.
He said that he does not remember the episode, not that he does.
Anyone who believes, says, does what he does is unfit to be president.
The president does have a gift for smoothing things out, he really does.
Everyone does this, but Donald Trump does it with a special wronged fury.
The preliminary report does not provide analysis and does not discuss probable cause.
He does not have this residual anger towards the world like Trump does.
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I actually think that's – well, if it does, it does.
Legislating does not take a village, but it does take a working majority.
Qantas does well when the Australian economy does well and you're absolutely right.
Brokaw's fate likely will be decided if that does or does not happen.
This does not happen to me, but for many other people it does.
Our own government does not care, and the U.S. government does not care.
Does the equation still hold, or does the algorithm need to be recalibrated?
We do it, China does it, and about every other country does too.
Clean meat does not involve slaughter and therefore does not involve cross-contamination.
Does she suspect — does she know — that they might need to protect themselves?
How does one have local food if one does not allow local production?
CNN: How does one candidate survive a mishap that another candidate does not?
What are those attitudes, and why does he feel the way he does?
The recall does not remove Zuma from office, but it does corner him.
But does the Republican alternative solve these problems, or does it exacerbate them?
While the trade does not specifically target Afrormosia, neither does it spare it.
Loneliness does not mean being alone; loneliness does not mean not having friends.
But Kelton does argue with it, or at least I think she does.
And if he does, why does he allow his faithful to be tortured?
I feel it does almost all those things a mirror does, only differently.
He does not like a proposed catalogue design, and does not trust technology.
Which makes what Trump does not say as important as what he does.
Does she really care about these issues, or does she want to win?
Finance. But does the death cross mean what the doomsayers say it does?
Why does this baby look more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does?
But what does Abrams really stand for, and what does she really think?
We also need to show the benefits of globalization and free trade that it does bring jobs it does bring economic growth and it does bring prosperity.
"For every non-commodity, the dollar does all the work so that the consumer does not pay the price ... oil does not have that leverage," Currie said.
And you're going to rebuild and make sure that DC does not collapse, SHaDe [Strategic Homeland Division] does not collapse and that the nation does not collapse.
It does not allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, does not address the annual increases in drug prices, and does not permit drug importation for personal use.
Does someone who says something, or does something that some subset of "others" does not like, deserve all of their other speech and opinions to be limited?
One swallow does not make a summer, neither does one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.
In an era of infinite screens, the humble pencil feels revolutionarily direct: It does exactly what it does, when it does it, right in front of you.
"He does not eat in the area with other residents, he does not have a cell-mate, and he does not exercise with other residents," Wyatt said.
But she does bring some strengths to the table that no other finalist does.
"If it does, it does — I have to tell the truth," Mr. Trump said.
The EITC does have one glaring shortcoming: it does little to help the childless.
RJ Lee said it does not comment on the work it does for clients.
"She gets up early, does her spelling, does her Kumon," explains the proud mom.
Everything he does, he does first-class—his hotels, his businesses, his golf courses.
Studying his political circle does not help, because Mr Johnson does not have one.
Film aesthetes will tell you that nobody does geek-art the way Mondo does.
So, instead of expressing that, Kevin does what he does and he suppresses everything.
Whether romance does or does not blossom on set ultimately doesn't matter to me.
Of course, we know what you're thinking: Friendship really does never end, does it?
The device nevertheless does everything it's supposed to do, and it does it well.
The Nest Hub Max does all of the same things the original Hub does.
Redick is the best at what he does, and what he does is priceless.
That's not necessarily a dig at it, as everything it does, it does well.
Anyone who reads into what Mr. Trump does, does so at their own peril.
Noisey: Does Kanye West's level of fame excite you or does it scare you?
If she does still lead, she does so behind a veil of seeming indifference.
Eventually, it does come back down to something realistic, but when does that happen?
What the music does for you is what the music does for me, too.
Hodor and Summer remain alive and well, as does Jojen Reed (or does he)?
There's always room for 'What does that mean?' and 'How does that impact things?
What does that typically consist of, and how does that help curb educational inequality?
The band does a lot more with sounds than it does with their vocals.
It feels — it does, it does — and on emotional topics that you know better.
But Buffett's point is not about what taxes Trump does or does not owe.
If prison does that to an adult, what does it do to a child?
Clinton's mishandling of classified information → if this conduct does not warrant prosecution, what does?
Because life does things, and age does things, and people get older and die.
Go Binge does not block content and it does not prioritise or restrict traffic.
WHAT does President Donald Trump want, and how does he plan to get it?
Stations essentially does what Pandora does, minus the content clutter of Spotify's main app.
Does that hurt -- does this new effort hurt that long-term guidance on margins?
Binge-watching does something to viewers that no other way of watching something does.
There are probably a million theses on who does and does not deserve immunity.
