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"various" Definitions
  1. [usually before noun] several different synonym diverse
  2. (formal) having many different features synonym diverse
"various" Synonyms
diverse diversified different differing varied varying dissimilar disparate assorted distinctive mixed multifarious omnifarious variant sundry miscellaneous distinct manifold variegated heterogeneous numerous many several copious abundant profuse respective countless multitudinal multitudinous innumerable large number of multiplicity of myriad numberless multiple incalculable chromatic colourful(UK) colorful(US) colored(US) coloured(UK) kaleidoscopic prismatic multicoloured(UK) multicolored(US) polychromatic polychrome rainbow motley multihued varicolored psychedelic particolored mottled discrete separate individual detached single unattached unconnected disconnected isolated free freestanding disjoined discontinuous disjunct non-continuous frequent repeated constant periodic persistent recurring recurrent continual incessant chronic continuing perennial common endless familiar habitual eternal many-sided multifaceted adaptable versatile protean complex complicated variable deep elastic facile plastic pliable puttylike all-around all-round all-purpose multidimensional multilayered a little some a bit of a dab of a dash of a taste of a touch of a fragment of a jot of a modicum of a morsel of a particle of a shade of a small amount of a snippet of a spot of a suggestion of a tinge of a dribble of a driblet of a few certain a minority of a quantity of a trickle of hardly any not many not much one or two a choice of a proportion of a majority of a range of specific not all a handful of a number of divers particular own proportionate definite personal special More

611 Sentences With "various"

How to use various in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "various" and check conjugation/comparative form for "various". Mastering all the usages of "various" from sentence examples published by news publications.

There are various applications of the harmonic series, various relationships of phrasing and tempo among the guitars, ensembles of various sizes, works of various lengths and instruments with various tunings, rock-drumming rhythms of different kinds.
You need various kinds of weapons and various medicines, in same way you need various strategies for buildings.
They looked at how these various theoretical vehicles performed when taking various numbers of people various distances, comparing energy consumed.
It contains various worlds, and various versions of these worlds.
And various parts of it are restricted in various ways.
"We are examining ... various options on various capital markets," he said.
They rush to various desks of the senators, Daniel Webster, various people.
Over the years, Foxhollow passed through various hands and had various incarnations.
How amazing is it to actually see various sizes on various body types?
They've been presented at meetings in various ways with various associated extraordinary claims.
The play introduces couples in various rooms and in various states of disarray.
Various anthologies of herbs, wildflowers and various insects; also how to identify mushrooms.
Foodstuffs Consumed: Various fresh juices including grapefruit and cucumber, various fancy smoothies, scrambled eggs with veggies, almond milk matcha latte, coffee, eggs in a cup, kombucha, fruit salad, Sweetgreen salads, trout, various vegetables, various fruits, fish tacos, Arctic char, cookies, tequila.
Lately, in the past month and a half, I've heard of at least six different women-focused media companies from various ages, various people and various backgrounds.
But that often opens the door for various hypotheses of various stripes of believability.
The paths you take can be replayed at various speeds and from various angles.
The queer kids from various colors, various communities come here because it's their space.
It was this table of whips and cuffs and various balls for various activities.
Beyond Seagal, various celebrities have been associated with cryptocurrency promotion schemes at various times.
The Moon and the Other uses the various colonies as manifestations of various political theories.
Image: The Rockefeller UniversityThe models found that various properties of molecules correlated with various smells.
You can then integrate Riminder with your various channels to collect resumes from various sources.
In various places over various years, you can see that something god-awful has happened.
It's a war between people who have, at various times and in various ways, been dispossessed.
He said various different things about these various different meetings from one time to the next.
Various labs working on various model systems of cystic fibrosis have had success in the laboratory.
"We are approached pretty regularly by various governments to help with various government stuff," Morris added.
A separate app lets you further control the settings by assigning various configurations to various situations.
There have been various estimates of how much a murder costs various sectors of the economy.
Hellman said the justices have all spoken at events held by various groups in various locations.
LendEDU predicts it will receive 442 complaints this year, for various reasons and in various categories.
Various Congress members worked away at various versions of this idea, but it was slow-going.
Think about all the various story beats and ideological issues the various Fire Emblem games tackle.
He could, if he were so inclined, sit in the Oval Office and spend his time making various phone calls to various law enforcement officials, prosecutors, and regulators and suggest to them that they should drop various investigations and enforcement activities into his various friends and donors.
Also, keep track of the various fees you're paying in various funds and consider lower-cost alternatives.
Etymologies from various sources all tend to agree that the word probably developed from various Germanic languages.
At various times during her campaign, she's chosen various colors to convey messages of empowerment and unity.
GRAV employed various types of artificial light and mechanical movement to investigate various kinetic and optical effects.
What you see are various iterations in various states of completion; really just experimenting with some ideas.
Various Dylan fans continue to be pleased, various English-language novelists continue to be annoyed, and various American poets continue to say something or other that no one is paying much attention to.
In fact, I've watched various programs, and I've read various articles where he was just doing his job.
He praised the speech, given to 50 heads of various Jewish organizations encompassing various political viewpoints, as thoughtful.
He has various posts calling Obama and Hillary the leaders of ISIS, Hillary behind bars, and various others.
"What we care about is how the market is pricing the various companies, the various industries," he said.
You can find the brand in various grocery stores or online at Amazon and other various retail outlets.
Natania wasn't having it, and eventually everybody ended up outside with various guns pointed at various characters' craniums.
Over the years, Congress has included various tax preferences in the IRS code to incentivize various business behaviors.
Since he learned to draw, Guiol has been working with charcoal on various surfaces and with various applications.
It's likely that an Apple media services package would come with various pricing tiers or permit various exclusions.
Intelligence agencies have identified various individuals who helped the Russian government leak hacked documents from various Democratic sources.
It assumes you start with zero dollars at various ages and also assumes various average annual investment returns.
In various books, Dolittle and his companions encounter adventures while abroad or are sent off on various quests.
The space is used in various projects by various research labs, including the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control.
You'll then see a host of options, including your most commonly used apps and various contacts on various services.
You play your music through it and then select various effects, including 3D surround sound simulation and various boosters.
