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"few" Definitions
  1. (usually a few) used with plural nouns and a plural verb to mean ‘a small number’, ‘some’
  2. used with plural nouns and a plural verb to mean ‘not many’

955 Sentences With "few"

How to use few in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "few" and check conjugation/comparative form for "few". Mastering all the usages of "few" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Harlan has few answers to its economic tribulations: few roads linking it to the world's markets, few good broadband links, few college graduates, few investors willing to risk their money there.
There were some few, few, few, but that's how it is with the Docks.
The Arab revolutions produced few leaders, few credible programmes for action, and few ideas.
It's why so few Arabs, so few Europeans, so few anybody, rose to Hamas's defense.
I ran in a few studios, kicked down a few doors, smacked a few bitches.
Goodbye, Cassini Over the past few days, NASA took a few final few shots of the planet.
"It can just take a few years, with a few developers and a few new buildings." video
It's one of the few trend pieces that comes back every few years, rather than every few decades.
Top the uni with a few shrimp and a few pieces of panelle, then a few more shrimp.
What was certain a few months, a few weeks, even a few days ago is now anything but.
There were few women consultants, there were few women candidates, there were certainly few women congressmen and officeholders.
In the past few months, T-1 has been spotted only a few times, for just a few seconds.
And that's what you're overcoming the first few days, first few months, first few years after something like this.
Generally, these programs take the form of a few sets of a few reps of only a few exercises.
So I'll spend a few months in Mumbai, then a few weeks with you, then a few months in Mumbai.
A few — not millions, but a few — have died.
We'll give him a few more days, a few more at-bats, a few more nine-inning (outings) to get comfortable.
If a few lies get told, a few suspects get tortured, a few confiscated dollars go missing — hey, freedom ain't free.
It's been in a few categories and a few countries.
All to please a few newspapers and a few voters.
But that allows a few wives, not a few dozen.
A few children are doubtless unplanned but only a few.
But few -- and even "few" may be generous -- marriages are.
A few times the turnout was a few hundred people.
I had a few bad relationships, a few good ones.
There are few surprises and few flashes of unpolished candor.
Got a few minutes (and a few Kleenex) to spare?
Can they withstand a few weeks or a few months?
Those first few sessions, just a few residents turned up.
That few women make movies therefore few women are nominated?
I had tried 10 other times but was unable to last beyond a few months, then a few weeks, then a few days.
But what if you've got a few of one, a few of the other, and a few of a third and fourth kind?
What's notable is just how similar these characters' first few movies are to the original characters' first few movies, with a few tweaks.
A few walked out, clearly bored after only a few minutes.
"We have a few, a few names," Paul previously told PEOPLE.
Few ships ply the area and few aircraft fly over it.
Few women press charges and very few complaints end with convictions.
Either it was a few dates or just a few dates.
A few more national leaders will be there, but few headliners.
Some will be a few hundred dollars, some a few thousand.
Historically, few Indonesians pay tax, and few pay what they should.
Below check out a few hilarious responses from a few fans...
I had a few other visits over the next few months.
Delany has had a few roles over the past few years.
Few have failed more than Munch—and few have reached further.
"You win a few, you lose a few," Ms. Delano said.
It should take a few days, a few weeks, not long.
"We few, we happy few, we band of Brazenhead," he said.
A few months ago, few people knew the Dendropsophus rozenmani existed.
We've had a few residential roads, a few small roads impacted.
If there are a few turnovers, there are a few turnovers.
There's so few ambulances, it took me only a few hours.
In a few years, there may be only a few big companies and a few regional firms active in India's renewable sector, he said.
It's better in a few ways and worse in a few ways.
Collectively, the videos garnered a few thousand views and a few comments.
There are few easy facts here, as there are few easy culprits.
Explosions there occur every few hundred to few thousand years, Singer said.
In our case, we have a few of those but very few.
It didn't wear off after a few days or a few weeks.
They expected to fix a few pipes, swipe out a few carpets.
A few bad games, a few good games, and the cycle repeats.
"We have a few, a few names," Paul told PEOPLE in December.
Are you on a few days and then off a few days?
A few days in, few major competitors have emerged for the title.
For a few months, Mr. Workman and I talked every few days.
"Name a few, could you name a few?" one person called out.
"A few breakdowns on defense, a few breakouts for them," Donovan said.
A few more days came and went, then a few more weeks.
We've started writing it, a few songs are underway, a few demos.
She had few allies inside NBC, and more than a few detractors.
The two have played a few times over the past few years.
A few moments have crystallized my view over the past few days.
Perfect for a few rounds of golf, or more than a few.
There have been few hearings, few speeches, and an extraordinarily rushed process.
They made a few changes in City Hall these past few days.
I've spoken there a few times, I know a few Facebook employees.
Better to be a few minutes late than a few points wrong!
The next few years brought a few guest roles on television shows.
The babies only had a few breakdowns and a few spit-ups.
Here are a few things we've clarified over the past few days.
Luckily we have a few tips to help those who might be working from home for the next few weeks over the next few months.
"I shed a few tears before the game, I shed a few tears during the game and I shed a few after," Berry told reporters.
We exchanged a few emails, a few thoughts about colors and themes, a few descriptions, but his resulting artwork was largely a surprise to us.
I follow a few channels about programming, a few about technology in general, a couple of political ones, and a few channels with really saucy memes.
But it's important to recognize that our struggle is not a struggle that lasts a few days or a few weeks or even a few years.
"A few weeks means a few weeks, not a few months," Reza Najafi said outside a quarterly meeting of the agency's Board of Governors in Vienna.
At a cocktail party at my home a few months ago, I started chatting with a few middle-aged women, including a few I barely knew.
A few years and few daily-drivers later I'm not driving much anymore.
Now we&aposve had a few states, we&aposve had a few laboratories.
Uber has dropped quite a few of them over the last few years.
In fact, the US offers few few federal employment benefits of any kind.
Over the last few years, Taylor Swift's had more than a few beefs.
I managed to play the first few Mega Man games with few problems.
A few people wear masks against the still-toxic air; a few frown.
Again, the carbon budget lasts a few decades, not just a few years.
Here's the opener: A few final thoughts on the weekend/first few days.
I tried a few other areas of music and a few other genres.
Sometimes those only run for a few days or maybe a few weeks.
Most opt-out processes take about a few days to a few weeks.
Few actors have had as surprising a past few years as Mahershala Ali.
Taking the case to trial had few advantages and few drawbacks for Trump.
A few people will stop watching Maher, a few more will join up.
In the last few months only a few hundred have had a go.
Just the last few years have shown us a few high-profile examples.
I've tried a few workarounds over the last few months to no avail.
Very few, I'd wager, likely vanishingly few when compared with ordinary router sales.
There are no pauses, few adverbs, and, most notably, few interjections by Faye.
Too much capital is invested in too few places with too few people.
But few voices speak louder than Frank Ocean's, and with so few words.
A few are to the left of center, a few to the right.
A few are young, inexperienced candidates; a few are older and more experienced.
The patient took her first few bites of food a few days later.
It focuses on risks from only a few companies in a few countries.
LED products can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
I'll be writing up a few of you over the next few months.
"  "California was passed over a few days and drafted over a few days.
I think a few of the mates and a few of the fans.
There's just a few neighborhoods with a few streets left, and that's it.
Here are a few simple tips for saving a few extra bucks. 3.
No. Although, they'd still have to make a few ... apply a few things.
In the process, he lost a few teeth and added a few stitches.
After a few days, wary of losing his few remaining belongings, he left.
But few sectors of the American economy and few consumers would be unaffected.
A board can range from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.
There are very few cheap places to train anymore, and very few coaches.
There were few surprises among the nominees, but more than a few disappointments.
Corrections have historically lasted from between a few weeks to a few months.
I fly to conferences across the U.S. a few times every few months.
Travel health insurance lasts a few weeks and costs a few hundred dollars.
I do have personal knowledge of a few — very few — apparently miraculous healings.
We drummed a few people out of ... Yeah, there was a few postmortems.
There are so few women CEOs and so few women on management teams.
I didn't have any chocolate muffins this week, with few exceptions Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall, with a few exceptions I've no kids, with few exceptions The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, with a few exceptions.
It can also happen at various stages in a relationship; be it after just a few texts, a few dates or even a few months of dating.
Although the web is distributed, huge amounts of data are amassed by very few companies, re-centralizing it to very few companies owned by very few people.
The characters scratch a few backs, grease a few palms, hamstring a few second-stringers, fiddle around the margins and avoid direct attacks — zugzwang instead of checkmate.
Few borrow much from banks, so few have noticed that credit has grown tighter.
Few details He has offered few details on the wall since being elected president.
Few images show this upheaval; here are some of the few that suggest change.
The valuations of a few of them have doubled in just a few months.
The sensitivity could last anywhere from a few seconds up to a few hours.
Stars, too, are mortal, living from a few million to a few billion years.
But if the area has few job opportunities, the entrepreneurs will have few customers.
Those range from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on network congestion.
You can't afford to lose people after a few months or a few years.
Now and for the next few months few people will be passing through it.
To spend a few million every few years instead is a pretty good investment.
I make a few online appointments and schedule a few phone consultations for tomorrow.
Let's touch on a few briefly, and then I'll get to a few takeaways.
It takes me a few seconds, but then I see a few tiny lines.
More like: here are a few structures and here are a few open areas.
In the first few days of July, only a few dozen migrants have arrived.