Kelli does what he does, in part, to honor the legacy of his father.
This does not significantly impact rankings, but it does create some margin of error.
If it does, it also means basically everyone who did Dry January also does.
"She gets up early, does her spelling, does her Kumon," explained the proud mom.
"Marchand, he does what he does, you know?" said Lehner, who made 23 saves.
What does it mean when a woman does not have access to abortion care?
And, really, what purpose does does calling attention to the character's size serve, anyway?
Why does Wall Street keep recovering after recessions but the economy seemingly never does?
Scott Barnes, who does J.Lo's makeup, does this as well, and it actually works.
Ronda Rousey does not need, nor does she want, you to retouch her photos.
To be clear, it does not include rumors and does not say she's pregnant.
Does the government, chosen by the people, get to say what, or does Apple?
When Jagr gets tired — and this does happen, he said — he does not rest.
Does it want to preserve the status quo, or does it want to evolve?
"How does all of this happen quickly, I don't think it does," he added.
The mom of three does not follow Wilson on social media, although Edmonds does.
He does about as well among Republican women as he does with Republican men.
What sort of insurance does it carry, and what and who does it cover?
Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya as citizens and does not allow them to leave.
But does does putting your 2fa on your keychain make sense for most people?
Dermal bone does not start out as cartilage and does not contain blood vessels.
Does he deserve your love, or does he deserve to be killed by you?
So while the Purple Carrot box does not have meat, Brady does eat it.
Dwane Casey doesn't do everything perfectly, but what he does do, he does well.
The biggest question now, however, is not what Mueller does, but what Trump does.
I don't think anybody does, [definitely not] any kid does, [but] here we are.
"So, if it does increase erectile function, it does so very minimally," he said.
What does the state do when the victim does not report to the police?
So what does this all really mean — and what does it really look like?
Why does it have super glass and who does Tesla expect to buy it?
That does not count entities in which Mr. Trump does not hold any position.
The area does not fit Carey's definition of a destination city, but London does.
How does the two hours break down and how does it differ among groups?
While Laura does take Rob back, he never really does anything to earn her.
This does not mean that sexism doesn't exist in France — of course it does.
But even if all a person does is donate, does that deserve our condemnation?
But then again, Donald Trump does that, and Bernie Sanders does that as well.
Does Trump back down, or does he respond with a strike of his own?
But she does not lapse into self-righteousness because she does not spare herself.
What does it mean for the elderly, and what does it mean for prisons?
Cons: Be aware that Kapalua does not have the bustling vibe that Wailea does.
Always under attack, democracy does not always prevail, but it does not always die.
Where does its unique formatting come from, and what does it mean to you?
He does not believe in gardeners or decorators, but he does believe in installers.
It does what pasta does so well, offering a quick solution with little fuss.
He falsely claimed that the European Union does not import American cars (it does).
Goodall: He does care about himself and he does care about his economic development.
How does a photographer document an elephant that weighs 40 times what she does?
What is not counted simply does not exist and does not require resource allocation.
She does not use Facebook or Instagram (though she does have a LinkedIn profile).
If the play does not definitively provide any better one, the production itself does.
"Even if you feel like your vote does not matter, it does," Bone said.
However, some have spread misinformation about what this law does or does not do.
North Korea, for now anyway, does not threaten China, but it does threaten us.
Mester does not vote in monetary policy decisions but she does participate in deliberations.
But a gold does not equal a silver, which does not equal a bronze.
The Scotch does more for the onions than the bourbon does for the burger.
A brand cannot empathize, a brand does not yearn, a brand does not hurt.
That's proof it's not about how much a president does, it's what he does.
Whatever he does, it does appear that mainstream Republicans are turning now to him.
It does not matter who you voted for; it does not matter who won.
Trump does not listen to his, and Warren does not even have a pollster.
Jody does not even know for sure what his buddy does for a living.
But character does count, and virtue does matter, and Trump's shortcomings prove it daily.
Okay, so what does that mean for each of them, what does that mean?
The pro-choice movement certainly does not take that position, nor does anyone else.
Santana does not stock lion, but he does sell cuts of frozen crocodile meat.
"Whether that's running or just being Bernie, he kind of does what he does."
Anyway, so how does your mother react now, how does she feel about this?
It still seems continually, and where does that change, and how does that change?
That's what a good messaging app does, and what Pokémon Go does not do.
Does it make clear Mueller does not believe Trump engaged in any criminal activity?
When does the censorship issue come in and where does it escalate from here?
That does not happen enough these days, and I am thankful when it does.
Peggy does most of his own shit and he does not need my help.
Here is my question, does the shrill, so-called "fake news," not so-called, it is fake news, so-called news, does it -- does it win the day?
"He does not eat in the area with other residents, he does not have a cellmate, and he does not exercise with other residents," Wyatt said last week.