The terrific Rylan Morsbach, as the wary political operative Ben, shines, using various accents to portray these various miscreants.
For 80 years various people were blindsided with copyright claims from the various owners of the "Happy Birthday" song.
That includes a child psychologist, various bouts of NHS cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy, and various private psychotherapists.
Various participants are reportedly flying into Washington, D.C., from various parts of the country, according to Parkhomenko's Twitter feed.
The cash flow generated by his various businesses that year was more than enough to service his various debts.
The process has earned the ire of various factions of the party; cutting various deductions is politically difficult work.
One of them, Donnie Lowe, 46, has spent almost his entire adult life in various prisons for various offenses.
He's pulled out of the deal that was signed in July 2015 against the wishes of variousvarious allies.
Numerous officials have called for various kinds of investigations into Whitefish's contract, including various congressional Democrats, Puerto Rico Gov.
Various versions of the health legislation are floating around, as well as competing proposals from Republicans from various camps.
You could try various Northern Italian meat dishes, pastas with mushroom and, if you are ambitious, various game dishes.
The rest of the page highlights other women who work in various roles and at various levels at the company.
I was curious about how sensitive these filters were, so I started tweeting various objectionable content to various verified accounts.
It means owning multiple asset classes that behave differently in various market conditions and respond differently to various economic events.
The Reddit forum PokemonGoNSFW (warning: NSFW) contains various photos of redditors' and redditors' boyfriends'/girlfriends' genitalia flailing among various Pokémon.
They end up buried in landfills, downcycled into various materials like turf fields, or (controllably) burned for various useful components.
Juul appears to be trying to court various groups — perhaps to promote its menthol-flavored e-cigarettes — with various donations.
I argue that the whole nature of India is a country to which various people have contributed at various times.
Sweet Air' (Cantaloupe Music)Various birdsong samples by Jean C.Roche from 'Oiseaux De Venezuela' (Edwards Records)Various songs from 'Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea' (Quartz Publications/Ideologic Organ)Various birdsong from Iceland Follow Noisey on Twitter.
Trump's main line of business in recent years has been licensing the Trump name to various developments, so there is a certain obvious connection between the various buildings in various cities named Trump Tower and the Trump Organization.
In 33, Joris Laarman founded a design lab in Amsterdam and began experimenting with various materials and applications for various technologies.
But I'm going to skip the game of pointing out how various Alien spacecraft and creatures look like various genital organs.
I think that they were all pretty like ground-shaking for various parts of the country and various groups of people.
There are a few different types of loose pigment on the market that target various concerns and work on various complexions.
Over the past year-and-a-bit, Musk has donated various amounts of money to the Republican party through various means.
The reason we had to do that is we brought successfully some 424 trade actions against various products from various countries.
Distributed by RNDC: Available in the District at 1 West Dupont Circle Wines & Liquors, Ace Beverage, Barrel House Liquors, Connecticut Avenue Wine & Liquor, Whole Foods Market (various locations), Giant Food (various locations), Harris Teeter (various locations), Harry's Reserve Fine Wines & Spirits, Lion's Fine Wine & Spirits, Metro wine & Spirits, S&R Liquors, Safeway (various locations), Sherry's Fine Wine & Spirits, Target.
The rules governing such radioactive sources are "a patchwork of various recommendations, guidelines, but nothing binding," said John Bernhardt, a Danish diplomat with decades of experience in various organizations dedicated to monitoring, controlling, and eliminating WMD of various sorts.
"The heavy importers are saying, you cannot destroy us like this and I think what we'll see over time are exceptions and exemptions made at various times for various products, various sectors," Lee told CNBC's "Squawk Box " on Wednesday.
As German Lopez explains, all these orders do is create various "task forces" or demand plans be written to address various issues.
Various senior people approach me afterwards and I am pleased that this has opened the door for various conversations with senior stakeholders.
Contemplating…We're contemplating various…I have to say, we're contemplating various things, but one of the things that's very important is simplicity.
Read more here VMware COO Sanjay Poonen came on the show and discuss various partnerships cloud computing company has with various companies.
Various opposition politicians, including twice-presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, remain banned from standing for office on various charges of corruption or plotting.
The government said there are 70 PPP deals in the pipeline for various infrastructure projects which were at various stages of completion.
Each of these agreements tried in various ways to address many of the issues described above, and in various ways, they collapsed.
One floor, for example, explores the history and culture of the various eras in which various books of the Bible were written.
Each case takes around an evening to play, and involves travelling between various London locations while attempting to piece various clues together.
I've got various systems of hiding my phone number and various, uh ... I've probably got 30, 40 email addresses at this point.
Update on critical incident that occurred on the 4100 block of West State St.There are various sources citing various numbers of casualties.
I add the external parts, including the gearbox and various wires or harnesses, and various tubes for air, oil and other things.
It alludes to various spiritual ideas about inner light, and Rozin wisely left the imagery open enough to accommodate various individual beliefs.
The law firm's statement accused Najib of "carrying out various steps that were actively and deliberately taken in bad faith ... to obstruct, interfere, impede and derail the various investigations and inquiries which were being conducted by various legal enforcement agencies".
The lack of American ownership of its own companies in China, cyber interference with various corporations along with various tariff and nontariff barriers.
Various news outlets steamed Zuckerberg's speech, so people could still watch the CEO crack wise about his congressional hearing and various product updates.
This is not a trivial problem, but the Disney Researchers have been able to correlate various beeps, vrooms and honks with various objects.
In the pits, the various teams continue futzing with the cars, oblivious to the various human-driven cars roaring away on the track.
For example, the cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger wanted to bring his drone, but disassembled in various parts and spread over various pieces of luggage.
Heard showed up with her lawyer, Samantha Spector, armed with photos showing various bruises ... she claims Depp inflicted various times during their marriage.
As the graphic above shows, the no-fly list is one of several lists developed by various government agencies for various specific functions.
Hundreds of thousands of people have accounts with various consumer spyware services, according to datasets from various hacked spyware companies obtained by Motherboard.
The field needs to pay attention to the different experiences, and voices, of people in various social positions — women included — in various societies.
This implies that a third party, to be "national" in the Senate, must get on the ballot in various ways in various states.