" But in the last few years, he said, "we have had very few fights.
You might piss off a few conservatives, and you may lose a few users.
I've generally had a pleasant few years using Hubble, with few negative side-effects.
We were in the studio and having a few beers, and a few smokes.
A few pieces — but really a precious few — engage overtly with the outside world.
Not many come, just a few: the director, the head writers, a few writers.
Oregon has seen quite a few retirees move there in the past few years.
Every few days I spend at least a few hours at a coffee shop.
Soon she travels across the stage: a few spins this way, a few that.
What was supposed to take a few days, however, turned into a few months.
She returned a few days later with her tennis racket and a few balls.
So, over the next few months, invite a few neighbors over for a barbecue.
It is worth paying lawyers a few thousand dollars to save a few million.
Ride-hailing app Lyft has hit a few milestones within the last few months.
YouTube's music chart system has faced a few controversies over the last few months.
Keep it short and sweet — a few sentences or a few paragraphs, at most.
A few weeks later, they talked for a few hours at her birthday party.
But few citizens understand the arcane procedures that undergird that system — and few care.
Now they are arriving on Broadway, a few days and a few blocks apart.
Most of them are pretty small — employing a few or a few dozen people.
Just a few earnings in the next few days can change things a lot.
"Beacons can get within a few inches of accuracy, with GPS it's usually within a few feet or a few yards," EFF staff technologist Bennett Cyphers told Mashable.
One method, called interval training, involves exercising as hard as you can for a few minutes, then having a few minutes rest, and repeating a few more times.
"Jack had a few surgeries — he had a few hernia surgeries, he's had a few eye surgeries and he had a little heart issue as well," reveals Faris.
So at the bottom of the email, list the past few positions you've held, a few types of positions you're seeking, and a few of your dream companies.
Without access to high-speed broadband, minority and rural communities will continue to be ignored places with few jobs, few skills, few employers and little access to education.
" "I posted a few practice drawings [a few months]," the artist explains, "and people wanted to buy them so I did a few more, and it hasn't stopped.
A few sketches, a few songs, a few chummy guest stars breaking mid-joke—Maya & Marty hews to the variety show formula with enthusiasm and an absence of snark.
It makes it much easier for con artists to beef up their credibility – create a few links, a few profiles, a few pages, and suddenly you seem totally legit.
A few weeks later he moved into a WeLive studio apartment a few floors above.
It's one thing to make something for a few dozen or a few hundred people.
Results from the autopsy will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
This process is fairly quick, usually taking between a few hours or a few days.
If we visit a few villages daily, we can only meet a few dozen farmers.
Few people notice these restrictions, since few people really care which pharmacy they go to.
In the past few months alone, the company has grappled with a few massive ones.
At only two weeks old, Kaavia has already had quite a few memorable few days.
Then, after watching those few episodes, they will go back and download a few more.
Here are a few other practical tips that can help you pocket a few bucks.
Knox and Vivienne painted a few things and then Brad painted a few things himself.
When you're building a few, It's like printing a few pages using a printing press.
The site also has ambitions beyond introducing a few strange, old movies every few months.
A few rolls later, a few sips of my beer later, my weapon was fine.
Few businesses can afford to give away $50 gift cards for completing a few questions.
So maybe grab a few backups and a few stocking stuffers while you're at it.
Maybe a few years ago, or even a few months ago, it would have been.
And while I buy a few games in boxed form, it's few and far between.
Over the last few years, the FDA has also approved a few sublingual immunotherapy options.
First a few hundred, then a few thousand ran to the grounds by the runway.
Instead of talking to a few thousand people I'm talking to a few million people.
What happens that there are very few women, very few people of color in tech.
Now, there are few a "Googles" and a few "Dropboxes" who are taking them on.
The number of active militants had dwindled to a few dozen a few years ago.
Every year a few gay businesses close and very few new ones open in Amsterdam.
These are just a few questions we will be asking over the next few years.
I had a few meetings with Steven, and he played me a few original tracks.
It appears she took out a few extensions and adding in a few extra layers.
The lifeless plot gets a few scenes right, but they are few and far between.
Despite a few low blows … … the two agencies called a truce after a few hours.
As of a few weeks ago, only a few of the houses had been occupied.
Aside from a few older men, there are few men or boys in the camps.
It picked up a few percentage points in the first few months of this year.
These can come in a few different variations, and most only cost a few dollars.
At the time, we were among the first few dozen, maybe first few hundred websites.
Until a few years ago, however, few of those Republicans were sitting members of Congress.
"You can go from a few fish to a few thousand fish overnight," she said.
These police were dealing with very few drug crimes, and very, very few for meth.
Music-wise, the last few weeks of the year usually stick to a few patterns.
The life span of most jellyfish ranges from a few hours to a few months.
There are a few American bishops still with media platforms, a few with intellectual chops.
Some of the studies restricted sleep for a few days, others for a few weeks.
Mr. Trump's New Hampshire speech did contain a few good ideas — but only a few.
Few companies have enjoyed more hype over the past few years than electric carmaker Tesla.
I sit and stand in a few different places, and chat to a few people.
We've seen very few technical issues, very few system glitches," Redfearn said on "Squawk Alley.
He turns up, weaves through a few players, scores a few goals, and goes home.
That was until a few weeks, and now, a few days before the midterm elections.
For the last few years, a few women have played in the world championship qualifying.
There are a few interesting ideas that I'll pass along over the next few weeks.
Updated November 2019: I added a few new models and cut a few old ones.
Here are a few that do, and equally as important, a few that don&apost.
It's not worth paying lawyers a few thousand dollars to save a few thousand dollars.
"We find that every day: a few pennies here, a few pennies there," she said.
The races, other than a stray few, offer no prize money and attract few sponsors.
Just a few days before Christmas Eve, few shoppers seemed to be making the effort.
A few thought it would survive with changes, and a few thought it could stay.
I've had the few affairs Diana advised, and then a few on top of that.
"We had a few big hits and we could've used a few more," Utley said.
After a few hours with no response, I called and sent a few more messages.
We get introduced to a few new characters, and reintroduced to a few old ones.
I've had more than a few readers point that out over the last few weeks.
It was a group of us from all different backgrounds, but there were a few performance artists, a few actors, a few painters, I think we had 12 of us.
It seems like almost everybody has one on, and cubicle dwellers everywhere are being prodded to walk a few more steps ... walk a few more steps ... a ... few ... more ... steps.
She offered a few canned lines, hesitated a few times, and could have batted a few more questions out of the park, but she was not knocked off her game.
"Before [the acquisition] there were a few companies that believed in VR. And when I say a few, I mean a few," Luckey told Re/code after his tennis victory.
After all, few consider Gibbons the jerky type, even if he has unloaded on a few players and more than a few umpires over the years, sometimes in spectacular fashion.
When proven solutions are identified, the question is how do we go from helping a few, or a few hundred, or a few thousand, to the millions who are displaced.
"You can be infectious for a few days, sometimes for even a few weeks," she said.
He became a series regular for a few seasons and has made a few appearances since.
A few more people join the group, and everyone's casually chatting for a few more minutes.
Instagram and Facebook were a habit that very few people questioned, with a few notable exceptions.
There are a few players, a select few players, who somehow manage to transcend cultural variance.
A few have died here and there, and a few have come out of the closet.
I only had to charge the Lofree a few times during my few weeks with it.
Thursday's turbulence took the already manic absurdity of the last few weeks up a few notches.
A few billion here and a few billion there and pretty soon you're talking real money.
There's still time to read a few recaps or watch a few videos as a reminder.
Only a few hundred people turned up at Malaka, and few of them approached the fence.
I see far too few jokes, too few embarrassing moments, and absolutely zero mention of Goldschläger.
If he had a few images, a few videos, he could get out of prison altogether.
I spend a few minutes confirming a few details with my boss and then pack up.
These feminist groups ranged in size from just a few people to a few hundred people.
We can take a few weeks, a few months to analyze the problems and overcome them.
Tapeworms can trail out of a bear's anus for a few inches to a few feet.
I had played a few songs at the host's request and so had a few others.
Some dogs ignored the eclipse; a few seemed scared; a few barked when it was over.
A few of us, myself included, kept bumping into each other a few times during warmup.
AlphaGo did play a few games a few months ago without unveiling its identity until afterward.
People can stay for as long as they like, a few nights or a few weeks.
Donors would probably do more good by concentrating on a few projects in a few countries.
Immigration There have been few issues as polarizing as illegal immigration over the last few years.
Yes, there were a few slight rewordings and a few rewrites — but nothing I'd consider significant.
Few performances—and few films—glow as brightly with the gemlike fire of precocious genius. ♦
There are still a few regulatory hurdles to clear and a few practical limitations as well.
The actor and musician has been on a few shows and in a few movies since.
If he screws up on television, a few supporters may leave him for a few weeks.
The wait times for the NYCHA can range from a few weeks to a few years.
It usually happens a few days before touring and a few days when I come home.
If the past few years have been about hype, the next few will be about execution.
Then I would come back every few weeks, every few months, to check on his progress.
" Results & Final Thoughts:Julie: "I wore this mascara a few more times over the next few weeks.
"You may only hear from a few of us, but there's not a few—there's many."
Few studies and few words are said about bone regeneration in young and middle-aged adults.
Over the next few months, we communicated a lot and even met up a few times.
I did see a few single-family homes downtown, but they seemed few and far between.
