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"several" Definitions
  1. separate
"several" Synonyms
some various assorted disparate divergent divers diverse sundry a few a handful of a number of a variety of not very many a small group of many numerous a couple of marked certain upwards of legion multitudinous countless innumerable myriad untold numberless incalculable limitless multiple immeasurable endless umpteen multifarious plentiful abundant voluminous multifold frequent repeated constant periodic persistent recurring recurrent continual incessant chronic continuing perennial common familiar habitual eternal discrete separate distinct individual different detached single unattached unconnected disconnected isolated free freestanding disjoined discontinuous disjunct non-continuous manifold considerable quite a few more than a few quite a lot of a quantity of not all copious amounts of particular respective specific own definite personal special proportionate varied miscellaneous a handful a select few a small number a small portion a small proportion a small selection a small variety one or two selected a number a selection a variety not many hardly any more any an amount handful few sprinkling scattering smattering smatter scatter couple sprinkle trickle minority spattering a small amount small amount small quantity a lot of loads of scores of copious a great deal of lots of no end of plenty of very much a good deal of a good few a good number of a large amount of a pile of quantity mass pile heap stack abundance lot profusion bundle plenty wealth slew store mountain tonne(UK) ton(US) bunch loads oodles plenitude More
"several" Antonyms
few insufficient limited little meager(US) meagre(UK) scarce insubstantial scant sparse deficient exiguous inadequate inconsiderable lacking minimal occasional scanty seldom found thin one same single sole uniform individual singular dissimilar separate specific independent distinctive distinct unique diacritic individualistic restricted circumscribed unvaried basic finite narrow delimited paucal predefined reduced set small bounded confined curbed common usual humble ordinary simple stereotypical similar connected joined attached linked continuous combined integrated infrequent rare sporadic intermittent uncommon seldom spasmodic scattered inconstant irregular random isolated unwonted erratic countable enumerable numberable calculable measurable like homogeneous standard constant unchanged consistent invariable perpetual harmonious unfailing changeless monomorphic conventional even resembling correspondent some not many not too many one or two a couple of a handful of a small number of a small amount of barely any a piddling amount of scarcely any close to zero not much a limited amount of a sprinkling of a tiny amount of a trickle of a spattering of only a little joint shared united mutual collaborative cooperative co-operative multiparty all everyone each and every one every one every single one crowd horde loads army flock gazillion host jillion kazillion legion many mountain multitude oodles scads scores thousands zillion heaps masses ace bit dab dram driblet glimmer handful hint lick mite mouthful nip ounce peanuts pinch pittance scruple shade shadow

710 Sentences With "several"

How to use several in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "several" and check conjugation/comparative form for "several". Mastering all the usages of "several" from sentence examples published by news publications.

This morning's Emmy nominations announcement came with several surprises, several victories, and several snubs.
Several things that are true and several that are not.
Xanda died several days ago, leaving behind several young cubs.
Apple has discontinued several products over the last several months.
It's like having several construction sites at several different buildings.
It took several tries to get the first piece, several tries to get the second piece, several tries to get the third piece.
"We have several locals, several unions, several plants out here," UAW Local 1700 President Louie Pahl yelled to the crowd shortly after midnight.
Several, including Aviva's, froze for several weeks while they offloaded properties.
Mr Pawlikowski's ambitious saga spans several years and visits several countries.
She has not been working for me for several, several seasons.
He has met with several startups over the last several weeks.
RUI: I would say that there are several cases, several situations.
Many said they had to make several attempts over several days.
The attacks can last anywhere from several minutes to several hours.
He tried several recovery programs but relapsed and overdosed several times.
Jung photographed the island on several occasions and over several years.
So Kong has guaranteed himself several more days — and several more meals.   
Several states following West Virginia Several states are following West Virginia's lead.
Underwriting and closing a policy may take several days, even several weeks.
In the past several days, Trump has made several statements about Obamacare.
I drift into several unsettling dreams, which wake me up several times.
Every episode contains several stories, about several animals, grouped loosely by theme.
This could go on for several rounds over several months or years.
Cold-dystopia futures have gone through several eras, and several specific inspirations.
The refugee crisis must be tackled on several fronts, over several years.
This means the team involves several people, as well as several drones.
The answer incensed several Council members who brought it up several times.
The process typically takes between several weeks and several months, he said.
"Several units are down, some for several months now," the employee said.
Our interview, though, would need several more visits — and several more pies.
According to several reports, the measures helped relieve congestion from several major intersections.
"It certainly can take anywhere from several weeks to several months," he said.
He gives his presentation several times a week, sometimes several times a day.
Repairs "certainly can take anywhere from several weeks to several months," he said.
In the last several months, several major Wall Street strategists have changed positions.
Garoppolo was almost intercepted several other times, and his receivers dropped several throws.
On the uruhimbi , in several identical vessels, milk had sat for several days.
For several hundred years, the David leaned at an angle of several degrees.
To do this, get several quotes from several different companies and compare them.
It might idle for several years before packing several into a single one.
Stay at it with several posts a day, several ideas, and build relationships.
Last week, several years and several thousand miles removed from New Haven, Conn.
He landed several more after that, flush and powerful, and several shoulder strikes.
It was painful for me several years ago when several friends were arrested.
Over the next several years, IRC would split several times, resulting in not just a single IRC but several, including Anarchy net, EFnet, IRCnet, Dalnet, and others.
Rather, it was actually several different burglaries that took place at several different locations.
Estimates from human rights groups and witnesses range from several hundred to several thousand.
There were several guns at the house, indicating several people had fired their weapons.
Over the past several months, several big corporations committed additional capital to corporate investments.
Arrests made over several days The arrests have been trickling in over several days.
"Bill Macy asked me to marry him several times over several years," she revealed.
Several of France's business elite have already pledged several hundred millions euros to help.
He suggests this several times, and several times I politely shoot down the idea.
LIQUIDITY Sprint has taken several steps during the past several months to bolster liquidity.
Mayor Brown did not return several calls from CNN over several days this month.
The president has spurred several controversies throughout the first several weeks of his presidency.
He made her withdraw money at several ATMs, transactions captured on several security cameras.
Recruiting them will take several months, and conducting the study will take several more.
He held several positions at the company, initially working in several countries in Africa.
Several Danish news organizations reported that her family owned several properties in South Africa.
However, several times and in several countries the official containment measures have been breached.
Moving briskly, we crossed several partially destroyed bridges during the several-hour march west.
Several Rikers inmates have attempted to swim to freedom over the past several decades.
Several of the companies have filed for bankruptcy protection in the past several years.
We've got several different kinds of paper, several different ribbons, and very unique embellishments.
In short, the job is much more than just carting people from point A to point B. They're meeting several demands from several passengers several times a day.
Larry Vaughn was the mayor of a small Northeastern town for several years several decades ago when — yes, sure, okay fine — several people were eaten by giant sharks.
First lady Melania Trump, several cabinet secretaries, members of Congress involved in the opioid legislation, several state and local officials, and several private-sector individuals attended the event.
Over the past several months, Manafort's legal options slimmed as the special counsel notched several wins against him, including sending him to jail, securing several cooperators and gaining convictions.
The real payoff is driving the same track several times over, in several different ways.
Over the next several days, several major news outlets covered the Alpha Delta Pi video.
Facebook, along with several other tech companies, has been releasing diversity reports for several years.
Several other studies have shown the same effect in several U.S. states and in Germany.
The "scheme" has been going on for several years and in several countries, it says.
Buildings several miles away shook from the blast, and multiple explosions continued for several minutes.
They also tend to be very expensive, running from several hundred to several thousand dollars.
Several GOP senators have voiced support for something short-term, as have several House Republicans.
That added to several fires already burning there, and several more ignited the following day.
The treatment should last for several months and will begin within the next several weeks.
"This is the tightening of a noose — several, several links of that noose," Waxman said.
The Ohio attorney general recently sued several drug manufacturers, and several other states have followed.
It's earned Newton several metric tons of criticism online, and several more on the airwaves.
Several groups shut down highways and intersections across the city during several days of protest.
But that lasted for several minutes before several council members changed their mind. http://bit.
For one, after eating several burgers, I didn't feel as if I'd eaten several burgers.
The book has several sex scenes, and several nonsexual depictions of Rosa Luxemburg's nude body.
I have tried several chiropractors, and I have gone through several bouts of physical therapy.
It has been around for several years and works on several recent versions of Windows.
He forwarded the email thread to several friends who sent it on to several others.
Patients experienced symptoms for several days to several weeks before being admitted to the hospital.
In front of the Press Club were several dozen police officers and several hundred protesters.
Estimates from human rights groups and witnesses range from several hundred to several thousand killed.
The campaign also announced several endorsements from California representatives and several advocacy groups and unions.
The allegation was noted and disregarded several times by what appeared to be several officials.
Several toddlers run around touching the walls, several pairs of parents squat down directing them.
Oliver fired his rifle several times into a car with several teens inside, prosecutors said.