Prior to the Disney+ launch, Jeph Loeb oversaw the various Marvel shows on various Disney networks, and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.
Prior to the Disney+ launch, Jeph Loeb oversaw the various Marvel shows on various Disney networks and streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.
Unlike its American counterpart, the Italian Senate has not just representatives from various regions but also "lifelong" appointees and stakeholders from various lobbies.
His influence, and the value of the sessions, is not that easy to gauge, since various Knicks have various opinions on the matter.
The jacket is gonna be of various shapes, various sizes of stripes and colors to match a specific flavor that we&aposre making.
Payments went to various Trump venues, an aviation company Trump owns, Trump Tower for office space, his corporate staff, and various other vendors.
A user could adjust various presets to get just the right frequency model for a concert or tweak the ambient noise in various environments.
Davis began infusing oak into spirits, steeping it in various forms and at various temperatures, to see if he could coax out better flavors.
While the various talking heads worship Drake, they recount his various phases and skill sets, from emo dude to rapper to R&B singer.
Chinese stock market sentiment is shaped by various factors, in particular the level of money supply and shifts in policy support for various industries.
Google's version, while cool, used humans to rate and describe various features found in common among various faces: curly hair, nose types, eye shapes.
The over 3 million-square-foot space will be home to various restaurants and retailers, although various shops will not open until next year.
But he pointed out that Trump's plans have created hope for China to attract "more and more talents from various countries and various nationalities."
As usual, the magazine is filled with indiscriminate lampooning of all religions, sophomoric shots at various taboos, and sharp criticism of various political figures.
The service is aggressively expanding its reach into various markets, with services available in various cities across 24 states and the District of Columbia.
Various buildings in downtown St. Paul glowed purple as Prince fans came from all over, wearing various shades of the resplendent royal color themselves.
"It's a great thing for various mediums and various audiences," as well as writers who have more places to tell their stories, Howard added.
They addressed various legal questions, and they gave answers at various times in a period of rapid change in public attitudes on gay rights.
"It could be a replacement, we bring people in from various countries that come in based on merit and various other reasons," Trump said.
There's no substitute for taking a holistic view of the energy system, balancing its various needs against the various technologies capable of meeting them.
I tend to relish merging texts of various sorts with drawings of various sorts, especially when working a bit insouciantly with simple materials on paper.
Occasionally — such as after the firing of FBI Director James Comey — various Republicans will release various statements expressing disagreement or disappointment with the president's action.
This spaces out the various objects so they appear to be at their various depths, and move with changes in perspective as if they are.
Five former priests at various dioceses in Michigan have been charged with various criminal offenses related to sexual misconduct, the state's attorney general announced Friday.
She kept venturing out in various ways, and there were various signs that she'd become a symbol and a spokeswoman for a sizable political constituency.
The fluids, illuminated by various hues of light, flow like gases, ripple like water being blown by wind, and in various other ways, texturally mutate.
Marx had various limitations and various things that he wasn't very interested in, and I do think he was blind to many of these weaknesses.
The legislature wants the study commission to include 23 members, including various members of the legislature but also a wealth of experts in various tech fields.
Alibaba released a list of products in various categories that had the highest gross merchandise value (GMV), or sales via the e-commerce giant's various platform.
Over the years, I'd heard that various studios, including Iron Galaxy, had looked into getting the rights to Windjammers, but for various reasons, it didn't happen.
"It was a pretty intensive process, and we had a number of interested parties at various stages and in various depths," Amaya spokesman Eric Hollreiser said.
Of course, majorities are not necessarily right—at various times and in various places majorities have been in favour of slavery and against votes for women.
The simplest version of her story is this: she indicated in various ways that she did not want to engage in various sexual acts with him.
"The Obama blacklisting rule empowers government agencies to deny employers federal contracts for alleged violations of various federal labor laws and various state laws," she said.
The women represent various deities in Hindu culture — Lakshimi, the preserver; Kali, the destroyer; and Saraswathi, the creator — and have their bodies painted with various motifs.
This, Davies concluded, had led to further confusion because various Chinese policymakers, at various stages, have said they did not want to see the gap widen.
People can be in various stages of sleep or sleepiness during their waking day and during their sleeping night can be in various stages of wakefulness.
Gallagher is being charged with various violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice while deployed to Mosul, Iraq, in 2017, related to the various incidents.
The White House also is working on various other required "nuts and bolts" such as drafting the implementing language and various reports, which are well underway.
The startup's app enables users to aggregate their various bank accounts and manage their finances, and offers a marketplace for consumers to purchase various financial products.
Points can be redeemed for various products, to book travel through Amex, or, representing one of the best options, transferred to various airline frequent flyer partners.
There are various proposals out there, including one from the American Law Institute and from various legal scholars, to fix, or at least mitigate, this problem.
Pros: Spans various age groups, can be used in countless activities, hands-on, nearly no learning curve to start using them, enhances various skill setsCons: Pricey
The race is on to get the continent's various leagues finished this summer, as various organizations put aside previous differences to hash out a new plan.
"There are various unknowns, various questions," said Dirvin Luis García Gutiérrez, the head of the migration program for the population agency in the state of Chihuahua.
But there needs to be clarity and honesty about the various sources of the problem, and the various contributions each nation can make to the struggle.
In addition to Bluetooth, the DropMix board features five NFC readers that automatically detect the various cards as they're placed on various slots, even if they're stacked.
Both the House and Senate bills have tried to repeal or cap various deductions — some big, some small — earning the ire of various factions of the party.
But various "citizen investigators" have compiled the various threads and archived pages related to Pizzagate, and the above hour-long video is the most complete I've seen.
For the study, the researchers washed various fabrics at 86 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (30 and 40 degrees Celsius) using various combinations of detergent and fabric softeners.
Obviously, the states can have a role over the purchasing power they have in terms of contracts over various kinds of services, employing various kinds of employers.
But from my own testing, the results were incredibly consistent when taking multiple readings, again and again, on various users, and on various parts of the body.
As Business Insider has previously reported, the company is currently working on various wireless technologies that can best serve the differing environments and landscapes of various cities.
"The only way to go forward is to raise awareness and then to bring together people from various platforms and various backgrounds and not retreat," he said.