It's a safe choice — one that few will outright hate but few will deeply, passionately love.
Add in a few cloves of peeled garlic and a few fresh chilis in both jars.
Just Mercy follows the activist movie formula with few major missteps, but also precious few surprises.
A few chaotic thoughts that leads to a few clicks to retweet or share is enough.
A few months ago, when it was playing on Lifetime, few people had heard of it.
There were few models to look up to and few to hold a young filmmaker back.
If only they'd thought of that a few decades and a few billion plastic bags ago!
A few billion here and a few billion there, and soon you're talking about real money.
Few were sure how good he could be, given his age, injury and relatively few competitions.
Few Republicans won in 2016 after abandoning him, and since then, few have really even tried.
I had to restrict myself to a few references and a few phrases here and there.
Until then, why dwell on the last few minutes when the first few are so sublime?
But after a few episodes — and it does take a few — something strange happened to me.
There are only a few million Hebrew speakers and there are a few billion English speakers.
Some rice began to fall from the box: first a few grains, then a few more.
Even with just a few tweaks to our habits and a few dollars at a time.
After attending a few parties hosted by friends, Annie signed up to host a few herself.
Because so few local manufacturers exist, solar park developers have few options to satisfy those rules.
Twitter and Facebook are toxic because there are few rules and few penalties for flouting them.
This turns price differences of a few hundred dollars into just a few cents per day.
The economy -- one of the few bright spots There were a few bright spots in 2019.
We hang for a few hours while I vacuum, send a few emails, and get ready.
Few could predict that, just a few years later, this era of Hollywood would inspire nostalgia.
She is a smoker' she's had pneumonia a few times and gets bronchitis every few months.
Now for a few stories of the week (plus a few surprising recommendations from Paul Krugman).
The renter saved a few bucks, and the owner and local government made a few bucks.
That's because I've been around the block a few times and seen a few other things.
On the fight friendly island of Phuket, a few stadiums closed and a few stayed open.
We're kind of seeing how the next few hours unfold, and even the next few days.
Some have received a few months of basic education, and many got a few days of vocational training or the possibility of participating in farming projects, few of which have begun.
Here are a few of Bledoe's tips:Interview a few financial plannersRather than going with the first financial planner you find, take the time to interview a few planners in your area.
On 30th August [the date of Diana's death in 1997] I expect will take a few hours, but most days it's only a few tweets and takes only a few minutes.
I was cooperating with them, so —— Mills: So, like, the next few days, were you, you —— Huzayfah: Oh, the next few days, I just went low-key for a few days.
But within each group, there always have been a few individuals who lost a lot of weight, a few who did not lose any weight, and a few who actually gained.
I grab my laptop and hang out in the kitchen for a few hours before bed, catching up on a few work emails and watching a few more episodes of Shameless.
"You've got too few female founders, too few women within tech companies that have meaningful equity, too few female angel investors... and there aren't enough women in decision-making roles," Ashman says.
Implantation bleeding can last a few hours or a few days, according to the American Pregnancy Association.
With few exceptions, very few, there is no public safety reason to detain any of these people.
In truth, few farmers really retrain as manufacturers and few manufacturers go on to become computer engineers.
He spoke plainly about the boredom of prison—he had few visitors and few pastimes besides writing.
I could eat four thousand for a few days in a row—a few days was fine.
We made some mistakes, had to pull back a few things and deliberate a few do-overs.
A few streets and a few demographic differences mean the difference between them being connected or not.
They get paid a lot of money to closely follow a few companies within a few industries.
" A few updates later, the account tweeted that DeepNude would be back online "in a few days.
"Bring out a few shibari ropes and spend a few hours trying out various ties," he says.
I think we again had a few defensive mistakes, a few turnovers and they made us pay.
Very few states — New York, California, Massachusetts, a few others — have consciously set off down that path.
So here are a few of the most interesting things we learned in the past few days.
"A few of my friends I saw fall through the roof suffered a few injuries," he said.
Collect a few hundred and you'll be able to jump the length of a few 18-wheelers.
There are few dull moments during the N.C.A.A. tournament, and therefore few opportunities for a dulled mind.
And yet there have been quite a few glints of hope—especially in the past few months.
Luckily it wasn't a few inches higher or it probably would have knocked out a few teeth.
Few think we're in Weimar America, with state-sponsored murder just a few years down the road.
Kate and I, after a few US tours moved to LA last year for a few months.
And in a few weeks later just because they went to few websites, they become a Jihadi.
Few legal experts think that VIEs are about to collapse, but few expect them to endure, either.
Here are a few suggestions that will get you through the last few weeks of the year.
Sure, he had run a few practices and, yes, he had occasionally helped call a few scrimmages.
Most had raised a few million dollars prior to exit, though a few had raised larger rounds.
And so we take a few more steps forward, take a few steps back and keep walking.
Simply put, there are few to no Democratic "farm" districts and few to no Republican "urban" districts.
I noticed more than a few blank stares at the phone during a few crowded subway commutes.
GDPR does a few things: - Provides control over data use — what we've done for a few years.
A few more years of development, a few more after that of regulatory wrangling, and boom: takeoff.
I filled a few gaps with torn up provolone, using the last few slices in the fridge.
The first few years that we went, there were a few hundred schlubby guys walking the floor.
Contrary to the intent, the benefits skewed toward a select few companies in a select few industries.
I closed the bar for a few days and stayed away from everybody for a few months.
I have had a few conversations about compensation at so-called "unicorn" companies the past few months.
Today may be the day to stop smiling and actually buy a few a few of them.
Depending on the drug, detection windows can be a few weeks, days, or even a few hours.
After that, the work was piecemeal: Danno ran a few names here and a few names there.
Running that for a few hours in another bash script, we returned with a few thousand results.
I've been following token sales with great interest over the past few months for a few reasons.
I buy Kim Gordon's memoir, a few Criterion films, a Bowie T-shirt, and a few CDs.
Aleppo now has electricity almost all day, versus just a few hours only a few months ago.
But the shift actually started a few weeks ago, during a few moments of the president's Feb.
Music was one of the few ways to escape the nightmare, if just for a few minutes.
A few of them have been really taken care of, very few, less than 1 percent, maybe.
Our PCs and other devices are patched every few hours or days, rather than every few months.
Canada followed suit a few wees ago with a maple-leaf-bedecked blazer a few weeks ago.
It's much more like going up for a few seconds and then falling for a few seconds.
Few were present in Paris this weekend, and the few who were didn't seem to know why.
Very few people have been inside, she answered, but what's interesting is how few objects are there.
A few others are expected to throw their names into the race in the next few weeks.
Baton Rouge has always been an insular community with few natives leaving and few outsiders moving in.
A few blocks away, Myrtle Avenue — nicknamed "Murder Avenue" in prior times — includes a few noteworthy boutiques.
A few years ago, few people would have bet on a startup creating a bank from scratch.
A few hours later, another family member was found dead in another house a few miles away.
But very few people, you look back, Ronald Reagan, so honored, very few people are so honored.
But people can get better, with recovery taking anywhere from a few weeks to a few years.
After a few months of posting videos, "I started making a few cents a day," he recalls.
So far, India has confirmed relatively few cases -- but the country is also testing relatively few people.
A short delay of just a few weeks will likely lead to few, if any, lasting changes.
Since shipping can take a few days, you essentially have a few days less than 30 days.
Some travel is required (a few days every few months) and is typically known well in advance.
Wirecutter tested 20 of the best budget smartphones over the last few years to highlight a few.
Let's take a look at a few stories that have bubbled up over the past few days.
It's sold all over the island, and prices range from a few dollars to a few hundred.
A few days later, on February 13, former Lowe&aposs COO Rick Damron released a few clarifications.
A few gyrations in one position, a gruff rolling maneuver, then a few more gyrations in another.
The 1918 pandemic offers few lessons for 2018 Severe influenza epidemics tend to occur every few decades.
And taking a few steps forward in baseball is often followed by taking a few steps back.
A few weeks in I realized, whoa, I just did this a few days in a row.
There were a few tears, a few phone numbers scrawled on napkin corners before the room emptied.
This lot includes family members for a few of the main cast, and a few ancillary cohorts.
Dilma's administration was marked by a few key wins and quite a few more shows of ineptitude.
Partial operation could take a few weeks while full operation may take a few months, he said.
With a few more shots—as few as eight or 32 photographs—the realism improves even more.
"Few have a strong enough compelling experience to hook the customer for more than a few months."
Check out a few photos from the archive of his rediscovered work, and a few classics, below.
"There are few African American teachers teaching meditation, there are few people of color teaching," Yuen says.
Over the past few years, a few prestige horror films have achieved a backdoor bait and switch.
It made sense when you only had a few channels and you only had a few products.
"Very few people have heard the score, very few people have heard of the tale," he explains.
"Remember, any sophisticated attack is not something we're going to detect today, it's something we're going to detect a few days or a few weeks or a few months from now," he said.
There are only a few trials studying marijuana and genetics and most of them have very few participants.
INGRAHAM: There was a few people in the media today, more than a few, downplaying all of this.
Trimble was a student at a university that enrolled few women, in a field that enlisted few women.
Then they will rattle off a few wins, make a few unreal plays, and suddenly they're playoff contenders.
In the past few years they have come in flocks of no more than a few hundred thousand.
"Over the next few minutes, quite a few shots were fired," Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth said.
They're refined, improved versions of last year's models, adding a few features and removing a few as well.