Several thousand protesters took to the streets across Cairo and elsewhere in Egypt for several weeks.
Several million Russian tourists have added several millions of dollars (near $900 million) to Turkey's economy.
There have been several dengue outbreaks in Texas, Florida and Hawaii over the past several decades.
The fake conspirators met several times and communicated on encrypted chat over the next several months.
Yes, we actually have competed several years, and we won the national championship several different times.
So are the Federal Trade Commission, several state attorneys general, several congressional committees, and the FDA.
Several of Hitler's Schutzstaffel guards were dismissed in disgrace while several more were demoted in rank.
Bouhlel had reportedly been in trouble with French authorities several times over the past several years.
Vice Media also has been in the country for several years through several different digital properties.
She was hospitalized in Los Angeles for several weeks before going to rehab for several months.
Attention soon focused on the Mandalay Bay hotel, several floors up and several hundred feet away.
Samsung has been the top smart TV vendor worldwide for several years, according to several estimates.
They're providing fire support coverage for the several thousand Iraqi soldiers and the several hundred advisers.
At least Littlefinger is thinking several moves ahead, something Cersei and several others should be doing.
The 13-person board has several members with some energy experience, as well as several investors.
The spoken words and music take "The Principles" to several continents, the songs to several languages.
Carrefour has been examining a potential offer for several weeks, BFM said, citing several unidentified sources.
The strikes came in several rounds and caused widespread destruction, burying several people under the rubble.
Several of her proposals are likely to end up in court — as several of his have.
Several experts have conceded that several rounds of testing may be needed for an accurate diagnosis.
He managed again to avoid answering several tough questions, to the irritation of several government officials.
After several miles we found a pile of backpacks along with several bales of abandoned marijuana.
In several cases, he arranged several different images of one person together on a cardboard background.
The government shrank by several hundred billion dollars for several years, even with a liberal president.
Trump and Macron have met several times at the White House over the past several days.
He cautions, however, that longer-term forecasting, of several weeks to several months, remains more problematic.
Mr. Klein was among several supporters who questioned why the embassy move would take several years.
What does look pretty confident — in several models — is that it should stall for several days.
In addition to several computer-driven prototyping machines, Area 404 includes several machines for manually building prototypes.
He returned to the United States several months later, was arrested and served several months in prison.
Behind the scenes, several delegates privately told Reuters that the African votes could be split several ways.
Several rogue Twitter accounts sprang up following this year's presidential inauguration, with several expressing anti-Trump criticism.
On election night, Cramer heard several calls from commentators who told investors to sell everything several times.
After all, Facebook made several changes to its News Feed ranking algorithm over the past several months.
Several politicians and journalists were injured, local media reported, and the government said several police were hurt.
Rothenberg Ventures has found itself embroiled in controversy over the past several months, losing several key executives.
Britain, too, is exploring several uses of the blockchain, say consultants and companies working for several departments.
What happens in the next several days could reshape the electoral map for several cycles to come.
Logano lost several additional pit stops during the yellow flag as several drivers took only two tires.
Several Monet paintings and their effects on several examples — the system keeps track of the underlying similarities.
It worked for several people at Mashable in several regions, so we assume it's live for everyone.
There's been several dozen articles looking at outcomes, several more looking at user utilization, and public opinion.
Sessions, over the course of the next several hours, would defend himself by saying several contradictory things.
The storm was one of several massive hurricanes that walloped the region over the last several weeks.
She has suffered several "mini strokes," a collapsed lung and has undergone several surgeries, her mother says.
They last on doorknobs and desks for several minutes minimum, but they can persist for several hours.
Manafort also agrees to forfeit several properties and the current funds held in several bank accounts. Oct.
Several Republicans have announced they oppose Trump as their party's nominee amid several controversies surrounding the billionaire.
Authorities found several hundred rounds of ammunition, several high-powered rifles and flares, the sheriff's office said.
Manafort has also agreed to forfeit several properties and the current funds held in several bank accounts.
The last one in October raised $5 million and included several stops in several West Coast cities.
Manafort also agrees to forfeit several properties and the current funds held in several bank accounts. Oct.
There are several TechCrunch shows up there, including Original Content, Mixtape, Equity and several now defunct titles.
Violence has broken out at several rallies, and several journalists and news media outlets have been attacked.
Several council members flipped from being supportive to voting against one or both, including several initial sponsors.
Along with Long Island City and several gentrifying portions of Washington, several other zones have prompted criticism.
I asked his name several times and he told me several times, but I couldn't understand him.
National politics aside, there were several other significant issues at stake; here are several takeaways for Californians.
Several House Democrats declined to attend altogether, citing Mr. Trump's impeachment and several of his administration's policies.
Several other logistics providers that work with Amazon have also announced layoffs in the past several months.
Several polls over the last several weeks have shown the race between both major-party nominees tightening.
Several news outlets reported Bryant was in his private helicopter with several other people when it crashed.
The bar code had evolved over several decades, a product of several collaborators and some fluky coincidences.
Several divisional battles are still taking place, which will leave several teams jostling for Wild Card spots.
Each word involved several presses of the lever, so even a sentence took several minutes to construct.
Several audits of Belgian slaughterhouses showed that ritually killed animals were still conscious up to several minutes.
I asked his name several times, and he told me several times, but I couldn't understand him.
Tech, however, has been the culprit in several large equity sell-offs in the past several weeks, with declines in several large-cap names sending the S&P 500 back into correction territory.
The pandemic has forced several governments to take actions as businesses grind to a halt and several retailers close stores to curb the spread of the highly-contagious diseases, leaving several people jobless.
Why it matters: Several Democrats are expected to announce their 2020 candidacies in the next several weeks. Sen.
The EU competition watchdog has handed down billion-euro fines to several banks for rigging several financial benchmarks.
What the framers put together has several moving parts, and the system has evolved to have several more.
Several hundred people have been occupying the iconic Place de la République in the capital for several nights.
Alas, Pen Test Partners sent them several emails over the course of several months and received no response.
The shooter, who has now been identified as Omar Saddiqui Mateen, held several people hostage for several hours.
After several months, Baked by Melissa scored booths at several holiday markets, including the bustling Bryant Park market.
A several degree uptick in the dew-point will cause a several degree uptick in the heat index.
Several days before his death, Matthew had been vomiting a "blood-like" color for several days, Tirado said.
While several sectors may seem promising to investors, opening up the Saudi economy means changing several entrenched traditions.
Over the last several years, numerous sector-focused ETFs have come to market, including several energy industry funds.
Several politicians and journalists were injured, media reported, and Interior Minister Tadeo Rojas said several police were hurt.
Parliament has also penned several reports recommending investigations into irregular tender allocations, including at several state-owned firms.
" Dillon also shared several photos on Instagram, including a group photo of Swift with several foster children. "EPIC!!!!!!
I thought about that for several weeks—even several months—before I finally decided to write the story.
Several shows opened in the neighborhood that night, including Kara Walker's, which had already received several glowing reviews.
With "several signed contracts and several more contracts out," she said, "there's room to grow in the price."
Titanic, though costing several times more than films like those, also out-grossed that gap several times over.
Regulation: The president announced the finalization of several regulations regarding gun control and the proposal of several others.
Earlier this month, Obama stumped for several California Democrats, issuing several veiled shots at Trump during his remarks.
He reportedly sobbed and hyperventilated for several minutes when detectives told him that several people were severely injured.
Clinton's remarks were covered by several major news organizations, several of which pointedly challenged the Democratic nominee's candor.
Sonos has released several new speakers recently, so several of the older models are now getting impressive discounts.
Africans participated actively in what is widely known as the Agricultural Revolution, spanning several centuries across several kingdoms.
So, having several proofs leads you to several ways to understand the situation beyond the original basic theorem.
Several of the ideas Ceaușescu put into practice for his country wrecked several generations beyond his Communist regime.
It starts several hours before the table's set and runs several hours after the last plate is cleared.
The drawdown is expected to begin in the next several weeks and could take several weeks to finish.
High-powered ones might be able to fire beams across several football fields, or even for several miles.
Uber still has several major issues to contend with, including several major government investigations, regulatory messes and lawsuits.
The drug makers have been accused of price-fixing in several patient lawsuits, and several states are investigating.
Several tornadoes touched down in eastern Colorado on Sunday, stopping flights at Denver International Airport for several hours.
Several dozen cases are confirmed in a handful of states, while several people have died in Washington state.
His immediate solution was shutting down several pipelines, which created a fuel shortage in several states for weeks.
The account included several pictures of a figure wearing several different Army hats and carrying guns and knives.
The tax amnesty programme has been delayed several times because lawmakers failed to agree on several key issues.
The commercial was an epic undertaking spanning several months and locationsThe process spanned several months and geographical locations.
In the 1990s he lost control to financiers, and it was released in several versions under several titles.
Over the last several months, I've had several Democratic voters tell me a version of the same story.
The group held several "We vape, we vote" rallies before the president&aposs own rallies in several cities.