He should also examine news stories that quote "FBI sources" making politically inflammatory background comments to various media on various matters that would affect the presidential election.
Like the various translations and apocrypha that Christianity has had to declare, at various moments across millennia, in or out, differing movie versions offer different gospel truths.
The AO, an agency within the judicial branch that supports federal courts, said it has employed various various tactics to conserve funds and sustain its paid operations.
The Air Traffic Controllers Union, Aviation Safety Inspectors Union and various other groups and air travel experts have issued statements condemning the various consequences of the shutdown.
As he himself often acknowledged, he became a symbol of various things for various people merely from his appearance and from what those people projected onto him.
She's been posting various photos on social media wearing Gronk's jersey -- and attending Patriots games in various cities (she's currently in Houston) ... giving the impression they're together.
Police had secured computers, mobile phones, games consoles and hard drives as well as small quantities of various drugs, various weapons, coins and swipe cards during raids.
At the labs, samples from sick people are tested for various pathogens, creating a big-picture look at how much various diseases are spreading through the community.
"The various warehouses and buildings that are housing various organizations and supplies are closing early today in expectation of a change in the weather," he said Friday.
Several potential jurors were dismissed for various reasons, many of whom disclosed professional connections with Musk and his various companies, including SpaceX, the Boring Company, and Neuralink.
In addition, Fitch acknowledges the proactive approach Citi has taken to adopting various regulatory rules and has routinely met various thresholds and ratios ahead of their requirements.
"People knew that he represented various countries, but I don't think he represented Russia, but represented various countries," Mr. Trump said at a news conference in February.
The researchers then digitally "crash tested" the virtual skulls to see how the various theories would hold up, submitting the models to various stress tests and airflow evaluations.
"We must be conscious of the long-term and complex nature of various unfavorable factors at home and abroad, and appropriately prepare for various difficult situations," Xi said.
"In addition to that, it's time to quit attacking various people that you competed with or various minority groups in the country and get on message," he said.
"We have people in various positions throughout the tunnel peeling soap away, scaring people, we have various props and scenes set up," one of the employees told WEWS.
Bank Jambi is owned by the government of Jambi province (26.80%), and by the governments of various municipalities (17.39%) and governments of various regencies (55.81%) in Jambi province.
Slated to come out December 2, The Hamilton Mixtape features various songs from the Broadway musical, as covered, remixed, and reimagined by various hip-hop and pop musicians.
There are various types of pancreatic tumors and treatment optionsThe court didn't specify the type of tumor Ginsburg had, but there are various types that require different treatments.
Familiarize yourself with the various travel protectionsAmerican Express is renowned for the various travel and purchase protections on its credit cards, which extend to Hilton Honors Aspire cardholders.
The posts go on to include a list of various further claims that deny the reality of the virus and include various conspiracy-type arguments about the coronavirus.
The labor ministry said it was "encouraging" the private sector, fast-tracking various projects involving substantial investments, and increasing public spending on various state-run employment-generation programs.
Sure enough, the controversy before and after the march was over the various roles of white feminists, women of color, anti-abortion feminists and various other out-groups.
Video devices, including the various existing set-top boxes offered by cable, satellite and telephone companies, are meticulously designed with various navigation, connectivity and security tradeoffs in mind.
As far as — as far as the actual making the call, fact I've watched various programs and I've read various articles where he was just doing his job.
On the walls of the space itself are various images that reflect the various types and qualities of visuals we come across online and on our computer screens.
If you get the various pages you need bookmarked in your browser, and you're already signed into your various accounts, it doesn't take long to run a quick audit.
In between, the four play at various concerts, make their way through various romantic entanglements and family bereavements, and weather the ups and downs of life as professional musicians.
That's why she's launching her very own line of products for pregnant women and new moms, complete with various foods and drinks geared towards the various stages of motherhood.
This discussion took place in Helsinki, not in the middle of a major crisis, but two individuals coming together to discuss various issues -- various issues that affect our countries.
A social network is, after all, itself a graph—a mathematical structure consisting of various objects (or nodes) connected by links (or edges) in various configurations with varying complexities.
Noble efforts are made to distinguish the various members of the large cast, but even at two hours plus, the story is so overpacked that various things get lost.
We've also tweaked the various colorways of our triangle logo, and created a new system of treatments for our various sections on all the social platforms they live on.
As she talked about the house when I visited, and the various objects (82 in all) that she found while renovating it, she showed me various rooms and works.
The futures traders' lawsuit is among many brought by various investors in Manhattan court accusing banks of colluding to rig rates or prices in various financial and commodities markets.
This heady brew of ambition, power, loneliness, and opportunity leads to extracurricular sex of various types and of various degrees of seriousness—short-term affairs to some lasting marriages.
Screenshots from a brochure detailing various uses for the duAro robot Screenshots from a brochure detailing various uses for the duAro robot Robots are also dominating Japan's service industry.
"In addition to that, it's time to quit attacking various people that you competed with or with various minority groups in the country and get on message," McConnell added.
Performances of each song were accompanied by stark portrait videos of women of various ages and various outward gender expressions, but largely women of color, often mouthing the words.
The tax, which funds various local services like 911 and so on, was raised in 2016 and, depending on various factors, could be around 20 percent of the bill.
As far as — as far as the actual making the call, in fact, I've watched various programs and I've read various articles where he was just doing his job.
From various software ventures to most recently a company that has developed a shoebox-sized high-performance liquid chromatograph that enables immediate analysis of various liquids such as blood.
Instead, playing Lily at various ages and in various predicaments, he offers something of a group portrait of these divas, always hovering at the midpoint between spoof and homage.
"In addition to that, it's time to quit attacking various people that you competed with or with various minority groups in the country and get on message," he said.
Various hues of white mosaic tile line some of the shower walls, after Mr. Gabellini noticed the Italian mosaic tiles of various shades and colors on the lobby floor.
Earlier this week, she stepped out in an Enfants Riches Déprimés (translation: Depressed Rich Kids) spike-studded black leather jacket, replete with various patches bearing various anti-establishment slogans.
Black Panther: The Album – Kendrick Lamar & Various Artists
With various state polls lined up before the 2019 election, I wonder how the government would provide various goodies as well as shore up the economy without sacrificing fiscal prudence.