He did so amid a chaotic political climate that few could have predicted just a few months ago.
I've talked to a few clients and attended a few meetings, now it's time to go have fun.
"You might only get a few hours -- or even only a few minutes -- to work with these kids."
As she put it, that's not something you can undo in a few weeks — or a few months.
Within a few months, the partnership will cover a few dozen of Wegmans' stores, an Instacart exec said.
We had some opportunities, missed a few throws, didn't capitalize on a few opportunities, had some guys open.
Her lengthy retelling dispelled a few rumors swirling around the arrest, while also spilling a few unheard secrets.
It looks like he took off a few inches off, but left a few face-framing tendrils intact.
I'd spent the last few hours on AOL, e-mailing Paul and the few other friends thatI had.
So here are a few people who helped their cause Saturday night, and a few more who lost.
"Nods of respect to the few of you who guessed right in the past few months," she wrote.
But in just a few weeks and a few minutes of screen time, Elliot basically wrapped it up.
But it typically only spans a few minutes to a few hours, making Osnos' situation an extreme example.
It's the select few who don't like her, and both of those few have been summarily sent home.
Stretch such trends out a few years and they seem frightening—a few decades and they seem apocalyptic.
They have to fit within a few millimeters of depth, which limits their optics to a few configurations.
If it doesn't come out in a few squeezes, then stop and try again in a few days.
That's just to name a few of the scandals that have gone down in the past few months.
Respite care covers foster parents who must take a break for a few hours or a few days.
We had only been together a few months, and he'd been married more than a few times before.
"Press a few buttons, turn a few knobs, and you have great heat: I understand that," said Flay.
That means there are very few bids and very few offers waiting to be executed in the market.
I believe that top football is played by too few clubs in too few competitions in limited areas.
Let's finish up talking about being one of the few women — there's just a few — women venture capitalists.
A few days after Clark's passing, Bettinger posted a few photos of the short-lived couple on Facebook.
Depending on how bad a hit you suffered, symptoms can last a few hours or a few months.
And in my last few days I met a few people and was glad to have met them.
We'd have a few dates, share a few text messages, and eventually the thing would fizzle out completely.
I saw a few new ones that I can't talk about yet and a few that I can.
The few people who do are the few people who would understand it and get round it anyway.
A world very few of us knew existed, and even more few of us actually take part in.
Over the course of a few years, that might add a few hundred dollars to Braava's total cost.
So over the last few days I took a few more shots in low light with the Pixel.
Some say Kelly's efforts have produced few examples of real change -- and few admirers in the White House.
There's been communications over the past few months; it hasn't been a fun few months to deal with.
But that's one of the very few big-scale championships that's come around in the last few decades.
He showed up a few minutes late and left a few minutes early to take a phone call.
In a few years'—if not a few weeks'—time, there will be another set of confirmation hearings.
Few will connect the fact Americans need a visa to so few countries with the work of diplomacy.
A few people streamed in and out during the few minutes Business Insider gawked from across the street.
Depending on the project, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to complete.
However, the return of Hernandez and a few off days have left few opportunities for LeBlanc to pitch.
So he'll hit a few balls and we'll walk to the green and there'll be a few balls.
To trappers, coyotes are one of the few money-making animals, along with bobcats and a few others.
She visited a furnished model and a few empty studios, returning with Mr. Denis a few days later.
I'm sure we'll have lots of discussions over the next few weeks, or even the next few months.
After a few hours, I have already posted more than I have in the past few months combined.
Few debates in technology have been as intense over the past few years as the debate over privacy.
It lets you build machine learning models in a few clicks instead of a few lines of code.
I'd personally drop a few hundred dollars on quality at-home workout classes, but not a few thousand.
VoteStand had so few downloads, that there were a few days where the app didn't rank at all.
Any bugs in the system take another few weeks to fix and then another few weeks to ship.
Just a few years ago, only a few doctors turned to fecal transplants, typically as a last resort.
It's only a few weeks until we get a few days off, and reset for the new year.
The first few months of sobriety are dangerous and challenging, and the first few years aren't much easier.
Few people, even dancers, knew about the films — he showed them only to friends and a few students.
But after a few days, they had to repack their few belongings, one of them a marriage license.
Although Turkey now provides free medical care to Syrians, few Turks speak Arabic, and few Syrians speak Turkish.
These are a few of the people we met, and a few of the insightful comments we collected.
I'll buy a few packs a month (sometimes a [few packs per] week when a new set drops).
The few theaters that opened before the Revolutionary War were small, holding at most a few hundred people.
"We grabbed dinner a few days later and moved in together within a few months," Crisham told Insider.
Here are a few of the zingers over the last few months (in some cases with profanities removed).
"Few people were even talking about France as a tech country a few years ago," Mr. Sebag said.
There's little precipitation this week, with just a few showers Tuesday and maybe a few snowflakes late Thursday.
And let's be clear: This story didn't start in the last few weeks, or the past few months.
He went on vacation to Ireland for a few weeks and Southeast Asia a few times, he says.
A candidate like Sanders with declining popularity could conceivably lose a few points in the final few days.
The few that signed up didn't stick around because there was only a few people to chat with.
However, very few enthusiasts showed up and no one stormed the compound, though there were a few arrests.
A few people with very few resources have outmaneuvered a state apparatus — it's happened time and time again.
Few Palestinians are looking to immigrate, since home is typically no more than a few hours' drive away.
Over the past few days, she has led Biden in a few polls while trailing him in others.
Races involving millions of votes were decided by just a few thousand or even a few hundred ballots.
These restorative products cost from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per unit, according to Hariri.
Applicants may hear back about their requests anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after applying.
However, during the few fleeting minutes of totality few, if any, changes are seen in these coronal features.
The Russian state's battle against corruption has seen few bullets fly, save for a few hand-picked scapegoats.
Now they're training between a few weeks to a few months for what they consider an affordable price.
A few billion here, a few billion there — pretty soon, we'll be talking about a working aircraft carrier.
Any home, regardless of quality or location, will sell within a few weeks or even a few days.
You could paint for a few weeks, or a few days, to set everything up for that moment.
After the first few publications in the media, a few people asked to remove them from the project.
I've had a few days like that in the past few months where that's all I was doing.
These sea critters typically live for a few days, and never grow more than a few millimeters in size, though some have been known to grow a few centimeters across and live for months.
Thanks to new discoveries in metamaterials, the team will be able to build a sail that is only a few hundred atoms thick, a few meters wide, and as light as a few grams.
Few American cities have the accrued historical sediment of New York, but few are as unsentimental about the past.
During the first few years of the program, officials at the embassy in Kabul signed off on few petitions.
I'm running low on a few products of my own, so I get those plus a few face masks.
A few hundred Indonesians are known to have traveled to Syria to join the IS. Few have come back.
A few months ago, a group of 18-year old girls from Ireland stayed over for a few days.
"He shot quite a few bullets into the glass and it hit a few people behind me," Grady said.
"He's done that a few times, but at the same time, he's got a few things up his sleeve."
The few seconds of noise is worth it for me to have a delicious latte a few minutes later.
These systems often emerge without warning and escalate quickly, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
In the first few days of my period, I was still writhing in pain, downing Advil every few hours.
The selection is pretty picked over, but we found a few items that still have a few sizes available!
The Palm phone has been available for a few months to Verizon customers and on a few international carriers.
His son then turned, took a few steps and then a few more, and became part of the crowd.
Though they have only been together a few months, they have known of each other for a few years.
Then a few months later I ended up having issues with my gallbladder removal from a few months earlier.
We've struggled the last few days with runners on and that's why we've lost a few in a row.
For the past few days, Bethesda has been dominating a few big downtown L.A. buildings with massive Fallout posters.
You post a few aesthetically pleasing photos, hand out a few charitable "likes," and carry on with our day.
This will be a monumentally close election, potentially decided by a few thousand or even a few hundred votes.
Few novels have had such mythical beginnings, and few have themselves achieved the status of myths, as "Frankenstein" has.
But, if you visited a few times, over a few years, you might notice that the ice is vanishing.
But the Swiss retaliation has nonetheless caused uncertainty: there is no formal definition of how few is too few.
I think a deal could just as feasible to happen in a few months as in a few years.
Every few weeks I dig through the deepest recesses of Kickstarter and Indiegogo to find a few good watches.
Imagine proclaiming "I do!" to a long-forgotten boyfriend in front of a few friends (and a few cameras).
I watch this play out in a few more doorways, including a few instances where people give her donations.
For the past few months, photos of Alwyn and Swift have been few and far between, and incredibly strategic.
"Instagram accounts can sell for anything — for, like, a few hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars," he said.
As the rain continued to pelt down, a few joined in, then another few, then a rush of many.
Yet few have changed their online behaviour, boycotted snooping tech firms or exercised what few digital rights they possess.
So, with the help of a few celebrity makeup artists, I put a few of them to the test.
It may take a few dates (or a few dozen) to find them, but eventually you will find someone.
The few, the very few times when she personally wants to remember a time, a place, she also resists.
Yesterday afternoon I spent a few hours to download IntelliJ, Android Studio, and a few versions of the JDK.
A few of you have put out solo records or work with other bands over the past few years.
In a few years, literally -- in a few years they would be on their way to a nuclear weapon.
Better yet, grab a few friends and actually act the play out in front of a few other friends.
Instead of a few billion years old, the ring might be a few hundred million years old, NASA said.