Sometimes, it turns out that someone has several kids with several other women that they didn't really mention.
You'd be looking at several thousand rockets and artillery pieces being fired over the course of several hours.
It has received several contracts with the U.S. military for the technology, which was developed several years ago.
The campaign said that Ms. Warren had held several meetings with Native leaders this year, across several states.
But there are several investigations in Congress currently probing Obama administration incidences, including several with ties to Russia.
In the 1990s he lost control to financiers, and it was released in several versions under several titles.
Since leaving the major label system several years ago, Wall has weathered several controversies including accusations that he glorifies sipping lean and a recent arrest alongside Baby Bash that occurred several days after our interview.
A year later, several museums in Europe returned several Maori heads to New Zealand, according to the Museum Associations.
Several days later, he came back and shot her several times during another argument about the issue, authorities said.
The car has been reinvented several times and will likely be reinvented several more before its nameplate is retired.
The committee met publicly several times over the course of a year, he recalled, and spoke with several experts.
It involved several thousand participants and spawned several hundred essays — and it hasn't really ended yet, just slowed down.
It also learned several lessons that it won't repeat from the last time it tried breakfast several years ago.
"Beyonce spent several hours shopping — several times she put a hand on her baby bump," an onlooker tells PEOPLE.
The district that Spanberger will represent includes several part of rural central Virginia as well as several Richmond suburbs.
Her current account was invented several years later in connection with her first of several groundless litigations against Peyton.
She claimed several families have called her since the film premiered in several festivals to share their harrowing experiences.
Free-trade agreements covering such a wide range typically take several years to conclude—and several more to ratify.
The shooting stemmed from a dispute between several men, which resulted in several shots being fired inside the club.
The medical examiner's office said the autopsy results may take several days and the full toxicology report several weeks.
"We're still optimistic because we think there are several levers they can still optimize over the next several years."
The news comes several weeks after a drone sighting caused several days of flight disruptions at London's Gatwick Airport.
The company has made several policy changes within the past several months, but none explicitly banning the racist ideology.
Yes, it is true Democrats have lost several hundred seats at every level of government the past several years.
Those included several bank accounts, a 2016 Tesla S, full ownership of several LLCs and a life insurance policy.
Several NA LCS squads have brought on fresh talent to their squads, including several noteworthy additions from South Korea.
Several coast guard ships, at least one helicopter and several private boats are taking part in continued rescue efforts.
The Trump administration missed several court-ordered deadlines to reunify families, with several hundred parents deported without their children.
It's entirely possible that Mr. Trump has several phones at his disposal (he does, after all, have several houses).
Several players left games early with injuries, while several players on fantasy benches exploded (looking at you, Chase Edmonds).
Several of the treaty updates involve lower withholding taxes, and several include provisions designed to resolve disputes more quickly.
Several high-profile scientists have been accused of sexual harassment by students and colleagues over the past several years.
Several banks expect the government to raise several existing taxes - notably on gambling, tobacco and alcohol - to boost revenues.
I thought it would take several months, but several months in, I realized it was a much bigger project.
So what if the hose had several nozzles, pointing in several directions, that could be opened and closed independently?
That fight was the first of several violent clashes that spread over several blocks on the Upper East Side.
Several people described the episodes in interviews over the past several months, insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.
Several days earlier, several athletes competing in the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships were treated for heatstroke, media said.
Several days earlier, several athletes competing in the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships were treated for heatstroke, media said.
The area targeted by the militants houses the offices of several ministries, as well as several crowded apartment buildings.
Several days later, the singer's corpse was found, along with those of several others, dumped outside a Santiago cemetery.
Lawmakers received several tranches of recovered messages between Strzok and Page in 2018, including several messages referring to Trump.
Glass-Steagall, for its part, has been making news — again – periodically over the past several years for several reasons.
The rebels went on a rampage, burning several buildings and taking hostage a Roman Catholic priest and several parishioners.
There were several whispered conversations, with several senators going in and out of the chamber every minute or so.
The Justice Department described several ways it is attempting to work with private sector companies on several cybercrime problems.
As for Pale Male, who sired several more broods with several more mates, his current ontological status is unclear.
That contrasts with previous schemes to terraform Mars that would take anywhere from several hundred to several thousand years.
"Several times, across several visits, Ukrainian battalion commanders told me that those kits and that training absolutely saved lives."
For Ms. Leibovitz, who had a financial crisis several years earlier, the transaction meant she earned several million dollars.
Mr. Jackson stabbed Mr. Caughman several times, attacking him from behind and striking several of his organs, prosecutors said.
Several thousand NEOs have been discovered, ranging in size from a few dozen meters to several kilometers in diameter.
Democrats have already won several deeply red state special elections around the country and come close in several others.
"Following the tragedy of Charlottesville several weeks ago, I've been in touch with several people at Monticello," she says.
Over the past two years, several candidates he has backed in several important races -- including in gubernatorial primaries in Virginia and Ohio, and in several House races in Iowa and New Jersey -- have come up short.
Several analysts said on Thursday it would be wrong to call demonetization a failure, as there were several positive consequences.
Coffee said several fires were reported in the area throughout the day, and several times multiple fires merged into one.
Authorities say Ukanowicz was one of several family members who moved into Karin King&aposs Ansonia home several years ago.
Iraqi security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition on hundreds of protesters, killing several civilians and wounding several others.
Trump Jr. has, however, retweeted several tweets regarding WikiLeaks' recent release of several transcripts and emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton.
Haltingly, Britain is becoming more like America, with several different centres of power and several greasy poles to the top.
After another dominant performance, several players voiced some frustration about costly mistakes and several miscues that could eventually hurt them.
Fitbit was chosen for several reasons, including broad compatibility and the device's ability to hold a charge for several days.
In 2010, after Republicans took over several statehouses, Hofeller helped redraw several statehouse maps, including the maps in North Carolina.
Several major polls still have him in the lead or well within the margin of error in several battleground states.
In addition to his reality shows, he owns several businesses, including a garage, a live music venue, and several restaurants.
Several reported that they had opted for several filters that would have prevented ads from being run on certain categories.
So, he gathered individuals of 20 species that vary widely in size, from several inches to several feet in length.
In the past year, we've heard several incidents of gender pay disparity, not just in music but in several industries.
The crisis prompted several lawsuits against the city, state, Republican Governor Rick Snyder and several individual city and state officials.
He appeared in several episodes of "Miami Vice" and was featured in Cameron Crowe's "Jerry Maguire" and several other films.
At Khan al-Ahmar, several dozen Palestinians scuffled with Israeli police, who punched several of the men they dragged away.
Bigbasket has caught the attention of several companies, and had been in talk with several other global retailers, including Amazon.
Northam has faced several calls to immediately resign from Virginia Republican Party, the NAACP and several prominent Democratic presidential candidates.
These dividers fold in several ways, allowing the bag to hold, say, a large telephoto lens or several smaller lens.
A check of several produce wholesalers, though, found they expect the pricing to get stronger in the next several weeks.
Several of the protocols reduce withholding taxes, and several include provisions that are designed to resolve tax disputes more quickly.
The rebellion quickly spread to several other cities including the economic capital Abidjan, where gunfire was heard in several locations.
Jail situation Manafort's attorneys have complained to several courts and for several reasons now about him being held in jail.
Several 220006 candidates have proposed raising taxes on the wealthy to tackle income inequality and fund several ambitious policy plans.
It took me several years and several property tax bills to fully realize the sort of situation I was in.
"Multiply that over several hundred more products and several dozen more free-trade relationships," Mr. Froman said in an interview.
Typically, these tests can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars — depending on the testing facility, says Hawkins.
It included Bentleys, several Mercedes, several more sport utility vehicles and a Ferrari 348 Spider that cost more than $120,000.
Maupin's "Tales of the City" columns were compiled into several novels and then followed by several more stand-alone sequels.
Syria: Israeli warplanes struck several military sites in Syria, killing several fighters and civilians, Syrian state media reported on Monday.
He also conducted interviews with several key players, including eight sessions with Gorbachev himself over the course of several years.
Several restaurant workers said they had to apply multiple times over several days before were able to submit an application.
Several arts organizations say they have already been working on improving diversity in their ranks and several have made progress.
Several experts have recently conceded that several rounds of testing may be needed for an accurate diagnosis of the virus.
It stayed for several years, despite gunfire and bomb blasts outside its house and the kidnapping of several family members.
Several other large chains have enacted similarly worded policies over the last several years, including Starbucks, Target, Costco and Chipotle.
Treasure Cay's population ranges between several hundred and several thousand, depending on who is counting and who is being counted.
Over the past several months, The Times reported, prosecutors have questioned several Boeing employees in front of a grand jury.
In letters to several local governments last week, the Justice Department warned that several current grants could be in jeopardy.
"She will wear a sling for several weeks and will undergo physical therapy for several months," the Supreme Court said.
It's one of several such high profile attacks in the last several years that have been classified as domestic terrorism.