"I tried to bring together all the various forms and various ways that I've used the print medium over the years," including paper cutouts, pattern repetition, etching and block printing.
You know, I think Russia was in the news, and I think a lot of politics sort of revolves around various news events, and so these various stories came up.
You know, I think Russia was in the news and I think a lot of politics sort of revolved around various news events and sold these various stories came up.
Season 10's "Netflix & Pill" revealed Roseanne had been stashing pills, which she had received from various people for various ailments she didn't suffer from, for quite a long time.
"We'd been writing quite a lot of pop tunes, doing a lot of pop promos with various artists who would come in, many of various, dubious talent," Cang told CNJ.
The Pentagon briefing's focus was wider, however, ranging from various US treaty commitments to troop levels in different parts of the world to various other American interests, the sources said.
It has studied geological data and is ready to co-operate in various arrangements for various assets in Brazil, as is customary in the oil and gas industry, Mehren said.
Similarly, Greek vases with various paintings upon them could be set up sequentially to collectively tell the story of Hercules's twelve labors, or recreate various scenes from the Trojan War.
It'll intercut shots from various NASA aircrafts and feature some color commentary from the folks in the International Space Station, as well as reporters in various sites witnessing the eclipse.
Having moved to a new city and having been going out to various different events and clubs, I have witnessed or been subjected to various accounts of groping and grabbing.
Once they've decided, we have the director come in, and between the various designers and the director, we try to decide where these various sketches might fit into the studio.
They would require various body parts — from brains to skin grafts to various tissues — to test out new medical technologies, and carry out research of the human body for science.
Similar comments were filed by the Boy Scouts of America, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, various municipalities, and various institutions of higher education.
For many months, in response to various questions, GOP nominee Donald Trump has said America could have solved various Mideast problems by taking over Iraqi oil during the Iraq War.
Alter didn't deny the central theory of the field at the time: that many of the texts had been stitched together, over many years, by various sects with various agendas.
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an advocacy group combating anti-Semitism and other hate speech, has tracked various medieval symbols and phrases used by various hate groups on- and offline.
Congress was inundated by outside pressure from various investors in Puerto Rican debt when it was considering legislation, as various interested parties jockeyed for the best arrangement for their investments.
Nearly 50 years into the "war on drugs," which both Republican and Democratic leaders have waged in various ways, with various disastrous outcomes, drug overdoses reached a record high in 2014.
And it makes a fetish of measurement—that is not only measuring people's performance against various metrics, but also giving people rewards on the basis of whether they fit various goals.
Because various open-source projects use various open-source licenses, when releasing software using Commons Clause, one must specify to which underlying permissive open-source license one is attaching Commons Clause.
The White House doghouse has, at various times and in various news reports, been inhabited by everyone from top aide Kellyanne Conway to Trump's seemingly untouchable son-in-law Jared Kushner.
Simply alerting various powers to the existence and narrative of the transcript wouldn't do, as various incidents such as this have been described again and again in cities across the country.
At various moments, and as a Democrat, I've either complimented or criticized various policy positions of the candidates as they relate to international and national security, but never the campaigns themselves.
The deepening divide among NATO members could weaken attempts to respond to various Russian actions such as Kremlin-backed cyber attacks, electoral interference in various countries and its occupation of Ukraine.
Betterment uses computer algorithms to sort account holders into various baskets of low-cost exchange-traded funds that are weighted for their answers to various questions to gauge their risk tolerance.
Those first twelve months, we had various business plans, but you throw them out the window when you get calls from various parts of the world wanting to be your distributor.
Essentially, scientists would want to better understand various cause-and-effect pathways in the environment and quantify the risks of various ecological outcomes before this technology gets out of the lab.
This guy contacted me out of the blue and basically outed himself as someone who'd been harassing me on various platforms and at various workplaces over the course of six years.
"We've had various conversations with various parties about different parties that would be willing to increase oil supply to offset this," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters on Tuesday in Washington.
The men, women and child, exchanging what Ligon calls, "black looks," are a reminder that there are various hues of the various black identities that coalesce into the African-American experience.
Since different assets perform differently in various circumstances -  i.e.
Although scammers take various routes in their methods — i.e.
" So he honed a spiel consisting of "various levels.
" The exhibition consists of various examples of "invisible images.
All this changed through various encounters – including his first wife and various teacher-mentors – until he chose to go to Alfred University in upstate New York to pursue an MFA in ceramics.
There are various modes of touching in Five Foot Two from nurturers and entourage members who help to keep the lights on in the various houses of Gaga (and Haus of Gaga).
I then glued various small circuit boards from smartphones and tv remotes—along with various other pieces of digital detritus—to the boards to create the illusion of city blocks and buildings.
Though a various disparate militants have operated in the region for years, analysts told CNN that Hapilon's elevation to ISIS emir led to greater unity between the various organizations in the area.
Once it gets to 2170 percent, XIX believes that users will never have to click through to various apps to complete various tasks, as long as they have an Android mobile phone.
Since the show went off the air, various cast members have come forward to make different claims as to just how specifically producers manipulated them during filming to craft various story lines.
I reported this episode to my various accountability groups — sets of friends who check in on a daily or weekly basis to hold one another's feet to the fire of various goals.
The executive notes that the company has shifted its focus to various aspects of the industry as offering real-world services like its pizza trucks has brought to life various solvable problems.
It had various words and various types of BDSM activities written on it, and when it was your turn to spin, you'd be able to sample each activity for about two minutes.
Various types of knives make various types of cuts, as you might expect, and the shapes of holes left in clothes can indicate whether the weapon was serrated, dull, curved and so on.
There are GoPro mounting points at various locations around the exoskeleton that can be used for cameras, lights and any number of the various devices and accessories that have adopted the mounting design.
It took pictures with its various cameras, ground holes with its little rasping drill, dug a trench by spinning one wheel while it kept the others locked, measured the spectra of various minerals.
The researchers used the machine to record and measure neural activity in the dogs' brains while they listened to a woman trainer, whom they were familiar with, recite various words in various intonations.
You'd assume there was at least a dozen motors powering all of the Excavator's movement, but in reality there's just one, selectively operating various functions using a complicated transmission and various gear boxes.