Meaning does the fear of the more negative outcome that Brexit helps frame, does that induce a little bit better policy, and does it help them take less risks?
But I'm less afraid of judges than I am of what the administrative state does and what Congress does to enable the administrative state to do what it does.
That does not mean the field does not still throw up ethical and legal issues.
It does boost his prestige, it does-- INGRAHAM: That&aposs Trump though Chris, come on.
So games, especially — it's how realistic does it seem versus how phony does it seem.
BROADLY: How does compulsion work inside our brains, and how does it differ from addiction?
While he does enjoy making variations on a theme, Ryan Murphy does not repeat himself.
Nygren does not think that GAAP accounting does a reasonable job of measuring Netflix's value.
So, for his final act, Varys does what he does best: Stirs the damn pot.
Absolutely. Racism within the LGBTQ community does exist, as does homophobia within the Roma community.
So, what does that mean for Evan Spiegel and Snapchat and how does Instagram compare?
I think, politically, that does benefit -- the status quo does benefit the Democrats that way.
"What the court does -- and the court does this often -- is evade reality," Irons says.
That does not mean to be devoid of all laws of the land, does it?
The question is, what that does and where does it leave the legislation going forward.
Our weight does not dictate our health and most certainly does not dictate our worth.
That does not justify them, nor does it erase the pain and death already suffered.
Does God even have a voice, or does divinity make itself heard in other ways?
While a returnship does not guarantee a job, it does provide marketable skills, experts said.
Back at Randazza's office in Gloucester, I asked him why he does what he does.
This does not include all of the penalties: Keefe does not track fines under $100m.
That stuff does not help anybody and does not make our country stronger or safer.
What does the new charter change, and what does it mean for the country's future?
But how does impeachment work and what does it mean for the Trump White House?
No question, Libya does not represent the sort of military threat that North Korea does.
The thing about cryptocurrency is that it does everything regular currency does but way slower.
How tight does a skirt feel around my waist, even if it does look nice?
Why does Microsoft need so much personal information and what does Microsoft do with it?
So does IGTV double my ad revenue, or does it just cannibalize my YouTube revenue?
Not only does Super Mario Maker 2 provide that experience, it does it really well.
Rebeck does allow for a modicum of ambiguity, but does not make much of it.
The new deal does little to change that dynamic but it does make some progress.
Shopify does not get you shoppers and Walmart does not get you the support services.
I don't know how she does it, but I'm sure as hell glad she does.
Nor does it vary from animal to animal in the way that natural leather does.
It's worth noting that Qeexo does what it does all in software, using existing sensors.
"Prosecuting violations of law does have a consequence, and it does deter behavior," he said.
Maybe it can't do as much, but what it does it does really dang well.
For some women, the fusion does not occur, and the dividing wall does not dissolve.
Texas does not have a highly regarded state pre-school programme, but San Antonio does.
"It does make you feel afraid, and that does affect what you do," she admits.
She does not like 20th-century books because she does not like the 20th century.
If the person does not perform the action, the device does not monitor him/her.
He does not oppose Cuba's communist regime, nor does he take much interest in it.
When does a phone belong to the user, and when does it belong to Apple?
"As the film goes by you understand why she does what she does," Huppert said.
The question is, does this generic ballot between Republicans and Democrats, does that also improve?
Obviously, you go like, what does it say that there's a chemical that does this?
Each one does not mirror the vote in a state but the sample collectively does.
He does not hold them in a personal portfolio, nor does anyone in his family.
Wearing makeup does make me feel powerful and confident, but so does not wearing makeup.
Then, when it does start to fade, it does so in the most haphazard manner.
Florida does not issue licenses for naturopathic practitioners, as it does for doctors, Dalton said.
He does not hold them in a personal portfolio, nor does anyone in my family.
How does it provide value to others and who does it provide that value to?
Seth Meyers does one on Late Night, so does Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.
But ultimately Democrats have little control over what Trump does, or over what Sessions does.
Does it have a vulnerability disclosure policy or does it run a bug bounty program?
Pretending that someone with a chronic illness does not have it does them no favors.
If Facebook does little to sort the wheat from the chaff, neither does the market.
Giuliani does not work at the White House and does not have a security clearance.
What does GM's future look like, and why does it require GM to close plants?
Trump does not care about conventions, nor does he care about doing what is right.
"He cleans the pool, he does lawn work and he does the laundry," Vanessa says.
Does Donald Trump support Planned Parenthood, and how does Hillary Clinton plan to expand it?
Cohen does lose his law license upon conviction, which technically does not occur until sentencing.
I cannot think of anyone else who does this with the ease that she does.
I don't think anyone does as good a job of discussing squirting as she does.
Cleaning this grill does require a bit of care and attention, as does using it.
It does what pop music does best and provides a beat for your own projections.