The poll is in line with several national polls that have shown Trump trailing several Democratic candidates, most notably Biden.
John Kelly, an addiction treatment expert at Harvard, told me treatment can take several times over several years to stick.
Several banks visited by a Reuters reporter were fully closed, and cash machines had not been restocked for several days.
The incident comes as the service is facing increasing scrutiny over several high profile crashes in the past several months.
Rodman has visited North Korea several times over the years, and has even met with Jong-un on several occasions.
"Those are the ones that take several days to several weeks to set up and prepare the missile," he said.
Falcone, who was barred from the securities industry several years ago after admitting to wrongdoing in managing his hedge fund, has been trying for several years to salvage his several hundred-million-dollar bet on Vietnam's gaming industry.
Amazon has cut prices on several of its own devices, along with several more discounted products in celebration of Black Friday.
Several of Kelly's answers involved demonstrating that he was opposed to several of Trump's most vitriolic campaign rhetoric and controversial proposals.
According to immigration officials, an unknown number of people attacked the agent, with one firing several gunshots, hitting him several times.
Several offices said they're getting only a fraction of the engagement they had several months ago, despite having significantly more followers.
He also sits on several boards and serves as adviser to several pharmaceutical companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world's largest.
We have been trying to reach out to Flint Mobile several times, through several channels, but have not had any responses.
Several partners have departed the firm in recent months and Palihapitiya writes that "several more are in the process" of leaving.
After parking the van, he walked several blocks to where the undercover agent was parked, and the two drove several miles.
We also took several trips to Monte Carlo and stayed at the Hotel de Paris for several weeks at a time.
Adriano Espaillat announced several recommendations to better ensure the safety of Americans in the Dominican Republic after several US tourists died.
Several practices offer them free of charge for potential patients, and several insurance plans cover them for a nominal co-pay.
A government crackdown on dissent has included the prosecution of several rights activists, reporters and the closure of several media outlets.
Several startups are working on that, and I've had the chance to try out a few over the past several months.
The study collected information in two stages; first for several weeks before the renovation and the second for several weeks after.
Several anonymous bomb threats were sent by email to police in late January, forcing several schools and government buildings to evacuate.
The tornado hit several towns in western Germany last Wednesday, injuring at least two people and damaging several homes, Reuters reported .
Bankers said the development of the tenor, which should have taken several months, has in fact taken place over several weeks.
The video is shocking ... the white man took several shots to the head from several African-American men on Wednesday afternoon.
Earlier Monday, authorities searched several places of interest, including Stephens' home, where they removed several items and recovered weapons, Williams said.
I used several Sessions speeches from his time as attorney general, in a variety of contexts, and several from Mike Pence.
While a public option can take several forms, several contenders would add such a plan to the Affordable Care Act exchanges.
Several internet service providers in the country began warning customers last month when they visited several torrent and file sharing websites.
Several analysts, including at Barclays and HSBC, had been expecting the downgrade given the challenges the company faces in several markets.
According to several reports, Telegram is still operational in the country, though several service providers have started blocking the company's website.
She reported that she had performed this self-manipulation of her neck several times a day for the past several years.
Sometimes, several iOS security researchers told me, you need to chain together several bugs or even jailbreaks to find other bugs.
She has worked several jobs that would not put her in contact with minors, including several jobs in the restaurant industry.
And here the Gamcevice controller, of which there are several versions that attach to several different brands of tablets and smartphones.
Their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte received several gifts from all over the globe, including several toys, books and clothes.
The U.S. move comes several days before Iran's presidential election, with President Hassan Rouhani facing a challenge from several conservative opponents.
He said the agency had carried out several exercises to prepare for such events, and several attacks had already been thwarted.
Holzer used several accounts through the social media platform to discuss and threaten several acts of violence, according to the affidavit.
One of several Trump "baby blimps" will appear in Washington state for several hours near a campaign event Tuesday for Rep.
He has been making multiple cable news appearances, sometimes several times a day on several different networks, arguing for his client.
Ms. Vinciarelli was an architect, a teacher in several architecture programs and, coincidentally, the artist Donald Judd's partner for several years.
Guides charged from several hundred dollars to $1,500 per person and the trip took several days, some of it on foot.
The vote came at a quiet meeting for the FCC, which over the past several months has considered several controversial items.
It forecast triple-digit temperatures in several areas on Friday and Saturday across several California counties, including portions of Los Angeles.
On a global scale, there are still several weekends of action left across several snowboarding disciplines, including freestyle, alpine, and cross.
The LiveWire is the first of several motorcycles Harley plans to introduce to refresh its lineup over the next several years.
Over the last several months, the top US commander in Baghdad has given several tantalizing answers to reporters about Baghdadi's whereabouts.
"The Defense Department has had several months and several opportunities to right this wrong," he said in a statement on Wednesday.
But several said they had resigned themselves to the likelihood that Mr. Trump would change his mind several times before Sunday.
"It's based on several lines of evidence, several papers, that all work toward giving us an idea how this animal looked."
While Qualcomm has suffered several misfortunes in the last several years, its potential pursuer has enjoyed far better success of late.
But just as he had smoked a cigarette several times an hour, now he began to vape several times an hour.
There are more than 800 cases total, with several cases outside of China, in the first several weeks of this outbreak.
Three years ago, villagers held dozens of local officials and policemen captive for several days after the arrest of several protesters.
Three years ago, villagers held dozens of local officials and policemen captive for several days after the arrest of several protesters.
Pimco has experienced several years of cash withdrawals in several of its main funds, including its flagship Pimco Total Return Fund.
The "NBC Nightly News," several CNN programs, and several MSNBC programs led with the possibly imminent Mueller report on Thursday evening.
In the past several years, the Commission has been investigating whether several companies have received illegal state aid from European countries.
The Bloomberg total also dwarfs what several top-tier candidates have spent on Facebook ads over the course of several days.
By evening, several people had been pulled from the wreckage, but additional known survivors remained trapped beneath several tons of snow.
Mr. Bracey has worked several jobs, including in telemarketing and sales, but he has been out of work for several years.
What follows is a basic description of the sub based on several tweets Musk has sent over the last several days.
Bitcoin remains several hundred percent higher over the last 12 months, while ethereum and ripple are several thousands of percent higher.
State-owned Sabeco has received interest from several major foreign brewers since the government earmarked it for privatisation several years ago.
Jennifer's Gift Shop, where Tran bought several tickets, received $1 million for selling the winner — a perk given in several states.
Despite reaching out several times, TrueDialog's chief executive John Wright would not acknowledge the breach nor return several requests for comment.
Several months later, Sallie Mae announced plans to move its headquarters from Virginia to Delaware, taking several hundred jobs with it.
"Several hours ago, before this taping, several of us heard the terrible news that comedian Garry Shandling had died," O'Brien, 52, said.
While in New York Caputo has said on several occasions that he sees progress and has met with several different holdout investors.
Over the past several days, courts have struck down several state laws that restrict voting: in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Texas.
They accused officers of pouring hydrogen peroxide on several flipped mattresses in the home and damaging several of T.J.'s birthday presents.
Prosecuting attorney Dominique Steinmetz said Serbia's extradition request had not reached the local prosecutor, and could take "several weeks, even several months".
While several campaigns appear viable at the moment, several could be running on fumes by this year's Super Tuesday on March 3.
It has also mounted several high-profile attacks on civilians in Kabul over the past year, including several on prominent Shi'ite targets.
Trees have been toppled in several places and the Forestry Commission has said it's closed several forests due to the high winds.
It has acquired several other companies over the last several years, including buying Mozy from Dell a year ago for $145 million.
Wilson also allegedly graffitied anti-police rhetoric on several sites near the protest and was charged with several counts of criminal trespassing.
"Several additional eruptive fissures or vents — each several hundred yards long — have opened over the past day," said the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.
Kolfage also still manages several pages on Facebook that he uses to promote his causes and content to several hundred thousand followers.
In addition to these updates, Disney announced several other changes and release dates through 2027, including several untitled Marvel and Pixar movies.
To offer some context, an entrepreneurial cab driver — escorting a tourist around the island for several days — can earn several hundred dollars.
"I have spoken with him several times on several issues, and I have found him to listen," Cook said of President Trump.
Penton asks his Twitter followers several times if they wanted to "go shooting" and also retweeted several accounts that were pro-gun.
To be able to create a world in which AGNs are possible, we need to overcome several challenges and initiate several activities:
He raised several thousand dollars to help a friend who was stabbed several times during a mugging and had no health insurance.
After delivering several search warrants, officials "recovered the body of a white female who had been deceased for several days," officials stated.
We know it caused cancer in several varieties of several species of laboratory animals in dose-related ways, and at diverse sites.
BEIRUT, Feb 15 (Reuters) - Several months after promising reform at his ministry, Iraq Oil Minister Thamer al-Ghadhban reshuffled several key deputies.
Several powerful men, in several industries, have had their worlds kicked out from under them as the #MeToo movement has gathered momentum.