Rent it, wear it a few times, and then send it back in exchange for a few more items.
The quest will only take you a few hours to complete, with a few satisfying dungeons to dig through.
Here are a few things weighing down the stock that everybody was excited about just a few months back.
Even as it being a "known" zine, very few people have read it since very few people read zines.
A few weeks after I spoke to Hinton, I spent a weekend at a cottage with a few friends.
After the prints were finished, I showed a few to someone who then recommended a few publishers to me.
One problem is that there have been few convictions, and thus few criminal penalties that could deter sexual harassers.
After I slugged down a few cocktails, I figured I'd try out a few of the bar's featured dishes.
A few weeks later and only a few miles away in Maryland, Macy was arrested in another sting operation.
It is basically a miracle that the Sentinelese, numbering as few as a few dozen people, continue to exist.
A few years later, Lydia suggested running in a local Turkey Trot, which we did together a few times.
On the other end might be a few multihit nights with extra-base hits, or a spectacular few weeks.
It's been on life support for the past few years, extending its existence to bring a last few convictions.
A few months after bringing the pup to market, Sony's announced a few updates that should rekindle some interest.
The guests barely filled the first few rows—just me and my father's sister, a few neighbors, the housekeeper.
Werewolves, haunted houses, possessed children, and a few garden-variety murderous psychopaths appear, plus a few too many clowns.
Return of the Obra Dinn gave me quite a few "Eureka!" moments whose joy outweighed the game's few disappointments.
What I know is we can continue to come up with a few small goals, a few concrete steps.
Over the last few months there were a few strange instances where the BBC published content on UFC events.
A few other games have tried to incorporate Gitmo into their theme or design over the past few years.
He'd make you buy ten middling watches, a few expensive but unusable bands, and maybe a few good pieces.
"I do feel that there's a few things that got away from him the last few starts," Cora said.
Even as their home has running water only a few hours a day, a few days of the week.
So there are few people or cars in the streets, and few kids outside (schools and playgrounds are closed).
Things that seemed far-fetched or alarmist a few days or even a few hours ago are becoming realities.
There were a few stumbles, or a few things that I'm ... He did get bothered, he got bothered today.
Place a few strawberries on the semifreddo and then a few drops of the pine bud extract, if using.
No, my crime was that I stole too small — a few thousand dollars here, a few thousand dollars there.
Only a few characters recur, but these are essentially the same unlucky bipeds, sometimes glimpsed a few decades later.
But their edge has shrunk considerably over the last few months, and even more over the last few years.
After a few days of not shaving, all I get are a few crunchy wisps, mostly on my neck.
But over the last few years, us hockey fans of the distant past have learned a few hard lessons.
I think Snapchat is one of the few exceptions where there's been very few zigs, it's all been zags.
There are a few companies that will fly you there for a few hours, but flights can be unreliable.
Most policies have to be purchased within a few days or a few weeks of initially buying the trip.
Play a few games, look at it, play a few more, look at it, see where we ended up.
Q: A few years ago, I started buying expensive shoes very occasionally, instead of cheap ones every few months.
Until a few years ago, the town had only a few paved roads, and clashes between tribes raged often.
And even though the museum offered a $1 million reward, it prompted few leads over the next few years.
"That source of livelihood was closed to a privileged few, and the few were men exclusively," Ms. Munroe said.
"It makes sense to keep some information secret for a few days, maybe a few years," she told me.
Few vehicle accidents can be definitely linked to alcohol, and few saved lives can be definitively linked to seatbelts.
He tweeted out a few photos from what he described as 2019 and the first few days of 2020.
Just a few more jobs in Kansas, a few less in Missouri — and a big loss of tax dollars.
Very few regions define their wines by age as Rioja and a few other Spanish wine regions have done.
It was a scene straight out of a Christmas nativity — just a few weeks (and a few sheep!) short.
For a few years we didn't see each other, then in the last few years we became friends again.
I had a few turnovers, had a few bad decisions, but they still believed in me to make plays.
We think we lost them a few patrons after we shouted the word "fetus" a few too many times.
Britain is poised to leave the European Union in just a few weeks' time after a few false starts.
But the events of the past few months, and especially the last few days, offer some reason for encouragement.
Granted, in its first few months the administration has produced an impressive amount of ineptitude with very few people.
"Next few days I have to hit a few more fairways and we'll be good from there," he said.
That means there are few political repercussions for a botched disaster response, he said, and few advocates for funding.
LARRY KUDLOW: You know, you win a few and you lose a few in these jobs, like anything else.
Kamala Harris: Unlike in the last few debates, Harris seemed much looser -- and willing to take a few chances.
But most of modern complex litigation is trench warfare — a few yards gained here, a few yards lost there.
I've received a few client emails so I've finally got some work to log for the next few hours.
Meditation retreats range from a few days to a few weeks in length and can cost thousands of dollars.
I arrived a few hours after check-in and there were only a few other guests in the lobby.
"But in the end, regrets, I&aposve got a few, but then again, too few to mention," he said.
"  "Few people have been as wrong on foreign policy over the last few years as the neocons and @Liz_Cheney.
Few expected that his release — an unthinkable prospect just a few years ago — would result in any significant protests.
Coverage tends to be most expensive in parts of the country where there are few hospitals or few insurers.
The simple act of gifting me with a few quarters after knowing me but a few minutes disarmed me.
As with the last few years, most deals aren't worth it, but there are a few gems sprinkled throughout.
But for a few tens of thousands votes across a few states, Republicans would have gotten their third term.
I'd spent the last few hours on AOL, e-mailing Paul and the few other friends that I had.
The transition will be marked by a few other key changes, as well: a few products are going away, a few new ones are being introduced, and some existing ones will see fixes for longtime issues.
There is likely little need for more than a few hundred or perhaps a few thousand "skills" to be added to a voice-based system and the means for monetizing those skills are few to none.
In tribute to them, here are photos of protests—many famous, a few forgotten—that helped shape the country, along with a few protests from the past few years whose impact we do not yet know.
Meaning close to the coast people could see rain, a few miles inland freezing rain mix, a few more miles inland snow mix and then a few more miles away the snow starts piling up quickly.
Fourteen states — a few in the Plains, a few in the Deep South and a few in New England — contained none of those "biggest counties" and another 19 only contained one or two of those counties.
Konnikova dispenses with MacGregor's crazy tale in just a few pages; I would have happily read a few hundred more.
Until a few years ago, few tourists made it to Pangong lake; those who did were mostly intrepid Western backpackers.
It's focusing on just a few sports (soccer, basketball, and tennis) and a few metrics (like goal chances in soccer).
Ahead, the best true crime books of the past few decades, as well as a few hits from this year.
I did see a few birds, which meant I'd reached a less anxious state a few times during the meditation.
Allow your work to dry for a few seconds, then top it off with a few swipes of black mascara.
Comments are automatically removed after they receive a "few" flags (McCarthy would not say how many times constitutes a few).
After tasting a few of the plants, the moose stood inside for a few more moments before seeing herself out.
More surprising, a few Spendesk customers have chosen to back the company after using the product for a few months.
He ran a few paces behind her facing forwards, and she ran a few paces ahead of him facing backwards.
The next few elections will signal what America will be as a nation in just a few decades from now.
The parallels between Donald Trump's first few months in office and Richard Nixon's last few are pretty hard to miss.
That would change in the last few shows of the tour: Downie told a few more jokes, thanked the crowds.
A few months after the 2016 election I was at a restaurant with my wife and a few writer friends.
He asks me to make a few tweaks on my presentation for the leadership team meeting in a few weeks.
A few weeks later, he was among the few promising stars at a meeting of Republican governors in Scottsdale, Arizona.
All of the money's going to a few candidates, the donor and grassroots excitement is going to a few candidates.
The internet serves up instant gratification: buzzy stories that command attention for a few minutes or even a few seconds.
The Tesla Powerwall is a useful comparator: it provides a few kilowatts of power and stores a few kilowatt-hours.
I've submitted a few files and have already spoken with a few retirees about their 401(k) and pension plans.
There's actually a few items in the house from the "Purple Rain" movie, including a mirror and a few chairs.
A few die, a few live, and two become prisoners of a (Somali, I think) terrorist who really hates music.
It should take a few days at most to demolish a large building and cost a few thousand dollars, tops.
They consist of a few black lines and a daub of color, to which are attached a few doggerel rhymes.
If the first few weeks after an IPO are fueled by emotion, the first few months are fueled by numbers.
Additionally required sensors such as Lidar are predicted to drop to a few hundred dollars in the next few years.
A few photos here or there over the past few years are not enough to mark a full-blown trend.
Belfort then enjoins the entire crowd to spend a few minutes sketching out their vision for the next few years.
Mr Malambu reckons he does well to sell a few paintings a year, typically for a few hundred dollars each.
Contracting is dominated by a few large companies steeped in that knowledge based within a few miles of USAID headquarters.
"Few people I have met in the last few months have inspired me as much as Matt Mendoza," Doshi wrote.
Spending a few hundred dollars on a drone to record a few events a year is already a tough proposition.
At worst a perpetrator will be fined a few thousand dollars or, occasionally, sent to prison for a few months.
Then a few days later, you look down and see a few irritated-looking bumps where your hair once was.
After a few quests, you'll have crafted a new weapon and some armor, and purified a few bottles of water.
Few senators are prominent public figures, except a few former hockey players and journalists or those made infamous through scandals.