The inverted curve does not always mean a recession is coming, but it often does.
Though the Senate version of the bill does not mandate strategies, the House version does.
"Um @Porsche, this word Turbo does not mean what you think it does," Musk said.
"Um @Porsche, this word Turbo does not mean what you think it does," Musk said.
Typically, the "how does this thing work" impulse does not lead to such disastrous outcomes.
He does not say anything and he does not fight with my mother-in-law.
Trump does not keep his own notes and does not email, according to multiple sources.
It does not stabilize the overall situation and therefore does not ensure future energy security.
It does not interfere in external electoral processes, nor does it favor any particular candidate.
Why does 1Password operate the way it does, and which is better in your mind?
The New York law does not specify what this means, but the Massachusetts bill does.
How does cultural appropriation change, if it does at all, when white people aren't involved?
It does not necessarily exclude a component of punishment (incarceration) but does recognize its limits.
Jeff Sessions does not actually have the power to dictate federal marijuana policy; Congress does.
As Nike does not run a separate lifestyle unit, it does not give comparable figures.
Uber does not suspend its own service, but also does not send out any promotions.
Does this move make Assad vulnerable again, or does it speak to his regaining stability?
A society that does not value privacy is a society that does not value freedom.
"The governor does not condemn it, the governor does not say anything," Mr. Cox said.
Does Mike even like you, or does he just want your notes from last week?
The question is how does that apply to Congress and does it apply to Congress?
The Nest Hub Max does everything the Nest Hub does and works just as well.
Does he romance one girl or does he sleep with as many as he can?
The department does not conduct civil immigration enforcement, and neither does our Facial Identification Section.
But why does Old Fashioned place greatness and goodness in opposition the way it does?
Does the family engage you first, or does the United States government engage you first?
One point does not make a curve, and one curve does not make a point.
People are well aware of who does not agree with the decision, and who does.
Harris does indeed sing "MacArthur's Park," as does Donna Summer in her glorious disco version.
Does it remind you of fowl, or does it look like another bird to you?
Does it remind you of fowl, or does it look like another bird to you?
But this new research does hint that pregnancy does not need to equate to fragility.
Walmart does not sell assault style rifles, nor does it sell handguns outside of Alaska.
Your own consumption of pornography fuels those engines, as does your girlfriend's, as does mine.
A field trip does not occupy valuable square footage, nor does it require expensive equipment.
Does it help Israel to have this blustering, masculine image, or does it hurt it?
Black pride does not carry the power to shut others out as white pride does.
Does he never shave, I found myself wondering, or does he shave all the time?
It's not only the dose of caffeine that does the trick, although that does help.
Where does it come from, and how does it reflect that place and its people?
That "everybody does it" does not excuse such political profiteering or make it less unseemly.
It cannot fundamentally change how it does business without also changing how it does culture.
What problem does it set out for itself, and how does it solve that problem?
Does it make the show feel more authentic, or does it feel out of place?
The company truly does not give a fuck about the damage it does to democracy.
Why does she feel the way she does about the practice of buying essays online?
" Trump claimed he "does not care about Biden's campaign," but he does "care about corruption.
If so, does it make you feel the way the author of the article does?
What does, 30 years after something like that happens, what does the world look like?
Not just "how does this impact me" but "what does this mean for our country"?
And while gentrification does increase out-migration, it does not do so by very much.
First, some clarification is necessary as to what the FBI does and does not do.
But why does that matter and what implications does it have for the United States?
How does it sit in your body, and how does it change as you age?
I like to think that this does not affect my objectivity, but maybe it does.
Reading does for the brain what exercise does for the body — it makes you stronger.
"The Refinitiv transaction does that and does it very well," Schwimmer told the Sibos conference.
The region does not want the United States to disengage, but it does have options.
"It does frustrate me and it really does make me angry," she told the outlet.
But he said the press does not police itself as well as it does Trump.
It does not help decrease their costs, and it does not help increase their access.
"We want to show everyone that a team does as a team does," Ogwumike said.
Ms. De Keersmaeker does what the music does, but there's something dutiful about her approach.
It does not cut their benefits, nor does it increase aggregate out-of-pocket spending.
Does skin stand in for the person, and does this grid stand in for America?
"What Germany does is what Germany does," says University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone.
Does that justify the ban, or does it mean the legal standard should be changed?
Why does Uranus look the way it does, why did Uranus form the way it did, why does Uranus differ so much from other gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn?
That what he's doing and how he does it is not only explained a bit more — his thinking and why he does how he does — but also to test that.
Not just anyone can hold your attention for two hours, which is perhaps why it does not matter how much the viewer does or does not know about James Baldwin.
He can certainly go on television and he does; he can make a live speech and he does; he can stand out on the White House lawn and he does.