I rebuilt the keybed: new bushing, full disassembly, leveled the key posts, rebuilt several sections, and had to replace several voice cards.
Beijing has never released a death toll but estimates from human rights groups and witnesses range from several hundred to several thousand.
Police arrested several men, included a Uighur whom the Indonesians had persuaded to be a suicide bomber, but several remained at large.
Several hard and clearly reckless challenges led to several scrums on the pitch in the final minutes of regulation and stoppage time.
"We are dealing with several hundred, several thousand in some cases, highly determined people who are there to create disorder," he said.
As well as several games, the Pokemon franchise includes toys, a trading card game, a long-running television series and several films.
Anu Multani and her parents had been looking for a suitable boy for several years, looking up several matchmaking websites without success.
Several researchers, including Moser's group, have already been able to dramatically restore hearing in deaf mice over a period of several months.
HTT is one of several several startups working to develop these trains based on a concept devised by Elon Musk in 2013.
It's reportedly hoping to find "several massive hits" at once — now, on one hand, what content creator doesn't want several massive hits?
While several valued lots just barely made their low estimates, the overall results on Tuesday night left several art experts pleasantly surprised.
Several companies have also been pressing members of Congress to advocate against tariffs with the administration on their behalf, said several lobbyists.
Look at how groupthink in business contributed to several of the toxic financial crisis of several years ago involving major investment banks.
Nonetheless, several former employees of SoFi told me that he seemed to be "dating" several women in the office at various points.
Still, several Tesla owners said Autopilot could drive for several minutes before the system beeped to order hands onto the steering wheel.
Warren and several other Democratic presidential candidates have offered their support for legislation as several states have passed restrictive laws on abortion.
After a hectic offseason that saw several stars change teams and several teams make blockbuster trades, the NBA hierarchy has been rearranged.
According to Almiron and Youth Caucus of America CEO Coby Owens, several thousand people attended the event and shut down several blocks.
Several Bush family members took the special tour, including her sister-in-law Doro Bush and several of Bush Sr.'s grandchildren.
Voting extended in parts of several states Because of various problems, polls stayed open later in a few precincts in several states.
Most estimates that have gamed a military conflict suggest that several hundred thousand may die in short order — including several thousand Americans.
When I asked Church why we should pursue de-extinction, several times in several ways, he moved across a number of themes.
With teams across several continents, Bowers used to wake himself up several times a night to deal with incoming requests, he said.
The corrected transcript still included several errors during moments when several people around the table talked over each other or quickly interjected.
Virgin has plans to open several more locations in the United States in the next several years, including in Nashville and Miami.
Several agencies are providing food and supplies to Bahamas residents, and several people remained in shelters this week, the Associated Press reported.
Epstein reportedly visited the Clinton White House several times, and after Clinton left office, he took several trips on Epstein's private plane.
Her family said she was recently interviewing for several jobs, preparing to apply to M.B.A. programs and working on several television projects.
"Signature now sells several thousand trips to Portugal a year, but five years ago, it used to be several hundred," he said.
After that, hair loss may occur very abruptly over the course of several weeks, or may progress more gradually, over several years.
Ailes left the network in July amid several several sexual harassment claims against him and a lawsuit from former anchor Gretchen Carlson.
Following the shooting, the number of protesters swelled to several thousand, and scuffles between them and several hundred police officers broke out.
A former USA Gymnastics sports doctor accused of molestation by several U.S. Olympians pleaded guilty to several sexual assault charges on Wednesday.
It was one of several attempts at hijackings in recent weeks after several years in which threats to shipping appeared to diminish.
The omnibus includes several provisions aimed at providing oversight of the IRS that have been a part of several recent spending bills.
Over the next several months, congressional Democrats have several leverage points where they can score legislative victories on behalf of key constituencies.
They are in one of several newly established Turkish baths, which have become increasingly popular in Jordan over the past several years.
CaringBridge connects several caregivers through one app, allowing several people to keep track of appointments, changes in health and other essential information.
Several minutes into the video -- this part recorded by another deputy's dashboard camera -- several other law enforcement vehicles arrive with sirens activated.
She referenced several mass shootings that have occurred over the past several years before bringing up the Las Vegas shooting last weekend.
Several Indian companies shut stores and factories in line with government directives and several districts went into lockdown to contain the virus.
If not, Mr. González carries that, too, on several trips in and out of the camp over the course of several days.
The crossover event, in other words, was the culmination of several movies' worth of stories and several years' worth of successful films.
Several photos from malls nationwide showed children and their stroller-totting parents standing in long lines that wrapped around the floor several times.
Over the last several days, she's posted several Instagram photos that have stirred up plenty of excitement among Swifties hoping for new music.
At this point, we've spotted several thousand exoplanets—there's nothing super exciting anymore about finding a distant star with several worlds orbiting it.
The strikes, clustered near Ramadi and Kisik, also wounded several Islamic State fighters and hit several vehicles and buildings, according to the statement.
She would have layered several gold chains and had several gold piercings in her ear, including a big pair of thick gold hoops.
Several times over the past several months, Roberts, now 64, made public statements emphasizing that the justices are not politicians in black robes.
The company's road to IPO was marred by several hurdles including increased regulations in several countries and fights with its drivers over wages.
Construction has been on and off for several years, after hitting several road blocks in everything from funding to lawsuits from the NFL.
This is one of several outages MoviePass has experienced in the last several months as its user base expanded to over two million.
The prime minister's office did not immediately answer two emails from CNBC, sent several hours apart, nor did it answer several phone calls.
The prison, which houses violent criminals, has had several incidents in the last several years resulting in injuries or skirmishes with correctional officers.
Pueblo Sin Fronteras has helped coordinate migrant caravans for the past several years, although previously they had a maximum of several hundred participants.
Several angry E-Trade customers ranted on Twitter about the company not immediately following suit, with several threatening to take their business elsewhere.
She says it sold out multiple times at its several retailers and was out of stock on Moon Juice's website for several weeks.
He was an astoundingly prolific columnist, sometimes churning out several a week, for several newspapers, on the big economic stories of the day.
"Developments in the industry with several companies, several small companies, foreign ownership and cost pressures can put this system under pressure," she added.
He has visited Paris and Geneva several times since the stroke in 2013 that left him in a French hospital for several months.
The suspects then wreaked havoc for several terrifying minutes, entering several pubs and restaurants while stabbing as many people as they could reach.
Over the past several months, however, we've seen Hayek change up her hair more frequently than she has in the past several years.
The royal mom of three wore the maternity label several times during all of her pregnancies, and even recycled favorite looks several times.
After several attempts (and several weeks), she finally creates a candy that seems super spot-on — at least according to her coworkers' reviews.
Several U.S. congressional delegations are visiting the border this month to assess funding needs, according to several people familiar with the travel plans.
The United States also recently punished several foreign companies — including several Chinese aluminum producers — for helping Iran procure materials for its nuclear program.
And that's led legislators in several states to pass laws that seem to contradict the reform-minded movement of the past several years.
Several Egyptian port cities and the capital Cairo were hit by a severe sandstorm on Wednesday, which prompted the closure of several ports.
But it would take several days before it became clear if the woman, who vomited several times at a market, had infected anyone.
There were several unconfirmed reports that security forces had foiled an attack near the king's palace, leaving the attacker and several guards dead.
Several of these posts referenced planned attacks by several armed militia groups, which prompted Oregon's state capital building to shut down last week.
Hispanic voters play a pivotal role in several states including Florida, where several major races being watched nationally will play out on Tuesday.
The gas line explosion forced the evacuation of several residents and closure of some roads in Pepper Pike, according to several media reports.
This has already resulted in several skirmishes between poachers and Russian coast guard vessels, leaving one North Korean fisherman dead and several wounded.
Although those certifications might change the results by several hundred or several thousand votes, they are highly unlikely to move tens of thousands.
Prior to ffVC, Adam spent several years in business development, advisory and operational roles with several startups in New York and Los Angeles.
The process takes several hours and the researchers end up with several hundred images with which to make their 3D virtual bug image.
Any changes would take several years to implement, and come in several different stages, the Financial Times reports, relying on anonymous banking sources.
Employees at several Chinese banks told Reuters last week that they had stopped selling some Anbang products, in some cases several months ago.
Treatment often involves five doses of vaccine into the arm over several weeks, and sometimes several shots of immunoglobulin directly into the wound.
While several start-ups have the funding, they are reluctant to fork out on license applications now, though several said it was inevitable.
The attacks have stretched across several provinces, shattering a rare interval of several weeks without airstrikes in the rebel-held districts of Aleppo.
Several other companies are expected to bring electric trucks to the marketplace in the next several years, including newcomer Rivian, Tesla and Ford.
Mr. de Blasio said the department was already planning heightened security measures because of several high-profile events over the next several days.
Among the several exhibits was one focused on counterfeit products, and therein were displayed several real, patented items side-by-side with knockoffs.
Biden has been endorsed by several former candidates and politicians, while Sanders has vowed to power through, despite recent losses in several states.