Although there are the more bellicose and fanatical elements in the equation — the general spirit is to move in a compromise that gives concessions to various parties and finds routes round various obstacles.
DM: All these new currencies are along a spectrum and have various attributes, and various regulatory bodies around the world, including the CFTC and the IRS, have taken clear stances on them already.
The artist's first big solo show in New York, Tongue in Cheek: The Inflatable Art of Jimmy Kuehnle, finds various inflatables spilling through and out of the building's various interior and exterior architectures.
What I'm most struck by, however, is the way the various warrens Hazel and his friends encounter are similar to the various communities Rick and his friends have visited on The Walking Dead.
Over time the various agents learned (and of course reported back) various stratagems, from simple things such as how to scatter units under an area-of-effect attack to complex multi-pronged offenses.
There's literally a scene where a new character asks if the various sensates want some questions answered, and then all involved offer up an info dump explaining some of the series' various mysteries.
He knew that various people in various places at Google and elsewhere had been trying to make neural translation work — not in a lab but at production scale — for years, to little avail.
"If the President is essentially stealing money that's been allocated to go to the various states for various purposes but no longer will, we're being harmed, our people are being harmed," he said.
To promote the various efforts, the company held a four-hour long event at its Menlo Park headquarters for around 20 reporters where employees for various Facebook products recapped changes and answered questions.
When we reach 2.5 we will consider the various options.
Our best picks from the various retailers are listed below:
At various times and locations, more information is at
The preview shows up and expires from various social networks.
Since then, various industries have issued guidelines around cannabis use.
Unfortunately Sausage Sports Club isn't about sausages playing various sports.
From there, volunteers craft various styles to reflect each princess.
However, various sources pin his net worth at different numbers.
GM's subsidiary, OnStar, connects 7m drivers to various data services.
In fact, her siblings run her various social media accounts.
The platform will ensure effective communication among the various options.
Since then, various tech heavyweights have flirted with the practice.
The various "Shot on iPhone" ads have been quite effective.
Here's this week's developments in the various investigations into Trump.
The old pictures were pulled from various books and websites.
Our current laws sanction various poisons, including booze and cigarettes.
After his government service, Laird served in various corporate posts.
The question has appeared in various forms on past censuses.
There are various TurboTax programs, depending on your financial priorities.
The funds will be used to finance various capital projects.
On its YouTube channel, Hopscotch posts tutorials for various projects.
It has been used by all parties on various issues.
View of various works, including First Office's sculpted styrofoam cubes.
He contributed $20203 million to various party causes last year.
Jeff will host for 6 weeks, with various celeb guests.
This is something that's backfired for her in various ways.
Checkout his band #theyoungerlovers, his books & various performances on line.
" They all use various mechanisms to "simulate automatic fire rates.
There are various reasons why Chinese citizens want residence abroad.
The software implements a custom protocol that uses various 'commands.
Hoverboards cluster in various corners of the main Playground workspace.
In the past, Netflix has renewed shows under various timelines.
Rather, these pigment molecules are often bioactive in various ways.
The words and Franco's photo, in various configurations, appear everywhere.
The trio was driven between various locations in the city.
The doctors enter the situation at various levels of unease.
Or maybe positions in various kinds of rotating coordinate systems.
Kunstenfestivaldesarts continues at various locations in Brussels through May 27.
Fat Tuesday is celebrated in various ways around the world.
It's customizable with various color skins and flip stand covers.
Ransomware has existed in various forms for over a decade.
Completion of the deal remains subject to various regulatory approvals.
There are ten more on display at various NASA institutions.
And obviously we're now seeing stories spreading throughout various industries.
The trio's various solo material has been just as enchanting.
Various obstacles were placed in the environment to restrict navigation.
But first, it must get permission from various local governments.
The scale of various kinds of problems is so vast.
It could extend those sanctions beyond various months in 2019.
Use them in various messaging apps, from iMessage to Whatsapp.
King has also pushed for various other hardline immigration legislation.
Pricing for the various Apple TV Channels hasn't been disclosed.
There were also improvements from various ages that reduced pollution.
Their effort follows other actions by various tech lobbying groups.
The various backdrops to Beyond: Two Souls are similarly breathtaking.
Various events and games will be streamed at this link.
FiveThirtyEight has a great rundown of the various rules here.
The campaigns of the various candidates also criticized the process.
"We are considering various options, including a robot," he said.
Twitter, YouTube, and PayPal are also mentioned at various points.
Colmenares has held various public posts, including with the ASF.
The Shadow Grey model is available now from various retailers.
She has started the various evaluations and standard Navy training.
After military and religious training, Mkhayar fought on various fronts.
Blake shares the various ways brands can sponsor his content.
Various companies, including airlines, are offering help to those impacted.
The US currently provides aid to Honduras through various initiatives.
This exercise is repeated at various locations on a farm.
Both Samsung and LG have implemented OLEDs in various devices.
Peppered among the rants are various explicit photos of Chyna.
And there have also various other "regramming" tests on iOS.
The tour kicks off from various locations, from 9 a.m.
I found templates online for various financial and relationship spreads.
Despite various legal challenges, those efforts have hit inbound traffic.
The old system of alternating weeks has had various effects.
Patients take insulin injections at various times of the day.
Users can set various goals like sleep, allergens, or productivity.
She advises the white students on their various problematic activities.
Dancers created various pyramid and tree shapes with lighted strings.
Yet various things distinguished her from the classic Tory hack.
Islamist militants from various factions also operate in the province.
At times it has claimed to hold various border towns.
Demonstrations have engulfed various parts of Lebanon for three days.
He joins various movements that emerge following the Protestant Reformation.
Robots in various forms are becoming more and more sophisticated.
I mean, in the social security, we've done various things.
Germany is pursuing various security arrangements with other EU countries.
SpaceX's slide to the 30th spot stems from various factors.
The little yellow patches are Kepler's various fields of view.
The text went on with various roles that Ming serves.
Once executed, the withdrawal triggered various alarms in our system.
Snoop Dogg & Various Artists, Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love
Various other more junior employees have apparently been let go.
Various companies have tried to make video game streaming work.