Neither does bitcoin have any intrinsic value because it does not have a claim to the assets of a government or company and does not generate any income, Hofrichter said.
He certainly does not have the allegiance of all religious people, and he does not have the allegiance of Kurds, and he does not have the allegiance of the army.
Prynt does this through a code attached to the print, and presumably, HP does something similar.
It does not require the bride's consent and does not specify a minimum age for marriage.
Chromecasting comes built-inScreenshot: GizmodoFirst up, an Android TV device does everything that a Chromecast does.
The target does get investigated or fired; his article does get retracted from an academic journal.
So what does that mean for U.S. manufacturers and what does that mean for U.S. jobs?
Singer emphasizes that most of his community does vaccinate, and it's a minority that does not.
The GRU does not have a web site and does not comment publicly on its actions.
GOOLSBEE: And does that candidate seem like someone reasonable or does it seem like someone extreme?
If the Note 7R does go on sale, it'll be the third time it does so.
Does she love her sister, or does she love the future she could have as queen?
Demi and Courtney butt heads after Demi does what she does best: steal Colton's attention away.
But when he does, it's to …Read more ReadYour browser does not support HTML5 video tag.
What does it signify — what does it mean to us — to read this over and over?
Does Theresa May hang onto her job or does Boris Johnson become the next prime minister?
So, what does does it take to get into the elusive Silicon Valley start-up school?
I have absolutely no idea how she does it, but I am so grateful she does.
But what does that mean, exactly, and how does this "stigma" affect those who experience it?
But when the Night King finally does get involved, whew, does he do some serious damage.
Not only does his facial hair transform from album to album, but so does his fade.
This advertisement does not scream party destination but it does say welcome to ice hockey country.
The day warms, turns to late afternoon, and still Turtle does not go, does not move.
Dickson said she does not get nervous speaking in large groups but does in smaller settings.
"It's not easy to balance all the things she does, but she does an amazing job."
He also hates to lose, and does everything he can to make sure he does not.
Xplore does not intend and does not assume any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.
"Sam's difficult, but that's just because everything she does, she does with passion," he told Coco.
SpaceX does seem to do what it says it does — just later than they first claimed.
What does Negan look like in this context, and how does his character change and evolve?
Laurence Fishburne does manage to trim down his time, but unfortunately for him, so does Jay!
The program does have clear limitations, and Microsoft does not let you gift already owned software.
"Anyone who believes, says, does what he does is unfit to be president," the ad concludes.
Winstead does what she can, but she really does deserve better than this one-dimensional role.
Does Angela have a kid already, or does she hope to have one in five years?
So Jinx does what everyone else does on Halloween: he dresses up to mask his ghostliness.
It's hyper sensitive and does not like to be tricked—yet that's exactly what VR does.
Not only does it not achieve excellence: it does not even see the point of excellence.
And when it does, it does not use the data to manage and supervise officer activity.
The president does nominate -- he&aposs subject to Senate confirmation -- he does nominate the attorney general.
" Twitter's verification About page does state, "A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Twitter.
And yet I don't know why it does, because Chuck does some absolutely villainous, terrible things.
Box does it for content services and Twilio does it for communications, as a few examples.
"She does not think of herself [as] human, does not aspire to be human," she said.
It does not appear among the top investors in BHP, but does have a smaller stake.
Why does everything take you so—how long does it take you to make your room?
Does anybody reasonable believe that such a posture does not serve to embolden the criminal element?
It also does not allow voice messages and transcripts to be sent simultaneously, as Bullet does.
It does help, a little bit more maturity does help in that ability to do that.
Grosvenor does not disguise what he uses, and what he does with his materials is straightforward.
The agency does not have to act on the recommendations of its experts, but usually does.
This does not mean that ISIS in Iraq and Syria does not have substantial international connections.
When you're trying to get to what Evan does, it is an awful thing he does.
"The UK does fantastic science, but it does it through collaboration," Pritchard said in an email.
Fuller does have poor hands, and he does sometimes play weakly at the point of attack.
The fee does not cover laboratory tests or medications, and the practice does not accept insurance.
Bishop Makarios does not expect it to pass; nor, if it does, to solve the problem.
"If the Ami does it it's okay, but if Russia does it, it's wrong?" asks one.
Thus, as long as he does not use that noun, Article I effectively does not apply.
Where does the story lead as a whole — and where does it even go from here?
Does it work by WiFi or mobile hotspot, or does it come with a SIM card?
How long does FEMA stay in disaster areas, and what kind of staffing does it bring?
Either President Trump does not care about our constitutional democracy or he does not understand it.
America does not depend on a shared theology, but it does depend on a shared morality.
If this does not count as discrimination based on nationality, I don't even know what does!
Republicans counter that their way is simpler and does not discourage work the way ObamaCare does.