You know, we have fabulous people, and several are women, and several people who report to me can have this job one day.
Several animal studies have shown that both THC and CBD inhibit the growth of amyloid plaque, a major cause of several neurodegenerative disorders.
The company's road to IPO was marred by several hurdles including increased regulation in several countries and fights with its drivers over wages.
In total, several dozen people, more than forty according to several sources, are thought to have died from exposure to a chemical substance.
"[T]hose with several hundred million euros, or several billion, will have to share power," Piketty told French magazine L'Obs, according to Bloomberg.
Correction: Due to several incorrect nomination totals provided by the Television Academy, the numbers of nominations received by several networks were under-counted.
Gérard, the artist, painted Napoleon several times and was known for his portraiture; several of his works are on view at the Louvre.
Although the mall was successful for several decades, it eventually closed down and was turned into Jackson Medical Mall, housing several doctors' offices. 
After several miles, they came to a crossroads where several women were handing out water and tortillas slathered with black beans and cheese.
Mr. Heginbotham, who danced for several years in the Mark Morris Dance Group, has been a choreographer of note for several years now.
On several occasions, the phone would just shut down after being turned on, and it took several tries to bring it to life.
The incident follows several high-profile confrontations between white people and black people who are engaging in everyday activities, including several at pools.
Vovk began his career with Total in 1991 in Britain and has held several executive positions within the group and in several countries.
"Follow-up additional testing is needed in several areas that includes assessing the effectiveness of filters installed in several households," contract documents say.
After dark, several thousand people protested in front of the heavily secured Spanish police headquarters, prompting several police charges to push them back.
After dark, several thousand people protested in front of the heavily secured Spanish police headquarters, prompting several police charges to push them back.
In interviews with several union members over the weekend, several said they were backing Mr. Sanders regardless of what the union's leadership said.
"Recovery and salvage operations can take several months to complete, but can be extended based on several environmental factors," Camp Butler's statement said.
Still, several others reached lows at some point in their presidency that are worse than Trump's, including several who dropped below 30 percent.
Reports that Trump has considered ousting Mnuchin comes as the Trump administration has undergone several significant shakeups over the course of several weeks.
Still, Apple's tool is a decent temporary solution compared with several robocall-blocking apps that I have tested over the last several years.
And Babylon's app is one of several now applying AI type technologies as a diagnostic aid in chatbot form, across several global markets.
Several of the industries on the list are in the healthcare sector, which has seen booming job growth for the last several years.
According to several Google employees, regularly scheduled on-campus meetings where workers discuss issues are growing week by week in several Google offices.
There are several investigations looking into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, but Trump has denied any collusion on several occasions.
Several of Mr. Collins's friends and associates are also investors, including two of his adult children, his chief of staff, and several donors.
Bear markets are defined as losses in market value of 22009 percent or more and have historically lasted several months to several years.
Guo has lived in exile for several years, having been investigated by Chinese authorities several times, including in connection with a fraud case.
Sondland said the same thing to several of his American colleagues — and he claimed several times that this was coming from Trump himself.
But Immelt is not, said several sources, the top choice of several members of the search committee and also within Uber's top ranks.
In several ways, Raymond asked Tsachas to explain what he had done wrong; in several ways, Tsachas avoided saying anything explicit about Raymond's numbers.
Several letters were found on the scene – including one with Carrey's name on it – along with several prescription pill bottles located near her body.
While the case is ongoing, Salazar said investigators believe the abuse by Nunez, 47, had been ongoing for several months – if not several years.
Several years ago the show outgrew the massive Las Vegas Convention Center and started using part of the Sands Expo Center several blocks away.
But insurgents said on Sunday several people were wounded when Russian war planes struck several villages and towns in Aleppo province and Idlib province.
Zello has a fairly even distribution of its several millon monthly active users across several countries, including the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and Hong Kong.
"Several years ago the ball fell into a well and several men jumped in after it," Koba Pirtkhalaishvili, a longtime Lelo participant, told me.
I am very actively involved in the Catholic community and have been in several retreats and have stood with several men at their confirmations.
Atlantia and several employees including its top executives are under judicial investigation, along with the transport ministry and several officials, over the bridge collapse.
Politicians, leaders of several arts organizations, Native American artists, and tribal groups, including Minnesota's Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, condemned the work for several reasons.
Here's what several automakers said when asked if new vehicles have Takata airbag inflaters, faulty versions of which have been linked to several deaths.
On April 227, as reported in several media outlets, workers discovered a major gas leak several miles outside of the Alaskan town of Deadhorse.
In the last several years, René Angélil's health met several setbacks, but his death from cancer on Thursday "was a shock," says a source.
And although I was public with Nick, it was just a relationship with Nick — now I'm having this relationship with several upon several men.
American Airlines and Air Canada are among several that have cancelled flights to the island, and several cruise ships have cancelled trips, as well.
After several months of getting well-acquainted with several bowls of peroxide, the business mogul might have reached her limit with the icy upkeep.
"These methods provide a microgravity environment ranging from several seconds (drop tower, parabolic flight) to several minutes (sounding rocket)," they wrote in the study.
The Portuguese five-time world player of the year has had several fallouts with his club and on several occasions indicated he would leave.
For more than four years, Regan said she has worked on several dozen television and film scripts, including several high-profile UK soap operas.
Several weeks after the massacre, students at the University of Nairobi mistook several explosions of an electric transformer for an attack by Al Shabaab.
Several police officers were injured in scuffles and several protesters detained, officials said, and loud speakers and other equipment were confiscated from the students.
The negative performance came after several large target date fund managers reported increasing their allocation to equities over the past several years, Lucas said.
For several minutes, he performed "several life-saving measures on the child" but didn't see any improvement, the sheriff's office said in a statement.
The IRS's modernized e-filing system, several taxpayer and practitioner tools and several services on the IRS website also went down before being restored.
Apple also sells several other wristband styles, but they all cost anywhere from hundreds to several hundreds of dollars, and I'm no Karl Lagerfeld.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is proceeding with several expedited Freedom of Information Act cases, and several related FOIA matters, to uncover answers.
The group has attempted several border incursions, and several ISIS operatives have been detained by Hamas in Gaza, after apparently crossing from the Sinai.
Several of the most popular images show forest fires in the Amazon from several years ago, while others were taken in different locations entirely.
It then announced the removal of several unnamed referees and judges from the Olympic boxing competition after a review of several of their decisions.
During Tuesday's news conference, he identified several priorities, including addressing Iran's ballistic missile program and its role in several conflicts in the Middle East.
"We're looking at several criminal justice reforms … so we're going to take a look at several components of that," Reynolds told the local paper.
Washington (CNN)Democrats took control of the House of Representatives Tuesday evening, eking out wins in several close races and unseating several Republican incumbents.
A new wave of ransomware has hit several targets in Russia and Eastern Europe on Tuesday, according to media reports and several security companies.
Yeah. Now, that's not the case in Santa Barbara, I mean you can electronically file in several other departments in several other outgoing courts.
Jolie Olie has even produced several videos that are essentially advertorials, promoting a clothing brand, several kits of smoking utensils, and a marijuana store.
The company has also seen quite a bit of turnover in its ranks, and several senior executives have left over the last several months.
His companies sold those holdings several years ago, but he retains investments in several other large technology companies and continues to make new deals.
"That colorful plastic was everywhere in industrial design for the next several years," Virginia Postrel, the author of several books on aesthetics, told me.
Among those voting in opposition were several Democrats considering presidential bids in 2020, and several Republicans who have long opposed the Fed's stimulus campaign.
My boss has invited me to several things, and when I opted out of emails from several clubs, he asked if anything was wrong.
We're told officers spoke to several witnesses -- including staff members -- who told police they'd received several complaints of marijuana smells coming from Weezy's room.
The emails show how NSO aggressively tried to work with the DEA several years ago after meeting with the agency and having several conversations.
Over our time together, I asked her several times, in several different ways, to tell me who she thought her inheritors and peers are.
But in another, more metaphorical sense that enables journalists to write longer analyses like this one, the night had several winners and several losers.
Several countries, including the US and the UK, are also working to repatriate their citizens, though several major airlines have halted flights to China.
I do that from a new spot for several nights until I feel I have experienced the book three-dimensionally, cubistically, from several angles.
Some of the details of the agreement have been confirmed to CNN by several people familiar with the matter, including several who signed them.
A highway pileup near Kingston, Ontario, involving about 30 vehicles, including several tractor-trailers, left one person dead and several injured, according to officials.
US has seen holiday winter storms before Several post-Christmas storms have rocked the country in the past several decades, the weather service said.
It took seven days, several official letters from the governor of Puerto Rico and several members of Congress for Trump to finally do it.
Several people in Trump's orbit have called the book's accuracy into question, while Woodward has maintained several times that he stands by his reporting.
Obviously they kept back Roger's big rescue and Ian's farewell for the finale, but that trip was several months north and several more back.