Think: powder drink mix, various cooking oils, flowers, and veggies.
"They were awesome," Lee said of the various Islanders' assists.
The exact algorithm for weighting the various factors was unclear.
The book also contains various methods to solving programming questions.
"We can aggregate the data at various levels," she said.
So the hearing jumped around and down various rabbit holes.
They seemed to slide into various restaurant looks fairly easily.
It houses various state colleges and universities in downtown Denver.
These investments have occurred across various company stages and verticals.
Our respondents come from various age groups, backgrounds, and cultures.
At home, I browse the internet, reading about various gums.
They've also drawn opposition from various constituencies within the party.
After working on various local campaigns, he helped develop Change.
Various factors explain the changes of the past few decades.
The BBC and various prominent Remainers were in on it.
Fiio says the player supports various formats of lossless audio.
Roxy Music's history is interwoven with Bowie's in various ways.
The funds were used to entertain and provide various gifts.
Oil companies are finding various solutions for communication going forward.
Various options have been explored, including, in the 1970s, plutonium.
Is he still hemorrhaging subscribers due to his various controversies?
The various contacts consisted of both emails and phone calls.
Seated on a pier, the yoga class executes various poses.
From there, various food options will appear for prospective diners.
And the boy quickly became the subjects of various memes.
Your book discusses the intersection of various identities and issues.
We had a tremendous group of sailors from various ships.
They have various established workflows that we need to respect.
This allowed Bethesda to tap into expertise from various teams.
The fingerprints of possible trafficking activity are many and various.
Those on the upcoming mission belong to various telecommunications companies.
For example, many states allow inmates to wear various clothing.
It said it was contesting the assessment at various levels.
Various groups are trying to make them smaller and cheaper.
We know people (lots and lots) watch various competitive games.
To get the votes, whips apply pressure in various ways.
All, however, are standard fare in various parts of Africa.
Lim also was seen shaking hands with various unidentified people.
I love the extremes and like to connect various realities.
As Hulk, I had various smashing powers and incredible reach.
Apart from various demonstration flights, however, not much then happened.
All we have is each other and our various fanhoods.
Various VPNs offer versions of their service for Android devices.
Various factors may lie behind the return of geopolitical concerns.
It will be screening at various other venues as well.
For various reasons, the messages don't always lead to anything.
People came out in various states and voted for him.
And Rock delivered at various points in his opening monologue.
Millions of Congolese have been displaced by various internal conflicts.
In America it's more or less legal in various places.
Other apps offer various novel amenities to their members, too.
Various law enforcement agencies surrounded the area, including the FBI.
Affected computers include various HP EliteBook, ProBook and Zbook models.
Various groups, like Syria Civil Defense, were doing that work.
The money was then sent to various Eastern European countries.
The Edinburgh scientists' various trials have long attracted media attention.
There are also various other implements made from the steel.
It reflects all the various material resources that families utilize.
But one that had been reinforced through various shared traumas.
He then bought Netflix calls with various June expiration dates.
The app is currently being evaluated by various sleep clinicians.
He now travels across the country speaking to various groups.
Numerous entities have touted various dietary regimens, supplements and technologies.
From various vendors, to large Chinese entities, to now, Amazon.
He raised the banner at various points during Trump's speech.
How well did I manage against the various autonomous teams?
The Berlin Biennial continues at various venues through September 9.
Bonus: You can modify endlessly to demonstrate various aerodynamic principles.
But it also puts various workplace training programs at risk.
The beam interacting with various mediums can also create noises.
I think the world is heading for various potential catastrophes.
AIG conducts quarterly reviews of reserves for its various lines.
There, you will be showered with praise from various people.
Microsoft, Cisco, Google, and Blackberry also all issued various patches.
Throughout the book, Albertine peppers in various experiences with men.
Bodies in the graves are in various states of decomposition.
We're allowing various brands and apps to use the magic.
The various versions have cumulatively sold over 70 million copies.
Here are some selections from various categories up for awards.
He was also ordered to pay various fines and fees.
Needless to say, spoilers ahead for various Marvel Comics stories.
Various adult siblings were 47, 39, 35 and 20 lbs.
So those will be ongoing at -- with various staff levels.
This data also matches well to various rules of thumb.
The problem is getting the various U.S. stakeholders to agree.
Other ads target Democrats for their support of various taxes.
What types of investors should entrepreneurs target at various stages?
The idea of encrypting databases in various ways isn't new.
Various arrests have taken place as well, including Richard Spencer.
Across social media, various players love to test game realism.
The billionaire entrepreneur uses Twitter to comment about various issues.
He is a regular market commentator on various business channels.
For various reasons, that's not really a very good method.
It's definitely become a priority through all these various efforts.
Various technology companies already have their local offices in Oeiras.
Players are being bribed and proselyted by the various institutions.
Less strong this quarter were the company's various enterprise efforts.
But RSI still offers normal insurance on its various ships.
Roy Campbell, hero Solid Snake's handler for various dangerous missions.
More sedate hues were in use by various Tube lines.
I tried various self help workshops, some programs and things.
Before that, she spent significant time in various government positions.
Meanwhile, social posts on various networks reach hundreds of millions.
He was also listening to various flash briefings every morning.
It's been offered by various lawmakers every year since 85033.
The world is complex, and people come from various backgrounds.
Radically different answers are offered by various characters this episode.
She also is involved in fundraising for various different charities. 
Various mayors and governors have impressive 85033 targets and timelines.
Ethylene is used to make various chemical and plastic products.
Since then, I haven't received anything anymore, under various pretexts.
Footage referencing uck parties is also uploaded to various platforms.
It's not unusual to see companies partnering on various projects.
The FCC has stonewalled that investigation at various points though.
Financial services companies that rejected SoftBank's money gave various reasons.
And there were hushed murmurs inside the various coworking spaces.
Thanks to various online reviews, I've also confirmed other behaviors.
And-- various geopolitical risk-- North Korea or the middle east.
Ms. Crangi has seen the various films some 150 times.
The gas causes various respiratory ailments such as asthma attacks.
Today 49 states have PDMPs at various levels of development.
Various ailments have been an albatross on d'Arnaud's promising career.
Ellis sat in on that meeting, according to various reports.