Forty scholars responded — enough to get a handle on where consensus does and does not exist.
But he does not have the authority to make that happen, only the legislative branch does.
Poverty does not exist, crime does not exist, and nothing ever goes seriously wrong in Sylvania.
But no matter what he does or how he does it, he remains true to himself.
And the question is, does a person want to change, does a person wants to improve?
He does all he does for the greater good of that venerable American institution, the NFL.
When the actress does return stateside, she does her best to stay out of the spotlight.
What does it mean to be a hand artisan, and how does one make a living?
This status quo does not serve Palestinians – and it does not serve the cause of peace.
If Rubio does win the lion's share of Bush's support, it does not come without risks.
But he does say he does not think King Salman gave the order to kill Khashoggi.
United does not have any MAX 8s in its fleet, but does fly the MAX 9.
However, race walking does not pound the body as much as running does, Dr. Norberg says.
So, where does voter fatigue come from, and why does it seem to be getting worse?
The morning I went to meet David Pike, I understood why he does what he does.
Here are some common things basic Medicare does and does not cover and how to prepare.
"Does the President acknowledge he does have the power to fix this?" a reporter asked Schlapp.
Tressel is not sure the precise day it does, because it does not matter to him.
When he relaxes, he does not put on sweatpants, nor does he even own a pair.
But what does gamma rays or what does heavy ions, what do they do human tissue?
The men had confused makeup that does not announce itself with makeup that does not exist.
My husband Donald does not because it does not agree with him when he makes tweets.
The city wraps me up in itself, does with me as air does to particulate matter.
The uplift does not apply to SCBS as the bank does not benefit from similar buffers.
So how does he take — how does he take five and say it's better than 10?
The popular vote does not determine the outcome of a presidential election; the Electoral College does.
And yes, it does look remarkably like an iPhone 6, just like the One A9 does.
Corinne Olympios' boyfriend does not believe she cheated on him, does not believe the Warner Bros.
Does this study press your buttons as much as it does ours, or are you unfazed?
After all, it's his hand that does the shaking and his face that does the smiling.
Before we get into how it works, let's break down how it does what it does.
What does it mean to be gay, what does it mean to be black in America?
And the grille design does look better at SUV scale than it does on Lexus' cars.
Solo is off-putting not because it does this but because of how it does this.
Yemeni law does not set a legal age for marriage, nor does it criminalize marital rape.
Does that sound like a lot to pay for a device that does, well, almost nothing?
He does live shows with two different comedy troupes, appears on variety shows, and does commercials.
Does she want to be inspiring and loved, or does she want to be successful ruler?
One government agency does vaccine research, another does public education, and many pay for medical care.
Texas Tech does not play as slow as Virginia — nobody does — but it plays pretty slow.
No wonder, then, that it makes one realize what social media does and does not provide.
He told me, over a series of emails, what NUFORC does and why it does it.
How does she choose to dress herself, and what does that signify about who she is?
"I mean, people always say, well, the flu does this, the flu does that," Fauci said.
People always say, 'well, the flu, you know, the flu does it, the flu does that.
Callimachi: Does he remember an ISIS guy — does he remember an ISIS guy called Abu Jarrah?
The company does not provide ranges, but it does give a confidence level for its result.
In the end, throwing everything at the problem does not solve it — a little kindness does.
At no point does Biden address the recent allegations against him directly, nor does he apologize.
Actually, it does — because a doormat does more than just scrub the bottom of your shoes.
The Fire TV Stick 4K does everything the original does, but wait for it... in 4K.
Her older son does not carry the gene, but the younger one, Joel, now 15, does.
His disclosure does little to unwrap the mystery of just what the company does and manages.
Not every credit card issuer does this though, so it&aposs important to know who does.
"This does not benefit the Iranian people, it does not benefit the American people or Europe."
The man's jacket magically displays this same underplumage; so does his skin; so does his bird.
However, a lack of credibility does not mean that she does not present a credible threat.
Tech Tip Q. Does Windows 10 come with its own dictation function, as the Mac does?
What does it mean to you, what does it mean to you to be a man?
What other works does it most closely resemble, and how does it stand apart from them?
So does what any responsible millennial does when they meet a likely lover: Joe googles her.
Why does the Note 10 Lite have a headphone jack while the S25 Lite does not?
When Ms. Trump does intervene, her father listens — although he does not always take her advice.
Our investigation does not prove who is responsible for the attack, nor does it attempt to.
The advocacy organization says it does not represent the industry and does not speak for it.
It does seem like the structure that you're setting up does envision a closely divided court.
"This does not mean others cannot be considered if the Senate does not convict," said Rep.
And the question is, does a person want to change, does a person want to improve?
He does not experience a runner's high, he said, and does not run for his health.
The existence of poverty does not undermine the American dream, but the persistence of it does.