Several states, including Iowa and Montana, will have no navigators, while their presence in Texas, New Jersey and several other states will be limited.
Several studies over the last several years have concluded that users who are predisposed to mental disorders are more likely to develop psychosis symptoms.
And after several component makers in November forecast weaker-than-expected sales, some market watchers called the peak for iPhones in several key markets.
Several prominent Remainers (including David Cameron and Mr Osborne) have retired, while several leading Leavers (such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove) are seriously weakened.
Over the years I've owned several small businesses, agencies and been a part of several large organizations that have all been stiffed by our clients.
If you have several properties superimposed together, you can imagine several waves together, with each one representing the probability of a certain property being true.
Several Of Colton's Contestants Are Part Of The Mix It'd be shocking if several contestants from Colton's season weren't part of the lineup as well.
The FTC's original case against Brar noted that several people paid more than $50,000 and one person paid $400,000 over several years to the scammers.
CNN's KFile uncovered several instances of Crowley plagiarizing multiple sources in both her 2012 book and in several columns she wrote for the Washington Times.
Each of the companies faces claims that several of their power generating units contravened regulations over a period of several months, not just on Sept.
It was one of several gun attacks in the country since 2015, with victims including a public prosecutor, a police spokesman and several Muslim preachers.
Over the last several months, Yahoo has suffered the indignity of disclosing that it was the victim of several major hacking incidents in recent years.
The Republican governor of Ohio met privately Thursday with several national security and foreign policy experts, several sources familiar with Kasich's moves told BuzzFeed News.
There are several beehives in Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan, Morris says, as well as on the rooftops of several downtown buildings.
Slide Fire has sued several other companies, including Bump Fire Systems, 2nd Am Arms and Bair Arms, for patent infringement over the last several years.
But if Vanguard has its way, within a few years it will be selling several thousand motorcycles annually from a range of several different models.
Several people say the British press treated her harshly and unfairly -- criticizing the sympathetic tone several outlets and papers are taking today upon her death.
Although promotion of the book was quietly blocked, it has enjoyed several editions, multiple print runs, and an estimated sale of several hundred thousand copies.
In recent years, several security lapses involving data relating to Aadhaar have reignited fresh concerns about the centralized database — including several issues found by Robert.
Several Sanders supporters said they were counting on the proportional system of allocating delegates to keep Mr. Sanders in the race for several more months.
The campaign's hire of Bossie adds several decades of national political experience to Trump's presidential bid, which has faced several weeks of gloomy poll numbers.
This latest incident is one of several cases to have emerged in the past several years, many of which could lead to thousands of retrials.
"First we will try to read the data," the he said, adding that the first analyses could take anywhere between several hours and several days.
" Linton added, "Several people who work for us have been working on this for their entire adult life and several of them were in tears.
The Podo crew tells me you can hook several of them up to each other wirelessly, connecting them to several sets of headphones or speakers.
In 2006, Rimi and several other AQAP members escaped from a prison in Yemen -- one of several failed attempts to take him off the battlefield.
For the first time, it has sponsorship plans for several of its wine brands for the PGA Tour, U.S. Tennis Association and several NFL teams.
The fight against the "tampon tax" has been escalating for the past several years, and several countries, including Australia and India, have recently repealed theirs.
It works like any regular VPN to mask your internet traffic and includes several several encryption options such as AES-128, AES-256, and Blowfish.
The occupation of several buildings in central Sao Paulo has lasted several months because of a Brazilian law that makes it hard to evict squatters.
In September, several car chases between the police and suspected smugglers and rising tensions within the camp had led to several raids inside the settlement.
Yet like several of its peers that filed for bankruptcy over the past several years, Payless has found its stay out of court protection challenging.
Multi-gamers like him are invaluable because they can represent their team several times in a single tournament, which is cheaper than sending several players.
Rescue operations on the building were suspended for several hours in the afternoon after it lurched several degrees, but the search resumed after 6 p.m.
Over the last several years, several well-publicized botched lethal injections—in Oklahoma, Ohio, Arizona, Alabama, and now in Arkansas—have commanded the nation's attention.
Militant groups in Gaza have clashed with Israel several times in recent years, with the last deadly conflagration taking place over several days in May.
But given the size and carrying capacity of 111 containers, it is likely to easily come to several hundred tons, and more likely several thousand.
She has also written several books, including several romance novels and "Raising Trump," her story of raising her three children: Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka.
Several colleagues also drew lewd images on several photos, including one of his wife, and one of his children and their grandmother, the newspaper said.
We spend several minutes with Viljar, his little brother, and several other children huddled against a cliff face, trying to stay out of Breivik's sight.
Over the next two years, Ronna underwent several rounds of grueling chemotherapy and, when the cancer spread to her brain, several rounds of radiation treatment.
On Sunday, police fired tear gas in several districts and claimed that protesters "vandalized shops and facilities in several malls, causing breach of the peace."
Several new laws will take effect in Texas that would ease several restrictions for gun owners to carry firearms and store ammunition in public places.
Ruan had been asking her out to dinner for several months, to no avail; now she would be in his clinic several times a week.
Bini, who has reportedly lived in Ecuador for "several years," is the author and co-author of several computer programming books about Ruby on Rails.
Believe it or not, several states offer something called an "escort permit" but I've known several women who've purchased one and have been arrested anyway.
The study calls for several sessions to prepare patients to take psilocybin, one treatment with the drug, and then several standard therapy sessions for addiction.
Now, if Sanders hopes to catch up to Clinton, he'll need not just several more upsets like Michigan, but several more upsets bigger than Michigan.
Pang then explained to me that it would take several weeks for the paralysis to set in and several more weeks for any visible changes.
In the past several years, the search giant sold off or shut down several robotics acquisitions, such as Boston Dynamics, that made humanoid-type robots.
The company's founders, Gary Bradski and Ethan Rublee, also created Industrial Perception, one of several robotics start-ups snapped up by Google several years ago.
A year later, the first pride march set out from Stonewall, growing from several hundred people to several thousand as it moved up Sixth Avenue.
Local people "are caught between several rocks and several hard places," one expert said, because they may become targets if they cooperate with any outsider.
In the 2017 mayoral election, several neighborhoods chose the Republican candidate, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, over Mayor Bill de Blasio; in 2016, several favored President Trump.
In 2014, ModCloth imposed the first of several rounds of layoffs and, according to several current and former employees, gradually made its perks less generous.
Roglic and his rivals were several minutes behind the breakaway group, with the Slovenian reacting to several attacks from Miguel Angel Lopez and Tadej Pogacar.
According to the growth economist William Baumol, per-capita incomes have grown by several hundred to several thousand percent in a typical free-market economy.
What was once a movie theater has been carved into several retail establishments, including Happy Foot Spa, one of several massage parlors and nail salons.
FUP has called several strikes in the past, mostly to protest the company's plans to divest from several areas to reduce costs and cut debt.
Several therapists and psilocybin experts were on-site to help and monitor the staffers, several of which had very emotional experiences while on the drug.
The first several days of the Trump presidency have reinforced several core truths: He will continue to give voice to conspiracy theories and peddle misinformation.
A Republican operative said the party has several potential recruits to replace Royce, several of whom are Asian American -- a key demographic in the region.
Take time to seek out several voices from several communities — like environmentalists, immigrant rights' activists and feminists — to get a broader view of the issues.
Vienne is well known for its traces of Roman civilization; several old city ramparts survive, as do the remains of a theater and several roads.
The company has slowly built out its name over the past several years making phones under several different brand names, including BlackBerry, Alcatel, and Palm.
According to several news reports, the erotic massage parlor that employed Levesque allegedly banned Eustachio Gallese, 51, after he had behaved violently with several masseuses.
Analysts say several factors have come together to reduce interest in the planes, and some experts think the slide in orders could last several years.
Law enforcement identified Gulick through his social media posts, including several with the words "Deus Vult" and several anti-abortion posts, according to court documents.
A source familiar with McGahn's thinking told CNN on Saturday that McGahn and Mueller's team had "several, several" hours discussions on at least three occasions.
A popular coffee shop and several stores were badly damaged, and several apartments were destroyed, although there were no injuries, according to Mayor Sandra Schroeder.
The additional investment will accumulate over several years, which means that the full effect on productivity and wages will not be felt for several years.
Mr. Carlson was one of several personalities rumored to be in contention for Ms. Kelly's position, a group that included several female Fox News anchors.
Across several surveys and attitudes, the country has grown significantly more liberal on several questions related to race, immigration, Islam and gender since Trump's campaign.
The ministry received drawings, reports of sightings and questions from concerned citizens over several decades, papers released in several batches through the National Archives showed.
Earlier this month, several family members traveled to Madagascar — where several pieces of potential debris have been found — to ask residents to look out for more.
Spy planes are on several nations' shopping lists in a region where complex territorial disputes between China and several Southeast Asian nations are fuelling security concerns.
The Justice Department has stepped up criminal enforcement of the law, bringing several high-profile prosecutions in the last year, including several related to Mueller's probe.