And so we're flirting with these various forms of progressivism.
Beds are generally unmade and in various states of disarray.
But what links it all are various acts of revenge.
The White House established deregulation teams at various federal agencies.
We considered various southern European destinations but settled on Lisbon.
What various "claims" does Ms. Brunn make about the film?
I've tried various HUDs and I find them pretty annoying.
Authorities charged 37 members of the fraternity with various offenses.
Various defendants also did not respond to requests for comment.
One, they're funny, and people have various reactions to them.
Read up on the differences between various retirement accounts here.
I'm currently filling my day with various online training classes.
Police said they were investigating "various leads" into the attack.
The showrooms in the Älmhult store featured various furniture displays.
Various 2020 Democratic contenders have called for Barr's resignation.  Rep.
Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a conglomerate of various Hindu nationalist
Each doll comes with two hairstyle options and various outfits.
Other performances at various times and locations; more at
For various reasons, I had to buy a car recently.
We do these several times a year with various speakers.
Let's take a look at the various stages of transformation.
Both have split the party in various ways for years.
Various times, at Mass MoCA, 1040 Mass MoCA Way,
I have a lot of people on the various platforms.
Virginia's Beach Pub is famous for its various seafood dishes.
Packages addressed to various freighters are stacked inside the door.
Jewish Americans are a diverse community with various diverging opinions.
During my time abroad, I've tested out various money apps.
It is curious Mueller indicted various people for false statements.
Outside, there are various plants, statues, and pieces of artwork.
They reunite with Murtagh, Fergus and various Mackenzie clan members.
Putin and Netanyahu agreed to continue contacts at various levels.
He has missed 16 games this season with various injuries.
At various moments in 1968 and 1969, Sviták wrote succinct
What complications do the various maps help surface or hide?
Various Republican and Democratic lawmakers have called for Pruitt's resignation.
The game rewards players who walk or run various distances.
Some foreign automakers manufacture various brands in the United States.
Chokachi continued acting, starring in various TV movies and series.
Smoke rose from fires at various spots across the field.
He has also made various offensive gaffes over the years.
The company has long denied the various allegations against it.
All of those cases are in various stages of appeal.
The victims died on various floors of the apartment building.
These rules are policed by the various state bar associations.
Explain. 3. Who are the various players in this story?
Various updates A lot has changed in Florida since Oct.
Read on to see how these various cities stack up.
He also cited "interference in my responsibilities from various individuals".
Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels got payments through various methods.
There are many contradictions within various tellings of Pele's life.
He is the author of various books on American history.
It has also been testing sandwiches in various regions nationwide.
Dickson pops up at various private receptions, museums and arts
Seven strikes in Syria hit various militant targets, it added.
Here's a taste of the G7 family's various photo modes.
Over the years, Apple has added tabs to various apps.
I want to get into the various social media companies.
University of Arkansas, $108.6 million of various facility revenue bonds.
Stine took jobs at various magazines to earn his living.
The state is debating various ways to handle the proposal.
The actor, 30, plays various secondary roles in the play.
The Corps held nearly 390 meetings with 85033 various tribes.
Known Kamala for many years & worked together on various issues.
It was a performance about the interaction of various cultures.
But they've received support from various groups on the outside.
Various parties have filed multiple lawsuits related to the shooting.
Those tokens can generally be traded on various specialized exchanges.
It's possible to fall various places in between, of course.
Obscene presents all these various tidbits as badges of honor.
People were then able to comment in various places online.
The truth is, class is absolutely divided in various ways.
That's to say nothing of various indie gems I've missed.
For various reasons, Provident Capital didn't participate in this round.
Ad blocking involves software that can work at various levels.
Successful runs are then submitted to various organizations, like speedrun.
Players draft fortunes dip all the time for various reasons.
The actors performed these scenes in various states of undress.
He ran practices and had valued input on various decisions.
Despite various problems with back pain and things like that.
There are various methods of applying machine learning to obstetrics.
In March, Cleveland opened its bids for various security supplies.
This is one of the various collateral effects of prison.
The authors call these mortality estimates "conservative" for various reasons.
From Contreras' perspective, various events stood out for different reasons.
That controls the various motors we have on the robot.
Jim Jordan, referring to various pieces of a replacement plan.
Various permutations of the past run through Wildflower's paisley field.
Freedom Moon is showing at various venues around Japan now.
There are not specific rewards tied to the various tiers.
The "Bloody Mary" ritual has unclear origins (and various practices).
It also has various hiking trails through the Atlantic rainforest.
There were also various metal rack structures scattered on shelves.
If you have diabetes, alcohol may interact with various medications.
However, the various courses of action are not mutually exclusive.
Various health departments will contact those people and provide guidance.
CONVERSATIONS WITH JOE Conversations between Joe Biden and various interviewers.
Corrections officials nixed various materials, like a hard plastic foil.
New York and various other places are also very engaged.
Various efforts to rehabilitate Pátzcuaro have met only limited success.
Various jurisdictions and health systems have responded with limiting measures.
A walk through various Smithsonian Institution museums makes that clear.
It has wonderful historic buildings in various states of repair.
Billboard publishes new editions of its various charts every Tuesday.
Various countries have taken wildly different approaches to tackling crypto.
Will he lobby hard to save these various DOE functions?
Watch: The premiere is available on HBO's various streaming platforms.
Dr. Redfield, 66, has longstanding ties to various government agencies.
I used to wear various costumes to Jets home games.
Approaching storms become convenient scapegoats for various aches and pains.
Seniors huddled at various stone tables, many playing Chinese chess.
Many of those meetings will be fraught for various reasons.
There are multistep tests and the weighing of various factors.
"There are various smaller deals that could happen," he said.
In fact, social media offers various unique advantages to consumers.
You know, in various stages, Mike and I were producers.
That one rotates in for regular vanilla on various days.
This provision would help pay for the bill's various changes.
International Whitman Week Through June 1 at various locations; waltwhitmaninitiative.
We've been talking about various ... the micromobility, is that right?
But various border disputes continue to simmer in the region.
Numerous athletes from various sports have since followed their lead.
Mr. Saveliev's collection contained several dozen films of various types.
The women around the table had various reasons for attending.

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