The vaccines index does not rank companies from one to 20, as the medicines index does.
Ms. Smith does not fit easily into any box, and neither does this thought-provoking film.
"It comes down to one simple question: Does he live or does he die?" he added.
Critically, this week's launch does not violate the 2015 nuclear agreement, which does not cover missiles.
The City of Newark does not fund its own rental assistance programs, as New York does.
Facebook does not make money from these posts and hence does not consider them as advertisement.
"This bill does not go far enough, but it does represent real reform," Mr. Jordan said.
Throwing more kicks and spinning techniques does not result in better connections—setting them up does.
Obviously, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) does not directly control who runs and who does not.
But work in psychology does support the idea that bad, prejudiced behavior really does trickle down.
This is going to come down to one issue — does he live, or does he die?
And maybe more importantly, what does the world of NHL discipline look like if it does?
Well, that's a great thing, like why does the Renaissance happen when it does in Italy?
Does that filter down into the culture, and does that create a feeling of anything goes?
This tapestry does with shade what another of her works, "Egg Collection" (2005) does with shine.
"The reform does not improve equality, it does not improve employment, and it does not improve women's position in the labor market," Mr. Oksala told Helsingin Sanomat, a Finnish daily newspaper.
Ultimately, the report does not conclude that Trump obstructed justice — and Barr does not elaborate on which actions the investigation considered, though he does call them "the subject of public reporting" — but it does not draw a final conclusion, instead deferring to the attorney general's office.
"Washington does put the blame on the [separatist] republics, does not express support for Kiev and does not say a word about Russia's role," Rossiiskaia Gazeta, the official government newspaper, wrote jubilantly.
While the NCC does, indeed, formally represent a number of significant faith groups, it does not directly speak for them, nor does it necessarily reflect the stance of parishioners on the ground.
The federal government does not go out and do voter registration; the federal government does not do the collection of votes, and the federal government does not do the tabulation of votes.
Mr. Reichberg could not be reached for comment, and a lawyer who was said to represent him said last night she does not comment on who she does or does not represent.
The change in the company's leadership does not solve the structural problems facing the industry, said Bradshaw, who does not own shares in the company and does not plan on adding them.
Things like, 'What is the human purpose on Earth?' or 'How does dying feel?' or 'What does math even mean?' or 'What does Kim Kardashian West listen to during her glam sessions?
It must be judged on what it set out to do — stop Iran going nuclear — not on whether Iran has a likable regime (it does not) or does bad things (it does).
It does sound like a gospel album occasionally, and when it does, oh does it, but every Kanye album—full of bittersweet exuberance—is a gospel album if you think about it.
How will you find new customers, how much does it cost and how long does it take?
A short skirt does not mean you're a slut; not does a long dress equate to prudishness.
What does this new type of warfare mean for soldiers, and how does it shape their training?
PARTSINEVELOS: We do have polls, and it does not come up as much as it does here.
Like, how does one person try to build that — what basics does a culture need to thrive?
We know what the British parliament does not want, we need to know what it does want.
We had to come up with a story of what she does and why she does it.
Jimmy asks Pryce to leave the room, and does what he does best: spin an outlandish tale.
The idea of the free market is that the government does not interfere whatsoever, but [it does].
It does not increase the deficit and in most cases it does not even require legislative intervention.
Buffett does not begrudge the wealthy their success, nor does he blame the rich for others' struggles.
No. Kurzweil's vision is interesting but does not change a thing he does on a daily basis.
The Trump administration does what it usually does for its base, and this really motivates their base.
Does someone make an arbitrary decision, or does the asset have to hit a threshold of worth?
If that does not happen, an alternative solution does not appear to be easy to come by.
She does what she does because she feels an obligation but also because she's flat-out angry.
The main problem "is not just what Trump does, but how he does it," Mr. Leonard said.
How does government debt affect long-run economic growth (and how does fiscal stimulus affect government indebtedness)?
The Hound reluctantly does so, because remember, fire is the reason his face looks like it does.
Does that mean if Bernie Sanders does win the nomination, you'll endorse him and campaign for him?
There's no long list of features here, Simplenote just does text, and it does it very well.
The next morning, Mary Jane does what any good creative does and channels her pain into content.
The United Nations report does not distinguish between who migrates with legal papers and who does not.
Not only does the super-slim MacBook start at $1,299, but so does the new MacBook Pro.
In contrast, Uncharted's smartphone is limited — it only does one thing, but it does it really well.
In Georgia, felony murder does not require intent to kill, but it does carry a life sentence.
The FDA does not have to follow the recommendations of its panels, but most often does so.
America does not recognise Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan, nor does it recognise Taiwan as an independent state.
The directive does state that it does not conflict with employee rights to inform on potential abuses.
It does, however, do one thing and it does it well by minimizing camera tilt and roll.