Over the past few months, MoviePass has offered a few different explanations as to how it plans to make money.
And then just say a few -- a story, a few points that people can then take to the real world.
It's getting better, but there's always a few minutes or a few songs within every set that I'm really nervous.
Relatively few PE-backed companies go bankrupt, let alone liquidate, and few firms still participate in the sectors she cites.
A few hints: It's an internet favorite, it's cheap, and it's dropping a massive collections in just a few weeks.
If there be any at all, they are very few -- so few that it is difficult to recall their names.
I was one of the few, relatively few, to oppose and vote against DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act], et cetera.
It should cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on how complex your situation is.
Here are just a few examples: These are just a few of the ideas that experts have put out there.
His announcement Friday morning laid out few specifics, but nonetheless identified a few areas of concern, notably criminal justice reform.
If you're looking for a few ways to get more out of your Galaxy S8, we have a few ideas.
The anxieties you'd all dispelled just a few hours, a few lines ago, are beginning to engulf the assembled throng.
" Pressed on whether they would be completed in two weeks, Ross said: "I said within the next few weeks, few.
A few Consensys projects, when utilized together, streamline the business of music down to as little as a few clicks.
Investments are typically a few hundred thousand or a few million, although there are a handful that have raised more.
Obviously people are going to draw comparisons, because there are so few films made in Ireland, and so few musicals.
"This is what we've been building up towards for a few years now," MacLeod tells me a few minutes later.
A few articles came out last year and [Facebook] cracked down on it for a few days but nothing's changed.
If I had to redo Gentlemen now, I would change a few things, and maybe even yank a few things.
There is a growing Chinese community of about 12,000 expatriates, up from barely a few hundred a few years ago.
I noticed a few students looking my way, hoping I'd intervene during a few particularly unnerving moments in class discussion.
Every few weeks guerrillas ambush Indian patrols, and every few weeks a suspected infiltrator or militant is killed in return.
Still, there are a few specifics we should mention that we plan to look at over the next few weeks.
So take a few minutes out of your day, enjoy a few fun folk songs, and maybe actually watch BrainDead?
Sure, some people were just in it to make a quick buck (or a few hundred, or a few thousand).
But few of the women having these conversations are black, and few of the discussions are geared toward black women.
There are only three racks of clothing, a few shelves of accessories, a few more of shoes, and that's it.
Similarly, the novel's few instances of violence—hallmark moments in any Western—often feel predictably casual, with few enduring consequences.
He had spent a few months in Kuwait and another few in Saudi Arabia, but that was in the 1990s.
There are just a few problems; few know it exists, it's not federally supported and it's most likely entirely unenforceable.
Residents have the option to rent rooms for anywhere from a few nights to a few months at a time.
But few are actually having in-person town halls after many Republicans faced confrontational ones in the last few months.
On Sunday, a few backup quarterbacks outperformed expectations, and a few wide receivers had breakout days worthy of your attention.
Few people, international leaders included, saw it coming, and few were prepared for the consequences of such a historic decision.
No, this time, it's the opposite that's unusual: Too few Americans are taking on debt and buying too few homes.
There are very few places where you can snag gumbo, kebabs, and chimichangas within a few yards of each other.
JUST A FEW WEEKS MORE - MAY 10-22 Few want to be blamed for forcing Britain out against its will.
Few places have embraced the fad quite like college basketball, and few programs with as much variety as Marquette University.
"You should worry about symptoms even if they last for just a few seconds or a few minutes," Amarenco said.
There were a few instances where mixing alcohol and labour turned sour, especially in a place with so few rules.
I buy a few veggies, basic sauces, and also a few treats that you can't find in normal grocery stores.
I deleted it a few hours later, but that was after racking up a few laughing emojis in my inbox.
So we go in, see what books they have, take a few and replace them with a few of ours.
He said hello a few times in passing but was never friendly and stayed only a few months, she said.
The few images available of the ceremony itself show the cathedral empty except for a few pews at the front.
A few years ago, you could bet on the following scenario: Go to a party with a few indie devs.
Without friends, family, or more than a few words of English, her first few months in New York were tough.
But the document approved by the legislature was only a few pages long and provided overarching goals, with few specifics.
In the context, missing out on a few individual prizes, a few gala dinners, is a small price to pay.
After the game, you're in the locker room, shooting the shit, and having a few beers and a few jokes.
For a few months' or even a few nights' work, a restaurant can refresh its aura of newness and relevance.
Traditionally, people who use performance-enhancing drugs do so for a period of a few weeks to a few months.
Mr. Niinisto's posts on Twitter, done sparingly and cautiously a few times a month, typically garner a few dozen retweets.
If you're making mistakes in your copy, take a few extra minutes and look it over a few extra times.
Just a few days ago, high winds knocked a tree onto a power line a few blocks from my house.
He may as well have recited "we few, we happy few, we band of brothers" while he was at it.
There are few bigger names in the evangelical world than Mr. Hybels, and few churches more influential than Willow Creek.
Few ballets transcend the show of designer couture; few fashion designers are right for the groupings and architectures of ballet.
Here are a few of the most special performances and recordings of Berman's songs released over the last few weeks.
A few skirmishes that took place during the panic and subsequent mall evacuation led to a few arrests, police said.
After waves of emigration, few villagers remain — a cow herder, a few dozen pensioners and a cluster of Roma families.
"These last few years, they've been better than the previous few years," Mr. Abdeali said, addressing the city's sectarian violence.
That's because the show stars Barry Watson, who just a few short years ago — or was it a few decades?
We took a few moments to emotionally prepare ourselves, convinced we would only be able to take a few bites.
Seattleites increasingly find sport in seeking out a few rays of sunshine and returning with a few cases of wine.
And at this dangerous moment, President Trump has few options, few allies, a depleted national security team and little credibility.
Over the past few years, disputes have focused on university students, burkinis and sports hijabs, to name just a few.
A few were purchased, a few were sent to me and I'm not including anything we read to the kids.
Sweden is one of the few European countries that recognize statehood — not "one of a few countries" that recognize it.
Instead, the birds would fly for a few days, stop somewhere for a few weeks, and then move on again.
There is no hitting or kicking, and because the wrestlers are never more than a few inches apart, few injuries.
I talked to Gottheimer for a few minutes over the phone on Monday about his first few months in Congress.
But what I do know after starting a few companies and a few enterprises, it boils down to three things.
But in Austria, the maximum penalty is a fine of a few thousand euros, equivalent to a few thousand dollars.
Patrolled by United Nations forces, it is a few kilometers wide in some parts; in others, just a few meters.
And there are times that the channels say "unavailable" for a few seconds, or a few minutes, with no explanation.
We're a few days from a government shut down and a few months from the possibility of Dreamers getting deported.
Then I was in Washington covering economics for a few years, then covering the state department for a few years.
Whether you give it a few hours or a few days, returning with fresh eyes can make a big difference.
We've only been talking a few minutes before a car pulls up a few meters away and flashes its lights.
There is no hitting or kicking, and because the wrestlers are never more than a few inches apart, few injuries.
The 3-inch speakers were drowned out for a few seconds, but a few good bass notes within a few seconds kicked out the water and it got back to doing its thing, no worse for wear.
A few months prior, Ng had started to take a few drops from a cannabis-infused tincture that her friend recommended to help with menstrual cramps for a few days every month when she had her period.
A few of these young people may receive a government bounty for school and a few of that few might migrate to a class like yours, Teresa, this class in which you seek help to write a story.
There are probably thousands of species that have diverged from each other in the last few hundred or few thousand years.
Here are a few of the very few things we know about the movie, plus some of the things we don't: 
There were a few cows loose in the road near the highway entrance, so I show up a few minutes late.
Few things are worse than losing your phone — even if it's just those few seconds when you think you lost it.
Here are a few far-fetched ideas about a few of the oldest Washington events in the spirit of the season.
I see a stack of a few more termination folders, so I know Winter Is Coming for a few more folks.
"It's starting to feel like protocol to pacify community with a town hall, a few meetings, a few rallies," he said.
A few tips on saving a few dollars while keeping your significant other: Bring the idea up early Waiting until Feb.
Very few Canadian scientists were ever directly muzzled by the Harper government, but the few like Miller who were became flashpoints.
It's been a bad few months for internet freedom in China (and really, a bad few decades, but who is counting?).
"Over the past few years, a few more papers have been published, and now it gets kind of interesting," he said.
The festival kicks off the season in early June and there are few better cities to spend a few days in.
But I've definitely got a few French sans-fards style icons out there from whom I could take a few notes.
She met that goal in a few weeks, earning a few hundred dollars with each two-hour trunk show she hosted.
After a few seconds of discussion about what she had available, the client would pass a few pesos over the bar.
Paul dealt with oxycodone withdrawal a few times over the years, and each was a few days of flu-like misery.
We have to all come together and remember that a few laws and a few political speeches will never be enough.
The work, which is situated a few miles from Government Communications Headquarters, was created a few months after the Snowden revelations.
For a variety of social, cultural and economic reasons, very few communists play golf and very few golfers identify with communism.
Many of the parents who have pleaded guilty have received fairly modest sentences of a few weeks to a few months.
The police arrived a few minutes later and they told my sister that the same situation happened a few streets down.
The few Republicans in the District of Columbia gave Marco Rubio one of his few wins when they voted in March.
I would do something new for a few days or maybe a few weeks and then fall off the wagon again.