Several trade associations also committed to the job training initiative, and Trump welcomed several members of Congress and state and local officials, including Wisconsin Republican Gov.
But it also poses certain challenges, as the company must navigate supply chains in several markets and make sure several partners replicate the Shake Shack experience.
It's the kind of system that would give meteorologists unfettered joy, if it were not wreaking shrieking, wet havoc on several states (and threatening several more).
It all happened in a region where seven years ago, another earthquake of similar magnitude shook several Italian cities to the ground, killing several hundred people.
MARRED BY SCANDAL The company's road to IPO was marred by several hurdles including increased regulation in several countries and fights with its drivers over wages.
At first, we had several hundred employees focus on this point, then we had several thousand, tens of thousands, and now we have hundreds of thousands.
This year's map, which is still awaiting a final call in several states, is somewhat similar to the 2008 and 2012 maps, with several key differences.
There have been several fits-and-starts in Libya, but as the past several years have shown, once a fragile peace takes hold, the oil flows.
The list includes several robotics technologies — a category in which Amazon has been invested for several years, beginning with the acquisition of Kiva systems in 2012.
In the past several months alone, people have used Twitter to draw outrage and attention to evidence of serial sexual harassment in several high-profile cases.
But here, there are several reasons why the combined company would appoint and name several other top execs at the same time as picking a CEO.
In exchange for the guilty pleas, Kelley had several other charges dismissed, including several for pointing guns at his wife and one for hitting a child.
The P.R.C.A. season, with several rodeos a week, is in full swing, although many of its biggest rodeos are missing several big names that usually attend.
Several GOP senators introduced a new bill to protect people with pre-existing conditions yesterday, including several senators who are up for re-election next year.
Several more employees -- mostly black and Hispanic -- soon took the stage to praise their working environment, and several more offered their endorsement of Trump's presidential bid.
Rulemaking could take anywhere from several months to several years, depending on the complexity of the topic — and regulating self-driving tech is no easy task.
The agreement follows several years during which the couple could not see eye-to-eye on parenting and brought legal action against one another several times.
Several things that I've heard (from several sources) indicate to me that we won't see a major new hardware model of the Apple Watch in March.
The product lost more than a third of its value in the first several weeks of the year, only to bounce and retreat several times hence.
The band's fifth album, the aptly titled V, would take the remix concept a step further, featuring several cameos and several songs remixed by rap artists.
You have to look at the potential crime, and in this case, he was convicted on several counts as we have pointed out several times here.
This weekend could be the coldest on record for several areas across the Northeast, brought on by what several scientists say is a weakening polar vortex.
Winner followed Edward Snowden, WikiLeaks, several accounts with links to the hacking collective Anonymous, and several "alt" government agency accounts that became popular after Trump's inauguration.
On one hand, several OPEC countries, including Libya, Nigeria, Venezuela, Iraq and Iran indicated that they are not intending to lower oil production for several reasons.
Under Germany's constitution, the president could call another election only after Merkel had lost several votes in the Bundestag — a process that could take several months.
As Israeli Air Force planes struck several targets in Syria, the Assad regime deployed Iranian-supplied air-defense systems and fired several missiles toward Israeli jets.
Several regional and security services heads were rotated out last month, many in favour of younger officials personally loyal to Mr Putin, including several former bodyguards.
"He's spent several gazillion dollars over the last few years to attempt to attach himself to several popular issues: environment, tobacco taxes, stopping Trump," Newman said.
He took that startup, teetering close to collapse, from 10 employees to several thousand employees, and from near financial insolvency to several hundred million in revenue.
Several new fires broke out early on Tuesday, adding to scores of blazes that have been burning for several days across New South Wales (NSW) state.
Mueller has previously subpoenaed former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and several of his associates, as well as subpoenaing several banks to obtain Manafort's financial records.
There are several organizations already working on the ground in Venezuela — primarily tied to the United Nations — that Maduro regime has allowed in for several years.
Eyewitnesses report several separate instances where both non-Rohingya villagers and the army locked several families of Rohingya Muslims into buildings and set fire to them.
The difference in pay between your current role and the one just above it is usually several hundred thousand dollars per year, and often several million.
Clinton's White House was in disarray from day one, put on its heels by several other scandals, including Travelgate, Whitewater and several so-called bimbo eruptions.
Several advocacy groups and attorneys for hundreds of families currently separated have told CNN they have seen no progress on reunifications over the last several days.
Elk are prized by hunters for their size and lean meat - an adult bull can weigh several hundred pounds (kg) with antlers stretching several feet wide.
Mulvaney has also dropped several cases against payday lenders but insists the bureau is pursuing several others under its legal mandate to enforce fair lending laws.
Mr. Conrad went on to make several films with his first wife, Beverly Grant, an Off Off Broadway actress featured in several early Andy Warhol films.
Recently, several artists shown at the Volta and Armory fairs evinced P&D qualities, and there are several P&D museum exhibitions planned for this fall.
It is the first of several vehicles Cadillac plans to release over the next several years as it refreshes its lineup to catch up to rivals.
"Several board members also pointed to the importance of underlying inflation continuing to rise," the central bank said in a summary of several board members comments.
For example, Sony filed several different patents regarding upgraded versions of their PlayStation Move motion controller stretching back several years that never materialized into physical products.
At one point, several heavyset, bearded commanders in pickup trucks escorted the Turkish convoy for several miles, peeling off from the convoy where their territory ended.
Last week, several "No Trespassing" signs bearing the Shinnecock seal were posted at the site, and the tribe had several lawyers on rotation at the scene.
After flopping in 2015 despite several trades aimed at contending, they have built an encouraging farm system and have several young impact players on the roster.
The executive said that Apple has not fully scoped out the project, but that it would take on the order of several weeks or several months.
Marriott, however, has properties in a near ring around the city, plus several hotels downtown and several more in the Oakland, Shadyside and Bakery Square neighborhoods.
He gets several countries to disarm their nuclear programs and has fashioned Project Zeus, a series of weapons of mass destruction that could obliterate several cities.
As flames roared several hundred feet away and smoke swirled above, they and several other officers guided the animals out of the shelter and into cars.
The Boston marathon has been postponed by "several months" due to growing concerns of the spreading coronavirus causing COVID-85033, according to several local media outlets.
I did my homework before I started investing and learned that the market was likely to drop dramatically at several points over the next several decades.
Qatar has approached several buyers in Asia and Europe offering cargoes in the spot market for either loading or delivery in April, several sources told Reuters.
Memes containing this dubious claim, and several others about Dr. Blasey, have gone viral on Facebook, and have been shared inside several large private Facebook groups.
Several polls have shown a dip in public approval of the special counsel investigation over the past several months, as the president has repeatedly attacked it.
The Call of Duty League updated its website Wednesday to correctly reflect the upcoming schedule for several series after users noticed several instances of incorrect information.
Over the past several weeks, layoffs have been hitting startups, including several in SoftBank's portfolio as well as Mozilla and, just today, genetic testing startup 23andMe.
He received several questions on whether chlorine falls under the chemical weapons category after he remarked there had been several instances of chlorine used on civilians.
Protesters have accused authorities of several beatings and illegal detentions of demonstrators, and a video caught several officers planting drugs in a car of one activist.
The group is seen in several moods — social couple dances, formal tableaus; the protagonist's isolation (prefiguring several later Cunningham works, notably "Quartet" and "Fabrications") is ambiguous.
On Wednesday night, several dozen young people came to Marsovo Field, a vast square in central St. Petersburg that offers views of several famous city monuments.
Mr. Highmore, who also ended up with several writing credits, was described by Mr. Cuse as a sort of Renaissance man whose skills include several languages.
The trial may last several weeks — Bill Clinton's impeachment trial lasted five — thus taking several candidates off the campaign trail the month before the primaries start.
ISIS claimed on social media that it managed to seize the military base for several hours, and that it stole weapons and ammunition, including several tanks.
Interim CEO John Reilly said new attractions in several of its theme parks have driven up attendance and season pass sales in the past several months.
A Justice Department special counsel and several congressional committees for the last several months have been investigating Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.
The agency has removed several pages about climate change from its website and has proposed shuttering a regional office that oversees environmental regulation in several states.
The finding is one of several by Mr. Horowitz that undercuts conservatives' claims that the F.B.I. acted improperly in investigating several Trump associates starting in 2016.
In the past two months, several high profile accounts on the website have been hacked, including Facebook's and several accounts of National Football League (NFL) teams.
That first set of tariffs covers several categories in which China does not export much now but plans to do so in the next several years.
Several other works brought attention to fascinating sites near the eerily dead, man-made beach town of the Salton Sea, on which several works are located.
Pence had been looking at hiring his own counsel for several weeks, and made his decision earlier this week after interviewing several candidates, his office said.
Several of the names included in the subpoena also appeared in a cache of leaked emails anonymously distributed last year to several news organizations, including the AP. Broidy has contended the emails were hacked from his account, and that several of the documents were altered or forged.

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