She does not Instagram it, although she does have a fantastic feed documenting her work and impact.
Bearing interest does not mean literally carrying interest around, nor does bearing a grudge involve physical activity.
One of the cleaners does a really good job and the other one does a crappy job.
It does, however, come with adjustable straps so you can wield it just like the Cap' does.
That does a disservice to those still fighting, and it does a disservice to those still dying.
But it would appear that the database does involve in part information Tidal does not want public.
" The ad ends with this slate: "Anyone who does what he does is unfit to be president.
The ping-pong-ball-sized robot does virtually everything its big brother does at half the price.
The diva, the actress but she does have a very big heart and she does mean well.
And if he's a genius for not paying income taxes, what does that make everybody who does?
When she gets that package from the butcher at episode's end, what does she think it does?
" "Why does he have these pictures and why does he think its okay to show these pictures?
But I had to know: Does that mean if one of us dies, so does the other?
I hope Mr. Zuckerberg does a better job of protecting our data than he does his own.
Trim does not charge for its service, and the company does not intend to sell any data.
What does the US does domestically can, and likely will, have ripple effects around the the world.
Not only does the MacBook Pro's display support True Tone, but its Touch Bar does as well.
It makes it seem like the market does want to chug higher unless the Fed does move.
Uber does use Nvidia's standard GPU, but it does not use the company's self-driving vehicle platform.
He does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally.
It does not have the money, and AMLO does not want to pay out of the budget.
America does manage to outperform most European countries on cancer mortality, though even there, Sweden does better.
Does it increase our ability to help others, or does it only create the illusion of awareness?
The film does, of course, feature several catchy musical numbers, but that does not a musical make.
While the flight test does not carry a human crew, it does have something like a passenger.
Peru does not have an extradition treaty with Israel but does have one with the United States.
Here's a new generation of Powerbeats, wireless headphones I've honestly never loved, that does everything AirPods does.
To determine who does and does not have access the government sends out questionnaires to the ISPs.
Does pumpkin spice flavored everything not give you as much of a headache as it does us???
Sanders supporters often point out that he does better against Trump in the polls than Clinton does.
But, contrary to Florida OFRC Commissioner Breakspear's assertion, that does not mean the problem does not exist.
"Egypt does not sell its land to anyone and it does not take anyone's land," he said.
So how does a browser that does not harvest and track user data propose to make money?
When she's on Fallon, she does Christina Aguilera; when she's on SNL, she does Rihanna and Shakira.
The uplift does not apply to SCB China as the bank does not benefit from similar buffers.
What Photoshop does for images, InDesign does for publishing materials like newsletters, posters, or other promotional items.
Migration: While Census data does not show return migration, it does document migration flow between metro areas.
And how the iPhone 8 does next year depends to a large degree on how China does.
He later clarified his statements at  Kim's request, saying he does not agree with everything Trump does.
The court does not have to but generally does follow the advisory opinion of the Advocate General.
Rodriguez does say he doesn't agree with everything Trump does ... but on balance he's down with him.
The FDA does not have to follow the recommendation of their advisory committees, although it often does.
Not only does this Pikachu solve crimes, he speaks English and does so in shockingly deep voice.
Does he ever believe these patients, or does he just spend all his time unintentionally gaslighting them?
This insufficient response does not justify any abortion, but it especially does not justify late-term abortions.
My mind does not empty, neither does it drift to my other pre-occupations, good or bad.
What I've done does not qualify as an academic study, but it does reveal a surprising pattern.
When it's all coming together does it feel more technical or does it have that fun quality?
Power still does what it does, and our modern international laws are still violated much too often.
Who cares what the Brexit vote does to Europe — what does it mean to the Trump campaign?
"I'm going to wait and see exactly how he does it and what he does," said Sen.
And when your partner does things on their own — and does well in those things — celebrate them.
When she asks the secretary does, she replies that she does whatever Steve tells her to do.
More often than not, though, Lee does what he does as far from the spotlight as possible.
Benjamin does not always conduct his own works, and he never does so during periods of composition.
We know that Keyser does not recall attending that particular party, though she does believe Ford's story.
The designation does not come with funding, but it does help Burlington get grants for free training.
" Mr. Kerry said something similar: "The United States does not pay ransom and does not negotiate ransoms.
While this does include some intangible assets like your investment accounts, it does not include your salary.
He does not indulge superstars, and he does not sell himself as the guardian of a philosophy.
The index does not exclude countries based on credit ratings but does exclude countries with capital controls.
I think Harry Styles does a killer job, so does Zayn Malik — all the One Direction boys.
In its current form, though, you'll notice what Clips does wrong more than what it does right.
Backseat driving on how your husband does or does not cut the lunch sandwiches is not helpful.
And if he does pass on Romney, I hope he does it with dignity, respect and generosity.