Sure, every few weeks, I pluck a few wandering strands from my vestigial unibrow, but I've certainly never stressed about them.
With a few hours notice, Obama delivered a nine-minute speech announcing the "targeted operation" in Pakistan but offering few details.
The rabies virus can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to incubate in humans before symptoms appear.
Just a few months later, it came out and said that it had inaccurately reported a few of its engagement metrics.
After a few beats, you hear Donnie scream; a few more beats and a splatter of blood streaks across the glass.
Once we decided on Arizona, my friend gave us a few pointers from a trip she'd take a few years ago.
The easiest ones are to get them buy a little more LNG, few more soybeans, a few more this and that.
Pour a few drops of shampoo into the bottle, add a few teaspoons of water, and give it a little swirl.
They occur most years for a few weeks to a few months after the algae start to bloom in the fall.
For a few reasons, both of this year's All-Star teams could be littered with more than a few new faces.
The tweet gave few details, but alerted the public more would be disclosed a few days later at a press conference.
But Carlson also relied on his own research, which turned up quite a few notable serial slayers—including a few women.
Cargo shipments can range from a few kilos to a few tons hidden in commercial goods, like food or industrial equipment.
After only being out there a few seconds, a car came flying past and missed Hollingsworth by just a few inches.
The probe itself would measure a few inches across and weigh just a few grams (sorry, no passengers on this trip!).
Once the most closed of all fashion systems, made by a few, for a few, couture is quietly expanding its borders.
Few economists—and certainly few Republicans—would say that the bigger the government, the richer the economy in the long-term.
"He was taking acid [a] few times a day during the last few months," Taylor's sister, Grace Anne Young, told VICE.
The phrase "end game" primarily refers to the last few minutes of chess, when there are only a few pieces left.
A few were approved for permanent housing, while others joined a growing tent city along downtown sidewalks a few blocks away.
A few thousand drivers who drove the most miles during the period in question will get a few thousand dollars apiece.
On a few occasions, they lasted just a few minutes more, which is on-par with what I've seen on AirPods.
Boat owners list their crafts and users can request to rent them our for a few hours or a few days.
Few people have been flying drones for longer than a few years, and racing experience tends to be even more sparse.
Allow your starry liner to dry for a few minutes and finish off the look with a few coats of mascara.
In Facebook's case, we are not speaking of a few missteps here and there, the misbehavior of a few aberrant employees.
It's available today, but CNBC's Todd Haselton has been testing it for the past few days and has a few thoughts.
Relative to roads, sewer systems, and airports, power plants and power lines require few workers to build and few to maintain.
Ric had been having heart issues in the past few months -- and had undergone several procedures over the past few months.
A few days ago, Samsung shared a few items that they'd be showing on the floor at CES in Las Vegas.
The difference, according to Hirschkorn, is a customer base of a "few hundred" or "few thousand" locally versus "millions" with Amazon.
Dirty Dancing (1987)Baby (Jennifer Grey) is a few months away from joining the Peace Corps; a few months from freedom.
Connectivity issues, inconsistent speeds, and a few features that don’t work well are just a few knocks against PureVPN.
The risk is markets remain unprepared for bigger falls - there are few large options until $21.15 and very few beyond that.
I've had a few dragon-themed sex dreams on Sunday nights over the past few years thanks to Game of Thrones.
She and Josh followed up with a few more trips over the next few weeks, then he brought over some MDMA.
I reinstalled it when I was meeting a few cousins in Delhi (I live in Bombay) and had a few matches.
Over the past few years, a few folks have picked up on one way to measure this new dimension of conflict.
Thankfully, a cycling race had closed down a few sunny blocks, and the riders made passes every few minutes or so.
I made quite a few breakaways in the past few years and finally, today, I got the win on Bastille Day.
Association health plans will pull out a few more; expanded access to short-term health plans, a few more after that.
Irish Refinery29 reader Lisa shared a few examples of how she's been using the new reactions over the past few months.
Getting rejected every few months in high school is already hard enough, much less getting swiped left on every few minutes.
He topped that a few days later by defending the woman a few on the left had erroneously renamed Tolstoy Gabbard.
On the American side there is very little of anything going on, very few people, very few jobs, and little commerce.
Gather a few important numbersIn order to determine your property tax the DIY way, you'll need to gather a few numbers.
But a gene drive involves potentially transforming an entire wild species over a few generations by modifying just a few individuals.
Kenan Malik LONDON — Few areas of scientific investigation are more controversial than embryo research, yet few are more brimming with potential.
The settlement means that children can't be detained longer than a few days to a few weeks, depending on certain factors.
There are reimbursements of a few hundred dollars here for restaurant meals, and a few thousand dollars there for hotel stays.
The illness can last from a few days to a few months and patients might feel better, then get worse again.
Smart air fryers feel few and far between in the market as of now, with most only having a few dials.
" 'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers' — there's a bit of Henry V in all of us," he said.
"It's not going to be contained to a few influencers, not even a few hundred," said Vashisht (pictured above with Contestabile).
I can't necessarily say until it's actually out,until we have the hindsight of a few months or a few years.
I can't necessarily say until it's actually out, until we have the hindsight of a few months or a few years.
Every car today features at least a few of these: airbags, ABS braking and traction control systems, to name a few.
Democrats have attacked this as a boon to Wall Street that would spark too few projects and create too few jobs.
A few years back Nielsen and a few other locals pooled their funds together and bought it from the aging owner.
People feel now that it's a few steps closer to reality, and a few steps closer than they are comfortable with.
There are few large properties for sale, and few of the larger vineyards have homes comparable to this property, he said.
The illness can last a few days to a few months, and patients might feel better but then get worse again.
The illness can last a few days to a few months, and patients might feel better, but then get worse again.
With the threat renewed in the last few days, few of his A-list friends have come forward in his defense.
Colin Allred -- who was a civil rights lawyer a few months ago and an NFL linebacker a few years before that.
I promise you I will give you more as we go on in the next few days or next few weeks.
By 2013, Google, Facebook and a few other companies started to recruit the relatively few researchers who specialized in these techniques.
Fans can come here for a few hours, experience this Monster branding, watch a few fights, then go into the race.
A few other things that we did, a few ... the sun finally shone through the clouds and we had good results.
In Massachusetts—one of the few states where the results were close—she edged out Sanders by just a few points.
The town of Elliston had been arguing for months about whether a few people or a few hundred had been killed.
This combination (few words and few black squares) makes for a big constructing challenge, and usually a difficult puzzle to solve.
A horn generally weighs a few kilograms, but a few have been as heavy as 10 kilograms, or about 163 pounds.
The designs won few prizes or critical plaudits, but they also caused few headaches for those who financed and built them.
Few sports franchises embrace their history as firmly as the Yankees, and few former ballplayers relish reliving it more than Gossage.
Still, on the conference call a few hours before he was to make his on-air debut, Girardi delivered few insights.
At $179 per year, that seems a lot of money for just a few minutes of a few trips per year.
But few landscapes are more dynamic than the Arctic ice cap, a mosaic of small floes only a few kilometers across.
Bloomberg, Buttigieg and Klobuchar have all inched higher in support, gaining a few percentage points each over the last few weeks.
The officer looked at him—there are few Latinos in the town—but after a few minutes he let us go.
The strong impact of partisanship on economic expectations has widened in the past few months, and in the past few years.
Sweating, he clamped down with dental forceps, gave it a few wiggles, then a few twists and "pop" — it was free.
The first student protests against Mr. Moon, in August, started small, involving a few hundred people across a few college campuses.
Sports is one of the few distractions: in a nation with few roads, little electricity and where most schools don't function.
You know what I'm asking, so I'm only going to say this a few more times, in a few more ways.
The bill passed in the lower house, the Lok Sabha, a few minutes after midnight, following a few hours of debate.
Among the most powerful lessons: You don&apost need a few months, or even a few weeks, to reap the benefits.
The Chicago-based CEO says the few meetings that do occur are limited to a small setting with few people involved.
Chief Executive John Milligan acknowledged on Tuesday that the company had few prospects for new products over the next few years.
This includes getting in a few races, planning a few hiking trips, and being consistent with four intense workouts a week.
He offers few solutions, aside from a few sentences on the importance of labor unions in counterbalancing the power of corporations.
There are, however, a few things to eat that may boost your memory and a few things that may hamper it.
Currently, the company says it uses a few thousand chemical formulations, which project F.L.X. would reduce to just a few dozen.
It takes a few seconds to process in the queue, then another few seconds to steadily print out of the device.
Today, few children are prodded toward typing classes, and that's for the very sane reason that few children need to be.
But I reread them religiously, every few years, for the rest of my childhood, and even a few times post-college.
The line between seduction and coercion has shifted, and shifted quickly, over the past few years (the past few months, even).
But for now, I just want to share a few initial impressions after reading through the short document a few times.
As usual, Case's extreme aesthetic distance produces a few marvelously weird songs and a few songs that sit motionless, demanding dissection.
This does a few things that will make it a lot harder to contain marijuana legalization in just a few states.
" Still, Lee stopped short of offering a definitive timeline: "Frankly speaking, I don't know what kind of time frame that is, whether it's a few months, a few years or even a few decades, so it's hard to tell.
Few people in the US have been able to try phage therapy in the past few years, and it hasn't always worked.
I would do good for a few years, have a few years of sobriety, go through something tough, and go right back.
HIGH: 2003She had a few years out of the spotlight, peppered with a few smaller flicks (like Life-Size with Tyra Banks).
But for the next few days, you can shave a few dollars off your first month & get it for $24.99 or $36.99.
I've learned a few things about billing clients; there are a few key things you can do to avoid not getting paid.
Seeing as both of these posts blew up, we can expect to see a few more variations in the coming few weeks.
I played most of everything except for a few bass tracks and a few keyboard tracks and one guitar track or two.
" Bonner added, "I've realized a few things over the last few days and its time that I face my demons head-on.
The quake knocked out electricity in several neighborhoods and a few homes collapsed, but after a few hours power was being restored.
Sedin donated a few dollars to a homeless man, and on the way home, he picked up a few scratch-off tickets.
Few see that as likely - but countries most vulnerable to Russia, such as the Baltic states and Finland, are taking few chances.
If you're like us, a few of these probably escaped your memory, which means you should probably have a few tissues handy.
"Jackson has expressed those feelings before, and in the last few of months, he has said it a few times," he says.
The spacecraft has been approaching the asteroid for a few months and now orbits just a few miles above the body's surface.
I'd been in the Army for a few years and had received just a few hours of hand-to-hand combat training.
Ahead, we're looking at a few reasons to be excited about this upcoming NYFW and a few ways things could go south.
Using as few apps as possible and registering for as few websites as possible obviously reduces the exposure of your personal information.
Ultimately, wireless charging technology needs a few more years, a few more product announcements and certifications, and some experimentation by large retailers.
Looking away for just a few minutes meant viewers likely missed a few goals, so here they are in all their glory.
To prevent burn-in from the screen's virtual home button, Samsung's programmed it to move by a few pixels every few seconds.
Director Andrés Muschietti brought a few clips of IT to SXSW 2017, as well as a few tidbits about what to expect.
Chances are you wish your bank account had a few more zeros and your wallet had a few more bills in it.
I cook it low and slow for a few hours, and then I let it sit and infuse for a few hours.
There are few obvious Donnie Darko references in this song (mostly the word "bunny" and the word "mask" a few times each).
A few weeks later, Chinese EV startup NIO also recalled its first electric SUV after a few of the vehicles caught fire.
Some people developed the symptoms suddenly, over a few days, while with others it was a slow buildup over a few weeks.
Ikea is launching a few new products, while also bringing a few items to the US that were already on sale elsewhere.
" Adds Streep, "There were very few women in business, very few women in law, there was no one on the Supreme Court.
It usually sells for around $140 or more, though it has been $5 cheaper a few times in the past few months.
"There are so few people prosecuted because there are only so few victims who report," she told CNN in a 2018 interview.
The Civil Division report found few reported allegations, but identified a few situations in which the penalties for misconduct seemed too low.
It can be after a few weeks or a few months, and Xchange leases them to drivers with more troubled credit profiles.
After shooting a few pictures at her house, the crew heads to Khloé's to take a few more pictures of the family.
Expedia has said over the last few months that the hotel operators are kind of seeing some impact in a few markets.
Once these pools are established, the giant magma bodies swell and fester for a few millennia or even just a few centuries.
Still, in the last few weeks of 21, one element of FDI, cross-border takeovers, slipped compared with the past few years.
Thankfully, I find it with a few minutes to spare and he tells me the office is just a few steps away.
Over the next few months, a few familiar winning faces from Rio will still appear in commercials, interviews and even reality shows.
There are a few different dermatological methods to remove seborrheic keratosis, so Dr. Lee uses a few different techniques to treat Adela.
Her arrival comes just a few days after her father, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, cancelled a few concerts on her behalf.
If all goes according to plan, Manning should experience normal urination in a few weeks, and sexual function in a few months.
You've been letting your floors collect dust for the past few months while you've been avoiding vacuuming, what's a few more weeks?
Just about everyone using bitcoin has to trust one of the few available wallets and use one of the few available exchanges.
If they couldn't find a job in a few days — or perhaps even as little as a few hours — they'd stop looking.
Though no single news event drove the last few days' dramatic swings, a few occurrences, taken together, help explain the roller coaster.
A few hours after she planted the poster in her front yard, a car pulled up and a few people got out.
Giraffe pregnancies last up to 15 months (please, God no), and labor lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
Few people are at their best with less than 26 hours, and few require more than 240 without an underlying health condition.
That kind of escalation would mark an all-out trade war scenario that few thought was possible just a few weeks ago.
A few minutes later they emerge, carrying what few possessions they have, escorted by Mexican officials who will release them into Nogales.
After a few minutes and a few sips of pinot (me) and a watermelon cocktail (him), I started to relax a little.
Just a few months ago many analysts and executives expected oil prices to rebound to at least $235 within a few years.
The Nightcap's format involves featuring a few main stories followed by an editorial "our take," then a few one-page news highlights.
A few weeks later, 50 desks were ready and a few VARIDESK employees flew out to the set to help with assembly.
I wrote about the boondoggle just a few weeks ago, as had Bruce Murphy at The Verge a few weeks before that.
The DNC, with a few notable exceptions, empties out after each election, with little infrastructure (exception: technology) and few personnel left behind.
Because of that, Sanders is well-positioned to win a large number of states that have few residents and assign few delegates.
The few refugees accepted by the US, Canada, and the EU are but a lucky few; the vast majority are refused admittance.
After a few months of testing the waters, Kik is still bullish on chatbots and has quite a few reasons to be.
Naturally, you'll find a few vintage clothing shops, an art gallery, and a few upper-end diner and/or afternoon drink spots.
The fact that so few executions are taking place has spurred legislators in at least a few states to rethink capital punishment.
Give a few more people a few more reasons to care, Yahoo, and we might let you have your exclamation mark back. .
There are a few catches to the Nikon D5500a Cooled cameraThere are a few catches to the Nikon D5500a Cooled camera, however.
After a few minutes, Derulo jumps back off the stage, poses for a few photos, and struts back out into the evening.
I hop in with her to hit up a few more shows: Hood by Air, J.Crew, LaQuan Smith, to name a few.
A few weeks ago he threatened "fire and fury" on North Korea, then a few days later said even that wasn't enough.
Here, the buildings lining the river had balconies, a few with umbrellas, a few with grills, or small curly-haired dogs barking.
Some franchises are more predictable than others, but few are harder to forecast over the next few years than the Atlanta Hawks.
The startup says its solution will be available for broader testing in a few weeks after a few kinks are worked out.
Few believe the accusation about mercenaries: despite raiding Mr Katumbi's homes, the Congolese government has arrested only a few unarmed security guards.
We're hoping to have support for Romania ready within a few weeks, and possibly a few more European countries later this year.
I don't know if it took a few days or a few months, but I don't think about him every day now.
It will roll out to a few more cities over the next few weeks before finally arriving on Netflix on Nov. 27.
Throw a few dozen photons its way, a few dozen quantum-sized packets of light, and the eye can readily track them.
The illness can last from a few days to a few months, and patients might feel better but then get worse again.
The past few months have seen me juicing just about everything one can juice — and a few things, evidently, that one cannot.
What we need are a few more marriages, a little less sexual license, and a few more church socials and bowling leagues.
Unfortunately, the first few debates and much of the 2020 Democratic primary race coverage have seen few questions focused on national security.
I spent a few hours with Apple's new smartphones and came away with a few first impressions about the camera and design.
Either way, there are few better excuses to get outside and go stargazing, and few better months than August to do so.
I ran a few putts way too hard, almost trying to force them in, left my partner in a few tough spots.
The illness can last from a few days to a few months and patients may feel better but then get worse again.
He even performs a few stomps to the head which are clearly intended to stop a few inches before they actually do.
It had been a tense few days leading up until this point, and Green had managed only a few hours' fitful sleep.
In the past few weeks, Teigen has been spotted wearing One Teaspoon's "Bandits" shorts (in a few different washes) on multiple occasions.
I've played the game for a few hours now, and so far, I've yet to make it past the first few stages.
Before their "sophomoric slump," Ma and his development partner, Matthew Davis, took a few months off; it'd been a busy few years.
A few more hurdlers fell as a few were able to reload, but the rest of us made it after that round.
They reunited a few years ago and put out a few records that stand up to their original output which is refreshing.
It took me a few listens— actually, a few months—before I really started appreciating what these old tracks had to offer.
The suits take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to painstakingly handcraft every element of the suit from scratch.
But after we finished watching it a few times (okay, a lot of times), we found ourselves with a few unanswered questions.
Diaries threads together a few disparate things that have happened in the independent and alternative game scenes over the last few years.
Here, a few of the most common decorating errors people make in their first apartment (and a few ways to fix them).
With few exceptions, no evidence or arguments unequivocally entitle a veteran to an upgrade, and few denials are challenged in federal court.
In his last few years Bonney lived in Berlin, a city haunted like few others by the ghosts of the 20th century.
I did a few interviews in Tokyo a few months ago, and everyone was very intrigued to see how it will resonate.
As the months passed, and as the campsite grew from a few people to a few dozen, Mr. Lewis said conditions improved.
Weah had few opportunities in the dying minutes, but did manage to draw a foul a few yards outside the penalty area.
As these various appeals and hearings have played out over the last few years, the story has developed a few intriguing twists.
Gris is not only one of the few modern artists who appears in Cornell's boxes, but also one of the few men.
The government estimates that only a few thousand illegal migrants are here now, and that just a few hundred roam Maximilian Park.

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